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Bill History

These are the bills that were proposed in the Imārat-i Ahmādī-yi Sahel/Ahmadi Emirate of Solentia (Solentia).

Bills passed

These bills have been passed[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
May 2116May 2116Call for early elections, May 2116
November 2116November 2116Solentian Refugee and Immigration Policy
November 2116November 2116Constitution Reform Act
September 2117September 2117Call for early elections, June 2117
December 2117December 2117Education Expansion Act
December 2117December 2117Alcohol/Smoking Regulations
December 2117December 2117Military Reform Act
December 2117December 2117Republican Motto Act
December 2117December 2117Republican Flag Act
December 2117December 2117Republic Clean Air Act
December 2117December 2117Shortening of Executive and Legislative Terms
March 2118March 2118National Boarder Protection Act
March 2118March 2118Republic Defense Initiative
March 2118March 2118Solentian Inteligence Directorate (SID) Creation Act
March 2118March 2118Death Penalty Abolishment Act
March 2118March 2118Constitution of The Solentian Republic
March 2118March 2118Contraception Subsidy Act
March 2118March 2118Energy Rate Regulation Act
March 2118March 2118Renewable Energy Act
May 2118May 2118Republic Organization Act
October 2118October 2118Desperation in War Act
October 2118October 2118Abortion Regulation Act
December 2118December 2118Economic Growth Act
December 2118December 2118Localize Hunting and Fishing Act
March 2119March 2119SolentiCare Health System Initiative
October 2119October 2119Call for early elections, September 2119
December 2119December 2119Republic Defense Act
May 2120May 2120Republic Organ Freedom Act (ROFA)
March 2122March 2122Republic Wage Act
February 2123February 2123The Nations Defence Industry Act
February 2123February 2123Energy Regulation Act
June 2123June 2123Special police units
September 2123September 2123Industrial Hemp Policy
September 2123September 2123Secular Schools Act
September 2123September 2123Freedom to Gamble Act
September 2123September 2123Freedom to Smoke Act
October 2123October 2123Adoption Reformation
October 2123October 2123More Representation for Solentian Act
October 2123October 2123Recycling Initiative
October 2123October 2123National Fire Department Bill
October 2123October 2123Clean Fuel Incentive
October 2123October 2123Pesticide Management
October 2123October 2123No more public nudity
October 2123October 2123National Park Bill
October 2123October 2123Animal Protection Act
November 2123November 2123SolentiBell Act
November 2123November 2123Justice for All Malpractice Victims Act
November 2123November 2123Republic Morality Act
November 2123November 2123Freedom to Gate Act
December 2123December 2123Don't Ask, Don't Tell Act
January 2124January 2124Food Regulation Act
June 2124June 2124Executive Intelligence Act
September 2124September 2124Solentian MediCare Initiative
September 2124September 2124Prevent Flag Desecration Act
October 2124October 2124The government policy with respect to prayer in schools Act
October 2124October 2124Space Exploitation Act - S.E.A. 1
February 2125February 2125Back To School Enforcement
February 2125February 2125Advertising Morality Act
March 2125March 2125Charter School Policy
March 2125March 2125Rehabilitating Criminals Act
April 2125April 2125International Trade Proposal
April 2125April 2125Library Initiative
December 2125December 2125SolentiNews Act
December 2125December 2125Renewable Energy De-Centralization Act (REDCA)
December 2125December 2125Ban Nudity on Television Act
March 2126March 2126Pre-Emptive Defense Bill
March 2126March 2126Have Prisoners Give Back to the Community (II)
March 2126March 2126Make Hunting the National Sport Act
April 2126April 2126Professional Fireworks Proposal
July 2126July 2126Solentian Flag: Solution Debate
February 2127February 2127Military Reformation Act II
March 2127March 2127Ban Human Cloning Act
March 2127March 2127Secondary Strike Management
March 2127March 2127Lower the Sales Tax Act
March 2127March 2127Legal Representation Proposal
March 2127March 2127All Children to Receive Two Parents Act
March 2127March 2127Solentian Sports Initiative
March 2127March 2127Treatment of P.O.W.'s
March 2127March 2127Stop Slowing Down the Economy Act
March 2127March 2127Strike Management Initiative
March 2127March 2127National ID Cards Act
April 2127April 2127Republic Security Act
April 2127April 2127Better Arm Our Forces Act
April 2127April 2127Genetically Modified Crop Act
April 2127April 2127Adequate Security Act (ASA)
May 2127May 2127Industrial Consolidation Act
September 2127September 2127Reduce Wages to National Parks Act
September 2127September 2127Eminent Domain Compensation Initiative
September 2127September 2127Animal Ownership Extension
September 2127September 2127Low-Income Subsidies Act
September 2127September 2127National Animal Identity Act
September 2127September 2127Eminent Domain Compensation Act
October 2127October 2127Cultural Heritage Preservation Act
October 2127October 2127Commercial Fishing Quota Act
November 2127November 2127Fire Fighting Initiative
November 2127November 2127Permit More Hunting Legalizations Act
November 2127November 2127Civil Defense Intensification Act
January 2128January 2128Localize Sodomy Laws Act
January 2128January 2128Food Licensing Standards Act
January 2128January 2128Let Local Governments Know About Pets Act
February 2128February 2128School's Freedom Of Prayer Initiative
April 2128April 2128Raise the Retirement Age Act
April 2128April 2128Equal Education Chances Initiative
April 2128April 2128National Curfew for Children Policy
April 2128April 2128National Anthem of Solentian Act
December 2128December 2128Software Patent Legalization Act (SPLA)
December 2128December 2128Discipline Policy
December 2128December 2128Competent Business Act
December 2128December 2128SolentiBooks Act
December 2128December 2128Marriage De-Centralization Act
December 2128December 2128SolentiWaste Act
December 2128December 2128Freedom to Assemble Act
February 2129February 2129Military/National Service Act
February 2129February 2129Military Stance on Homosexuality Act
February 2129February 2129Civil Defence is the Government's policy on providing shelters to be used in the event of attacks on major cities, mainly nuclear attacks and bombing Act
February 2129February 2129The government's policy concerning the use of chemical and biological weaponry in warfare Act
June 2129June 2129Health and Safety Legislation
June 2129June 2129Cloning Laws
June 2129June 2129Public Health
July 2129July 2129Anti Positive Discrimination Act (APDA I )
July 2129July 2129Discrimination Act
July 2129July 2129Education Reform Bill
November 2130November 2130Legal Action Act
February 2131February 2131Common Sense Tort Law Act
December 2131December 2131National Radio Proposal
December 2131December 2131Higher Education Regulation Act
December 2131December 2131Pharmaceutical Drug Subsidies Bill
December 2131December 2131Internet Security Act
December 2131December 2131Trade Union Legalization Initiative
December 2131December 2131Hunting Regulation Reinstatement Act
December 2131December 2131Medical Research Subsidies Proposal
December 2131December 2131Medical Research Regulation
July 2132July 2132Mayorial Reformation Initiative
July 2132July 2132Child Benefits Initiative
August 2133August 2133Gay Rights Act
January 2134January 2134City Naming Propositions
February 2134February 2134Teacher Discipline Reformation Act
February 2134February 2134Private School Regulation Bill
February 2134February 2134Curfew Reformation Initiative
February 2134February 2134Chemical and Biological Research Initiative
February 2134February 2134Defense Industry Reformation Act
February 2134February 2134Pre-School Reformation Act
February 2134February 2134Military Weapons Reformation Act
February 2134February 2134Nuclear Warfare Resolution
March 2134March 2134Solentian Flag Act II
April 2134April 2134The National Anthem
December 2134December 2134Religious Advertisement Freedom Act
December 2134December 2134Smoking Reformation Bill
December 2134December 2134Cabinet Proposal of December 2134
January 2136January 2136DWC Commerical Freedom Act
June 2136June 2136Firearms Ownership Bill
June 2136June 2136Pollution Control Bill
June 2136June 2136Post Office Regulation Bill
June 2136June 2136Strike Ballot Initiative
June 2136June 2136National Park Reinstatement Act II
August 2136August 2136Welfare
August 2136August 2136Prayer Reforms Act
August 2136August 2136Torture Reforms Act
August 2136August 2136Sympathy Strikes Reforms Act
August 2136August 2136Abortion
August 2136August 2136Food Labelling Act
August 2136August 2136Torture
August 2136August 2136Abortion Reforms
August 2136August 2136Refugee Act
August 2136August 2136Ingredient Labelling
November 2136November 2136Sexual education Act 2136
January 2138January 2138Cultural Preservation Expansion Act
January 2138January 2138Foreign Missionary Selection Initiative
March 2138March 2138Religious Tax Initiative
April 2138April 2138Higher Education Expansion Act
July 2138July 2138Foreigner Act
July 2138July 2138Euthanasia Act
September 2138September 2138Adoption Policy Reinstatement Act
September 2138September 2138Industrial Hemp Regulation
September 2138September 2138Renewable Energy Initiative
March 2139March 2139Charter School Reformation
March 2139March 2139Adult Material Legalization Act
April 2140April 2140Tobacco Product Reformation
April 2140April 2140Illegal Alien Policy Initiative
April 2140April 2140Cosmetics Research Regulation II
April 2140April 2140Shelf Life Regulation Bill
April 2140April 2140Minimum Wage Bill 2140
December 2140December 2140Adoption Rights Act
July 2141July 2141CFAAP Science Manifesto
August 2141August 2141Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
April 2142April 2142Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation - SOTO
December 2143December 2143Space Agency Control Act
December 2143December 2143CFAAP Technology Manifesto
December 2143December 2143Health Reforms Act
December 2145December 2145Call for early elections, March 2145
May 2146May 2146CFAAP Ecology Manifesto
August 2146August 2146Local Housing Initiative
August 2146August 2146Civil Service Act
February 2147February 2147Municipal Reform Act
October 2147October 2147Strike Interests Recognition Act
December 2147December 2147Party Democracy Package
February 2148February 2148New Deal on Education
February 2148February 2148Retirement Reduction Act
February 2148February 2148Working Persons Tax Credit
March 2148March 2148Forest Protection Initiative
March 2148March 2148Mandatory Service Reformation Bill
February 2149February 2149Intelligence Standards Decree
March 2149March 2149Food Labelling Reforms
March 2149March 2149Public Electricity Directive
January 2150January 2150Pensions and Savings Act
January 2150January 2150Ethical Extradition Decree
January 2150January 2150Trade and Industry Act
January 2150January 2150Trade and Industry (Second) Act
August 2150August 2150Co-operative Act
February 2151February 2151Open Communities Act
February 2151February 2151Religious Regulation Act
February 2151February 2151Gambling Review Act
February 2151February 2151Nuclear Review Act
February 2152February 2152Defence Reforms Act
July 2152July 2152Police Weaponry Reforms Act
July 2152July 2152Child Welfare Act
August 2152August 2152Cabinet Proposal of February 2152
September 2152September 2152Electoral Reform Act
November 2152November 2152Seats Distribution Act
December 2152December 2152Capital Naming Act 2152
March 2153March 2153Absurd Reforms Act
March 2153March 2153Prostitution Review Act
May 2153May 2153Universal Legal Services Act
January 2154January 2154Divorce Reform Bill
January 2154January 2154Forest Management Initiative
February 2154February 2154Health and Safety Treaty Ratification
February 2154February 2154Labour Rights Convention Ratification
February 2154February 2154Public Housing (Revision) Act
March 2154March 2154International Fair Trade Act
March 2154March 2154Weapon Free Zones Scheme
September 2154September 2154Cabinet Proposal of March 2154
March 2155March 2155Endangered Animals Treaty
January 2156January 2156Private Firearms Licensing
January 2156January 2156Comprehensive Education Act
January 2156January 2156Weapon Concealment Reform
April 2156April 2156Agricultural Reforms Act
April 2156April 2156Minimum Wage Reform
July 2156July 2156Progressive Taxation
September 2156September 2156Accountable Education Act
March 2157March 2157New Deal on Retirement
January 2158January 2158Tax
January 2158January 2158Cabinet Proposal of January 2158
February 2158July 2158Budget proposal of February 2158
February 2158July 2158Income tax proposal of February 2158
October 2158May 2159United Centrist Ideology Proclamation
November 2158November 2158Budget proposal of November 2158
November 2158November 2158Income tax proposal of November 2158
November 2158November 2158Call for early elections, November 2158
December 2158May 2159Cabinet Proposal of December 2158
February 2159February 2159Tax
November 2159November 2159Health Act
April 2161April 2161Cabinet Proposal of April 2161
April 2161April 2161Manifest
April 2161April 2161The professional retirement age
September 2161September 2161tax reform
September 2161September 2161cos od siebie
November 2161November 2161Media act
November 2161November 2161Budget proposal of November 2161
November 2161November 2161Changes in Solentian
April 2162April 2162ekology
August 2162August 2162Budget proposal of August 2162
December 2162December 2162Cabinet Proposal of December 2162
December 2162March 2163Infrastructure
March 2163March 2163tax reform
March 2163March 2163Income tax proposal of March 2163
March 2163March 2163administration reform
March 2163April 2163change
September 2163September 2163military change
November 2163November 2163zmiany
November 2163November 2163Budget proposal of November 2163
November 2163November 2163National animal and sport
November 2163November 2163Mayor
November 2163November 2163Freedom
November 2163November 2163The constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature
December 2163December 2163Economy bill
December 2163December 2163ekonomy
December 2163December 2163Income tax proposal of December 2163
October 2164October 2164Call for early elections, October 2164
May 2165May 2165health
October 2165October 2165Science
October 2165October 2165media
October 2165October 2165Budget proposal of October 2165
November 2165November 2165Pre-School Deregulation Act
November 2165November 2165Welfare
November 2165November 2165Morality Act
November 2165November 2165Infrastructure
November 2165November 2165Education Privatization Act
June 2166June 2166Regional Name Change Act
November 2166November 2166Budget proposal of November 2166
January 2167January 2167Military Enlistment Act
April 2167April 2167Income tax proposal of April 2167
May 2167May 2167Budget proposal of May 2167
May 2167May 2167Civil liberties
May 2167May 2167Infrastructure
May 2167May 2167Income tax proposal of May 2167
May 2167May 2167Welfare
May 2167May 2167technology
May 2167May 2167tax
March 2168March 2168Budget proposal of March 2168
August 2168August 2168Budget proposal of August 2168
August 2168August 2168Income tax proposal of August 2168
June 2169June 2169Food Industry Deregulation Act
November 2169November 2169Justice
November 2169November 2169Cabinet Proposal of November 2169
December 2169January 2170Globalization Act
February 2170February 2170Income tax proposal of February 2170
February 2170February 2170Budget proposal of February 2170
February 2170February 2170tax
August 2170August 2170URP ACT III
September 2170September 2170Animals Are Property Act
May 2171May 2171Islamic Sovereignty Act
September 2171September 2171Privatization Act
March 2172March 2172Pro-Business Act
December 2172December 2172Gatsby Reform Bill III
December 2172December 2175Fire Department Act
February 2173February 2173New deal I
October 2173October 2173Call for early elections, October 2173
November 2173March 2174Privatization Act
November 2173March 2174Lower Class Oppression Act
November 2173March 2174Discrimination Act
November 2173March 2174Until Death Do Us Part Act
October 2174October 2174Privatization of Higher Education Act
December 2174December 2176Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
April 2175April 2175Nuclear Power Reform Act
April 2175April 2175Eminent Domain Reform Act
November 2175December 2176Workers' Rights Act
May 2176December 2176Organ Donor Reform Act
June 2176December 2176Pension Reform Act
August 2176August 2176Call for early elections, August 2176
November 2176December 2176Freedom in Education Act
November 2176December 2176Remuneration of Ministers Reform Act
December 2176December 2176Science reform
December 2176December 2176Cabinet Proposal of December 2176
December 2176December 2176Strike act
December 2176December 2176Religion act
December 2176December 2176Secular Reform Act II
December 2176December 2176Agriculture act
December 2176December 2176Military act
January 2177January 2177Anti-Slavery Act
January 2177January 2177Divorce Act
April 2177April 2177ID Card Reform Act
December 2177December 2177Child Labor Act
September 2178September 2178International Aid
December 2178December 2178Pro-Business Act
December 2178December 2178Animals Are Property Act
December 2178January 2179Shari'a Adoption Act
April 2179May 2179Nuclear Act 2179
April 2179May 2179State Religion Act 2179
February 2180February 2180Bringing Deltarian Catholicism to Solentia
February 2180February 2180Civil Rights Reform
February 2180February 2180Religious Reform Act
November 2180December 2180Right to privacy
November 2180December 2180Weaponary act
November 2180December 2180Trade unions
November 2180December 2180Divorces act
November 2180December 2180Freedom act
November 2180December 2180Religious act
November 2180December 2180Animal act
December 2180December 2180Civil rights
April 2181April 2181Euthanasia
April 2181April 2181Child labour
April 2181April 2181Linear tax
April 2182April 2182Religion act
April 2182April 2182Higher education act
April 2182April 2182Health act
April 2183April 2183The Great Gatsby Act Of 2183
October 2183October 2183The Second Great Gatsby Act Of 2183
January 2184January 2184Justice Act of 2184
October 2184December 2184Military
December 2184December 2184Child benefit
December 2184December 2184Infrastructure act
December 2184December 2184Cabinet Proposal of December 2184
December 2184December 2184Cabinet Proposal of December 2184
December 2184December 2184Recycling act
December 2184December 2184Tax by corporations
December 2184December 2184DWC
December 2184December 2184Immigration act
December 2184December 2184Normal justice
January 2185January 2185Ratification of the Majatran Mutual Defence pact (SOTO military defence clause)
January 2185January 2185Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
January 2185January 2185Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
January 2185May 2185Budget proposal of January 2185
March 2185March 2185Linear tax
October 2185October 2185Military act
October 2185October 2185Children act
October 2185October 2185Culture act
January 2186January 2186Illegal aliens
April 2187April 2187Nick Carraway Act
April 2187April 2187Budget proposal of April 2187
January 2189January 2189Cabinet Proposal of January 2189
September 2189September 2189Food
September 2189September 2189Letters
January 2190April 2190Call for early elections, January 2190
September 2190September 2190Pornography act
September 2190September 2190Strike act
September 2190September 2190Weapons export
September 2190September 2190Change
September 2190September 2190Election
August 2193August 2193Income tax proposal of August 2193
May 2194May 2194Budget proposal of May 2194
October 2194October 2194Change
May 2196October 2196Health
August 2196August 2196Cabinet Proposal of August 2196
December 2196December 2196Cloning Act
December 2196December 2196Sodomy Act
December 2196December 2196Smoking Act
December 2196December 2196Love Act
December 2196December 2196Doctor Alban Act
December 2196December 2196Immigration Act
December 2196December 2196Extradition Act
December 2196December 2196New tax
December 2196December 2196Curfew policy
December 2196December 2196Income tax proposal of December 2196
December 2196December 2196Military Act I
December 2196December 2196Solentian Flag Act
September 2197September 2197Budget proposal of September 2197
October 2198September 2199Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
March 2200June 2200Public Utilities Act of 2200
March 2200June 2200Consumer Protection Act
September 2200September 2200Freedom of Solentia
October 2200December 2200Protection of Endangered Species
October 2200December 2200Illegal Immigration Bill
March 2202June 2202Keeping of Endangered Animals Bill
March 2202June 2202Pesticides Bill
March 2202June 2202Habeas Corpus Bill
June 2202May 2203Defense Industry Bill
June 2202May 2203Pensions Bill
September 2205May 2206Industrial Relations (Essential Services) Bill
September 2205May 2206Control of Food Sales Bill
December 2205December 2205Phone
December 2205December 2205Energy regulation
December 2205April 2207Effective food safety bill
November 2206November 2206Call for early elections, November 2206
November 2206April 2207Condemnation of Slavery in the United Majatran Republic of Kafuristan
April 2207April 2207Actual Effective Food Safety Act
April 2207October 2207Misuse of Drugs Bill
April 2207October 2207Sale of Fireworks Bill
April 2207October 2207Public Health (Smoking) Bill
June 2207June 2207Cabinet Proposal of June 2207
October 2207October 2207Water Standards Act
December 2207December 2207Budget proposal of December 2207
October 2208October 2208Ghettos Bill
October 2208October 2208Medical Malpractice Bill
May 2210May 2210Education For All
May 2210May 2210Free Contraception Act
September 2210September 2210National Service Act
November 2210November 2210Food Standards Act
November 2210November 2210Nationalisation of Defence Industries
November 2210November 2210Identification Act
November 2210November 2210Prisoner Labour Act
November 2210November 2210Police Powers Act
November 2210November 2210Nationalisation of the Legal Profession
November 2210November 2210State Sports Clubs
November 2212March 2213Restoration of Rights: The Right to form Clubs
November 2212March 2213Restoration of Rights: The Right to Not Serve
November 2212March 2213Restoration of Rights: Protection from Police
April 2213April 2213Restoration of Rights: Right to Anonymity
November 2213November 2213Torture
November 2213November 2213Budget proposal of November 2213
November 2213November 2213Income tax proposal of November 2213
November 2213November 2213Defence
November 2213November 2213Freedom act
November 2214February 2215Freedome of Speech
November 2214February 2215Every Man Is Created Equal
November 2214April 2215Media: Public Information
November 2214April 2215Helping our citizens: Protection from the sky
November 2214April 2215Helping our citizens: Medical Aide
November 2214April 2215Protecting our heritage
November 2214April 2215Media: Helping to stop crime
November 2214April 2215Helping our citizens: Indigenous Animal/Plant Life
November 2214April 2215Helping our kids: Etiquette and Discipline
December 2214April 2215Protecting our envoirnment
December 2214April 2215Protecting our buisness
November 2215February 2216Promotion of Innovation
November 2215March 2216Workers' Protection
May 2216June 2216Energy Bill
June 2216June 2216The Kafuristani Sanctions Act
November 2216November 2216Cabinet Proposal of November 2216
November 2216December 2217Freedome of Religion
February 2217November 2217Regulation of Phone Service
November 2217November 2217Solentian Anti-Slavery Act
December 2217August 2218Tax Bracket Changes
April 2218April 2218Pojechali zdebiali
April 2218April 2218Szalom
November 2219April 2221Freedom of Expression
August 2221May 2223Wage Protection of Workers
April 2224December 2226Adoption Rights Bill
February 2234February 2234Normalization in Solentian I
November 2234November 2234Call for early elections, November 2234
November 2234March 2235Formal Political Normilization with United Majatran Republic of Kafuristan
February 2238July 2242Education Reform
June 2249June 2249Cabinet Proposal of June 2249
June 2249June 2249Call for early elections, June 2249
September 2249September 2249Normal I
September 2249September 2249Budget proposal of September 2249
September 2249September 2249Tax reform
September 2249September 2249Income tax proposal of September 2249
September 2249September 2249Normal II
February 2250February 2250Reform
February 2251April 2251Nationalising the power grid
February 2251April 2251Regulating the post office
September 2251September 2251Budget proposal of September 2251
August 2252August 2252Limiting Unemployment benefits
October 2253October 2253Encouraging parents to return to the workplace
October 2253October 2253Police Firearms
May 2254May 2254Budget proposal of May 2254
May 2254May 2254Income tax proposal of May 2254
August 2255August 2255Prison Reform
August 2255August 2255Solentian Health Service
August 2255August 2255Regulating Power
August 2255August 2255Tax Reform
August 2255August 2255Restoration
August 2255August 2255Cabinet Proposal of August 2255
August 2255August 2255regulating international media
September 2255September 2255Budget proposal of September 2255
September 2255September 2255Income tax proposal of September 2255
October 2255October 2255Military Reform
October 2255October 2255Smoking regulation
October 2255October 2255Reciprocal tarriffs
March 2256March 2256Halting the spread of STDs
March 2256March 2256Homosexual Rights
September 2256September 2256Focusing child benefits towards the poor
September 2256September 2256Solentian Broadcasting Co-operative
September 2256September 2256Legal aid
September 2256September 2256Lowering the minimum wage
March 2257March 2257Religious freedom
March 2257March 2257Extending terms
July 2260July 2260Equality
July 2260July 2260Man and Women...yes yes yes
July 2260July 2260Religioius is ...
July 2260July 2260Taryfa
July 2260July 2260Teraz tak
July 2260July 2260"Dark"- the end II
July 2260July 2260"Dark"- the end I
December 2261December 2261About biological and chemical weapons
June 2262June 2262Normal game
June 2262June 2262Tax
June 2262June 2262Cabinet Proposal of June 2262
July 2262July 2262Budget proposal of July 2262
July 2262July 2262Income tax proposal of July 2262
November 2262August 2263About secularism
February 2263February 2263Call for early elections, February 2263
February 2263February 2263Budget proposal of February 2263
December 2264December 2264Kafuristani Apology Bill
September 2265September 2265Delay Elections
December 2265December 2265Terms
January 2266August 2266About secularism
January 2266August 2266About education
January 2266August 2266About Justice
August 2266August 2266Cabinet Proposal of August 2266
November 2267November 2267About immigration
November 2267November 2267Tax
November 2267November 2267To favour social progress
November 2267November 2267About the private sector
November 2268November 2268Halt Population Expansion in Solentia!
October 2269October 2269New Wave Bill
October 2269December 2269Compensation of Losses to the United Majatran Republic of Kafuristan
February 2270March 2270Free Market Bill
December 2271December 2271Call for early elections, December 2271
December 2274December 2274Cabinet Proposal of December 2274
March 2275March 2275New Tax
November 2275November 2275Budget proposal of November 2275
November 2275November 2275ACT I
November 2275December 2275Money
November 2275December 2275Income tax proposal of November 2275
November 2276November 2276Budget proposal of November 2276
March 2277March 2277Change
May 2277May 2277Religion Bill
May 2278May 2278Secularizing Solentia Act
October 2278March 2279Open Borders Act
October 2278March 2279Welfare Reform Act
March 2279March 2279ID Card Reform Act
April 2279April 2279Emancipation Proclamation
July 2279September 2279Cabinet Proposal of July 2279
August 2279August 2279Seat Number Reform Bill
August 2279September 2279The Crusade Step 6 - Ecology
August 2279September 2279The Crusade Step 4
August 2279September 2279The Crusade Step 3
October 2279October 2279Science Subsidies Repeal
October 2279October 2279Population Control Repeal
January 2280January 2280Budget proposal of January 2280
February 2280January 2281The Crusade Step 7 - Media
April 2280April 2280Contraception Subsidy Repeal Act
April 2280April 2280Military Reform Act
April 2280April 2280Defence Privatization Act
October 2280February 2281Pharmaceutical Reform Act
October 2280February 2281Abortion Restrictions Repeal Act
January 2281January 22814
January 2281January 22812
February 2281February 2281Education Privatization Act
February 2281February 22816
March 2281March 2281State of Highest Emergency (Requisition and Enablement) Act
June 2282June 2282Call for early elections, June 2282
February 2283February 2283Call for early elections, February 2283
June 2283June 2283Cabinet Proposal of June 2283
September 2283September 2283Motion of War
August 2284August 2284Income tax proposal of August 2284
August 2284August 2284Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
February 2285June 2285Nation Name Change (Exciting) Act
September 2286September 2286Cabinet Proposal of September 2286
July 2287July 2287Nation Name Change Bill
October 2291October 2291Call for early elections, October 2291
November 2292November 2292Civic Reform II
September 2296September 2296The Crusade - In order to reinstate the Crusade in Solentian Politics
December 2298December 2298Cabinet Proposal of December 2298
December 2298December 2298Civic Voice
December 2298December 2298New
July 2299July 2299Income tax proposal of July 2299
July 2299July 2299Tax reform
December 2299December 2299Budget proposal of December 2299
March 2300March 2300Budget proposal of March 2300
January 2303January 2303Supreme Power Motion A004
November 2303November 2303Change 2
November 2303November 2303Change
January 2304January 2304Supreme Power Motion A006
September 2304September 2304Reform I
September 2304September 2304Cabinet Proposal of September 2304
September 2304September 2304Supreme Power Motion A007
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill G
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill J
May 2305May 2305Solentia First Bill V
May 2305May 2305Solentia First Bill III
September 2306September 2306Cabinet Counter-Proposal of September 2306
September 2306September 2306National Act of 2307
September 2306August 2309Imperial Changes
October 2306October 2306NHSP vi
October 2306October 2306NHSP iv
October 2306October 2306NHSP xiv
October 2306October 2306NHSP xiii
October 2306October 2306NHSP xii
October 2306October 2306NHSP x
October 2306October 2306NHSP ix
February 2307February 2307Vnioka-Nuncirist Flag
May 2308November 2308Ratification of the Axis Mundi International Treaty
May 2308November 2308Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2308February 2309Ratification of the AXIS League
March 2311April 2311Reintroducing Liberty Act
April 2311April 2311Ratification of the Praesidium Clause
April 2311April 2311Internationalism Act
March 2312June 2313Freedom of Occupation Act
July 2312June 2313Health Deregulation Act
December 2312December 2312Call for early elections, December 2312
January 2313June 2313Term Time 3
April 2313June 2313Scientific Freedom Act
September 2313September 2313Ecological Responsibility Act
April 2314April 2314Military Privatisation Act
June 2314June 2314For Deus (may He live immortally)
June 2314June 2314Vnioka Manifesto
September 2314September 2314Cities Act
December 2314December 2314City Amendment Act
February 2315February 2315Tax Relief Act
June 2315June 2315Vniokan Conservatism and Religion
July 2315July 2315Official Language of Solentia
July 2315July 2315Religious Freedom Act
August 2315August 2315Nuncspeak Act, take 2
February 2316February 2316Nuncirist Omnibus
February 2316February 2316Ratification of the Pax Solentiana
February 2316March 2316Lock Down! - Part 1
March 2316March 2316Anthem Act
June 2316June 2316Restrictions Reform
June 2316June 2316Conservative Reform
January 2317January 2317Defence of Alduria
February 2317April 2317Administration Act
April 2317May 2317Titles
July 2317July 2317Modify the Cabinet
March 2318March 2318Reverting to Normal Cabinet
January 2319February 2319Bill Creation Act
February 2319February 2319Cabinet Proposals Act
May 2319May 2319Election Reform Act
September 2319April 2320Quasi-Panterran Administration Act
February 2320April 2320Reform Act
March 2320August 2320City Name Proposals
April 2320July 2320Establishment of the Ad Hoc Commissions 000, 001, and 002
May 2320May 2320Reform Act
July 2320July 2320Cabinet Proposal of July 2320
November 2320May 2321Motto Reform
November 2320May 2321Reform 2
December 2320December 2320Removing the Veto
December 2320September 2321Evironmental Responsibility Act
December 2320September 2321Military Freedom Act
April 2321May 2321Mandatory Homeland Family Cozy Fuzy Warm Patiotic Happiness Act 001-2-II-AR-4
May 2321May 2321New Name
January 2322January 2322Freedom of the Press Act
April 2323April 2323A Modest Proposal for the Defense of the Homeland
July 2324July 2324Anti-Imperial Name
July 2324July 2324Democratic Solentia Bill
August 2324August 2324Cabinet Proposal of August 2324
August 2324August 2324Religious Freedom Act 2324
February 2326March 2326Liberation Act 2326
July 2327July 2327Freedom of Self Defence Act
October 2327December 2327Economic Security and Freedom of Information Act
December 2327December 2327Freedom of the Body Act
December 2327December 2327Freedom of Death Act
January 2328January 2328Cabinet Proposal of January 2328
May 2328March 2330Happy Solentia Act
June 2328June 2328Provisional Head of State Act
June 2329June 2329HoS Reconsideration
August 2329August 2329Seats
March 2330March 2330National Name
March 2331March 2331Repealing "National Name" Resolution
May 2331September 2332Another Capital Option
November 2332November 2332Perpetual State of Exception: Imperial Emergency Decree of MMCCCXXXII
December 2334December 2334Cabinet Proposal of December 2334
March 2335March 2335New Anthem
March 2335April 2335Budget proposal of March 2335
April 2335April 2335Income tax proposal of April 2335
December 2335December 2335Term Limit Extension Act
December 2335December 2335Happiness and Fuzziness Act of 2335
December 2335December 2335Budget proposal of December 2335
April 2336April 2336Motion of Support for Fascist Kirlawa
April 2336May 2336Clezomene Reform
August 2336August 2336Brotherhood Act
January 2338January 2338Brotherhood Act, 3
May 2338March 2339Brotherhood Act, 4
May 2338April 2339United Solentia Defence Act
September 2338April 2339United Solentia Act, 2
April 2339April 2339United Solentia Act, 3
October 2339October 2339Classicalization II
October 2339October 2339Brotherhood Act, 5
October 2339October 2339pan A
October 2339November 2339Brotherhood Act, 6
April 2340April 2340United Solentia Act, 3
May 2340May 2340Foreign Policy Review Act
June 2340September 2340Yet another Yet another Anthem
August 2340September 2340Reform Package
September 2340September 2340Counter-Cheating Bill
January 2341January 2341Visibility Drive
April 2341April 2341Civil Rights Visibility
April 2341May 2341Seal of Panterran Victory
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Infrastructure
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Health
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Civil Liberties
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Welfare and Religion
March 2344March 2344Flag
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Agriculture
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Technology and Ecology
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Justice
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Foreign Policy
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Military
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Media
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Education
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Culture and Science
March 2344March 2344Ratification of the Solentia Perpetua-- Economics
July 2344July 2344Glorious Nation Name Change
February 2345February 2345Nation Name Change Mark 2 (so Imperium can come online and vote yes)
March 2345March 2345permanent HoS
March 2345March 2345New Leg. Name
May 2353September 2353Mayoral Election Reform
September 2353September 2353O Tempora!
October 2353October 2353Nationality Reform Bill
June 2355June 2355Cabinet Proposal of June 2355
November 2356January 2357Budget proposal of November 2356
February 2357February 2357Ratification of the PANTERRAN IMPERIAL CONSTITUTION OF SOLENTIA
February 2357February 2357ARCHON
February 2358February 2358Ratification of the Archonic Doctrine and Constitutional Protocols
March 2358March 2358Laws
March 2358March 2358Laws
August 2360August 2360Declaration of Support for the Fascist Imperial Empire of Kirlawa
January 2363March 2363The Archonic Protocols of the Wantuni Subjugation
January 2363March 2363The Mercoburg Resolution
May 2363May 2363Nuclear Authorization
August 2363August 2363[2363]- State Maintainence Motions
November 2364November 2364The Praetorian Ultimatum
April 2365April 2365Ratification of the OMNISTATIST CONSTITUTION OF WANTUN
February 2369February 2369Call for early elections, February 2369
March 2369March 2369Cabinet Proposal of March 2369
September 2372September 2372Visibility Act
September 2373October 2373Ratification of the League of Monarchs
February 2376February 2376Cease-Fire Declaration against Dorvik and Selucia
June 2376December 2376Ratification of the Non Recognition of Solentian Regime Treaty.
March 2377March 2377Ratification of the Anti-Solentian League
September 2377September 2377Ratification of the Rutanen-Dorvik Peace Accords
September 2377September 2377Ratification of the Majatran Continent Treaty Organization (MCTO)
March 2378September 2378THE ARETIC COVENANT
February 2385February 2385Tyrannus Tibi Tantum Tacit
March 2387July 2387Eht Driht Gnimoc Fo Eht Vnioka
July 2387July 2387Vniokan Solentia Once Again
July 2387July 2387Cabinet Proposal of July 2387
August 2387August 2387Vniokan Stca fo Ecnednepedni
March 2388March 2388Cohesion
March 2388March 2388Gnikam Sgniht Riaf
March 2388December 2388Supreme Overlord
July 2389July 2389Call for early elections, July 2389
July 2389July 2389Freeing the Nation
November 2389March 2390Name Change Act
January 2390March 2390Internationalism
April 2390April 2390Anti-Welfarism
June 2390July 2390New Solentia
July 2390July 2390Cabinet Proposal Bill
October 2390October 2390More Civil Liberties
October 2390October 2390Laissez-Faire I
March 2391March 2391Cabinet Proposal of March 2391
March 2391March 2391Private Media
August 2391August 2391Laissez-Faire II
January 2392January 2392PPSS Platform 6
January 2392January 2392Conservative
September 2392September 2392Border Control Bill of 2392
September 2392September 2392National Sport Bill
September 2392January 2394New Arab Era of Majatra Act I
September 2393September 2393Cabinet Proposal of September 2393
September 2393September 2393Call for early elections, September 2393
November 2393November 2393Call for early elections, November 2393
November 2393January 2394To Ensure the Revolution I
March 2394March 2394Ensuring the Revolution Act II
March 2394March 2394Seats Bill of 2394
October 2394October 2394Cabinet Proposal of October 2394
October 2394April 2396Socialism Now Act I
April 2396April 2396Ratification of the Collective Security Council
August 2396October 2396Socialist Name Change Act
October 2396October 2396Proposals Increase Act
September 2397September 2397Revolutionary Socialist Act II
September 2397September 2397Revolutionary Socialist Act I
May 2398May 2398Motto Change of 2398
January 2399January 2399New Anthem Bill of 2399
January 2399January 2399HoS Cabinet Bill of 2399
January 2400January 2400Democracy Implementation
January 2400January 2400State Religion Act: Xzarin Catholicism
January 2400February 2400Democratic Leadership Law
February 2400February 2400Lolanian Federal Republic
February 2400February 2400Head of Government Amendment Act
February 2400February 2400Head of State Amendment Act
March 2400March 2400Government Interaction Requirement
March 2400April 2402National sport, motto, and animal
April 2400April 2400Election Term Bill of 2400
September 2400April 2402National Taxes
April 2402April 2402Judicial Reforms
May 2402May 2402Federal Cabinet: Term 2401 - 2403
September 2402September 2402Wii vs. Xbox
October 2402October 2402Solentian Children's Protection Act
February 2403February 2403Company Tax Increase
February 2403February 2403Income tax proposal of February 2403
September 2403September 2403Federal Cabinet: Term 2403
February 2404February 2404HoS Cabinet Bill
February 2404February 2404The Lolanian Federal Republic
February 2404February 2404National Reforms VI
February 2404October 2404Media Act of 2404
August 2404August 2404Federal Cabinet: Term 2403 - 2405
August 2404October 2404Enviroment Bill of 2404
September 2404September 2404Call for early elections, September 2404
February 2405March 2405Budget Revitilization Act
March 2405March 2405National Reforms VII
August 2405August 2405New Legislature Act
August 2405August 2405New Executive Title Act
August 2405September 2405Ratification of the Solentian-Wantuni Friendship Pact
September 2405September 2405New Legislative Representative Act
February 2406February 2406Cabinet Proposal of February 2406
July 2406October 2406Imperialistic Socialist Democratic Party Bill
July 2406October 2406Proposals
August 2406August 2406Income tax proposal of August 2406
August 2406October 2406Tax Raises
August 2406October 2406New Taxes
August 2406October 2406War on Terror Initiation
October 2406October 2406Ratification of the Democracy through Separation of Powers Agreement
October 2406January 2407Federal Cabinet: Term 2406 - 2408
December 2406December 2406Patent Reform of 2406
December 2406December 2406Chemial Crop reform of 2406
February 2407February 2407Federal Republic of Solentia
September 2407September 2407Budget proposal of September 2407
September 2407September 2407Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
September 2407September 2407Ratification of the United Front Against Nuncirism
September 2407September 2407Federal Cabinet: Term 2407 - 2010
February 2408February 2408National Motto
February 2408August 2408WAR AGAINST TERROR
August 2408September 2408Ratification of the World Peace Treaty
February 2409February 2409Energy Generation reform bill of 2409
February 2409February 2409Discipline Children Reform of 2409
March 2409March 2409Senate Resolution II
March 2409March 2409Senate Resolution I
October 2410October 2410Reform II
October 2410October 2410Reform IV
December 2410December 2410Pension system reform
December 2410December 2410Tax reform
December 2410December 2410Cabinet Proposal of December 2410
December 2410December 2410Religion taxation
December 2410February 2411Trade union
February 2411February 2411Budget proposal of February 2411
February 2411February 2411Income tax proposal of February 2411
September 2411September 2411Budget proposal of September 2411
February 2412February 2412Reform 2412 I
September 2413September 2413Party Approval: Solentia Social Democratic Party
March 2414February 2415Holderby-Smith Eminent Domain and Education Reforms Bill
May 2415March 2416Military Service Act
September 2415November 2415Foreign Policy Bill
May 2416August 2416Conservative Reform Act
February 2418April 2419Economic Reform of 2418
October 2418April 2419Federal Republic Act of 2418
November 2418April 2419Solentian Privacy Act of 2418
February 2419February 2419Call for early elections, February 2419
February 2419April 2419Reform Act of 2419
April 2419April 2419Solentian Incumbency Term: Reintroduced
May 2419June 2419Spiritual Nation Reform Bill of 2419
May 2419August 2419Rutanen-Dorvik Peace Accords Withdrawal of 2419
August 2419August 2419Military Act
August 2419August 2419Local transport
August 2419August 2419Education Reform
August 2419August 2419New Act
September 2419September 2419Cabinet Proposal of September 2419
April 2420May 2420Senate Resolution III: Serious Crimes Penalty Bill
April 2420November 2420Senate Resolution 4: Guest Worker Program
May 2420November 2420Senate Resolution 5: New Solentian Justice System
May 2420November 2420Senate Resolution 6: Positive Military Improvement Act
September 2420September 2423Representational Improvement Act of 2420
March 2421March 2421New Act VIII
March 2421March 2421New Act IV
March 2421March 2421New Act II
April 2421April 2421New Tax
May 2422May 2422Tax
May 2422May 2422Media Act
May 2422May 2422Reform IV
May 2422May 2422Reform III
October 2422October 2422Manifest "Civic Committee". Part II
October 2422February 2423Endangered Animals act of 2422
May 2423May 2423New Act
November 2423November 2423Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2423 - 2425
February 2424February 2424O Noble Solentia (New National Anthem)
February 2424February 2424Citizenship Improvement Act
September 2424May 2425OOC Bill: Ethnic and Religious composition of Solentia
March 2426August 2426Responsible Ecological Regulation Act of 2426
March 2426August 2426Poverty Effects Reduction Act of 2426
March 2426September 2426Revised Cabinet of March 2426
April 2428November 2428workers bill
April 2430June 2430Solentian Public Broadcasting Act of 2430
September 2430November 2431Senate Referendum
December 2434April 2435Foreign Policy Bill of 2434
October 2435July 2436Equality and Human Rights Bill 2435
June 2437January 2438Education Bill 2437
August 2437March 2438Senate Resolution 7: Senate Expansion Enaction (SEE)
October 2437October 2437Senate Resolution 8: Political Advancement for Freedom of Bias (PAFB)
October 2437April 2438Senate Resolution 14: Guest Worker Program: Reintroduction
October 2437April 2438Senate Resolution 13: Union Laborers Protection Initiation Act (ULPI Act)
October 2437April 2438Senate Resolution 12:Restructured Economic Systems Act (RES Act)
November 2437November 2437Cabinet Proposal of November 2437
August 2438August 2438Senate Resolution 16: Deficit Reduction Taxes
August 2438April 2439Initiation to Affirm Support to Deploy the Solentian Military Against the CPS
January 2439June 2440Infastructure and Farming Bill 2439
January 2439June 2440Welfare Bill 2439
May 2440July 2440Deficit Reduction Act of 2440
March 2441June 2441Senate Resolution 18: Solentian Environmental Act
June 2443June 2444Domesticated Animal reform of 2443
June 2443June 2446Fire Prevention Reform of 2443
July 2444November 2444Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2444 - 2447
September 2445February 2448National Service Reform 2445
November 2445January 2447Senate Resolution 23: Department of Peace Legalization
December 2447December 2447Banning Abortion
December 2447December 2447Smoking Ban
May 2448May 2448Cabinet Proposal of May 2448
May 2448September 2448Senate Resolution 24: Nominating & Confirming a Minister of Peace
August 2449August 2449Reforming the Education System
September 2451September 2451Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2450 - 2453
March 2452September 2452Vaccination Bill 2452
March 2452September 2452Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2452
April 2452April 2452Senate Resolution 27: Medical Amendment Law
April 2452April 2452Senate Resolution 26: Severe Crimes Elmination Enactment
October 2453April 2454Senate Resolution 28: Guest Worker Program: Reintroduction II
October 2455March 2457the protection and security act (psa)
November 2455May 2457Nuclear Weapons Policy Revision Bill 2455
November 2455May 2457Organ Donations Bill 2455
November 2455November 2458Banking System Bill 2455
December 2455May 2457Citizens Rights Bill 2455
April 2456March 2457Senate Resolution 29: Education Reformation Installation
January 2457August 2457The government's policy regarding foreign marriages.
June 2457March 2458Nationality Bill
May 2459November 2459Defendant Charges- 2459
October 2459January 2460Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2459 - 2462
January 2460August 2460Senate Resolution 32: Solentian Environmental Act: Reintroduction
January 2461February 2461Weapons
January 2462January 2462Abolition of Torture
August 2462November 2462Higher Education Bill
August 2463September 2463allied weapon export bill
January 2464August 2464Reciprocal commerce tariffs bill
January 2465January 2465Government policy toward marriage.
October 2467October 2467Senate Resolution 35: Public Indecency Law
October 2467October 2467Senate Resolution 34: Common Revisions Law
February 2468August 2469Free marriage law
February 2468October 2469Free immigration law
February 2468December 2469Freedom for refugees
February 2468January 2470Land Reform Act
July 2468December 2468The government's policy concerning museum funding
March 2469September 2469Senate Resolution 37: General Amendments Law
September 2469September 2469Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2469 - 2471
February 2470July 2470Assumed consent for organ donations
June 2470July 2470Civil liberties: A return to firm morals.
August 2472August 2472Agricultural
August 2472August 2472We need strict law about fireworks!
August 2472August 2472Train Companies Bill
January 2474January 2474Abortion
January 2474January 2474Transport Funding Bill
August 2474November 2474Senate Wraden Bill
February 2475February 2475Divorces
March 2475March 2475Senate Resolution 39: Progression of Rights Amendments
August 2475August 2475Food Safety Bill
August 2475August 2475Higher Education Reform Bill
July 2476July 2476International Aid Bill
July 2476July 2476Sex Education Bill
January 2477January 2477Border Controls
February 2478February 2478Deregulating Spaceflight
November 2479November 2479Infrastructural Reform
November 2479November 2479Police Reform Act
February 2481February 2481Call for early elections, February 2481
March 2481October 2786Senate Resolution 40: Democratic Envisionment Plan for the Federal Republic of Solentia
June 2481June 2481Call for early elections, June 2481
June 2481July 2481Trade and Industry Bill of June 2481
August 2481August 2481Power Station Bill
August 2481August 2481Education Bill
February 2482February 2482End of Capital Punishment
February 2483February 2483Secure Travel
February 2483February 2483A Greener Solentia
February 2484August 2484Modification of sanitaty system (The government's stance on vaccinations)
February 2484August 2484Modification of Sanitary system ( National Health Care policy )
May 2484November 2484Regulation of Pet Ownership
February 2485February 2485New Religion Regulation Laws (II)
February 2485March 2485Taxation Revised
August 2485August 2485External media limitation
August 2485August 2485VideoGames Regulation
August 2485August 2485A Treaty Whose Time Has Passed
August 2485August 2485State Police Departament
August 2485August 2485Change in Financials media
January 2486January 2486Protection of Keeping endangered animals
January 2486January 2486Ecological Act
January 2486January 2486Nuclear Politic Modification
February 2486February 2486Retirement Age
April 2486April 2486Fishing Bill
August 2487August 2487Revised Flag
September 2487September 2487Cabinet Proposal of September 2487
February 2488February 2488Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
January 2490July 2490The right to gamble.
February 2491February 2491Cabinet Proposal of February 2491
April 2491April 2491Ratification of the International Space Agency
April 2491April 2491Military Strength
April 2491April 2491Fireworks Changes
August 2493August 2493Call for early elections, August 2493
December 2493December 2493RadNat Agenda 2494
July 2495July 2495Religion Taxation Bill
July 2495July 2495Justice Bill
July 2497July 2497UPD Environment Bill 97
February 2498February 2498Nationialist Agenda 2498
September 2499September 2499Ratification of the Majavision
November 2499December 2499NNPPG bill December 2499
December 2499September 2500War Is Upon Us
January 2500January 2500Condemnation of the Liberal Alliance
March 2500March 2500Cabinet Proposal of March 2500
January 2501January 2501Nationalist Agenda 2501
May 2501May 2501NNPPG bill 4
January 2503January 2503Renewal Of Faith In Schooling
December 2503December 2503Senate Resolution 43: Solentian Environmental Act: Reintroduction II
January 2505January 2505RadNat Agenda 2505
January 2510January 2510Senate Resolution 44: Progression of Rights Act
February 2510February 2510Slavery Bill
November 2511November 2511Cabinet Proposal of November 2511
December 2511December 2514Bill of Peerage 2511
July 2512July 2512Senate Resolution 45: Advancement of Rights Act
December 2512December 2512Retirement Bill
December 2512December 2512Foreign Relations Bill
June 2514December 2514Strengthening Education 2514
January 2515January 2515Abortion Bill
January 2515January 2515Privatising the Health Service
January 2515January 2515Alcohol Bill
June 2516December 2516Health Reforms 2516
July 2516July 2516Call for early elections, July 2516
July 2516October 2516Withdraw from the Treaty
October 2516February 2517Economic Impetus Package : 2416
December 2516December 2516Bill 2516
December 2516December 2516SPORT CLUB BILL
December 2516December 2516Bill for the Protection of the Private Sector
December 2516December 2516Bill of Appropriate Taxation
December 2516December 2516Income tax proposal of December 2516
December 2516December 2516New Morality Bill
December 2516December 2516Budget proposal of December 2516
October 2517October 2517rf
June 2518June 2518Call for early elections, June 2518
June 2518July 2518Progression of the State; Solentia and the Wider World
June 2518July 2518Military
August 2518September 2518Wall of Secularism Act
November 2518November 2518Budget proposal of November 2518
July 2519July 2519Diminuation of State Intervention
July 2519July 2519Cabinet Proposal of July 2519
September 2519September 2519Armed Services Bill 920
June 2520June 2520Individual Freedoms Act
June 2520June 2520International Standard Reform Bill
December 2520December 2520Call for early elections, December 2520
December 2521January 2522New Bill
December 2522December 2522Trade Bill 2522
December 2523April 2524Justice Reform 2534
June 2525June 2525The Conservative Finance Mandate
June 2525June 2525Culture Bill
June 2525June 2525Cabinet Proposal of June 2525
June 2525June 2525Armed Forces Act 2525
January 2526January 2526Call for early elections, January 2526
May 2526July 2526Federal Health and Safety Act
October 2526April 2527Intersex People's Bill of Rights
February 2527February 2527Environment Protection Bill
February 2527February 2527Military Expenses Reduction Act
December 2527December 2527Call for early elections, December 2527
December 2527April 2528International Space Agency
April 2529April 2529The Grand Amalgamation part 1: Fusion of Powers Act 2529
November 2529November 2529The Grand Amalgamation part 2: Devolution of Powers Act 2529
December 2529December 2529Humility Act 2529
July 2530July 2530Income tax proposal of July 2530
May 2531May 2531Civil Rights Act of 2531
May 2531April 2532Freedom of Dress Act
June 2531June 2531Technological Responsibility Act 2531
August 2532November 2532Cabinet Proposal of August 2532
February 2533January 2535Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
May 2533May 2533The Conservative and Morality Party Mandate
May 2533May 2533Ecological Reform Act of 2533: Orame Bill
May 2533June 2533Proposal Limits Bill
May 2533June 2533Act against Cannabis Prohibition
June 2533March 2534International Reform Act of 2533
September 2533March 2534National Defense Act of September 2533
November 2533November 2533Cabinet Proposal to Fill People Party's Vacancies
November 2533March 2534Social Reform Act of November 2533
December 2533May 2534Condemnation of Zardugal
January 2534March 2534Ethical Reform Act of 2534
March 2534March 2534National Unity Act of 2534
May 2534May 2534Head of Government Bill
May 2534August 2534New Proposal Limits Act
August 2534September 2534Social Economic Reform Act of 2534
August 2534February 2535Senate Resolution 48: Income Tax Revision of 2534
January 2535January 2535Alcoholic reform of 2535
January 2535January 2535Intersex People's Bill of Rights II
January 2535January 2535Abortion reform of 2535
July 2535July 2535Heath reforms of 2535
September 2535September 2535Senate Resolution 49: Budget Revitilization Initiation
September 2535October 2535Domestic Military Protection Reform Act of 2535
September 2535January 2536New Replantation Policy Act
February 2536February 2536Prisoner Reform of 2536
February 2536February 2536Coalition Cabinet of 2536
November 2536May 2537C.S.E. Reform Act of 2539
December 2536May 2537Decentralized Healthcare Act of 2536
April 2537April 2537Act for the protection of Children
July 2537August 2537Wantuni Relations Update
September 2537January 2538Termination of the Majavision
March 2538June 2538Regional Ecological Revision Act of 2538
October 2538October 2538Compromised Education Revitalization Act
October 2538November 2538Crime and Punishment: Resolution 52
October 2539June 2541Homeland Defense Act 102
July 2540July 2540Children's Freedom Act of 2540
August 2546August 2546Let the Merchants Find Their Customers
December 2546January 2547The Public Welfare Decentralization Act of 2546
June 2547June 2547Military Adjustment Act of June of 2547
June 2547June 2547The Government Titular Reform Act of Compromise
September 2547September 2547Foreign Economic Relations Act of 2547
January 2548January 2548Excellence in Public Education Act
February 2548February 2548F.R.P. Resolution 1206
February 2548April 2548Snail Mail Bill of February 2548
March 2548March 2548Foreign Policy Adjustment Act of 2548
May 2548May 2548Agriculture Reform Act of 2548
May 2548May 2548Religion Reform Act of 2548
August 2548August 2548Federal Banking Act of 2548
December 2548April 2549Electronic Entertainment Act of 2548
December 2548June 2549Economic Adjust Act of 2548
April 2549April 2549Nuclear Reform Act of 2549
April 2549April 2549Dolly the Sheep Act
April 2549April 2549Nude Beach Act
April 2549April 2549Personal Weapon Bill of 2549
April 2549July 2549Early Education Act of 2549
May 2549November 2549Fireworks Bill of May 2549
June 2549June 2549Realism in Solentia Act
June 2549November 2549Historical Site Protection Act of June 2549
March 2550April 2550Solentian Foreign and Technological Adjust Act of 2550
March 2550June 2550Ecological Denctralization Act
June 2550June 2550Foreign Affairs Adjust: Criminal Incident Act
July 2550July 2550Sectarian Security Prevent Act of 2550
July 2550September 2550Public Transport Bill of July 2550
July 2550September 2550Parental Testing Part II
August 2550October 2550Identity Card Reform Act
October 2550October 2550Cabinet Proposal of October 2550
December 2550December 2550Parental Testing Abolisment Act of 2550
January 2551January 2551Respect of The National Anthem
June 2551July 2551Assembly bill of June 2551
June 2551August 2551Civil Defense Protection Act
August 2551April 2552The Free Republics of Wantuni and Solentia Mutual-Protection Act
November 2551April 2552Recreational Drug Illegalization Act of 2551
January 2552April 2552Smoking Reform Act of 2552
February 2552April 2552Native Solentian Citizenship Act
March 2552April 2552Foreign Policy Mandate of 2552
June 2552June 2552Service Reform Act of 2552-B
June 2552June 2552Sexual Education Repeal
June 2552June 2552Civil Marriage Act of 2552
June 2552June 2552Refugee Reform Act of 2552
April 2553April 2553Cabinet Proposal of April 2553
July 2553August 2553Food Sales Bill of July 2553
August 2553August 2553Budget proposal of August 2553
August 2553August 2553F.R.P. Dossier of August 2553
August 2553August 2553Withdrawing from the Keymon Neutrality Agreement.
August 2553August 2553Agricultural Deregulation Act of 2553
August 2553August 2553Embassy Registration Bill
May 2554January 3076Election Debates
September 2554April 2555Citizens Right to Work Initiative
September 2554April 2555Workforce Improvement Act
April 2555April 2555Traditionalist Bill of 2555
April 2555April 2555Questions to the President
May 2555May 2555Taxation of Religion Bill of May 2555
May 2555May 2555Solentian Space Agency Bill of May 2555
September 2555November 2555Appeals Bill of September 2555
July 2556July 2556Energy Reform Act of 2556
July 2556July 2556Religious Freedoms Act
July 2556July 2556Solentian Morality and Conservative Agenda Act 1029
September 2556October 2556Ingram Party Proposals Part 1
June 2557June 2557Tread Softly Act of 2557
July 2557July 2557Ecological Dentralization Act of 2557
August 2557June 2558Refugee Policy
August 2557June 2558Nuclear Power Clarification Bill
November 2558November 2558Smoking Bill Of November 2558
April 2559April 2559Ratification of the World Fair Propsal
June 2559June 2559Consistency in Ethics Act of 2559
July 2559October 2559Ingram Party Bill of August 2559
August 2559October 2559Ingram Bill August 2559 II
August 2559October 2559Ingram Party Bill III
April 2560April 2560RADNAT AGENDA 2560
June 2560June 2560Federalism in the Market Act of 2560
July 2560July 2560Budget proposal of July 2560
July 2560August 2560F.R.P. Federal Government Deregulation Act of 2560
August 2560August 2560F.R.P. Federal Government Deregulation Act II of 2560
September 2560April 2561ANF Workers Bill of 2560
December 2560April 2561Attempting To Correct certain Wrongs.
April 2561April 2561F.R.P. Government Reform Act of 2561
February 2562July 2562Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
March 2562March 2562Call for early elections, March 2562
January 2563January 2563Adjustment of Solentian Nationality Laws
January 2563January 2563Towards a More Moral Society
June 2563June 2563Senate Resolution 53: Executive Agenda - Solentian Environmental Act: Reintroduction III
May 2564May 2564Ratification of the Multi-National Copyright Recongnition Treaty
May 2564May 2564Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
May 2564May 2564Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
May 2564May 2564Federalist Sports Initaitve Act
December 2564December 2564Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2564 - 2565
January 2565July 2565Welfare Reform Act of 2565
July 2565July 2565Corporation Tax Increase
July 2565July 2565Immigration and Refugee Bill
July 2565July 2565Research Regulation Bill
July 2565July 2565Ingram Party Health Proposal
July 2565July 2565Cabinet Proposal of July 2565
April 2566April 2566Trade Regulation Act 2566
December 2566December 2566Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
December 2566December 2566Justice Reform Act
December 2566December 2566Ministry of Defence: Basic Restructuring of the Military
July 2567July 2567S.C.P. Moderation and Liberty Act
July 2567July 2567Job Protection Bill
September 2567September 2567Welfare Bill
July 2568July 2568Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2568 - 2571
August 2568August 2568Common Sense in Civil Defense Act of 2568
April 2569April 2569Transport Bill
October 2569October 2569Taxation Bill October 2569
December 2569May 2570Senate Resolution 57: Executive Agenda - Peace Department Minister Confirmation
December 2569May 2570Senate Resolution 56: Executive Agenda - Guest Work Program: Reintroduction V
April 2570April 2570Retirement Bill
October 2571October 2571Tax Corrections Bill
November 2571November 2571Senate Resolution on Titles
January 2572June 2572Senate Resolution 59: Cabinet Relations Identification Device
October 2572October 2572Government Accountability Programme: Part I
January 2573January 2573Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2573 - 2574
April 2573May 2573Condemnation of The People Party
October 2573October 2573Promotion of Morality through Faith
November 2573November 2573Civil Rights Bill
November 2574May 2575Restriction of Bioweapons Act 2754
January 2575January 2575Senate Resolution 61: Finance Amendments of 2575
May 2575May 2575Cabinet Proposal of May 2575
May 2575May 2575Promotion of the Solentian People Act 2575
December 2575December 2575Senate Resolution 62: Budget of the Federal Republic 2575
May 2576October 2576The Law Enforcement Amendment Act 2576
November 2576November 2576Environmental Agenda
November 2576November 2576Ratification of the Majatran Continent Treaty Organization (MCTO)
March 2577April 2578DNA Bill
March 2577April 2578Working Hours Bill
December 2577January 2578Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2577 - 2580
June 2578June 2578Senate Resolution 63: Defense of Labor Act
June 2578June 2578Senate Resolution 65: Health Agenda Initiatives
September 2578September 2578Religon Accountability Act
December 2578December 2578Reformations of Religion in Education
December 2578December 2578Senate Resolution 66: Honored Solentian Heroes Commemoration Act
July 2579July 2580Senate Resolution 67: HSHC Candidate Proposal
July 2580July 2580ID Card Bill
June 2581June 2581Whaling Bill
June 2581June 2581Regional And National Court Bill
June 2581June 2581Stock Exchange Establishment Bill
June 2581June 2581Honor In Battle Bill
June 2581June 2581Beastiality Bill
October 2581October 2581Senate Resolution 68: Guest Worker Program: Reintroduction VI
October 2581November 2581Child Labor Regulations
January 2582April 2582Senate Resolution 69: Solentian Citizenship Identification Act
April 2582April 2582Senate Resolution 70: Executive Succession Amendment
December 2583December 2583Prayer Bill
April 2584April 2584Senate Resolution 71: Solentian Environmental Act: Reintroduction IV
April 2584April 2584Senate Resolution 72: Agenda Amendments of 2584
May 2584May 2584Condemnation of the NZP Brave Lightning Brigade & Major Evander F. Kelley
October 2585October 2585Freedom of the Media Act
August 2586August 2586Temes Religous Program
August 2586August 2586Strike Bill
January 2589January 2589Cabinet Proposal of January 2589
January 2589September 2589Devolution Act 2589
January 2589September 2589Privitisation Act 2589
December 2589December 2589Post Office Bill
July 2590July 2590Education and Health Care Bill
January 2591January 2591Security and Intelligence Act 2591
April 2591April 2591Moral Reform 2591
April 2591April 2591Right to Privacy Act 2591
September 2592September 2592Libertarian Socialist Front Bill Number One
September 2592September 2592Senate Resolution 74: Securing Common Rights and Liberties Act
July 2593July 2593Representation
July 2593December 2593Immigration Bill
March 2594April 2594The Moral Pledge
April 2594April 2594Cabinet Proposal of April 2594
October 2595October 2595Senate Resolution 76: Government Responsibility Platform
October 2595October 2595Senate Resolution 75: Budget of the Federal Republic 2595
November 2595November 2595Ecological Sensibility Act
April 2596December 2597Declaration of Grievances Suffered by the Nation of Solentia under the Aristocratic Regime of the Conservative Morality Party
May 2597December 2597The War of Restoration OOC Thread
May 2597December 2597War Declaration Bill
November 2597November 2597Call for early elections, November 2597
December 2597March 2598Conservative Socialist Reform Act
February 2598February 2598Drinking Age Bill
February 2598February 2598Cabinet Proposal of February 2598
June 2598June 2598NZP Bill 954
June 2598June 2598NZP Military Overhaul Program
August 2598August 2598Ratification of the International Space Agency
February 2599March 2599Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
February 2600February 2600NZP BIll 955
March 2601March 2601Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2601 - 2603
October 2602October 2602Deterent Bill
July 2603March 2604Military Bill of 2603
June 2604June 2604Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2604 - 2606
January 2607January 2607Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2606 - 2609
March 2607March 2607Free Spouses Act
June 2607July 2607Endangered Species Protection Act of 2607
November 2607November 2607Civil Liberties Bill of 2607
November 2607November 2607LGBTI Rights Bill of 2607
June 2608June 2608Solentian Heroes Commemoration List: Harold Belisarius
June 2608June 2608Reform of Religion Act of 2608
June 2608June 2608Senate Resolution 81: Guest Worker Program: Reintroduction VII
June 2608June 2608Senate Resolution 80: Solentian Environmental Act: Reintroduction IV
October 2608October 2608Testing Reform
December 2608December 2608Senate Resolution 82: AA Withdrawl Act
January 2609January 2609Senate Resolution 83: Executive Impeachment Act
January 2609January 2609Health Care Policy
March 2610March 2610Appointment of Mayors Act of 2610
March 2610March 2610Umbrella Act of 2610
December 2610December 2610Cabinet Proposal of December 2610
August 2611December 2611Omnibus Legislation Act of 2611
March 2612March 2612NZP Economic Bill of March 2612
February 2613February 2613Cabinet Proposal of February 2613
August 2613August 2613Anarcho-Atheist League Agenda
January 2614January 2614Exportation of Arms Act of 2614
May 2614May 2614Freedom of Religion and Spirituality Act 2614
December 2615December 2615Cabinet Proposal of December 2615
November 2616November 2616Trade and Industrial Reform Act 2616
November 2616November 2616Budget proposal of November 2616
November 2616November 2616Private Bill
July 2617July 2617Repeal "Senate Resolution on Titles" Bill
January 2619January 2619Ecological Devolution Bill
June 2619June 2619New Cabinet Proposal of June 2619
June 2620June 2620Educational/Religious Institutions
January 2621January 2621Protection of Faith Act
June 2622June 2622Cabinet Proposal of June 2622
December 2622December 2622Industrial Reform Act
May 2623May 2623Mittens for Kittens Act
August 2623August 2623Official Honored Solentian Heroes Commemoration: Sir Thomas Hill
August 2623August 2623Educative Reform
August 2623August 2623Morality in the Military
January 2624January 2624Withdraw; World Fair
January 2625January 2625Real Cabinet Proposal of January 2625
May 2625May 2625Income tax proposal of May 2625
May 2625May 2625Budget proposal of May 2625
June 2625June 2625CMP-PP Senate Resolution 01: Repeal Honored Solentian Heroes Commemoration Act
August 2627December 2627Democratic Expansion Act
July 2629July 2629An end to the Nanny-State
July 2629July 2629Infrastructural Reformation of 2629
April 2630July 2630Consenting Adults Act
May 2630May 2630Call for early elections, May 2630
November 2630November 2630Health Bill
December 2630December 2630Military Reformation
January 2631January 2631Justice Reform Act
February 2632February 2632Call for early elections, February 2632
March 2633April 2633Freedom of Choice Act
April 2633April 2633Freedom of Religion Act
December 2633December 2633Medical Marijuana Act
June 2635June 2635Freedom to Marry Act
July 2635July 2635Democratic Reformation Act
December 2636December 2636Call for early elections, December 2636
July 2637July 2637Senate Resolution 87: General Law Amendments
July 2637July 2637Senate Resolution 88: Government Restructuring II
March 2640March 2640Senate Resolution 90: Executive Order I
March 2640March 2640Federal Governor-Elect Cabinet 2640 - 2643
June 2640June 2640Senate Resolution 91: Illegalization of Undemocratic Titles
August 2640August 2640Senate Resolution 92: Government Restoration Financial Alteration I
February 2641February 2641Call for early elections, February 2641
February 2642February 2642Senate Resolution 94: National Financial Alteration Package Part I
September 2642September 2642Senate Resolution 96: Executive Order II
September 2642September 2642Federal Governor-Elect Cabinet 2642 - 2644
September 2642September 2642Senate Resolution 97: Restoration of Executive Tradition
March 2643March 2643Senate Resolution 98: National Financial Alteration Package Part II
June 2643June 2643Title Change
July 2644July 2644RadNat Agenda
August 2645August 2645Senate Resolution 99: Societal Liberation Initiation Act
June 2647June 2647Military Protection Bill
June 2649June 2649Economic Freedom Act
June 2651June 2651Prevention of a Lawsuit State Act
July 2652July 2652Cabinet Proposal of July 2652
December 2653December 2653Trade and Industrial Reform
March 2654March 2654Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2654 - 2656
March 2661March 2661Family Values Act 2661
March 2662March 2662Senate Resolution 100: Lithero Financial Revitilization Act
April 2667February 2689Taxation Act 2667
May 2667June 2667Call for early elections, May 2667
May 2667June 2667Call for early elections, May 2667
October 2667October 2667Freedom from Indoctrination Act of 2667
October 2667October 2667Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2667 - 2670
November 2667November 2667Senate Resolution 101: Condemnation of Intolerable Regimes
June 2669June 2669Senate Resolution 104: Lithero Tax Initiation and Promise Pact
May 2670December 2670Senate Resolution 105: Lithero Budget of 2670
October 2680October 2680Senate Resolution 107: Societal & Environmental Improvement Laws
October 2680October 2680Senate Resolution 106: Trudeau Labor Acts
September 2683September 2683Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2683 - 2685
October 2684October 2684Abortion
March 2685March 2686Liberties and Responsibility Package of 2685
March 2685March 2686Civil Liberties Package of 2685
October 2691October 2691Treaty Withdrawal: Space Agency
October 2691October 2691Treaty Withdrawal: MNCRT
October 2691October 2691Treaty Withdrawal: Majatran Continent Treaty Organization
May 2692May 2692OOC: Acceptance of Nuncirist Senate Takeover RP
November 2692November 2692Sovereignty Protection Act of 2692
May 2695May 2695Nationalization Act to Combat CMP Oligarchical Tyranny over the Economy 05 of 2695
May 2695May 2695Nationalization Act to Combat CMP Oligarchical Tyranny over the Economy 04 of 2695
February 2696February 2696AQ pt.12
February 2697February 2699AQ pt.22
February 2697February 2699AQ pt.16
February 2697February 2699AQ pt.19
February 2697February 2699AQ pt.14
May 2698May 2698People's Liberation Agenda
October 2698October 2698Articles of Liberation
October 2698October 2698Solentian Sovereignty Act
October 2698October 2698Senate Resolution 108: Senate Liberation Act
February 2700July 2700AQ pt.29
February 2700July 2700AQ pt.28
February 2700July 2700AQ pt.25
February 2700July 2700AQ pt.30
September 2700September 2700Cabinet Proposal of September 2700
October 2701October 2701Withdrawal from SOTO
November 2701May 270228th Century Naval Organization Act of 2701
May 2705May 2705Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2705 - 2706
March 2707March 2707Family Values Act 2707
March 2707March 2707True Blue
May 2707May 2707Back to Work Budget of 2707
June 2707June 2707Senate Resolution 111: Back to Work Public Projects Initiative Act
March 2710March 2710Crime and Punishment
May 2710May 2710External Affairs Reform Act 2710
September 2710September 2710Act of Principle 2710
April 2711April 2711Recognition of Moral Religions
April 2711April 2711Senator Requirements Act
April 2711April 2711Act for Recognition of Rightful Nobility
September 2712September 2712Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2712 - 2715
September 2712September 2712Repeal Act of 2712
September 2712September 2712Senate Resolution 113: Executive Public Works Package of 2712
September 2712September 2712Senate Resolution 114: Corporate Lordship Penalty Law
October 2714October 2714Sexual Predators Registry Act
October 2714October 2714CMP Election Mandates
October 2717October 2717Senate Resolution 116: Budget Supplementation
March 2720March 2720HNPRP
May 2720September 2720Homosexuality Act
November 2720November 2720Conservative Act
April 2721November 2721Liberty Act
November 2721November 2721foreign investments act
December 2721December 2721OOC Bill: Ethnic & Religious (& Other) Composition of Solentia II
December 2721December 2721Senate Resolution 117: Senate Limit on Legislation
April 2722April 2722Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2722 - 2724
April 2722April 2722Senate Resolution 118: Strickland Tax Laws
June 2722June 2722NZP Bill 957
June 2722June 2722NZP Bill 958
April 2723April 2723Strickland Modernization Fiscal Reform Budget of 2723
September 2726September 2726Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2726 - 2727
March 2730August 2730Economic Privatisation
August 2730August 2730Public Protection Bill
November 2730May 3969OOC: Senate Wardens
July 2732July 2732Morality Act
March 2733August 2733Retirement Age Reduction Act
September 2733March 2734Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2733 - 2737
August 2734August 2734Education Reform Act
July 2739July 2739PLAS New Agenda
July 2739July 2739Senate Resolution 119: Federal Republic National Animal Amendment
October 2739October 2739Rose Revolution Cabinet of the Executive Coalition 2739
August 2740August 2740Senate Resolution 120: Rose Revolution Economics
November 2740November 2740Senate Resolution 121: Executive Order III
February 2741February 2741Senate Resolution 122: Rose Revolution Economics II
December 2742December 2742Act of Free Worship
December 2742December 2742Act of Faith and Spirituality
September 2744November 2744MC 2744 2: Cabinet Formation Freedom Act
May 2746May 2746Cabinet Proposal of May 2746
July 2746July 2746Agricultural Subsidy Act
January 2747January 2747Ecology Sense Act
May 2747May 2747MC 04-2747 1: Peerage and Titles
August 2747August 2747MC 8-2747 1: Faith
August 2747August 2747Ratification of the International Space Agency
September 2748September 2748Ratification of the Saridan Neutrality Agreement
August 2751August 2751MC 08-2751 2: National Service 2
August 2751August 2751MC 08-2751 1: National Service
February 2752February 2752MC 04-2752 1
May 2753May 2753MC 05-2753 1: Matters of War and Defense
August 2755August 2755Responsible Marketplace Act
March 2756March 2756Nationalisation of Key Services Act
March 2762March 2762Bringing Back Victorian Values
March 2762March 2762Focusing on the Family
January 2766August 2766Private Bill
September 2766September 2766MC 10-2766 1
October 2766October 2766Act of Rational Taxation
March 2768March 2768Army Conduct Act
March 2768March 2768Abortion Review Act
March 2768March 2768Citizen Registration Act
March 2768March 2768Ratification of the Non-Recognition of Istaliana
September 2768September 2768New Bill - Under Research
September 2768September 2768Divorce Correction Act
September 2768September 2768Renewable Energy Resources Improvement Act
January 2769October 2769Faith in the Market Act
January 2769October 2769Historical Protection Act
January 2769October 2769Catholicism Act
November 2770November 2770Senate Resolution 124: Progressive Revolution Series II
July 2771July 2771CMP Stateship Act 2771
July 2771July 2771CMP Health Act 2771
July 2771July 2771CMP Defence Act 2771
March 2773March 2773Bill
January 2775September 2775Solentian Religious Settlement 2775
September 2775September 2775Act of Five Articles of Moral Law
February 2779February 2779New Bill - Under Research
February 2779February 2779Budget proposal of February 2779
June 2779June 2779Conservative Economic Vision III
February 2780February 2780Income tax proposal of February 2780
February 2780February 2780Budget proposal of February 2780
July 2780July 2780Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2780 - 2782
October 2780October 2780Abortion Review Act
January 2781January 2781Judiciary Reform Act
January 2781January 2781Banking System Reform Act
March 2781March 2781Conservative Economic Vision VI
March 2781March 2781Taxation Act 2781
March 2781March 2781Conservative Economic Vision VII
July 2781February 2782Democratic Workers' Councils Reform Act
April 2783April 2783National Defence Industry Reform Act
March 2786March 2786Right to Buy Act 2786
April 2786November 2786Senate Resolution 128: Executive Public Works Package of 2786
August 2786August 2786Supreme Presidential Power Clarification Act 2786
February 2787February 2787SRNP 02-2787 2
October 2787August 2789Senate Resolution 1: Le'Croix Education Reform Package of 2787
January 2788January 2788Solentian Declaration of Human Rights
January 2788January 2788Peerage Settlement Act 2788
February 2788February 2788Healthcare Reform Act
March 2788March 2788Pornographic Business Prohibition Act
July 2788July 2788SCSP 06-2788-2: Lesser Cabinet Proposal
September 2788September 2788Length of Government
August 2789August 2789Cabinet Proposal of August 2789
November 2789November 2789SRNP 11-2789 1: On Flags
February 2790February 2790SRNP 02-2790 1: On voting parity
February 2790February 2790Honored Solentian Hero List Addition: Margaret Took
October 2790October 2790Senate Resolution 2: Solentian National Higher Education Act of 2790
February 2791February 2791BILL
February 2791February 2791SCSP 02-2791-1: Science and Technology Regulation
February 2794February 2794Call for early elections, February 2794
August 2794October 2794Cabinet Proposal of August 2794
January 2795January 2795Budget proposal of January 2795
March 2795March 2795Killing animal during reproduction should be illegal
June 2795June 2795Children find it embarrasing to sing national anthem.
August 2795August 2795Call for early elections, August 2795
September 2795March 2796Why we have to torture people who just can't live with those conditions?
February 2796April 2796Second Attempt at Law Enforcement Reform
June 2796June 2796Gambling
December 2796December 2796Food Safety Centralization
June 2797June 2797Call for early elections, June 2797
January 2798January 2798Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2798 - 2801
February 2799February 2799Patriotic Values Act
October 2801October 2801Senate Resolution 5: Military Service Act of 2801
September 2802March 2804Senate Resolution 6: Racial Supremacy and Purity Assurance Act of 2802
August 2804August 2804Withdrawal from the Global Emancipation Treaty
October 2810October 2810Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2810
March 2811March 2811Call for early elections, March 2811
December 2811December 2811Senate Resolution 131: Progressive Direction I
February 2814February 2814Call for early elections, February 2814
March 2814March 2814Senate Resolution 134: Léffreau Budgetary Revision Act
March 2814March 2814Senate Resolution 133: Léffreau Progressive Income Tax Act
March 2814March 2814Senate Resolution 132: Brandt Administration Agenda Reforms
March 2819March 2819Senate Resolution 135: Solentian National Health Service Act
March 2819March 2819Senate Resolution 136: Kennedy Fair Labor Practices Act
March 2819March 2819Senate Resolution 137: Kohles Act
August 2820August 2820Senate Resolution 139: Léffreau Budget Amendment 2820
August 2820August 2820Senate Resolution 138: Brandt Naturalization & Domestic Law Act
August 2820August 2820Senate Resolution 140: Re-Integration of Democratic Values Act of 2820
October 2821October 2821Brandt Election Mandate Resolution
October 2821April 2822Senate Resolution 141: Traditionalist-Progressive Constitutional Amendment Act
October 2821October 2822Senate Resolution 142: Grassroots Economics for All Regulation Act
October 2822October 2822Senate Resolution 143: Right to Equality & Protection from Peerage Act
April 2831April 2831Senate Resolution 144: Brandt Agenda Reforms
November 2833November 2833Senate Resolution 145: Second Foundation Series I
October 2834October 2834Senate Resolution 146: Second Foundation Series II
September 2836July 2837Senate Resolution 147: Second Foundation Series III
July 2837July 2837Senate Resolution 148: Second Foundation Series IV
February 2838February 2838Senate Resolution 149: Second Foundation Series V
February 2839February 2839Senate Resolution 150: Second Foundation Series VI
July 2841July 2841Senate Resolution 151: Second Rose Revolution Amendments
March 2842March 2842Senate Resolution 152: Second Rose Revolution New Initiative
July 2847February 2848Bill 1: Constitutional Amendments
September 2847February 2848Budget proposal of September 2847
September 2847February 2848Income tax proposal of September 2847
February 2848February 2848Bill 2 - Law Enforcement Reform
February 2848February 2848Cabinet Proposal of February 2848
January 2849January 2849Religious Reform Act
January 2850January 2850Economic Reform Act
January 2850January 2850Hereditary HoS Creation
February 2851February 2851Military Reform
February 2851February 2851Civil Liberties Reform
July 2852July 2852Media Reform
July 2852July 2852Education Improvement Act
July 2852July 2852Justice Reform
July 2852July 2852Healthcare Reform
July 2852July 2852Culture Reform
February 2853February 2853Technology Reforms
February 2854February 2854Solentian Economic Development Plan Part II
February 2854February 2854Solentian Economic Development Plan Part I
February 2854February 2854Balanced Education Act
February 2854February 2854Agriculture Act 2854
February 2854February 2854Healthcare Act 2854
February 2854February 2854Atomic Act 2854
February 2854February 2854Energy Act 2854
February 2854February 2854Biological and Chemical Weapons Restrictions Act
February 2854February 2854Free Faith Act
January 2855January 2855Senate Resolution 153: Rebirth of Democracy Act
July 2855December 2855Trade and Industry Act 2855
September 2855September 2855Call for early elections, September 2855
December 2855December 2855Free Economy Act 2855
December 2855December 2855Universities Act 2855
December 2855December 2855Security and Intelligence Act 2855
February 2856February 2856Senate Resolution 154: Senate Supplementation Act
February 2856February 2856Democratic Restoration Cabinet 2856
October 2856October 2856Media Act
June 2857June 2857h
September 2857September 2857Budget proposal of September 2857
September 2857September 2857Income tax proposal of September 2857
July 2858October 2858Religion Act
January 2859January 2859Cabinet Act
September 2859September 2859Pensions Act 2859
September 2859September 2859Democratic Enhancement Act 2859
September 2859September 2859Free Media Act 2859
June 2860June 2860Call for early elections, June 2860
July 2864July 2864Justice Act 2864
August 2865August 2865Cabinet Proposal of August 2865
August 2866August 2866Pragmatic Ecology Act 2866
August 2866August 2866International Affairs Reform Act 2866
August 2866August 2866Military Reform Act 2866
August 2866August 2866Democratic Restoration Act 2866
August 2866August 2866Senate Act 2966
August 2867August 2867New economic proposals
August 2867August 2867Income tax proposal of August 2867
August 2867August 2867Budget proposal of August 2867
October 2867October 2867Senate Resolution 161: Protection & Expansion of Integral Liberties Act
July 2870July 2870Moral Military Act 2870
January 2885January 2885Cabinet Proposal of January 2885
January 2886January 2886Taxation Act 2886
January 2886January 2886Income tax proposal of January 2886
March 2886March 2886Environment Bill
June 2886June 2886Retirement Act
February 2887August 2887Military Bill
August 2887August 2887Justice Bill
August 2887August 2887New Bill
August 2887August 2887Telecommunication Act
January 2888January 2888Call for early elections, January 2888
March 2888March 2888Cabinet Proposal of March 2888
June 2888June 2888Conservative Government 2888
June 2888June 2888New Telecommunication Act
July 2888July 2888Conservative Foreign Affairs Reform 2888
July 2888July 2888Conservative Economic Initiative 2888
July 2888July 2888Conservative Income tax Ajustment of July 2888
July 2888July 2888Conservative Budget July 2888
June 2891June 2891Rieducation Act
June 2891June 2891Abortion Act
October 2891October 2891Cabinet Proposal of October 2891
January 2894June 2894Sports Club De-Regulation Act of 2894
May 2894May 2894Regulation Act
September 2894September 2894Senate Resolution 165: Middle Class Worker's Agenda Act
March 2895March 2895Senate Resolution 166: Green Horizon & Solentian Future Investment Act
March 2896March 2896Senate Resolution 167: Solentian Tax Rectification Act
January 2897January 2897Senate Resolution 168: Tax Cut for All Act
January 2897January 2897Senate Resolution 169: Executive Budget of 2897
May 2897May 2897Call for early elections, May 2897
December 2897December 2897Call for early elections, December 2897
February 2898May 2898School Act
July 2898July 2898Cabinet Proposal of July 2898
June 2901June 2901Cabinet Proposal of June 2901
December 2901December 2901Conservative Budget - First Agenda
December 2901December 2901Income tax proposal of December 2901
December 2901December 2901Budget proposal of December 2901
November 2905November 2905Cabinet Proposal of November 2905
December 2905December 2905Call for early elections, December 2905
January 2906January 2906Modern Military Act 2906
January 2906January 2906Religious Freedom Act 2906
January 2906January 2906Budget proposal of January 2906
January 2906January 2906Income tax proposal of January 2906
January 2906January 2906Cabinet Proposal of January 2906
June 2906June 2906Sovereignty Act 2906
June 2908June 2908Call for early elections, June 2908
June 2908July 2908Restoration Settlement Act 2908
July 2908July 2908Budget proposal of July 2908
March 2910March 2910Cabinet Proposal of March 2910
August 2911August 2911Cabinet Proposal of August 2911
September 2912September 2912Call for early elections, September 2912
December 2912December 2912Call for early elections, December 2912
January 2913August 2913Eco Act
January 2913August 2913General Reform
June 2914June 2914Cabinet Proposal of June 2914
December 2914December 2914Income tax proposal of December 2914
January 2920January 2920Call for early elections, January 2920
May 2920May 2920Senate Resolution 172: Health & Education Act
July 2920July 2920Senate Resolution 173: Social Rectification Act
February 2921February 2921Senate Resolution 174: Employee & Market Free Choice Act
May 2922May 2922Call for early elections, May 2922
August 2922August 2922Cabinet Proposal of August 2922
October 2924October 2924Call for early elections, October 2924
June 2925June 2925Call for early elections, June 2925
August 2925August 2925Call for early elections, August 2925
June 2929June 2929Cabinet Proposal of June 2929
July 2929July 2929Senate Resolution 175: Citizen Electric Act
January 2930January 2930Call for early elections, January 2930
December 2930December 2930Senate Resolution 176: Federal Republican Tradition Revival Act
November 2936November 2936Solentian Progress Cabinet of November 2936
December 2936December 2936Liberal reform on the Solentian economy: final provisions
December 2936December 2936SR 006: Reintroduction of "SR 003: Economic Freedoms Package of 2931"
December 2936December 2936Liberal reform on the Solentian economy: third part
December 2936December 2936SR 004: Reintroduction of "SR 001: Military Reform Package of 2931"
December 2936December 2936Liberal reform on the Solentian economy: second part
December 2936December 2936Liberal reform on the Solentian economy
December 2936January 2940Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
December 2936January 2940Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
December 2936January 2940Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
February 2937June 2937Bill regarding the strengthening of the Armed Forces of Solentia
August 2937August 2937Senate Resolution 177: Supreme Presidential Empowerment Act
August 2937August 2937Rectification on the discrimination in the armed forces and its available manpower.
August 2937January 2940Ratification of the Majatran Free Trade Agreement
January 2938January 2938Reintroduction of the last amendment to the bill concerning the protection of the personal identity and the right to privacy
January 2938January 2938Reintroduction of the bill regarding the national register of citizens
November 2938November 2938Budget proposal of November 2938
August 2939August 2939Religion Tax
August 2939August 2939Prostitution Bill
August 2939August 2939Right to abortion
August 2939August 2939Civil Defence Act
August 2939August 2939Military Service
August 2939January 2953Redefinition of the nature of the Solentian welfare-State
September 2939September 2939Registration of nationals
September 2939September 2939Culture institutions
September 2939September 2939Pension system Act
September 2939September 2939Smoking Ban
September 2939September 2939Euthanasia Act
September 2939September 2939Registration of animals
September 2939September 2939Stance on Homosexuality
September 2939September 2939Adoption Act
September 2939September 2939Higher Education Tuition Policy
September 2939September 2939Child Benefit
September 2939September 2939Religious clothing Bill
November 2939November 2939Morality Act 2939
December 2939December 2939SR 007: Supreme Presidential Agenda of 2939; Determining the Nature of the Solentian Welfare State
December 2939December 2939Child labor bill
January 2940January 2940Registration of animals
January 2940July 2940Unification of court jurisprudence
January 2940July 2940Funding of the culture infrastructure
January 2940July 2940Removal of the investment regulations
June 2941June 2941SR 008: Federal Water Standards Act of 2941
September 2942January 2943On the utilization of animals
September 2942January 2943New social contract
September 2942February 2943New social contract: second series of provisions
September 2942February 2943Water standards
November 2942January 2943Supreme Presidential Cabinet of November 2942
June 2943August 2945OOC: Discussion on the creation of an RPed Supreme Court of Solentia
August 2943August 2945SR 009: Supreme Court of Solentia Act of 2943
November 2943November 2943Special Forces Act 2942
February 2945August 2945Supreme Court Justice: Initial Court CPS Placement (June 2947 - June 2961)
April 2945October 2945Supreme Court Justice: Initial Court Tory Placement (June 2947 - June 2954)
August 2945November 2945Supreme Court Justice Nominee: Class D1 [CHIEF JUSTICE] (June 2947 - June 2968)
September 2945August 2946Supreme Court Justice: Initial Court UPS Placement (June 2947 - June 2954)
November 2945November 2946Energy Deregulation Act 2945
January 2946April 2946Supreme Court Justice: Initial Court FIP Placement (June 2947 - June 2961)
February 2946May 2946Supreme Court Justice: Class C (June 2947 - June 2964)
February 2946May 2946Supreme Court Justice: Class D2 (June 2947 - June 2968)
January 2947January 2947Supreme Court Justice: Class C (June 2947 - June 2964)
June 2947June 2947Cabinet Proposal of June 2947
June 2947August 2947Ecological protection
June 2947August 2947New food standard provisions
December 2948December 2948CPS Omnibus 2948
January 2949November 2949Ratification of the World Fair
October 2949October 2949Repeal of "SR-91:IUT" Act
October 2949October 2949Minister of Peace Selection Act 2949
December 2949February 2950Senate Resolution 184: Department of Peace Revitalization Act
December 2949June 2952Principle of discontinuation Act of 2949
June 2950May 2951OOC: Discussion on economics and the Solentian budget and tax system
August 2950August 2950Call for early elections, August 2950
December 2950December 2950Environmental Deregulation Act of 2950
January 2951January 2951Senate Resolution 186: Andronics Restoration National Security Platform
February 2951May 2951Realistic Government Income Tax Bracket Option 2 (4t SOL)
May 2951May 2951Justice Act of 2951
June 2951January 3076OOC: Agreement on the Taxation and Budgets (PLEASE READ BEFORE CHANGING TAXES OR BUDGET)
May 2952May 2952Senate Resolution 190: Andronicus Restoration Agricultural Platform
June 2952January 2953Creation of a single national police force II
July 2953February 2954Solentian symbols act of 2953
February 2954February 2954Repeal of extradition treaties
February 2954February 2954Deregulation of non-governmental affairs (consented version)
July 2954July 2954Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2954 - 2956
December 2955December 2955Freedom of Environmental Choice
June 2957June 2957Citizenship Expansion Act 2957
June 2957June 2957Cabinet Proposal of June 2957
January 2958January 2958Adlay Budget Fiscal Year 2958
November 2960November 2960'Progress Solentia' Economics Reform Agenda Act 2960
July 2961July 2961Arms Industry Expansion Act 2961
May 2962May 2962Call for early elections, May 2962
September 2962September 2962Civil Rights Act 2962
January 2966January 2966Cabinet Proposal of January 2966
April 2966April 2966Income tax proposal of April 2966
April 2966April 2966Restriction of Tobacco Sales Act 2966
October 2968October 2968Cabinet Proposal of October 2968 - Left-Centre
September 2970February 2972Foreign Missions Act 2970
March 2975March 2975Divorce Reform Act 2975
June 2975June 2975Solentian Economic Reform Paclage 2975
November 2977November 2977Left-Right Cabinet Proposal of November 2977
April 2978April 2978Left-Right Coalition Education Varient Act 2978
February 2979February 2979Senate Resolution 196: New Decade, New Society Act
November 2979June 2980Agriculture Act 2979
November 2979June 2980Justice Act 2979
November 2979June 2980The Church of Solentia
November 2979June 2980Free Faith Act 2979
June 2980June 2980LGBT Rights Act 2980
June 2980June 2980Repeal of Senate Resolution 57: Executive Agenda
June 2980June 2980Restoring the Grey Wolf Flag
July 2980July 2980Retirement Age
March 2981March 2981Cabinet Proposal of March 2981
July 2981July 2981Government Crime Paper
November 2981December 2986MoJ Alert: Nuncirism
January 2982January 2982Internet Provider
January 2982January 2982Choice to Parents
March 2982March 2982Tax Reform 2982
March 2982March 2982Income tax proposal of March 2982
May 2982May 2982Transport Act 2982
May 2982May 2982Pension Provision Act 2982
June 2982June 2982Freedom to Teachers (FREE CONSCIENCE VOTE)
September 2982September 2982Libel and Slander Reform Act 2982
September 2982September 2982Devolution Act 2982
September 2983September 2983Emergency Nationalisation Allowance Act 2983
April 2984April 2984Conservatism: Rolling Back the state
April 2984April 2984Solentian Centrist Initiative III: Private Identity Guarantee (CMP-SCI-III)
April 2984April 2984Solentian Centrist Initiative II: Compulsory Purchase Abolition (CMP-SCI-II)
April 2984April 2984Solentian Centrist Initiative I: Energy Reformation (CMP-SCI-I)
April 2984April 2984Post Office Act 2984
November 2984May 2985Supreme Presidential Authority Debate
December 2984December 2984Ratification of the Treaty of Cooperation among Football (Soccer)-playing Nations
December 2984December 2984Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
January 2985January 2985Religious Bill
April 2985April 2985Vaccination Self Determination Act 2985
April 2985April 2985Anti-Abortion Act 2985 (Conscience Vote)
May 2985May 2985Maintaing marriage guidance
October 2985October 2985Early Senate Dissolution 2985
May 2986May 2986Economic Equilibrium Act 2986
June 2986June 2986Restoration of Democracy in Solentia 2986
July 2986July 2986Ensuring Standards and Morality
September 2986September 2986Stock Exchange Regulation 2986
September 2986September 2986Cabinet of National Unity (Anti-Nuncpart and Reactionarism) of September 2986
March 2987March 2987Health Reform Act 2987
May 2987May 2987Budget proposal of May 2987
July 2987July 2987Perversion Defence Law
August 2987August 2987Education Reform Act (Amendment) 2987
November 2987November 2987Agriculture Act 2987
November 2987November 2987Trade Act 2987
November 2987November 2987Borders Security Act 2987
June 2988June 2988Banking
November 2988May 2989Unionist-Social Democratic Collaboration Act 2988
November 2989November 2989Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2989 -2992
March 2990March 2990Workplace Protection Act 2990
March 2990March 2990National Healthcare Act 2990
March 2990March 2990Civil Liberties Act 2990
April 2990April 2990Global Cooperation Act 2990
July 2990July 2990Federal Budget Act FY 2990
May 2991May 2991Charter Schools Act 2991
May 2991May 2991Children's Act 2991
September 2991September 2991International
November 2991June 2992National Resource Protection Act of 2991
November 2991June 2992National Internet and Space Act of 2991
November 2991June 2992National Libraries Act of 2991
November 2991June 2992Religious Protection Act of 2991
November 2991June 2992National Welfare Act of 2991
October 2993October 2993Land Acquisition Act 2993
October 2993October 2993Nationalisation of Key Utilities Act 2993
October 2993October 2993Medicare Act 2993
October 2993October 2993Education Act 2993
October 2993October 2993Cabinet Proposal of October 2993
March 2994March 2994Solentian New Green Deal 2994
December 2994December 2994Call for early elections, December 2994
March 2995March 2995Constitutional Traditionalism Act 2995
April 2995April 2995Economic Reform Act 2995
April 2995May 2995Pensions Triple Lock Act 2995
May 2995May 2995Localised Mayoral Powers Act 2995
June 2995June 2995Cabinet Proposal of June 2995
June 2995January 3076Solentian Heritage Coalition Conference of 3000
August 2995August 2995Strategic Food & Material Supply Act 2995
November 2995November 2995Budget proposal of November 2995
February 2996February 2996Ratification of the Majatran Union
May 2996June 2997Senate Resolution 209: Traditional Society Act
May 2996June 2997Senate Resolution 206: Medicine Safeties & Oversight Act
July 2996June 2997Senate Resolution 215: National Defense Priorities Act
July 2996June 2997Senate Resolution 210: Agricultural Mandate
July 2996February 3001Increase in Luxury Goods Tax Act 2996
September 2996September 2996Budget proposal of September 2996
October 2996October 2996Call for early elections, October 2996
December 2996December 2996Cabinet Proposal of December 2996
May 2997May 2997Democratizing Space
May 2997May 2997Justice Bill
May 2998May 2998Trade Union Regulation Act 2999: CMP Agenda 3000
September 2998September 2998National Heritage Sites Act 2998
January 3000January 3000Adoption
January 3000January 3000Fair Wages Act 3000
January 3000January 3000Conas Autism and Special Education Needs Provision Package Act 3000
January 3000January 3000Cabinet Proposal of January 3000
January 3000January 3000Heritage Restoration Act: National Sport
August 3000August 3000Harrison Budget of August 3000
August 3000August 3000Harrison Taxation Bracket of August 3000
July 3002July 3002Call for early elections, July 3002
December 3002December 3002Cabinet Proposal of December 3002
November 3003November 3003Senate Resolution: Father George Bailen Memorial
November 3003November 3003Military Strategy Bill
January 3005January 3005National Sport
September 3005October 3007National Service Act 3005
September 3005October 3007Restoration of Democratic Freedoms Act 3005
September 3005October 3007Pesticide Regulation Act 3005
January 3006January 3006Call for early elections, January 3006
May 3008May 3008Call for early elections, May 3008
November 3008November 3008Cabinet Proposal of November 3008
April 3010April 3010Public Transport
May 3010May 3010Majors
November 3012November 3012Cabinet Proposal of November 3012
November 3012November 3012Call for early elections, November 3012
April 3013April 3013Supreme Presidential Cabinet 3013 - 3016
March 3015March 3015Animals to fight
March 3015March 3015Highway to hell
April 3021April 3021National Service
April 3021April 3021Justice System Reform Act
April 3021April 3021Martial Strength Act of 3021
October 3023October 3023Conservative and Unionist Manifesto 3023
March 3025March 3025International Trade Act 3025
March 3025March 3025National Security Act 3025
March 3025March 3025Pensions Act 3025
October 3025October 3025Marriage Act 3025
April 3029April 3029Conservative Momentum
April 3031April 3031Call for early elections, April 3031
July 3037July 3037Cabinet Proposal of July 3037
July 3038July 3038Budget proposal of July 3038
July 3040July 3040Call for early elections, July 3040
December 3040December 3040Bank of Solentia Act 3040
January 3041January 3041Senate Resolution 216: Economic Security Act
February 3041February 3041Moral Awakening
February 3041February 3041Senatorial Cleanup
February 3041February 3041Reestablishment of the Church of Solentia
February 3041February 3041Social Incentive and Titles
March 3041March 3041Antani Sfini
April 3041April 3041Ecology
April 3041April 3041Civil Rights
May 3041May 3041Budget proposal of May 3041
May 3041May 3041Cabinet Proposal of May 3041
September 3041September 3041Adjusted Monarchy Bill
March 3042March 3042Ecology 2
June 3042June 3042Name Change
April 3044April 3044First Finances Review Act 3044
May 3044May 3044Cabinet Proposal of May 3044
February 3046September 3046Religion
December 3046December 3046Justice
May 3047May 3047Cabinet Proposal of May 3047
November 3047November 3047Democratic Reform
December 3047December 3047Nuclear Energy
November 3048November 3048Repubblic
November 3051November 3051Technology Reform
June 3053June 3053Military Reform
March 3054March 3054Cabinet Proposal of March 3054
June 3054June 3054Agricoltural Devolution
June 3054June 3054Pornography
August 3056May 3057Economy
November 3056November 3056Call for early elections, November 3056
February 3057February 3057Cabinet Proposal of February 3057
October 3057October 3057Infrastructure Devolution (RELOADED)
September 3058September 3058Tax cuts
April 3059April 3059Family
May 3062May 3064SR 004: Civil Rights and Protections Act II of 3062
November 3062November 3062Income tax proposal of November 3062
September 3064September 3064Cabinet Proposal of September 3064: ONE STATE MODEL
December 3064December 3064Ecology for the Future (RELOADED)
June 3066June 3066Income tax proposal of June 3066
December 3066February 3088National Convention of "Future for Solentia - Coalition for the Future (CFu)"
January 3067May 3067The Sanctity of Retirement and Crime Reduction Act
June 3067November 3067Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Chief Justice (June 3068 - June 3089) Class A
July 3067November 3067Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Associate Justice (June 3068 - 3085) Class B
July 3067November 3067Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Associate Justice (June 3068 - June 3089) Class A
October 3067November 3067Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Associate Justice (June 3068 - 3085) Class B
November 3067October 3068Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Associate Justice (June 3069 - 3083) Class C
August 3068April 3069CFu 1° proposal: Free Market /a
January 3069April 3070Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Associate Justice (June 3068 - 3082) Class C
January 3069April 3070Supreme Court Justice Nomination: Associate Justice (June 3068 - 3089) Class A
February 3069June 3069CFu 2° proposal: Devolution /c
April 3069April 3069Reinvogorated Military
June 3070June 3070Ratification of the The League of Terran Nations (LTN)
September 3070February 3071CFu 1° Free Market /d
October 3070October 3070Presidential Cabinet 3070 - 3073
October 3070October 3070The Solentian Civil Service Reform Act
December 3070April 3071Reform of the tax percentage of the profit made by corporations (NEW PROPOSAL)
January 3071January 3071The Capital Reinvestment Act
April 3071July 3071The Ecology Sustainability Act
June 3071May 3072Election of Solentian League of Terran Nations Representative
November 3071July 3073Senate Resolution 223: Judicial Impeachment & Removal Act
April 3072June 3072Religion for the Future
April 3072June 3072Realistic Ecological View
May 3072May 3072The Trade Aggression Deterrence Act
May 3073July 3073Senate Resolution 224: Safeguarding Solentian Families Act
May 3073July 3073The Solentian Power Grid Security Act
May 3073November 3080SUPREME COURT: SCC-3073-001 Federal Republic of Solentia vs. Seymour and Swindon
June 3073June 3073Call for early elections, June 3073
July 3073July 3073Senate Resolution 226: Tisgeki Green Initiative Act
July 3073July 3073Senate Resolution 227: Youth Protection Act
October 3073November 3073The Responsible Identity Card Act
June 3074December 3074Stock exchange(s).
September 3074December 3074Health Reform
October 3074October 3074Call for early elections, October 3074
October 3074December 3074Budget proposal of October 3074
February 3075April 3075Call for early elections, February 3075
March 3075September 3075Restoration of Supreme Presidency Act 3075
April 3075September 3075Economic Reform Act of 3075
June 3075October 3075Armed Forces and Defense Industry Reform Act of 3075
September 3075September 3075Solentian Centrist Initiative IX: Private Identity Guarantee (CUP-SCI-IX)
September 3075September 3075Solentian Centrist Initiative VII: Intraindustrial Networking (CUP-SCI-VII)
October 3075May 3076Senate Resolution 232: Fiscally Responsible Ecology Act
January 3076January 3076OOC: Guidelines on the powers of the Supreme President [Originally written by the Utilitarian Party of Solentia]
January 3076January 3076SR 013: Worker's Defense Act of 3076
January 3076January 3076State Recovery Act of 3076
January 3076April 3076SR 19: The Foreign Aid Readjustment Act [EconStim I]
April 3076April 3076Energy Growth and Renewal Act
June 3076June 3076Native Citizens Protection Act of 3076 (Amber Klane Laws)
June 3076October 3078Senate Resolution 234: Department of Peace Revitalization Act
December 3076December 3076DEFINITIVE Cabinet Proposal of December 3076
May 3077May 3077Family Act
April 3078September 3078VAT cut
December 3078December 3078OOC: Physical Map of Solentia
December 3078December 3078Cabinet Proposal of December 3078
October 3079April 3080SR 27: Minister of Peace Nomination
September 3080September 3080Devolutiuon Act (RELOADED)
November 3080November 3080Business Defence Act of 3080
November 3080November 3080Solentian Ecological Standards Act
December 3080December 3080Bill 2
April 3082April 3082Ratification of the Calydon Accord of Condemnation and Sanction against the Government of Quanzar
July 3082July 3218OOC: Coalition Votes
June 3083November 3083SR 28: The Economic Growth and Security Act
September 3083September 3083Salary cap
September 3083September 3083Minimum wage regulation
September 3083September 3083Freedom of research (RELOADED)
September 3083September 3083Free Market /f
March 3086March 3086Logistics ecological reform /2
March 3086March 3086Logistics ecological reform
March 3086March 3086Stock exchanges
March 3086March 3086VAT cut /2
November 3086November 3086Highways
March 3087September 3087Corporation Tax cut
January 3088January 3088Economic Expansion and Defense Industry Privatization
January 3088January 3088Responsible Healthcare Initiative
December 3089December 3089Freedom in the market
December 3089December 3089Daily working hours
January 3090January 3090SR 31: The Civil Rights Act
January 3090April 3091Ecological Valuation Act (Moving Forward Initiative)
July 3091July 3091SR 33: The Uniform Identification and Privacy Protection Act
April 3092April 3092Civil Rights Act - real ones
January 3093January 3093SR 34: Repeal of the FHE's "Civil Rights Act - Real Ones" Legislation
April 3093January 3097SR 37: The Deficit Reduction Act
March 3095March 3095Senate Resolution 238: National Unity Act III
March 3095March 3095Senate Resolution 237: National Unity Act II
March 3095March 3095Senate Resolution 236: National Unity Act I
December 3095December 3095Human rights for Solentia
October 3096October 3096Emergency Deficit - An appeal to all political forces
February 3097February 3097Budget proposal of February 3097
December 3099December 3099Cabinet Proposal of December 3099
March 3100March 3100Budget proposal of March 3100
April 3100September 3100Retirement age
September 3100September 3100Population growth
December 3100December 3100Nationality
December 3100December 3100Farmers Bill of Rights
December 3100December 3100Protection of our Nation (PON Act)
December 3100December 3100For the Women
October 3101October 3101Health care
December 3101December 3101Forest Devolution
December 3101December 3101Tv
December 3101December 3101Legal representation
December 3101December 3101radio stations
December 3101December 3101For the Family
December 3101December 3101Forest Devolution /2
December 3101May 3103SR 39: The Equality in the Workplace Act (EWA)
February 3105October 3107Ecology Devolution /2
March 3107March 3107Military Reform 03-3107
October 3108October 3108Cabinet Proposal of October 3108: Lyons Ministry
June 3112June 3112Call for early elections, June 3112
February 3113January 3115Human rights bill
March 3113March 3113Saving our country
December 3114December 3114Quotas
March 3115February 3116Market Regulation Bill
August 3115February 3116Abolishment Of State Religion Act
August 3115February 3116Refugee Protection Act
March 3117March 3117Act of Futuristic Reformism
March 3121March 3121Prisoners of War Act
December 3121December 3121Nuclear Power Act
December 3121December 3121Legalisation of Homosexuality Act
August 3122August 3122Employment Reform Act
September 3122September 3122Liberal economy of human rights (CFu) RELOADED
March 3123March 3123Freedom of Choice Act
June 3123June 3123Women in the Army Act
September 3123September 3123Civil Policing Act
October 3123February 3127Against the Death Penalty and Torture (CFu)
October 3123February 3127Trade Union Reform (CFu)
March 3124March 3124Reform of Marriage Act
May 3124November 3124Cosmetic Research Act
November 3124November 3124Prohibition of Paramilitaries Act
November 3124November 3124Abortion Funding Act
June 3125June 3125Recycling Act
September 3125September 3125LGBT and Interracial Relationships Act 3125
September 3125September 3125Legitimate State Monopoly of Violence Act 3125
February 3126February 3126Call for early elections, for a new Cabinet!
June 3126June 3126Protection of Endangered Animals Act
June 3126June 3126Overseas Aid Act
June 3126June 3126Contraception Act
June 3126August 3126Presidenzial Reform (CFu)
April 3127April 3127Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Act
May 3127May 3127Food Safety Act
December 3127December 3127Car Sharing Act
November 3128November 3128Call for early elections, there's no majority!
February 3130February 3130Cabinet Proposal of February 3130: Keller Ministry
February 3130February 3130Schooling Act 3130
February 3131February 3131Call for early elections, the IP Party has left the Senate
October 3131October 3131Federal Bank of Solentia Act 3131
October 3131October 3131Military Act 3131
November 3132November 3132Abortion
September 3133September 3133Social Reform
October 3134October 3134Solentian Military Act 3134
October 3134October 3134New Solentian Green Deal 3134
October 3134October 3134Cabinet Proposal of October 3134: Astor Ministry
December 3135December 3135Sexual Health (RELOADED)
December 3135December 3135Cloning of human (RELOADED)
April 3136April 3136Federalism: it's the time.
June 3136June 3136Free market & Space
June 3136June 3136Abortion and contraception
December 3137December 3137Presidenzial Complete Reform
October 3138October 3138Federalism Reform
June 3142June 3142Act of preservation
August 3142August 3142Military Proposal
May 3144May 3144Omnibus
October 3144October 3144Liviable World
February 3145February 3145Laissez faire, laissez passer
August 3145August 3145Devolution
August 3145August 3145Devolution \2
November 3145November 3145Cabinet Proposal of November 3145: Carney Ministry
August 3148August 3148Pension system
August 3148August 3148Police and Women
August 3148August 3148Defence Industry
May 3149May 3149Terra Act 3149
May 3149May 3149To legalise the use of medical cannabis
May 3149May 3149Cabinet Proposal of May 3149: Second Carney Ministry
June 3149June 3149Women in the Military
June 3149June 3149Proposal: To legalize alcoholic beverages
June 3149June 3149Religious schools
June 3149June 3149Women in the Military
September 3149September 3149The legalisation and regulation of tobacco bill
November 3149February 3150Executive Order V
April 3150April 3150Contraception and Sexual Health Bill 3150
April 3150April 3150Legitimate State Monopoly of Violence Act 3150
April 3150May 3150The Pornography Bill 3150
May 3150May 3150The PSHE in Schools Act 3150
October 3150October 3150Corporate Responsibility Act 3150
June 3151June 3151Pornography
June 3151June 3151Cannabis
August 3151August 3151Border control
August 3151August 3151Banks
September 3152September 3152Womens Right Bill
February 3153February 3153Civil Rights
June 3153June 3153Civil Rights /2
September 3153September 3153Federal point of view
September 3153September 3153Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
August 3154August 3154Smoking and Alcohol
September 3155September 3155Sexually Free Society Act 3155
October 3156October 3156Education Act 3156
April 3157May 3157Against "Solentian Heritage Coalition" - National flag
August 3157August 3157Against "Solentian Heritage Coalition" - Free Market
August 3157August 3157Against "Solentian Heritage Coalition" - Prayer
August 3157August 3157Against "Solentian Heritage Coalition" - Ecological Devolution
September 3157September 3158SPP PROPOSAL: Regulation of the Cabinet
May 3161May 3161Executive Order VI
May 3161May 3161Cabinet Proposal of May 3161
May 3161May 3161Senate Wardenship Restoration Act 3161
April 3163April 3163State Monopoly of Legitimate Violence Act 3163
June 3163June 3163Liberal Nation - SPP Program
June 3163June 3163Health Care - SSP Program
October 3163June 3164Education Reform Bill
October 3164March 3165Total Devolution
October 3164August 3165Total Devolution \2
June 3165June 3166"Catholics for Solentia": Peace
November 3165November 3165Total Devolution \4
November 3166October 3167Civil Liberties Reform
November 3166October 3167Ecology Reform
October 3167June 3168Economics Reform 1
May 3169June 3169Military Reform
November 3169June 3170Media Reform
June 3171April 3172Justice Reform
October 3172June 3173Anti-terrorist bill
May 3173June 3173Justice Reform 2
August 3173October 3173Federal Revenue Act
July 3174April 3175Federal Alcohol & Smoking Policy
February 3175June 3175CfS Measure 002: HEALTH
April 3175April 3175Religious Reform: Minister Salaries and School Prayer
April 3175August 3175CfS Measure 007: CIVIL RIGHTS
April 3175September 3175Civil Liberties Act 3175
April 3175May 3176Federal Theatrical Rating Policy
April 3175September 3176Public Radio Act
June 3175June 3175Eliminating the Debt 2, Cutting military spending
October 3175June 3176Defence of the Realm Act 3175
October 3175June 3176Green Economy Act 3175
October 3175June 3176Bank of Solentia Act 3175
May 3176June 3176Balanced Budget & Stabilization Act of 3176
July 3176July 3176Supreme Presidential Cabinet 3176 - 3179
September 3176April 3177Budget proposal of September 3176
December 3176December 3176Government Regulation Revised: Moderate Pollution Controll
December 3176April 3177Higher education act of 3176
April 3177October 3178Economic Reform Bill 3177
May 3177May 3177Gambling Act 3177
May 3177June 3177Divorce Changes of 3177
September 3177November 3178Divorce changes of 3177, proposal 2.
April 3178April 3178Call for early elections, April 3178
June 3178November 3178Executive Order VII
June 3178May 3179Religion Reform of 3178
June 3178July 3179Coalition for the Future - Higher Education
September 3178September 3178Welfare Act 3178
December 3178December 3178Cabinet Proposal of December 3178
December 3178May 3179Revenue Increase
December 3178May 3180Coalition for the Future Bill 2: INCOME TAX Proposal
March 3179March 3179Coalition for the Future Bill 1 - Removing Forced Military/Civilian Service
May 3179November 3179Economics Reform of 3179
August 3179September 3181Coalition for the Future: Reform of JUSTICE
January 3180January 3180Tobacco Regulation
January 3180April 3180Endangered/ Exotic Animal Protection Act 3180
January 3180April 3180Medical Research Policy
January 3180April 3180Federal Space Authority Act
January 3180April 3180Federal Agriculture Reform
April 3180April 3180One Solentia Act 3180
April 3180April 3180Civil liberties reform 2.
April 3180June 3180Infrastructure Act of 3180
April 3180June 3180Weapon concealment act of 3180
June 3180June 3180Military service bill of 3180
May 3181November 3181Essential goods tax cuts
November 3181December 3181Equal Rights bill of 3181
December 3181March 3182Sodomy Laws - Civil Rights in Solentia
December 3181December 3182Manifesto for a free market
May 3182December 3182Genetically Modified Food Act of 3182
June 3182June 3182Protecting Unions
June 3182November 3182The National Infrastructure and Employment Investment Act
September 3182September 3182Welfare Act 3182
September 3182September 3182Donation Act 3182
November 3182December 3182Military Reform of 3182
February 3183February 3183Cosmetic Research Regulations.
February 3183February 3183Tax Reform 3183
May 3183May 3185Death Penalty Act of 3183.
May 3183May 3185Illeagal Immagrant act of 3182.
December 3184April 3185The Firearm Access Rights Bill
January 3185March 3185Income tax proposal of January 3185
January 3185February 3186Public Libraries Act
May 3185June 3186Budget proposal of May 3185
May 3185July 3186Respecting the Flag of Solentia.
June 3185October 3185PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 002: Trade and Industry Reform
July 3185October 3186Infrastructure Reform Act of 3185
November 3185July 3186Torture reform of 3185.
July 3186June 3187The Sanitation Devolution Act
September 3186September 3186SPP Repeal Bill #1
September 3186September 3188PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 003: Foreign Affairs Reform
September 3186October 3188SPP Health &Social Services Reform
November 3186December 3188Nuclear Technology Reforms
March 3187March 3187Call for early elections, March 3187
August 3188August 3188Luxury Goods Tax Amendment 3188
October 3188October 3188PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 004: Health &Social Services Reform
October 3188February 3189Devolution Act
November 3188November 3188Contraception Reform
May 3189December 3189Separation of Church & State Act of 3189
May 3189December 3189Hope for Children Act of 3189
July 3189October 3189Budget proposal of July 3189
September 3189September 3189Call for early elections, September 3189
January 3190January 3190Equal Rights in Solentia
June 3190October 3190Civil liberties reform of 3190
September 3190April 3191Tobacco Policy
September 3190July 3191Education Reform Bill 3190
September 3190July 3191Industrial Hemp Policy
May 3191November 3191Worker's rights act of 3191
November 3191November 3191Sexual Education
December 3191December 3191PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 007: Contraception Reform
March 3192March 3192Foreign Aid Policy
December 3193June 3194Weapons act of 3194
October 3194September 3197The common sense environmental act of 3194
December 3194December 3194Cabinet Proposal of December 3194
March 3195March 3195PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 010: Adoption \2
April 3195April 3195Healthcare Overhaul Act of 3195
April 3195April 3195Cultural Reform Act of 3195
April 3195April 3195Ratification of the Defense of Life Treaty
April 3195April 3195Ecology Reform Bill of 3195
April 3195April 3195Agricultural Reform Bill of 3195
October 3196November 3197Civil Liberties Reform 3196
October 3196November 3197Trade Union Strike Ballots
October 3196November 3197National Postal Service Act 3196
October 3196March 3198State Religion Act 3196
February 3197July 3197Agriculture Subsidy Policy
September 3197March 3198Education reform of 3197.
May 3198May 3199Land Mine Restrictions
September 3198April 3199Federal Healthcare Reform.
May 3200November 3200Biological and Chemical Weapon Restrictions
February 3201February 3201PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 012: Defense of Marriage (RELOADED)
June 3202June 3202Separation of Church & State Act of 3202
June 3202June 3202Devolution Act of 3202
June 3202June 3202Economic Reform Act of 3202
July 3202November 3203Federal Reserve of Solentia Act 3202.
November 3202November 3202Empowering Local Governments Act of 3202 (LP)
November 3202November 3202Tobacco Policy Reform of 3202 (LP: ACTUAL VERSION)
June 3203March 3204Restoring sanity to Solentia
November 3204August 3205Luxury Goods Tax Amendment
November 3204July 3206Tax Cuts for Corporations.
January 3205August 3205Weapons Export Policy
September 3205December 3205Restoring sanity to Solentia act 6
May 3206May 3206Cabinet Proposal of May 3206
June 3206June 3206Foreign Reform Act (RELOADED)
May 3207April 3208Restoring sanity to Solentia act 10
October 3207March 3208National Forestry Commission Act 3207
October 3207March 3208Industry Governance Act 3207
April 3208April 3208Justice Reform Bill
April 3208April 3208Food Safety Standards Act of 3208
April 3208June 3208Phone Bill Regulations
April 3208October 3208Protecting Public Properties Act of 3208.
April 3208August 3209Federal Alcohol &Tobacco Regulation Act of 3208.
June 3208June 3208Restoring sanity to Solentia act 13
September 3208September 3212CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM - Coalition Votes (by the Conservative Party of Solentia, July 3082)
December 3208September 3209Restoring sanity to Solentia act 16
August 3209October 3209Health & Safety Laws for Industries.
August 3209October 3209Military Reform Bill of 3209
August 3209October 3209Funding of Sports Clubs.
September 3209September 3209Restoring sanity to Solentia act 17
October 3209February 3210PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 013: industrial hemp
November 3209March 3210Helping our Youngest - Pre School Education
November 3210May 3211Restoring sanity to Solentia act 21
November 3210May 3211Restoring sanity to Solentia act 20
June 3212June 3212Economic Stimulus & Reform Act of 3212
July 3212July 3212Foreign Policy Reform
July 3212July 3212Federal Anti-Drug Policy
July 3212October 3212Public Housing Act
July 3212October 3212Public Transport Act
July 3212March 3213Establishment of National Parks
July 3212March 3213Museum Funding.
July 3212March 3213Charter School Policy
July 3212March 3213Federal Immigration Policy
February 3213February 3213PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 020: Abortion
December 3213December 3213Market Intervention
December 3213July 3214Restoring sanity to Solentia act 25
June 3214June 3214Libel Reform
February 3215February 3215"We need a government!" Call for early elections, February 3215
February 3215June 3216National Anthem in Schools
February 3215June 3216Treatment of Prisoners of War.
March 3215December 3215Restoring sanity to Solentia act 23, REOPENED
April 3215July 3215Basic Market Regulation
March 3216May 3216Health reform of 3216
May 3216May 3216Military reform of 3216
September 3216September 3216Cabinet Proposal of September 3216
October 3216October 3216Food licensing act of 3216
April 3217October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Associate Justice Howard
April 3217October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Chief Justice Donovon
May 3217October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Associate Justice Fredrick
May 3217October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Associate Justice LaFollet
May 3217October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Associate Justice Brown
November 3217July 3218Diplomatic immunity bill of 3217
December 3217July 3218Education reform, December 3217
December 3217November 3218Chemicals in Agriculture Bill
December 3217December 3218Extradition Reform - Supporting Justice
March 3218October 3218Chemical and Nuclear Weapons Clarification Act
May 3218July 3218SR 021: Media Equality Act 3218
May 3218July 3218SR 020: Human Rights Under The Law Act 3218
May 3218July 3218SR 019: Worker's Defense Act 3218
May 3218July 3218SR 018: Preventative Healthcare Act 3218
May 3218July 3218SR 023: Family Defense Act 3218
May 3218July 3218SR 022: National Ecology Protection Act 3218
July 3218July 3218Space exploration act of 3218
September 3218October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Associate Justice Phillips.
September 3218November 3218Infrastructure act of the 33rd centurey
October 3218October 3218Re-Starting Up the Supreme Court - Associate Justice Hennington
December 3218October 3219Religious Freedom Act
April 3219May 3219Torture bill of 3219
April 3219May 3219Capital punishment act of 3219
October 3219January 3220Industrial Hemp Policy,
October 3219August 3220Civil Liberties Reform 3219
January 3220August 3220Ecology Bill of 3220
May 3220May 3220Restoration of Marriage & Adoption
November 3220November 3220Border Control Act
November 3220November 3220Illegal immagration act of 3219
November 3220November 3220Public Work Initiative
April 3222October 3222PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 027: Pensions
December 3222December 3222Cabinet Proposal of December 3222
April 3223September 3223Tax Cuts for Corporations.
April 3223September 3223Nuclear Warfare Act
May 3223October 3223Cannabis reform of 3223
March 3225November 3225Refugee act of 3225
September 3225March 3226Luxury Tax Amendment of 3225
March 3226July 3226Energy Bill of 3226
March 3226July 3226Education Reform
March 3226November 3226Ownership of wild animals act of 3226
March 3226October 3227Media Reform
March 3226October 3227Government regulation of pollution in industry.
February 3229August 3229PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE act 032: marriage.
May 3229September 3230Industrial hemp policy act of 3229
October 3229October 3229Construction of Highways
February 3231October 3231Democratic Workers' Councils
February 3231October 3231Subsidies for Contraceptives.
March 3231May 3231Equality act of 3231
September 3231March 3232Education reform of 3231
November 3231June 3232Ecology reform of 3231
September 3232November 3232Exporting weapons reform of 3232
September 3234July 3236State highway act of 3234
September 3234July 3236Foreign affairs act of 3234
September 3234July 3236Ratification of the Treaty for the Ending and Prevention of Terrorism(TEPT)
September 3234April 3237Military reform of 3234
November 3238November 3238Industrial Hemp Policy
January 3240April 3240Cabinet Proposal of January 3240
May 3240March 3241Nuclear power reform of 3232
September 3240September 3242Ratification of the Rights of the Workers
November 3244October 3246Educational medium reform 3244
April 3252April 3252> New Deal <
April 3252April 3252Ownership of guns (Re)
April 3252April 3252Right adoption
April 3252April 3252Against Euthanasia
June 3252June 3252Health Reform
June 3252June 3252Military Reform
June 3252June 3252Universities
June 3252June 3252Religion Reform
June 3252June 3252Civil Rights Reform
June 3252June 3252Economic Reform
November 3253November 3253Ecology Reform
November 3253November 3253Media Reform
June 3254October 3254Infrastructure Reform Act
June 3254October 3254End Of National Internet Service Provider
August 3254August 3254Solentian Monarchy
August 3254August 3254Cabinet Proposal of August 3254
August 3254August 3254Streamlining of Government
September 3254September 3254Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
October 3254October 3254Military Bill
October 3254October 3254Exhoneration of Former Regent Jack Swindon
April 3255April 3255Ratification of the Organization of Majatran States (OMS)
April 3255April 3255Peerage and Titles: Reconfirmation
September 3255September 3255Freedom Act of 3255
November 3255November 3255Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
January 3256January 3256Budget proposal of January 3256
January 3256January 3256Freeing the shackles of industry and agriculture
August 3256August 3256Administrative Adjustments of 3256
November 3256November 3256Liberalization Bill
November 3256November 3256On Private Fortresses and Bodyguards
November 3256November 3256Reformation of the Church of Solentia
April 3258April 3258Ecclesiastical Authority Act 3258
October 3259October 3259Ratification of the Indralan-Solentian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
December 3262October 3263Legislation for an Effective Military I
December 3262October 3263Legislation for Updated Foreign Policy I
July 3263July 3263Cr3263_1
July 3263July 3263Cabinet Reform
July 3263July 3263TEPT WITHDRAWEL
June 3264June 3264Cabinet Proposal of June 3264
March 3265April 3265Pornography
October 3265October 3265Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
December 3266July 3267Centralization and Welfare Act
May 3268May 3268Cabinet Proposal of May 3268
January 3269March 3270Better Society Act
September 3272September 3272Trans Recognition Act 3272
September 3272September 3272Polyamory Act 3272
September 3272September 3272Representation of the People Act 3272
September 3272September 3272Ratification of the Terran Emanicpation
November 3273June 3274Legislation for a Modern Phone Policy
November 3273June 3274Advertising Regulation Legislation I
November 3273June 3274Legislation to Promote a Better Society
November 3273June 3274Legislation for a Stronger Economy
November 3273June 3274Legislation for a More Safe Solentia
April 3274April 3274Call for early elections, April 3274
April 3274July 3274Spaceflight Revisions
June 3274June 3274Legislation for a More Effective Court
June 3274June 3274Postal Recognition Legislation I
December 3274June 3275Ending Funding of Abortion Act
May 3275May 3275Ecological Reform I
May 3275May 3275Ecological Reform II
July 3275June 3276Political Reform 2#
October 3275October 3275Cabinet Proposal of October 3275
October 3275October 3275Ecological Reform V
October 3275October 3275Ecological Reform IV
December 3275December 3275Transportation Legislation I
April 3276April 3276Agricultural Legislation I
April 3276June 3280Questions to the 3rd Torvellian Ministry
September 3276September 3277Budget 3276: II
September 3276September 3277Budget 3276: I
April 3279April 3279CrP 04-3279
June 3279July 3281Education National Policy
July 3279October 3279Hunting and Fishing Deregulation Act of 3279
October 3280October 3280Law of the Order of Succession
October 3280October 3280Ratification of the International Outer Space Treaty
November 3282November 3282Cabinet Proposal of November 3282
January 3283June 3283Exotic Animal Deregulation Act
January 3283June 3283Infrastructure Privatization Act
January 3283June 3283Drug Regulation Reform Act
June 3283June 3283SR 028: Justice and Human Rights Act 3283
October 3284October 3284Bodily Autonomy Act 3284
January 3285January 3285Confidentiality Act of 3285
April 3285April 3285Divorce Act of 3285
May 3285May 3285Ecology Reform Bill of 3285
June 3286April 3288Industrial Hemp Deregulation Act of 3286
July 3286April 3288Anti-Prohibition Act of 3286
November 3286November 3286Cabinet Proposal of November 3286
December 3286December 3286Call for early elections, December 3286
December 3286December 3286Continuing Resolution & Spending Bill of 3286
April 3287April 3287Union Act 3287
April 3287April 3287Restoration of the Republic Act
April 3287April 3287Restoring the Solentian Republic
May 3287May 3287Federal Republican Restoration Act May 3287
June 3287June 3287Affirmation of the Ministerial Order as Issued by the Minister of Finance
July 3287July 3287Elections Act 3287
December 3287April 3290OOC Act: Agreement on Local RP
February 3288February 3288Ecology Act 3288
March 3288March 3288Privacy Act 3288
March 3288March 3288Commercial Sex Worker Nationalisation Act 3288
April 3288April 3288Stability Act
May 3288May 3288Archiving History
May 3289May 3289Religious Tolerence Act
April 3291April 3291Pax Act 3291
December 3291December 3291Tax Reform and Overhaul Act of 3291
September 3292September 3292Early Day Motion: Supreme Court of Solentia
February 3294April 3294Cabinet Proposal of February 3294: Leylabi Ministry
March 3294March 3297Questions to the Leylabi Ministry
May 3294September 3294Citizenship Act
May 3294September 3294Freedom to Burn the Flag Act
May 3294September 3294Removal of Requirement for National Service Act
November 3294May 3295Environmental Localism Act
November 3295November 32973295 Liberal Platform
May 3296May 3296Executive Order IX
November 3296July 3300Social Incentive Act 3300 (OOC & IC)
November 3297November 3297Pornography Reform Act
November 3297November 3297National Anthem in Schools Act
November 3297November 3297Broadcasting Reform Act
November 3297November 3297Gambling Reform Act
February 3298February 3298Deregulation of Fireworks Act
February 3298February 3298Lawsuits Reform Act
February 3298March 3298Property Protection Act
February 3298March 3298Liberalisation of International Media Act
May 3298May 3298Ratification of the Quanzar-Solentia Treaty of Amity
June 3298June 3298Media De-Regulation
June 3298June 3298Localism Act
June 3298June 3298Defense of the Nation Act
June 3298June 3298Health Act
January 3299January 3299Nude Colonies Act of 3299
January 3299January 3299Equal Marriage Act of 3299
January 3299January 3299Hope For Children Act of 3299
January 3299January 3299Charter Schools Act of 3299
January 3299January 3299Drug Allowance Act
May 3300May 3300No Curfews Act
May 3300May 3300Police Presence Act
May 3300May 3300Public Nudity Act
May 3300May 3300The immediate removal of the PPP from Cabinet - Cabinet Proposal of May 3300
May 3300May 3300Sexuality in the Military Act
November 3300June 3301Road to Choice Act
April 3301April 3301Call for early elections, April 3301
April 3301October 3301Bill 6: Health Amendments
June 3301November 3301Manefesto 3301
August 3301August 3301Social Incentive Act Review
April 3302April 3302Social and Ethical Refrom Act
May 3302May 3302Remuneration of Ministers Reform Act of 3302
May 3302May 3302Religious Advertising Act of 3302
May 3302May 3302Separation of Church & State Act of 3302
June 3302June 3302Cabinet Proposal of June 3302
September 3302September 3302Internationalism Act of 3302
March 3303March 3303Revised Deregulation of the Media
March 3303March 3303Health Care Reform
March 3303March 3303Drug Reform Act
April 3303April 3303Deregulation of Religious Schools Act of 3303
April 3303November 3312Financial Decentralization Act of 3303
September 3304September 3304Ban on Biological and Chemical Weapons Act of 3304
September 3304September 3304Privatisation of Television Media Act of 3304
September 3304September 3304Deregulation of Industrial Pollution Act of 3304
December 3304December 3304The Clarke Reforms: Libel
December 3304December 3304The Clarke Reforms: Vacinations
April 3305April 3305Call for early elections, April 3305
November 3305November 3305Call for early elections, November 3305
November 3306November 3306Cabinet Proposal of November 3306
November 3306November 3306Fire Protection Devolution Act of 3306
November 3306November 3306Forest Protection Devolution Act of 3306
November 3306November 3306Food Safety Act of 3306
June 3307June 3307Post Office Competition Bill
June 3307June 3307Pollution Control Bill
June 3307June 3307Charter Schools Reform
August 3307August 3307Cabinet Proposal of August 3307
December 3307December 3307Media Reform Bill 2
December 3307December 3307Media Reform
February 3309May 3309Re: Karav Dynasty Interference in the Internal Polictics of Solentia
May 3310May 3310LU-1
June 3310June 3310Forestry Policy Act of 3310
November 3310November 3310Abolition of the Social Incentive Act 3300
January 3311January 3311Adoption Reform
January 3311January 3311Software Reform
March 3311March 3311Local Government Empowerment Act of 3311
April 3311April 3311Unionism (Civics) Act 3311
April 3311April 3311Cooperatives Act 3311
March 3312March 3312Federalism Act of 3312
March 3312March 3312Recreational Drugs & Tobacco Bill 3312
October 3312October 3312Cabinet Proposal of October 3312
November 3312November 3312National Refugee Reform Act of 3312
November 3312November 3312Open Immigration and Amnesty Act of 3312
November 3313November 3313Welfare Reform Bill 3013
November 3313November 3313Abortion Bill 3313
November 3313April 33522nd Attack on Solentian Independence - debate
May 3314February 3315Immigration Act 3314
July 3314December 3314Civil Liberties Act of 3314
December 3314December 3314Cabinet Proposal of December 3314
February 3316February 3316Equality of Religions Act 3316
May 3316May 3316Euthanasia Reform Act of 3316
May 3316May 3316Legal Aid for the Poor Act of 3316
November 3316November 3316Media Reform 3316
January 3317January 3317Abortion and State Ethics Reforms Act of 3316
April 3318April 3318Supreme Presidential Cabinet 3318 - 3320
June 3318June 3318Regulation of Private Education Bill
June 3318June 3318Help with Higher Education Bill
June 3318June 3318Government Owned Central Bank Bill
June 3318June 3318Availability of Medication Bill
June 3318June 3318Health Care Reform
November 3318November 3318Stoch Exchange Regulation
November 3318November 3318The Working Times Directive
November 3319November 3319Withdrawal from the Quanzar-Solentia Treaty of Amity Act
November 3319November 3319Civil Liberties Act
November 3319November 3319National and Local Highways Act
November 3319November 3319Foundation of the Solentian Space Agency Act
November 3322November 3322Reward of Religious Ministers Act
November 3322November 3322Energy Pricing Regulation Bill
November 3322November 3322Welcoming Religious Visitors
May 3324May 3325Friendship with the Kingdom of Dranland Debate
November 3324November 3324Devolution of Food Licensing Act
November 3324November 3324Devolution of Fair Pay Act
November 3324November 3324Devolution of Foreign Investments Act
November 3324November 3324Devolution of Farm Size Act
February 3330February 3330Cabinet Proposal of February 3330
November 3331November 3331Liberal Reforms
March 3332March 3332The professional retirement age.
April 3335May 3335Cabinet Proposal of April 3335
January 3336January 3336Cabinet Proposal of January 3336
October 3336May 3337GM Foods Reform
May 3345May 3345Condemnation of the Quanzar Imperialists
July 3345July 3345Raise the legal age
August 3345August 3345Protection of original works of technology and arts
November 3346November 3346.
May 3347April 3352Inheritance Reform Bill
January 3348January 3348The funding of sports clubs.
January 3348January 3348Appointment of Mayors
September 3348October 3348Cabinet Proposal of September 3348
April 3351April 3351The Government's stance on a salary cap.
May 3352November 3352Formation of Embassy's Between Solentia and Keymon
June 3352March 3354Karav Takeover of Gaduridos
November 3352February 3353Formation of Embassy's Between Solentia and Dranland
May 3353March 3354Ambassador Appointment Act 3353
March 3354April 3354Appointment of Ambassador to Dranland 3354
April 3354October 3354The Law of the Sea
December 3354December 3354Government's policy regarding the keeping of endangered animals.
January 3355January 3355Defence Industry.
January 3355January 3355Health
September 3355September 3355Practical testing
July 3356December 3356Forest Management
June 3358June 3358Privilages of Nobility
January 3360February 3360Cabinet Proposal of January 3360
July 3364July 3364Senate Resolution 250: Solentian Redemption II
July 3364July 3364Senate Resolution 249: Solentian Emancipation I
February 3366February 3366The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman. ( Act )
May 3366May 3366Cabinet Proposal of May 3366
May 3366May 3366Environmental Localism Act 3366
May 3366May 3366Liberal Economy and Justice Act 3366
May 3366May 3366Liberal Health Reform Act 3366
November 3373November 3373Cabinet Proposal of November 3373
November 3375November 3375Police Searches Act 3365
May 3378May 3378Cabinet Proposal of May 3378
November 3381November 3381Reform Economical and Retirment Age Bill
November 3381May 3382Religion Reform
November 3382December 3387Dranland-Solentia Airways Act 3382
November 3383February 3384Repealing the Karav Takeover of Gaduridos Act 3354
December 3383December 3383Abortion Bill
December 3383December 3383Alcohol Act of 3383
December 3383December 3383Foreign Relationship Changes of 3383
December 3383December 3383Military Strengthening Act Part Two
December 3383February 3384Ratification of the Dranland-Solentia Friendship Treaty (DSFT)
December 3383June 3384Treaty Withdrawl Act
May 3384June 3384Environmental Protection Act
June 3384June 3384Supreme Presidential Cabinet 3384 - 3386
June 3384November 3384Economic Reform of 3384
September 3384September 3384Economic Regulation Act
September 3384September 3384Death Penalty Act
October 3384October 3384Economic Liberalization & Tax Reform Act of 3384
October 3384October 3384Higher Education Reform Act of 3384
October 3384October 3384Judicial Reforms Act of 3384
February 3385February 3385National Firefighters Act
May 3385May 3385Animal Welfare Reform
June 3385June 3385Public Air and Tobacco Regulation Reform Act of 3385
June 3385September 3385Equality Act of 3385
June 3385September 3385Justice Reform
November 3385November 3385Prostitution Reform Act
December 3385December 3385Right to Education act
December 3386December 3386Inspiring Nationalism
December 3386December 3386Public Work Projects
April 3387April 3387Supreme Presidential Cabinet 3387 - 3389
May 3387May 3387Health Reform
May 3387May 3387Environment Reform Act 3387
September 3387September 3387Standardized Testing Reform
September 3387September 3387Subsidies Act of 3387
June 3389June 3390Voting Bill
December 3389December 3389Environmental Protection Bill 1
December 3389December 3389Abortion Bill
December 3389December 3389Middle Class Wages Reform Act of 3389
October 3390November 3390Vaccination Reform
October 3390November 3390Parliamentary Privilege Reform
December 3390December 3390Library Funding Bill
December 3390December 3390Title Of Nobility Bill
December 3390December 3390Justice Bill
March 3391March 3391Obscene Acts Bill of 3391
March 3391March 3391Minimum Wage Act
May 3391May 3391Religous School Bill
May 3391May 3391Solentian Honor Act 3391
May 3391May 3391Moral Media Act 3391
June 3391June 3391Deregulation of Food Sales Act 3391
June 3391June 3391Devolution of Food Safety Act 3391
September 3391September 3391Minimum Wage improvement
September 3391September 3391Firework Reform
April 3392April 3392Honest Information Act
December 3392May 3393Moral Society Act - Part 3 3392
December 3392May 3393Moral Society Act - Part 2 3392
December 3392May 3393Moral Society Act - Part 1 3392
December 3393December 3393Daily Working Hours Reform Act of 3393
December 3393December 3393Alcohol Sales Reform Act of 3393
December 3393January 3394Affirmative Action Act of 3393
April 3394April 3394Sexual Civil Rights Act of 3394
April 3394April 3394Nude Colony Establishment Act of 3394
April 3394April 3394Civil Rights Reform Act of 3394
April 3394April 3394Homes for Children Act of 3394
November 3394November 3394Bank Bill
June 3395June 3395Cabinet Proposal of June 3395
December 3395December 3395Neutralization Act
February 3396February 3396Illegal Alien Act of 3396
June 3396June 3396Internet Provider Bill
June 3396June 3396Industry Bill
June 3396June 3396National Police Department Bill
April 3397April 3397Military Service Act of 3397
December 3397December 3397Call for early elections, December 3397
March 3398March 3398Free Rail Travel Act 3398
March 3398March 3398Nationalisation of the Railway Network Act 3398
March 3398March 3398Public Works Act 3398
March 3398March 3398Energy Nationalisation Act 3398
June 3398June 3398Safe Foods Act of 3398
November 3398November 3398Right to Legal Representation Act 3398
November 3398November 3398Devolution of the Sale of Recreational Drugs Policy Act 3398
November 3398November 3398Free Prescriptions Act 3398
April 3399April 3399Devolution Torture Bill
May 3399May 3399Obscentity Law Reform Act 3399
May 3399May 3399Nationalisation of Banking Act 3399
May 3399May 3399Nationalisation of Post Offices Act 3399
May 3399May 3399Protection of Farming Act 3399
May 3399May 3399Nationalisation of Defence Industries Act 3399
July 3399July 3399Separation of Church & State Act of 3399 (SCS)
July 3399July 3399Public Education Revitalization and Reinvestment Act of 3399
July 3399July 3399Public Education Reinvestment and Revitalization Act of 3399 (PERR - Article 8)
July 3399July 3399Safe Solentia Act of 3399
July 3399July 3399Public Education Reinvestment and Revitalization Act of 3399 (PERR - Article 6)
July 3399July 3399Public Works and Emergency Act of 3399
July 3399July 3399Public Education Reinvestment and Revitalization Act of 3399 (PERR - Article 5)
July 3399July 3399Nuclear Power Regulation Act
July 3399July 3399Public Education Reinvestment and Revitalization Act of 3399 (PERR - Article 4)
July 3399July 3399Green Energy Investment Act of 3399 (GEI)
July 3399July 3399Public Education Reinvestment and Revitalization Act of 3399 (PERR - Article 2)
July 3399July 3399Social Security Act of 3399 (SSA)
October 3399November 3399Democratization of the Workplace Act of 3399
November 3400April 3401Devolution Act 3400
April 3401April 3401Police Presence Act 3401
April 3401April 3401GM Crop Reform Act 3401
April 3401April 3403Motion of No Confidence in the Government
July 3401May 3404Millennial Republic of Solentia Act 3406
January 3405January 3405Millennial Republic of Solentia Act 3406
October 3405October 3405Millennial Republic of Solentia Act 3406
May 3406May 3406Cabinet Compromise of May 3406
October 3406February 3407Millennial Republic of Solentia Act 3406
June 3407June 3407Nuclear Power Act of 3407
June 3407June 3407Government Aid Act of 3407
June 3407April 3408Corporate Tax Act of 3408
November 3407November 3407Millennial Republic of Solentia Act 3406
December 3407April 3408Supreme Presidential Cabinet 3408 - 3410
October 3410October 3410Social Incentive Act 3410
September 3413September 3413Suffrage Act of 3413
September 3413September 3413Immigration Reform
January 3414January 3414bill
December 3417December 3417Cabinet Proposal of December 3417
January 3425January 3425Judicial Torture Bill
July 3425July 3425Recreational Drug Reform of 3425
July 3425July 3425Immigration and Refugee Reform Bill
July 3425July 3425Retirement Age Act of 3425
July 3425July 3425Monopoly Reform of 3425
July 3425July 3425Banking and Defence Industry Reform of 3425
October 3425October 3425Nudity On TV Bill
April 3426April 3426Call for early elections, April 3426
December 3430December 3430Adult Recognition Bill
July 3434December 3434Cabinet Proposal of July 3434
August 3434August 3434Police Patrol Act of 3434
August 3434August 3434Salary Cap Bill of 3434
November 3435September 3436Animal Registration Act of 3436
January 3437January 3437Gun Regulation Act of 3437
November 3439November 3439Equal Marriage Act of 3439
July 3440July 3440Energy Act of 3440
December 3442December 3442Republican Agenda - 1
June 3443June 3443Republican Agenda - 2
July 3443July 3443Immigration and International Trade Reform Act of 3443
July 3443July 3443Industrial Hemp Liberalization Act of 3443
November 3444November 3444Republican Agenda - 3
January 3445January 3445Civil Rights Act of 3445
April 3445April 3445Military Bill of 3445
August 3445August 3445Hunting and Private Cars Act of 3445
April 3448April 3448Cabinet Proposal of April 3448
May 3448May 3448Republican Agenda - 7
August 3448August 3448Police Strengthening Act
August 3448March 3449Income tax proposal of August 3448
March 3449March 3449Budget proposal of March 3449
September 3449September 3449Republican Agenda - 8
January 3450June 3451Act to Rename the Legislative Assembly
November 3450June 3451Ratification of the International Tennis Association
January 3451January 3451Call for early elections, January 3451
September 3451September 3451Ratification of the Terran Football Federation (World Championship)
February 3452June 3452Cabinet Proposal of February 3452
September 3452September 3452Ratification of the United Nations of Terra Charter
August 3455August 3455Solentian Reformsation Bill
August 3455August 3455Cabinet Proposal of August 3455
August 3456August 3456Bill
August 3456August 3456Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
April 3457April 3457Call for early elections, April 3457
April 3457April 3457Budget proposal of April 3457
April 3457April 3457Income tax proposal of April 3457
April 3457May 3457Ratification of the Terran Nuclear and Renewable Energy Agency
April 3457May 3457Ratification of the Indralan-Solentian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
May 3457May 3457Business Easing Act
November 3457November 3457Budget proposal of November 3457
January 3458January 3458Solentian Reaponse on the Deltarian Crisi
February 3458February 3458Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
February 3458February 3458Ratification of the League of Nuclear Nations
February 3458February 3458Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
December 3459December 3459Call for early elections, December 3459
May 3462May 3462Ratification of the Karav Financial Services Operation Permissions - 3462 Revision
June 3463June 3463Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
June 3463June 3463Ratification of the World Nuclear Treaty
July 3463July 3463Ratification of the International Association of Organ Donation (IAOD)
August 3463August 3463Cultural Protocol (1st Edition, 3463)
September 3463September 3463Budget proposal of September 3463
June 3464June 3464Term Length Act
October 3464April 3465Education (Faith Schools) Act 3464
February 3465February 3465Cabinet Proposal of February 3465
April 3465April 3465Representation of the People Act 3465
April 3465April 3465Defence of the Realm Act 3465
April 3465April 3465Sovereignty Act 3465
April 3465April 3465Executive Order X
April 3465April 3465Social Incentive Act 3465
February 3466February 3466First Kennedy Budget (3466)
January 3467January 3467KFS Operation Treaty Act 3467
April 3468April 3468Cabinet Proposal of April 3468
July 3468July 3468Budget proposal of July 3468
April 3469April 3469Economy Regulation Act
April 3469April 3469Religion Bill
April 3469April 3469Foreign Relations Bill
April 3469April 3469Environmental Law of 3469
November 3469November 3469Civil Liberties are to be curtailed
May 3470May 3470Cabinet Proposal of May 3470
May 3470February 3473Founding of the Solentian National Oil Company
January 3471January 3471Call for early elections, January 3471
December 3471August 3472Cabinet Proposal of December 3471
March 3473March 3473Cooperatives Act 3473
May 3476May 3476State Reforms
December 3476December 3476Cabinet Proposal of December 3476
May 3478May 3478Ratification of the Gaduridan Diplomatic Relations Treaty
May 3478May 3478State Reforms II
June 3478June 3478Ratification of the Cobura-Solentia Treaty of Friendship
February 3479February 3479Call for early elections, February 3479
August 3480August 3480Major Changes
August 3480August 3480Cabinet Proposal of August 3480
February 3485February 3485Call for early elections, February 3485
February 3485May 3485Military Preparedness Bill
April 3489April 3489Ratification of the Terran Republican Alliance
January 3490January 3490Nobility Act
April 3490April 3490Legalization of Prositution
July 3490July 3490Cabinet Proposal of July 3490
July 3490July 3490Changes
March 3491March 3491Funding of Sport Clubs
March 3491March 3491Conception Bill
March 3491March 3491Article 5: Supreme President
March 3491July 3491Cabinet Proposal of March 3491
April 3491April 3491Flag Change
September 3491September 3491Repeal Blasphemy
October 3491October 3491TOC BIll
December 3491December 3491The Right To Strike
December 3491December 3491Free Tuition Bill
January 3492January 3492Death Penalty Reform
February 3492February 3492Repeal Gated Community
May 3492May 3492Governmental Salaries
May 3492May 3492Stock Exchange Bill
August 3492August 3492Repeal of Adultery
October 3492January 3493PoP Reform Bill
January 3493January 3493Pesticides Act
January 3493January 3493Ratification of the Embargo on the Czarist Government of Deltaria
October 3493October 3493Watchful Eye Act
October 3493October 3493ISP Bill
October 3493October 3493POW Fair Treatment Act
January 3494January 3494Resolution to DENOUNCE the Wantuni Hegemony of Kalopia
May 3494May 3494Resolution to DENOUNCE Kafuristan
January 3495March 3495Declaration of War Against Deltaria and any of her allies
March 3495April 3495Sending out Solentia's fleet to sea
December 3495March 3496Supreme Presidential Order 3495-0002
January 3496January 3496Solentia's Embassy Withdrawl from Kafuristan
June 3496June 3496Ratification of the International Committee for Freedom in Pontesi
March 3497March 3497Advertisement Act
June 3497June 3497Aid to Zardugal and Saridan
June 3497September 3497Treaty Withdrawal
September 3497September 3497Ratification of the Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality
October 3497April 3498Various Proposals
June 3498June 3498Ratification of the Congress for Liberty
June 3498June 3498Solentian Aid to Jakania
July 3498July 3498Ratification of the Solentian Defense Treaty
October 3498April 3499Ratification of the Solentia-Jakania Oil Consertium
November 3498November 3498Income tax proposal of November 3498
November 3498November 3498Budget proposal of November 3498
March 3499March 3499Cabinet Proposal of March 3499
May 3499May 3499Budget proposal of May 3499
June 3499June 3499Budget proposal of June 3499
July 3499October 3499Canal Problems
November 3499November 3499Corporate Tax Bill
November 3499September 3512Grand Millennial Trade Republic of Solentia
April 3500April 3500Ratification of the Terran Oil Cartel Treaty
April 3500August 3500Equal Representation
October 3500October 3500Proposal to start off-shore drilling in Fuwan and Tesuhen
January 3504June 3504Opening of the Solentian Passage Canals 1 and 2
August 3506July 3507Meditative Isolation from Terra
January 3508January 3508Humanitarian Aid for Zardugal
December 3509December 3509Solentian Haven for Oppressed Kalopians
December 3510March 3511Solentia Free Trade Zone Proposal of 3510
January 3511March 3511Budget proposal of January 3511
January 3511March 3511Income tax proposal of January 3511
January 3511March 3511Business Friendly Solentia Act of 3511
August 3511March 3512Racial Equality in Marriage Act
August 3511March 3512Banking Reform Act
March 3512March 3512Labour Market Reforms
March 3512March 3512Religion Act of 3412
March 3512March 3512Education Reform Act
April 3512April 3512-
October 3512October 3512Military Reforms
June 3513June 3513Ratification of the Global Alliance
June 3513June 3513Cabinet Proposal of June 3513
July 3513July 3513Economic Relations with Deltaria
July 3513July 3513Most Serene Millennial Republic of Solentia
July 3513July 3513The Bill
February 3514February 3514Slavery is just Plain Capitalism
August 3517August 3517Sovereignty Act 3517
August 3517August 3517Restoration Act 3517
March 3518March 3518Defence of the Realm Act 3518
April 3518April 3518Democratic Reform Act 3518
April 3518April 3518Education Act 3518
April 3518April 3518Green Deal Act 3518
April 3518April 3518Families Act 3518
April 3518April 3518Cooperatives Act 3518
April 3518April 3518Ministries Act 3518
August 3518August 3518One Solentia Act 3518
December 3518December 3518Cabinet Proposal of December 3518: Ciron Ministry
March 3519March 3519Cabinet Proposal of March 3519: Second Ciron Ministry
June 3521June 3521The Guild Knows Best
June 3521June 3521Cabinet Proposal of June 3521
August 3521August 3521Market Regulation Act 3521
March 3525April 3525Cabinet Proposal of March 3525: First Seymour Ministry
June 3530June 3530Call for early elections, June 3530
July 3530October 3530Executive Order XI
October 3530October 3530Cabinet Proposal of October 3530; Second Seymour Ministry
November 3532November 3532The Guild Reforms
August 3533August 3533Reforms of State
March 3535March 3535RENAME: Grande Millenaria Repubblica Commerciale di Solentia (Grand Millennial Trade Republic of Solentia)
March 3535March 3535Cabinet Proposal of March 3535
April 3535April 3535Ratification of the Deltárska Ríša
April 3535April 3535Ratification of the Terran Oil Cartel Treaty
April 3537April 3537Grand Reforms of State
August 3544August 3544Guild Reforms
December 3544January 3545Bill
August 3545August 3545Morality Laws
August 3545August 3545Foreign Affairs Bill
July 3546July 3546Restoring Solentia - Cabinet Proposal of July 3546
July 3546January 3548Freedom of Sexual Expression Bill 3546
January 3547January 3548Grand Justice Reform Bill 3547
January 3547January 3548Military Reform Bill 3547
January 3548January 3548Freedom of Religion Bill 3548
January 3548July 3548Anti Slavery Bill 3548
January 3548October 3548Freedom of the Individual Bill 3548
April 3549April 3549Foreign Policy Independence Bill 3549
July 3549October 3549Liberal Futures Bill 3549
August 3549January 3555Windfall Tax Bill 3549
June 3550June 3550Call for early elections, June 3550
November 3550November 3550Cabinet Proposal of November 3550
November 3550January 3552Taxation Fairness Bill 3552
June 3553May 3554Budget proposal of June 3553
April 3554December 3555SMG Legislation 3554
January 3555January 3555Liberal Future Bill 3555
November 3555November 3555Call for early elections, November 3555
December 3555December 3555Environmental Localism Act 3555
January 3558January 3558Reversal of SMS Act 3558
July 3558February 3570The Xzarin Catholic Church of Solentia
October 3558October 3558SMG Legislation of 3558
December 3558January 3561Foreign Policy Act 3558
February 3559February 3559Liberalisation Act 3559
January 3561February 3561Liberal Pre-Election Act
July 3569July 3569SMG Legislation 3569
February 3570December 3570Solentian Social Incentive
April 3570May 3570Reversal of SMG Legislation
October 3571October 3571Cabinet Proposal of October 3571
October 3571October 3571Support for the Free Badaran Army
January 3572January 3572Act Authorizing the use of force to prevent the use of WMD January 3572
April 3572May 3572Liberal Party Legislation April 3572
July 3572August 3572Free Speech Act - August 3572
January 3573January 3573Liberal Pre-election Act - January 3573
July 3573July 3573Cabinet Proposal of July 3573
December 3573December 3573Cabinet Proposal of December 3573
December 3573December 3573Budget proposal of December 3573
December 3573December 3573Income tax proposal of December 3573
May 3574May 3574Doing What Is Right Act of 3574
June 3574June 3574Abolishing the Abomination Act
November 3574November 3574More Tax Cuts
December 3574December 3574Campaign Finance Reform Act of 3574
June 3575June 3575Resolution to condemn Clark, Grangers and Jackson
July 3575July 3575Environment Act 3575
July 3575July 3575Liberty Act 3575
July 3575July 3575For the People Act 3575
July 3575July 3575Abolition of Solentia's Chemical Weapons Act 3575
September 3575September 3575Weapon Concealment Act
October 3575October 3575Fair Justice Act of 3575
January 3576January 3576Support for the Zardic strikes on terrorists in Watuni
December 3577December 3577Call for early elections, December 3577
August 3578August 3578Call for early elections, August 3578
February 3579February 3579Environmental Act of 3579 (DP)
February 3579February 3579Cabinet Proposal of February 3579
June 3580June 3580Liberty Act 3580
December 3580December 3580No Corporate Tax Breaks Act of 3580 (DP)
December 3580January 3581Income tax proposal of December 3580
May 3581November 3581Budget proposal of May 3581
November 3581November 3581Solentian Defense Act of 3581 (DP)
November 3581November 3581Solentian Biological and Chemical Act of 3581 (DP)
November 3582November 3582Ecological Centralization Act II of 3582 (DP)
November 3582November 3582Ecological Centralization Act of 3582 (DP)
December 3583December 3583Pets Deregulation Act 3583
December 3583December 3583Stem Cell Research Act 3583
December 3583December 3583Parental Choice Act 3583
December 3583December 3583Online Freedom Act 3583
February 3585February 3585Ratification of the Joint Treaty of Democratic Nations and Peoples to Place Embargo on Lodamun &amp; Allies
February 3586February 3586Income tax proposal of February 3586
March 3586February 3587Budget proposal of March 3586
August 3586August 3586Sanctions against Lodamun and sympathisers
August 3587May 3588G
May 3588May 3588Ecology Revolution Act II of 3588
December 3589December 3589Appeal Bill 3589
December 3589December 3589Exotic Animal trade Act 3589
November 3590November 3590Cabinet Proposal of November 3590
June 3591June 3591Balanced Budget Proposal
January 3596January 3596Religious Reform Act
January 3596January 3596Endangered Species Reform Act
January 3596January 3596Animal Killing Reform Act
January 3596January 3596Lodamun Inflitrators Emergency Act
January 3596January 3596Marriage Reform Act
September 3596September 3596Economic Restructuring and Reform Act of 3596
September 3596September 3596CATANCARE - Federal Healthcare Reform Act of 3596
September 3596September 3596Safe Foods Act of 3596
September 3596September 3596Judicial Reform and Amnesty Act of 3596
June 3597June 3597Pensions etc.
July 3597July 3597Libel and Slander Act of 3597
July 3597July 3597Police Presence Reform Act of 3597
December 3597December 3597Policy on environment
December 3597January 3598Social Bill
February 3598February 3598THE GRAND COALITION
September 3598November 3600Central Banking Reform Act of 3599
October 3598January 3599Social reforms
June 3599November 3600Common Sense Gun Reform Act of 3599
November 3600January 3602Paramilitary Act
September 3602August 3606Administrative Reform Act of 3602
December 3604March 3605ECO ACT
March 3605March 3605Church of Solentia Revival Act
March 3605August 3605Call for early elections, March 3605
December 3605December 3605Civil Rights Act
January 3607January 3607The New Republic Act of 3607
July 3607July 3607Cabinet Proposal of July 3607
July 3607July 3607Gun Reform Bill of 3607
July 3607July 3607Weapons Concealment Repeal Act
July 3607July 3607Sales Tax Reduction Act of 3607
July 3607July 3607Income tax proposal of July 3607
July 3607July 3607Budget proposal of July 3607
January 3608January 3608Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Union
February 3608February 3608National Census Act of 3608
July 3608July 3608Terms
July 3608July 3608New Republic Act of 3608
January 3610January 3610Call for early elections, January 3610
February 3610August 3613Ratification of 3610 National Census Results
May 3610May 3610Tax Reform Act of 3610
May 3610May 3610Solentian Peace & Immigration Act of 3610
November 3610February 3611Ratification of the Anti-Augustan League
February 3616February 3616Militarization Act of 3616
September 3616September 3616Education Reform Act of 3616
September 3616September 3616Cabinet Proposal of September 3616
August 3617August 3617Budget proposal of August 3617
January 3619January 3619Ecological Realignment Act
December 3619December 3619Call for early elections, December 3619
August 3620June 3626Ratification of 3620 National Census Results
September 3627September 3627Cabinet Proposal of September 3627
August 3630August 3630Cabinet Proposal of August 3630
January 3631February 3631Cabinet Proposal of January 3631
December 3634June 3637Ratification of the Joint Treaty of Democratic Nations and Peoples to Place Embargo on Lodamun &amp; Allies
February 3636February 3636Budget proposal of February 3636
December 3636December 3636Sales Tax implementation
May 3637May 3637Representation Act of 3637
November 3653November 3653Income tax proposal of November 3653
November 3653November 3653Tax Reduction Bill
November 3653November 3653Cabinet Proposal of November 3653
December 3653December 3653Regular Elections Bill
December 3653December 3653Democratic Solentia Bill
December 3653December 3653National Identity Bill
December 3653December 3653New Political System Bill
January 3654January 3654Budget proposal of January 3654
January 3654January 3654Marriage Bill
January 3654January 3654Traditional Solentian Values Bill
July 3654July 3654Foreign Policy Bill
July 3654July 3654National Defence Bill
June 3655June 3655Budget proposal of June 3655
June 3655July 3655Separation of Church and State Bill
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the International Agreement On Education
July 3655July 3655Nuclear Deterrent Bill
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
July 3655July 3655Budget proposal of July 3655
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the Majatra Anti-Slavery Accord
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the International Agreement on Infrastructure and the Right to Property
July 3655July 3655Diplomatic Review Bill
July 3655July 3655Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
November 3655November 3655Animal Protection Bill
November 3655November 3655Abolition of Aristocratic Titles Bill
January 3656January 3656Cabinet Proposal of January 3656
October 3656October 3656Justice Bill
October 3656October 3656Trade Union Powers Bill
October 3656October 3656Luxury Goods Tax Bill
June 3657June 3657Income tax proposal of June 3657
February 3658February 3658Income tax proposal of February 3658
February 3658February 3658Cabinet Proposal of February 3658
February 3658February 3658Free Media Bill
February 3658February 3658Economic Ownership Bill
November 3661November 3661Cabinet Proposal of November 3661: Castle Ministry
December 3661December 3661Industrial Relations Act 3661
July 3662July 3662State Monopolies Act 3662
July 3663July 3663Call for early elections, July 3663
August 3663August 3663One Solentia Act 3663
May 3664May 3664Call for early elections, May 3664
January 3665January 3665Cabinet Proposal of January 3665: Second Castle Ministry
December 3665December 3665Income tax proposal of December 3665
December 3665December 3665Budget proposal of December 3665
May 3666May 3666Capital Punishment (Abolition) Act 3666
May 3666May 3666Families Act 3666
May 3666July 3667Call for early elections, May 3666
August 3667August 3667Cabinet Proposal of August 3667: Vendlin Ministry
August 3668October 3668Defending Solentia Act 3668
September 3668October 3668National Census Repeal Act
September 3668December 3668Ambassadorial Appointments 3668
September 3668April 3670Senate Archive 3667-70
October 3668August 3670National Press Charter (for discussion)
December 3668June 3670Free Press and Speech Act 3668
January 3669January 3669Immigration Act 3669
August 3669August 3669Industry Act 3669
March 3670March 3670Call for early elections, March 3670
April 3670April 3670Unity Cabinet Proposal of April 3670
July 3670January 3671Foreign Policy Reform Act 3670
July 3670January 3671Alcohol and Smoking Reform Act 3670
July 3670September 3675Senate Archive 3670-3675
March 3672August 3672Environment Localism Act 3672
March 3672August 3672Freedom of Religion Act 3672
April 3672April 3672Child Labour Act 3672
August 3672April 3673Head of Government Reform Act 3672
August 3672August 3673Authorisation for New Defence Equipment Order 3672
September 3672September 3672Condemnation of the killing of Takeo Ishii and the politics of those who inspired it
July 3673October 3673Condemnation of comments by Prince Harun ibn Ahmed of Kafuristan
October 3673October 3673Nuclear Defence Strategy Act
March 3674June 3674Liberal Economics Act 3674
March 3674June 3674Civil Rights and Justice Bill 3674
April 3674June 3674Nuclear Defence Act 3674
September 3674September 3678Discussion of Kafuristan's takeover of Wantuni/Kalopia
April 3675April 3675Hate Preachers Act
August 3675August 3675Liberal, Unionist, and Communist Government Coalition 3675
October 3675October 3675Pollution Controls Act
April 3676April 3676Keeping of Exotic & Wild Animals Act
April 3676August 3676Condemnation of political oppression in Wantuni/Kalopia
July 3676June 3677Regulate sexual contents in media
June 3677May 3678ALCOHOL DRUGS ACT
January 3678January 3678Religious Schools Act
April 3678April 3678Waste Disposal Act
April 3678April 3678Authorisation of economic, humanitarian and military aid for freedom fighters in Wantuni/Kalopia
April 3678April 3678Condemnation of persecution in Wantuni/Kalopia
March 3679March 3679Fair Trade Act 3679
March 3679March 3679Green Deal Act 3679
April 3679April 3679Quotas Act
April 3679April 3679Defence Industries Act
April 3679April 3679DNA Database Act
April 3679April 3679Nuclear Energy Act
April 3679April 3679Public Transport Act
July 3679July 3679Media Regulation Act
July 3680July 3680Extradition Act
July 3680July 3680Abortion Act
October 3680October 3680Confidentiality Act
October 3680October 3680Arranged Marriages Act
July 3681July 3681Civilian National Service Act
October 3681October 3681Passports Act
February 3682February 3682Call for the extradition of James Cholmondely
January 3683January 3683State Religion Act
February 3684February 3684Restoration of Marriage Act
October 3684October 3684Call for early elections, October 3684
December 3684December 3684Protection of Endangered Animals Act
December 3684December 3684Budget proposal of December 3684
July 3685July 3685Call for early elections, July 3685
August 3685October 3685Fixing the National Flag
October 3685October 3685Waste Disposal Act
February 3686April 3686Cabinet Proposal of February 3686
February 3686July 3686For the welfare of Solentia
April 3686April 3686Blasphemy Act
August 3686August 3686Car Emissions Act
January 3687January 3687Drastic changes are needed
April 3687April 3687Hunting & Fishing Act
July 3687August 3687WorkForce Act 3687
February 3688February 3688Prisoners of War Act
August 3694August 3694Unionism Act 3694
September 3695September 3695Cabinet Proposal of September 3695: Ryaine Ministry
March 3696March 3696Call for early elections, March 3696
August 3696August 3696Restoration of House Belisarius
August 3696August 3696Government Formation Bill
August 3696August 3696MA 08-3696
March 3697March 3697MA 03-3697
June 3697June 3697True Power - change 3
June 3697June 3697True Power - change 1
September 3697September 3697Cabinet Proposal of September 3697
March 3698March 3698Ratification of the World Fair
November 3698November 3698Budget proposal of November 3698
November 3698November 3698Ratification of the International Sustainable Fishing Protocols
November 3698November 3698Income tax proposal of November 3698
September 3699September 3699MA 09-3699
June 3701June 3701New Economic Policy 3701
November 3701November 3701Cabinet Proposal of November 3701
April 3703April 3703Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
July 3705July 3705Cabinet Proposal of July 3705
February 3712February 3712Decentralization bill
July 3715July 3715Family Lineage Act
January 3722January 3722Cabinet Proposal of January 3722
January 3723January 3723MA 01-3723
January 3727January 3727Ratification of the Condamnation of Lodamun
February 3728February 3728Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Security Co-Operation Organization
January 3729January 3729Cabinet Proposal of January 3729
November 3739May 3740Healthcare Reform Bill
November 3739May 3740Economic Reform Bill
January 3741March 3741Copyright Act
March 3741March 3741Cabinet Proposal of March 3741
May 3741August 3743Libel Laws
December 3741December 3741Cabinet Proposal of December 3741
December 3741July 3742Legislative Reform Bill
June 3742June 3742Call for early elections, June 3742
July 3742July 3742Military Reform Bill
December 3742August 3743Income tax proposal of December 3742
December 3742August 3743Tax Reform Bill of 3742
December 3742August 3743Against Child Labor
December 3742August 3743Ban Land Mines
December 3742August 3743Identity Cards for Citizens
December 3742August 3743Budget proposal of December 3742
July 3743July 3743Campaign Finance Reform II
August 3743December 3743Welfare Reform Bill of 3743
December 3743May 3744Funds for Libraries Act of 3743
December 3743May 3744Gun Control Act of 3743
December 3743May 3744Agriculture Reform Bill
December 3743May 3744Stem Cell Research Bill of 3743
June 3744June 3744Marriage Policy Reform
September 3744November 3744Justice Reform
September 3744November 3744Education Policy Reform
September 3744November 3744Tax Reform Bill of 3744
October 3744November 3744Privatization of the Solentian National Railway Company Act of 3744
August 3745August 3746Culture Reform Bill of 3745
October 3745August 3746Ecology Reform Bill of 3745
August 3746August 3746Liberalization of Voting and of Political Parties
August 3746August 3746Cabinet Proposal of August 3746
August 3746June 3747The Capitalist Market Economy Transitioning Act of 3746
December 3746June 3747Budget proposal of December 3746
December 3746June 3747Income tax proposal of December 3746
June 3747June 3747Science Reform Bill of 3747
July 3747July 3747Foreign Policy Liberalization Bill of 3747
July 3747December 3747Infrastructure Reform Bill of 3747
November 3747November 3747The Luxury Goods Sales Tax Bill of 3747
February 3748February 3748The Enlightenment Bill of 3748
February 3748February 3748Amendment to the Cabinet Proposal Law of 3748
May 3748May 3748Agriculture Reform Bill of 3748
May 3748May 3748Cut Down the Parliament Bill of 3748
May 3748May 3748Free to Chose Bill of 3748
May 3748June 3749Education Reform Bill of 3748
October 3748October 3748Military Reform Bill of 3748
October 3748October 3748Welfare Reform Bill of 3748
October 3748October 3748Separation of Religion and State Bill of 3748
January 3749January 3749No State Aid Bill of 379
January 3749January 3749Free the Sea Bill of 3749
January 3749January 3749Changing the official title of the legislative assembly.
December 3751February 3752Slander Laws Reform
January 3752January 3752Nuclear Act Of 3752
January 3752January 3752Save the children Bill of 3752
March 3752March 3752Farming subsidy Bill of 3752
April 3752April 3752Green Future Bill of 3752
April 3752April 3752Pension Bill of 3752
May 3752May 3752Sea protection Bill of 3752
July 3752November 3752Help the helpless Bill of 3752
December 3752December 3752Taxation of religious institutions
March 3753March 3753Market Regulation Bill of 3753
March 3753March 3753Age of majority Bill of 3753
April 3753April 3753Military Act of 3753
February 3754December 3754National Health Policy Reform 3754
August 3754December 3754Cabinet Proposal of August 3754
October 3754October 3754Call for early elections, October 3754
November 3754November 3754No more parliamentary stalemate Bill of 3754
December 3754February 3755The right to gamble.
December 3754February 3755Military Reform Bill 3754
December 3754February 3755Constitutional Amendment 3754
December 3754May 3755Government law concerning the sales of recreational drugs
February 3755February 3755Ratification of the International Racial Equality Agreement
February 3755May 3755Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
February 3755December 3755Budget proposal of February 3755
February 3755December 3755Income tax proposal of February 3755
February 3756April 3756Energy Bill of 3756
June 3757October 3757Clean Economy Act 3757
June 3757October 3757Infrastructure Reform Bill
June 3757November 3758Strike Demands
December 3758July 3759The Open Arms Act of 3758
December 3758July 3759Solentian Clean Elections Act of 3578
August 3759January 3760Budget proposal of August 3759
December 3759December 3759Cabinet Proposal of December 3759
December 3759January 3760Supplemental Budget proposal of December 3759
December 3759May 3760NATIONAL CENSUS OF 3760
February 3760June 3760Society modernization Bill of 3760
July 3760July 3760$5,000,000 to fund Indralan-Solentian Joint Shipping & Deep Sea Exploration Treaty
July 3760July 3760Ratification of the The Indralan-Solentian Joint Shipping &amp; Deep Sea Oil Exploration Treaty
July 3760July 3760Public Education Reform Act of 3760
July 3760December 3760Immigration & Wage Reform Act of 3760
September 3761February 3762Welfare Reform Bill of 3761
September 3761December 3762Licensing of Food Sales.
June 3762December 3762Legalization of Recreational Drugs
December 3762January 3763Freedom to Work Act of 3762
December 3762January 3763Economic Reform & Compromise Act of 3762
December 3762February 3763Arranged Marriage Ban
January 3763January 3763Cabinet Proposal of January 3763
January 3763February 3763Defense Reform Act of 3763
February 3763February 3763Common Sense Gun Reform Act of 3763
February 3763February 3763Absurdity Act of 3763
February 3763February 3763Adoption Reform Act of 3763
June 3763June 3763Civil Rights Act of 3763
June 3763June 3763Budget proposal of June 3763
June 3763June 3763Local Control & Ecology Act of 3763
August 3763August 3763Cabinet Proposal of August 3763
September 3763June 3764Female Reproductive Rights Act of 3763
November 3763May 3767Ratification of the Solentian-Istaliana Joint Treaty to Fund and Construct the Halion-Romula Highway
January 3764February 3764Private Property Act
January 3764February 3764Prostitution Act
February 3764June 3764Federalism Act of 3764
April 3764June 3764The Government's Policy on Inheritance
April 3764June 3764Nuclear Power Act
April 3764February 3765The patenting of software techniques.
May 3764May 3767Ratification of the Solentian-Kalopia Joint Treaty to Fund and Construct the Halion-Amriyah Highway
June 3764July 3764Funding of Highways
August 3764November 3764Nobility Title Ban
December 3764December 3764Economic Liberalization Act of 3765
March 3765May 3765Pension Act
November 3766January 3767Ban of Public Financing of Political Campaigns
January 3767February 3767EMERGENCY RESOLUTION to Aid in the Defense of Kalopia against Deltaria
September 3767December 3767Public Transport Act
September 3767March 3768Repeal CNP's Bestiality Law
September 3767March 3768Defense Industry Reform Bill
September 3767July 3768Ratification of the Treaty on the basic rights of man
December 3767March 3768Cabinet Proposal of December 3767
June 3768June 3768Body Liberty Pack
July 3768November 3768The government's policy towards fireworks
July 3768October 3769Government's Policy on Industry Bailouts
July 3768October 3769Gambling Regulations
October 3768November 3768Anti-aggression Reforms
November 3768December 3768New Education Pack Act
July 3769July 3769Call for early elections, July 3769
August 3769December 3769The transport policy
August 3769May 3770Education Flexibility Policy
December 3769March 3770Civil Defence Act
December 3769May 3770Abortion Law Reform
December 3769July 3770Taxation of religious institutions
December 3769July 3770Recreational drug policy
May 3770November 3771Pension System Reform
May 3770November 3771Keeping of endangered/exotic animals.
June 3770June 3770Socialist reforms
July 3771March 3772Cabinet Proposal of July 3771
November 3771December 3771Banking Reform Act
November 3771December 3771Stock Exchange Act
November 3771December 3771Repeal Positive Discrimination.
November 3771December 3771Government's Policy on Industry Bailouts
November 3771December 3771Energy Policy Reform
December 3771December 3771Religious Freedom Act
May 3772November 3772Anti-copyright proposal
July 3772August 3772Ecology policy
July 3772October 3772Government policy concerning the use of pesticides
November 3772December 3772Extradition policy
June 3774September 3774The government's policy concerning gated communities
August 3774August 3774Ratification of the South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement
August 3774August 3774Ratification of the Zardic-Solentian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
September 3774October 3774DWC ownerships reform bill
December 3774January 3775Anti Weapons for Profit Bill
December 3774January 3775Pharmaceutical Research Bill
November 3775November 3775Currency exchange rate intervention
November 3775November 3775Intelligence agency bill
December 3775December 3775Campaign Finance Reform Act of 3775
February 3776July 3776Voting Rights Act of 3776
February 3776July 3776Don't Subsidize the Rich Act of 3776
February 3776July 3776Privacy at Death Act of 3776
February 3776July 3776Alcohol Anti-Monopoly Act of 3776
June 3776August 3776Cabinet reform
September 3776September 3776Reproductive Rights Act of 3776
September 3776September 3776Weapon Liberty Bill
September 3776September 3776Democracy in Unions Act of 3776
September 3776September 3776Economic Supplemental Act of 3776
October 3776October 3776Pension Act of 3776
October 3776December 3776Media Reform Act
October 3776October 3777Abortion Funding Reform
October 3776October 3777Arms Sales Bill
September 3777September 3777Cabinet Proposal of September 3777
September 3777December 3777Recreational Drugs Bill
September 3777January 3778Religious Freedom Act of 3777
October 3777October 3777Ratification of the Commonwealth of Seridjan - Treaty on Diplomatic Relations
October 3777December 3777Economic Freedom Act
December 3777December 3777Infrastructure Act of 3777
December 3777January 3778Eminent Domain Policy
March 3779December 3779Welfare Reduction Bill
June 3779January 3780The government's policy in respect to highways.
June 3779January 3780Police Department Reform
June 3779February 3782Public Housing Reform
June 3779February 3782Foreign Aid Act
July 3779November 3779Condemnation of Zardugal Aggression Act of 3779
August 3779September 3779Call for SPECIAL ELECTION, NOVEMBER 3779
November 3779February 3780Infrastructure nationalization bill
November 3779June 3780Pro-worker counter-reform
December 3779April 3780Cabinet Proposal of December 3779
January 3780April 3780New Flag
July 3780February 3782Recreational drug policy reform
October 3780October 3780Call for early elections, October 3780
November 3780November 3781Ratification of the Declaration of democratic rights
December 3780February 3781Vaccination Act
December 3780November 3781Flag restoration
October 3781October 3781Call for early elections, October 3781
October 3781October 3781Cabinet Proposal of October 3781
November 3781February 3782Cabinet Proposal of November 3781
November 3783September 3795Withdrawal From Zardic Demilitarization Treaty
January 3784January 3784Call for early elections, January 3784
July 3785November 3785Republican ecology
July 3785November 3785Republican Health
July 3785November 3785Republican economy
December 3785June 3786Parliamentary Procedure Reform
October 3786September 3787Import regulation
December 3786December 3786Call for early elections, December 3786
February 3792February 3792Industrial Relations Act 3792
May 3792May 3793Cabinet Proposal of May 3792
December 3792December 3792Marijuana Legalization Act of 3792
December 3792March 3793Foreign Marriage Equality Act of 3793
March 3793March 3793Solentian Tourism Act of 3793
May 3793May 3793Call for early elections, May 3793
November 3793November 3793Ecology Bill of 3793
January 3794January 3794Cabinet Proposal of January 3794
January 3794January 3794Church of Solentia Establishment Act of 3794
February 3794February 3794Golden Future Investment Act of 3794
June 3794June 3794Government exchange rate intervention
June 3794July 3794Health & Education Investment Act of June 3794
July 3794July 3794Republican Restoration compromise of 3794
January 3795January 3795Government Priorities Restructuring Act of December 3794
May 3795August 3795Cabinet Proposal of May 3795: Alternative
August 3795August 3795Decentralization act of 3795
September 3795February 3796Yoga & Meditation Allowance Act of 3795
August 3796August 3796Industrial Relations Act 3796
February 3797February 3797Gun Reform Act of 3797
February 3797February 3797Religious Freedom Act of 3797
March 3797March 3797Extradition Act of 3797
December 3797December 3797Cabinet Proposal of December 3797: Exillion Ministry
December 3798March 3799Gun Reform Act of 3798
January 3799January 3799Call for early elections, January 3799
July 3799July 3799National Transport Company (NTC) Act 3799
September 3799September 3799National housing aid Act of 3799
September 3799September 3799National healthcare system Act of 3799
December 3799December 3799National Social Housing Company (NSHC) Act 3799
December 3799December 3799National Energy & Power Company (NEPC) Act 3799
February 3800February 38003800 Government Powers Restriction Act
February 3800February 3800Recreational drugs sales regulation
March 3800March 3800Media reform of 3800
September 3800September 38003800 Freedom Bill
January 3801January 3801Faith Schools Act 3801
January 3801January 3801National Parks Act 3801
January 3801January 3801Armed Forces Act 3801
December 3801December 3801Ecology Act 3801
January 3802July 3802Decentralization act of 3802
March 3802March 3802Terran Cricket Council Ratification Act 3802
July 3802July 3802Blasphemy Act of 3802
June 3803June 3803Monopoly regulation
June 3803June 3803Cabinet Proposal of June 3803: Bhati-Idnani Ministry
July 3803July 3803Communities Act 3803
July 3803July 3803Charter Schools Act 3803
August 3803August 38033803 Localization Act
December 3804January 3805National Heritage Commission Act 3805
January 3805May 3805Supreme Presidential Powers Clarification Act 3805
December 3805December 3805Police searches regulations act of 3805
December 3805February 3806State and religion separation act of 3805
January 3806January 3806Recreational Drug Legalization Act of 3806
January 3806January 3806Main Street, Not Hall Street Reform Act of 3806
February 3806March 3806Environmentalism Act of 3806
June 3807June 3807Resolution to Compel the Supreme President to Propose a New Cabinet
July 3807July 3807Slander laws policy
September 3807September 38073807 Religious Freedom
January 3808January 3808RCP and LCC Compromise Bill
February 3808February 3808Fishing regulation decentralization act of 3808
February 3808February 3808Police decentralization act of 3808
June 3808August 3808Cabinet Proposal of Auugust 2808: Rafferty Ministry
August 3808October 3808Mao Xin Fuwan Education Act of 3808
December 3808December 3808Motion to Condemn
January 3809February 3809Progressive Income Tax Reform Act of January 3809
June 3809June 3809Budget proposal of June 3809
September 3809September 3809Defend Solentia Act of 3809
September 3809September 3809Media Reform
December 3809December 3809Freedom Bill
January 3810February 3810National Internet Service Act 2810
February 3810February 3810National Cosmological & Aeronautics Company (NCAC) Act 3810
August 3810September 3811Heritage Act 3811
January 3811September 3811Freedom Bill
April 3811September 3811Sports Club Funding Reform
August 3811August 3811No Confidence Resolution in Supreme President William Paul
August 3811June 3820AN EMERGENCY RESOLUTION for Stable Governance
September 3811September 3811Forest Protection Reform
September 3811September 3811Eminent Domain Reform
September 3811September 3811Abortion Localization Reform
September 3811September 3811Clean Air Act
September 3811September 3811Educational Reform
October 3811October 3811Reformism In Action
December 3811December 3811National ID Cards are Bad
January 3812January 3812Quality Legislation Act 3812
January 3812January 3812Public Decency Act 3812
January 3812January 3812Luxury Tax Increase
January 3812January 3812Animal Cosmetics Testing Reform
February 3812February 3812Secondary Strike Reform
February 3812June 3812Cabinet Proposal of June 3812: Second Rafferty Ministry
March 3812October 3812Mayoral Appointment Reform
March 3812November 3812Localization
April 3812October 3812Organ Donation Reform Act
June 3812October 3812Diplomatic Immunity Reform
July 3812October 3812Secular Republic Act
August 3812October 3812Industrial Hemp Localization Bill
September 3812September 3812Call for early elections, September 3812
September 3812October 3812Income tax proposal of September 3812
October 3812October 3812Energy nationalization act of 3812
October 3812December 3812Ecological regulation/unregulation act of 3812
November 3812November 3812No more chemical weapons act of 3812
November 3812November 3812Recreational drugs sales regulation act of 3812
December 3812December 3812Banking system reform act of 3812
December 3812January 3813Nuclear Disarmament Reform
January 3813January 3813Localization Bill
January 3813January 3813National power grid act of 3813
January 3813January 3813Energy Reform Act
January 3813January 3813Vaccination Reform Act
February 3813February 3813Income tax proposal of February 3813
February 3813February 3813Budget proposal of February 3813
March 3813March 3813Budget proposal of March 3813
March 3813March 3813Cabinet Power Reform
March 3813March 3813Localizing Adoption
March 3813March 3813Religious Reform
May 3813May 3813Politicians Work for the People
June 3813August 3813Progressive constitutional reform of 3813
July 3813July 3813Gated Communities Reform Act
July 3813July 3813Localization of Religious Tax Laws
July 3813July 3813Union Localization Reform
July 3813July 3813Civilian Police Force Reform
August 3813August 3813Energy Reform Proposal
August 3813August 3813Compromise between SDP and ROS regarding DWC and industry ownership act of 3813
August 3813August 3813Revoking the National Transport Act of 3799
August 3813September 3813Animal Research Reform Act
August 3813September 3813International Travel Act
December 3813December 3813Drug Reform
December 3813December 3813Localization Bill
January 3814January 3814Cabinet Proposal of January 3814
February 3814February 3814Educational Reform Act
February 3814February 3814Regulation of Foreign Missionaries
February 3814April 3814Deforestation Prevention Act
February 3814April 3814Traffic Pollution Reduction Initiative
February 3814April 3814Whale Protection Act
March 3814March 3814Farm Size Localization Reform
March 3814March 3814Art Reform
March 3814March 3814Localization Bill
June 3814June 3814Ratification of the The Indralan-Solentian Joint Shipping &amp; Deep Sea Oil Exploration Treaty
July 3814July 3814Censorship Reform
August 3814August 3814Renewable Energy Efficiency
January 3815January 3815Porn Bill
June 3815June 3815Decentralization compromise
July 3815July 3815Food Labeling Localization
January 3816March 3816Proposition for Government to Leave Everyone Alone
January 3816May 3816Personal freedom bill
February 3816February 3816Cabinet Proposal of February 3816
February 3816February 3816Call for early elections, February 3816
March 3816March 3816Budget proposal of March 3816
March 3816March 3816National Cosmological and Aeronautics Company (NCAC) Expansion Act 3816
March 3816March 3816Vulnerable Communities Act 3816
March 3816March 3816Armed Forces Research & Development Act 3816
April 3816April 3816Income tax Reform and Simplification Act
April 3816August 3816Dueling Legalization & Regulation Act
July 3816August 3816Census Act 3816
August 3816July 3817National Service Act of 3817
January 3817January 3817Declaration of State of Emergency
May 3817May 3817Income tax proposal of May 3817
August 3817August 3817Farm Localization Reform
September 3817January 3818Green Republic Act of 3817
February 3818February 3818Domestic Animal Registration Act
June 3818June 3818Fiscal Regulations Act 3818
November 3818November 3818Child Labor Localization Act
December 3818December 3818LPS Strike Compromise
February 3819February 3819Stock Exchange De-Regulation Act
March 3819April 3819Nursery School Government Funding Program
April 3819December 3821Next government action discussion
June 3819June 3819National Pensions Scheme Act 3819
June 3819June 3819National Grid Contracting Act 3819
July 3819July 3819Income tax proposal of July 3819
July 3819July 3819New Economic Policy
July 3819July 3819Budget proposal of July 3819
December 3819December 3819Budget proposal of December 3819
December 3819March 3820Authorization to attack and liberate Mendos
January 3820March 3820Tobacco Sales Control Act
January 3820March 3820Armed Forces of the Republic Act of 3820
March 3820March 3820Public Contraception Funding Program
March 3820March 3820Train Operation Systems nationalization act
July 3820July 3820Military Weapons Reform
December 3820December 3820Tax Reform and Simplification
January 3821August 3821Universities Act 3821
February 3821February 3821Call for early elections, February 3821
June 3821August 3821Tom Rand and Donny Kennedy Freedom of Religion
August 3821August 3821Economic Bill of 3821
August 3821August 3821Tax Debate
August 3821August 3821Cabinet Proposal of August 3821
September 3821September 3821Healthcare Reform Act
September 3821September 3821Cultural Reform Bill
September 3821September 3821Child Benefit Reform
September 3821September 3821Gambling Reform Act
November 3821November 3821Centralization Bill of 3821
November 3821December 3821Centralization act of 3821
November 3821December 3821Economic development act of 3821
February 3822February 3822SDP compromise
April 3822April 3822Income tax proposal of April 3822
December 3822December 3822Community Democracy Act 3822
January 3823January 3823Tax Reform and Simplification
May 3823May 3823Farm Localization Act
May 3823May 3823Federal Green Educational Reform
May 3823June 38233823 Civil Liberties Act
June 3823June 3823Power Grid Liberty
June 3823June 3823Economic Liberalism Bill of 3823
July 3823July 3823Budget proposal of July 3823
June 3824June 3824Union Powers Act
June 3824June 3824Judicial Act of 3824
December 3824December 3824More Localization
December 3824December 3824Pension Bill
December 3824December 3824Further localization
August 3825September 3825Cabinet Proposal of August 3825
December 3825December 3825Anti-Trust Legislation
December 3825December 3825Pornographic Material Reform
December 3825December 3825Censorship Reform
January 3826January 3826Contraception Promotion Act
January 3826January 3826Endangered and Exotic Animal Reform
February 3826February 3826Military act
April 3826April 3826Foreign policy act
May 3826May 3826Energy act
May 3826May 3826Drinking water act
May 3826May 3826Strike rights of solentian workers
May 3826May 3826Solentian central bank restoration act of 3826
May 3826May 3826Fair education act of 3826
May 3826July 3831Nationalization act of 3832
June 3826June 3826Health Care Reforms
July 3826July 3826Industrial Relations Act 3826
November 3826November 3826Nuclear Future Act 3826
November 3826November 3826Industrial Emergency Code of Practice Act 3826
July 3828July 3828Cultural Herritage Act
July 3828July 3828Animal Deregulation Bill
December 3828December 3828Nuclear Act
August 3829March 3830Transnational Finance, Commerce & Communications Act
September 3829March 3830Proposed Change of Title to Legislative Assembly
December 3829March 3830N.B.C. Warfare Act
February 3830February 3830Call for early elections, February 3830
March 3830June 3830Proposal to Change Official Title of Nation
July 3830July 3830National Renewal Act
July 3830July 3830Sex Bill
August 3830August 3830Cloning Legalization
August 3830August 3830Copyright Reform
August 3830August 3830EXECUTIVE ORDER XII
September 3830August 3831NATIONAL CENSUS for 3820-3830 (OOC: hasn't been updated in a long time, culture has shifted)
December 3830July 3831Solentian Nationalism 3
December 3830July 3831Solentian Nationalism 2
December 3830July 3831Solentian Nationalism 1
December 3830September 3831Clean Air Act
December 3830September 3831Commuter Lane and Traffic Decongestion Proposal
December 3830September 3831Animal Protection Act
March 3831September 3832Media Regulatory Act
May 3831May 3831Call for early elections, May 3831
July 3831July 3831Solentian Nationalism 2
July 3831July 3831Protection of Solentian industries Act of 3831
July 3831July 3831Paramilitary Bill
July 3831July 3831Advertizing prohibiton act of 3831
July 3831July 3831Solentian Advancement
July 3831July 3831Stable Governance Proposal of 3831
July 3831August 3831Treaty Withdrawl
September 3831September 3831Forest Renewal Act
September 3831September 3831Train Competitiveness Act
September 3831September 3831Fairness Bill
October 3831October 3831Declaration of the National Faith
October 3831September 3832Foreign Operations Intelligence Act
December 3831September 3832National Protection Act
January 3832July 3832Progressive Income Tax Reform
January 3832September 3832Luxury Goods Tax Increase
February 3832January 3833Don't Tax Essentials Act of 3832
April 3832April 3832Call for early elections, April 3832
July 3832September 3832Chemical and biological warfare and citizenship Bill
August 3832August 3832Call for early elections, August 3832
November 3832November 3832National Heritage Commission (NHC) Act 3832
November 3832November 3832Telecoms Pricing Controls Act 3832
December 3832December 3832Adopted Child Protection Act 3832
January 3833January 3833Impeachment Act of 3833
January 3833January 3833Domestic Security & Paramilitary Dissolution Act
January 3833January 3833Civil Liberties Act of 3833
January 3833September 3834Defense of Life Act
March 3833February 3834Prisoner Rehabilitation & Foreign Prisoner of War Policy Act
April 3833April 3833First Cabinet Proposal of April 3833 (SUN, FGP, SCNU)
April 3833September 3833National Weapons Possession Act
June 3833June 3833Great Nationalization Act of 3833. Part I: Education Natonalization
June 3833July 3833Marijuana legalization act
June 3833July 3833Vaccine act
July 3833July 3833Bestiality illegality act
July 3833July 3833alcohol act
September 3833December 3833National Weapons Possession Act, Pt. II
September 3833July 3834Pornography Regulatory Act
November 3833November 3833Great Nationalization Act of 3833. Part II: Land Nationalization
November 3833November 3833Eminent Domain government powers Act of 3833
January 3834January 3834Justice bill 3834
April 3834April 3834Great Nationalization and Cenzorship Act of 3834. Part III: Media Nationalization and Regulation
July 3834July 3834Great Nationalization Act of 3834. Part III: Industry Nationalization
July 3834September 3834Vice Act
July 3834September 3834Chemical & Biological Warfare Act
December 3834August 3835Solentian Civil Rights Act of 3835
February 3835February 3835EMERGENCY ELECTIONS
February 3835August 3835Senate Committee on Investigations Establishment Resolution
February 3835August 3835Bestiality Act of 3835
February 3835November 3835Maintaining order proposal of 3835
February 3835November 3835Bill: Solentian Military Bill of 3835
March 3835August 3835Prostitution Act of 3835
June 3835August 3835Right to Choose Act
July 3835August 3835State and Church Separation Act
July 3835August 3835Child welfare bill
July 3835August 3835Political Efficiency Act
August 3835August 3835Proper Treatment of Enemy Combatants Act
August 3835August 3835Fair and Equal Treatment of Homosexuals Act of 3835
September 3835January 3836Animal Control Act
December 3835December 3835Peace-Love Revolution (3)
January 3836January 3836Population Investment Act of 3836
June 3836January 3837Separation of Powers Act 3837
July 3836July 3836Food and Drug Act of 3836
September 3836October 3836Social Care and Income Security (SCIS) Act of 3836
December 3836December 3836Chemical and biological warfare bill 3836
December 3836December 3836Defense Sequestration Act of 3836
December 3836December 3836Free Media Act of 3836
December 3836December 3836Abortion funding act 3836
December 3836December 3836Adultery bill 3836
July 3837July 3837Vulnerable Communities Act 3837
July 3837July 3837Solentian Health Service Establishment Act
July 3837July 3837Public Protection Act 3837
July 3837July 3837Autism and Special Educational Needs Act 3837
July 3837July 3837Criminal Justice (Suffrage) Act 3837
October 3838October 3838Call for early elections, October 3838
April 3839September 3840Free Speech in Media Act
May 3839April 3842Gilde Reforms for Solentia
June 3839July 3839Fair Cabinet Proposal of June 3839
July 3839July 3839Civil right act of 3839
July 3839January 3841Defense of the Faith Act
July 3840August 3840Child Labor destruction act 3840
August 3840August 3840Executive Order XIII
March 3841July 3841DWC Industrial Management Act
March 3841July 3841Community Banking Act
March 3841January 3842National Flag Protection Act
May 3841May 3841Homes for Children Act of 3841
July 3841July 3841Cybersecurity Act 3841
July 3841July 3841Banking Act of 3841
July 3841July 3841Solentian Exchange Rate Controls (SERC) Act 3841
July 3841January 3842Corporal Punishment Act of 3841
July 3841June 3842National Emergency Curfew Act of 3841
November 3841June 3842Dueling Act
November 3841June 3842Police Powers Act of 3841
April 3842June 3842Race Registration Act
December 3842April 3843Civil Liberty Act of 3843
April 3843April 3843Ahmadi Marriages Recognition Act 3843
April 3843April 3843Public Decency Act 3843
April 3843July 3843Cabinet Proposal of April 3843
December 3843January 3845Currency Value Regulation Act
December 3844December 3844Call for early elections, December 3844
May 3845June 3845Healthcare Reform Act of 3845
July 3845April 3846Market Deregulation Act of 3845
July 3845April 3846Healthcare Deregulation Act
October 3845November 3845Prime Ministers Questions Act.
November 3845December 3845Ban Of the Use of Catastrophic Weapons
April 3846May 3846Secular state bill of 3846
May 3846May 3846Stem cell research act of 3846
August 3846August 3846Rights of Criminals Act of 3846
August 3846October 3846Animal Protection Act
April 3847April 3847Investment Protections Act 3847
May 3847May 3847e-Solentia Act 3847
June 3847July 3850Public Morality Act of 3847
May 3848May 3848Budget proposal of May 3848
May 3848May 3848Call for early elections, May 3848
July 3848January 3849Smoking Regulatory Act of 3848
July 3848July 3850Protection of Life Act
May 3849May 3849Cabinet Proposal of May 3849
June 3849June 3849Democratic Electoral Reform Act of 3849
October 3849July 3850Animal Protection Act
November 3849November 3849Rights of Self Determination Act of 3849
November 3849November 3849Prime Minsters Questions 3849
January 3850January 3850"Down With Big Brother" Act (1)
January 3850May 3850Cabinet Proposal of January 3850
May 3850May 3850Environmental Protection Act
October 3850May 3851State Monopoly of Legitimate Violence Act 3850
October 3850May 3851Radio Cooperatives Act 3850
November 3850May 3852Science & Research Regulatory Act
December 3850December 3850Impeachment Act of 3851
February 3851May 3851Motion to Overturn Executive Order XIV.
March 3851May 3851Increased Revenue by Means of Recreational Drug Sales Act of 3851
April 3851May 3851Clean Air Act
April 3851May 3851Pesticide Regulation Act of 3851
April 3851May 3851Universal Healthcare Act
April 3851May 3851Right to Choose Act
April 3851May 3851Reasonable Sexual Education Act of 3851
May 3851May 3851Pornography Regulation Act of 3851
May 3851May 3851Industrial Relations Act 3851
May 3851May 3851Policing Provision Act of 3851
May 3851May 3851Nuclear Technology Industries Act 3851
May 3851December 3851Proper Fireworks Regulation Mandate of 3852
June 3851June 3851Police Reform Act of 3851
June 3851June 3851Overturn of the Supreme Presidential Power Clarification Act 2786
June 3851June 3851Cabinet Proposal of June 3851
December 3851December 3851Land Mine Restriction Mandate of 3852
December 3851December 3851Emergency Abortion Relief Subsidies Mandate of 3852
December 3851December 3851Pornography Production Mandate of 3852
December 3851December 3851Overfishing Prevention Mandate of 3852
March 3852March 3852Military Reform Act of 3852
April 3852August 3852Smoking Policy Act
April 3852October 3852Working Hours Oversight Act
June 3852June 3852Banking Reform Act
June 3852June 3852Funding of Police Act
June 3852June 3852Firework Regulation Act
July 3852July 3852Government Salary Adjustment Mandate of 3852
July 3852July 3852Sport Fund Allocation Mandate of 3852
November 3852November 3852Prime Minister questions of 3852
January 3853January 3853Common Sense Gun Reform Act
January 3853January 3853Scientific Achievement in the Area of Cloning Reform Mandate of 3853
January 3853January 3853Fair Trade Policy Act
January 3853January 3853Minimal Police Impact Mandate of 3853
January 3853January 3853Social Security Act
January 3853January 3853Medical Patient Protection Mandate of 3853
January 3853January 3853Right to Peacefully Assemble Amendment.
January 3853January 3853Appropriate Advertisement Adjustment Act of 3853
February 3853February 3853Sexual Freedom Mandate of 3853
June 3853October 3853Legislative Debate Reform Resolution of 3853
June 3854June 3854Community Schools Act 3854
June 3854June 3854Trans* Recognition Act 3854
November 3854May 3855Legalization of Production of Solenian Hemp
November 3854May 3855Intelligence Agency Reform Act
January 3855May 3855Constitutional Amendment for Presidenial Term Limits
June 3855June 3855Cabinet Proposal of June 3855
October 3855October 3855Call for early elections, October 3855
October 3856October 3856Call for early elections, October 3856
October 3856February 3857Legal Sex Act
October 3856February 3857Securing Property Act
October 3856February 3857Free Abortion Act
October 3856February 3857Software Act
November 3856January 3857Budget proposal of November 3856
November 3856January 3857Corpoate Welfare and Bailout Elimination Act of 3857
November 3856February 3857Free Advertisement Act
January 3857January 3857Cabinet Proposal of January 3857
January 3857January 3857Deputy Prime Minster Act
February 3857February 3857Solentia Space Agency Funding Act
March 3857March 3857Regional Rail Contracting Act 3857
March 3857March 3857Decrease in Corporation Tax
May 3857May 3857Budget proposal of May 3857
October 3857October 3857Prime Minsters Questions
December 3857February 3858SAI - Solentia Authorization ID
April 3858April 3858CPS Conservative Healthcare Act 3858
May 3858May 3858Retirement Age of 60 years
June 3858December 3858Call for early elections, June 3858
September 3858April 3859Energy Generation Act (3858)
September 3858April 3859Gambling Act (3858)
September 3858April 3859Fireworks Act (3858)
September 3858April 3859Defense Industries Act (3858)
September 3858April 3859Identification of Citizens and Nationals Act (3858)
October 3858October 3858SSA Extra Funding - for year 3858
November 3858April 3859Working Hours Act (3858)
November 3858April 3859Budget proposal of November 3858
April 3859April 3859Weapons Act (3859)
April 3859April 3859Coalintion Goverment of April 3859
May 3859May 3859Fire Management Services Act (3859)
May 3859May 3859Nuclear Energy Generation Act (3859)
September 3859September 3859Titular Freedom Act (3859)
November 3859December 3859Copy Protection Act (3859)
February 3860March 3860Nuclear Weapons Act (3860)
March 3860March 3860Posse Militum et Communitati Act (3860)
March 3860April 3860Facultatem Puerorum Act (3860)
April 3860April 3860Recreational Drugs Act (3860)
April 3860April 3860Prime Minsters Questions
October 3860October 3860Special and Inclusive Education Act 3860
October 3860October 3860Majatran Cup Act 3860
October 3860October 3860Teaching Pay and Conditions Act 3860
November 3861November 3861SNP Government Act (Part 2)
November 3861November 3861SNP Government ACT (Part 1)
October 3862May 3863Solentian Defence Act
January 3863May 3863Solentian Criminal Treatment Act
May 3863May 3863Great Anarchy Act of 3863
June 3863June 3863Liberal Democrat Manifesto Act
October 3863October 3863Ending Public Brainwashing
October 3863October 3863Tax Cut Act of 3863
April 3864April 3864Great Privatization of 3864
October 3864October 3864Ending Green Tyranny
November 3864November 3864Preserving Good Government Act of 3865
April 3865April 3865Economic Reform Act
December 3865December 3865Third Economic Reform Act
January 3866January 3866Health Care Compromise Act
May 3866May 3866Freedom in Science Act
January 3867November 3867Further Privatization act of 3867
July 3867November 3867Second Further Privatization Act of 3867
September 3867September 3867Call for early elections, September 3867
October 3868October 3868Eliminating More Government Act of 3868
May 3869May 3869Religious Rights Act
April 3870April 3870Media Privatization Act
October 3870May 3871Ending Public Brainwashing
January 3871January 3871Call for early elections, January 3871
November 3871November 3871Public Destruction Act of 3871
November 3871November 38713871 Porn Compromise
October 3872May 3873Government Restriction
December 3872May 3873The Anarchy Begins
February 3873February 3873Call for early elections, February 3873
November 3873November 3873The Anarchy Continues
May 3874May 3874Legalization of Everything
June 3874June 3874Putting an End to Law Enforcement
May 3875May 3875Public Destruction Act
April 3876April 3876Total Anarchy
September 3876September 3876Communist proposal
May 3877May 3877Building a communist state
September 3878September 3878Social justice
February 3879February 3879Protection of endangered animals
February 3879February 3879Restoration of army and police
February 3879February 3879Cabinet Proposal of February 3879
March 3879October 3879Budget fix
March 3880March 3880Infrastructure regulation act of 3880
March 3880March 3880No teacher-led prayer in schools
March 3880March 3880Salary of members of parliament
March 3880March 3880Abolishion of nobility
March 3880May 3881Infrastructure regulation act of 3880
September 3880September 3880Too much surplus
November 3880November 3880Budget proposal of November 3880
November 3880May 3881Labor regulation
January 3881May 3881For a green Country
January 3882January 3882Income tax proposal of January 3882
February 3888February 3888Income tax proposal of February 3888
October 3888October 3888Call for early elections, October 3888
May 3889May 3889Cabinet Proposal of May 3889
June 3889June 3889Tax reform project of 3889
July 3889July 3889Budget proposal of July 3889
July 3889July 3889Income tax proposal of July 3889
August 3889August 3889Budget proposal of August 3889
August 3891August 3891Government responsibilities act of 3891
September 3891September 3891Prevention of Counter-revolution
November 3891November 3891Protecting The People
November 3892November 3892We dont make exceptions.
March 3893March 3893Cabinet Proposal of March 3893
May 3893May 3893Budget proposal of May 3893
October 3894October 3894Some changes
August 3895September 3895Semi-liberalism
July 3896May 3897Partially-Subsidized Pharmaceutical Drugs
July 3896May 3897Compulsary Education
November 3899November 3899National Curriculum
February 3901February 3901Call for early elections, February 3901
September 3901September 3901Cabinet Proposal of September 3901
September 3901September 3901Unionism Act 3901
March 3907March 3907Call for early elections, March 3907
August 3907August 3907Cabinet Proposal of August 3907
October 3907October 3907Law and order
October 3907October 3907Changes in the Education system
September 3909September 3909Cloning freedom
September 3909September 3909Stock exchange bill
September 3909September 3909Energy bill
January 3910January 3910Industry Bill
April 3910April 3910Tobacco Sale Bill
April 3911August 3911DWC ownership Bill
November 3911November 3911Transparency and Intelligence Act
September 3913September 3913Reduce age needed to retire
June 3914June 3914Smaller Government Act of 3914
March 3915August 3915Tax Reform
October 3915October 3915Cabinet Proposal of October 3915
February 3916February 3916Budget proposal of February 3916
June 3916June 3916Budget proposal of June 3916
January 3917October 3917Food Posion Act of January 3917
April 3917April 3917Call for early elections, April 3917
April 3917August 3918Privatizing Education
September 3917October 3917Decency Act of September 3917
September 3917October 3917Pet Cruellity Prevention Act of September 3917
February 3918September 3919Gambling Regulation of September 3919
March 3919March 3919Great Compromise of 3919
September 3919September 3919Unrestriction of Media
September 3919September 3919Child Benefit Act
November 3919December 3919Ending Welfare and Privatizing the Defence Industry
February 3920February 3920R.I.P Radicals and Chann - Re-election
October 3920October 3920Deregulation of the Environment
October 3920October 3920Income tax proposal of October 3920
October 3920October 3920Animal Bill
October 3920October 3920Budget proposal of October 3920
December 3920February 3921Total Capitalist Economy
March 3921March 3921Cabinet Correction
March 3921March 3921Ending the Minimun Wage
September 3921September 3921Ending Another Regulation
November 3921November 3921Income tax proposal of November 3921
November 3921November 3921Budget proposal of November 3921
December 3921December 3921Income tax proposal of December 3921
December 3921December 3921Budget proposal of December 3921
February 3922February 3922Deregulation of Society
March 3922March 3922Cabinet Proposal of March 3922
August 3922August 392208-3922-1. Free & Foreign Trade Act of 3922. Sponsored by Sen. Kai Chann (CNP).
September 3922September 3922Ecology Act of 3922
June 3923June 3923Freedom Act
February 3924May 39243924-2-1. Public Decency Act. Sponsored by: Sen. An Chann (CNP)
April 3924April 3924Call for early elections, April 3924
September 3924September 3924Ending Anarchism
September 3924September 3924Budget proposal of September 3924
September 3924September 3924Free health care - the change for the better
September 3924October 3924Intelligence Agency Act 3924
November 3924November 3924Proposal Amount
January 3925January 3925Military Reformation Act 3925
March 3925March 3925Corporation tax
June 3925June 3925Religious Taxation Act of 3925
September 3925September 3925The Social-Chann Cabinet
October 3925October 3925Child Protection Act 3925
October 3925October 3925Revival of Justice
October 3925October 3925Minimum Wage 3925
October 3925October 3925Income tax proposal of October 3925
January 3926January 3926Education Act 3926
January 3926January 3926Working Hours Act 3926
March 3926March 3926Budget Renewal Act 3926
April 3926April 39263926-04-2. PUBLIC DECENCY ACT. Sponsored by: Sen. Rithisak Chann (CNP)
April 3926April 39263926-04-1. CHURCH & STATE ACT. Sponsored by: Sen. An Chann (CNP)
May 3926May 3926Capitalism Act
February 3927February 3927Public Health & Morals Act of 3927
February 3927February 3927Natural wealth policy
March 3927March 3927Helping other countries
October 3927October 3927Call for early elections, October 3927
February 3928February 3928Reform of education system
March 3928March 3928Luxury goods sales tax
April 3928April 3928Protecting the Sanctity of the National Flag Act of 3928.
April 3928April 3928Taxes
August 3928August 3928Incestuous acts regulation
September 3928September 3928Education system
October 3928October 3928Call for early elections, October 3928
October 3928October 3929Tobacco regulations
September 3929September 3929Call for Early Election: USS have left!
September 3929October 3929Pollution Regulation
October 3929October 3929Security regulations
October 3929October 3929Cabinet Proposal of October 3929; First Malcolm-Maxwell Ministry
January 3930January 3930Income Tax Improvement
January 3930January 3930Defence Bill of January 3930
January 3930January 3930Agricultural changes - updated
April 3930April 3930Treaty Withdrawal
July 3930July 3930Environmental Act 3930 - United Left Wing - Updated
July 3930July 3930Environmental Act 3930
August 3930August 3930Income tax proposal of August 3930
October 3930October 3930Budget proposal of October 3930
February 3931April 3931Vaccinations
February 3931April 3931Education Correction
February 3931April 3931Fireworks Night Safety
February 3931September 3931Reformation Act 3931
March 3931March 3931Call for early elections, March 3931
April 3931April 3931Cabinet Proposal of April 3931
April 3931April 3931Vaccinations
April 3931April 3931Trees and water regulation
April 3931April 3931Cultural and historical heritage regulations
August 3931August 3931Child Benefit Act of 3931
August 3931August 3931Energy Nationalization Act of 3931
August 3931August 3931Responsible Firearm Ownership Act
August 3931August 3931Public Media Act of 3931
September 3931September 3931Border Control
February 3932February 3932Extended Debates
March 3932March 3932Pensions
April 3932April 3933Animal Welfare Act of 3193
July 3932April 3933Highway Infrastructure Act of 3933
July 3932April 3933Private Nudity Reform Act of 3933
August 3932April 3933Waste disposal changes
September 3932September 3932The end of the SPP and NCA!
November 3932April 3933Embryonic Stem Cell Research Act of 3933
November 3932April 3933Safe Sex Act of 3933
February 3933April 3933Protect The Forests Act of 3933
March 3933March 3933Call for early elections, March 3933
March 3933April 3933Religious schools regulation
April 3933April 3933Foreign Assistance Act of 1933
April 3933April 3933Energy regulations
April 3933April 3933Standard of Living Act of 3933
September 3933February 3934Piece of Cloth Act of 3933
September 3933February 3934Concealed Carry Permit Act of 3933
September 3933February 3934Automatic Weapons Ban Act of 3933
September 3933February 3934Public Displays of Affection Reform Act of 3933
September 3933July 3934Foreigners regulations
December 3933December 3933Call for early elections, December 3933
January 3934February 3934Agricultural subsidies
January 3934February 3934Cheap drugs initiative
March 3934March 3934Nuclear Power Act of 3934
March 3934March 3934Marine Life Protection Act of 3934
March 3934March 3934Industrial Pollution Act of 3934
October 3934October 3934Marriage Act of October 3934
October 3934November 3934Salary Act of October 3934
April 3935November 3935Freedom of Eve Act
September 3935September 3935Call for early elections, September 3935
February 3937February 3937Religious Remuneration Responsibility Act
March 3937March 3937Gambling Accountability Act
April 3937April 3937Harmful substances regulations
April 3937April 3937Reform of banking system
April 3937April 3937Public housing act
April 3937April 3937Exchange rate regime changes
July 3938July 3938Call for early elections, July 3938
November 3938November 3938Anthem Act of November 3938
November 3938November 3938Seats Number Act of November 3938
November 3938November 3938Waste Disposal Responsibility Act of November 3938
November 3938November 3938Age Act of November 3938
November 3938November 3938Identity Card Act of November 3938
March 3939March 3939Call for early elections, March 3939
May 3939August 3939Local Civil Defence Act of May 3939
May 3939August 3939Mayoral Powers Act of May 3939
August 3939August 3939Multiple Citizenship Act of August 3939
September 3939September 3939Cabinet Proposal of September 3939
October 3939October 3939ID Regulation Act of October 3939
October 3939October 3939Postmaster Act of October 3939
November 3939November 3939Tax Reform Act of 3939 (HAYEKTAX)
January 3941April 3941Call for early elections, January 3941
April 3941June 3942Change In the eduction age
April 3942April 3942Call for early elections, April 3942: NLP Removed, 235 Seats Vacant
May 3943June 3943Nuclear Policy Act
December 3943December 3943Police Reform
December 3943December 3943Refugee Reform
March 3944October 3944Smoking Reform Bill
March 3944October 3944Retirement Savings Act
March 3944October 3944Adulthood Reform Act
August 3944August 3944Call for early elections, August 3944
October 3944October 3944"Illegal" Immigration Policy
October 3944October 3944Cabinet Proposal of October 3944
November 3944November 3944Legislature Restoration Act
March 3945March 3945University Reform Act
March 3945April 3946Declaration of Neutrality and Non-Interventionism in Kafuristan Affairs
April 3945April 3945Freedom of the Press Act of 3945
April 3945April 3945Labor Law Reform ii
April 3945April 3945freedoms act
April 3945April 3945Labor Law Reform i
April 3945April 3945Candidate Support act
April 3945April 3945Equal Representation Amendment and Legislature Reform
April 3945April 3945Grand budget Cuts of 3945
April 3945April 3945Politician Salary Act
September 3945September 3945Income tax proposal of September 3945
January 3946January 3946Organ Donation Act of January 3946
April 3946April 3946Ratification of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
April 3946April 3946Education Reform
April 3946April 3946Gated Communities Act
June 3946June 3946Local Sports Clubs Policy Act of June 3946
June 3946June 3946Religious Taxation Policy
June 3946June 3946Ending the Bank
June 3946June 3946Medical Deregulation Act
September 3946September 3946Nuclear Power Reform
September 3946September 3946Private Housing Act
September 3946September 3946Ratification of the International Treaty for Free Speech and Assembly
September 3946September 3946Ratification of the Majatra Anti-Slavery Accord
September 3946November 3946Concealed Weapons Reform
November 3946November 3946Revised Freedom Act
January 3947January 3947Paramilitaries Act of January 3947
January 3947January 3947Military Act of January 3947
March 3947March 3947Phone act of 3947
May 3947May 3947Term Length Act of May 3947
June 3947March 3948Overthrowing the "Big-Brother" Media
October 3947March 3948Tree Plantation Act of 3947
March 3948March 3948Child Work Legalization
March 3948March 3948Shutting Down Surveillance Capabilities
September 3948September 3948Art Subside Act
October 3948October 3948public nudity
October 3948October 3948retirement age
November 3948November 3948Cabinet Proposal of November 3948
December 3948December 3948Infrastructure Privatization Act
December 3948December 3948organization of police
April 3949November 3949Affirmative Action Act of April 3949
May 3949November 3949Stock Exchange Act of May 3949
August 3949August 3949Call for early elections, August 3949
September 3949September 3949Budget proposal of September 3949
October 3949November 3949art subsidies
October 3949December 3949internet regulation
October 3949December 3949waste disposal
October 3949December 3949keeping wild animals as pet
October 3949December 3949licensing of food sales
November 3949November 3949Education Age Act of November 3949
November 3949November 3949Police Arms Act of November 3949
August 3950August 3950Sex Television Time Act of August 3950
May 3951May 3951Advertising Act of May 3951
June 3951June 3951Maximum Wage Act of June 3951
October 3951October 3951Call for early elections, October 3951
October 3951February 3952Pre-Schools Act of October 3951
February 3952February 3952Internet Act of February 3952
March 3952March 3952Media Content Act of March 3952
June 3952June 3952Library Funding Act of June 3952
December 3952December 3952Call for early elections, December 3952
April 3953April 3953Human Cloning Act of April 3953
June 3954June 3954Banking Act of June 3954
June 3954June 3954Smoking Act of June 3954
July 3954July 3954Non-Citizens Act of July 3954
October 3954October 3954Public Education Act of October 3954
October 3954October 3954Museums Act of October 3954
October 3954October 3954Curriculum Act of October 3954
May 3955May 3955Call for early elections, May 3955
October 3955October 3955Intelligence Act of October 3955
January 3956January 3956Cabinet Proposal of January 3956
June 3956June 3956Free Market Revolution
July 3956August 3956Income tax proposal of July 3956
May 3957May 3957Largest-Minority Cabinet Proposal of May 3957
April 3958October 3958Nationals Travel Act of 3958
June 3958October 3958Replace the current mayor system with democratically elected ones
August 3958January 3959Cut down on foreign aid
August 3958January 3959Respect for the National Flag
August 3958January 3959Alcohol Licence Approval
December 3958December 3958Proposal of Government
January 3959January 3959Adult Age
January 3959January 3959Banning Nudity on TV
January 3959January 3959Ban tax on Religions
March 3959March 3959Budget proposal of March 3959
March 3959March 3959Income tax proposal of March 3959
June 3959June 3959Registration of Multiple citizenship
June 3959June 3959Public Financing of Political Campaigns
June 3959June 3959Remuneration of Ministers of Religion
June 3959June 3959Treatment of prisoners of War
February 3960February 3960Prime Minister Questions Act
March 3960March 3960Economic Revolution
August 3960August 3960Ratification of the Treaty for Racial Equality
August 3960August 3960Ratification of the Republican International Pact
August 3960August 3960Forestry Act of 3690
May 3962May 3962Bring Back the Intelligence Agency
May 3962June 3963Region Representation Reform
June 3962September 3962Budget proposal of June 3962
July 3962August 3962Advertising Standards
August 3962August 3962Prime Minister Questions Term 3962
February 3964February 3964Cabinet Reshuffle Proposal of February 3964
May 3964November 3964Legalization of Advertising
May 3964November 3964Budget proposal of May 3964
November 3964November 39643964 Tax Cuts
March 3965March 3965Cabinet Proposal of March 3965
December 3965October 3966Full Time Military
December 3965October 3966Military Power of intervention Bill 3965
December 3965October 3966Abortion Act of 3965
January 3966October 3966Private Car Ownership Bill
February 3966February 3966Call for early elections, February 3966
May 3966December 3966Budget proposal of May 3966
June 3966June 3966Fair and Free Election Act
July 3966October 3966Theaters Must stop with Adult content
September 3966September 3966Adoption Act of September 3966
September 3966September 3966President Questions Time Term 3966
November 3966November 3966Foreign Marriages Act of November 3966
November 3966November 3966Flag Desecration Act of November 3966
December 3966December 3966Incest Act of December 3966
June 3967June 3967Call for early elections, June 3967
June 3967August 3967Nudism Act of June 3967
June 3967April 3968Housing for the poor
June 3967April 3968Protection of Forrests
June 3967April 3968Forrest Management
August 3967August 3967Majority Cabinet Proposal of August 3967
August 3967August 3967Energy & Ecological Nationalization Act of 3967
August 3967August 3967End Child Labor Act of 3967
August 3967August 3967Banking Nationalization Act of 3967
October 3967October 3967Socialism enforcment Bill
January 3968January 3968Relations Act
January 3968January 3968Workers Rights
March 3968March 3968State Housing Act of March 3968
March 3968March 3968Public Works Act of March 3968
March 3968March 3968Region Energy Grids Act of March 3968
March 3968March 3968Energy Generation Act of March 3968
March 3968March 3968Eminent Domain Compensation Act of March 3968
May 3968May 3968Nationalize all Defence Industries
June 3968April 3969Withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
September 3968September 3968Call for early elections, September 3968
September 3968June 3969Preventing Foreign Criminals and Terrorism Sanctuary Act of 2968
October 3968March 3969Restoration of Equality
November 3968April 3969Socialist Reforms
January 3969January 3969Cabinet Proposal of January 3969
January 3969January 3969Call for early elections, January 3969
January 3969March 3969Possession Of Royal Naughtiness (PORN) Act of 3969
January 3969March 3969Pesticides Act of January 3969
January 3969April 3969Smoking Regulations
January 3969April 3969National Standard of Health and Safety
February 3969February 3969Call for early elections, February 3969
February 3969February 3969Budget proposal of February 3969
February 3969February 3969Income tax proposal of February 3969
February 3969March 3969Gun Ownership Act of February 3969
March 3969March 3969Budget proposal of March 3969
April 3969April 3969Train Operating Companies Act of April 3969
June 3969June 3969Blasphemy Act
September 3969September 3969Homosexual Military Service Act of 3969
January 3970August 3970Luxury Sales Tax Act of 3970
February 3970February 3970Budget proposal of February 3970
May 3970May 3970Call for early elections, May 3970
July 3970August 3970Maximum Proposals Act of July 3970
July 3970August 3970Proposals Act of July 3970
July 3971July 3971Nuclear Use Act of 3971
January 3972January 3972Tax Increase
April 3972April 3972Pharmaceutical Drugs Act of April 3972
June 3972June 3972Advertising Act of June 3972
July 3972July 3972Daily Working Hours Act of July 3972
August 3972September 3972Military Service Act of 3972
September 3972September 3972Curfew Act of 3972
September 3972September 3972Foreign Investors Act of 3972
September 3972September 3972Paramilitary Act of 3972
July 3973August 3973Victor Davis Peace Act
December 3973December 3973Call for early elections, December 3973
June 3974June 3974Military Act
June 3974June 3974Cabinet Proposal of June 3974
June 3974July 3974Rising to Freedom Revolution Act
June 3974July 3974Social Right Act
September 3974September 3974The New Wat Act
September 3974September 3974Prime Minister Act
September 3974September 3974Renew Act
March 3975March 3975Government act
March 3975March 3975Income tax proposal of March 3975
March 3975March 3975The Manifesto Act
March 3975March 3975Reform Act
March 3976March 3976Budget proposal of March 3976
May 3976May 3976Income tax proposal of May 3976
July 3977July 3977Call for early elections, July 3977 because our election got pushed back 3 months
December 3977December 3977Cabinet Proposal of December 3977
August 3979August 3979Reforms of 3979
June 3980December 3980Ecology Reforms
August 3980August 3980Call for early elections, August 3980
February 3983February 3983Direct Democracy Bill
February 3984February 3984Retirement age
February 3984February 3984Income tax proposal of February 3984
February 3984February 3984Budget proposal of February 3984
April 3984April 3984Socialistic Reform
August 3984August 3984Call for early elections, August 3984
January 3985April 3987Decentralization act 4
December 3985December 3985Nuclear Act 101
December 3986December 3986Fair trade act
December 3986December 3986Protection of children and morality
December 3986December 3986No hate speech act
December 3986December 3986Libel laws
December 3986December 3986Justice act
December 3986December 3986Gun ownership regulation
December 3986December 3986Minimal income act
January 3987January 3987Education Independence
May 3987February 3988Regulation of Recreational Drugs
July 3987February 3988Investment Regulation
September 3987February 3988Stem Cell Research
October 3987February 3988Free and Safe Internet
April 3989April 3989Nationalize all Defence Industries
May 3989May 3989Cabinet Proposal of May 3989
February 3990February 3990Industrial Hemp Regulation
April 3990April 3990Vaccination
September 3990February 3991Carry Concealment
March 3994March 3994Majority Cabinet Proposal of March 3994
August 3994August 3994Religious Blasphemy
February 3995February 3995Call for early elections, February 3995
June 3996June 3996Economic Reform
February 3997February 3997Cabinet Proposal of February 3997
May 3997May 3997Constitutional Reform Act
May 3997May 3997Income tax proposal of May 3997
March 3998October 3998Expanding Copyright Protection
April 4001October 4001Restoration of Solentia Act of 4001
August 4002March 4003Increase representstion
September 4002September 4002Cabinet Proposal of September 4002
September 4002March 4003A
December 4002March 4003Increase proposals
January 4003January 4003Call for early elections, January 4003
March 4003March 4003Education for all
March 4003March 4003Protection of society act
May 4003May 4003Changes to the following titles used:
May 4003May 4003Strengthen the police
May 4003May 4003Voting rights act
June 4003June 4003Changes to Solentias Healthcare
June 4003June 4003Protection of healthcsre
July 4003July 4003Budget proposal of July 4003
July 4003July 4003Ecology and Foreign relations Bill
July 4003July 4003Income tax proposal of July 4003
July 4003July 4003Tax Reofrm Bill
July 4003July 4003Changes to constituiton
July 4003July 4003Support the police
July 4003July 4003Government changes
September 4003September 4003Police protection bill with enforcement
November 4003November 4003Cabinet Proposal of November 4003
November 4003November 4003Military reconstruction act
December 4003December 4003Justice Bill
December 4003December 4003Youth bill
December 4003December 4003Establishing roles for cabinet
February 4004February 4004Media freedom act
February 4004February 4004Protection of healthcare- part 2
February 4004February 4004Cabinet Proposal of February 4004
March 4004March 4004Religious promotion bill
March 4004March 4004Flat business tax bill
June 4004June 4004S
August 4004March 4005Military bill
August 4004March 4005Military power bill
September 4004March 4005Ammendment bill
September 4004March 4005R
November 4004March 4005D
December 4004December 4004Budget proposal of December 4004
December 4004December 4004Income tax proposal of December 4004
December 4004March 4005Defense of marriage
December 4004March 4005Church of Solentia Bill
March 4005March 4005Welfare reform bill
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the International Convention on Intellectual Property Rights
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the Convention against Torture
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the Affirming the Right to Bear Arms
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the International Center for Disease Control
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
May 4005May 4005Ratification of the Trade Liberalisition Treaty
May 4005May 4005Economic freedom act
June 4005June 4005Infrastructure and Transport Bill
June 4005June 4005Education reform
July 4005July 4005Tax reflief for corporation
July 4005July 4005Military freedom act
August 4005August 4005Economic Reofrm tax cuts
September 4005September 4005Luxury tax reform
January 4006January 4006Illegal pronography
January 4006January 4006free trade act
January 4006January 4006Enviornment deregulation act
January 4006January 4006Education and drug act
January 4006January 4006More limited government act
February 4006February 4006National Flag
June 4006June 4006Defend marriage
June 4006June 4006Education affordability act
June 4006July 4006Morality act
July 4006July 4006Income tax proposal of July 4006
July 4006July 4006Economic freedom act
July 4006July 4006Religious freedom act
July 4006July 4006ID act
August 4006March 4007Gun rights act
August 4006March 4007Education-states eights
August 4006March 4007Against blasphemy
November 4006June 4007Education Act
December 4006April 4009vaccination act
January 4007March 4007Salary act
January 4007March 4007School prayer
January 4007March 4007Stem research act
January 4007March 4007Energy act
January 4007March 4007Retirement change
January 4007March 4007Reduce government act
January 4007March 4007Illegal hemp
January 4007July 4007Health Act, January 4007
February 4007March 4007Small government bill
February 4007March 4007Military bill
February 4007March 4007Conservative bill
March 4007March 4007Constitutional ammendments
June 4007June 4007Church of solentia
June 4007June 4007Sexual education act
June 4007June 4007Economic reform bill
July 4007July 4007International media bill
July 4007July 4007Police equipment bill
July 4007July 4007Conservative bill
August 4007August 4007Deregulation act
December 4007December 4007Morality act
December 4007December 4007Religious freedom act
December 4007December 4007Military bill
December 4007December 4007Income tax proposal of December 4007
December 4007December 4007State of the Union
December 4007December 4007Senate Majority Leader
December 4007December 4007Shrink government act
February 4008February 4008Adultery act
February 4008February 4008Education freedom act
February 4008February 4008Conservative act
February 4008February 4008Morality sct
March 4008March 4008Freedom bill
March 4008March 4008Media freedom bill
March 4008March 4008Police protection act
May 4008May 4008Federalism bill
May 4008May 4008Health bill
June 4008June 4008Economic tax cuts
July 4008July 4008Whaling act
July 4008July 4008Corporate tax cuts
September 4008March 4009Preform bill
September 4008March 4009Education bill
September 4008March 4009Energy bill
November 4008March 4009Religious freedom bill
January 4009March 4009Religious support bill
March 4009March 4009Religious liberty bill
March 4009March 4009Illegal incest
June 4009June 4009Stock echange bill
June 4009June 4009Conservative reform bill
June 4009June 4009Patriot bill
July 4009July 4009Tax cuts
September 4009September 4009Religous bill
September 4009September 4009Corporate tax reform
October 4009October 4009Ratification of the Solentia-Kanjor Friendship Treaty
December 4009December 4009New bill
December 4009December 4009Foreign aid
January 4010January 4010Education bill
March 4010March 4010Improvement bills
May 4010May 4010Conservative bill
June 4010June 4010Environment deregulation act
September 4010August 4011Stock reform
March 4011August 4011Comprehensive bill
June 4011June 4011Call for early elections, June 4011
June 4011August 4011National anminal change
June 4011August 4011National sport change
August 4011August 4011More conservative principles
September 4011September 4011Cabinet Ammednemt- needs 2/3 majority to pass
November 4011November 4011Conservative reform
November 4011November 4011Corporate tax cut
November 4011November 4011Tax cuts act
November 4011November 4011Reform bill
December 4011December 4011Better officials act
December 4011December 4011Environmental deregulation act
January 4012January 4012Religious freedom sct
March 4012March 4012New bill
July 4012December 4012Solentia bill
July 4012January 4013Sexual Freedom Act
July 4012January 4013Return to Peace - Foreign Policy for a New Millennium
August 4012August 4012Budget proposal of August 4012
August 4012January 4013Capitalization act
September 4012September 4012Income tax proposal of September 4012
September 4012December 4012Ratification of the Anti-Communist Pact
September 4012December 4012Ratification of the Convention on Homeschooling Rights
September 4012December 4012Ratification of the Anti-Communist Initiative
September 4012January 4013Free Speech Act
October 4012October 4012Call for early elections, October 4012
October 4012January 4013Budget proposal of October 4012
November 4012November 4012Cabinet Proposal of November 4012
January 4013January 4013Separation of Church and State
February 4013February 4013Drug Legalization
May 4013May 4013Partioirt act
May 4013May 4013Environment act
August 4013August 4013Civil rights bill
November 4013November 4013Budget proposal of November 4013
November 4013November 4013Wild animals act
March 4014March 4014Military bill
June 4015June 4015New bill
July 4015July 4015Abortion bill
July 4015July 4015Withdrawal from the anti-comunist pact
July 4015September 4015Drug Sales Act
September 4015September 4015Ratification of the International treaty against extreme politics
February 4016February 4016General bill
February 4016February 4016Military bill
May 4017May 4017May 4017 bill
May 4017May 4017Forest act
June 4017June 4017Smaller government bill
September 4017September 4017Religious freedom bill
December 4017December 4017CpItlaism bill
January 4018January 4018Morality act
January 4018January 4018Early elections amendment- 2/3 majoirty
December 4018January 4019Weapons of Mass Destruction Bill
January 4019January 4019Privatization act
January 4019January 4019Marijuana act
January 4019January 4019Illegal drugs
January 4019January 4019Morality bill
January 4019January 4019Anti communist rule
May 4019May 4019Church of Solentia
May 4019May 4019Pronography act
September 4019September 4019Capitalism act
March 4020March 4020Freedom bill
December 4020December 4020Economic freedom bill
November 4021November 4021Small government bill
November 4021November 4021Ratification of the Intervention treaty
November 4021November 4021Ratification of the International Outer Space Treaty
November 4021November 4021Ratification of the National Football League(NFL)
February 4022February 4022Military bill
February 4022February 4022Budget proposal of February 4022
February 4022February 4022Ammednemt- 2/3 needed
May 4023May 4023Conservative bill
February 4024February 4024Defense of marriage act
August 4024January 4025Monopolies Act of August 4024
August 4024January 4025Minimum Wage Act of August 4024
November 4024January 4025Pornography Production Act of November 4024
January 4025January 4025Sex Work Act of January 4025
February 4025February 4025Cencus act
November 4025November 4025Foreign embassies act
June 4026December 4026Environmental freedom act
July 4026February 4027OOC: Fix Constitution Typo
July 4026February 4027Separation of Head of State and Head of Government
November 4026November 4026Budget proposal of November 4026
November 4026November 4026Income tax proposal of November 4026
December 4026January 4027Minimum wage bill
January 4027January 4027Morality bill
January 4027January 4027Industrial hemp act
February 4027February 4027Marriage Equality
February 4027February 4027Title change
March 4027March 4027Healthcare Equality
March 4027March 4027Equality Bill
May 4027May 4027Human Rights Act of 4027
June 4027June 4027Economic Reform Act of 4027
June 4027June 4027Tax cuts bill
June 4027June 4027Military Reform Bill
June 4027June 4027Protection of Wildlife
July 4027July 4027Recreational Drugs Sales Act of July 4027
July 4027July 4027Sympathy Strikes Act of July 4027
August 4027August 4027Stock Exchange Act of August 4027
August 4027August 4027Safety of All Citizens Bill
August 4027August 4027Tax Reform Bill
September 4027September 4027Budget proposal of September 4027
September 4027September 4027Education Bill
November 4027November 4027Income Tax Proposal of November 4027
December 4027December 4027Strike Ballots Act of December 4027
December 4027December 4027Democratic Workers' Councils Act of December 4027
December 4027December 4027Budget proposal of December 4027
December 4027January 4028Voting Rights Act of December 4027
January 4028February 4028Curfew Act of January 4028
February 4028February 4028Non-Citizens Act of February 4028
February 4028February 4028DNA Database Act of February 4028
February 4028February 4028Treaty Withdrawal
February 4028February 4028Foreign Policy Reform
February 4028February 4028Gated Communities Act of February 4028
February 4028February 4028Ecological Reform Bill
June 4028June 4028Majority Cabinet Proposal of June 4028
August 4028August 4028Budget Proposal of August 4028
August 4028February 4029Defense of marriage act
December 4028December 4028Conservative Act of Freedom
December 4028December 4028Cabinet Proposal of December 4028
February 4029February 4029Tax cuts act
February 4029February 4029Adoption bil
February 4029February 4029Justice act
February 4029February 4029Binder security act
February 4029February 4029Capitalism act
February 4029February 4029abolish the income tax
February 4029February 4029Drug act
February 4029February 4029Education act
February 4029February 4029Moraility act
February 4029February 4029Budget proposal of February 4029
February 4029February 4029Church of Solentia
August 4029August 4029Cabinet Proposal of August 4029
November 4029November 4029Conservative bill
January 4030January 4030Budget proposal of January 4030
January 4030January 4030National sovereignty act
January 4030January 4030Tax cuts act
February 4030February 4030Eliminate the luxury tax
February 4030February 4030Budget proposal of February 4030
February 4030February 4030Economic revitalization act
March 4030March 4030Budget freeze act
March 4030March 4030Budget proposal of March 4030
June 4030June 4030Budget proposal of June 4030
July 4030July 4030Budget proposal of July 4030
September 4030September 4030Budget proposal of September 4030
November 4030November 4030Budget proposal of November 4030
January 4031January 4031Budget proposal of January 4031
March 4031March 4031Cabinet Proposal of March 4031
January 4033January 4033Income Tax Reintroduction 4033
June 4033December 4033School Anthem Act of June 4033
June 4033December 4033Public Education Act of June 4033
July 4033July 4033Budget proposal of July 4033
August 4033August 4033Call for early elections, August 4033
October 4033April 4034Agriculture Bill of 4033
December 4033December 4033Majority Cabinet Proposal of December 4033
June 4034December 4035Protect wildlife
June 4034December 4035Child Labour is Forbidden
January 4035February 4035Marriage Equality Bill 4035
May 4035December 4035Sexual Education Act of May 4035
May 4035December 4035Curriculum Act of May 4035
July 4035December 4035Military Reform
January 4036June 4036Reciprocal Tariff's
October 4036October 4036Nobility Privileges Reform
December 4036December 4036Corporation Tax
June 4037December 4037Foreign Aid Reform
July 4037December 4037Hiring Practices
July 4037December 4037Retirement Age
December 4037December 4037Regulated Hunting
December 4038December 4038Majority Cabinet Proposal of December 4038
July 4039November 4039Education Bill, 4039
August 4039July 4042Animal use in medical research
November 4039November 4039Ban on Biological Weaponry
January 4040January 4040Contraceptives Bill
December 4040December 4040Call for early elections, December 4040
June 4041June 4041Abortion Reform
June 4041June 4041Advertisement Reforms
December 4041December 4041Majority Cabinet Proposal of December 4041
December 4041December 4041Call for early elections, December 4041
July 4042July 4042Nations Defence Force
December 4042December 4042Striking Workers
December 4042December 4042IVF (In-vitro fertilisation)
January 4043January 4043Police Force
March 4043March 4043Majority Cabinet Proposal of March 4043
July 4043July 4043Infrastructure Bill, 4043
July 4043July 4043National Fire Department
January 4045March 4045Administration Reforms Bill 4045
June 4045April 4046Amendment in The banking system.
December 4045April 4046Bill for Funding of public transport
December 4045April 4046Policy regarding foreign embassies
December 4045April 4046Bill for Providing education to Prisoners
December 4045May 4046Minimum Wage
April 4046May 4046Health Care Policy
May 4046June 4046policy concerning forest management and protection
December 4046December 4046Call for early elections, December 4046
December 4048December 4048Call for early elections, December 4048
May 4049May 4051Welfare for the people
November 4052January 4053National anthem in schools
February 4053February 4053Health
February 4053February 4053Military support
March 4053July 4053Cabinet changes
July 4053July 4053Budget proposal of July 4053
February 4054February 4054People's rights law
July 4054July 4054Grand Coalition Cabinet Proposal of July 4054
October 4054January 4055GM Ingredients
May 4056April 4058Public housing mix with private
December 4056January 4057Secularization Act of 4056
January 4057January 4057Public Housing Act 4057
January 4057January 4057Retirement Age Act 4057
June 4057June 4057Economic and Social reforms
June 4057June 4057Ecology Reform Act 4057
December 4057December 4057Health and Scientific Reform
January 4059January 4059Education system reform
June 4059June 4059Culture, Welfare and Religion Reform
October 4059May 4060Socialistic Reform
November 4059November 4059Social reforms
December 4059December 4059Infrastructure Reform
May 4061May 4061Progressive conservatism
November 4061November 4061Conserve the culture
April 4063April 4063Reforms
April 4063April 4063Carbon Emission Reduction Bill
February 4064February 4064Protection of endangered animals
May 4064May 4064Anti-National Service Bill
August 4064November 4065Refugee Integration-Aid Bill
November 4064January 4065Death Penalty
November 4064January 4065The Energy Fairness Bill
January 4065January 4065The Pyrotechnic Safety Law
January 4065January 4065Total Religious Freedom Bill
January 4065January 4065The Anti-Whaling Bill
January 4065January 4065Refuge Support Bill
November 4065November 4065The Health Care Reform Bill
November 4065November 4065Passport Reform Bill
November 4065November 4065AMEND THE CONSTITUTION
November 4065November 4065Pharmaceuticals Fairness Bill
January 4066January 4066The Forest Bill
January 4066January 4066Last Resort Nationalisation Bill
January 4066January 4066National Post agency
April 4066April 4066The Pre-School Bill
May 4066May 4066DNA Databases
May 4066May 4066Prostitution Bill
June 4066January 4067The Adultery Bill
July 4066January 4067The Pornography Bill
October 4066January 4067Stock Exchange Bill
February 4067February 4067The Internet Fairness Bill
February 4067February 4067Role-Play
April 4067April 4067Cabinet Proposal of April 4067
April 4067April 4067The Medicinal Cannabis Bill
April 4067April 4067Livestock Welfare Bill
July 4067July 4067The Criminal Voting Bill
October 4067October 4067The Energy Generation Bill
November 4067November 4067Corporations Tax
November 4067November 4067Anti-Gated Communties Bill
January 4068January 4068Prisoner Employment Scheme
November 4068January 4069Abortion Funding
July 4069July 4069The ID Bill
January 4070January 4070Child Benefit
April 4070April 4070Progressive conservatism
January 4071January 4071Adoption Policy
July 4071July 4071Cabinet Proposal of July 4071
July 4071August 4071Prisoner Rights Act
August 4071January 40724071 Strike Act
January 4072January 4072Legislative and executive term
February 4072May 4072Farm and Fishing Policy Bill
February 4072May 4072Currency Protections Act
June 4072June 4072Police Searches
August 4072August 4072Retirement Bill
October 4072October 4072The Ecology Reform Bill
May 4073May 4073Terrorism roleplay
March 4074January 4075Telephone Regulatory Bill
March 4074January 40754074 Nationality Act
May 4074June 4101Terrorism roleplay (Type your responses and blah blah blah)
June 4074January 4075Collective Bargaining Act
June 4074January 4075DWC Act
January 4075August 4075Hunting Regulatory Bill
May 4075May 4075National TV station
August 4075March 4076Sexual Freedoms Act
April 4076April 4076Revolutionary Changes
May 4076May 4076Price Controls Act 4076
May 4076May 4076Industrial Relations Act 4076
January 4077May 4077Death of Prime Minister
June 4077June 4077Health Reforms
June 4077July 4077BioChem/Mine Policy Act
June 4077July 4077Nobility Recognition Resolution
June 4077July 4077National ID Act
June 4077August 4077National Defence Industries Act
August 4077August 4077Banking Reform Act
August 4077December 4077Agriculture Policy Bill
December 4077January 4078Education Bill
December 4077January 4078Public Health Administration Bill
January 4078January 40784078 Weapons Safety Act
January 4078January 4078Large Industrial Growth Plan
April 4078April 4079Conservatism has to come back
June 4078June 4078Call for early elections, June 4078
June 4078December 4078Tax cuts
July 4078December 4078Industry Act 4078
July 4078December 4078Manufacturing Industry Support Act 4078
July 4078December 4078Private Cars
October 4078December 4078Euthanasia Bill, 4078
December 4078December 4078Cabinet Proposal of December 4078
August 4079September 4080Official State Religion
June 4080June 4080More power to the people
September 4080March 4081Racial Preservation Policy Act
September 4080March 4081Government Budgetary Bill
September 4080March 4081Paramilitary Act
September 4080March 4081Aid & Refugee Policy Act
March 4081March 4081Anti-Terror & Domestic Intelligence Act
March 4081March 4081Fostering Traditional Families Act
June 4081December 4081Conservative reform bikl
December 4081December 4081Military Strengthening Bill
January 4082January 4082Restoration of the Federal Republic Act 4082 - A
January 4082January 4082Maritime Sciences Act 4082
January 4082January 4082Bank of Solentia Act 4082
January 4082January 4082Labour Equality Act 4082
May 4082May 4082Civil Rights Reform Bill
June 4082June 4082Welfare reform bill
June 4082June 4082Foreign policy
January 4083January 4083Weapons Act II
January 4083March 4083Smith-Hollinger Compromise Rollback
February 4083February 4083Medicinal Reform Bill
December 4084December 4084PoW Act
December 4084April 4085Orphan Welfare Act
December 4084April 4085Military Recruitment Standards Act of 4084
December 4084April 4085Military Recruitment Standards Act II
April 4085April 4085Legislative Seat Allotment Amendment
September 4086September 4086Police Empowerment Act
September 4086September 4086Working Hour Reforms Bill
September 4086September 4086War Industries Act
September 4086October 4086National Justice & Safety Omnibus Bill
January 4088January 4088Budget proposal of January 4088
September 4088September 4088Education & Media Bill
September 4088September 4088Health Care Policy Bill
September 4088September 4088Tobacco Commerce Act
September 4088September 4088Firearms Ownership Bill
September 4088September 4088Internet Freedom Act
September 4088September 4088Dueling Act
September 4088September 4088Prison Work Bill
July 4089July 4089Public Order Omnibus Bill
June 4090June 4090SUN/Republican Provisional Government Proposal of June 4090
June 4090January 4091Ratification of Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation & Defensive Alliance & Partnership between Repubblica Istaliana & Republic of Solentia
January 4092January 4092Call for early elections, January 4092
August 4092August 4092Abortion Funding Bill
August 4092August 4092Contraceptives Funding Bill
April 4093April 4093Cabinet Proposal of April 4093
December 4093December 4093Environmental Reform
January 4094January 4094Military Reforms II bill
April 4094April 409404/94 - Liberal Bill
March 4095May 4095Investing in public infrastructure.
May 4095May 4095The rights to marriage
May 4095May 4095The rightss to bear arms
December 4096December 4096Call for early elections, December 4096
March 4097March 4097Cabinet Proposal of March 4097
May 4098June 4098Freedom of Association Act
June 4098June 4098Traditional Family Protection Resolution
June 4098June 4098Abortion Restriction Bill
June 4098June 40984098 Military Service Act
June 4098June 4098Prison Labor Bill
July 4098July 4098Public Order Act of 4098
February 4099February 4099Weapons Safety Act
August 4099January 4101Budget proposal of August 4099
January 4100March 4101Market Free-Up Bill
July 4101July 4101NDP Healthcare bill
July 4101December 4101NDP polygamy bill
December 4101December 4101NDP military bill
June 4102June 4102Cabinet Proposal of June 4102
October 4103October 4103National Anthem Act
October 4103October 4103SexEd Bill
March 4105March 4105Senate Nomination for Security Council Seat B - Istalia
January 4107January 4107National Sovereignty Resolution of 4107
January 4107January 4107Provisional Government Proposal of January 4107
January 4109January 4109Call for early elections, January 4109
August 4109August 41098/4109 - General Reform Act
September 4109July 4110Internet piracy
November 4109November 410911/4109 - Term lengthening bill
January 4110July 41101/4110 - Ecology Reform Act
June 4110June 4110Call for early elections, June 4110
July 4110July 4110Cabinet Proposal of July 4110
December 4110December 411012/4110 - Solentian Security Council Vote
December 4110December 4110RP: Creation of an Istalian-Solentian "Supreme Command Unified Defence Operation (SCUDO)"
January 4111January 4111Proposal tube and public prostitution in the streets of our nation
August 4111August 4111A New Coalition for Solentia, 4111 (SUN, NF, Patriots)
March 4112March 411203/4112 - The Peace Act
June 4112June 4112Budget proposal of June 4112
October 4112October 411210/4112 - The Health Reform Bill
March 4113March 411303/4113 - Media Freedom Bill
December 4114December 411412/4114 - Economic Reforms
January 4116January 4116Women To Work Act (WTW)
March 4116March 411603/4116 - Women to work [FULL]
April 4116May 411604/4116 Interracial marriages
April 4116June 411604/4116 General Adoption Act (GAA)
May 4116May 411604/4116 Interracial marriages (FULL)
August 4116September 41164116 Prison Reform Bill
February 4117February 4117Public Contraceptives Act
February 4117February 4117National Intelligence Act of 4117
October 4118June 411910/4118 The Income Support Act (ISA)
March 4119March 4119Call for early elections, March 4119
April 4119June 411904/4119 Other Marriage Act
April 4119June 411904/4119 Elections Update Act
May 4119May 4119Cabinet Proposal of May 4119
May 4119May 4119Call for early elections, May 4119
June 4119June 4119Cabinet Proposal of June 4119
June 4119June 4119Nuclear Weaponary Act June 4119
June 4119June 4119Death Penalty Renewal Act (DPRA)
June 4119July 411906/4119 Responsibility Movement to Local Governments Act
July 4119July 4119Immigration Policy
July 4119July 4119Budget proposal of July 4119
July 4119July 4119Immigration Act of 4119
September 4119September 411909/4119 - General Reform Act
October 4119October 411910/4119 Protection of Diplomats Act
December 4119December 4119Cabinet Proposal of December 4119
March 4120March 4120Legislative Apportionment Amendment
April 4120April 412004/4120 Solentian World Aid Participation Act (SWAPA)
May 4120May 4120Cabinet Proposal of May 4120
May 4120May 4120Budget proposal of May 4120
November 4120November 4120Call for early elections, November 4120
December 4120December 4120Call for early elections, December 4120
March 4121March 4121Cabinet Proposal of March 4121
June 4122June 4122Media reform
June 4122June 4122The government's stance on illegal aliens
August 4122December 4122Reduction of the Corporation Tax
November 4122November 412211/4122 Economic Improvement Act
December 4122December 412212/4122 Animal Use In Researches Act
April 4123April 4123Civil Liberties Act
May 4123May 4123Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
May 4123May 4123Ratification of the Anti Slavery Treaty
June 4123July 4123Devolution Act
December 4123December 4123Immigration Reform
January 4124January 4124Infrastructure Act
January 4124January 4124National Defense Act
January 4124January 4124Fair Trade Act
February 4124February 4124Economic Freedoms Act of 4124
June 4124July 4125Agricultural/Ecological Reform
November 4124November 4124Call for early elections, November 4124
May 4125May 4125Call for early elections, May 4125
June 4125June 4125Curriculum Act 4125
November 4125November 4125Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
November 4125December 4125Solentian-Istalian Common Industrial Program
December 4125December 4125Military exercises with Istalia (RP)
December 4125December 4125Cabinet Proposal of December 4125
January 4126January 4126Military Buildup
January 4126January 4126Withdrawal from the Anti Slavery Treaty
May 4126May 4126Surplus Above Zero Act (SAZA)
May 4126May 4126Income tax proposal of May 4126
July 4126July 4126Mini Tax Raise 4126
November 4126November 4126Security and Liberty Act
January 4127January 4127Protection of Life Act
January 4127April 4127Gun Rights Act
May 4127May 4127Recreational Drug Reform
May 4127May 4127Senate Name Reform
May 4127May 4127Registration Act
June 4127June 4127Withdrawal from the CSCO
June 4127June 4127Free Media Act
June 4127June 4127Limited Foreign Aid Act (LFAA)
July 4127July 4127Abortion Compromise
July 4127July 4127Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Weapons Policy Bill
October 4127October 4127Welfare Reform
March 4128March 4128Environmental Protection Act
December 4128June 4129Unionist Society Act 4128
June 4129June 4129Cabinet Proposal of June 4129 (SUN, SWM, Unionists)
July 4129December 4129Income tax proposal of July 4129
August 4129August 4129New Multicultural Initiative
August 4129August 4129Legislative Term Amendment
January 4130February 4130Government Hiring & Officer Commission Act
February 4130February 4130Capital Crimes Punishment Act
February 4130February 4130Abortion Policy Act
February 4130May 4130Senate Resolution on the Construction of Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (Debate)
February 4130July 4130Strong Solentia: Military & Civic National Service Program
June 4130June 4130Strong Solentia: Exchanges Regulations Bill
June 4130June 4130Budget proposal of June 4130, Naval Appropriations Bill
June 4130June 4130Strong Solentia: National Space Program
July 4130July 4130Prescription Drug Regulation Act
July 4130July 4130Strong Solentia: National Infrastructure Act
July 4130July 4130Strong Solentia: Vital Industrial Protection Act
July 4130July 4130Alien National Expulsion Act
August 4130November 4130Senate Financial Committee on National Treasury Audit
December 4130December 4130Resolution to Change Title of Republic - B
December 4130December 4130Resolution to Change Title of Republic - A
December 4130December 4130Administrative Reform Act
December 4130December 4130Resolution to Change Title of Republic - C
December 4130January 4131National Surplus Accountancy Act
January 4131January 4131National Stimulus Act Pt. II: National Defence (Treasury Bill)
January 4131January 4131National Stimulus Act Pt. I: Ministry & Facility Upgrades, Health Care Task Force (Treasury Bill)
January 4131January 4131Resolution to Change Title of Republic - D
January 4131February 4131Senate Proposal to Name Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
January 4131February 4131National Stimulus Act IV: Economy & Infrastructure. Trans-Solentia Interstate/Pipeline, Thespiae EDZ, Halion-Romula Super Highway (Treasury Bill)
January 4131February 4131National Stimulus Act III: Education & Technology, Public Schools Task Force, Solentian Space Agency (Treasury Bill)
February 4131February 4131Budget proposal of February 4131
February 4131May 4131Call for early elections, February 4131
December 4131December 4131Immigration Act 4131
December 4131December 4131National Curriculum Act 4131
December 4131December 4131Smoking Act (4131)
January 4132January 4132Corporate Tax Rate & EDZ Exemptions
January 4132January 4132Cabinet Proposal of January 4132 -SUN/SWM/SDP
January 4132January 4132National Narcotics Enforcement Act
April 4132April 4132Nationalist Republican Reforms, 4132
May 4132May 4132Luxury Goods Sales Tax
May 4132May 4132Weapons Safety Act
October 4132October 4132Border Security Act
October 4132October 4132Nomination for Security Council Seat C
November 4132November 4132Taxation gap fix
December 4132December 4132IVF Regulation Act
January 4133January 4133Judicial Appeals Reform Act
June 4133June 4133Civic Freedoms Act 4133
June 4133June 4133Labour Act 4133
August 4133August 4133Cabinet Proposal of August 4133 SUN/SCP/Unionists/NRMP
October 4133October 4133Infrastructure Contracting Act 4133
November 4133November 4133Improving Civil Rights Act (ICRA)
January 4134January 4134New Education Act
May 4134May 4134Goverment Against Racism Act (GARA)
May 4134May 4134Fix ICRA
June 4134June 4134Tobacco Control Act
June 4134June 4134IVF Reform Bill
June 4134June 4134NRP Ecological Reforms
June 4134June 4134Education System Reform Act
July 4134July 4134State Police Resources Act II
July 4134July 4134State Police Resources Act
July 4134July 41344134 Weapons Concealment
July 4134July 41344134 Weapons Transport Act
July 4134July 41344134 Firearms Ownership & Purchase Act
July 4134July 4134Energy & Waste Sector Policy Bill
October 4134October 4134Tuition Reform Act
December 4134December 4134Forest Protection Reform Act
December 4134December 4134Protectionist Tariffs Act
December 4134December 4134Limited Refugee Act
April 4135April 4135POW Act
April 4135April 4135Diplomatic Immunity Reform Act
May 4135May 4135Common Justice Act 4135
July 4135July 4135Energy Regulation Reform Act
August 4135August 4135Government Salary Act
August 4135August 4135Arranged Marriages Reform Act
October 4135October 4135National Post Office Act
November 4135November 4135Obscenities Act 4135
November 4135November 4135Labour Controls Act 4135
December 4135December 4135Ecology Act, 4135
December 4135December 4135Health care policy
December 4135December 4135Government policy on airports
February 4136February 4136Solentians First Resolution
November 4136November 413611/4136 Police And Militairy Separation Act (PAMSA)
November 4136November 4136Land mines Reform, 4136
November 4136December 4137New Radical Military Party change leader
December 4136January 4137NRP Cabinet Proposal of December 4136
December 4136July 4137Striking Act, 4136
December 4136July 4137Foreign Aid Reform, 4136
December 4136December 4137Women in the military
May 4137May 4137Call for early elections, May 4137
May 4137July 4137Drug Crackdown Act, 4137
June 4137July 4137Ratification of the International Tennis Association
July 4137July 4137Cabinet Proposal of July 4137 SUN/NRP/Unionists
August 4137August 4137Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
August 4137August 4137Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
August 4137August 4137Privatisation of Health Care Act, 4137
August 4137August 4137Inteligence Agency Reform Act, 4137
August 4137August 4137Ratification of the Saridan and Solentia Friendship Treaty
October 4137October 4137National Animal Change, 4137
October 4137July 4146OOC/RP: Senate Committee on Saridan-Telamonia Tensions
November 4137November 4137National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 4137
December 4137December 4137Conscientious Exemptions Reform Act, 4137
January 4138January 4138Ratification of the Triguno-Deltaro-Solentian Trilateral Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation
February 4138February 4138Luxury Tax Rate
February 4138February 4138Corporate Rate Increase
February 4139February 4139Nationalist Republican Party Omnibus Bill, 4139
June 4139June 4139Security Council Seat B - Solentia
July 4139July 4139Diplomatic and National Security Budgetary Act of July 4139
July 4139February 4140Ratification of the Support For Saridan
December 4139December 4139Call for early elections, December 4139
January 4140February 4140Anti-Ahmadi Act
January 4140March 414001/4140 Freedom Of Gay People Act (FOGPA)
February 4140February 4140SUN/Unionists/NRP Cabinet Proposal of February 4140
May 4141May 414105/4141 Weapon Export Security Act (WESA)
July 4141July 414106/4141 Food And Beverages Labeling Act (FABLA)
January 4142January 4142Budget proposal of January 4142
January 4143January 4143Presidential Amnesty of Istalian Foreign Nationals Resolution
January 4143January 4143Strategic Petroleum Reserves Act
January 4143February 4143National Gold Reserve Act
June 4143June 4143SNPP Administrative Reforms III, 4143
May 4144May 414405/4144 Animal Testing Preventing Act (ATPA)
May 4144May 414405/4144 Pesticides Listing Act (PLA)
June 4144June 41444144 Omnibus Bill
June 4144June 4144Weapons Safety Act of 4143
June 4144June 41444143 Regulatory Act
July 4144August 4147Special Committee on the Trilateral Agreement, Trade
May 4145May 4145National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 4145
August 4145January 4146Solentian Citizenship Act
October 4145October 4145Call for early elections, October 4145
January 4146January 4146Animal & Wildlife Policy Bill
January 4146April 4146Secular Nation Act, 4146
July 4146July 4146Saluting in Schools and the Military Act
November 4146November 4146Execution Act, 4146
January 4147January 4147Withdrawal from ISDA
April 4147April 4147SNPP Cabinet Proposal of April 4147
April 4147May 4147Morality Act, 4146
July 4147July 4147Budget proposal of July 4147
July 4147August 4147Hosianism as the State Religion
July 4147October 4147Suppression of Ornaism Act, 4147
August 4147August 4147Subpoena for "Goddess of Solentia" Orna Zyrkachev
August 4147August 4147Sex Education Act
August 4147August 4147Ciodaru Groza Protection of Marriage Act of August 4147
August 4147August 4147..
August 4147August 4147Nationalisation and Residency Reform Act
December 4147April 4148Government Powers Act, 4148
February 4148February 4148Proposal for New National Name IV
February 4148February 4148Proposal for New National Name II
February 4148February 4148Proposal for New National Name I
February 4148April 4148Internationalism Act, 4148
May 4148May 4148New National Motto II
May 4148June 4148Ministry Powers Act, 4148
July 4148November 4150SNPP National Reforms, 4150
August 4148August 4148Weapons and Explosives Act
August 4148August 4148New National Motto IV
August 4148August 4148Proposal for New National Name VI
August 4148August 4148New National Motto III
February 4149February 4149Ministry of Finance Budget Proposal of February 4149
February 4149February 4149Animal Safety Act
August 4149August 4149Solentian Working Families Tax Relief Act of August 4149
February 4150March 4150Safety Omnibus Act
March 4150March 4150Stem-Research Act
February 4151February 41514151 General Policy Act
August 4151August 4151School Policy Act of 4151
August 4151November 4151Ministry of Finance Budget Proposal of August 4151
July 4152July 4152Omnibus Regulations Adjustment Act
July 4152July 4152Cabinet Proposal of July 4152
February 4153August 4153Hosian Nation Act
July 4153July 4153Call for early elections, July 4153
August 4153August 4153Energy Reforms, 4153
August 4153August 4153SNPP National Reforms, 4153
August 4153August 4153SNPP Cabinet Proposal of August 4153
August 4153August 4153Private Segregation Act, 4153
August 4153August 4153Ending Discrimination in the Armed Forces Act, 4153
August 4153August 4153Capitalist Reforms, 4153
August 4153August 4153Cultural Reforms, 4153
August 4153February 4155On the Appointments and Requirements of Government Employees
October 4153October 4153Fishing Quota Reform Act, 4153
October 4153October 4153SNPP Economic Reforms, 4153
May 4154September 415405/4154 the Democratic Republic of Solentia Return Act
September 4154September 415409/4154 Civil Liberties Reform Act
December 4154December 4154SNPP National Reforms, 4154
January 4155January 4155Ratification of the Recognition of Ardinian Independence
January 4155January 4155Religious Freedom Act, 4155
July 4155July 4155Private Sector Freedom Act, 4155
August 4155August 4155Drumpf Act, 4155
August 4155August 4155Meyer Act, 4155
August 4155August 4155Dueling Act
August 4155August 4155Solentian Racial Laws, 4155
August 4155August 4155Solentian Working Families Tax Relief Act II of August 4155
August 4155August 4155Moral Revitalism Act, 4155
November 4155June 4156Senate Resolution Condemning the Aggression of the Republic of Rutania & Authorization for Military Assistance to the Republic of Ardinia
December 4155February 4156SNPP Budget proposal of December 4155
June 4156June 4156Striking Reform Act, 4156
June 4156June 4156National Flag Change, 4156
June 4156July 4156Stem Cell Research Reform Act, 4156
July 4156July 4156Rent Regulation Reform Act, 4156
August 4157August 4157SNPP Economic Reforms, 4157
August 4157August 4157Devolution Act, 4157
August 4157August 4157Foreign Policy Rethinking, 4157
October 4158October 4158Foreign Workers Reform Act, 4158
July 4159July 4159Deregulation Act, 4159
August 4160February 4162SNPP National Reforms, 4162
October 4161April 4222Senate Committee on Security Council Seat B (Updated Febuary 4167)
December 4161December 4161Ratification of the The Rilmos-Orame Cooperative Security Alliance
February 4162February 4162Fiscal Responsibility Act
February 4162February 4162Public Safety Act
February 4162February 4162Prison Labour Act
July 4162July 4162Ecological Reforms, 4162
July 4162July 4162Ratification of the Dundorfian Diplomatic Relations Treaty
July 4162July 4162Ratification of the Trigunian Diplomatic Treaty
January 4165January 4165Nationalist Coalition, Cabinet Proposal of January 4165, SUN/SNPP
February 4165July 4165Police Powers Act, 5165
July 4165July 4165Solentia First Act
July 4165July 4165Renaming the National Newspaper
August 4165August 4165Regulations Omnibus Act of 4165
May 4167June 4171SNPP National Reforms, 4171
July 4167July 4167Renaming the National Newspaper
July 4167July 4167Ratification of the Koeistad Pact
November 4167November 4167Labour Relations Act
November 4167November 4167Segregation Ban Act
August 4174August 4174National Revitalization Act, August 4174
May 4176May 4176Ratification of the The Solentian-Alorian Alliance
August 4187August 41874187 Illegal Alien Removal Resolution
May 4191November 4191Preventive Care Act
December 4191December 4192Absence of Religion from Government Act
June 4197June 4197Progressive Reforms Act
August 4197August 4197Workers' Rights Act
October 4198October 4198Economic Reform Act
October 4201October 4201Call for early elections, October 4201
October 4201December 4201Economic Reforms Act
December 4201December 4201Administrative Reform Act
December 4201December 4201Cabinet Proposal of December 4201
December 4201December 4201Senate Reform
December 4201December 4201Justice System Reform Act
March 4202January 4206Ratification of the Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
September 4203September 4203Health Reform Act
September 4203September 4203Budget proposal of September 4203
September 4203September 4203Income tax proposal of September 4203
December 4204March 4205Conservative morality
March 4205March 4205Cabinet Proposal of March 4205
March 4205March 4205Income tax proposal of March 4205
March 4205March 4205Budget proposal of March 4205
July 4205July 4205Tax reform
December 4205December 4205New bill
January 4206January 4206Budget proposal of January 4206
August 4206August 4206Income tax proposal of August 4206
August 4206August 4206Budget proposal of August 4206
August 4206August 4206Craftsman bill
May 4207May 4207A
January 4208January 4208Budget proposal of January 4208
January 4208January 4208Cabinet Proposal of January 4208
May 4208May 4208Budget proposal of May 4208
May 4208May 4209The Modernization Act of 4208
May 4208May 4209The Progressive Taxes Act
June 4210October 4210Pro Choice act
July 4210October 4210Go to school act
July 4210October 4210Rehabilitation act
July 4210October 4210Interracial marriage act
July 4210October 4210Gay/Lesbian Marriage
August 4210October 4210Anti death penalty act
February 4211February 4211Call for early elections, February 4211
March 4211March 4211Income tax proposal of March 4211
June 4211June 4211Income tax proposal of June 4211
July 4211July 4211There's nothing wrong with pornography
August 4211August 4211Heath care act
August 4211August 4211Gun ownership act
February 4212February 4212Cabinet Proposal of February 4212
May 4212November 4212Senate Reform Act
July 4215July 4215Budget proposal of July 4215
February 4216February 4216Ammendment
February 4216February 4216Cabinet Proposal of February 4216
February 4216February 4216Ec Mimic freedom act
August 4216August 4216Call for early elections, August 4216
November 4216November 4216Income tax proposal of November 4216
August 4218September 4218Equality Act
November 4218November 4218Skilled Immigration Controls Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Animal Husbandry Standards Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Employment (Religious Offices) Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Price Controls Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Protected Communities Act 4218
December 4218December 4218Daily working hours Act
February 4219February 4219National Morality Act
August 4219August 4219Solentian Healthy Society Act
September 4219September 4219Economic Boost Act
November 4219May 4220Public Smoking Act
July 4220July 4220Adoption Regulatory Act
September 4220September 4220Military & Civic National Service Program of 4220
November 4220November 4220Luxury Tax - November 4220
November 4220November 4220Corporation Tax - November 4220
February 4221February 4221National Stock Exchange Act
February 4221February 4221Strong Police Act - February 4221
February 4221February 4221Union Shop Bill
February 4221February 4221National Registration Act
February 4221February 4221DWC Reform Act
February 4221February 4221Foreign Arms Sales Act
February 4221February 4221Weapons Safety Act of 4221
June 4221June 4221First Provisional Government Proposal of June 4221
July 4221July 4221Income tax proposal of July 4221 by Odysseus Uxío (SDP)
July 4221August 4221Budget proposal of July 4221 - Odysseus Uxío (SDP)
October 4221October 4221Education Reform - Gökhan Gwenael (SDP) - October 4221
October 4221October 4221Higher Education Tuition Bill - Gökhan Gwenael (SDP) - October 4221
December 4221December 4221Government Contracting Act 4221
August 4222August 4222Anti-Flogging Act
September 4222September 4223Ratification of the Solentia-Saridan Bilateral Friendship & Trade Agreement
December 4222December 4222On Legality of Miscegenation 4222
December 4222December 4222Senate Emergency Funding Authorisation Act
December 4222December 4222Education Reform Act
January 4223January 4223Women should be entitled to the same working rights as men.
February 4223September 4223Ratification of the Istalian-Solentian Economic and Free Trade Agrement
March 4223March 4223Income tax proposal of March 4223
March 4223March 4223Budget proposal of March 4223
May 4223May 4223Cabinet Proposal of May 4223
September 4223September 4223Official Title of Head of Government II
September 4223September 4223Official Title of Head of Government
November 4223November 4223Use Of Landmines Act - Rekesh Joana (SDP) - November 4223
November 4223November 4223Chemical Weapons Act - Rakesh Joanna (SDP) - November 4223
November 4223November 4223ID Card Policy - Victor Cathleen (SDP) - November 4223
November 4223November 4223Abolishment of the blasphemy law
November 4223November 4223Nuclear Weaponry Act - Rakesh Joana (SDP) - November 4223
December 4223December 4223Budget proposal of December 4223
December 4223January 4224S.B. 12-4223-2: On Restoring Military Morale & Mission-Awareness - Major Harald Winston, Linda Hamilton (SUN)
December 4223January 4224S.B. 12-4223-1: Military & Civic National Service Program - Jeffrey Schrader (SUN)
December 4223February 4224S.B. 12-4223-3: Encouraging War Technology and Funding - Major Harald Winston, Jeffrey Schrader (SUN)
January 4224January 4224Food Labeling Act - Job Agnes - January 4224
January 4224January 4224Euthanasia Act - Job Agnes - January 4224
January 4224January 4224Income tax proposal - Odysseus Uxío (SDP) - January 4224
February 4224February 4224S.B. 2-4224-1: On Right to Defend One's Property and Life
March 4224March 4224S.B. 3-4224-3
March 4224March 4224Budget proposal - Odysseus Oxìo (SDP) - March 4224
March 4224August 4224S.B. 3-4224-2: Foreign Trade & Investment National Protection Act - Richard Anton (SUN)
April 4224June 4224Government policy with respect to the death penalty.
July 4224July 4224Banking System Bill - Mohamed Abakoon (SDP) - July 4224
August 4224August 4224S.B. 8-4224-2 : National Education Reform Act
August 4224August 4224S.B. 8-4224-1: Clean Air Act - Moira Jackson, Altair Angelopoulos (SUN)
September 4224September 4224S.B. 9-4224-1: Women's Health Act
November 4224December 4224The national refugee policy.
December 4224December 4224Industrial Hemp Policy
December 4224December 4224S.B. 12-4224-1: Anti-Secondary Strike Act
January 4225January 4225No Monopolies Act - Mohamed Abakoon (SDP) - January 4225
January 4225January 4225Salary Cap - Mohamed Abakoon (SDP) - January 4225
June 4225June 4225S.B. 6-4225-4
June 4225June 4225S.B. 6-4225-3
June 4225June 4225S.B. 6-4225-2
June 4225June 4225S.B. 6-4225-1
July 4225July 4225S.B. 7-4225-5 : Military Administrative & Citizen Clarification Act
July 4225July 4225National Flag Act - Victor Cathleen (SDP) - July 4225
December 4225December 4225The citizens' right to assemble in public
December 4225December 4225Homeless Shelters - Job Agnes (SDP) - December 4225
December 4225December 4225Ownership of guns by private individuals
December 4225December 4225Military Reform
January 4226August 4226Energy Supply Act - Mohamed Abakoon (SDP) - January 4226
January 4226August 4226Farm Subsidizing - Nick Stoffels (SDP) - January 4226
January 4226August 4226Cloning Policy - Elisheba Gervas (SDP) - January 4226
January 4226August 4226Child benefit Act - Victor Cathleen (SDP) - January 4226
March 4226September 4226Anti discrimination act
March 4226September 4226GM Crops Laws
May 4226September 4226Civil Liberties Reform
May 4226September 4226Economy Reform
July 4226July 4226Call for early elections, July 4226
August 4226August 4226Progressive Cabinet Proposal of August 4226 By SDP
August 4226August 4226Homosexuality Act - Doug Stamper (SDP) - August 4226
August 4226August 4226Abortion Act - Job Agnes (SDP) - August 4226
September 4226September 4226The confidentiality of letters and correspondence
September 4226September 4226Adoption And Adultery Reform
September 4226September 4226Justice Reform
September 4226September 4226Military Discrimination Policy
September 4226September 4226ID Card Policy
October 4226October 4226Relationship Liberty Act
November 4226November 4226Sexual education in schools
November 4226November 4226Singing the national anthem in schools
November 4226November 4226Women in the military
November 4226November 4226Prostitution Act SDP
November 4226November 4226Pornography And Nudity Reform
November 4226November 4226Marriage Act - Victor Cathleen SDP - November 4226
November 4226December 4226Multiple Citizenship Policy SDP
December 4226December 4226Public Nudity Policy SDP
December 4226December 4226Divorce Act SDP
December 4226December 4226Airport Policy SDP
December 4226December 4226Eminent Domain Policy SDP
December 4226December 4226Green car usage Policy SDP
December 4226December 4226Public Affection Policy SDP
December 4226December 4226Population Control Policy SDP
January 4227January 4227Criminal voting Policy SDP
January 4227January 4227Police reform SDP
January 4227January 4227Religion Advertising Policy SDP
January 4227January 4227Housing Policy SDP
January 4227January 4227Rent Regulation
January 4227January 4227Public Transport Reform
January 4227January 4227DNA Policy SDP
January 4227January 4227Post Office reform
January 4227January 4227Death Penalty Policy SDP
January 4227January 4227Fire brigade Reform
March 4227March 4227Foreign Policy Reform
January 4228January 4228Call for early elections, January 4228
March 4228November 4228The government's policy concerning child labour.
March 4228November 4228The professional retirement age.
June 4228June 4228Right Coalition II Cabinet Proposal of June 4228
August 4228August 4228Racial/Religion Registration Act
August 4228August 4228Citizenship Act SDP
August 4228August 4228War Prisoner Policy
November 4228November 4228Public Nudity Bill
November 4228November 4228Public Pension Act
November 4228November 4228Tax and religion
November 4228November 4228Religions in School Policy
January 4229January 4229Stock Exchange Act
April 4229April 4229Army Manufacterer Policy SDP
April 4229April 4229New Military Policy SDP
June 4229June 4229The government's policy towards fireworks.
August 4229August 4229S.B. 8-4229-3: National Anthem
October 4229October 4229Privacy Protection
February 4230February 4230Endangered Animals Act
February 4230February 4230Movie regulation policy
February 4230February 4230Art Subsidies Policy SDP
February 4230February 4230Torture Policy SDP
June 4230June 4230Alcohol Policy
August 4230August 4230Striking act
November 4230June 4231Nuclear weapons act
December 4230June 4231Domestic Animal Bill
February 4231February 4231Call for early elections, February 4231
June 4231August 4231S.B. 6-4231-1: Resolution to Restore Traditional National Animal of Solentia - Linda Hamilton, George Peterson (SUN)
October 4231October 4231Land Mines act
October 4231October 4231Biological weapons bill
December 4231December 4231Appointment of military officers Policy
June 4232June 4232Ratification of the Solentia-Kanjor Bilateral Trade Agreement
June 4232June 4232Ratification of the Solentia-Kazulia Bilateral Trade Agreement
June 4232November 4232Ratification of the Solentia-Luthori Bilateral Trade Agreement
July 4232July 4232ooc: Ratification of the Roleplay Accord
October 4232October 4232Incest policy SDP
December 4232December 4232S.B. 12-4232-3: Military & Civic National Service Program of 4232 - George Schrader, W.R. Miller (SUN)
May 4233May 4233Security Council Seat A
June 4233June 4233Forest Ownership Act - Nick Stoffels (SPD) - June 4233
July 4233July 4233.
December 4233December 4233The East Majatran Crisis - Office of the Supreme President of the SSR
December 4233December 4233Ratification of the Solentia-Talmoria Bilateral Trade Agreement
December 4233December 4233Ratification of the Solentia-Zardugal Bilateral Trade Agreement
January 4234January 4234Education reform - SDP - January 4234
June 4234December 4234Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
November 4235November 4235Call for early elections, November 4235
January 4236January 4236Right Coalition Cabinet Proposal of January 4236
February 4237February 4237S.B. 2-4237-2: Amendment to Constitution: Legislative Seats
December 4237December 4237Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
January 4238January 4238Cabinet Proposal of January 4238
May 4238May 4238Cabinet Proposal of May 4238
October 4238October 4238Call for early elections, October 4238
November 4238November 4238Cabinet Proposal of November 4238
April 4239April 4239Income tax proposal of April 4239
May 4239May 4239Budget proposal of May 4239
April 4241April 4241Criminal Voting Bill
April 4241April 4241Anti Slavery Office- Premission to carry out work set out below)
April 4241April 4241Court structure reform bill
November 4241April 4242DNA databasing for criminals
March 4242March 4242Presidential Reform
March 4242March 4242Cabinet Proposal of March 4242
May 4242May 4242REFUGEE POLICY
May 4242May 4242Budget proposal of May 4242
May 4242May 4242Privatisation of the banks
October 4243October 4243Contraception Bill
October 4243October 4243EDUCATIONAL REFORM
September 4244September 4244Economical Reform - PLP
September 4244September 4244Civil rights - PLP
November 4244November 4244ACT NOV 4244 - N.P Regarding our National Flag
November 4244November 4244The right of Assembly Act - NOV 4244
January 4245July 4245Recycling ♻ - PLP
July 4245July 4245Cabinet Proposal of July 4245 by PLP
January 4246August 4246Progressive income tax proposal by PLP January 4246
April 4246April 4246Call for early elections, April 4246
June 4246July 4246Rural Representation Act
June 4246July 4246Moving the Capital
June 4246August 4246.
November 4246November 4246Cabinet Proposal of November 4246
November 4246May 4247Nomination for Security Council Seat A.
January 4247January 4247Call for early elections, January 4247
April 4247April 4247Minimum wage - PLP
May 4247May 4247Bank Regulation Act
May 4247May 4247Cabinet Proposal of May 4247
June 4247June 4247Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
September 4247September 4247DEFENCE ACT SEPTEMBER 4247
January 4248January 4248HEALTH CARE REFORM ACT JANUARY 4248
February 4248February 4248Budget proposal of February 4248
October 4248October 4248Call for early elections, October 4248
November 4248November 4248Luxury Tax Act
August 4249August 4249The government's policy towards foreign workers.
July 4250May 4251Tax Reform Act of 4250
January 4251January 4251Call for early elections, January 4251
April 4251April 4251Cabinet Proposal of April 4251
May 4252January 4253Education Reform Act
September 4254September 4254Call for early elections, September 4254
April 4260April 4260Call for early elections, April 4260
January 4264February 4264AustinCare
February 4264February 4264Fair Tax Increase Proposal
February 4264February 4264Clean Air and Environmental Responsibility Act
February 4264February 4264Financial Responsibility Act (FRA)
August 4264August 4264Second Chance Act
November 4264November 4264Education For All Act
December 4264December 4264Nation Revision Act
February 4265February 4265Global Stability Act
May 4265May 4265National Culture Revision
January 4266January 4266Change Act
February 4266February 4266Budget proposal of February 4266
February 4266February 4266Income tax proposal of February 4266
February 4266February 4266Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
February 4266February 4266Cabinet Proposal of February 4266
March 4266March 4266Region Name Changes
March 4266March 4266Ratification of the Majatran Alliance and Common Economic Area
March 4266March 4266The nation will be renamed "The Arctic States of Austonea"
December 4266December 4266the nation will be renamed The Arctic States of Solentia
December 4266February 4267Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
December 4266February 4267Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
February 4267February 4267Government Reform
February 4267February 4267Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
April 4268April 4268Foreign and Justice Reform
June 4268June 4268Ratification of the Majatran Championship Cup (MCC)
March 4270March 4274Ratification of the Eliminate Slavery Treaty
March 4270March 4274Ratification of the Anti Slavery Treaty
October 4273October 4273Mobilize The Solentian Army
February 4274June 4274International Trade Act
June 4274June 4274Military Rebuildment Act
March 4278March 4278Cabinet Proposal of March 4278
March 4278March 4278Income tax proposal of March 4278
May 4278November 4281Solentian Quality Healthcare Act
June 4278January 4279Freedom Of Choice
March 4279April 4279Protection of Liberty Act
April 4279April 4282Government Structure Act
May 4281November 4281Economic Relief Act
May 4281April 4282Citezenship Reform
February 4287September 4287Withdrawal From Worthless Treaties
February 4287September 4287The Ecology Act
September 4287September 4287The Health Act of 4278
September 4287September 4287The Military Act of 4287
September 4287September 4287Cabinet Proposal of September 4287
March 4288March 4288The New Bill
March 4288March 4288The Economic Act
March 4288March 4288Budget proposal of March 4288
June 4289June 4289Call for early elections, June 4289
July 4289May 4290The Civilian Protection From Chemical and Biological Weapons Act
July 4289August 4290Healthcare For All Act
July 4289August 4290Healthy Environment Initiative
July 4289December 4290Ratification of the Eliminate Slavery Treaty
July 4289December 4290Workers Rights Act
July 4289December 4290Military and Policing Reform
October 4289August 4290Equal Party Opportunity Act
October 4289May 4291Education Quality Act
November 4289November 4289Budget proposal of November 4289
November 4289December 4289Call for early elections, November 4289
December 4289May 4290The Arts Promotion Act
May 4290June 4291The National Police Reform Act
May 4290June 4291The Food and Drug Advertising and Sale Reform Act
May 4291May 4291Clean Air Act
May 4291May 4293Financial Stability Act
June 4292June 4292Cabinet Proposal of June 4292
June 4292January 4293The Foreign Policy Reform Act
June 4292January 4293The National Parks Act
November 4292November 4292Nationalizing Industry Act
May 4293May 4293Ratification of the Healthcare Access Act
May 4293May 4293Ratification of the Education For All
May 4293May 4293Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
May 4293May 4293Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
January 4294January 4294The Energy Industry Reform Act
May 4294May 4294Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
May 4294May 4294The Officer Selection Fairness Act
May 4294May 4294Authorization of Joint Military Exercises with the Majatran Alliance
May 4294May 4294The Flag Protection Act
July 4294July 4294Cabinet Proposal of July 4294
October 4294October 4294Cabinet Proposal of October 4294
December 4294July 4295RP: Standing Parliamentary Rules of the Senate of the Solentian Social Republic
February 4295June 4295Restoration of Cultural Heritage II
April 4295April 4295Animal rights act, 4295
April 4296April 4296Higher Educational Justice Act, 4296
June 4296June 4296Ratification of the International Entertainment Rating Organization (IERO)
June 4296December 4296G.B. 01/4296: The Pension Reform Act of 4296
December 4296December 4296G.B. 02/4296: The Healthcare Reform Act of 4296
February 4297February 4297Privatising the National Train Operating Company Act, 4297
July 4297January 4298C.N. 01/4297: Nomination of Jens Borg to the Chair of the Senate of the Solentian Social Republic
March 4298March 4298Income tax proposal of March 4298
March 4298March 4298Budget proposal of March 4298
March 4298March 4298Cabinet Proposal of March 4298
June 4298August 4298Protection of Life Act, 4298
June 4298August 4298Universal Voucher System Act, 4298
June 4298August 4298Withdrawal from Fascist treaties Act, 4298
May 4300May 4300O.B. 01/4300: The Cannabis Morality Act of 4300
July 4300November 4300Women Rights Act
January 4301January 4301O.B. 01/4301: The Bank Reform Act
October 4301November 4303Economic Reform Act
January 4302January 4302Income tax proposal of January 4302
January 4302January 4302Socialized Healthcare Accessibility Act
October 4302October 4302Call for early elections, October 4302
September 4305January 4306People's Education Bill
December 4305August 4318Workers' Councils Act
February 4306February 4306Budget proposal of February 4306
September 4306April 4307Abolition of Private Ownership Act of September 4306
May 4309May 4313Workers' Solidarity Act
August 4311August 4311Cabinet Proposal of August 4311
August 4311August 4311Restoring Our Culture
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Global Peacekeeping Organization - Peace Troops
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Act (PLA)
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Climate Change Council
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the International University
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Abortion Protection treaty
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Education For All
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
November 4311November 4311Citizen's Act
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Free Healthcare For All
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the International Agreement On Education
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Treaty of Clovisport on Sexual Freedom
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the The Comprehensive Gay Rights Treaty
November 4311November 4311Secular Act
November 4311November 4311Ratification of the Freedom of Our People Treaty
June 4312April 4313Fix The Flag (correct bill)
July 4312July 4312Call for early elections, July 4312
July 4312April 4313Ratification of the Anti-Racism Treaty
July 4312April 4313Ratification of the Healthcare Access Act
July 4312April 4313The Solentian Climate Agreement alterations
July 4312April 4313Ratification of the Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on Kalopia
July 4312April 4313Ratification of the Majatran Socialist Defensive Treaty
July 4312April 4313Ratification of the Treaty on The Rights of Women
June 4313June 4313Ratification of the United Chariot League
January 4314May 4314Ratification of the The Solentian Climate Agreement
March 4314March 4314Television act of 4314
November 4314November 4314Military act of 4314
July 4315December 4316Court System Restructuring Act
July 4315December 4316War Profiteering Act
September 4315September 4315Mine Use Act of 4315
June 4316January 4318Ratification of the International treaty to protect Ahmadi minorities
August 4316December 4316Self-Harm Prevention Act
December 4317April 4318Advertising Reform Act
September 4318August 4320RP-Law: Opposition Rights Act
October 4318October 4318Bank Freedom act of 4318
March 4319September 4319Proposal for a Solentian City Planning Department (or NCPD)
August 4320March 4322RP-Law: Bank secrecy Act
September 4320September 4320Commercial use of the national flag bill
November 4320July 4321Medication Accessibility Act
April 4321November 4321Vote of no confidence and fresh elections
March 4322March 4322RP-law: Border Wall Act
March 4322March 4322Cabinet Proposal of March 4322
March 4322March 4322Budget proposal of March 4322
March 4322March 4322RP-Law:Lorry Toll Act
March 4322March 4322Name change of Solentia (4322)
March 4322May 4322Parliament is absolut Act
March 4322August 4322Morality Tax Act
March 4322August 4323Immigration Act
March 4322August 4323Universal consciption Act
March 4322August 4323Energy Sector Deregulation Act
April 4322April 4322New Name to Reflect the Power of the Solentian People
October 4322October 4322Health reforms of October 4322
October 4322October 4322Economic Reforms of October 4322
March 4323March 4323Call for early elections, March 4323
April 4323October 4323Morality Law Reform Act
June 4323June 4323Cabinet Proposal of June 4323
August 4323August 4323Income tax proposal of August 4323
August 4323August 4323Salary Cap Act
September 4323July 4324Labor Disaster Prevention Act
September 4323July 4324Medical Innovation Act
September 4323October 4324Harmful Cult Persecution Act
September 4323October 4324Mutually Assured Destruction Doctrine
December 4323December 4323Call for early elections, December 4323
December 4323July 4324Repeal of "RP-Law: Lorry Toll Act"
December 4323July 4324Rebuilding Relations Act
December 4323July 4324Rebuilding Solentia
February 4324July 4324Repeal of, "RP-law: Border Wall Act" (of November 4322)
June 4324November 4324Conscientious Objection Act
June 4324November 4324Repeal Bank Secrecy Act
June 4324November 4324Immigration and International Travel Reform Act
June 4324December 4324Nationalization of Key Industries Act
July 4324July 4324Reversal of 'Universal consciption Act' [sic]
February 4325August 4325The People's Diplomatic Immunity Abolishment Act
May 4325May 4325Cabinet Proposal of May 4325
August 4325August 4325Freedom of the Press
August 4325August 4325Minimum Wage Increase Act
August 4325August 4325Surrogacy Freedom
August 4325August 4325Public Works
November 4325November 4325Vote Seat B Cobura
December 4325December 4325Ratification of the Medication Accessibility Act
December 4325May 4326RP-Law: Peaceful Politicians Act
January 4326January 4326Public Infrastructure
January 4326January 4326Stock Exchange Availability
January 4326June 4326Austonean Social Democrat Tax Plan
May 4326May 4326Nomination for Security Council Seat A
July 4326July 4326Aquatic Life Survival Act
August 4326August 4326Repeal of, "RP: Standing Parliamentary Rules of the Senate of the Solentian Social Republic"
April 4327December 4328Great Morality Bill of 4327
July 4328August 4328Reintroduction of Right to Life Bill
July 4328December 4328Arms Export Bill
July 4328December 4328Banking Reform Bill
August 4328August 4328Budget proposal of August 4328
August 4328August 4328Repal of the ASD Tax Plan
August 4328August 4328Repeal of the Peaceful Politicians Act
August 4328August 4328Cabinet Proposal of August 4328
August 4328August 4328Paramilitary Act
August 4328August 4328RP-Law: Vehicle Toll Act
August 4328August 4328RP-Law: Bank secrecy Act
August 4328August 4328Repeal of the Medication Acessibility Act
August 4328March 4329Tax Reform Act
August 4328May 4329RP-law: Border Safety Act
September 4328September 4328Name Change of Solentia (4328)
September 4328September 4328Budget proposal of September 4328
September 4328September 4328Freedom of Persecution Act
September 4328September 4328Repeal of the RP-Law: Proscription of Treasonous Party Faschistische Nationalbewegung
September 4328October 4328RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Highest Court of Justice Act
September 4328March 4329Political donor act
September 4328March 4329Seat Reduction Act
October 4328March 4329Income tax proposal of October 4328
May 4329May 4329Environment Protection Act
May 4329August 4329Moral Value Act
August 4329February 4330FNB Future Importance
October 4329March 4331Communist Scum Act
February 4330February 4330Energy bill
March 4330March 4330Ratification of the Istalian-Solentian Economic and Free Trade Agrement.
April 4330February 4331RRP Election bill
May 4330May 4330Call for early elections, May 4330
February 4331February 4331Cabinet Proposal of February 4331
March 4331March 4331Repeal of the RP-Law: Proscription of Treasonous Party Faschistische Nationalbewegung
March 4331March 4331RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Highest Court of Justice Act
March 4331March 4331Repeal of the Austonean Social Democrat Tax Plan
March 4331March 4331Repeal of the Peaceful Politicians Act
March 4331March 4331Repeal of the Medication Acessibility Act
March 4331March 4331RP-law: Border Safety Act
March 4331March 4331Seat Reduction Act
March 4331March 4331RP-Law: Bank secrecy Act
March 4331March 4331RP-Law: Vehicle Toll Act
March 4331October 4331Budget proposal of March 4331
March 4331October 4331Income tax proposal of March 4331
May 4331May 4331Edit
September 4332September 4332Economic Morality Act
September 4332May 4333Health Act
March 4333August 4333Essentiel Tax Act
March 4333June 4335Identity Card Abolishment Act
March 4333June 4335Citizenship Act
August 4333August 4333Private Economy Act
August 4333November 4333Budget proposal of August 4333
August 4333November 4333Income tax proposal of August 4333
October 4334December 4334Cryptocurrency Reform Act
September 4335February 4336Communism Crush Act
September 4335February 4336The right place for women is at home Act
March 4336March 4336Ratification of the Beiteynu-Solentia Economic and Diplomacy Treaty
March 4336March 4336Biological-Nuclear-Chemical Act
April 4336April 4336Budget proposal of April 4336
April 4336April 4336Civil Rights Act
June 4336June 4336Essentiel Goods Act Tax
July 4336April 4337Civil Rights Reforms
July 4336April 4337Gun laws for a safer society
July 4336July 4338Gambling Regulations
August 4336April 4337Abortion Policy Reform Act
September 4336February 4337Call for early elections, September 4336
November 4336April 4337Ratification of the Jakania-Solentia treaty of security
April 4337July 4338Child Labour Reform
April 4337July 4338Corporate Responsibility and Accountability Bill
April 4337July 4338Essential Goods Tax Relief
August 4337August 4337OOC: Resolution against an Roman/Italian Solentia
February 4338February 4338Call for early elections, February 4338
May 4338May 4338Slavary Abolishment Act
August 4339August 4339Call for early elections, August 4339
August 4339January 4340Education Reform
October 4339November 4339Civil Liberties Reform Act (Re-Introduction)
January 4340March 4340Environment Protection Bill
January 4340March 4340Clean Energy Bill
May 4340May 4342Immigration and Citizenship Reform Act (Re-Introduction)
October 4340October 4340Cabinet Proposal of October 4340
March 4341October 4341RP-Law: Usage of Nuclear Weapons
September 4341December 4341Immigration Reform Bill 4341
October 4341October 4341Patent Bill
November 4341March 4342Private Economy Act
March 4342March 4342Budget proposal of March 4342
February 4343February 4343RP-Law: Vanukean-Solentian Nuclear Deal
May 4343October 4344Political Paramilitaries Act
December 4343December 4343Immigration Reform Act, December 4343
October 4345December 4345Healthcare Reform Act
October 4345December 4345Economic reform act
September 4346September 4346Private Economy Act
August 4349August 4349OOC: Exit from the Role Play Accord
September 4349September 4349Privitaisation Act
September 4349September 4349Vote of no confidence into the President
April 4350October 4350Agriculture Policy
April 4350October 4350Healthcare Reform Act
April 4350October 4350Industrial Hemp Regulations
August 4352August 4352Tax Act
August 4352August 4352Nationality Act
August 4352February 4353Free Economy Bill
August 4352May 4353Punish the scum Act
December 4352October 4354FMPE Economic Reform Bill
July 4353October 4353Infrastructure Reforms
July 4353October 4353Privatisation of internet service providers
July 4353October 4353Stem cell research regulations
October 4353October 4353Budget proposal of October 4353
October 4353October 4353The government's stance on the source code of software.
February 4357June 4357Central Bank reform bill
February 4357June 4357Policy on political education
October 4357October 4357Income tax proposal of October 4357
March 4358March 4358Declaration of Friendship with our neigbours
August 4358August 4358Moral Right Act
November 4359November 4359FNB Bill
March 4360March 4360Call for early elections, March 4360
October 4360October 4360Cabinet Proposal of October 4360
February 4361August 4361Budget proposal of February 4361
August 4362August 4362National Music Act
August 4362August 4362Private Education Act
February 4363April 4363Income tax proposal of February 4363
October 4364October 4364Budget proposal of October 4364
September 4368September 4368Cabinet Proposal of September 4368
November 4369January 4370Solentia School Act
August 4370October 4371Census Act
August 4370January 4373National Foreigner and Minority Card
September 4371October 4371Civil Liberties Reform
October 4371October 4371Anti Environment Act
November 4373November 4373OOC: Opt out from the Global Role Play Accord
November 4374November 4374Bill: OOC: Opt out from the Global Role Play Accord
April 4379June 4379Foreign policy reform
April 4379June 4379Defence Policy Reform
March 4382March 4382Military Coup Act
March 4382March 4382Concentration of unworthy life act
December 4383October 4384Solentian Infrastructure Modernization Act
April 4386April 4386Seat Reduction Act of 4386
October 4387September 4390Modification of the Current Abhorrent State Names Chosen by an Erratic Regime to Reflect a More Accurate Solentia Act of 4387
December 4392December 4392Military Personel and Equipment Act of 4392
May 4400December 4400Free Speech Act of 4400
August 4406August 4406Ratification of the Tukarali Diplomatic and Economic Cooperation Treaty
February 4408January 4409RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Chief of military Act
February 4419February 4419Population Growth Act
February 4419February 4419Balistic missle development Act
March 4419March 4419RP-Constitutional ambendment: State of Emergency
March 4419March 4419Seat Reduction Act
March 4419March 4419RP-Law: World Congress Cooperation Act
March 4419March 4419Cabinet Proposal of March 4419
March 4419March 4419Law Act
August 4419August 4419Election Bill
August 4419August 4419Coalition Act
August 4419August 4419RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: First Soldier Act
April 4420April 4420Budget proposal of April 4420
November 4420November 4420Anti Abortion Bill
February 4436October 4436Visibility Act
April 4438March 4441Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
April 4438March 4441Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
April 4438March 4441Ratification of the MUN Observer States
April 4438March 4441Ratification of the Majatran Free Trade Association Treaty
April 4438January 4442Ratification of the TERRAN CRICKET COUNCIL (TCC)
April 4438January 4442Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
April 4438January 4442Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
February 4446February 4446RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Military Administration
February 4446February 4446Proposal Act
March 4447March 4447Budget proposal of March 4447
February 4448February 4448Budget proposal of February 4448
February 4448December 4448Election Bill
September 4448September 4448Biological, Nuclear and Chemical Weapons Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Military Administration Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Census Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448State of Emergency Repeal Act of December 4445 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Military Coup Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448National Foreigner and Minority Card Repeal Act of September 4448
September 4448September 4448Ballistic Missile Development Repeal Act of September 4448
September 4448September 4448Communist Scum Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Concentration of Unworthy Life Repeal Act of September 4448
September 4448September 4448World Congress Cooperation Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Border Safety Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Highest Court of Justice Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448Bank Secrecy Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
September 4448September 4448First Soldier Repeal Act of September 4448 (role-play law)
February 4450February 4450Marriage Act of May 4450
February 4450February 4450Salary Act of February 4450
May 4450May 4450Local Forest Management Act of May 4450
May 4450May 4450Cars Act of May 4450
January 4451January 4451transport
November 4451November 4451Age Act of November 4451
November 4451November 4451Identity Card Act of November 4451
November 4451November 4451Multiple Citizenship Act of November 4451
November 4451November 4451Retirement Act of November 4451
November 4451November 4451(Placeholder)
September 4452September 4452RP-Law: World Congress Cooperation Act
September 4452September 4452Balistic missle development Act
September 4452September 4452Biological, Nuclear and Chemical Weapons Act
September 4452September 4452RP Law: Border Safety Act
September 4452September 4452Concentration of Unworthy Life Act
September 4452September 4452Highest Court Act: Constitutional amendment
September 4452September 4452National Foreigner and Minority Card
June 4453June 4453Age Act
June 4453June 4453Traditional Marriage Act
June 4453February 4454Citizenship Act
June 4453September 4454Cars Act
February 4454February 4454Local Government Enhancement Act
February 4454June 4454Military Act
February 4454January 4455Member of the Senate Pay Act
September 4455September 4455Call for early elections, September 4455
July 4456December 4456Budget proposal of July 4456
July 4456December 4456Communist Surveillance Act
June 4457June 4457Church Act
June 4457September 4457Ponography Act
June 4457January 4458Crossdressing Act
June 4457January 4458Protection of democracy Act
July 4457January 4458Wolfenstein Disease Containment Act
August 4457January 4458Term Length Act
August 4458September 4458Call for early elections, August 4458
March 4461March 4461Anti Environment Act
March 4461March 4461Criminal Voting Act
March 4461March 4461Ratification of the Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
March 4461March 4461Refuse disposal Act
March 4461July 4461White paper on defence
December 4462December 4462Budget proposal of December 4462
July 4463July 4463General Environment Act
August 4463September 4463Woman deserve the right to work.
December 4463December 4463Call for early elections, December 4463
July 4464July 4464Radical Right-Wing Bill
July 4464July 4464Head of state and head of Government separation act
September 4464September 4464Millitary Renewall act of 4464
March 4465March 4465Call for early elections, March 4465
January 4466January 4466Head of government rename of 4466
February 4466February 4466Cabinet Proposal of February 4466
February 4466July 4466Coalition Compromise Act
September 4466December 4466Budget proposal of September 4466
February 4467February 4467Call for early elections, February 4467
March 4467April 4467Solentian-Istalian memorandum of understanding
March 4467July 4467Continuous Conservative Act
March 4467August 4467Military-Police Combination
April 4467April 4467Cabinet Proposal of April 4467
September 4467September 4467Budget proposal of September 4467
February 4468March 4468NSDAP Administration Outlaw Act
February 4468March 4468Retirement Age Act
February 4468January 4469Conservative Renewal Act
March 4468March 4468Executive order overrule Act
March 4468March 4468Rp-Law changes repeal Act
March 4468March 4468NSDAP Administration Outlaw Act
July 4468January 4469Non administration support for radical parties
July 4468January 4469Budget proposal of July 4468
July 4468January 4469Abolishment Act
September 4468September 4468Call for early elections, September 4468
January 4469January 4469RP-law: Border Safety Act
January 4469January 4469Emergency Term Length Act
January 4469January 4469Rp-Law: Opposition Rights Act
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Highest Court of Justice Act
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: Bank secrecy Act
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Administration and Justice Act
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: Vehicle toll act
January 4469January 4469World Congress Cooperation Act
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Military Administration
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: National Foreigner and Minority Card
January 4469January 4469RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: First Soldier Act
January 4469January 4469Biological-Nuclear-Chemical Act
January 4469January 4469RP-Constitutional ambendment: State of Emergency
January 4469June 4471RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Citizens Rights Charta
September 4469September 4469Call for early elections, September 4469
March 4471March 4471Head of State Act
March 4471June 4473Back to the kitchen Act
June 4473June 4473Gambling Act
August 4473August 4473Ratification of the Dorvik and Solentia treaty of cooperation
February 4477February 4477Income tax proposal of February 4477
February 4477February 4477Solentian Channel-Port Project
June 4477June 4477RP-Law: Aiport Construction Act
July 4477July 4477Non administration support for radical parties Act
September 4479September 4479Budget proposal of September 4479
September 4479December 4479Transfer of power: End of military coup
January 4480January 4480Resolution 'Eminent domain compensation'
July 4481July 4481Cabinet Proposal of July 4481
July 4481July 4481Budget proposal of July 4481
October 4481October 4481Health care - a change for the better
December 4481June 4482Term Length Act
January 4482June 4482Ratification of the Eliminate Slavery Treaty
January 4482June 4482Pension Age Act
July 4482July 4482Resolution 'Pollution regulations'
January 4483January 4483Divorce Act
January 4483January 4483Corporation tax
January 4484January 4484Happy Childhood
December 4484June 4485Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Treaty
July 4488October 4488Capital punishment prohibitive resolution
July 4488October 4488Rights of the minorities
July 4489September 4493Ratification of the Republiek van Seridjan and United Solentian Republic treaty of cooperation
December 4490December 4490Environmental Protection
July 4492July 4492Cabinet Proposal of July 4492
July 4492July 4492Administration Act
December 4492December 4492Administration Bill II
January 4493January 4493Budget proposal of January 4493
March 4498March 4498Right Wing Bill
June 4498June 4498Voting Rights Expansion Act 4998
June 4500June 4500Women's Right To Work Bill 4500
June 4500June 4500The Freedoms Act 4500
February 4501February 4501Environment Act
February 4501February 4501Conservative Country Act
February 4501February 4501Inferior Life Act
February 4501February 4501Right place for women act
January 4502January 4502Infrastructure Reform Bill of 4502
August 4502January 4503Military Reform Act of 4502
August 4502February 4503Euthanasia Act
January 4503January 4503Homosexuality Act 4503
January 4503January 4503Open Solentia Bill 4503
January 4503January 4503Cannabis Legalisation Act
January 4503January 4503Nobody Is Immune Act 4503
July 4503July 4503Justice Reform Act 4503
January 4504January 4504Social Reform Act of 4504
February 4504February 4504Border Safety Act
April 4504April 4504Family Rights Act of 4504
July 4504July 4504Child Labour Abolition Act
June 4506June 4506Cabinet Proposal Reform Act
June 4506June 4506Proposal Introduction Reform Act
June 4506June 4506Legislative Term Extension Act of 4506
June 4506June 4506Cabinet Proposal of June 4506
June 4506June 4506Senate Expansion Act of 4506
February 4507February 4507Call for early elections, February 4507
February 4507June 4507BDL omnibus bill
March 4507June 4507Investigation commitee: Women in government
June 4507June 4507Vote of no confidence in the government and president
July 4507July 4507Sexual Industries Act
February 4508February 4508Cabinet Proposal of February 4508
February 4508March 4509Compromise Act
March 4508March 4508BDL omnibus
March 4508December 4508Call for early elections, March 4508
February 4509February 4509Call for early elections, February 4509
February 4510February 4510Conservative Country Act
February 4510February 4510Income tax proposal of February 4510
December 4510March 4511The Education for All Act of 4510
January 4511January 4511Budget proposal of January 4511
January 4511January 4511Cabinet Proposal of January 4511
January 4511January 4511Call for early elections, January 4511
June 4511June 4511Science Reform Act of 4511
July 4511July 4511Women's Right To Work Act 4511
July 4511July 4511Cabinet Proposal of July 4511
January 4512January 4512PDR-1: LGBTQ Reform Act
January 4512January 4512PDR-5: Religion Reform Act
January 4512January 4512PDR-4: Miscellaneous Social Reforms
January 4512January 4512SUL-2: Child Labor Act
January 4512January 4512PDR-3: Women's Rights Act
January 4512January 4512PDR-2: Racial Rights Act
December 4512December 4512PDR-7: The Banks Act
December 4512December 4512PDR-8: The Tobacco Act
June 4513June 4513Cabinet Proposal of June 4513
July 4513July 4513Beaucracy Reduction Act
July 4513July 4513Democracy Act
July 4513July 4513Moral decency Act
July 4513July 4513Back to the kitchen Act
January 4515January 4515Call for early elections, January 4515
February 4515February 4515Call for early elections, February 4515
March 4515March 4515Cabinet Proposal of March 4515
July 4518July 4518Cabinet Proposal of July 4518
July 4519July 4519Duel Legalization
December 4521December 4521Cabinet Proposal of December 4521
January 4524March 4524a new dawn
February 4524February 4524Call for early elections, February 4524
February 4524March 4524Defending our people
June 4525June 4525United Conservative Bills
January 4527January 4529Education Deregulation
January 4528January 4528Cabinet Proposal of January 4528
January 4529January 4529Counter-Bill to the Conservative Rights Act
January 4532January 4532Cabinet Proposal of January 4532
August 4534August 4534Immigration Reform
May 4535May 4535Sales tax reform.
September 4535March 4536Retirement age
January 4536March 4536Corporation tax
January 4536March 4536Equality in the Military Act
March 4536March 4536Minimum Wage Act
March 4536March 4536Minimum Income Rights
March 4536March 4536Homeless Shelter Act
April 4536April 4536Nobility Act
September 4536September 4536Union Legalizaton
September 4536September 4536Health Care reform
October 4536October 4536Hunting regulation
October 4536October 4536Employment rights
February 4537June 4537BDL Act
April 4537April 4537Call for early elections, April 4537
June 4537June 4537Cabinet Proposal of June 4537
June 4537June 4537Income tax proposal of June 4537
June 4537June 4537Emergency Budget Act
July 4537September 4537Budget proposal of July 4537
September 4537November 4537Minimum Wage Abolishment Act
September 4537November 4537Abolishment of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism
February 4538June 4538Income tax proposal of February 4538
June 4538August 4538Communist Oppression Act
September 4538December 4538Private Healthcare Act
July 4539September 4539BDL Act
September 4539December 4539Budget proposal of September 4539
June 4540June 4540Cabinet Proposal of June 4540
June 4540November 4540Conservative Future Act
June 4540November 4540Budget proposal of June 4540
December 4540December 4540Budget proposal of December 4540
February 4541June 4541Proper Punishment Act
February 4541June 4541Democratic Enhancement Act
February 4541June 4541Fiscal Responsibility Act
June 4541July 4541Cabinet Proposal of June 4541
February 4542February 4542Budget proposal of February 4542
February 4542September 4542Corporation tax
February 4542December 4542General conservative Act
March 4542July 4542Abolishment Of The Penalty Of Death Act.
March 4542September 4542Welfare bill
September 4542September 4542Budget proposal of September 4542
October 4542October 4542Sales tax
October 4542October 4542Union Revolution
March 4543March 4543Budget proposal of March 4543
March 4543March 4543Income tax proposal of March 4543
March 4543March 4543Cabinet Proposal of March 4543
March 4543December 4543Compromise Act
March 4543December 4543Minimum wage reform
March 4543December 4543Age consideration bill
July 4543July 4543Call for early elections, July 4543
August 4543August 4543Budget proposal of August 4543
September 4543September 4543Education Act
September 4543September 4543Economic Rescue Package for EXS Inc
September 4543September 4543Universal Healthcare Act
February 4544December 4544The Children's Act
July 4544July 4544Budget proposal of July 4544
July 4544December 4544Fail-safe Act
August 4544August 4544Call for early elections, August 4544
August 4544December 4544Coalition Act
August 4544December 4544Budget proposal of August 4544
September 4544November 4544Tax policy
December 4544December 4544Abolishing Authoritarian Law Act
December 4544December 4544Seats change
December 4544December 4544Emergency Budget proposal of December 4544
December 4544May 4545Woman's Act
January 4545January 4545Repeal of RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: First Soldier Act
January 4545January 4545Cabinet Proposal of January 4545
April 4545April 4545End Weapons of Mass Destruction Act
June 4545June 4545Repeal of RP-Law: World Congress Cooperation Act
July 4545July 4545Establishment Of A 'Deep Space Radiation Detection Unit'
August 4545August 4545Budget proposal of August 4545
August 4545August 4545Adding a capital M to Prime Minister
August 4545August 4545Income tax proposal of August 4545
August 4545August 4545Repeal of Multiple RP-Laws
August 4545February 4546Conscientious Objector Rights
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Luthori Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Protect the right of a republic
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Global Peacekeeping Organization - Peace Troops
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Justice Treaty
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Abandonment of Monarchies and all other Hereditary Forms of Head of State
September 4545September 4545Withdarawal Act
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Kalistan National Cricket Council (KNCC)
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Independence of Government employees treaty
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery Treaty.
September 4545September 4545Call for the Arrest of First Soldier Freiherr Xaver zu Hintermooser
September 4545September 4545Ratification of the The Progressive Science Treaty
September 4545January 4546Repeal of RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Highest Court of Justice Act
June 4546June 4546Budget proposal of June 4546
June 4546June 4546Income tax proposal of June 4546
June 4546December 4546Conservative Future Act
December 4546December 4546Vehicle Toll Act
December 4546December 4546Bank Secrecy Act
December 4546December 4546Chemicals Weapon Act
December 4546December 4546Border Safety Act
December 4546December 4546Fail-Safe Abolishment Act
December 4546December 4546Compromise Act
December 4546December 4546Hosian Democratic Alliance Banning Act
December 4546December 4546Budget proposal of December 4546
December 4546December 4547Income tax proposal of December 4546
March 4547July 4547Fair Jury Act
May 4547May 4547Emergency Act
August 4547August 4547Religion Bill
August 4547August 4547Cabinet Proposal of August 4547
September 4547September 4547Morality Act (4548)
October 4547October 4547Call for early elections, October 4547
November 4547November 4547Compromise Act
December 4547June 4548Compromise Act
December 4547June 4548Act Of Resistance
January 4548January 4548Budget proposal of January 4548
January 4548June 4548Treaty Withdrawl
February 4548June 4548DCP Resolution
June 4548June 4548A vote for solidarity with the LGBT community
June 4548June 4548Budget proposal of June 4548
November 4548November 4548Expulsion of the BdL
November 4548November 4548Improving Budget Deficit
November 4548May 4550Gov. Announcement: Budget allocation
December 4548December 4548Income tax proposal of December 4548
January 4549August 4549Racial Equality Act
February 4549February 4549Call for early elections, February 4549
May 4549May 4549Call for early elections, May 4549
June 4549July 4549Budget proposal of June 4549
June 4549August 4549The Creation Of A National Health Service
June 4549May 4550Senat Treason Act
June 4549May 4550Repeal Act
June 4549May 4550Fiscal Responsibility Act
June 4549May 4550Garbage Camp Act
July 4549July 4549Church-State Seperation Act
July 4549July 4549Military Reform Act
January 4550January 4550Call for early elections, January 4550
January 4550May 4550Corporate Tax Act
June 4550June 4550Repeal of Call for the Arrest of First Soldier Freiherr Xaver zu Hintermooser
June 4550June 4550Cabinet Proposal of June 4550
July 4550December 4550Budget proposal of July 4550
November 4550January 4551SSS Act
December 4550January 4551Military Rescue Act
December 4550June 4551Economic freedom Act
July 4551July 4551Complete Military Reform
July 4551January 4554Justice Reform
December 4551January 4554Infrastructure Act
January 4552January 4552Income tax proposal of January 4552
February 4553February 4556Economic Reform Act
November 4553November 4553Call for early elections, November 4553
December 4553February 4554Income tax proposal of December 4553
January 4554January 4554Coalition Reform
January 4554January 4554Luthori For Seat A
January 4554January 4554Budget proposal of January 4554
January 4554January 4554Senator reform
January 4554January 4554Taxes reducing
January 4554January 4554Income tax proposal of January 4554
February 4554February 4554Cabinet Proposal of February 4554
February 4554February 4554Withdraw Law
February 4554February 4554Quota increase
February 4554February 4554Civil Freedoms Act
June 4554June 4554Employment rights enhancement bill
June 4554June 4554Reform Bill I
July 4554July 4554Ecological Impact Reduction
July 4554August 4554Faschistische Union Resolution and Questions
August 4554August 4554Educational Reform Bill
December 4554December 4554Senate compromise Act
January 4555January 4555Food and Agriculture Bill
February 4555February 4555Militairy Reform
February 4555February 4555RP Law: Anti-Fascist Protection
February 4555February 4555DCP Compromise
February 4555February 4555Budget proposal of February 4555
February 4555February 4555Income tax proposal of February 4555
February 4555February 4555The Reduction Of Coal Produced Energy
May 4555May 4555Corporation tax bill
July 4555February 4556Istalia Conflict
December 4555January 4556Immigration Act
December 4555January 4556Welfare - Pension Act
January 4556January 4556Budget proposal for payable pensions
February 4556February 4556Kalopia Invitation
February 4556February 4556Immigration & Refugee Policy Review
February 4556February 4556Religous Freedom Bill
July 4556July 4556Solentian Coalition
September 4556February 4557Withdraw of treaty
September 4556February 4557Salary Act
November 4556November 4556Call for early elections, November 4556, Due to DCP inactivation
February 4557February 4557Militairy Reform
May 4557May 4557Retirement age
May 4557May 4557Cabinet Proposal of May 4557
May 4557May 4557Bipartisan World
July 4557July 4557Education reform
July 4557July 4557Morality act
July 4557July 4557Economic deregulation act
July 4557July 4557Tax reform
October 4557October 4557Political Independence workers
November 4557November 4557Budget proposal of November 4557
November 4557November 4557Pension discontinuation Act
November 4557November 4557Income tax proposal of November 4557
February 4558February 4558Budget proposal of February 4558
February 4558February 4558Urgent Cabinet Proposal.
February 4558February 4558Health Care reform
February 4558February 4558church of solentia
April 4558April 4558Solentia Security Council Act
April 4558April 4558Sales tax cuts
April 4558April 4558Income tax proposal of April 4558
July 4558April 4560Corporate Tax Reform
February 4559February 4559Kizenia/New Endralon Treaty.
June 4559June 4559Educational Reform Bill II
May 4560April 4561Conservative Act of 4560
June 4560June 4560RP: Removal of Fortified Installments on the Border of Istalia.
September 4560May 4561Ratification of the Kizenia-USR Treaty of Cooperation
December 4560May 4561Military Rights Act
December 4560May 4561Right to Work Act of 4561
February 4561February 4561Call for early elections, February 4561
February 4561April 4561The Repealing Act of Facist Laws
March 4561March 4561Cabinet Proposal of March 4561
April 4561April 4561Budget proposal of April 4561
April 4561April 4561Income tax proposal of April 4561
May 4561July 4561Healthcare Freedom Act
August 4561August 4561Conservative Reform Act
August 4561March 4562Threats to National Security!
November 4561November 4561Corporate tax cut
November 4561November 4561Abolish the luxury tax
August 4562August 4562Budget proposal of August 4562
September 4562August 4563Solentia-Istalia Tunnel
March 4563August 4563Removal of Dorvik treaty
April 4563October 4563Cabinet Proposal of April 4563
July 4563July 4563Call for early elections, July 4563
November 4563February 4564No Cloning In This Country!!!
November 4563February 4564Random Changes of 4563
May 4564July 4564Reform bill
May 4564August 4565National Anthem Change
May 4564August 4565Ratification of the Istalian-Solentian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development
October 4564October 4564Budget proposal of October 4564
October 4564October 4564Illegal Cloning Act
October 4564August 4565Ratification of the Anti-Terrorism Cooperation Treaty
January 4565January 4565Cabinet Proposal of January 4565
February 4565August 4565Random Changes of 4565
February 4566February 4566Seat Enlargement Act
July 4566September 4566Budget proposal of July 4566
July 4566August 4567Agriculture Bill of 4566
August 4566November 4566Leaving Death Penalty Treaty.
September 4566August 4567Solentian Railgun Project
October 4567October 4567Conservative Changes
July 4568August 4568Free Trade Act of 4568
August 4568October 4568Navy Roster Proposal
November 4568August 4569Changes for the Better
September 4569January 4570A Fresh New Start for the USR
January 4570March 4570The Creation of the Solentian Geologic Survey
June 4570June 4570Conservative reform bill
August 4571August 4571Call for early elections, August 4571
August 4571August 4571Cabinet Proposal of August 4571
October 4571October 4571Call for early elections, October 4571
October 4571October 4571Cabinet Proposal of October 4571
March 4572March 4572RP: State of The Union from President Ronald McReagan.
March 4572March 4572Cabinet Proposal of March 4572
July 4572September 4572Conservative Changes 2.0
January 4573January 4573Fair Justice Act of 4573
January 4573January 4573McReaganomics
August 4573August 4573Budget proposal of August 4573
September 4573February 4574TOC Privatisation
October 4574November 4574Ratification of the Pro Life Alliance
November 4574November 4574Ratification of the Anti-Sodomy Treaty
July 4575July 4575Call for early elections, July 4575
July 4575September 4575Ratification of the Free Market Protection Treaty
January 4576January 4576Budget proposal of January 4576
March 4576March 4576Foreign Affairs Bill
March 4576March 4576Ecology Act
August 4576August 4576RP: Modernization of Solentia
August 4576August 4576New and Updated Cabinet
April 4577April 4577Income tax proposal of April 4577
April 4577April 4577Income tax proposal of April 4577
August 4577September 4577Budget proposal of August 4577
October 4577February 4578Ratification of the Worldwide Free Trade Agreement
December 4577December 4577Call for early elections, December 4577
April 4578April 4578Budget proposal of April 4578
July 4579July 4579Cabinet Proposal of July 4579
February 4580February 4580Cabinet Proposal of February 4580
June 4580June 4580Call for early elections, June 4580
September 4580September 4580Establishment of the Senate Investigations Committee
September 4580September 4580RP: Indictment of Former President Donald Mump and Current Vice President Mike Fence For Attempted War Crimes and Corruption.
May 4581October 4581A New Flag
May 4581October 4581NEW NAME
July 4582August 4582Health Care Reform II
September 4582September 4582Conservative Future
March 4583March 4583Income tax proposal of March 4583
March 4584May 4585Better Education Act
July 4584April 4585Income tax proposal of July 4584
August 4584August 4585New Solentia
September 4584September 4584Budget proposal of September 4584
September 4584May 4585Education Improvement Act
November 4584April 4585Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
November 4584April 4585Ratification of the Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)
January 4585January 4585Call for early elections, January 4585
May 4585May 4585Tax change
May 4585May 4585Cabinet Proposal of May 4585
June 4585June 4585Employment Rights and Enhancement Bill
July 4585July 4585Ratification of the Official Lourennais Treaty of Diplomacy and Cooperation
July 4585July 4585Income tax proposal of July 4585
January 4586January 4586Bill for safe and healthier Solentia
January 4586January 4586Budget proposal of January 4586
February 4586June 4586Solentian Reform Bill - Extended.
March 4586March 4586RP: New Solentian Name, "Democratic Solentian Republic"
March 4586March 4586Cabinet Proposal of March 4586
November 4586March 4587The Gold Standerd Act of 4586
March 4587March 4587Kush Act
March 4587March 4587Furthering Opportunities Act
February 4588February 4588Call for early elections, February 4588
February 4589November 4589RP: Preventing a Y46K bug.
March 4589March 4589Call for early elections, March 4589
February 4590February 4590Change flag
March 4590March 4590Restoring Human Rights Act of 4590
March 4590March 4590Quality Content Act
March 4590March 4590Civil Liberties Bill of 4590
March 4590March 4590Environmental Protections Act of 4590
November 4590November 4590Expanding Liberties for LGBT
September 4591September 4592Ratification of the World Justice Organization (WJO)
September 4591September 4592Increasing Freedoms Going into 4600
November 4591November 4591Call for early elections, November 4591
March 4592September 4592RP: Encouraging Other Nations to Improve Human Rights.
July 4592July 4592Call for early elections, July 4592
August 4592August 4592Budget proposal of August 4592
August 4592August 4592Cabinet Proposal of August 4592
August 4592August 4592Income tax proposal of August 4592
August 4592August 4592Economy regulation Bill
September 4594April 4595Curbing Anti-Terrorism in the name of Freedom
September 4594April 4595Healthcare for All Act
February 4595April 4595Keep Government Out of People's Lives
March 4595March 4595Call for early elections, March 4595
February 4596March 4596National Sport Act of 4596
March 4596March 4596Own Your Own Act of 4596
January 4597May 4597Sanctions Against Kazulia
January 4597September 4597Deeds over DNA Act of 4597
January 4597October 4597Treaties Update Act
May 4597May 4597Cabinet Proposal of May 4597
July 4597July 4597Anti-Mump Act
August 4597January 4598Invincibility Act 4597
October 4597October 4597Cabinet Proposal of October 4597
July 4598July 4598Decreasing Regulations and Increasing Civil Liberties
January 4599January 4599Income tax proposal of January 4599
January 4599January 4599Budget proposal of January 4599
April 4599May 4599Preventing Climate Change
February 4600February 4600Cabinet Proposal of February 4600
September 4600August 4601Immigration Reform
September 4600August 4601Fixing Trade
April 4601October 4601Military Service, yes even you......
April 4601September 4603Proposal from Malivia
August 4601August 4601Cabinet Proposal of August 4601
April 4602April 4603Essential Services Bill, 4602
December 4602April 4603Relaxed Regulation Bill , 4603
September 4603September 4603Ratification of the Hiram Convention of 4599: Preservation of the International Democratic Institutions
September 4603September 4603Ratification of the Agreement to Sanction the Most Serene Republic of Pontesi, 4598
September 4603April 4604Surplus Revenue Distrubution Act, 4603
February 4605August 4605Rights Reform
August 4605August 4605Cabinet Proposal of August 4605
June 4606June 4606Defence Strategy Ammendment, 4606
October 4606June 4607Freedom of Morality Act, 4606
September 4607June 4609Fisheries and Wildlife Regulations Amendment, 4607
May 4609May 4609Common Sense Military
June 4612June 4615International Act of 4612
December 4614June 4616Health Care Expansion Act
October 4615March 4630Parliament (Privilege of Members) Act
April 4616April 4616Cabinet Proposal of April 4616
June 4616June 4616Income tax proposal of June 4616
October 4616April 4623Adoption Act
September 4619September 4619Unrestricted Industries Act, 2019
March 4620March 4620Budget proposal of March 4620
October 4620October 4620Cabinet Proposal of October 4620
October 4620June 4621Relaxing Capital Punishment Act, 4621
April 4623April 4628National Insurance (Unemployment Assistance and Pensions) Act
July 4627July 4627Cabinet Proposal of July 4627
July 4627April 4628Bank of Solentia Act
July 4627April 4628Education Act
July 4627April 4628Citizenship Act
July 4627April 4628Parliament (Extension of Parlimantary Terms) Act, 4627
April 4628April 4628Judiciary (Reform) Act
April 4628April 4628Agriculture (Food Safety and Security) Act
April 4628April 4628Income tax proposal of April 4628
April 4628April 4628Budget proposal of April 4628
July 4628July 4628Constitution (Amendment) Act, 4628
July 4628July 4628Unrestricted Industries (Repeal) Act
July 4628July 4628Ratification of the Declaration of Kanjor Neutrality
July 4628July 4628Ratification of the Recognition of Pontesi's Permanent Neutrality
July 4628July 4628Ratification of the Nations United Against Fascism Treaty
July 4628July 4628Civil Liberties (Reform) Act
April 4629August 4629Religious Organizations (Taxation and Remuneration) Act
April 4629August 4629Titles of Nobility (Non-issuance) Act
April 4629August 4629Cultural Entities (Museums and Libraries) Act
April 4629August 4629Infrastructure (Highways, Fire Protection, Postal Service and Nuclear Energy) Act
May 4629August 4629Appropriations Act of 4629
May 4629August 4629Income tax proposal of May 4629
January 4631March 4633Environmental Protection Act 4631
April 4632April 4632Cabinet Proposal of April 4632
May 4632May 4632Income tax proposal of May 4632
May 4632May 4632Budget proposal of May 4632
June 4632June 4632Military Strength Bill
July 4632July 4632Change of National Flag
November 4632November 4632Socialist Charter
June 4633June 4633Socialist Charter II
December 4633December 4633Socialist Charter III
September 4634September 4634Socialist Charter IV
September 4635September 4635Socialist Charter V
July 4636July 4636Call for early elections, July 4636
December 4637December 4637Treaty Withdrawal
June 4640June 4640NLP - Proposal
August 4640November 4640Change to the constitution and length of a term
November 4640November 4640Animal Rights act of 4640
November 4640November 4640Political Education Act of 4640
December 4640December 4640NLP - Proposal 1
May 4641July 4641Early Elections
November 4641November 4641Cabinet Proposal of November 4641
December 4641December 4641NLP-12 Economic Liberalization attempt 2
December 4641December 4641Advertising Restrictions Act of 4641
February 4642February 4642Ethical Tariffs Act of 4642
May 4642May 4642Income tax proposal of May 4642
July 4642July 4642NLP-14 Liberty of choice
August 4642August 4642Adultery Act of 4642
December 4642July 4643NLP-17 Small economic reform
January 4643July 4643NLP-18 Compromise on Economic bill
February 4643July 4643NC Infrastrcture Revitalization Act of 4643 (NC-IRA-4643)
February 4643August 4643The Freedom Of Speech in Schools Act
May 4643July 4643The Independant Schools Bill
June 4643June 4643Discussions on Early Elections
June 4643July 4643NLP-19 Federalism
June 4643July 4643NLP-21 Foreign
July 4643July 4643The re-naming of parliament
July 4643July 4643NLP - Tax income proposal 1
July 4643July 4643NLP - Budget proposal 2
July 4643July 4643NLP-22 Third Wave of Economic Reform
July 4643July 4643NLP - Exiting unnecessary treaties III
July 4643July 4643NLP- Right-wing Government Coalition 4643
July 4643July 4643The Privatization and Economic Liberty Bill
August 4643August 4643Abolition of corporate tax
October 4643October 4643NLP-24 Pragmatic policy on wages
October 4643October 4643The Pension reform bill
October 4643October 4643The second re-naming bill
December 4643January 4644NLP - Reestablishing old Solentian values
January 4644January 4644The cultural expenses reform bill.
January 4644January 4644NLP-26 Economic Freedom VI
January 4644January 4644Do not forget to check the forum for newspapers and create own if wanting!
April 4644April 4644Head Of State Name Change.
May 4644May 4644NLP-28 Abolition of VAT taxes
June 4644June 4644NLP - Exiting unnecessary treaties V
June 4644June 4644NLP-29 Police
June 4644June 4644NLP - Exiting unnecessary treaties IV
July 4644July 4644NLP-32 Economic reform VII
July 4644July 4644Diplomatic Immunity Act.
July 4644July 4644NLP-31 School reform
July 4644July 4644NLP-30 Economic reform VI
August 4644August 4644The animal safety and ethics bill
November 4644November 4644Ratification of the Istalian-Solentian Economic and Free Trade Agrement.
November 4644November 4644NLP-34 Religious reforms
November 4644November 4644NLP-36 Economic Liberalization VII
November 4644November 4644NLP-33 State religion
November 4644November 4644Ratification of the Sanctions on Lodamun 4644
November 4644November 4644NLP - Clearing bills
November 4644November 4644NLP - Promise
November 4644November 4644Ratification of the Istalian-Solentian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development
December 4644December 4644The Privatization and economic freedoms bill
December 4644December 4644NLP-38 Police II
December 4644December 4644NLP-37 Economic reform VIII
February 4645February 4645The Law and Order act
May 4645May 4645NLP-39 School Reform III
June 4645June 4645NLP-42 Political reform
June 4645June 4645The land mine compromise bill
June 4645June 4645Ratification of the Dosmund Climate Accords
June 4645June 4645NLP-41 Economic Reform Bill IX
July 4645July 4645NLP-43 Economic Reform X
July 4645July 4645NLP - Compromise bill
July 4645July 4645The waste disposal bill
July 4645August 4645NC Deregulation Omnibus Bill of 4645 (NC-DOB-4645)
August 4645August 4645The second law and order act.
August 4645August 4645Budget proposal of August 4645
August 4645August 4645NLP-41 Reforms
August 4645August 4645Ratification of the Halion Convention | Declaration of Business Rights | 4644
December 4645December 4645NLP-47 Final reform for this turn
December 4645December 4645NLP - Exiting unnecessary treaties VI
March 4646March 4646GP CL Bill No.1
March 4646July 4646State Of Emergency Dispersement.
October 4646October 4646Ratification of the International Terran Bank
July 4647July 4647NLP-49 Economic Reform XI
July 4647July 4647NLP-48 Inauguration bill
July 4647July 4647NLP-53 Extra reforms
July 4647July 4647NLP-52 Deregulation on cars
July 4647July 4647NLP - Cabinet Update
July 4647July 4647NLP-51 Refugee crisis
December 4647May 4648NLP - Early Elections proposed
July 4648July 4648The Abortion Bill
July 4648July 4648NLP-54 Clear Capitalist Dominance
July 4648July 4648NLP-60 Judicial Reform I
July 4648July 4648NLP-59 Traditional Family Values Bill
July 4648July 4648NLP-58 Economic Reform XI
July 4648July 4648Gender Identity Inside Marriage Act
July 4648July 4648NLP-57 Conservative Omnibus Bill
July 4648July 4648Prioritizing National Security Bill
July 4648July 4648NLP-56 Foreign issue
July 4648July 4648The Fourth Education Reform Bill
July 4648July 4648NLP - Cabinet Update II
August 4648February 4656NC Welfare Reform Act of 4648 (NC-WRA-4648)
December 4648December 4648Income tax proposal of December 4648
December 4648December 4648Budget proposal of December 4648
May 4649May 4649NLP-62 Anti drugs
May 4649May 4649NLP-61 Moral Bill
May 4649June 4649NLP-63 Economic Reform XII
June 4649June 4649NLP - Teaching leftists what FASCISM means
August 4649August 4649The PP deregulation bill
February 4650February 4650The Marriage Bill of 4650
April 4650April 4650NLP - Official apologies
July 4650July 4650PPS - Renaming nation
July 4650July 4650Budget proposal of July 4650
July 4650July 4650PPS-3 Federalism
July 4650July 4650PPS-2 Regulating the markets
July 4650July 4650Cabinet Proposal of July 4650
July 4650July 4650PPS-1 Protectionism
July 4650July 4650PPS-0 Renewal
February 4651February 4651The Anti-Discrimination Act
February 4651February 4651The Minimum Wage Bill
November 4651November 4651Call for early elections, November 4651
May 4652May 4652The Environmental Protection Bill
June 4652November 4652Trade Union Act 4652
June 4652November 4652Freedom Act 4652
January 4653August 4653Advisory Debate
January 4653August 4653The Freedom Of Gender Bill
August 4653November 4654The Abortion Reform Bill
November 4654January 4656The Fiscal Reform Act I
November 4654January 4656Budget proposal of November 4654
November 4654January 4656Income tax proposal of November 4654
October 4655October 4655Cabinet Proposal of October 4655
October 4655February 4656National Capitalist Omnibus Bill of 4655 (NC-OB-4655)
October 4655February 4656National Capitalist Freedom of Expression and Religion Act of 4655 (NC-FOERA-4655)
December 4659January 4660Protection of Endangered Animals act of 4559
September 4660January 4661Citizens Rights Protection (CRP) act Part 1 of 4660
August 4662July 4663A better Solentia For All
February 4663February 4663Call for early elections, February 4663
July 4663July 4663Forest Management Reform.
August 4663August 4663Reform of Solentia
August 4663August 4663Cabinet Proposal of August 4663
February 4664February 4664Weapon Concealment Reform.
February 4664February 4664OOC: Role Play Change- Vote of No Confidence
February 4664February 4664Budget proposal of February 4664
February 4664February 4664Income tax proposal of February 4664
March 4664March 4664Conscription Act.
March 4664March 4664Workers First Act
March 4664March 4664Green Real Deal
March 4664March 4664Workers Rights Bill
June 4664June 4664Workers Over Economy Act.
September 4665September 4665Call for early elections, September 4665
December 4665February 4666No Corporate Welfare Act of 4665
December 4665February 4666Taxation of Religious Organizations Act of 4665
December 4665February 4666Religious Schools Act of 4665
January 4666January 4666Local Government Reform.
January 4666January 4666Population Control Reform.
January 4666January 4666Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Act.
January 4666January 4666Food and beverage labeling regulations reform.
July 4666July 4666Asylum Act.
September 4666June 4667Electoral Duration Reform.
February 4667September 4675Economic Reform Act
March 4667March 4667Call for early elections, March 4667
March 4667June 4667Loan Interest Reform.
March 4667June 4667Electoral District Reform.
March 4667February 4674Campaign Finance Reform Act
July 4667July 4667Cabinet Proposal of July 4667
July 4667July 4667Modern Infrastructure Act
September 4667September 4667Budget proposal of September 4667
September 4667September 4667Income tax proposal of September 4667
September 4667September 4667Cabinet Proposal of September 4667
July 4668July 4668Democratic Workers' Councils Act of 4668
January 4672January 4672Prohibition of Religious Schools.
January 4672January 4672Country Name Change
January 4672January 4672Prostitution Reform Act Of January 4672
January 4672January 4672Gender Definition Reform January 4672
September 4672September 4672Inheritance Law Reform Of September 4672
February 4673September 4673Budget proposal of February 4673
July 4673July 4673Call for early elections, July 4673
February 4674February 4674Alchoholic Beverages Reform of 4674
February 4674February 4674Advertising Reform of 4674
September 4677September 4677Reestablish the Presidency
September 4677September 4677Cabinet Proposal of September 4677
July 4678January 4679Abortion Policy Reform 4678
July 4678January 4679Racial Registration Reform.
September 4678September 4678Vote of No Confidence Upon David Terry
January 4679January 4679Energy regulation of 4679
July 4680July 4680Cabinet Proposal of July 4680
July 4680July 4680Call for early elections, July 4680
July 4680August 4680National Council Name Change
July 4680August 4680Cabinet Proposal Reform.
September 4680September 4680Budget proposal of September 4680
January 4681January 4681Capital Name Change
January 4681January 4681Private Clinics Prohibition
January 4681January 4681Economic Reform of 4681
January 4681January 4681Budget proposal of January 4681
January 4681February 4681Private Clinics Prohibition
February 4683August 4683Country Name Change
April 4683April 4683Call for early elections, April 4683
April 4683April 4683Call for early elections, April 4683
July 4683July 4683Green Party - Health Bill
July 4683July 4683Green Party - Health Bill
July 4687July 4687Power Protection Act
September 4693September 4693Cabinet Proposal of September 4693
September 4693September 4693Law on the Establishment of the Ahmadi Republic of Solentia
July 4694July 4694Economic Revival Law
July 4694July 4694Solentian Religious Law
July 4694July 4694RP: Majatranization of Solentia
July 4694July 4694State Militia Law
August 4695August 4695Income tax proposal of August 4695
August 4695August 4695Foreign Affairs Law
September 4695September 4695Flag Law
January 4699January 4699Capital City Act
January 4699December 4700Cultural Protocols of Solentia - January, 2020
March 4699April 4700RP: Council of the Republic general elections, September, 4699
July 4699April 4700Welfare Affairs Law
July 4699April 4700Economic Reform Act
February 4700February 4700Military Law
July 4716July 4716Destourian Revolution of 4716
July 4716July 4716Prosperity Act
July 4716July 4716Stability Act I
July 4716July 4716Secularism Act
July 4716July 4716Senate Creation Act
July 4716July 4716Cabinet Proposal of July 4716
July 4716December 4740Stability Act II
August 4718August 4718Call for early elections, August 4718
February 4739February 4739Cabinet Proposal of February 4739
August 4739August 4739Banner Act 4739
August 4740August 4740MP-19
December 4740December 4740Parliamentary Procedure Act
December 4740December 4740Banner Act 4740
August 4741August 4741MP-28
February 4742February 4743MP-40
February 4742February 4743MP-39
July 4742February 4743MP-42
July 4742February 4743MP-41
February 4743February 4743Medxch-1
February 4743February 4743Cabinet Proposal of February 4743
February 4743February 4743re-47 Government Power Act
February 4743February 4743re-47 Government Power Act
February 4743February 4743re-47 Government Power Act
February 4743February 4743re-47 Government Power Act
February 4743February 4743re-47 Abortiom Bill
March 4743March 4743213321
August 4743August 4743Cabinet Proposal of August 4743
August 4743February 4744Restoration of Parliamentarism Act
January 4744January 4744Call for early elections, January 4744
February 4750February 4750Assembly Size Act
June 4759June 4759Cabinet Proposal of June 4759
June 4769June 4769Cabinet Proposal of June 4769
June 4784August 4784Solentian National Sport
November 4792November 4792Cabinet Proposal of November 4792
November 4792November 4792State Morality Act
April 4793April 4793Solentia Flag
January 4794January 4794Administration Bill
July 4799July 4799Ba'athist Reform Platform
October 4799October 4799Cabinet Proposal of October 4799
October 4799April 4800Reform
March 4800March 4800Call for early elections, March 4800
November 4800November 4800Ba'athist Reform 2
January 4802January 4802Reforms
December 4802December 4802More reforms!
July 4805July 4805More reforms!
May 4821August 4822AnNAP Major Privitazation Bill
August 4822August 4822(AnNAP-SAA4822)Solentian Anthem Act of 4822
August 4822August 4822(AnNAP-SRA4822)Solentia Rename Act of 4822
August 4822August 4822Cabinet Proposal of August 4822
August 4822August 4822(AnNAP-GRSA4822) Government Restructuring Act of 4822
November 4823November 4823Call for early elections, November 4823
November 4823March 4824Budget proposal of November 4823
December 4823March 4824(AnNAP-RSSCA4823) Renaming Solentian States and Cities Act of 4823
December 4823March 4824Income tax proposal of December 4823
March 4824June 4824(AnNAP-SFCA4824) Solentian Flag Change Act of 4824
May 4824May 4824(AnNAP-SCRVA4824)Solentian Complete Re-Vitalization Act
May 4824December 4824(AnNAP-GERSB4824) Government and Economic Re-Structuring Bill of 4824
December 4825December 4825(AnNAP-ReformsAct4825)AnNAP Reforms Act
May 4827May 48274827 Freedom of Expression
December 4829December 4829Electoral Reforms 4829
December 4829January 4830Governmental Reform 4829
December 4829January 48304829 Healthcare Bill
April 4830May 48304830
May 4830May 4830Cabinet Proposal of May 4830
November 4830November 48304830 Education Bill
November 4831November 4831Flag Change 4831
January 4832January 48324832 Infrastructure Bill
February 4834February 4834Social Security and Welfare Reform Agenda
April 4834April 4834Governmental Reform 4834
May 4834May 4834Ecology Bill 4834
September 4834September 4834Anti Fake News Act
October 4834October 4834Social Reform
April 4835April 4835Foreign Policy 4835
April 4835April 4835Flag Change 4835
June 4836June 4836Health Bill 4836
June 4836June 48364836 Arms Bill
March 4838March 48384838 Ecology Bill
March 4838March 4838Judicial Reform 4838
February 4839February 4839Cabinet Proposal of February 4839
May 4839May 4839Budget proposal of May 4839
May 4839May 4839Income tax proposal of May 4839
May 4839May 4839Economic (Banking System) Reform
October 4839October 4839Military Reform
November 4839November 4839Healthcare Plan 4839
June 4840June 4840Budget proposal of June 4840
August 4840August 4840Nature Preservation Act 4840
November 4840November 4840Free Education for All 4840
September 4841September 4841Call for early elections, September 4841
November 4841November 4841Healthcare Reform Bill
November 4841November 4841Environmental Bil 4841
November 4841November 4841Cabinet Proposal of November 4841
April 4843November 4843Trade Market Reform 4843
May 4843November 4843Social Act 4843
September 4843September 4843Call for early elections, September 4843
September 4843November 4843Media Censorship Act 4843
November 4843November 4843Budget proposal of November 4843
May 4845May 4845Call for early elections, May 4845
May 4845May 4845Cabinet Proposal of May 4845
June 4845June 4845Budget proposal of June 4845
October 4845October 4845Cabinet Proposal of October 4845
May 4848May 4849Trade Reform 4848
April 4849April 4849Whaling Act 4849
May 4849May 4849Abolishment of Mayor Election 4849
May 4849May 4849Corporate Sector Policy 4849
May 4850May 4850Court & Judiciary Reform 4850
November 4850June 4852Freedom of Love 4850
February 4851June 4852Foreign Policy 4851
August 4851August 4851Cabinet Proposal of August 4851
October 4851October 4851Housing Policy 4851
October 4851October 4851Income tax proposal of October 4851
November 4852November 4852Budget proposal of November 4852
June 4853June 4853Call for early elections, June 4853
March 4854April 4854Freedom of Religious Belief 4854
June 4854June 4854Corp Act 4854
April 4855April 4855Call for early elections, April 4855
April 4855October 4855Foreign Policy 4855
April 4855October 4855Prostitution Act 4855
May 4855October 4855Healthy Solentian 4855
February 4856June 4858STDU Treaty 4856
June 4856June 4856Call for early elections, June 4856
November 4856June 4858Ratification of the International Agreement on Nuclear Non-Proliferation (IANN)
March 4857March 4857Call for early elections, March 4857
July 4857October 4857Call for early elections, July 4857
October 4857June 4858Compulsory Retirement 4857
April 4858April 4858Call for early elections, April 4858
April 4858June 4858CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM 4858
March 4859March 4859Ratification of the Southern Terra Diplomatic Union
November 4860November 4860Call for early elections, November 4860
March 4861March 4861National Registration Act 4861
October 4862October 4862Call for early elections, October 4862
December 4862May 4863Smoking Ban Bill of 4862
January 4864January 4864Agriculture Reform Compromise of 4864
January 4864March 4864Support of Dankuk for Seat D of the World Congress' Security Council
December 4864June 4865Sexually implicit actions in public Bill of 4864
April 4865April 4865Call for early elections, April 4865
April 4867April 4867Federal New Years Days
November 4869April 4870Reform of the Governments stance on Monopolies
December 4870December 4870Fair and Balanced Cabinet Act
December 4870June 4871FREEDOM ACT of 4871
December 4870June 4871Return Solentia to It's Old Ways Act of 4871
November 4871November 4871Regulation of School Prayer Bill
November 4871November 4871Bill on Foreign Relations and Trade
November 4871November 4871Reform Bill
November 4871November 4871Bill on the States policy on Nuclear Weapons
April 4872May 4872Call for early elections, April 4872
October 4872December 4872Cabinet Proposal of October 4872
April 4873April 4873Reformation Bill
June 4876June 4876Security Council Election
July 4877July 4877SOLENTIA FIRST
June 4880June 4880Cabinet Proposal of June 4880
February 4881July 4881FREEDOM ACT
October 4881October 4881Cabinet Proposal of October 4881
June 4882June 4882Revised Solentian Reform Act
November 4882November 4882Positions Bill
July 4883July 48832 Random Changes
August 4884August 4884Bipartisan Cabinet of 4884
December 4884December 4884Constitutional Amendment Revisions (REVISED)
December 4884December 4884Positions Bill
January 4887January 4887Cabinet Proposal of January 4887
August 4887August 4887Banning Cruel and Unreasonable Punishment
June 4888June 4888New National Sport
February 4889February 4889Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
August 4892August 4892Humanitarian Act
July 4893July 4894Population Identification Act.
September 4893September 4893Cabinet Proposal of September 4893
September 4893December 4893Facism Loyalty Bill
September 4893December 4893Tax Bill
September 4893June 4894Clean Up Bill
June 4894September 4894Budget proposal of June 4894
June 4894September 4894Income tax proposal of June 4894
June 4895August 4897Religion Registry Act
September 4895September 4895Minimum Wage Abolishment Act
September 4895September 4895Personal Freedom Act
September 4895September 4895Military Privitaization Bill
December 4895August 4896Call for early elections, December 4895
October 4896October 4896Budget proposal of October 4896
October 4896October 4896Cabinet Proposal of October 4896
September 4898September 4898Religious Bill
March 4900March 4900Budget proposal of March 4900
March 4900March 4900Cabinet Proposal of March 4900
March 4900March 4901Government Change Act
September 4900October 4900City Government Act.
October 4900March 4901Women into the kitchen Act
March 4907March 4907Facist Change Act
February 4912February 4912Return to Normalcy Act
December 4913December 4913Cabinet Proposal of December 4913
February 4917February 4917Dictatorship Bill
April 4918April 4918Call for early elections, April 4918
October 4924June 4925Power Act
July 4926July 4926Call for early elections, July 4926
September 4934September 4934RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: State of Emergency Act
September 4934September 4934RP-Law: Constitutional amendment: Military Power Act
June 4976June 4976Formation of the Ahmadi Republic of Solentia, June 4976
February 4977February 4977Cabinet Proposal of February 4977
February 4977February 4977Formation of the Solentian National Defence and Security Forcs (SNDSF) - Feb 4977
February 4977February 4977Formation of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) - Feb 4977
February 4977February 4977Formation of the Ahmadi Republic of Solentia - Nation Rename
February 4977February 4977National Anthem - 4977
February 4977February 4977Law and Order - Feb 4977
February 4977February 4977Religious Reform - Feb 4977
December 4978December 4978National Sports and Animal
June 4979June 4979Ahmadi Virtue Bill
June 4979June 4979Treaty Withdrawl Bill
June 4979June 4979Recognition of Solentian Tribal Law Bill
May 4983August 4983Constitution of the Ahmadi Republic of Solentia
August 4983August 4983Cabinet Proposal of August 4983
June 4984June 4984Treaty Affairs Act
June 4984June 4984Foreign Affairs Relation Act
June 4984June 4984Religious Affairs Act
June 4984June 4984Legislative Seats Act
June 4984June 4984OOC: City/Region Renaming
June 4984June 4984OOC: Government structure fix
June 4984June 4984RP: Presidential Decree N° 1
November 5005November 5005OCC: Renaming the country
November 5005November 5005Cabinet Proposal of November 5005
March 5006April 5006Administrative bill
April 5006April 5006Military reform
November 5007November 5007Health reform
November 5008November 5008Economic reform
February 5010February 5011Reforms
September 5011September 5011Budget proposal of September 5011
September 5011September 5011Income tax proposal of September 5011
November 5027November 5027Changin the name of the State
October 5029October 5029Cabinet Proposal of October 5029
September 5030September 5030On noble titles
October 5031October 5031Prostitution law
January 5033February 5033Constitutional reform
February 5033February 5033Cabinet Proposal of February 5033
February 5033February 5033Changing the flag
November 5034November 5034Cabinet Proposal of November 5034
November 5034November 5034Call for early elections, November 5034
November 5034April 5035RP: National Assembly election results (updated) 27/11/2021
April 5035April 5035Cabinet Proposal of April 5035
April 5035April 5035Oficial Languages
July 5038December 5038National Assembly election results (updated) 04/12/2021
July 5038January 5039Revival of the churches
November 5038January 5039Opening of stock exchange(s).
December 5038December 5038OCC: Cultural Protocols of Solentia - 2021
January 5040January 5040Ratification of the Establishment of the Majatran Economic Association (4704)
October 5042February 5043OCC: Cultural Protocols of Solentia - 2021
February 5043February 5043Cabinet Proposal of February 5043
November 5052November 5052OCC: Cultural Protocols of Solentia - (January 2022)
March 5055March 5055Cabinet Proposal of March 5055
November 5060November 5060Security Council Election
October 5069October 5069Voting for luthori
August 5109August 5109Treaty of Oda, 5110
August 5109May 5110Religion - Official Status of Ahmadism and Protected Status for other religions.
July 5110July 5110National Directorate of Security Bill
July 5110July 5110Protection of Womanhood Bill
July 5110August 5110Deviancy and Ahmadi Codes Bill
December 5110December 5110Tribal Laws Bill
December 5110December 5110Ratification of the Kalopian Official Neutrality and Diplomatic Treaty
December 5110December 5110Cabinet Proposal of December 5110
December 5110December 5114Formation of the Ahmadi Republic of Solentia
January 5111June 5111Official Languages - 5111
June 5111June 5111Infrastructure Reform Bill
June 5111June 5111Education Age Bill
June 5111June 5111Retirement Age Bill
June 5111June 5111RP: Istalia Military Training, Equipment and Basing
July 5111July 5111End of Agricultural Communism Bill
July 5111July 5111Fruits of the Sea Bill
September 5113June 5114Judicial Reform Bill
December 5114December 5114Education Reform Bill
March 5136March 5136No Surrender Bill
May 5136August 5137Taxation Bill
November 5136December 5136RP: Seizure of the Solentian Capital Oda and Establishment of the Ahmadi Emirate of Solentia
November 5136August 5137Renewed Implementation of Shariah and Solentiwali Tribal Law
August 5137August 5137Head of State Fix Part A
August 5137August 5137RP: Establishment of the Ahmadi Emirate of Solentia
August 5137August 5137Income tax proposal of August 5137
September 5137January 5138RP: Peace Talks with Abadi Tribes
December 5137December 5137Budget proposal of December 5137
December 5137December 5137Proposals to Encourage Economic Growth and International Investment in Solentia
August 5138August 5138Call for early elections, August 5138
August 5138December 5138Woman and Public Places Bill
January 5139January 5139Update to Tribal Laws
January 5139January 5139Drones Bill
January 5139January 5139Arms Sales
January 5139January 5139Emirate Reforms Package
January 5139January 5139Further Labour Deregulation Bill
January 5139February 5139Ahmadi Compliant Economic Practice
May 5142November 5142Implementation of the Shariah
May 5142November 5142Realistic Health Care Policies
December 5142December 5142Income tax proposal of December 5142
December 5142December 5142Indirect Taxation Revision
December 5142December 5142Elected Emir
December 5142December 5142Budget proposal of December 5142
December 5142December 5142Reformation of Solentian National Defence Forces
August 5143August 5143Passport Policy
August 5143August 5143International Neutrality
August 5143August 5143Sovereignty Protection

Bills defeated

These bills have been defeated[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
November 2116November 2116National Symbols
November 2117November 2117Cabinet Proposal of November 2117
March 2118March 2118Food Saftey Regulations
November 2118November 2118Energy De-Regulation Act
June 2121June 2121National Anthem of Solentian
August 2123August 2123Displays of public affection and obscenity laws Act
October 2123October 2123No homosexuality in the army
January 2124January 2124Treatment of P.O.W's
March 2124March 2124Nationall Sport Proposal
April 2124April 2124Need for identity cards
April 2124April 2124Legalize Capital Punishment Act
June 2124June 2124Religious Reformation Act
September 2124September 2124Freedom of Religion for Schools Act
October 2124October 2124Religious School Tolerance Act
October 2124October 2124Education in Prisons Act
February 2125February 2125Relationship Morality Initiative
April 2125April 2125Have Prisoners Give Back to the Community Act
December 2125December 2125SolentiCare Re-Instatement Act
April 2126April 2126Cabinet Proposal of March 2126
March 2127March 2127Solentian Flag: Solution Voting
March 2127March 2127Extradition Safety Bill
March 2127March 2127Abolishing National Parks Act
March 2127March 2127Labor Union Rights
March 2127March 2127Industrial Health and Safety Regulations
April 2127April 2127Solentian Safety Act
August 2127August 2127SolentiFarms Act
September 2127September 2127Legislative Assembly Identity Act
September 2127September 2127Head of Government Identity Act (HGIA)
October 2127October 2127Nuclear Power De-Centralization (NPDC) Act
October 2127October 2127Research Animal Regulation Bill
October 2127October 2127SolentiPower Extension Act
October 2127October 2127Torture Regulations
November 2127November 2127Serving The Country Act
March 2128March 2128The government's policy concerning who can proceed with adoption; in case adoption is legal Act
March 2128March 2128The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman Act
April 2128April 2128Limit Gambling to Casinos Act
April 2128April 2128Stop Frivilous Lawsuits Act
December 2128December 2128Republic Term Act
February 2129February 2129Cabinet Proposal of February 2129
June 2129June 2129Energy provision
June 2129June 2129Workers Rights Act
June 2129June 2129Gun Laws
June 2129June 2129Tax Reforms Act
June 2129June 2129Sex Workers Reform Act
June 2129June 2129Gay Rights
June 2129June 2129Smoking Reforms Act
June 2129June 2129Pension Reforms Act
June 2129June 2129Abortion Reforms Act
June 2129June 2129Police Reforms Act
June 2129June 2129Equal Proportion of Seats in Regions
June 2129June 2129Torture
June 2129June 2129Gated Communities Reform
June 2129June 2129Industry Ownership
June 2129June 2129Youth Curfew Reforms
July 2129July 2129Cruelty to Animals Act
July 2129July 2129Guarantee of Minimum Income Act
July 2129July 2129Endangered Animals
July 2129July 2129Discipline Reform Act
July 2129July 2129Call for early elections, July 2129
November 2130November 2130Public Housing Act
December 2131December 2131Pornographic Material Legality Bill
December 2131December 2131Gay Rights
December 2131December 2131Prayer in schools
December 2131December 2131Gun Licensing Bill
December 2131December 2131Lyrics of the National Anthem
December 2131December 2131Pollution Regulation Initiative
December 2131December 2131Higher Education Federalization Act
December 2131December 2131Refugee Act
December 2131December 2131National Park Reinstatement Act
December 2131December 2131Legal Aid Expansion Act
December 2131December 2131Religious Education
December 2131December 2131Private Post Offic Regulation Bill
December 2131December 2131Energy Regulation De-centralization
December 2131December 2131Euthanasia Rights
December 2131December 2131Cosmetics Research Regulation
December 2131December 2131Torture Reform Bill
August 2132August 2132Cabinet Proposal of June 2132
May 2133May 2133Relationship Morality Initiative II
February 2134February 2134Home School Legalization
February 2134February 2134Military and National Service Reformation Act
February 2134February 2134Temporary Cabinet Proposal
December 2134December 2134Fishing Quota Relief Initiative
December 2135December 2135A Change of Sport
January 2136January 2136Call for early elections, January 2136
January 2136January 2136A Change of Sport
May 2136May 2136Public Housing act 2136
July 2136July 2136Civil Freedom and Judicial Malpractice Act 2134
August 2136August 2136Religious Advertising Act
August 2136August 2136Firearm Act
August 2136August 2136Smoking Laws
August 2136August 2136Euthanasia
February 2139February 2139State Religion Recognition Act
February 2139February 2139Freedom of Prayer Act
February 2139February 2139Abortions Reforms Act
March 2139March 2139Hunting and Fishing Regulation
April 2140April 2140Workers Democracy Bill 2140
January 2141January 2141Prayer in Schools Act
January 2141January 2141Cabinet Proposal of January 2141
June 2141June 2141CFAAP Religion Manifesto
June 2141June 2141CFAAP Welfare Manifesto
July 2141July 2141Weaponry Reforms Act
July 2141July 2141Intellectual Copyright Act
August 2141August 2141Homosexuality In The Military Act
August 2141August 2141Tobacco Sale Act
August 2141August 2141Anti Anarchy Measure
August 2141August 2141Defence Representation Act
August 2141August 2141Prison Education Reforms
August 2141August 2141Claws of the Falcon Act
March 2142March 2142Restrictive Privacy Initiative
March 2142March 2142Moral & Productive Marriage Act
April 2142April 2142Ratification of the Rights of the Unborn
April 2147April 2147Land Distribution Act
February 2149February 2149Electoral Reform Act
February 2151February 2151Cabinet Proposal of November 2150
February 2152February 2152New Motto, New Solentia
January 2156January 2156Taxation of religious institutions
January 2156January 2156The government's policy concerning the pension system
March 2156March 2156Changes in taxes
March 2156March 2156Chemical Weapon Reform
March 2156March 2156Change in foreign policy
March 2156March 2156Bill concerning religion
March 2156March 2156Bill about ecology
March 2156March 2156Bill about army
April 2156April 2156Transfer of authority local governments
April 2156February 2158Curfew Reform
July 2156July 2156Gay Rights Treaty
July 2156July 2156Animal Rights Treaty
July 2156July 2156New bill
July 2156July 2156Anti Global Warning Treaty
January 2158January 2158Important changes
February 2158March 2158Call for early elections, February 2158
March 2158December 2158The Anti-URP Manifesto To Get Them To Stop Being Fascist
July 2158December 2158Changes in Solentian Republic
July 2158December 2158Local government
October 2158December 2158The professional retirement age.
November 2158May 2159...
June 2159September 2159Early Elections
July 2159July 2159International media
September 2161September 2161Call for early elections, September 2161
March 2163March 2163Income tax proposal of March 2163
November 2165November 2165Sodomy Act
November 2165November 2165Industry Deregulation Act
November 2165November 2165High Education Reform Act
November 2165November 2165Right to Life Act
November 2165November 2165Health Care Privatization Act
May 2166May 2166Industrial Relations Act
July 2166July 2166Right to Life Act
July 2166July 2166Sodomy Act
July 2166July 2166Industry Deregulation Act
January 2167January 2167Welfare Reform Act
January 2167January 2167Dress Code Act
June 2167June 2167The Colonization Bill
October 2167October 2167Call for early elections, October 2167
October 2167October 2167Animal Rights Act
October 2167October 2167Yet Another Anti-religous bill
October 2167October 2167Military Reformation Bill
October 2167November 2168Religous Tax Bill
January 2168January 2168Islamic Sovereignty Act
January 2168January 2168Pro-Business Act
January 2168January 2168Privatization Act
May 2168November 2168Education Act
January 2169January 2169Cabinet Proposal of January 2169
June 2169September 2169Sodomy Act
June 2169October 2169Pro-Business Act
June 2169November 2169Islamic Sovereignty Act
October 2169October 2169Gatsby Reform Act
November 2169November 2169Change the Anthem Bill
November 2169December 2169Privatization Act
December 2169December 2169Autonomy Act
December 2169October 2170Education Reformation Bill
December 2169October 2170Military Reform Act II
May 2170May 2170progressive bill
August 2170August 2170URP ACT II
August 2170August 2170URP ACT
January 2171January 2171Moral Decency Act
September 2171September 2171Gatsby Rform Bill II
March 2172December 2172Keep Tobacco Away From the Kids
December 2172December 2172Medical Marijuana Act
December 2172December 2172Law Enforcement Act
February 2173February 2173Nuclear act
April 2173April 2173New deal III
April 2173April 2173New deal II
November 2173March 2174Slavery Act
April 2174June 2174Declaration of the Rights of the People
June 2174June 2174Secure Homes Act
December 2174December 2176Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
December 2174December 2176Ratification of the Pontesi Free Trade Agreement
April 2175April 2175Welfare Reform Act
April 2175April 2175Right to Bear Arms Act
September 2175September 2175Military reform
September 2175September 2175New act II
September 2175September 2175New act I
September 2175September 2175Science reform
September 2175September 2175Culture reform II
September 2175September 2175Culture reform
September 2175September 2175Education reform
September 2175September 2175Health reform
November 2175November 2175Secular Reform Act
November 2175November 2175Adoption Reform Act
December 2175December 2175Ecology Act of 2175
December 2175December 2175Discrimination Act of 2175
December 2175December 2175National Anthem Act
June 2176December 2176Public Transportation Funding Act
June 2176December 2176Women's Service Act
November 2176December 2176Drug Legalization Bill
December 2176December 2176Taxation of religious institutions
December 2176December 2176Election time
January 2177January 2177Pornography Act
January 2177January 2177Torture Act
April 2177April 2177Child Welfare Act
April 2177April 2177Right To Euthanasia Act
August 2177August 2177Animals Are Property Act
August 2177August 2177Pro-Business Act
August 2177September 2177Morality Act
September 2177September 2177State Religion Act
September 2178September 2178Election time
September 2178September 2178Civil rights
September 2178September 2178Culture act
December 2178December 2178Torture Act
April 2179May 2179Head of State Act 2179
April 2179May 2179Seats in Parliament Act 2179
June 2179June 2179Civil Liberties Act
June 2179June 2179Health And Safety Act
January 2180January 2180Changes in foreign policy
January 2180January 2180Religious act
January 2180January 2180Ecology change
January 2180January 2180Administrative bill
January 2180January 2180Tax reform
February 2180February 2180Women in the Military
February 2180March 2180Market Regulation Act
April 2180April 2180SP Platform
November 2180December 2180Election time
May 2181August 2181Call for early elections, May 2181
November 2182November 2182Call for early elections, November 2182
March 2183March 2183Call for early elections, March 2183
April 2183April 2183Solentian is happy
April 2183April 2183Normal justice
April 2183April 2183Military
April 2183April 2183New deal
April 2183April 2183Bigabu
April 2183April 2183DWC
May 2183May 2183Call for early elections, May 2183
May 2183May 2183The Conservative Act of 2183
January 2184January 2184Rights
March 2184March 2184Culture reform
December 2184December 2184Pension system
December 2184December 2184Election time
January 2185March 2185Income tax proposal of January 2185
May 2185May 2185First act as PM
October 2185February 2187Better Parliment Size
November 2185November 2185Income tax proposal of November 2185
January 2186January 2186New act
September 2186September 2186Call for early elections, September 2186
December 2186February 2187Economic Programme of the CPS
April 2187April 2187Buchanan Act
April 2187April 2187Jordan Baker Act
November 2187November 2187Income tax proposal of November 2187
December 2188December 2188Change II
December 2188December 2188Change I
September 2189September 2189Income tax proposal of September 2189
September 2189September 2189No name act
September 2190September 2190Women in the military
September 2190September 2190Income tax proposal of September 2190
November 2191June 2192Women's Birthright Bill
February 2193September 2193Abortion act II
May 2194June 2196Ecological Protection for the 23rd Century
July 2195July 2195Bill
September 2196September 2197Proposals for a prepared Republic
December 2196December 2196Death penalty
December 2196December 2196Military Act II
December 2196December 2196Pension system
December 2196December 2196Religion Act II
December 2196December 2196Religion Act I
March 2200June 2200Cabinet Proposal of March 2200
June 2200October 2200Evolution of a Revolution Part 1
October 2200December 2200Industrial Relations Bill - Emergency Services Provision
October 2200December 2200Industrial Relations Bill
October 2200December 2200Sexual Minorities Bill
October 2200December 2200Child Labour Bill
December 2200June 2201Anti-Discrimination Act
March 2202June 2202Hunting & Fishing Seasons Bill
March 2202June 2202Population Growth Bill
March 2202June 2202International Trade Bill
March 2202June 2202Control of Religion Bill
March 2202June 2202Civil Partnerships Bill
June 2202June 2202Cabinet Proposal of June 2202
June 2202May 2203Abortion Bill
June 2202May 2203Environmental Regulations in Industry
June 2202May 2203National Service Bill
May 2203November 2203Restoration Bill
May 2203November 2203Solentian Citizenship Bill
February 2204February 2204Nuclear Policy
December 2204September 2205Changing the National Sport
September 2205September 2205Cabinet Proposal of September 2205
September 2205May 2206Second Abortion Bill
September 2205May 2206Food Safety Bill
September 2205May 2206Alcoholic Beverages Bill
September 2205May 2206Euthanasia Bill
September 2205May 2206Identity Cards Bill
September 2205May 2206Equality & Military Service Act
September 2205May 2206Transexual and Transvestite Rights Bill
December 2205December 2205New Act
April 2207April 2207Anti-theist Bill
April 2207October 2207Organ Donation Bill
April 2207October 2207Public Health (Sports and Recreation) Bill
October 2207October 2207Public Safety Act
October 2207October 2207Foreign Investment Reform
October 2207October 2207Nationalisation of Telephone Services Act
October 2207October 2207Future Generations Act
October 2207October 2207Police Freedom Bill
October 2207October 2207Nationalisation of Industry
October 2207October 2207Religion Ban
November 2207April 2208Regulation of Utilities
May 2208May 2208Change the National Animal
June 2208October 2208Anti-discrimination (Government Employment) Bill
June 2208October 2208Foreign Investment (Majority Shareholdings) Bill
June 2208October 2208Trade Unions Bill
October 2208October 2208Fairer Representation Bill
October 2208October 2208State of Emergency Provisions Bill
May 2210May 2210Public Safety Act
September 2210September 2210Prison System Reform
September 2210September 2210Permanent Curfew Act
September 2210September 2210Judiciary Efficiency Act
September 2210September 2210Advertising Ban
November 2210November 2210Guidelines for the Worship of the Sacred Feline
November 2212July 2213Restoration of Rights: Civil Liberties
November 2213November 2213Contraception Act
December 2213December 2213Abortion: Pro-Choice
December 2213December 2213Support our citizens: Minimum Wage
December 2213December 2213Revising the storage of nuclear weapons law:
September 2214March 2215Right to Choice
November 2214April 2215Helping our kids: Home schooling provision.
April 2216April 2216Free Int. Media
April 2216April 2216Public TV and radio is ....
April 2216April 2216Contraception Act
April 2216April 2216Protecting our buisness
April 2216April 2216Freedom sky and ...
May 2216May 2216Cabinet Proposal of 2216
May 2216May 2216WMD Bill
May 2216May 2216Great Act 2
May 2216May 2216Great Act 1
August 2216September 2216Nationalisation Act
September 2216March 2220Religion Ban
May 2217November 2217Allowing for a more stable government
September 2217September 2217Solentian Normal Act 4
September 2217September 2217Solentian Normal Act 3
September 2217September 2217Solentian Normal Act 2
September 2217September 2217Solentian Normal Act 1
December 2217March 2219Government spending changes: Funding - Education, Buisness, Science
April 2218April 2218Pusc baka
April 2218April 2218Mienia penga
April 2218April 2218Kendimata pojebata
April 2218April 2218Cygaro z wasem
April 2218April 2218Gyd myrning
April 2218April 2218Dziadzia
April 2219May 2220Protecting our Country
September 2222February 2225Spending Bill of 2225
May 2228September 2231Spending Bill - To help the people
February 2234February 2234Normalization in Solentian II
February 2234February 2234Normalization in Solentian IV
February 2234February 2234Normalization in Solentian III
February 2236July 2242Defense Reform
February 2236July 2242Health Reform
February 2238July 2242Law Reform
February 2238July 2242Civil Reform
March 2244March 2244Call for early elections, March 2244
February 2251April 2251Protecting vital industries
February 2251April 2251Religious openess
February 2251April 2251Solentian Health Service
February 2251April 2251Regulation of power
April 2251April 2251regulating international media
April 2251April 2251Prison Reform
August 2251August 2251Uniting the nation in sport
August 2251August 2251Re introducing reciprocal tarriffs
August 2251August 2251Greater regulation of tobacco
August 2252August 2252lowering the minimum wage
August 2252August 2252Halting the spread of STDs
August 2252August 2252Homosexual Rights Act
August 2252August 2252Multi-Bill!!
March 2253March 2253Religion Again
October 2253October 2253Legal aid
October 2253October 2253Re-directing child benefits
October 2253October 2253Goverment funded media
October 2254October 2254Religion
May 2257May 2257Manifest "Voice of People"
October 2257November 2257Manifest "VoP" II
November 2257November 2257Bzdury
November 2257November 2257Happy Nation II
November 2257November 2257Happy Nation I
November 2257November 2257Konczcie flaszke i do domu
November 2257November 2257Koniec rzadow nieudacznikow
September 2258September 2258New Deal I
September 2258September 2258New Deal III
September 2258September 2258New Deal II
July 2260July 2260Cabinet Proposal of July 2260
April 2261April 2261Cabinet Proposal of April 2261
December 2261December 2261About the private industry
December 2261December 2261About the workers' rights
March 2262March 2262About the health system
March 2262March 2262About the workers' rights
March 2262March 2262About the private industry II
January 2264January 2264"Happy Solentian"-Manifest
February 2264February 2264About the Health system
February 2264February 2264About the Military
May 2264May 2264HS Manifest II
October 2264October 2264About the Economy
July 2265July 2265About the Media
July 2265July 2265About Civil Liberties
July 2265July 2265About Welfare
November 2265November 2265Gott, Kirche und Land Bill
March 2266August 2266KGB Plan for Solentia
August 2266September 2266Number of seats
November 2266November 2266Budget proposal of November 2266
April 2267April 2267Equal Distribution!
April 2267June 2267KGB Platform
June 2267June 2267Population Crisis!
October 2269October 2269Cabinet Proposal of October 2269
October 2269October 2269Cabinet Proposal of October 2269
December 2269December 2269Solentian Independance
August 2270August 2270Justice Bill
October 2276March 2277New Solentia 1
March 2277March 2277Solentia Expansion Act
April 2277April 2277Junta Proposal on: Industrial Nationalisation
April 2277April 2277Civil Rights Bill
April 2277April 2277The Crusade Step 1
May 2277May 2277The Kafuristani Immigrant Lobby
May 2277May 2277City Creation Bill
September 2277September 2277The Crusade Step 2
October 2277October 2277Economic Freedom/Personal Responsibility
October 2277October 2277Education Reform Omnibus
May 2278May 2278Non-Intervention Act
January 2279January 2279Cabinet Proposal of January 2279
January 2279January 2279Putting Religion Back In to Solentia
March 2279March 2279Coalition Proposal Reform Act
March 2279April 2279Gun Ownership Act
April 2279April 2279Call for early elections, April 2279
May 2279May 2279General Provisions Bill - Section 2
May 2279May 2279General Provisions Bill - Section 1
August 2279September 2279The Crusade Step 5
October 2279October 2279Sex It Up Act
January 2280January 2280Media Bill
January 2280January 2280Income tax proposal of January 2280
July 2280January 2281The Crusade Step 8
October 2280February 2281Drug Legalization Act
October 2280February 2281Nuclear Weapons Ban Act
January 2281January 22811
January 2281January 22815
January 2281January 22813
February 2281February 22818
February 2281February 22817
April 2281April 2281Civic Manifest
November 2282December 2282Radical-Nuncirist Friendship Coalition
June 2283June 2283Ratification of the Treaty to Establish the Seleya Free Trade Zone
December 2284June 2285Budget proposal of December 2284
September 2287September 2287yeah yeah yeah
February 2291February 2291Nuncirist Party Platform (I)
January 2292January 2292Nuncirist Party Platform
November 2292November 2292Civic Reform I
November 2292November 2292Civic Reform IV
November 2292November 2292Civic Reform III
March 2295March 2295Call for early elections, March 2295
October 2296October 2296Call for early elections, October 2296
October 2299October 2299Civic Voice II
February 2302January 2303Supreme Power Motion A002
February 2302January 2303Supreme Power Motion A001
April 2302January 2303Supreme Power Motion A003
September 2303September 2303Supreme Power Motion A005
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill H
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill F
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill E
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill D
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill C
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill B
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill I
April 2305May 2305Unity Bill A
May 2305May 2305Solentia First Bill IV
May 2305May 2305Solentia First Bill II
May 2305May 2305Solentia First Bill I
October 2306October 2306NHSP vii
October 2306October 2306NHSP v
October 2306October 2306NHSP iii
October 2306October 2306NHSP ii
October 2306October 2306NHSP i
October 2306October 2306NHSP xi
October 2306October 2306NHSP viii
February 2307December 2307Term Time
February 2309February 2309Proper Empire iii: HoS
February 2309February 2309Proper Empire iv: HoS
February 2309February 2309Proper Empire ii: Legislature
February 2309February 2309Proper Empire i: Legislature
February 2309February 2309Proper Empire vi: HoG
February 2309February 2309Proper Empire v: HoG
March 2309March 2309Nuncspeak Act of 2309
August 2309August 2309Term Time 2
August 2309August 2309Call for early elections, August 2309
July 2311July 2311Self Determination Act
January 2312January 2312Education Act
January 2312January 2312Freedom of the Arms Industry
December 2312February 2313"Thought Police" Act
February 2315February 2315Medical Freedom Act
July 2315July 2315Das Kapital
February 2316February 2316Freedom of Sale Act
February 2316February 2316Industries Act
April 2316October 2316Isolation and Racial Preservation Act
July 2316July 2316Call for early elections, July 2316
August 2316August 2316Cabinet Changes
September 2316September 2316Military Freedom Act
October 2316October 2316Bill Loosening Treaty
May 2317June 2317Honor and Servitude Act
June 2317June 2317Power Privatisation Act
June 2317June 2317Scientific Freedom Act
May 2318May 2318Isolation and Racial Preservation Act, take 2
May 2318May 2318Cabinet Proposal of May 2318
November 2319April 2320Cabinet Proposal of November 2319
January 2320January 2320Sexual Liberation Act
March 2320March 2320Head of State Act
April 2320April 2320Cabinet Proposal of April 2320
April 2320May 2321Insuring the Unity and Tranquility of the Homeland for the Preservation of Solentia Act
May 2321May 2321Cosmopolitanism and Openness Act
May 2321May 2321Helping Hand of the State Act
August 2321August 2321Social Demands of the Quecha Popular Assembly
August 2321August 2321Democratic Demands of the Quecha Popular Assembly
February 2322February 2322Freedom of thought act
November 2322April 2323Religion Act
December 2322December 2322Omnibus A
February 2323March 2323Deregulation of Industry Act 1
February 2323March 2323Removing the "Nanny State"
April 2323April 2323Civil Restrictions
April 2323April 2323Religious Restrictions
October 2323May 2324AMPSP
May 2324May 2324AMPSP 2
July 2324July 2324Deposing the Coalition of Traitors
November 2324November 2324Cabinet Proposal of November 2324
April 2325April 2325Aid for Allies
May 2325May 2325Cabinet Proposal of May 2325
May 2325May 2325Another Cabinet Try
August 2325August 2325Cabinet Proposal of August 2325
August 2325August 2325Glorious Solentia Coalition
February 2326February 2326For Solentia!
March 2326March 2326Diplomatic Re-organisation Act 2326
March 2326March 2326Warfare Standards and International Development Act 2326
August 2326August 2326Homeland Industries Act
May 2327May 2327Cabinet Proposal of May 2327
August 2327August 2327Restoring Democracy
August 2327August 2327Head of State Act
October 2327October 2327Administrative Terms
October 2327October 2327Leg
October 2327October 2327HoS
October 2327October 2327Titles 2
October 2327October 2327Titles 1
December 2327December 2327Deregulation of Consumption Act
December 2327March 2330Titles
April 2328April 2328AMPSP 3
November 2328June 2329More Happiness!
August 2329August 2329Leg.
October 2329October 2329Stop the Violence!
November 2329November 2329Federalism
March 2330March 2330Titles
March 2330March 2330Capital
November 2330November 2330Nation Name
April 2331April 2331AHH CAPITAL!!! ACT
September 2332September 2332Progress and Industry Act
September 2332September 2332Brotherhood General Act
September 2332September 2332Brotherhood Domination Act
November 2332November 2332BELLUM IN KANJOREM-- MMCCCXXXII
April 2333April 2333Brotherhood General Act, 3
April 2333April 2333Brotherhood General Act, 2
June 2333June 2333Longer Terms
December 2334December 2334Cabinet Proposal of December 2334
February 2335February 2335Onward Solentia Act
July 2335July 2335Legislature Renaming Bill
July 2335January 2336Classicization Bill
August 2336August 2336Brotherhood Act, 2
April 2339April 2339Cabinet Proposal of April 2339
October 2339October 2339Ratification of the United Front Against Nuncirism
October 2339October 2339Yet another Anthem
October 2339October 2339TP Proposals! Mk. 2
October 2339October 2339TP Proposals!
October 2339October 2339Happy Democrat Fun for Everyone
November 2339November 2339Cabinet Proposal of November 2339
November 2339November 2339Cabinet Proposal of November 2339
May 2340May 2340Cabinet Proposal of May 2340
August 2340August 2340Call for early elections, August 2340
August 2340August 2340part B
August 2340September 2340Solentian Names for Solentian Offices!
September 2340September 2340Call for early elections, September 2340
February 2341March 2341TP's Bills - Good for Solentia and stuff
March 2341March 2341TP likes Solentia!
March 2341March 2341The Bill
April 2342April 2342Reform Package B
January 2343January 2343Ratification of the PANTERRAN IMPERIAL CONSTITUTION OF SOLENTIA
March 2343March 2343Cabinet Proposal of March 2343
February 2344February 2344Panterran-Nuncirist Revolutionary Unity Cabinet!
April 2347April 2347Omnibus bill
October 2347October 2347Cabinet Proposal of October 2347
October 2349October 2349Call for early elections, October 2349
January 2352January 2352Reunification Proposal
May 2353October 2353Solentia Perpetua Abolition
September 2353October 2353Treaty Withdrawal Proposal
October 2353October 2353Executive Branch Reformations
October 2353October 2353Legislature Size Bill
October 2353October 2353Provincial Title Renaming Bill
October 2353October 2353Legislature Reform I
October 2353October 2353Executive Branch Reform III
October 2353October 2353Executive Branch Reform II
September 2354September 2354Cabinet Proposal of September 2354
January 2357January 2357Freedom for Solentia
March 2390March 2390SSP Platform I
May 2390May 2390SNP Platform II
September 2390September 2390SNP Platform III
January 2391January 2391PPSS Platform IV
April 2391July 2391Glorious Kingdom of Solentia
July 2391July 2391PPSS Platform 5
September 2392September 2392Military Bill of 2392
September 2392September 2392Foreign Policy Bill of 2392
February 2393March 2394Relgious Doctrines
October 2393March 2394Moral Military Code
October 2393March 2394Economic Revival
October 2393March 2394Assistments to the Maligned
November 2393March 2394New Media
November 2393March 2394.
April 2395April 2395Call for early elections, April 2395
January 2399January 2399Military Bill of 2399
January 2399January 2399Military Bill of 2399
March 2400March 2400The Lolanian Military
April 2400April 2400Call for early elections, April 2400
October 2400October 2400Democratic Reforms
October 2400October 2400National Reforms
March 2401March 2401National Reforms III
March 2401March 2401National Reforms II
March 2401March 2401Lolanian Media Company
April 2402April 2402National Reforms IV
April 2402April 2402The Lolanian Military
September 2402September 2402Federal Cabinet Plan
September 2402September 2402New Market
January 2403January 2403National Reforms V
February 2403February 2403Income tax proposal of February 2403
August 2405August 2405New Legislative Representative
November 2405July 2408The Number of Seats
March 2406November 2406Change V
March 2406November 2406Change IV
March 2406November 2406Change III
March 2406November 2406Change II
March 2406November 2406Change I
November 2406November 2406Change VII
November 2406November 2406Change VI
December 2407December 2407Military
December 2407December 2407Ecology
September 2409October 2410Reformation Act
October 2410October 2410Reform I
October 2410October 2410Reform V
October 2410October 2410Reform III
June 2412January 2413NCP Bill Porposal
September 2413November 2413Holderby-Smith Emminent Domain and Education Reforms Bill
March 2414March 2415Measured Energy Reform Act of 2414
November 2414November 2414Solentian Incumbency Term
August 2415August 2415Call for early elections, August 2415
September 2415November 2415Environmental Law Relaxation Act
September 2416September 2416Patriotic Nation Act
September 2416September 2416Public Transportation Subsidies Act of 2416
August 2417October 2417Fair Citizenship Act
January 2419January 2419Cabinet Proposal of January 2419
April 2419April 2419United Cabinet of 2419
August 2419August 2419Child benefit
August 2419August 2419National Health Care policy.
March 2421March 2421New Act III
March 2421March 2421New Act VII
March 2421March 2421New Act VI
March 2421March 2421New Act I
March 2421March 2421New Act V
May 2422May 2422Reform II
May 2422May 2422Reform I
August 2422September 2422New CPS Reform Bill
October 2422October 2422Manifest "Civic Committee". Part I
March 2423March 2423Manifest "Civic Committee". Part III
March 2423May 2423Cabinet Proposal of March 2423
May 2423May 2423"Election Time"
May 2423May 2423"Propose a cabinet coalition"
May 2423May 2423Ecology Act
May 2423May 2423Military Reform
October 2423November 2423Societal Improvement Act of 2423
February 2424August 2424Disentanglement Act of 2424
May 2425August 2425Cabinet Proposal of May 2425
February 2426October 2426Full Existing Equality Law (FEEL)
April 2428April 2428Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2428 - 2431
February 2429April 2429Cabinet Proposal of February 2429
November 2429November 2429Budget proposal of November 2429
February 2430February 2430Military Reform Bill of 2430
May 2431May 2431Military reform
May 2431May 2431CC2
May 2431May 2431CC1
October 2432April 2433Responsibility Act
April 2434September 2434Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2434 - 2347
March 2435March 2435"The constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature"- change
October 2437March 2438Senate Resolution 10: Freedom to Choose Act (FC Act)
October 2437March 2438Senate Resolution 9: Civil Liberties Advancement-Progression Act (CLAP Act)
October 2437April 2438Senate Resolution 15: Furthering Liberties Act (FL Act)
October 2437April 2438Senate Resolution 11: Peace Establishment Initiation Act (PEI Act)
November 2437November 2437Normal Democracy
July 2438January 2439Media Content Bill 2438
December 2438June 2440Religion Bill 2438
October 2439May 2440Support for Deltarian Militarist Junta Government
September 2440February 2442Solentian Energy Generation Guarantee Act of 2440
September 2440February 2442Agricultural Reorganization Act of 2440
December 2440June 2441Cabinet Proposal of December 2440
February 2441February 2442Senate Resolution 17: Corporate Taxes Modification Act
April 2441April 2441Abortion Ban of 2441
April 2442April 2442Cabinet Proposal of April 2442
October 2442May 2443Cabinet Proposal of October 2442
October 2442August 2443Religion Bill 2442
May 2443August 2444Renaming Bill 2443
July 2444July 2444Senate Resolution 20: New Health Care Act
December 2444December 2444Senate Resolution 21: New Economic Plan
January 2445March 2455Working Hours Bill
June 2445November 2445Bill for the abolition of torture.
August 2445August 2445Senate Resolution 22: General Law Implementation Act
September 2445February 2448Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Weaponary Reform Bill 2445
December 2445January 2446Abolition of espionage agency
August 2446January 2448Separation between police and the military
August 2447November 2447segregationism in solentia
October 2447October 2447Banning Smoking in All Public Places
October 2447October 2447State and Religion
October 2447October 2447immigration problem
November 2447November 2447The Creation of a New Government Department- Families and Local Government
December 2447December 2447revolt risk
December 2447December 2447request
December 2447December 2447Smoking Ban in Public Places
December 2447December 2447clandestin immigration
December 2447December 2447violent crime
February 2448February 2448Cabinet Proposal of February 2448
June 2448July 2448Police and Lethal weapons
July 2448October 2449The Scientist Shall Not Be Bound By Petty Moralities - Andrew Ryan
April 2449August 2449Senate Resolution 25: Federal Flag Introduction Act
August 2449February 2452The keeping of exotic animals.
November 2450November 2450Control over Foreign Visits
February 2452February 2454Government policy concerning the use of pesticides.
March 2452April 2454Nuclear Weapons Bill 2452
March 2452April 2454Economics/Labour Bill 2452
March 2452June 2454National Policy regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction
April 2452April 2452New Flag of Solentia Bill 2452
February 2453February 2453Changing the National Anthem
August 2453April 2454Permenant seperation of the organized church from the Republic
August 2453April 2454MAD(mutually assured destruction) program
October 2453October 2453Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2453 - 2456
April 2454May 2457Flag of Solentia Bill 2454 (Re-introduction)
August 2454December 2454Separation between State and Religion, 1st bill
August 2454February 2455Separation between State and Religion, 2nd bill
August 2454March 2455Separation between State and Religion, 3rd bill
August 2454March 2455Separation between State and Religion, 4th bill
August 2454July 2455Separation between State and Religion, 5th bill
March 2455March 2455total exclusion bill
March 2455March 2455human genome research bill
August 2455September 2455Refugee Bill
September 2455September 2455Call for early elections, September 2455
October 2455March 2457the wartimes defence act.
November 2455November 2458Multicultural Nationals Bill 2455
December 2455January 2457The Extension of rights, privileges and jurisdiction of local governments.
January 2456January 2456Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2456 - 2456
September 2456March 2457Prison Reform Act of 2456
October 2456March 2457The Space Exploration Act of 2456
March 2457April 2457Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2456 - 2459
June 2457December 2458Land Reform Bill
July 2457December 2458Immigration Bill
March 2458October 2459energy crisis act
March 2458October 2459immigration reform act (nwo)
May 2458November 2458Flag of Solentia Bill (NEW) 2458
May 2458November 2458Economics Bill 2458
February 2459February 2459Education Reforms
March 2459October 2459Senate Resolution 30: Health Recoding
May 2459November 2459Government policy towards alcoholic beverages.
October 2459April 2460repayment act
October 2459April 2460rediness act
October 2459August 2461concealed weapons permit act
October 2459January 2462illegal alien expulsion act
January 2460August 2460Senate Resolution 31: Defense of Life Act
July 2460July 2461Prison Reforms Act - 2460
January 2461February 2461Sports Clubs
January 2461February 2461Sexual Education for the Young
March 2461June 2461Reciprocal commerce treatment bill
March 2461June 2461Freedom of movement bill
March 2461August 2461Refugee bill
June 2461August 2461Legalisation of Abortions
June 2461October 2461Restoration of Democracy
January 2463February 2463Governmental Policy of Adoption
April 2463September 2463border control act
August 2463September 2463the "raised right" bill
January 2464October 2467Separation between State and religion bill
August 2464August 2464Senate Resolution 33: National Health Re-evaluation Amendments
July 2465January 2466The regulation of higher education
March 2466March 2466Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2465 - 2468
July 2466July 2466Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2465 - 2468
February 2467February 2467Media content regulation.
February 2468February 2468No nukes bill
February 2468July 2469No nukes bill 2
February 2468September 2469Nationalisation of energy companies
February 2469February 2469Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2468 - 2471
January 2470February 2470Banning of chemical and biological weapons
January 2470March 2470Banning of chemical and biological weapons - 2
February 2470April 2470Legalisation of abortions
February 2470August 2470Mandatory Vaccination
March 2470September 2470Nationalisation of Banks
July 2470November 2471The Government and Religion: Free worship through respect.
August 2470August 2470Homosexuality is not tolerated in the military.
September 2470October 2470Intelligence Agency Reformation
October 2470November 2470Reorganisation of Police
October 2470December 2470Identity Cards
October 2470February 2471End of Curfews
December 2470January 2471Draft Bill
March 2471December 2471Abolition of Nuclear Arsenal
March 2471September 2472Nuclear Military Doctrine
September 2471February 2472Free The Arms of Justice
November 2471November 2471Cabinet Proposal of November 2471
January 2472December 2474Solentian Education Bill; A new Learning cycle.
February 2472February 2472Senate Resolution 38: Progression for the Advancement of Citizens' Safety and Civil Liberties Act
August 2472August 2472The government's policy towards fireworks
August 2472August 2472Cabinet Proposal of August 2472
January 2473January 2473Military Morality
July 2473July 2473Call for early elections, July 2473
August 2473August 2473Simplifying Government
January 2474February 2474Hunting and Fishing Bill
March 2474December 2475Banning of biological and chemical weaponry
March 2474July 2476Military Doctrine Concerning Biological and Chemical Weaponry
August 2474November 2474Post Office Bill
December 2474December 2474Clarifying Water Usage
February 2475February 2475Call for early elections, February 2475
March 2475March 2475Cabinet Proposal of March 2475
April 2475April 2475Travel Visa Reform
August 2475August 2475Constitutional Changes
August 2475August 2475Sex Education in Schools
October 2475October 2475Protect The Flag
July 2476July 2476Supreme President reforms
July 2476July 2476Constitutional Reforms Act
July 2476July 2476Education Reforms
July 2476July 2476National Health Care Policy
July 2476July 2476Charter Schools Act
July 2476July 2476Ecology Bill
July 2476July 2476Religous Ministery
July 2476September 2476Regulating Ownership of Animals
August 2476August 2476Safer Cities Bill
September 2476September 2476Forest Protection
September 2476September 2476Constitutional Amendments
December 2476December 2476Government Policy on Marriage
December 2476December 2476Cross Dressing Bill
December 2476December 2476Foreign Marriage Bill
December 2476December 2476Adoption Bill
December 2476January 2477Solentian Economics Bill
January 2477January 2477Intelligence Agency Reform
January 2477January 2477Military Doctrine Concerning Atomic Weapons
January 2477January 2477Banning of atomic weaponry
January 2477January 2477Teacher Control Bill
January 2477January 2477Refugee Bill
July 2477January 2478Military/National Service
February 2478February 2478Eminent Domain For Strategic Purposes
February 2478February 2478Immigration Ruling on Nondesireables
February 2478February 2478Responsible Gun Ownership
July 2478July 2478New National Anthem
July 2478July 2478Cabinet Proposal of July 2478
July 2478July 2478Serene Isolation
July 2478July 2478Stronger Nation Agenda Program (SNAP)
January 2479January 2479Equality Bill
January 2479January 2479Gambling Act
January 2479January 2479Expulsion of George Falco
February 2479February 2479Union Reform Act
February 2479February 2479Industrial Relations Act
September 2479September 2479Prison Reform Act
September 2479September 2479Abortion Reform Act
January 2481July 2481Weapons of Manifest Destiny
January 2481July 2481Flag Proposal
January 2481July 2481Agenda National 2481
February 2481February 2481Cabinet Proposal of February 2481
February 2481July 2481For the Safaty of this nation; The Minimalisation of the State
March 2481July 2481Our motto
March 2481July 2481Collective Agriculture Act
March 2481July 2481Information Control Act II
March 2481July 2481Information Control Act
March 2481July 2481Public Education Policy
March 2481July 2481Representation of the People Act
March 2481July 2481Maintaining the Purity of Ethnic Homogeny
July 2481July 2481Call for early elections, July 2481
July 2481July 2481Cabinet Proposal of July 2481
August 2481August 2481Government Policy Concerning National Cultural and Historic Sites and Monuments.
August 2481August 2481Phone Service Bill
April 2482April 2482Splendid Isolation
April 2482April 2482Accurate and Speedy Information Retrieval
November 2482November 2482Call for early elections, November 2482
February 2483February 2483Modification of Sanitary System
February 2484November 2484Free immigration
May 2484November 2484Free Travel
January 2485February 2485Ethical Progress; A new stance.
February 2485February 2485Military 2485 Bill
February 2485February 2485Agenda Nationalist 2485
February 2485February 2485Taxtion
February 2485February 2485Ethical Progress; A new stance; II
February 2485February 2485New Religion Regulation Laws
March 2485August 2485Contestable Market Act. 2485
July 2485July 2485Better Representation
August 2485August 2485Constitutional Change
January 2486February 2486Citizenship Act.
January 2486February 2486Treaty Withdraw From United Front Against Nuncirism
February 2486February 2486Religious Schools Act.
February 2486February 2486Public Nudity Bill
February 2486February 2486Goverment Control
February 2486February 2486Military update
July 2486July 2486Policy of State Preservation 2486
August 2487August 2487RadNat Agenda 2487
February 2489February 2489tobacco forbiden Law
January 2490June 2491Education Bill 2491
July 2490July 2490Cabinet Proposal of July 2490
July 2490July 2490Cabinet Proposal of July 2490
July 2490July 2490Cabinet Proposal of July 2490
April 2491April 2491Agenda 2491
June 2491June 2491Devolution of Power Bill
July 2491February 2492Privitisation Bill 2491
July 2492August 2492Conservative Standards of the Solentian State
July 2493December 2493Hospitals Act
July 2493December 2493Education Act
July 2493December 2493Administration Ammendment Bill
July 2493December 2493Abortion Bill
July 2493December 2493Privateisation Bill
August 2493August 2494Senate Resolution 41: Legislative Progression Bill
September 2493September 2493Cabinet Proposal of September 2493
January 2494November 2494Proportionality Bill 2494
August 2494August 2494Cabinet Proposal of August 2494
November 2494December 2495Freedom of Rights and Expression Bill 2494
July 2495July 2495Administrative Reforms
July 2495July 2495Infrastructure Bill
December 2495December 2495Moderate Religion Bill
February 2496September 2496Ecology Bill 2496
February 2496September 2496Foreign Relations Act
February 2496September 2496Nacht-Testor Military Bill
June 2497June 2497Cabinet Proposal of June 2497
February 2498February 2498Call for early elections, February 2498
May 2498May 2498UPD Foreign Relation Reforms 2498
June 2498June 2498NNPPG bill 1
June 2498June 2498New National Anthem
October 2498October 2498NNPPG bill 2 (religion)
January 2499January 2499Assist Sekowo
July 2499July 2499Cabinet Proposal of July 2499
December 2499December 2499Threat of war
March 2500March 2500Cabinet Proposal of March 2500
January 2501January 2501Liberal Reforms 2501
May 2501May 2501Administration Bill
May 2501May 2501Privatisation Bill
January 2503January 2503Call for early elections, January 2503
July 2503July 2503Call for early elections, July 2503
October 2503October 2503Promotion of Faith
October 2503October 2503Fishing for Freedom
December 2503December 2503Senate Resolution 42: Guest Worker Program: Reintroduction III
December 2505December 2505Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2505 - 2508
July 2510July 2510Call for early elections, July 2510
December 2510December 2510Conservative Health Reformation
December 2510December 2510Bill of a Moderate State
December 2510December 2510Cabinet
November 2511November 2511Capital City Change
January 2512January 2512Longer periods of government bill
May 2512May 2512Income tax proposal of May 2512
May 2512May 2512Health Reforms
December 2512December 2512Privatisation Bill, December 2512
January 2515January 2515Age of an Adult
January 2515January 2515Media Bill
January 2515January 2515Seat Bill
January 2515January 2515Cabinet Proposal of January 2515
May 2515May 2515Change the Capital
August 2515August 2515Budget proposal of August 2515
August 2515October 2515The State and the Government, a United Front for a United Solentia
October 2515October 2515Cabinet Proposal of October 2515
August 2516September 2516Military Reorganization Act of 2516: Operation Future Horizon
December 2516December 2516Cabinet Proposal of December 2516
February 2517February 2517Responsive Government Act
July 2517July 2517Preservation of the State
August 2517September 2517Senate Resolution 46: Civil Liberties Advancements Pact
October 2517August 2518Education Equality Act
August 2518September 2518Equality Act of 2518
November 2518November 2518Administration Bill
November 2518November 2518Income tax proposal of November 2518
April 2519April 2519Government Reform Act
April 2519April 2519Ecological Sustentation Act of 2519
May 2519May 2519Government Reform Act of 2519
September 2519September 2519Economic Reform Package of 2519
September 2519September 2519Fair Business Act
September 2519September 2519Government Reduction Act
January 2520January 2520Federal Government Reform Act
June 2520June 2520Establishment of Death Penalty
May 2522May 2522Call for early elections, May 2522
December 2522December 2522Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2522 - 2524
December 2522December 2522Call for early elections, December 2522
December 2525May 2526The CMP Vision
December 2525June 2526Senate Resolution 47: Solentian Progress Act
July 2526July 2526Treaty Withdrawal
October 2526May 2531Municipal Government Reform Act
December 2526March 2528Bill for the Non-involvement of Government in Association
November 2529March 2530New Foreign Policy Act
July 2530July 2530Income tax proposal of July 2530
May 2531June 2531Democratization Amendment
May 2531September 2531Cabinet Proposal of May 2531
May 2531April 2532Economic Regulation Act of 2531
June 2531June 2531Defence of the State Act 2531
September 2531December 2531Helping Hand Act
September 2531April 2532No Compulsion in Religion Bill
January 2533January 2533Ratification of the Solentia-Wantuni Friendship Pact
May 2533May 2533Social Reform Act of 2553
May 2533June 2533Culture and Education Funding Bill
July 2533July 2533Call for early elections, July 2533
May 2534August 2534Against Radical Nationalism
August 2534August 2534President Name change of 2534
September 2535September 2535Separation of Police and Military
November 2536May 2537Revised Ethical Military Standards
September 2537September 2537Federal Civil Liberty Entitlement Act
September 2537November 2537Education Revitalization Act: Resolution 48
February 2539March 2539Domestic Protection Transformation Act of 2539
February 2539March 2539Solentia Titular Act: Resolution 51
March 2540March 2540Better Nation Agenda 2540
June 2540August 2541Separation of Police and Military Act of 2540
June 2540August 2541International Relations Bill of 2540
July 2540July 2540Gamers' Rights Bill
December 2540December 25402540 Safety Act
December 2540December 2540Environment First Act
April 2543April 2543Cabinet Proposal of April 2543
April 2545April 2545Changes to governmental structure
April 2545April 2545Better Nation Agenda 2545
July 2546July 2546Towards a more moral society
July 2546July 2546New Capital
October 2546October 2546Fair Representation Act
November 2546November 2546Call for early elections, November 2546
December 2546December 2546Military Adjustment Act
April 2547April 2547Name Bill
April 2547April 2547Cabinet Proposal of April 2547
June 2547June 2547Treaty Withdrawel from Collective Security Council
August 2547August 2547Call for early elections, August 2547
August 2547August 2547Decency of Moral Reform Act of 2547
August 2547September 2547Foreign Relations Revision and Ratifications
October 2547December 2547Common Sense in Ecology Policies
January 2548January 2548National Health Reform Act of 2548
February 2548April 2548Personal Weapon Bill of February 2548
February 2548April 2548Parental Testing? Right or Wrong?
February 2548April 2548Proposal Limit Expansion Bill of February 2548
May 2548May 2548Civil Rights Act of 2548
May 2548May 2548Nuclear Reform Act of 2548
June 2548July 2548Torture
December 2548June 2549Ecological Decentralization Act of 2548
December 2548July 2549Keymon Neutrality Act Withdrawel
December 2548July 2549Tort Reform Act of 2549
March 2549March 2549Cabinet Proposal of March 2549
April 2549April 2549National Health Reform Act of 2549
June 2549July 2549Housing Bill of June 2549
July 2549July 2549Cabinet Proposal of July 2549
December 2549December 2549U
December 2549June 2550Military Bill
March 2550March 2550Child Education Improvement Act
March 2550June 2551Healthcare Reform Act of 2550
June 2550June 2550Cabinet Proposal of June 2550
July 2550October 2550U.D.P. Resolution 2550
August 2550October 2550Service Reform Act of 2550
August 2550October 2550Child Labor Act of 2550
October 2550October 2550RadNat Agenda 2550-2551
April 2551April 2551Family First Inititiative of 2551
April 2551April 2551Sexual Instruction In School Appeal
June 2551July 2552Agriculture Adjustment Bill of 2551
July 2551July 2551Healthcare Reform Act of 2551
August 2551August 2551Federal Republican Party Agenda Measure 1024
August 2551July 2553Income tax proposal of August 2551
October 2551April 2552Solentian Government Reform Act of 2551
October 2551April 2552Conservative Reform Bill of 2551
October 2551July 2552Senate Restoration
February 2552April 2552Nomenclature Bill Adjustment
June 2552June 2552Composite Legislation Act of 2552
June 2552June 2552Service Reform Act of 2552
July 2552July 2552F.R.P. Dossier on Federal Energy Policy
September 2552November 2552Flag Proposal
May 2553May 2553Call for early elections, May 2553
June 2553June 2553Senate Resolution 50: Integral Reform Amendment
July 2553July 2553Solentian Morality and Conservative Agenda
July 2553August 2553Phone Service Regulation Act.
August 2553August 2553Immigration Adjustment Bill
August 2553August 2553Free Market Initaitive
December 2553December 2553Private Bill
December 2553December 2553Retirement Age Bill
December 2553December 2553Devolution Bill
December 2553December 2553Health Bill
February 2554February 2554Adoption Bill
May 2555May 2555Fair Representation Act
May 2555May 2555Infrastructure Bill of May 2555
May 2555May 2555Welfare Bill of May 2555
June 2555April 2557Government Size Reduction Act of 2555
September 2555November 2555Crossdressing Bill of September 2555
September 2555November 2555Ingram Party Bill of September 2555
May 2556May 2556RADNAT AGENDA 2556
July 2556July 2556Right to Privacy Resolution 50
July 2556July 2556Education Revitalization Act: Resolution 49
July 2556July 2556Healthcare Reform Act of 2556
July 2556July 2556Solentian Civil Marriage Reform
July 2556July 2556International and Domestic Reform Act of 2556
August 2556December 2556Ratification of the Interpol
October 2556October 2556Devolution Bill
October 2556October 2556Private Bill
October 2556October 2556Ingram Party Proposals Part 2
May 2557May 2557Economic Adjustment Act of 2557
October 2557April 2558Autonomist Bill of 2557
December 2557December 2557Cabinet Proposal of December 2557
December 2557April 2558Reformation of Major Industries
April 2558November 2558Deltarian Civil War
May 2558May 2558Autonmist Reformation Act I
July 2558July 2558Consistency in Morality Act
July 2558July 2558F.R.P. Dossier 1034
January 2559January 2559Civil Service Reform Act of 2559
April 2559April 2559Ratification of the People's Freedom Treaty
April 2559April 2559Right to Animals Act
April 2559April 2559F.R.P. Dossier 1035
April 2559April 2559Government Cultural and Historical Adjustment Act
June 2559July 2559Senate Resolution 52: Advancement, Protection, and Recognition of Integral Liberties
June 2559July 2559Senate Resolution 51: Labor Advancement Initiation Laws
September 2559September 2559F.R.P. Dossier 1036
March 2560March 2560ANF Restructure of Telenetworking
April 2560April 2560Foreign Policy Bill
April 2560April 2560Private Bill
May 2560May 2560Prison Reform Bill
July 2560July 2560F.R.P. Government Reform Act of 2560
September 2560April 2561ANF Expansion of Government Responsiblities Bill of 2560
February 2561May 2561Private Bill
April 2561April 2561Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2561May 2561Extension of Office Terms
May 2561May 2561Medical Bill
May 2561May 2561Ending Government Monopolies
May 2561May 2561Religious Reform
July 2561July 2561edot
February 2562July 2562F.R.P. Policy Clarification Act of 2562
April 2562April 2562Cabinet Proposal of April 2562
April 2562July 2562Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
July 2562July 2562Call for early elections, July 2562
September 2562September 2562International Affairs Adjustment of 2562
September 2562September 2562Government Investment Act of 2562
December 2562December 2562Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2562 - 2655
December 2562December 2562Foreign Bill
December 2562December 2562Private Bill
December 2562December 2562Human Rights Bill
January 2563January 2563F.R.P. Government Reform Act of 2563
January 2563January 2563SCP Proposal
January 2563January 2563SCP Military Reform Proposal
January 2563January 2563Ecological Reform Act of 2563
February 2563February 2563Government Reform Bill of 2563
April 2563May 2563Decentralization Act of 2563
June 2563June 2563Senate Resolution 55: Executive Agenda - Guest Work Program: Reintroduction IV
June 2563June 2563Supreme Presidential Cabinet 2563 - 2565
September 2563September 2563Phone Services for All
September 2563September 2563Quality of Life Improvement Act
October 2563January 2564Radnat Agenda 2563
March 2564March 2564Private Bill
May 2564May 2564F.R.P. Agenda of 2564
May 2564May 2564Private Bill
May 2564May 2564Welfare Reform Act of 2564
May 2564May 2564Reduction of the Federal Government Act of 2564
July 2564July 2564Cosmopolitan Party Fair Shake Proposal
January 2565July 2565Adjustment of Federal Governments Position on Domestic Power Policies
January 2565July 2565Public Transport Reform Act
July 2565July 2565Ingram Party Education Bill
July 2565July 2565Solentian Flag
July 2565July 2565Community and Prison Bill
January 2566May 2566Increase in Senatorial Seats
April 2566April 2566Economic Freedom Act 2566
April 2566April 2566Religion and the State Equilibrium Act 2566
June 2566June 2566Recreational Drug Illegalization Act of 2566
September 2566September 2566RadNat Agenda 2566
November 2566November 2566Fair and Equal Representation Act
November 2566November 2566Call for early elections, November 2566
December 2566December 2566Increase in Senate Seats
December 2566December 2566Extension of Term of Office
December 2566December 2566F.R.P. Healthcare Reform Initiative Act
December 2566December 2566Edit
February 2567February 2567Protection from Higher Intervention Act 2568
February 2567February 2567Ecological Sense
February 2567February 2567CMP
July 2567July 2567F.R.P. Government Reform Act of 2567
July 2567July 2567Yet Again.....
October 2567October 2567Private Bill
October 2567October 2567Nationality Bill 2567
October 2567October 2567The Deep Moralisation Scheme
August 2568October 2568Federalist Civil Rights Initiative of 2568
October 2568October 2568Solentian Refuge Reform Act
November 2568November 2568A necessary evil
November 2568November 2568Cutting Governmental Intervention
October 2569October 2569Budget proposal of October 2569
October 2569October 2569RadNat Agenda II
October 2569October 2569RadNat Agenda 2571
April 2570April 2570Private Bill
May 2570May 2570Conservative Foreign Agenda
December 2570June 2572Senate Resolution 58: Executive Agenda - Civil Amendments Law
August 2571August 2571Emergency Budget proposal of August 2571
May 2572May 2572Ratification of the Solentia Wantuni Friendship Pact
December 2572December 2572"World" Fair Withdraw
December 2572December 2572Religious Nominations Bill
December 2572December 2572NZP Agenda 2572-2573
January 2573January 2573The Best Damned Bill You've Ever Seen
April 2573April 2573Call for early elections, April 2573
June 2573June 2573Senate Resolution 60: Executive Agenda - Tax Reformation of 2573
October 2573October 2573Foreign Affairs Bill
October 2573October 2573Private Bill
October 2573October 2573Freedom of Industry Act
July 2574July 2574Cabinet Proposal of July 2574
November 2574November 2574Privitisation Act 2574
November 2574May 2575The Armed Forces Act 2754
May 2575May 2575Solentian Values Act 2575
September 2575September 2575Solentian Parental Qualification Bill
September 2575September 2575Farm Size Bill
March 2576March 2576Responsible Taxation Bill
April 2576April 2576Infrastructure Reform Bill
May 2576May 2576Call for early elections, May 2576
April 2578April 2578Back to Basics Agenda 2578
May 2578May 2578Freedom of Industry Act 2578
June 2578June 2578Senate Resolution 64: Laws Progressing the Advancement of Civil Liberties
November 2579April 2581The National Animal Act 2579
November 2580November 2580CMP Military Reforms 2580
June 2581June 2581Libertarian Socialist Bill
June 2581June 2581Health Reforms
October 2581October 2581Governmental Humility Act
October 2581October 2581Educational Reform Act
October 2581October 2581Protection of the Employer Act
November 2582November 2582