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Bill History

These are the bills that were proposed in the Hobratsuri Respublika (Hobrazia).

Bills passed

These bills have been passed[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
July 2035July 2035Secular Marriage Bill
July 2035July 2035Peoples Free Media
July 2035July 2035Freedom of Marriage
July 2035July 2035Peoples Free Radio
July 2035July 2035Gambling Responsibility Bill
July 2035July 2035Double Non-Jeopardy
July 2035July 2035Remove the Death Penalty
July 2035July 2035Cabinet Proposal of July 2035
July 2035July 2035Cannabis ammendment Bill
July 2035July 2035The Harlot Act
July 2035July 2035Improvement of Prison Conditions
July 2035July 2035Preventiion of School based religious indoctrination
July 2035July 2035Animal Testing Bill
July 2035July 2035Improved Police Training
July 2035July 2035Compulsory Recycling
July 2035July 2035Shorter Terms Bill
July 2035July 2035Fire Arms Act
July 2035July 2035The Unization Act
July 2035July 2035Increase the Parliament
July 2035July 2035Prevention of Cloning
July 2035July 2035Euthanasia Legalization Bill
July 2035July 2035Empowered Probable Cause Searches
July 2035July 2035National Motto Proposal
July 2035July 2035Minimum Charge Amendment
July 2035July 2035Media Reform Act
July 2035July 2035Professional Firearms Limitations Act
July 2035July 2035Freedom of Porn
July 2035July 2035Age Restrictions Bill
July 2035July 2035National Drivers License Act
July 2035July 2035Education Collective Worship Bill
July 2035July 2035Copyright Reform Act
July 2035July 2035Standards and Means
July 2035July 2035Right to Death
July 2035July 2035The Tenure Act
July 2035July 2035Increased Representation Bill
July 2035July 2035National Unity Act
July 2035July 2035Animal Welfare Act
October 2035October 2035Anti-Torture Act
October 2035October 2035National Animal Act
October 2035October 2035National Sport Act
October 2035October 2035Refugee Act
November 2035November 2035The Flag Act
November 2035November 2035Retirement Age Bill
November 2035November 2035Popular Usage Reform
November 2035November 2035Vehicular Impairment Act II
November 2035November 2035Patriotic Acts in Education Bill
January 2036January 2036Vehicular Responsibility Act
February 2036February 2036Speed Control Reform
May 2036May 2036Defense Support Act
May 2036May 2036Professional Defense Act
May 2036May 2036Defense Leadership Act
July 2036July 2036Vehicular Safety Act
July 2036July 2036General Terminology Bill
October 2036October 2036Flag Reform
November 2036November 2036Minimum Wage Bill
January 2037January 2037Party Identification Act
October 2037October 2037Education Reform Act
October 2037October 2037Party Identification Act - Extension
July 2038July 2038Cabinet Proposal of July 2038
July 2038July 2038Abortion reform
July 2038July 2038Fair Representation Act
July 2038July 2038The Nuclear Armanent Bill
July 2038July 2038Medical Usage Ammendment
July 2038July 2038Compulsory Education Act
July 2038July 2038The Hunting Reform Act
July 2038July 2038Lethal Force Proposal
July 2038July 2038STI Reduction Act
January 2039January 2039Education Requirement Ammendment
November 2039November 2039Secular Government Act
November 2039November 2039New Parliament Size
December 2039December 2039Revised Speed Control Reform
December 2039December 2039Debate Bill
January 2040January 2040Gambling Ammendment
September 2040September 2040Revised Abortion Act
November 2040November 2040Right to Assemble
November 2040November 2040Pollution Act
November 2040November 2040New Cloning Act
January 2041January 2041Recycling Act
January 2041January 2041Citizens Identification Proposal
April 2041April 2041Legal Aid Act
January 2042January 2042Biological and Chemical Weapons Act
May 2042May 2042National Health Legislation: Article 1, Smoking: Sub-paragrapgh 1.
July 2042July 2042Agricultural Revolution Act II
November 2042November 2042Cabinet Formation Reform
June 2043June 2043National Park Act
August 2043August 2043Cabinet Proposal of July 2043
November 2043November 2043Call for early elections, November 2043
May 2044May 2044United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of May 2044
May 2044May 2044Revised Motto Act
July 2044July 2044Ecology Defense Assurance Act
February 2047February 2047Television Rating System Act
March 2047March 2047Smoking Act
June 2047June 2047United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of March 2047
June 2048June 2048Head of State Act
August 2050August 2050United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of February 2050
January 2051January 2051Prostitution Reclassification
August 2051August 2051National Sport Revision Act
September 2051September 2051Education Act: Article 1. Age.
June 2053June 2053Cabinet Proposal of June 2053
July 2053July 2053Revised Smoking Act
July 2053July 2053Retirement Protection Plan
February 2054February 2054Prisoner Policy Ammendment
December 2054December 2054Employees Charter: Basic Rights At Work
December 2054December 2054Employees Charter: Working Hours Limitation
June 2055June 2055Space Act
February 2056February 2056Revised Space Act
July 2056July 2056United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of February 2056
February 2059February 2059Alcohol Act
May 2059May 2059United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of February 2059
January 2060January 2060Prison Work Reform Act, September 2055
February 2061February 2061Nationalize the Media Act 2061
March 2064March 2064Denationalise the Media
April 2065April 2065International aid bill
October 2065October 2065The United Blobs Call for early elections, October 2065
December 2065December 2065Higher Education Act
September 2066September 2066Cabinet Proposal of September 2066
June 2067June 2067The New Farming Act
April 2068April 2068Right of Assembly Ammendment July 2067
May 2070May 2070The Library Act
December 2071December 2071(Yet Another) Pollution Act
July 2072July 2072Religious Schools Provision
April 2073April 2073Worldwide Nuclear Disarmament Intent Treaty
June 2073June 2073Higher Education Regulation
December 2073December 2073Citizens Identification Proposal Ammendment
December 2073December 2073The Organ Act
December 2073December 2073Animal Testing Act
December 2073December 2073Gambling Proposal Ammendment
December 2073December 2073The Endangered Animal Act
December 2074December 2074Voting Act
December 2074December 2074Pension Act
January 2075January 2075National Health Legislation: Article 2, Recreational Drug Usage
January 2075January 2075Private Vehicle Policy
January 2075January 2075Reinforcing the right to peaceful protest
February 2075February 2075The Capital Act
February 2075February 2075Adoption Act
March 2075March 2075Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education
June 2075June 2075Pesticide Act
July 2075July 2075Adoption Availability Act
July 2075July 2075Media Censure Proposal
July 2075July 2075School Punishment Act
August 2075November 2164National History Bill, Part I
March 2076March 2076CSP Call for early elections, September 2075
April 2076April 2076Gambling Proposal Second Ammendment
April 2076April 2076The National Anthem Act 2075
June 2076June 2076Animal Research Act
June 2076June 2076Flag rehosting act
July 2076July 2076Religious School Bill (Amended)
July 2076July 2076National Industry Legislation
August 2076August 2076Smokeless Tobacco Legalisation Bill
September 2076September 2076WSS!P Cabinet Proposal of September 2076
September 2076September 2076Gated Community Act
September 2076September 2076Full Tobacco Restoration Act
October 2076October 2076Education Act: Article 3, Charter Schools
June 2079June 2079Positive Discrimination
August 2079August 2079Health Act
September 2079September 2079United Socialist Movement Cabinet Proposal of July 2079
September 2079September 2079Revised National Holiday Act
December 2079December 2079One Car Act
February 2080February 2080Charta Foundation Prevention Proposal
October 2080October 2080Freedom of Identity Bill 2080
October 2080October 2080Education Act: Article 2. Place
November 2080November 2080Cabinet Proposal of October 2080
November 2080November 2080Armed Service Recruitment Act.
August 2081August 2081Hunting Bill of 2080
April 2082April 2082Prostitution Reform Act of 2082
May 2082May 2082Education Act: Article 4. System.
May 2082May 2082Sport Act
May 2082May 2082Farming Proposal: GM Crops
May 2082May 2082United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of May 2082
May 2082May 2082Flag Act - Port change correction
June 2082June 2082Legal Aid Act
June 2082June 2082Revised Smoking Act (Reinstatement)
June 2082June 2082Amended Space Exploration Act.
August 2082August 2082Revised Smoking Act (Reinstatement) (Enactment)
August 2082August 2082Debate Limit Proposal.
November 2082November 2082Animal cosmetic safety act of 2082
December 2082December 2082Safe Abortion Act.
June 2083June 2083Food Standards Proposal
June 2083June 2083Sell by Date Act
June 2083June 2083National Citizenship
August 2083August 2083Cruelty Limitation Act
December 2083December 2083Private University Act of 2083
February 2084February 2084Treaty of Non-Aggression Between the Federated States of Rutania and the Republic of Hobrazia
August 2085August 2085Cabinet Proposal of August 2085
August 2085August 2085Right to Strike
July 2086July 2086Citizens Identification Proposal: Reintroduction
August 2086August 2086(Yet Another) Flag Rehost
March 2087March 2087Religious Ministerial Remuneration
May 2087May 2087Industrial Hemp Act
May 2088May 2088Eminent domain
February 2089February 2089Call for early elections, February 2088
May 2089May 2089Government Housing Allowance
August 2089August 2089Industry Taxation Progression
August 2089August 2089We Say So! Cabinet Proposal of May 2089
December 2089December 2089National Health Legislation: Article 3; Abortion
January 2090January 2090Cosmetic Research Act 2089
March 2090March 2090Internet Safety Act.
August 2090August 2090National ID Card Compromise Act.
August 2090August 2090Telephone Price Restiction
August 2090August 2090Immigrant Freedom Act
August 2090August 2090Farm Size Act
September 2090September 2090Education Act: Article6, University Tuition
January 2091January 2091Rejection of Biological and Chemical Arms
January 2091January 2091Updated Nuclear Weapons Act
March 2091March 2091Technological Research Proposal
March 2091March 2091School Prayer Update.
July 2091July 2091Medical Malpractice Act.
August 2091August 2091Chemical and Biological Weapon disarmament Treaty
April 2092April 2092L-PU Cabinet Proposal of April 2092
June 2093June 2093Civil Defence Proposal
June 2093June 2093Malivian proposal
June 2094June 2094Legal action taken against Hobrazian MP
June 2094June 2094Freedom to Protest and Gather Act.
April 2095April 2095The Inaugural Binman Act
February 2096February 2096Call for early elections, February 2096
May 2096May 2096State Welfare Legislation: Unemployment Benefit
June 2096June 2096Sales Taxation Proposal 2. Non-Essential Goods.
June 2096June 2096Sales Taxation Proposal 1. Essential Goods.
August 2096August 2096Public Safety Act
November 2096November 2096United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of August 2096
June 2097June 2097Conscription Act.
August 2097August 2097Muzalkas Suicide Investigation Proposal
August 2097August 2097Establishing a Fire Department
August 2097August 2097Hobrazians own newpaper.
August 2097August 2097Police Emergency Act.
March 2098March 2098Updated Rutania proposal 0f 2098
June 2098June 2098Treaty of Non-aggression Between the Republic of Hobrazia and the Beluzian Republic
July 2098July 2098Fireworks Act,
July 2098July 2098Advertising Regulation Proposal
May 2099May 2099Call for early elections, February 2099
July 2099July 2099Exotic Animal Trade Proposal
July 2099July 2099L-PU Cabinet Proposal of July 2099
August 2099August 2099Energy Bill of 2099
September 2099September 2099Hobrazian Intelligence Bill
February 2100February 2100Nationality act of 2100.
August 2100August 2100L-PU Call for early elections, July 2100
December 2100December 2100We Say So! Cabinet Proposal of October 2100
January 2103January 2103National Defence Industries
October 2103October 2103Public Decency Act
October 2103October 2103Elimination of Proposal Cap, Article I
October 2103October 2103We Say So! Modified Cabinet Proposal of October 2103
January 2104January 2104Extradition Policy
May 2104May 2104Domestic Animal Act of 2104
June 2104June 2104Energy Generation Proposal. Article 1, National Power Supply
June 2104June 2104Energy Generation Legislation. Article 3, Nuclear Power
June 2104June 2104Energy Generation Legislation. Article 2, Renewable Energy
August 2104August 2104Repeal of the Conscription Act 2103
December 2104December 2104Military Anti-Discrimination Act
December 2104December 2104Equality in the Military Act
January 2105January 2105Hobrazian Membership of the Terran Olympic Committee (TOC)
June 2105June 2105Gated Communities Act 2105
December 2106December 2106Call for early elections, December 2106
May 2107May 2107Hemp Freedom Act
May 2107May 2107USM Cabinet Proposal of November 2106 - For A Left Wing Future!
May 2107May 2107United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of December 2106
December 2107December 2107Cabinet Proposal of October 2107 - A compromise and balance of power
December 2108December 2108Private Armaments Act
May 2109May 2109Fair Tax Act of 2109.
May 2109May 2109Pharmaceutical Drugs Act
June 2109June 2109Prisoner Work Act
April 2110April 2110National History Museum Proposal.
June 2110June 2110Pharmaceutical Drugs Act, Research and Development.
June 2110June 2110United Blobs Revised Cabinet Proposal of June 2110
June 2110June 2110United Blobs Draft Cabinet Proposal of May 2110
June 2110June 2110Wartime Military Act.
November 2111November 2111Fishing Industry Proposal
December 2111December 2111Treaty of Non-aggression Between the Republic of Hobrazia and the Selucian Empire.
July 2112July 2112L-PU Call for early elections, July 2112, after the current bills go through
September 2112September 2112Call for early elections, September 2112
July 2113July 2113Protection of Original Works and Art.
October 2113October 2113Basic treaty with Selucia
November 2113November 2113Police Weapons Act
March 2115March 2115L-PU Call for early elections, March 2115
May 2115May 2115UB Income Tax Plan
May 2115May 2115Strategic Defense Industry Act.
June 2115June 2115Luxury Goods Taxation proposal.
June 2115June 2115Budget proposal of November 2114
September 2116September 2116Income tax proposal of September 2116
October 2116October 2116International Travel Bill
July 2118July 2118Minimum Wage Bill - Introduction
August 2118August 2118Ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and cooperation with The Selucian Empire.
August 2118August 2118Prescription Drug Act 2117.
September 2118September 2118New GM Food Act
September 2118September 2118Farm Size Localisation
November 2118November 2118International Border Controls
November 2118November 2118Budget proposal of August 2118
February 2119February 2119National Industry Legislation Ammendment
February 2119February 2119Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
February 2119February 2119Budget proposal of February 2119
February 2119February 2119Gated Communities Act
April 2119April 2119Organ Choice Act.
April 2119April 2119Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
April 2119April 2119Ratification of the Chemical and Biological Weapon disarmament Treaty
June 2119June 2119Postal Act of 2119.
July 2119July 2119Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
August 2119August 2119Ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
September 2119September 2119Prisoner of War Act.
September 2119September 2119Wonder if anyone will notice this!
November 2119November 2119National Bank of Hobrazia.
February 2120February 2120Treaty of Non-Aggression Between the Republic of Hobrazia and the Most Serene Republic of Darnussia
February 2120February 2120Budget proposal of February 2120
March 2120March 2120Energy Bill of 2120
April 2120April 2120Budget proposal of April 2120
June 2120June 2120Defence Industry Freedom Act.
June 2121June 2121Treaty of Non-aggression Between the Republic of Hobrazia and the Republic of Kirwala.
March 2122March 2122Nudism Legalisation
March 2123March 2123Prisoner Labor Act
August 2123August 2123Budget proposal of August 2123
October 2123October 2123Citizens Identification Proposal: Reintroduction (Take 2)
June 2124June 2124Trade Union Striking Reform
December 2124December 2124Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
February 2125February 2125Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
February 2126February 2126Energy Generation Act.
March 2126March 2126Food Standards, Article 2: Labelling
March 2126March 2126Culture Act
March 2127March 2127Call for early elections, March 2127
July 2127July 2127Establishment of Military Acadamy's Act of 2127.
August 2127August 2127Television Freedom Act.
August 2127August 2127Budget proposal of August 2127
April 2128April 2128Protection of Strategic Industry Act
October 2128October 2128Domestic Animal Act.
March 2129March 2129Foreign Aid Policy
March 2129March 2129Emergency Aid For Selucia.
June 2129June 2129Energy Generation Proposal. National Power Generation and Consumer Supply
September 2129September 2129CSP Call for early elections, April 2129
April 2130April 2130Cabinet Proposal of April 2130 Bis
July 2130July 2130Private Cars Policy II
July 2130July 2130Strategic Crop Production Proposal - 2nd reading
July 2130July 2130Farm Size Act.
July 2130July 2130Postal Service Reform
July 2130July 2130National Industry Legislation - Reintroduction
August 2130August 2130Home Schooling Act 2130.
September 2130September 2130Private Nursery Act.
November 2130November 2130Public Order Bill (2130)
November 2130November 2130Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
November 2130November 2130Regulation Bill (2130)
November 2130November 2130Cabinet Proposal of November 2130
December 2130December 2130Open Trade Means No Tariffs.
December 2130December 2130TV and Radio Ownership Bill
January 2131January 2131Defence Industry Bill 2130
April 2131April 2131Federalist Act (2131)
April 2131April 2131GM Agriculture Act (2131)
April 2131April 2131Immigration Act (2130)
December 2131December 2131UB Call for early elections
February 2132February 2132Child Benefit Act
March 2132March 2132Slander Act 2132.
May 2132May 2132National Broadcasting Proposal 2132
June 2132June 2132UB Cabinet Proposal of February 2132
June 2132June 2132Citizenship Repeal Act. 2132
June 2132June 2132GM crops Production and Selling
July 2132July 2132Ratification of the Military Exercise Cooperation Treaty between Selucia and Habrazia.
July 2132July 2132Foreign Policy. Re: Selucian Military Cooperation With Hobrazian Military.
October 2132October 2132Invasive Passport Bill of 2132.
November 2132November 2132Budget proposal of November 2132
November 2132November 2132National Park Policy
December 2132December 2132Mayor Elections
December 2132December 2132Energy Generation
January 2133January 2133Lethal Force Proposal - Reintroduction
January 2133January 2133Prostitution Bill of 2133.
January 2133January 2133National Health Legislation: Article 2, Recreational Drug Usage - Reinstatement
January 2133January 2133Open Source Act
April 2133April 2133One Car Act
December 2133December 2133Aid Relief Bill (2133)
December 2133December 2133Gambling Reform Bill
December 2133December 2133Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education - Reinstatement
December 2133December 2133Religious Advertising Act
December 2133December 2133Passport Integrity Act
January 2134January 2134Judicial Act of 2133
February 2134February 2134Elimination of Proposal Cap, Article I: Revision
April 2134April 2134Religious Tax Act
April 2134April 2134The Smoking Act
May 2134May 2134Major Cities Discussion Act
April 2135April 2135Free the Telegraph Act.
April 2135April 2135Treaty of Non-aggression Between the Republic of Hobrazia and the United Federation of Malivia.
April 2135April 2135The Capital Act - Implementation
May 2135May 2135Ratification of the Selucian and Hobrazian Freedom of the Ocean.
July 2135July 2135Freedom for Vendor Act.
July 2135July 2135Wild Pet Ownership Act.
August 2135August 2135Hobrazian Freedom Act.
November 2135November 2135Smart Chemical Listings Act.
December 2135December 2135Cabinet Proposal of October 2135
January 2136January 2136Foreign Aid Policy
February 2136February 2136Sports Club Welfare Act.
April 2136April 2136Food Labeling Act
April 2136April 2136Protection of Privacy Act.
May 2136May 2136Regional Power Grid Act.
June 2136June 2136Budget proposal of May 2136
September 2136September 2136Foreign Visitor Act.
November 2136November 2136Eminent Domain = Government Theft
October 2137October 2137Call for early elections, October 2137
January 2138January 2138No More Free Contraceptives
March 2138March 2138Medical Act (2137)
March 2138March 2138Abortion Act (2137)
March 2138March 2138Travel Laws (2137)
July 2138July 2138Public Sports Bill (2138)
August 2138August 2138Vital Projects Guarantee Proposal
March 2139March 2139Private Industry-Public Waste Disposal Compromise Act.
April 2139April 2139Strengthened Civil Liberties For Hobrazian Citizens Act.
May 2139May 2139L-PU's Very Inclusive Cabinet Proposal of May 2139
May 2139May 2139National Health Legislation: Article 3; Abortion.
February 2140February 2140Tobacco Act
March 2140March 2140Tax Free Religion.
February 2141February 2141Property Freedom Act 2141.
February 2141February 2141L-PU's Revised Cabinet Proposal of February 2141
March 2141March 2141Malpractice Reform Act of 2141
March 2141March 2141Industrial Taxation
April 2141April 2141Energy Generation Proposal. Article 4, National Power Grid
June 2141June 2141Professional Military Act 2141.
July 2141July 2141UB Cabinet Proposal of April 2141
August 2141August 2141Ratification of the Mutual Defense Treaty Against The Acts of Hostile Nations.
September 2141September 2141Government Regulated Industry = 0$ profit.
October 2141October 2141Workers' Right to Strike
January 2142January 2142End Energy Regulations As We Know It.
March 2142March 2142Private Energy Generation Enabling Act.
March 2142March 2142Industry Taxation
May 2142May 2142Ending Sports Welfare Act.
May 2142May 2142Private Television Act.
July 2142July 2142Freedom of International Media Act.
September 2142September 2142Private Library Act 2142.
September 2142September 2142Foreign Investment Act.
October 2142October 2142End Handouts to Farmers Act.
October 2142October 2142Radio Ownership
October 2142October 2142Freedom of Marriage Act.
November 2142November 2142More tax tests
November 2142November 2142Industry Taxation
February 2143February 2143Private Post Offices
March 2143March 2143Free to Gamble Act.
March 2143March 2143Minimum Income Bill -2143-
February 2144February 2144Reintroduction of Public Sports (2144)
February 2144February 2144Nuclear Power Freedom Act.
February 2144February 2144L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of December 2143
March 2144March 2144Religious Freedoms Act.
May 2144May 2144National Broadcasting Proposal - Re-introduction
May 2144May 2144Put Our Armed Forces on Alert Act.
January 2146January 2146Call for early elections, February 2145
April 2146April 2146CSP Cabinet Proposal of April 2146
May 2146May 2146Media Regulations (2144)
May 2146May 2146The Library Act 2144
May 2146May 2146Forest Protection Act
May 2146May 2146Waste Disposal Guarantee Act - Second Reading
May 2146May 2146Postal Service Reform - Reintroduction
May 2146May 2146Income Support Act (2145)
May 2146May 2146Constitutional Reform (2145)
August 2147August 2147Vital Projects Guarantee Proposal - Second Reading
July 2148July 2148Citizens Identification Proposal: Reintroduction (Take 3)
April 2149April 2149Malpractice Reform Act of 2146
February 2150February 2150National Health Legislation: Article 5; Contraception.
March 2150March 2150Child Work Act
March 2150March 2150Economic Tax Relief.
April 2150April 2150Foreign Embassy Act.
April 2150April 2150Keep Media Free From Government Dirty Hands
April 2150April 2150Free Speech Act of 2149
December 2150December 2150Foreign Aid Adjustment.
February 2151February 2151The Right to Smoke Bill (2150)
August 2152August 2152Consumer sales taxation
February 2153February 2153Another moral flaw
March 2153March 2153Right of Assembly Ammendment 2152
March 2153March 2153Bureaucracy Reduction Bill 2152
March 2153March 2153National Broadcasting Proposal 2152
May 2153May 2153Agriculture Subsidy Act (2151)
May 2153May 2153Government Subsidy Act (2151)
January 2154January 2154National Energy Bill of 2152
July 2154July 2154National bill on pets
July 2154July 2154The national refugee policy
July 2154July 2154appendix to National Energy Bill of 2152
July 2154July 2154illegal aliens
August 2154August 2154Bill to regulate gambling
July 2155July 2155Forest Management Act
July 2155July 2155Divorce Act
July 2155July 2155Concealed Weapons Act
January 2156January 2156You get what you give.
January 2156January 2156Introducing Habeas Data
August 2156July 2157Private Car Act
September 2156September 2156CSP Call for early elections, August 2156
September 2156December 2157Offensive Weapon Act 2156
February 2157May 2157UB Call for early elections, February 2157
February 2157August 2157Where we've failed, we must change...
February 2157August 2157Rethinking energy ressources
April 2157August 2157Ratification of the Trade and Defence Entente
May 2157August 2157Economic Freedom Act
November 2157December 2157The Death of Nationalised Industry Bill - 2157-.
December 2157December 2157Lazy People Real Rights -2157-
December 2157December 2157Government Is Not Pure And The Like, Keep It Off From Media
December 2157August 2158Budget proposal of December 2157
December 2157August 2158Logging and Replantation Act 2157
January 2158April 2158Local Park Act.
February 2158December 2161Agricultural Subsidy Removal Act
March 2158April 2158Private Schools For The Kids Bill -2158-
March 2158April 2158Let Our Foreigners Turned Citizens Stay Act.
August 2158August 2158Return Power Generation Back to the Private Sector.
September 2158October 2158Reservation of the right to regulate import from international trade.
October 2158October 2158Cabinet Proposal of October 2158
February 2159February 2159Repeal Local Park Act.
February 2159December 2160Repeal the Reservation of the right to regulate import from international trade.
April 2159June 2159Democracy Act. -2159-
June 2159June 2159Sports Club Welfare Elimination Bill.
June 2159August 2159Elimination of ID Card Act. -2159-
August 2159August 2159The Kalistan Conflict.
November 2159November 2159Edict of Embargo Against Hostile States
March 2160April 2161HPP call for military service
August 2160November 2160Citizens Identification Proposal: Reintroduction
January 2161June 2161Passport Freedom Act. -2161-
June 2161November 2161Hobrazian Civil Liberties Act.
June 2161January 2162Right to Protest Freedom Act.-2161-
December 2161February 2169Water Quality Regulation Act
November 2163November 2164Identification Reform Act of 2163
May 2164June 2164Defence Industry Act. -2164-
June 2164August 2164Property Freedom Act. -2164-
July 2164September 2164Gun Ownership Act.
July 2164July 2166Ratification of the Pontesian Non-agression Pact
August 2164May 2166Private Healthcare Freedom Act.
October 2164March 2165Income tax proposal of October 2164
November 2164November 2164Embargo Repeal
March 2165April 2165Adulthood is for adults
May 2165May 2165Edict of Humane Extradition, Take II
May 2165October 2166Let us not force our cities into small presidential electorates.
May 2165March 2167We need public schooling
September 2165April 2166Water Quality
November 2165May 2166Peacetime Conscription Act of 2165
November 2165May 2166Government Nomial Alteration Act
December 2165May 2166Private Housing for Hobrazia
December 2165July 2166Organ Donation Freedom Act -2165-
February 2166March 2166Call for early elections, February 2166
April 2166April 2166L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of April 2166
April 2166June 2166Refugee Reform Act.
June 2166November 2166Defense Industry Modification Bill
June 2166June 2167Industry Emergency Act
July 2166December 2168Adoption Reform Bill -2166-
December 2166March 2167Budget proposal of December 2166
March 2167March 2168Passport regulation
March 2167March 2168Energy reform bill
March 2167October 2168Farewell to arms...At least among the civilians.
March 2167April 2169Reservation of the right to regulate import from international trade.
April 2167March 2168Use of the future budget proposal
June 2167November 2168Health For The Masses 2167
October 2167October 2167The UB wants some seats act
December 2167September 2169Appendix to the Military Allowance Law
May 2168April 2169Police Protection Act
May 2168June 2176National Media Provision Act 2168
September 2168April 2169"Your mother don't work here...Clean up after yourself!"
February 2169March 2169Local Democracy Act
March 2169April 2169Private Industry Energy, Is Happy Energy.
April 2169April 2169Military Mobilization
April 2169November 2169Local Parks.
May 2169January 2170Freedom To Hire Act.
June 2169June 2169Budget proposal of June 2169
August 2169April 2170National Protection Measures of 2169
November 2169March 2170Medical Confidence Proposal
December 2169January 2170Evil Capitalist Act -2169-
December 2169March 2171Restoration of Free Trade.
May 2170May 2170Ratification of the Hobrazian-Endralonian Non-Agression Treaty
August 2170April 2171Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
March 2171February 2172L-PU's Cabinet #2
May 2171July 2171Local Government Act
May 2171July 2171Justice Act 2171
May 2171July 2171National Park Policy 2171
May 2171July 2171Firearms Limitation Proposal
May 2171July 2171Vital Projects Guarantee Proposal 2171
December 2171February 2172Slander Reduction Bill -2171-
February 2172August 2172Alcohol Liberation Act.
February 2172April 2173Agricultural subsidising Bill
February 2172April 2173Supporting new top athletes (2nd try)
March 2172June 2172Public Housing Initiative
June 2172April 2173Compromising car policy
July 2172July 2172Industry Emergency Act, y otra vez
July 2172October 2172Adoption Act (2172)
September 2172November 2172Ratification of the Democratic Governance Treaty
December 2172May 2174Luthori Crisis Act
April 2173April 2173The Freedom Act For The Ownership of Wild Species. -2173-
May 2174August 2179Withdrawing from useless treaty
November 2174October 2178Equality Act (2174)
October 2176September 2185National Energy Generation Proposal
August 2177November 2177Nuclear Disarmament Act
March 2179March 2179L-PU's 2nd Call for early elections, March 2179
June 2179October 2179Ratification of the Allied Nations
July 2179October 2179Private Grid Act.
June 2181September 2182Introducing Hobrazian Forest Management Institute
June 2181September 2182Embassy legality
June 2181September 2182Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
June 2181September 2182changing eminent domain routines.
September 2181September 2182Religion Act (2181)
March 2182November 2182Republic of Hobrazia to host the Terran Olympics 2200
July 2182July 2182New government of 2182
July 2182November 2182Trade protection act
November 2182August 2183Terran Olympic Association Delegate.
December 2182May 2183Strategic Crop Production Proposal
December 2182May 2183Goods Taxation Proposal
March 2183April 2184Establishment of the TOA HQ
April 2183September 2185Enviroment Standards Act (2183)
September 2183October 2184Alcohol Licencing Act (2183)
September 2183October 2185Conscription proposal
September 2183October 2185Appendix to Military Allowance Law
April 2184September 2184Budget proposal of April 2184
June 2184June 2184Passport Freedom Act.
July 2184July 2184Democracy Act of 2184
October 2184September 2185Adoption Regulation Act (2184)
February 2185September 2185Police Armaments Act
February 2185October 2185Energy regulation
February 2185October 2185Reestablishment of national defence industry.
March 2185September 2185NMA Bill (2185)
October 2186March 2187Forest Growth Scheme (2186)
November 2186April 2187Energy Generation Proposal. National Power Generation and Consumer Supply
November 2186July 2187Telecommunications Price Restrictions Act
September 2188September 2188Cabinet Proposal of September 2188
April 2189April 2189Call for early elections, April 2189
August 2189September 2192Introducing National Food Control (4th try)
October 2190October 2190Income Support Act (2190)
October 2190September 2191Organ Donation Act (2190)
March 2191September 2192Avoiding unpleasant happenings
March 2191September 2192ID card must be carried
October 2191October 2191Secularisation Bill (2191)
October 2191October 2191Medical Act (2191)
October 2191August 2192Defence of the Flag (2191)
March 2192September 2192Nationalizing defence industries
June 2192January 2194Animal Protection Act of 2192
July 2192December 2192Freedom of Religion
September 2192September 2192Equality in school
May 2193May 2193Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
March 2194September 2194Education Act: Article 7. Religious Education
May 2196May 2196CSP Call for early elections, May 2196
September 2196September 2196CSP Cabinet Proposal of September 2196
February 2197March 2197L-PU's call for early elections, February 2197
March 2197April 2197Free the People
March 2197April 2197Domestic Pet Act -2197-
April 2197April 2197Realistic Pollution Act.
May 2197June 2197Hobrazian Act For Freedom
October 2197December 2197Rescinding The Bill Condeming Communist Totalitarian Party of Hobrazia membership in the Anti-Selucian Front
October 2197March 2198Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
March 2198April 2198Improved Democratic Flag Restoration Freedom Bill.
January 2199January 2199Embassy Act.
September 2199May 2200Industrial Taxation
October 2200October 2200Ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2073
November 2200November 2200Industry Freedom Bill of -2200-
March 2201September 2201Budget proposal of March 2201
March 2202March 2202CP early elections, March 2202
April 2202October 2202Ecology Bill
March 2203March 2204Industry aid in though times.
May 2203August 2203Gated Community Act
October 2203October 2203Emergency Curfew Action
May 2204October 2205Avoiding unpleasant happenings (2nd try)
May 2204October 2205Illegal aliens reform
June 2204June 2204CSP Call for early elections, June 2204
May 2205May 2205Cabinet Proposal of May 2205
March 2206September 2206Ecology bill (or the opposite)
April 2206April 2206Smoke it up Act Revisited
August 2206November 2206Defence Industry Competition Proposal
June 2207June 2207Hpp's call for early elections, June 2207
November 2207November 2207Republic of Hobrazia to host the Terran Olympics 2220
April 2208April 2208Let us spice things up a bit with a treaty withdrawal.
April 2208April 2208Joint Cabinet Proposal of April 2208
April 2208April 2208Union Control
April 2208April 2208Lazy People Real Rights III
May 2209May 2209Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Gun Act
May 2209May 2209Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 3)
May 2209May 2209Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 2)
May 2209May 2209Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 1)
May 2209September 2209Ecology restriction slowdown
February 2210February 2210Introducing moderate physical pressure
February 2210February 2210Firearms Limitation Proposal
March 2211April 2211Nationalisation Act: Phase II (2211)
March 2211June 2211Local Government Bureaucracy Reduction Proposal
March 2211June 2211Ecological Improvements Act
May 2211May 2211Strike Reform of 2211
December 2211May 2212Public Freedoms Act
April 2212August 2212L-PU's Call for early elections, April 2212
June 2212February 2213Dirty Harry Act (2212)
June 2212April 2213Ecology restriction slowdown (seems like we're gong in circles)
September 2212January 2213Civil Liberties Enabling and Protecting Freedom Act of - 2212-
September 2212January 2213Home School Act -2212-
January 2213January 2213Religious Protection and Freedom Act of -2213-
January 2213January 2213L-PU's Cabinet Proposal #1
June 2213December 2213National Industry Legislation
July 2213August 2213Ending Torture in Hobrazia Act.
July 2213October 2213Ratification of the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty.
July 2213October 2213ID Card Compromise Act of 2213.
September 2213September 2213Ratification of the Treaty Ensuring The Free Speach of Nations and Citizens
September 2213October 2213Forest Act of -2213-
October 2213October 2213Tree Replacement Act (2213)
October 2213July 2216Army Recruitment and Structure Reform: Phase I (2213)
March 2214March 2214The "I want seats" Act
September 2214February 2215Firearms Limitation Proposal
November 2214July 2216Condemn the Dundorf Embargo (2214)
March 2215September 2215National Health Legislation: Article 1, Smoking
July 2215July 2215Economy revisited (2nd try)
January 2216October 2216Certain changes concerning laws on identification and immigration
October 2216October 2216Food Vendor Freedom Act.
October 2216October 2216Conscription Act of -2216-
October 2216October 2216Economic Growth Act.
October 2216October 2216Police authority
March 2217August 2218Condemning the Dundorf Embargo (2217)
May 2217September 2217Budget proposal of May 2217
September 2217October 2217HPP's Cabinet Proposal of September 2217 # 2
September 2217February 2218National Emergency Policy: Article 1 - Curfew
October 2217February 2219Reintroducing National Food Control
May 2218April 2219Nationalizing the forest agencies
March 2219June 2219Weapon exportation bill
March 2219November 2219Introducing Public Pre-School Education
April 2219April 2219Religious Taxation Act
April 2219November 2219Education Act: Article 7. Religious Education
September 2220October 2220CSP Cabinet Proposal of September 2220
July 2222July 2222Introducing moderate physical pressure (where is CAP?)
August 2222March 2224Equality in school
October 2222March 2224National Service Directive (Third try)
December 2222December 2222Call for early elections, December 2222
December 2222August 2226Request from the Terran Olympic Association
February 2223February 2224Intermediate Rollup 1
January 2224January 2224Ecology Act (2224)
March 2224December 2224Appendix to Military Restructuring Bill
March 2224December 2224Lets avoid terrorism and other crimes (2.)
July 2224July 2224Cabinet Proposal of July 2224
December 2224May 2225Strike two
August 2227August 2228Economy revistied (part 2)
August 2227August 2228Strike regulation
April 2228April 2228Call for early elections, April 2228
April 2228August 2228Implementing a national refugee policy
August 2228August 2228Cabinet Proposal of August 2228
August 2229August 2229Free the People II
August 2229August 2229Capitalism can Defend our Nation
August 2229August 2229Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 4)
August 2229February 2230Energy Generation II
August 2229February 2230Privacy, word of the Past
August 2229February 2230Rich with big Family? Government loves you!
August 2229April 2230Economical Attempt of Nation Growth - re-Privatizing Industry
August 2229August 2231Making the state spend the money they have
September 2229August 2231Renaming the nation
February 2231August 2231Prisoners of war regulation
February 2231August 2231Foreign investment regulation - step 2
February 2231August 2231Law regulating the religions regulation of the individual (2nd try)
February 2231August 2231Illegal aliens (2nd try)
February 2231August 2231Military restructuring
September 2231March 2232Budget proposal of September 2231
September 2236September 2236Cabinet Proposal of September 2236
September 2237March 2239Military Restructuring: Defining Units (2237)
February 2239August 2239Proposal to change Government regulation of pollution in industry (second try)
March 2239March 2239Reducing the hobrazian relationship with Selucia
March 2239March 2239Liberalisation of the naval industries (second try)
May 2240June 2240Public Housing Initiative
May 2240June 2240Public / Private Business Regulation
May 2240April 2241Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education - Reintroduction
May 2240April 2241Pensions Act
December 2240December 2240The Seats Would Be Nice for an Old Friend, Thank You Act
December 2241July 2242POW Treatment Reform
October 2242April 2243Ecology regulation bill
December 2242December 2242Right to Privacy Act
February 2244February 2244The People's Programme
May 2245November 2245Religious Advertising Bill
May 2245November 2249Anti-Proliferation Measures
September 2245March 2246Budget proposal of September 2245
February 2247April 2247Public Housing Initiative
February 2247September 2247Business Prosperity Act - 2247
November 2248November 2248Call for early elections, November 2248
August 2249December 2249Public Transportation Act
November 2249November 2249Ending Sanctioned Torture
October 2250November 2250International Arms Trade and Exportation Act
December 2250December 2250Cabinet Proposal of December 2250
June 2252June 2252Reinstatement of the People's Programme
June 2252June 2252CSP Cabinet Proposal of June 2252
August 2252May 2253Tree replanting regulation
August 2252May 2253Encouraging the working population (minimal service neccesary)
August 2252May 2253Foreign investment regulation
February 2254October 2254Health care regulation
October 2254October 2254Car policy
August 2255August 2255State and collective ownership (version 2)
January 2256May 2256Ratification of the The Astoria-Syene Accords
October 2256June 2258National Strike Act
August 2257August 2257Business Operations Act
June 2258October 2258National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision
June 2258October 2258Public Housing Initiative
June 2258February 2259Pensions Act
June 2258February 2259Defence Industry Competition Act
June 2258November 2261Public Transport Act
June 2258November 2264Private Industry Taxation and Investment Proposal
November 2259November 2259Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
November 2259November 2259Ratification of the Military Exercise Cooperation Treaty between Selucia and Habrazia.
November 2259November 2259Ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and cooperation with The Selucian Empire.
November 2259May 2260The Likatonian Question
January 2260January 2260Budget proposal of January 2260 - Defense Spending Increase
March 2260March 2260Cabinet Proposal of March 2260
September 2260January 2283Collective Property Ownership And Unified Industry Act
October 2260June 2261Hobrazian Anthem Act: Supplementary (Music)
February 2261January 2262Selective Service Act
June 2261January 2262Embassy Reform Act
November 2261November 2261Ratification of the Selucian and Hobrazian Freedom of the Ocean.
November 2262November 2262Religious Advertising Act of 2263
November 2262January 2263The Cleaner Hobrazia Act 2263
August 2263August 2263Firearms Allowance Act of 2264
October 2267March 2268Firearms Limitation Proposal
November 2269November 2269CSP Call for early elections, November 2269
November 2270November 2270Armed Forces Professionalism Bill
November 2271November 2271Civil Liberties Package of 2272
September 2273March 2274Priority change
October 2273March 2274Reintroducing moderate physical pressure.
October 2273September 2277Immigration Policy
October 2273September 2277I'm a citizen, but i don't know anything about Hobrazia (4th try)
March 2276December 2276National Energy Generation Bill
October 2276November 2276Fair Representation Act, October 2276
April 2278April 2278Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 6)
October 2278October 2278Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 7)
November 2281November 2281Correcting the budget (while waiting on LCP)
November 2281November 2281Cabinet Proposal of November 2281
November 2281November 2281Socialist health care program (still waiting for LCP)
November 2281February 2282Ammendment to Economy Revisited (again if LCP does not show up soon)
November 2281February 2282Economy Revisited (In case LCP does not turn up in the next 2 hours)
March 2283June 2283Ratification of the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty.
June 2283February 2284Useless tax?
January 2286June 2286National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision
January 2286June 2286Private Industry Taxation and Investment Proposal
January 2286September 2286Firearms Limitation Proposal
January 2286June 2287Business Operations Act
September 2286September 2286Cabinet Proposal of September 2286
June 2287June 2287Business Operations Act: Article 2, Business Ownership
July 2287January 2289National motto (adding a link)
August 2287August 2287Public Housing Initiative
August 2287February 2288Police Armaments Act
January 2288January 2288Income tax proposal of January 2288
February 2288March 2288Advertising Regulation Proposal
September 2288January 2289Economy Revisited (for the fourth time)
October 2288January 2289Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 8)
January 2289January 2289Cabinet Proposal of January 2289
January 2289January 2289Economy revisited (ammendment)
May 2289May 2289Strike Actions
July 2289May 2290Justice Reform
July 2289May 2290Reintroducing Habeas Data
February 2290August 2290Transport subsidies regulation
February 2290August 2290Nationalising agricultural and naval industries.
August 2290August 2290Renaming the nation
August 2290August 2290Economy Revisited part 2 (step 1)
November 2290November 2290Welfare Reform (again)
May 2291May 2291Strike Actions - Formal Bill
July 2291June 2292Ecology Act (2291)
October 2292January 2293Pensions Act
October 2292January 2293Public Housing Initiative
October 2292February 2293Economic Improvement and Expansion Act
February 2294February 2295Tax Reform Bill (2294)
March 2294March 2294Religous dress code
December 2294June 2295Environmental Protection Regulation - 2
December 2294June 2295Environmental Protection Regulation - 1
October 2295November 2295Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
October 2295January 2296Military structure (the creation of a decent defence)
November 2295November 2295Introducing an equal health care program
January 2296January 2296Ammendment to "Military structure"
August 2296February 2297Socialist Agenda of August 2296
January 2297March 2297Cabinet Proposal of January 2297
October 2298March 2299Income tax proposal of October 2298
October 2299October 2299CSP Call for early elections, October 2299
April 2300April 2300Housing Guaranteement Proposal
November 2300November 2300CSP Call for early elections, yet again.
September 2302April 2303Justice Reform (step 2, 2nd try)
January 2305January 2305The Deltarian Situation (now without paragraphs)
March 2306March 2306Call for early elections, March 2306
July 2306April 2308Modernising Hobrazia
August 2306September 2306Put a hindrance to terror
April 2307April 2307Budget proposal of April 2307
August 2307August 2307Cabinet Proposal of August 2307
October 2307October 2307Budget proposal of October 2307
March 2308March 2308Repeal of "the Deltarian Situation"
April 2308July 2308Head of State rules
November 2309November 2309International Act
March 2311March 2311Call for early elections, March 2311
March 2311April 2311National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision
April 2311June 2311Educational Provisions Act
January 2312April 2312Business Operations Act
December 2312December 2312Secular Act
January 2314December 2314Financial responsibility
March 2314December 2378Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure: Ownership and Operation of Local and National Transport Networks and Services
January 2315January 2316Free Industry Retry Act
April 2315April 2315Election Reform, second try
January 2316March 2316Fishing Industry Act
January 2316April 2316International Relations Act
April 2316December 2316Ecological Priority
April 2316December 2316Preparation for a defence.
December 2316September 2317HPP calls for early elections
March 2319June 2321Bringing Hoba to the People
October 2319November 2323Conditions Regulating the Behavior of Political Parties
February 2321February 2321Budget proposal of February 2321
January 2322June 2322Income tax proposal of January 2322
January 2322July 2322Budget proposal of January 2322
July 2322January 2323Treaty Withdrawal
August 2322January 2323Sales Taxation Proposal. Non-Essential Goods.
May 2323February 2324Foreign Immigrant Policy Stabilization Act
April 2324July 2324Withdrawal from the Allies
September 2324January 2325National Security Act
October 2324January 2325Ecological Priority (part 2)
October 2324February 2325Case against the First Party of Hobrazia
January 2325March 2325Darnussia Violence Act
July 2325July 2325Declaring a state of emergency
March 2328July 2328Minimum Income Guarantee
July 2328August 2328Preparation for a defence (part 2)
December 2328December 2328Crasp Says
July 2329July 2329Call for early elections, July 2329
September 2329August 2330Demands of the Hobrazian Christian Community
September 2329November 2330Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
September 2329June 2331Party Independence Act
December 2329February 2330Vital Government Works
February 2330February 2330Cabinet Proposal 2
March 2330April 2330Investigation into First Party Conflict of Interest
March 2330December 2330Introducing Stike Rules
October 2330January 2331Hobrazian Tourism Center
December 2330December 2330Stopping hobrazian interference in the deltarian roits
February 2331January 2339Official Arrests of the MSPoH
July 2333February 2334Withdrawing from Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty.
August 2333February 2336The luthorians are leaving the Axis
February 2334February 2334Budget proposal of February 2334
February 2334June 2334Treaty Withdrawal
February 2334June 2334Gambling Act
July 2334July 2334Military Regulations and Weapon Sales Act
February 2335April 2335Economics Act
November 2335November 2335Riddance of Old Baggage
January 2336January 2336KSM
February 2336February 2338Justice Reform of February 2336
July 2336October 2336Religion Act July 2336
April 2337February 2338National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision II
July 2338September 2338Call for early elections following the Phil McCavity-Scandal
July 2338January 2339Education Act 2338
October 2338March 2339Teacher/Pupil Discipline Act
January 2339March 2339Military Act to Protect Hobrazian Interests
January 2339August 2339Cabinet Proposal of January 2339
September 2340January 2341Budget proposal of September 2340
February 2341July 2341Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
March 2341December 2341National Industry Legislation
April 2341April 2341Call for early elections, April 2341
August 2341August 2341CSP Cabinet Proposal of August 2341
August 2341August 2341Ending Sanctioned Torture
December 2341February 2342Justice Act
February 2342February 2342The Birth of an Empire, part II
February 2342February 2342An artanian alliance that might counter the Axis
March 2342May 2342Environment Act - Safeguarding the Future
July 2342August 2342Budget proposal of July 2342
August 2342November 2342Industrial Investment Act
August 2342May 2343Industrial Taxation Act
April 2343February 2344Birth of an Empire Redux
January 2344June 2344Foreign Aid Proposal
January 2344June 2344Budget proposal of January 2344
July 2345July 2345Cabinet Proposal of July 2345
August 2345August 2345Call for early elections, August 2345
December 2345May 2346Hospital refurbishment act
August 2346July 2347Military reform of August 2346
August 2346January 2348Religious Dress Code
September 2346September 2346First Party Legality
August 2348August 2348Rules for the upcoming election concerning the situation with FPoH
August 2348September 2348Ecological Priority
September 2348December 2372Leaving the Axis
December 2349August 2351Application of Torture
January 2350January 2350Call for early elections, January 2350
May 2350June 2350Cabinet Proposal of May 2350
September 2351August 2352Bringing Enlightenment to the Children
February 2352February 2352Call for early elections, February 2352
August 2352August 2352Party "Fiesta" Act
February 2353July 2353Income tax proposal of February 2353
July 2353July 2353Military service Act
January 2354June 2354Telecommunications Act
November 2354November 2354Authorization of Military Assistance to Darnussia
December 2354December 2354Budget proposal of December 2354
February 2355February 2355Private Property Act
February 2356May 2356A Civillian option
February 2356November 2356School Prayers act
February 2357August 2358All Hobrazians are Equal act
June 2357June 2357Call for early elections, June 2357
March 2358March 2359Legislative Nomial Adjustment
November 2359November 2359Give me a cigarette Act
July 2360July 2364Free as in Beer, Free as our Minds
March 2361February 2362Privacy Act
September 2361December 2361Income tax proposal of September 2361
November 2362February 2363Justice Act
August 2363September 2363Humane Society Act
September 2363September 2363Freedom in Travel
October 2363October 2363Flag Restoration
February 2364May 2364Income tax proposal of February 2364
July 2364July 2364Free the Industry, Free the People, Free the Nation.
July 2364August 2369TOCs
September 2364September 2364Firearms Act II
February 2365September 2365Firearms Act II Amendment
March 2365March 2365Budget proposal of March 2365
March 2365July 2365Religious Clothing Act
August 2365September 2365Budget proposal of August 2365
August 2365November 2365Spreading the Word of Salvation
August 2365December 2365Firearms Limitation Proposal
September 2365September 2365Hobrazia Health Act
September 2365March 2366Cabinet Proposal of September 2365
April 2366April 2366Income tax proposal of April 2366
April 2366April 2366Budget proposal of April 2366
October 2366October 2366Tobacco Act
March 2368March 2368Cosmetic Animal Testing
March 2368June 2368Free Religion Act
April 2368April 2368Domesticated Pets Act
April 2368April 2368Ecological Management Act
September 2368September 2368Government Reduction Act
September 2368September 2368Right to Work Act
March 2369December 2370Discussion on Union
September 2369September 2369OSP Call for early elections, September 2369
September 2369September 2369Choice in Education Act.
January 2370June 2370Ratification of the Act of Hobrazian-Darnussian Union
May 2370May 2370Budget proposal of May 2370
May 2370May 2370Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us.
May 2370May 2370Income tax proposal of May 2370
May 2370June 2370Cabinet Proposal of May 2370
July 2370September 2370Budget proposal of July 2370
September 2370September 2370Ratification of the Recognition of the Hobrazian - Darnussian Union
September 2370September 2370Property Rights Act
March 2371September 2371Ecological Reform Act
April 2371August 2371Ending Sanctioned Torture
April 2371September 2371Civil Liberty Act
May 2371May 2371Bill of No-Confidence.
February 2372February 2372Free Trade Act
February 2372February 2372Separation of Powers of Authority Act
February 2372February 2372Immigration Reform
July 2372July 2372Secondary Strike Act
January 2373January 2374Government Accountability Act
October 2373October 2373Call for early elections, October 2373
September 2374September 2374Cabinet Proposal of September 2374
January 2375May 2375Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education
January 2375May 2375Public Health Act
March 2375March 2375Home Shooling Act
March 2375March 2375Energy Freedom Act
January 2376January 2376Freedom Act
February 2376February 2376Energy Freedom Act II
February 2376February 2376Budget proposal of February 2376
February 2376February 2376International Arms Trade and Exportation Act
November 2376January 2377Alternate Cabinet Proposal of November 2376
August 2377August 2377Foreign Affairs Update
November 2377November 2377Energy Generation Proposal. Article 4, National Power Grid - Second Reading
May 2378May 2378Call for early elections, May 2378
June 2379June 2379Call for early elections, June 2379
February 2380December 2380Ecological Improvements Act
November 2381November 2381Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure: Modernising Transport
November 2381January 2382Income tax proposal of November 2381
July 2382February 2383Increase the retirement age
July 2383July 2383Cabinet Proposal of July 2383
August 2384October 2384Education Act: Article 2. Place - Reintroduction
August 2384March 2385Regulation of Alcohal
December 2386December 2387Income tax proposal of December 2386
April 2387April 2390Tourism Bill
December 2388June 2389Military Service Act
January 2390June 2390Vital Projects Guarantee
December 2391July 2392Treaty Withdrawal
April 2392July 2392Ratification of the Act of Hobrazian-Malivian Union
January 2393April 2395Hutori Aid
December 2396May 2399Ratification of the Artanian Cultural and Educational Exchange Agreement
February 2397April 2400Ratification of the Artanian Alliance (Amended 2355)
March 2399June 2399Budget proposal of March 2399
March 2399December 2399Right of Assembly Act
March 2399December 2399Public Health Act
March 2399March 2400National Strike Act
October 2400October 2404Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
January 2403May 2403Emergency Measures Act - Curfew
August 2404May 2405Justice Act
September 2407December 2407Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
December 2408May 2409Wild Animal Ownership and Public Security Act
December 2408December 2410Environmental Improvements Act
October 2409September 2410Ratification of the The Astoria-Syene Accords
June 2411July 2411Cabinet Proposal of June 2411
July 2411July 2413Hobaism, The Peoples Religion
July 2413July 2413Income tax proposal of July 2413
July 2413July 2413workers wage
August 2415August 2415Democratic Resolution (the return of the HPP)
October 2415October 2415Cabinet Proposal of October 2415
October 2415December 2415Military Sector Improvement
October 2415July 2416Health Sector Improvement
March 2416July 2416Public Safety Act
January 2417December 2417Ecological Priority
April 2418December 2418National Park Act
September 2419December 2419Income tax proposal of September 2419
January 2420August 2420the welfare of the poor
July 2420December 2420Ecological Priority (2nd attempt)
December 2421December 2421The Alliance of a New Left Coalition Proposal
March 2422March 2422State Religion Amendment
December 2422December 2422Worker Protection Act
February 2424February 2424Ecological Priority (Step 3)
February 2424February 2424Uniting the Nation
February 2424February 2424Military reinforcements and restructuring
February 2424February 2424Introducing constituencial segregation policies
October 2424October 2424Military and Civil Rights Agenda of 2425
January 2425July 2425National Health Legislation: Provision
December 2429December 2429Tobacco Bill of 2430
January 2436January 2436National Health Act: Innoculations
January 2436January 2436National Health Act: Tobacco
December 2436November 2437Clean air and species preservation act
January 2437July 2437Budget proposal of January 2437
January 2437July 2437Income tax proposal of January 2437
July 2437December 2437Education Act: Charter Schools
November 2437November 2442Privacy Protection Act
July 2438September 2438Adoption Efficiency Act
July 2438December 2438Teacher/Pupil Discipline Act
July 2438February 2439Energy Generation Proposal. National Power Generation and Consumer Supply
January 2439January 2439Cabinet Proposal of January 2439
November 2441November 2441Foreign Relations Cleanup
December 2441December 2441Education Act: Scholastic Provisions
March 2442December 2442Strike Three
March 2442December 2442Ah, the good old "I'm a citizen, but i don't know anything about Hobrazia" Bill
April 2442September 2443Censure against Deltarian Injustices
December 2442December 2442Environmental Simplicity Act
July 2443October 2443Weapons Concealment Act (2443)
July 2443October 2443Water Treatment Act (2443)
May 2444May 2444Call for early elections, May 2444
December 2445March 2446Cabinet Proposal of December 2445
January 2446January 2446Environment Protection Policy
September 2447September 2447Ecological Priority
May 2448May 2448Military reinforcements and restructuring
June 2448June 2448Cabinet Proposal of June 2448
January 2449July 2449Envioment Priority
September 2450September 2450Cabinet Proposal of September 2450
June 2455June 2455Cabinet Proposal of June 2455
December 2455December 2455Budget proposal of December 2455
November 2456November 2456Cabinet Proposal of November 2456
September 2462September 2462Religious Freedom for Hobrazia
February 2468December 2468Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
October 2468October 2468Cabinet Proposal of October 2468
October 2470February 2471Open Source Hobrazia
October 2470February 2471Citizens' Right to Assembly
October 2470February 2471Minimum Income Guarentee
November 2470November 2470Call for early elections, November 2470
June 2471July 2471Income tax proposal of June 2471
January 2473June 2473National Health Provisions Act
June 2473June 2473Call for early elections, June 2473
December 2473August 2474Public/Private Housing Guarantee
August 2478August 2478Call for early elections, August 2478
April 2479April 2479Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
April 2479April 2479Cabinet Shuffle of April 2479
August 2481October 2481Bill for the Movement of Democratic Reforms
December 2481August 2482New Policies Act
August 2483November 2484National Industry Legislation
June 2484June 2484Call for early elections, June 2484
August 2485February 2487Fair Corporations Bill
January 2486January 2486Cabinet Proposal of January 2486
January 2487January 2487National Park Act
August 2487February 2488False Advertising and Legal Sleaziness Elimination (FALSE) Act
January 2488February 2488Forestry Protection Act
January 2488May 2488Right of Assembly and Public Safety Act
January 2488July 2488Film Certification Act
January 2488November 2488National Health Act
August 2488August 2488Freedom of economy
February 2489February 2490Minimum Income Guarantee Act
March 2491October 2492Getting rid of stupid treaties
July 2492October 2492Budget proposal of July 2492
October 2492October 2492Ecological Priority
October 2492October 2492Introducing constituencial segregation policies
November 2492November 2492Ecological Priority (Ammendment)
December 2497December 2497Call for early elections, December 2497
December 2498May 2499Front Bench Cabinet Proposal of December 2498
May 2505July 2505Child Protection Act
May 2505July 2505Child Benefit Provision
May 2507November 2507Medical Research and Price Control Regulations Act
September 2510September 2510I really want it now
February 2512February 2512Income tax proposal of February 2512
July 2512May 2513Reimplementing Hunting Standards
January 2514April 2514National Power Generation Act
April 2515April 2515Just to clarify
April 2515May 2515Just to clarify 2
June 2516June 2516Tax proposal of June 2516
August 2517August 2517Death Penalty
December 2519January 2520Um
January 2520January 2520ghghgh
June 2522June 2522ghhh
June 2522June 2522umff
May 2524May 2524Reducing bureaucracy in the Military
June 2524June 2524Data and National Security Act
January 2525July 2525Greater Liberty Act
May 2525May 2525fffff
May 2525May 2525Freedom
May 2525May 2525Fighting the oppression of the extreme left
May 2525May 2525Cabinet Proposal of May 2525
October 2526December 2526Hobrazian Railways
June 2527April 2529Organ Provisions Act
June 2532June 2532hbkj
January 2536February 2536Community Protections Act
January 2536February 2536Child Protection Act
June 2537June 2537Budget proposal of June 2537
July 2539June 2540sv
July 2541July 2541The Bank of Hobrazia Act
March 2553March 2553Racial Integration Bill
May 2555October 2555Culture Act
May 2555February 2556Offensive Weapons Act
January 2556January 2556Disposal of Illegal Aliens
April 2566November 2566Budget proposal of April 2566
September 2567September 2567National Parks
May 2568May 2568Cabinet Proposal of May 2568
April 2570April 2570Cabinet Proposal of April 2570
May 2570May 2570General Bill 2570
August 2570September 2571Budget proposal of August 2570
September 2570September 2570Education Act Article 2: Pre-School Nursery Education - Ammendment
September 2570June 2571Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
October 2571October 2571National refugee policy.
October 2571October 2571Fitting our nation for the Three Nation Council Treaty
December 2571May 2572Three nation Council member
April 2573August 2573National Health Act
August 2573August 2573Act to End Private Monopoly of Power Grid
November 2573May 2574Open Hobrazia Act
March 2575May 2575DNA archive
March 2575May 2575Introducing working rules
June 2575May 2578Hobrazian Health and Wellness Reform Act
November 2575November 2575Cabinet Proposal of November 2575
May 2576May 2576Tax proposal of May 2576
May 2578May 2578Economic Expansion Act
May 2578May 2578Act to Reform the Hobrazian Law Enforcement Organizations
May 2578May 2578The malivians are preparing war with Keymon.
May 2578May 2578POW Regulation
November 2578June 2579Budget proposal of November 2578
May 2579August 2579The Bank of Hobrazia Act
June 2579August 2579Transportation Subsidisation Act
June 2579September 2579Police Bureaucracy Reduction Act
June 2579November 2579Wild Animal Ownership and Public Safety Act
April 2580April 2580Liberal's International Platform, 2580
May 2580May 2580Enlarging the Military
October 2580October 2580Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education
October 2580October 2580Employees Rights Act
October 2580December 2580Stock Exchange Act
October 2580June 2582Civil Right to Assemble Protection Act
April 2582December 2582Immigration Reform Act
October 2583October 2583Free Culture Act
November 2583November 2583Budget proposal of November 2583
July 2584July 2584Electric and Post Deregulation Act
July 2584March 2589Resolution to Promote Hobrazian Patriotism
November 2586May 2587Liberal's Education Platform, 2587
November 2586May 2587Free Nation Act
May 2587May 2587Liberal's Foreign Policy Platform, 2587
June 2587June 2587Reform of the Hobrazian Infrastructure Act
June 2587June 2587Hobrazian Economic Reform Act
May 2588October 2588Labor Union Freedom Act
October 2588October 2588Hobrazian Railways
July 2590July 2590Income tax proposal of July 2590
September 2591September 2591Free economy act
March 2593March 2593Call for early elections, March 2593
October 2597April 2598Vital Projects Guarantee
February 2598April 2598Animal Rights (Bestiality Regulation) Act
January 2599January 2599Economic Equality Act
October 2599February 2600Employees Charter: Basic Rights At Work
May 2603April 2609Ratification of the Organization of Drug Exporting Nations
October 2604February 2606The FREEDOM Act
April 2607April 2607Education Act
April 2607April 2607Foreign Policy Act
November 2608November 2608Energy Generation Proposal. Article 4, National Power Grid
June 2609October 2609Strategic Crop Production Act
June 2609April 2610Public Housing Initiative
June 2609May 2610Postal Service Reform
January 2610October 2612Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
June 2610June 2610Foreign Relations (Open Hobrazia Finalisation) Act
January 2612January 2612CSP Cabinet Proposal of January 2612
November 2612November 2612Energy Generation Proposal. Article 2: Consumer Supply
January 2613July 2613Call for early elections, January 2613
April 2614November 2614Ratification of the The Astoria-Syene Accords
November 2615June 2616International Border Controls
January 2616January 2616Call for early elections, January 2616
July 2619November 2619Strike and Economic Security Act
June 2620June 2620Income tax proposal of June 2620
June 2621November 2622Ratification of the Non recognition of the False Government of Alduria
May 2626November 2626The Transport Act
April 2627August 2627CSP Cabinet Proposal of April 2627
January 2628June 2628A Nuclear Power Bill
January 2628June 2628A sport-club funding bill.
November 2629November 2629A bill to protect animals.
July 2630July 2630Public Safety Act
July 2630July 2630Fish Stocks Protection Act
July 2630June 2631Film Certification Act
January 2631June 2631Review of the governmental role in economics.
June 2631June 2631RP Forest Management Bill
June 2631June 2631A landmine act.
June 2631August 2631A weapons control bill.
July 2631December 2633Retirement Act
November 2631November 2631Raising eco-awareness of Hobrazian citizens. Second Edition.
January 2632July 2632RP Ecology Bill
April 2632April 2633Economic Stimulation Act
May 2632May 2632Call for early elections, May 2632
July 2632July 2632Income tax proposal of July 2632
July 2632January 2633Hobrazian Anthem Act (Ammendment)
July 2632April 2633Business and the Economy Act
August 2632August 2632A polygamous-relationship bill.
May 2633May 2633Right of Assembly Act
May 2633August 2633Animal Cruelty and Cosmetic Testing Act
May 2633December 2633International Passport Act
July 2634July 2634A content-rating bill for the video-games.
July 2634July 2634A fauna preservation bill.
July 2634July 2634An act to clarify government's policy concerning forest protection.
July 2634October 2634A bill to form Hobrazian National Sports Committee and grant additional financial support to the national football team.
March 2635July 2635Illegal Aliens Act
March 2636March 2636Cabinet Proposal of March 2636
December 2636December 2636Police and Military Powers (Restriction)
January 2637January 2637School Discipline Regulation
January 2637January 2637Advertisement (Protection)
May 2637May 2637A bill concerning prisoners of war. Second Edition
July 2637July 2637Private Helthcare Quality Regulation
August 2637August 2637An alternative to abolishment of the identity cards.
January 2639January 2639Cabinet Proposal of January 2639
June 2639June 2639Income tax proposal of June 2639
June 2639June 2639Budget proposal of June 2639
February 2640February 2640Economic Reform Act
July 2641July 2641Privatisation of the Health Service Act
July 2641July 2641Motion of Confidence
January 2642January 2642Welfare reform
November 2642January 2644Farming Act
November 2642January 2645Second Reform Act
April 2643April 2643Call for early elections, April 2643
June 2643June 2643Marriage and Civil Rights Act
July 2643July 2643Cabinet Proposal of July 2643
November 2643November 2643Logging Operation Act
February 2645February 2645HEGC's Go Green Act. First Edition.
February 2646September 2647Foreign Relations Reform Act
June 2646November 2646Employees Charter: Working Hours Limitation re-introduction
June 2646November 2646School Discipline Act
July 2646July 2646Motion of Confidence
July 2646July 2646Education
September 2647September 2647Income tax proposal of September 2647
January 2648January 2648HEGC's Major healthcare act.
January 2648January 2648HEGC's Temporary Unification Charter bill (role-playing).
March 2648March 2648Power Generation Act
July 2648July 2648Budget 2648 - Part Three - Acceptance and Approval Motion
February 2649August 2649Defence Industry Act
June 2649June 2649Guns
July 2649July 2649Schizophrenia
July 2649July 2649Motion of Confidence
July 2649July 2649National Power Generation Act
June 2650June 2650Increasing Rights Act I
July 2650July 2650Child Labor
July 2650July 2650Hobrazian Education Act
March 2651March 2651Budget 2651 - Part One
June 2651June 2651Withdraw from the Organization of Drug Exporting Nations
December 2652December 2652Nationalization of Industries
December 2652April 2653Energy Generation Legislation. Nuclear Power
January 2653January 2653Cabinet Proposal of January 2653
July 2653July 2653More evil
August 2653August 2653Seventh Reform Act
August 2653August 2653Sixth Reform Act
August 2653August 2653Pre-School Education Act
January 2654January 2654Internet Regulation
July 2654July 2654HECG's bill: To restore the stability in the state.
July 2654July 2654Cabinet Proposal of July 2654
July 2654July 2654Administative Reform
September 2654September 2654Forestry Act
June 2655June 2655The Rights of Employers Act
June 2655June 2655Grand Reform Act
June 2655June 2655Cabinet Proposal of June 2655
April 2656April 2656Call for early elections, April 2656
May 2657June 2657Defence Industries Reform Act
May 2661May 2661Motion to Ban Polygamy
June 2661December 2661Budget Decision 2661
January 2662January 2662National Health Improvement Act: Organ Donation
December 2663December 2663Environment Act
November 2665November 2665HEGCs: November 2665 Workers Rights Act
November 2665November 2665HEGCs: November 2665 Hobrazian Church Act.
November 2665November 2665HEGCs:November 2665 Civil Liberties Act
November 2665November 2665HEGCs: November 2665 Military Act
November 2665November 2665A bill to preserve ecology.
November 2665November 2665Cabinet Proposal of November 2665
August 2667August 2667Citizens Identification Proposal
January 2668January 2668Firearms Limitation Proposal
January 2668January 2668National Health Legislation: Abortion
January 2668January 2668Education Act
February 2668February 2668National Energy Legislation
February 2668March 2668Public Housing Initiative
February 2668March 2668National Health Legislation: Provision
March 2668March 2668Budget proposal of March 2668
October 2670October 2670Cabinet Proposal of October 2670
November 2670November 2670Strike and Economic Security Act
November 2670November 2670National Power Generation Security Act
December 2670December 2670Statement of the Hobrazian Imperial Chamber
December 2670December 2670Repeal of the Public Housing Initiative
December 2670December 2670Repeal of the HEGCs: November 2665 Workers Rights Act
March 2671March 2671HEGC''s ichtyophobia act.
September 2671January 2672Budget proposal of September 2671
October 2671December 2671Ratification of the Hobrazian Empire Treaty
May 2672September 2672Military Homosexuality Acceptance
May 2672January 2673State Religion
September 2672September 2672Criminalising the NWO
October 2672October 2672Ratification of the Treaty Against the New World Order
January 2673January 2673Forestry Act
January 2673May 2673Some Sad News
November 2673November 2673Workers Rights Act
December 2673December 2673Religious Autonomy Act
December 2673December 2673ID Cards Act
September 2675September 2675Morality Act II
September 2675September 2675Whaling Protection Act
September 2675September 2675Contemporary Media Reform
October 2676October 2676Forestry Reform Act
October 2676October 2676Striking Act
October 2676January 2677Cabinet Proposal of October 2676
November 2677November 2677HEGC's health bill of November 2677
March 2678April 2678Expanding the Military
June 2678December 2678Emperor Elect John Robinson convenes Chamber
January 2679January 2679Cabinet Proposal of January 2679
October 2679October 2679Child Benefit Provisions Act
October 2679October 2679Ratification of the Treaty of Belgon
April 2680April 2680Income tax proposal of April 2680
January 2681February 2681Agricultural Reform
October 2681October 2681Strike and Economic Security Act
March 2682March 2682Green Hobrazia
April 2682April 2682Strategic Crop Production Act
April 2684May 2685Acquisitions of companies
August 2684August 2684Health and Safety
October 2688March 2689Corporate Action
April 2691April 2691Exit from Inactive Liktonian Treaty
April 2691April 2691Cabinet Proposal of April 2691
October 2691October 2691Income tax proposal of October 2691
November 2692November 2692Cabinet Proposal of November 2692
February 2694February 2694Education Act
October 2694October 2694Eighth Reform Act
April 2696April 2696Re-submission of the Act to Change the Title of the Emperor Elect
May 2696May 2696HEGCs Re-Submission of More Liberties Bill
October 2696October 2696Second Economic Reform Act
October 2696October 2696Cabinet Proposal of October 2696
February 2698February 2698Ratification of the First TANWO (Treaty Against the New World Order) Accord
January 2700January 2700Income tax proposal of January 2700
October 2700October 2700HEGC's Weapons Act
May 2705May 2705Cabinet Proposal of May 2705
June 2705June 2705Titles Act
June 2705June 2705Heavily Trimmed First Party Reform Act
July 2705July 2705Re-introduction of Morality Act
October 2706October 2706Emergency Measures Act
November 2707November 2707Cabinet Proposal of November 2707
February 2708February 2708Cabinet Proposal of February 2708
April 2709April 2709School Discipline Act
March 2711March 2712Young Persons Employment Act
March 2714May 2714National Health Act
January 2720January 2720Strike and Economic Security Act
January 2729January 2729General Reform Act of the FPoH
January 2729January 2729Cabinet Proposal of January 2729
July 2729July 2729Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
August 2730February 2731Budget proposal of August 2730
August 2733August 2733Representative in the security council and united nations of terra ambassador
September 2733September 2733Income tax proposal of September 2733
September 2733September 2733Useless treaty act
September 2733September 2733Cabinet Proposal of September 2733
February 2734February 2734Changes
January 2738March 2738Change of name
April 2740November 2740Movement to a Democratic Future
April 2740November 2740Improving Foreign Relations
April 2740April 2741Foreign Aid
April 2740April 2741Free Market
April 2740April 2741Refugees
April 2740April 2741Minimum Wage
April 2741April 2741Letters
April 2741April 2741Weapons
May 2741May 2741We the People
July 2741July 2741Outlawing Nova Terra
July 2741January 2743Urgent change for dangerous times
October 2741October 2741Internal Reforms Bill 2
October 2741October 2741International Reform Bill 1
April 2742April 2742Defending Liberty
May 2742May 2742Rights of All
September 2742September 2742CSD Research Freedom Act
November 2742November 2742Industrialization
February 2743February 2743Ensuring a Future
November 2743November 2743Freedom from the Axis
November 2743November 2743Cabinet Proposal of November 2743
November 2743November 2743Providing for the Security of our People
November 2743November 2743Ensuring Hobrazian Independence
November 2743November 2743Embarking upon the Path to Prosperity
January 2744January 2744Lei para proteçāo do Hobrasia contra ditadura e totalitárismo
March 2744March 2744Saving Liberty
February 2745February 2745Removing Unqualified Ambassadors and Addressing Other Minor Matters
March 2745March 2745Citizens Identification Proposal
October 2745October 2745To Keep and Bare Arns
October 2745October 2745Rights of the People
April 2747April 2747International Convoys
April 2747April 2747Cabinet Proposal of April 2747
July 2747July 2747A Fair Deal
February 2749February 2749Food Regulation Act
December 2749December 2749Cabinet Proposal of December 2749
February 2750March 2750Lodamese Terrorist Exclusion Act
January 2751January 2751National Judiciary Review Act - Simplifying the System
February 2753February 2753Liberation Act
March 2753March 2753For a Free Nation
April 2753April 2753Law Enforcement Act of 2753
April 2753April 2753Capital Punishment Adjustment
April 2753April 2757Reintroduction of State Religions
April 2754April 2754Sector Reform Act, Second Reading
January 2757January 2757DNA databases
May 2758May 2758Call for early elections, May 2758
November 2758November 2758New Coalition
July 2759June 2761New Flag?
October 2759October 2759Recommendations from the Minister of Health and Social Services
October 2759December 2759We Say So! Budget proposal of October 2759
March 2760August 2760Call for early elections, March 2760
April 2762February 2763UNT Ambassador
July 2762July 2762Call for early elections, July 2762
February 2763February 2763General Freedom Act
May 2763May 2763Cabinet Shuffle
June 2763December 2763National Energy Legislation
December 2766December 2766Minimum Wage Act
December 2766December 2766Regional Nomial Adjustment Act of 2767
December 2766March 2773Safety Net Act
April 2770April 2770Offensive Weapons Act
April 2770April 2770The Bank of Hobrazia Act
April 2770April 2770Public Housing Initiative
March 2772March 2772Call for early elections, March 2772
January 2773January 2773Economic and Employment Security Act
January 2773April 2773Fair Pay Act
March 2773March 2773Forestry Bill of 2773
August 2775August 2775Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
August 2775August 2775Ratification of the Friendship and Economic Freedom Agreement of Holy Luthori Empire and the Hobrazian Imperium
September 2775September 2775Budget proposal of September 2775
July 2776July 2776Local Government Bureaucracy Reduction Proposal
January 2779January 2779Renewing National Infrastructure
January 2779January 2779Strategic Crop Production Proposal
January 2779January 2779Fish Stocks Protection Act
January 2779January 2779Domestic Animal Security Act
March 2779March 2779National Health Act
August 2779August 2779Improving the Legislative Effectiveness of Congress
January 2780January 2780Waste Disposal Guarantee Act
January 2780January 2780Pensioners Income Guarantee
January 2780January 2780Road Infrastructure Act
March 2780March 2780Cabinet Proposal of March 2780
August 2780August 2780New ambassador
June 2782June 2782Call for early elections, June 2782
September 2784September 2784Transport Subsidisation Act
December 2787December 2787Firearms Act of 2788
October 2789October 2789Cabinet Proposal of October 2789
January 2792January 2792Cosmetic Testing and Animal Cruelty Act
June 2795June 2795Card Identification Act
June 2795June 2795Land Mine Prohibition
June 2795June 2795New Tobacco Policy
June 2795June 2795Alcohol Policy Decentralization Statute of 2796
June 2795June 2795Draft Revision of 2796
May 2802May 2802CSP Omnibus of 2802
December 2802December 2802CSP Omnibus of 2803
March 2806December 2808Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
December 2808December 2808A New Pollution Standard
December 2808December 2808Endanged Animals Preservation Act of 2809
December 2808December 2808Local Animal Registration
December 2808December 2808Freedom of Speech Act of 2809
December 2808December 2808National Anthem Clause of 2809
December 2808December 2808A Living Wage
December 2808December 2808Religious Taxation Statute
September 2816November 2816Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
May 2821December 2821Liberalization Plan - Phase One Act
December 2821December 2821Liberalization Plan - Phase Two Act
December 2821December 2821Cabinet Proposal of December 2821
May 2822May 2822Income tax proposal of May 2822
May 2822May 2822Budget proposal of May 2822
May 2822May 2822Liberalization Plan - Phase Three Act
June 2822June 2822Hobrazian Establishment Act
June 2822June 2822Education Amendment Act
June 2822June 2822Income tax proposal of June 2822
June 2822June 2822Budget proposal of June 2822
October 2822October 2822Sanctity of Life Act
November 2822November 2822Recreational Drug Use and Higher Education Act
January 2823January 2823Income tax proposal of January 2823
March 2823March 2823Liberalization Plan - Phase Four Act
April 2823October 2823Imperial Veto Act
October 2823October 2823Liberalization Plan - Phase Five
December 2823December 2823Train Operating Company Privatization Act
October 2824October 2824Education Initiative of 2825
October 2824October 2824Agriculture and Health Bill of 2825
October 2824October 2824Cabinet Proposal of October 2824
October 2824January 2825National Power
October 2824January 2825Hobrazian Railways
December 2825December 2825Energy and Economics Omnibus
May 2829May 2829Personal Responsibility Act
December 2833December 2833Income tax proposal of December 2833
February 2837February 2837Income tax proposal of February 2837
February 2837February 2837Repeal Consolidation Act - Part One
February 2837February 2837Cabinet Proposal of February 2837
September 2837February 2838Repeal Consolidation Act - Part Two
November 2839November 2839Sensible Policies for a Sensible Nation
January 2840January 2840Cabinet Proposal of January 2840
February 2840February 2840More Sensible Policies
February 2840February 2840Income tax proposal of February 2840
February 2840February 2840Budget proposal of February 2840
February 2843February 2843Cabinet Proposal of February 2843
April 2850April 2850The Hobrazian Deregulation Act
June 2850December 2850Strike and Economic Security Act
December 2851December 2851CSP Omnibus of 2852
August 2856August 2856Income tax proposal of August 2856
August 2856August 2856Repeal of the Socialist Manifesto
April 2864April 2864The People's Program
April 2864April 2864Reproductive Rights Act
June 2871June 2871We Say So! Policy Statement
June 2871June 2871Budget proposal of June 2871
June 2872June 2872Income tax proposal of June 2872
November 2872May 2873Government Internet Censorship Squadron (GICS)
November 2872May 2873National Food Control (NFC)
May 2873July 2874Merging National Authorities/Creating a joint education
December 2874December 2874Health legislation of 2875
February 2878February 2878election platform
March 2881May 2882Constitutional Ammendment
August 2881May 3133Religion Package (second hearing)
February 2882February 2882CSP Omnibus of 2882
February 2882February 2882Military Reform Act (Second Reading)
February 2882February 2882Legalization of Naturally-Ocurring Psychoactive Substances Statute (Second Reading)
November 2893December 2893We Say So! Policy Statement 2893
January 2896January 2896Income tax proposal of January 2896
November 2896November 2896Child Protection Act
November 2896November 2896Social Policies of 2897
May 2897May 2897Censorship Pretty Much Sucks
January 2900January 2900Budget proposal of January 2900
July 2904July 2904A New Parliament, a New Manifesto Statement, Second Reading
February 2906February 2906Cabinet Proposal of February 2906
January 2908January 2908Call for early elections, January 2908
February 2910February 2910Enshrining the Emperor
February 2911February 2911Down with the Emperor!
February 2911October 2911Tobacco Freedom Act
August 2911November 2911The Amoral Act
September 2911September 2911Down With the Rebels!
October 2911October 2911Cabinet Proposal of October 2911
October 2911April 2912Imperial Changes for a Stronger Head of State
February 2912January 2913The Patriot Act
October 2912October 2912Declaration of a State of Emergency
October 2912February 2913A Property Owners Bill of Rights
January 2913January 2913Budget proposal of January 2913
January 2913January 2913Income tax proposal of January 2913
August 2913May 2915A New Era
June 2918July 2923Getting bored
July 2919July 2922Is anyone really on
April 2927April 2927An introduction to reforms: Part I
August 2927August 2927An introduction to reforms: Part V
November 2932November 2932Call for early elections, November 2932
April 2943April 2943Call for early elections, April 2943
December 2943December 2943Income tax proposal of December 2943
December 2943December 2943Cabinet Proposal of December 2943
November 2945August 2946Reform Act
March 2946August 2946Small Government Act, 2946
August 2946August 2946Constitutional Reform Act 2946
September 2946September 2946Education Privatisation Act, 2946
September 2946September 2946Abortion Act
April 2947April 2947Reform Act 2947
April 2947April 2947Cabinet Proposal of April 2947
November 2947November 2947Second Reform Act, 2947
May 2948May 2948Income tax proposal of May 2948
May 2948May 2948Management Act 2948
July 2950July 2950Income tax proposal of July 2950
July 2950July 2950Budget proposal of July 2950
July 2950July 2950Reform Act 2950
November 2950December 2950Reform Act, 2950
December 2950December 2950Cabinet Proposal of December 2950
April 2951April 2951Public Decency Act 2951
June 2951June 2951Refugee Act 2951
June 2951June 2951Immigration Reform Act, 2951
June 2951June 2951Pension Reform Act 2951
October 2951October 2951Budget proposal of October 2951
October 2951October 2951Centralisation Act, 2951
October 2951October 2951Axis Withdrawal Act, 2951
April 2952November 2952Infrastructure Act 2952
November 2952November 2952Cabinet Proposal of November 2952
December 2952February 2953Cabinet Proposal of December 2952
March 2953March 2953Reform Act, 2953
March 2953March 2953Budget proposal of March 2953
March 2953March 2953Income tax proposal of March 2953
October 2953October 2953Personal Privacy Act, 2953
October 2953October 2953Faith Schools Act, 2953
October 2953October 2953Patriotism Act, 2953
December 2953December 2953Ecology Act, 2953
October 2954October 2954Call for early elections, October 2954
December 2954December 2954Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure:
December 2954December 2954Cabinet Proposal of December 2954
December 2954December 2954Budget proposal of December 2954
December 2954December 2954National Health Act: Provision
December 2954December 2954Education for All Act
November 2955November 2955Ratification of the Treaty of Brotherhood; Hobrazia and Selucia
November 2955November 2955Improving the Private Economy
March 2956March 2956Income tax proposal of March 2956
May 2956May 2956National Security Act
November 2956November 2956Budget proposal of November 2956
June 2957November 2957Morality Act
November 2957November 2957Cabinet Proposal of November 2957
November 2957November 2957Budget proposal of November 2957
November 2957November 2957Income tax proposal of November 2957
November 2957November 2957Putting Things Right Act 2957
December 2957February 2958Taxation Reform Act, 2957
April 2958April 2958Reform Act of 2958
March 2962March 2962Reform Act, 2962
June 2962June 2962Withdrawal from the Belgon Treaty
May 2963November 2963Reform Act, 2963
September 2963September 2963Budget proposal of September 2963
September 2963November 2963Anti-Imperialism Act, 2963
November 2963November 2963Cabinet Proposal of November 2963
May 2964May 2964Reform Act 2964
October 2964October 2964Second Reform Act, 2964
December 2964December 2964Tax Reform Act, 2964
December 2964December 2964Budget proposal of December 2964
December 2964December 2964Cabinet Proposal of December 2964
April 2965April 2965Cabinet Proposal of April 2965
December 2965December 2965Call for early elections, December 2965
July 2966July 2966Budget proposal of July 2966
July 2966July 2966A New Parliament, a New Manifesto Statement
July 2966July 2966Cabinet Proposal of July 2966
October 2966October 2966Taxation Act
June 2967June 2967Budget proposal of June 2967
July 2967July 2967We Say So! Reform Act
April 2968April 2968We Say So! Reform Act II
June 2968June 2968Budget proposal of June 2968
September 2968September 2968Budget proposal of September 2968
April 2969April 2969Budget proposal of April 2969
April 2969April 2969We Say So! Reform Act III
June 2969June 2969Income tax proposal of June 2969
July 2969October 2969Budget proposal of July 2969
November 2969November 2969Ratification of the Olympic Committee of Artania
April 2970April 2970Child Benefits and Security Act
May 2970May 2970Budget proposal of May 2970
May 2970May 2970Resolution: Astoria City Bid for the Artanian Olympics
June 2970June 2970Education Management Act, 2970
November 2971November 2971Budget proposal of November 2971
November 2971November 2971Call for early elections, November 2971
May 2972May 2972Income tax proposal of May 2972
June 2972June 2972Education Act
June 2972June 2972Budget proposal of June 2972
September 2976September 2976Budget proposal of September 2976
September 2976October 2976Employees Charter
June 2979June 2979Postal Service Reform
June 2979June 2979Public Housing Initiative
June 2979June 2979Budget proposal of June 2979
January 2981January 2981Cabinet Proposal of January 2981
January 2981January 2981Budget proposal of January 2981
November 2982December 2982Military and National Security Act
December 2982December 2982Budget proposal of December 2982
December 2982December 2982Minimum Wage Act
April 2987April 2987Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
April 2987April 2987Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
April 2987April 2987Ratification of the Treaty of Belgon
June 2987June 2987Call for early elections, June 2987
February 2988February 2988Cabinet Proposal of February 2988
March 2988March 2988eduPay and HealthPlan Introduction Act, 2988
March 2988March 2988Economic Reform Act, 2988
March 2988March 2988Budget proposal of March 2988
March 2988October 2988Income tax proposal of March 2988
April 2991April 2991Income tax proposal of April 2991
April 2991April 2991Cabinet Proposal of April 2991
April 2991April 2991Returning sense to Hobrazian Services
December 2991December 2991Budget proposal of December 2991
October 2992October 2992Communities Freedom Act
November 2993November 2993Call for early elections, November 2993
September 2994September 2994Budget proposal of September 2994
October 2996October 2996Budget proposal of October 2996
May 2997May 2997Call for early elections, May 2997
November 2998November 2998Budget proposal of November 2998
November 2999November 3000Domestic Animal Security Proposal
November 2999November 3000Public Sports Act
November 2999November 3000National Media Provisions Act
April 3002April 3002Budget proposal of April 3002
November 3008November 3008Call for early elections, November 3008
April 3012April 3012Budget proposal of April 3012
April 3012April 3012Improvements Act
September 3014March 3015DDP Government I Bill I
October 3014October 3014Budget proposal of October 3014
March 3015March 3015Cabinet Proposal of March 3015
April 3015April 3015Income tax proposal of April 3015
February 3016February 3016DDP Government I Bill III
September 3016September 3016DDP Government I Bill VII
September 3016September 3016DDP Government I Bill VI
September 3016September 3016DDP Government I Bill V
September 3016September 3016DDP Government I Bill IV
September 3016September 3016Budget proposal of September 3016
October 3017April 3018Our BILLL
October 3017April 3018our BILL
December 3017April 3018our bill 2
April 3018April 3018Cabinet Proposal of April 3018
May 3018August 3018Public Safety Act
March 3019March 3019OuR BiLl
March 3019March 3019ooooooooour bill
May 3020May 3020School Discipline Act
June 3020June 3020Our New Bill
June 3020June 3020Sacking Irelevant Bills
March 3021March 3021Cabinet Proposal of March 3021
May 3021May 3021DDP Government II Bill II
March 3022March 3022DDP Government II Bill III
December 3022December 3022DDP Government II Bill IV
April 3024April 3024Local Government Bureaucracy Reduction Proposal
April 3024April 3024Energy Generation Proposal: Consumer Supply
April 3024April 3024Cabinet Proposal of April 3024
October 3024October 3024Budget proposal of October 3024
February 3027February 3027DDP Government III Bill III
February 3027February 3027DDP Government III Bill II
February 3027February 3027DDP Government III Bill I
February 3027February 3027Cabinet Proposal of February 3027
April 3035April 3035Cabinet Proposal of April 3035
June 3035June 3035Call for early elections, June 3035
February 3039February 3039Sensible policies Act
March 3040March 3040Ratification of the Friendship and Economic Freedom Agreement of Holy Luthori Empire and the Hobrazian Imperium
September 3047September 3047Budget proposal of September 3047
September 3055September 3055We Say So! Freedom Bill
April 3064April 3064Budget proposal of April 3064
October 3075October 3076Budget proposal of October 3075
October 3077October 3077Ratification of the UAFA - Union of Artanian Football Associations
October 3078May 3079The Government Act
September 3089September 3089Hobrazian Security Act
May 3098May 3098Supporting the Nation
May 3098May 3098Income tax proposal of May 3098
September 3099April 3100Euthanasia Act 3099
September 3099April 3100Budget proposal of September 3099
April 3100April 3100Income tax proposal of April 3100
September 3103September 3103Income tax proposal of September 3103
October 3106October 3106Anti-terror legislation
April 3107April 3107Ratification of the Countries Against BBB and Supporting the Actions to Rid Them from Terra
November 3107November 3107Income tax proposal of November 3107
February 3113February 3113Income tax proposal of February 3113
February 3113February 3113Budget proposal of February 3113
March 3114March 3114Legal Update 3114
October 3114October 3114Budget proposal of October 3114
October 3117October 3117Budget proposal of October 3117
October 3117November 3119Stabilising the Budget
September 3120September 3120Budget proposal of September 3120
September 3120September 3120Income tax proposal of September 3120
September 3120April 3121Recreational Drugs Act 3120
November 3126November 3126Income tax proposal of November 3126
November 3126November 3126Budget proposal of November 3126
November 3130November 3130Budget proposal of November 3130
April 3133February 3135Foreign and nationalist policy bill
May 3133May 3133Burn all this useless paper
May 3133May 3133Cabinet Proposal of May 3133
June 3133August 3133Income tax proposal of June 3133
June 3133October 3133Budget proposal of June 3133
October 3133October 3133New government stability pact
November 3133November 3133Do not rely on religion
May 3140May 3140Cabinet Proposal of May 3140
September 3141September 3141Reintroduction of Religious Freedom & History Act
September 3141September 3141Income tax proposal of September 3141
February 3143February 3143Budget proposal of February 3143
July 3153July 3153Cabinet Proposal of July 3153
December 3153December 3153Government Simplification and Consolidation Act
November 3158November 3158Government Honesty, Democratization, and Rights Restoration Act
August 3160November 3160Administrative Alterations Act
March 3162March 3162Cabinet Proposal of March 3162
September 3164December 3164Change of Laws (Part II)
April 3165November 3166Change of Laws (Part III)
April 3166April 3166Cabinet Proposal of April 3166
April 3166April 3166Call for early elections, April 3166
February 3167February 3167Income tax proposal of February 3167
February 3167February 3167Budget proposal of February 3167
September 3167September 3167Change of Laws (Part IV)
April 3168April 3168Cabinet Proposal of April 3168
April 3168February 3169Change of Laws (Part V)
May 3168November 3168Call for early elections, May 3168
October 3170October 3170Call for early elections, October 3170
October 3170April 3171Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
October 3170April 3171Change of Laws (Part VI)
February 3174October 3176New Future
November 3184June 3185State Religion
November 3184June 3185Accumulation of Proposal Quota
March 3185June 3185Family and Sexuality Act of 3185
June 3185June 3185Slashing Parliament Seats 3185
June 3185June 3185Cabinet Proposal of June 3185
November 3185November 3185Budget proposal of November 3185
March 3186April 3186State name change
February 3187August 3187Constitutional changes
August 3187August 3187Welfare Act
August 3187August 3187Cabinet Proposal of August 3187
August 3187August 3187Education Reform
August 3187August 3187Agriculture Reform
October 3187October 3187Foreign policy
May 3188July 3188Military Reform
September 3188January 3189Religion Act
January 3189January 3189Health Reform
March 3189July 3189Ecology Law
October 3189January 3190Economics
August 3190August 3190Infrastructure Reform
October 3190February 3191Civil liberties
April 3191April 3191Justice Reform
July 3191July 3191Changes in Constitution
July 3191July 3191The constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature
February 3192September 3192Government-issued identity card policy
August 3192August 3192Cabinet Proposal of August 3192
September 3192September 3192Military Stance on Homosexuality
September 3192January 3193Government agricultural and farming subsidies policy
January 3193January 3193Change of State name
April 3193April 3193New flag
April 3193April 3193Culture Act
November 3194November 3194The nation's Defence Industry.
July 3196July 3196Cabinet Proposal of July 3196
September 3201September 3201A bill
May 3202May 3202New Government Bill
May 3202May 3202Cabinet Proposal of May 3202
March 3203March 3203Call for early elections, March 3203
April 3203April 3203Cabinet Proposal of April 3203
April 3203April 3203Reforms I
April 3207April 3207Cabinet Proposal of April 3207
August 3207August 3207Armed Forces Recruitment Act
June 3208June 3208Call for early elections, June 3208
July 3208July 3208Manifesto Bill of 3208
July 3208October 3211Constitution of the Year 3210
November 3208November 3208Cabinet Proposal of November 3208
July 3209October 3209HNVP Bill of 3209
October 3211October 3211HNVP Bill of 3211
December 3212December 3212Nation Name Bill of 3212
April 3222April 3222National Identity Act of 3222
April 3222April 3222Declaration of the Hobrazian People's Republic Act of 3222
April 3222April 3222Cabinet Proposal of April 3222
October 3222October 3222Communist Taxation Act of 3222
October 3222October 3222Income tax proposal of October 3222
October 3222October 3222Budget proposal of October 3222
October 3222October 3222Cabinet Proposal of October 3222
October 3222October 3222Executive and Legislative Act of 3222
May 3223May 3223Call for early elections, May 3223
December 3223December 3223Hobrazian Flag Act of 3223
June 3228April 3230Protection of Capitalism Act
November 3228April 3230Justice Reform Act
November 3228April 3230Say no to Tax
November 3228November 3231Poly Ticks
October 3231October 3231Call for early elections, October 3231
October 3231November 3231Policies
November 3231November 3231Ratification of the Military Professionalization Act of November 3191
November 3231November 3231Ratification of the The Euthanasia Acceptance Treaty (EAT)
November 3231November 3231Cabinet Proposal of November 3231
November 3231November 3231Income tax proposal of November 3231
November 3231November 3231Health Reform
November 3231November 3231Free Economic Manifesto
November 3231November 3231National Identity Policy
December 3231December 3231Budget proposal of December 3231
October 3232October 3232Civil Rights
December 3232December 3232Renaming of Legislature
December 3232December 3232Secular Act
December 3232December 3232Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
December 3232December 3232Ratification of the Hobrazian-World Free Trade Agreement
October 3233October 3233Drink and be merry!
October 3233October 3233Ratification of the Global Freedom, Equality, and Security Initiative
June 3236June 3236Investment Opportunities Act
June 3236June 3236Foreign Act
May 3237June 32384234
June 3237June 3238Ratification of the Protection Of The Environment Act
May 3243November 3244Ratification of the Convention against Torture
March 3257April 3257Establishment of a True Republic Act of 3257
April 3257April 3257Renaming of the State Act of 3257
April 3257April 3257Cabinet Proposal of April 3257
April 3257May 3257Treaty Withdrawals Act of 3257
October 3257October 3257Religious Security Act of 3257
October 3257October 3257Gay Rights Act of 3257
October 3257October 3257Fair Pay Act of 3257
October 3257October 3257Income tax proposal of October 3257
October 3257October 3257WMD Act of 3257
October 3257October 3257Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
October 3257October 3257Capital City Act of 3257
October 3257October 3257Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
October 3257October 3257One Nation Health and Education Act of 3257
November 3257November 3257Budget proposal of November 3257
February 3258February 3258Citizens' Rights Act of 3258
February 3258February 3258Civil Defence Act of 3258
February 3258February 3258National Industries Act of 3258
February 3258February 3258Humane Punishment Act of 3258
February 3258February 3258Professional Gun Ownership Act of 3258
March 3258March 3258Presidential Republic Act of 3258
June 3258June 3258Tied Aid Act of 3258
June 3258June 3258Foreign Office Act of 3258
June 3258June 3258Deregulation of Private Cars Act of 3258
June 3258June 3258Deregulation of Industrial Pollution Act of 3258
October 3258October 3258State Education Act of 3258
October 3258October 3258Unalienable Right to Private Property Act of 3258
October 3258October 3258Diplomatic Immunity Act of 3258
October 3258October 3258Case by Case Weapons Exports Act of 3258
October 3258October 3258POW Act of 3258
October 3258December 3258Operation Rabid K-9 Act of 3258
November 3258November 3258Freedom to Travel Act of 3258
November 3258November 3258Deregulation of Hunting Act of 3258
December 3258December 3258Religious Remuneration Compliance Act of 3258
June 3259February 3260Foreign Missionaries Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Separation of Police and Military Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Nuclear Power Position Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260National Forest Management Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Unalienable Right to Freedom Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Deregulation of Whaling Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Work Field Testing Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Deregulation of Recycling Act of 3260
June 3259February 3260Universal Organ Donation Act of 3260
December 3259December 3259Call for early elections, December 3259
February 3260February 3260Hobrazian Infrastructure Act of 3260
February 3260February 3260Abortion Funding for Low-income Earners Act of 3260
February 3260February 3260Abolition of I.D. Cards Act of 3260
February 3260February 3260Welfare Act of 3260
March 3260March 3260Public Health Act of 3260
March 3260March 3260Deregulation of Fishing Act of 3260
March 3260March 3260Non-Profit Neutral Media Act of 3260
March 3260March 3260Ratification of the Hobrazian Presidential System of Government
March 3260March 3260Illegal Aliens Act of 3260
March 3261March 3261Call for early elections, March 3261
June 3261July 3261Identification Card Policy Act
June 3261July 3261Recreational Drug Use Act
October 3266February 3268Call for early elections, October 3266
November 3266April 3267Income tax proposal of November 3266
November 3266April 3267Demands for a Communist Reorganisation of the Hobrazian Republic (DCRHR)
November 3266April 3267Budget proposal of November 3266
April 3267April 3267Cabinet Proposal of April 3267
September 3267April 3268Collectivization Bill
May 3268May 3268Foreign Policy Bill
October 3268October 3268Humanitarian Bill
June 3269June 3269Work Law Bill
October 3269October 3269Bill to support CET ratification
November 3269November 3269Ratification of the Socialist Bloc Countries
November 3269November 3271Reorganization of the Hobrazian Armed Forces
December 3269December 3269Cabinet Proposal of December 3269
September 3270October 3270Ecologic Bill
October 3270October 3270Social Law Bill
October 3270October 3270Budget proposal of October 3270
September 3271September 3271Ratification of the Communist Economic Treaty (CET)
September 3271September 3271Communist Bill II
September 3271September 3271Ratification of the International Compact for a Living Wage
September 3271September 3271Ratification of the Socialist Bloc Countries
May 3272May 3272Flag Bill
October 3275October 3275Legal bill
October 3275October 3281Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
November 3285November 3285Call for early elections, November 3285
May 3291March 3292Expeditionary Force to Free Gaduridos
May 3291September 3292Hobrazian Order of Battle
October 3293October 3293Call for early elections, October 3293
November 3293November 3293Additional Regiments to the Hobrazian Armed Forces
May 3294May 3294Ratification of the The Kalistan-Terra General Friendship Accord
November 3305May 3306OOC: Cultural Debate
May 3306May 3306Hobrazianization Act
May 3307May 3307Astoria City
March 3308March 3308Call for early elections, March 3308
June 3308June 3308Decommunization Bill I
June 3308June 3308Akhali Partia Electoral Reform
June 3308October 3308Decommunization Administrative Act
September 3308September 3308Government of National Unity
October 3308May 3309Income tax proposal of October 3308
November 3308November 3308Anthem Change
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill V
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill XII
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill IV
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill XI
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill II
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill X
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill I
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill IX
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill VIII
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill XV
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill VII
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill XIV
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Organ Harvesting Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Education Bill III
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Health Care Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Education Bill II
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Military Bill III
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Justice Bill II
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Military Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Justice Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Media Bill II
April 3310April 3310Budget proposal of April 3310
April 3310April 3310a
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Media Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Pharmaceutical Drugs Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Education Bill IV
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality III
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Religion II
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality II
May 3310May 3310Nstionalist Bill: Religion I
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality I
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality VII
May 3310May 3310State Religion Act
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Religion VI
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality VI
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Religion V
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality V
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Religion IV
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Morality IV
May 3310May 3310Nationalist Bill: Religion III
June 3310June 3310Nationalist Bill: Economic Decommunization
June 3310June 3310Cabinet Proposal of June 3310
March 3311March 3311Budget proposal of March 3311
June 3311June 3311The end of theocracy III
June 3311June 3311Marriage Bill
June 3311June 3311Agricultural Act
June 3311June 3311Foreign Policy Act
June 3311June 3311The end of theocracy I
June 3311June 3311Welfare act
June 3311June 3311The end of theocracy II
June 3311June 3311Infrastructure Act
June 3311November 3312Defense Reorganization Committee
May 3312May 3312Call for early elections, May 3312
November 3312December 3315Majority government discussion
September 3315September 3315Cabinet Proposal of September 3315
November 3315March 3316University Bill I
November 3315March 3316Internet Bill I
October 3317November 3333Alliance of Terran Republics withdrawal Act
April 3318June 3318OOC: Cultural Protocols for Hobrazia
May 3318June 3319Ecology reformation ACT
November 3318April 3319Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
March 3319March 3319Call for early elections, March 3319
April 3319April 3319Democratization Act of 3319
May 3319May 3319Income tax proposal of May 3319
May 3319December 3319National Sport Act
September 3319November 3319Public Pension Act
January 3320January 3320Cabinet Proposal of January 3320
May 3320May 3331State visit to Free Gaduridos
April 3322April 3322Cabinet Proposal of April 3322
March 3323March 3323Call for early elections, March 3323
May 3323May 3323Cabinet Proposal of May 3323
April 3324October 3324Ratification of the Openning An Embassy in Jakania Policy
March 3327March 3327Call for early elections, March 3327
October 3332October 3332Red Economy Act
November 3333November 3333Anti-Red Economy Act (AREA)
November 3333November 3333Cabinet Proposal of November 3333
August 3336August 3336Cabinet Proposal of August 3336
June 3338June 3338Call for early elections, June 3338
November 3338November 3338Cabinet Proposal of November 3338
April 3349June 3349Recommunization of the Hobratsuri Respublica
May 3349May 3349Call for early elections, May 3349
May 3349May 3349Cabinet Proposal of May 3349
September 3349April 3350Recommunization of the administration
April 3350April 3350Recommunization, PT. II
April 3350April 3350Income tax proposal of April 3350
April 3350April 3350Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
December 3350December 3350Ratification of the Socialist Bloc Countries
December 3350December 3350Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
December 3350December 3350Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
December 3350December 3350Ratification of the International Compact for a Living Wage
April 3351April 3351Reorganization of the Hobrazian Defense Force
April 3351April 3351Budget proposal of April 3351
November 3351November 3351Picking up the slack
October 3352October 3352The last slack
June 3353June 3353Ratification of the Constitution of Communism.
September 3356September 3356Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
May 3399May 3399Constitutional Amendments
November 3404November 3404Communist Constitution Enforcement Act
September 3407September 3407Ratification of the International Labour Protocols I
November 3409November 3409End of Communism
November 3409November 3409Cabinet Proposal of November 3409
November 3411June 3412Market Reforms
December 3412December 3412Constitutional Reform Act
October 3414October 3414Labour Reforms
July 3415July 3415The Green Revolution!
May 3416May 3416Call for early elections, May 3416
May 3416June 3416A treaty we forgot to shred
May 3416June 3416Nationalizing The Nation's Economy In Preparation Of Its Discarding
May 3416November 3416Taxation of Religious Organizations
June 3416November 3416Additional Changes Of The Hobrazian Economy
November 3416November 3416The New Paradigm
November 3416November 3416Budget proposal of November 3416
November 3416November 3416Ecological Reforms
November 3416November 3416Reducing Food Waste
February 3417February 3417Marriage, what's that?
January 3421January 3421Call for early elections, January 3421
May 3421May 3421Return Omnibus Act of 3421
March 3423March 3423Marriage legalization act
September 3423September 3423Budget proposal of September 3423
September 3423September 3423Cabinet Proposal of September 3423
October 3423October 3423Call for early elections, October 3423
September 3424March 3425The Constitutional Compromise Act of 3424
December 3443December 3443Economic Liberalization Act of 3443
December 3443December 3443Cabinet Proposal of December 3443
December 3443December 3443Morality Act of 3443
January 3444January 3444The National Resources Act of 3444
January 3444January 3444National Defense Act of 3444
May 3444May 3444Budget proposal of May 3444
May 3444May 3444Income tax proposal of May 3444
November 3446December 3446Reform Act of 3446
December 3446December 3446Religion Security Act
January 3471August 3486The change
August 3486August 3486Budget proposal of August 3486
August 3486August 3486Taxes bill
August 3486August 3486Income tax proposal of August 3486
August 3486August 3486Cabinet Proposal of August 3486
August 3486August 3486Communist return
August 3486August 3486Reconstitutionalization
August 3486August 3486Cabinet Proposal of August 3486
July 3488July 3488Ratification of the Artanian Union (AU)
August 3488August 3488We're against this as well
July 3490July 3490Cabinet Proposal of July 3490
July 3491January 3493Economic Proposal of July 3491
March 3496March 3496Cabinet Proposal of March 3496
March 3513March 3513Ratification of the Trade Embargo on Deltaria
November 3519November 3519Cabinet Proposal of November 3519
January 3520March 3522Constitutional Reform Act
February 3520February 3520Argicultural Reform Act
February 3520February 3520De-regulation of Investment Act
February 3522February 3522Industry & Finance Act
February 3522March 3522Income tax proposal of February 3522
February 3522March 3522Budget proposal of February 3522
May 3523May 3523Income tax proposal of May 3523
May 3523May 3523Educational Reform Act
January 3524January 3524Withdrawal from the Anti-Deltarian embargo
March 3524March 3526Poverty Alleviation Tax Act (PATA)
February 3526March 3526Regulation of education act
March 3526August 3526Cabinet Proposal of March 3526
April 3532January 3533Donations Regulation Act
April 3532January 3533Term Limits Act
October 3534October 3534Technology De-Regulation and Reform Act
December 3535December 3535Budget proposal of December 3535
December 3535December 3535Cabinet Proposal of December 3535
December 3535December 3535Income tax proposal of December 3535
April 3536April 3536Economic Rejuvenation Act
April 3537April 3537Social Security Reform Act
November 3537November 3537Conscription Act
December 3539December 3539Income tax proposal of December 3539
October 3540October 3540Immigration Limitation and National Integrity Act
May 3543May 3543Cabinet Proposal of May 3543
July 3544August 3544Private Housing Act
August 3544August 3544Corporation Tax Bill
August 3544August 3544Income tax proposal of August 3544
August 3544August 3544Budget proposal of August 3544
August 3544August 3544Private Property Act
January 3548January 3548Public Transport Act
January 3548January 3548Income tax proposal of January 3548
January 3548January 3548Budget proposal of January 3548
May 3548December 3550Enviroment act of 3548
May 3548December 3550Military act of 3548
May 3548June 3553Infrastructure act of 3548
December 3550December 3550Cabinet Proposal of December 3550
December 3550December 3550Euthanasia Bill
December 3550December 3550Abortion Act
May 3552May 3552Budget proposal of May 3552
June 3552June 3553Union act of 3552
June 3552June 3553Justice act of 3552
June 3552June 3553Media deregulation act of 3552
June 3552December 3557Military act of 3552
June 3552May 3558Deregulation of private matters act of 3552
April 3554April 3554Health Sector Reform Act
April 3554April 3554Economic Reform Act
October 3557November 3559Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
February 3561February 3561Discrimination Act
February 3561February 3561Education Bill of February 3561
April 3561April 3561Second Bech Cabinet
June 3564June 3564Maisuradze Cabinet
January 3565January 3565Legal Aid Reform
January 3565January 3565Religious Law Reformation Act
January 3565January 3565Clergy Salaries Bill
January 3565January 3565Art Subsidy Act
April 3569April 3569Market Reform
April 3569April 3569Corporate Tax Cut
April 3596April 3596NDHF Omnibus Bill of 3596
April 3596April 3596Cabinet Proposal of April 3596
April 3596April 3596National Democratic Revolution Bill of 3596
June 3596July 3596NDHF Omibus of 3596 Part II
July 3598July 3598Media Security Act- Precursor
July 3598July 3598Military Stength Act of 3598
December 3600December 3600HKP Education, health and religious platform
December 3600December 3600HKP Justice and military platform
December 3600December 3600HKP Economic Platform
December 3600December 3600HKP Ecology and immigration platform
December 3600December 3600HKP Civil rights platform
November 3601November 3601HKP Welfare Act of 3601
November 3601November 3601Recommunization Act of 3601
December 3601December 3601Budget proposal of December 3601
December 3601December 3601Income tax proposal of December 3601
August 3602August 3602Call for early elections, August 3602
October 3602October 3602Cabinet Proposal of October 3602
December 3602December 3602Recommunization of the civil society act of 3602
November 3604November 3604Legislative expansion act of 3604
March 3609March 3609Cabinet Proposal of March 3609
March 3609April 3609NDHF Economic Plan of 3609
May 3610May 3610Cabinet Proposal of May 3610
August 3610August 3610Call for early elections, August 3610
September 3610September 3610NDHP Omnibus of 3610
September 3610September 3614Hobrazian Unity Bill
August 3619August 3619Military Prowess Act of 3619
May 3635May 3635Call for early elections, May 3635
February 3643February 3643Cabinet Shuffle of February 3643
February 3643February 3643Birth of an Empire
June 3677June 3677revolution
March 3678March 3678Call for early elections, March 3678
September 3678September 3678Economy Reform
September 3678September 3678Military reform
September 3678September 3678People Flag
September 3678September 3678Cabinet Proposal of September 3678
April 3680April 3680Government Leadership Reform Bill
October 3680May 3681Reconstruction of the People's Economy Act
October 3680May 3681Separation of Church and State
October 3680May 3681Nuclear Weapons Control Reform Bill
February 3681May 3681Pension Freedom Act
February 3681May 3681Forced Military Service Dismantlement Act
May 3681May 3681Cabinet Proposal of May 3681
June 3681June 3681Ratification of the The First International
June 3681June 3681Income tax proposal of June 3681
June 3681June 3681Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
June 3681June 3681Budget proposal of June 3681
August 3681August 3681Right to Life Act
August 3682August 3682Stock Exchange Ban
August 3682August 3682Worker Protection Act
August 3682August 3682Ratification of the Anti-Monarchist Treaty
February 3688February 3688National Train Infrastructure Protection Act
February 3688February 3688National Energy Standard Reform Act
April 3704April 3704Budget proposal of April 3704
April 3704April 3704Income tax proposal of April 3704
April 3704April 3704Cabinet Proposal of April 3704
April 3704April 3704Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
April 3704April 3704Constitutional Amendments
May 3704May 3704Luxury Tax
May 3704May 3704Corporation Tax
May 3704May 3704Cautious Privatisation Act
July 3704July 3704Pension Plans Act
July 3704July 3704Healthcare Reorganisation Act
July 3704July 3704Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
July 3704July 3704Tripartite Labour Relations Act
October 3704October 3704Education Policy Reform Act
December 3704December 3704Presidential Powers Act
December 3704December 3704Environment Protection Act
January 3705January 3705Indirect Taxes
January 3705January 3705Ratification of the Dorvish Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
January 3705January 3705Patriotic Little Ones Act
January 3705January 3705Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
April 3705April 3705Diplomacy Act
April 3705April 3705Inheritance Act of 3705
April 3705May 3705Moral Hobrazia Act: Part 1
July 3705July 3705Moral Hobrazia Act: Part 1
July 3705July 3705Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
October 3705October 3705Makharadze Cabinet
November 3705November 3705Ethical Research Act
November 3705November 3705Moral Hobrazia Act: Part 3
November 3705November 3705Increased Social Welfare Payments
November 3705November 3705Makharadze Cabinet
November 3705December 3705Boosting Social Spending
January 3706January 3706Removal of Restrictions on Religious Practice Act
April 3706April 3706Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
May 3706May 3706Moral Hobrazia Act: Part 4
June 3706June 3706Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
June 3706June 3706Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
June 3706July 3706National Energy Plan
July 3706July 3706Hunting Liberties Act
July 3706July 3706Ratification of the New Mordusian Neutrality Pact
July 3706July 3706Ratification of the Karav Financial Services Operation Permissions - 3462 Revision
July 3706July 3706Ratification of the World Fair
July 3706July 3706National Defence Act of 3706
December 3706December 3706Public Housing Act
December 3706December 3706National Post Office Act
December 3706December 3706Public Transport Funding Act
December 3706January 3707Education Reform Act
July 3707July 3707Cultural Sanity Act
October 3707October 3707Museum Funding Act
October 3707October 3707Ratification of the Gaduridan Diplomatic Relations Treaty
January 3708January 3708Erovnuli Sabcho (National Council)
January 3708January 3708Minor Constitutional Amnendments
July 3708July 3708GM Ban
June 3709June 3709Cherkezia Cabinet
June 3709August 3709Tax Adjustment Act of 3709
January 3710January 3710Gza Suppression Plan
February 3711February 3711Education Investment Act
February 3711February 3711Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
June 3711June 3711Tuition Fee Reform Act
January 3712January 3712Cabinet Reshuffle
January 3712January 3712Government of Hobrazia Act
August 3712August 3712Campaign Financing Act
December 3712December 3712Security During Strikes Act
February 3713February 3713Constitutional Amendment of 3713
April 3729April 3729Increasing the quota
April 3729April 3729Civil Rights Bill
May 3729May 3729Multiple Nationality Act
May 3729May 3729Consolidation of Presidency and Head of Govt.
May 3729May 3729Cabinet Proposal of May 3729
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International Outer Space Treaty
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International Space Agency
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International University
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the Artanian Cultural and Educational Exchange Agreement
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International Treaty for the Regulation of Whaling
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International Agreement On Education
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International Treaty on the Abolishment of Segregation
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the Recongnition of the Republic of New Englia
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the TerraVision Song Contest
July 3729July 3729Sexual Minorities Act
July 3729July 3729Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
October 3729October 3729Wildlife Bill
December 3729December 3729Nuclear Armament Act
November 3731November 3731HSF November Reforms
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the International Sustainable Fishing Protocols
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Organization of Nations for Freedom - II
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the International Association of Organ Donation (IAOD)
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Organization of Nations for Freedom
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the International Mind Sports Association
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Convention on the Protection of Marine Wildlife
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the UAFA - Union of Artanian Football Associations
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the New Minority Languages Protection Treaty
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Formula One Racing - International World Championship Circuit
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Treaty for Establishment of Council for Peace and Security in Artania
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Treaty Of Democratic Nations
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Terran Football Federation (World Championship)
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Charter of the Artanian Union
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Protect and Maintain Humanity Act
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Minority Rights Treaty
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Olympic Committee of Artania
December 3731December 3731Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
May 3735May 3735Ratification of the The Artanian Treaty Organization
February 3736February 3736HSF February Reforms
June 3738June 3738Resolution 001: Defense of Freedom (ATO)
June 3740June 3740Cabinet Proposal of June 3740
June 3740June 3740Protectorization By Luthori
December 3742January 3743More Stability!
March 3744March 3744Renaming a Nation. Third Imperial Republic.
March 3744March 3744Cabinet Proposal of March 3744
March 3744April 3744National Security and Safety Reforms Act 3744
April 3744April 3744Income tax proposal of April 3744
April 3744April 3744National Broadcasting Proposal 3744
September 3745September 3745Sales Tax and Consumption Improvement Act 3745
September 3745September 3745Social Freedoms and Responsibilities Act 3745
September 3746October 3746Additional Freedoms Act 3746
September 3747October 3747Economic Rebalancing Act 3747
October 3747October 3747Budget proposal of October 3747
March 3749March 3749Treaty Withdrawal Act 3749
September 3749September 3749Religion Act 3749
January 3758January 3758Call for early elections, January 3758
February 3758May 3758Term length change
February 3758May 3758No more Terran Treaty
March 3758September 3758Economic Discrimination Act 3758
March 3758September 3758Employees and Union Rights Act 3758
August 3758August 3758Tradition Reform
January 3759January 3759Seats proposal
August 3759August 3759Budget proposal of August 3759
August 3759August 3759Civil and Market Freedoms Act 3759
August 3759August 3759Treaty Withdrawal
August 3759August 3759Welfare Act 3759
February 3761May 3761Religious Reform Legislation
May 3761May 3761Retirement Age
May 3761May 3761Cabinet Proposal of May 3761
September 3761September 3761Budget proposal of September 3761
November 3763May 3764Prostituion and Porn
February 3764May 3764Localization Bill
May 3764March 3765Bill of 3765
February 3765August 3767Food Safety Act 3765
August 3768August 3768Freedom of Expression Act 3768
September 3771September 3771Cabinet Proposal of September 3771
September 3771September 3771Call for early elections, September 3771
September 3771October 3771The Big Bill 3771
October 3773October 3773National Health Act 3773
October 3773October 3773VAT Act 3773
November 3783November 3783Budget proposal of November 3783
November 3783November 3783Income tax proposal of November 3783
November 3783November 3783Corruption in Hobrazia
December 3783December 3783Cabinet Proposal of December 3783
December 3783December 3783Budget proposal of December 3783
December 3783December 3783taxes cut
November 3784November 3784More Corruption in Hobrazia
November 3784November 3784Income tax proposal of November 3784
June 3785June 3785Free market corrution bill
June 3785June 3785Budget proposal of June 3785
August 3785August 3785Purges
February 3786February 3786more evil in hobrazia
May 3786August 3786Budget proposal of May 3786
November 3789November 3789General Purge Act
March 3793December 3793Birth Control Act
March 3793December 3793Court System Formation Act (CSFA)
March 3793December 3793Law Enforcement Reform Act (LERA)
December 3793December 3793People Over Profit Act (POPA)
December 3793December 3793Cabinet Proposal of December 3793
February 3794February 3794Standing Military Reform II (SMR)
February 3794February 3794Corporation Pay Act II (CPA)
February 3794February 3794Freedom to Live Act II (FLA)
February 3794February 3794Military Anti-Discrimination Act II (MAD)
February 3794February 3794Republic Proclamation of 3794 (NATION RENAME)
February 3794February 3794Anti-Nobility Act II (ANA)
March 3794March 3794Budget proposal of March 3794
July 3794July 3794Worker's Government Proclamation of 3794
March 3795March 3796Ban the Exchange
June 3795November 3795Condemn República Democrática do Tukarali
November 3795June 3796Bring True Democracy in Hobrazia
December 3795December 3795IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
December 3795December 3795IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
August 3797October 3797Culture of the Worker
September 3797October 3797Nation Rename Bill Sept. 3797
October 3797October 3797Inheritance Reform Act (IRA)
October 3797October 3797Emancipation Proclamation
October 3797October 3797People's Farm Reform Act (PFRA)
December 3797December 3797National anthem
December 3797December 3797Condemn terrorism
December 3799December 3799Rights Of Media
April 3800April 3800Infrastructure Reform
August 3801October 3801Freedom of Religion Act of 3801
August 3801October 3801Ratification of the Anti-Monarchist Treaty
December 3801December 3801Cabinet Proposal of December 3801
February 3802February 3802Equal Protection Act of 3802
February 3802March 3802Agricultural Reform Act of 3802
July 3802July 3802Military Revitalization Act
July 3802July 3802Schools of Choice Act
August 3802August 3802Foreign Policy Reform Act
August 3802August 3802Eminent Domain Bill
January 3803January 3803Food Bill
May 3803October 3803Constitutional Amendments of 3803
October 3803October 3803Cabinet Proposal of October 3803
November 3803November 3803Military Preparedness Act
November 3803November 3803Tax Reform of 3803
November 3803November 3803Educational Empowerment Act of 3803
November 3803November 3803Moral Restoration Act of 3804
November 3803March 3804Hobrazian Stimulus Act of 3804
January 3804January 3804Open Industry Act of 3804
May 3804May 3804Welfare Reform of 3804
July 3804July 3804Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
July 3804July 3804Second Hobrazian Stimulus Act of 3804
July 3804July 3804In Defense of Children Act of 3804
July 3804July 3804Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
July 3804July 3804Withdrawal of Anti-Monarchist Treaty
July 3804August 3804Structural Freedom Act of 3804
September 3804September 3804Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
September 3804September 3804Ecology Policy Reform of 3804
September 3804September 3804Amending Names of Regions
September 3804September 3804Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
September 3804September 3804Ratification of the International Racial Equality Agreement
September 3804September 3804Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
September 3804September 3804Ratification of the Treaty of Republics
October 3804October 3804Copyright Abolishment Act
October 3804October 3804Income tax proposal of October 3804
October 3804October 3804Artistic Reform Act
October 3804October 3804Armed Services Reform Act
October 3804October 3804Budget proposal of October 3804
November 3804November 3804Promote Sports
January 3805January 3805Infrastructure Reform Act of 3805
February 3805February 3805Firearms Policy Reform Act of 3805
October 3805October 3805Call for early elections, October 3805
October 3805October 3805Income tax proposal of October 3805
December 3805December 3805Subsidizing Contraceptions Act December 3805
December 3805December 3805Abortion Policy Reform December 3805
December 3805December 3805Determining Adulthood Policy Reform December 3805
January 3806January 3806Collectivization for the People Act
January 3806January 3806Cabinet Proposal of January 3806
February 3806February 3806Judiciary Sector Reforms Packet February 3806
January 3807January 3807Religious Reform Act 3807
January 3807January 3807Environmental Reform Act
January 3807January 3807Phone Services Bill
January 3807January 3807Financial Intermediary Collectivization Act
January 3807January 3807Pay Act of 3807
February 3807February 3807Health Sector Reforms Packet February 3807
March 3807March 3807Open Technology Act
December 3807December 3807National Strength Bill
December 3807December 3807WMD Deterrent Bill
December 3807December 3807Cabinet Proposal of December 3807
December 3807December 3807Cultural Protection Bill
December 3807December 3807Surivial of the Fittest Bill
August 3808August 3808Traditional National Values Bill
August 3808August 3808Regulation of Working People Bill
August 3808August 3808Animals Bill
January 3810January 3810Cabinet Proposal of January 3810
July 3810July 3810All-Hobrazian Turnaround
July 3811January 3814Social Welfare Act
January 3814January 3814Cabinet Proposal of January 3814
April 3818April 3818Ratification of the Treaty of Ecological Sustainability and Peace Among Amicable Nations Treaty of 3804
November 3819November 3819Cabinet Proposal of November 3819
November 3840November 3840Health Reforms
November 3840November 3840Military Expansion Act
November 3843November 3843Hobrazian Atheist Act
April 3845April 3845Military Act
April 3845November 3849Monarchy Act
September 3845September 3845Isolationist Act
September 3845September 3845Bloodline Nationality
March 3846November 3846National Decency Act
August 3846November 3846Repealing of Some Treaties Act
October 3846November 3846Cabinet Proposal of October 3846
January 3847January 3847Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
January 3847January 3847Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
February 3847February 3847Hobrazian Orthodoxy Act
February 3847February 3847Ratification of the Selucian-Hobrazian Agreement on the Transfer of Hobaists.
March 3847March 3847Budget proposal of March 3847
March 3847March 3847Income tax proposal of March 3847
August 3850August 3850Call for early elections, August 3850
September 3850September 3850Religion Registering Bill
September 3850September 3850Cabinet Proposal of September 3850
October 3850October 3850Update to the Cultural Protocols : 3850-3851
October 3852October 3852Declaration of War on Malivia
April 3868May 3868Constitution changes - Federal Republic
May 3868May 3868Name change
May 3868May 3868Cabinet Proposal of May 3868
April 3869April 3869Economic Revitalization Act
April 3869April 3869Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
April 3870April 3870Separation of church from state
April 3871April 3871Welfare and Social Family Act
April 3871April 3871HealthCare Act
April 3871April 3871Old flag
October 3871October 3872Education National Standard
April 3875February 3877Justice Reform
February 3880July 3881Enhanced Economic Freedom Act
September 3880September 3880Renaming National Institutions
September 3880September 3880Free Republic of Hobrazia
September 3880September 3880President Topadze's Cabinet
September 3880October 3880Protection of Property Rights
October 3880October 3880Introduction of Sales Tax (Luxury Goods)
October 3880October 3880Local Government Restructuring Act
October 3880October 3880Ratification of the Artanian Union (AU)
November 3880July 3881Income tax proposal of November 3880
January 3881January 3881Return to Normalcy
April 3881April 3881Prezidenti Topadze's Cabinet
April 3881September 3881Abolition of Capital Punishment Act
April 3881August 3882Freedom of Choice in Education Act
July 3881July 3881Budget proposal of July 3881
September 3881October 3881Abolition of the Corporation Tax
October 3881September 3882Free-Market Healthcare Provision Act
October 3881September 3882Privatisation of the Defence Industry
February 3882September 3882Housing Reform Act
April 3882April 3882Protection of Privacy Act
August 3882August 3882Sales Taxes
September 3882September 3882Parental Rights Act
October 3882October 3882Gambling Act of 3882
January 3883January 3883Internet Service Provision and Source Code Act
January 3883January 3883Right to Work Act
April 3883June 3883Immigration Policy Reform Act
May 3883May 3883Tax Cuts!
May 3883May 3883Budget Adjustments
June 3883June 3883Free Trade Act
September 3884November 3884Plans for the New Government
September 3884November 3884Cabinet Proposal of September 3884
October 3884November 3884Down with Monarchies!
November 3884November 3884The K'vis Island Resolution of 3885
November 3884November 3884Bringing the Nation Back
February 3885February 3885Income tax proposal of February 3885
February 3885February 3885Let the changes flow
February 3885March 3886Changes to our political structure
March 3885March 3885Ratification of the Alliance of Terran States Agreement
March 3885April 3885The National Sport is no longer Chess
March 3886March 3886Reforms for the Nation
February 3887February 3887On the environment...
November 3887November 3887The Remaining Powers Act
November 3887November 3887The End of the Government
November 3887November 3887A New Flag for Our Great Nation
November 3887November 3887A Temporary Loosening of the Chains
November 3887November 3889Locking the Nation Down
November 3889November 3889Anointing the First Supreme Commander of the Hobrazian Union
November 3889November 3889Cabinet Proposal of November 3889
November 3889November 3889Withdrawal from the Artanian Union
November 3889November 3889Foreign Relations Act of 3890
November 3889November 3889Locking the Cabinet
October 3890October 3890Restoration of Democracy Act I
February 3892February 3892Some Visibility Proposals
May 3893May 3893Reclaim the Press
May 3894May 3894Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
May 3894May 3894Ratification of the International Recognition and Acceptance of the Martin Divergence
April 3897April 3897Returning the Power to the People
April 3897May 3897Income Tax Increase of April 3897
May 3897April 3898The Removal Act of 3897
November 3897November 3897Country Renaming in Order to Follow New Moderation Guidelines
June 3899June 3899Cabinet Proposal of June 3899
November 3899November 3899Joint Reform on Quotas 3899
November 3900November 3900National Reforms
April 3902April 3902Things We Should Leave to the People
November 3903November 3903Cabinet Proposal of November 3903
November 3903November 3903Gov. Administration Reform
November 3903November 3903Nation Renaming of Nov 3903
November 3903November 3903Establishment of a Worker's Government
November 3903December 3904A Flag for Workers
December 3903December 3903Income tax proposal of December 3903
December 3904December 3904Justice Reform Act
December 3904December 3904Administrative Reform Act
December 3904December 3904Military Reform Act
December 3904December 3904Political Reform Act
December 3904December 3904Supreme Soviet Renaming Act
May 3905May 3905Education Reform Bill
November 3905November 3905Economic Restructuring Accord
April 3906April 3906Economic Restructuring Accord II
April 3906April 3906Technology Reform Bill
December 3906December 3906Agriculture Reform Bill
December 3906December 3906Foreign Policy Reform
December 3906December 3906Health Reform Bill
March 3907March 3907Religious Reform Bill
March 3907March 3907New Anthem for a New People
June 3907June 3907Pension Establishment Act
June 3907June 3907Civil Liberties Reform
September 3907September 3907Infrastructure Reform Bill
May 3908May 3908Last of the Reforms
September 3908September 3908Ecological Protection Act (EPA)
October 3911October 3911Cabinet Proposal of October 3911
October 3911October 3911Quota and Government Reform Bill
May 3925May 3925Re-Construction
October 3933October 3933Socialist Banner Act
October 3933October 3933Cabinet Proposal of October 3933
October 3933October 3933People's Republic Act
October 3933October 3933Socialist Political System Act
October 3933October 3933Socialist Motto Act
August 3934August 3934Welfare Act
August 3934August 3934Religion Act
August 3934August 3934Tax Reform Act
February 3935February 3935Socialist Culture Act
February 3935February 3935Socialist Anthem Act
April 3935April 3935Immigration Reform Act
April 3935April 3935Passport Appplication Checks Act
April 3935April 3935Income tax proposal of April 3935
March 3936March 3936Budget proposal of March 3936
March 3936March 3936Independent Media Act
March 3936March 3936People's Health Act
October 3936October 3936Call for early elections, October 3936
April 3942November 3942The government's policy concerning child labour.
May 3942November 3942Changing Age of Adulthood
May 3942November 3942Flag Change
September 3942November 3942Mass Amendment
November 3942November 3942Cabinet Proposal of November 3942
August 3943August 3943Economic Change Bill
August 3943August 3943Military Bill
August 3943October 3943Freedom and Justice Act
August 3943February 3944Education Reform
September 3943October 3943Income tax proposal of September 3943
October 3944October 3944Religious Advice Act
September 3950September 3950Cabinet Proposal of September 3950
September 3950November 3950National Institutions Act
December 3950December 3950Income tax proposal of December 3950
December 3950December 3950Budget proposal of December 3950
December 3950March 3951Limited Government Act
March 3951June 3951Privatisation Act
December 3952December 3952Tavisupali Hobratsi Manifesto
August 3953August 3953Dasruldeba Mep’e Kanonproek’ti
August 3953August 3953Dasruldeba Mep’e Kanonproek’ti
July 3955July 3955Cabinet Proposal of July 3955
November 3955November 3955Budget proposal of November 3955
January 3956January 3956National Education Act, 3956
January 3956January 3956Democratic Reform Act, 3956
June 3956June 3956Welfare Reform Act 3956
November 3957November 3957Budget proposal of November 3957
January 3958July 3958Ratification of the Embargo on the Ahmadist Nation of Badara
July 3958July 3958Cabinet Proposal of July 3958
December 3958December 3958Act of Hobrazian Advancement, 3958
August 3959August 3959Ecology Act, 3959
December 3959December 3959National Flag Act, 3959
September 3960September 3960Act for the Improvement of Hobrazian Women's Health
September 3960September 3960Military Action Act, 3960
December 3961December 3961INM Foreign Policy Act
December 3961December 3961INM Animal Ownership Act
October 3962October 3962New Freedom Manifesto
September 3963September 3963Repeal of Slavery Act
May 3966May 3966Restoration of Labour Act
December 3972August 3973Democratic Hobrazia Administrative Reform Act No. 1
August 3973August 3973Cabinet Proposal of August 3973
December 3977December 3977TERM LENGTH
December 3977December 3977Income tax proposal of December 3977
December 3977December 3977Economic Act 3977
December 3977December 3977Cabinet Proposal of December 3977
December 3977December 3977Constitutional act of 3977
January 3978April 3980civil rights act
January 3978June 3980Foreign affairs act 3978
January 3978June 3980act january of 3978
July 3978July 3978Call for early elections, July 3978
June 3980June 3980Ratification of the International Peace Agreement Of the People`s Republic Of Hobrazia
June 3980June 3980Budget proposal of June 3980
June 3980June 3980Constitution changes JUNE 3980
July 3980July 3980Cabinet Proposal of July 3980
December 3980December 3980Slave trade
January 3981January 3981Economic act
January 3981January 3981Religion act
July 3981July 3981Income tax proposal of July 3981
July 3981July 3981Budget proposal of July 3981
December 3981January 3982Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
January 3982January 3982Head of state official name
January 3982January 3982Cabinet Proposal of January 3982
January 3982January 3982Act of January 3982
January 3982March 3982Military budget proposal
March 3982March 3982Income tax proposal of March 3982
June 3982June 3982Nuclear weapons act 3982
November 3984November 3984Call for early elections, November 3984
December 3984December 3984Act of December 3984
July 3985November 3985Justice act,
October 3985October 3985Call for early elections, October 3985
October 3985October 3985Cabinet Proposal of October 3985
October 3985November 3985Name of our military
October 3985April 3986Constitutional act
April 3986April 3986Cabinet Proposal of April 3986
November 3986November 3986OOC: RP Bill on Particracy's World War
December 3986December 3986Taxes
December 3986December 3986Ratification of the International Terran Bank
December 3986June 3989Military of Hobrazia
January 3988January 3988Structural Changes
October 3988February 3989Military Law Changes
March 3989March 3989Cabinet Proposal of March 3989
April 3989April 3989Raising our revenues
June 3989June 3989The speaker of the house
July 3989July 3989Budget proposal of July 3989
July 3989July 3989Income tax proposal of July 3989
July 3989April 3990Environmental Laws
July 3989May 3990(RP) The speaker of the National Parliament
October 3989October 3989Call for early elections, October 3989
October 3989April 3990Seats in parliament
October 3989April 3990For God and my country
October 3989April 3990Ecology Bill of October 3989
October 3989April 3990Foreign Relations Stand of October 3989
November 3989April 3990Military Bill of November 3989
January 3990April 3990Economic Inclusiveness Bill
February 3990April 3990Economic Inclusiveness Bill (Part II)
February 3990April 3990DNA Bill of February 3990
April 3990April 3990Economic Growth
April 3990April 3990Government's Regulation.
April 3990April 3990Cabinet Proposal of April 3990
April 3990May 3990Government Officials Perks
May 3990May 3990New term length proposal
May 3990May 3990Judicial Bill of May 3990
May 3990May 3990Cabinet Proposal of May 3990
July 3990July 3990Ecology Bill of July 3990
July 3990July 3990Income tax proposal of July 3990
July 3990October 3990Office of the President Bill
August 3990October 3990August Bill of 3990
October 3990October 3990Election Period
October 3990October 3990Energy Bill of October 3990
October 3990October 3990Raising Our Economy
November 3990November 3990Education Bill
November 3990January 3991Specifications of the Presidential Palace
December 3990December 3990Education Reforms Bill of December 3990
December 3990January 3992We should have Election Debates Proposal
January 3991January 3991Military & Sovereignity Bill
March 3991March 3991Bill of March 3991
April 3991April 3991Recreational Drugs Bill
April 3991January 3992Former Presidents and Premiers Bill
April 3991January 3992Term Limits Bill of April 3991
May 3991May 3991.
January 3992January 3992Bill of January 3992
January 3992January 3992Collective Judicial Amendments of January 3992
April 3992April 3992Ratification of the Embassies of Hobrazia
April 3992April 3992Added Security Bill
April 3992April 3992Final Bill of the Kushite First Term
May 3992May 3992Civil Liberties Act I
June 3992June 3992Civil Liberties Act II
February 3993February 3993Cabinet Proposal of February 3993
May 3993May 3993Income tax proposal of May 3993
May 3993July 3996Seats
July 3993July 3993Negotiated Budget proposal of July 3993
July 3993June 3998New Military
October 3993October 3993Call for early elections, October 3993
January 3994January 3994Call for early elections, January 3994
March 3994March 3994Presidential Bill
March 3994March 3994The Kushite Government
March 3994March 3994Cabinet Proposal of March 3994
May 3994May 3994Name Change
December 3994January 3995Revolutionalysing The Nation
October 3995October 3995Call for early elections, October 3995
October 3995October 3995Income tax proposal of October 3995
December 3995December 3995Rename of our nation
December 3995December 3995Parliament name
December 3995December 3995Cabinet Proposal of December 3995
December 3995December 3995Bring Power to the government
June 3996June 3996Speaker
August 3996August 3996Cabinet Proposal of August 3996
August 3996August 3996.
August 3996August 3996Income tax proposal of August 3996
October 3996October 3996Cabinet Proposal of October 3996
December 3996June 3998,,,,
February 3997May 3997The Sensible Justice Act
April 3997April 3997Call for early elections, April 3997
October 3997March 3998Political Instability
December 3997December 3997Bill on Rules of PM questions AL PARTIES READ
January 3998June 3998Official Residence of the Prime Minister of Hobrazia
July 3998July 3998New speaker announced
October 3998October 3998A new Conservative party
December 3998December 3998A fair and just New Speaker
April 3999April 3999Conservative bill
April 3999April 3999Cabinet Proposal of April 3999
May 3999May 3999Budget proposal of May 3999
June 3999June 3999Ratification of the The Aldegar Trade Treaty
November 3999May 4000The deputy speaker(s) of parliament
May 4000May 4000Conservative LPF Coalition Cabinet Proposal of May 4000
May 4000May 4000Facist Deputy Speaker Candidate Vote
May 4000May 4000Speaker election
October 4000October 4000Income tax proposal of October 4000
December 4000December 4000Call for early elections, December 4000
June 4001June 4001Conservative bill of 4001
December 4001December 4001December act 4001
January 4003January 4003New acts of 4003
October 4003October 4003Call for early elections, October 4003
December 4003December 4003Cabinet Proposal of December 4003
December 4003April 4004OOC Nationmaster for Hobrazia
April 4004April 4004Budget proposal of April 4004
July 4004July 4004Income tax proposal of July 4004
October 4004October 4004.
October 4004October 4004Morality Bill
December 4004December 4004The executive council
April 4005April 4005Cabinet Proposal of April 4005
June 4005June 4009Changing of 4005
December 4005December 4005Call for early elections, December 4005
January 4006January 4006Call for early elections, January 4006
January 4006April 4006Constitutional changes of 4006
March 4006March 4006Justice Act
March 4006March 4006Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
March 4006March 4006Revocation of "Morality Bill", 4005.
March 4006March 4006Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
March 4006March 4006Education Bill
April 4006April 4006The shadow cabinet of 4006
May 4006May 4006Income tax proposal of May 4006
May 4006May 4006Cabinet Proposal of May 4006
May 4006December 4006Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
September 4006September 4006Budget proposal of September 4006
October 4006October 4006Call for early elections, October 4006
October 4006December 4006The Democratic Advancement Bill
October 4006January 4008Income tax proposal
July 4007December 4007Right wing changes
October 4007October 4007Call for early elections, October 4007
November 4007December 4007The Hobrazia Oath of Allegiance
December 4007December 4007Cabinet Proposal of December 4007
December 4007February 4008Police Budget and Allocation 4008
January 4008January 4008Budget proposal of January 4008
January 4008January 4008Ratification of the Imperial Republic of Chann
May 4008May 4008The Prime Ministers Guards Regiment
December 4008December 4008Call for early elections, December 4008
January 4009January 4009Act of 4009
April 4009April 4009New Acts
April 4009May 4009Ratification of the International Tennis Association
November 4010November 4010Cabinet Proposal of November 4010
January 4018January 4018Cabinet Proposal of January 4018
January 4018January 4018Budget proposal of January 4018
January 4018January 4018Reforms
March 4018March 4018HOS part 2
March 4018March 4018HOS
March 4018March 4018.
December 4018December 4018Call for early elections, December 4018
January 4019January 4019.
January 4019January 4019Income tax proposal of January 4019
January 4019January 4019Stuff
January 4019January 4019HOS part 3
February 4019February 4019Tax your soul
April 4020April 4020New King
April 4020April 4020,
October 4024October 4024Constitution change reform
October 4024October 4024Cabinet Proposal of October 4024
January 4026January 4026Chann Republic Membership Withdrawal
January 4026January 4026Cabinet Proposal of January 4026
July 4027October 4027Hobrazian change bill
December 4033January 4034Family and life act
January 4034January 4034Cabinet Proposal of January 4034
July 4034July 4034Income tax proposal of July 4034
May 4035November 4035Ratification of the The Hosian Patriarchal Union
January 4039December 4039Free market reform bill
October 4039October 4039Cabinet Proposal of October 4039
October 4039October 4039Budget proposal of October 4039
October 4039January 4040Reform Act
January 4040January 4040Income tax proposal of January 4040
January 4040April 4040Democratic Reform Act
July 4040July 4040Budget proposal of July 4040
July 4040July 4040Cabinet Proposal of July 4040
July 4041July 4041Call for early elections, July 4041
December 4041December 4041Cabinet Proposal of December 4041
November 4042January 4043Reform Proposals
November 4045October 4046Budget proposal of November 4045
October 4046October 4046Cabinet Proposal of October 4046
July 4048July 4048Reform Act
May 4050May 4050Science Research Act (SRA)
July 4050July 4050The board room seat Reform
August 4053August 4053Cabinet Proposal of August 4053
January 4054January 4054Budget proposal of January 4054
January 4055January 4055Reform Act
July 4057July 4057Constitutional Reform Act
January 4059January 4059Cabinet Proposal of January 4059
January 4059October 4062Ratification of the Artanian Economic Pact
July 4059July 4059Call for early elections, July 4059
October 4059October 4059Income tax proposal of October 4059
October 4059October 4059No Segregation Bill
October 4059October 4059Reform Act of 4059
October 4059October 4059Budget proposal of October 4059
July 4061July 4061Call for early elections, July 4061
November 4061November 4061Dax Leonard Cabinet I
November 4061November 4061PMP Agenda Part I
April 4062November 4062PMP Agenda Part II
July 4062July 4062Call for early elections, July 4062
January 4064January 4064Call for early elections, January 4064
January 4064January 4064Cabinet Proposal of January 4064
July 4064July 4064CPoH Reform Act
February 4066February 4066Call for early elections, February 4066
October 4066October 4066Ratification of the The Jildrath-Kiduran Tunnel Authority
June 4067June 4067Capitalist Reform Act
January 4070January 4070Budget proposal of January 4070
January 4070January 4070Cabinet Proposal of January 4070
July 4071July 4071Call for early elections, July 4071
January 4072January 4072Income tax proposal of January 4072
January 4072January 4072Budget proposal of January 4072
October 4073October 4073Call for early elections, October 4073
November 4073November 4073Income tax proposal of November 4073
November 4073November 4073Budget proposal of November 4073
November 4073April 4074CPoH Reform Act 4073
October 4075October 4075Agricultural Research Act
February 4076February 4076Call for early elections, February 4076
April 4077April 4077Budget proposal of April 4077
April 4077April 4077Cabinet Proposal of April 4077
April 4077April 4077Income tax proposal of April 4077
August 4080August 4080Budget proposal of August 4080
November 4080November 4080Income tax proposal of November 4080
July 4081July 4081Income tax proposal of July 4081
July 4081July 4081Budget proposal of July 4081
January 4083January 4083Call for early elections, January 4083
July 4085July 4085Call for early elections, July 4085
October 4085October 4085Ratification of the 4086 FIFA World Cup-Badara
October 4085October 4085Income tax proposal of October 4085
October 4085October 4085Budget proposal of October 4085
January 4089January 4089Cabinet Proposal of January 4089
July 4089July 4089Income tax proposal of July 4089
July 4089July 4089Budget proposal of July 4089
July 4089July 4089CPoH Reform Act 4089
January 4090January 4090Income tax proposal of January 4090
January 4092January 4092Budget proposal of January 4092
March 4094March 4094Citizen Arms Act
April 4094April 4094Abolition of corporatation tax
March 4095October 4095Treaty Clearup
June 4095June 4095Call for early elections, June 4095
June 4095September 4095Volcel/Incel Fair Treatment Act
January 4096January 4096Budget proposal of January 4096
January 4096January 4096Cabinet Proposal of January 4096
August 4096August 4096Pragmatic Environmentalism Act
October 4097October 4097Call for early elections, October 4097
April 4098April 4098Cabinet Proposal of April 4098
December 4098December 4098Condemnation of the National Socialist Party
January 4100January 4100New bill
November 4101December 4101Cabinet Proposal of November 4101
January 4102January 4102Call for early elections, January 4102
May 4102May 4102Cabinet Proposal of May 4102
May 4102May 4102Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
May 4102May 4102Income tax proposal of May 4102
May 4102May 4102Budget proposal of May 4102
June 4102June 4102Cabinet Proposal of June 4102
March 4103August 4105Citizen Equality Act
April 4105April 4105Call for early elections, April 4105
June 4105June 4105Secular Schools
January 4107January 4107Cabinet Proposal of January 4107
March 4107October 4107Civil and Economic Rights Bill
October 4108December 4108Human Rights Bill
December 4108December 4108Nomination of Istalia for Security Council
June 4109June 4109Universal Healthcare
June 4109June 4109Education Improvement
July 4112March 4115Internationalist Act
September 4115September 4116Name Format Correction
October 4117October 4117Name Format Correction
September 4120September 4120Call for early elections, September 4120
October 4120October 4120Call for early elections, October 4120
June 4123June 4123Call for early elections, June 4123
December 4123January 4124CPoH Reform Act 4123
January 4124January 4124Cabinet Proposal of January 4124
February 4124February 4124Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
December 4124December 4124Budget proposal of December 4124
September 4125September 4125Ratification of the International Declaration of Human Rights
June 4126June 4126Call for early elections, June 4126
December 4126December 4126Cabinet Proposal of December 4126
June 4127June 4127CPoH Reform Act 4127
January 4128February 4128Police Reform
January 4129January 4129Call for early elections, January 4129
July 4129July 4129Promoting Patriotism
March 4130May 4130Ratification of the International Treaty for the Regulation of Whaling
March 4130May 4130Ratification of the The Fair Election Treaty
May 4130October 4130weapon Export Regulation
April 4131April 4131Renewable energy sources
April 4131April 4131Bill for Public Healthcare
April 4133April 4133CPoH Reform Act 4133
June 4133June 4133Budget proposal of June 4133
October 4133October 4137Child Protection Act
October 4133March 4185Corporate Sponsorship of Titles
May 4138August 4138Religious Education Act of 4138
September 4140September 4140Education System
September 4140September 4140Economics
December 4140December 4140Organ Donation Policy Reform Act
May 4141May 4141Call for early elections, May 4141
June 4141October 4141Cabinet Proposal of June 4141
June 4141November 4141Economic Growth Incentive Omnibus 4141
August 4141February 4143OOC: New Cultural Protocol Proposal
October 4141October 4141Education Privatisation Act
November 4141November 4141State Pension Act
November 4141November 4141Remove Religious Tax
June 4143June 4143Call for early elections, June 4143
June 4144June 4144Cabinet Proposal of June 4144
December 4144May 4145OOC: New Cultural Protocol
June 4145June 4145Call for early elections, June 4145
June 4145March 4160RP-Law: Constitutional Amendment: Establishment of the Federal District of Muzal K'alak'i
June 4146June 4146Retirement Age
June 4147January 4150Ratification of the Luthori Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
September 4148September 4148Call for early elections, September 4148
January 4149April 4149Welfare Act
January 4149April 4149Public Works Act
January 4149April 4149Firefighting Act
January 4149April 4149Corporate Tax Act
January 4149April 4149Worker Strike Rights Act
June 4149June 4149Security Council Seat C
December 4149December 4149Water Safety Act
June 4150June 4150CPoH Reform Act 4150
December 4152December 4152Affordable Education Act
January 4153January 4153Health and Safety Act
July 4156July 4156Child Benefit Act
December 4158December 4158Worker Strike Rights Act
December 4158December 4158Green Car Act
December 4158December 4158Corporate Tax Act
December 4158December 4158Cabinet Proposal of December 4158
June 4159December 4159Ratification of the Taixi Progressive Trade Accord (TPTA)
June 4159December 4159Ratification of the International Basketball League (IBL)
June 4159December 4159Ratification of the Direct Democracy
September 4159September 4159Cabinet Proposal of September 4159
September 4164September 4164KPH Reform Act 4164
June 4169June 4169Call for early elections, June 4169
September 4174September 4174Budget proposal of September 4174
September 4174September 4174KPH Reform Act 4174
June 4179June 4179Cabinet Proposal of June 4179
September 4181September 4181Treaty withdrawal
September 4181May 4182KPH Reform Act 4181
October 4183February 4184the Workers act of 4183
March 4184June 4184the Gambling Regulation act of 4184
March 4184June 4184the Corporate Regulation act of 4184
March 4185March 4185Cabinet Proposal of March 4185
October 4185October 4185KPH Reform Act 4185
April 4186April 4186Budget proposal of April 4186
June 4186June 4186Call for early elections, June 4186
July 4186July 4186Cabinet Proposal of July 4186
July 4186July 4186Healthcare Reform Act of 4186
July 4186October 4186Economic Opportunity for All
July 4186October 4186Educational Reform Act of 4186
October 4186February 4187the Escaped Criminal Reclamation act
November 4186December 4186Sex Worker Safety Act
January 4187July 4187the Patriot act of 4187
June 4187July 4187Welfare Reform Act
July 4187May 4188Religious Reform Act of 4187
March 4188April 4189the settlement act part duex
April 4188April 4189the Military Reform act
September 4188April 4189the national pass time act
January 4189April 4189Regulation of Work Hours
January 4189January 4190Pride of Nation
February 4189April 4189Ratification of the Ratification of the Official Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in verona Treaty
February 4189April 4189Healthcare Reform
March 4189March 4189Call for early elections, March 4189
March 4189October 4190forgive and never forget act
June 4189June 4189Cabinet Proposal of June 4189
December 4189December 4189Call for early elections, December 4189
January 4190October 4190Airplane Safety Act
April 4190October 4190the fishing and agriculture act
October 4190December 4190Housing Equality Act of 4190
January 4191July 4191National Radio and Televesion
October 4191July 4193Ministry Salary Act
December 4192December 4193Respect for Property Act
July 4193January 4196Banking Reform of 4193
October 4194August 4195Ratification of the International Democratic Republican Alliance (IDRA)
February 4196February 4196I.M.A.R.Incestuous Marriage and Acts Reform 4196
February 4196January 4197P.E.A Public Energy Act 4196
August 4196January 4197C.B.A Collective bargaining act 4196
January 4197October 4197Dignity in Death Act
March 4197April 4197Cabinet Proposal of March 4197
June 4197October 4197Eminent Domain Act
July 4197October 4197Infrastructure Reform of 4197
August 4197September 4197Call for early elections, August 4197
December 4197March 4198Budget proposal of December 4197
March 4198April 4198the Justice reform act
October 4198October 4201Drug Reform of 4198
January 4199April 4199Waste Disposal Act of 4199
February 4199May 4199Media reform act
June 4199September 4199Cabinet Proposal of June 4199
June 4199October 4199Energy Regulation
July 4201October 4201Anton Holjoecki Day
August 4201January 4202infrastructure reform of August 4201
January 4202November 4203Ratification of the Official Covenant of the Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Lourenne
April 4202July 4202Industry Act of 4202
April 4203May 4203Cabinet Proposal of April 4203
April 4204December 4204Income tax proposal of April 4204
August 4204January 4205the religious freedom act
January 4206July 4206Space Exploration Act of 4206
December 4206May 4207Phone Service Act of 4206
December 4206June 4207Budget proposal of December 4206
April 4208July 4208The Education reform act
April 4208December 4208The anti smokeing act of 4208
July 4208December 4208The Nature act of 4208
January 4209January 4209Cabinet Proposal of January 4209
June 4211January 4212The Technology reform act
July 4211July 4211Budget proposal of July 4211
July 4211October 4211Income tax proposal of July 4211
July 4211October 4211Agricultural Reform
December 4211December 4211Cabinet Proposal of December 4211
December 4211December 4211One Hobrazia - KPH Vision for Government
January 4212April 4212Budget proposal of January 4212
August 4212July 4213Call for early elections, August 4212
March 4213November 4214Reform Act 4214
March 4215April 4215Senate Increase
March 4215June 4215Energy Bill of 4215
March 4216October 4216Minimum Wage Rationalisation Act 4216
June 4216September 4216Call for early elections, June 4216
July 4216October 4216Drug Policy Act of 4216
October 4223December 4223The Abandonment of Barbarous and Ineffective War Methods Act
October 4223January 4224The Anti Cowardice act
November 4223January 4224The Homes Right Act
November 4223January 4224Protection of Citizens from Foreign Emissaries Act
December 4223December 4223Demilitarization of Police Forces Act
December 4223January 4224Bi-Racial Family Normalization Act of 4223.
December 4224December 4225Safety Act of 4224
December 4225December 4225Cabinet Proposal of December 4225
January 4226April 4226The Pension Reform Act 4226
July 4226July 4226The Cultural Advancement Act 4226
April 4227February 4228ISP Reform 4227
May 4227May 4227The Titles and Honours Act 4227
May 4227May 4227Ensured Stabilization Act of 4227
June 4227February 4228Homeless Support Act of June 4227
July 4227July 4227Cabinet Proposal of July 4227
January 4228January 4228Call for early elections, January 4228
February 4228March 4228The Gaurdian act
June 4228December 4228Prisoners Rights Act of 4228
March 4231April 4231Call for early elections, March 4231
May 4231June 4231Cabinet Proposal of May 4231
June 4232June 4232State Normalisation Act 4232
June 4232June 4232Income tax proposal of June 4232
March 4235July 4235Cabinet Proposal of March 4235
April 4235May 4235The transgender act
April 4235May 4235The contraception act
July 4235March 4236The luxury goods act
December 4235February 4236Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 4235
December 4236December 4236Budget proposal of December 4236
December 4236December 4236Fishermans Friend Act of 4237
December 4236January 4237Postal Reform 4236
June 4238June 4238Cabinet Proposal of June 4238
September 4238May 4242The Truth and Reconciliation Hearings 4238-4242
April 4240May 4240Economic Liberalization Act 4241
March 4242March 4242Economic Growth Act of 4242
April 4242April 4242Income tax optimization of April 4242
December 4242February 4243Call for early elections, December 4242
January 4243May 4243Motion to nominate Kazulia for security council seat D.
February 4244April 4244The government act
December 4244December 4244Call for early elections, December 4244
March 4245April 4245Shining Patriot Act of 4245
November 4245November 4245The Safe Communities Act of 4246
February 4246May 4246Parole Committee Act 4246
November 4246December 4246The Elimination of Possible Avenues for Disruptive Economic Activity and Malicious Business Practices by Foreign Entities Act of 4247
September 4248September 4248Income tax proposal of September 4248
March 4252March 4252Cabinet Proposal of March 4252
August 4252June 4253The workers rights act of 4252
November 4253February 4254Budget proposal of November 4253
May 4254May 4254Industrial Relations Act 4254
May 4257May 4257Call for early elections, May 4257
June 4257September 4257Sale of Recreational Drugs Reform 4257
August 4257November 4257Cabinet Proposal of August 4257
October 4269October 4269Call for early elections, October 4269
December 4269April 4270Cabinet Proposal of December 4269
December 4269May 4270Military Reform of 4269
December 4271September 4272Advertisement Regulation
October 4273May 4275Efficient Production Act 4273
October 4273November 4275Healthcare Reform Act 4273
May 4277May 4277Senate Reduction
June 4278December 4278Standardization Act of 4278
June 4280December 4280Cabinet Proposal of June 4280
June 4281November 4281Infrastructure Reform Act of 4281
December 4283April 4284Cabinet Proposal of December 4283
October 4297October 4297Call for early elections, October 4297
May 4301November 4303Reproductive Morality Act
June 4309June 4309Call for early elections, June 4309
November 4309November 4309Call for early elections, November 4309
November 4320November 4320Cabinet Proposal of November 4320
November 4320February 4321Executive Restructuring Act 4320
December 4320May 4322Biological Weapon Fix
May 4322August 4322Resolution to Rename Country
December 4322February 4323Media Privatization Act
June 4324March 4325Religious Clothing Act of 4324
June 4324March 4325Cabinet Proposal of June 4324
February 4325February 4325Freedom of Conscience Act
February 4325February 4325Immigration Reform
February 4325February 4325Justice Reform
October 4325November 4325Concealed Carry Permit
December 4325December 4325Ratification of the International Free Trade Accord
December 4325December 4325Ratification of the Dorvish Trade Association and Economic Pact
December 4325December 4325Ratification of the International Agreement on Foreign Investments
December 4325December 4325Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
December 4325December 4325Constitutional Reform
December 4325September 4326Culture Reform
December 4325September 4326Education Reform
September 4326September 4326Army Reform - Part 1
September 4326September 4326Foreign Aid Reform
June 4327May 4328Resolution to Rename Country
June 4327August 4328Digital Policy
October 4327October 4327Cabinet Proposal of October 4327
December 4328December 4328Army Reform - Part 3.2
December 4328February 4329Police Search Limitation
December 4328August 4329Children Policy
December 4328August 4329Prison Reform
February 4329February 4329Ratification of the Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)
February 4329February 4329Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
August 4329August 4329Cabinet Reconstruction
November 4329December 4329Currency Reform
December 4329December 4329School Prayers
May 4331May 4331Nuclear Weapon Policy
May 4331May 4331Surrogacy Policy
May 4331February 4332Drugs Policy - Part 2
May 4331February 4332Infrastructure Reform
May 4331February 4332Decentralization Policy - Part 1
August 4331August 4331Ratification of the Defensive alliance Between the Federal Republic of Likatonia and Capitalist State of Hobrazia
February 4332February 4332Drugs Policy - Part 1
September 4332September 4332Hiring Policies
September 4332May 4333Freedom of Media Content
September 4332May 4333Stability of Law
September 4332May 4333Freedom of Relationships
August 4333August 4333Income Policy
August 4333August 4333Space Policy
September 4334March 4335Housing Deregulation
March 4335March 4335Diplomacy Reform - Part 2
April 4336May 4336Hobrazian Restoration Act
May 4336May 4336Gender Responsibility of the Individual
May 4336May 4336Cabinet Proposal of May 4336
May 4336May 4336Work Policy
June 4337June 4337Call for early elections, June 4337
September 4337September 4337Energy Generation Policy
December 4337March 4338Military Reform Act
August 4338February 4339RP Law Proposal: Control Chamber of Hobrazia
September 4338October 4338Reducing Abortion
November 4338November 4338Decentralizing Gender Reassignment
November 4338November 4338New Cabinet Proposal
August 4339August 4339Cutting unnecessary regulations - part 1
October 4341December 4341Cabinet Proposal of October 4341
May 4342December 4342Warning messages in ads promoting alcoholic drinks
October 4342November 4342Call for early elections, October 4342
December 4342December 4342Schooling Refrom
December 4342December 4342Military help in case of serious emergency
April 4343May 4343Sales Tax Act 4343
April 4343May 4343Budget proposal of April 4343
April 4343August 4343Anti-Nudity act
September 4344March 4345Military Service Act
June 4346September 4346Cabinet Proposal of June 4346
November 4347December 4347Necessary Military Changes
November 4348May 4349Cabinet Proposal of November 4348
March 4349March 4349No Abortion Act
December 4349March 4350Economic Opportunity for All
March 4350May 4350Education Reform of 4350
April 4350November 4350KPH/PPH Unity Act
May 4350May 4350Free-Market Defence Act 4350
June 4350June 4350Freedom Of Information - National Security - Act 4350
August 4350November 4350Right to Work Act 4350
December 4350December 4350More Parliament Seats - Allowing 250 in total - ACT 4350
December 4350January 4351Political Tendencies have changed somewhat within ''CWP'' - Communist Report
July 4351July 4351Child Benefit For low-income/poor - ACT 4351
September 4352September 4352Call for early elections, September 4352
October 4352May 4353Cabinet Proposal of October 4352
December 4352March 4353Uniform Laws Act of 4352
December 4352June 4353Research Supprt for Medication
December 4352September 4353Hobrazian Public Media
August 4354August 4354The National Refugee Policy - ACT 4354
May 4355May 4355Ban cars that Harm The Environment - ACT 4355
January 4368January 4368Call for early elections, January 4368
July 4371March 4402Lowing Retirement Age from 67 to 65 - ACT 4371
December 4374December 4374Call for early elections, December 4374
November 4376November 4376Call for early elections, November 4376
January 4386January 4386Bill for Economic freedom for citizens of Hobrazia
May 4386May 4386Change to the inhumane end of life treatment of criminals
January 4389January 4389Ecology Reforms
December 4390May 4391Economic Freedom
August 4401August 4401Collective Barganing Act 4401
September 4401September 4401Policy Reforms
October 4402April 4403OOC: Cultural Protocols of Hobrazia
March 4404July 4409OOC: Cultural Protocols of Hobrazia [IMPORTANT]
July 4405July 4405New Nationalist Wave - ACT - 4405 (Multiple Citizenship prohibition)
August 4406August 4406Call for early elections, August 4406
November 4407November 4407Banking Reform 4407
November 4409December 4409New Regulatory Reform on Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Agricultural-Business) - ACT 4409
May 4411April 4412Cabinet Proposal of May 4411
October 4416October 4417Government Internet Bill
October 4417September 4418Right to Choose Act
September 4418September 4418Civil Defense Act
September 4418November 4418Gambling Act 4418
January 4419January 4419Natural Drugs Complete Legalisation - ACT 4419 - (Ending WAR on DRUGS)
May 4426May 4426Public Nudity - FREE THE BODY - ACT 4426
November 4427March 4428Decency in Media Act
May 4430May 4430Call for early elections, May 4430
May 4430June 4430Proposal Limit
May 4430June 4430Nuclear Weapon Reform
May 4430June 4430Conscientious Objector
May 4430June 4430Multiple Citizenship
June 4430June 4430PPH Reform Act of 4430
June 4430June 4430Cabinet Proposal of June 4430
September 4430September 4430Income tax proposal of September 4430
October 4430October 4430Budget proposal of October 4430
November 4430November 4430Tax Reform
November 4430November 4430Budget proposal of November 4430
February 4431February 4431Call for early elections, February 4431
December 4431December 4431CPP 001 - Economic Liberalisation Act
May 4432October 4433A Bill to Make Hobrazia More Secular
November 4432October 4433A Bill to Make Hobrazia Safe Again
March 4435November 4435A Bill to get Tough on Crime
April 4437April 4437Agriculture Reform Bill
September 4438April 4440Sanctity of Marriage Act
April 4440April 4440Act to End Incest
November 4443November 4443Economic Reform 4443
October 4446October 4446Call for early elections, October 4446
April 4447April 4447Military Reform
November 4447November 4447Healthcare Policy Reform
September 4448September 4448Private School Funding
September 4448September 4448Justice Reform
September 4448September 4448Animal Protection Act
September 4448September 4448Public Library Bill
September 4448September 4448Video Game Rating
May 4451May 4451Civil Liberty Reform
January 4452January 4452Infrastructure Reform of 4452
March 4452March 4452Welfare Reform
February 4457February 4457Call for early elections, February 4457
April 4457April 4457Requiring Licence to Sell Drugs
October 4463October 4463Call for early elections, October 4463
February 4466February 4466Workers Rights Act
February 4466March 4466Defense and Domestic Expansion Act of 4466
April 4466April 4466Pollution Act
August 4466May 4467Trade Union Act
November 4466May 4467Justice and Welfare Reform Act
January 4467May 4467Public Initiatives Act
May 4467July 4467Electoral Reform Act
May 4467July 4467Worker Services Act
July 4467July 4467Cabinet Proposal of July 4467
September 4467November 4467Income tax proposal of September 4467
September 4467November 4467Health and Economics Act
November 4467January 4468Spending Expansion Act
February 4468February 4468No National Service Act
February 4468April 4468Military Reform Act
April 4468May 4468Healthcare and Economic Reform Act
April 4468May 4468Justice Reform Act
May 4468July 4468Ratification of the Treaty of Gender Equality
November 4468February 4469Administrative Reform Act
February 4469March 4469Budget proposal of February 4469
March 4469March 4469Economic Reform Act
March 4469April 4469Educational Reform Act
April 4469May 4469Fair Elections Act
April 4469August 4469Welfare Act of 4469
September 4469September 4469Government Investment Act
November 4469July 4470National Reform Act
March 4470March 4470Call for early elections, March 4470
March 4470July 4470Ratification of the Opening of Diplomatic Relations between the DDR and Capitalist State of Hobrazia Treaty
October 4470November 4471Ecology Reform Bill
May 4474August 4474Abortion Reform Act
February 4476February 4476Abortion Restoration Act
October 4477October 4477Income tax proposal of October 4477
October 4482October 4482Call for early elections, October 4482
March 4487March 4487World Sercurity Congress Nomination
April 4487August 4487Treaty Adjust Act
April 4487August 4487Ratification of the International Workers' Community for Economic Assistance (IWCEA)
September 4487October 4487National Welfare Act
February 4488February 4488Workers Reform Act
October 4489February 4490Law Reform Act
October 4493November 4495Security Act
October 4497October 4497Adminstration Reform Act of 4497
July 4498July 4498Call for early elections, July 4498
February 4499February 4499Justice Reform of 4499
September 4500March 4501World Security Council Vote
February 4501February 4501Cabinet Proposal of February 4501
January 4511January 4511Whaling Ban
October 4527October 4527Military Reform
March 4529March 4529PPH Reform Bill
April 4530April 4530Call for early elections, April 4530
February 4531February 4531Religion Bill
July 4531July 4531Ratification of the Declaration of Kanjor Neutrality
October 4532October 4532Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens II
October 4532October 4532Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Act (PLA)
October 4532October 4532Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
October 4532April 4535Chemical Weapon Ban
January 4554January 4554DNP: Economic Privatisation Act
January 4554January 4554DNP: Constitution Amendment Act 4554
January 4554January 4554Cabinet Proposal of January 4554
February 4554February 4554Ratification of the Hobrazia Diplomacy Network
February 4554February 4554DNP: February Budget Report 4554
February 4554July 4554DNP: Nation Transformation
July 4554July 4554DNP: Withdrawal from the Embassies of Hobrazia
January 4555January 4555DNP: Constitutional Protection of the People Act
August 4555August 4555Income tax proposal of August 4555
August 4555January 4556DNP: Nation Name Act
August 4555June 4557DNP: Armed Forces of Hobrazia Act
December 4555December 4555DNP: Term of Office Extension
January 4556January 4556DNP: Constitutional Amendment
January 4557January 4557DNP: Constitutional Amendment Act 2
August 4558August 4558.
March 4560March 4560DNP: Cabinet Set Length of Office
August 4560December 4560DNP: General Amendments 4560
August 4560December 4560DNP: Economic Amendment Act
November 4560November 4560DNP: Supreme Leader Extends our term of Office
February 4561November 4561DNP: Peoples Act
September 4561September 4561DNP: Supreme Peoples Council Member Election
November 4561December 4561DNP: Hobrazia Ballistics Program
August 4562May 4563DNP: Hobrazia Health Service Act
February 4563February 4563DNP: Supreme Government Term Extension
February 4563June 4563R!-2: Civil Liberties Restoration Bill
March 4563May 4563Supreme Gov. Parliamentary Procedures and Customs Act
July 4563July 4563DNP: Official National Budget 4263
July 4563July 4563DNP: Tax Rates for 4563
July 4563July 4563DNP: Citizen Protection Act 4563
August 4563August 4563R!-6: Compromise Legislature Naming Act
November 4563November 4563DNP: Ratification of the Beluzian - Hobrazian Treaty of Military Cooperation
February 4564February 4564DNP: Democracy Act 4564
January 4565February 4565DNP: Democratic Coalition Government
May 4566May 4566Cabinet Proposal of May 4566
February 4569August 4569Call for early elections, February 4569
May 4570May 4570Cabinet Proposal of May 4570
November 4581November 4581Cabinet Proposal of November 4581
December 4581December 4581Industrial Reform Act
December 4581December 4581Secular State Act
December 4581December 4581Representation of the People's Political Salary Reform Act
December 4581December 4581Civil Service Neutrality Act
February 4582February 4582Environment Act
January 4583January 4583Civility Act
August 4584February 4585Secularisation Act
February 4615February 4615Central Bank Independence Bill
June 4617January 4618Banking Centralisation Act
September 4647September 4647Economic Reform Act.
September 4647September 4647Political Campaign Finance Act.
September 4647September 4647New Cultural Protocols. 4647
September 4647September 4647Cabinet Proposal of September 4647
September 4647September 4647Legislative Assembly Name Change.
October 4647October 4647Budget proposal of October 4647
October 4647October 4647Income tax proposal of October 4647
October 4647October 4647Nation Name Change
October 4647October 4647Civil Liberties Reform Act
April 4656November 4656Sexuality explicitness of 4656
August 4656December 4656Military Improvement Bill
November 4656December 4656Hobrazia Strike Action Bill I 4656
November 4656January 4657House Hobraze, Government Structure Bill I
December 4656December 4656Cabinet Proposal of December 4656
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP Population Agenda 4657
January 4657January 4657Police Acts of 4657 HH/Amp
January 4657January 4657Yeet
January 4657January 4657Withdrawal of LGBT Protections
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP Government Accords of 4657
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP Civil Liberties Accord 4657
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP Doctrine of Religion 4657
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP Paramilitary Act of 4657
January 4657January 4657HH/AMP Sales tax 4657
January 4657January 4657Withdrawal of the International Anti-Slavery
January 4657January 4657National Animal Amendment of 4657
January 4657January 4657New National Sport of Hobrazia
February 4658February 4658HH retirement age platform
March 4658March 4658Heritage Act of 4658
February 4659September 4659Bill II re Bill I Advancement of sciences
April 4659September 4659Advanced Economic Reformation Bill
April 4659September 4659Foreign Policy Reform Bill
April 4659September 4659Ecology Reformation Bill
April 4659September 4659Education Reform Bill
July 4659September 4659Treaty Removal Bill
July 4659September 4659Civil Rights Bill Of July 4659
July 4659September 4659Bill IV Common sense
July 4659September 4659Bill III Legalize Scuds act
September 4659October 4659Health Reformation Bill of 4659
March 4660March 4660Economic Reformation Bill of 4660
March 4663March 4663Military Policy Reform Bill
March 4663March 4663Agriculture Reform Bill of 4663
August 4670August 4670Bill Number #3456
August 4670August 4670Motion against the current government.
December 4673December 4673Call for early elections, December 4673
June 4674December 4674reform bill
December 4674December 4674Budget proposal of December 4674
December 4674December 4674Cabinet Proposal of December 4674
May 4675May 4675Ratification of the Agreement to Sanction the Holy Luthori Empire 4659
June 4675June 4675National Name Change
June 4675June 4675National Title
June 4675June 4675Income tax proposal of June 4675
June 4675June 4675Budget proposal of June 4675
July 4675July 4675Tax
February 4677March 4677Council of Ministers Proposal of February 4677
February 4677March 4677Constitution of the Hobrazian Democratic Federative Republic
February 4677March 4677Economic Reform and Restructuring Law
March 4677March 4677Budget proposal of March 4677
March 4677March 4677Income tax proposal of March 4677
January 4678January 4678Hobrazian Tax Code
January 4678January 4678Economic Reform Law
January 4678January 4678Capital City Law
February 4678February 4678RP: Political Protection Law
February 4678February 4678Administrative Division Law
April 4678April 4678National Flag Law
September 4678September 4678Religious Protection Law
February 4681February 4681National Anthem Law
February 4699April 4699Reforms of country
June 4699June 4699Cabinet Proposal of June 4699
November 4701November 4701Call for early elections, November 4701
December 4737December 4737Cabinet Proposal of December 4737
January 4742January 4742Treaty Withdrawal Act of 4742
January 4742January 4742Budget proposal of January 4742
January 4742January 4742Cabinet Proposal of January 4742
January 4742January 4742Constitutional Reform Act of 4742 | 4742 Konstitutsiuri Repormis Akti
January 4742January 4742Praise Hoba Act of 4742
March 4742March 4742Income tax proposal of March 4742
April 4742April 47424742 წლის დემოკრატიული ეკონომიკის აქტი | Democratic Economy Act of 4742
April 4742April 4742Budget proposal of April 4742
September 4742October 47424742 წლის გარემოს კანონი | Environment Act of 4742
October 4742October 4742აქტი ჰობრაზას უზენაესობის აღიარების შესახებ | An Act to Recognize the Supremacy of Hobrazia
August 4743August 4743Budget proposal of August 4743
August 4743August 47434743 წლის სასამართლო რეფორმის აქტი | Judicial Reform Act of 4743
August 4749February 4750Constitutional Reform Act of 4750 | 4750 Konstitutsiuri Repormis Akti
February 4750February 4750Health and Safety Act of 4750 | 4750 Ts’lis Janmrtelobisa da Usaprtkhoebis Akt’i
February 4750February 4750National Defence Act of 4750
January 4751January 4751Call for early elections, January 4751
January 4751July 4752Foreign Affairs and Citizenship Act of 4751
January 4751July 4752Communication Act of 4751
January 4751July 4752Flag Act of 4751
December 4756March 4757Civil Liberties Act of 4757
January 4757March 4757Infrastructure and Welfare Act of 4757
March 4757March 4757Return of Ownership Over The Means of Production To The Workers Act of 4757
July 4760January 4761ჯანმრთელობის აქტი (Health Act)
July 4760January 4761უშიშროების საბჭოს რაოდენობა (Security Council Votes)
January 4761January 4761.
January 4761January 4761Cabinet Proposal of January 4761
February 4761February 4761Budget proposal of February 4761
February 4761February 4761Income tax proposal of February 4761
July 4761July 4761RP:ქვედა პალატა(Lower Chamber)
December 4761July 4762სავარძელი დ(Seat D)
February 4762July 4762Cultural Protocols (MANDATORY)
June 4762June 4762Income tax proposal of June 4762
June 4762June 4762Call for early elections, June 4762
August 4765August 4765Ratification of the Silliers Channel Treaty
April 4770September 4770Fu*k the nobility
April 4770September 4770Freedom Act 4770
May 4770September 4770Enviroment bill
May 4770September 4770Tax Reform
May 4770June 4771Abolishing adulthood tests
September 4770September 4770Improvement of quality of life of the people
September 4770September 4770Economic and administartive bill
September 4770September 4770Hobrazian Reform 4770
September 4770September 4770HPs/HTA reform September 4770
September 4770September 4770Cabinet Proposal of September 4770
October 4770October 4770Income tax proposal of October 4770
October 4770October 4770Budget proposal of October 4770
March 4771March 4771Imperial Reform
June 4771June 4771Economic policy for increased productivity nº 2
June 4771June 4771reducing taxes on the wealthy
June 4771June 4771Military Reform
June 4771June 4771Green Act
June 4771June 4771Hobrazian Citizen Reform 4771
April 4772April 4772Parliament Seats Reform
April 4772April 4772Pro-Worker Economic Reform 4772
April 4772April 4772Fixing societal flaws
April 4772April 4772Cultural enrichment bill nº2
April 4772April 4772Bill for freedom-serving Military Reform
May 4772May 4772The individual's right to justice
June 4772June 4772Flag Change nº2 Final
November 4772November 4772Welfare Reform
June 4773October 4774Bill for the individual
October 4773October 4773Call for early elections, October 4773
October 4773October 4773Income tax proposal of October 4773
October 4773October 4773Budget proposal of October 4773
November 4773November 4773Health Care for ALL Act
April 4774April 4774Modern Hobrazia Act 4774
April 4774April 4774Religious Reform
October 4774October 4774Religion act
March 4776March 4776Electoral Reform 4776
November 4776November 4776Cabinet Proposal of November 4776
September 4777November 4777Land mines
March 4783March 4783Cabinet Proposal of March 4783
April 4783April 4783Citizenship and Nationality Reform
August 4783August 4783Police Reform
June 4784June 4784Defence Industry Privatisation
June 4786June 4786Economic Freedom Act
November 4803November 4803Income tax proposal of November 4803
November 4803November 4803Liberation of the Self
November 4803November 4803Liberation of the Union
November 4803November 4803Cabinet Proposal of November 4803
November 4803November 4803Forming the New Republic
November 4803November 4803Budget proposal of November 4803
December 4803December 4803Budget proposal of December 4803
May 4804October 4804Economic Reforms
September 4804September 4804Call for early elections, September 4804
September 4804October 4804Flag Change
October 4804October 4804Hobrazia Name Change
June 4805June 4805Forming the Supreme Union
October 4805October 4805Agricultural Socialisation
December 4806December 4806Cabinet Proposal of December 4806
December 4806July 4810Long Live the King of Kings
January 4807January 4807National Flag
January 4807December 4808OOC: Proposed Cultural Protocol Update (August 2020)
June 4807June 4807Term Length
July 4808July 4808Security Council Seats
July 4808July 4808Meat Industry
December 4808December 4808National Motto
December 4808December 4808National Education and Language
June 4810June 4810Call for early elections, June 4810
July 4810July 4810National Organisation (Second Version)
July 4810July 4810Stock Exchange Bill
November 4811November 4811Euthanasia Bill
November 4811November 4811DWC Bill
November 4811November 4811Parliament Size Bill
September 4812September 4812Cabinet Proposal of September 4812
March 4814March 4814Nationalisation of Alcohol Production
November 4814November 4814Ratification of the Agreement to Establish Yingdalan Academies
January 4815January 4815Foreign Investment Bill
January 4815January 4815National Service Bill
January 4815January 4815Advertising Bill
January 4815January 4815Whaling Bill
January 4815January 4815Trade Union Membership Bill
May 4815May 4815RP: Statue of Eliyahu
March 4816March 4816Call for early elections, March 4816
May 4816May 4816Cabinet Proposal of May 4816
October 4816October 4816Security Council
October 4816October 4816Banking and Finance
October 4816October 4816Term Length
May 4820May 4820Cabinet Proposal of May 4820
December 4820December 4820Foreign Exchange
December 4820December 4820Energy Deregulation
December 4820December 4820Corporation Tax
June 4822June 4822Agrichemical Bill
June 4822June 4822Agricultural Reform Bill
June 4822June 4822Gambling Reform Bill
May 4825May 4825Cabinet Proposal of May 4825
June 4825June 4825Foreign Aid Act
June 4825June 4825Corporate Tax
June 4825June 4825Women's Right to Abortion Act
June 4825June 4825Subnational Entities Naming Act
June 4825June 4825Private ISPs
February 4826February 4826Refugee Policy
February 4826February 4826Reciprocal Tariffs
February 4826February 4826Recognition of Polygamy
February 4826February 4826Private Inheritance
February 4826February 4826The Use of Animals in Research
February 4826February 4826Energy Generation and Power Grid Privatisation
March 4826May 4826Local Forest Management
May 4826August 4826Teacher-Led Prayers
October 4827October 4827Private Clinics Act
October 4827October 4827Sex Reassignment Funding Act
December 4828June 4829Monopoly Regulation Act
December 4829December 4829Cabinet Reshuffle of December 4829
October 4857October 4857Cabinet Proposal of October 4857
November 4857November 4857EMP-2 Citizenship and Nationality Act
November 4857November 4857EMP-1 Rejuvenationistic Administrative Reform
October 4858November 4858EMP-3 National Religion Act
November 4858November 4858EMP-4 Free Love Act
November 4859November 4859EMP-5 Education System Act
April 4860April 4860EMP-6 Withdrawing from International Treaties
March 4861May 4861EMP-7 Withdrawing Security Council Nominations
March 4862March 4862EMP-8 National Independence Act
December 4862December 4862EMP-9 Border Defense Act
August 4864August 4864EMP-11 Abolition of Marriage
August 4864August 4864EMP-10 Military Strength Act
August 4864September 4864EMP-12 Futurist Family Act
October 4865October 4865Cabinet Proposal of October 4865
March 4866March 4866EMP-13 Nationalisation of Infrastructure
November 4872May 4873Issue of the Monarchy
November 4872April 4874Declaration of the Republic of Hobrazia
April 4875April 4875Call for early elections, April 4875
September 4878September 4878Mandated Euthanasia Act
September 4879September 4879Cabinet Proposal of September 4879
December 4887December 4887Unification of a Greater People
December 4887December 4887Cabinet Proposal of December 4887
April 4888April 4888Pure Act
April 4888April 4888Administration and Military Bill
May 4888May 4888Supreme First Act
November 4888November 4888Greater Values Act
April 4889April 4889Strong Identification Act
October 4890October 4890Environmental Sustainability Act
May 4892May 4892(OOC:IMPORTANT) Cultural Protocols of Hobrazia
January 4894January 4894Cartson Bill
March 4894March 4894Decency Act
April 4894April 4894Healthcare Act
June 4894June 4894OOC: RP. (War with Dorvik)
October 4896October 4896Strength and Science Act
November 4896November 4896HTP.4896.4
November 4896November 4896HTP.4896.3
August 4897August 4897OOC: fixing HoS issue
December 4898December 4898Call for early elections, December 4898
January 4899January 4899Cabinet Proposal of January 4899
January 4899January 4899Hobrazian De-Fascistization of Hobrazia of 4899
June 4899June 4899Income tax proposal of June 4899
June 4899December 4899Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 4899December 4899Ratification of the Recognition of the Confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kuzaki
June 4899December 4899Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
June 4899December 4899Economic Liberalization Act
July 4899June 4900Foreign Policy Realignment Act
November 4899November 4899Call for early elections, November 4899
December 4899December 4899Flag Act
December 4899December 4899National Sport Act
December 4899January 4900(RP) Formation of the Hobrazian Development Corporation
June 4900June 4900(RP) Never Again Act
May 4901May 4901Civil Liberties Reform Act
January 4902January 4902New Hobrazian Armed Forces Act
July 4903December 4903Justice Reform Act of 4903
January 4904January 4904Ratification of the Founding Charter of the Artanian Community of Nations (ACON)
May 4905June 4905(RP) Patarava Act
January 4907January 4907National Security Act
November 4908November 4908Cabinet Proposal of November 4908
December 4908June 4915Samep'o Accords
June 4909January 4910Withdrawal from Artanian Community Economic Zone (ACEZ).
June 4909January 4910Ratification of the Charter of the Confederate Economic Security Union
November 4909January 4910Security Council B
December 4909December 4909Call for early elections, December 4909
January 4910January 4910Cabinet Proposal of January 4910
June 4910June 4910Presidential Rename
November 4910November 4910Withdrawal from ACON
May 4911May 4911(RP) Never Again Act
May 4911May 4911Ratification of the Malivian Containment Pact
August 4913October 4915Ratification of the Official Diplomatic Treaty of Alduria
April 4915April 4915HTP Omnibus Reform Bill of 4915
April 4915April 4915HTP Omnibus Reform Bill of 4915
April 4915April 4915Ratification of the Gene and Seed Vault Project
October 4915October 4915Ratification of the Agreement to Establish Yingdalan Academies
October 4915October 4915(RP) Origins Act
October 4915October 4915Not-to-the-moon Act
March 4917March 4917Foreign Policy Re-Alignment
September 4917March 4918Population Growth Mandate
February 4919February 4919Ratification of the Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA)
February 4926May 4930OOC: Proposed Cultural Protocol (4/23/21)
August 4927August 4927Industry Protection Act
September 4929May 4930(RP) Samep'o Accords (OOC: Revised for the updated Cultural Protocols)
September 4929May 4930(RP) Syldavian Language Act
April 4998April 4998Parliament Act
April 4998April 4998Cabinet Proposal of April 4998
September 4999September 4999Call for early elections, September 4999
September 4999March 5000Workers Relief Act
September 4999March 5000Head Of State Act
January 5001February 5001Libertarian Socialist Republic Act
March 5001October 5001Call for early elections, March 5001
March 5002October 5005The Health Care Omnibus Act
February 5005February 5005Call for early elections, February 5005
July 5017July 5017Repealing Never Again Act
July 5017August 5017National Reorganisation Act

Bills defeated

These bills have been defeated[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
July 2035July 2035Educational Age Bill
July 2035July 2035Legislature Terminology Bill
July 2035July 2035Vehicular Impairment Act
July 2035July 2035Education Reform Act
July 2035July 2035Weapons of Mass Destruction Bill
July 2035July 20352 Strikes
July 2035July 20353 Strikes
July 2035July 2035Right to Abort
July 2035July 2035Region/Constiuency Bill
July 2035July 2035Education Act
July 2035July 2035Election System Ammendment
July 2035July 2035Repression Organ Reform Bill
July 2035July 2035Compulsory Sexual Education
July 2035July 2035New Birth Act
July 2035July 2035The Prision Work Act
November 2035November 2035The Retirement Act
May 2036May 2036Title Ammendment
June 2036June 2036Bill Creation Act
July 2037July 2037Penal Reform Act
July 2038July 2038Cabinet Introduction Bill
December 2038December 2038Private School Ban
December 2039December 2039The Revised National Sport Act
April 2041April 2041Agricultural Revolution Act
April 2041April 2041Call for early elections, April 2041
May 2041May 2041The Media Renewal Bill
June 2042June 2042Official Sport Bill
July 2042July 2042Media Renewal Act II
July 2042July 2042Justicar Reformation Act II
November 2043November 2043Cabinet Proposal of November 2043
February 2044February 2044Cabinet Proposal of February 2044
February 2044February 2044Defense Reform Act
June 2047June 2047Cabinet Act
June 2047June 2047Voting Cell Bill
June 2047June 2047June 2047 EUP Cabinet Bill
April 2048April 2048The Early Right to Rest Act
December 2048December 2048Reginal Nomenclature Reformation
January 2049January 2049Identifcation Reform Act
January 2051January 2051Dead Horse Act
August 2051August 2051Cabinet Propositions Bill.
December 2051December 2051Nationalize the Media Act
February 2053February 2053New Pollution Act
October 2053October 2053Protection Reform Act
March 2055March 2055The Death Act
March 2055March 2055Suppervisory Act
June 2055June 2055Education Reform Bill
June 2055June 2055Nationalize the Media Act
September 2057September 2057Police Reform Act of 2057
September 2057September 2057Penal Reform Act of 2057
November 2057November 2057Pension Reform
November 2057November 2057Education Reform Second Part
November 2057November 2057Harmonize the Education Act 2057
November 2057November 2057Nationalize the Media 2057
March 2060March 2060Space Freedoms Act, March 2060
February 2061February 2061And end to prisoners exploitation bill
February 2061February 2061Nationalize the Education System 2061
February 2061February 2061Education Reform Bill
February 2061February 2061Pension Reform Act 2061
May 2061May 2061Pollution Act
May 2061May 2061Farming Act
March 2064March 2064Localization Act 2064
April 2064April 2064Right of Assembly Ammendment
April 2064April 2064Tobacco Reinstatement Act
November 2069November 2069United Blobs Cabinet Proposal of December 2068
August 2070August 2070School Age Reform
February 2075February 2075School Preservation Act
June 2075June 2075Police Weapon Act
February 2076February 2076Revised United Blobs Cabinet Proposal without EUP
August 2076August 2076Cannabis Act
August 2080August 2080Foreign Policy Bill 2079
October 2080October 2080National refugee policy bill 2080
October 2080October 2080Morality For Hobrazia Act August 2080
May 2081May 2081Space Exploration Act.
May 2081May 2081Higher Education Act.
April 2082April 2082Cabinet Proposal of April 2082
June 2082June 2082Civil Liberties Act.
August 2083August 2083Freedom Of Identity Act
February 2084February 2084Hard Drug Recriminalisation Act
July 2086July 2086Organ Donation Update Act,(Revised)
April 2090April 2090Lower Enlistment Age
October 2090October 2090Private Car Bill of 2090
June 2092June 2092Eminent Domain Compensation Act.
July 2092July 2092Changing of your national animal
December 2092December 2092Positive Discrimination Repeal
December 2093December 2093Aid Bill
November 2097November 2097Food Standards Extension Proposal
March 2098March 2098Renewal of Federated States of Rutania treaty.
April 2098April 2098Farm Subsidy Bill of 2098.
February 2101February 2101Domestic Animal Ownership
March 2101March 2101Welfare Reform Act.
March 2104March 2104Cabinet Proposal of March 2104
May 2105May 2105Hemp Freedom Act
September 2105September 2105L-PU Call for early elections, September 2105
February 2108February 2108Education for All Hobrazians Act
May 2109May 2109Patient's Rights Act 2109
June 2109June 2109Worker's Expression Freedom Act
May 2110May 2110L-PU Cabinet Proposal of May 2110
December 2110December 2110Cabinet Wars 2110 - A USM Proposal
May 2111May 2111Nuclear-Free Hobrazia Act 2109
December 2111December 2111Repeal of Eminent Domain.
October 2112October 2112Freedom to Farm Act.
November 2112November 2112Hobrazian Civil Liberties Act.
April 2113April 2113Resricted Hemp Act.
October 2113October 2113International Trade Proposal.
November 2113November 2113Government is not a war profiter.
November 2113November 2113Library act of 2113.
April 2114April 2114Armaments Export Act
May 2115May 2115Localised Farm Act.
October 2115October 2115Private Waste Disposal Act.
December 2115December 2115Quality Housing Act (Amended)
March 2116March 2116GM Food Act
November 2116November 2116Genetically Modified Crops Act of 2113
April 2119April 2119Strategic Crop Production Proposal
October 2119October 2119Term Time Curfew
November 2122November 2122Domestic Animal Ownership: System Simplification Proposal
December 2122December 2122Drug Criminilastion Act of 2122
December 2122December 2122Food Licensing Act
June 2124June 2124Quality Immigration bill
December 2124December 2124Food Safety Act.
February 2125February 2125Modified Strategic Crop Production Proposal
February 2126February 2126Act against desecrating the Flag.
June 2126June 2126Higher Education Act of 2125
July 2126July 2126National Park Act.
July 2127July 2127Education System
July 2127July 2127Call for early elections, February 2127
July 2127July 2127Nation's power grid Policy
August 2127August 2127Abortion Act (2127)
August 2127August 2127Immigration Act (2127)
August 2127August 2127After School Act
August 2127August 2127Nationalisation Bill (2127)
August 2127August 2127Minimum Income Bill
August 2127August 2127Religion Act (2127)
August 2127August 2127Military Act (2127)
August 2127August 2127Phone Deregulation Act.
September 2127September 2127Smoke and Recreational Drugs Act
January 2128January 2128Food Standards Bill (2128)
February 2128February 2128Radio and TV national stations
February 2128February 2128Positive Discrimination Bill of 2128.
April 2128April 2128Gambling Act of 2128.
June 2128June 2128Public Order Bill (2128)
June 2128June 2128Euthanasia Bill (2128)
June 2128June 2128Change of Treatment of Prisoners of War Bill
August 2128August 2128Prescription Drug Freedom Act.
September 2128September 2128Private Cars Bill
November 2128November 2128Waste Disposal and Recycling Act of 2128 (Revised)
January 2129January 2129Freedom of International Media.2128
February 2129February 2129Agriculture Bill
February 2129February 2129Military Trade Bill (2128)
February 2129February 2129Reform Act (2128)
March 2129March 2129Eminent Domain Fair Compensation Act.
July 2130July 2130Cabinet Proposal of July 2130
July 2130July 2130Weapons of Mass Destruction Bill (2130)
July 2130July 2130National Grid Reform.
July 2130July 2130Collectivisation Bill (2130)
August 2130August 2130Private Housing Act.
August 2130August 2130Minimum Income Bill 2130
November 2130November 2130Reform Bill (2130)
November 2130November 2130Conscription Act (2130)
April 2131April 2131Reform Act (2131)
April 2131April 2131Strike Act (2131)
April 2131April 2131Medical Protection Act (2131)
April 2131April 2131Morality Act (2131)
May 2132May 2132Pesticide Freedom Act.
June 2132June 2132Firefighter Act.
June 2132June 2132Prisoners Education
June 2132June 2132State Owned Industries
July 2132July 2132Privatized Waste Act.
July 2132July 2132Minimum Income Bill 2132
August 2132August 2132Pharmaceutical Drug Freedom Act.
November 2132November 2132It Is The Citizens Money And Not the Governments, Private Pension Plan
January 2133January 2133Public Housing
January 2133January 2133Government Library Act.
December 2133December 2133Post Offices Regulation
December 2133December 2133Secular Bill (2133)
December 2133December 2133Space Program Renationalization
December 2133December 2133Missionary Bill (2133)
December 2133December 2133Asylum Bill (2133)
December 2133December 2133Strike Bill (2133)
December 2133December 2133Minimum Income Bill 2133
December 2133December 2133Compulsory Organ Donation (2133)
January 2134January 2134Higher Education Tuition Policy
January 2134January 2134Prescription Drug Availability Act
January 2134January 2134Drug Use Bill (2133)
January 2134January 2134The Organ Act
January 2134January 2134Private Cars Act
January 2134January 2134Sport Clubs Act
May 2134May 2134Gated Community Act 2134
May 2134May 2134Religious Control Act (2131)
May 2134May 2134Public Order Act (2131)
February 2135February 2135Positive Discrimination Act 2135.
February 2135February 2135Private Firearms Limitation Proposal
February 2135February 2135Fireworks Act 2134.
March 2135March 2135Realistic Foreign Aid.
March 2135March 2135Freedom of Industry Act.
April 2135April 2135The Organ Act
April 2135April 2135Bureaucracy Reduction Bill
May 2135May 2135Collectivisation Bill (2134)
May 2135May 2135Military Bill (2134)
May 2135May 2135Drugs Act (2135)
May 2135May 2135Imigration Act (2134)
June 2135June 2135Reduce Government Act.
June 2135June 2135Research and Development of Pharmacautical Act.
June 2135June 2135Right of Assembly Ammendment 2135
June 2135June 2135Localised Ecology Act.
June 2135June 2135Military Bill (2135)
June 2135June 2135Private Adoption Act.
June 2135June 2135Ratification of the Treaty of Key Mon
June 2135June 2135Domestic Animal Security Proposal
September 2135September 2135Abortion Rights Act 2135.
December 2135December 2135More Fish Act.
December 2135December 2135Torture Act
January 2136January 2136Private Cars Act (!)
January 2136January 2136TV and Radio Ownership
February 2136February 2136Energy Generation Proposal. Article 1, National Power Supply
July 2136July 2136Local Shelter Act 2136.
August 2136August 2136Religious Advertising Act 2136
August 2136August 2136Ratification of the WMD Limitation Treaty
October 2136October 2136Extradition Policy Ammendment
January 2137January 2137Post Offices Bill
January 2137January 2137Religious Clothing Act
January 2137January 2137No More Farm Subsidies.
January 2138January 2138Central Power Grid Act
February 2138February 2138End Welfare As We Know It Act.
February 2138February 2138Wild Animal Ownership Proposal 2137
February 2138February 2138L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of December 2137
February 2138February 2138Domestic Animal Security Proposal - Second Reading
February 2138February 2138Gated Community Act 2137
March 2138March 2138Ecology Act (2137)
March 2138March 2138Military Reform Act (2137)
March 2138March 2138Technology Act (2135)
March 2138March 2138Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
March 2138March 2138Foreign Aid Bill (2137)
March 2138March 2138Ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2073
March 2138March 2138Schools Act (2137)
March 2138March 2138Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
March 2138March 2138Food Licencing Act (2137)
March 2138March 2138Withdrawal From International Treaty on Human Rights (2137)
April 2138April 2138Ratification of the Destructive Arsenals treaty
May 2138May 2138Private Cars!
August 2138August 2138Public Decency Act (2138)
September 2138September 2138TV and Radio -2138-
January 2139January 2139Defence of the Government (2138)
January 2139January 2139Child Protection Act (2138)
February 2139February 2139Telecommunications Act 2138
April 2139April 2139Private Monument Freedom Act.
April 2139April 2139Internet Freedom Act. 2139
April 2139April 2139New Private Nursery Act of 2139.
July 2139July 2139Citizens Right To Smoke Act.
September 2139September 2139Defense Industry Act -2137-
February 2140February 2140Illegal Aliens Stance
February 2141February 2141Ratification of the Treaty against the Acts of Hostile Nations.
February 2141February 2141Prohibition Act (2140)
July 2141July 2141Education Act: Article 2. Place - Reintroduction
July 2141July 2141The Organ Act
August 2141August 2141Defense Industry Act
August 2141August 2141Private Cars Act Again.
August 2141August 2141More Private Schools Act.
August 2141August 2141Government Doesn't Belong in the Defense Industry Act.
August 2141August 2141Drugs Act (2141)
September 2141September 2141Minimum Income Bill -2141-
October 2141October 2141Edict of Humane Extradition
December 2141December 2141Renewable Energy Subsidy Freedom Act.
February 2142February 2142Cabinet Proposal Reform (2141)
February 2142February 2142Young Worker's Act 2141
February 2142February 2142Technology Act (2141)
April 2142April 2142Contraception Act
May 2142May 2142Waste Disposal Guarantee Act
February 2143February 2143National Health Legislation: Article 4; Contraception.
March 2143March 2143Private Firearms Limitation Proposal - Second reading
February 2144February 2144Telecommunications Act (2142)
March 2144March 2144Private Cars?
March 2144March 2144Private Grid Stability Act. 2143
July 2144July 2144Private Waste Freedom Act 2144.
August 2144August 2144Agriculture Act (2144)
August 2144August 2144Home Guard Bill (2144)
September 2144September 2144The Organ Act
September 2144September 2144Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organisation (NATO)
October 2144October 2144Strategic Crop Production Proposal - Reintroduction
April 2146April 2146Adult Tobacco Act.
May 2146May 2146Population Act (2145)
May 2146May 2146Privatised Health Act.
May 2146May 2146Appeal Act (2145)
May 2146May 2146Private Defence Act. 2146
May 2146May 2146Drugs Act (2144)
May 2146May 2146Freedom of Prayer Act.
May 2146May 2146Justice Act (2144)
May 2146May 2146Embassy Bill (2145)
May 2146May 2146Tobacco Act of 2146
May 2146May 2146Retirement Act (2144)
September 2146September 2146Religious Taxation Act 2146
February 2148February 2148Justice Act 2147
August 2149August 2149Energy Generation Legislation. Article 2, Nuclear Power
February 2150February 2150Private Education Enabling Act.
February 2150February 2150Private Monument Freedom Act.
August 2150August 2150Power Grid Act. 2149
September 2150September 2150Restoration Bill (2148)
September 2150September 2150Secularisation Bill (2148)
September 2150September 2150Health And Safety Bill (2148) : Fireworks
September 2150September 2150Defence Act (2149)
January 2151January 2151Army reform
January 2151January 2151Natinaol Health Act
February 2151February 2151Head Of State Title (2151)
February 2151February 2151Economy Bill
February 2151February 2151Military Act (2149)
February 2151February 2151immigration plan
February 2151February 2151Morality Act (2148)
February 2151February 2151Head of State Title (2138)
April 2151April 2151Local Ecology Bill.
July 2151July 2151Morals, a nation in despair.
August 2151August 2151Minimum Income Bill -2151-
August 2151August 2151Defense Industries
March 2153March 2153Domestic Animal Security Proposal - Third Reading
May 2153May 2153Prisoner of War Act (2151)
June 2153June 2153Budget proposal of April 2153
July 2154July 2154Young and Old
July 2154July 2154Intellectual immigration plan
July 2154July 2154Advertising regulation
July 2154July 2154Our flag is sacred
July 2154July 2154Industrial pollution regulation bill
September 2154September 2154Private Cars, the Dream of a whole Nation
January 2156January 2156Bill concerning granting nationality
July 2156July 2156Cabinet Proposal of July 2156
July 2156January 2158Industry Bill (2156)
July 2156August 2158National plan to increase the work force
August 2156July 2157Military Service Act
August 2156December 2157Private Firearms Limitation Proposal - Third Reading
September 2156December 2157Term Time Curfew Proposal
September 2156December 2157Domestic Animal Security Proposal - Fourth Reading
September 2156December 2157Strategic Crop Production Proposal
January 2157July 2157Sympathy Strike Reduction Act
February 2157August 2157Religous regulation bill
April 2157August 2157Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
July 2157March 2177CP Thinks Government Cares A Bit Too Much Of Its Citizens
August 2157January 2158Compromising Car debate.
August 2157January 2158Education reform
August 2157October 2158Weapon exportation bill
August 2157October 2158Tax regulation
September 2157December 2157Eminent Domain Repeal.
December 2157February 2158Private Waste Freedom Act.
January 2158January 2158Appendix to education reform bill
January 2158January 2158Cabinet Proposal of January 2158
February 2158February 2158L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of February 2158
September 2158April 2159Porn regulation bill
October 2158November 2158Forest Management Proposal
October 2158April 2159Media Hate Act
April 2159July 2159Telecommunications Act 2159
April 2159August 2159Strike Act: Article 1
April 2159October 2160I'm Spartacus, no I'm Spartacus.
April 2159October 2160Internet regulation
April 2159June 2162Withdraval from the TDE
May 2159August 2159Energy Generation Proposal. National Power Generation and National Grid.
May 2159August 2159Strike Act: Article 2
June 2159June 2159Drug Company Freedom Act.
August 2159August 2159End Mandatory Recycling.
August 2159January 2161Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
August 2159January 2161Ratification of the The First Laloquon Convention
September 2159September 2160Wild Animal Ownership Proposal 2159
October 2159October 2162One For All Act 2159
August 2160November 2160CSP Grand Coalition Cabinet Proposal of August 2160
August 2160April 2161Prisoners of war.
August 2160June 2161Telecommunications Act 2160
August 2160June 2161Energy Generation Proposal. National Power Generation and National Grid. Second Reading
September 2160June 2161Forest Management Proposal
January 2161June 2161Police Funding Bill. -2161-
April 2161March 2162Intelligence agency.
June 2161November 2161Waste Disposal Freedom Act.
July 2161July 2161L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of July 2161
March 2162March 2162HPP's Cabinet Proposal of March 2162
May 2162July 2162Return to Normalcy Act
June 2162June 2162Pre-School education
June 2162June 2162Curfew policy
June 2162June 2162Free education
June 2162June 2162Free transport to everyone.
June 2162June 2162Reservation of the right to regulate import from international trade. 2nd try.
June 2162June 2162Embassy legality
June 2162June 2162Encore...encore
December 2162July 2163Private Car Act of 2162.
March 2163September 2163Education Act: Article 4. Scholastic Provision
June 2163March 2165Partial subsidise for collective transport.
July 2163November 2163L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of July 2163
July 2163July 2164Ratification of the Allied Nations
July 2163December 2171Ratification of the Selucian Free Trade Agreement
September 2163November 2163Return to Normalcy Act (Take Two)
September 2163November 2163CSP Cabinet Proposal of 2163
November 2163November 2163Party Colours Mandate 2163
July 2164July 2164L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of July 2164
July 2164May 2165Pharmaceutical Deregulation Act.
August 2164May 2165School Prayer Freedom Bill (-2164-)
October 2164March 2165Public Health Act
March 2165March 2165Cabinet Proposal of March 2165
March 2165March 2168Unloyal immigration must be stopped
April 2165May 2165National Media Provision Act
May 2165August 2165Curfew policy (2nd hearing)
May 2165June 2166Remove beureaucracy when law is reimplemented.
May 2165September 2168Give people a chance to visit familiy and others
December 2165December 2165Cabinet Proposal of December 2165
April 2166April 2166HPPs Cabinet Proposal of April 2166
June 2166December 2168Ratification of the Allied Nations
October 2166September 2169I'm a citizen, but i don't know anything about Hobrazia
March 2167September 2169Introducing Hobrazian Forest Management Institute
March 2167September 2169Open the door, step out and breathe in......the fresh air.
June 2167November 2168Defense Commune 2167
December 2167April 2169Alternate plan to enlargement of the workforce.
December 2167September 2169Military Allowance Law
March 2168May 2168Let's Cut Some Waste Of Ours
March 2168February 2169Abortion regulation
May 2168November 2169Public Firearms Act
September 2168September 2169Supporting new top athletes
September 2168September 2169Introducing National Food Control
September 2168September 2169Agricultural subsidising Bill
September 2168October 2169"Hey mom, why do we use the Hobrazian flag as toiletpaper?"
September 2168October 2169Avoiding unpleasant happenings
September 2168October 2169"No more more porn"
March 2169September 2169Extradition Act (2169)
March 2169September 2169National Defence Act (2169)
April 2169June 2169Proposal Quota Reform
April 2169October 2169Industry pollution must be lowered.
April 2169October 2169Curfew policy 3rd try
April 2169October 2169Foreign Investment regulation
April 2169October 2169No one left behind.
April 2169October 2169Religious taxation
April 2169October 2169Reintroducing Habeas Data
June 2169October 2169Equal Education Act
September 2169January 2172Workers Involvement Act (2169)
January 2171March 2171Pesticide Freedom Act.
February 2171April 2171Welfare State Reduction Act.
March 2171June 2171L-PU's Cabinet Proposal #1
April 2171June 2171Industry Self Regulation Bill. -2171-
July 2171March 2172Religious Taxation Act 2171
September 2171September 2171Cabinet Proposal of September 2171
December 2171February 2172Space Without the Government Freedom Act.
December 2171February 2172Local Police Department Act.
December 2171February 2172Private Schools Freedom Act.
January 2172July 2172Pharmaceutical Subsidy Act (2172)
February 2172June 2172Car policy.
February 2172August 2172Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
February 2172February 2173Energy reform bill
February 2172April 2173Trade protection act.
February 2172April 2173Introducing National Food Control (2nd try)
March 2172August 2172Firefighters Are Not The Central Government's to Control Act.
July 2172July 2172Organ Donation Act (2172)
July 2172August 2172Reintroduction of the Hobrazian Arms Authority
August 2172September 2172Right To Choose a Pension Act -2172-
September 2172November 2172Smoking Bill. -(Take 3)-
September 2172November 2172New Day For Power Travel (Freedom Act).
October 2172February 2173Government Housing Act (2172)
December 2172March 2173Eminent Domain is Ok, As Long As It's Not My House- Repeal Act -2172.
March 2173April 2173Weapon exportation (2nd try)
March 2173April 2173ID card must be carried
April 2173April 2173Equality in school
April 2173April 2173Local Ecology Management.
April 2173April 2173Adoption is for fathers and mothers
April 2173April 2173Embassy legality
April 2173April 2173recognised marriage protection
April 2173April 2173Reduce sending time
April 2173October 2175Private Media Legalisation
June 2173April 2175Expansion to the Chamber of the Republic (2173)
November 2174April 2176National Emergency Procedures (2174)
March 2175August 2179Introducing National Food Control (3nd try)
March 2175April 2181Introducing free transport
April 2175October 2179Workers Protection Act (2175)
September 2176August 2179Foreign Investment regulation (2nd try)
September 2176August 2179Trade protection act
September 2176August 2179Equality in school
September 2176December 2179Illegal aliens bill
January 2177July 2179Legalization of Smoking
August 2177August 2178Right to Strike
November 2177September 2178Cabinet Proposal of November 2177
March 2178August 2179Reintroducing compulsory organ donation
September 2178September 2188Semi-Dictatorial Cabinet Proposal
October 2178August 2179Defence Industry reform
October 2178August 2179Reintroducing wild animal restrictions
October 2178April 2181Pre-School education (2nd try)
March 2179November 2182Appendix to Military Allowance Law
March 2179November 2182Military Allowance Law
March 2179November 2182Conscription proposal
June 2179June 2179Industry Deregulation Bill -2179-
June 2179July 2179L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of June 2179
June 2179July 2179Gambling Freedom Act -2179-
June 2179July 2179Fishing Act of 2179
July 2179September 2179Garbage and Waste Enabling Act.
July 2179September 2179Private Education.
July 2179October 2179Strike Reform of 2179
July 2179January 2180Art Copyright
July 2179June 2180National Anthem
July 2179June 2180Foreign Investment Regulation
July 2179July 2185Legal Aid to the Accused
October 2179December 2179Private Housing Act -2179-
December 2179December 2180Welfare Update of -2179-
March 2180September 2181Animal Registration Act (2180)
March 2180September 2181Socialist Welfare Reform (2180)
March 2180September 2183Military Reform Act (2180)
December 2180January 2181End Property Theft Act.
September 2181December 2182Morality Act (2181)
September 2181March 2183Retirement Act (2181)
March 2182September 2182Bill concerning granting nationality (2nd try)
April 2182July 2182Elimination of Eminent Domain
September 2182December 2182Parental Regulation Act (2182)
September 2182September 2185Passport Control Act (2182)
September 2183October 2185Military Allowance Law (one more time)
June 2184June 2184Freedom For Industry Bill -2184-
June 2184June 2184Trade Expansion Act.
June 2184June 2184Local Ecology Act.
June 2184June 2184Media Freedom Act.
July 2184July 2184Ending Sports Club Welfare Bill
August 2184August 2184End Mandatory Recycling
October 2184October 2184Keep Government Away From The Nursery (Freedom Act)
November 2184June 2185Tobacco Act of 2184
February 2185June 2188Prisoners of war regulation
June 2185June 2185L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of June 2185
September 2185September 2185Cabinet Proposal of September 2185
November 2185November 2185UB Cabinet Proposal of November 2185
December 2185December 2185CSP Cabinet Proposal of December 2185
January 2186January 2186HPP's Cabinet Proposal of January 2186
February 2187March 2187Cabinet Proposal of February 2187
March 2187September 2188Waste Disposal Act (2187)
November 2187July 2189National bill on pets
November 2187July 2189Foreign investment regulation
November 2187July 2189National Service Directive
November 2187August 2189The national refugee policy
November 2187March 2191Illegal aliens policy reform
November 2187March 2191Intellectual immigration plan
June 2188June 2188HPP's cabinet proposal of june 2188
July 2188July 2188CSP Cabinet Proposal of July 2188
October 2188September 2189Space Exploration Act (2188)
October 2188September 2189Energy Nationalisation Act (2188)
March 2189September 2189Abortion Act (2189)
June 2189June 2189Turn Off The Government Light On Energy
June 2189June 2189Tripartitical Dictatorial Cabinet of June 2189
August 2189April 2190Equality in school
October 2190October 2190Military Reform Act (2190)
October 2190October 2190Appeal Act (2190)
October 2190October 2190Workers Involvement Act (2190)
October 2190October 2191Immigration Act (2190)
March 2191March 2191Withdraval form undemocratic treaty
March 2191March 2191Withdraval from the TDE
March 2191September 2192Nudism should be banned
March 2191September 2192Nuclear Weapon regulation
March 2191September 2192Encore...encore
October 2191August 2192Technology Act (2191)
October 2191August 2192Drugs Act (2191)
November 2191June 2192Smoking Makes You Cool Act
November 2191June 2192Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
December 2191September 2192Ban Tobacco
December 2191September 2192Ban gambling
March 2192August 2192GM Agriculture Act (2192)
March 2192September 2192Weapon exportation (3rd try)
March 2192September 2192National Motto Changing
April 2192September 2192Military Allowance Law
September 2192September 2193Illegal aliens
September 2192October 2193Withdraw from unnessecary treaty
March 2193September 2193Population Act (2193)
May 2193June 2193Ratification of the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty.
September 2193September 2193Nudity Act (2193)
September 2193February 2194Military Reform Act (2193)
September 2193February 2194Cabinet Proposal of September 2193
September 2193February 2194Missionary Bill (2193)
October 2193February 2194Tear down these walls
October 2193February 2194Religous dress code
March 2194April 2194Extradition Act
June 2195June 2195CSP Cabinet Proposal of June 2195
April 2196May 2197Defence Industry Competition Act
April 2196May 2197Local Government Bureaucracy Reduction Proposal
April 2196May 2197Wild Animal Ownership Proposal
April 2196October 2197Smoke it Up Act
May 2196April 2197Stamping Out Religion
October 2196November 2200Death Penalty Enactment
March 2197April 2197Turn Off The Government Light On Energy II
March 2197April 2197Private Defense Industry.
March 2197April 2197Trade Emancipation Act.
March 2197April 2197Eradication of Communist Elements in Industry (Freedom Act)
March 2197April 2197Phone Freedom Bill -2197-
April 2197April 2197L-PU's Cabinet Proposal of April 2197
April 2197April 2197Bill Condeming Communist Totalitarian Party of Hobrazia membership in the Anti-Selucian Front
April 2197May 2197Local Parks Bill -2197-
April 2197May 2197L-PU's Cabinet Proposal #2
April 2197September 2197We Can Live Without State's "Vital" Aid
June 2197September 2197The Patriotic Food Sellers Act of -2197-
September 2197October 2197Animal Research Act.
December 2197January 2198Returning Religious Schools Freedom Act.
December 2197January 2198Organ Donar Rights Act.
December 2197January 2198L-PU's Cabinet Proposal -Attempt 3-
March 2198March 2198L-PU's Not To Be Denied Cabinet Proposal of March 2198
March 2198March 2198Clean Air Act (2198)
March 2198March 2198Pharmaceutical Industry Improvement Act. -2198-
March 2198April 2198Environment Bill
March 2198January 2199Car Bill of -2198-
April 2198April 2198We Want Free Media
June 2198January 2199Returning The Right To Practice Religion and Allowing School Prayer (Freedom Act).
June 2198January 2199Local Police Enabling Act.
January 2199January 2199Elimination of Forced ID Bill of -2199-
January 2199January 2199End Religious Taxes.
January 2199January 2199Forest of Freedom Act.
January 2199January 2199Identification Reform Act of 2199
January 2199April 2199Religious Freedom Measures of 2199
April 2199April 2199Nuclear Power Proposal of -2199-
April 2199April 2199Sports Clubs
September 2199September 2200Ratification of the Treaty Ensuring The Free Speach of Nations and Citizens
April 2200May 2200Foreign Policies Bill
June 2200October 2200National Service
September 2200March 2201Passport Act - 2200
October 2200October 2200Cabinet Proposal of October 2200
November 2200November 2200Religious Equality Act.
November 2200November 2200Fireworks Are Fun Act
November 2200November 2200Reduction of Tariffs Act of 2200.
November 2200November 2200Privatised Defense Industry Act.
November 2200November 2200Energy Generation Act of -2200-
November 2200November 2200L-PU 'sCabinet Proposal of November 2200
December 2200December 2200Forest of Freedom Act of -2200-
December 2200December 2200CSP Cabinet Proposal of December 2200
April 2201April 2201Firearms Act
April 2202August 2202Military reform act
April 2202March 2204Ban hardcore pornographics.
June 2202June 2202HPP's Cabinet Proposal of June 2202
July 2202July 2202Armaments Allowance Act
March 2203March 2203Cabinet Proposal of March 2203
May 2203May 2203Organ Harvesting Reform
June 2203October 2203Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Provisions of 2204
September 2203September 2203Prostitution Monopoly
September 2203May 2204Recreational drug prohibition
October 2203October 2203Chem and Bio Weapon disarmament Treaty Withdrawl
October 2203October 2203Cleaner Military Act
November 2203November 2203Effective Police Enforcement
May 2204October 2205National Service Directive
May 2204October 2205Withdraw from unnessecary treaty
May 2204October 2205Private ownership of cars policy
May 2204October 2205Foreign investment regulation (yet again)
May 2204October 2205Reimplementing the national refugee policy
May 2204October 2205Reimplementing embassy tradition
May 2204October 2205Religous dress code (2nd try)
December 2204October 2205Immigration Reform
September 2205September 2205Just Another Nice Cabinet Proposal.
September 2205September 2205Private Cars, What A Distant Dream
September 2205November 2205We Can Live Without State's "Vital" Aid II
September 2205March 2206We Can Defend Ourselves
September 2205May 2206Lazy People Real Rights II
September 2205September 2206Turn Off The Government Light On Energy III
November 2205November 2205Subsistance Assurance Act
November 2205November 2205Prison Labor Reform
January 2206January 2206Identification Reform of 2206
March 2206February 2207Military reform needed (here it is)
March 2208April 2209Lets avoid terrorism and other crimes.
April 2208April 2208Military Enhancement Act
September 2208September 2208Military Reform Act (2208)
September 2208September 2208Defence of the Flag Act (2208)
September 2208September 2208Nudity Act (2208)
September 2208March 2211Immigration Reform Act (2208)
March 2209April 2209Industrial Hemp Regulation Act (2209)
March 2209November 2209Religous dress code (3rd try)
March 2209March 2211Nationalisation Act: Phase I (2209)
April 2209April 2209Youth Development Act (2209)
May 2209May 2209Justice Reform of 2209
May 2209November 2209Energy regulation
May 2209February 2210Military reform needed (here it is again)
September 2209September 2209Ecology Act (2209)
October 2209January 2210A Resolution Honoring Chancellor Malachai Rhodes
January 2210January 2210CSP Call for early elections, January 2210
February 2210February 2210Military reform needed (appendix)
March 2210March 2210I'm a citizen, but i don't know anything about Hobrazia (2nd try)
November 2210May 2211Planned Economy Act
December 2210July 2211Health Care Quality Rules
April 2211April 2211CTPoH Cabinet Proposal of April 2211
September 2211October 2211Police Questioning Reform Act (2211)
September 2211October 2211National Health Legislation: Article 1, Smoking
October 2211October 2211Workers Involvement Act (2211)
December 2211February 2212Cabinet Proposal of December 2211
May 2212January 2213Power Reform Act
June 2212April 2213Economy revisited
June 2212April 2213National Service Directive (2nd try)
June 2212April 2213Religous dress code (here we go again)
December 2212December 2212Cabinet Proposal of December 2212
January 2213January 2213Cabinet Proposal of January 2213
February 2213February 2213Military Reform Act (2213)
April 2213March 2215National Motto Changing
April 2213March 2215Introducing conscription
September 2213October 2213Free Trade Restoration Freedom Bill.
December 2213December 2213Parental Regulation Act (2213)
December 2213September 2214Misc Act
November 2214March 2215Narcotics of federalism
December 2214May 2218Head of Government Nomial Revision
March 2215April 2215HPP's reconciliation cabinet proposal of March 2215
March 2215June 2215Unity Government Cabinet Proposal (v3)
March 2215August 2216Education Act: Article 7. Religious Education
March 2215August 2216Education Act: Article 2. Place - Reintroduction
April 2215April 2215Ending Slave Labor in Hobrazia
July 2215August 2216Head of State Nomial Revision
January 2216October 2216Living for the bigger purpose bill (aka morality bill)
February 2216September 2217Police Reform Act (2216)
June 2216October 2216Unity Government Cabinet Proposal (v5)
October 2216October 2216Local Parks Bill.
October 2216October 2216Waste Reform Act of -2216-
October 2216October 2216National Motto Changing
October 2216October 2216Reimplementing embassy tradition....again....!
October 2216October 2216Appendix to certain changes concerning laws on identification and immigration.
October 2216October 2216Property Freedom Act.
November 2216November 2216Defense Industry Enabling Act.
September 2217August 2218Cabinet Proposal of September 2217
November 2217May 2218Ecological Federalism
November 2217May 2218Indentity card clarification
April 2218November 2219Naming a national refugee policy
July 2218November 2219Gated Communities Bill
February 2219March 2219Reform Act (2219)
March 2219March 2219Reform Act Phase II (2219)
March 2219August 2219Flag Bill
March 2219November 2219Religous dress code (here we go again)
March 2219November 2219Introducing conscription (2nd try)
March 2219November 2219Introducing GICS
March 2219November 2219Extradition Of Accused
March 2219November 2219Ban Hardcore Porn (2nd try)
June 2219August 2219Introducing moderate physical pressure (2nd try)
July 2219July 2219Morality and Family Values Act (2219)
November 2219November 2219No more perverts in our streets
March 2220March 2221Illegal Aliens (step 2)
March 2220March 2221Ban Tobacco (2nd try)
October 2220October 2221Liberty or Bust
August 2221August 2221Introducing moderate physical pressure (the hopefull try)
July 2222March 2224Encouraging the working population
September 2222March 2224Religous dress code
October 2222March 2224Religious advertising rules
December 2222March 2224One...Two...Tree (thats one to much)
January 2223July 2223Morality Act (2223)
March 2223August 2223National Industry Legislation
April 2223February 2224Libert or Bust (2nd version)
July 2223July 2223Cabinet Proposal of July 2223
February 2224September 2224Income tax proposal of February 2224
March 2224December 2224Immigration Policy
March 2224December 2224Military restructuring
March 2224December 2224I'm a citizen, but i don't know anything about Hobrazia (third try)
March 2224December 2224Enviroment regulation
August 2225August 2226Education reform
August 2225August 2226Law regulating the religions regulation of the individual.
August 2226August 2226Cabinet Proposal of August 2226
August 2227August 2227HPP's Cabinet Proposal of August 2227 #2
August 2227August 2227HPP's Cabinet Proposal of August 2227 #1
August 2227August 2228No more perverts in our streets (2. try)
April 2228August 2228Immigration Policy (2. try)
April 2228August 2228Reimplementing embassy tradition
April 2228August 2228Living for the bigger purpose bill (aka morality bill - modified)
August 2229August 2229Smoke Rights
October 2229May 2230Public / Private Business Regulation
February 2231August 2231Proposal to change Government regulation of pollution in industry.
February 2231August 2231One...Two...Tree (thats one to much...going twice)
May 2231May 2231Public / Private Business Regulation
August 2231November 3936Hobrazian Atlas Program
February 2232February 2235Military Restructuring (appendix)
August 2233February 2235Reform on ecological matters
September 2233February 2235Making state take the responsibility they should
September 2233February 2235Redefining our curfewlaws.
September 2233February 2235Making state take the responsibility they should (appendix)
September 2234September 2234Reform Act (2234)
February 2235February 2235Reform Act Phase II (2235)
February 2236September 2236Redifining government responsibilities
August 2237August 2237Cabinet Proposal of August 2237
September 2237July 2238Liberalisation of the naval industries.
September 2237July 2238Reducing the hobrazian relationship with Selucia
February 2239August 2239A military restriction
February 2239August 2239Reimplementing embassy tradition
February 2239August 2239Military restructuring (second edition)
April 2239August 2239Military restructuring (ammendment)
February 2240April 2241Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
February 2240May 2241Religion and space exploration
December 2241December 2241CSP Cabinet Proposal of December 2241
December 2241February 2242Ending Sanctioned Torture
December 2241February 2242Smoking Allowance Act
December 2241November 2242Identification Reform of 2242
October 2242April 2244Bill on militaristic matters
October 2242April 2244Reimplementing embassy tradition
October 2242April 2244Stop this nudity perversion.
October 2242April 2244Space exploration
November 2242November 2242Socialist Reform Act
November 2242April 2244Economy Revisited (part 3)
July 2243November 2244Ending Sanctioned Torture, 2nd Try
February 2244February 2244CSP Cabinet Proposal of February 2244
November 2247November 2247Call for early elections, November 2247
November 2249November 2249Cabinet Proposal of November 2249
November 2249November 2249Dead Horse Act
December 2249December 2249Cabinet Proposal of December 2249
January 2251January 2251Dead Horse Act III
February 2251September 2251Respect our country
February 2251September 2251Reform on ecological matters (2nd try)
February 2251September 2251Military Reform
February 2251September 2251Economy Revisited (the old days were the best)
February 2251September 2251Making state take the responsibility they should (2nd try)
August 2251December 2252Ratification of the Military Exercise Cooperation Treaty between Selucia and Habrazia.
August 2251December 2252Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
August 2251June 2253Ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and cooperation with The Selucian Empire.
September 2251September 2251Public Sex to Be Banned
September 2251September 2251Encouraging the working population (2nd try)
September 2251September 2251Education Reform Needed
September 2251September 2251Immigration Policy Regulation
August 2252May 2253Advertising regulation
August 2252May 2253Military structure
February 2254October 2254Reintroducing moderate physical pressure
February 2254October 2254State and collective ownership
February 2254October 2254Cult of the individual
February 2254October 2254Stop this nudity perversion
April 2254April 2254Civil Liberties Package of 2245
April 2254October 2254Religous dress code (come on:-))
November 2254June 2255La Rstauration... de la Droite
June 2257June 2257CSP Call for early elections, June 2257
July 2259July 2259Cabinet Proposal of July 2259
May 2260May 2260Amendment to the Constitution
June 2260June 2261Nudity Restriction Act 2260
February 2261June 2261Mayoral Reform Act
June 2261January 2262Public Sensuality Act
February 2263February 2263Amendment to the Cleaner Hobrazia Act 2263
June 2265April 2266Home Schooling Act
November 2270November 2270Green Measures of 2271
March 2272March 2272National Energy Generation Bill
September 2272March 2273Law regulating the religions regulation of the individual (3rd try)
October 2272March 2273Economy Revisited (the old days were the best)
October 2272September 2273Cult of the individual (again)
October 2272September 2273Military structure
October 2273March 2274Justice reform
October 2273September 2277Implementing a national refugee policy
October 2274September 2277Economy Revisited (part 3)
July 2276January 2277The Union Party Proposal I
September 2277September 2277Adjustments to the Union Party Proposal I
November 2277November 2277Anti-Torture Bill
April 2278April 2278Getting rid of stupid treaties (part 5)
February 2279March 2279Creating a military structure
December 2279April 2280Cabinet Proposal of December 2279
January 2280August 2280Economy Revisited
January 2280August 2280Ammendment to Economy Revisited
April 2280April 2280Democratic Industry Act
April 2280April 2280Nationalized Energy Act of 2281
September 2280September 2280Correcting the budget
September 2280September 2280Socialist health care program
January 2281January 2281Cabinet Proposal of January 2281
February 2281April 2281Illegalize Prostitution
April 2281April 2281Ammendment to Economy Revisited
April 2281April 2281Economy Revisited (waiting on LCP)
June 2281November 2281The Union Party Proposal II
November 2281November 2281Religous dress code (Please..;-)...)
February 2282January 2287military ammendment
June 2283July 2284La Rstauration de la Droite! (II)
July 2285January 2287Foreign Aid Policy
July 2285January 2287Fishing industry (national act of collective ownership)
July 2285January 2287Enviromental Plan
June 2287July 2287Resolution noting with regret the direction Hobrazia is heading in
July 2287July 2287National Motto Amendment
July 2287May 2289Make Higher Education Equitable
February 2288May 2288Allows smoking
September 2288January 2289Law regulating the religions regulation of the individual (4th try)
September 2288January 2289Adoption is for fathers and mothers
September 2288January 2289Moral Agenda of 2288
September 2288January 2289Military structure (2nd try)
November 2288May 2289Workers Representatives
November 2288May 2289Health Equity Bill
May 2289June 2289Knowledge Nation
June 2289June 2289Basic Equity
July 2289July 2289Housing Hobrazia - Accomodation for All
July 2289July 2289Economy Revisited part 2 (step 1)
July 2289July 2289Making the Economy work for Hobrazia
November 2289November 2289Ridding Hobrazia of Mercenaries
February 2290May 2290Military regulation
August 2290August 2290Call for early elections, August 2290
November 2290November 2290National Motto Amendment
May 2291May 2291Care for Animals
July 2291July 2292Media Regulation Act (2291)
January 2292January 2292Cabinet Proposal of January 2292
March 2292March 2292HPP's Alternate and Uniting Cabinet Proposal of March 2292
March 2292June 2292The Union Proposal III
March 2292March 2293Moral agenda of 2292
March 2292March 2293Bill concerning individual freedom from religions
March 2292March 2293Bill concerning the defence of the nation
March 2292March 2293Ecology Bill
June 2292July 2292Border Control Act (2292)
February 2293September 2293Workers Co-Operative Act (2293)
March 2293August 2293HPP's Alternate and Uniting Cabinet Proposal of March 2293
October 2293October 2293Ammendment to "Bill concerning the defence of the nation"
October 2293October 2293Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
November 2293February 2294Justice Reform (step 2)
March 2294March 2294Religious changes
March 2294March 2294No more perverts in our streets
March 2294March 2294Nudism laws.
March 2294March 2294Cabinet Proposal of March 2294
November 2294September 2295Fishing Industry Act
November 2294September 2295Strategic Crop Production Proposal - Reintroduction
November 2295January 2296Ecological Priority
May 2296November 2296Budget proposal of May 2296
August 2296February 2297Introducing constituencial segregation policies.
August 2296March 2297Economy Revisited part 2 (step 2)
October 2296March 2297Bill concerning the defence of the nation (second try)
October 2299March 2300Ratification of the The Exportation of Yoj Treaty
March 2301March 2301National Business Policy Statement
April 2301April 2303Reducing our relations with the Selucian Empire
March 2302March 2302National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision
August 2302April 2303Sexual Morals belonging to the private sphere.
September 2302March 2303Bill concerning ecology priority
September 2302April 2303Religious Regulation
September 2302April 2303Nudism law
September 2302April 2303Military allowance act
January 2304July 2304The Deltarian situation
January 2304July 2304Reducing our relations with the Selucian Empire (take 2)
April 2304May 2304Dove Reforms of 2304
May 2305May 2305Smoking Act
May 2305May 2305Free Market Act
May 2305May 2305More democratic acts Act
July 2305August 2305Strategic Crop Production Act
February 2306July 2306Liberal Reform Act
April 2306July 2306Religion revisited
April 2306March 2308Ecology bill
July 2306July 2306Military Act
October 2306October 2306Cabinet Proposal of October 2306
March 2307June 2307National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision
September 2307September 2307Keymon is no longer neutral - so lets withdraw anything that say they are.
October 2307October 2307Commerical Fishing Act
February 2308February 2308General Reform Act
February 2308April 2308Ban on pornography
April 2308April 2308The refugee situation
June 2309June 2309Electricity Freedom Act
November 2309November 2309Liberal Keeping act
November 2309November 2309Secular Act
April 2310May 2311Election Reform of 2311
December 2310December 2314Bill to avoid unwanted scenarios if the situation gets worse.
April 2311April 2311Refrom act of government
April 2311April 2311Ending Sanctioned Torture Act
April 2311April 2311Visibility act 2311
April 2311April 2311Power freedom act
April 2311April 2311Agriculture reform Act
December 2312December 2312Health Act
December 2312December 2312power sector reform act
December 2312December 2312free business act
November 2313May 2314Free industry act
January 2316January 2316Visibility Act
April 2316April 2316Cabinet Proposal of April 2316
April 2316December 2316Anti-nudism bill
April 2316December 2316Introducing GICS
April 2316February 2317Religion revisited
April 2316February 2317Enlarging the workforce
November 2316November 2316Cabinet Proposal of November 2316
January 2317January 2317Cabinet Proposal of January 2317
July 2317July 2317Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
July 2317December 2318Introducing constituencial segregation policies
August 2317August 2317Cabinet Proposal of August 2317
November 2317November 2318Complete Control of Industry
July 2319December 2319Industrial Freedom Again Act
September 2319December 2319Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
September 2319August 2322Preparation for future conflicts
April 2321April 2321Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
February 2322August 2322Religion revisited
April 2322August 2322Call for early elections, April 2322
January 2323March 2323Cabinet Proposal of January 2323
March 2323January 2324Education and Enlightenment Act
March 2324March 2325Hobaism, The Peoples Religion
May 2324May 2324CSP Platform and Statement of Protest 2324
October 2324January 2325Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
October 2324January 2325Preparation for a defence (part 2)
October 2324January 2325Introducing GICS
July 2325July 2325Refugee policy
April 2326March 2327Reconstitution of Cabinet Act
June 2326September 2326Cabinet Proposal of June 2326
September 2326September 2326Call for early elections, September 2326
September 2326April 2328Freedom of industry Act
February 2327February 2327K3rr4zy M4n1f3570!
April 2327August 2327Military Security Act
May 2327July 2327Budget proposal of May 2327
July 2327July 2327Income tax proposal of July 2327
July 2327July 2327Trade Union protection Act
July 2327July 2327Clyrvsk 2
July 2327July 2327Sexual Education Act 1
December 2327December 2327Clyrvsk 3
January 2328January 2328Hobrazian Sovereignty at Heart - the Clyrvsk Dynastia
January 2328March 2328Religious Definition
January 2328January 2329Health Act
March 2328March 2328Clyrvsk 4
April 2328January 2329National City Proposition
July 2328July 2328Crasp Says
July 2328August 2328Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
August 2328August 2328Clyrvsk 5
March 2329March 2329The Dominion of Crasp Presents
April 2329April 2329Civil Disobedience Act
April 2329February 2330End Hobrazian Subjugation
July 2329February 2330Crasp's Administrative Amendments
October 2329February 2330Infrastructure Act of Hobrazia
December 2329February 2330Ending the legalised mafia
February 2330February 2330Foreign Investment in Hobrazian Company Acts
February 2330February 2332Crasp's Admin 2
March 2330April 2330Constitutional Change of Head Of State
March 2330April 2330Prisoner Rights Act
March 2330December 2330Anti-nudism bill
March 2330December 2330Introducing GICS
March 2330February 2331Treaty Withdrawal
January 2331January 2331Call for early elections, January 2331
January 2331February 2331Cabinet Proposal of January 2331
January 2331January 2333Trade Budget Amendment 2331
February 2331February 2331Clyrvsk Federalism
February 2331January 2333Hobrazian Civil Liberties
February 2331January 2333Sex is not Necessary
March 2331September 2331Religion Revisited
March 2331March 2332Education Policy of Hobrazia
March 2331March 2332Home Schooling Act
April 2331July 2331Budget proposal of April 2331
April 2331July 2331Income tax proposal of April 2331
April 2331March 2332National Police Department Act
September 2331September 2331Religion Revisited (appendix)
September 2331September 2332Immigration and refugee Policy
September 2331September 2332Cult of the individual
July 2332July 2332Civil Liberties Act 2332
December 2332March 2333Recommendations from the Ministry of Justice
March 2333February 2334Elections Act
July 2333February 2334Organ Donation Act
August 2333February 2334Budget proposal of August 2333
February 2334May 2334Health Policy of Hobrazia
February 2334May 2334Welfare Act
July 2334September 2334Subsidizing the Phone Service
October 2334October 2334Farming Act
January 2335May 2335Call for early elections, January 2335
February 2335April 2335Pollution Control
February 2335April 2335Zoological Act
November 2335June 2340The Hobrazian Rennaissance
July 2336February 2338Military Reform of June 2336
July 2337January 2339National Industry Legislation
February 2338February 2338Clyrvsk Federalist Bill
February 2338January 2339Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
July 2338January 2339Sexual Education Act
October 2338June 2339Justice Reform Step 2
January 2339March 2339Hobrazian Chairman Act
February 2339March 2339Infrastructure Act
February 2339March 2339Axis Removal
February 2339March 2339Budget proposal of February 2339
February 2339March 2339National Television Act
February 2339March 2339Ecology Act
July 2339January 2340Gated Communities Act
July 2339January 2340Health Act
January 2340April 2340Hate Speech Act
January 2340April 2340Education Act 2340
June 2340November 3936ooc: the Great Hobrazian Wiki Project
July 2340July 2340Hobrazian Space Agency (HSA)
July 2340July 2340Budget proposal of July 2340
August 2340November 2340Religious Act of Hobrazia
August 2340November 2340Military Act July 2340
April 2341June 2343Welfare Act
August 2341August 2341The Birth of an Empire
August 2341December 2341Uniting the nation
August 2341December 2341Nationalising agricultural and naval industries
August 2341June 2342Put a hindrance to terror
February 2342February 2342Economic Platform of the NEMP
June 2342June 2342Budget proposal of June 2342
June 2342June 2342Retirement Age Act
June 2342June 2342Deadbeat Welfare Act
January 2343January 2343Ecology Act
March 2343March 2343Call for early elections, March 2343
June 2343June 2343Private Health Care and Standards Act
June 2343September 2343Infrastructure Act
June 2343September 2343Energy and Nuclear Power Act
June 2343September 2343Income tax proposal of June 2343
September 2343September 2343Cabinet Proposal of September 2343
January 2344January 2344Civil Liberties Act
January 2344January 2344Religion Act
January 2344February 2344Foreign Policy Act of hobrazia
March 2344March 2344Education Act
March 2344June 2344Call for early elections, March 2344
July 2345March 2346Military Act
July 2345March 2346Economics Act
August 2345March 2346Jelbanian Free Trade Agreement
March 2346November 3936Hobrazian Holidays
August 2346July 2347Anti-nudism bill
August 2346July 2347Immigration and refugee Policy
August 2346July 2347Introducing GICS
August 2347November 2347We want Visibility, and we want it NOW!
August 2347December 2347Ten Percent State - Input
August 2347December 2347Banning Redundant Taxes
August 2347December 2347Ten Percent State - Output
September 2348September 2348Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
December 2348December 2348We want visibility, and we want it NOW! II
January 2350January 2350Cabinet Proposal of January 2350
February 2351September 2351Environmental Stewardship
February 2352July 2352Freedom Act
October 2352October 2352Environmental Stewardship, otra vez
February 2353May 2353Budget proposal of February 2353
June 2353February 2354Economical reform
June 2353February 2354Economical reform - Expenditures
June 2353February 2354Free TV!
July 2353February 2354give Hobrazia to the Hobrazians
January 2355January 2355Private Train
August 2355August 2355Family Rights
February 2356July 2356Private Sport Clubs
March 2356February 2360Public Safety Act
August 2356August 2356Hobrazia for hobrazians
August 2356August 2356Death Penalty Act
November 2356August 2358Religious Freedom Act
February 2358July 2364Budget Cut Act 2358
February 2358July 2364Tax Cut Act 2358
November 2359November 2359Children's Rights Act
February 2360July 2360Freedom Act
March 2360September 2360Privatization of Government owned defence industries.
March 2360August 2361Health Care Access and Freedom Act.
April 2360August 2361Firearms Act
March 2361February 2362Separation of Church and State Act
March 2361February 2362Reaffirmation of Property Rights Act
August 2361May 2362Public Health Act
February 2362March 2363Democratic Reform Act
February 2362September 2363Space Act
October 2362March 2363Waste Disposal Act
October 2362March 2363Forestry Act
November 2362December 2362Neutrality act
November 2362June 2363A Market for public transport Act
November 2362June 2363Decentralization Act
June 2363June 2363Humane Treatment Act
June 2363June 2363Industry Privatization Act
February 2364May 2364Film Certification Act
July 2364July 2364Free Nature!
July 2364July 2364Free the Tyrant, Free the Oppressed, Free the People!
September 2364September 2364Increased Representation Act.
September 2364September 2364Right to Work Act
September 2364September 2364Luxury Tax Reduction Act
September 2364September 2364Tax Reduction Act
August 2365August 2365Prosperity Act
August 2365August 2365Flag Act
August 2365August 2365Economic Progress Act
August 2365November 2365Public Health Act
December 2365February 2368Executive Reform Bill
July 2366July 2366Budget adjustment of July 2366
October 2366October 2366The Right to Property Act.
October 2366October 2366Firearms Act II Reversion
October 2366October 2366Intellectual Property Act
October 2366April 2367Choice in Education
October 2366April 2367Budget adjustment of October 2366
August 2367September 2367Use of Torture
August 2367January 2368Public Safety Act II
August 2367February 2368Repeal Eminent Domain Policy
September 2367September 2367Legalization of the Death Penalty
March 2368March 2368Outlaw Corporal Discipline in Schools
March 2368March 2368Marriage as an Institution Abolition Act
March 2368March 2368Energy Freedom Act
March 2368March 2368Taxation Reduction
March 2368June 2368Justice Reform Act
June 2368July 2368Improved Research in Cloning
July 2368July 2368Private Train Operating Companies
September 2368September 2368Waste Act
September 2368September 2368Defence Industry Act
August 2369August 2369Freedom Defence Act
August 2369August 2369Government Reform Act
September 2369September 2369Income tax proposal of September 2369
September 2369September 2369Budget proposal of September 2369
January 2370December 2370Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
July 2370September 2370Minimum Income Guarantee
September 2370September 2370Repeal of Firearms Limitation Proposal
April 2371August 2371Religious Recognition Act
August 2371September 2371National Health Legislation: National Health Service Provision
September 2371September 2371Income tax proposal of September 2371
September 2371September 2371Budget proposal of September 2371
February 2372February 2372Draft Abolition Act
July 2372August 2372National Health Legislation: Article 5; Contraception.
March 2373March 2373Budget proposal of March 2373
April 2373November 2373Ecological Reform Act II
September 2373November 2373Ratification of the Migrant's Pass Treaty of Friendship and Prosperity
January 2374May 2374Environment Act - Safeguarding the Future
December 2374December 2376Sebastian Flyte
March 2375March 2375Freedom to Drink Act
March 2375March 2375Defence Industries Act
March 2375March 2375Deregulation of Hiring Policies Act
March 2375March 2375Freedom to Smoke Act
September 2375September 2375Income tax proposal of September 2375
February 2376February 2376Prosperity Act
November 2376November 2376Cabinet Proposal of November 2376
November 2376January 2377Energy Generation Proposal. Article 4, National Power Grid
December 2376May 2377National Health Legislation: Article 1, Smoking
September 2377September 2377Budget proposal of September 2377
September 2377September 2377Marriage Institution Abolishment
September 2377September 2377Ecological Reform Act III
September 2377September 2377Income tax proposal of September 2377
December 2377December 2378The Flyte Welfare Bill
July 2378January 2381The Sebastian Flyte Education Bill
April 2382April 2382Population Act
December 2383February 2385anti smoking bill
December 2383February 2385gambling act of lienciensing
January 2386December 2386minimuim wage
September 2391February 2395the derrfe change
April 2396April 2400Ratification of the Collective Security Council
June 2396February 2400revision of derrfe change
March 2399June 2399National Park Policy
March 2399June 2399Wild Animal Ownership and Public Security Act
March 2399March 2400Public Safety Act
August 2410July 2413tort is tort
January 2417December 2417Introducing a Religious Dress Code
January 2417December 2417Uniting the Nation
January 2417December 2417Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy
July 2417December 2417Police Resources Transfer Allowance
July 2420December 2420Cult of the individual
July 2420December 2420Military reinforcements and restructuring
December 2420December 2420Socialist Agenda (Step 1)
February 2421February 2421Cabinet Proposal of February 2421
August 2430September 2431Video Gaming Regulation
March 2431July 2431Film Certification Act
March 2432January 2433Wild Animal Ownership and Public Security Act
November 2436November 2436Cabinet Shuffle
November 2436November 2436Mixed Economy Act of 2437
August 2437August 2437Cabinet Proposal of August 2437
July 2438January 2439Child Labor Correction Act
July 2438January 2439Immigrant and Refugee Limitation Act
July 2438January 2439Favorable Terms Act
July 2440February 2445Say No to Drugs Act
November 2440September 2441Ecological Priority
November 2440September 2441Socialist Agenda (Step 1)
November 2440September 2441Cult of the individual
November 2440September 2441Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy (Part 2)
February 2441September 2441Police Resources Transfer Allowance
June 2441June 2441Authorize Lethal Weapons in Civilian Police force
August 2441August 2441Eminent Domain Act
August 2441August 2441Unified Communications Privatization Act
September 2441September 2441A Happier Tomorrow
September 2441September 2441Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy (Part 1)
November 2441November 2441Adoption Regulation
November 2441November 2441Establishing a Privat Sphere for Private Life.
November 2441November 2441Introducing GICS
November 2441November 2441Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
April 2442April 2442Cabinet Proposal of April 2442
April 2442November 2442Public-Private Housing Cooperation Act
October 2442October 2442Cabinet Proposal of October 2442
November 2442November 2442Cabinet Deadlock
November 2442November 2442Education Privatization Act
November 2442November 2442Sales of Food Act
April 2443April 2443Cabinet Proposal of April 2443
May 2443May 2443Cabinet Proposal of May 2443
July 2443July 2443Cabinet Proposal of July 2443
July 2443October 2444Introducing GICS (haste bill)
September 2443September 2443Final Cabinet Proposal
October 2443October 2443Cabinet Proposal of October 2443
October 2443October 2443True Left/Right Cabinet Proposal
January 2444February 2445Religion Regulation Policy
January 2445October 2445Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
January 2445October 2445Anti-nudism bill
January 2445October 2445Military reinforcements and restructuring
February 2445February 2445Adoption Reform Act
February 2445February 2445Regarding the Treatment of PoW's
March 2445March 2445Deltarian request
July 2446July 2446Emergency Services Freedom Act
July 2446July 2446Unified Competitive Energy Proposal
October 2446October 2446Military Sector Improvement
October 2446October 2446Ecological Priority
October 2446October 2446Religion Revisited
October 2446October 2446Religious Dress Code
May 2448May 2448Border and Immigration Regulation Policy
May 2448May 2448Unpaid Worker Policy
May 2448May 2448Cabinet Proposal of May 2448
May 2448June 2448Film Certification Act
January 2449January 2449Recreation Act
January 2449July 2449Protect the Children
January 2449July 2449Adoption regulation
January 2449July 2449Adoption Regulation (appendix)
May 2449July 2449Religious Neutrality
May 2449July 2449Religious School Regulation
February 2451June 2451Domestic Animal Security Act
July 2451January 2452Video Game Content Ratings
January 2453January 2453Military reinforcements and restructuring (step 2)
January 2453January 2453Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
January 2453January 2453Adoption Regulation
January 2453January 2453Religious regulation
August 2454August 2454Call for early elections, August 2454
June 2455June 2455Call for early elections, June 2455
August 2455August 2455Hobrazia Religious Advertising and Tax Act
August 2455August 2455Farm Aid Bill Assisting Farmers with Lot Size and Pestisides
August 2455August 2455Imperial Hobrazia Military Act
August 2455August 2455Emperor Act
February 2458February 2458Revolutionary Populist Platform
August 2458August 2458Strike Law & Justice System Reforms
August 2458December 2459Ecological awareness
February 2461March 2461Articles of Ecology
February 2461August 2461Animal Cruelty and Cosmetic Testing Act
March 2461March 2461Articles for Workers' Protections
March 2461March 2461Articles of Peace
September 2462October 2462Hobrazian Population Control
February 2463February 2463Higher Education Enhancement Act
February 2464February 2464Easing of Military Requirements
February 2464February 2464Intelligence Restrictions
February 2464February 2464Energy Nationalisation
January 2466May 2466Cabinet Proposal of January 2466
February 2468December 2468Anti-nudism bill
February 2468December 2468Adoption Regulation (appendix)
February 2468December 2468Adoption Regulation
April 2469April 2469Hobrazian Decentralization Policies
October 2470February 2471Nuclear Power Ban
February 2471March 2471Bill for the Security of the People & their Children
May 2471May 2471Bill for Class Security & Anti-Tyranny
June 2471November 2474The Family Values Act
April 2472November 2474The Sanctity of Life Act
September 2472April 2473The Protection of Human Life Act
September 2472April 2473The Wholesome Family Act
December 2473August 2474Video Game Content Display Act
December 2473August 2474Minimum Income Guarantee Act
November 2476February 2477Bill for the Introduction of Humanitarian Resistence to Tyranny
January 2480June 2480Animal Cruelty and Cosmetic Testing Act
January 2482January 2482Bill for the Security of the People of Hobrazia
July 2482July 2482Cabinet Proposal of July 2482
March 2483February 2485Videogames and Transportation Act
July 2483December 2484Military and Civil Defense Bill
February 2484February 2484Abortions
February 2484February 2484Military
February 2484February 2484Conservative Act 2484
February 2484February 2484Euthanasia
February 2484February 2484Legislative Terms and Seats
February 2484February 2484Same-Sex Marriages
April 2484January 2485Preventing weapons from entering enemy hands.
August 2484February 2486Nationalisation of the defense forces.
January 2485February 2486Reintroduction of the Death penalty
January 2485February 2486The future of Hobrazia's energy
February 2485August 2485Ecological Improvements Act
March 2485May 2485Cabinet Proposal of March 2485
May 2485May 2485Bill for the Unity of Farmers and the Ecological Ties of Tyranny to be Cut from Them
September 2485March 2486Pensions and Retirement Act
July 2486February 2487Nationalisation of the Health Care system
July 2486February 2489Agricultural Reform
July 2486February 2489Nationalisation of the nations wealth.
January 2487February 2489Freedom of the workers act
January 2487February 2489Political freedom bill
January 2487February 2489Religeous reform
January 2488May 2488Animal Cruelty and Cosmetic Testing Act
February 2488February 2488Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
June 2488June 2488Bill for the Peoples' Security & Economic Unity
February 2489February 2489Retirement and Pensions Act
March 2489April 2489Abortion
March 2489April 2489desecration of the flag
September 2489January 2490Drug Bill
October 2489January 2490Child Labor Law
January 2490February 2490Military Arms Bill
January 2490December 2490Tax Reform
January 2490March 2491Welfare of the workers
January 2490March 2491Economic reform
February 2490December 2490Freedom for smokers
August 2490October 2490New Miliatry Bill
November 2490December 2490Pro-Unity Bill for the Peoples' Freedom
March 2491October 2492Merging National Authorities/Creating a joint education
March 2491October 2492Trade Protection Act
March 2491October 2492Creating a private sphere for private sphere stuff
March 2491October 2492Introducing GICS
March 2491October 2492Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy (Part 2)
March 2491October 2492Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy (Part 1)
March 2491October 2492Nationalizing Defence Industries
July 2492December 2493Tax Bill
October 2492October 2492Religious regulation
June 2493December 2495Nationalisation of the economy
December 2493July 2498Arms dealing reform
December 2495July 2498Religous reform
January 2498March 2498Bill for the Peoples' Unity in Action
March 2498March 2498Humanum Dignitas
March 2498March 2498Ex septem , duodecim
July 2498July 2498On the Sale of Tobbaco
May 2499May 2499Bill for the Protection of the People
May 2499October 2499Bill for a Second Republic
December 2499December 2502Agriculture bill
November 2500February 2501Bill for the Unity of the Peoples' in the Workplace
February 2501December 2502Justice Reform of 2500
February 2501December 2502Cult of the individual
February 2501December 2502Seperating Public and Private Sphere.
February 2501December 2502Adoption Regulation
May 2501July 2502Return to traditonal values.
May 2501July 2502Incentives for workers
June 2503June 2503Bringing Enlightenment to the Children
May 2504January 2508workers bill
October 2504November 2507Progressive Bill
January 2509January 2509TIme, withdrawal, quivering message, ignore, remorse
January 2509January 2509It was nobody's fault it was all my own
January 2509January 2509Bodies and Words
September 2509March 2510I want so badly to beleive, that there is truth
September 2509March 2510I was waiting when it struck me
March 2510March 2510Concrete Grove
March 2510March 2510I wanna know why this is happening to me
September 2510September 2510Would you hear right now
December 2510December 2510Building a strong Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia
December 2510December 2510Progression Bill
December 2510December 2510Life is wonderful
December 2510December 2510Life
January 2511January 2511Still Running
July 2511July 2511Avenged Sevenfold
July 2511July 2511Postal Service.
November 2511November 2511Free market
November 2511November 2511Religious regulation
November 2511November 2511Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy (Part 2)
November 2511November 2511Clean up
November 2511November 2511Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy (Part 1)
February 2512February 2512B.E.L.T
February 2512February 2512Muse
February 2512February 2512John Lithgow
February 2512February 2512We are so unstable
July 2512November 2513POW Regulation
May 2513December 2513Opposition Cabinet Proposal of May 2513
November 2513November 2513It was you, who showed me who I am
November 2513December 2513The Assignment Itself
February 2514February 2514I showed should have tried
November 2514November 2514Seasons don't fear the reaper
November 2514November 2514Single sided
November 2514November 2514Folks it's time
December 2514December 2514Life
December 2514December 2514Come on
December 2514January 2515Every little helps
May 2515May 2515Just to clarify 3
December 2516December 2516Just to clarify 1985
December 2516December 2516Just to clarify 405
December 2516December 2516Just to clarify 887
February 2517February 2517Defence of Moral Order.
July 2517July 2517Hobaism, The Peoples Religion
July 2517July 2517Defence of the Economy
July 2517July 2517Data and National Security Act
July 2517October 2517Administrations Act
July 2517January 2518Creating a Greater Nation, the We Say So! Way
August 2517August 2517Crime, Disorder and Gun Ownership
January 2518April 2518National Judiciary Review Act
June 2518February 2519Workers Rights
April 2520April 2520Call for early elections, April 2520
June 2522June 2522jgvgjcv
June 2522June 2522bggv
June 2522June 2522Cabinet Proposal of June 2522
February 2523April 2523National Judiciary Review Act
May 2524May 2524Justice Reform of 2524
May 2524May 2524Religious regulation
May 2524May 2524Seperating Public and Private Sphere
January 2532January 2532Cabinet Proposal of January 2532
May 2532May 2532Call for early elections, May 2532
June 2532June 2532kkkkkk
June 2532June 2532hgfu
April 2533April 2533National Judiciary Review Act - Simplifying the System
April 2533April 2533Public Health Act
July 2533July 2534Economic Bill
August 2533July 2534Health Bill
February 2534July 2534Religion Bill
July 2535July 2535National Health Act
January 2536January 2536Term Time Curfew Act
January 2536January 2536National Judiciary Review Act - Simplifying the System
January 2536January 2536Hobrazian Law Simplifications Act
January 2536February 2536Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education
November 2537November 2537Party Stances
August 2538August 2538More positions
November 2538November 2538Public Health Act
June 2539June 2539Education Act: Article 2, Pre-School (Nursery) Education
June 2539June 2539National Judiciary Review
November 2543November 2543Bureaucracy Reductions and Preservations Act
March 2545March 2545Environment Act
April 2546April 2549Citizenship Granting Bill
May 2551August 2551National Health Act
February 2552September 2552Police de-Militarization Act
April 2554May 2555Hobrazian Law Simplifications Act
May 2554April 2555Child Protection Reform
May 2555October 2555Public Safety and Animal Protection Act
May 2555February 2556Fish Stocks Protection Act
December 2555January 2556Legalization of Marijawana
January 2556January 2556National Sport
May 2556May 2556National Policy on Exporting Weapons
June 2556June 2556Child Labor Laws
July 2556July 2556Media Freedom
January 2557June 2557Aid to Other Country's
November 2557May 2558Religious Schools
November 2566November 2566War cabinet
November 2566April 2568General bill of 2566
May 2567May 2567Cabinet Proposal of May 2567
May 2569May 2569Education Act Article 2: Nursery Education
April 2571April 2571Manifesto of Democratic Socialism
October 2571October 2571Religious Neutrality
October 2571October 2571Introducing GICS
October 2571October 2571Cult of the individual
October 2571October 2571Seperating Public and Private Sphere
April 2572April 2572Administrative Reform Act
July 2572July 2572Workers' Richts Act
November 2572October 2573Foreign Investment Regulation
November 2572October 2573Economy Revisited (Restoration Program of the Socialist Republic)
November 2572October 2573Adoption Regulation
November 2572October 2573Military Reform
April 2573April 2585Energy Generation Proposal. Article 4, National Power Grid
August 2573August 2573Act to Establish Higher Education as a Universal Right
August 2573August 2573Act to Establish the Telephone as a Universal Right
August 2573November 2573Secularism Act
August 2573November 2573Nuclear Ban
October 2573April 2574Fish Stocks Protection Act
January 2574April 2575For the Promotion of Economic Expansion
January 2574April 2575Environmental-Industrial Relations Act
January 2574April 2575Reform of the Hobrazian Law Enforcement Organizations
April 2574June 2575Animal Cruelty and Cosmetic Testing Act
September 2574November 2574Act to end Child Labour
September 2574November 2574Educational Autocracy Abolition Act
September 2574November 2574Right to Privacy Act
September 2574November 2574Abolition of Capital Punishmenct Act
September 2574November 2574POW Rights Act
September 2574November 2574Act to Encourage Use of Public Transportation
September 2574November 2574Act to Protect Civil Liberties (Right of Assembly)
October 2575April 2576Consensus Act on Energy Provision
October 2575April 2576Compensation Justice Act
October 2575August 2576Death Penalty Abolition Act
October 2575August 2576Housing Nationalisation Act
October 2575August 2576Secularism Act
August 2576April 2577Education Act
August 2576April 2577Energy Consensus Act (Regulation)
August 2576April 2577Industrial Socialism Act
August 2577December 2577Trade and Industry reform of august 2577
November 2577November 2577Nuclear Power Deregulation Act
November 2577November 2577Prison Work Regulation Act
November 2577May 2578Unemployment Wage Act
November 2577May 2578Fireworks Regulation Act
November 2577May 2578Religious Schools Abolition Act
December 2577May 2578Military Reform of December 2577
December 2577June 2578Military Reform of 2578 (step 2 - Merging National Authorities/Creating a joint education)
May 2578May 2578Illegal aliens reform
May 2578May 2578Immigration Policy and Refugee Policy
May 2578May 2578Trade and Industry reform of may 2578
May 2578July 2579Act to Restrict Abortion Rights
April 2579April 2579Cabinet Proposal of April 2579
April 2579October 2579Military Reform Act
April 2579October 2579The Ecology Act
April 2579October 2579Civil Rights and Duties Act
June 2579November 2579Pensions and Retirement Act
June 2579November 2579Initiative for Local Democracy
June 2579November 2579Liberal's Domestic Platform, 2579
October 2579October 2579Open Hobrazia and Civil Liberties Act
November 2579December 2579Animal Safety Act
May 2580December 2580Merging National Authorities/Creating a joint education
May 2580December 2580The Return of the Socialist Empire
October 2580October 2580Devolution and Small Government Act
October 2580June 2582Energy Provision (Nationalisation) Act
October 2580June 2582Energy Provision Act
October 2580June 2582Religious Schools Abolition Act
November 2580December 2580Endangered Animal Security and Protections Act
April 2581April 2581Liberal's Civil Rights Platform, 2581
April 2582December 2582Decentralization and Democracy Act
August 2582March 2584Act for a Socialist Hobrazia
December 2582April 2583Faith and Secularism Act
April 2583October 2583Liberty and Deregulation Act
April 2584April 2584WMD Sanity Act
December 2585March 2589Liberty Coalition for Hobrazia
May 2586May 2586Endangered Animal Security and Protections Act
November 2586May 2587Welfare Reform Act
November 2586May 2587Unity Government for Hobrazia
January 2587August 2587Socialism NOW Bill
April 2587June 2587We Say So! Project
May 2587May 2587Liberty in Travel Act
May 2587October 2588Workplace Democracy Act
January 2588February 2589National Educational Revolution Act
January 2588February 2589National Health Service Establishment Act
May 2588October 2588Federal Government Act
May 2588October 2589Condemnation of the Present Cabinet
October 2588October 2588Majority Cabinet Proposal
April 2589August 2589Vital Projects Guarantee
March 2590July 2590Education Act
April 2590May 2590Strategic Crop Production Proposal
April 2590July 2590Endangered Animal Security and Protections Act
May 2591October 2593Motion to Censure Alexander Neesam
May 2591October 2593Resolution to Assemble a National Security Council
November 2593November 2593CSP Platform: Economics
November 2593November 2593CSP Platform: Military Reform
November 2593November 2593CSP Platform: Foreign Relations
November 2593November 2593CSP Platform: Civil Liberties
May 2594April 2600The CHOICE Health Care Reform Act
August 2595October 2595Education Act
August 2595October 2595Strategic Crop Production Proposal
October 2596January 2597Essential Civil Rights Bill
October 2596January 2597Anti-Militarism and a People's Militia Bill
February 2597July 2597Privacy Guarantee Act
February 2597July 2597Local Democracy Act
February 2597July 2597Infrastructure Centralisation Act
March 2597August 2597Transport Act
September 2597January 2598National Space Agency Bill
October 2597January 2598Compassionate Foreign Policy Act
October 2597February 2598Certifications Act
January 2598April 2598Violence in Schools Abolition Act
January 2598January 2599Religious Schools Regulation Act
January 2599January 2599Democratic Economy Act
January 2599January 2599Open Foreign Policy Act
May 2599October 2599Cultural Religious Act of 2599
October 2599October 2604The Political Reconstruction Act
February 2600April 2600Energy Provision Act
February 2600April 2600Ecology Protection - Dangerous Animal Related Diseases Prevention Act
February 2600April 2600Energy Guarantee Act
February 2600April 2600Capital Punishment Elimination Act
October 2602November 2605Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2603May 2603Education Act
April 2604April 2604Call for early elections, April 2604
January 2606January 2606CSP Cabinet Proposal of January 2606
May 2606May 2606Revised CSP Cabinet Proposal of May 2606
June 2606June 2606Ecological Protection CPH Platform
June 2606June 2606Civil Rights Exp CPH platform bill
June 2606June 2606CPH Foreign Policy Platform Act
June 2606June 2606Guarantee of Income Act
April 2607April 2607Secularism Act
April 2607November 2607Economic Planning Act
December 2607December 2607Energy Provisions Act
January 2608January 2608Minimum Wage Increase
October 2608January 2609The People's Government
November 2608November 2608Energy Generation Proposal. Article 2: Consumer Supply
June 2610June 2610Anti-Militarism Act
July 2610July 2610Soviet Power Act
July 2610July 2610Government Control Act
July 2610July 2610An Act to Ensure Equally Good Education for Pupils at Religious Schools
November 2612November 2613National Security Act
May 2620October 2620Right of Assembly Act
June 2620April 2621National Health Legislation: Abortion
June 2627June 2627Great Reform Aact
July 2627October 2627Raising eco-awareness of Hobrazian citizens
November 2627June 2628An industry and subsidies act.
January 2628June 2628A bill with minore change to population control.
January 2628June 2628A bill with minor change to corporal punishments in schools
May 2628June 2628A minor change to the agricultural sector.
May 2628June 2628A minor change to welfare system.
June 2628June 2628A minor change to pharmaceutical drugs policy
July 2628July 2628A change to displays of public affection and obscenity laws.
April 2629April 2629A minor freedoms bill
April 2629April 2629A family act.
July 2629July 2629A bill for religious enrichment of the Hobrazia.
July 2629July 2629The state religion bill!
November 2629November 2629Abolishment of border controls.
January 2630January 2630A bill concerning prisoners of war.
January 2630April 2630RP Get-this-disgusting-crap-off-my-TV Bill
January 2630April 2630RP Education System Bill
January 2630April 2630RP Ethnic Preservation Bill
January 2630April 2630RP Green Bill
March 2630March 2630a bill to protect human dignity
April 2630April 2630RP DNA Bill
April 2630April 2630Additional freedoms bill.
June 2630June 2630A TV-media bill.
July 2630July 2630A new media bill.
July 2630July 2630RP Gun Bill
July 2630July 2630RP Porn Bill
December 2630June 2631RP Bill Against Unproductive Money-Making
December 2630June 2631RP Land Redistribution Bill
June 2631June 2631RP Bill Against Commercialization of Sex
October 2631April 2633Social Moralization Act
January 2632July 2632RP Adoption Policy
January 2632July 2632RP Ecology Bill II
February 2632August 2632A phone service act.
August 2632August 2632A population-encouraging bill.
August 2632August 2632A healthservice bill.
January 2633January 2633RP Bill Against Cloning and Genetical Manipulation
January 2633January 2633RP Contraception Subsidising Bill
January 2633January 2633RP Nuclear Power Bill
January 2633February 2633RP Patriotic Bill
April 2633April 2633Moral Policies Act
April 2633April 2633Marriages and Relationships Act
May 2633May 2633RP Legalization of Home Schooling
September 2633September 2633Competitive Nuclear Armaments Policy Act
December 2633December 2633Justice for Women
December 2633December 2633Democratic Industry
December 2633December 2633Family Support (Minimum Wage)
December 2633December 2633Living Income Guarantee
December 2633December 2633Energy Regulation
March 2634March 2634Luxury Taxes Act
April 2634April 2634Foreign Affairs Act
August 2634August 2634RP Bill Against Child Labour
July 2635July 2635Cabinet Proposal of July 2635
August 2635August 2635A nationalization act.
August 2635August 2635Gambling legalization bill.
August 2635August 2635Phone service regulation bill
August 2635August 2635An alternative to illegal aliens act.
February 2636February 2636Some decency
February 2636February 2636Media Regulation
February 2636February 2636Imperial Chamber Act
July 2636July 2636Practical Testing
July 2636July 2636Universal Phramaceutical Drug Provision
July 2636December 2636Popular Front
July 2636December 2636Civil Rights
July 2636December 2636Upholding Internationalism
September 2636September 2636Budget proposal of September 2636
November 2636February 2637Religious Recognition Act
January 2637January 2637Agriculture (Redestribution)
April 2637April 2637A gated communities act.
May 2637May 2637Religious enrichment of Hobrazia. Second Edition.
May 2637May 2637A change to agricultural sector. Second Edition.
May 2637May 2637A bill to provide subsidies on contraceptives. Second Edition.
July 2637July 2637Anti-globalism
July 2637July 2637Identity Cards (Abolition)
July 2637July 2637Foreign Policy
July 2637July 2637Environment
July 2637July 2637Television Democratic Control
October 2637October 2637Income tax proposal of October 2637
October 2637September 2638Foreign Policy Act
June 2639June 2639Bill - give the organs back!
June 2639June 2639Operation "Capitalistic Paradise" phase 1.
June 2639June 2639Lets create a genuine system!
June 2639June 2639A better alternative to compulsory education
July 2639July 2639Legalizing Guns
July 2639July 2639Nationalization of Banks
October 2639October 2639Conservative Reform Act
January 2640January 2640Equal chances and job satisfaction bill.
February 2640February 2640Creative Works Protection Act
December 2640July 2641HEGC's randomly generated name of the bill (Economics and Healthcare).
December 2640July 2641Eco-fascism
July 2641July 2641A Better Society Bill. part 1.
July 2641July 2641Eliminating things that make society ugly
July 2641July 2641HEGC's bill for minor decentralization of the economics. (economics)
October 2641October 2641Train Transport Act
January 2642January 2642Segregation
January 2642January 2642RP Economics
February 2642February 2642HEGC's: A bill to participate in the space race (Technology).
March 2642March 2642The Great Economic Reform Act
May 2643July 2643Population Reduction Act
May 2643July 2643Isolationism
July 2643July 2643Military
July 2643July 2643Ratification of the International Atomic Energy Agency
July 2643July 2643Conservative Reform Act
November 2643November 2643Religion
January 2645January 2645Infrastructure Action Act
February 2645February 2645HSJP/HEGC's Homecoming Act
February 2645February 2645HEGC's Bill to bring labour unions and employers closer. First Edition.
May 2645June 2645HEGC's "Open Door Policy" act
February 2646July 2646Military Act
June 2646November 2646National Health Legislation: Provision
June 2646November 2646Strategic Crop Production Proposal
July 2646July 2646Sexual laws
January 2647January 2647Healthcare Privatisation Act
December 2647April 2648Child Benefit Provision
January 2648January 2648HEGC's Minor healthcare act.
January 2648January 2648HEGC's Nationalization Act
January 2648January 2648HEGC's Corporate Taxation bill.
March 2648March 2648Fourth Reform Act
June 2648June 2648Secondary Strike Action
July 2648July 2648Budget 2648 - Part One
December 2648June 2649Military
June 2649June 2649Exotic Animals
June 2649June 2649Banks
July 2649July 2649Income tax proposal of July 2649
August 2649August 2649Civil Rights Act I
September 2649September 2649Budget 2649 - Part One
June 2650June 2650Television and radio
June 2650June 2650Education Decentralisation
June 2650June 2650Child Protection Act
July 2650July 2650Infrastructure and Economic Action Act
December 2650December 2650Foreign Policy
June 2651June 2651Gambling
June 2651June 2651Welfare Reform
June 2651June 2651Health Care Devolution
September 2651September 2651Fifth Reform Act
March 2652July 2652Second Moralization Act
March 2652July 2652Moralization Act
June 2652October 2652Education Act
July 2652July 2652Motion of Confidence
August 2652August 2652Slavery
August 2652August 2652Religion
August 2652August 2652Death penalty and torture
December 2652December 2652National Health Legislation: Provision
December 2652December 2652Brainwashing
December 2652April 2653The Transport Subsidisation Act
January 2653January 2653Euthanasia
June 2653June 2653Education
January 2654January 2654Transport Collectivisation
July 2654July 2654Anti-Forest Act
September 2654September 2654Local Administrative Reform Act
August 2655August 2655More Socialism
February 2656February 2656Energy Regulation
February 2656February 2656Foreign Investments
February 2656February 2656Democratic Workers\' Councils
April 2657April 2657hello again
June 2657June 2657A Military Act
June 2657June 2657Religion Act
June 2657June 2657A Foreign Relations Act
September 2660September 2660A \"let-them-all-in\" act.
September 2660September 2660A civil liberties act
September 2660September 2660Re-submission: A religion recognition act
September 2660September 2660A workers rights act.
April 2661April 2661A militaristic changes act
May 2661May 2661Morality Act
May 2661May 2661Marriages Act
September 2663September 2663Administrative reform.
October 2663October 2663Data and National Security Act
October 2663January 2664Citizens Identification Proposal
October 2663January 2664Firearms Limitation Proposal
December 2663December 2663Concerning the Economy Act
December 2663December 2663Military Act
December 2663December 2663Foreign Relations Act
December 2663December 2663Ecology Act
April 2665November 2665Environment Act 2
April 2665November 2665Waste Disposal Act
April 2665November 2665Drugs Act
April 2665November 2665Sale of Food Act
April 2665November 2665Conglomerated Act 2665
April 2666December 2668TOP SECRET BILL 2666
December 2668December 2668Repeal of the Education Act
December 2668December 2668Repeal of the National Energy Legislation
December 2668December 2668Repeal of the National Health Legislation: Provision
December 2668December 2668Repeal of the Public Housing Initiative
December 2668December 2668Cabinet Proposal of December 2668
December 2668December 2668Repeal of the HEGCs: November 2665 Workers Rights Act
April 2669April 2669Military and Foreign Relations Act
June 2669June 2669Cabinet Proposal of June 2669
December 2669December 2669Action against the New World Order
October 2670October 2670Pensioners Income Guarantee
October 2670October 2670Strategic Crop Production Act
November 2670November 2670Child Benefit Provisions Act
November 2670November 2670Higher Education Provisions Act
November 2670November 2670The Transport Subsidisation Act
December 2670December 2670Repeal of the National Energy Legislation
December 2670December 2670Repeal of the Education Act
December 2670December 2670Repeal of the National Health Legislation: Provision
February 2671February 2671Demographic control
February 2671February 2671A minor administrative reform.
February 2671March 2671A parents act.
March 2671March 2671HEGC''s minor adjustments to the economy
March 2671March 2671HEGC''s Corporation tax.
October 2671December 2671Pornography Production Act
May 2672September 2672Citizens DNA Protection Bill
May 2672September 2672GM Crop and Farming Bill
May 2672January 2673Mayoral Election Devolution Bill
June 2672June 2672Morality Act
March 2673March 2673Healthcare Act
April 2673April 2673Energy Deregulation Act
November 2673November 2673Working Hours Act
December 2673December 2673Education Amendment Act
December 2673December 2673Firearms Act
May 2674December 2674Ratification of the Christmas Day Treaty
May 2675July 2675Emperor
August 2675August 2675Defence Industry Nationalisation
September 2675September 2675Agricultural Reform
September 2675September 2675Industrial Pollution Reduction Target Act
September 2675September 2675Rebirth of the Forest
September 2675September 2675Ratification of the Christmas Day Treaty
December 2675December 2675Ratification of the First TANWO (Treaty Against the New World Order) Accord
October 2676October 2676Ratification of the First TANWO (Treaty Against the New World Order) Accord
November 2676November 2676Republic's New Bill
October 2677January 2678Ensuring the Effectiveness of our Military
November 2677November 2677HEGC's foreign policy bill of november 2677
November 2677November 2677HEGC's security bill of November 2677
April 2678April 2678Cabinet Proposal of April 2678
April 2678April 2678HEGC Technology of April 2768 Act
May 2678May 2678Civil Service Political Independence
November 2678November 2678Administrative
February 2679February 2679Bill to restore the role of people in economics.
July 2679July 2679Cabinet Proposal of July 2679
July 2679July 2679Cabinet Proposal of July 2679
October 2679October 2679Cabinet Proposal of October 2679
June 2680November 2680Visiting Hobrazia Act
November 2680November 2680Cabinet Proposal of November 2680
November 2680November 2680Immigration Amendment Act
October 2681October 2681Public Housing Initiative
November 2681November 2681Foreign Relations Act
April 2682May 2682Domestic Animal Security Act
April 2682May 2682Fish Stocks Protection Act
August 2684October 2684Cabinet Proposal of August 2684
March 2685March 2685Data and National Security Act
March 2685July 2685The Transport Subsidisation Act
April 2685April 2685Cleanse Hobrazia Act
February 2687February 2687Higher Education Provisions Act
August 2690August 2690Forest Protection
August 2690August 2690Gambling Control
August 2690August 2690Stock Market Regulation
August 2690August 2690Energy Regulation
October 2692October 2693Changing the Title of the Emperor Act
April 2693April 2693Landmine Act
April 2693April 2693Income tax proposal of April 2693
February 2694September 2694Pensioners Income Guarantee
April 2694April 2694HEGCs More Liberties Bill
April 2694May 2694HEGCs Property Rights Bill
April 2694May 2694HEGCs Economics Regulation bill
April 2694May 2694HEGCs Military Bill
October 2694October 2694Morality Act
October 2694October 2694Tenth Reform Act
October 2694October 2694Ninth Reform Act
April 2696April 2696HEGCs proposal on Conservative Party's Eight Reform Act
April 2696April 2696HEGCs Intellectual Property Rights Bill - Revised
April 2696May 2696HEGCs Morality Act
May 2696May 2696HEGCs Act on ownership of domesticated animals.
October 2700October 2700Religion Act
October 2700October 2700Green Bill.
October 2702October 2702The Death Penalty
October 2702October 2702Exotic Species Act
February 2705February 2705First Party Reform Act
May 2705May 2705Children and Energy
May 2705May 2705Re-introduction of the merged PFA's and HEGC's exotic species and domesticated animals acts.
May 2705May 2705Re-introduction of green bill.
May 2705May 2705Re-introduction of Religion Act
October 2705October 2705We Say So! Project
October 2706October 2706Public Housing Initiative
October 2706October 2706Fish Stocks Protection Act
October 2706October 2706Strike and Economic Security Act
October 2706October 2706National Power Generation Security Act
October 2706October 2706School Discipline Act
March 2711March 2711Strike and Economic Security Act
February 2716February 2716Pensioners Income Guarantee
June 2716June 2716Cabinet Proposal of June 2716
November 2717November 2717Trade Protection Act
November 2717November 2717Fish Stocks Quota Bill
November 2717November 2717Forestry Protection Act
January 2719January 2719Foreign Affairs Act
January 2728January 2728Data and National Security Act
January 2728January 2728Public Housing Initiative
February 2733February 2733Visibility must be maintained
January 2735January 2735Strategic Crops Production Act
January 2735January 2735Data and National Security Act
December 2739December 2739Secure Power Generation Act
April 2740November 2740Reforms
April 2740December 2740The National Culture
April 2740December 2740Keeping To Our Own Kind
April 2740December 2740Benefiting Justice
April 2740December 2740Bringing Back the Rack
April 2740December 2740Economic Stimulus
April 2740December 2740War on Nature
April 2740December 2740Rectifying Weakness
April 2740December 2740An Issue of Faith
April 2740December 2740Retirement Reforms
April 2740December 2740Natural Order
April 2740April 2741Peace through Strength
April 2740April 2741Child Labor
April 2740April 2741Passports
April 2740April 2741Advertisement
April 2740April 2741Healthcare
April 2740April 2741Immigrants
November 2740November 2740The Rights of the People
March 2741March 2741Taking Care of the Environment
March 2741March 2741In the Name of National Security
March 2741March 2741Prerogatives of the State
March 2741March 2741Autarky
March 2741March 2741Planning for the Future
April 2741April 2741Right to Assembly
April 2741April 2741Privacy
April 2741April 2741Miscegeneation
April 2741April 2741Gays and Kids...
July 2741July 2741Maintaining Citizen Purity
July 2741July 2741Fair Justice
July 2741July 2741Saving Our Nation From Dangerous Ideas
November 2741November 2741Market
November 2741November 2741Foreign Relations
February 2742February 2742Foreign Relations
September 2742September 2742Religious Rights
December 2742December 2742Modernizing Agriculture
December 2742December 2742Keeping The Workforce Strong
December 2742December 2742Keeping Our Army Strong
December 2742December 2742Purifying Our Army
December 2742December 2742Proper Asceticism
December 2742December 2742Improving Our Media
December 2742December 2742National Strength
December 2742December 2742Ensuring Citizen Morality
February 2743February 2743A New Path
March 2743March 2743Call for early elections, March 2743
August 2745August 2745Military Reform Act
August 2745August 2745Military Service Act
August 2745August 2745Private Media Act
August 2745August 2745Call for early elections, August 2745
August 2745February 2747Lodamese Bounty Act
February 2746February 2746Domestic Animal Security Proposal
January 2748January 2748Ecological Act
February 2749February 2749Alcohol and drugs
January 2750January 2750Economics
January 2750January 2750Budget proposal of January 2750
February 2750February 2750Sector Justice Streamlining Act
February 2750February 2750Waste Modernization Act
June 2750June 2750Ratification of the Nova Terran Unification Treaty
July 2750July 2750Welfare Reform
November 2750November 2750Health Morality Act
March 2751March 2751Cabinet Proposal of March 2751
March 2751March 2751Agriculture
March 2752March 2752Infrastructure Reform
November 2752March 2753Animal Act
February 2753February 2753Sports clubs
May 2753May 2753Sector Reform Act
August 2753February 2754Education Freedom Act
October 2753October 2753Call for early elections, October 2753
February 2754February 2754Ensuring a Stable Nation
November 2755November 2755Restoring our Nation
April 2759April 2759New Hobrazian Crown
October 2759October 2759Regional Nomial Adjustment Act of 2760
October 2759October 2759Military Reform of 2760
February 2760October 2760Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
March 2760October 2760Vote of No Confidence in Foreign Affairs Minister Alexandra Neesam
February 2764February 2764Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
December 2766December 2766Foreign Investment Act of 2767
December 2766December 2766National Service Act of 2767
February 2779February 2779First Party reforms Act
August 2787August 2787Child Protection Act
May 2802May 2802Cabinet Shuffle of 2802
February 2806February 2806Education Act: University Tuition
September 2807September 2807School Discipline Act
September 2807September 2807Education Act Article 2: Nursery Education
September 2807September 2807Child Protection Act
March 2810October 2813Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
May 2822September 2822Sanctity of Life Act
December 2833December 2833Data and National Security Act
December 2836June 2838Advertising Standards Act (2836)
December 2836June 2838Narcotics Act (2836)
December 2836June 2838Electrical Generation Act (2836)
December 2836June 2838Television Standards Act (2836)
July 2843July 2843Minimum Wage Act
April 2844April 2844A Reorganization of Government Priorities
January 2845January 2845Firearms Limitation Proposal
June 2849June 2849Offensive Weapons Act
December 2856December 2856Budget proposal of December 2856
June 2868June 2868We Say So! Electioneering Bill
July 2872May 2873Hobrazian Security Issues
September 2873July 2874Religion Package
March 2874December 2874Justice Reform of 2874
January 2875January 2875Eminent Domain Act of 2875
February 2878February 2878constitutional change
November 2879November 2879Military Reform Act
November 2879November 2879Free the Internet!
November 2879November 2879New National Government
November 2879November 2879Legalization of Naturally-Ocurring Psychoactive Substances Statute
October 2880February 2882Ratification of the Recongnition of the Republic of New Englia
August 2881May 2882Ecological Principles (Lomborg/FLOP15) Bill
August 2881May 2882Military Bill
February 2882February 2882Screw Censorship!
November 2883December 2883Federalism Bill of 2884
May 2892October 2892Ratification of the Recognition of the Commonwealth of Yishelem and Beiteynu
November 2893November 2893Ratification of the Recognition of the Commonwealth of Yishelem and Beiteynu
January 2900January 2900A New Parliament, a New Manifesto Statement
August 2908August 2908Capitlism
September 2909September 2909The Evolving Industry Act
September 2909September 2909Extending Exports Act
September 2909September 2909Gender Bill
September 2909September 2909Conservative Rule
September 2909September 2909Capitilist!
September 2909September 2909Capitilist!
September 2909September 2909domination
September 2909July 2911Local Power
October 2909October 2909Ones Body=Privarte Property Proposal Part One
March 2910July 2911Eden Ultimatum
May 2910May 2910Call for early elections, May 2910
July 2911July 2911Are you kidding me!
July 2911July 2911Conservative Rule II
July 2911July 2911More people!
July 2911July 2911ISO
July 2911July 2911I don't want to waste my money on fake conspiracies (GLobal Warming)
October 2911April 2912Millitary Reform Act Draft
October 2911August 2912A Balance of Budget
August 2912August 2912Call for early elections, August 2912
March 2913March 2913Carbon is Equal to Air
March 2913March 2913Power to the Police
April 2913April 2913Increasing Imports
August 2913April 2914CCP
April 2914April 2914CCP 2
April 2927April 2927An introduction to reforms: Part III
April 2927April 2927An introduction to reforms: Part II
April 2927April 2927An Introduction to Reforms: Part IV
March 2928September 2928A bill about bigger role of government in the economy
September 2928September 2928An Introduction to Reforms: Part VI
February 2942February 2942N.Y.H.R. 0001 Restructuring the Educational System
April 2943June 2944Reform Act
April 2943June 2944Education Reform Act
April 2943June 2944Economic Reform Act
September 2944November 2944Healthcare Act
March 2945April 2945Constitutional Reform Act of 2945
March 2945April 2945Military Reinforcement Act
May 2945June 2945Foreign Affairs Act of 2045
September 2945October 2945Reform Act
November 2950November 2950Business Act
October 2955October 2955Putting Things Right Act 2955
December 2961December 2961We Say So! Electioneering Bill
April 2966April 2966Reform Act, 2966
May 2966May 2966Budget proposal of May 2966
October 2967October 2967CPoH Manifesto for the General Election, 2969
May 2970May 2970CPoH - New Leader, Fresh Agenda For Hobrazia
June 2970June 2970The Communist Agenda?
May 2971May 2972A Return To Prosperity: CPoH Manifesto, 2972
November 2972November 2972The Rosenkratz Reforms
June 2975June 2975CPoH - Statement of Proposals for the Parliament
May 2976May 2976Promotion of Democracy Act, 2976
October 2976October 2976CPoH - Promotion Of Profit Act, 2976
October 2976October 2976We Say So! Electioneering Bill
June 2979June 2979We Say So! Electioneering Bill II
October 2979October 2979Saving Hobrazia From Extremism: CPoH Manifesto, 2980
December 2982December 2982We Say So! Electioneering Bill
December 2982December 2982CPoH Manifesto for the General Election, 2983
April 2990April 2990We Say So! Electioneering Bill
December 3004December 3004We Say So! Electioneering Bill
April 3012April 3012What the We Say So! Party is against
May 3012May 3012Income tax proposal of May 3012
May 3012July 3012Noocratic Bill III
May 3012July 3012Noocratic Bill II
May 3012July 3012Noocratic Bill I
November 3012November 3012Noocratic Bill IV
May 3013June 3013Separation of church and state
September 3013September 3013Administrative Reform
September 3013September 3013Civil Rights Bill
October 3013October 3013We Say So! Election Bill 3013
December 3014April 3016Noocratic Bill VII
December 3014April 3016Noocratic Bill VI
January 3015April 3016Noocratic Bill VIII
October 3015October 3015DDP Government I Bill II
April 3016April 3016OUR BILL
April 3016December 3016Strengthing the Leviathan
April 3016April 3018Strengthing the Leviathan II: Noocratic Bill IX
May 3017May 3017OUr BILL 2
May 3017May 3017oUR BILL 2
May 3017May 3017OuR BILL 2
May 3017May 3017OUR BILL 2
October 3017April 3018oUr bILl
December 3017April 3018our bill
March 3019March 3019our bILLL
March 3019March 3019Our Bill 3
May 3020May 3020Business Act
June 3020June 3020New Bill
June 3020June 3020oooUr bill 4
March 3023March 3023We Say So! Electioneering Bill
May 3025October 3025Opposition II Bill I
May 3026May 3026Opposition II Bill II
February 3029February 3029We Say So! Electioneering Bill
September 3052November 3052We Say No! Manifesto I
May 3148May 3148Call for early elections, May 3148
October 3158October 3158Call for early elections, October 3158
October 3158October 3158Civil Service Reform Act of 3158
October 3158October 3158National Identification Card Program Repeal Act of 3158
November 3158November 3158Staggered Terms Act
April 3164April 3164Change of Laws
October 3164October 3164Call for early elections, October 3164
February 3187February 3187Cabinet Proposal of February 3187
June 3202June 3202Call for early elections, June 3202
July 3226July 3226Modern People's Justice Act
September 3226September 3226Revolutionary Naming Reform Bill
September 3226September 3226Call for early elections, September 3226
June 3227June 3227Drug Reform Bill of 3227
November 3235November 3235Keeping my visibility high.
November 3249November 3249Reforms
March 3250March 3250Health Care Act
March 3250March 3250MSR 2
December 3258December 3258Mad Dog Resolution of 3258
November 3293November 3936Hobrazian Order of Battle
March 3305March 3305Civic Manifesto
November 3305November 3305Military Act
November 3305November 3305Ecology Act
November 3305December 3305New Party Platform I
May 3306June 4147OOC: Hobrazian Language
June 3306June 3306New Party Platform II
June 3306June 3306Nationalist Agenda
September 3308September 3308Restoration of State Symbols
September 3308September 3308Decommunization Act
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill XIII
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill VI
May 3309May 3309Decommunization Economic Bill III
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Military Bill II
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Education Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Justice Bill V
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Justice Bill IV
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Justice Bill III
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Fido Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Tobacco Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Education Bill VI
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Condom Bill I
April 3310April 3310Decommunization Education Bill V
May 3310May 3310Public Petition from Hobrazians for Peace
June 3311June 3311Marriage Freedom Bill
June 3311June 3311Decommunization Coalition
June 3311June 3311Democratization bill
September 3317September 3317Bill
September 3317September 3317New Draft
October 3317October 3317Economy
April 3318April 3319Justice
April 3318April 3319Economy reforms
May 3318April 3319New Bill
June 3318June 3318Akhali Partia Campaign Act
June 3318June 3318HKP Party Platform
March 3319April 3319Ecology Reformation Act
May 3319May 3319Nationalist Platform
April 3320April 3320Budget proposal of April 3320
May 3326May 3326HKP Declaration of Intentions I
July 3327July 3327Cabinet Proposal of July 3327
October 3333October 3333Red Welfare Act
May 3375May 3375Freedom aCT OF 3375
April 3387April 3387Message to the Congress of Communists
November 3387November 3387Call for early elections, November 3387
August 3402August 3402Reform Act
August 3402August 3402New Republic Act
August 3402August 3402Constitutional Reform Act
August 3402August 3402Retirement Age Act
September 3402September 3402Suppression of Communism II
September 3402September 3402Suppression of Communism Act Part 1
November 3404November 3404Call for early elections, November 3404
December 3408June 3409Fixing the law
July 3415July 3415Cabinet Proposal of July 3415
October 3417April 3420HKP Manifesto
July 3418October 3418HAP Platform
June 3419June 3419Environmental Deregulation
February 3421February 3422KR Administrative Omnibus
April 3421April 3421Cabinet Proposal of April 3421
May 3421May 3421Budget proposal of May 3421
February 3422February 3422KR Media Omnibus
February 3422February 3422KR Religious Omnibus 2
February 3422February 3422Law and Order
February 3422February 3422KR Religious Omnibus
February 3422February 3422Isolationism
February 3422February 3422Military
February 3422February 3422Morals
February 3422February 3422Culture
January 3429January 3429Military Reforms
June 3440June 3440Economic Prosperity Act of 3440
June 3440June 3440Morality Act of 3440
February 3441February 3441Military Reform Act of 3441
June 3442June 3442Reform Act of 3442
April 3473April 3473Cabinet Proposal of April 3473
December 3487December 3487We're against this
April 3490July 3490Constitutional Changes of the Republic Of Hobratsi
June 3491July 3491Changes to General Administration
January 3493January 3493Justice and Home Affairs Ammendmends of January 3493
September 3515October 3515Property Act
September 3515October 3515Economic reforms
January 3516January 3516Choice in public services
September 3516September 3516Anti-corruption Act
September 3516September 3516Legal Reform
February 3530February 3530HDK Economic Platform
April 3532January 3533Infrastructure Bill
April 3534April 3534Foreign Policy Revision Proposals
April 3534April 3534Culture Bill
April 3534April 3534Media Bill
April 3541December 3550The red manifesto
December 3551December 3551HKP Manifesto
June 3552December 3557Economic crisis act of 3552
February 3553February 3553Ecology act of 3553
April 3554April 3554National Anthem
April 3554April 3554Religion act
April 3554April 3554Ecology act of 3554
July 3598January 3605NDHF Omnibus Bill of 3605
September 3602September 3602Cabinet Proposal of September 3602
January 3605January 3605NDHF Economic Plan of 3605
July 3606July 3606NDHF Economic Plan of 3606
July 3607July 3607Return of Our Values Act of 3607
February 3634September 3634Sight and Sound Bill of 3634
April 3670April 3670Hobrazian Liberal Party Platform I
April 3680April 3680Call for early elections, April 3680
April 3680April 3680Gay and Lesbian Equality Bill
July 3685July 3685Free Hobrazia I
February 3688February 3688AR 21
May 3703May 3703VM Manifesto
July 3703July 3703-
January 3707November 3936Claim To Keymon (K'vis Island)
June 3709February 3711Education Investment Act
December 3712November 3936IMPORTANT/RP LAWS
July 3725July 3725Fair Nation Reforms
January 3735January 37351st Bill of January 3735
May 3735May 37351st bill of May 3735
June 3735June 3735Flag
May 3741May 3741We Say So! Party Manifesto 3741
August 3741August 3741Ratification of the Recognition for Luthori
August 3741August 3741Ratification of the Partenariat Alliance
August 3741August 3741Ratification of the Luthorian Hobratsuri
September 3741September 3741Regulation Reduction Act 3741
October 3742October 3742Regulation Reduction Act 3742
February 3743February 3743-
February 3743February 3743Ratification of the Luthorian Hobratsuri
October 3746October 3746We Say So! Party Statement of Poor Governance 3746
December 3757May 3758Retirement age
December 3757May 3758Quota reform
January 3758January 3758Cabinet Proposal of January 3758
January 3758May 3758Welcoming Foreign travelers into the nation
January 3758May 3758Military Reform
January 3758May 3758Localize Environmental Reforms
January 3758May 3758Enviromental Law Reform
January 3758May 3758Prostitution reform
January 3758May 3758Budget Balance Demand
January 3758May 3758Sexual Reform (1)
February 3758May 3758Drug regulation change
February 3758May 3758Religion in Schools Reformation Bill
February 3758May 3758New abortion law
February 3758May 3758Slight tax Change
February 3758May 3758Salaries
February 3758June 3758Gun Rights
February 3758December 3758Nationality Reform
May 3758May 3758Cabinet Proposal of May 3758
May 3758May 3758Voting Rights Reform
May 3758May 3758Sexual Reform (2)
May 3758May 3758New Animal
May 3758May 3758Health Care Reform
June 3758June 3758government owned businesses
June 3758June 3758Corporation Tax
June 3758June 3758Child labour
June 3758June 3758New Motto
June 3758June 3758Government gains control of profit.
June 3758June 3758Education
June 3758June 3758Police power
June 3758June 3758Illegal Aliens
June 3758June 3758National Sport
July 3758July 3758Age of Legal Adult
July 3758July 3758Checks on unions
July 3758July 3758Luxury Product Tax Increase
July 3758August 3758Cabinet Proposal of July 3758
August 3758August 3758Free Market Proposal (1)
August 3758August 3758Corporation tax increase (Non-Communism version)
August 3758August 3758Minimum Wage Increase
January 3759January 3759Cabinet Proposal Bill of 3759
January 3759January 3759Free Market Proposal of 3759
February 3759February 3759Religion Reform
February 3759February 3759morality
March 3759March 3759Exchange rate
June 3759June 3759j
June 3759June 3759Call for early elections, June 3759
July 3759July 3759Anti-Enviromentalism Bill
August 3759August 3759Nuclear Reform 3759
August 3759August 3759We Say So! Party Electioneering Act
September 3759September 3759View of the WSS
February 3761May 3761Abortion
February 3761May 3761Military Bill
February 3761May 3761Limiting the National Government
May 3761May 3761Ecology Reform
May 3761May 3761Proposal Resolution
December 3761December 3761Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
December 3761December 3761Ratification of the Union of Seleyan Football Associations (USFA)
January 3762July 3762Animal Reform
September 3762September 3762Morality
August 3763May 3764The Great Bill of 3763 Foreign Policy Changes
January 3790January 3790Call for early elections, January 3790
September 3792September 3792Anti-Nobility Act (ANA)
October 3792October 3792Standing Military Reform (SMR)
October 3792October 3792Military Anti-Discrimination Act (MAD)
October 3792October 3792Freedom to Live Act (FLA)
October 3792October 3792Standing Military Reform (SMR)
February 3793February 3793Corporation Pay Act (CPA)
March 3793December 3793Legislature Expansion Proposal (LEP)
February 3794February 3794Culture of the Worker
February 3794February 3794Separation of Power
March 3794March 3794New Flag Adoption
November 3795November 3795Call for early elections, November 3795
November 3795November 3795Call for early elections, November 3795
December 3795December 3795IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
December 3795December 3795IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
December 3795December 3795IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
December 3795December 3795IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
June 3796June 3796IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
June 3796June 3796IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
June 3796June 3796IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
June 3796June 3796IMPROVE HOBRAZIA
June 3796June 3796CHANGE HOBRAZIA
November 3797November 3797Cabinet Proposal of November 3797
November 3798December 3798Cabinet Proposal of November 3798
December 3799December 3799Condemn Socialist Vanguard Party
April 3801October 3801Forest Mangement Act
April 3801October 3801Education Reform Act
April 3801October 3801Stem Cell Code Reformation
April 3801October 3801People's Network Act
August 3801October 3801Ratification of the International Convention on Workers Rights
August 3801October 3801Monopoly Policy Reform
August 3801February 3802Education Omnibus Bill
February 3802March 3802Welfare Adjustment
July 3802July 3802Environment Bill
July 3802July 3802Morality Bill
July 3802July 3802Reduction of Corporate Tax
October 3802October 3802Economic Opportunity Act
June 3803May 3804Increasing time
June 3804December 3804Determining Adulthood Policy Reform
July 3804July 3804Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
August 3804August 3804Ratification of the Convention on Homeschooling Rights
September 3804September 3804Ratification of the Declaration on Religous Liberty
October 3805October 3805Cabinet Proposal of October 3805
July 3806July 3806Hobrazian Values Bill
July 3806July 3806Hobrazian Protection Bill
January 3807January 3807Hobrazia First Bill
February 3807February 3807Region Name Restoration Act
August 3808August 3808Call for early elections, August 3808
August 3810August 3810Religious Tolerance Bill
August 3810August 3810Industrial Growth Bill
August 3810August 3810Waste Deregulation Bill
December 3811December 3811Cabinet Proposal of December 3811
February 3812February 3812Constitutional Amendments
March 3817March 3817Cabinet Proposal of March 3817
May 3822May 3822Cabinet Proposal of May 3822
November 3822November 3822Call for early elections, November 3822
August 3832August 3832Military Improvment
August 3832August 3832Death Sentance
December 3834December 3834Better Health Care
July 3838July 3838Military Expansion
January 3840January 3840Call for early elections, January 3840
January 3840January 3840Early elections
June 3840November 3840Bank Reform Bill of 3840
June 3840February 3841Free Farmers Act
June 3840February 3841Economic Reform Act of 3840
June 3840February 3841Education Reform
July 3840November 3840Private Defense Act
July 3840February 3841Infrastructural Freedom Act
July 3840February 3841Public Works Act
February 3841February 3841Family Freedom Act
October 3842October 3842Economical Freedom Act
August 3843November 3843Dwarvish Constitutional Recognition
April 3845April 3845Repeal of the Treaty of Republics
September 3845September 3845Call for early elections, September 3845
November 3846November 3936Nobility Titles in Hobrazia
November 3846November 3936National Decorations in Hobrazia
March 3847March 4124Armed Forces Compositions
April 3848April 3848Call for early elections, April 3848
September 3854December 3864War Preparations
October 3866October 3866Call for early elections, October 3866
October 3889October 3889Economic Democracy for All Act
February 3892February 3892Ratification of the UAFA - Union of Artanian Football Associations
May 3894May 3894Freedom for Hobrazia
May 3900May 3900End of Exploitation
October 3901October 3901Ecology and Infrastructure Reform
May 3925May 3925Call for early elections, May 3925
September 3952September 3952Regulatory Reform Act 3952
November 3952November 3952The Mshvidoba Manifesto, 3952
June 3953June 3953Sat'no Manip’esti 3953
August 3953August 3953Nats’ionalizats’ia Kanonproek’ti
August 3953August 3953Call for early elections, August 3953
January 3954January 3954National Morality Act, 3954
January 3954January 3954National Reconstruction Act, 3954
February 3956February 3956National Defence Act, 3956
June 3956July 3956Energy Production Bill
December 3956December 3956Liberty Reform Act
July 3957July 3957Justice Reform Act, 3957
November 3958November 3958Cabinet Proposal of November 3958
August 3959August 3959Ratification of the International Terran Bank
August 3959August 3959Imperiuli Nats’ionaluri Modzraoba Platform I
May 3960May 3960Unshackle Hobrazia Act 3960
May 3960May 3960(Re)Restoration of the Monarchy Act 3960
July 3960July 3960Imperiuli Nats’ionaluri Modzraoba Platform II
December 3962December 3962INM Education Act
February 3965February 3965INM Regulatory Act
June 3965June 3965Cabinet Proposal of June 3965
January 3988January 3988Call for early elections, January 3988
January 3988January 3988Cabinet Proposal of January 3988
November 3988February 3989Infrastructural Changes
December 3988February 3989New Changes December 3988
January 3989February 3989Changes January 3989
April 3989April 3989Income tax proposal of April 3989
May 3989May 3989Foreign Relations
April 3990April 3990Length of term
December 3990December 3990Cabinet Proposal of December 3990
December 3990December 3990Conservative Economic Bill
January 3992January 3992Call for early elections, January 3992
February 3992November 4066Assassination of Hon.John Roberts
January 3995January 3995Bill of 3995
April 3996April 3996Cabinet Proposal of April 3996
May 3996May 3996Expansion of Education Act
August 3996August 3996The head of State Name and Title
October 3996October 3996Cabinet Proposal of October 3996
December 3996December 3996Cabinet Proposal of December 3996
February 3997May 3997The Sensible Military Act
February 3997May 3997The Sensible Management Act
June 3998June 3998Cabinet Proposal of June 3998
July 3998July 3998New Terms of Office
July 3998July 3998Conservative government bill of 3998
August 3998November 4066Demonstrations across the country
December 3998December 3998Cabinet Proposal of December 3998
December 3998December 3998Cabinet Proposal of December 3998
December 3998December 3998Cabinet Proposal of December 3998
July 3999July 3999Economic bill
November 3999June 4009Member of Parliament Salary announced
May 4000May 4000Deputy speaker vote
June 4001June 4001Budget proposal of June 4001
March 4006March 4006Cabinet Proposal of March 4006
September 4007November 4066Ban the Conservative Unionist Party
December 4007December 4007Socialist reforms
June 4008March 4124RP/OOC: Armed Forces of Hobrazia
December 4009December 4009Call for early elections, December 4009
April 4018April 4018changing the amount of MPs
July 4023March 4124The Written Constitution of Hobrazia
January 4026November 4066The Speakers Annual Speech to Parliament
July 4027October 4027Law bill 4027
January 4032June 4032Family and life act
July 4034July 4034Ratification of the The Hosian Patriarchal Union
December 4041January 4042Parliament reform bill
May 4042May 4042Parliament reform bill (Amended)
July 4046July 4046Cabinet Proposal of July 4046
December 4048January 4049Make dank memes a reality
January 4054January 4054Political Cost Management Bill
May 4059October 4059First Bill of the MPH
June 4059November 4066Proposed List of Hobrazian Lords (update 4061)
October 4059October 4059Freedom Bill I
January 4070January 4070Income tax proposal of January 4070
July 4070July 4070Cabinet Proposal of July 4070
June 4074October 4075Establishment of an Employee-Employer Relationship
September 4075September 4075Citizen Care Act
September 4075October 4075Secular Act
October 4075October 4075Transportation Standard Act
August 4081August 4081Citizen Health Act
February 4084February 4084Education/Healthcare Act of 4084
August 4084December 4084Number of Seats
January 4086January 4086To Express PIP's Viewpoints Clearer
May 4090May 4094Removal of Unnecessary Treaties
December 4090December 4090Military Reform Bill
December 4090December 4090Secular Freedom Bill
April 4092October 4092Civil Liberties Bill
October 4092October 4092Nationalization Act
February 4094March 4094Call for early elections, February 4094
March 4094March 4094Space Program Act
March 4094March 4094The National Animal
May 4095September 4095Econ Act
May 4095September 4095Freedom Act
June 4095September 4095Libel and Slander Reform Bill
September 4095September 4095Military Act
November 4095November 4095Other Economic Reforms
January 4096January 4096Health Act
January 4096January 4096Education Act
June 4096June 4096Reduce and Revamp Act
July 4096July 4096Religion
July 4096September 4096Infastruture Act
July 4096February 4097foreign affairs
January 4097January 4097Responsible Foreign Involvement Act
February 4098May 4098Act for a strong country
March 4098March 4098Economic Freedom Act
June 4098June 4098More seats
June 4098June 4098Campaign Finance reform
October 4098October 4098Return to a moral society
November 4098June 4099Male rights
November 4098June 4099Ethnic cleansing
November 4098June 4099Military expansion
June 4099June 4099Abortion
August 4099August 4099Secular Movement
January 4100January 4100Call for early elections, January 4100
January 4100January 4100Environmental protection act
October 4100January 4101Installing pride in our kids
January 4101January 4101Call for early elections, January 4101
December 4101February 4102Economic Reform Bill of 4102
December 4101February 4102Education/Healthcare Act of 4101
February 4102February 4102Cabinet Proposal of February 4102
February 4102February 4102Call for early elections, February 4102
February 4102June 4102Democratization Act
March 4103August 4105Liberal Democracy Act
July 4104July 4104Call for early elections, July 4104
May 4105May 4105Cabinet Proposal of May 4105
June 4105June 4105Cabinet Proposal of June 4105
June 4105August 4105Seats
June 4105August 4105Cabinet Proposal of June 4105
June 4109June 4109Call for early elections, June 4109
October 4109October 4109Ratification of the International Labour Agreement 4103
November 4109March 4111Privacy protection for those in the public eye.
December 4112December 4112CPoH Reform Act
February 4114October 4121Art subsidies
November 4119November 4119Call for early elections, November 4119
July 4121December 4121Right to privacy
November 4122November 4122Deregulation and Prosperity - CPoH Reform Act 4122
July 4123May 4124Abolish National Service
February 4124February 4124Right to a Religious Education Act
May 4124November 4124The government's policy concerning phone services.
June 4124July 4124Allow all refugees into the nation.
June 4124November 4124The government policy regarding housing.
June 4124November 4124Make the government control at least one bank.
June 4124November 4124The government's policy on internet service providers (ISPs).
July 4124November 4124Disarming from nuclear weapons.
July 4124November 4124Right to Privacy
August 4124July 4125Expansion of Department Rights Act
November 4124June 4125Forbid product testing on animals
July 4125July 4125Outlawing Abortion
February 4126November 4126Blasphemous Libel Act of 4126
December 4126December 4126Bill for a public education system.
January 4128May 4128Government Name Reform Act
April 4128April 4128The government policy regarding housing.
April 4128April 4128Listing of controversial ingredients, such as genetically modified (GM) ingredients
October 4128October 4128The government's policy concerning private cars.
December 4128September 4129Bill for a Public healthcare system.
July 4129July 4129Cabinet Proposal of July 4129
April 4130June 4130New party
April 4130November 4130Treaties
April 4131October 4131The government's policy regarding child benefit.
May 4131November 4131Economics and military
October 4131October 4131Bill for a public education system
October 4132July 4133Tax Corporations
May 4133August 4133Defense industries
November 4133March 4134Legaslature
November 4133July 4134Government Name Reform Act 4133
June 4134June 4134Call for early elections, June 4134
April 4135July 4135Government policy concerning immigration.
July 4135July 4135Animal Welfare Bill
July 4135July 4135Civil right to healthcare
October 4135April 4137Firefighting services.
April 4136April 4137Public financing of political campaigns
April 4136October 4137Government policy concerning granting nationality
April 4137April 4137End National Service
May 4139May 4139Tax on Corporations
April 4140May 4140Cabinet Proposal of April 4140
June 4140June 4140New Coalition Bill
September 4140September 4140ghj
September 4140September 4140Nationalize all media
September 4140November 4140Treaties
November 4140November 4140Nationalize all Airports
October 4141October 4141Higher Education Institution Act
October 4141October 4141Legislature name change Act
November 4141November 4141Cabinet Proposal of November 4141
November 4141November 4141Renewable energy Act
November 4141November 4141Space Agency Establishment Bill
November 4143November 4143Promotion of Investment Act 4143
April 4144April 4144Standard of Advertising
April 4144April 4144Regulation of working hours
April 4144April 4144higher education act 4144
April 4144April 4144Abolish gated communities
April 4144April 4144Cabinet Proposal of April 4144
October 4144October 4144Tax Religious Organisations
May 4145May 4145Cultural Renaming Bill
June 4146June 4146Legislature reform.
May 4147May 4147Rights to strike
May 4147May 4147Fire Services
January 4149April 4149Government Reform Bill
January 4149April 4149Garbage Regulation Act
December 4149December 4149Military Freedom Act
December 4149December 4149Exchange Rate Act
December 4149December 4149Refugee Act
December 4149December 4149Equal Representation Act
April 4150April 4150Religion seperate from State Bill
July 4150July 4150Budget proposal of July 4150
July 4150July 4150Pollution Standards Act
July 4150July 4150Nuclear Disarmament Act
July 4150July 4150Income tax proposal of July 4150
November 4150November 4150Call for early elections, November 4150
April 4151April 4151Economic Reform Act
April 4151April 4151Immigration Act
May 4151May 4151Security Seat Proposal
December 4152December 4152Local Higher Education Act
January 4153January 4153Food Labeling Act
February 4153February 4153Public Transport Act
February 4153February 4153Renewable Energy Act
December 4153August 4154Seat Increase Act
July 4156July 4156Welfare Act
July 4156July 4156Affordable Care Act
July 4156July 4156Green Car Act
July 4156July 4156Freedom of T.V Act
July 4156July 4156Renewable Energy Act
July 4156July 4156Corporate Tax Act
July 4156July 4156Public Transport Act
July 4156July 4156Equal Representation Act
July 4156July 4156Retirement Act
June 4159December 4159Budget proposal of June 4159
December 4159December 4159Ratification of the Triguno-Deltaro-Solentian Trilateral Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation
December 4159December 4159Ratification of the International Environmental Protection Treaty
June 4160June 4160CPoH Reform Act 4160
February 4176April 4180the Gambling Regulation Act
September 4177March 4180Cabinet Proposal of September 4177
September 4180January 4183the Workers Act of 4180
August 4181January 4183the Corporate Regulation act
April 4184June 4184the Government act
July 4184October 4184the removal of Anton P. Holjoecki
March 4185April 4185Call for early elections, March 4185
July 4186August 4186the Government act of 4186
September 4186October 4186the FPH Reform act
December 4186December 4186Settlement Act 4186
August 4188August 4188Anti-Rape act in Military
January 4189April 4189Restructuring of adulthood
January 4189January 4190Restructuring of Public Execution
March 4189April 4189Cabinet Proposal of March 4189
April 4189May 4189Protection of Forest Act
April 4191August 4191Senate seat Increase
December 4195December 4195Call for early elections, December 4195
January 4197October 4197Communication Act of 4197
May 4199May 4199KPH - Agenda for Government
December 4206June 4208The Conscientious Objection Act of 4207
April 4208January 4209The Gaurdian Act of 4208
February 4209October 4209Military Adjustment Act of 4209
August 4209October 4209Amendment to the Hobrazian Constitution
January 4219January 4219Uniform Taxation on Imported Goods
October 4220March 4221Ratification of the Brahms Accords
April 4223November 4223The Anti Gambeling act of 4223
October 4223November 4223Cabinet Proposal of October 4223
December 4223December 4223The Militia Act
January 4224February 4224The Atheist Act
November 4225November 4225The National Health Service Act 4225
November 4225November 4225Security act of 4225
July 4226July 4226Localization Act 4266
July 4226July 4226Safe Homes Act of 4226
July 4226July 4226Privacy Act of 4226
August 4226August 4226The Protection of Animals Act 4226
August 4226August 4226The Housing Act 4226
August 4226August 4226The Representation of People Act 4226
August 4226August 4226The Nationalisation Act 4226
November 4226May 4227The Chemical Weapons Act 4226
January 4227April 4227Tax Reform 4227
January 4227April 4227National Retirement Age Act 4227
January 4227April 4227Incestuous Acts Reform 4227
January 4227April 4227Multiple Citizenship Reform Act 4227
March 4227April 4227Reform of Religious Funds Act of 4227
April 4227April 4227Advertisement of Religion Act 4227
April 4227April 4227Cabinet Proposal of April 4227
April 4227February 4228The Education Reform act of 4227
May 4227May 4227The Nationalisation of the Defence Industry Act 4227
May 4227May 4227The Representation of People Act 4227
May 4227May 4227The National Health Service Act 4227
June 4227June 4227Cabinet Proposal of June 4227
February 4228July 4228The Justice Reform act
March 4228June 4228The Government Act of 4228
March 4230September 4230The Secular State act
November 4234April 4235The prevention of over sea influences over Domestic corporations act
January 4235May 4235Ratification of the Artanian Humanitarian Aid and Social Development Treaty
April 4235May 4235The nationalisation of defence indusies act
April 4235May 4235The Gambeling regulation act
April 4235May 4235The pension act
November 4236December 4236Localization Act of 4237
November 4236February 4237The Hobrazian Industry act
February 4237May 4237The export of arms act
June 4238August 4238The Gaurdian act
November 4239April 4240Shining Patriot Act 4240
November 4241March 4242Youth Rights Act
December 4241April 4242The military reform act
December 4241April 4242The government act
December 4241April 4242The workers payment act
March 4242April 4242National Anthem Optimization Act of 4242.
April 4242July 4242The health care act
April 4242July 4242The Finnist Values act
July 4242June 4243education reform
April 4243April 4243Freedom of Religious Adornment Act of 4243
March 4245June 4245the immediate release of all Finnist Veterens
May 4245May 4245Communications Freedom Act of 4245
September 4246December 4246The foreign influence prevention act of 4246
May 4247May 4247Animal Companionship Act of 4247
May 4247May 4247Forestry Act of 4247
September 4248September 4248The deprivateiseation of essential services
September 4248September 4248The corporate regulations act
September 4248September 4248The workers rights act of 4248
September 4248October 4248The review and reform of civil liberties granted to the people by the government act of 4248
August 4250February 4251the secular state act
August 4252June 4253Corporate regulation Act of 4252
January 4253June 4253the gambling regulation act
June 4254June 4254Competitive Care Act of 4254
September 4262September 4262the Second Imperial proclamation
September 4262September 4262the First Imperial Prclomation
September 4262September 4262Call for early elections, September 4262
September 4262September 4262the Third Imperial Proclomation
June 4263July 4264the Fourth Imperial Proclamation
June 4265June 4265Cabinet Proposal of June 4265
August 4266December 4266the fifth imperial proclomation
February 4267February 4267The Sixth imperial proclomation
December 4276December 4276Worker's Rights
December 4276December 4276Healthcare Reform
June 4280June 4280Call for early elections, June 4280
December 4283May 4288Sufferage for All
May 4284May 4284Deregulation Act
October 4288October 4288Infrastructure Bill
November 4303December 4306Hunting and Whaling Reform
November 4304April 4305PPH Reform of 4304
November 4307December 4310Postal Reform Act of 4307
December 4318June 4320Cabinet Proposal of December 4318
December 4318June 4320Corporate Tax Reform
December 4320December 4320Hobrazian Fairness Act
April 4322April 4322FCA Manifesto 4322
June 4322June 4322Treaty Repeal 2
June 4322June 4322Treaty Repeal 1
June 4322June 4322Treaty Repeal 3
December 4322February 4323Justice Reform
December 4322February 4323Ecology Reform
December 4322February 4323Immigration Reform
December 4322February 4323Religion Reform
December 4322February 4323Freedom of Conscience Act
February 4323February 4323Right to Bear Arms
December 4325September 4326Diplomatic Reform
December 4325September 4326Agriculture Reform
December 4325June 4327Treaty Repeals
September 4326September 4326Army Reform - Part 2
June 4327June 4327Hobrazian Fairness Act
June 4327June 4327Army Reform - Part 3
December 4328August 4329Infrastructure Reform
November 4329March 4330Animal Policy Reform
December 4329March 4330Tobacco Policy Reform
May 4331May 4331Post Office Deregulation
May 4331May 4331Religious Schools
May 4331February 4332Energy Policy
November 4331November 4331Military Restoration Act
February 4332February 4332Decentralization Policy - Part 2
March 4332March 4332Call for early elections, March 4332
August 4333August 4333Abortion Policy
August 4333August 4333Abortion Policy
September 4334September 4334Nobility Policy
September 4334September 4334Free Trade Act
September 4334March 4335Food Policy
September 4334March 4335Phone Service Policy
September 4334March 4335Diplomacy Reform - Part 1
September 4337September 4337Market Competition Act
September 4337September 4337Freedom of Schooling
September 4337November 4338Environmental Reform
September 4337November 4338Drugs and Stimulants Policy
November 4337April 4338Unity Cabinet Proposal
March 4338November 4338license for selling alcohol and resticting ads more
October 4338November 4338Public Nudity Illegalization
November 4338February 4339Mandetory military service and Funding for civilian defense shelters
August 4339August 4339Cutting unnecessary regulations - part 2
October 4339October 4339Working Population Bill
February 4340February 4340Freedom of Movement
February 4340February 4340Cutting unnecessary regulations - part 3
May 4340May 4340Call for early elections, May 4340
November 4340March 4341A more moral Hobrazia
January 4341January 4341Cabinet Proposal of January 4341
May 4341June 4341Censorship of Pornography
May 4342January 4343Death Penalty Act
December 4342April 4343Media's right to invade privacy
April 4343April 4343Cabinet Proposal of April 4343
October 4345October 4345Call for early elections, October 4345
October 4345October 4345The Immigration Ban
November 4346November 4346Call for early elections, November 4346
November 4346November 4346Call for early elections, November 4346
September 4347September 4347The Socialist Act 4347
September 4347September 4347Gambling Prohibition ACT 4347
November 4347November 4347Interracial Sex - BAN - ACT 4347
November 4347November 4347Stricter Immigration laws - Ban on Refugees ACT 4347
November 4347November 4347Child Benefit For LOW income families - ACT 4347
November 4347December 4347Call for early elections, November 4347
December 4347December 4347Trade Union strike ballots amendment 4347
December 4347December 4347The Population Protection 4347 ACT
January 4348January 4348Interracial Marriage Prohibition ACT 4348
April 4348April 4348Pro Life - Ending Assisted suicides - ACT 4348
April 4348April 4348Fully Withdraw from ''The International Rejection of Slavery Agreement'' ACT 4348
April 4348April 4348The Social Patriotic ACT - 4348
April 4348April 4348Death Penalty For TERRORISM, TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST MANKIND - Act 4348
May 4348May 4348Prohibition Of Religious Advertisement - Prevent Theocracy ACT 4348
June 4348June 4348Cabinet Proposal of June 4348
July 4348July 4348Free public health care + regulation on private health - ACT 4348
July 4348July 4348Stricter Immigration laws - Include security checks to maintain LAW and ORDER - ACT 4347
July 4348July 4348Completely Withdraw from Taixi Progressive Trade Accord (TPTA) - ACT 4348
August 4348August 4348Parliamentary privilege - Exemption from any civil or criminal liability for speech and actions - ACT 4348
August 4348August 4348Allow torture under grave emergencies - ACT 4348
September 4348September 4348Prohibition Of Polygamous Relations - ACT 4348
October 4348October 4348Change the structure of the executive branch
November 4348November 4348Sex Education - 13 yr olds maturity ACT 4348
January 4349January 4349Corporation tax changes from 0% to 15%
June 4349December 4349Dont Ask,Dont Tell - Military Bill - ACT 4349
June 4349December 4349Great Military Bill ACT 4349
December 4349December 4349Cabinet Proposal of December 4349
December 4349December 4349Anti - Religious laws - Prohibition Of Religion - ACT 4349
December 4349December 4349Changing government from Capitalism to Socialism - Changing nation name. (Symbolic) ACT 4349
December 4349December 4349Racial Segregation - Native Protection - ACT 4349
December 4349December 4349Prohibition Of Interracial Sexual Relations - ACT 4349
December 4349December 4349Nationalising Banking Sector. NO TO EXPLOITATION - ACT 4349
December 4349December 4349Withdrawing from TPTA + International Rejection of Slavery Agreement.- ACT 4349
March 4350March 4350Government runs all homeless shelters and reintegration projects - ACT 4349
May 4350February 4399The Terran Communist Alliance - NOTICE (The Democratic Socialists 1st Parliamentary report)
June 4350June 4350Pornographic Content Of All Types - For all people - ACT 4350
June 4350June 4350The length of a legislative and executive term changes - ACT 4350
June 4350June 4350More Parliament Seats - ACT 4350 - Democratic Socialists
June 4350June 4350Environmental Protection - ACT 4350
June 4350June 4350Cabinet Proposal of June 4350
June 4350September 4350More autonomous economic rule
June 4350September 4350Reinstate nobility without special privileges -Part 1
October 4350November 4350Fully fund a Hobrazian National Space Agency - ACT 4350
November 4350February 4399The Communist Workers Party (Formally Known D.S) - Announcement - 4350
May 4351May 4351Cabinet Proposal of May 4351
July 4351July 4351Tackling Illegal immigration ACT - 4351
May 4352January 4353National policy - Protect The National Identity - ACT 4352
May 4355May 4355Citizens is gained by passing a qualifying exam - 4355
May 4355May 4355State monopolising on PROSTITUTION - ACT 4355
May 4355May 4355The Official National Sport - Lion Cage Fighting - 4355
May 4355May 4355National Favourite ANIMAL - The Lion!
May 4355May 4355End Right To Kill ANIMALS - ACT 4355
May 4355May 4355Death Penalty For TERRORISM, TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST MANKIND - Act 4355
June 4355June 4355Hope Not Euthanasia - Prohibition Of Euthanasia - ACT 4355
June 4355June 4355Republicanism - Power To The People ACT - 4355
June 4355June 4355Call for early elections, June 4355
June 4355June 4355Prohibition Of Tobacco - ProHealth ACT - 4355
June 4355June 4355Surrendering enemy combatants are summarily executed - Military Bill-4355
October 4356October 4356Age were you're considered an adult from 18 to 16 , ACT 4356
June 4358June 4358Prohibition Of All Religions - ACT 4358
April 4359October 4359Free Healthcare
July 4360July 4360Free public health care + Prohibit Privatisation ACT 4360
October 4364October 4364Law on the Protection of the Hobrazian People
April 4365April 4365Law on the Protection of the Free Market
June 4365June 4365Law on the Deregulation of Environmental Protections
August 4368August 4368Tax on Corporations:-Increase from 5% to 10% -Fairness ACT 4368
March 4375March 4376Cabinet Proposal of March 4375
December 4376December 4376Public Healthcare
December 4376June 4377Women’s Healthcare Act
March 4378March 4378Culturization of the state and the new himn, "We´re star, we´re homeland"
January 4386January 4386An act to amend the health system
January 4386January 4386An act to further worker's rights in Hobrazia
January 4386January 4386The Bill for 50% death Penalty
May 4386May 4386Education Reform
May 4386May 4386Justice Reforms
May 4386May 4386Call for early elections, May 4386
May 4386May 4386Ecology Act
June 4386June 4386An Act to Increase Seats in Parliament
December 4386December 4394Freedom of the Media
November 4387November 4387Defensiveness Bill
May 4390April 4391Change of Stance on Homosexuality in the Military
September 4392September 4392Adulthood Determination Act
November 4398November 439812yr olds are adults ACT- 4398-
May 4399May 4399Call for early elections, May 4399
February 4400February 4400Cabinet Proposal of February 4400
February 4400February 4400Withdraw from two international treaties - TPTA and IRSA - ACT 4400
August 4401August 4401Defence Initiatives
August 4401August 4401Retirement Age Proposal
November 4401February 4402HC New Legislative Acts
September 4402October 4402HC New Legislative Acts 2
April 4403April 4403Communist Manifesto
January 4406January 4406Translations
March 4407March 4407Translations
May 4408May 4408Military Reform - Police Militarisation - ACT- 4408
November 4409November 4409Trade/Labour Unions Reform - ACT 4409
October 4410October 4410Cabinet Proposal of October 4410
October 4410October 4410State Monopoly ON Prostitution - SEX Liberation ACT 4410
October 4410October 4410Adult age changed from 18 to 16 - REFORM
November 4410November 4410A fairer and a more representative fluid Democracy - Democratic Reform ACT 4410
April 4411March 4414The SS act
September 4415September 4415Legalisation of incest act
April 4417October 4417KPH Reform Act 4417
March 4418October 4418Governmental take over off the alcohol industry
May 4426May 4426Single Standard policy - Drinkable safe TAP water = ACT 4426
March 4427September 4431Religious Freedom in Child Vaccinations
September 4431May 4432Bill to Attract More Investment to Hobrazia
March 4434March 4434Call for early elections, March 4434
April 4440July 4442Foreign Policy Reform Act
March 4456March 4456Death Penalty for the most severe crimes
March 4456March 4456Getting Rid of illegal aliens act
March 4456March 4456Decentralizing the Power Sector
March 4456March 4456Banning Abortion
March 4456March 4456Nuclear Weapons Act
April 4457April 4457Reducing Abortion
August 4457August 4457Increased National Security Act
April 4459April 4459No Changing your gender act
August 4464August 4464Nativist Citizenship Act
August 4464August 4464Economic Liberalism Act
August 4465August 4465HSA 001 - Liberalised Economy Act
September 4465September 4465Military Powers Act
September 4465September 4465Economic Rights and Banking Act
September 4465September 4465Government Powers Reform Act
February 4466February 4466Enviroment Act
February 4466March 4466Farmer Act
April 4466May 4466Foreign Treaties and Investments Act
May 4466May 4467Public Works Act
July 4467July 4467Economic Liberalism Act 4467
January 4468January 4468Religious Freedom Act
November 4468March 4469Treaty Act
April 4469October 4470Cultural Reform Bill
December 4470August 4471Foreign Policy Act
January 4471July 4471Government Expansion Act
February 4473February 4473Cabinet Proposal of February 4473
February 4480February 4480Cabinet Proposal of February 4480
September 4480September 4480Cabinet Proposal of September 4480
March 4481March 4481Call for early elections, March 4481
August 4482August 4482Cabinet Proposal of August 4482
August 4482September 4488Institutional Reform
February 4484February 4484Cabinet Proposal of February 4484
December 4486December 4486Cabinet Proposal of December 4486
March 4487March 4487Cabinet Proposal of March 4487
April 4488April 4488Adminstration Reform Act
August 4489August 4489Militar Reform
March 4491March 4491Income tax proposal of March 4491
March 4491March 4491Budget proposal of March 4491
March 4491March 4491General Strike
March 4491March 4491Dissolution of the State
February 4496February 4496Economic Liberalism Act 4496
April 4503April 4503Call for early elections, April 4503
October 4503October 4503Military Reform Act of 4503
May 4506December 4506Airport Control
February 4508April 4508National Reform
May 4508October 4508Prison Reform
October 4509January 4510reform
February 4554February 4554Cabinet Proposal of February 4554
February 4563June 4563R!-3: Justice Reform Bill
February 4563June 4563R!-1: Economic Freedom Act
June 4563April 4655Edicts of the Speaker of the National People's Council
July 4563July 4563R!-5: Alteration to the Name of the Legislature of Hobrazia
July 4563July 4563R!-4: Military Revision Act
November 4563November 4563R!-9: Electable Head of State Act
November 4563November 4563RP-8: Foreign Relations Bill
November 4563November 4563R!-7: Infrastructure Privatisation Bill
January 4564January 4564R!-10: Healthcare Act
February 4564February 4564R!-11: Environment Deregulation Act
June 4564June 4564R!-12: Agricultural and Farming Decollectivising Act (AFDA)
November 4564November 4564R!-13: Anti Segregation Act
July 4565July 4565R!-14: Progressive Act
July 4565July 4565Emergency: Declaration of War Against Narikaton and Darnussia
July 4565July 4565R!-15: Economics Liberty Act
May 4566April 4655Investigation into the actions of Mr Oscar Muscat and Mr John Steiner
December 4566December 4566DNP: Great Reform Act
February 4584October 4585Racial Identification Act
August 4585October 4585New flag act
January 4590January 4590NDWP: Economic Policy Initiative
January 4590January 4590NDWP: Civil liberties Initiative
March 4606October 4606The Healthcare Freedom Act of 4606
February 4608November 4608Charter School Act 4608
January 4611January 4611Market Stimulation Act 4611
September 4612September 4612Government Reform 4612
January 4614January 4614Substance Industry liberalization 4614
September 4614September 4614The Identification Act 4614
September 4614September 4614na
September 4614September 4614Cabinet Proposal of September 4614
February 4616February 4616Defense Industry Act 4616
September 4623September 4623Freedom of Education Act
September 4647September 4647Cabinet Proposal of September 4647
January 4656January 4656Bill I, The Advacement of science
January 4656January 4656Racial Superiority Act
January 4656January 4656Military proposals NPP 4656
January 4656January 4656NPP amendments for civil liberties
November 4656December 4656Hereditary Accords I, 4656
January 4657January 4657Health Reformation Bill
August 4670August 4670Withdrawal from Hobrazia Diplomacy Network
August 4670August 4670Cabinet Proposal of August 4670
August 4670August 4670Call for early elections, August 4670
June 4675June 4675Income tax proposal of June 4675
February 4677April 4817RP: Institutions of the Government of Hobrazia
March 4736March 4736Constructive Bill No. 2
March 4736March 4736Constructive Bill No. 1
March 4736March 4736Cabinet Proposal of March 4736
July 4736July 4736Call for early elections, July 4736
August 4736August 4736Constructive Bill No. 4
August 4736August 4736Constructive Bill No. 3
October 4736October 4736Constructive Bill No.5
January 4737January 4737Constructive Bill No. 6
September 4759September 4759Call for early elections, September 4759
February 4760February 4760Cabinet Proposal of February 4760
July 4760January 4761ადმინისტრაციული რეფორმები (Administrative Reforms)
July 4760November 4766RP: ვეტოს სიმძლავრე(Veto Power)
August 4760July 4761RP: ქვედა პალატა (Lower Chamber)
April 4770September 4770Economic Reform
April 4770September 4770Parliment Seats Bill
April 4770September 4770Cultural enrichment bill
April 4770June 4771Economic policy for increased productivity
May 4770June 4771Abolishing adulthood tests
October 4770October 4770Government Renovation Act
June 4771June 4771Wellbeing enrichment
June 4771December 4772Economic policy for increased productivity nº 3 with additional articles for the betterment of the individual's wellbeing
September 4771May 4772Distribution alterations
April 4772April 4772Security council vote
April 4772April 4772Distribution alterations Nº2
April 4772April 4772Hobrazian Sovereignty Act
June 4772June 4772Flag Change
December 4772December 4772Pacifist Bill 4772
November 4773December 4774Economic policy for increased productivity nº 4
December 4774December 4774Green Hobrazia Act
November 4776November 4776freedom act
January 4803January 4803Tackling Racial Prejudice
June 4807June 4807Health safety Act Amendments
June 4807June 4807Chemical and Biological weapon use Policy.
June 4807June 4807Central Bank Regulation Policy
July 4808July 4808Banking and Finance
July 4808July 4808Adoption of Children
April 4809April 4809National Organisation
July 4810July 4810Police Force Bill
July 4810July 4810Choice Bill
January 4811January 4811Parliament Size Bill
November 4811November 4811Gambling Regulation Bill
January 4815January 4815Domestic Animals Registry Bill
January 4815January 4815Agricultural Reform Bill
January 4815January 4815Public Nudity Bill
October 4816October 4816Art Subsidies
September 4826September 4826SL-1 Nationalization of Defence Act
May 4857May 4857First Zoidze Cabinet
November 4893March 4894Hobrazian Citizenship Act
December 4893March 4894Legislative Reform Act
December 4893March 4894Prosperity Act
December 4893March 4894Pro-Life Act
December 4893March 4894Hobrazian Liberalization Act
June 4894June 4894Cabinet Reform Act
June 4894June 4894Corporate Reform Act
December 4894December 4894Reform Act 1
February 4895February 4895Police Reform Act
February 4895February 4895Ecological Reform Act
February 4895February 4895Election Reform Act
June 4895June 4895Open Hobrazia Act
December 4895December 4895Ecological Decentralization Act
December 4895December 4895Intelligence Reform Act
May 4896May 4896Reform Act 2
July 4896July 4896v
November 4896November 4896HTP.4896.2
November 4896November 4896HTP.4896.1
November 4896November 4896Open Cabinet Act
May 4898May 4898HTP.4898.4
May 4898May 4898HTP.4898.5
May 4898May 4898HTP.4898.3
May 4898May 4898HTP.4898.2
May 4898May 4898HTP.4898.1
July 5016July 5016Call for early elections, July 5016

Random fact: Players have a responsibility to make a reasonable effort to be accurate when communicating the rules to other players. Any player who manipulatively misleads another player about the rules will be subject to sanction.

Random quote: "If God made man they say Sam Colt made them equal." - Unknown

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