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Bill History

These are the bills that were proposed in the A┼şgustana Imperio (Zardugal).

Bills passed

These bills have been passed[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
March 2119March 2119Military Act (2119)
March 2119March 2119Constitutional Reform III (2118)
March 2119March 2119Cabinet Proposal of March 2119
March 2119March 2119Election Reform (2118)
March 2119March 2119International Aid Act (2119)
March 2119March 2119Administrative Reform II (2118)
March 2119March 2119National Motto Act (2119)
March 2119March 2119Administrative Reform I (2118)
March 2119March 2119Abortion Act (2119)
March 2119March 2119Constitutional Reform II (2118)
March 2119March 2119Civil Rights Bill (2119)
March 2119March 2119Constitutional Reform I (2118)
October 2119October 2119Health Act (2119)
June 2120June 2120Zeducation Provisions 2120
March 2121March 2121Call for early elections, March 2121
April 2121April 2121Head of Government & State Act (2120)
April 2121April 2121Power Plants Bill ( 2121)
April 2121April 2121Cabinet Proposal of April 2121
April 2121April 2121Foreign Policy Reform (2120)
April 2121April 2121Ecology Act (2120)
August 2121August 2121Workers' Rights Bill 2119
November 2121November 2121Provision of Public Housing
November 2121November 2121Libraries Commission 2121
December 2121December 2121Border Security Act (2121)
December 2121December 2121Agriculture and Associated Services Bill 2121
December 2121December 2121Freedom of Expression Act, 2121
March 2122March 2122Legalisation of Space Exploration (Private) 2121
March 2122March 2122Gun Regulations (Individuals) 2121
May 2122May 2122The National Animal
May 2122May 2122Cabinet Proposal of May 2122
June 2122June 2122The National Animal
September 2122September 2122Extradition Act (2122)
September 2122September 2122Fireworks Act (2122)
September 2122September 2122Corporate Standards Commission 2121
November 2122November 2122Prisoners of War Act (2122)
November 2122November 2122Provision of Free Contraceptives Act (2122)
November 2122November 2122The Official National Sport
November 2122November 2122Local Government Registor of Domestic Animals Act (2122)
January 2124January 2124Sex Education Act (2122)
January 2124January 2124Police Restriction 2122
January 2124January 2124Human Justice Act 2123
January 2124January 2124Use of Cannabis (Medical) Act 2122
January 2124January 2124Social Security Initiative 2123
January 2124January 2124Smoking Regulations Act (2122)
January 2124January 2124Power Generation Regulation 2123
January 2124January 2124Medical Law Reform 2122
January 2124January 2124Recreational Drug Use Act (2123)
January 2124January 2124Organ Donor Act (2122)
January 2124January 2124Security of Adopted Children Act 2123
January 2124January 2124Fireworks Act (2124)
January 2124January 2124Food Sales and Health Safety Standards Act (2122)
January 2124January 2124Atmosphere Cleanliness Act 2123
January 2124January 2124Defence Nationalisation Plan 2124
January 2124January 2124Defence Against Military Attack Act 2123
January 2124January 2124Television and Radio Act (2122)
January 2124January 2124Provision for Futher Education 2123
January 2124January 2124Prohibition of Torture Act 2123
June 2124June 2124Dangerous Animals Act (2124)
June 2124June 2124Cabinet Proposal of January 2124
June 2124June 2124Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
June 2124June 2124National Fire Department Act (2124)
June 2124June 2124Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 2124June 2124Work in Prisons Charter 2123
June 2124June 2124Copy Protection and Public Domain Licence Act 2124
July 2124July 2124Military Reform Act, 2121
July 2124July 2124Immigration & Naturalization Act, 2122
July 2124July 2124True Justice Act, 2121
October 2124October 2124Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
October 2124October 2124Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
December 2124December 2124Workplace Democracy Reform 2124
December 2124December 2124Nuclear Disarmament Programme
December 2124December 2124Recognition of Prostitution Act 2124
December 2124December 2124Intelligence Moderation Act 2124
July 2125July 2125Post Office Act (2124)
July 2125July 2125National Motto
May 2126May 2126Retirement Age Increase Act (2125)
May 2126May 2126Gambling Act, 2126
June 2126June 2126Cabinet Proposal of May 2126
January 2127January 2127Use of Animals in Research Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127Heritage Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127National Flag Protection Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127Trade Union Strike Ballots Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127National Parks Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127Exotic Animals Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127Energy Regulation Act (2126)
January 2127January 2127Software Patents Act (2126)
April 2127April 2127Public Nudity Act (2126)
April 2127April 2127Industrial Hemp Act (2126)
April 2127April 2127Food Safety Act ( 2125)
April 2127April 2127Human Cloning Act (2127)
May 2127May 2127Modified Religious Schools Act, 2127
May 2127May 2127Freedom of Expression Act (Pt. II), 2126
September 2127September 2127The Naming Of Our Capital
September 2127September 2127Essential Goods Tax Cut (2127)
October 2127October 2127Income tax proposal of October 2127
October 2127October 2127Budget proposal of April 2127
October 2127October 2127City Naming Proposal
July 2129July 2129Identification Protection Act of 2129
October 2129October 2129Defence Contracting Act (2129)
December 2129December 2129Local Curfew Act (2129)
March 2130March 2130Flag Act (2128)
March 2130March 2130Budget proposal of May 2129
June 2130June 2130Local Hunting and Fishing Regulation Act (2130)
October 2130October 2130National Anthem III
August 2131August 2131Nuclear Warfare Act 2131
November 2131November 2131Population Increase (2131)
November 2131November 2131GMC Bill (2131)
February 2132February 2132Child Benefit Act (2131)
February 2132February 2132Food and Beverages Labelling Regulations Act (2131)
February 2132February 2132Mayor Election Act (2131)
August 2132August 2132Food Labelling Enforcement Act 2131
November 2132November 2132Intelligence Agency Act, 2130
March 2133March 2133National Capital Act II (2132)
March 2133March 2133Reintroduction of Essential Goods Tax (2132)
August 2134August 2134Plan for Energy Efficiency (2134)
October 2134October 2134Regulation of Pharmaceuticals Industry Act 2124
October 2134October 2134Vocational Education Devolution Act 2134
October 2134October 2134Government Devolution Programme 2134
October 2134October 2134Zardugal Adjective Consensus 2130
October 2134October 2134Social Medical Care Provision 2134
December 2134December 2134Taxation of Religious Institutions (2134)
December 2134December 2134Phone Deregulation Act (2134)
December 2134December 2134No Interference Act (2134)
December 2134December 2134Budget proposal of July 2134
December 2134December 2134DWC Deregulation (2134)
July 2135July 2135Cabinet Proposal of August 2134
August 2135August 2135Religious Protection Act 2133
August 2135August 2135Separation of Church and State (2135)
May 2137May 2137more seats in goverment
July 2137July 2137Minimum Wage Reform (2137)
July 2137July 2137Secondary Strike Ban (2137)
July 2137July 2137Pharmaceuticals Act 2136
July 2137July 2137Restrictions on Religious Schools (2137)
July 2137July 2137Legalization of Gambling (2137)
July 2137July 2137Income tax proposal of June 2137
July 2137July 2137The Child Protection Act
September 2140September 2140Tobacco Sale Act (2140)
September 2140September 2140Farm Size Deregulation (2140)
August 2141August 2141Food Sovreignty Bill
October 2141October 2141Cabinet Proposal of October 2141
April 2144April 2144new tax law
October 2146October 2146Call for early elections, October 2146
October 2147October 2147Budget proposal of October 2147
May 2149May 2149Budget proposal of October 2148
December 2149December 2149Food standards reform...
November 2150November 2150Organ donations
August 2152August 2152Call for early elections, August 2152
December 2152December 2152Cabinet Proposal of November 2152
January 2153January 2153Call for early elections, January 2153
March 2153March 2153Head of Government Act 2152
March 2153March 2153Legislative and Executive Name Change 2152
March 2153March 2153Justice Act 2152
March 2153March 2153Conscription Act 2152
March 2153March 2153Biological Warfare Act 2152
March 2153March 2153Crime Bill
May 2153May 2153Zardugal Conservative Corrections Act
May 2153May 2153Border Control Bill
May 2153May 2153Cabinet Proposal of March 2153
December 2153December 2153Legislative Length Act 2152
December 2153December 2153Other Tax Adjustment
December 2153December 2153Budget proposal of May 2153
December 2153December 2153Income tax proposal of May 2153
December 2153December 2153Foreign Affairs Adjustment
July 2154July 2154Zardugal Civil Liberties Act
February 2155February 2155Budget proposal of February 2155
September 2155September 2155Zardugan Privacy Act
December 2155December 2155Zardugan Symbol Amendment
February 2156February 2156Advertising Act 2155
March 2156March 2156Local government
October 2156October 2156Sexual Education Act 2156
December 2156December 2156Budget and Fiscal Policy proposal of December 2156
November 2157November 2157Nationalist Modification
February 2159April 2159The length of a legislative and executive term.
July 2159December 2159Military Service Act
July 2159January 2162Trade Union Act
September 2159September 2159Volunteer Military Act
November 2159November 2159Budget proposal of November 2159
July 2160January 2161Forestry Act 2160
July 2160January 2161Reinforcing Divorce Act
January 2161January 2161Military Service Bill
January 2161February 2161Seperation Of Offices Act
February 2162February 2163Waste and Water Treatment Bill
March 2163March 2163a
November 2163November 2163Military change
November 2163March 2165Change of Government
September 2164May 2165Income tax proposal of September 2164
May 2166April 2167Remnaming Positions
September 2166September 2166Budget proposal of September 2166
May 2167January 2168Forming a Coalition Cabinet
October 2167October 2167Military Bill
December 2167December 2167Regional Naming
December 2167December 2167Ecology Bill
September 2168September 2168Military Segregation Act
September 2168May 2169Government Subsidy Reduction
December 2168January 2169Student Discipline Act
February 2169February 2169market stimulant
May 2169June 2169Unrelated Legislation I
December 2169December 2169Local Energy Regulation Act
December 2169December 2169Refugee Aid Policy Change
June 2170June 2170Secure Community Provision
March 2171July 2171Resolution: Heads of Zardugal
July 2171July 2171Immenent Domain Compensation
July 2171January 2172canabis
January 2172January 2172Organ Donation Consent Verification
January 2172January 2172Mid-term Abortion Ban
January 2172January 2172GM Crop Allowance
January 2172January 2172Youth Labor Provision
May 2172May 2172Charter school
May 2172May 2172Death penalty
June 2172June 2172illegal aliens
August 2172December 2172Constitutional Amendment: Zardugal Title Change
September 2172December 2172Constitutional Amendment: Monetary Unit Name
January 2173January 2173religious advertising reform
February 2173February 2173Tobacco Deregulation
February 2173February 2173Lowering the Adult Age
June 2173June 2173Budget Proposal of June 2173
October 2173October 2173Corporate Tax reduction I
November 2173November 2173Daiokuran Cabinet Proposal of November 2173
December 2173March 2174Locality Crossdressing Provision
December 2173March 2174Market Aid Act
February 2174February 2174State of the Consulate Resolution
May 2175July 2175Call for early elections, May 2175
December 2175December 2175Exotic Animal Allowance
December 2175December 2175Cabinet Formation Act
December 2175December 2175Nationality Claims Act
December 2175December 2175Death Penalty Reduction
December 2175December 2175Token Corporate Tax Act
December 2175December 2175Local Work Safety Provision
December 2175December 2175Passport Issue Policy Change
December 2175December 2175Treaty Withdrawl: Humane Treatment of POWs
December 2175December 2175Placeholder
December 2175December 2175Law Reinforcement Act
December 2175December 2175Local Museum Funding
December 2175December 2175Size of the Directory Proposal
March 2176March 2176Mandatory Recycling Reduction
June 2176June 2176Food Safety Act 2176
June 2176June 2176Sympathy Strike Permissions
June 2176June 2176Food Vendor Licencing
June 2176June 2176Health and Safety Act 2176
July 2176July 2176Divorce Act 2176
December 2176December 2176Call for early elections, December 2176
December 2176June 2181Treatment of POWs
March 2177June 2177Education Subcontracting
April 2177April 2177...
April 2177April 2177Religious regulation
April 2177April 2177Energy act
September 2178September 2178Welfare
September 2178September 2178Infrastructure
May 2180May 2180Go forward reform!
May 2180May 2180Military Ref 2 All in One
December 2180April 2181"Homo" in army
December 2180April 2181Benefit act
December 2180April 2181Death penalty
January 2181June 2181Go Back to where we were Act 2181
March 2181June 2181Civil Liberties Reform Act.
June 2181June 2181Consular Cabinet Proposal of June 2181
September 2181September 2181Budget proposal of September 2181
September 2181September 2181Cars act
October 2181October 2181Public transport payments
October 2181October 2181Religious Liberties
October 2181October 2181Denationalization Act
October 2181October 2181Welfare Removal Act
October 2181October 2181Power Grid Ownership
May 2182May 2182Government Abjuration of Civil Contracts
June 2182June 2182Budget proposal of June 2182
March 2183March 2183Hiring Policies Deregulation
April 2183March 2184Crossdressing Bill
June 2183June 2183Gambling Legality
December 2183December 2183Adoption Policy
December 2183December 2183Foreign Investment Allowances
March 2184April 2185Extension on Gambling Bill
April 2185February 2186Welfare Reforms
April 2185February 2186Foreign Aid Bill VII
June 2185December 2185The Death Penalty
July 2185December 2185The Uber Big Bill
August 2185October 2185Cabinet Proposal of August 2185
August 2185October 2186Agricultural Reforms
October 2185November 2185Public Television
October 2185June 2186Civil Defense
February 2186October 2186Income tax proposal of February 2186
February 2186October 2186Budget proposal of February 2186
March 2186September 2187Economics Bill
April 2186April 2186Women in Military VII
April 2186October 2186TTfIFT Pre-Ratification Bill
May 2186July 2186Aboltion of the "Resolution: Heads of Zardugal"
January 2187April 2187Prisoner of War Policy
January 2187June 2187All Night Act
January 2187June 2187Municipal Committees
July 2187December 2187Energy Bill
May 2188September 2189standard bill
July 2188June 2197Religion Reform
October 2188October 2189Food Sales Bill
November 2188May 2189the freedom of choice to follow religion in the school
November 2188May 2189military reform act
April 2189May 2189Federalist and Religious Bill 2189
April 2189May 2189Economic and Healthcare Reform Part I 2189
September 2189September 2189Education reform
September 2189September 2189National sport
September 2189September 2189International media
January 2190April 2190Cabinet Proposal of January 2190
May 2190June 2190Military Reform 2190
May 2190June 2190Economic Reform 2190
November 2190November 2190Food
November 2190November 2190Abortion act
November 2190November 2190Death penalty
November 2190November 2190Strike act
November 2190November 2190Energy regulation
December 2190December 2190international relations
December 2190December 2190The Anarchistic Platform VIIa: Commercial and Industrial Regulation
December 2190December 2190The Anarchistic Platform VI: International Relations
March 2191March 2191The Anrachistic Platform Va: Bloody Income Taxes Must DIE!
March 2191June 2191Emergency Spending Reduction: Budget
May 2191May 2191Capitalism Now!
May 2191July 2191Head of Government Title.
February 2192May 2192Privatization Initiative of 2192
February 2192May 2192Economic Stimulation Initiative of 2192
October 2192April 2193Energy Generation
November 2192April 2193Free Speech and the National Flag
November 2192April 2193Recreational Drugs and Public Nudity
November 2192May 2193Budget proposal of November 2192
August 2193August 2193PC ACT
March 2194March 2194Voucher Qualification Extention
April 2194October 2194Abortion
December 2194December 2194Education Decentralization Initiative of 2195
January 2195January 2195My old hands (and legs)
January 2196January 2196sympathy strikes
January 2196January 2196Military Bill
January 2196January 2196International Aid
April 2197April 2197CP Act I
June 2197June 2197Tax Cut and Budget
June 2197June 2197The Anarchist Cabinet
June 2197June 2197The Anarchistic Platform: Welfare
November 2197November 2197Public transport
September 2198September 2198Random Crap
December 2198December 2198Restoration of the Amendment 'Heads of Zardugal'
January 2200January 2200More Random Crap
July 2200April 2201Another bill that isnt going to pass
March 2201September 2201New Names?
December 2201December 2201Freedom of Political Speech
December 2201December 2201Energy Decenralization
January 2203January 2203Endirahad Proposed Rename
December 2203December 2203The Big Privatization Bill
October 2204May 2205Public Education
May 2205May 2205Jacobin Infrastructure Program
May 2205May 2205Jacobin Health Program
February 2206July 2206Foreign P
July 2206December 2206Renaming Ingomu
June 2207June 2207Income Tax Elimination (Second try)
April 2208April 2208Jacobin College Tuition Policy
April 2208April 2208Jacobin Culture Program
December 2208October 2209The Ghastly State of Education
April 2209April 2209Regulation and Local Governments
August 2209August 2209Emergency failsafe measure for troubled industries.
August 2209August 2209Non-discrimination in hiring
January 2210January 2210Civil Rights
May 2210May 2210Cabinet Proposal of May 2210
July 2210August 2212The Third Step
February 2211February 2211Personal Automomy in Health Decisions
March 2211March 2211Substance policies
April 2212April 2212Jacobin Immigration Policy
June 2212June 2212Lifting Arms Sales Restrictions
June 2213June 2213Jacobin Program IV
June 2213June 2213Jacobin Program II
April 2214May 2214School Discipline
January 2215January 2215Revised tax structure
April 2217April 2217Deregulation
April 2217April 2217Education
January 2218January 2218Tax cut for the poor
November 2218November 2218The Goober bill
August 2219August 2219New Act VI
August 2219August 2219New Act IV
August 2219August 2219New Act II
August 2219August 2219New Act I
April 2221April 2221Unitarian Cabinet Proposal, April 2221
May 2221May 2221Retirement Act
February 2222February 2222Zardugal Space Agency Bill
February 2222February 2223Jacobin Enviornment and Tourism Bill
October 2222October 2222Local Work Safety Regulatory Act
March 2223January 2224Education (WIP)
August 2226June 2227Ooooo.
June 2228June 2228Local Governments Suck
May 2230May 2230World Politics II
October 2230October 2230Experimental Partisan Cabinet of 2230
December 2230June 2231Death Penalty
May 2232May 2232Opinion Poll Stuff
October 2233June 2236National Language
December 2236April 2237Prisoners of War
May 2238May 2238Daiokuran Budget Adjustment of May 2238
June 2238June 2238Cabinet Proposal of June 2238
November 2238February 2239SUP BITCHES
February 2239December 2247Random stuff
June 2241June 2241Alright ye lil buggers...
September 2242September 2242Ratification of the International Capitalism Agreement
May 2243May 2243Zardugal's Disloyal Opposition
July 2243July 2243To be filial...
February 2244February 2244The big bill of farts
February 2244March 2244The bill with a period in the title.
November 2244April 2245If I could be a bill...
November 2244April 2245Homophobia is Gay
October 2246January 2247William H. Bonney
June 2250June 2250health bill
October 2252April 2254Names are overrated
November 2252April 2253Taxation Bill
November 2252June 2253Pro-Growth, etc.
November 2252June 2253Health Regulations, etc.
November 2252June 2253Education Subsidies
October 2253October 2253Cabinet Proposal of October 2253
February 2254July 2254Reversal
February 2254January 2255Billiam H. Wonney
May 2254May 2254Change V
June 2255April 2257State of the Economy 2255
February 2256February 2256Bill F2256839
April 2257April 2257Lots of Medicine
July 2257July 2257!
July 2260August 2260Foreign Policy Differences
January 2263January 2263Piggy Party Platform
September 2263March 2264piggy party platform 2
January 2268January 2268Child Benefit
July 2268July 2268Green Poop
July 2268July 2268Civil Liberties
July 2268July 2268Budget proposal of July 2268
June 2269June 2269Cabinet of June 2269
July 2269December 2269Some Stuff
February 2270February 2270Economic Changes
April 2270August 2270more on oysters...
April 2270August 2270a noisy noise annoys an oyster II
May 2271January 2272Env. I
December 2271January 2272Something rather unusual...
January 2272January 2272Foreign aid
January 2272January 2272Transport
January 2272January 2272Health and Education
January 2272January 2272Eminent Domain
January 2272January 2272More Media
June 2273June 2273Some basic restructuring
July 2274July 2274blah
July 2274July 2274This should cause a ruckus
January 2275January 2275Government Control of Business
October 2276July 2277local
August 2278August 2278Lets See...
May 2285May 2285conservative bill
May 2285May 2285Liberal bill
November 2289March 2290Change II
November 2289March 2290change
May 2290May 2290Religion Sucks
August 2290August 2290Anti-Green I
September 2290September 2290Quotas and stuff
September 2292June 2293rewind
December 2293December 2293Cabinet Proposal of December 2293
December 2293December 2293The Bill of Eights
December 2293December 2293Accumulation
September 2295September 2309Income tax proposal of September 2295
November 2296May 2297JUSTICE!!!
May 2304May 2304Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
May 2304May 2304no one is on any more bill
April 2310April 2310Budget proposal of April 2310
August 2310August 2310No Consumption Act
August 2310August 2310Industrial nationalization act
April 2312April 2313Minimum Wage
March 2313April 2313a large chunk of the old bill
March 2313April 2313a bit of protectionism.
March 2313April 2313child labour.
March 2313April 2313immigration policy
April 2313April 2313Cabinet Proposal of April 2313
August 2313August 2313Corporate Tax Act
May 2314October 2314Budget proposal of May 2314
November 2316October 2350Defense hikes
April 2317April 2317Cabinet Proposal of April 2317
April 2317March 2319Good Defence Hikes
May 2318November 2318the blah blah bill
September 2322May 2325The Rawr Bill
March 2327August 2327Riot Act
May 2328May 2328Hodge-Podge IV
August 2330August 2330capital idea bill
August 2330August 2330Economic Act
August 2330February 2331Foreign Policy
August 2330February 2331Awesome Act
August 2330February 2331Power Act
May 2331September 2331O...M....F...G.
February 2332February 2332Religion Tax Act
February 2332February 2332Women in the Military Act
February 2332February 2332Child Benefit Act
May 2335May 2335Don't take this seriously
August 2341September 2342I'm a little tea pot
September 2345September 2345federalism
January 2351June 2351All guys named matt are...
August 2351September 2351why are men dogs?
November 2354July 2355Up my visibility
April 2359April 2359Attack of the Bill!
April 2360April 2360Son of a Bill!
June 2361June 2361Cavalier Nation! II
June 2361July 2361Cavalier Nation! III
July 2361July 2361Cavalier Nation! IV
July 2362September 2362Drugs and things.
August 2362October 2363Bill of Fire
September 2362December 2362New Age Pt. 2
August 2363October 2363More, MORE!
August 2365August 2365King's Infrastructure
March 2366March 2366Call for early elections, March 2366
June 2366July 2366Cabinet Proposal of June 2366
July 2366July 2366Cavalier Forever
August 2366September 2366New Age IV
September 2366September 2366Strike Actions
March 2367March 2367Try yet again
August 2368January 2369Crown Act - Revision
September 2369June 2370Pollution Standards
February 2370June 2370Nationalized Libraries
March 2370June 2370Outlaw Child Labor
March 2371January 2372Official Title of the Nation
April 2372April 2372pro death
September 2372March 2373King's Army
August 2374February 2376Back from the worldwide hiatus.
January 2375February 2375Economic Policy
January 2376January 2376Slander Laws
February 2376September 2376Military
June 2381June 2381For the Hell of It
April 2382May 2382in response to the bill i missed bill
September 2383October 2383Reconfiguration
August 2386August 2386Cabinet Proposal of August 2386
February 2387February 2387Rocks
February 2387February 2387AWESOME Bill
July 2390July 2390Cabinet Proposal of July 2390
March 2392March 2392Drug Research
March 2392March 2392Abortion
March 2392April 2392National Title
April 2392April 2392National Sport and Pastime
November 2393May 2395Since ive been away
March 2394May 2394Historical Appreciation Bill
April 2397April 2397Central Role
August 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Advertising
August 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Foreign Investements
October 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Right to Strike
October 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Trade Union Strike Ballots
May 2402May 2402His Majesty's Government
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Avaluation in Education (this one rhymes too,lol)
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Education System
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Justice: Tort Reform
February 2404February 2404Legislative Changes: PISC: Ecology: Exotic Animals
February 2404July 2405Legislative Changes: PISC: Ecology: Restriction of Hunting and Fishing
December 2407December 2407Legislative Changes: PISC: Ecology: Water Policy
April 2408April 2408Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
December 2408December 2408Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: The government's policy regarding foreign marriages.
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: Slander Laws
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: The government's policy on public nudity
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: Government Policy on Matrimony
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: The citizens' right to assemble in public.
September 2411September 2411Royal Education System
September 2411September 2411Cabinet Proposal of September 2411
February 2412July 2412Help
July 2413July 2413Sexually explicit content
July 2413July 2413MIlitary support
July 2413July 2413abolition of child labour
September 2414September 2414State is not a bankrupt saver
September 2414September 2414Healt Reform I
August 2415November 2415Economics
September 2415September 2415Call for early elections, September 2415
November 2415November 2415Cabinet Proposal of November 2415
November 2416April 2417Honouring the National Anthem
November 2416April 2417Extradition
January 2417January 2417Religious Act I
April 2417November 2417National Directory Seat Increase
July 2418July 2418Advertising
July 2418July 2418Export of weapons
October 2418October 2418Adoption2
February 2420February 2420Religious schools
July 2421July 2421Civil Rights IV
February 2423February 2423Call for early elections, February 2423
July 2423July 2423Cabinet Proposal of July 2423
December 2423December 2423Budget proposal of December 2423
December 2423December 2423Tree plantation
December 2423December 2423Gambling
December 2423December 2423Weapon
July 2424July 2424Child benefits
July 2424July 2424Train Operating Companies
July 2424July 2424Death Penalty
August 2424August 2424Endagered animals
August 2424August 2424GM crops
September 2424September 2424REPUBBLIC!!!
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform VI
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform V
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform IV
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform III
September 2424September 2424REPUBBLIC II
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform II
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform VIII
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform I
September 2424September 2424Economy Reform VII
June 2425June 2425Religion Tax
June 2425June 2425Religion Adv
June 2425June 2425Adoption
June 2425June 2425Torture
June 2425June 2425Positiive Discr
June 2425June 2425Hemp
June 2425June 2425Abortion
April 2426April 2426Retirement Age
April 2426April 2426Health Care
December 2426June 2432Alcohol Act
December 2426June 2432Drug Use Act
March 2429March 2429Extradition
March 2429March 2429Serve the nation
October 2429October 2429Tobacco Act
October 2429October 2429Eminent Domain Compensation Act
October 2429October 2429Freedom of Assembly Act II
January 2430January 2430Forest Management
July 2430July 2430Weapon concealment
July 2430July 2430Guarantee of minimum income
May 2431May 2431Cabinet Proposal of May 2431
June 2431June 2432Pension Plan
July 2431July 2431Private cars
July 2431July 2431The use of animals in medical research
July 2431July 2431Economic reform
September 2431September 2431The nation's policy on the separation of the police and the military
September 2431September 2431Internet
September 2431September 2431President Act
October 2431October 2431Country Name
January 2432August 2432Malpractice suits
January 2432August 2432Retirement age
February 2432June 2432Federalisation Initiative
March 2432August 2432Tax
March 2432August 2432The State's policy concerning religious clothing
May 2432May 2432Call for early elections, May 2432
May 2432June 2432Infrastructure Reform
June 2432June 2432Cabinet Proposal of June 2432
October 2432October 2432Localisation of Waste Disposal Bill
March 2433March 2433Guns
May 2433May 2433ID Act
July 2433July 2433Recycling
July 2433July 2433Energy Provision
July 2433July 2433Foreign Aid
September 2433September 2433Nuclear weaponry
December 2433December 2433Mandatory Childhood Vaccination Act
December 2433June 2434Increasing Defense Capabilities
February 2434February 2434Letters
March 2434March 2434Corporation Tax (Revised Proposal)
April 2434April 2434Videogames
July 2434July 2434Homosexuality in the millitary
July 2434July 2434Foreign Travellers Bill
July 2434July 2434Pesticides
August 2434August 2434Tax
August 2434August 2434Right to privacy
December 2434December 2434Gay Civil Unions
December 2434December 2434Moving towards Arms Manufacutring Liberation
January 2435January 2435Controlling Immigration
May 2435May 2435Repeal the Sales Tax
May 2435May 2435Democratically Elected Mayors
May 2435May 2435Repeal Capital Punishment
May 2435May 2435Sympathy Strike Act
May 2435June 2435Curiousity is a Crime?
August 2435August 2435No Discrimination Either Way
June 2436June 2436Cannabis for Patients in Pain
July 2436July 2436Foreign missionaries
July 2436July 2436Cabinet Proposal of July 2436
July 2436July 2436A Liberal Health System - Meeting the needs of all.
December 2436March 2437concealed carry
January 2437January 2437Tax
September 2437February 2438Income tax proposal of September 2437
September 2437February 2438NEW Budget proposal of September 2437
January 2438January 2438Sale of food
June 2438November 2438Privatize the Central Bank
August 2438October 2438GM Foods
September 2438September 2438Call for early elections, September 2438
September 2438October 2438Liberalising the Train System
September 2438October 2438Let Religion Speak
November 2438January 2439Name of Nation
February 2439February 2439Cabinet Proposal of February 2439
September 2439September 2439Pensions Bill, Sept., 2439
September 2439September 2439Tax-Free Faith
September 2439September 2439Prayer in Schools
September 2439September 2439Liberalising Telephone Services
September 2439September 2439A balanced approach to protecting the environment
February 2440February 2440Energy provision
August 2440August 2440No Hiding from the Law
March 2441March 2441Agricultural Chemicals
June 2441June 2441.
June 2441December 2441The Self Sufficiency Bill
June 2441December 2441Animal Freedom Reforms
December 2441October 2442Tax Exemption Reform
February 2442February 2442Cooperation between the military and police
February 2442February 2442Internet Investiagtions Bill 2442
April 2442March 2443prayer in schools
April 2442September 2444Privatizing Sport
May 2442November 2442Food Licensing
May 2443May 2443Organ Donation
May 2443May 2443Exotic and Endangered Animals
November 2443November 2443Call for early elections, November 2443
February 2444August 2444State Stealing of Money
February 2444August 2444Indidual Rights Concerning Our Flag
February 2444September 2444The right to prostitute yourself
February 2444September 2444The right to strike
February 2444September 2444Employers have rights too
February 2444September 2444Legal Adult Age
September 2444September 2444Ending Slave Labour
September 2444March 2465Right to Gamble Act
December 2444December 2444National Anthem
December 2444December 2444Labour Laws
December 2444December 2444National Smoking Guidelines
September 2445September 2445Federalisation Intiative
April 2446April 2446Defamation
July 2446July 2446Call for early elections, July 2446
July 2446January 2447Central Bank Reform
September 2446March 2447Handing Protection back to the Provinces
September 2446March 2465Private Pre-School
October 2446January 2447Police Powers
May 2447May 2447Drug Use Act
August 2447August 2447No excuses now
August 2447August 2447More efficient business, more community markets
August 2447August 2447Helping, Never Enforcing
August 2447August 2447.
August 2447August 2447"Hey, Nurse, leave those kids alone!" Act
November 2447November 2447Cabinet Proposal of November 2447
March 2448May 2448Our New Anthem
March 2448May 2448Our New Motto
May 2448May 2448Encouraging Food Labelling
May 2448June 2448Smoking Act
May 2448June 2448No more slavery, but just to be safe....
November 2448November 2448Renewable Energy
November 2448March 2465Freeing up the Media
June 2449June 2449Felon Act
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the International Agreement On Justice
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
March 2451July 2451Income tax proposal of March 2451
November 2454May 2455Province Park, not Nation Park
November 2454May 2455Decentralization of Higher Education
November 2454May 2455Privatize Waste Disposal
November 2454May 2455It's not our choice
November 2454May 2455In the interest of commonsense and safety
November 2454May 2455Province Power in the Gambling Industry
November 2454May 2455Commonsense for Provincial Forest Management
November 2454May 2455The Province Knows Best
November 2454May 2455Freemarket approach to pollution
October 2455October 2455Cabinet Proposal of October 2455
October 2455October 2455Cavalier Programme: Science
October 2455October 2455A new name for a new Zardugal
October 2455November 2455So, what do we refer to ourselves as?
October 2455April 2456Head of Government
November 2456May 2457Scope of Food Labelling
November 2457November 2457Paper Round Act
November 2457November 2457Natrual Right Act
November 2457November 2457Decentralization of Industrial Regulations Act
November 2457November 2457Citizenship for all Zardugalies Act
November 2457November 2457Refugee Welcome Act
May 2458April 2459Tuition Debt Act
May 2458April 2459National Charter School Policy
April 2459January 2467Citizens' Test Act
January 2460August 2460Immigration Policy
January 2461June 2464New Flag
November 2461November 2461national flag protection
November 2461November 2461Post liberation act
October 2462January 2463Budget proposal of October 2462
January 2463December 2467Renaming of the National Animal
October 2463October 2463Protector-General of Zardugal
November 2463November 2463Protector-General version 2.0
November 2463May 2464Raising Public Awareness of Endangered and Exotic Animals
February 2464August 2464Privacy intrusion
July 2465July 2465Border controls
September 2465June 2466Income tax proposal of September 2465
March 2466March 2466Adopting to Stable homes
June 2466December 2466Missionairy registration
August 2466December 2466Slander laws
August 2466December 2466Organ donations
May 2469May 2469Age of Majority Act
May 2469June 2469Separation of State and Judiciary Act
November 2469January 2475tax incentives for ecologic cars
February 2471July 2471Smoking policies
August 2474January 2475Tax of the profit made by corporations / Tax on luxury goods
January 2475January 2475Public Health Care
January 2475January 2475CP / Public officials regulation
January 2475January 2475Food safety act 2/2
January 2475January 2475Food safety act 1/2
January 2475January 2475Abortion restrictions
January 2475April 2475Cabinet Proposal of January 2475
January 2475February 2478CP / Welfare Act.
August 2475January 2476CP / International Trade
August 2475January 2476CP / Adult age
August 2475January 2476CP / Pornographic acts.
February 2476August 2476CP / The citizens' right to assemble in public
February 2476August 2476CP / Adoption
July 2476July 2476Identity cards
July 2476July 2476Cloning restrictions
July 2476July 2476Gun restrictions
July 2476December 2476Animal protection
August 2476August 2476CP / Radio stations
December 2476December 2476CP / Renewable energy sources
February 2477June 2477CP / Religious schools
February 2477June 2477CP / Nation's power grid
February 2477June 2477CP / Singing the national anthem
July 2477January 2478CP / Health and safety legislation
July 2477January 2478CP / No form of positive discrimination
July 2477January 2478CP / No mandatory military
February 2478February 2478CP / Public transport
February 2478February 2478CP / National TV stations
June 2479December 2479Organ Donation
October 2479May 2480"Quite, I'm Privatizing": Food Industry Regulation
November 2479November 2479Cabinet Proposal of November 2479
December 2479February 2480Space Exploration
May 2480May 2480.
July 2480August 2480The Progression of education
July 2480April 2481Elections
August 2480April 2481Changing of Retirement age
August 2480July 2481Revision of the death penalty
September 2480April 2481Social reform
December 2480December 2480Cabinet Proposal of December 2480
December 2480February 2481Assemble in public
May 2481May 2481Import tariffs
May 2481July 2481Space exploration
February 2482February 2482Religious Schools
August 2482July 2483supra-regional education
March 2483November 2483Police
April 2483September 2483Cabinet Proposal of April 2483
June 2485June 2485Secondary Strike Regulation
August 2486December 2486Informal economic dominance
January 2489April 2489Strikes
February 2490February 2490Food Safety Standards
October 2490April 2494Diverse Policy for a Diverse Industry
March 2491May 2491Budget proposal of March 2491
March 2491July 2491Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
March 2491July 2491Income tax proposal of March 2491
April 2491April 2492Stop Persucution of the Wealthy
April 2491April 2494Abolish Uneeded Tax
May 2491July 2491Ratification of the Interpol
May 2491July 2491Cabinet Proposal of May 2491
May 2491March 2492Refugees and Foreign Aid
July 2491March 2493Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
March 2492February 2493Ratification of the Aldegar Canal Security Treaty
April 2492April 2492Independent Media
July 2492January 2493Enlightened Adoption Act
September 2492February 2493Condemnation of The Legality of Slavery
October 2492October 2492Call for early elections, October 2492
December 2492December 2492Ingredient labelling
December 2492January 2493Education Standards
March 2493February 2494Budget proposal of March 2493
March 2493February 2494Income tax proposal of March 2493
September 2493September 2493Call for early elections, September 2493
November 2493November 2493Cabinet Proposal of November 2493
June 2494June 2494Freeing the Buses and Metros
June 2496June 2496Gambling
August 2496August 2496Freeing Religious Schools
October 2496October 2496Striking Act
March 2498March 2498Democracy in the Workplace (2nd Attempt)
August 2498August 2499Condemnation of the Desecration of the Zadrugali Flag
December 2498August 2499Treatment of Nationals
May 2499May 2499Call for early elections, May 2499
June 2499August 2499Rights of Felons (Yes, Even Them)
July 2499July 2499Corporation Tax
July 2499July 2499Health Care (The Big One)
July 2499July 2499Tree Re-planting
July 2499July 2499Energy supply 2
July 2499July 2499Defence Industries
July 2499July 2499Minimum Wage
July 2499July 2499Tax on luxury goods
August 2499August 2499Public Housing bill
August 2499August 2499Climate Protection Act
August 2499August 2499Pollution controlls bill
August 2499August 2499Cabinet Proposal of August 2499
August 2499August 2499Luxury goods sale tax
August 2499August 2499Advertising Bill
August 2499August 2499Food Labelling
September 2499March 2500Missionaries
December 2499December 2499Improving Education
March 2500March 2500Smoking ban in the workplace
June 2500June 2500Working-Class Solidarity
August 2500August 2500Establishment of a Public Pension
October 2500October 2500Health and Safety Regulations
April 2501July 2505Museums
May 2501May 2501Recycling Act
May 2501August 2501Income tax proposal (Number 2) of May 2501
May 2501August 2501Budget proposal (Number 2) of May 2501
November 2501November 2501Child Benefit
November 2501November 2501Gun Ownership
November 2501November 2501Fireworks
November 2501November 2501Energy Regulation
November 2501November 2501Pharmaceutical drugs policy
November 2501November 2501Buying/Selling of alcohol
December 2501December 2501Death Penalty bill
December 2501December 2501Sale of tobacco bill
December 2501December 2501Contraceptive bill
December 2501December 2501Raising of the retirement age
June 2502June 2502Passport act
June 2502June 2502Train Operating Companies
June 2502June 2502Public Decency and Sexual Leniency
June 2502June 2502Aid to Struggling Farmers
August 2502August 2502Regulation of Pharmaceuticals
October 2502November 2502Recreational Drug Policy
December 2502August 2503Internationalism Act 2
December 2502August 2503Internationalism Act
February 2503August 2503Protection of Endangered Animals
March 2503August 2503Public Nudity
March 2503August 2503Gambling
March 2503August 2503Biological & Chemical Weapons
May 2503August 2503Local Democracy
May 2503August 2503National Anthem In Schools
July 2503July 2503Death Penalty
August 2503August 2503Freedom of Flag-Burning
October 2503October 2503Condemnation Of The Executions
October 2503October 2503Amnesty For Feterokov
October 2503November 2503Right To Assemble
November 2503November 2503Illegal Aliens
November 2503November 2503End To Curfews
November 2503November 2503Separation Of Military & Police
November 2503January 2504Media Democratization
January 2504December 2504Right To Bear Arms - Citizen Militias
February 2504February 2504Pharmaceuticals for the Poor
April 2504February 2508Regulation of Religion
July 2504December 2504End to Nuclear Weapons
July 2504February 2505Condemnation of Slavery
August 2504August 2504Call for early elections, August 2504
August 2504December 2504Progressive Testing
August 2504December 2504Right to Strike
August 2504December 2504Freedom of Marriage Act
September 2504February 2505Arms
October 2504November 2504Passport Law
October 2504November 2504Right To Privacy
October 2504November 2504Farm Size
October 2504November 2504Condemnation Of Violence
October 2504December 2504Disarming Police
October 2504January 2505National Police Department
November 2504November 2504Trade Union Strike Ballots
November 2504February 2505House Cleaning
December 2504December 2504National Forestry
January 2505January 2505Pacifism Act
January 2505January 2505Second Pacifism Act
February 2505February 2505Cabinet Proposal of February 2505
April 2505April 2505Saoirse Quinn Memorial Service
October 2505October 2505Happy Holidays
October 2505October 2505Santa Claus Accessibility & Protection Act
October 2505October 2505Ratification of the The Comprehensive Gay Rights Treaty
December 2505December 2505Sixth Federalism Act
December 2505December 2505Seventh Federalism Act
December 2505December 2505Fifth Federalism Act
December 2505December 2505First Federalism Act
June 2506June 2506Alternative counterintelligence bill
August 2506August 2506First Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Seventh Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Sixth Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Fifth Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Fourth Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Second Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Ninth Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Third Addendum to the Federalism Acts
August 2506August 2506Eigth Addendum to the Federalism Acts
December 2506October 2510Zardugali National Historical Archive
August 2507August 2507Conor Quinn memorial
August 2507February 2510Change of national sport.
October 2507October 2507International Media Content
October 2507October 2507Education System
October 2507October 2507Cultural & Historical Sites
December 2507December 2507Outstanding Democratic Party Bills
August 2508April 2509Forest protection?
September 2508November 2510Right to Free Speech
September 2508November 2510People's Public Transport Act
September 2508November 2510Right to Choose
December 2508January 2509Call for early elections, December 2508
January 2509March 2510Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
January 2509March 2510Ratification of the Santa Claus Accessibility & Protection Act
April 2509April 2510Freedom of advertisment
February 2510May 2510Forestry bill
February 2510May 2510Ban of animal testing
December 2511December 2511Steward of the People
December 2511December 2511Ratification of the World Fair
February 2512July 2512New Bill
July 2512April 2513Minimum wage
July 2512April 2513Healthcare
July 2512April 2513Animals first! :)
November 2512April 2513Army bill 6
November 2512April 2513Army bill 5
November 2512April 2513Army bill 2
November 2512April 2513Army bill 1
December 2512March 2513Biotechnology Act
December 2512March 2513National Love A Kitten Day
January 2513July 2513Army bill 7
May 2513May 2513Warriors Of The Gylanic Resurgence
May 2513May 2513Withdraw from the Global Emancipation Treaty
May 2513July 2513Less rules
May 2513July 2513Democracy
June 2513June 2513Seventh Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251331st Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Thirteenth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251339th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251346th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251349th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251330th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251337th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251345th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251321st Saiser Decree
June 2513June 251348th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251329th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251341st Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251336th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Tenth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251326th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251347th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251328th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251334th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Fifth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Twelfth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251322nd Saiserist Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251342nd Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251327th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Ninth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251333rd Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Eleventh Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251340th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251318th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Third Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Eigth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251332nd Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251338th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513July 2513Industry
June 2513July 2513Infrastructure Bill
July 2513July 2513Children = choice
November 2513November 2513Animals
January 2514January 2514The world is not enough
May 2514May 2514Budget proposal of May 2514
May 2514May 2514Income tax proposal of May 2514
May 2514May 2514No subsidie
May 2514October 2514Fuel for the Nation's Fire
September 2514September 2514The time has come
November 2514November 2514Faith Act I of 2514
November 2514November 2514State-Control, not Worker-Control
November 2514November 2514Faith Act II of 2514
March 2515March 2515National Sport change
May 2515May 2515Free market
June 2515July 2515Budget proposal of June 2515
June 2516June 2516international?
March 2517March 2517Call for early elections, March 2517
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme IV
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme III
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme IX
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme II
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme VIII
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme I
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme VII
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme V
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme V
June 2517June 2517Television bill
June 2517June 2517Raising of children bill
June 2517June 2517Eminent Domain compensation bill
June 2517June 2517Women in the military
June 2517June 2517Corporal punishment bill
June 2517June 2517Right to privacy bill
June 2517June 2517Eminent Domain bill
June 2517June 2517Military bill 1
June 2517June 2517Singing of the national anthem
June 2517June 2517Group dispersal bill
June 2517June 2517Military service bill
June 2517June 2517Ban torture
June 2517June 2517Agriculture policy bill
June 2517June 2517Racial and religious registration
June 2517June 2517Police bill
June 2517June 2517Source code bill
June 2517June 2517Identity cards bill
June 2517June 2517Desegregation of schools bill
June 2517June 2517No more curfews!
June 2517June 2517Radio bill
June 2517June 2517Freedom of government employees
June 2517June 2517Confidentiality of letters bill
June 2517June 2517Right to appeal
June 2517July 2519Economic Programme X - Low Taxes!
August 2517August 2517End to slavery
July 2518July 2518Defence Industry bill
October 2518May 2519Advertising bill
October 2518May 2519Health and Safety regulations bill
October 2518May 2519Abortion bill
November 2518February 2519Cabinet Proposal of November 2518
May 2519May 2519freedom
May 2519May 2519freedom
May 2519May 2519Military freedom
May 2519May 2519freedom
July 2519November 2519Income tax proposal of July 2519
December 2519May 2520Revised Budget Proposal
September 2520September 2520freedom
September 2520September 2520own car
July 2521June 2522Renewable energy provision
November 2521November 2521A New Act.
December 2521December 2521freedom
December 2521December 2521federalisation 2
December 2521December 2521federalisation
April 2522April 2522freedom 3
January 2523January 2523Forestry bill
January 2523January 2523freedom
January 2523January 2523Condemnation of the Saiserist League
June 2523June 2523Second Attempt at a Cultist City.
October 2523October 2523PFLF Constitutional Bill
November 2523November 2523freedom
June 2524June 2524freedom
November 2524October 2526Withdraw from the Gay Rights Treaty.
December 2524May 2525PFLF Military Bill
December 2524July 2525Trade union balloting
June 2525June 2525Treaty for Cessation of Hostilities: SL/Prop 3768904
October 2526October 2526Saiserist Decree of 2526: Reinstate Slavery
October 2526October 2526Saiserist Decree of 2526: 3rd Economic Reform
October 2526October 2526Saiserist Decree of 2526: 2nd Economic Reform
October 2526October 2526Saiserist Decree of 2526: 1st Economic Reform
November 2526November 2526Re-Armament for War
December 2526December 2526Saiserist Decree of 2526: Zardugalism
February 2527February 2527Saiserist Decree of 2527: State Telephones
February 2527February 2527Saiserist Decree of 2526: Luxury Tax Reform
June 2527June 2527Police Bill.
July 2527July 2527Sales, and Corporate Tax Programme
October 2527April 2528New National Anthem
November 2527November 2527Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
May 2528May 2528.
May 2528May 2528Fireworks
May 2528May 2528Deport Illegal Aliens!
October 2528May 2529Saiserist Decree of 2528: End to Animal-Protection Wastes of Funds
November 2528May 2529Hard Labour in Prisons.
January 2529May 2529Homosexual Bill.
April 2529May 2529Raise Taxes.
September 2529December 2529Revised Cabinet Proposal of September 2529
November 2529November 2529The government's policy regarding the treatment of prisoners of war.
November 2529November 2529Higher education Institutions.
November 2529November 2529Public Nudity
November 2529November 2529Military/National Service
November 2529November 2529Weapons used by the police forces.
November 2529November 2529Marriage
November 2529November 2529The nation's policy on the separation of the police and the military
November 2529November 2529Secondary strike actions
November 2529November 2529Adoption
November 2529November 2529Tax on essential goods
November 2529November 2529Tax on luxury goods
November 2529November 2529Government policy concerning the use of pesticides.
November 2529November 2529The State's intervention in the appointment of ministers of religion.
November 2529November 2529Tax of Corporation
November 2529November 2529Use of animal in cosmetics
November 2529November 2529Housing
November 2529November 2529National Health Care policy.
November 2529November 2529Space Exploration
November 2529November 2529Nuclear power
December 2529December 2529Government policy concerning religions.
March 2530March 2530Saiserist Decree of 2530: National Sport
November 2530November 2530Financial Reform 2530: Budget proposal
November 2530November 2530Financial Reform 2530: Adjustment of other taxes
November 2530November 2530Financial Reform 2530: Income tax
April 2532April 2532Legality of Sodomy
April 2532April 2532Crossdressing.
April 2532April 2532Phone services.
April 2532April 2532Financial Reform of 2532: Budget proposal
April 2532May 2532The weapons used by police forces.
May 2532May 2532Declaration of War against Cobura
May 2533May 2533Budget proposal of May 2533
May 2533May 2533Title change.
May 2533May 2533Income tax proposal of May 2533
June 2533June 2533We definitely need a new flag!
June 2533June 2533Formation of two Special Forces units.
July 2533July 2533Budget proposal of July 2533
July 2533July 2533Prisoners of war.
August 2533November 2533Zardugali Air Corps modernisation bill
December 2533January 2534Zardugali Navy modernisation bill
January 2534January 2534Articles of Allegiance
February 2534June 2534Ratification of the The Alliance of the Liberation Front
July 2534August 2534Zardugal Military Act
November 2534June 2535The United Zardugali Volunteers
December 2534December 2534Cabinet Proposal of December 2534
January 2535January 2535Call for early elections, January 2535
January 2535July 2535Economic Freedom
September 2535December 2535A New Motto
December 2535December 2535Saiserist Decree of 2535: Industrial Imperative
January 2536January 2536Next Generation Fighter Aircraft bill
January 2536January 2536Zardugali Protection Act
November 2536April 2537End of conscription bill
December 2536April 2537Passports bill
December 2536April 2537Visitors to the Nation bill
December 2536April 2537Child benefit bill
December 2536April 2537Nationalisation bill
December 2536April 2537National Cultural and Historic Sites and Monuments bill
May 2538May 2538Project Iron
May 2538May 2538Cease-Fire with Cobura
October 2538October 2538Saiserist Decree of 2538: Reintroduce the Draft
October 2538August 2539End of Slavery bill
December 2538August 2539Project Titanium
January 2539August 2539Act-291n
June 2539June 2539Call for early elections, June 2539
November 2539November 2539Health bill 3
November 2539November 2539Health devolution
November 2539November 2539Milieu bill 2
November 2539November 2539Milieu bill
May 2540May 2540Ratification of the Mutual Exchange and Protection Pact (MEPP)
February 2541February 2541Cabinet Proposal of February 2541
April 2541April 2541Military Aid to our Ally, the Vanuku Federation
November 2541November 2541Withdraw from the Deltarian Liberation Front
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 2
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 1
December 2541December 2541Education bill 2
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 8
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 3
January 2542January 2542Vaccinations bill
April 2544April 2544Corporate Tax Cut
April 2544April 2544welfare?
April 2544April 2544local power
October 2544February 2545Cabinet Proposal of October 2544
December 2544December 2544Right to Breath
July 2545October 2545Pan-Matajran Peace Initiative
November 2545March 2546banks
February 2547August 2547Budget proposal of February 2547
November 2548November 2548Tobacco and Drug Act
November 2548November 2548Budget proposal of November 2548
November 2548November 2548Women in the Military Act
November 2548November 2548Defense Industries Act
February 2549March 2550Budget proposal of February 2549
January 2550September 2550National Directory Reform Act
March 2550March 2550Income tax proposal of March 2550
May 2551September 2551Lowering the Sales Tax
October 2551September 2552Budget proposal of October 2551
September 2552September 2552Local Freedom
September 2552September 2552Freedom
September 2552October 2552The Minimum Wage Act of 2252
September 2552October 2552Reformed Policy on Nationality
September 2552October 2552Income tax proposal of September 2552
January 2553January 2553Act 583-A331
January 2553January 2553Defense Act
April 2553May 2553Right to Choose
April 2553May 2553Income tax proposal of April 2553
September 2555September 2555Gambling Regulation Act of 2555
September 2555September 2555Medical Cannabis Act of 2555
January 2558January 2558Income tax proposal of January 2558
April 2558April 2558Change of the military's stance on homosexuality
October 2558October 2558School for the poor and disadvantaged
October 2558October 2558Food Labeling...
November 2558November 2558Ban of Prostitution
November 2558November 2558Habeas Data
April 2559August 2559Adoption for homosexual couples...
April 2559August 2559Allow all corporations to use industrial hemp!
September 2559September 2559Curfew Act
September 2559September 2559National Service Act
September 2559October 2559Riot Act 2559
October 2559October 2559Refugee Policy
October 2559October 2559Immigration Policy
November 2559November 2559State Voluntary Pension Act 2559
March 2560March 2560Taxation of religions
March 2560March 2560Pre-school education
March 2560March 2560Regulation of the sale of tobacco
March 2560March 2560Regulation of the postal service
March 2560March 2560Regulation of the sale of alcohol
October 2560October 2560Cabinet Proposal of October 2560
November 2561November 2561Act B2201-071a
November 2562November 2562Removal of the death penalty from the statute books
November 2562November 2562Legalisation of gambling
August 2563August 2563Subsidising of medicine
August 2563August 2563Change of national animal
August 2563August 2563Tax reform
March 2564March 2564Commercial use of the national flag
September 2567September 2567Weapons Act 2567
October 2567October 2567Cabinet Proposal of October 2567
December 2567December 2567School Prayer Act
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Ending Flag Misuse
April 2568April 2568Marcus Military Act 2568.
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Taking Action Regarding Zardugali Libraries
May 2568May 2568amount of bills
May 2568May 2568Budget proposal of May 2568
June 2568June 2568Income tax proposal of June 2568
October 2568October 2568National Sport
October 2569October 2569Saiserist Decree of 2569: Promoting a Worthy Pastime
August 2571August 2571Saiserist Decree of 2570: Fighting the Lung Cancer that Plagues the Populace So
September 2571September 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Taking an Enlightened Stance on the Overabundance of Foreign Embassies within Belgae
September 2571September 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Taking Reasonable Steps to Ensure the Security of the Broders to the Great Nation of Zardugal
September 2571September 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Cessation of Dumping ZARs into an Insatiable Pit and Spending Them On Those Who Would Destroy Society
January 2572January 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Winning the War On Nature
February 2572February 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Taking a First Step to Return to Zardugal's Golden Age and End this Period of Decline
April 2572April 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Re-Affirming Zardugal's Commitment to Security and International Harmony
July 2572July 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Repealing a Meaningless and Hand-Binding Treaty
July 2572July 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Standardizing and Rectifying Bureaucratic Flaws in Legal Definitions of Binding Commitments
July 2572July 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Bringing Back Reasonableness and Responsibility with Regards to Comestibles Consumed by the Common Zardugali
February 2573February 2573Saiserist Decree of 2572: Not "Rewriting" History, Merely "Improving" History
April 2573April 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Providing Adequate Justice to Those Whose Explicit Desire is to Destroy Our Noble Zardugali Nation
April 2573April 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Restoring Order in the Streets so the Common Zardugali Can Sleep Soundly at Night
July 2573July 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Curbing the Harmful Influence Foreign Media and Propaganda Inflicts Upon the Innocent Zardugali Populace
July 2573July 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Bringing Order, Sense and Responsibility Back to the Internet
September 2573September 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Keeping the Airwaves Over Zardugal Innocent and Free of Mind-Warping Filth
January 2574January 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Brnging Down the Interracial Menace that Threatens to Corrupt All Zardugalis
February 2574February 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Keeping the Land of Zardugal Racially Pure and Untainted
April 2574April 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Removing A Ridiculous and Needless Restriction to the State in Regards to Keeping the Zardugali People Safe, Secure, and Prosperous
June 2574June 2574Conservative Act C01-F9291: Purge the Military of Weaklings
June 2574June 2574Conservative Act B-29291va7: Preserving the Dignity of Zardugal
July 2574July 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Closing the Gates to Defectors and the Barbarian Hordes
August 2574August 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Giving the State the Power to Fully Protect and Secure Our Innocent Civilians
October 2574October 2574Joining the War in Hutori to Support the Confederacy
October 2574October 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Creating an Army in Good Standing
December 2574December 2574Conservative Party Act C1-201: Free Zardugal From Petty Laws
December 2574December 2574Conservative Party Act A-12107J: For the Good of Zardugal
August 2575August 2575Social Federalist Act to Undo the Damage Wrought on Our Fair Nation
September 2575September 2575federal
November 2575November 2575Sale of tobacco bill
November 2575November 2575.An end to segregation
November 2575November 2575Food labelling bill
November 2575November 2575Making interracial relationships legal
November 2575November 2575National Service bill
November 2575November 2575Recognition of foreign marraiges
November 2575November 2575Prisoner of war bill
November 2575November 2575International media
November 2575November 2575Passports bill
November 2575November 2575Opening military service to all
November 2575November 2575End of torture
November 2575November 2575Allowing travel by foreigners to the nation
November 2575November 2575Right to privacy
November 2575November 2575End to slavery
November 2575November 2575Allowing foreign embassies
December 2575December 2575Welfare Bill-
January 2576January 2576Empowering Local Governments to Regulate Gambling
January 2576January 2576Sympathy Strike Reform
January 2576January 2576National Sports Referendum
January 2576January 2576Federalists Agenda: Civil Protection Act
January 2576January 2576Domestic Protection Reform
February 2576February 2576Central Bank Creation Act
February 2576February 2576Historical Sites Protection Act
February 2576February 2576Power to the Unions
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Ending the Hippie Menace that Terrorizes the Zardugali People
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Adopting a Progressive, Forward-Looking Stance on the Arms Industry
April 2576April 2576Stabilizing the Proposals Allotted
September 2576September 2576Cabinet Proposal of September 2576
November 2576November 2576Military Adjustment Act of 2576
February 2577February 2577End to segregation within the educational system
February 2577February 2577Endo of segregration of public amenities
February 2577February 2577Seperation of the Military and Police Act
March 2577March 2577Wise Guidance Act In Health and Safety Regulations
March 2577March 2577Speaking Up for Those Who Cannot
March 2577March 2577International Extradition Adjustment Act of 2577
March 2577March 2577Budget proposal of March 2577
March 2577March 2577Boot Strap Act of 2577
March 2577March 2577Immigration Reform of 2577
April 2577April 2577media
July 2577July 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Reviving the Zardugali Educational System
December 2577December 2577Fair Working Day Initiative of 2577
December 2577December 2577education bill
March 2578March 2578Healthcare Compromise
May 2578May 2578Restoring the Right to Assemble Freely
May 2578May 2578Encouragement of Nuclear Energy
August 2578August 2578Freedom For Everyone Compromise Initiative
August 2578August 2578Wage bill
August 2578August 2578N.F.C. Initiative 2044
August 2578August 2578Independent Media Reform
August 2578August 2578N.F.C. Policy Adjustment Proposal to Curb Domestic Crime
August 2578July 2582Ministry of Finance Agenda of 2578
September 2578September 2578N.F.C. Initiative 2046
September 2578September 2578Legislative Assembly Nomenclature Adjustment
September 2578September 2578Budget proposal of September 2578
September 2578September 2578N.F.C. Initiative of September 2578
December 2578December 2578Right to Bare Arms Iniative of 2578
December 2578December 2578N.F.C. Initiative 1053
December 2578December 2578N.F.C. Initiative 1051
December 2578December 2578N.F.C. Initiative 1050
January 2579January 2579Budget proposal of January 2579
September 2579September 2579Call for early elections, September 2579
September 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Ending a Viler Sin and Ensuring the Purity of Zardugal
February 2580February 2580N.F.C. Initiative 2053
February 2580March 2580N.F.C. Policy Adjustment Proposal on Food Labeling
March 2580March 2580Policy Adjustment to Food Sales
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Collectivized Industry
April 2580April 2580Freedom
May 2580May 2580Freedom 2
March 2581March 2581Budget proposal of March 2581
June 2581June 2581SDP Act-19029aT
September 2581September 2581Saiserist Decree of 2581: Striking at a National Menace Against Our Sanity and Dignity
September 2581September 2581Saiserist Decree of 2581: Ending a Meaningless Liberal Deception that Wastes Your Hard-Earned Tax ZARs on Mercy for Murderers
January 2582January 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Casting Down the Specter that Haunts Zardugal and Threatens to Rend it Asunder from Within Through Methods and Plots Most Vile and Foul, Namely the Scourge of Industrial Hemp
April 2582April 2582SDP Act-W331: Allow the Government to Protect Zardugalis
April 2582April 2582SDP Act-A284
April 2582April 2582SDP Act-37cF1
April 2582April 2582SDP Act-99Av4
May 2582August 2582Supporting those who provide the means to keep our nation secure
May 2582August 2582Service to the State act of 2582
May 2582August 2582Reinforcement of our civil protectors in times of dire need
July 2582July 2582Ministry of Finance Agenda of 2582
July 2582July 2582N.F.C. Policy Dossier on the Election of Mayors
July 2582July 2582Agricultural Subsidy Reform of 2582
August 2582August 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Putting An Immediate Halt to a Liberal Capitalist Ploy to Disrupt the Progress of Industry in the Interest of Tree-Hugging and Naturalistic Bestiality
August 2582August 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Bringing the Natural Environment Under the Care of the State so That It Might Be Safely, Securely, and Properly Protected from the Destructive, Malicious Hands of Liberals
August 2582August 2582Cabinet Proposal of August 2582
August 2582September 2582Budget proposal of August 2582
September 2582September 2582F.R.P. Agenda Concerning the Undue Power of Organized Labor
September 2582September 2582Adjustment on Federal Pay-Outs to Tuition
January 2583January 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Reforming the Policing System to Allow Greater Protection for Our Citizens
February 2583February 2583F.R.P. Dossier on National Funding of Domestic Police Forces
February 2583February 2583N.F.C. Policy Initiative on Funding and Development of Higher Education
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Giving International Media Content the Space It Deserves
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Making the Trains Run on Time
May 2583May 2583SDP Actt 12191v: For the Benefit of Zardugali Youth
February 2584February 2584Reversing the SDP Act 12191
February 2584February 2584Freedom in the Media Act of 2584
February 2584August 2584Ratification of the Kafuri Petroleum Contract
August 2584August 2584Right to Privacy Act 1020
August 2584August 2584Innovation in the Defense Industries
August 2584August 2584Adjustment of Domestic Protection Policies-Restoration to the Provinces Act
August 2584August 2584Seperation of the Federal Government and Religion Act
August 2584August 2584Federal Adjustment to the Institution o Marriage and Civil-Unions
October 2584October 2584Cabinet Proposal of October 2584
November 2584November 2584The Defense of the Family Act
May 2585May 2585F.R.P. Act of 2585: Citizens Right to Property
May 2585May 2585F.R.P. Policy Initative 2078
May 2585May 2585Domestic Protection Reform Act of 2585
May 2585May 2585Federal Policy Adjustment to Public Nudity Laws
September 2585September 2585Changing the Zardugali Currency
April 2586April 2586Budget proposal of April 2586
July 2586July 2586Halting Government Intervention in the Market
July 2586July 2586Ending Government Promoted Indentured Servitude
August 2586August 2586F.R.P. Initiative on Local Powers of August 2586
August 2586August 2586Freedom of the Press Initiative
August 2586August 2586Illegal Imigration Reform of 2586
February 2587February 2587Federal Deregulation of Hiring Policies in the Market
July 2587July 2587Cabinet Proposal of July 2587
July 2587January 2588Tax bill
July 2587January 2588Budget proposal of July 2587
July 2587May 2588Declaring the Saiserist League An Enemy of the Federation of Zardugal
March 2588March 2588Saiserist Decree of 2588: Bolstering the Defense Capabilities of Zardugal
April 2589April 2589Ending Government Funded Organ Harvesting
June 2589June 2589Food Safety Policy Adjustment Act of 2589
July 2589July 2589Local books
July 2589July 2589.
July 2589July 2589Endangered animals
July 2589July 2589Local forest
July 2589July 2589TOC
July 2589July 2589Freedom of games
November 2589November 2589Public Education Reform Act of 2589
November 2589November 2589Forest Management Adjustment Act of 2589
December 2589July 2590Corporate Rights Act
April 2590April 2590Call for early elections, April 2590
June 2590July 2590F.R.P. Policy Initiative 3021
June 2590July 2590Readjustment of Stock Exchanges Policy
June 2590July 2590F.R.P. Policy Initiative 3022
July 2590July 2590Anglo Protection Act
September 2590September 2590National service bill
September 2590September 2590Cost-saving at times of war
September 2590September 2590Re-examination of citizenship bill
September 2590September 2590Illegal alien bill
September 2590September 2590International media bill
December 2590December 2590F.R.P. Policy Initiative 3024
December 2590December 2590A More Practical Approach to International Media Regulation
December 2590December 2590F.R.P. Policy Initiative 3023
July 2591July 2591Call for early elections, July 2591
October 2591October 2591Budget proposal of October 2591
November 2591March 2592Income tax proposal of November 2591
June 2592June 2592Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
June 2592October 2592Ministry of Defense: Quarantine Against the Deltarian Shoreline
December 2592December 2592N.F.C. Initiative 2048: Ecological Reform
December 2592December 2592Adjustment to Health and Food Safety Regulations
December 2592December 2592F.R.P. Initiative of December 2592: Adjustment to Public Education
April 2593April 2593Food Safety Reform Act
April 2593April 2593Child labour
April 2593April 2593Mayoral Appointment Resolution
April 2593April 2593Abortion Bill
April 2593April 2593Nationality Reform Act of 2593
July 2593July 2593.
July 2593July 2593The Right of Appeal Act
October 2593October 2593Cabinet Proposal of October 2593
October 2593October 2593Discrimination Reform Act
October 2593October 2593Labor Reform Act of October 2593
October 2593October 2593Fireworks Bill
July 2594July 2594Education bill
August 2594October 2594Budget proposal of August 2594
February 2595February 2595Agricultural and Farming Subsidy Adjustment Act
February 2595February 2595Federalist Proposal Concerning Farming Adjustments
February 2595February 2595Right to Express One's Self Act
May 2595October 2595Adjustment of Retirement Age to Facilitate Economic Opportunities
June 2595October 2595Ratification of the Global Corporate Trade Agreement
June 2595October 2595Right to Bare Arms Compromise
November 2595November 2595Ending Government Sanctioned Racial and Religious Discrimination
February 2596February 2596Reforming Laws Regarding the Desecration of Zardugal's National Flag
February 2596February 2596Reforming to Adjust to the Advances of a New Dawn in Science
February 2596February 2596F.R.P. Military Adjustment Act of 2596
June 2596January 2597Right to Slow Suicide Act II
June 2596January 2597National Anthem and Flag Adjustment Act of 2596
June 2596January 2597Ratification of the Vascania for the Vascanians (and the Axis)
June 2596January 2597Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 2596January 2597Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
September 2596March 2597Foreign Embassy Reform Act of 2596
September 2596March 2597Vaccination Act
September 2596March 2597Industrial Pollution Reform Act of 2596
September 2596March 2597Citizenship Policy Adjustment Act of 2596
September 2596March 2597Hemp Bill II
October 2596March 2597Identity Card Reform Act of 2596
October 2596March 2597The "It's okay to ask and tell" Act of 2596
November 2596November 2596Call for early elections, November 2596
December 2596January 2597Ratification of the Lodamun-Zardugal Free Trade Agreement
January 2597January 2597Domestic Protection Innovation Act
January 2597January 2597Protection of Domestic Markets Act
December 2598December 2598Organized Labor Strike Reform
February 2599July 2599Budget proposal of February 2599
June 2599June 2599Stock Exchange Proposal of June 2599
July 2599July 2599Policy Adjustment to Waste Disposal
October 2599October 2599Foreign Investment Localization Act
October 2599October 2599Nuclear Refom Act of 2599
October 2599October 2599Gun Ownership Reform Act
January 2600January 2600F.R.P. Military Adjustment Act of 2600: Regarding Tax Rates
January 2600January 2600Federal Government Policy Adjustment to the Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons
January 2600January 2600Road to a More Civilized Society Act II
February 2600June 2600Budget proposal of February 2600
April 2600April 2600Postal Reform Act of 2600
July 2600January 2601DWC Reform Act II
July 2600April 2601Removing the Federal Government from the Bedroom
July 2600April 2601F.R.P. Policy Dossier of July 2600
July 2600April 2601A Greener Capitalism
July 2600April 2601Adjustment to Appointment of Mayors
October 2600October 2600Budget proposal of October 2600
October 2600January 2601Food Labeling Reform Act
October 2600January 2601Food Regulation Reform Act
October 2600January 2601The Right to Strike Act
December 2600January 2601Forestry Privatization Act of 2600
December 2600January 2601Prisoner Internship Act
December 2600January 2601Refugee Act
December 2600January 2601Food Safety Reform Act of December 2600
December 2600January 2601Freedom of Broadcasting Act
December 2600January 2601Wild Animal Ownership Reform Act
January 2601March 2601Budget proposal of January 2601
March 2601March 2601Local power
March 2601March 2601Local power
March 2601March 2601trade
March 2601March 2601Deregulation
March 2601March 2601Beer
April 2601April 2601Judicial Reform Act
April 2601April 2601Tobacco Deregulation Act
May 2601October 2601Curfew Policy Reform Act of April 2601
September 2601September 2601Budget proposal of September 2601
August 2602August 2602Budget proposal of August 2602
September 2602September 2602Budget proposal of September 2602
October 2602October 2602Passport Reform
October 2602October 2602Illegal Alien Integration Act
October 2602October 2602Chemical & Biological Weaponry Reform Act
October 2602October 2602Home Schooling Act
October 2602October 2602Sexual Education Reform Act of October 2602
October 2602October 2602Discipline in Schools
October 2602October 2602Adoption Privatization Act
October 2602October 2602BFP: Local Power
October 2602October 2602Civil Marriage Reform Act of 2602
October 2602October 2602Mandatory Service Abolition
June 2603June 2603BFP: Museums
September 2604September 2604Call for early elections, September 2604
September 2605September 2605Stock Exchange Reform Act of September 2605
September 2605September 2605Affirmative Action Reform
January 2606January 2606National Service Reform Act of 2606
February 2606February 2606Adjustment of Nations Power Grid
August 2607August 2607Restoring Morality and Privacy in the Armed Services
September 2607September 2607Cabinet Proposal of September 2607
April 2608April 2608Alcohol Sales Reform
April 2609April 2609Gun Ownership Reform Act of 2609
June 2609June 2609Higher Education Bill
October 2609October 2609Workers Right to Strike Reform Act of 2609
October 2609October 2609Ending the Sick Practice of Bestiality In Totality
October 2609October 2609F.R.P. Policy Dossier Concerning The Influence of Religion
April 2610April 2610Withdrawing from Interpol
April 2610April 2610Protecting Intellectual Property
April 2610April 2610Adjustment of Law Concerning the Presense of Police
April 2610April 2610F.R.P. Policy Dossier Concerning the Proliferation of Arms
April 2610April 2610Budget proposal of April 2610
April 2610April 2610Curbing the Federal Governments Influence on Provincial Levels
May 2610May 2610Foreign Aid
May 2610May 2610Sale Of Food
June 2610June 2610Healthcare Reform Act of 2610
March 2612March 2612Marriage Reform Act of 2612
October 2612January 2613Encouraging Tourism
October 2615April 2616Adjustment to Alcohol Sales
October 2615April 2616Internal Domestic Protection
October 2615April 2616Curbing the Threat of Foreign Zealots of Religions of Hate
October 2615April 2616Civil Service Reform in Respect to Post-Graduation Duties
October 2615April 2616Ratification of the United Conservative Collective
October 2615April 2616Adjustment of Retirement Age to Facilitate Economic Opportunities
November 2615April 2616Ensuring a Streamlined Directorate
January 2616January 2616Call for early elections, January 2616
January 2616April 2616Ratification of the Majatran Axis Concord
April 2616April 2616Consistency in Leadership
May 2616May 2616Minimum Wage Bill
January 2617January 2617Organ Donation Bill
April 2617April 2617Citizenship Reform Act
June 2617June 2617Foreign Investments Act
October 2617October 2617National TV Bill
October 2618October 2618Eminent Domain Reform
October 2618October 2618The Legality of Gambling
April 2619April 2619F.R.P. Initiative 1058 of 2619
April 2619April 2619Government Policy Governing Polygimist Relations
September 2619September 2619F.R.P. Policy Dossier: Concerning DWC Ownership Rights
October 2619October 2619Genetically Modified Crops Adjustment
October 2619October 2619Adjustment to National Historical Sites
October 2619October 2619Federal Policy Adjustment in Respect to Software
March 2620October 2620Sale of Tobacco products.
September 2621September 2621Call for early elections, September 2621
September 2621September 2621Ensuring the Best and Brightest in a Future Generation Act
December 2621June 2622The use of torture for obtaining information.
March 2622June 2622Domestic Protection Act of 2622
April 2622June 2622Senisible Adjustment to The Right to Bare Arms
July 2622July 2622Ensuring the Right to Privacy in Respect to Communications
March 2623March 2623Ending Government Ran Organ Harvests
March 2623March 2623F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2303
March 2623March 2623F.R.P. Policy Dossier Concerning Curfews
March 2623March 2623F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2301
October 2624October 2624Medical Malpractice Justice Reform
October 2624October 2624F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2304
October 2624October 2624Ending Government Mandated Vaccinations
October 2624October 2624Federal Legal Aid Adjustment Act
October 2624October 2624F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2306
January 2625January 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2309
January 2625January 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2308
January 2625June 2625Income tax proposal of January 2625
April 2625December 2625Ratification of the Non recognition of the False Government of Alduria
June 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2310
July 2625July 2625Call for early elections, July 2625
July 2625December 2625Retirement Age Adjustment
December 2625December 2625EncouraginClean Fuels Act
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2318
December 2625December 2625Policy Dossier 2323
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2315
December 2625December 2625Policy Dossier 2322
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2314
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2321
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2313
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2320
December 2625December 2625F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2319
August 2626August 2626Judicial System Reform II
August 2626August 2626F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2315 II (Really)
August 2626August 2626Ratification of the Cobura and Zardugal Free Trade Agreement
October 2626October 2626Withdraw from the United Conservative Collective.
February 2627February 2627The Governmentĺs policy with respect to adultery.
April 2627April 2627F.R.P. Policy Dossier 2320
April 2627April 2627Enduring the Power to Dictate Moral Based Laws to the Directorates
April 2627April 2627Immigration Reform
April 2627April 2627Adjustments to Federal Role of Civil Unions and Contracts
April 2627April 2627Tort Reform Act of 2627
April 2627April 2627Public Education System Reform
April 2627April 2627International Civil Union Reform
July 2627July 2627National Directorate Bill Item #12
July 2627July 2627National Directorate Bill Item #10
January 2628January 2628National Directorate Bill Item #13
February 2632February 2632Call for early elections, February 2632
July 2633July 2633Zardugal Forever
July 2633January 2634CSD Act 231Adf
June 2634June 2634Withdraw from the Santa Claus Accessibility & Protection Act.
September 2634September 2634Proposition #131
September 2634September 2634Proposition #129
September 2634September 2634Act F434891zT0
September 2634September 2634Proposition #132
October 2634October 2634Proposition #137
October 2634October 2634Proposition #136
October 2634October 2634Proposition #135
October 2634October 2634Proposition #134
October 2634October 2634Proposition #133
June 2636June 2636CSD Act 1a417
September 2636September 2636Justice for Greater Zardugal
December 2636December 2636CSD Bill Q-733
December 2636December 2636CSD Bill V428
December 2636December 2636CSd Act 4881
December 2636December 2636Csd Acr Y001912
December 2636December 2636CSD Act K727
December 2636December 2636CSd Act 0fif9012
December 2636December 2636CSD Bill 204
December 2636December 2636CSD Act G9f4
December 2636December 2636CSD Act 531
March 2637March 2637CSd Act N188
June 2637January 2638CSD Bill 7171
January 2638January 2638CSD Act L842
August 2638August 2638CSD Act L89282
August 2638August 2638CSD Bill 3881
August 2638August 2638CSD Bill 4c90
August 2638August 2638CSD Bill V1z0012
August 2638August 2638CSD G77
September 2638September 2638CSd Act F2760
January 2639January 2639CSD Bill H00031
July 2639July 2639CSD Bill N-42p
December 2639December 2639CSD Bill G-7814
December 2639December 2639Taxation Reform of 2639
January 2640January 2640The Eminent Domain Act of 2640
August 2640August 2640No Market Regulation
September 2640September 2640Justice Reform Act
September 2640September 2640Deregulation of the Free Market Act of 2640
September 2640September 2640Land Mine Act
January 2641January 2641CSD Bill A-B0016z
January 2641January 2641CSD Act 33
January 2641January 2641CSd Act: Defending Zardugal
February 2641February 2641Supporting Industry Act
July 2641July 2641CSD Act T-E278
July 2641July 2641CSD Act: Preparing
August 2642March 2643CSD Act: Preservation of Zardugal
December 2643December 2643Religious Restriction Act II
December 2643December 2643Use of Private Cars Bill
January 2644January 2644Bill 012
February 2644February 2644Bill 016
February 2644February 2644Bill 014
February 2644February 2644Bill 013
March 2644March 2645Frequent Rotation Act
April 2644April 2644Call for early elections, April 2644
November 2644March 2645Constitutional Reforms Act
December 2644March 2645LPZ 002
December 2644March 2645Bill 017
February 2645February 2645Call for early elections, February 2645
May 2645May 2645Cabinet Proposal of May 2645
January 2646January 2646Bill 022
January 2646January 2646Bill 020
January 2646January 2646Bill 019
January 2648January 2648General Freedom Bill 92
June 2649June 2649Cabinet Proposal of June 2649
August 2649August 2649Freeing Zardugal from Foreign Entanglements
August 2649August 2649Budget proposal of August 2649
August 2649August 2649Income tax proposal of August 2649
January 2650January 2650Bill 025
January 2650January 2650Bill 029
January 2650January 2650Bill 028
January 2650January 2650Bill 027
January 2650January 2650Bill 030
January 2650January 2650Bill 026
September 2650September 2650Bill 034
September 2650September 2650Bill 032
December 2651December 2651Call for early elections, December 2651
May 2652May 2652Chancellor Act
May 2652July 2652Cabinet Proposal of May 2652
June 2652June 2652Economic and Labour Omnibus
June 2652June 2652Justice Omnibus
June 2652June 2652Military Omnibus
January 2653January 2653Zardugali Museum Act
January 2653January 2653National Parks and Historic Sites Act
January 2653January 2653Tuition Aid Act
January 2653January 2653National University Act
January 2653January 2653Provincial Act
January 2653January 2653Cabinet Proposal of January 2653
January 2653January 2653Libel Act
February 2653February 2653Budget proposal of February 2653
May 2655May 2655Cabinet Proposal of May 2655
May 2655May 2655National Directory
June 2655June 2655Flag Change
June 2655June 2655Zardugali Honor
May 2656May 2656Cabinet Proposal of May 2656
February 2657February 2657Military Loyalty Act
March 2658November 2658Agricultural Bill
March 2658April 2659The Law for the Promotion of Reason
March 2658April 2659The Tripartite Act. Article 1
September 2658April 2660Recreating the Realm
April 2659April 2659The Tripartite Act. Article 3
April 2659April 2659The Tripartite Act Article 2
February 2660September 2660Health Act. Article 3
April 2660April 2660Cabinet Proposal of April 2660
June 2660August 2660Restoring the Realm
August 2660August 2660Lower Taxes
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 8
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 7
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 6
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 5
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 4
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 14
April 2661August 2661SIP Legislative Programme 2
April 2661August 2661SIP legislative Programme 9
June 2661June 2661CSD Act: DA-10: Tax Reform
December 2661December 2661Flag Proposal II
April 2663April 2663Embassy Act
March 2664March 2664Call for early elections, March 2664
April 2664April 2664Cabinet Proposal of April 2664
June 2664September 2664Budget proposal of June 2664
June 2664September 2664Income tax proposal of June 2664
August 2664August 2664Right to Strike Act
October 2664October 2664Bill 044
October 2664October 2664Foreign Policy Omnibus
October 2664October 2664Bill 043
October 2664November 2664Protect the Striking Worker Act
November 2664November 2664Bill 045
March 2665March 2665SIP Legislative Platform 6
March 2665March 2665SIP Legislative Platform 4
March 2665March 2665SIP Legislative Platform 1
May 2665May 2665SIP legislative Platform 11
October 2666October 2666Zardugali Liberty
October 2666October 2666SIP Legislative Platform 16
April 2667April 2667Cabinet Proposal of April 2667
October 2667October 2667Income tax proposal of October 2667
October 2667June 2668Bill to solve a crisis
December 2667December 2667Budget proposal of December 2667
March 2668June 2668Ratification of the New World Order
May 2668May 2668Cabinet Proposal of May 2668
June 2668June 2668Putting Lesser Terrans to Work
June 2668June 2668Budget proposal of June 2668
June 2668June 2668Lord Mayors' Act
August 2668August 2668Bill 060
August 2668August 2668Bill 058
August 2668August 2668Bill 057
August 2668August 2668Bill 053
September 2668September 2668Budget proposal of September 2668
October 2668March 2669Restoring Liberty Act
October 2668March 2669Economic Reforms
November 2668November 2668Bill 069
November 2668November 2668Bill 068
November 2668November 2668Bill 064
November 2668November 2668Bill 063
November 2668November 2668Bill 061
November 2668November 2668Bill 072
November 2668November 2668Income tax proposal of November 2668
November 2668November 2668Bill 070
November 2668November 2668Budget proposal of November 2668
December 2668December 2668The Zardugali Loyalty Accords
December 2668December 2668Lower Taxes
December 2669December 2669Cabinet Proposal of December 2669
December 2669December 2669Zardugali Act 1
February 2670March 2670Educational Decree no 2
February 2670March 2670Internal Decree no 2
April 2670April 2670Increase Sale Taxes
August 2670August 2670Retirement Age Act
November 2670November 2670Fire Service Act
March 2671March 2671Income tax proposal of March 2671
March 2671March 2671In Times of War
May 2671May 2671Free Zardugal from the Axis
May 2671May 2671Military Recruitment Act
May 2671May 2671Zardugali Liberty
May 2671May 2671Defending Zardugali Liberty
May 2671November 2672Withdrawl From The New World Order
February 2672May 2672Adoption Act
February 2672May 2672Abolition of Slavery Act
February 2672May 2672Safety at Work Act
February 2672May 2672Taxation of Religious Institutions Act
February 2672May 2672Religious Education Act
February 2672May 2672Religious Dress Act
February 2672May 2672Freedom of Religion Act
August 2672September 2672Cabinet Proposal of August 2672
October 2672February 2673Ethical Act
October 2672February 2673'Liberty' Act 2672
February 2673February 2673Safer Society Act
February 2673February 2673Policing Reform Act
February 2673February 2673Treatment of Suspects Act
February 2673February 2673Refugees Act
February 2673February 2674Civilian Service, Not Military Slavery
May 2673May 2673Biological Weapons Ban Act
August 2673August 2673Age of Responsibility Act
September 2673September 2673Defending Zardugali Liberty
November 2673November 2673Liberty Act
November 2673February 2674Income tax proposal of November 2673
February 2674February 2674Local Democracy Act
February 2674February 2674Forestry Act
February 2674February 2674Justice Decree no1
February 2674February 2674Nationality & Citizenship Act
August 2674August 2674Subsidisation of Pharmaceutical Drugs for the Poor Act
August 2674August 2674Quotas Act
August 2674August 2674Landmines Act
August 2674August 2674Foreign Visitors Act
August 2674August 2674Desegregation Act
December 2674December 2674NWO Troops Act
May 2675May 2675The Rights of the People
May 2675May 2675Zardugali Freedom
May 2675May 2675Privacy Act
October 2675May 2676Free Zardugal CSD Act 45
May 2676May 2676Stop People Having Sex in Public Act
June 2676June 2676Ensuring a Free Market
November 2676November 2676Budget proposal of November 2676
November 2676November 2676Sports Clubs Act
December 2676December 2676Cabinet Proposal of December 2676
February 2677February 2677Waste Disposal Act
March 2677March 2677Zarudgali Protection Act
June 2677June 2677Income tax proposal of June 2677
September 2677September 2677Nursery Education Act
October 2677October 2677Bill 073
November 2677November 2677The Global Secular Alliance
September 2678September 2678Budget proposal of September 2678
October 2679May 2680Bill 075
May 2680May 2680Basic Religious Freedoms Act
May 2680May 2680Taxation of Churches Act
May 2680May 2680Religious Education Act
September 2680August 2681Child Labour Act
February 2681February 2681Call for early elections, February 2681
October 2682October 2682Bill 077
October 2682October 2682Budget proposal of October 2682
October 2682October 2682Bill 078
April 2684April 2684Call for early elections, April 2684
February 2685February 2685Anti-Drugs Act
February 2685February 2685Internet Crime Act
February 2685February 2685Compulsory Requisitions Act
February 2685February 2685Respect for Life Act
April 2685September 2685Consumption of alcohol legislation
April 2685September 2685Armaments exportation bill
May 2685May 2685Endangered Animals Act
May 2685May 2685Cosmetic Research Act
May 2685May 2685Biological Weapons Act
May 2685May 2685Capital Punishment Act
August 2685August 2685Recognition of Marriage Act
August 2685August 2685Nuclear Weapons Act
March 2686March 2686Call for early elections, March 2686
April 2686September 2687Essential goods taxation
April 2686September 2687Opening of borders to missionaries
November 2686November 2686International Trade Act
November 2686November 2686Healthcare Act
January 2687January 2687Removing an Outdated Title
February 2687February 2687Call for early elections, February 2687
August 2687October 2687Central Bank Act
August 2687November 2687Workers Protection Act
November 2687November 2687Cabinet Proposal of November 2687
November 2687November 2687Foreign Investment Act
February 2688February 2688Industrial Pollution Act
February 2688February 2688Public Transport Act
February 2688February 2688Tobacco Act
February 2688February 2688Gambling Act
August 2688August 2688Income tax proposal of August 2688
August 2688August 2688National Parks Act
October 2688October 2688Rights of All
November 2688November 2688Luxury Goods Tax
November 2688November 2688Budget proposal of November 2688
February 2689February 2689Advertising Standards Act
February 2689February 2689Treaty Clean-Up
February 2689February 2689author rights
February 2689February 2689energy subsidy
February 2689March 2689Food Safety Act
April 2689September 2689Women in the military
April 2689September 2689Prevention of overfishing and overhunting bill
April 2689September 2689Land mines bill
August 2690August 2690forest protection
August 2690August 2690The right to kill animals
October 2690November 2690whaling is illegal
September 2691September 2691Abortions
October 2691October 2691Cabinet Proposal of October 2691
March 2692March 2692Bill 082
April 2692May 2692Guarantee of minimum income
May 2692May 2692Higher Education Institutions
January 2693January 2693Corporate taxation bill
January 2693January 2693Essential goods taxation bill
January 2693January 2693Budget proposal of January 2693
February 2693February 2693Public Service Broadcasting Act
February 2693February 2693Overseas Aid Act
February 2693February 2693Fishing Quotas Act
March 2693March 2693Renewable energy bill
March 2693March 2693Green Transport bill
August 2693August 2693The regulation of higher education
August 2694October 2694Budget proposal of August 2694
September 2694September 2694hunting endangered animals.
October 2695October 2695Cabinet Proposal of October 2695
November 2695November 2695National Service Act
January 2697January 2697nuclear power
August 2697August 2697Extradition Act
September 2698September 2698Call for early elections, September 2698
March 2699May 2699Government-sponsored recycling programs
April 2699April 2699Cabinet Proposal of April 2699
June 2699June 2699Budget proposal of June 2699
June 2699August 2699Income tax proposal of June 2699
November 2700March 2701Zardugal domestic weapon's regulation bill
March 2701March 2701civil rights bill
April 2701April 2701Budget proposal of April 2701
October 2701October 2701Income tax proposal of October 2701
September 2702September 2702Call for early elections, September 2702
February 2703February 2703Budget proposal of February 2703
February 2703February 2703Cabinet Proposal of February 2703
February 2703February 2703Bill 086
February 2703February 2703Bill 085
April 2703April 2703Rights to Property and Nation
October 2703November 2703Budget proposal of October 2703
April 2704April 2704For the Glory of Zardugal
July 2704July 2704Fair Work Fair Pay Bill
July 2704July 2704Federal Deregulation Act of 2704
July 2704July 2704F.R.P. Proposition 1924
July 2704July 2704F.R.P. Bill: Concerning Foreign Aid
September 2704September 2704CSD Act 3125
September 2704October 2705Declaration of War Against Cobura
March 2705March 2705Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
March 2705March 2705F.R.P. Proposition 1930
March 2705March 2705F.R.P. Proposition 1928
March 2705March 2705Federalist Green Initiative
October 2705October 2705CSD Act 210
October 2705October 2705Zardugali Military Conduct Act
October 2705October 2705Military Act
October 2705October 2705Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
November 2705November 2705F.R.P. Proposition 1944
November 2705November 2705F.R.P. Proposition 1942
November 2705November 2705F.R.P. Proposition 1948
November 2705November 2705F.R.P. Proposition 1946
January 2706January 2706F.R.P. Proposition 1950
February 2706February 2706Bill 087
February 2706February 2706Budget proposal of February 2706
April 2706April 2706F.R.P. Proposition 1956
April 2706April 2706F.R.P. Proposition 1952
May 2706May 2706Budget proposal of May 2706
July 2706April 2707F.R.P. Proposition 1960
July 2706April 2707F.R.P. Proposition 1962
September 2706April 2707Bill 089
December 2706December 2706Call for early elections, December 2706
April 2707April 2707Budget proposal of April 2707
June 2707June 2707Cabinet Proposal of June 2707
May 2708May 2708Call for early elections, May 2708
July 2708October 2708F.R.P. Proposition 3791
July 2708October 2708F.R.P. Education Reform
July 2708October 2708F.R.P. Proposition 9691
July 2708October 2708F.R.P. Proposition 1967
April 2710April 2710Call for early elections, April 2710
May 2710October 2710Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
June 2710October 2710F.R.P. Proposition 9791
June 2710October 2710F.R.P. Proposition 7791
July 2710July 2710Call for early elections, July 2710
October 2710October 2710Budget proposal of October 2710
December 2710December 2710F.R.P. Proposition 3891
July 2711July 2711F.R.P. Proposition 3991
July 2711July 2711F.R.P. Proposition 1991
July 2711July 2711F.R.P. Proposition 9891
July 2711July 2711F.R.P. Proposition 1-7891
July 2711July 2711F.R.P. Proposition 5991
August 2711August 2711Cabinet Proposal of August 2711
October 2711October 2711F.R.P. Proposition 9991
December 2711December 2711F.R.P. Proposition 3002
December 2711December 2711F.R.P. Proposition 1002
December 2711December 2711Foreign Affairs Policy Dossier of December 2711
January 2712January 2712Ratification of the Walburg Conference
October 2712October 2712A Plea for Peace
December 2712December 2712F.R.P. Proposition 3003
December 2712December 2712F.R.P. Proposition 2003
December 2712December 2712F.R.P. Proposition 9002
December 2712December 2712F.R.P. Proposition 7002
December 2712December 2712F.R.P. Proposition 4003
January 2713January 2713F.R.P. Proposition 5003
February 2713February 2713Foreign Affairs Policy Dossier of February 2713
April 2713April 2713animal legislation
July 2713July 2713F.R.P. Proposition 6-2713 Progress Towards a More Secular Republic
July 2713July 2713F.R.P. Proposition 6-2713 Health Omnibus
November 2713November 2713Zardugali Rights
December 2713December 2713F.R.P. Proposition 12-2713 Concerning the use of Land-Mines
December 2713December 2713F.R.P. Proposition 12-2713 Concerning Medical Malpractice
January 2714January 2714F.R.P. Policy Dossier Concerning an Increase in Corporate Taxes
June 2714October 2714F.R.P. Proposition 06-2714
June 2714October 2714F.R.P. Proposition 06-2714-1
July 2714October 2714F.R.P. Proposition 07-2714
July 2714October 2714F.R.P. Proposition 06-2714: Ensuring the Rights of Citizens to Protest
December 2715June 2716F.R.P. Proposition 06-2715-3
December 2715June 2716F.R.P. Proposition 06-2715-1
December 2715June 2716F.R.P. Proposition 06-2715
January 2716June 2716F.R.P. Proposition 01-2716
March 2716March 2716Call for early elections, March 2716
April 2716August 2716Corporation taxation bill
June 2716June 2716.
August 2717August 2717F.R.P. Proposition 08-2717-D
October 2717October 2717Budget proposal of October 2717
October 2717October 2717CSD Act 5541
January 2718January 2718F.R.P. Proposition 01-2718-B
May 2718May 2718Library Reform
June 2718June 2718F.R.P. Proposition 06-2718-B
June 2718June 2718F.R.P. Proposition 06-2718-A
December 2718December 2718F.R.P. Proposition 12-2718-C
December 2718December 2718F.R.P. Proposition 12-2718-B
December 2718December 2718F.R.P. Proposition 12-2718-A
November 2719June 2720Food Safety Reform
November 2719June 2720Education Reform
December 2719June 2720Ratification of the League of Nuclear Nations
April 2720June 2720Justice Reform
July 2720July 2720F.R.P. Proposition 07-2720-C
July 2720July 2720F.R.P. Proposition 7-2720-A
July 2720July 2720F.R.P. Proposition 07-2720-D
August 2720August 2720Ratification of the Cobura and Zardugal Free Trade Agreement - Final Chapter to Peace
February 2721February 2721Changing the Laws Concerning Animals
April 2721April 2721UZLP proposition 010
October 2721October 2721UZLP propositon 011
May 2722May 2722F.R.P. Proposition 05-2722-C
May 2722May 2722F.R.P. Proposition 05-2722-A
July 2722July 2722F.R.P. Proposition 07-2722-A
October 2722October 2722UZLP propositon 013
December 2722December 2722Budget proposal of December 2722
December 2722December 2722P.A.F. Bill 003
December 2722December 2722P.A.F. Bill 001
April 2723April 2723CSD Acts of 2723
May 2723May 2723Cabinet Proposal of May 2723
July 2723July 2723F.R.P. Proposition 07-2723-C
July 2723August 2723F.R.P. Proposition 07-2723-D
January 2724June 2724Cabinet Members Incapacity and Deputy Minister Act
January 2724June 2724Executive Order Resolution
February 2724July 2724I.C.U. Bill 001
April 2724October 2725Bill 001
September 2724September 2724UZLP propositon 014
March 2725October 2725bill 002
June 2725June 2725F.R.P. Proposition 06-2725-B
June 2725June 2725F.R.P. Proposition 06-2725-A
June 2725June 2725F.R.P. Proposition 06-2725-C
November 2725November 2725N.M.P. Bill 007 - 2725
March 2726March 2726F.R.P. Proposition 03-2726-A
March 2726March 2726Country Name Change Proposal
April 2726April 2726bill 003
June 2726June 2726F.R.P. Proposition 06-2726-C
November 2726November 2726bill 004
November 2726November 2726Bill 007
November 2726November 2726Bill 006
November 2726November 2726bill 005
January 2727January 2727F.R.P. Proposition 01-2727-D
January 2727January 2727F.R.P. Proposition 01-2727-C
January 2727January 2727F.R.P. Proposition 01-2727-B
July 2728July 2728Call for early elections, July 2728
June 2729June 2729N.M.P. Bill 009 - 2729
June 2729June 2729N.M.P. Bill 011 - 2729
June 2729June 2729N.M.P. Bill 010 - 2729
December 2729December 2729F.R.P. Proposition 12-2729-E
December 2729December 2729F.R.P. Proposition 12-2729-D
December 2729December 2729F.R.P. Proposition 12-2729-C
December 2729December 2729F.R.P. Proposition 12-2729-B
December 2729December 2729F.R.P. Proposition 12-2729-A
January 2730January 2730Country Name Change Bill
April 2730April 2730F.R.P. Proposition 04-2730-A
November 2730November 2730F.R.P. Proposition 12-2730-C
April 2731April 2731Bill 092
November 2731November 2731Ratification of the The Zardugal and Cobura Friendship Concord
December 2731December 2731Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
April 2732November 2744State Visit: President of Lodamun Addresses the National Directorate
February 2733February 2733T.U.E. Act
February 2733February 2733Government Interference Bill
February 2733February 2733Cabinet Proposal Bill
June 2735June 2735F.R.P. Proposition 06-2735-B
June 2735June 2735F.R.P. Proposition 06-2735-A
September 2735September 2735N.M.P. Bill 016
November 2736November 2736bill 013
April 2737April 2737F.R.P. Proposition 04-2737-A
November 2737November 2737Call for early elections, November 2737
April 2738May 2738F.R.P. Proposition 04-2738-A
April 2738May 2738F.R.P. Proposition 04-2738-C
April 2738May 2738F.R.P. Proposition 04-2738-B
May 2738May 2738Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2738May 2738Cabinet Proposal of May 2738
July 2738August 2738Creation of the Office of the Deputy Director-General
August 2738August 2738F.R.P. Proposition 04-2738-D
August 2738August 2738F.R.P. Proposition 08-2738-C
August 2738August 2738F.R.P. Proposition 08-2738-B
August 2738August 2738Declaration of a Terrorist Orgazation Amendment
August 2738August 2738Cabinet Members Incapacity and Deputy Minister Act
January 2739January 2739F.R.P. Proposition 04-2739-A
January 2739January 2739F.R.P. Proposition 01-2739-B
January 2739January 2739F.R.P. Proposition 01-2739-D
April 2739April 2739Economics #1
April 2739April 2739Justice #1
April 2739April 2739Military #1
April 2739April 2739Health Care Act
April 2739April 2739Ecology Sustainment Act
April 2739April 2739Investment Freedom Act
July 2739July 2739Endangered Species Act of 2739
September 2739September 2739Passport Act of 2739
October 2739October 2739Zardic National Animal
October 2739October 2739Zardic National Sport
October 2739October 2739National Police Department Act of 2739
February 2740February 2740Budget proposal of February 2740
February 2740February 2740Income tax proposal of February 2740
July 2740July 2740Call for early elections, July 2740
July 2740October 2740CCA 021 Bill of 2740
August 2740October 2740CCA 022 Bill of 2740
October 2740September 2744Income tax proposal of October 2740
November 2740May 2743Budget proposal of November 2740
April 2741April 2741N.M.P. Bill 023
April 2741April 2741N.M.P. Bill 022
April 2741April 2741N.M.P. Bill 021
May 2741September 2750Executive Order 1002: A Summons to the Parties of Zardugal
November 2741November 2741Call for early elections, November 2741
January 2742February 2742Regional Nomenclature Adjustment Act
January 2742February 2742F.R.P. Proposition 01-2742-A
February 2742February 2742CCA 025 Bill of 2742
July 2742August 2742F.R.P. Proposition 08-2742-A
August 2742August 2742Cabinet Proposal of August 2742
December 2742December 2742F.R.P. Proposition 12-2742-B
January 2743January 2743F.R.P. Proposition 01-2743-B
January 2743January 2743Military Readiness Act: Operational Doctrine
February 2743February 2743F.R.P. Proposition 02-2743-A
May 2743September 2744Income tax proposal of May 2743
July 2743July 2743Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
December 2743December 2743CCA 029 Bill of 2743
December 2743December 2743Ratification of the Terran Independent News Treaty (T.I.N.T)
January 2744January 2744N.M.P. Bill 026
January 2744January 2744N.M.P. Bill 025
March 2744March 2744Income tax proposal of March 2744
March 2744July 3467Constitutional Amendments of Zardugal
April 2744September 2744Religious Taxation and Education
April 2744September 2744Edited National Anthem
June 2744June 2744Call for early elections, June 2744
November 2744November 2744F.R.P. Proposition 12-2744-A
November 2744November 2744Cabinet Proposal of November 2744
November 2744November 2744F.R.P. Proposition 11-2744-D
November 2744November 2744F.R.P. Proposition 11-2744-C
July 2745July 2745F.R.P. Proposition 07-2745-C
July 2745July 2745F.R.P. Proposition 07-2745-B
July 2745July 2745F.R.P. Proposition 07-2745-A
July 2745July 2745F.R.P. Proposition 07-2745-D
May 2746May 2746F.R.P. Proposition 05-2746-A
November 2746November 2746N.M.P. Bill 032
November 2746November 2746N.M.P. Bill 031
November 2746November 2746N.M.P. Bill 029
November 2746November 2746N.M.P. Bill 027
December 2747December 2747Ratification of the Majatran Axis Concord
May 2748May 2748F.R.P. Proposition 04-2748-A
June 2748June 2748Farmer Assistance Bill
November 2748November 2748F.R.P. Proposition 11-2748-F
November 2748November 2748F.R.P. Proposition 04-2748-A
June 2749June 2749War Powers Act of 2750
December 2749May 2750F.R.P. Proposition 12-2749-C
December 2749May 2750F.R.P. Proposition 12-2749-A
March 2751March 2751Public Transport Bill
October 2751October 2751Gambling Legality
May 2752May 2752F.R.P. Proposition 04-2754-B
May 2752May 2752F.R.P. Proposition 04-2754-A
May 2752May 2752F.R.P. Proposition 04-2754-D
May 2752May 2752F.R.P. Proposition 04-2754-C
November 2752November 2752F.R.P. Proposition 11-2752-A
March 2756March 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2756-F
March 2756March 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2756-D
March 2756March 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2756-C
March 2756March 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2756-B
August 2756August 2756Call for early elections, August 2756
November 2756November 2756Ratification of the Lodamun-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
December 2756December 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2756-E
December 2756December 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2756-D
December 2756December 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2756-C
December 2756December 2756F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2756-B
January 2757January 2757F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2757-A
June 2757June 2757National Directorate Reform: Legislative Etiquette Reform
June 2758September 2781Director-General Gould and Chancellor Kent: Kostandian Bay Conference
May 2759May 2759F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2759-D
December 2759May 2760Bill 012 - 2759: Domestic Energy Reform
March 2760March 2760Call for early elections, March 2760
March 2760April 2760F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2760-D
March 2760April 2760F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2760-C
March 2760April 2760F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2760-B
March 2760April 2760F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2760-A
April 2760April 2760F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 04-2760-B
June 2760June 2760F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2760-A
June 2760June 2760Paramilitary Organizations Act 2760
October 2760October 2760Realist Bill----15-7
October 2760October 2760Realist Bill----15-6
October 2760October 2760Realist Bill----15-3
October 2760October 2760Realist Bill----15-2
October 2760October 2760Realist October 2760
October 2760October 2760Realist Bill----15-9
October 2760October 2760Realist Bill----15-8
December 2760December 2760D.B. 2760 "Defense Budget"
February 2761February 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 02-2761-A
March 2761March 2761Foreign Policy Correction
March 2761March 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2761-D
March 2761March 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2761-B
March 2761March 2761Ratification of the Lodamun-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
September 2761September 2761Ratification of the Holy Luthori Empire-Federation of Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
September 2761September 2761Establishment of Urban League of Terra Offices
December 2761December 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2761-B
December 2761December 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2761-A
December 2761December 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2761-E
December 2761December 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2761-D
December 2761December 2761F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2761-C
January 2763January 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2763-C
January 2763January 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2763-B
January 2763January 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2763-A
February 2763February 2763HoG Title.
July 2763July 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2763-A
September 2763October 2764Zardugal Stimulus Pakage of September 2763
November 2763November 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-1763-A
November 2763November 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2763-E
November 2763November 2763F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2763-C
December 2763January 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2764-A
March 2764April 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2764-A
June 2764June 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2764-A
June 2764June 2764Cabinet Proposal of June 2764
June 2764June 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2764-F
June 2764June 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2764-E
June 2764June 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2764-D
June 2764June 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2764-C
June 2764June 2764F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2764-B
July 2764September 2764Bill 018 - 2764L Healthcare Reform
September 2764September 2764Cabinet Proposal of September 2764
September 2764September 2764Bill 020 - 2764 Health Promotion
September 2764September 2764Bill 019 - 2764 Living Wage Act
January 2765February 2766Military Reforms 1-A
May 2765May 2765Call for early elections, May 2765
November 2765November 2765Executive Order 1003A: Concerning Our Police Departments
January 2766January 2766Bill 022 - 2768: Educational Foundation Reform
January 2766January 2766Bill 022 - 2766
January 2766January 2766Bill 021 - 2766: Curbing Gun Related Crimes
April 2767April 2767Call for early elections, April 2767
June 2767June 2767Budget proposal of June 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 023 - 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 029 - 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 028 - 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 027 - 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 026 - 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 025 - 2767
December 2767December 2767Bill 024 - 2767
January 2769January 2769Income tax proposal of January 2769
March 2769March 2769F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2769-D
March 2769March 2769F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2769-C
March 2769March 2769F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2769-A
March 2769March 2769Bill 031 - 2769
July 2769July 2769F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2769-B
July 2769July 2769F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2769-A
March 2770March 2770F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 03-2770-A
March 2770March 2770Budget proposal of March 2770
December 2770December 2770Income tax proposal of December 2770
January 2772January 2772Budget proposal of January 2772
January 2772January 2772F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2772-B
July 2772July 2772F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2772-A
November 2772November 2772Income tax proposal of November 2772
May 2773May 2773Income tax proposal of May 2773
May 2773May 2773F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2764-C
May 2773May 2773F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2764-A
September 2773October 2773F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 09-2773-A
October 2773October 2773F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 10-2764-A
October 2773May 2774New National Anthem
November 2773November 2773Bill 033 - 2773
June 2774June 2774New Flag
June 2774June 2774National Animal
August 2774August 2774F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 08-2774-C
August 2774August 2774F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 08-2774-B
August 2774November 2774F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 08-2774-D
April 2775April 2775National Nomenclature Reform
November 2776November 2776Budget proposal of November 2776
February 2777February 2777Tort Reform
February 2777February 2777N.M.P. Bill 037 - 2777
July 2777July 2777Budget proposal of July 2777
February 2778February 2778Ecology Positioning
February 2778February 2778Morality? True or False?
October 2778June 2779Proposal to End Zardugal's Ties to the Defunct U.N.T.
November 2778June 2779Ratification of the Kafuri Petroleum Business (International Trade)
December 2778June 2779Test Bill
June 2779June 2779F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2779-A
December 2779December 2779Call for early elections, December 2779
May 2780May 2780Ratification of the Neutrality Pact Between The Federation of Zardugal and The Legionary State of Keymon
May 2780May 2780Ratification of the Naval Agreement Between Federation of Zardugal and The Legionary State of Keymon
May 2780May 2780F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2780-B
January 2781January 2781Executive Order 1004-A: Operation Meld
February 2781February 2781FC3
September 2781September 2781F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 09-2781-A
November 2781November 2781F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2781-B
March 2782March 2782Extradition
May 2782May 2782Cabinet Proposal of May 2782
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-D
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-C
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-B
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-A
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-F
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-G
June 2782June 2782F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2782-E
June 2783June 2783F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2783-A
November 2783December 2818Executive Order 1005: The Extension of the Zardic Federation
October 2784October 2784No protection for terrorists.
April 2785April 2785Cabinet Proposal of April 2785
May 2785May 2785F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2785-D
May 2785May 2785F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2785-C
May 2785May 2785F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2785-B
May 2785May 2785F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2785-A
May 2785May 2785F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2785-F
May 2785May 2785F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2785-E
May 2786May 2786Realist Bill May 2786
September 2786September 2786Ratification of the Zardic Dovani Protectorate Treaty
November 2786November 2786Foreign Policy Adjustments
October 2788October 2788F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 10-2788-B
October 2788October 2788F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 10-2788-A
October 2788October 2788Ratification of the Deltarian and Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Economic and Mutual Respect for Sovereignty
April 2789April 2789F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 04-2789-A
October 2789November 2789MoF: Reduction of Luxury Tax
November 2789November 2789F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-B
November 2789November 2789F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-A
November 2789November 2789F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2789-D
November 2789November 2789F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2789-C
July 2790July 2790F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2790-A
July 2790July 2790F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 07-2790-B
October 2790October 2790ZLP proposition 005
November 2790November 2790F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2790-B
November 2790November 2790F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2790-A
December 2790December 2790F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2790-A
December 2793December 2793F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2793-B
September 2794September 2794ZLP proposition 007
October 2795October 2795Realist Bill of October 2795
November 2799November 2799F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-B
November 2799November 2799F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-A
November 2799November 2799F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-E
November 2799November 2799F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-D
November 2799November 2799F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2799-C
January 2802January 2802F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2802-E
January 2802January 2802F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2802-B
January 2802January 2802F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2802-A
January 2802January 2802F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2802-Z
October 2802October 2802Cabinet Proposal of October 2802
October 2802April 2803Cabinet Proposal of October 2802
November 2803May 2804Ratification of the Terran Boxing Organization (TBO)
November 2804November 2804ZLP proposition 010
November 2804November 2804ZLP proposition 009
November 2804November 2804ZLP proposition 014
November 2804November 2804ZLP propositon 013
November 2804November 2804ZLP proposition 012
November 2804November 2804ZLP proposition 011
May 2805May 2805F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 05-2805-A
August 2805August 2805ZLP proposition 015
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-G
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-F
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-E
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-C
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-J
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-B
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-I
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-A
November 2808November 2808F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2808-H
August 2809August 2809Budget proposal of August 2809
October 2809April 2810F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 10-2809-F: Retirement Age Adjustment
October 2809April 2810F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 10-2809-C
October 2809April 2810F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 10-2809-A
July 2811July 2811Budget proposal of July 2811
November 2811November 2811F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2811-D
November 2811November 2811F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2811-C
November 2811November 2811F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 11-2811-B
November 2812November 2812ZLP Proposition 016
November 2812November 2812Proposition 017
January 2814January 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2814-D
January 2814January 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2814-C
January 2814January 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2814-A
January 2814January 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 01-2814-E
March 2814March 2814UA.Mar.2814.2
March 2814March 2814UA.Mar.2814.1
June 2814June 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2814-B
June 2814June 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 06-2814-A
December 2814December 2814F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 12-2814-C
December 2814December 2814International Foreign Policy Adjustments
April 2817April 2817F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 04-2817-C
April 2817April 2817F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 04-2817-B
April 2817April 2817F.R.P. Policy Dossier: 04-2817-A
January 2819January 2819F.R.P. Proposition 01-2819-D
January 2819January 2819F.R.P. Proposition 01-2819-C
January 2819January 2819F.R.P. Proposition 01-2819-A
April 2821November 2821Ratification of the Majatran Free Trade Agreement
November 2821December 2821Cabinet Proposal of November 2821
December 2821December 2821Federal Republican Initiative of 2821
January 2823January 2823F.R.P. Proposition 01-2823-A
January 2823January 2823Ratification of the The Unkassa Accord
January 2823January 2823Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
August 2823August 2823Ratification of the Treaty of Yishelem
April 2825April 2825Ratification of the Eerste Republiek Vanuku - Federation of Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation
June 2825June 2825F.R.P. Proposition 07-2825-A
December 2825December 2825Budget proposal of December 2825
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-A
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-G
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-F
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-E
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-D
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-C
December 2829December 2829F.R.P. Proposition 12-2829-B
December 2829May 2830Cabinet Proposal of December 2829
May 2831May 2831F.R.P. Proposition 12-2831-D
May 2831May 2831F.R.P. Proposition 12-2831-C
May 2831May 2831F.R.P. Proposition 12-2831-B
May 2831May 2831F.R.P. Proposition 12-2831-A
August 2835August 2835UA.AUG2835.01
August 2835August 2835UA.AUG2835.02
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-J
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-B
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-I
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-A
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-H
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-G
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-E
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-D
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-K
July 2836July 2836F.R.P. Proposition 7-2836-C
June 2838June 2838UA.JUNE.2838.02
June 2838June 2838UA.JUNE.2838.01
June 2838June 2838UA.JUNE.2838.03
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-E
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-D
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-C
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-B
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-A
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-G
March 2839March 2839F.R.P. Proposition 03-2839-F
April 2840April 2840Cabinet Proposal of April 2840
April 2840April 2840Call for early elections, April 2840
May 2842May 2842F.R.P. Proposition 05-2842-C
May 2842May 2842F.R.P. Proposition 05-2842-B
May 2842May 2842F.R.P. Proposition 05-2842-A
May 2842May 2842F.R.P. Proposition 05-2842-E
May 2842May 2842F.R.P. Proposition 05-2842-D
June 2846June 2846Budget proposal of June 2846
July 2846July 2846Executive Order 2005: Extension of Federation II
August 2853August 2853F.R.P. Proposition 11-2853-A
August 2853August 2853F.R.P. Proposition 11-2853-C
August 2853August 2853F.R.P. Proposition 11-2853-B
July 2855July 2855Cabinet Proposal of July 2855
September 2863September 2863Cabinet Proposal of September 2863
May 2867May 2867Regional Empowerment Act
May 2867May 2867Der
February 2869February 2869F.R.P. Proposition 02-2869-A
March 2876August 2876Ratification of the Elizabethtown Agreement
January 2879January 2879Ratification of the Treaty of Tropicana
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-C
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-B
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-H
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-A
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-G
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-F
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-E
September 2881September 2881F.R.P. Proposition 11-2881-D
August 2883August 2883Ratification of the Treaty of Port Nelson
October 2886October 2886H.C.P.Z Foundation
September 2887September 2887UABILL.SEPT.2887.1
July 2888July 2888F.R.P. Proposition 07-2888-D
July 2888July 2888F.R.P. Proposition 07-2888-C
July 2888July 2888F.R.P. Proposition 07-2888-B
July 2888July 2888F.R.P. Proposition 07-2888-A
July 2890July 2890Withdrawing Capitalist Treaties
March 2891March 2891UA.BILL.MAR2891.1
March 2893March 2893Call for early elections, March 2893
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Terran Independent News Treaty (T.I.N.T)
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Holy Luthori Empire-Federation of Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Treaty of Yishelem
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the World Fair
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Elizabethtown Agreement
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Neutrality Pact Between The Federation of Zardugal and The Legionary State of Keymon
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Zardic Dovani Protectorate Treaty
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Eerste Republiek Vanuku - Federation of Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Naval Agreement Between Federation of Zardugal and The Legionary State of Keymon
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Treaty of Tropicana
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Deltarian and Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Economic and Mutual Respect for Sovereignty
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Majatran Axis Concord
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the The Zardugal and Cobura Friendship Concord
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Cobura and Zardugal Free Trade Agreement
April 2893November 2893Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
September 2893September 2893Modern Civil Liberties for a Modern Zardugal
November 2893November 2893F.R.P. Proposition 11-2893-B
November 2893November 2893Ratification of the Organization of Majatran States (OMS)
November 2893November 2893F.R.P. Proposition 11-2893-A
November 2893February 2896Ratification of the Recognition of the Commonwealth of Yishelem and Beiteynu
August 2894August 2894F.R.P. Proposition 07-2894-A
January 2896January 2896UA.BILL.JAN.2896.1
March 2896March 2896OMS Delegate
July 2897July 2897Cabinet Proposal of July 2897
July 2897July 2897Ratification of the Treaty of Caltropic
August 2897September 2898Justice Ministry: Criminal Investigations Against Itagaki Ch├┤shichir├┤ Tadasue
June 2900June 2900Zardic Infrastructure Compromise Act
March 2902March 2902UA.BILL.MAR.2902
February 2903February 2903Ratification of the Treaty of Kien
May 2904October 2904F.R.P. Proposition 05-2904-C
May 2904October 2904F.R.P. Proposition 05-2904-B
March 2906March 2906Cabinet Proposal of March 2906
July 2907July 2907UA.BILL.JULY.2907.1
July 2907July 2907Military proposition Bill
February 2908February 2908I.M. Bill
February 2909February 2909Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
February 2909February 2909F.R.P. Proposition 02-2909-A
June 2909June 2909National Park Strategy
August 2909August 2909Ratification of the Terran Boxing Organization (TBO)
May 2910May 2910Call for early elections, May 2910
October 2910March 2911Modernist Reform Bill X39
October 2910March 2911Zardugal Naturalization Reforms
November 2910March 2911Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
November 2910March 2911Ratification of the Treaty of Recognition of the Grand Duchy of Talmorschland
January 2911January 2911Call for early elections, January 2911
March 2911July 2913Ratification of the Recognizing Selucia as a Jesuit State
August 2911August 2911Ratification of the Pact of Comity Between the United Badaran Emirates and Zardic Federation
March 2913March 2913Federal Justice Powers Bill
August 2913August 2913Cabinet Proposal of August 2913
January 2914January 2914Ratification of the Dranian Ecotourism Initiative
May 2914May 2914F.R.P. Proposition 05-2914-D
May 2914May 2914F.R.P. Proposition 05-2914-C
May 2914May 2914F.R.P. Proposition 05-2914-B
May 2914May 2914F.R.P. Proposition 05-2914-A
May 2914May 2914UA.BILL.MAY.2914
June 2914June 2914Federal Technology Package
October 2914September 2915Trade bill
January 2915January 2915Call for early elections, January 2915
June 2915June 2915F.R.P. Proposition 06-2915-B
June 2915June 2915F.R.P. Proposition 06-2915-F
June 2915June 2915F.R.P. Proposition 06-2915-D
June 2915June 2915F.R.P. Proposition 06-2915-C
June 2915June 2915Cabinet Proposal of June 2915
January 2916July 2916UA.BILL.JAN.2916
June 2916June 2916Call for early elections, June 2916
May 2917May 2917F.R.P. Proposition 05-2917-B
May 2917May 2917F.R.P. Proposition 05-2917-C
June 2917June 2917National Ecological Reforms
September 2918September 2918Income tax proposal of September 2918
September 2918September 2918Budget proposal of September 2918
October 2918October 2918Constitutional Reforms
June 2919June 2919Ratification of the Pact of Comity Between the Government of Lourenne and Zardic Federation
October 2919October 2919Budget proposal of October 2919
December 2919December 2919Cabinet Proposal of December 2919
March 2920March 2920Cabinet Proposal of March 2920
September 2920September 2920Income tax proposal of September 2920
September 2920September 2920F.R.P. Proposition 9-2920-A
July 2921July 2921Ratification of the Velieres Free Trade Agreement
August 2921August 2921F.R.P. Proposition 07-2921-A
January 2922January 2922Cabinet Proposal of January 2922
August 2923August 2923F.R.P. Proposition 08-2923-B
April 2924April 2924UA.BILL.APR.2924.2
April 2924April 2924UA.BILL.APR.2924.1
June 2924June 2924F.R.P. Proposition 06-2924-A
June 2924June 2924F.R.P. Proposition 06-2924-C
May 2925May 2925UA.BILL.MAY.2985.4
May 2925May 2925UA.BILL.MAY.2985.3
May 2925May 2925UA.BILL.MAY.2985.2
May 2925May 2925UA.BILL.MAY.2985.1
January 2927January 2927M.o.F. Monetary Adjustment of January 2927
February 2927February 2927F.R.P. Proposition 02-2927-E
February 2927February 2927F.R.P. Proposition 02-2927-B
July 2927July 2927Income tax proposal of July 2927
March 2928August 2928Income tax proposal of March 2928
August 2928August 2928F.R.P. Proposition 08-2928-C
August 2928August 2928F.R.P. Proposition 08-2928-B
January 2929January 2929Income tax proposal of January 2929
August 2929August 2929Income tax proposal of August 2929
July 2930August 2931F.R.P. Proposition 07-2930-A
September 2930August 2931F.R.P. Proposition 09-2930-B
September 2930August 2931F.R.P. Proposition 09-2930-A
October 2930October 2930F.R.P. Proposition 10-2930-A
March 2932March 2932Ministry of Finance: Economic Agenda of March 2932
January 2933January 2933UA.BILL.JAN.2933.1
March 2934March 2934Cabinet Proposal of March 2934
November 2934November 2934Ratification of the Barmenia-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation
June 2935June 2935F.R.P. Prop. 06-2935-B
June 2935June 2935F.R.P. Prop. 06-2935-A
February 2936February 2936Civil Service Act of 2936
March 2937March 2937F.R.P. Prop. 03-2937-B
March 2937March 2937F.R.P. Prop. 03-2937-A
March 2937March 2937F.R.P. Prop. 03-2937-D
March 2937March 2937F.R.P. Prop. 03-2937-C
February 2938February 2938Fair Tuition Act of 2938
May 2938May 2938UA.BILL.MAY.2938.1
September 2938September 2938F.R.P. Prop. 09-2938-A
November 2938November 2938UA.BILL.NOV.2938.2
August 2939August 2939Federal Directorate Dictum I : Establishment of Honored Zardic Heroes Commemoration Act
February 2942February 2942Call for early elections, February 2942
September 2945September 2945Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
June 2948June 2948Cabinet Proposal of June 2948
August 2948August 2948UA.BILL.AUG.2948.1
July 2949July 2949F.R.P. Prop. 07-2949-E
July 2949July 2949F.R.P. Prop. 07-2949-D
July 2949July 2949F.R.P. Prop. 07-2949-C
July 2949July 2949F.R.P. Prop. 07-2949-B
July 2949July 2949F.R.P. Prop. 07-2949-A
November 2949November 2949Withdrawel of the Selucia as a Jesuit State
January 2951May 2952Honored Zardic Commemoration List Nominee- Bruce Kent
June 2953June 2953F.R.P. Prop. 06-2953-A
June 2953June 2953Withdrawal From Dranian Eco-Tourism Initiative
July 2953July 2953F.R.P. Prop. 07-2953-D
July 2953July 2953UA.BILL.JULY.2953.1
July 2953July 2953F.R.P. Prop. 07-2953-C
July 2955July 2955UA.BILL.JULY.2955.1
July 2955July 2955UA.BILL.JULY.2955.3
July 2955July 2955UA.BILL.JULY.2955.2
August 2956August 2956Cabinet Proposal of August 2956
August 2956August 2956F.R.P. Prop. 08-2956-A
August 2956August 2956F.R.P. Prop. 08-2956-E
December 2959December 2959UA.BILL.DEC.2959.2
December 2959December 2959UA.BILL.DEC.2959.1
December 2960December 2960Foreign Policy Adjustments I
January 2961January 2961F.R.P. Prop. 01-2961-D
January 2961January 2961F.R.P. Prop. 01-2961-C
February 2963February 2963Aurhorization of the Use of Force To Protect Federated Dovani
December 2963December 2963F.R.P. Prop. 12-2963-E
December 2963December 2963F.R.P. Prop. 12-2963-B
February 2966February 2966Contract Between Black Leopard Security and United Badaran Front
July 2966July 2966UA.BILL.JULY2966.2
July 2966July 2966UA.BILL.JULY2966.1
August 2966August 2966Cabinet Proposal of August 2966
May 2967May 2967UA.BILL.MAY.2967.1
June 2967June 2967F.R.P. Prop. 06-2963-A
January 2972January 2972Cabinet Proposal of January 2972
January 2972January 2972F.R.P. Prop. 06-2972-B
January 2972January 2972F.R.P. Prop. 06-2972-A
May 2977May 2977UA.BILL..MAY.2977.2
May 2977May 2977UA.BILL..MAY.2977.1
July 2978July 2978F.R.P. Prop. 07-2978-B
July 2978July 2978F.R.P. Prop. 07-2978-G
July 2978July 2978F.R.P. Prop. 07-2978-E
May 2981May 2981UA.BILL.MAY2981.1
August 2981December 2983Change to Legislative Body Name
January 2983January 2983Ratification of the Saridan-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship
February 2993February 2993F.R.P. Prop. 02-2993-C
February 2993February 2993F.R.P. Prop. 02-2993-B
February 2993February 2993F.R.P. Prop. 02-2993-A
February 2993February 2993F.R.P. Prop. 02-2993-E
February 2993February 2993F.R.P. Prop. 02-2993-D
June 2994June 2994Ratification of the Western Terran Colonial Market Accord
May 3036May 3036Trade liberalisation bill
May 3036May 3036Constitutional Amendment
May 3036May 3036Cabinet Proposal of May 3036
June 3036June 3036UA.BILL.JUNE.2036
June 3036June 3036Ratification of the Trade Liberalisition Treaty
July 3036July 3036UA.BILL.JUNE.2036.3
November 3038November 3038Budget cuts
November 3038November 3038Budget proposal of November 3038
November 3038November 3038Income tax proposal of November 3038
November 3041November 3041UNA.BILL.NOV.3041.1
November 3041November 3041Cabinet Proposal of November 3041
January 3042January 3042UNA.BILL.JAN.3042.1
May 3042May 3042Taxation adjustments
May 3042May 3042Budget proposal of May 3042
November 3042November 3042Revised Law & Justice Reform Act
November 3042November 3042Pension Reform Act
November 3042November 3042Infrastructure Bill
January 3044January 3044Central Bank Act
October 3045October 3045UNA.BILL.OCT.3045.1
April 3049April 3049UNA.Bill.APR.3049.1
September 3049September 3049Income tax proposal of September 3049
December 3049December 3049UNA.BILL.DEC.3049.1
July 3050July 3050F.R.P. Prop. 07-3050-H
July 3050July 3050F.R.P. Prop. 07-3050-G
July 3050July 3050F.R.P. Prop. 07-3050-F
July 3050July 3050F.R.P. Prop. 07-3050-C
July 3050July 3050F.R.P. Prop. 07-3050-B
July 3050July 3050F.R.P. Prop. 07-3050-H
January 3052January 3052Subsidy Repeal Act 3052
August 3052August 3052Cabinet Proposal of August 3052
June 3053June 3053F.R.P. Prop. 06-3053-B
June 3053June 3053F.R.P. Prop. 06-3053-A
March 3054March 3054Education Bill
March 3055September 3055Free Choice Healthcare Act
June 3055June 3055F.R.P. Prop. 06-3055-C
June 3055June 3055F.R.P. Prop. 06-3055-B
June 3055June 3055F.R.P. Prop. 06-3055-A
July 3055July 3055F.R.P. Prop. 07-3055-B
November 3055November 3055UNA.BILL.NOV.3055.1
January 3057January 3057Call for early elections, January 3057
June 3057June 3057F.R.P. Prop. 06-3057-B
May 3059May 3059F.R.P. Prop. 05-3059-C
May 3059May 3059F.R.P. Prop. 05-3059-B
May 3059May 3059F.R.P. Prop. 05-3059-A
August 3061August 3061Cabinet Proposal of August 3061
June 3062June 3062F.R.P. Prop. 06-3062-A
May 3063January 3065UNA.BILL.MAY.3063.1
July 3064July 3064Income tax proposal of July 3064
December 3064December 3064Income tax proposal of December 3064
February 3065February 3065F.R.P. Prop. 02-3065-D
November 3065November 3065Call for early elections, November 3065
May 3066May 3066UNA.BILL.MAY.3066.3
May 3066May 3066UNA.BILL.MAY.3066.2
May 3066May 3066UNA.BILL.MAY.3066.1
December 3066December 3066UNA.BILL.DEC.3066.1
July 3067July 3067Budget proposal of July 3067
January 3068January 3068F.R.P. Prop. 01-3068-A
January 3068February 3068F.R.P. Prop. 01-3068-B
February 3068February 3068F.R.P. Prop. 02-3068-C
February 3068February 3068F.R.P. Prop. 02-3068-B
February 3068February 3068F.R.P. Prop. 02-3068-A
October 3068October 3068F.R.P. Prop. 10-3068-A
November 3069November 3069Budget proposal of November 3069
November 3069January 3070Call for early elections, November 3069
January 3071January 3071UNA.BILL.JAN.3071.2
January 3071January 3071Cabinet Proposal of January 3071
January 3071January 3071Foreign Ministry: Withdrawal of Treaties with the former Legionary State of Keymon
May 3072August 3072Ratification of the The League of Terran Nations (LTN)
August 3072August 3072UNA.BILL.AUG.3072.1
January 3073January 3073F.R.P. Prop. 01-3073-B
January 3073January 3073F.R.P. Prop. 01-3073-A
September 3073September 3073UNA.BILL.SEP.3073.1
July 3074July 3074Finance Ministry: Reduction of Sales Tax
July 3074July 3074Constitutional Amendment: Creation of the Office of Vicar General
July 3074July 3074F.R.P. Prop. 07-3074-A
July 3074July 3074F.R.P. Prop. 07-3074-C
July 3074July 3074F.R.P. Prop. 07-3074-B
September 3074September 3074F.R.P. Prop. 09-3074-C
September 3074September 3074F.R.P. Prop. 09-3074-B
September 3074September 3074Budget proposal of September 3074
September 3074September 3074F.R.P. Prop. 09-3074-A
April 3075April 3075Ratification of the The Selucian Republic and Zardic Federation: Treaty of Friendship, Economic and Mutual Respect of Sovereignty
May 3075May 3075F.R.P. Prop. 05-3075-A
May 3075May 3075Ratification of the Le Royaume de Lourenne and Zardic Treaty of Comity
December 3076December 3076UNA.BILL.DEC.3076.2
December 3076December 3076UNA.BILL.DEC.3076.1
December 3076December 3076Flag
December 3076January 3077UNA.BILL.DEC.3076.3
February 3077February 3077F.R.P. Prop. 02-3077-A
February 3077February 3077F.R.P. Prop. 02-3077-B
May 3077May 3077Ratification of the Kafuristan and Zardic Pact of Comity
June 3077June 3077Ratification of the Second Darnussian Democratic Republic & The Zardic Federation Accord of Friendship and Diplomatic Standards
June 3077June 3077UNA.BILL.JUNE.3077.1
November 3078November 3078UNA.BILL.NOV.3081.3
November 3078November 3078UNA.BILL.NOV.3081.2
November 3078November 3078UNA.BILL.NOV.3081.1
January 3079January 3079Flag Adjustment
May 3080May 3080Cabinet Proposal of May 3080
May 3080July 3467Zardic Foreign Commercial Exchange
June 3080June 3080UNA.BILL.JUNE.3080.1
August 3080August 3080F.R.P. Prop. 08-3080-Z
August 3080August 3080F.R.P. Prop. 08-3080-C
January 3083January 3083Ratification of the Calydon Accord of Condemnation and Sanction against the Government of Quanzar
January 3083January 3083F.R.P. Prop. 01-3083-A
February 3085February 3085F.R.P. Prop. 02-3085-A
February 3085February 3085Budget proposal of February 3085
July 3087July 3087F.R.P. Prop. 07-3087-B
July 3087July 3087F.R.P. Prop. 07-3087-A
July 3087July 3087F.R.P. Prop. 07-3087-C
July 3087July 3087F.R.P. Prop. 07-3087-D
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.2
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.8
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.1
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.7
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.6
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.5
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.4
January 3089January 3089UNA.BILL.JAN.3089.3
May 3089May 3089Ministry of Finance: Economic Policy Review and Adjustment of May 3089
June 3089June 3089F.R.P. Prop. 06-3089-A
August 3091August 3091Cabinet Proposal of August 3091
May 3093May 3093Income tax proposal of May 3093
October 3094January 3112Withdrawl from the LTN
August 3095August 3095Income tax proposal of August 3095
November 3097November 3097UNA.BILL.NOV.3097.5
November 3097November 3097UNA.BILL.NOV.3097.3
November 3097November 3097UNA.BILL.NOV.3097.3
November 3097November 3097UNA.BILL.NOV.3097.2
November 3097November 3097UNA.BILL.NOV.3097.1
November 3097November 3097UNA.BILL.NOV.3097.6
January 3098January 3098F.R.P. Prop. 01-3098-B
January 3098January 3098F.R.P. Prop. 01-3098-A
January 3099January 3099Call for early elections, January 3099
May 3099May 3099Ratification of the Recognition of Union des États d'Alduria et de Vonarburg
December 3099December 3099F.R.P. Prop. 12-3099-A
June 3100June 3100F.R.P. Prop. 12-3099-D-1
June 3105June 3105UNA.BILL.JUNE.3105.1
January 3106January 3106F.R.P. Prop. 01-3106-A
January 3106January 3106Cabinet Proposal of January 3106
January 3106January 3106F.R.P. Prop. 01-3106-D
August 3107February 3110F.R.P. Prop. 08-3107-A
December 3108December 3108UNA.BILL.DEC.3108.1
February 3110February 3110F.R.P. Prop. 02-3110-C
February 3110February 3110F.R.P. Prop. 02-3110-B
February 3110February 3110F.R.P. Prop. 02-3110-A
February 3110February 3110F.R.P. Prop. 02-3110-D
September 3110September 3110LGU.Prop.Sep.3110.A
October 3110October 3110LGU.Prop.Sep.3110.C
October 3110October 3110F.R.P. Prop. 10-3110-A
November 3110November 3110Budget proposal of November 3110
June 3112June 3112UNA.BILL.JUNE.3112.1
July 3116July 3116F.R.P. Prop. 07-3116-C
July 3116July 3116F.R.P. Prop. 07-3116-B
July 3116July 3116F.R.P. Prop. 07-3116-A
April 3117April 3117Call for early elections, April 3117
May 3117May 3117Cabinet Proposal of May 3117
September 3117September 3117F.R.P. Prop. 09-3117-B
September 3117September 3117F.R.P. Prop. 09-3117-A
May 3119February 3120Cabinet Proposal of May 3119 (RL)
December 3130December 3130F.R.P. Prop. 12-3130-C
December 3130December 3130F.R.P. Prop. 12-3130-D
December 3130December 3130F.R.P. Prop. 12-3130-A
December 3130December 3130F.R.P. Prop. 12-3130-E
December 3130December 3130F.R.P. Prop. 12-3130-B
July 3133July 3133UNA.BILL.JUNE.3133.5
July 3133July 3133UNA.BILL.JUNE.3133.4
July 3133July 3133UNA.BILL.JUNE.3133.3
July 3133July 3133UNA.BILL.JUNE.3133.2
July 3133July 3133UNA.BILL.JUNE.3133.1
May 3134May 3134UNA.BILL.MAY.3134.1
March 3138March 3138F.R.P. Prop. 03-3138-C
March 3138March 3138F.R.P. Prop. 03-3138-B
May 3141May 3141Cabinet Proposal of May 3141
August 3157August 3157UNA.BILL.AUG.3157.1
January 3158January 3158UNA.INFRASTRUCTURE.BILL.JAN.3158.1
July 3158July 3158UNA.BILL.JUL.3158.1
April 3161April 3161UNA.BILL.APRIL.3161.1
July 3170July 3170F.R.P. Prop. 07-3170-F
July 3170July 3170F.R.P. Prop. 07-3170-E
July 3170July 3170F.R.P. Prop. 07-3170-A
February 3173February 3173Cabinet Proposal of February 3173
February 3173February 3173F.R.P. Prop. 02-3173-E
February 3173February 3173F.R.P. Prop. 02-3173-D
February 3173February 3173F.R.P. Prop. 02-3173-C
February 3173February 3173F.R.P. Prop. 02-3173-B
February 3173February 3173F.R.P. Prop. 02-3173-A
July 3178July 3178UNA.BILL.JULY.3178.2
July 3178July 3178UNA.BILL.JULY.3178.1
June 3179June 3179UNA.BILL.JUNE.3179.1
July 3179July 3179F.R.P. Prop. 07-3179-C
January 3180January 3180UNA.BILL.JAN.3180.1
January 3180January 3180UNA.BILL.JAN.3180.2
November 3189November 3189UNA.BILL.NOV.3189.1
December 3189December 3189UNA.BILL.DEC.3189.1
February 3192February 3192UNA.BILL.FEB.3192.1
November 3195November 3195UNA.BILL.NOV.3195.2
November 3195November 3195UNA.BILL.NOV.3195.1
November 3196November 3196Youth Polcies
June 3202June 3202UNA.BILL.JUN.3202.1
July 3204June 3205Energy Advancement Act of 3204
June 3205June 3205UNA.BILL..3205.1
July 3205July 3205UNA.BILL.JULY.3205.1
October 3205October 3205UNA.BILL.OCT.3205.1
January 3207January 3207F.R.P. Prop. 01-3207-A
January 3207January 3207Income tax proposal of January 3207
January 3207January 3207F.R.P. Prop. 01-3207-B
January 3207January 3207Budget proposal of January 3207
January 3207January 3207F.R.P. Prop. 01-3207-E
January 3207January 3207Cabinet Proposal of January 3207
January 3207January 3207F.R.P. Prop. 01-3207-D
January 3207January 3207F.R.P. Prop. 01-3207-C
April 3208March 3210Ratification of the Gaduridos - Zardugal Friendship Treaty
May 3208May 3208Executive Order 1006-A: Operation Niteo
March 3210March 3210F.R.P. Prop. 03-3210-D
March 3210March 3210F.R.P. Prop. 03-3210-C
March 3210March 3210F.R.P. Prop. 03-3210-A
March 3210March 3210F.R.P. Prop. 03-3210-E
November 3210November 3210UNA.BILL.NOV.3210.1
November 3210November 3210UNA.BILL.NOV.3210.2
November 3210December 3210UNA.BILL.NOV.3210.3
August 3211November 3212Call for early elections, August 3211
October 3211October 3211Ratification of the Zardugal - Vanuku Treaty of Cooperation and Understanding
January 3212January 3212F.R.P. Prop. 01-3212-C
January 3212January 3212Income tax proposal of January 3212
January 3212January 3212Budget proposal of January 3212
January 3212April 3253Ratification of the Majatran Union Security Sanction Agreement
January 3214January 3214F.R.P. Prop. 01-3214-B
January 3214January 3214F.R.P. Prop. 01-3214-C
January 3214January 3214F.R.P. Prop. 01-3214-A
May 3215May 3215F.R.P. Prop. 05-3215-A
May 3215May 3215F.R.P. Prop. 05-3215-B
October 3218October 3218Ratification of the The Republic of Cobura and the Federation of Zardugal Treaty of Comity and Cooperation
May 3248May 3248Reforms
January 3253April 3253Federalist Reforms 01-3253-A
April 3253April 3253Cabinet Proposal of April 3253
April 3253April 3253Ratification of the South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement
April 3253April 3253Income tax proposal of April 3253
January 3280April 3280Trade Reform Act 3280
May 3280April 3281Justice Reform Act 3281
April 3282April 3282Infrastructure Reform Act of 3282
April 3282April 3282Welfare Bill of 3282
February 3286February 3286UNA.BILL.FEB.3286.1
June 3286June 3286UNA.BILL.JUN.3286.1
May 3290January 3291Cabinet Proposal of May 3290
March 3296March 3296ZPF Civil Rights Act 3296
March 3296March 3296ZPF Administration Act 3296
March 3296March 3296Cabinet Proposal of March 3296
March 3296March 3296ZPF Morality Act 3296
March 3296March 3296ZPF Religion Act 3296
April 3296April 3296ZPF Cities Act 3296
April 3296April 3296Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
April 3296April 3296ZPF Regions Act 3296
April 3296April 3296Income tax proposal of April 3296
May 3296May 3296Budget proposal of May 3296
August 3296August 3296ZPF Treaty Withdrawals Act 3296
August 3296August 3296ZPF Military Act 3296
October 3296October 3296ZPF Economy Act 3296
May 3297May 3297ZPF Media Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Administration Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Foreign Policy Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Infrastructure Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Culture Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Science Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Welfare Act 3297
May 3297May 3297ZPF Agriculture Act 3297
August 3297August 3297ZPF Health Act 3297
August 3297August 3297ZPF Economy Act 3297
November 3297November 3297Ratification of the Lake Majatra Governance Treaty
November 3297November 3297ZPF Administration Act 3298
February 3298February 3298ZPF Education Act 3298
February 3298February 3298ZPF Ecology Act 3298
February 3299February 3299ZPF Economy Act 3299
February 3299February 3299ZPF Justice Act 3299
February 3299February 3299ZPF Welfare Act 3299
February 3299February 3299ZPF Ecology Act 3299
February 3299February 3299ZPF Infrastructure Act 3299
February 3299February 3299ZPF Health Act 3299
October 3299December 3299Healthcare Reform Act of 3299
November 3299December 3299Political Parties Quota Policy Bill - Political Reform Act of 3300
November 3299December 3299Subnational Entities Nomination Bill - Political Reform Act of 3300
November 3299December 3299Legal Adulthood Bill - Political Reform Act of 3300
December 3299December 3299Cabinet Proposal of December 3299
January 3300January 3300Postal Service Act of 3300
January 3300January 3300Broadcast Regulation Act of 3300
November 3300March 3301Animal Welfare Act of 3300
November 3300March 3301Gun Control Act of 3300
December 3300December 3300Call for early elections, January 3301
March 3301March 3301Military Reform Act of 3301
March 3301March 3301Appointment Act of 3301
March 3301March 3301Economic Reform Act of 3301
March 3301March 3301Cabinet Proposal of March 3301
November 3301February 3302Energy Sustainability Act of 3301
November 3301February 3302Immigration Act of 3301
November 3301February 3302Refugee Act of 3301
November 3301February 3302Fair Trade Act of 3301
December 3301December 3301Call for early elections, December 3301
February 3302February 3302Separation Act of 3302
February 3302February 3302Retirement Age Act of 3302
February 3302February 3302Limits Act of 3302
February 3302February 3302Congress Act of 3302
May 3302December 3302Ratification of the Phoenix Alliance Treaty Organization
November 3302November 3302Call for early elections, November 3302
November 3302December 3302Gambling Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Smoking Regulation Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Legal Aid Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Citizenship Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Extradition Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302National Registration Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Hand Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Education Reform of 3302
November 3302December 3302Investor Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Prison Labor Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Hemp Regulation Act of 3302
November 3302December 3302Federal Police Act of 3302
December 3302December 3302Cabinet Proposal of December 3302
November 3303November 3303Fitzwallace Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Motto Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Culture Omnibus Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Anthem Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Video Game Regulation Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Media Content Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Internet Security Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Public Broadcasting Act of 3303
November 3303November 3303Death Penalty Act of 3303
August 3306August 3306National Aeronautics and Space Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Defamation Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Forest Protection Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Defense of Marriage Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Clean Air Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Habeas Data Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Whaling Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Public Works Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Agrichemicals Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Social Welfare Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Adoption Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Sectarian Education Act of 3306
August 3306August 3306Bestiality Act of 3306
March 3307March 3307Cabinet Proposal of March 3307
September 3308December 3308Local Government Act of 3308
September 3308December 3308Cabinet Act of 3308
September 3308December 3308Animal Welfare Act of 3308
September 3308December 3308Human Cloning Act of 3308
September 3308December 3308Weapons Sales Act of 3308
April 3310April 3310Executive Act of 3310
April 3310April 3310Public Works Act of 3310
April 3310April 3310Omnibus Act of 3310
April 3310April 3310Contraception Act of 3310
February 3311February 3311Curfew Act of 3311
February 3311February 3311Sports Clubs Act of 3311
February 3311February 3311Cabinet Proposal of February 3311
February 3311February 3311Digital Protection Act of 3311
February 3311February 3311Cultural Funding Act of 3311
February 3311February 3311Media Standards Act of 3311
February 3311February 3311Police Presence Act of 3311
March 3315March 3315Economic Reform
March 3315March 3315Electoral Calendar
March 3315March 3315Municipal Elections
March 3315March 3315Retirement Age
March 3315March 3315Cabinet Proposal of March 3315
March 3315March 3315Duration of Executive term
March 3315March 3315Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
March 3315March 3315Military Desarment
July 3315July 3315Income tax proposal of July 3315
August 3317August 3317Call for early elections, August 3317
September 3317September 3317Armament Act of 3317
September 3317September 3317Retirement Age Act of 3317
September 3317September 3317Withdrawal Act of 3317
September 3317September 3317Farmstead Deregulation Act of 3317
September 3317September 3317Highways Act of 3317
September 3317September 3317Separation Act of 3317
December 3317December 3317Call for early elections, December 3317
February 3318July 3318Term Extension Act of 3318
July 3318July 3318Cabinet Proposal of July 3318
July 3318July 3318Local Government Act of 3318
July 3318July 3318Revised Anthem Act of 3318
July 3318July 3318National Service Act of 3318
July 3318July 3318Armed Forces Act of 3318
July 3318July 3318Revised Tax Code of 3318
May 3319October 3320Call for early elections, May 3319
March 3321May 3321Foreign Aid Act, 3321
March 3321May 3321Criminal Justice Act, 3321
March 3321May 3321Constitutional Reform Act, 3321
April 3321April 3321Abortion Act April 3321
April 3321April 3321Health and Education Act
April 3321April 3321Culture and Society Act
April 3321October 3321Drug Abuse Prevention Act
August 3321November 3321Civil Liberties Act, 3321
August 3321November 3321National Service Act, 3321
August 3321August 3322Local Government Act, 3321
August 3321August 3322Minimum Wage Act, 3321
August 3321August 3322Gambling Act, 3321
August 3321August 3322Religious Freedom Act, 3321
August 3321August 3322Transport and Public Works Act, 3321
February 3322August 3322Cabinet Proposal of February 3322
February 3322September 3322Extradition Act, 3322
February 3322September 3322Lawsuits Act, 3322
February 3322September 3322Whaling Act, 3322
February 3322December 3322Right to Strike Act, 3322
February 3322December 3322Education Act, 3322
April 3322April 3322Dignity Act
April 3322April 3322Immigration Reform Act
April 3322April 3322Cabinet Proposal of April 3322
April 3322April 3322Treaty Clean Up Act
August 3322December 3322Arms Trading Act, 3322
August 3322December 3322Freedom of Speech Act, 3322
August 3322December 3322Illegal Aliens Act, 3322
December 3322December 3322Media Act
December 3322February 3323Cultural Heritage Act, 3322
January 3323January 3323New Federalist Act
February 3323February 3323The Zardugal and Cobura Friendship Concord Withdrawal Act, 3323
February 3323February 3323Condemnation Act, 3323
February 3323January 3324Immigration and Refugees Act, 3323
February 3323January 3324Child Labour Act, 3323
March 3323March 3323Severance of Diplomatic Relations with the Union of Socialist Sultanates
March 3323January 3324Welfare Act, 3323
April 3323April 3323Corrections Act
June 3323January 3324Congressional Reform Act
December 3323December 3323Call for early elections, December 3323
December 3323January 3324Pharmaceutical Drugs Act, 3323
December 3323January 3324United Jakania Diplomatic Relationship Act, 3323
January 3324January 3324Cabinet Proposal of January 3324
June 3324July 3325Budget proposal of June 3324
June 3324July 3325Ratification of the League of Nuclear Nations
June 3324July 3325Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 3324July 3325Income tax proposal of June 3324
August 3324November 3324Ratification of the Openning An Embassy in Jakania Policy
March 3325January 3327Reform Act, 3325
December 3325December 3325Preparation for War against Ikradon, 3325
June 3326January 3327Nationality Act, 3326
June 3326January 3327Health Care Act, 3326
June 3326January 3327Tree Plantation Act, 3326
August 3326January 3327Higher Education Act, 3326
February 3327March 3327Sexual Education Act, 3327
February 3327March 3327Congressional Reform Act, 3327
March 3327March 3327Cloning Technology Act, 3327
March 3327March 33273327-1
May 3327May 3327Call for early elections, May 3327
May 3327June 3327Budget proposal of May 3327
June 3327June 3327Income tax proposal of June 3327
September 3327December 3327Workers' Councils Act
November 3327December 3327Land Mine Act
November 3327December 3327Act of Government Employees
December 3327December 3327Cabinet Proposal of December 3327
December 3328December 3328Call for early elections, December 3328
March 3329December 3329Land Mines Act, 3329
March 3329December 3329Economic Reform Act, 3329
November 3329November 3329Call for early elections, November 3329
November 3329December 3329Drugs Act, 3329
November 3329December 3329Media Act, 3329
November 3329December 3329Indoctrination Act, 3329
November 3329December 3329Amendment to the Change Act, 3329
December 3329December 3329Budget proposal of December 3329
December 3329December 3329Taxation Act, 3329
December 3329December 3329Income tax proposal of December 3329
June 3330July 3330Retirement Age Act, 3330
August 3330August 3330Emergency Act, 3330
August 3330August 3330Treaty Withdrawal Act, 3330
October 3330October 3330Nuclear Power Act
December 3330December 3330Income tax proposal of December 3330
August 3331August 3331Education Act, 3331
August 3331August 3331Taxation Act, 3331
August 3331August 3331Health Act, 3331
August 3331August 3331Budget proposal of August 3331
August 3331August 3331Medical Research Act, 3331
August 3331August 3331Museums Act, 3331
September 3331September 3331Foreign Aid Act, 3331
September 3331September 3331Family Act, 3331
September 3331September 3331Environment Act, 3331
September 3331September 3331Justice Act, 3331
December 3331December 3331Presidential Powers Law
December 3331December 3331Transport Act, 3331
March 3332March 3332Budget proposal of March 3332
March 3332March 3332Income tax proposal of March 3332
June 3332June 3332Cabinet Proposal of June 3332
June 3332January 3333War Oversight Act
November 3332November 3332Cabinet Proposal of November 3332
November 3332August 3333Repeal of Presidential Powers Act, 3332
February 3333February 3333Budget proposal of February 3333
February 3333February 3333Welfare Act, 3333
February 3333February 3333Cabinet Proposal of February 3333
August 3333August 3333Cabinet Proposal of August 3333
March 3336March 3336Cabinet Proposal of March 3336
August 3336August 3336Repeal of State of Emergency Act, 3336
August 3336August 3336Budget proposal of August 3336
August 3336August 3336Income tax proposal of August 3336
June 3337June 3337Working Hours Act, 3337
June 3337June 3337Pornography and Nudity Act, 3337
June 3337June 3337Ratification of the Treaty of Venetium, 3337
June 3337June 3337Space Exploration Act, 3337
June 3337June 3337Gambling Act, 3337
November 3337November 3337Privatisation Act, 3337
January 3338January 3338Budget proposal of January 3338
January 3338January 3338Income tax proposal of January 3338
February 3338February 3338Treaty Withdrawal Act, 3338
October 3338December 3341Restore Zardugal Act
December 3338December 3338Civil Defence Act, 3338
December 3338December 3338Libel Act, 3338
December 3338December 3338Endangered Species Act, 3338
February 3339February 3339Cabinet Proposal of February 3339
February 3341February 3341Capital Crimes Act, 3341a
February 3341February 3341Cabinet Proposal of February 3341
June 3341June 3341Cabinet Proposal of June 3341
June 3341June 3341National Security Act, 3341
December 3341December 3341Local Autonomy Act
December 3341January 3342Cabinet Proposal of December 3341
January 3342January 3342Religous Education Liberty Act
April 3342March 3343Ratification of the Lake Majatra Governance Treaty
May 3342May 3342Income tax proposal of May 3342
May 3342May 3342Budget proposal of May 3342
July 3342July 3342Budget proposal of July 3342
July 3342July 3342Tax Reform Act
December 3342October 3347Devolution Act
March 3343March 3343Cabinet Proposal of March 3343
July 3343July 3343Income tax proposal of July 3343
July 3343July 3343Budget proposal of July 3343
July 3343June 3344Cultural Development and Protection Act 3343
August 3343August 3343Call for early elections, August 3343
August 3343March 3344Reform Act, 3343
April 3344May 3344Cabinet Proposal of April 3344
June 3344June 3344National Defence and Security Council
June 3344June 3344Income tax proposal of June 3344
June 3344June 3344Budget proposal of June 3344
June 3344October 3344Wartime Economy Act 3344
November 3344November 3344Nobility Act, 3344
December 3344December 3344Wartime Economy Act (#2), 3344
February 3345February 3345Income tax proposal of February 3345
November 3345November 3345Declaration of War Against Kalopia, 3345
November 3345April 3346Foreign Relations Reset Act
November 3345October 3347National Security Reform and Reorganizaion Act
February 3346May 3346Ratification of the Dorvish Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
July 3347October 3347Cabinet Proposal of July 3347
October 3347June 3353Economic Deregulation Act
October 3347June 3353Workers Rights Act
February 3349February 3349Seizure of Badaran Assets
April 3349June 3349Nobility Reform Act
March 3350December 3355Devolution, Deregulation and Reform Act, 3350
May 3350May 3350Call for early elections, May 3350
May 3350June 3350Emergency Draft Authorization Act
June 3350June 3350Cabinet Proposal of June 3350
August 3350August 3350Constitution Act, 3350
March 3351March 3351Budget proposal of March 3351
March 3351March 3351Income tax proposal of March 3351
December 3351December 3351Emergency Security and Powers Act
December 3351January 3352Colonial Defense Act
December 3351June 3353Housing and Land Devolution Act
December 3351September 3353Energy Deregulation and Devolution Act
December 3351December 3355Civil Liberties Devolution Act
September 3352September 3352Vaccinations Act, 3352
September 3352September 3352Personal Rights and Health Act, 3352
October 3352October 3352Socialist Workers Party Act V
November 3352June 3353Media Deregulation Act
November 3352June 3353Security Relaxation Act
May 3353May 3353Budget proposal of May 3353
May 3353May 3353Income tax proposal of May 3353
August 3353August 3353Education Act, 3353
August 3353August 3353Capital Punishment Act, 3353
August 3353August 3353Policing Act, 3353
August 3353August 3353Prostitution Act, 3353
August 3353August 3353Wartime Conscription Act, 3353
August 3353August 3353Equality of Opportunity Act, 3353
September 3353September 3353Socialist Workers Party Act VI
October 3353October 3353Cabinet Proposal of October 3353
October 3353October 3354Health Reform Act
October 3353December 3355Drug Control and Abuse Prevention Act
September 3354September 3354Economic Reform Act
October 3354October 3354Budget proposal of October 3354
October 3354October 3354Cabinet Proposal of October 3354
October 3354October 3354Income tax proposal of October 3354
July 3355November 3355Call for early elections, July 3355
December 3355December 3355Cabinet Proposal of December 3355
May 3356May 3356Marriage and Family Act
May 3356November 3356Ratification of the Peace Treaty of Port Tackstov, February 3355
January 3357December 3357Economic Deregulation Act
October 3357October 3357Call for early elections, October 3357
October 3357December 3357Legislative Constitutional Reform
April 3358May 3358Treaty Withdrawal Act
May 3358May 3358Institutional Reform Act
May 3358May 3358Education Act
May 3358May 3358Health Act
February 3359February 3359Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
February 3359February 3359Revocation of the Constitution
June 3360June 3360IML Act
January 3362January 3362Education Reform Act
February 3363February 3363Cabinet Proposal of February 3363
March 3363March 3363Income tax proposal of March 3363
March 3363March 3363Health Care System reform
January 3368January 3368Health Act
January 3368January 3368Income tax proposal of January 3368
January 3368January 3368Cabinet Proposal of January 3368
January 3368January 3368Budget proposal of January 3368
April 3371April 3371Education Act
April 3371April 3371Legislative Reform Amendment
March 3373March 3373Cabinet Proposal of March 3373
March 3373August 3373Retirement Age
March 3373August 3373Administrative Reform
April 3375October 3375Military Reform
November 3377November 3377Cabinet Proposal of November 3377
January 3380September 3380Devolution Act
September 3380October 3380Social Security Act
June 3381June 3381Call for early elections, June 3381
November 3381November 3381Cabinet Proposal of November 3381
February 3382February 3382Retirement Age
March 3382March 3382Budget proposal of March 3382
March 3382March 3382Income tax proposal of March 3382
August 3385August 3385Health Reform Bill
December 3386December 3386Income tax proposal of December 3386
December 3386December 3386Budget proposal of December 3386
December 3386December 3386Social Security Act
December 3386December 3386Devolution Act
December 3386December 3386Cabinet Proposal of December 3386
December 3386December 3386Cabinet Proposal of December 3386
September 3387September 3387Cabinet Proposal of September 3387
April 3388June 3388Devolution and Deregulation Act
April 3390April 3390Ratification of the Majatran Union III.II
March 3391March 3391Income tax proposal of March 3391
March 3392March 3392Budget proposal of March 3392
March 3392March 3392Religous Devolution Act
October 3392October 3392Foreign Policy Act
May 3394September 3396Ratification of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Federation of Zardugal
September 3394September 3394Income tax proposal of September 3394
November 3394September 3396Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
March 3396March 3396Budget proposal of March 3396
January 3397January 3397Cabinet Proposal of January 3397
April 3400April 3400Cabinet Proposal of April 3400
May 3400July 3400Social Reform
August 3401August 3401Cabinet Proposal of August 3401
September 3401December 3401Green Act
February 3402May 3402Electoral Reform
September 3402April 3403Better Sports Act
December 3402March 3403Humanitarian Law
April 3403April 3403Religious Liberty and Ideological Freedom Act
June 3403December 3403Personal law
July 3404November 3404New Labour and Economic Reform Act
July 3404November 3404Drug Reform Act
November 3404November 3404Budget proposal of November 3404
November 3404November 3404Income tax proposal of November 3404
July 3405July 3405Labour Reform Act
September 3405September 3405Cabinet Proposal of September 3405
September 3405September 3405Personal and National security guarantee act II
March 3406September 3406Divorce Law
December 3406December 3407Rights of the prisoner act
March 3407December 3407Agricultural Stability and Safety Act.
March 3409October 3409Intrastate Infrastructure Act
July 3409July 3409Cabinet Proposal of July 3409
December 3409March 3410Education Reform Act
March 3410March 3410Income tax proposal of March 3410
April 3410October 3410Military Stratagem Reform Act
December 3410April 3412Greater Social Reform Act
April 3411April 3411Budget proposal of April 3411
March 3412April 3412Police Reform Act
April 3412April 3412Ecological Reform Act
April 3412April 3412Infrastructure Revision and Improvement Act
September 3413September 3413Defence of Life Act
September 3413September 3413Cabinet Proposal of September 3413
October 3413November 3413Health Bill
November 3413March 3414Ratification of the Friendship Treaty between Commonwealth of Hutori and Federation of Zardugal
March 3414April 3414Budget proposal of March 3414
June 3414January 3416Welfare Reform Bill
June 3415September 3415Securities and Exchanges Act
June 3415July 3416Criminal Justice Reform Act
June 3415July 3416Health and Welfare Act
June 3415July 3416Local Governance Act
June 3415January 3420Legislative Reform Amendment
November 3415July 3416National Gun Act
December 3415December 3415Freedom from the Gun Law
July 3416July 3416Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
July 3416July 3416Tax Reform Act
September 3416January 3418Social Security Act of 3416
October 3416October 3416Nudity law
November 3416November 3416Ratification of the Tukarese Free Trade Agreement
July 3417July 3417Cabinet Proposal of July 3417
July 3417January 3418Worker's Act
January 3418May 3419Income tax proposal of January 3418
February 3418April 3418Budget proposal of February 3418
October 3418April 3419Marriage Law
April 3419April 3419Right to abortion
April 3419May 3419New right to use bill
June 3419June 3419Environmental and Agricultural Reform and Protection Act
June 3419January 3420Budget proposal of June 3419
November 3419November 3419Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
November 3419January 3420Industrial Hemp Reform
January 3420January 3420Production of Porn Act
January 3420January 3420Protest Law
June 3420June 3420Right to Life Act
July 3420November 3420Right to life Bill
November 3420November 3420Internet law
August 3421August 3421Cabinet Proposal of August 3421
October 3421October 3421foreign investments
October 3421January 3422Pre School Law
March 3422May 3422Taxes Bill
March 3422May 3422Income tax proposal of March 3422
March 3422May 3422Budget proposal of March 3422
May 3422September 3422Worker's rights Bill of 3422
May 3422December 3422Public Safety Act
July 3422December 3422Public Decency Act
December 3422December 3422Prostitution bill
December 3422January 3424Contraception Act
April 3423April 3423Organ Donation Bill
June 3423May 3428The Great Pacifism Act
December 3423December 3423Call for early elections, December 3423
March 3424March 3424Fix Society Bill
June 3424June 3424Law Act
November 3424November 3424Cabinet Proposal of November 3424
May 3425May 3425Belgae as the Capitol
June 3425June 3425Anti Nobility Act
July 3425October 3425Immigration Reform Bill
July 3425October 3425Tweaks to expand our rights Bill
January 3428January 3428Sexual Act
September 3428September 3428Cabinet Proposal of September 3428
December 3428September 3522The Terra Summit in Port Manio
August 3429March 3431Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
February 3431February 3431Call for early elections, February 3431
June 3431June 3431Immigration Reform
August 3431August 3431Ratification of the Lake Majatra Governance Treaty
December 3431December 3431Ratification of the United Nations of Terra Charter
December 3431January 3432New Names for New Era
February 3432February 3432Pharmaceutical Drugs Policy
March 3432March 3432Ratification of the Cobura-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship
January 3433March 3435A more democratic and Moderate Society Reform Bill.
June 3434June 3435Child Labour
July 3434May 3435Economic Reformation and Improvement Act. (ERAI)
September 3434February 3435Ratification of the Military Humanity Treaty
October 3434October 3434Call for early elections, October 3434
November 3434June 3435Regulation of the Quality of Water
December 3434December 3434Call for early elections, December 3434
February 3435February 3435Cabinet Proposal of February 3435
March 3435March 3435Change in nobility act
May 3435June 3435Socioeconomic Reform II
June 3435June 3435Modernization of Legislation
August 3435September 3435Cloning Act
August 3435September 3435Adoption Law
September 3435September 3435Farming Size Regulation Bill
February 3436February 3436Privacy Act
February 3436February 3436Reforms of government buisness
May 3436May 3436Military Reform
May 3436June 3436Justice Reform
July 3436July 3436Electoral Reform
August 3436August 3436Radical Law
August 3436August 3436Ratification of the Anti-Monarchist Treaty
August 3436August 3436Tax Adjustments
November 3436November 3436Daily Working Hours
May 3437May 3437Social Reform
August 3437August 3437Final Reforms I
August 3437August 3437Budget proposal of August 3437
June 3439June 3439Formalities Act
June 3439June 3439Cabinet Proposal of June 3439
July 3439July 3439Change of National Motto
August 3439August 3439For progress
November 3439November 3439Budget proposal of November 3439
September 3440September 3440Privacy of DNA Act
August 3441August 3441Environmental act
September 3441September 3441Overhaul Act
January 3443February 3443Omnibus Reform Bill
March 3443May 3443Pollution reforms
March 3443May 3443Libel and slander laws reform
August 3443August 3443Labor reform
May 3444May 3444Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
August 3446March 3447National Reform III
November 3446March 3447National Reform V
November 3446March 3447National Reform IV
November 3447November 3447Government Funding for Private Schools
November 3447November 3447Change in the age at which a person is considered an adult
November 3447November 3447National Reform VII
November 3447November 3447National Reform VI
July 3448July 3448Call for early elections, July 3448
August 3448September 3448The Appointment of Mayors
September 3448September 3448Cabinet Proposal of September 3448
February 3449February 3449Reform from conservative values
May 3449May 3449Restoration of old labor values
July 3449October 3449Marriage Liberty Act
February 3450February 3450Government positions on social issues
February 3451February 3451Environmental protection bill
August 3451August 3451Military Reform IV
August 3453August 3453Cabinet Proposal of August 3453
August 3453August 3453Conservative Reform
July 3454July 3454Conservative Reform
August 3454August 3454Conservative Reform III
August 3454August 3454Conservative Reform II
May 3455May 3455Conservative Reform IV
May 3455May 3455Conservative Reform IV
May 3456November 3456Conservative Reform VI
November 3456November 3456Cabinet Proposal of November 3456
February 3457February 3457Income tax proposal of February 3457
July 3457July 3457Resolution I
August 3457August 3457Great Conservative Reform
November 3457November 3457Tie prevention act
February 3458August 3458End of Liberal Policies
August 3458August 3458In support of East Deltaria
February 3459February 3459Por un Pa├şs Mejor !
July 3459July 3459Socialist reform B
January 3460January 3460Socialist Reform C
October 3460October 3460End of Liberal Policies II
October 3460October 3460Catholic Reform II
October 3460October 3460Cabinet Proposal of October 3460
January 3461January 3461Catholic Reform III
September 3461September 3461Royalist Bill I
September 3461September 3461End of Liberal Policies III
September 3461September 3461Resolution for a Better Country
February 3462February 3462Catholic Reform IV
March 3462February 3463Peace Treaty of Belgae
April 3462April 3462Emergencial Act
April 3462April 3462Emergencial Act II
May 3462May 3462End of Liberal Policies IV
December 3462December 3462Call for early elections, December 3462
January 3463February 3463Reform
March 3463March 3463Cabinet Proposal of March 3463
October 3463October 3463Public Pardon
April 3464April 3464Reform II
April 3464April 3464Reform I
September 3464September 3464Reform V
September 3464September 3464Reforms IV
September 3464September 3464Reform III
November 3464November 3464Reform VI
March 3465March 3465Reform VIII
March 3465March 3465Reform VII
March 3465March 3465Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
May 3465May 3465Ratification of the Constitution of the Union of the Republic and Federation of Zardugal
May 3465May 3465Reforms IX
May 3465May 3465Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
August 3465August 3465Reform X
October 3465October 3465Reform XI
December 3465December 3465Reform XII
February 3467February 3467Bill I
February 3467February 3467Cabinet Proposal of February 3467
April 3467April 3467Federalist Bill A
May 3467May 3467Devolution Bill,
September 3467September 3467Capitalist Bill A
October 3467April 3470Denouncement of Czarist Deltaria
April 3468April 3468Change from religious rule
January 3469January 3469Economic Act of 3469
January 3469January 3469reform bill A
January 3469January 3469Comprehensive Drug Control and Abuse Prevention Act of 3469
February 3469February 3469National Defense Act
February 3469October 3469Congressional Reform Act
February 3471February 3471Social Services Reform and Devolution Act of 3471
February 3471February 3471Cabinet Proposal of February 3471
February 3471March 3471Criminal Justice Act
February 3471July 3475Restoration of the Federation
March 3471March 3471Income tax proposal of March 3471
March 3471March 3471Budget proposal of March 3471
March 3471March 3471Economic and Banking Reform Act of 3471
July 3471July 3471Foreign Policy Act
February 3472February 3472Ratification of the Istalian Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
February 3472February 3472Ratification of the Declaration on Religous Liberty
February 3472February 3472Omnibus Crime Control Act of 3472
February 3472February 3472Local Autonomy Act
April 3472April 3472Appointments to the Supreme Court
February 3473April 3473Immigration
March 3473April 3473Animals
July 3473February 3474Economics Act
February 3474February 3474Industrial Hemp Act of 3474
February 3474February 3474Higher, Secondary and Primary Education Reform Act of 3474
February 3474February 3474Agriculture and Environmental Affairs Act
July 3474July 3474Income tax proposal of July 3474
December 3474December 3474Income tax proposal of December 3474
February 3475April 3475New Liberal- United Federal Coalition Agreement
March 3475August 3475Military
July 3475July 3475Budget proposal of July 3475
January 3476January 3476Ratification of the Constitution of the Federation of Zardugal
September 3476November 3476Ratification of the Embargo on the Czarist Government of Deltaria
April 3477April 3477Income tax proposal of April 3477
July 3477July 3477Essiential Goods Tax Reduction Act of 3477
January 3478January 3478Ratification of the International Association of Organ Donation (IAOD)
April 3478April 3478Banning of Mines
February 3479February 34792nd Coalition Agreement between the NLP and UFP
April 3479April 3479Funding for Abortions Act
July 3479July 3479Telecommunications Act of 3479
July 3479July 3479Criminal Voting Act
September 3479December 3479Police
December 3479December 3479Public Libraries
February 3480April 3480Further action on Deltaria
July 3480July 3480Sports Clubs
August 3480August 3480Civil Defence
January 3483January 3483Income tax proposal of January 3483
August 3483August 34833rd UFP-NLP Coalition Government
November 3484August 3485Action on Deltaria Act
August 3485August 3485Human Act
February 3486February 3486Budget proposal of February 3486
March 3486January 3490Deregulation of Military landmine use
April 3487April 3487Local Government Powers Act of 3487
April 3487April 3487Health Act of 3487
April 3487April 3487Cabinet Proposal of April 3487
April 3487April 3487Housing Act of 3487
April 3487April 3487Ethics Act of 3487
April 3487April 3487Estate Act of 3487
February 3488February 3488Public Education Act of 3488
February 3488February 3488Budget proposal of February 3488
February 3488February 3488National Tax Act of 3488
February 3488July 3488End Government Interaction in Businesses. Proposal 1
February 3488February 3489End Government Interaction in Businesses. Proposal 2
July 3488January 3489End Government Interaction in Business Proposal 4
July 3488January 3489End Government Interaction in Business Proposal 3
January 3489January 3489National Defense Act of 3489
January 3489August 3491Ratification of the Terran Republican Alliance
July 3489January 3490Privatise Medical Welfare Act
July 3489January 3490Possible Neccessity of Biological Weapons Bill
July 3489February 3492Titles of Nobility in government Act
September 3489September 3489Appointments to the Supreme Court
August 3491August 3491Ratification of the Telamon Diplomatic Relations
August 3491August 3491Animal Testing Act of 3491
August 3491August 3491Cabinet Proposal of August 3491
August 3492January 3493UNA.BILL.AUG.3492.1
December 3492December 3492Budget proposal of December 3492
January 3493January 3493Ratification of the Promotion of International Trade Treaty (3490)
January 3493January 3493Defense of the Realm Act of 3493
February 3493February 3493Ratification of the Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality
February 3493April 3497Ratification of the Single Convention on Narcotics and Drugs
July 3493July 3493Eastern Shore Security Act of 3493
September 3493September 3493In continuation of blockade on Deltaria
February 3494February 3494International Relations Act of 3494
February 3494February 3494Marriage Act of 3493
August 3494February 3495National Call Up of Reservists
August 3494February 3495Budget proposal of August 3494
February 3495March 3495Ratification of the Congress for Liberty
July 3495July 3495Ratification of the International Committee for Freedom in Pontesi
August 3495August 3495Emergency War Act
August 3495August 3495Cabinet Proposal of August 3495
August 3495August 3495Arm our civil defense forces.
January 3497January 3497Act of Congress
February 3497March 3497Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
February 3498February 3498Jakania Aid Effort
August 3498August 3498Budget proposal of August 3498
February 3499February 3499Reform Act 1
April 3499April 3499Human rights Act of 3499
July 3499August 3499Reform Act II
August 3499September 3499Cabinet Proposal of August 3499
February 3500February 3500Reform V
February 3500February 3500Reform IV
February 3500February 3500Reform III
March 3501March 3501More civil rights Act
October 3501October 3501Liberal Economic Policy Act of 3501
October 3501October 3501Avril Reform
February 3502February 3502Further reforms of Government
February 3502February 3502Further reforms
February 3502February 3502Name Changes
July 3502February 3503Judicial Reform Act of 3502
July 3502February 3503Internal Security Act of 3502
August 3502February 3503Formal Congressional Confirmation of the Permanent Representative from Zardugal
October 3502March 3506Budget proposal of October 3502
February 3503February 3503Power Deregulation Act of 3503
February 3503February 3503Grand Coalition Agreement
July 3503January 3504Ratification of the Terran Oil Cartel Treaty
August 3503August 3503Speaker's Committee Assignments
August 3503January 3504Ambassadorial Confirmations
August 3503April 3505Nominations to the Supreme Court
December 3503December 3503Patriotic Measures
January 3504January 3504Titles Act of 3504
January 3504January 3504Caretaker Government
February 3504February 3504Income tax proposal of February 3504
February 3504February 3504Economic Reform
July 3504October 3527Zardic National Coalition (ZNC) (ooc: for historical purposes)
August 3504December 3504Call for early elections, August 3504
January 3505April 3505A Resolution to Condemn the Human Rights Abuses in the Wantuni Hegemony
February 3505February 3505Cabinet Proposal of February 3505
February 3505February 3505Nominations to Supreme Court
July 3505July 3505Environmental Protection Act of 3505
August 3505August 3505OCC: Culture of Zardugal Final Draft
August 3505November 3505Speakers Committee Assignments
May 3506May 3506Defense Act
July 3506March 3509Ratification of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of Zardugal
March 3507March 3507An Order of General Moblization
April 3507April 3507Cabinet Proposal of April 3507
April 3507April 3507Cabinet Proposal of April 3507
December 3507May 3508Denouncement of our imperialistic past
September 3508March 3509Denoucenment of the Use of Child Soldiers and Slave Armies by Deltaria
March 3509March 3509Freedom of speech Act
April 3509April 3509Agriculture Reform of 2509
September 3509September 3509Ratification of the Treaty of Haldor (September 3509)
October 3509October 3509Ratification of the Lake Majatra Governance Treaty
October 3509October 3509Ratification of the New Mordusian Neutrality Pact
November 3509November 3509Budget proposal of November 3509
November 3509December 3510Cabinet Proposal of November 3509
April 3510April 3510Welfare Reform Bill
April 3510April 3510Justice Reform Bill
April 3510April 3510Immigration Reform Bill
December 3510June 3511Reconstruction of Ingomu
December 3510June 3511Border Security Act of 3511
December 3510October 3512Ratification of the Holy Luthori Empire Rejection Claim Treaty
December 3510October 3512Speakership Election
November 3511October 3512Judicial Act of 3512
March 3512March 3512Call for early elections, March 3512
June 3512October 3512Ratification of the Declaration of Dranish Neutrality
June 3512October 3512Ambassadorial Nominations
October 3512October 3512Ratification of the Global Alliance
November 3512November 3512Ratification of the Zardic-Baltusia Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
November 3512November 3512Treaty Withdrawl Act
November 3512November 3512Ratification of the Majatra Anti-Slavery Accord
November 3512November 3512Ratification of the Majatran Defense Community
November 3512December 3512Biological and Chemical Weapons Policy Act
November 3512December 3512Cabinet Proposal of November 3512
November 3512December 3512Selective Service Act of 3513
December 3512January 3513Immigration Restriction Act
December 3512March 3513Speakers Committee Assignments
December 3512March 3513Ratification of the Solentian Defense Treaty
March 3513March 3513Ratification of the Selucian- Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
September 3513September 3513Government Policy Towards Space Exploration
May 3514May 3514The Government's Stance on ilegal Aliens
May 3514May 3514Pharmaceutical Drugs Policy
September 3514September 3514National Policy Regarding the Desecration of the National Flag
September 3514September 3514Ratification of the Federal Union of Gaduridos Neutrality
September 3514September 3514Government Policy Towards Giving Aid to Foreign Countries
September 3514September 3514Employer's Rights in Regards to Firing Striking Workers
January 3515January 3515Repeal of illegal immigration stance
June 3515June 3515Prime Minister's Questions
June 3515September 3515Deployment of Forces
July 3515July 3515.
July 3515July 3515.
July 3515July 3515No taxes on essential items
September 3515September 3515Ratification of the Al'Badara-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
September 3515December 3516Financial Sanctions and Terrorist Designation for the Brotherhood of Terror and Virtue
October 3515October 3515Education Reform
October 3515October 3515No government in television
November 3515October 3516Aid to Deltaria
October 3516October 3516The government's policy regarding foreign investments
October 3516October 3516Cabinet Proposal of October 3516
November 3516November 3516Ratification of the Pontesi-Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Security
November 3516November 3516The Government policy concerning the visitation of foreign missionaries
November 3516November 3516Waste disposal responsibility
November 3516November 3516Drug Reform
December 3516December 3516Trade Liberalization Act
May 3517May 3517Ratification of the Zardic- Deltarian Treaty of Friendship, Co- Operation and Mutual Security
May 3517May 3517Policy concerning industrial hemp
May 3517May 3517Titles of Nobility
June 3517June 3517Overhauling Act of 3517
April 3518April 3518Nuditity law
June 3518June 3518Speaker's Committee Assignments
November 3518November 3518Supreme Court nomination
May 3519May 3519Call for early elections, May 3519
June 3519May 3521Defense Approrpiations Bill
October 3520October 3520Call for early elections, October 3520
November 3520December 3520Defense Industries Act
November 3520December 3520Housing Act
November 3520December 3520Drug Control Act
November 3520December 3520Civil Decency and Justice Act
November 3520December 3520Abortion Control Act
November 3520April 3521Economic Growth Act
November 3520March 3522Devolution Act
December 3520December 3520Ratification of the Zardic- Jakanian Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation
December 3520April 3521Cabinet Proposal of December 3520
May 3521May 3521Librel and Slander Act
May 3521May 3521Privacy Act
May 3521May 3522Order for the General Moblization of the Armed Forces
June 3521June 3521Reform for restrict pedophily and pornography for children
March 3522March 3522Combating the National Debt
June 3522June 3522Weapons of Mass Destruction Act
November 3522November 3522Treaty Bill
February 3523February 3523Econommic Restructuring Act of 3523
November 3523November 3523Call for early elections, November 3523
March 3526March 3526Call for early elections, March 3526
August 3526February 3527Human rights
August 3526February 3527Environment
November 3526November 3526Socialist Revision Act of 3526
September 3527September 3527Campaign Finance Act
October 3527October 3527Ratification of the Recognition of the Deltarian Czardom
October 3527October 3527Ratification of the Karav Financial Services Operation Permissions - 3462 Revision
October 3527April 3528Ratification of the Holy Alliance
November 3527April 3528Statement of the International Human Rights Movement
August 3528August 3528Cabinet Proposal of August 3528
December 3529December 3530Monarchy Bill
August 3532August 3532Labour Relations Act of 3532
August 3532August 3532Economic Liberalization Act of 3532
August 3532June 3533Calls for a New Cabinet
September 3532September 3532Budget Control Act
June 3533June 3533Operation Soaring Eagle
June 3535June 3535Ecological Preservation Act of 3535
January 3538January 3538Call for early elections, January 3538
November 3539November 3539Call for early elections, November 3539
May 3543December 3543Eliminating The Minimum Wage
May 3543December 3543Privatizing The Banking System
July 3543December 3543Budget proposal of July 3543
July 3543December 3543Tax Reform and Head of State Title Reform
August 3543December 3543Income tax proposal of August 3543
January 3544January 3544Budget proposal of January 3544
January 3544January 3544Cabinet Proposal of January 3544
January 3544February 3544Welfare and Retirement Reform Act of February 3544
February 3544February 3544Religious Law Reform Act of February 3544
March 3544March 3544Healthcare Reform Act of March 3544
June 3544June 3544Agricultural Reform Act of June 3544
June 3544March 3545Treaty Reform Act of June 3544
July 3544July 3544Cabinet Proposal of July 3544
July 3544July 3544Head of State and Head of Government Reform Act of July 3544
August 3544March 3545Federated Kingdoms of Zardugal: Name Change of August 3544
August 3544March 3545Income/Corporate Tax Proposal of October 3544
February 3545February 3545Call for early elections, February 3545
June 3545June 3545Administrative Reform Act of June 3545
December 3545December 3545FY 3547 Income and Corporate Tax Proposal of December 3545
December 3545March 3546Infrastructure Reform Act of December 3545
March 3546March 3546Nobility Reform Act of March 3546
January 3547January 3547Space Privatization Act
January 3547January 3547Illegal Alien Repatriation Act
January 3547January 3547Foreign Aid Policy Act
January 3547January 3547Military Reform Act of January 3547
August 3548February 3549Restoration of the Monarchy
August 3548February 3549New Federalist Act
February 3549February 3549Cabinet Proposal of February 3549
February 3549February 3549Budget proposal of February 3549
February 3549December 3594OOC: Cultural Protocols (DO NOT DELETE; NEW PLAYERS PLEASE READ) (ARCHIVE)
March 3549June 3549Ratification of the Condemnation of the Malivian government
July 3549July 3549Operation Sharkwhale
August 3549August 3549Ratification of the New Mordusian Neutrality Pact
August 3550August 3550Order for General Mobilization
August 3550August 3550General Reform Act
August 3550August 3550Revenue Act
June 3551June 3551Second Round of General Reform
June 3551June 3551Ending Diplomatic Relations with Luthori
September 3552September 3552Another Reform
March 3553June 3553Ratification of the Terran Oil Cartel Treaty
June 3553June 3553More Reform for Zardugal
February 3554February 3554Infrastrucutre Policy Act
February 3554February 3554Cabinet Proposal of February 3554
February 3554February 3554Royal Budget for 3554-3557
February 3554February 3554The Urban and Regional Planning Profession Bill
December 3554December 3554Reform
February 3556February 3556Call for early elections, February 3556
April 3556April 3556Cabinet Proposal of April 3556
February 3557February 3557Budget proposal of February 3557
February 3557February 3557Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
February 3557November 3558Income tax proposal of February 3557
July 3557August 3557State ReBuild
August 3561August 3561Cabinet Proposal of August 3561
September 3563September 3563Cabinet Proposal of September 3563
February 3564February 3564Government Reform
March 3564March 3564Budget proposal of March 3564
June 3564March 3566Government Changes
October 3565May 3567The Anti-Gang Act
March 3566March 3566Royal Administration of Vascania Act
March 3566March 3566Claim to the Coburan Throne
February 3567February 3567Call for early elections, February 3567
February 3567July 3567Air Pollution Act
July 3567July 3567Income tax proposal of July 3567
July 3567July 3567Cabinet Proposal of July 3567
July 3567July 3567Resolution in Support of Dranland
July 3567July 3567Operation Seawall
July 3567July 3567Demands to Vanuku
July 3567January 3600OOC: Royal Government Outline (Executive Branch) (ARCHIVE)
July 3567January 3600OOC: Civil Society and Media in Zardugal (ARCHIVE)
July 3567January 3600OOC: State and Local Governments (ARCHIVE)
July 3567January 3600OOC: Royal Government Outline (Legislative Branch) (ARCHIVE)
August 3567August 3567Ratification of the Zardic- Jelbanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
August 3567August 3567Budget Policy Act
August 3567August 3567Emergency Moblization
August 3567January 3600OOC: Royal Government Outline (Judicial Branch) (ARCHIVE)
September 3567September 3567Holy Talmorian Empire Aid Act
September 3567June 3568Badara Aid and Stablization Act
September 3567January 3600OOC: Zardic Noblity and Honours
December 3567December 3567Operation Thunderstorm
February 3568February 3568Cabinet Proposal of February 3568
July 3568November 3568Deployment of Peacekeepers to Doron Akigo
July 3569July 3569Ratification of the Pax Zard
July 3569July 3569National Defense and Foreign Policy Act
July 3569July 3569Domestic Policies Act
July 3570July 3570Claim to the Phoenix Throne
July 3570July 3570Operation Southern Shield
July 3570July 3572Royal Decree on Honors Day
July 3571July 3571Badaran Freedom Act
November 3571November 3571Government of National Unity
June 3572June 3572Order for General Moblization
March 3573March 3573Condemnation of the Dranish Coup
March 3573March 3573Establishment of Peace is Majatra
June 3573June 3573Emergency Mobilization
August 3575January 3576Income tax proposal of August 3575
December 3575December 3575Ratification of the Zardic-Indrala Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3577June 3577Budget from Present to September 3580
June 3577January 3580Grand Coalition Government
August 3578August 3578Cabinet Proposal of August 3578
January 3579November 3579Title Changes
February 3579July 3579Ratification of the Zardic-Malivian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
July 3579July 3579Removing Troops from Borenu
July 3579July 3579Ratification of the Global Alliance
October 3580January 3581Anti - Gangleaders act
January 3581January 3581Ratification of the Jelbij├ęk Krsyjogadnrkta
February 3581February 3581Ratification of the Gaduridos- Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
August 3581March 3582Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
March 3582March 3582Firearms Act
March 3582March 3582Education Act
March 3582March 3582Economic Deregulation Act
March 3582March 3582Devolution Act
March 3582July 3582Zardic National Coalition
March 3582August 3582Citizenship and Immgration Reform Act
March 3582September 3582Legislative Quota Reform
August 3582August 3582Selective Service Act
August 3582August 3582Social Liberalization Act
October 3582October 3582Fical Budget Proposal October 3582 - 3583
December 3582August 3583Ratification of the Zardic-Jakanian Status of Forces Agreement and Treaty of Friendship
September 3583December 3583Ministry of Foreign Affairs Administration Act
September 3583February 3586Domestic Anti-Terror and Internal Security Act
December 3583January 3584Ratification of the Zardic- Keymon Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
January 3584June 3584Parliamentary Confirmation of the King
June 3584June 3584Ratification of the Zardic- Talmorian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
September 3584March 35852nd Zardic National Coalition (Roberts II Government)
August 3585August 35853585-3590 Annual Budget
October 3585October 3585Environment Protection
February 3586April 3587Foreign Anti-Terror Act
January 3588January 3588Great reforming act of 3588
January 3588January 3588Cabinet Proposal of January 3588
January 3589January 3589Civil Rights Act
May 3589May 3589Universal Suffrage Act
May 3589May 3589Great reforming act of 3589
June 3589June 3591Ratification of the Zardic- Kalopian Treaty of Friendship Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3589June 3591Ratification of the Zardic-Cildanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
February 3590February 3590Public Services Retention Act
March 3590March 3590Beiteynuese Dual Citizenship Act
June 3591June 3591Eminent Domain Reform Act
June 3591June 3591Religion and Faith Act
June 3591June 3591Adoption Act
July 3591July 3591Ratification of the Recognition of the Kingdom of Saridan
March 3592September 3592Total Nuclear Disarmament Act of 3693
March 3592September 3592Unfettered Democracy Act
March 3592September 3592Conservative Values Act
March 3592September 3592Unconditional Pardon for Michael Lekapenos
April 3592July 3592Dissolution of Parliament
May 3592November 3592Objectively Awesome New Flag
May 3592April 3593OOC: Cultural Protocols (ALTERNATE PROPOSAL)
June 3592September 3592Total WMD Disarmament Act of 3593
September 3592September 3592Freedom to Bear Arms Act
September 3592September 3592Healthcare Devolution Act
November 3592November 3592Cabinet Proposal of November 3592
January 3593January 3593Appointment of Lesser Government Ministers
April 3593April 3593The People Choice Act.1
May 3593May 3593Paramilitary Bill
May 3593May 3593Budget proposal of May 3593
May 3593May 3593Income tax proposal of May 3593
July 3593July 3593The People Choice Act.2
August 3593August 3593LekapenosCare
August 3593August 3593Severance of Ties with Worthless "Allies"
August 3593August 3593Political Amnesty for the Oppressed Yeudim
November 3593November 3593Abortion Act
December 3593December 3593Addressing the Budget Deficit
December 3593December 3593Compromise Budget
May 3594May 3594Armed Forces Limitation Act
May 3594May 3594Police Forces Limitation Act
May 3594October 3595OOC: Cultural Protocols for Zardugal
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic-Malivian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Recognition of the Kingdom of Saridan
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Gaduridos- Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Recognition of the True Heir's and Holders of the Augustan Throne and Heritage
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Pontesi-Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Karav Financial Services Operation Permissions - 3462 Revision
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic-Jakanian Status of Forces Agreement and Treaty of Friendship
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic- Deltarian Treaty of Friendship, Co- Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic-Cildanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic-Indrala Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic- Talmorian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic- Keymon Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3594June 3594Ratification of the Zardic- Kalopian Treaty of Friendship Co-Operation and Mutual Security
February 3595March 3595Ratification of the Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Al'Badara and other States
March 3595March 3596Goverment Administration Act
June 3595June 3595Police Act
July 3595August 3595Federal Defense Act
November 3595November 3595Car Fuel Act
November 3595November 3595A┼şgustanigo (Augustanization)
June 3596June 3596Voting Rights Act
June 3596June 3596Income tax proposal of June 3596
July 3596July 3596Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Union
June 3597September 3597Zardic Dundorf Relations Act
July 3597December 3597The Civil Rights Act of 3597
February 3598February 3598Cabinet Proposal of February 3598
June 3598June 3598Federal Constitution of Zardugal
June 3598June 3598Economic Justice act
June 3598June 3598Sustainability Act
July 3598July 3598Appointment of Other Government Offices
July 3598July 4341OOC: Cultural Protocols for Zardugal (Mandatory, please read)
September 3598September 3598Budget for Zardugal
December 3598December 3598Abolition of paramilitaries
January 3599January 3599TV debates
May 3599May 3599Portsmouth
June 3599June 3599Infrastrutcture and Education Improvement
September 3599September 3599Defense Act
February 3600July 3600Government Executive Administration Act
July 3600July 3600Cabinet Reform (Amendment I)
May 3601May 3601Call for early elections, May 3601
July 3601July 3601Economic Protection for Augustans
July 3601July 3601Electoral Democracy Act
October 3601November 3601Cabinet Proposal of October 3601
October 3601June 3603Zardugal - Dundorf Relations
January 3602January 3602Justice Reforms
October 3602October 3602Call for early elections, October 3602
November 3602October 3603Freedom from Morality
February 3603February 3603Cabinet Proposal of February 3603
February 3603November 3606Praetorian Prefecture of Zardugal
September 3603September 3603Income tax proposal of September 3603
January 3604January 3604To Enhance Zardugal's Economical Power
May 3604May 3604Modernization of Mores
September 3604September 3604Budget proposal of September 3604
November 3604November 3604Religious Freedom Act
November 3604November 3604Foreign Policy Independence Act
November 3604November 3604Flag Update
November 3604January 4426OOC: Guide for names in the Augustan (Esperanto) language
April 3605April 3605We have to limit outrageous lending in real estate
July 3605July 3605Destruction of Religion
May 3606January 3607Internal Peace and Stability Act
June 3606November 3606Eunuch Civil Service Act
July 3606July 3606Call for early elections, July 3606
July 3606October 3606Budget proposal of July 3606
February 3607February 3607Ratification of the A┼şgustana Imperio
May 3607May 3607Condemnation of Jelbania
July 3607July 3607Creation of Patrician Class
November 3607November 3607OOC: Esthetic changes
December 3607December 3607Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
December 3607December 3607Crowning the New Emperor
December 3607February 3609Sale of Military Hardware to Dorvik
February 3609February 3609Reformation of economic injustices
June 3609June 3609Withdrawing Zardic Troops from Deltaria
February 3610February 3610Call for early elections, February 3610
February 3610March 3610End of Oppression
March 3610March 3610Cabinet Proposal of March 3610
November 3610November 3610Banning the Terra Security Group
August 3625August 3625Defence against Jelbania
August 3625August 3625Defence against Jelbania
February 3626February 3626Omnibus Reform
August 3627August 3627Call for early elections, August 3627
March 3629March 3629Civil Service Expansion Act
February 3632February 3632Polygamy Act
February 3632February 3632War Effort Act
July 3632July 3632Intervention in Vanuku
November 3632November 3632Treaty of Baofluz
November 3635November 3635Cabinet Proposal of November 3635
November 3635November 3635Call for early elections, November 3635
April 3637April 3637Authorisation of Force against Traitor Heraklito
May 3638May 3638Character Transfer
June 3640June 3640Call for early elections, June 3640
July 3640July 3640Cabinet Proposal of July 3640
May 3644May 3644Call for early elections, May 3644
July 3644July 3644Ratification of the Treaty of Sebasto
September 3644September 3644Disarming Zardugal
June 3650June 3650Cabinet Proposal of June 3650
May 3651May 3651Withdraw Of Treaties
February 3658February 3660Constitutional Overhaul of Zardugal
June 3659June 3659Call for early elections, June 3659
February 3660February 3660Cabinet Proposal of February 3660
February 3660February 3660Civil Service Act
March 3660March 3660National Health Act
March 3660March 3660Ratification of the Zardic- Keymon Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
March 3660March 3660Military Act
March 3660March 3660National Identification Card Act
March 3660March 3660Ratification of the Zardic-Cildanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
March 3660March 3660Local Government Act
March 3660March 3660Budget proposal of March 3660
March 3660March 3660Ratification of the Lake Majatra Governance Treaty
March 3660March 3660Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
March 3660March 3660Religious Freedom Act
March 3660March 3660Ratification of the Zardic-Malivian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
March 3660July 3661Ratification of the Gaduridos- Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
June 3660June 3660Federal Budget and Corporate Income Tax Reduction Act
June 3660June 3660Ratification of the Treaty of Gongmangdo
June 3660February 3661Ratification of the Zardic- Deltarian Treaty of Friendship, Co- Operation and Mutual Security
July 3660July 3660Ratification of the Zardic-Vanukuian Treaty for Military Restoration and Advancement
July 3660July 3661Ratification of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Federation of Zardugal
January 3661January 3661Economic Liberalization and Reform Act
January 3661January 3661Pension System Act
January 3661January 3661Nuclear Power Act
January 3661January 3661Home Defence Act
January 3661January 3661Foreign Policy Act
January 3661July 3661Selucia Freedom and Democracy Support Act
January 3661June 3724OOC: Zardic Executive Branch Outline (VOID) (ARCHIVE)
January 3661July 3741OOC: Zardic Legislative Branch Outline
January 3661July 3741OOC: Zardic Armed Forces Information
January 3661October 4000OOC: RP Laws (IC: Federal Code of Laws) (ARCHIVE)
July 3661July 3661Ratification of the Majatra Anti-Slavery Accord
September 3661September 3661Ratification of the Zardic- Talmorian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
December 3661December 3661Ratification of the Zardic-Vanuku Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
December 3661December 3661Ratification of the Zardic-Hulstrian Treaty of Friendship, and Co-Operation
February 3662February 3662Economic Reform Act
March 3662March 3662Police Powers, Criminal Justice and Punishment Act
March 3662March 3662Labour Strike Act
March 3662March 3662Drug Control Act
December 3662December 3662Anti-Communist Act
December 3662December 3662Designation of the Communist International as a Foreign Terrorist Organization
December 3662December 3662Selucian Communist Sanctions Act
January 3663January 3663Ratification of the Zardic-Kafuri Treaty on Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
August 3663August 3663Alcohol Regulation Act
August 3663August 3663Infrastructure Privitization and Devolution Act
August 3663August 3663Defense Reform Act
January 3664January 3664National Education Policy Act
January 3664January 3664Executive Power Act
February 3664June 3724Zardic National Coalition
August 3664August 3664Gun Rights Act
August 3664August 3664X
August 3664April 3669New Proposed Federal Constitution
August 3665September 3665Resolution to Call for a Government of Constitutional Reform
September 3665September 3665Cabinet Proposal of September 3665
September 3665April 3669Ministry of Trade and Industry Reorganization Act
December 3665December 3665Environmental Affairs Act
December 3665December 3665Local Powers Act
December 3665April 3669Ministry of Defence Act
December 3665April 3669Ministry of Finance Reorganization Act
January 3666April 3669Ministry of Foreign Affairs Administration Act
August 3666August 3666Social Policy Act
August 3666April 3669Ministry of Internal Affairs Act
August 3666April 3669FEOP Organization Act
September 3666April 3669Ministry of Justice Act
August 3667April 3669Ministry of Environment and Tourism Organization Act
September 3667September 3667Income tax proposal of September 3667
October 3667September 3668Budget proposal of October 3667
April 3669April 3669Cabinet Proposal of April 3669
April 3669April 3669Overhauling Act of 3669
August 3669September 3669Social Liberalization Act of 3669
March 3670March 3671DEBATE: Federal Constitution of 3671
March 3670July 3741OOC: Executive Branch
April 3670April 3670Income tax proposal of April 3670
April 3670April 3670Budget proposal of April 3670
May 3670September 3670Economic Sanity Act of 3670
September 3671October 3671UNA.Sept.3671.1
March 3672March 3672Military Police Act
March 3672March 3672Paramilitary Reform Act
March 3672March 3672UNA.March.3672.2
July 3672July 3672UNA.JULY.3672.1.
August 3672August 3672Campaign Financing Reform Act of 3672
August 3672August 3672ADL.3672.2
October 3672March 3712DEBATE: Population Swap with Cobura (Augustan Settlement Encouragement Act) (ARCHIVE)
April 3673April 3673Free Speech Act
September 3673September 3673Federal Budget for 3673-3678
October 3673October 3673Authorization for the Partial Moblization of the Zardic Armed Forces (ZAF)
October 3673July 3741OOC: Role Played Govt Positions Convention
February 3674February 3674Lower Ministers Assignment Plan
February 3674February 3674UNA.FEB.3674.3
February 3674February 3674UNA.FEB.3674.2
February 3674February 3674Cabinet Proposal of February 3674
February 3674March 3674Environment Act 1:1
February 3675February 3675National Train Service Act
August 3676August 3676Call for early elections, August 3676
August 3678August 3678Call for early elections, August 3678
April 3679August 3679Parliamentary Reform act of 3679
September 3679September 3679ADL.3679.1
April 3680April 3680Call for early elections, April 3680
August 3680August 3680Cabinet Proposal of August 3680
August 3683August 3683Overhauling Act of August 3683
May 3685May 3685ULF
May 3685May 3685ULF
May 3685May 3685ULF - I
May 3685May 3685ULF - I
May 3685May 3685ULF
February 3686February 3686ADL.3686.1
July 3686July 3686ADL.3674.2
November 3686November 3686Call for early elections, November 3686
April 3689April 3689ULF - II
April 3689April 3689ULF - IX
April 3689April 3689ULF - I
April 3689April 3689ULF - VIII
April 3689April 3689ULF - IV
April 3689April 3689ULF - VII
April 3689April 3689ULF - III
April 3689April 3689ULF - VI
April 3689April 3689ULF - V
April 3689April 3689ULF - X
April 3689April 3689ULF
April 3689April 3689ULF - XII
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - V
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - X
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - IV
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - IX
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - III
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - VIII
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - II
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - VII
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - VII
January 3690January 3690Liberal Reform - VI
March 3692March 3692Reform VII
March 3692March 3692Reform VI
March 3692March 3692Reform XII
March 3692March 3692Reform V
March 3692March 3692Reform XI
March 3692March 3692Reform IV
March 3692March 3692Reform X
March 3692March 3692Reform III
March 3692March 3692Reform IX
March 3692March 3692Reform II
March 3692March 3692Reform VIII
March 3692March 3692Reform
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act VI
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act V
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act IV
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act III
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act X
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act II
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act VIII
April 3697April 3697Security Act II
April 3697April 3697Liberal Act VII
April 3698April 3698Call for early elections, April 3698
December 3703December 3703ADL.3703.12.1
July 3704July 3704Cabinet Proposal of July 3704
July 3704July 3704Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
July 3704July 3704ZNC: July 3704
July 3704July 3704ADL.3704
March 3705March 3705Call for early elections, March 3705
June 3705June 3705ZNC: June 3705
June 3705June 3705Anti Gang's ACT
July 3705July 3705ADL.3705.1
December 3705December 3705ZNC: December 3705
January 3708January 3708ADL.3708.1
March 3708March 3708ZNC: March 3708
June 3709June 3709adl.3709.1
January 3711January 3711Defense Reform Act
September 3711June 3741OOC: Fleshing out the Zardic cities
January 3712January 3712Cabinet Proposal of January 3712
March 3712March 3712Government Financial Resources Act
March 3712April 3712Omnibus Public Administration Reform Act
March 3712July 3713Federal Action Plan for the Reorganization of the Public Administration
April 3712April 3712Economic Reform
April 3712April 3712Religious Alignment ACT
April 3712April 3712Education Alignment Act
April 3712June 3712Ecological Reform
April 3712June 3712Labour Relations Act
April 3712June 3712Drug Control and Abuse Prevention Act
September 3712September 3712State Corporations Act
September 3712September 3712Zardic Reserve System Act
September 3712September 3712Health and Welfare Act
October 3712January 3714Ratification of the Istalian Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
October 3712January 3714Ratification of the Cobura-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship
July 3713January 3714Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Security Co-Operation Organization
August 3713January 3714Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
January 3714January 3714Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
July 3716July 3716Economic Liberalization Act
July 3716August 3716Civil Liberities Act
August 3716September 3716Law Enforcement Organization and Powers Reform Act (LECPRA)
October 3716October 3716Kafuri Sanctions Act
September 3717December 3717Environmental Act
September 3717December 3717Resolution to Call for A Terra Climate Summit
September 3717December 3717Davostag Democracy Promotion and Support Act
September 3717December 3717Energy and Paramilitary Act
July 3718July 3718Minimum Wage Act
July 3718July 3718Abortion Act
August 3718August 3718Prisoners of War Act
September 3718September 3718Car Emissions Act
November 3718November 3718Healthcare Devolution and Reform Act (HDRA)
November 3718November 3718Second Zardic National Coalition Government
November 3718November 3718Ratification of the Luthori-Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
November 3718November 3718Citizens Identity Card Act
November 3718November 37181st Constiutional Amendment
November 3718November 3718Rail and Postal Privitization Act
November 3718November 3718Economic Policy Act
April 3720April 3720Ratification of the Hutori-Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
April 3720April 3720Ratification of the Selucian-Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
May 3720May 3720Zardic People's Party Government (ZPP 1)
May 3720August 3720Annual Federal Budget (3720-3725)
September 3720September 3720City Name Change
September 3720September 3720Constitutional Reforms
September 3720September 3720Civil Service Loyalty Act
November 3720November 3720Ratification of the Beiteynian-Zardic Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
February 3721February 3721National Service Act
October 3721October 3721Beiteynu Friendship and Diplomatic Act
December 3721December 3721Medical Malpractice Reform Act
December 3721December 3721Labour Act
December 3721December 3721Environmental Reform Act
November 3722November 3722Condemning Religious Genocide in Lodamun
November 3722November 3722Lodamese Religious Freedom Support Act
September 3723September 3723Foreign Aid Act
February 3724February 3724Zardic National Coalition Government III
May 3724May 3724Political Affairs Regulatory Act
May 3724May 3725Annual Federal Budget (3725-3730)
June 3724September 3724Internal Security Reform and Reorganization Act
June 3724July 3741OOC: Deployment of Zardic troops abroad
March 3725August 3725Anti-Gang's Amendment Bill.
August 3725August 3725ANTI-TERRORISM ACT
September 3725September 3725Authorization for the Use of Military Force
March 3726March 3726Resolution on the Defense of the Zardic Federation
March 3726March 3726National Defense Reorganization Act
March 3726March 3727General Policy Act
April 3726July 3741OOC: Zardic Armefd Forces and National Security Numbers
March 3727March 3727Zardic International Support Act
March 3727March 3727Declaration of War
March 3727March 3727War Preparation Act
December 3728December 3728Election Campaign III: Religion
April 3729April 3729Election Campaign III: Education
April 3729April 3729Military
August 3729September 3730ZNK Electoral Campaign Part 1: Religion
September 3729December 3729Ratification of the Zardic-Barmenian Treat of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
September 3729December 3729Ratification of the Zardic-Jakanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
September 3729December 3729Ratification of the Condamnation of Lodamun
February 3730July 3730Military Reform and National Reconstruction Act
August 3730August 3730Lodamese Anti-Terror Act
August 3730August 3730Zardic People's Party Government (ZPP 1)
January 3731January 3731Ratification of the Zardic-Baltusian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
February 3731February 3731Ratification of the Treaty on Diplomatic Relations with Zardugal
February 3731August 3741List of Terrorist Organizations Designated by Zardugal
August 3732August 3732Ratification of the Treaty of Wiel
October 3732October 3732Administrative Re-Form
March 3735March 3735Call for early elections, March 3735
June 3738June 3738Cabinet Proposal of June 3738
January 3741June 3741Aldurian Democracy and Sovereignty Support Act
February 3741February 3741Cabinet Proposal of February 3741
March 3741June 3741Federal Budget (3741-3746)
June 3741June 3741Sabeki I
June 3741November 4096OOC: Zardic Wiki Project
July 3741July 3741Law for the Reformation of the Zardic Armed Forces (OOC: Military Protocols for Zardugal)
July 3741October 3789OOC: Vascania Development Project (ARCHIVE)
August 3741August 3741Treaty Withdrawl Act
August 3741August 3741Ratification of the Gaduridos - Zardugal Friendship Treaty
August 3741October 3789OOC: Zardic Military Protocols (ARCHIVE)
August 3741January 4426OOC: Political Guide for Zardugal
November 3741November 3741Barmenia Stability and Development Assistance Act
November 3741November 3741Lodamese Reconciliation Act
January 3742July 3742Majatran Solidarity and Sovereignty Act
July 3742July 3742Civil Administration Act
July 3742July 37422nd Amendment to the Constitution
August 3742August 3742Judicial and Police Reform Act
August 3742August 3742Civil Military Relations and Law Enforcement Act
August 3742August 3742Arms Export Control Act
August 3742August 3742Emergency Defense and Foreign Assistance Appropriations Act
August 3742February 3746Lodamese Relations and Normality Act
August 3743July 3744Zardic Organization for Development Assistance Act
August 3744June 3745Kafuri Sanctions Act
April 3745April 3745Workers and Ownership Act
July 3745July 3745Sabeki II
March 3746March 3746Resolution on Artanian Imperialism in Majatra
April 3746April 3746Majatran Freedom Act
August 3746August 3746Presidential Executive Decree 95214: On Intelligence and National Security
October 3746October 3746Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
October 3746October 3746National Security Act
October 3746October 3746Tax Reform Act
October 3746October 3746Federal Budget (3746-3750)
July 3748August 3748Law on Combating Religious Extremism
August 3748August 3748Kafuri Anti-Terror Act
August 3748August 3748Office of the Prime Minister Act
August 3748August 3748Refugees Act
September 3748April 3749Ratification of the International Tennis Association
September 3748April 3749Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
September 3748April 3749Treaty Clearing Act
September 3748April 3749Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
September 3748April 3749Ratification of the South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement
September 3748April 3749Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
September 3748August 3758Ratification of the Zardic- Keymon Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
April 3749April 3749Martin I
April 3749April 3749Economic Devolution and Liberalization Act
April 3749May 3749Federal Budget (3750-3755)
April 3749May 3749Respect for Life Act
April 3749May 3749Science and Technology Act
April 3749May 3749Telecommunications and Entertainment Act
April 3749August 3749Federation Charter on Human Rights (Third Amendment to the Constitution)
May 3749August 3749Fourth Amendment to the Constitution
August 3749March 3750Motion for Early Elections in Zardugal
August 3750August 3750Martin II
September 3750December 3751Sixth Amendment to the Constitution
September 3750December 3751Fifith Amendment to the Constitution
September 3750March 3752Resolution on the Approval of Congress for Nominations to Constitutional Offices
October 3750December 3751Federal Administration Act
October 3750December 3751Arms Export Control Act
December 3750December 3750Sanctions upon Lodamun
October 3752November 3758Ratification of the Zardic-Solentian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
October 3753July 3754Domestic Peace and Stability Act
October 3753April 3756State Reform - 3753/3754
April 3754April 3754Cabinet Proposal of Metrofano I - April 3754
August 3754February 3755Basic income for the unemployed -3754
July 3755July 3755Farm Assistance Act
July 3755July 3755Federal Budget (3755-3760)
July 3755July 3755Public Health Act
May 3756May 3756Welfare Reform
November 3756November 3756The Eco Reform
February 3757February 3757Skeptic Reform
February 3758May 3759Emergency Lodamese Sancations and Human Rights Support Act
April 3758April 3758Welfare Reform Act
April 3758April 3758Alliance for Zardugal
April 3758April 3758Environmental Reform Act
August 3758March 3759Federal Budget (3760-3765)
January 3759January 3759Federalist Bill
October 3759October 3759Recreational Drugs Bill
August 3760August 3760Sales of Recreational Drugs
August 3760August 3760Health Care Policy
August 3760August 3760Euthanasia Bill
August 3760August 3760Contraception Bill
August 3760August 3760Abortions Bill
January 3761January 3761Freedom of Dress Act, Part II
January 3761January 3761Freedom of Partners Act
January 3761September 3762Naming of the Placo de la ─łielarko - Private Members Motion
February 3761February 3761Public Infrastructure and Energy Development Act
April 3762April 3762Ratification of the Commonwealth of Seridjan - Treaty on Diplomatic Relations
April 3762February 3783Ratification of the Zardic- Kalopian Treaty of Friendship Co-Operation and Mutual Security
February 3763November 3763Abortions Bill
June 3763June 3763Cabinet Proposal of June 3763
June 3763September 3763Motion on Extradition
June 3763September 3763Marriage Equality Act
June 3763September 3763Freedom from Clothing Act
August 3763August 3763Call for early elections, August 3763
August 3763August 3763Budget proposal of August 3763
December 3763December 3763Religious Liberty Act
December 3763December 3763Energy Deregulation Act
June 3764June 3764Motion of No Confidence
August 3764August 3764Environmental Deregulation Act
January 3765July 3765National Pleasure Corporation Act
February 3765February 3765Civil Rights Bill
February 3765February 3765Health and Social Services Bill
February 3765February 3765Federal Budget (3765-3770)
December 3765December 3765Passport Act
January 3766January 3766Educational Reform Act
January 3766January 3766Drug Distribution Act
January 3766August 3766Universal Healthcare Act
February 3767February 3767Industrial Hemp Bill
February 3767February 3767Gamble Policy
February 3767February 3767Exchange Rate Regime
February 3767February 3767Government Policy on Industry
December 3768December 3768Deregulation Act
December 3768December 3768Devolution of Powers Act
December 3768December 3768Federal Narcotics Control Act
December 3768December 3768Monetary Policy Act
August 3771August 3771Food Act
August 3771October 3772Government Administration Reform Act
December 3771December 3771Public Order Act
December 3771December 3771Farm Subsidy Reform Act
August 3772August 3772Zardic National Coalition Government
October 3772October 3772Health and Education Devolution Act
October 3772August 3773Federal Budget (3774-3780)
July 3773July 3773Abortion Regulatory Act
August 3773August 3773Legal Defense Provision Act
November 3774November 3774Call for early elections, November 3774
February 3776February 3776Declaration of a State of Emergency
February 3776February 3779Ratification of the Selucian and Zardugal friendship treaty
August 3776August 3776Seventh Amendment to the Constitution
August 3776August 3776Zardic National Coalition II
August 3776February 3779Lodamese Diplomatic Relations Act
December 3776January 3777Budget proposal of December 3776
March 3777March 3777Decleration of War on Vorona
July 3777July 3777Budget proposal of July 3777
July 3777July 3777RDNP ACT 2.0
April 3778August 3778Emergency National Defense Act
April 3779April 3779Age of Adulthood Act
April 3779April 3779National Education Pride Act
April 3779May 3779Liberalization of Industry Act
April 3779September 3779Prisoner of War Act
April 3779January 3780Labour Reform Act
April 3779January 3780Health and Food Safety Devolution Act
April 3779February 3780Police Powers Act
April 3779August 3780Gambling Devolution Act
April 3779March 3781Eminent Domain Reform Act
August 3779January 3780Ratification of the STAWP ÔÇô Southern Terra Anti Weapon Program
March 3781June 3781Ratification of the Treaty of Surrender and Peace
March 3781August 3808OOC: Government Finances and Public Debt Information (ARCHIVE)
August 3781August 3781Dubane I
September 3781September 3781Amendment to the Constitution
December 3781February 3783OOC: Military Protocols for Sekowo (ARCHIVED)
June 3782January 3783Sanctions On Pontesi
September 3782October 3782Federal Budget (3785-3790)
October 3782February 3783Ratification of the Zardic-Coburan Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Defense and Security
January 3783January 3783Equal Marriage Act - Resubmitted
January 3783January 3783Equality Act
May 3783June 3783Collectivization of Industry, Worker's Right's, and Fairness Act
June 3783June 3783Industrial Reform, 3783/84
July 3783October 3783Justice Reform Act
October 3783October 3783Infrastructure Reform Act
November 3783January 3784Creation of Workers' Republic Act
December 3783December 3783Workers' State Act
May 3784May 3784Justice Reform Act pt.2
July 3784July 3784Overhauling Act of 3784
October 3784October 3784Creation of Workers' Republic Act pt.2
November 3784November 3784Zardic National Coalition Agreement
November 3784November 3784Federal Drug Control Act
November 3784November 3784Call for early elections, November 3784
December 3784July 3785Anti Immigration Act
April 3785August 3801Alliance for Zardugal (OOC: political coalition) (ARCHIVE)
May 3785July 3785Freedom of Religion Act
May 3785July 3785Freedom of the Market Act
September 3785September 3785Police and Criminal Justice Reform Act
September 3785September 3785Alliance for Zardugal Government
September 3785September 3785Economic Reform and Stablization Act
March 3786March 3786Bestiality Prohibition Act
March 3786March 3786Energy Policy Act of 3786
March 3786March 3786Post Office Privatization Act
March 3786March 3786Animal Research and Ethics Regulation Act
March 3786March 3786Educational Testing Reform Act
March 3786March 3786Public Nudity Regulation Act
March 3786March 3786Marriage Devolution Act
July 3786August 3787Valruzia Religious Freedom Support and Asylum Act
August 3786January 3787Congressional Committees Act
September 3786January 3787Critical Infrastructure Security and Protection Act
September 3789September 3789Alliance for Zardugal II
October 3789October 3789Government Organizational Reform Act
October 3789October 3789Zardic National Security Organization Act
October 3789October 3789Federal Budget (3790-3795)
October 3789October 3789Animals and Forest Act
October 3789October 3789Power Supply Privatization Act
October 3789October 3789Child Benefit Reform Act
October 3789February 3790Resolution to Remove Congressional Immunity from Rozabela Petro
October 3789October 3792Ratification of the Zardic-Dundorfian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperaiton and Mutual Defense and Security
October 3789October 4000OOC: ZAF OOB/Military Overview (ARCHIVE)
February 3790February 3790Authroization for the Use of Military Force in Malivia (Operation Temple Pass)
February 3790February 3790Declaration of a State of Emergency
July 3790July 3790July, 29th Peace Accords for Zardic Civil War
December 3790December 3790Directly Elected Mayor Act
February 3791March 3791Federal Marriage Deregulation Act
March 3791March 3791Revised Federal Budget (3791-3795)
May 3791October 3791Motion for Early Elections
May 3791October 3792Ratification of the Treaty of Friendship between Malivia and Zardugal
February 3792March 3792Alliance For Zardugal
March 3792September 3792Union Rights Act
October 3792October 3792Gated Communities Act
October 3792November 3792Extradtition Policy Act
October 3792September 3793Prostitution Devolution Act
October 3792September 3793Sports Clubs Devolution Act
October 3792April 3794Trade Union Act
November 3792December 3793Budget proposal of November 3792
September 3793August 3794Youth Work Act
March 3795March 3795Organ Donation Reformation Act
May 3795January 3796Censuring the National Confederation of Labor
January 3796January 3796Alliance for Zardugal IV
September 3796April 3797Protecting our Nature I - 3796
September 3796April 3797Social Welfare and Industry Reform I - 3796
September 3796August 3797Strike and Labour Actions Reform Act
September 3796August 3797Industry Support Act
September 3796August 3797Late Term Abortion Prohibition Act
September 3796August 3797Energy Prices Deregulation Act
September 3796February 3798Healthcare Devolution Act
September 3796February 3798Working Hours Act
March 3798March 3798Emergency Powers Resolutuon Renewal
March 3798July 3798ZSI bailout agreement
March 3798September 3800Ratification of the Dundorfian Diplomatic Relations Treaty
August 3799December 3799rdnp act
September 3799September 3799Call for early elections, September 3799
March 3800April 3800Cabinet Proposal of March 3800
March 3801March 3801Right to Work Act
March 3801November 3802Chemcial and Biological Warfare Act
September 3801September 3801Resolution to Close Naval Station Baltusia and restation all Zardic Forces in Zardugal
October 3801October 3801Drugs and Alcolhol National Standardization Act
October 3801October 3801Tax Relief of 3801
October 3801January 4426OOC+RP: News Sources and Political Leanings
January 3802January 3802Ratification of the TERRAN CRICKET COUNCIL (TCC)
March 3802January 3803Supporting DWCs Act
August 3802February 3803Ratification of the Zardic-Aldegarian Friendship Pact
October 3802October 3802Call for early elections, October 3802
March 3803March 3803RDNP Act
October 3804October 3804Mandatory vaccination
October 3804October 3804Inviolability of Letters
October 3804October 3804Revision of Parliamentary Privilege
November 3804November 3804Exotic animals
February 3805February 3805Child Protection Act
February 3805February 3805Nobility Decriminalization Act
February 3805February 38052nd National Unity Council Resolution of 3805
April 3805April 3805EMERGENCY BILL - Mobilizazation - EMERGENCY BILL
May 3805May 3805EMERGENCY - Budget proposal of May 3805 - EMERGENCY
September 3805September 3805State of Emergency September,1,3805
May 3806December 3806War tax proposal of May 3806
December 3806December 3806EMERGENCY BILL - Conscription - EMERGENCY BILL
April 3807April 3807War Budget proposal of April 3807
April 3807April 3807National Defense Advisory Council Act
April 3807April 38079th Amendment to the Constitution
April 3807April 3807Emergency National Defense Act
April 3807April 3807Onassis Cabinet 3807-3811
April 3807May 3807Resolution Regarding the Appointment of Deputy and Assistant Ministers
September 3807August 3808Declaration of War against Mikuni-Harusutoria
September 3807August 3808Declaration of War against Deltaria
September 3807August 3808Declaration of War against Indrala
September 3807August 3808Declaration of War against the Jelbek Empire
October 3807October 3807Call for early elections, October 3807
October 3807June 3808Resolution on KNL
March 3808March 3808Election Revote 3808
August 3808August 3808Government of National Unity
September 3808September 3808Moving the Capital and Presidential Palace
November 3809November 3809Worker's Councils act
August 3812August 3812Recognition of an Independent Voronian State
December 3812January 3813Budget proposal 3813
March 3815March 3815Call for early elections, March 3815
September 3815September 3815Cabinet Proposal of September 3815, a cabinet for peace with the Jelbic Empire
October 3815November 3815Budget proposal of 3816 - 3820
December 3815December 3815Food Labelling Act
December 3815December 3815Social Electricity act of 3815
December 3815December 3815Termination of Paramilitaries act of 3815
December 3815December 3815Federal Court Act
December 3815September 3816Humane treatment of illegal people act of 3815
July 3816January 3817Short Term Food Rationing
September 3816September 3816Ratification of the Caliphate - Zardugal Treaty of Peace and Cooperation
August 3817December 3818Annual Federal Budget (3818-3825)
September 3817February 3818Resolution to Restore the Federal Capital
September 3817February 3818Arms Export Deregulation Act
September 3817February 3818Monetary Policy and Currency Stability Act
September 3817February 3818Religious Extremism Prevention Act
October 3817October 3817Call for early elections, October 3817
January 3818February 3818Ratification of the Seleya and Artania Treaty Organisation
January 3818February 3818Proposal For The Continuation of Executive Power In The Event of a Nuclear Strike
June 3818June 3818Call for early elections, June 3818
December 3818December 3818Cabinet Proposal of December 3818
February 3819February 3819Civilian Reconstruction Corps Act
August 3819August 3819National Federal Service Act
August 3819August 3819Congressional Rule of Law Act
August 3819August 3819Local Governance Act
August 3819August 3819Paramilitary Registration Act
August 3819August 3819Free Market Act
February 3821February 3821Forest Nationalization Act
December 3822December 3822Cabinet Proposal of December 3822
December 3822December 3822Collectivization of Industry Act
January 3823September 3823Union Rights Act
September 3823February 3827Market Elimination Act
March 3825February 3827Second Special Status Referendum for Kalvario(OOC: Important RP, check the forum)
January 3827January 3827Call for early elections, January 3827
November 3827November 3827RDNP Act
November 3827November 3827Budget proposal of November 3827
November 3827November 3827Income tax proposal of November 3827
July 3828July 3828RDNP 2.0 new edited
March 3832June 3832Secularization Act
December 3832December 3832Government Funding for Abortions
December 3832December 3832Changing the Retirement Age
October 3834October 3834Cabinet Proposal of October 3834
April 3840April 3840Income tax proposal of April 3840
April 3840April 3840RDNP Act 3841
January 3841January 3841RDNP ACT 3841
January 3841January 3841Budget proposal of January 3841
June 3841June 3841RDNP Act 3841
November 3842May 3843Act for the Furthering of Civil Rights within the Federation
November 3842May 3843Religious Freedoms Act
February 3843February 3843Devolution of Powers Act of 3843
February 3843February 3843Federal Labour Relations Act
February 3843February 3843Economic Liberalization and Stabalization Act of 3843
February 3843June 3843Judicial and Law Enforcement Reform Act
April 3843April 3843National Unity Cabinet Proposal
June 3843June 3843Inclusive Marriage Act
June 3843October 3843Tax Reform Act of 3843
June 3843April 3844Health Insurance Provision Act
July 3843July 3843Business Privitization Act
October 3843October 3843Budget proposal of October 3843
November 3843December 3843Civil Police Act
November 3843December 3843Resolutuon on the Election of Congressional Officers
December 3843April 3844Refugee Assistance Act
December 3843April 3844Judicial Investigations Act
December 3843October 3844Space Exploration and Commericalization Act
December 3843December 3844Child Benefit Devolution Act
December 3843January 3845Resolution on the Confirmation of Officials for Other Offices
January 3845July 3845Religious Liberty Protection and Extremist Prevention Act
January 3845July 3845Alcohol and Tobacco Devolution Act
July 3845August 3858Congressional Committees Reorganization Act
April 3846July 3847Bill for the Furthering of Zardic Workers
June 3847June 3847Emergency Motion for Early Elections
June 3847November 3852Bill for the Advancment of the Rights of Zardic Workers
July 3847July 3847Second National Unity Cabinet
December 3848December 3851Bill for Marital Equality
December 3848December 3851Bill for the Development of Choice
December 3848November 3852Bill for the Development of Free Speach
December 3848May 3853Act for Mild Internet Privitization
December 3848June 3855Bill for General Afforadability within the Wider Healthcare System
December 3848June 3855Bill for Educational Reform
January 3850August 3858Marriage Devolution Act
January 3853January 3853ZNLP-PKPD Coalition Government Cabinet
December 3854December 3854Call for early elections, December 3854
April 3855May 3855Energy Nationalization Act
May 3855May 3855President Otagan's Second Cabinet
June 3855January 3856Bill for the Aid of Impoverished Persons
April 3856July 3856Public Ownership Expansions Act
April 3856September 3858Ecological Liberalization Act
December 3857August 3858Media Act
December 3857August 3858Executions Act
December 3857August 3858Paramilitary Authorization and Regulatory Act
December 3857August 3858National Service Act
December 3857August 3858Housing and Transit Policy Devolution Act
June 3858June 3858Call for early elections, June 3858
August 3858May 3860Education Act
October 3859January 3860Call for early elections, October 3859
May 3860May 3860Cabinet Proposal of May 3860
January 3861January 3861Economic Liberalization Act
January 3861January 3861Abortion Regulation Act
January 3861January 3861Healthcare Devolution Act
January 3861January 3861Federal Budget (3861-3866)
July 3863July 3863Declaration of a State of Limited National Emergency
July 3863February 3864Tax Reform Act
February 3864June 3864Romani II (Resolution to Support the Federal Republic of Ibutho)
July 3865July 3865Recycle Facilities Devolution Act
July 3865July 3865Congressional Pay Act
July 3865July 3865Public Retirement Age Act
July 3865July 3865Treaty Review Act
July 3865July 3865Whale Quota Act
August 3865January 3866Bill for the Advancement of Press and Speach within the Zardic Nation
August 3865January 3866The Welfare Expansion Act
August 3865January 3866Bill for the Positive Development of Zardic Marriage
June 3867June 3867Child Labour Act
June 3867June 3867Federal Budget (3867-3872) (Ibutho Assistance, Growth and Economic Opportunity Act)
June 3867June 3867Prostitution Devolution Act
May 3868May 3868FRA - Farm Reform Act
May 3868May 3868NHAS- National History & Art Society Act
May 3868November 3868Motion for Proper Reform within the Zardic Healthcare System
May 3868November 3868Act for the Promotion of Student and Citizen Based Education
May 3868November 3868Act for the Further Development of Choice
January 3869July 3869Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
July 3869November 3869Motion for the Expansion of Zardic Infrastructure
July 3869November 3869Bill for the Furthering of Judicial Protection
July 3869November 3869Bill for the Promotion of Worker's Rights
September 3869September 3870Armed Forces Liberalization Act, 3869
January 3870January 3870Call for early elections, January 3870
January 3870August 3870National Education Reform Act
January 3870November 3870Life Protection Act
January 3870November 3870Infrastructure Privatization and Devolution Act
January 3870July 3871National Health Policy Act
July 3870August 3870Farm Policy Devolution Deregulation Act
August 3870August 3870Government of National Unity
August 3870November 3870Media Integrity and Honesty Act
December 3870December 3870Appointment of Junior Ministers for the Government
July 3871December 3871Federal Budget (3872-3877)
August 3871December 3882Ratification of the International Terran Bank
August 3873August 3873Call for early elections, August 3873
March 3875March 3875Cabinet Proposal of March 3875
August 3876June 3884Ratification of the International Recognition and Acceptance of the Martin Divergence
January 3877December 3882Zardic Armed Forces Moderinization and Reorganization Act (OOC: ZAF OOB/Military Overview)
July 3879July 3879Internet Privatization Act
July 3879July 3879Congressional Liability Act
July 3879July 3879Legal Defense Act
July 3879July 3879Flag Act
July 3879July 3879Workers Act
July 3879July 3879State Owned Enterprises Privatization Act
July 3879July 3879Federal Budget (3880-3885)
July 3879July 3879Media Act
July 3879July 3879Marriage Devolution Act
July 3879July 3879Research Act
November 3879April 3880Tiebreaker Act
December 3879December 3882Narikaton and Darnussia Relations, Trade and Opportunity Act
July 3881December 3882Ratification of the Zardic-Aldurian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security
December 3882July 3883Bill for the Promotion of Zardic Workers
March 3883March 3883Cabinet Proposal of March 3883
June 3883June 3883Retirement Age Change
June 3883June 3883The De-Regulation of Alcoholic Products
July 3883November 3883Act for the Development of Individualized Education
July 3883November 3883Bill for the Promotion of Informed and Responsible Choice
August 3883August 3883Industry Act
August 3883September 3883The Anti-Lobby Act
September 3883September 3883The Free Contraceptives Act
December 3883December 3883Deregulation of Adoption
December 3883December 3883The Mayor Election Official Mandate Act
February 3884June 3884Eighth Amendment to the Constitution
March 3884May 3884Motion for the Development of Zardic Infrastructure
March 3884May 3884Bill for the Proper Inclusion of all Persons
March 3884May 3884Bill for the Development of Choice within the Zardic Nation
March 3884May 3884Act for the Expansion of Marital Rights
June 3884June 3884Smoking Bill
October 3884October 3884The Abortion Act
November 3884November 3884The Tabacco Sale Act
November 3884November 3884The Sport Club Bill
November 3884November 3884The Firework Act
December 3884December 3884The Secondary Strike Act
February 3885March 3885The School Funding Act
March 3885March 3885Agricultural Subsidies Act
March 3885March 3885The Library Act
December 3885December 3885Privatization Act
December 3885December 3885Immigration Control Act
December 3885December 3885Cabinet Proposal of December 3885
December 3885October 3886Union and Labour Action Regulatory Act
January 3886February 3886Family Values Act, 3886
January 3886February 3886Medical Ethics Act, 3886
March 3886March 3886The Gambling Act
February 3887February 3887The Land Mine Act
September 3887September 3887Early Term Abortions
September 3887September 3887The Abortion Act
November 3887November 3887The Euthanasia Act
November 3887November 3887The IVF Bill
December 3887December 3887The Pornography Act
May 3888May 3888The Anti Arms Trade Act
May 3888May 3888The Recreational Drug Act
June 3888June 3888The Duel Act
June 3888June 3888The State Industry Act
June 3888June 3888The AD Act
June 3888June 3888The Land Mine Act
October 3888October 3888The Food Act
November 3888November 3888The Mandatory Military Act
November 3888November 3888Cabinet Proposal of November 3888
March 3889March 3889Income tax proposal of March 3889
April 3889April 3889The Incestuous Acts Bill
April 3889April 3889Retirement Age Act
February 3890March 3890Untitled
May 3890May 3890Animal Registration Act
November 3890November 3890The Devolution Acts II
December 3890December 3890Call for early elections, December 3890
March 3891September 3891The Progressive Acts of 3891
April 3892April 3892Call for early elections, April 3892
October 3895May 3896Environmental Protection Act
November 3895November 3895Call for early elections, November 3895
March 3896September 3896Government Recycling Bill
November 3896November 3896Agricultural Reform
June 3898June 3898Democratization of Industry
August 3898August 3898Cabinet Proposal of August 3898
October 3899June 3900Zardic Unio de Laboristoj kaj Kamparanoj(Zardic Union of Workers' and Farmers')
March 3901March 3901Education Act
December 3901December 3901Sure Substance Consent Bill
July 3902July 3902Fair Adoptions Act
May 3903November 3903Flat tax proposal of May 3903
May 3903November 3903Budget proposal of May 3903
June 3903June 3903Call for early elections, June 3903
November 3905November 3905People's Reforms.
February 3908February 3908Cabinet Proposal of February 3908
October 3915October 3915Call for early elections, October 3915
November 3916November 3916The Second Revolution!
May 3923May 3923Call for early elections, May 3923
May 3923May 3923Cabinet Proposal of May 3923
May 3923June 3923Great Reformation
June 3923June 3923Budget proposal of June 3923
June 3923June 3923Income tax proposal of June 3923
May 3924May 3924Great Reformation II
August 3924February 3925Administrative Reform of 3924
November 3936November 3936Government Reformation
May 3938May 3938Expanding the Legeslative Body
October 3938October 3938Timely Parliamentary Elections
October 3939October 3939Cabinet Proposal of October 3939
March 3940April 3940Free media
October 3940August 3941Call for early elections, October 3940
May 3941November 3941Nationalization
October 3942October 3942Arrest of Pa─ëjo Nikolao
April 3943April 3943Justice Reform Act
April 3943April 3943Agreeable Economic Policy
April 3943April 3943National Police Act
April 3943January 3948Zardic National Security Organization Reform Act
August 3944November 3946National Defense Act (OOC: Military OOB/Outline)
September 3944September 3944Education, Culture, Science, and Technology Modernization and Reform Act
September 3944September 3944Public Health and Food Act
June 3945November 3946Economic Policy Modernization Act
June 3945November 3946Housing Policy Act
June 3945January 3950Constitutional Restoration Act
July 3946November 3946Cabinet Proposal of July 3946
November 3946November 3946Drug Control Act
November 3946November 3946Tobacco Act
January 3948January 3948Power Stations Privatization Act
January 3948January 3948Agricultural and Fisheries Act
January 3948January 3948Fire Department Devolution Act
January 3948January 3948Civil Marriage and Social Policy Devolution Act
April 3949October 3949Police reform
November 3949November 3949Cabinet Proposal of November 3949
July 3950July 3950Budget proposal of July 3950
December 3950December 3950Transforming The Economy
July 3951July 3951Call for early elections, July 3951
December 3951December 3951Call for early elections, December 3951
December 3951January 3952Union Constitution of 3952
January 3952January 3952United Workers Front for Syndicalism
January 3952January 3952Popular Coalition For Syndicalism
January 3953January 3953Call for early elections, January 3953
March 3954May 3954Promotion of Industry Bill 3954
May 3954May 3954Incest Act of 3954
May 3954May 3954Adultery criminalisation act of 3954
May 3954May 3954Agribusiness protection act of 3954
July 3954July 3954Fire Services Liberation Act of 3954
July 3954July 3954Airport Liberation Act of 3954
May 3955May 3955Call for early elections, May 3955
January 3956January 3956Defence Industry Liberation Act of 3956
January 3956January 3956Naturalisation Act of 3956
January 3956January 3956Political Appointments Act of 3956
January 3956January 3956Public Service Remuneration Act of 3956
January 3956January 3956Political Financing Act of 3956
January 3956January 3956Liberation of Business Management Act of 3956
January 3956January 3956Abortion Financing Act of 3956
February 3956February 3956Freedom of Higher Education Act of 3956
July 3956July 3956Call for early elections, July 3956
December 3956December 3956Religious Ministers Act of 3956
January 3957February 3957Call for early elections, January 3957
February 3957November 3957Minimum Income Reform Act of 3957
February 3957November 3957Flag Act of 3957
February 3957November 3957Elimination of Identity Cards Act of 3957
February 3957November 3957Public Housing Reform Act of 3957
February 3957February 3958Motion for the Expansion of Civil Liberties
December 3958December 3958Trade Union Act of 3958
February 3959February 3959Usage of Chemical and Biological Weaponry
January 3960December 3961Minimum Income Reform (Restoration) Act
August 3960June 3961Freedom of Information Act 3960
September 3960May 3961Income tax proposal of September 3960
December 3960December 3960Call for early elections, December 3960
June 3961June 3961Highways Construction Act of 3961
June 3961June 3961Public Works Act of 3951
December 3961December 3961Criminalization of political duels
June 3962June 3962National Health Service Act
June 3962June 3962Education Reform Act
June 3962January 3978Partial Protection For Private Individuals From Snoopers Act (PPISA)
June 3962February 3979Public Campaigning Act
July 3962January 3963Motion for the Expansion and Reform of Zardic Infrastructure
September 3962September 3962Budget proposal of September 3962
February 3963February 3963Resolution to Call for a Constitutional Convention to Restore the Federation
February 3963February 3963National Emergency Service Act
December 3963December 3963Whaling Act of 3964
December 3963December 3963Private Health Care Act of 3964
December 3963December 3963Alcohol Sales Act of 3964
December 3963December 3963Religious Freedom Act of 3964
December 3963December 3963Prayer in Schools Act of 3964
December 3963December 3963Pension Reform Act of 3964
December 3963December 3963Polygamy Act of 3964
January 3965January 3965Federal Education Standards Act
January 3965January 3965Economic Devolution Act
January 3965January 3965Declaration of the Interim Government
January 3965January 3965Illegal Aliens Control Act
March 3965September 3965Cabinet Proposal of March 3965
September 3965November 3965Presidential System Proposition For Future Governance of Zardugal
February 3966February 3966Malpractice Reform Act
July 3966July 3966Call for early elections, July 3966
April 3968April 3968Call for early elections, April 3968
April 3969April 3969Rail Privatisation Act of 3969
October 3969October 3969Tobacco Advertising Act of 3969
June 3970June 3970Federal Death Penalty Act
July 3970July 3970Federal Labour Relations Act
July 3970July 3970Fire Department Devolution Act
June 3973August 3973National Public Houses Act
March 3974September 3974Reforms on Transportation
August 3974August 3974Alcoholic Beverages Devolution Act
August 3974February 4000Federal Constitution of 3975
July 3976August 3976Decentralization, Collectivization and Liberty!
February 3977February 3977Call for early elections, February 3977
June 3977December 3978Abolishment ,of Privet Health Care
December 3977December 3977Call for early elections, December 3977
January 3978February 3978Pension Reform
January 3978February 3978Economic Restructuring
June 3978June 3978Hutori-Zardic Agreement 3978
January 3979January 3979Domestic Security Act - Amended
January 3979January 3979Emergency Cabinet
February 3979February 3979Legal Restrictions on Capital Ownership Act (RRCOA) and Capital Reform Act (CRA)
February 3979February 3979Motion to form a Committee on the Status of the Augustan Language
September 3979September 3979Motion on a National Longform Census
September 3979September 3979Government Appointments 3979
September 3979March 3981Augustan Marriage Act, 3979
September 3979September 3983DEBATE: Committee on the Status of the Augustan Language
March 3980March 3980Nationalization of Corperations
July 3980July 3980Government Resignations
November 3980December 3980Creation of Workers Councils in Nationalized Factories and Industries
February 3981February 3981Second Motion Regarding the Status of Governance In Zardugal
February 3981February 3981Cabinet Proposal of February 3981
February 3981February 3981Economic Reform Act
February 3981February 3981Government Functions and Constitutional Reform Authority Formation 3981
February 3981February 3981Presidential Executive Decree 95215: Security Departmental Reorganization
March 3981March 3981Authorising Police and Military Action Against NNKL-FRAL Radicals
June 3981June 3981Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
June 3982June 3982Referendum on the Coalition and on the Monarchy Proposal
June 3982July 3982Restoration Bill
July 3982July 3982Budget proposal of July 3982
July 3982July 3982Media Regulation Act
July 3982July 3982Economic Reform Act II
July 3982July 3982Cooperative Economy Act, 3982
July 3982August 3982Income tax proposal of July 3982
July 3982August 3982University Charter Motion, 3982
August 3982July 3983Zardic Language Charter (3982)
November 3982May 3983Empowerment of the IBI
February 3983February 3983First Imperial Cabinet
March 3983March 3983First Imperial Elections
June 3983June 3983Declaration of Military Neutrality
June 3983June 3983Food Standards and Licensing Act
June 3984July 3985Formation of the Committee of National Defense
January 3985January 3985Call for early elections, January 3985
February 3985February 3985Maniopolo Declaration
February 3985November 4000[REF] Zardic Language Charter
June 3985June 3985Declaration of the National Assembly
June 3985June 3985Parliamentary Confidence Act, 3985
June 3985June 3985OOC: Civil War RP?
June 3985June 3985II Declaration of Military Neutrality
June 3985July 3985Popular Sovereignty Act
September 3985December 3985Creation of the Zardic Army of National Defense
February 3986February 3986Cabinet Proposal of February 3986
August 3986September 3986Cooperative Economy Act, 3986
September 3986September 3986Budget proposal of September 3986
September 3986March 3987Re-establishment of the National Standing Army, 3986
March 3987March 3987Liberalization of Abortion Law, 3987
March 3987March 3987Harm Reduction Act, 3987
August 3987August 3987Recount of Last Election
February 3988February 3988Call for early elections, February 3988
December 3989December 3989Peace Conference
January 3991January 3991Accessible Post-Secondary Education Act, 3991
January 3991January 3991National Curriculum Act
January 3991January 3991Budget proposal of January 3991
January 3992January 3992Call for early elections, January 3992
January 3992July 3992Peaceful means bill
January 3993January 3993Education Reform Act
July 3995July 3995Call for early elections, July 3995
December 3995December 3995Call for early elections, December 3995
December 3995December 3995Cabinet Proposal of December 3995
December 3997July 3998Reform! Reform! Reform!
February 3998February 3998Revolution!
July 3998July 3998State Brewery Act
July 3998July 3998Government Reform Bill 3998
August 3998August 3998Cabinet Proposal of August 3998
October 3998October 3998Freedom Act
January 4000January 4000Expansion of the Functions of National Security Organisations
February 4000February 4000Law on the Partial Privatization of Defense Industries
February 4000February 4000Economic Liberalization Act
February 4000February 4000Federal Labour Relations and Trade Union Actions Act
February 4000February 4000Law on the Reforming of the General Public Administration
February 4000February 4000Cabinet Proposal of February 4000
February 4000August 4000Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Security Co-Operation Organization
February 4000August 4000Ratification of the Embassies of Hobrazia
February 4000August 4000Ratification of the Worldwide Treaty of Friendship with Aloria
February 4000August 4000Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Union
February 4000August 4000Ratification of the Majatran Sea Treaty Organization (MSTO)
February 4000August 4000Ratification of the Anti-Communist Initiative
May 4000August 4000Government of National Unity for the Restoration of Constitutional Order
August 4000August 4000Federal Budget (4000-4005)
August 4000August 4000Ratification of the Luthori Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
August 4000August 4000Federal Revenue Act
September 4000September 4000Law on Nuclear Weapons
September 4000September 4000Federal Education Policy Act
October 4000October 4000Declaration of Zardic Neutrality
October 4000January 4001Ratification of the Inter-Parlimentary Union
October 4000January 4001Public Utilities and Infrastructure Privatization, Deregulation, and Devolution Act
October 4000October 4004Governmental Reorganization Act
October 4000February 4038OOC: Cultural Protocols for Zardugal (BEING REVISED)
October 4000July 4147OOC: Military OOB/Outline (ARCHIVE)
January 4001January 4001Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
July 4002July 4002Police Powers and Public Punishment Act
July 4002July 4002Internet Privatization Act
July 4002July 4002Media and Communications Act
August 4002August 4002Law on Religious Affairs
August 4002August 4002OOC: Naming Guide for Zardugal
August 4002August 4002Fishing Quotas Devolution Act
August 4002August 4002Declaration of a State of Limited National Emergency and General Prepardedness (Defense Supplimental Appropriations Bill)
April 4004October 4004Government of National Unity
June 4004June 4004Agriculture Reform Act
October 4004October 4004Drug Abuse Prevention Act
October 4004October 4004Privacy Act
October 4004February 4005Federal Civil Marriage Act
March 4007March 4007Reproductive Act
April 4007January 4008Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
January 4008January 4008Civil Service Integrity Act
January 4008January 4008Reformist Coalition
January 4008February 4009Social Democratic Reform
June 4010August 4011Abortion Control Act
June 4010August 4011Federal Enviornmental and Public Sanitation Act
June 4010August 4011Prostitution Devolution Act
June 4010August 4011Federal Labour Relations Act
June 4010August 4011Economic and Banking Deregulation Act
July 4010July 4010Resignation of the government and motion for new elections
July 4010January 4011National Agenda for the advancement of Augustans
June 4011June 4011Response to the Cloning of Human Beings
August 4011August 4011Noble Titles Abolition Act
August 4011August 4011Gated Communities Act
August 4011August 4011Capital Punishments Act
August 4011August 4011Retirement Age Increase Act
August 4011August 4011ZFP Majority Govt
February 4012February 4012Age of Adulthood
August 4013May 4014New Deal
February 4014February 4014Call for early elections, February 4014
May 4014May 4014National mandate
May 4014May 4014Reform Act 4014
May 4014May 4014Party Reform
July 4014July 4014Cabinet Proposal of July 4014
July 4014July 4014Zardugal Reform
July 4014July 4014Criminal Reform
December 4014December 4014Youth Reform
January 4016January 4016Defence of Religion Act
June 4018June 4018Cabinet Proposal of June 4018
September 4018September 4018Anti-Discrimination Act
September 4018September 4018Federal Labour Relations Act
May 4019June 4019Legitimate Cabinet/temporaty Coalition of National Unity
September 4019September 4019Secular Governance Act
September 4019September 4019Police Powers and Criminal Justice Reform Act
August 4020August 4020Further Secularization.
August 4020November 4020Infrastructure Reform
January 4021January 4021Sanctity of Life Act
October 4021February 4033Airport Devolution Act
February 4023February 4023Call for early elections, February 4023
November 4023December 4023Reform Act
December 4024December 4024Call for early elections, December 4024
December 4024February 4025Semi-Nationalisation of Airports
July 4025June 4026Education plan for the great nation
June 4026June 4026Cabinet Proposal of June 4026
November 4026November 4026First act towards Freedom and Socialism
November 4027November 4027Ratification of the International Treaty on the Rights of Workers
March 4029September 4029Income tax proposal of March 4029
July 4029July 4029Budget proposal of July 4029
July 4029July 4029Cabinet Proposal of July 4029
July 4029July 4029General Reform Act
July 4029July 4029First National Security Act
July 4029July 4029Nobility Act
July 4029July 4029Party Politics Act
June 4030June 4030Income tax proposal of June 4030
June 4030June 4030Ratification of the International Terran Bank
June 4030June 4030Budget proposal of June 4030
July 4030July 4030Pollution Control Act
August 4030August 4030Removal of Taxes on Essential Goods
August 4030August 4030Ratification of the International recognition of the int. state of Tel Bidzhan
February 4032February 4032Budget proposal of February 4032
February 4032February 4032Income tax proposal of February 4032
July 4032July 4032Income tax proposal of July 4032
July 4032July 4032Budget proposal of July 4032
July 4033July 4033Cabinet Proposal of July 4033
August 4035August 4035Federal Education Policy Act
April 4036April 4036Abortion Regulatory Act
June 4036February 4037Agricultural Adjustment Act
July 4037July 4037Cabinet Proposal of July 4037
February 4038February 4038Defence of the Republic
February 4038July 4039Gambling Devolution Act
May 4038May 4038Cabinet Proposal of May 4038
July 4039July 4039Classified Records Act
July 4039July 4039Federal Social Policy Act
April 4043April 4043Call for early elections, April 4043
June 4043June 4043Hosian Government
October 4043October 4043Tokundian Independence
April 4048April 4048Ecological Deregulation Act
April 4050April 4050Economic Sovereignty Act
April 4050April 4050Cabinet Proposal of April 4050
October 4054June 4055Hosian People's Party Electoral Manifesto
June 4055June 4055Symbolism
June 4055June 4055Anti-Union Violence Act
April 4057April 4057President
December 4057December 4057Intervention in Cobura
June 4059June 4059Ratification of the Zardugal-Beiteynu mutual trade agreement
June 4059June 4059OOC: RP Accord Ratification
March 4062March 4062F.R.P. Fiscal Policy Agenda Bill 0001
March 4062March 4062F.R.P. Immigration Reform 0003
January 4063December 4064Manifesto of the National Confederation of Labour
July 4063July 4063Power and Energy Deregulation and Privatization Act
July 4063July 4063Passenger Rail Privatization Act
July 4063July 4063Government of National Unity
August 4063August 4063Open Borders Act
August 4063September 4063Federal Budget (4063-4068)
September 4063September 4063Federal Agricultural Policy Act
March 4064March 4064F.R.P. Agricultural Policy Brief
March 4064March 4064Policy Brief #0007: On Adultery
March 4064March 4064Freedom of the Media Act
March 4064March 4064F.R.P. Policy Proposal: Ending Forced Entry to Services
April 4065April 4065Workers' Rights
June 4067June 4067Left-Wing Government
April 4068April 4068Hosian Charity Act
March 4069March 4069Petition to End Religious Favoritism
June 4069June 4069Continuation of the Socialization of the Economy
July 4071July 4071Ending Secularist Persecution
March 4072March 4072Farm Subsidy Act of 4072
March 4072March 4072Protection of Zardic Businesses Act of 4072
December 4072December 4072Voter Rights
March 4073March 4073Repeal of Article 5 of the Ending Secularist Persecution Act of 4072
May 4073May 4073Ratification of the Treaty of Cezareo
March 4074March 4074Call for early elections, March 4074
September 4074January 4123Labor Republic
October 4074October 4074Cabinet Proposal of October 4074
February 4075June 4075Promotion of Morality Act of 4075
February 4075June 4075Removal of Abortion Funding Act of 4075
March 4075October 4075Legalization of Stock Exchanges Act of 4075
June 4075November 4075Ratification of the Treaty of the Imperial Throne of the Augustans
November 4075November 4075Stop Anti-Communism
February 4076June 4076Devolution of Recycling Act of 4076
February 4076June 4080Regulation of the Export of Arms Act of 4076
July 4078July 4078SNT Alternative Cabinet Proposal of July 4078
April 4079October 4083Coalition Compromise Proposal
July 4079June 4080Partial Legalization of Cloning Act of 4079
October 4082October 4082Education Reform Act of 4082
January 4084January 4084OOC: Reaffirmation of Cultural Protocols
February 4085February 4085Ratification of the 4086 FIFA World Cup-Badara
April 4085October 4085Zardugalo
April 4085October 4085Condemnation of Deltarian Terrorism
April 4085November 4085In Vitro Fertilization Legalization Act of 4085
February 4091February 4091Cabinet Proposal of February 4091
June 4091June 4091Reform Act
February 4092February 4092Call for early elections, February 4092
June 4092July 4093Constitutional Reforms
March 4094March 4094Call for early elections, March 4094
May 4094July 4094Declaration of Socialist Governance
January 4095January 4095Lowering the Retirement Age
January 4095January 4095Infrastructure and Communications Reform
June 4095June 4095First Economic Plan
April 4098April 4098Cabinet Proposal of April 4098
July 4098August 4099Right to Life Act, 4098
August 4098August 4098National Resolution for a Constituent Assembly and Early Elections
November 4100May 4101World Congress
May 4101October 4101Symbolisms of the state
November 4102November 4102Healthcare Reform
July 4104December 4105World Congress Seat C vote change
November 4104November 4104Call for early elections, November 4104
August 4105August 4105Call for early elections, August 4105
August 4106August 4106Social and military Reforms
August 4106August 4106Reforms to the economic structure of the Zardic Federation
July 4111July 4111Reforms
November 4112November 4112Cabinet Proposal of November 4112
December 4122December 4122Ratification of the Diplomatic Relations of the Ahmadi Republic of Jelbania
January 4126January 4126Military reforms
June 4126June 4126Various Reforms
October 4133October 4133Cabinet Proposal of October 4133
November 4133November 4133Economic Liberation Act
November 4133November 4133New Liberty Tax Proposal of November 4133
December 4133December 4133Federal Defence Act
May 4134May 4134Security Council Endorsements Bill
July 4134July 4134Federal Financial Reserve Act
July 4134July 4134Budget proposal of July 4134
November 4134November 4134Labour Relations Equalization Act
May 4135May 4135Paramilitary Regulation Act
May 4136February 4139Federal Service Act
December 4137May 4143Federal Army Order of Battle
November 4138November 4138Campaign Finance Reform
May 4139May 4139Education Reform Act
July 4139July 4139World Congress Security Endorsements
May 4141May 4141Call for early elections, May 4141
June 4141June 4141Cabinet Proposal of June 4141
December 4142December 4142Naval Purchase Order - Project 4150
April 4143May 4143Diplomatic Relations and Immunity Act
May 4143May 4143Healthcare Deregulation Act
June 4143April 4144Economic Liberalization Act
April 4144April 4144Budget proposal of April 4144
May 4144May 4144Zardic Government Administrative Reforms
June 4145June 4145Cabinet Proposal of June 4145
November 4146February 4185OOC/RP: Zardic Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs List of Diplomatic Relations (Updated 4149)
January 4147January 4147ZNLP Economic Omnibus
January 4147January 4147Zardugal for Seat B
June 4147June 4147Foreign Affairs Realignment
July 4147July 4147Resolution to Call a Constitutional Convention
July 4147July 4147Media Act
July 4147July 4147National Economic Policy Act
July 4147December 4182Legislative Committees and Officers Act
October 4147October 4147Ratification of the Kalistan-Terra Treaty of General Friendship
November 4147November 4147Naming of the 4150 class Aircraft Carrier
February 4148February 4148Federal Death Penalty Act
February 4148February 4148Nuclear Forces Act
February 4148February 4148Police Powers Act
June 4148June 4148Computer Policy Act
June 4149June 4149Cabinet Proposal of June 4149
April 4150April 4150Federal Education Policy Act
December 4153December 4153Call for early elections, December 4153
February 4154February 4154Cabinet Proposal of February 4154
July 4158July 4158Call for early elections, July 4158
May 4160September 4166Chemical and Biological weapons in Warfare
January 4161December 4166Libertarian Health Reform Act
January 4161December 4166National Service
December 4161December 4166National Anthem in Schools
December 4161December 4166Illegal Aliens
May 4162December 4166Private Space Exploration
May 4162December 4166Patent technology
December 4165December 416512/4165 Amount of Seats in Nacia Asembleo de Zardugal Adjustment
April 4166November 416604/4166 Tax on Luxury- & Essential Goods an Tax on Businesses Profits Adjustment
November 4166November 416611/4166 Administrative Reformation Act
November 4166November 416611/4166 Head of State/Head of Government's Title Adjustment Act
November 4166November 416611/4166 Salary of Politicians Reformation Act
November 4166November 416611/4166 Repeal of the Head of the Government Act
November 4166November 4166Income tax proposal of November 4166
November 4166November 416611/4166 Welfare and Benefit Laws in Zardugal Changement Retry
November 4166November 4166Cabinet Proposal of November 4166
December 4166December 416612/4166 National Motto Adjustment Act
December 4166December 416612/4166 Second National Flag Change of the Federacio de Zardugalo
April 4167April 416704/4167 The Taxation of Religious Institutions Abolishment Act
April 4167April 416704/4167 (The Correct) Cultural Reformation of Zardugal Act
October 4167October 4167Ratification of the International Basketball League (IBL)
October 4167October 416710/4167 The Security Council Seats Adjustment Act
October 4167October 416710/4167 The Tanasido Treaty Withdrawls Act Part 1.3
October 4167October 416710/4167 The Tanasido Treaty Withdrawls Act Part 1.2
October 4167October 416710/4167 The Tanasido Treaty Withdrawls Act Part 1.1
October 4167October 416710/4167 The Tanasido Treaty Withdrawls Act Part 1.0
November 4167November 4167Ratification of the Lake Majatra Trade Organisation
November 4167November 416711/4167 National Anthem of the Federacio de Zardugalo Adjustment
December 4167December 4167Ratification of the International Film Societies Organisation (IFSO)
July 4168July 4168Ratification of the The Open Borders Treaty (OBT) ft. Zardugal - Kobura
June 4169October 4170Ecological Bill 06/4169
April 4170November 4170Ratification of the Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
October 4170October 4170Cabinet Proposal of October 4170
December 4170December 4170Budget proposal of December 4170
December 4170December 4170Income tax proposal of December 4170
December 4170June 417112/4170 Official Cities Renaming Act
March 4171March 4171Ratification of the Joining Rilmos (Jelbania) to the Federacio de Zardugalo (01/4171)
March 4171June 4171Economic Reforms 03/4171
May 4171May 4171National, Cultural and Historic sites and Monuments and Museums 05/4171
July 4171July 417107/4171 Length of a Legislative and Executive Term Adjustment Act Retry (Version 2)
January 4172May 417201/4172 Final Cities Renaming Adjustment Act (Official)
March 4172June 417403/4172 Official Capital City of the Federacio de Zardugalo Adjustment
April 4172April 4172Call for early elections, April 4172
April 4172May 417204/4172 Withdrawal from Incorrect Treaty Act
April 4172May 4172Ratification of the International Terran Bank: Request for Currency Evaluation
April 4172July 4172Agriculture Act 04/4172
April 4172July 4172Military Bill 04/4172
July 4172January 4173Income tax proposal of July 4172
November 4172November 4172Ratification of the The International Majatran Trade Agreement (IMTA)
November 4172November 417211/4172 Withdrawl From Annexing Rilmos Treaty
January 4173January 4173Welfare Bill 01/4173
June 4173June 417307/4173 The Home Stretch: Official Renaming Act of Kostandian Bay to Kostandia
December 4173January 4174Libertarian Civil Liberties Act 12/4173
June 4174June 4174Religion in Zardugalo 06/4174
June 4174June 4174Aid & Refugees 06/4174
June 4174June 4174Ratification of the The Zardo-Coburan Open Border Treaty
June 4174August 4174Capitalist Infrastructure Legislation 06/4174
September 4174September 4174Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
April 4175May 417504/4175 Capital City Adjustment Act
April 4175July 4175Sales Tax 04/4175
May 4175May 4175Cabinet Proposal of May 4175
July 4175December 4175Economic Reforms
June 4176October 4176National Healthcare Service Creation Act
October 4176November 4176Ecological Defense Act
July 4177July 4177Overturning the previous health care bill 07/4177
October 4178October 4178Seperating the Officials of HoS and HoG Retry
November 4178November 417811/4178 Civil Rights Adjustment Act
April 4179April 4179Preschool education retry 04/4179
May 4179December 4179Striking 05/4179
May 4179December 4179Ecology Amendments retry 05/4179
June 4179June 4179Cabinet Proposal of June 4179
December 4179December 417912/4179 Rollback of Several Healthcare and Social Services Adjustments
December 4179December 4179Ecology 12/4179
December 4179December 4179Forestry 12/4179
December 4179December 4179Ratification of the Anti Slavery Treaty
December 4179December 4179Phone Rates 12/4179
December 4179December 4179Ratification of the Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)
December 4179December 4179Energy Provision 12/4179
December 4179December 417912/4179 Welfare Benefits Act
September 4180September 4180Budget proposal of September 4180
November 4180December 4181Highways Bill 11/4180
May 4181December 418105/4181 Head of Government Name Change
September 4181September 4181Call for early elections, September 4181
November 4181December 418111/4181 Reinforcing Our Military Units Act
December 4181December 4181Cabinet Proposal of December 4181
July 4182July 4182Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
November 4182April 4184Cultural Protocols for Zardugal Adjustment Act, November 4182
February 4183February 4183Explicit Material 02/4183
April 4184April 418404/4184 Health And Social Services and Economics Revolution Act (HASSERA) Part 2
April 4184April 418404/4184 Health And Social Services and Economics Revolution Act (HASSERA) Part 1
April 4184April 418404/4184 Daily Work Hours Adjustment Act
January 4185January 4185Cabinet Proposal of January 4185
January 4185January 4185Initiative for the Encouragement of Democratic Enterprise
March 4185March 4185Healthcare Amendments 03/4185
May 4185May 4185Ratification of the Official Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Zardugal Treaty
December 4185December 4185Call for early elections, December 4185
January 4186June 4186Reforms on Housing and Infrastructure
February 4187February 4187Call for early elections, February 4187
May 4187May 4187Cabinet Proposal of May 4187
February 4188February 4188Ratification of the Sanctuary Nations
January 4189January 4189KNL Education Reform Bill
June 4189June 4189Ratification of the Ratification of the Official Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in verona Treaty
October 4189May 4190Nobility Act 10/4189
May 4190May 4190Cabinet Proposal of May 4190
November 4190June 4191Provonomics 11/4190
December 4190December 4190Income tax proposal of December 4190
April 4192April 4192Budget proposal of April 4192
April 4192June 4193Administrative Adjustments 04/4192
March 4194March 4194Call for early elections, March 4194
April 4194April 4194Minor School Changes 04/4194
June 4194June 4194Cabinet Proposal of June 4194
March 4196March 4196International Aid 03/4196
March 4196May 4196Foreign Affairs Adjustments 03/4196
April 4197April 4197Administrative Adjustments Retry 04/4197
April 4197April 4197Ratification of the International Free Trade Accord
April 4197May 4197Preschool education retry 04/4197
October 4197April 4198Civil Liberties Amendments 10/4197
April 4198April 4198Cabinet Proposal of April 4198
November 4198November 4198Security Council Seats 11/4198
January 4200January 4200Income tax proposal of January 4200
January 4200January 4200Sanctuary nation Treaty withdrawal
January 4200January 4200Administrative adjustments 01/4200
January 4200January 4200Provonomics extension 01/4200
January 4200December 4200Budget proposal of January 4200
December 4200December 4200Seat C
June 4201June 4201Ratification of the International Post-War AfterCare Organisation IPWACO
June 4202October 4298OOC/RP: Military Information of the Zardic Armed Forces (Renewed)
November 4202November 4202Ratification of the International Entertainment Rating Organization (IERO)
November 4202November 4202Ratification of the Official Covenant of the Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Lourenne
July 4204July 4204Ratification of the Free Market Union 06/4204
July 4206July 4206Cabinet Proposal of July 4206
May 4208May 4208Ratification of the Dorvish Trade Association and Economic Pact
June 4208November 4209Budget Proposal: Economic Crisis Financial Reform (Phase: 01) - The ─Ąristoforido/Saranteno Plan
June 4209November 4209Free-ports and Trade Laissez-Faire Act.
June 4209November 4209Critical Industrial Investment Programme
June 4209November 4209Administrative Reform.
September 4209November 4209Conservative Federalist Agenda.
November 4209November 4209Cabinet Proposal of November 4209
November 4209November 4209Budget proposal of November 4209
November 4210November 4210Manifesto of the Republican National Front (#1)
September 4211September 4211Conservative Federal Agenda
June 4212June 4212Budget proposal of June 4212
June 4212June 4212Income tax proposal of June 4212
July 4212January 4213[RP Law]: Surveillance and Information Collection Act
September 4212October 4212Conservative Federalist Agenda 3.
November 4213November 4213Cabinet Proposal of November 4213
April 4214October 4215Libertarian Manifesto
May 4214February 4216Incest Bill
October 4215October 4215Budget proposal of October 4215
October 4215October 4215Income tax proposal of October 4215
June 4216June 4216Monopolies 06/4216
June 4217November 4217Ratification of the Dolgavian Trade Association and Economic Pact
June 4217November 4217Ratification of the Dolgavian Diplomatic Affairs Protocol
November 4217November 4217Ratification of the Alliance and Common Economic Area of Istalia and Zardugal
November 4217November 4217Public transportation incentive 11/4217
December 4217December 4217Budget proposal of December 4217
December 4217December 4217RP Anti-Corruption Act (Nacia Konservativa Partio)
June 4218June 4218Call for early elections, June 4218
September 4218November 4218Ratification of the Kazulian-Zardic Free Trade Agreement
September 4220September 4220Budget proposal of September 4220
September 4220December 4220The Usage of Weapons of Mass Destruction 09/4220
December 4220October 4298OOC/RP: Information on the Zardic Army
December 4220January 4426OOC/RP: Information on the Zardic Armed Forces
January 4222March 4231[RP Law] Banks
May 4222December 4222Ratification of the Treaty of the Organization of Collective Security and Cooperation.
May 4222December 4222Ratification of the Majatran Alliance and Common Economic Area
May 4222December 4222Ratification of the Brahms Accords
June 4222June 4223[RP LAW] Zardic Ports Expansion
May 4223May 4223Firefighting 05/4223
June 4223June 4223Cabinet Proposal of June 4223
August 4225August 4225Mines 08/4225
January 4226January 4226Income tax proposal of January 4226
November 4229March 4231Ratification of the Gaduridos Means Business Treaty II
November 4229March 4231Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
March 4231March 4231People's Bill 03/4231
March 4231March 4231Cabinet Proposal of March 4231
March 4234October 4252Ratification of the Solentia-Zardugal Bilateral Trade Agreement
November 4237November 4237Imperia Augustan Frakcio Introduction Bill of November 4237
January 4239January 4239Cabinet Proposal of January 4239
May 4247May 4247Reformoj 9
May 4247May 4247Reformoj 8
May 4247May 4247Cabinet Proposal of May 4247
May 4247May 4247Reformoj 7
September 4247September 4247Foreign and Religious Reform Bill 4247
September 4247September 4247Reformoj 10
September 4247September 4247RP - Ambassadorial Appointment to World Congress
May 4248May 4248Income tax proposal of May 4248
May 4248May 4248Reformoj 11
May 4248May 4248Restarigo de la Monarcy
September 4248September 4248Reformoj 12
March 4249March 4249Reformoj 13
March 4249March 4249Monarcy
October 4249October 4249Reformoj 14
October 4249October 4249Withdrawing From The Treaty of the Imperial Throne of the Augustans
October 4250October 4250Dual Economy Bill 4250
December 4250December 4250Reformoj 15
March 4252March 4252Cabinet Proposal of March 4252
March 4252April 4252Restoration of the Republic and Renaming the Nation Act
April 4252April 4252RP - Ambassador to the World Congress
April 4252April 4252Introduction of Corporation Tax Bill - 4252
April 4252April 4252Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
April 4252April 4252Treaty Withdrawal Bill 4252
August 4252August 4252Income tax proposal of August 4252
October 4252October 4252Socialisto Reformoj
February 4253February 4253Budget proposal of February 4253
February 4253February 4253Environmental Reform Bill 4253
February 4253February 4253Foreign Policy Reform - 4253
April 4253April 4253RP - Constitutional Amendment: Defining the Role and Responsibilities of the Head of State
April 4253April 4253Promoting Equality Act
September 4253September 4253Reshaping the Economy Act - 4253
September 4253September 4253Ratification of the Agreement of Friendship, Co-operation and Non-Aggression between Zardugal and the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation
October 4253October 4253Health and Safety Reform
February 4254February 4254Ratification of the Treaty To Recognise and Promote Republicanism and the Sovereign Rights of the Individual
February 4254February 4254Assembly Reform Act - 4254
March 4254March 4254Secular Zardugal Act - 4254
March 4254March 4254Animal Protection and Forestry Act - 4254
April 4254April 4254Treaty Withdrawals - 4254
September 4254September 4254Presidential and Legislative Elections Timetable
February 4255March 4255RP - Constitutional Amendment: Zardic Public Safety Act
March 4255April 4255Citizenship Charter 4255
April 4255April 4255Foreign Aid Review - 4255
April 4256April 4256Call for early elections, April 4256
October 4256October 4256Reformoj 16
April 4257April 4257Cabinet Proposal of April 4257
September 4257October 4257Reformoj 17
April 4260April 4260Call for early elections, April 4260
May 4260May 4260Country Name change
May 4260May 4260Cabinet Proposal of May 4260
November 4261November 4261Reform bill
November 4261November 4261Official Recognition
May 4262April 4263General reform
September 4262April 4263Ratification of the Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on Kalopia
December 4262December 4262Call for early elections, December 4262
April 4263April 4263Ratification of the Malivia-Zardugal Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Assistance
November 4263November 4263Cabinet Proposal of November 4263
February 4264February 4264Call for early elections, February 4264
November 4264November 4264Cabinet Proposal of November 4264
October 4265October 4265Ratification of the New Endralon/Kizenia-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression
October 4265October 4265SC bill
August 4266August 4266Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
May 4267May 4267Call for early elections, May 4267
October 4267October 4267Ratification of the Majatran Championship Cup (MCC)
May 4268May 4268Environmental act
February 4271February 4271Cabinet Proposal of February 4271
September 4273September 4273Cabinet Proposal of September 4273
December 4275December 4275Police Reform Bill
March 4276March 4276Inclusive bill
May 4276May 4276The Republican Covenant (RP)
June 4279June 4279Cabinet Proposal of June 4279
November 4285November 4285Blokado Manifesto
December 4285December 4285International Inclusion Act of 4285
April 4286June 4286New Military Reform Act of 4286
June 4286June 4286Democratic Cabinet Proposal of June 4286
September 4286September 428609/4286 - FV Morala Restarigo
November 4286June 4287Environmental Reform Act of 4286
December 4286December 4286Call for early elections, December 4286
November 4287November 428711/4287 - Legislative Term Change II
December 4287December 4287Libertarian Adoption Act of 4287
December 4287December 4287International Relation Act of 4287
October 4288October 4288Religious Regulation Act of 4288
December 4288December 4288Trade union reform of 4288
September 4289September 4289Individual Freedom Act of 4289
September 4289September 4289Localization Act of 4289
May 4290May 4290Call for early elections, May 4290
October 4290October 4290Cabinet Proposal of October 4290
November 4290November 4290Tiebreaker Act
September 4291September 4291Alternate Flag Proposal of 4291
May 4292May 4292OOC: Flag Error Fix
May 4292May 4292OOC: Nationmaster nomination
September 4292September 4292First Local Prohibition Act of 4292
September 4294September 4294Cabinet Proposal of September 4294
November 4295November 4295RP: Legislature name fix
September 4296September 4296Economic Localization Act of 4296
June 4297June 4297Ending the Treaty of Cezareo 4297
July 4297July 4297Zardic Economic Isolation Act of 4297
March 4298January 4299Make Zardugal Great Again Act
December 4299December 4299Cabinet Proposal of December 4299
July 4300July 4300Economic Policy and Social Security Act
July 4300July 4300Federal Marijuana and Drug Control Act
January 4301January 4301Public Education Act
April 4301April 4301Population Act
April 4301April 4301Civil Rights Act
November 4302November 4302Civil Police Act
November 4302November 4302Social Equality Act
December 4303December 4303Civil Marriage Act
December 4303December 4303Anti-Segregation Act
December 4303December 4303Forestry Act
December 4303December 4303Public Decency Act
April 4306September 4306Renquisso Vaccination Act of 4306
June 4306September 4306Scientific Cloning Act of 4306
December 4306December 4306Open Innovation Act, 4306
March 4308March 4308Call for early elections, March 4308
July 4308December 4308Establishment of the Open Innovation Consortium Act, 4308
July 4308December 4308Cabinet Proposal of July 4308
May 4310May 4310Budget proposal of May 4310
May 4310May 4310Cabinet Proposal of May 4310
June 4310July 4310Renaski─Ło Convention (Reorganization of Apollo Libera, Janakio Vespera, and Petro Iskinder)
June 4310July 4311Stato Legislatures Act, 4310
July 4311June 4312RP: United Chariot League has been Founded
April 4312June 4312Ratification of the United Chariot League
March 4313March 4313Cabinet Proposal of March 4313
June 4313July 4313Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Act (PLA)
July 4313November 4313National Defence Policies Act, 4313
June 4315June 4315Motion for a New Constitutional Process, June 4315
June 4315June 4315Charter of State Secularism
June 4317October 4317Withdrawal from the Selucian and Zardugal Friendship Treaty
June 4317June 4318[RP] Reception of the Diplomatic Delegation from the United Kingdoms of Cobura
October 4317November 4317Anti-Discrimination Localization Act of 4317
April 4318April 4318Removal of Unnecessary Local Government Social Policy Regulation - 4318
June 4318June 4318Open Acceptance of Group Marriages Act, 4318
June 4318June 4318Competitive Elections Act, 4318
June 4318June 4318Sustainable Transportation Act, 4318
June 4318June 4318Access to Post-Secondary Education Act, 4318
March 4319March 4319Call for early elections, March 4319
June 4319October 4319Ratification of the Anti-Racism Treaty
September 4319October 4320Urgent Matter Regarding A Constitutional Breach - Presidential Election
October 4319October 4319Cabinet Proposal of October 4319
December 4319December 4319Sankta Partio: 4320 Primary Election
November 4320November 4320Act to Ban Capital Punishment, 4320
March 4321March 4321Luxury Goods Tax to Subsidise Vital Services For Low Income Families - 4321
March 4321March 4321Multiple Citizenship Act - 4321
March 4321December 4322Security Council Elections, 4321
September 4321February 4322Embryonic Stem Cell Research - 4321
November 4322November 4322Lasuilin-Fari Act of 4322
February 4324February 4324Co-operative Economy Act, 4324
April 4324April 4324Repeal and Reform of the Lasuilin-Fari Act - 4324
June 4324June 4324Assembly Act of 4324
September 4324September 4324Two-Party Coalition Cabinet of September 4324
November 4324April 4325Budget proposal of November 4324
March 4325February 4326RP - Diplomats to World Congress and Nations of Terra
March 4325August 4327Religious Clothing at Work Act - 4325
August 4327August 4327Legislation To Make Duelling Ilegal - 4237
February 4328February 4328Freedom from Clothes Act, 4328
April 4328October 4328Policy on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weaponry - 4238
August 4329August 4329Policy on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weaponry (Phase 2)
February 4330August 4330Centralised Health Care Policy
April 4330April 4330Reform of Parenting and Adoption Laws 4330
August 4330August 4330Media Reform Bill - 4330
September 4330September 4330The Right to Vote - 4330
September 4330September 4330Media Deregulation Act of 4330
September 4330September 4330Media Reform Bill Part 2 - 4330 (Nudity)
September 4330September 4330RP: Establishment of LIBRO
May 4331September 4331Sankta Partio: 4331 Primary Election
August 4331September 4331People's Cabinet Proposal of August 4331
June 4333June 4333OCC: Flag Fix
December 4333December 4333Kanda─Áa Act of 4333
March 4334August 4335Ratification of the Majatran Education Opportunity Pact
September 4335October 4335State Industries Act - 4335
October 4335February 4338OOC: Proposal For Updated Cultural Protocol
May 4340May 4340Call for early elections, May 4340
May 4340December 4340Renaski─Ło Convention (Restoration of Martio Delokante)
July 4340January 4341Military Reform Bill
July 4340January 4341Treaty Withdrawal
February 4341March 4341Cabinet Proposal of February 4341
September 4341March 4342Balanced Economy and Infrastructure Plan - 4341 (Debate Stage)
February 4342February 4342Religious Taxation Reform Bill - 4342
May 4342September 4342RP: Lady Geneza Fenikso to Marry Lord Alexander Von Thaller
September 4344January 4345Alternate National Sport Bill of 4345
December 4345December 4345Cabinet Proposal of December 4345
December 4348May 4349Sankta Partio: 4348 Primary Election
December 4352December 4352RP: 100th Republic Day
December 4352January 4353Cabinet Proposal of December 4352
March 4353March 4353Executive Military Act of 4353
October 4353October 4353Industrial Freedom Act of 4353
January 4357January 4357Progressive Reform
December 4357December 4357New Endralon For Seat D
December 4357December 4357RP: Seeking Foreign Alliances
December 4357December 4357Revolutionary Cabinet Proposal of December 4357
July 4358July 4358Noble Rights Act of 4358
June 4359July 4359RP: Coronation of Vilhelmo Fenikso-Thaller
October 4359April 4361RP: Orderism Spreads to Neighboring Nations
April 4362April 4362Defence De-Regulatuon Act
December 4364December 4364Business Freedom Act
December 4364December 4364Energy Act
December 4364December 4364Cabinet Proposal of December 4364
March 4365March 4365Anti-Trust Act
March 4365March 4365Repeal of the Executive Military Act
March 4366March 4366Re-Introduction of the Mozby Doctrine
March 4366March 4366Anti-Insurgent Activity Act
May 4366May 4366Renaski─Ło Convention (Declaration of Mateo Teodorido)
March 4367March 4367Environmental Reform Act of 4367
May 4367May 4367Military Service Act
December 4368December 4368Cabinet Proposal of December 4368
June 4369June 4369Law Concerning Cults and Religious Activity
June 4369June 4369Law Concerning Cults and Religious Activity
June 4369June 4369Budget proposal of June 4369
June 4369June 4369Military Affairs Act
September 4369September 4369Religious Taxation Act of 4370
June 4371June 4371Ezoko Xenakis Officially Dissolves the Holy Party
December 4371December 4371Election of 4372
May 4375May 4375Call for early elections, May 4375
November 4377November 4377Call for early elections, November 4377
November 4377November 4377Cabinet Proposal of November 4377
November 4377March 4378Declaration of the Zardic Confederation
June 4382June 4382Freedom of Religion Act of 4382
July 4383December 4383International Union of Defense & Protection Act
August 4386August 4386Treaties act
August 4386August 4386Economic planning act
November 4386November 4386Ecology act of 4386
June 4387June 4387Stock Exchange Modifications Act of 4387
March 4389March 4389RP: Nationalist Rallies Across Zardugal
February 4390February 4390Executive Military Restoration Act of 4390
March 4390March 4390Cabinet Proposal of March 4390
February 4391February 4391Intervention in Jelbania
October 4392October 4392Call for early elections, November 4392
October 4393October 4393Ukom BES (Banks, Ecology, Unlawfulness) Reform Act of 4393
August 4394August 4394Call for early elections, August 4394
September 4394October 4394Cabinet Proposal of September 4394
November 4397November 4397Security Council Elections
November 4398November 4398Cabinet Proposal of November 4398
February 4399April 4400Cobura Security Council Elections
February 4401February 4401Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
April 4401April 4401FP 0.0: Legislative Agenda - Economy
April 4401April 4401FP 0.0: Legislative Agenda - Health Care
April 4404August 4404The Resolution of 4404
March 4405March 4405Zardic Order of Defense & Military Action
March 4407April 4407Cabinet Proposal of March 4407
April 4407April 4407ZODMA Expansion
October 4407October 4407Cabinet Proposal of October 4407
August 4408August 4408Intervention in Jelbania
April 4409April 4409Liberty act, 4409
March 4414March 4414Call for early elections, March 4414
May 4414May 4414Cabinet Proposal of May 4414
August 4414August 4414Withdrawal of forces from Jelbania
September 4414September 4414Constitution of the People's Democratic Republic of Zardugal
August 4415August 4415RP: Reformation Coalition Begins Merge with Communist Party
October 4415October 4415Institutionalization of the Zardic Revolution
August 4416August 4416Call for early elections, August 4416
April 4417April 4417Overhauling act, 4417
November 4420November 4420Liberties act
September 4421September 4421Elections Act
August 4422August 4422Responsible Economics Act
August 4422August 4422Cabinet Proposal of August 4422
August 4422August 4422Trade Union Protection and Exchange Rate Act
November 4422November 4422Federal Law Enforcement Protection and Rights Act
November 4422November 4422Identification Card Act
November 4422November 4422Openness of the Zardic Economy Act
December 4422December 4422Income tax proposal of December 4422
December 4422December 4422Budget proposal of December 4422
December 4422December 4422Freedom of Information Act
August 4423August 4423Federal Defense Authorization Act
October 4424October 4424Omnibus Act
December 4424December 4424Zardic Citizenship Act
December 4424December 4424Campaign Finance Reform Act
December 4424December 4424Foreign Affairs Reset Act
June 4425November 4425Free Trade Act (4425)
October 4425October 4425Call for early elections, October 4425
November 4425November 4425RP: Constitutional Amendment N┬║2 - Titles of executive offices and the cabinet
November 4425November 4425OOC/RP: Authorization of involvement in the "Dovani War"
November 4425November 4425Cabinet Proposal of November 4425
November 4425November 4425Constitution of the Zardic Federation
November 4425November 4425Federal Flag Act
May 4426May 4426Classified Files Protection Act
May 4426May 4426RP: Protection Against Orderist and Extremist
July 4426July 4426Roll Call Vote on Freedom of Religion (4426)
August 4426August 4426Protection Against the Religious Extremism and Cults Act
December 4427December 4427Improving Childhood Education Act of 4427
October 4428October 4428RP: National Command Center Authorization Act
August 4429August 4429Call for early elections, August 4429
September 4431September 4431Cabinet Proposal of September 4431
September 4431September 4431Constitutional Amendment No. 3 - Terms of Office
September 4431September 4431Foreign Affairs Protocol Act
October 4431October 4431Protection of Health Act
October 4432October 4432Call for early elections, October 4432
October 4432January 4433Communist Reforms I
January 4433January 4433Victory of Socialism
January 4433January 4433Cabinet Proposal of January 4433
February 4433February 4433Communist Reforms II
July 4433July 4433Communist Reforms III
August 4433August 4433Flag Fixing
March 4434March 4434Communist Reforms IV
April 4434April 4434Income tax proposal of April 4434
July 4434July 4434Budget proposal of July 4434
July 4434July 4434Communist Reforms V
January 4435January 4435Communist Reforms VI
July 4435July 4435Communist Reforms VII
May 4436May 4436Religious Policy Act
May 4436May 4436Religious Advertising Act
May 4436May 4436Gender Reassignment Act
May 4436May 4436Citizen Registration Act
May 4436May 4436Freedom of Information Act
May 4436May 4436Public Dress Act
August 4436August 4436Endangered Animals Act
August 4436August 4436Agricultural Reform Act
August 4436August 4436Industrial Reform Act
August 4436August 4436Advertising Act
March 4439March 4439Augustine Triumvirate Established, March 4439
March 4440May 4440Adoption of the Augustine Constitution: May 12th, 4440
December 4441December 4441Economic Reform and Liberation Act of 4442
March 4442March 4442Rearmament and Conscription Act of 4442
August 4442April 4443International Relations, Under Emissary of Foreign Affairs
March 4444March 4444RP: Ksavero "August" Basiliakido Dies
April 4444April 4444Nationalization of Media Act of 4444
April 4444April 4444Cabinet Proposal of April 4444
November 4444November 4444Four Year Term Act of 4444
July 4447July 4447Anti-Communist Act of 4447
March 4449May 4449Lake Majatra Enforcement Act of 4449
May 4451April 4452Declaration of War on Cobura
May 4456May 4456Marko Zoranido's Proposition for Peace
April 4457April 4457Ratification of the Treaty of Fortreso 4456
August 4458August 4458Ratification of the Constitution of the Phoenix Augustan Empire
October 4459April 4460Ratification of the Consortium Alliance and National Economic Sphere
April 4460April 4460Cabinet Proposal of April 4460
October 4460October 4460Economic Overhaul Act of 4460
May 4461May 4461Falsehood Act of 4461
January 4462January 4462Valoro Adoption Act of 4462
October 4462October 4462Nationality & LIST Act of 4462
November 4464November 4464Istalian Embargo Act of 4464
September 4469September 4469Importance of Government Act of 4469
January 4470February 4470Imperial Major Tribonianido Proposes New Convention
January 4471January 4471FP: 0.4 Legislative Agenda - Justice
January 4471January 4471FP: 0.1 Legislative Agenda - Infrastructure
January 4471July 4471FP: 0.5 Legislative Agenda - Education
April 4471April 4471Balanced Economy Act of 4471
April 4472April 4472Cabinet Proposal of April 4472
April 4473April 4473FP: 1.1 "Local Money, Local Control - Local Scholars Initiative" - Higher Education Policy
April 4473April 4473FP: 1.0 "Foundation for Youth - Private Scholars Initiative" - Education Policy
April 4473April 4473Budget proposal of April 4473
October 4473February 4474FP: 1.4 Military Act
October 4473February 4474FP: 1.3 Inheritance Act
November 4473March 4479FP: Four-Year Plan (ARCHIVE)
July 4474July 4474FP: 1.5 "80.000 Komunumoj, 80.000 Connections: Connect the Municipalities Initiative"
July 4474August 4474FP: 1.6 "Back-to-the-Land: 1 Million New Farms Initiative"
August 4474September 4474FP: 1.6 "Small Is Beautiful Initiative"
October 4474October 4474RP: Augustan Emperor Lisandro Fenikso Dies; Drako Fenikso-Thaller To Become The Next Emperor
March 4477July 4477FP: 2.1 Church Tax Act
March 4477July 4477FP: 2.0 "Statement on Religion"
October 4479April 4481Media Privatization Act
October 4479April 4481Agricultural Freedom Bill
May 4480May 4480Call for early elections, May 4480
September 4484September 4484Cabinet Proposal of September 4484
October 4489October 4489RP: Captain Regado Bizanca v. Augustine Government
March 4491June 4491Longe vivas la vera Imperiestro - Bill I
March 4491August 4491Kronado de la vera Imperiestro - 4491
July 4492July 4492New Laws and Stuff
January 4494January 4494Call for early elections, January 4494
January 4494February 4494More laws
April 4495April 4495Cabinet Proposal of April 4495
September 4496September 4496Additional Reforms (includes RP Law)
August 4498August 4498Cabinet Proposal of August 4498
January 4499January 4499Ratification of the Treaty of the Augustan Empire (4499)
August 4501August 4501Security Council Nominations
August 4502August 4502Ratification of the Zardo-Coburan Economic Partnership Agreement (Z-CEPA)
February 4503February 4503OOC: Consent for Dovani-Axis War RP
February 4503February 4503Budget proposal of February 4503
February 4503February 4503Income tax proposal of February 4503
March 4507March 4507Ratification of the International Monarchist Axis
September 4509September 4509Operation Vengxanto (4510)
September 4509September 4509The Revolution of 4509
November 4511August 4512Establishment of the New Emperor
April 4513April 4513Coup of 4513
May 4513May 4513Cabinet Proposal of May 4513
April 4515April 4515Official Electoral Calendar 4515
September 4515February 4516Rearmament Acts of 4516
February 4523July 4523Changing Bills
March 4523July 4523Administrative Bills
July 4523July 4523Cabinet Proposal of July 4523
August 4523August 4523Changes about economy
August 4523August 4523Budget proposal of August 4523
August 4523August 4523Income tax proposal of August 4523
September 4524September 4524Bills
August 4525August 4525Budget proposal of August 4525
March 4526March 4526Income tax proposal of March 4526
March 4526March 4526Budget proposal of March 4526
March 4526March 4526Call for early elections, March 4526
March 4526June 4526Ecology and administrative bills
March 4526June 4526Small Taxes
April 4526June 4526Council
March 4527March 4527Budget proposal of March 4527
April 4533July 4536Religion Bill
May 4535November 4537Constitutional Reform Act
July 4536July 4536Military Bill
July 4536July 4536Reform Act
July 4536July 4536Cabinet Proposal of July 4536
July 4536February 4537Health Bill
July 4536February 4537Economy Bill
October 4536October 4536Infrastructure Development Act
October 4536October 4536Police Powers and Criminal Justice Reform Act
February 4537February 4537Civil Liberties Act
February 4537February 4537Agriculture and Ecology Bill
February 4537February 4537Ratification of the Declaration of Kanjor Neutrality
June 4538June 4538Cabinet Proposal of June 4538
November 4538November 4538Global Policy Act
November 4538December 4538Law on Reforming the Federal Executive
December 4538December 4538Federal Defense Act
December 4538December 4538Federal Revenue Act
December 4538December 4538Federal Budget
September 4539September 4539Federal Healthcare Policy Act
October 4539October 4539Platform of the KFM 4593
October 4539October 4539Collective Bargaining 4593
June 4540June 4540Federal Economy Act
November 4540November 4540Patriotic Resurgence Campaign
December 4540December 4540Ratification of the Zardic-Coburan Strategic Partnership
December 4540March 4541Ratification of the South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement
December 4540September 4541Resolution Concerning the Crisis Between Selucia and Malivia
September 4541September 4541Ratification of the Zardic-Keymon Strategic Partnership
November 4541November 4541Military Service Act
November 4541November 4541Federal Justice Reform Act
November 4541November 4541Health Policy Act
July 4545July 4545Call for early elections, July 4545
January 4546April 4546Economic Reform Bill
December 4546January 4547Military Reform
September 4549October 4549Ecological and Agricultural Reforms
June 4550June 4550Call for early elections, June 4550
August 4550December 4550Cabinet Proposal of August 4550
February 4551February 4551Further Economic Reform
February 4552February 4552Social Reforms
September 4554September 4554Infrastructure Reform
September 4554September 4554Economic Reform Package
September 4555September 4555Constitutional Reforms
July 4570July 4570Cabinet Proposal of July 4570
July 4570July 4570Country reform 4570
July 4572July 4572Health Reform of 4572
March 4577July 4577Administration Bill
March 4577July 4577Budget proposal of March 4577
March 4577July 4577Income tax proposal of March 4577
July 4577July 4577Tax reform
September 4577September 4577Budget proposal of September 4577
September 4577September 4577Income tax proposal of September 4577
December 4577December 4577Cabinet Proposal of December 4577
September 4578October 4578Budget proposal of September 4578
October 4578January 4579LPOZ bill
January 4579January 4579Income tax proposal of January 4579
February 4579February 4579Budget proposal of February 4579
October 4579October 4579Income tax proposal of October 4579
October 4579October 4580Budget proposal of October 4579
October 4580October 4580Income tax proposal of October 4580
January 4582January 4582Budget proposal of January 4582
August 4583August 4583Economy enhancement bill
March 4584March 4584Ratification of the Majatran Sea Guard
March 4584March 4584Ratification of the Union Rights Guarantee Association
March 4584March 4584Ratification of the Anti-Terrorism Cooperation Treaty
March 4584March 4584Ratification of the Nations United Against Fascism Treaty
January 4585January 4585Income tax proposal of January 4585
June 4585June 4585Constitutional Amendment Act 4585
June 4585June 4585Cabinet Proposal of June 4585
June 4585June 4585Ecology Bill 4585
June 4585June 4585Homosexuality Act 4585
June 4585June 4585Military Act 4585
June 4585June 4585Abortion Bill 4585
June 4585June 4585Hosianism Act 4585
July 4585July 4585Pulling out of Treaty Act
July 4585July 4585Budget proposal of July 4585
July 4585July 4585Income tax proposal of July 4585
June 4586June 4586Leader for life
June 4586June 4586Military Act 4586
June 4586June 4586Ecology Bill 4586
June 4586June 4586Protection from Foreigners Act
April 4587April 4587Free Market Bill 4587
June 4590June 4590Budget proposal of June 4590
June 4590June 4590Income tax proposal of June 4590
June 4590June 4590Call for early elections, June 4590
November 4593November 4593Budget proposal of November 4593
August 4594August 4594Cabinet Proposal of August 4594
August 4594August 4594Technology Advancement Bill
June 4596December 4597Income tax proposal of June 4596
December 4597December 4597Budget proposal of December 4597
July 4602July 4602Cabinet Proposal of July 4602
October 4602October 4602Budget proposal of October 4602
October 4602October 4602Income tax proposal of October 4602
November 4602November 4602Military Reforms Act of 4602
January 4603January 4603Ratification of the Agreement to Sanction the Kazulian Democratic Republic, 4598
January 4603January 4603Ratification of the Official Lourennais Treaty of Diplomacy and Cooperation
January 4603January 4603New Tax Reforms
March 4603March 4603Amendment
May 4604May 4604Call for early elections, May 4604
June 4604June 4604Budget proposal of June 4604
June 4604June 4604Constitutional Amendment
May 4605October 4605POLICY REFORMS ACT
May 4605October 4605COUNTRY NAME CHANGE
June 4605June 4605Call for early elections, June 4605
October 4605October 4605Cabinet Proposal of October 4605
December 4605December 4605Ratification of the AGREEMENT TO SANCTION THE KIVONIAN REPUBLIC
December 4605December 4605New Foreign Policies Act
January 4607January 4607Budget proposal of January 4607
January 4607January 4607Reforms for the Glory of the Royal Zardugal Army
June 4607June 4607Common Sense Act
July 4607July 4607Safety Act of 4607
December 4607January 4608Constitutional Reforms of 4607
March 4608March 4608National Service Act of 4608
December 4608December 4608Call for early elections, December 4608
May 4609May 4609Diplomatic Adjustments
May 4609May 4609Re-institute the Glorious Faith
September 4610September 4610HOMELESS REINTEGRATION ACT OF 4610
September 4610September 4610Policy
September 4610September 4610NEW FOREIGN POLICIES REFORMS ACT
September 4610September 4610POLICY REFORMS ACT N┬░3
September 4610September 4610FELONY RIGHTS ACT OF 4610
September 4610September 4610NEW CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 4610
November 4610December 4610HEALTH REFORMS ACT OF 4610
December 4610December 4610NATIONAL CRYPTOCURRENCY ACT OF 4610
October 4613October 4613Contraceptives Act of 4613
October 4613October 4613Civil Defense Shelters Act
October 4613October 4613Ecology Reforms Act
January 4619January 4619Cabinet proposing bill
June 4620April 4621Designation of administrative division amendment
September 4620April 4621Changes to Policies
October 4620April 4621Religion reform
April 4621April 4621Cabinet Proposal of April 4621
November 4621November 4621Change of structure of the executive branch
November 4621January 4622Worker's right to strike reform
July 4622November 4622Culture of the national motto proposal
August 4622August 4622Change of the Head of State
September 4622September 4622RP LAW: IMPERIAL STATUTE OF REGENCY 4622
November 4622December 4622Agricultural reform
May 4623May 4623Infrastructural reform
October 4623October 4623Commission on Atomic Energy (CAE) Act of 4623
November 4623November 4623His Imperial MajestyÔÇÖs Space Agency (H I M S A) Act of 4623
November 4623December 4623New Long-Term Economic Plan
March 4633March 4633Cabinet Proposal of March 4633
July 4633July 4633Call for early elections, July 4633
September 4633September 4633Cabinet Proposal of September 4633
January 4638January 4638Bill 7692
March 4639August 4640Bill 28
March 4639August 4640Bill 9976
March 4639August 4640Removal Bill 69
August 4639August 4639Call for early elections, August 4639
August 4640August 4640Changing the Capital City
August 4640August 4640Cabinet Proposal of August 4640
July 4641July 4641Bill 3986
September 4642October 4642Constitution of the Zardic Federation (4641)
October 4642October 4642Budget proposal of October 4642
October 4642October 4642Income tax proposal of October 4642
October 4642October 4642National Defense and Security Act (NDSA)
October 4642October 4642RP: Titles and Ceremonial Information Act (TCIA)
October 4642October 4642Capital City Act
October 4642October 4642Cabinet Proposal of October 4642
March 4643March 4643Diplomatic Affairs Reset Act
March 4643March 4643A Secularized Society Act
August 4643August 4643Economic Reform Act
August 4643August 4643Government Creation and Establishment Act
August 4643August 4643Federal Healthcare and Aid Act
August 4643August 4643Federal Campaign Finance Reform Act
August 4643August 4643Zardic Nobility Law
August 4643August 4643Freedom of Political Association Act
August 4643August 4643Zardic Nationality Law
February 4647October 4650Democracy Act
November 4648November 4648Cabinet Proposal of November 4648
October 4649October 4650Income tax proposal of October 4649
October 4650October 4650Legalization of Prostitution and Recreational substances and distribution Act
October 4650October 4650Justice Reform Act
October 4660October 4660Restoration of the Monarchy Act
October 4660October 4660Free Campaigning Act
October 4660October 4660Healthcare Liberalization Act
October 4660October 4660Corporate Tax Act
June 4661June 4661Constitutional Change: Selecting the Executive Act
October 4672October 4672Cabinet Proposal of October 4672
October 4672October 4672Implementation of ZPMU Manifesto
October 4672October 4672Retirement Security
October 4672October 4672Constitutional Reforms
January 4673January 4673Nacia Federacio de Sportoj
October 4673October 4673Call for early elections, October 4673
October 4673January 4674Constitutional Reforms
February 4682February 4682Cabinet Proposal of February 4682
February 4682February 4682Call for early elections, February 4682
August 4697March 4698People's call for change
October 4697March 4698bill
January 4698March 4698bill
March 4698March 4698Cabinet Proposal of March 4698
July 4698July 4698buill
December 4698August 46999
December 4709March 4710Legislative Agenda of the SLP
July 4711July 4711Social reforms (4711)
January 4718March 4718Reforming act
March 4718March 4718Constitutional realignment
March 4718March 4718Cabinet Proposal of March 4718
July 4719July 4719Reforming act II
September 4727September 4727Economic modernization and rationality act
September 4727September 4727Ratification of the Kirlawan Official Diplomatic Treaty
August 4741November 4741RP: Constitution of the New Augustan Empire
November 4741November 4741Cabinet Proposal of November 4741
February 4742February 4742Fair Tax Act
February 4742February 4742Budget proposal of February 4742
February 4742February 4742Income tax proposal of February 4742
February 4742February 4742Imperial Capital Act
October 4742October 4742Imperial Senate Term Act
October 4742October 4742RP: Establishment of the Imperial Excubitors
October 4742October 4742Protection of Augustans Act
October 4742October 4742Local Government Act
October 4742October 4742Imperial State Religion Act
October 4742October 4742Local Government Name Act
November 4742November 4742RP: Establishment of the Prefect of the Imperial Senate
July 4743July 4743Ratification of the Augustan Trade Association and Economic Pact
July 4744July 4744Public Energy Law
July 4744July 4744Imperial Paramilitary Prohibition Law
July 4744July 4744ARM 6: Zardugan Power and Energy Generation Bill
July 4744July 4744Imperial Health Act
July 4744July 4744Multiple Citizenship Act
August 4744August 4744RP: Imperial Protective Service Establishment Act
August 4744August 4744Classified Files and Information Protection Act (CFIPA)
August 4744June 4901RP: Structure of the Augustan Empire Government
November 4744November 4744ARM 11: Infrastructure Bill
November 4744November 4744ARM 8: Technology and Culture Bill
February 4745February 4745RP ARM 12: Zardic Companies Protection Bill
April 4746April 4746Imperial Foreign Affairs Policy Act
April 4746April 4746Local Government Authority Act
April 4746April 4746Representation Fairness Act
April 4746April 4746Mayorality Authority Act
April 4746April 4746Zardic Identification Act
April 4746April 4746Imperial Campaign Finance Reform Act
July 4747September 4747Imperial Standard (Flag) Act
July 4747September 4747Imperial Motto Act
September 4747September 4747Imperial Government Proposal September 4747
November 4747June 4748Income tax proposal of November 4747
December 4747December 4747RP: Official Appointment of the Imperial Prefect 4747-4753
December 4747December 4747ARM 13: Economic Improvement Bill
December 4747June 4748Budget proposal of December 4747
January 4749January 4749securety coinsal
March 4749March 4749ARM 14: Further Economic Liberalisation Bill
November 4750November 4750Call for early elections, November 4750
December 4750December 4750Cabinet Proposal of December 4750
July 4752July 4752Cabinet Proposal of July 4752
July 4752July 4752Call for early elections, July 4752
July 4752August 4752new order reforms
August 4752August 4752Ratification of the new emperor
August 4752August 4752new emperor
August 4752January 4753sc
November 4754November 4754Ratification of the The Kanjor Official Diplomatic Treaty
December 4754December 4754antham
February 4759February 4759new order reforms
July 4767July 4767sc
November 4768August 4769Expansionism
August 4769August 4769Centralization
January 4772January 4772Cabinet Proposal of January 4772
April 4772May 4772The People Demand A Master!
May 4772May 4772Cabinet Proposal of May 4772
May 4772December 4772Emergency Economic Revitalisation Plan
June 4772June 4772Income tax proposal of June 4772
June 4772February 4773Great Cleansing: Spoils To The Victors!
October 4772October 4772Emergency Economic Revitalisation Plan (Budget)
May 4773May 4773Emergency Economic Revitalisation Plan II
May 4773May 4773Military Modernisation Act
May 4773March 4774We Have Been Betrayed! (Great Cleansing Act)
October 4773October 4773Infant Industry Protection Act
April 4774August 4774Patriotic Education Act
August 4774August 4774Arrest of ex-Foreign Affairs Logothete A.. Kamatero
May 4775October 4775People's Reform Act of 4775
October 4775October 4775Cabinet Proposal of October 4775
January 4776January 4776Economic Reform Act of 4776
May 4776May 4776SC Votes
January 4778January 4778People's Military Reform Act of 4778
December 4782December 4782Tiparo de A┼şgustana Veki─Ło Platform Omnibus
November 4783November 4783Removal of Basileus Lazaro and the Crowning of Augustus III
July 4784July 4784Cabinet Proposal of July 4784
October 4784October 4784Foreign Policy Review
December 4785December 4785Economic Reforms
November 4789November 4789SC Voting
April 4802April 4802Cabinet Proposal of April 4802
May 4802May 4802Fiscal Reform Act, 4802
May 4802May 4802Budget proposal of May 4802
May 4802May 4802Abdication of Emperor Augustus III
May 4802May 4802Civil Liberties Act, 4802
May 4802May 4802Conformance to the Majatran Economic Association Act, 4802
May 4802May 4802Proclamation of the House of La┼şrentido Act, 4802
May 4803May 4803Cabinet Proposal of May 4803
May 4803May 4803Group Marriage Act, 4803
May 4803May 4803Ratification of the Establishment of the Majatran Economic Association (4704)
May 4803May 4803Economic Liberalization Act, 4803
June 4805June 4805Assent to the Marriage of Imperiestro Hippolito, 4805
July 4819July 4819Cabinet Proposal of July 4819
November 4819December 4819Ascension of a New Emperor by Act of the Imperial Senate
December 4819December 4819Political Stability and Anti-Corruption Act of 4820
December 4819December 4819Budget proposal for 4820
December 4819December 4819Imperial Prefect Appointment 4819
December 4819June 4820Fair Justice Act of 4820
June 4820November 4820Corporate Tax Bill of 4820
June 4820May 4821The Anti-Trust Act of 4821 (The Beatido-Kalvario Act)
June 4820January 4822Act to Abolish the Use of Inhumane Landmines in the Military
June 4821December 4821Budget proposal for 4822
June 4821January 4826Ending Federal Control over the Family Act
January 4822May 4822Amendment to Federal Position on Climate Change
January 4822April 4823National Service Act
January 4822November 4823Workers Rights Act of 4824
January 4822November 4826Admittance of Disaster and Climate Refugees Act
July 4822November 4822Withdrawal from the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
November 4822May 4823OOC: HoG Title Fix
November 4822May 4824Religious Freedom Act of 4825
May 4823February 4824Ratification of the The Protection of Terra's Monarchies
May 4823May 4826Discouraging Nuclear Power for Future Safety and Security Act
May 4823June 4827Amendment to the Federal Statute on Eminent Domain and Related Compensation Act
June 4824December 4825Withdrawal from the Majatran Economic Association
December 4825December 4825Budget proposal of December 4825
December 4825December 4825Cabinet Proposal of December 4825
January 4826June 4828Federal Pollution and Emissions Standards Act
May 4826May 4826Imperial Prefect Appointment 4826
June 4828January 4829Federal Accountability and Electoral Reform of 4828
June 4828November 4829Abolishment of Nuclear Power and Encouragement of Renewables Act (ANPER)
July 4830July 4830Ratification of the Framework and Agreement for a Nuclear-Free Future (FANFF)
December 4830October 4831Human Criminal Treatment Act 4831
December 4830October 4831Criminal and Justice Law Reform Bill of 4831
July 4831July 4831Cabinet Proposal of July 4831
June 4832September 4832Demilitarization Act of 4832
June 4832February 4834Mandate Exemption Act
February 4834November 4834Abolishment of Dueling Act
February 4834January 4836State Emergency and National Curfew Act
November 4834November 4834Budget proposal of November 4834
November 4834June 4835Income tax proposal of November 4834
June 4835May 4836Thematic Control over Gender Identity and Expression Act
June 4835November 4837Amendment to Concealed Firearms Code of 4837
August 4837August 4837Cabinet Proposal of August 4837
May 4839May 4839National Contraceptive Initiative Act
June 4839June 4839Imperial Prefect Reaffirmation 4839
May 4840November 4840Corporate Profit Sharing Act of 4840
December 4841May 4842Policing Reform of 4841
August 4843August 4843Call for early elections, August 4843
February 4844February 4844Cabinet Proposal of February 4844
February 4844May 4844Reduction of Legislative Term Act
May 4845June 4845Abolition of the Practice of Whaling
May 4845January 4846Domestic Crime and Security Act
February 4849May 4849Cabinet Proposal of February 4849
May 4849November 4849Budget proposal of May 4849
November 4849June 4850Travel Restrictions Amendment of 4849
November 4853November 4853Cabinet Proposal of November 4853
November 4853May 4854Abolition of Civilian Service and Military Draft Act
November 4853November 4854Civilian Police and Security Act
November 4854June 4855Payroll and Social Security Act of 4855
November 4854May 4856Minimum Wage Act
November 4857November 4857Ratification of the International Alliance for the Preservation of Monarchical Nations (IAPM)
November 4858November 4858Protection of Endangered Species Act of 4858
November 4858June 4859Ratification of the International Agreement on Nuclear Non-Proliferation (IANN)
November 4858May 4861Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
November 4862July 4864Cabinet Proposal of November 4862
November 4864November 4864Imperial Succession of 4864
November 4864November 4864Abortion Funding Mandate Act
November 4864June 4866National Mandate Act
May 4865May 4865Resolution Denouncing Coburan Aggression and Claims
May 4865February 4866Freedom of Faith Act of 4865
June 4872August 4872Legalization of Recreational Drug Use Act
June 4872October 48724872 Currency Exchange Act
December 4873December 4873Cabinet Proposal of December 4873
May 4875May 4875Ratification of the International Workers' Protection Treaty
June 4875June 4875Absolute Abolishment of Torture Act
June 4875February 4876Legalization of Sex Reassignment Operations Act
June 4875July 4876Prison and Bail Reform Act
December 4876December 4876Electoral Accountability and Responsibility Act
November 4877November 4877Cabinet Proposal of November 4877
October 4890October 4890Cabinet Proposal of October 4890
March 4891March 4891Economic Reform Act
March 4891March 4891Budget proposal of March 4891
March 4891March 4891Income tax proposal of March 4891
March 4891March 4891Healthcare Act
March 4891March 4891International Workers' Protection Treaty Withdrawal
June 4892June 4892Firearm Ownership Act
June 4892June 4892Infrastructure Act
September 4893September 4893Land Mine Act
August 4894August 4894Cabinet Proposal of August 4894
February 4895February 4895National Health Service Act
February 4895February 4895Worker's Rights and Protections Act of 4895
December 4895December 4895Domestic Grid Security Act
December 4896December 4896Resolution to Repeal the Firearm Ownership Act of 4892
December 4896December 4896National Aviation Act if 4896
May 4897May 4897National Resolution Combatting Climate Change of 4897
December 4898December 4898Cabinet Proposal of December 4898
January 4901January 4901Call for early elections, January 4901
June 4901June 4901Freedom of Information Act
August 4901August 4901Unity Government of 4901
September 4901September 4901RP: Imperial Government Representation Act
December 4901December 4901Immigration and Integration Act of 4901
January 4902January 4902Budget proposal of January 4902
January 4902January 4902Income tax proposal of January 4902
January 4902January 4902RP: Local Government Reorganization Act
January 4902January 4902Free and Fair Media Act
November 4902November 4902Ratification of the Zardic Strategic Economic Initative
November 4902November 4902OOC: Monarchy title fix
November 4902November 4902Government Access Act
November 4902November 4902Narcotics Reform of 4902
November 4902November 4902Regional Title Act
November 4902November 4902Reproductive Rights Act of 4902
November 4902June 4903RP: HoG Office Reorganization Act
June 4903June 4903Social Welfare Distribution Act
October 4906October 4906Safe Energy Act
October 4906October 4906Imperial Government Proposal of October 4906 (Unity Coalition)
October 4906October 4906RP: Imperial Census Act
October 4906October 4906Diplomatic Affairs Reset Act
November 4906November 4906RP: Participation in Majatran Pharmaceutical Network (MPN)
May 4908May 4908Farm and Agricultural Standards Act
May 4908June 4908Farm Subsidies Act of 4908
June 4909June 4909Judicial Reform Act
June 4909June 4909Defense Reform Act
June 4909June 4909Officers Appointment Act
June 4909June 4909Diplomatic Affairs Act
June 4909June 4909Imperial Government Proposal of June 4909
June 4909June 4909Economic Freedom Act
June 4909June 4909RP: Restoring Safe Energy Act
June 4909June 4909Law of Blood "Jus sanguinis" Act
January 4910January 4910Cabinet Proposal of January 4910
May 4910May 4910RP: Local Government Renaming Act
September 4911September 4911Chief Secretary (HoG) Act
September 4911September 4911RP: Local Government Renaming Act
February 4915February 4915Abortion Funding Act
February 4915February 4915Farming Subsidies Act
May 4922May 4922Cabinet Proposal of May 4922
February 4936February 4936Capital city proposal of February 4936
February 4936February 4936Head of State proposal of February 4936
February 4936February 4936Government Proposal of February 4936
December 4936July 4937Government Reform of December 4936
December 4936July 4937Party Proposals of December 4936
July 4937July 4937Ratification of the Terran Football Federation (World Championship)
July 4937July 4937Government Proposal of July 4937
July 4937July 4937Cabinet Proposal of July 4937
July 4937August 4937Ratification of the Gene and Seed Vault Project
August 4937August 4937Government proposals of August 4937
August 4937September 4937Capital Punishment and various others proposal of September 4937
March 4938March 4938Government Reform of March 4938
June 4939June 4939Proposal of June 4939
October 4940October 4940Proposal of October 4940
October 4941October 4941Security Council proposal of October 4941
April 4942April 4942Proposal of April 4942
October 4942October 4942Religious Proposal of October 4942
April 4943May 4944Proposal of Sex, April 4943
September 4943September 4943Call for early elections, September 4943
May 4944May 4944Judicial Proposal of May 4944
November 4944November 4944Environmental Proposal of November 4944
May 4945May 4945Ratification of the The Confederacy Narikaton and Darnussia Neutrality Treaty
May 4945May 4945Duel Proposal of May 4945
November 4945November 4945Police Reform of November 4945
April 4946April 4946Copyright Proposal of April 4946
November 4946November 4946Environment Proposal of November 4946
August 4947March 4950Weapon Proposal of August 4947
February 4948February 4948Religious Proposal of February 4948
April 4949April 4949Environmental Proposal of April 4949
March 4950March 4950Taxation Proposal of March 4950
August 4950August 4950Second Taxation Proposal of August 4950
February 4951February 4951Age Proposal of February 4951
August 4951March 4954Food Proposal of August 4951
March 4952March 4952Population Proposal of March 4952
October 4952October 4952Election Proposal of October 4952
May 4953May 4953School Proposal of May 4953
November 4953November 4953Citizenship Proposal of November 4953
March 4954March 4954Marriage Proposal of March 4954
April 4955November 4956Cultural Proposal of April 4955
May 4956May 4956Agricultural Proposal of May 4956
April 4957April 4957Legislative Proposal of April 4957
November 4957November 4957Welfare Proposal of November 4957

Bills defeated

These bills have been defeated[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
September 2117September 2117Collectivisation
September 2117September 2117Call for early elections, September 2117
November 2121November 2121Defence of the Land 2120
November 2121November 2121Power Regulation and Provision 2121
December 2121December 2121Basic Local Ecology Methods 2120
June 2122June 2122Foreign Policy Reform 2121
August 2122August 2122Sectioned Communities Provision 2121
February 2124February 2124The National Capital
March 2124March 2124Call for early elections, March 2124
June 2124June 2124Arms Export Regulation 2122
June 2124June 2124Public Indecency Act (2124)
July 2125July 2125Regulated Vehicles Act (2124)
May 2126May 2126Religious School Act, 2126
April 2127April 2127Cabinet Coalition Act (2127)
April 2127April 2127The National Flag (2120)
September 2127September 2127debate
September 2127September 2127Universal Healthcare Act (2127)
October 2127October 2127National Anthem Act (2127)
October 2127October 2127Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Labour & Working People
October 2127October 2127Ratification of the International Responsible Trade Treaty
October 2127October 2127Energy Generation Act (2127)
February 2129February 2129universal health care
March 2130March 2130National Capital Act (2130)
March 2130March 2130National Anthem II (2130)
March 2130March 2130Renaming the Parliament Act (2128)
June 2132June 2132Media Privatization Act (2131)
August 2132August 2132New Parliamentary Representation Deal 2132
August 2132August 2132Right to Dissent Act 2131
August 2132August 2132Sectioned Communities Provision 2124
August 2132August 2132Common Ownership and Discoveries Act 2131
August 2132August 2132Corporation Tax Revaluation 2123
August 2132August 2132Protection of Personal Property Act 2124
April 2133April 2133True Justice Act (Pt. II), 2130
April 2133April 2133Workers' Rights Act, 2130
February 2134February 2134Mandatory Military Service Act 2133
February 2134February 2134Safety through Justice (2132)
October 2134October 2134Social Business Act 2134
October 2134October 2134Identity Protection Act 2134
October 2134October 2134Software Patents Act 2130
October 2134October 2134Cabinet Proposal of October 2134
November 2134November 2134New Legislative Representation Deal (2134)
August 2135August 2135Reducing Restrictions on Pollution Control (2135)
June 2137June 2137Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
June 2137June 2137Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
June 2137June 2137Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
June 2137June 2137Ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
July 2137July 2137Energy Reform (2137)
May 2138May 2138Banning prostitution in Zardugal
February 2139February 2139National Health Care Bill 2138
February 2139February 2139Worker's Rights Bill (2) 2138
February 2139February 2139Workers Rights Bill (1) 2138
May 2139May 2139Anti-Conscription Bill 2139
May 2139May 2139Free Speech Bill 2139
March 2140March 2140Retirement Age Bill 2139
March 2140March 2140Free Movement Bill 2139
April 2140April 2140Act on the Punishment of Global Criminals
August 2141August 2141Environmental protection bill
August 2142August 2142RSM Health Proposals
August 2142August 2142RSM Military Proposals
October 2142October 2142Ratification of the Refugee Rights Treaty
November 2142November 2142Budget proposal of November 2142
March 2144March 2144RSM Economics Proposals
March 2144March 2144Science Reforms
March 2144March 2144School Nationalisation
March 2144March 2144Pre-school Education Bill
March 2144March 2144HE Bill #2
March 2144March 2144Higher Education Bill
March 2144March 2144Religion Act
October 2144October 2144Budget proposal of April 2144
January 2145January 2145Chemical Warfare Act 2144
August 2148August 2148Call for early elections, August 2148
November 2148November 2148Freedom of expression
December 2149December 2149Cabinet Proposal of December 2149
June 2150June 2150Improvements for the Betterment of our Nation
March 2151March 2151flat income tax
November 2152November 2152Cabinet Proposal of November 2152
November 2152November 2152Cabinet Proposal of November 2152
November 2152November 2211Executive and Legislative Name Change Act 2152
March 2153March 2153Military and Foreign Policy Bill
March 2153March 2153Health Bill
March 2153March 2153Expanding Public Healthcare Bill
May 2153May 2153Space Exploration Bill
June 2153June 2153Tax Reduction
June 2154June 2154Increasing the Secularism of the State Bill
June 2154June 2154Call for early elections, June 2154
June 2154June 2154Improving Culture Bill
July 2154July 2154Cabinet Proposal Act 2154
July 2154July 2154Energy Regulation Act 2153
July 2154July 2154Media Bill
August 2154August 2154Science and Technology Bill
August 2154August 2154Improvement of Ecology Bill
September 2154September 2154Foreign Marriage Bill
September 2154September 2154Religious Improvement Bill
February 2155February 2155Wild Animal Bill
July 2155July 2155The government's policy regarding Child Benefit
August 2155August 2155The professional retirement age
March 2156March 2156Military bill
August 2156August 2156Call for early elections, August 2156
October 2156October 2156Civil Liberties Act
October 2157October 2157Ecology
February 2159February 2159Budget proposal of February 2159
April 2159May 2159Change of the Government Names: April 2159
July 2159July 2159Cabinet Proposal of July 2159
August 2159August 2159Bill Proposal Act 2159
August 2159September 2160Working Proposal, Government Titles and Executive Structure
July 2160July 2160Call for early elections, July 2160
July 2160July 2160National Sport 2160
September 2160April 2161Cabinet Proposal of September 2160
October 2160October 2160Goverment Structure and Names
January 2161February 2161Cabinet Proposal of January 2161
August 2161August 2163Government Name Changes
January 2162January 2162Cabinet Proposal of January 2162
January 2163August 2163Media Protection Act
February 2163August 2163Cabinet Proposal of February 2163
November 2163November 2163Foreign Relations
November 2163November 2163Tax reform
January 2164January 2164Foreign Relations Improvement
January 2165July 2165Change In Name
January 2165November 2165Cabinet Proposal of January 2165
April 2165April 2165emigration policy
November 2165November 2165New act
September 2166September 2166Cabinet Proposal of September 2166
December 2166September 2167Original Government Titles
February 2167February 2167Cabinet Proposal of February 2167
April 2167April 2167The professional retirement age
April 2167April 2167Tax reform
December 2167December 2167Ecology Bill
December 2167December 2167Term Limits
June 2168June 2168nuclear weaponry
December 2169December 2169Civic Platform Act
July 2170July 2171parental qualifications
September 2170July 2171Curfew policy
February 2171February 2171Tax cut
February 2171February 2171Retirement age
July 2171January 2172Daiokuran Cabinet Proposal of July 2171
February 2172February 2172The death penalty
May 2172May 2172Nuclear weapon
May 2172May 2172Media regulation II
May 2172May 2172Media regulation
May 2172May 2172Food and tobacco
July 2172July 2172Cabinet Proposal of July 2172
November 2172November 2172A call for early elections
January 2173January 2173Death penalty
January 2173January 2173Forest Management.
March 2173March 2173Abolish Homosexual participation in the Military
April 2173April 2173Child Labour
April 2173April 2173Constitutional Reform (2173)
April 2173April 2173Cabinet Proposal of April 2173
April 2173June 2173Exotic Animals Act
June 2173June 2173Tobacco Deregulation v1.2
March 2174March 2174Education Reform (All in One)
March 2174March 2174Health Reform II
March 2174March 2174Economy Reform IV
March 2174March 2174Health Reform
March 2174March 2174Economy Reform III
March 2174March 2174Military Reform IV
March 2174March 2174Economy Reform II
March 2174March 2174Military Reform III
March 2174March 2174Economy Reform I
March 2174March 2174Military Reform II
March 2174March 2174Health Reform IV
March 2174March 2174Military Reform
March 2174March 2174Health Reform III
April 2174April 2174religious schools
April 2174April 2174Guarantee of minimum income
November 2174March 2175PROTECT OUR TRADITION
November 2174March 2175Media Act II
November 2174March 2175pollution regulation
November 2174March 2175Media Act I
November 2174March 2175Women in Army
November 2174March 2175Weapon Act I
March 2175March 2175State Freedom
March 2175March 2175Energy to people!
December 2175December 2175Health Subsidy Cutback
December 2175December 2175GM Incredient Labeling
December 2175December 2175Population Growth Stimulant
December 2175December 2175Compulsory Education Reduction
December 2175December 2175Government Subsidy Reduction II
March 2176March 2176Presidential-type Executive Conversion
May 2176May 2176Nationalizations
May 2176May 2176Child Labour Again!
May 2176May 2176Weapon selling
May 2176May 2176Nationalize Def
May 2176May 2176Mil Again
May 2176May 2176Centralization
June 2176June 2176Organ Donation Act 2176
July 2176July 2176Foreign Investment Act 2176
July 2176July 2176Torture Act 2176
July 2176July 2176Extradition Treaty Act 2176
July 2176July 2176Minimum Wage Act 2176
December 2176April 2177The professional retirement age
December 2176April 2177Tax reform
December 2176April 2177Election
December 2176April 2177Death penalty
March 2177June 2177Alcohol Deregulation
March 2177June 2177The Federalist Act Part (whatever)
April 2177April 2177Strike act
June 2177June 2177Abortion Permission
November 2177November 2177Federalism Ref All in 1
November 2177November 2177Economy Ref All in 1
November 2177November 2177Military Ref. All in 1
September 2178September 2178Parlament Ref.
May 2179May 2179Call for early elections, May 2179
December 2180April 2181Tax reform
December 2180April 2181Weaponry
December 2180April 2181Old people
December 2180April 2181Seats
December 2180April 2181International trade
December 2180April 2181Media act
December 2180April 2181Length of a legislative and executive term
December 2180April 2181Higher education reform
December 2180April 2181Strike act
April 2181April 2181Pension system reform
April 2181April 2181Post office reform
September 2181September 2181Minimum wage
September 2181September 2181Public transport
October 2181November 2182Women in the Military
November 2181May 2182Refugees Bill
November 2181May 2182Foreign Aid Bill
February 2182February 2182"Homo" in army-continue
April 2182April 2182Red Star Movement Religious Manifesto
May 2182May 2182Regulation of the quality of drinking water.
October 2182November 2182Immigration Quota Bill
November 2182November 2182Border Control Bill
August 2183August 2183the freedom of choice
August 2183August 2183Legality of all drugs
September 2183October 2183military
December 2183December 2183Abortion Extention
March 2184March 2184Death Penalty
March 2184March 2184RSM Military Manifesto
April 2185April 2185Control Reduction
April 2185April 2185Budget proposal of April 2185
April 2185April 2185Cabinet Proposal of April 2185
April 2185July 2185Honourable War
August 2185February 2186Infrastructure Changes
May 2186June 2186Military Conscription
January 2187June 2187National Parks Bill
January 2187June 2187Illegal Alien Policy
January 2187June 2187Health Care reform
October 2187January 2188Economics Bill 2187
May 2188May 2188Federalist and Deregulation BIll 2188
July 2188June 2197Ecology
December 2188April 2189Jacobin Economic Plan
April 2189May 2189Economic and Healthcare Reform Part II 2189
May 2189May 2189The Anarchistic Platform II: Civil Rights
May 2189May 2189The Anarchistic Platform I: Military
May 2189May 2189Cabinet Proposal of May 2189
May 2189June 2189Federalist and Deregulation Bill 2189
August 2189September 2189medical reform for the nation
September 2189September 2189Religion reform
September 2189September 2189The professional retirement age.
September 2189September 2189Animal Testing
September 2189September 2189Tax reform
September 2189September 2189justice
November 2189November 2189The Anarchistic Platform III: Ecology
February 2190February 2190national change
March 2190March 2190The Anarchistic Platform IV: Welfare
May 2190June 2190Welfare and Healthcare Reform 2190
May 2190June 2190Welfare Reform Part I 2190
May 2190June 2190Industry Deregulation
August 2190September 2191national change reform
October 2190May 2191Public Education
November 2190November 2190Seats
November 2190November 2190Election
November 2190November 2190Culture act
November 2190November 2190Prisioners act
November 2190November 2190Equality
November 2190November 2190Illegal aliens
November 2190November 2190Curfew policy
December 2190December 2190The Anrachistic Platform V: Economy
May 2191May 2191Call for early elections, May 2191
May 2191May 2191Return to the Right!
June 2191June 2191The Anarchistic Platform IIa: Civil Rights
June 2191June 2191The Anarchistic Platform VIII: Federal vs. Prefect
September 2191September 2191The Anarchistic Platform IX: Governmental Boundaries
December 2191December 2191Emergency Spending Cut (Budget, cont)
January 2192July 2192How have we gone so far astray?
February 2192May 2192Military Entrance bill
February 2192May 2192Education Decentralization Initiative of 2192
July 2192August 2192more stuff
September 2192April 2193The Anarchistic Platform: Removal of Government Powers
December 2192April 2193Illegal Alien Policy
February 2193January 2194I dont want a title
March 2193April 2193A few changes
March 2193April 2193A few changes II
August 2193August 2193Poligono Industrial
August 2193August 2193Kirkor reform
August 2193August 2193AZ ACT
April 2194October 2194Death Penalty
April 2194October 2194Guns
April 2194October 2194Farming
May 2194May 2194F... TAX
August 2194November 2194Great Game
November 2194November 2194Change
January 2195January 2195Free Willy Act 2
January 2195January 2195Free Willy Act 1
July 2195August 2195Cabinet Proposal of July 2195
July 2195January 2196The Bill of TRUTH
January 2196January 2196Environment Bill
January 2196January 2196Workplace Bill
January 2196January 2196Health Care
January 2196January 2196Health Care
February 2196February 2196Electoral Cycle
January 2197June 2197The Not Quite Periodic Bill To Annihilate Despicable Weapons
January 2197June 2197The Little Part Jacobin liked from THE BILL TO END ALL BILLS
April 2197April 2197Religion
April 2197April 2197Strike
April 2197April 2197Abortion
April 2197April 2197Curfew policy Act
April 2197April 2197Military
April 2197April 2197CP Act II
April 2197April 2197Private Act
April 2197April 2197Welfare
November 2197November 2197Adoption
November 2197November 2197Welfare 1
November 2197November 2197Tobacco
December 2198December 2198Vote: Banning due to Constitutional Violation
June 2199January 2200Anti Poverty
July 2199July 2199Stuff you put in your body.
July 2199December 2199The Bill in Which
January 2200January 2200Call for early elections, January 2200
January 2200June 2200Is there anything that we can change that we CAN agree on?
September 2200April 2201Maybe a bill that will pass?... Nahh
March 2201May 2201Yes, EVEN MORE Random Crap!
April 2201April 2201Stuff you put in your body II
June 2201June 2201Determination of the seats
July 2201October 2201Term Length
November 2201November 2201minimum wage
December 2201December 2201Strike Reform
January 2202February 2202The wave of radical consideration
July 2202January 2203demond le trump
January 2203March 2203Religion
January 2203March 2204Some Regulations :-p
October 2204May 2205Jacobin Military Bill
September 2205September 2205The Anarchist Cabinet of September 2205
September 2205September 2205Income Tax Elimination
December 2205December 2205Post office
December 2205December 2205Strike
February 2206February 2206Minimum Wage (again)
April 2208April 2208Illegal Aliens Bill
April 2209April 2209Civil Rights and Local Governments
April 2209April 2209Nature and Local Governments
April 2209April 2209Education and Local Governments
April 2209April 2209Health and Local Governments
July 2209August 2209Cabinet Proposal of July 2209
March 2210April 2210Drugs
July 2210January 2211The First Step
July 2210August 2212The Second Bill
September 2210January 2211Various
October 2210October 2210Schools
March 2211June 2211Healthcare and Work Safety Reform
November 2211November 2211Yes, more funding decisions.
June 2212June 2212Utilities & services
June 2212June 2212Government Involvement
June 2213June 2213Jacobin Program I
June 2213June 2213Jacobin Program III
November 2213November 2213THE ▄ber fascist crazyconservatarian bill of ▄ber Fascism
February 2214February 2214Educational Repeal
June 2218June 2218Cabinet Proposal of June 2218
November 2218November 2218Quotas
August 2219August 2219Cabinet Proposal of August 2219
August 2219August 2219New Act VII
August 2219August 2219New Act V
August 2219August 2219New Act III
April 2220April 2220Cabinet Proposal of April 2220
January 2221January 2221Cabinet Proposal of January 2221 (one more bloody time)
May 2221May 2221The Act
May 2221May 2221National Wealth Act
May 2221May 2221Health Act I
May 2221May 2221Retirement Act (Renewal)
May 2225May 2225Position Builder
September 2227September 2227Domek na prerii
March 2228March 2228More Position builders
May 2229May 2229Daio's Entry to World Politics
October 2229October 2229Cabinet Proposal of October 2229
May 2230May 2230Oh those hated Prefectures
December 2230January 2231Pornography
January 2231January 2231Grace
January 2231January 2231Military Weapons
April 2231April 2231Health
June 2231June 2231Minimum Wage
April 2233October 2233Because education is important.
December 2233July 2234Cabinet Proposal of December 2233
August 2238November 2238Enviornment
December 2239December 2239The Big Bill
September 2240June 2241Ratification of the International Capitalism Agreement
October 2240June 2241New Flag of the Consulate
October 2242October 2242New Flag of the Consulate
August 2243August 2243New Flag of the Consulate
January 2244January 2244New Consular Flag
February 2244February 2244May as well...
February 2244February 2244A few more militray things
February 2244February 2244Back in the game
June 2244June 2245Another suggestion for the Consular Flag
July 2244July 2244The New Flag of the Consulate
June 2250June 2250Sorry dear commies
June 2250June 2250Police reform
June 2250June 2250Various Economics regulations
June 2250June 2250random visibility stuff
June 2250June 2250Science Bill
November 2252June 2253Religious Matters
November 2252June 2253Military Service, Etc
June 2253February 2254A hopeful end...
May 2254May 2254Change II
May 2254May 2254Change I
May 2254May 2254Wredna baba
May 2254May 2254Skomasowany atak ustaw
May 2254May 2254Change IV
May 2254May 2254Change III
June 2254June 2256!
July 2254July 2254Cloning and its legality
February 2256February 2256Enviornment
November 2256July 2257Drugs
August 2258August 2258zardugal reform act
February 2259February 2259Anger Bill
June 2260June 2260Foreign Policy Changes
January 2263April 2270The Pre-Oyster bill
September 2263September 2263Random proposals
June 2264July 2264Change the captial
July 2264July 2264Faltzer Party Proposal
March 2266March 2266Cabinet Proposal of March 2266
March 2266November 2266Piggy Part Platform 3
July 2267July 2267Cabinet Proposal of July 2267
December 2267December 2267Ratification of the Social Program Protection Treaty (SPPT)
January 2268June 2268Various things
July 2268July 2268Puke
October 2269October 2269Random stuff
February 2270February 2270B121092
April 2270August 2270A noisy noise annoys an oyster
July 2270July 2270Budget proposal of July 2270
December 2271January 2272A new animal!
December 2271January 2272The Frogmarch Flyer!
January 2272January 2272Env. III
January 2272January 2272Env. II
October 2274November 2274blah blah
January 2275January 2275The Big Bill of State Control
January 2275January 2275fight bill
July 2275July 2275Ruckus II
October 2276July 2277Privatize bill
December 2276July 2277envioro bill
July 2277July 2277bill that makes you horny
September 2277September 2277bill
November 2281November 2281Religion II
November 2281November 2281Religious Change
May 2285May 2285capitalism
February 2286February 2286More with,,,,
May 2289May 2289darn hippies bill
November 2289November 2289Flag
December 2289July 2291ecological bill
March 2290March 2290Education
March 2290March 2290Income tax proposal of March 2290
August 2290August 2290Term Length
March 2292October 2292Cabinet Proposal of March 2292
June 2293June 2293ultra capital rewind
March 2295April 2295Ratification of the International Agreement On Civil Rights
April 2295April 2295Ratification of the World Free Trade and Investment Agreement
November 2297June 2299capital idea
November 2299November 2299Ratification of the The Anti-Yoj (Hard Drug) Treaty
May 2304May 2304Ratification of the World Free Trade and Investment Agreement
February 2306February 2306The Big Bill I
February 2309April 2313Ratification of the World Free Trade and Investment Agreement
June 2309April 2313the bill that will be broken up. (later to become Broken up bill I)
March 2311December 2311First bill for Overall National Security
April 2312April 2313A few civil rights issues.
April 2312April 2313Medical Malpractice
April 2312April 2313Justice.
December 2312June 2313Second bill for overall national security
April 2313April 2313Call for early elections, April 2313
April 2313April 2313federalism bill
September 2313September 2313Term Length Change
January 2314January 2314Call for early elections, January 2314
August 2314August 2314New bill for overall national security
September 2319September 2319Go capital bill
August 2323April 2324States' Freedom Bill
October 2324April 2325Meow bill
November 2325April 2326"Down, Boy" Bill
August 2327August 2327Hodge-Podge
August 2327August 2327Cavalier Military Platform
August 2327August 2327Cavalier Health Platform
November 2327February 2328More Hodg-Podge
November 2327April 2328Piggy and Cavalier Parties Common Bill
February 2328March 2328Hodge-Podge 3
February 2328May 2328National Flag
September 2328April 2329Civil Liberties Act
August 2329August 2329Administrative Act
March 2330August 2330Cabinet Proposal of March 2330
February 2332February 2332Health Act 2332
March 2332August 23329887766768554643267468960-8896753463558787676786--765
September 2336May 2337federalism bill
September 2336May 2337Let freedom ring
September 2336May 2337Capital idea bill
October 2337November 2339Nyah Beel.
April 2343January 2344would you rather...
September 2344April 2349Super Defense
September 2345September 2345Ratification of the World Free Trade and Investment Agreement
September 2345September 2345Cabinet Proposal of September 2345
October 2346October 2346capital take over
April 2348September 2349The Apple Pie Bill
September 2351October 2351finals?
April 2353April 2353Cabinet Proposal of April 2353
April 2355April 2355BACK IN TAN
April 2355December 2355Titles
June 2361June 2361Cavalier Nation!
July 2361July 2361Cavalier Nation! V
March 2362March 2362New Age!
August 2365August 2365King's Army
January 2366April 2367Crown Compromise Act
July 2366July 2366Crown Act - Full Restoration
August 2366August 2366New Age III
January 2369September 2369New Health Act
January 2369September 2369Foreign Policy Reform of the Republic
January 2369September 2369The Grand Army of the Republic
February 2369February 2369Free Media Bill
September 2369June 2370The September Revolution
September 2369June 2370Furtherment of the Basic Rights of Man
March 2370June 2370Socialist Bill
March 2370June 2370Energy Nationalization
March 2370September 2370Numero V
August 2370March 2371Ratification of the Allied Nations
March 2371April 2372Return to Democracy Part 1
April 2372April 2372Federalism
October 2374July 2375Government of the People
January 2376January 2376Child Benefit Dismantling
February 2376September 2376Ecology Pt. 1
February 2378June 2378Repeal Pro-Death
February 2387February 2387We Rule
November 2389October 2390Create More Balanced Taxes
April 2390October 2392Right to Safety
September 2393September 2393King's Military
September 2393May 2394His Majesty's Government
March 2395March 2395Church of Zardugal
March 2395March 2395Homosexuality and other Immoral Behaviour
February 2398May 2398King's Colours
February 2398June 2398Constitutional Ammendement: PISC: Glory City for capital!
February 2398June 2398Constitutional Ammendement: PISC: Party propose cabinets
February 2398June 2398Constitutional Ammendement: PISC: National Anthem
February 2398June 2398Legislative Ammendement: PISC: Municipal Powers
February 2398June 2398Legislative Ammendement: PISC: Professional Retirement Age
February 2398June 2398Legislative Ammendement: PISC: 16 year old are still children!
February 2398June 2398Legislative Ammendement: PISC: Obligation to port ID Cards
February 2398June 2398Constitutional Ammendement: PISC: End of the King's Dictatorship!
March 2398September 2398Legislative Changes: PISC: Military: Military/Civilian Service
March 2398September 2398Legislative Changes: PISC: Military: WMD
March 2398March 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Military: Nuclear Weaponry
August 2398August 2398Legislative Changes: PISC: Military: PoW Enslavement
August 2398March 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Health: Discounts on Contraceptives
September 2398March 2399Legislative Ammendement: PISC: Health: Compulsory Organ Donation
March 2399August 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Health: Use of Cannabis
July 2399August 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Health: Recreational Drug Use
August 2399August 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Health: Regulation of Smoking
August 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Dismissal by Strike
August 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Child Labour
September 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Free Telephone Lines!
September 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Minimum Wage Act
September 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Subsidy upon Bankrupcy
October 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Free Pornography
October 2399October 2399Legislative Changes: PISC: Economy: Secondary Strike Action
October 2399June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Justice: Gated Communities
August 2400June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Justice: Malpractice Suits
December 2400December 2400Call for early elections, December 2400
April 2401April 2401Reforms
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Science: Pharmaceutical Subsidy and regulation of drugs' price
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Compulsory Education Age Reform
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Media: Viewing of movies
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Charter Schools
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Media: No Critizing The Government
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Discipline Inducing
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Segregation in Education (it rhymes, lol)
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC:
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Reform National Anthem
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Banning of Ownership of Endangered Animals
June 2402June 2402Legislative Changes: PISC: Education: Nurseries
August 2403August 2403More Changes
January 2406May 2406Legislative Changes: PISC: Ecology: Replanting of Trees
July 2407December 2407Legislative Changes: PISC: Ecology: Waste Disposal
February 2408July 2408Legislative Changes: PISC: Ecology: Banning the ownership of wild animals
July 2408July 2408Legislative Changes: PISC: Agriculture: Redistribution of Large Farms
October 2408October 2408Wake Up Silent Majority Act
December 2408December 2408Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: Government's Policy on Adoption
December 2408December 2408Legislative Changes: PISC: Agriculture: No Pesticides!
December 2408December 2408Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: Crossdressing (dressing like the opposite sex) policy.
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: The government's stance on population control:
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: The government's policy concerning who can proceed with adoption; in case adoption is legal.
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: The government's policy concerning parental qualifications.
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: Libel laws.
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Infrastructure: Firefighters
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Treaty Withdrawl: Global Emancipation Treaty
December 2408January 2409Legislative Changes: PISC: Civil Liberties: Displays of public affection and obscenity laws.
January 2409January 2409Stability bill
July 2411July 2411Citizenship Qualifications
September 2411September 2411New Bill
September 2411September 2411Cosmetic Research Bill
February 2412February 2412Call for early elections, February 2412
January 2413January 2413Laissez Faire Economics
March 2413July 2413Prince Thomas immeadiate sucession Act
July 2413July 2413Border Control
July 2413July 2413Fireworks
July 2413July 2413.
September 2414September 2414Open your Minds! Share the Knoledge!
September 2414September 2414Serve our Nation is a Honor
September 2414March 2416(Elettric) Power to the People!
October 2414October 2414Cabinet Proposal of October 2414
November 2414November 2415King's Colours
November 2414November 2415King's Legislature
September 2415December 2415Women in the military
January 2417January 2417Power To The People III
January 2417January 2417Religious Act II
January 2417January 2417Power To The People II
January 2417January 2417Religoius Act III
January 2417January 2417Power to the People I
January 2417January 2417Power To The People V
January 2417January 2417Power To ThE People IV
August 2417August 2417The age until which students, if education were to be compulsary, are required to be educated.
August 2417August 2417Tree Plantation
July 2418July 2418Gambling
July 2418July 2418Religious schools
July 2418July 2418Falsehoods and defamatory
July 2418July 2418Torture
July 2418July 2418Death penalty
August 2418August 2418Weapon
October 2418October 2418Adoption
October 2418October 2418Organ donation
December 2418December 2418Chemical weapons
December 2418December 2418Public transport
December 2418December 2418Right to assemble
December 2418December 2418GM crops
December 2418January 2419Endangered animals
December 2419January 2420Cabinet Proposal of December 2419
February 2420February 2420Gambling
February 2420February 2420Tree Plantation
February 2420February 2420Weapon
July 2421July 2421Civil Rights I
July 2421July 2421Civil Rights III
July 2421July 2421Civil Rights II
May 2424May 2424Call for early elections, May 2424
July 2424July 2424Private schools
July 2424July 2424Prisoners of war
July 2424July 2424Nuclear weapons
July 2424July 2424Chemical weapon
July 2424July 2424Higher education
July 2424July 2424Positive discrimination
August 2424August 2424Aid to countries in need
December 2426June 2432Marriage Act
February 2429February 2429Industrial Hemp
February 2429February 2429Foreign investments
February 2429February 2429Abortion
February 2429February 2429Energy
February 2429February 2429Religious advertising
February 2429February 2429Government policy on subsidising contraception
February 2429February 2429Advertising
February 2429February 2429Adoption
February 2429February 2429The recreational drug policy
February 2429February 2429DWC ownership
February 2429February 2429Retirement age
February 2429February 2429Secondary strike actions
February 2429February 2429Positive discrimination
February 2429February 2429Government policy on industry
March 2429March 2429chemical and biological weaponry
March 2429March 2429border controls
March 2429March 2429nurseries
March 2429March 2429The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes
October 2429October 2429Higher Education Act
October 2429October 2429Civil Policing Act
October 2429October 2429Religious Freedom Act
October 2429October 2429Economic Freedom Act
October 2429October 2429Esperanto Adoption Act
October 2429October 2429Freedom of Assembly Act
October 2429October 2429Gambling Act
January 2430January 2430Government policy concerning immigration
January 2430January 2430Government policy regarding a national park system
January 2430January 2430Nuclear weaponry
January 2430January 2430Military Stance on Homosexuality
July 2430July 2430Pharmaceutical drugs policy
July 2430July 2430Government policy concerning the use of pesticides
July 2430July 2430The use of animals in medical research
September 2430September 2430Economy
September 2430September 2430Sports clubs
September 2430September 2430Singing the national anthem in schools
September 2430September 2430Government regulation of pollution in industry
May 2431May 2431Titles Act
May 2431August 2431Proper Titles
June 2431June 2432Healthcare Act
July 2431July 2431Military/National Service
July 2431July 2431Recreational drug
July 2431July 2431Employer's rights in regards to firing striking workers
July 2431July 2431Retirement age
July 2431July 2431Adoption
July 2431July 2431The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes
July 2431July 2431Government policy regarding a national park system
August 2431August 2431Smoking
August 2431August 2432Educaton reform
September 2431September 2431Post office
March 2432August 2432Treatment of prisoners of war
May 2432August 2432Budget proposal of May 2432
May 2432August 2432Sales and Luxury Tax Bill
May 2432August 2432Income tax proposal of May 2432
June 2432June 2432Religious Law Reform
August 2432August 2432Exports of weapons
August 2432August 2432Military/National Service
August 2432August 2432Pets
August 2432August 2432Farm Size Regulations Act
August 2432August 2432Propose a cabinet
October 2432November 2432Electoral Reform
March 2433March 2433Prostitution
March 2433March 2433Strike
March 2433March 2433Energy
March 2433March 2433Fireworks
April 2433April 2433Economic Compromise III
April 2433April 2433Economic Compromise II
April 2433April 2433Economic Compromise I
April 2433May 2434Amikejo Manifesto
July 2433July 2433Intelligence Service Reform
August 2433November 2433Conservative Economic Policy
October 2433October 2433Corporation Tax
October 2433October 2433Health Care - Caring for all
December 2433December 2433.
December 2433December 2433Pharmacutical Policy
February 2434February 2434Giving Every Child a Chance
April 2434April 2434Media Reform
April 2434April 2434A Drug-Free Society
April 2434April 2434Trusting the Military
June 2434June 2434Legal Adult Age
June 2434June 2434Bio/Chem Weapons
June 2434June 2434Real Representation
June 2434July 2434UB40
August 2434August 2434Cannabis for medicinal purposes
August 2434August 2434Food Safety policy
August 2434August 2434Public affection
December 2434December 2434Library Reform Act
December 2434December 2434Health Care Privatization
December 2434December 2434Nuclear Power Plants
December 2434December 2434Helping Our Police
December 2434December 2434Organ Donations
December 2434December 2434Sale of Alcohol
May 2435May 2435Smoking
May 2435May 2435Repealing Mandatory Military Service
May 2435May 2435Federal Charter School Policy
May 2435May 2435Prisioners Rights
May 2435May 2435Reasonable Luxury Sales Tax
May 2435May 2435Affirmitive Action
July 2435July 2435Time of war
July 2435July 2435Exotic animals
August 2435August 2435Bank
August 2435August 2435Tax
December 2435June 2436Children's Liberty
July 2436July 2436Eminent domain
March 2437March 2437Allow affirmative action
March 2437April 2437Accuracy in advertising
April 2437August 2437Nuclear energy exploration
September 2438October 2438Education for all
November 2438January 2439National Flag
May 2439July 2439End Blind Patriotism
July 2439July 2439Taxation of religious institutions
July 2439July 2439Displays of public affection and obscenity laws
September 2439September 2439Energy Provision Bill
September 2439September 2439Sports Clubs: Not for the tax payer to fund
September 2439September 2439National Anthem
September 2439September 2439Fair Wage
December 2439June 2440Sex on TV
February 2440February 2440Food Safety policy
April 2440April 2440Prositution
April 2440April 2440Public Healthcare
April 2440April 2440Safer Food and Drink
May 2440May 2440Religious Education
June 2440June 2440Wasting Tax Payers Money
February 2441February 2441Usage of Nuclear Weapons
April 2441April 2441Environmental Rejuvenation Act
April 2441April 2441Friends in Need Act
May 2441May 2441Non-regulation of private higher education.
June 2441June 2441Refund Adjustment
June 2441June 2441Post Office Reform Bill, 2441
June 2441June 2441Legalize gambling
June 2441June 2441Legality of Weapons
June 2441June 2441End Slavery
June 2441December 2441The Individual Protection Act
August 2441August 2441Prayer in Schools
August 2441August 2441Industrial Hemp
December 2441December 2441Government policy concerning immigration
December 2441December 2441National policy regarding the desecration of the national flag
December 2441October 2442Advertising Prohibition
February 2442February 2442Weapons of Mass Destruction
February 2442February 2442Adoption
February 2442February 2442Wartime Interrogation and Imprisonment Bill
April 2442October 2442Eminent Domain Act
April 2442October 2442Provincial Voting Power
April 2442November 2442Partially Nationalize Defense
April 2442September 2444Recomend Standards, We'll let the Market Decide
April 2442September 2444Freeing up the Arms Industry
April 2442September 2444Helping Businesses, not Forcing Buisnesses
July 2442November 2442Citizenship Requirements
September 2442March 2443cloning and software
October 2442July 2443Localisation of Government Act
November 2442November 2442Cabinet Proposal of November 2442
February 2444August 2444Privatizing Space Exploration
February 2444September 2444Privatizing Post
February 2444September 2444Installing a Voucher System
February 2444March 2465Transitional Period Towards Privatization of Sport
May 2444May 2444Child Benefit
May 2444May 2444Pension
May 2444May 2444Minimal Safety Net
September 2444March 2445Cabinet Proposal of September 2444
December 2444December 2444Cleaner Travel
December 2444December 2444Worker's Councils
December 2444December 2444Healthcare Access
December 2444December 2444Free Contraceptives
September 2445September 2445Low-Income Earner's Relief Act
April 2446April 2446TOC Act
April 2446April 2446Gun Control
April 2446April 2446Pharmacuticals
June 2446May 2447Capital punishment
June 2446May 2447Extradition policy
June 2446May 2447Enforcing stricter border controls
September 2446March 2447Fireworks Policy
September 2446March 2447Let's face the facts
September 2446March 2465Moving Towards Education Opputunities
November 2446February 2448Lawsuit Reform
November 2446February 2448Waste Management
November 2446May 2448Head of Government
January 2447January 2447Tax Reform
January 2447January 2447Healthcare Reform
February 2447February 2447Cabinet Proposal of February 2447
April 2447May 2447Structuring and Reformimg our Anthem
May 2447May 2447Alcohol Licensing Act
May 2447May 2447Cinema Regulations
May 2447May 2447Reformed Helathcare Proposal
May 2447May 2447Council Housing Proposal
June 2447June 2447Identity card policy
August 2447August 2447Health and Safety in Industry
August 2447August 2447Their War, Our Nation, Their Standards
August 2447August 2447Equality of Votes
August 2447August 2447"Hey, Feds! Gimmie back my cards!" Act
August 2447August 2447Efficientcy Meets Fair Strike Laws
August 2447August 2447"No I won't pay for your football!" Act
September 2447September 2447Foreign Aid
September 2447September 2447Wild Animals
February 2448February 2448Mandatory military service
February 2448February 2448Securing the defence industry
March 2448January 2450Official Titles
May 2448May 2448My body, MY CHOICE
May 2448May 2448A new, more profound, reconizable flag
May 2448June 2448Rational Higher Tuition
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the Private Ownership Treaty
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the Kanjoran Child Abuse Act
June 2448June 2448Housing Policy
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the Anti-Fascism Treaty
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the Pact of Liberty
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the International Women's Liberation Accord
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the International Bill of Rights
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the International Agreement On Justice
June 2448June 2448Ratification of the Artania Free Trade Agreement
November 2448November 2448Decentralizating the Museum System
May 2449May 2449Ratification of the League of Republics
June 2449June 2449Pension Act
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the People's Freedom Treaty
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Freedom of Information Treaty
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Private Ownership Treaty
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Artania Free Trade Agreement
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Anti-Fascism Treaty
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the International Capitalism Agreement
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Common Travel Area Agreement
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Anti-Communist Treaty
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Beluzian Free Trade Agreement
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the Pact of Liberty
November 2449November 2449Ratification of the International Women's Liberation Accord
April 2450April 2450Ratification of the The Comprehensive Gay Rights Treaty
March 2451March 2451Official Titles
March 2451July 2451Budget proposal of March 2451
November 2451April 2452Cabinet Proposal of November 2451
August 2453August 2453Budget proposal of August 2453
April 2454April 2454.
November 2454May 2455Domestic Animal Ownership
February 2455January 2456New bill
July 2455July 2455Cavalier Programme: Health
July 2455July 2455Cavalier Programme: Military
October 2455October 2455Desecration of the Nation's Banner
October 2455October 2455A new flag for a new Zardugal
October 2455October 2455Border Control
January 2456February 2456Military Reform
November 2456November 2456Sorry everyone, the RSFA didn't turn up last time....
March 2459October 2460Reafirm Private Property
April 2459October 2459Cabinet Proposal of April 2459
June 2459August 2459Call for early elections, June 2459
August 2459August 2460The nation's policy on minimum wage regulation
August 2459August 2460The use of animals in cosmetics research
August 2460May 2461Movie regulation
October 2460October 2460Budget proposal of October 2460
February 2461February 2461Pollution restrictions.
February 2461February 2461Allowing the military greater autonomy
February 2461February 2461Military service
May 2461May 2461Secularize state officials
May 2461May 2461Cloning
June 2461June 2461Food safety offensive
July 2461March 2463New national motto
December 2461December 2461No smoking bill for state officials
December 2461January 2464Plant regulation
May 2462December 2462Education standards
May 2462December 2462Identity card offers
October 2462September 2465Government Slavery Abolishment Act
January 2463January 2463Religious Neutrality Act
January 2463January 2463Enforce modest pollution restrictions
January 2463July 2467Food safety guidelines
October 2463May 2464Cabinet Proposal of October 2463
January 2464January 2464Anti-racism act
January 2464August 2464Cultural Reform
January 2464August 2464Energy regulation
January 2464August 2464Child benefit
February 2464August 2464Obscenity regulation
February 2464August 2464War prisoners treatment
February 2464August 2464Agriculture revolution
June 2464June 2464Public transit ticket subsidience
August 2464January 2465Radio Stations
September 2464January 2465Demilitarization reform
December 2464December 2464Workers safety
February 2465February 2465Public Health
February 2465February 2465Internationals aid
February 2465February 2465Women safety in war
May 2465May 2465Non-smokers right of health
May 2465August 2465Gun restrictions
August 2465August 2465A better future
November 2465November 2465abortion restrictions
February 2466February 2466Open Source
March 2466March 2466State religion
April 2466September 2467Removal of the Treaty on international Justice
August 2466December 2466Food safety
August 2466December 2466Recycling progams
August 2466December 2466Foreign investments
November 2466December 2466Gambling restrictions
December 2466January 2467Pharmacy drugs cost
December 2466January 2467Safety for industry
December 2466January 2467National parks
April 2467November 2467Cabinet Proposal of April 2467
August 2467January 2468Safe lines
August 2467January 2468Youth safety
August 2467July 2468School reform
July 2468July 2468Religious symbols
May 2469May 2469Rouge States and their PoWs Bill
May 2469May 2469The Right to Die Act
May 2469September 2469Making School Choice Possible
June 2469June 2469Term Limits doing just that
November 2469November 2469Happy Zardugal - the new fireworks-bill
December 2469December 2469Clean energy
December 2469December 2469Cars incentives
December 2469December 2469TV regulation
December 2469December 2469Tax implementation
December 2469December 2469Food sales
December 2469December 2469Weapons export
June 2470January 2471.
June 2470January 2472State pension offer
January 2471January 2471Health system
January 2471January 2471Wage regulation
January 2471January 2471Pension System
January 2471January 2471Subsistence income
January 2471January 2471Health care
February 2471July 2471Phone services
February 2471July 2471Help in both way
February 2471July 2471Hunting regulations
February 2471July 2471Pharmaceutical drugs Research
February 2471July 2471No discrimination
February 2471July 2471Health and safety rules
February 2472February 2472Animal protection
May 2472November 2472Cabinet Proposal of May 2472
August 2472August 2472vaccinations for children
August 2472August 2472Human Cloning
January 2473June 2473Nuclear power plants
January 2473June 2473Marriage or civil unions
January 2473June 2473Gated communities
July 2473December 2473Falsehoods and defamatory opinions
July 2473December 2473Charter schools
July 2473December 2473Pollution restrictions
December 2473December 2473Offence against hate speeches
December 2473December 2473Firing striking workers policy
December 2473December 2473Passports to nationals
December 2473December 2473Religious advertising
December 2473December 2473Military/National Service
January 2474April 2474Public train service
March 2474January 2475Professional retirement age - Act. 1 / CP of UPZ
August 2474January 2475Recreational drug / CP of UPZ
January 2475January 2475CP / Clean energy
August 2475January 2476CP / Industrial operations
February 2476August 2476CP / Sexual Education in schools
February 2476August 2476CP / National Fire Department
February 2476August 2476CP / Industrial pollution standards
July 2476July 2476Parental-indipendent Education
August 2476August 2476CP / Eminent Domain compensation
August 2476August 2476CP / Farm size regulations
August 2476August 2476CP / Tree (re)planting.
October 2476October 2477Free Visa Act
March 2478June 2479Contraceptives - Discount
March 2478September 2480Energy Regulation - Help the poor
June 2478June 2479Health Bill
June 2478June 2479CP / Sports
June 2478June 2479CP / Fireworks shows
June 2478June 2479CP / Arms sales
August 2478March 2480Ratification of the Majatran Continent Treaty Organization (MCTO)
January 2479September 2480Animal Research
January 2479September 2480Drugs Bill
May 2479May 2479Cabinet Proposal of May 2479
October 2479October 2479Quite, I'm Privatizing: Health
December 2479February 2480Minimum Wage
December 2479September 2480Firearms
January 2480January 2480Call for early elections, January 2480
February 2480February 2480Cabinet Coalition
April 2480July 2480Free Internet
May 2480September 2480Patching up our Civil Rights
July 2480November 2480National Motto
August 2480August 2480Change of Capital
September 2480November 2480Budget proposal of September 2480
September 2480November 2480Income tax proposal of September 2480
November 2480November 2480Energy price regulation
November 2480November 2480Mandatory identity cards
December 2480December 2480The right to gamble
December 2480December 2480Cabinet Bill
December 2480December 2480Profit-independent media
December 2480February 2481Defence Industry
December 2480August 2481Forestry Agencies
December 2480August 2481Passports
December 2480October 2481nomenclature act
February 2481August 2481The use of weapons
April 2481January 2482Local Gambling Act
May 2481July 2481State-owned power grid
September 2481February 2482Museums and adoption
April 2482July 2483National Anthem
July 2482January 2483Death Penalty
October 2482March 2483Museums
February 2483February 2483Defence Industry
November 2483July 2484Scholarships
May 2484May 2484RALM / Pre-School education
January 2485January 2485Defence Industry Support
June 2485June 2485DWC ban
June 2485December 2486Health Offensive 1
June 2485December 2486Welfare Act 1
August 2486December 2486Standard testings
December 2487December 2487Energy
November 2488November 2488rent support
February 2490February 2490Food labelling
February 2490February 2490Abortion
February 2490February 2490Defense Industry
February 2490February 2490Alcohol
February 2490February 2490Food Ingredients
February 2490February 2490Convtroversial Ingredients
October 2490October 2491Bring Justice to the Workplace
July 2491October 2491Ratification of the Remember the Ladies!
March 2492February 2493Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
June 2492January 2493Establishment of a Reasonable Minimum Wage
July 2492November 2493Health service
August 2492February 2493Moderate Healthcare Reform
September 2492November 2493Citizen Protections for Communication and Energy
September 2492November 2493Energy supply validation
September 2492November 2493Take care of the cildren
September 2492November 2493Protection of endangered Animals
December 2492December 2492Defence
December 2492December 2492Food and beverage labeling
December 2492January 2493Gambling
February 2493November 2493Vendor License
February 2493November 2493Disclosure of Controversial Chemicals in Foods
May 2493May 2493Cabinet Proposal of May 2493
May 2493November 2493Robin Hood Act
May 2493November 2493Locomotive Liberation
August 2493November 2493Pharmacy Advancement
August 2493November 2493Housing Initiative
November 2493November 2493Child Salvation Plan
November 2493November 2493Locomotive Nationalization
November 2493November 2493Education reform
November 2493December 2493Religious Moderation Act
November 2493June 2494Administrative Reform
December 2493December 2493Firearm Protection Initiative
December 2493December 2493Disarmament Act
December 2493December 2493Rational Defence/Secure Future Act
December 2493December 2493Progressive Public Transport
December 2493June 2494New Housing Initiative
April 2494May 2494Civilian Protection Bill
May 2494May 2494Genuine Patriotism Act
June 2494June 2494Protectionism Initiative
October 2494October 2494The Socialist Dream
October 2494October 2494Save the Libraries
December 2494December 2494Protection of Correspondence Rights
December 2494December 2494People's Industry
December 2494December 2494Moderate Tax
December 2494December 2494Pollution prevention
December 2494December 2494State-run pension system offer
December 2494December 2494Taxation on religions
December 2494December 2494Saving the Children
December 2494December 2494Tree Replacement
February 2495February 2495Progressive Healthcare
February 2495February 2495Moderate Housing Initiative
April 2495April 2495Fireworks Act
April 2495April 2495Democracy in the Workplace
June 2495June 2495Minimum Wage Proposition
July 2495July 2495Minimum Wage
July 2495July 2495Open Doors Initiative
October 2495October 2495Media Liberation Package
October 2495October 2495Labelling Act
October 2495October 2495Expansion of Abortion Rights Bill
April 2496April 2496National Borders Bill
April 2496April 2496People's Right to Assemble
April 2496April 2496Compulsory Voting
April 2496April 2496Right to Water
April 2496April 2496Foreign Aid Act
May 2496May 2496Second Foreign Aid Act
June 2496June 2496Doctor Malpractice - Part 2
June 2496June 2496Second Protection of Children
June 2496June 2496Doctor Malpractice
June 2496June 2496Protection of Children
June 2496June 2496Defence Industries
June 2496June 2496Protection of the Children - Religious option
October 2496October 2496The Zardugali Population
December 2496December 2496Smoking ban in the workplace
February 2497February 2497Illegals
February 2497March 2498Rights of Aliens
June 2497February 2508Free TV
March 2498March 2498Universal Healthcare
March 2498March 2498Centralized Banking
March 2498March 2498Rational Luxury Tax
March 2498March 2498Rational Corporate Tax
March 2498March 2498Freedom of the Flag
March 2498March 2498No Coerced Patriotism Act
March 2498March 2498Clear Labelling
March 2498March 2498Chemical/GM Labelling Act
March 2498March 2498Reasonable Pollution Controls
November 2498November 2498Internationalism Act
November 2498November 2498Give Me Your Tired, Poor, and Huddled Masses
November 2498November 2498National Borders and Tourism Act
November 2498November 2498National Fire Department
November 2498November 2498Right to Strike
December 2498August 2499National Forestry Protection
December 2498August 2499National Park Service
June 2499August 2499End to Mass Destruction (Nuclear)
June 2499August 2499Secularism Now!
June 2499August 2499End to Mass Destruction (Chemical and Biological)
July 2499July 2499Energy Supply 3
July 2499July 2499Energy Supply
July 2499July 2499Strikes
July 2499July 2499Subsidising Contraception
August 2499August 2499Aid bill
August 2499August 2499Vaccination Bill
August 2499August 2499Medicine Bill
August 2499August 2499Call for early elections, August 2499
August 2499August 2499Animals in cosmetic research bill
September 2499March 2500POW's
November 2499November 2499Rational Warfare (Nuclear)
November 2499November 2499Rational Warfare (Chemical and Biological)
November 2499November 2499Military Service Act
November 2499November 2499An Educated State
November 2499November 2499Help for the Children
November 2499November 2499Illegal Action Against Foreign Nations Remains Illegal
December 2499December 2499Energy Regulation
December 2499December 2499Telephone Regulation
December 2499December 2499Pension System
June 2500June 2500Torture
June 2500June 2500Increase in the Luxury Tax
June 2500June 2500Ratification of the International Agreement on Climatre Protection
June 2500June 2500Balanced Industry
June 2500June 2500Expansion of the Minimum Wage
October 2500October 2500Charter School Revision
October 2500June 2502Subsidizing Pharmaceuticals
November 2500November 2500Independent Television
November 2500November 2500Independent Radio
March 2501March 2501Exoneration of Amy Fallon and Daniel Feterokov
May 2501May 2501End to Selective Embassies Act
May 2501May 2501Land Redistribution
May 2501May 2501Refugee Act
May 2501May 2501Foreign Aid Act
November 2501November 2501Relgious Schools
November 2501November 2501Religious Taxation
November 2501November 2501Industry and subsidies to industrial operations
November 2501November 2501The use of Nuclear Weapons
December 2501December 2501Telecommunications bill
December 2501December 2501Shelters bill
March 2502March 2502Call for early elections, March 2502
March 2502March 2502R. A-1: Economic Embargo of Gishoto
April 2502April 2502Firearm Ownership Act
April 2502April 2502Councils Act
May 2502May 2502Cannibalism & Necrophilia Act
June 2502June 2502People's Right to Assemble
June 2502June 2502Ratification of the International Agreement on Climatre Protection
June 2502June 2502Right to Water
June 2502June 2502No Man Left Behind
June 2502June 2502Hunting and Fishing Act
June 2502June 2502Expansion of Public Transport Funding
June 2502June 2502Protection of Children
June 2502June 2502Right to Confidential Correspondence
June 2502June 2502Freedom of Marriage Act
July 2502July 2502Intelligence Agency
August 2502August 2502End to Curfews
August 2502August 2502Farm Size Regulation Act
August 2502August 2502End to Gated Inequality
August 2502August 2502National Banks Act
October 2502November 2502Flag Desecration
October 2502November 2502Industrial Hemp
October 2502August 2503Cloning Of Human Beings
November 2502November 2502Nuclear Weapons
November 2502November 2502Child Benefits
November 2502November 2502Eminent Domain
November 2502November 2502Open Borders 2
November 2502November 2502Open Borders 1
November 2502November 2502Trade Union Strike Ballots
January 2503July 2503Helping Hands Act
February 2503July 2503Ratification of the International Agreement on Climatre Protection
February 2503August 2503Limited Copyrights Act
May 2503August 2503Smoking
May 2503August 2503Collectivization
August 2503August 2503Right to Private Correspondence
September 2503February 2508ILLEGALS
October 2503November 2504Right To Bear Arms
February 2504February 2504National Defense
February 2504February 2504End to Black Ops
February 2504February 2504End to Secondhand Smoking Deaths
February 2504February 2504End to Barbaric Child Labor
February 2504February 2504Right to Choose
February 2504February 2504No First Use Policy
March 2504December 2504Religious Advertising
April 2504January 2505Ratification of the International Agreement on Climatre Protection
April 2504February 2505Maritial Law
April 2504February 2506Quotas
April 2504February 2508Extradition
June 2504February 2505Libraries
July 2504February 2505Sex Ed
November 2504December 2504Cabinet Proposal of November 2504
June 2505August 2506Income tax proposal of June 2505
June 2505August 2506Budget proposal of June 2505
September 2505September 2505Democratic Workplaces
September 2505September 2505A New Era, A New Directory
October 2505October 2505Ratification of the Ban on Land Mines
October 2505April 2506Ratification of the ABC Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty
October 2505December 2510A New Era, A New Head Of State
November 2505November 2505Have A Cup Of Cheer
November 2505April 2506Counterintelligence
December 2505December 2505Fourth Federalism Act
December 2505December 2505Third Federalism Act
December 2505December 2505Second Federalism Act
January 2506January 2506Condemnation of kidnappings
August 2507August 2507Amendment
August 2507February 2508Treaty
October 2507October 2507Voluntary Education
October 2507October 2507Video Games
October 2507October 2507Sexy TV
October 2507October 2507Higher Education
October 2507October 2510Ratification of the Ban on Land Mines
July 2508April 2509Divorce
September 2508November 2510Withdrawal from the GHFT Agreement
September 2508November 2510People's Right to Regulate Remuneration
September 2508November 2510Open Borders Act
September 2508November 2510End to Selective National Recognition
September 2508November 2510Right to Private Correspondence
January 2509April 2509Cabinet Proposal of January 2509
January 2509April 2509Cabinet Proposal of January 2509
March 2509November 2510Cabinet Proposal of March 2509
January 2510March 2510MAYORS
February 2510May 2510NBC weapons bill
February 2510May 2510International media bill
February 2510May 2510Citizenship bill
February 2510May 2510Radio and television bill
February 2510May 2510Police firearms bill
February 2510May 2510Strike regulation bill
February 2510May 2510Adoption bill
February 2510May 2510Complete smoking ban
February 2510May 2510Hunting & fishing bill
February 2510May 2510Recreational drug use bill
February 2510May 2510Monuments bill..
February 2511February 2511Ecology Revolution
February 2511February 2511Tid Bits
February 2511February 2511Military Compact
August 2511August 2511Hate
May 2512May 2512Democratization Act
May 2512May 2512Ratification of the Entente For The Interdiction Of Nascent Neo-Fascism
July 2512July 2512Keepin' It Sexy Act
July 2512July 2512Budget proposal of July 2512
July 2512July 2512Income tax proposal of July 2512
July 2512April 2513Forest protection?
July 2512August 2513Various Reforms
August 2512March 2513Term Length
October 2512March 2513Ratification of the Legalize It!
November 2512April 2513Army bill 4
November 2512April 2513Army bill 3
January 2513March 2513Bill 340578340
April 2513April 2513Cabinet Proposal of April 2513
May 2513May 2513Sodomy Laws
May 2513July 2513Equality
May 2513July 2513Gezondheid
May 2513July 2513Bankroet
June 2513June 2513First Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251325th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Fourteenth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251319th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251324th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Sixth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251343rd Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251335th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251323rd Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Fourth Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251317th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251316th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251320th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 251315th Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513June 2513Second Saiser Decree of 2513
June 2513July 2513Foreign Policy
June 2513July 2513Prostitution
June 2513September 251344th Saiser Decree of 2513
July 2513July 2513Source for everyone
July 2513July 2513Motion to dismiss: Bill 340578340
July 2513July 2513Post & house
August 2513September 2513Saiser League
October 2513October 2513Silver Star Of Illumination
November 2513November 2513Market
November 2513November 2513bill
December 2513December 2513Foreign Policy Act IV of 2513
December 2513December 2513Foreign Policy Act II of 2513
December 2513December 2513Call for early elections, December 2513
December 2513December 2513Foreign Policy Act III of 2513
December 2513December 2513Silver Star Of Illumination - Addendum
December 2513December 2513Foreign Policy Act V of 2513
December 2513December 2513Foreign Policy Act I of 2513
December 2513December 2513uni?
January 2514January 2514a
May 2514May 2514Work
May 2514May 2514Work
May 2514May 2514Work
May 2514May 2514Work
June 2514June 2514test
July 2514July 2514local gouvernement
July 2514July 2514bill 2
July 2514July 2514Army bill 8
November 2514December 2514Faith Act III of 2514
December 2514December 2514Faith Act V of 2514
December 2514December 2514Faith Act IV of 2514
April 2515April 2515Foreign
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-ninth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the eighteenth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-first Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the seventh Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-eighth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirteenth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the fourty-seventh Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirtieth Saiserist decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the fifth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-seventh Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the twelfth Sasierist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the twenty-ninth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the third Saiserist decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of Communist slavery legislation
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-sixth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the eleventh Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the twenty-eighth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515End corporal punishment
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-fourth Saiserist Decree Pt. 2
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the tenth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the fourty-first Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the twenty-second Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the fourty-ninth Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-fourth Saiserist Decree Pt. 1
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the ninth Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the twenty-first Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the thirty-second Saiserist Decree
May 2515May 2515Repeal of the eighth Saiserist Decree
May 2515October 2515Repeal of the fourty-eighth Saiserist Degree
May 2515October 2515Repeal of the fourty-fifth Saiserist Decree
May 2515October 2515Repeal of the fourty-second Saiserist Decree
May 2515October 2515Repeal of the fourtieth Sasierist Decree
May 2515October 2515Repeal of the fourty-eighth Saiserist Degree
June 2515June 2515Loyalty to the State is Rewarded
June 2515June 2515religion 2
June 2515June 2515End to Rebellious Counterrevolutionary Kulaks
June 2515June 2515religion
June 2515June 2515Friends from outside
June 2515June 2515Religion 3
July 2515July 2515Silver Star Of Illumination
July 2515July 2515Cabinet Proposal of July 2515
July 2515July 2515Free market
July 2515July 2515Call for early elections, July 2515
January 2516January 2516stop regulation
January 2516January 2516Local freedom
February 2516March 2516In favor of the rights of the person
June 2516June 2516Free market
May 2517May 2517Economic Programme VI
June 2517June 2517Forest protection bill
June 2517June 2517Nuclear warfare bill
June 2517June 2517Forest protection bill
June 2517June 2517Nuclear weapons bill
June 2517June 2517Radio bill
June 2517June 2517Ban of corporal punishment
June 2517June 2517Police weaponry
June 2517June 2517Death Penalty bill
June 2517June 2517POW bill
August 2517August 2517Seperation of the police and military
February 2518February 2518Withdrawal from the World Cup
February 2518February 2518Administrative Changes
February 2518February 2518Police and the Military
November 2518October 2575Change some things
May 2519May 2519health freedom
May 2519May 2519police freedom
May 2519May 2519freedom
May 2519May 2519economic freedom
May 2520May 2520PFLF Bill
June 2520June 2520PFLF Bill 2
June 2521June 2521post freedom
June 2521June 2521Freedom
July 2521July 2521City in Kalvere
October 2521May 2523PFLF Bill 3
November 2521November 2521National Sport
December 2521December 2521federation
December 2521April 2522Renaming Things.
April 2522April 25222nd Saiserist Decree on Civil Rights of 2522
April 2522April 25221st Saiserist Decree on Civil Rights of 2522
April 2522April 25222nd Saiserist Decree on Foreign Policy of 2522
April 2522April 25221st Saiserist Decree on Foreign Policy of 2522
April 2522April 2522Praise the Gods!
April 2522April 2522Saiserist 2nd Decree on Militarism of 2522
April 2522April 2522Saiserist 1st Decree on Militarism of 2522
May 2522May 2522Return to the Monarchy.
May 2522May 2522New Proposals
May 2522May 2522Cabinets.
November 2522November 2522Foreign Policy 2
November 2522November 2522Foreign Policy
January 2523January 2523Length of the legislative term
January 2523January 2523Retirement Age
January 2523April 2523Protection of Fish Stocks bill
February 2523February 2523True Freedom
August 2523August 2523Condemnation of the Rald Party
October 2523October 2523Free media
November 2523November 2523market
January 2524January 2524Education
May 2524May 2524A New Cult Bill.
July 2524July 2524Call for early elections, July 2524
November 2524June 2525Military Bill
November 2524June 2525Council Bill.
December 2524June 2525Saiserist Decree: Universal Organ Availability
December 2524July 2525Televised material
May 2525November 2527Elected Leader of the Federation is (insert expletive here) Bill.
October 2526October 2526End of Slavery part 1
October 2526October 2526Ban of Weapons of Mass Destruction
October 2526October 2526End of Slavery part 2
November 2526November 2526Cultist Bill.
January 2527March 2527New Flag
February 2527February 2527Saiserist Decree of 2526: Euthanasial Purges
February 2527February 2527Saiserist Decree of 2526: Corporate Tax Reform
May 2527November 2527Cavalier Flag Proposal V
May 2527May 2528Cavalier Flag Proposal III
May 2527August 2530King's Colours
July 2527July 2527End to slavery
July 2527July 2527Budget proposal of July 2527
July 2527July 2527Income tax proposal of July 2527
August 2527August 2527Weapons of Mass Destruction bill
October 2527October 2527Luxury Tax Adjustment
November 2527November 2527Saiserist Decree of 2527: Statist Industry
November 2527November 2527Saiserist Decree of 2527: State Healthcare
November 2527November 2527Devolution of Health Responsibilities
April 2528April 2528Health freedom
April 2528April 2528Military economic freedom
June 2528June 2528End to slavery
June 2528January 2530Renaming of certain government institutions (updated, let me know what you think)
July 2528December 2529Titles of the Great Officers of State and of the Legislature
January 2529June 2529Flag Proposal
May 2529May 2529Religion Bill.
May 2529June 2529Grand Bill of the Empire.
June 2529June 2529Saiserist Decree of 2529: End Heretical Religious Taxation
June 2529June 2529Cabinet Proposal of June 2529
October 2529February 2530Drug abuse bill
October 2529February 2530POW bill
November 2529November 2529Renewable energies
November 2529November 2529The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman.
November 2529November 2529National Cultural and Historic sites
November 2529November 2529Government Aid
November 2529November 2529The government's policy concerning the export of weapons to other nations.
November 2529November 2529National TV
November 2529November 2529Slavery
November 2529November 2529National Radio
November 2529November 2529Population control
November 2529November 2529Against Child Labour
November 2529November 2529Desecration of the National Flag
November 2529November 2529The recreational drug policy.
November 2529November 2529Weapon concealment
November 2529November 2529Food Safety policy.
November 2529November 2529Commercial fishing
December 2529December 2529Saiserist Decree of 2530: Swift Justice
December 2529December 2529Saiserist Decree of 2530: Assembly Restrictions
December 2529December 2529Saiserist Decree of 2530: Enhanced Interrogations
December 2529December 2529Saiserist Decree of 2530: Correspondence Monitoring
December 2529December 2529Saiserist Decree of 2530: Domestic Monitoring
December 2529December 2529Saiserist Decree of 2530: Death Penalty
January 2530January 2530Saiserist Decree of 2530: National Curfew
January 2530January 2530Saiserist Decree of 2530: Withdraw from Restrictive Treaties
April 2530April 2530Cultist Bill 2530.
April 2530April 2530Move With The Times Bill.
April 2530April 2530Fourth Cultist Bill 2530
April 2530April 2530Third Cultist Bill 2530
April 2530April 2530Second Cultist Bill 2530
November 2530November 2530Head of State and Head of Government.
April 2531April 2531Cultist Bill 2531. Wartime Needs
April 2531October 2575why a new flag?
October 2531October 25312nd Cultist Bill: October 2531
October 2531October 2531Cultist Bill: October 2531
April 2532April 2532Industrial hemp.
June 2532June 2532Cultist Bill 2532
December 2532May 2533Military Service
June 2533June 2533Cabinet Proposal of June 2533
July 2533July 2533Media Reform
July 2533July 2533Against Child Labour
November 2533November 2533health freedom
December 2533January 2534War Time Act
January 2534January 2534Zardugalism
February 2534February 2534Cabinet Proposal of February 2534
October 2534October 2534Education
June 2535June 2535Adoption bill
August 2535December 2535Zardugali Rights
July 2536July 2536Industrial Freedom
October 2536October 2536Alcoholic
December 2536April 2537Pollution bill
December 2536April 2537Protection of our nation's fish stocks
December 2536April 2537Gambling bill
December 2536April 2537Advertising bill
December 2536April 2537Ban of the usage of animals for cosmetic testing
December 2536July 2537End of Slavery bill
January 2538January 2538New Freedoms
May 2538May 2538Saiserist Decree: Euthanasia for the Strength of the State
May 2538May 2538Saiserist Decree: Segregation
May 2538May 2538Saiserist Decree: Universal Organ Donation
October 2538October 2538Saiserist Decree of 2538: War Justice
October 2538October 2538Saiserist Decree of 2538: Military Rule
October 2538May 2540Saiserist Decree of 2538: Reform of Composition of the Armed Forces
November 2539November 2539bill
May 2540May 2540devolution bill
August 2540August 2540Cabinet Proposal of August 2540
November 2540November 2540Energy regulation
November 2540November 2540Establishment of a public health system
November 2540November 2540Provision of adoption rights to homosexuals
November 2540November 2540Providing for a minimum wage
April 2541April 2541Saiserist Decree of 2541: Reinstate Slavery
May 2541May 2541Saiserist Decree of 2541: Religious Schooling
May 2541May 2541Saiserist Decree of 2541: Zardugalism
May 2541May 2541Saiserist Decree of 2541: Banning Smoking
May 2541May 2541Saiserist Decree of 2541: Banning Drugs
May 2541May 2541Refusing De-Militarization
May 2541May 2541Saiserist Decree of 2541: Reasonable Interracialism
November 2541November 2541Withdraw from the Freedom of Speech Treaty
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 4
December 2541December 2541Education bill 1
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 10
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 9
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 7
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 6
December 2541December 2541Health care bill 5
January 2542January 2542University education bill
January 2542January 2542Housing bill
January 2542January 2542NBC weapons disarmament bill
January 2542January 2542Post office regulation bill
September 2542September 2542Saiserist Decree of 2542: Rewriting History
October 2543October 2543Riot Act
February 2544April 2544Food labelling regulation bill
February 2544April 2544Regulation of the sale of alcoholic products
February 2545February 2545a
January 2548January 2548Act 29144-T119
April 2548November 2548Income tax proposal of April 2548
April 2548October 2575Budget proposal of April 2548
November 2548November 2548Cavalier Education Programme
November 2548November 2548Cavalier Justice Act 2548
November 2548November 2548Curfew Act
November 2548November 2548Women in the Military Act
November 2548November 2548Citizenship Act
May 2551September 2551Industry Recycling Should Be Mandated
May 2551September 2551Health and Safety Regulations
March 2553March 2553Education for the Disadvantaged
March 2553March 25532553 Conservation Act
April 2553April 2553Food Information Act of 2553
May 2553May 2553Health Care for the Underprivilidged
May 2553May 2553Industrial Freedom Act of 2253
September 2553September 2553Waste Disposal Regulation
September 2553September 2553Vehicle Efficiency Act of 2553
October 2553October 2553Adoption Reform Act of 2553
October 2553October 2553Free Expression Act of 2553
May 2554May 2554Riot Act 2554
April 2555September 2555Energy Regulation Act of 2555
April 2555September 2555POW Act of 2555
April 2555September 2555Nuclear Disarmament Act of 2555
April 2555September 2555Military Anti-Discrimination Act of 2555
April 2555September 2555Ban of the Use of Biological and Chemcial Weapons
April 2555September 2555Military Nuclear Weapons Ban 2555
April 2555September 2555Anti-Biological and Chemical Weapons Act of 2555
September 2555September 2555Labor Relations Act of 2555
September 2555September 2555Recreational Drug Act of 2555
September 2555September 2555Prescription Drug Act of 2555
March 2556March 2556Telephone Service Act of 2556
March 2556March 2556Health and Safety Act of 2556
March 2556March 2556Death Penalty Act of 2556
April 2557April 2557Waste Disposal Act of 2557
April 2558April 2558Raising the Retirement Age
April 2558April 2558Imposition of regulation regarding the sale of tobacco
April 2558April 2558Imposition of regulation regarding alcohol
November 2558November 2558Endangered Animals...
November 2558November 2558Quota system for commercial fishing
November 2558November 2558Gun Laws!
November 2558November 2558Child Benefit!
November 2558November 2558Public pensions!
November 2558December 2558Pollution Guidelines
May 2559August 2559Population Control Act.
May 2559September 2559abortion
May 2559September 2559Income tax proposal of May 2559
September 2559September 2559Fireworks Act
September 2559September 2559Cavalier Abortion Act
September 2559September 2559Extradition Act
September 2559September 2559Women in the Military Act
September 2559September 2559Hiring Policy
September 2559September 2559Military Act
September 2559September 2559Minimum Wage Policy
September 2559September 2559Local Government Act
September 2559September 2559General Economic Policy
September 2559September 2559Naturalisation Act
September 2559September 2559Gambling Act
October 2559October 2559Marriage Act
October 2559October 2559The Flag Act 2559.
February 2560February 2560Cabinet Proposal of February 2560
March 2560March 2560Illegal alien bill
March 2560March 2560Prayer in schools.
March 2560March 2560Adoption bill
March 2560March 2560Ban of hate speech
April 2560April 2560Naked as the day you were born!
June 2560June 2560Call for early elections, June 2560
June 2561June 2561Act E9291a-32Jk6701
June 2561June 2561Act for the Making of Great State
July 2561July 2561Act V-102Yz34
July 2561July 2561Act OA-1010431AT
November 2562November 2562Food labelling
November 2562November 2562Provision of contraceptives
November 2562November 2562Subsidisation of medicine for the poor
August 2563August 2563Energy regulation bill
August 2563August 2563Phone service regulation
August 2563August 2563Arms sales bill
August 2563August 2563Safeguarding striking workers
September 2563October 2563Cabinet Proposal of September 2563
November 2565November 2565Cabinet Proposal of November 2565
March 2566March 2566Call for early elections, March 2566
September 2567September 2567education
September 2567September 2567Taxation of Religions Act 2567.
September 2567September 2567Cabinet Proposal of September 2567
December 2567December 2567Citizenship Act 2567
December 2567December 2567Agricultural Act
December 2567December 2567Gun Ownership Act
December 2567December 2567Population Growth Act
December 2567December 2567Slander Law Reform Act
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Ensuring Zardugali Purity
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Fighting the Homosexual Scourge (Military)
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Fighting the Homosexual Scourge (Domestic)
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Sounder Mayoral Policy
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Concentration of Power
March 2568March 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Re-establishing Dominance over Zardugali Subhumans
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Guaranteeing Telecommunications as a Basic Right
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Taking Action Regarding Zardugali Museums
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Reviving Founding Moral Values
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Ensuring Zardugali Purity (Scholastic)
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Right to Speedy Justice
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Guaranteeing Healthcare as a Basic Right
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Promoting Children's Development and Work Ethic
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Zardugalism
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Deterring Rampant Capitalism and Exploitation
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Making Sure the Trains Run on Time
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Purifying and Unifying Media Outlets
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Guaranteeing Electricity as a Basic Right
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Reaffirming the Saiser's Commitment to Collectivization
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Ending the Abortion Menace
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Banking Centralization and Nationalization
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Providing Housing for the Noble People of Zardugal
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Striking Law Revision
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Guaranteeing Retirement as a Basic Right
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Keeping Zardugal Safe at Night
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Protecting Zardugali Morality
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Collectivization
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Creation of a Zardugali Postal Service
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Basic Film Restrictions
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Ending Interracial Immorality and Sexual Defilement
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Safety Concerns Regarding Public Assembly
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Saving Lives Via Universal Organ Availability
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Taking Moderate Steps to Secure Zardugal's Power Grid
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Revising History for Contemporary Needs
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Promoting Patriotism
April 2568April 2568Failing Business Policy Act
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Zardugalis for Zardugal
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Purging the State of Parasitical Demographics
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Maintaining Zardugal's Proud Infrastructure
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Promoting Moral Attire
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Ensuring Zardugali Innocence
April 2568April 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Right to Fair Justice
July 2568July 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Closing the Gates to Defectors and the Barbarian Hordes
August 2568August 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: State Defense
October 2568October 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Dealing Justice to Enemies of the Zardugali Nation
October 2568October 2568Saiserist Decree of 2568: Regimenting the Police for the Safety of Common Zardugalis
February 2569February 2569Saiserist Decree of 2568: Equipping Our National Domestic Guardians with the Equipment Necessary
February 2569February 2569Saiserist Decree of 2568: Re-introducing National Service
February 2569February 2569Saiserist Decree of 2568: Re-affirming Zardugal's National Defense Policy
July 2569July 2569Saiserist Decree of 2568: Purging the Military of Saboteurs and Wreckers
July 2569July 2569Saiserist Decree of 2569: Promoting Development Within Zardugal
July 2569July 2569Saiserist Decree of 2569: Granting the State the Power to Protect Innocent Zardugalis
July 2569July 2569Saiserist Decree of 2569: Purging the Workforce of Saboteurs and Wreckers
August 2569August 2569Saiserist Decree of 2569: Promoting a Strategic and Progressive Agricultural Initiative
February 2570February 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Making an Ecological and Social Stand
February 2570February 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Endeavoring to Prevent Environmentalist Excesses
February 2570February 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Striving Towards Environmental Harmony
February 2570February 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Striving for Continued Progress in the Energy Industry
April 2570April 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Granting Zardugal's Protectors the Freedom Necessary to Protect Our Security
May 2570May 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Supporting an Energy Initiative to Better the Common Zardugali Populace
May 2570November 2570SilverPride Act
August 2570August 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Releasing Petty Governmental Restrictions to Ensure Prosperity and Development Throughout Zardugal
August 2570August 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Endorsing Faith in Scholastic Environments
October 2570October 2570Saiserist Decree of 2570: Supporting the Sports Common Zardugalis So Adore
August 2571August 2571Saiserist Decree of 2570: Allowing People the Freedom to Dress Within Moral Attire along Moral Codes
August 2571August 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Prohibiting a Source of Gross Immorality
August 2571August 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Moderate Reformations for the Betterment of the Cinematic Industry
August 2571September 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Increasing State Involvement in Affairs of Faith
September 2571September 2571Call for early elections, September 2571
October 2571October 2571Saiserist Decree of 2571: Attending to Decency in an Oft-Overlooked Minor Technical Detail
January 2572January 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Keeping the Lives of Our Innocent Children Pure
January 2572January 2572Independent Media Market Initiative
January 2572January 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Shutting Down Economical Aspects Harmful to the Common Zardugali
January 2572January 2572Focus on the Family Act of 2572
January 2572January 2572N.F.P. Ecological Dossier of 2572
July 2572July 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Bringing the Quality of Zardugali Language and Returning It to Its Zenith
October 2572October 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Enforcing Traditional Ethics in an Abhorrent Aspect of the Zardugali Populace and Securing a Better Existence For Our Innocent Children
October 2572October 2572Saiserist Decree of 2572: Our Faith Is Our Strength, SO Vote For Faith
January 2573January 2573Undue Influence of Organized Labor in the Markets
February 2573February 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Guranteeing the Average Zardugali's Right to Speedy Justice
February 2573February 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Guranteeing the Average Zardugali's Right to Fair Justice
July 2573July 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Getting Our Media To Promote Wholesome, Heatwarming Content to Help Revive Zardugali Pride and Happiness
October 2573October 2573Saiserist Decree of 2573: Acting On Behalf of Zardugali's Populace with Regards to New Innovations as Well As Curbing Reckless Innvation, Invention and Discovery
March 2574March 2574Urgent Healthcare Reform
March 2574March 2574Incentives in Transportation Act
March 2574March 2574Abolition of the Slave Trade in the Federation of Zarduga
March 2574March 2574Military Centralization Act
July 2574July 2574Saiserist Decree of 2574: Completing the Circle and Attaining Pure Statism
November 2574November 2574Call for early elections, November 2574
December 2574December 2574N.F.C.Z. Military Adjustment Act of 2574
December 2574December 2574Logic and Reason in Citizenship Act
January 2575August 2575Higher Education Tuition Policy Adjustment
November 2575November 2575Legality of smoking
November 2575November 2575Supply of contraceptives bill
November 2575November 2575Legality of immigration
November 2575November 2575To allow homosexuality in the military
November 2575November 2575Illegals bill
November 2575November 2575End of the death penalty
November 2575November 2575Sales tax on essential goods
November 2575November 2575Corporation tax bill
February 2576February 2576Electricity Supply
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Bringing Discipline Back into the Scholastic Environment
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Bringing Faith Back into the Scholastic Environment
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Enacting Agricultural Collectivization for the Betterment of the Zardugali People
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Putting the Women of Zardugal Back in Their Traditional Place (Military)
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Enacting Industrial Collectivization for the Betterment of the Zardugali People
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Putting the Women of Zardugal Back in Their Traditional Place
April 2576April 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Rectifying a Gross Injustice Concerning Working Hours
May 2576May 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Advocating a Reasonable and Rational Stance on Retirement and Pension Welfare
August 2576August 2576Saiserist Decree of 2567: Further a Rational and Reasonable Policy Concerning Seniors and the Disabled and Eauthanasia Possibilities
September 2576September 2576Saiserist Decree of 2576: Improving our National Media Content to Better Suit the Needs of the Common Zardugali People
September 2576September 2576Workplace Reform
September 2576September 2576Saiserist Decre of 2576: Granting Freedom to Common Zardugalis in Terms of Animals
October 2576October 2576Local Freedom
December 2576December 2576Increase the Number of Seats in the National Directory
February 2577February 2577Ratification of the Basic Subsistence Treaty
February 2577February 2577End to discrimination against homosexual couples
February 2577February 2577Regulation of the waste industry
February 2577February 2577Healthcare Reform
February 2577February 2577Ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
February 2577February 2577Ratification of the Remember the Ladies!
February 2577February 2577Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
March 2577March 2577Limitation of Exportation of Munitions
March 2577March 2577Civil Protection Devolution
July 2577July 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Equipping our Domestic Guardians with the Necessary Equipment
July 2577July 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Giving Faith Back to the Common Zardugali
July 2577July 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Making Basic Reforms in the Energy Industry
August 2577August 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Trampling Oppressive Capitalism into the Dust
August 2577August 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Bringing the the Fishing and Whling Issues to Heel
August 2577August 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Hitting the Environmental Issue on the Head
September 2577September 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Putting Faith Back into the School System
October 2577October 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Housing Collectivization
October 2577October 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Industrial Collectivization
October 2577October 2577Saiserist Decree of 2577: Accepting a Rational Stance on International Aid
December 2577December 2577N.F.C. Policy Initiative on Funding and Development of Higher Education
December 2577December 2577Illegal Imigration Reform
June 2578June 2578Parental Rights Act of 2578
July 2578July 2578Saiserist Decree of 2578: Modernizing the Park System for the Betterment of All
July 2578July 2578Saiserist Decree of 2578: Creating a New Retirment System for a New Era
July 2578July 2578Saiserist Decree of 2578: Statist Industry
July 2578July 2578Saiserist Decree of 2578: Statist Agriculture
July 2578July 2578Saiserist Decree of 2578: Zardugalis for Zardugal
August 2578August 2578N.F.C. Initiative 1042
August 2578August 2578Stop Regulations
August 2578August 2578N.F.C. Public Educational Testing Adjustment of 2578
August 2578August 2578Saiserist Decree of 2578: Creating a Proper, Rational Legal System to Ensure a Brighter Future for Zardugalis from All Walks of Life
August 2578August 2578freedom for everyone
August 2578August 2578Local Freedom
September 2578September 2578Military Adjustment Act of 2578
September 2578September 2578Devolution of Forest Protection
December 2578December 2578N.F.C. Initiative 1054
December 2578December 2578N.F.C. Initiative 1052
December 2578December 2578A More Lax Attitude to Tree Replantation Act
December 2578December 2578Pre-School Education Reform
February 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Ending a Vile Sin and Restoring Purity to Zardugal
September 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Making Essential Changes in the Policy of Governmental Purchases so as to Improve the Lot and Life of all the Many Good, Hardoworking Common Peoples Throughout the Great Land
September 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Infrasturctural Reforms Regarding Public Transport for the Betterment of All Peoples
September 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Adopting a Reasonable, Progressive Governmental Stance on Alternative and Renewable Fuel Sources
September 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Putting Basic Requirements for the Safety and Freedom of Common Zardugalis
September 2579March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Reforming the Agricultural System to Assist the Salt-of-the-Earth Zardugali Farmer in Defiance of the Wishes of Elitist Liberals and Democrats
September 2579March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Improving the Software Experience of All Zardugali Peoples Through Crucial Yet Moderate Reforms in the Source Code of Said Software so as to Ensure a Better Livelihood
September 2579June 2580Fair Represenataion Act
October 2579February 2580Education bill
October 2579February 2580Saiserist Decree of 2579: Creating a State Stance on a Core Economics Issue So as to Better the Lives of All Zardugalis, Large and Small, Middle-Class and Poor
February 2580February 2580N.F.C. Initiative 2052
February 2580February 2580Agricultural Subsidy Reform
February 2580February 2580Cabinet Proposal of February 2580
February 2580February 2580N.F.C. Initiative 2057
February 2580February 2580N.F.C. Initiative 2056
February 2580February 2580N.F.C. Initiative 2055
February 2580February 2580N.F.C. Initiative 2054
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Isolationism in Emigration
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Isolationism in Immigration
March 2580March 2580Federal Tuition Abolition Act
March 2580March 2580N.F.C. Initiative 1054
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Collectivized Housing
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Collectivized Agriculture
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Collectivized Energy
March 2580March 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Collectivized Industry
May 2580May 2580Election bill
June 2580June 2580Adjustment to Nuclear Weapons Protocols
June 2580June 2580Focus on the Family Act of 2580
August 2580August 2580Saiserist Decree of 2580: Improving the Televisual Content so that All Zardugalis may Benefit from the Best that Zardugal Might Offer By Means of Televisual Programming For a more Patriotic Media Envi
February 2581February 2581Freedom bill
March 2581March 2581Saiserist Decree of 2581: Withdrawal from Interpol
March 2581March 2581Saiserist Decree of 2581: Cessation of the Frivolous Dispensation of Hard-Earned ZARs on Wastes Built Merely to Protect Heinous Nature at the Expense of the Common Zardugali
March 2581March 2581Saiserist League: Fighting Against the Menace of Nature
September 2581September 2581Saiserist Decree of 2581: Reforming the Court System for the Betterment of Zardugal and All Zardugalis
September 2581September 2581Saiserist Decree of 2581: Reforming the Current National Position Regarding Automobiles
January 2582January 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Recognizing Foreign Infiltration for the Debauchery It Be; and Withholding Them the Prize of Our Nation, and Melting Down Their National Bells to Form Artillery Subsequently
January 2582January 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Casting Down the Specter that Haunts Zardugal and Threatens to Rend it Asunder from Within Through Methods and Plots Most Vile and Foul, Namely the Scourge of Industrial Hemp
January 2582January 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Collectivizing the Stock Market
April 2582April 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Making Reformations in the Gravest of Sentences So That it Might Facilitate a New Understanding of the Nature of Law and Justice and Ensure a Fairer System of Justice for All
April 2582April 2582SDP Act-5m343c
April 2582April 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Keeping the Promise to the Common Zardugali that They Shall Be Allowed to Be of the Greatest Possible Use to Their Noble Nation of Zardugal By Whatever Means Are Fitting
April 2582April 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Ensuring a Retirement System that Guarantees Complete Satisfaction and Full Possible Utilization of All the Proud Individuals of Zardugal and Free Them From Liberal Tyranny
May 2582August 2582Ending the foolish practice of allowing enemy nations to legally acquire top-grade Zardugali military technology
July 2582July 2582Equal Representation Act
July 2582July 2582International Weaponry Armament Adjustment
July 2582July 2582Hunting Policy Adjustment
July 2582July 2582Forest Management Policy Adjustment
July 2582August 2582Refugee Policy Adjustment Act of 2582
August 2582August 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Outlawing Parks and Dismantling the Greenbelt That Actively Steals Food From Your Mouth In the Interest of Petty Pathetic Animals on Superficial Grounds of "Endangerment
August 2582August 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Making a Stand On a Vital Issue and Thus Ensuring That Zardugalis Learn the Moral Lesson That Blind Luck is Well Rewarded
August 2582August 2582Saiserist Decree of 2582: Reintroducing National Service to Zardugal
September 2582September 2582N.F.C. Initiative 1001
September 2582September 2582N.F.C. Policy Adjustment on Devolution of Funds to Province Museums
September 2582September 2582Deregulation of the Food Sales Industry
September 2582February 2583Policy Clarification Adjustment on Behalf of the F.R.P.
September 2582March 2583Ministry of Finance Agenda of 2582; Economic Crisis Act
January 2583January 2583Saiserist Decre of 2583: Establishing a Righteous Stance on DNA Accumulation
January 2583January 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Affirming Education as a Basic Right, for all People of Zardugal have the Right to Absorb what the State Teaches
February 2583February 2583Local Power
February 2583February 2583Freedom of the Media Act of 2583
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Reforming the Laws Concerning Foreign Investments in Domestic Markets
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Torture is Back, with Even More Blood!
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Improving Our System of Interrogations
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: A Proud Return to the Golden Days
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Purifying our Military
April 2583April 2583Saiserist Decree of 2583: Kill the Elderly
August 2583August 2583Cabinet Proposal of August 2583
January 2584January 2584Cabinet Proposal of January 2584
February 2584August 2584Ratification of the Majatran Continent Treaty Organization (MCTO)
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Stock Market
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing Public Transport
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing Industry
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Agricultural Sector
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Reviving the Zardugali Labor Market
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Housing Market
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Reintroducing National Service
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Healthcare Industry
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Energy Industry
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Banking Industry
May 2584May 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Collectivizing the Postal Service
July 2584July 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: The Needs of The Individual are Subordinate to the Needs of The State
July 2584July 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Treating the Foes of the Zardugali Nation in the Manner They Merit
July 2584July 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Strengthening the Grand Zardugali Armed Forces
July 2584July 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Promoting Civil Defense
August 2584August 2584Saiserist Decree of 2584: Striving Towards a Coherent Policy Concerning National Defense
August 2584August 2584Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
August 2584August 2584F.R.P. Act of August 2584
December 2584December 2584Owners' Rights Act
May 2585May 2585Centralization of the Stock Market Act of 2585
May 2585May 2585Equal Representation Act of 2585
May 2585May 2585International Image Adjustment Act of 2585
May 2585May 2585Adjustment to Use of Nuclear Weapons
May 2585May 2585Use of Biological and Chemical Weapons Adjustment Act
June 2585June 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Banning the Alcohol Vice
June 2585June 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Banning the Smoking Vice
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Restoring the Faith of Zardugal through Schooling
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Restoring the Faith of Zadugal through Prayer
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Classifying the Citizenry in Proper Fashion
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Restoring the Faith of Zardugal
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Rectifying a Clear Error in Determining Nationality
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Modernizing the Fire Department
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Adopting a Policy to Ensure Safety and Security to All Zardugalis
July 2585July 2585Making the Directorate Something more Manageable
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Restoring the Faith of Zardugal through Attire
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Restoring the Faith of Zardugal by Reforming Policy Concerning Foreign Missionaries
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Reforming the Energy Grid to Suit the Needs of a Modern Zardugal
July 2585July 2585Saiserist Decree of 2585: Restoring the Faith of Zardugal through Alternative Taxation
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Purging the Military of Immoral Human Beings
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Eliminating a Proud Specimen of Capitalist Scholastic Infiltration
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Purging the Military of Unsavory Demographics
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Keeping the Streets Safe
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Withdraw from a Treaty that Has No Bearing On Us
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Improving the Working Lot of the Average Citizen
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Accepting a Modern, Progressive Policy on Agricultural Usage to Lead Zardugal Into the Bright Future
February 2586February 2586Saiserist Decree of 2586: Taking a Bold Step Towards Improving the Experience of the Common Moviegoing Audience by Ens