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Bill History

These are the bills that were proposed in the Jelbék Lofrkadé Stat (Jelbania).

Bills passed

These bills have been passed[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
July 2136July 2136Call for early elections, June 2136
November 2136November 2136Military Freedom Act 2136
December 2136December 2136Intelligence Bill 2136
December 2136December 2136Infastructure Act 2137
December 2136December 2136Minimum Wage Bill
January 2137January 2137To Keep and Bear Arms
March 2137March 2137Endangered Animals Bill
November 2137November 2137Free Market Economic Reforms
November 2138November 2138Cabinet Formation Bill
January 2139January 2139Please Greens, please
January 2140January 2140Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
February 2140February 2140Cabinet Proposal of February 2140
February 2141February 2141Change of Nation Debate
March 2141March 2141Gm Crops Bill 2141
March 2141March 2141Farm Subsidy Bill 2141
March 2141March 2141Farm Size Bill 2141
October 2141October 2141Smoking Readdression Bill
October 2141October 2141Welfare and Beneficiary Act
August 2143August 2143Call for early elections, August 2143
October 2144October 2144National Pride II Act 2144
October 2144October 2144Income tax proposal of March 2144
October 2144October 2144The Revolutionary Religion of State 2144
October 2144October 2144The Revolution
November 2144November 2144Prison Labour Bill
November 2144November 2144Policing the Net Bill
November 2144November 2144Education Bill
November 2144November 2144Welfare Bill
November 2144November 2144Healthy Jelbania Bill
March 2146March 2146Apology Act
March 2146March 2146Parliment Seat Bill
October 2146October 2146Culture Protection Bill
October 2146October 2146Foreign Aid Bill
November 2146November 2146Educational development act
September 2147September 2147Health Act 2146
October 2147October 2147Adoption act 2147
October 2147October 2147Agricultural reforms act
October 2147October 2147Economic reforms 2147
November 2147November 2147Ecology Bill 2147
February 2148February 2148Gutenberg Bill
March 2148March 2148Jelbanian Broadcasting Corporation
September 2148September 2148You are what you eat
November 2148November 2148The protection of our holy flag
November 2148November 2148Welfare changes 2148
November 2148November 2148Space Exploration Bill
October 2149October 2149GM Bill
October 2149October 2149Farming Act
November 2149November 2149Millitary Bill 2148
November 2150November 2150Animal Testing
November 2150November 2150Nuclear Jelbania Bill
December 2150December 2150Administrative Bill 2149
April 2151April 2151Health Bill 2150
May 2152May 2152Military Bill part B 2151
November 2152November 2152Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
November 2152November 2152Justice Bill 2152
November 2152November 2152Eminent Domain Bill
November 2152November 2152Anti- Public Nudity Bill 2151
December 2152December 2152Freedom of Religion Act
December 2152December 2152Nuclear Technology Act
March 2154March 2154Divorce Bill 2153
March 2154March 2154Sexual Education Proposal
June 2154June 2154Collective Bargaining & Minimum Wage Act 2153
June 2154June 2154Pornography Act
June 2154June 2154Science and Technology Act 2153
October 2154October 2154Employment Hire Bill 2153
February 2155February 2155Capital City Name Bill
October 2155October 2155International Religion Act 2154
October 2155October 2155Immigration Act 2154
April 2156April 2156Military Bill Part c 2156
April 2156April 2156Removal Act 2156
April 2156April 2156Cabinet Proposal of April 2156
July 2156July 2156Exotic Animals TradeBan 2156
September 2156September 2156Foreign Policy Bill 2155
September 2156September 2156Libel and Slander Act 2155
September 2156September 2156Museum Funding
December 2156December 2156economic changes 2156
December 2156November 2157Export of Weapons Bill 2157
March 2157October 2157Library Act 2156
March 2157December 2157Agriculture Reform Bill 2157
March 2157May 2159National Anthem Bill 2157
April 2157October 2157Jelbanian Government Leadership Act 2156
April 2157October 2157Citizens Justice Act 2156
June 2157December 2157Capital City
October 2157March 2158Local Control of Education Act 2157
October 2157March 2158Recycling and Pollution Act 2157
March 2158March 2159Police Arms Bill 2158
March 2158June 2159Phone Service Bill
April 2158June 2159Tree Replanting Act 2158
April 2158June 2159Death Penalty Act 2158
July 2158January 2159Prisoners of War Bill 2158
October 2158September 2159Capital City Bill 2158
December 2158December 2159Jelbanian Histoy Month
December 2158April 2160Foreign Affairs Bill 2158
March 2159December 2159Peoples Bill 2159
June 2159June 2159Legal Aid Act 2159
December 2159December 2159National Anthem Bill
December 2159June 2160Waste Disposal Act 2159
December 2160June 2162Religion:Missionaries Bill 2160
December 2160June 2162Pre-school Bill 2160
December 2160June 2162Divorce Bill 2160
November 2161December 2162Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
June 2162December 2162Fireworks Bill 2162
November 2162December 2162Immigration Bill 2162
January 2163June 2163Gun Ownership Act 2163
January 2163June 2163Religious Freedom Act 2163
January 2163June 2163Military Equality Act 2163
January 2163June 2163Extradition Act 2163
January 2163June 2163Nuclear Warfare Act 2163
January 2163June 2163National Television Act 2163
January 2163June 2163Higher Education Act 2163
January 2163June 2163National Radio Act 2163
January 2163June 2163Local Forestry Management Act 2163
July 2163May 2167Industrial Hemp Act 2163
November 2163November 2165Contraceptive Bill 2163
November 2163November 2165Sports Bill 2163
June 2165November 2165Drinking Water Bill 2165
October 2166October 2166Call for early elections, October 2166
November 2166May 2167Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
November 2166May 2167Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation - SOTO
November 2166May 2167Ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2073
November 2166May 2167Ratification of the United Countries
May 2167July 2168Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
May 2167July 2168International Religious Freedom Act 2167
May 2167July 2168Eminent Domain Act 2167
September 2167February 2168Act about Religion #2
September 2167February 2168Act about Religion #1
February 2168February 2168Marriages Act
February 2168February 2168Aid Act
February 2168February 2168Immigration Bill
April 2169April 2169Eco Bill #1
April 2169May 2169Eco Bill #2
April 2170November 2171Anti-Torture Act 2170
December 2170March 2171Cabinet Proposal of December 2170
July 2172January 2173Military Equality Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Automobiles & Environment Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Governmental Employee Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Higher Education Tuition Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Capital City Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Personal Weapon Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Child Benefits Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Local Control of Prostitution Act 2172
July 2172January 2173Medicinal Cannabis Act 2172
February 2173April 2173Homosexaulity Rights
March 2173April 2173Divorce Bill of 2173
March 2173April 2173Right to Privacy Bill of 2173
March 2173April 2173School Prayer Bill of 2173
April 2173April 2173Zoos with no exotic animals?
April 2173April 2173Laws of the land.
March 2174March 2174Drugs Decriminlization Bill 2174
July 2175December 2175Weapon Concealment Bill of 2175
January 2176May 2176Labor Fairness Act 2176
January 2176June 2176Tariff Act 2176
January 2176June 2176Nuclear Weaponry Research Act 2176
January 2176June 2176National Motto Act 2176
June 2176June 2176National Health Care Bill of 2176
April 2177April 2177Capital City Act 2177
April 2177July 2177Workers Rights Bill
August 2177March 2178School Worship Bill 2177
January 2178January 2178Foreign Aid Bill of 2178
March 2178June 2179School National Anthem Bill of 2178
September 2178January 2179dada
September 2178January 2179National Sport
October 2178April 2179Regulation of Foreign Investment
March 2179March 2179Public Nudity
April 2179April 2179Saving Vital Services
April 2179May 2179Cabinet Proposal of April 2179
June 2179June 2179Government Responsibility Bill
April 2180April 2180Domesticated Animals
January 2181June 2181Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
January 2181June 2181Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
July 2181January 2183Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
October 2181October 2181End of Welfare for the Rich Bill
November 2181November 2181Organic Farming Subsidies
April 2182April 2182Bill 1420
June 2182May 2184Trash Disposal Regulations
January 2183March 2183Military Weapons Act 2183
January 2183September 2183Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
March 2183April 2183Tree Bill
September 2183September 2183TOA representative
December 2183December 2183Bill 124
May 2184May 2184Pesticide Use
June 2184June 2184BIll 435
October 2184March 2185LALA
September 2185December 2185Fireworks Bill
November 2185November 2185Sporting Team Bill
July 2186January 2187Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
January 2187February 2188National Service Act 2187
May 2187May 2187Weapons Exportation Bill
September 2187September 2187Bill 342
September 2187September 2187Cabinet Proposal of September 2187
November 2188December 2189Regulation of Media Content
February 2189April 2189Religious Education Act 2189
March 2189March 2189Workers Party Reform
December 2190December 2190healthcare bill of 2190
December 2192April 2193Chemical and Biological Weapons Act 2192
January 2195September 2195National Cabinet Proposal 2195
March 2196June 2196Bill 039602 "Income tax proposal"
May 2197November 2197Software Patents
September 2197September 2197099701 "Open Borders"
November 2197December 2198Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Labour & Working People
November 2197December 2198Genetically Modified Crops Act 2197
November 2197December 2198Medical Malpractice Act 2197
December 2198October 2199Ratification of the Environmental Responsibility Treaty
September 2202May 2204Subsidies
September 2202May 2204Prices Not Regulated
December 2202March 2204Cabinet Proposal of December 2202
December 2205June 2207Stop the Regulation
December 2205October 2207Local Control of Agriculture Act 2005
April 2208May 2208Education Reform Act (2208)
April 2208November 2208Religious Missionary Act 2208
April 2208November 2208Foreign Investment Act 2208
July 2208February 2209Cabinet Proposal of July 2208
July 2208July 2209Prescription Drug Act 2208
September 2208April 2209Income Assurance Act 2208
September 2208May 2209Benefit Reform Act 2208 (Child)
May 2209November 2209Strike Action (De-regulation) 2209
May 2209May 2248TOA Representative Proposal
June 2209November 2209Smoking Regulation (Devolution of) 2209
June 2209December 2209Energy Regulation (Devolution of)
August 2209June 2211Law and Order (Police) Reform Act
November 2209June 2210Budget Proposal of November 2209
December 2209December 2210Devolution of Hunting Reg.
December 2209June 2211Privatization II
December 2209June 2211Deregulation of Post
December 2209June 2211Decentralization of Fire
July 2210September 2212Death.
November 2210April 2212Union Representation Act II
June 2212September 2213Adoption Act 2212
December 2212June 2213Freedom
January 2213October 2213Cabinet Proposal of January 2213
December 2213March 2214Industrial Hemp Act 2213
April 2214March 2215Punishment II
April 2214March 2215Punishment
April 2214March 2215Punishment III
May 2215October 2216Freedom IV
October 2215August 2216Arm Dealership Bill 2215
November 2215August 2216Income Tax Proposal 2215
November 2215August 2216Parliament Act 2215
November 2215August 2216Executive and Legislative Term Act 2215
November 2215August 2216School Discipline Act 2215
November 2215August 2216Public Assembly Act 2215
November 2215August 2216Health Care Act 2215
November 2215August 2216Alcoholic Beverage Act 2215
May 2217March 2218Swearing In of Chairman of ADA
May 2218November 2218Regulation of Phone Services (II) 2218
May 2218November 2218Foreign Investment (Devolution Of) 2218
May 2218April 2224Legislative Term Act 2218
September 2218March 2219Contraceptives Act 2218
September 2218March 2219Abortion Act 2218
September 2218March 2219Defense Industry Act 2218
September 2218March 2219Concealed Weapons Act 2218
September 2218March 2219Public Affection Act 2218
January 2221October 2221Death Penalty Act 2221
January 2221October 2221Nurseries (Devolution of) 2221
January 2221October 2221Cabinet Proposal of January 2221
January 2221October 2221Extradition Reform Act 2221
January 2221April 2222Gated Communities Act 2221
April 2221April 2222Jelbanian Heritage Act 2221
October 2221July 2222New Flag (Oct 2221)
November 2221July 2222Anti Recreational Drug Use
October 2222October 2226Guns
March 2223April 2226Jelbanian Competitiveness Act
April 2223February 2224Nuclear Power Bill 2223
April 2223March 2224Public Nudity Laws
April 2223April 2226Housing Devolution Act 2224
April 2223April 2226All advertising is permitted.
April 2223March 2227Balanced Labor Law
August 2223August 2224Energy Policy Devolution Act 2223
February 2224April 2224Sports Club Bill 2224
February 2224September 2224National Flag Bill
March 2224March 2225Greywater Recycling Act 2224
April 2224March 2225Educational System Devolution Act 2224
April 2224April 2225Religious Neutrality Bill 2224
April 2225March 2226Fair Criticism Act 2225
November 2225August 2227Euthanasia Bill
December 2225August 2227Workers' Right to Strike Act
March 2226September 2228Refugee Act 2226
September 2227September 2230Industry Act 2227
September 2228September 2229Abortion Bill 2228
September 2228September 2229Therapeutic Cloning Act 2228
September 2230April 2231National Anthem Act 2230
September 2230April 2231Shelter Devolution Bill 2230
March 2231November 2231Biological and Chemical Weaponry Act 2231
April 2231October 2231National Television Bill
April 2231October 2231National Service Bill
April 2233April 2233Contract with Jelbania
April 2233April 2233Energy Industry Privatization Act 2233
April 2233April 2233Media Industry Privatization Act 2233
April 2233December 2233Free Trade Bill 2233
April 2233December 2233Marijuana Legalization Act
December 2234December 2234Doesn't matter bill because no one votes
November 2235November 2235Education Reform Act 2235
November 2235November 2235Bob Marley Bill
November 2235October 2236TANSTAAFC Bill (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Condom)
November 2235October 2236Health and Safety Deregulation Bill
June 2236June 2236Call for early elections, June 2236
June 2236June 2236Cabinet Proposal of June 2236
December 2237March 2239Space Deregulation Act
April 2240April 2240Call for early elections, April 2240
November 2243November 2243State Religion
December 2243December 2243A new Public Television
December 2243December 2243Nudity etc.
December 2243December 2243Religion
January 2244January 2244New age for retirement
April 2244December 2244Clean Energy
March 2245March 2245Stop the child's work
September 2245September 2245Foreign missionaires registered
September 2245September 2245Gated Communities Bill
September 2245September 2245Stop nuclear research
September 2245September 2245Energy Provision
September 2245September 2245Tax the profit of corporation
September 2245September 2245Sports Clubs
September 2245September 2245Ban nuclear weaponry
September 2245September 2245Smoking Bill
September 2245September 2245Defence Industry Act
September 2245September 2245Jelbania Network Radio
September 2245September 2245Chemical/Biological Weaponry Act
November 2245November 2245Aid Policy
May 2246May 2246Governement policy for Industry
June 2246May 2248Ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2073
March 2247March 2248Stop to export of weapons
March 2248September 2248The great reformer's bill
March 2249September 2249Package of bill,2249
September 2249March 2250Education and more
February 2250July 2250Educational Reform Act
March 2251December 2251Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 2251December 2251Keeping Captain Tinpot Off Our Land
November 2251November 2251Cabinet Proposal of November 2251
November 2251June 2252Torture Act 2251
November 2251June 2252Democratic Control of Business Act 2251
November 2251June 2252The Discovery Channel Act 2251
November 2251June 2252Liberalisation of Institutional Discipline Act 2251
November 2251June 2252Media Publicisicisationalness Act 2251
November 2251June 2252Economic De-Regulation Act 2251
November 2251June 2252Criticism of the Government Act 2251
November 2251June 2252Education Unreform Reform Publicisation Act 2251
December 2251June 2252Environmental Treaty Withdrawal
April 2252October 2252Public Transport Act 2252
April 2252October 2252Housing Act 2251
April 2252October 2252Restricted Substaces De-Restrictivisation Act 2252
April 2252October 2252Forestry Act (Devolution of) 2251
April 2252October 2252Liberalisation of Smoking Regulation 2251
April 2252October 2252Government Must Know Everything Act 2252
May 2252November 2252Utilities Bill 2252
September 2252March 2253Economics Bills,2252
November 2253June 2254Hldjozuo Cabinet Proposal of November 2253
January 2254June 2254Jelbania Reform Act
September 2254February 2255The Freedom of Expression Bill
October 2254November 2282Jelb Isr Krysigadak Suadmojad - The Founding of the First Union of Jelbania
February 2255August 2255Public Transport
February 2255October 2256Child Benefit
May 2255November 2255Yum Yum Delicious Federalism
February 2256February 2256Call for early elections, February 2256
February 2256October 2256Strong Foreign Policy
February 2256October 2256Free Market Economy
May 2256November 2256Media Reform Iniative
November 2256September 2257Call for early elections, November 2256
July 2257July 2258Destroy Trees
July 2257July 2258Strengthen the Military
July 2257July 2258Healthy Jelbania
July 2257July 2258Infrastructure
October 2257July 2258Fanatical Religiosity
May 2260December 2260Spurious Restrictions Removal Bill
February 2263July 2263Religion
February 2263July 2263Helping Jelbania's Addicts
February 2263July 22639 Out of 10* Local Governments Choose Bastards
February 2263July 2263Economic Unchaining
February 2263July 2263Unpicking Shackles Again
January 2265January 2265Call for early elections, January 2265
June 2265June 2265The Complete Bastard Cabinet Proposal of June 2265
June 2265June 2265Call for early elections, June 2265
October 2265October 2265The Grand Bastard Decree of October 2265
July 2266July 2266Nrljogad Clears the Path for Local Freedom
July 2266July 2266National Religion
May 2267May 2267Call for early elections, May 2267
May 2267June 2267Darwinism 2
February 2268February 2268Strengthening The National Church of Progressive Darwinism
October 2268October 2268Bill for Greater Freedoms
June 2269June 2269Further Decrees
June 2269June 2269The 2269 Bastard Decree
February 2270March 2270The Latest Bastard Gambit
March 2270March 2270More seats, More representation, More accountability.
March 2270March 2270More adults, More freedoms, More workers.
April 2274April 2274Gun Ownership
April 2274April 2274religion
April 2274April 2274Crossdressing
April 2274April 2274sex
April 2274April 2274more public stuff
April 2274April 2274Public Nudity
April 2274April 2274National Flag
April 2274April 2274Health
April 2274April 2274police, and people, and groups of them
April 2274April 2274military stuff
April 2274May 2274Science
April 2274May 2274Culture
April 2274May 2274Economics
May 2275May 2275The "Old Habits Die Hard" bill
January 2276January 2276The "Last election was not meant to be a clone of the previous" Bill
May 2276May 2276Kbinak Nyfk Nrkmojad
September 2276September 2276The "Change of Tactics" Bill Reset Election.
September 2276October 2276Meh. More decrees.
June 2277June 2277STOP! Bastardtime.
April 2280May 2280Bill about Money
May 2280May 2280Bill about Anomelies
May 2281May 2281Anti-Bill
February 2282March 2282"Krysihiko" Suadmojad - "Union People" Installation
March 2282March 2282Frnd Kezmojad - Financial Strengthening
March 2282March 2282Mrzy "Bastardry" - More Bastardry
March 2282March 2282Taghk Sagjogad - Regional Voicing
March 2282March 2282Krysigadk Ajogad - The State of the Union
June 2283January 2284Education De-stupidisation Act 2283
June 2283January 2284Economic Regulation Act 2283
October 2283April 2284Language Standardisation - Krsyigad correct, Krysigad wrong.
October 2283April 2284Zwitkomotzzwitkosetzayzedetorzenojuk Dezeazmatik "Jez Grzmojad" Kbina Afrkmojad - "Grand Victory" Cabinet Proposal of October 2283
April 2289April 2289Cabinet Handover of April 2289
April 2289April 2289Call for early elections, April 2289
January 2294January 22944
January 2294January 2294JayPee 2
January 2294January 2294JayPee 1
March 2294March 2294the times they are a changin' 1
March 2294March 2294the times they are a changin' 2
March 2294March 2294Cabinet Proposal of March 2294
July 2294July 2294~#~
February 2295February 2295...
February 2295February 2295infrastructure
February 2295February 2295....
February 2295February 2295.
February 2295February 2295...
February 2295February 2295culcha
February 2295February 2295military
February 2295February 2295y Bragg
April 2295April 2295Agriculture
August 2295August 2295...
October 2295October 2295Science and Technology
October 2295October 2295Ratification of the Chemical and Biological Weapon disarmament Treaty
March 2296March 2296media
April 2296September 2296Sports Clubs Act
April 2296September 2296Military Equality Act
September 2296September 2296...
September 2296September 2296...
September 2296March 2299Ratification of the International Welfare Act
October 2296October 2296Ratification of the The Culture Treaty
October 2296October 2296Ratification of the Athiestic State
October 2296May 2297Organ Donation Act
March 2297March 2297..
April 2297March 2298tax business profits percentage
April 2297March 2298Das Kapital
September 2297March 2298health
July 2298July 2298odds and sods
September 2298September 2298odds and sods2
October 2298October 2298admin
October 2298January 2299odds and sods3
November 2299February 2301Undoing the Crap the Idiots from the GMP Did
November 2300May 2301Withdrawal from Atheistic State Treaty
November 2300May 2301Freedom of the Flag Act 2300
November 2300May 2301Foreign Investment Act 2300
August 2301August 2302The Sane Coalition Proposal 2301
October 2302January 2303Call for early elections, October 2302
November 2302November 2303Foreign Missionary Act 2302
November 2302November 2303Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
November 2302November 2303Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
May 2303November 2306Ratification of the Environmental Responsibility Treaty
May 2303March 2309Tort Reform Act 2303
September 2307May 2308Call for early elections, September 2307
March 2309October 2309Eminent Domain Compensation Act 2309
March 2309October 2309Freedom of Religion Act 2309
July 2309July 2309JIKPP Propositions - Ecology
July 2309July 2309JIKPP Propositions - Retirement Age
September 2309September 2309Manifest UPR VIII
September 2309September 2309Manifest UPR VII
September 2309September 2309Manifest UPR III
April 2311July 2315Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
May 2311March 2313Farm Redistribution Act 2311
May 2311July 2315Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
May 2311July 2315Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
May 2311July 2315Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
May 2313July 2315Economic Growth Act 2313
March 2315March 2315Administrative bill (II)
March 2315March 2315Administrative bill
August 2315August 2316Gun Ownership Act 2315
August 2316January 2317Religious Clothing Act 2316
August 2316January 2317Religious Schools Act 2316
August 2316January 2317Pension Act 2316
May 2317September 2317Government Reform Act 2317
October 2318January 2319Cabinet Proposal of October 2318
February 2321May 2321Religious Freedom Act 2321
February 2321May 2321Freedom of the Market Act 2321
October 2322October 2322Reform X
October 2322October 2322Reform IX
October 2322October 2322Reform VII
October 2322October 2322Reform III
October 2322October 2322Reform I
October 2322October 2322Tax reform
January 2326January 2326Budget proposal of January 2326 (Second Attemp)
January 2326January 2326Income tax proposal of January 2326 (Second Attemp)
July 2327July 2327Ecology Act 2327
July 2327July 2327Religious Act 2327
April 2328April 2328Economical Changes
October 2328February 2329Employer's Rights Act 2328
February 2329February 2329Energy Act 2329
February 2329February 2329Ratification of the Cildanian Neutrality Treaty
February 2329February 2329Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
February 2329February 2329Military Equality Act 2329
March 2329March 2329Nation name change
September 2329October 2329Gambing Act 2329
September 2329October 2329Government Employee Act 2329
September 2329October 2329Eminent Domain Act 2329
September 2329October 2329Private Health Clinics Act 2329
September 2329October 2329Secondary Strike Act 2329
November 2329November 2329Change I
November 2330March 2331Regional Power Act 2330
November 2330March 2331Private Post Office Act 2330
November 2330March 2331Gated Communities Act 2320
September 2331September 2331Tax II
September 2331September 2331Tax I
July 2333July 2333Higher Education Act 2333
July 2333July 2333Charter Schools Act 2333
July 2333July 2333Pharmaceutical Drugs Act 2333
March 2336May 2336Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
March 2336May 2336Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
March 2336May 2336Concealed Weapons Act 2336
March 2336May 2336Illegal Aliens Act 2236
March 2339May 2341Foreign Investment Act 2339
March 2339May 2341Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
March 2339May 2341Smoking Act 2339
March 2339May 2341Train Privatization Act 2339
March 2339May 2341Pharmaceutical Drugs Act 2339
March 2339May 2341Parental Qualification Act 2339
August 2343August 2343Luxury Tax Act 2343
September 2345September 2345Sports Clubs Act 2345
February 2347June 2348Recycling Act 2347
February 2347June 2348Ending Government Waste Act 2347
February 2347June 2348Right to Bear Arms Act 2347
February 2347June 2348Ratification of the Jelbanian Free Trade Agreement
February 2347June 2348Ratification of the Accord des Nations Amicales
July 2349January 2350Ratification of the Selucian Free Trade Agreement
January 2351January 2351Term
December 2352December 2352Some proposals
August 2355August 2355Religion Act of 2355
August 2355August 2355Parliament Act 2355
August 2355August 2355Religious Taxation Act 2355
January 2357January 2357Cabinet Proposal of January 2357
February 2359February 2359Open the Airwaves Act 2359
October 2374December 2374Promoting Life Act of 2374
October 2374December 2374Ratification of the Non Recognition of Solentian Regime Treaty.
April 2376April 2376Cabinet Proposal of April 2376
June 2376June 2376Adminstrative Act 2376
January 2384January 2384Operation Mu-Hah
January 2384January 2384Jelbkstat - Jelbanian Cities
January 2384January 2384"Pntejokrzagad" - Severence
January 2384January 2384Klungrak Kbina Afrkmojad - Moon Shadow Cabinet Proposal
January 2384January 2384Jelb Zwitko Krsyigadak Suadmojad - The Founding of the Second Union of Jelbania
June 2384June 2384Local Ministers Act 2384
March 2385June 2385Forbidding the use of child labour
April 2385November 2385Lorfrkad Frnd - Free Market
May 2385May 2385Cabinet Proposal of May 2385
May 2385November 2385Clean Car Act 2385
May 2385November 2385Religious Taxation Act 2385
May 2385November 2385Organ Donation Act 2385
April 2388April 2388Call for early elections, April 2388
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the United Countries
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Accord des Nations Amicales
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Environmental Responsibility Treaty
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
May 2388August 2389Restoration Act 2388
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Chemical and Biological Weapon disarmament Treaty
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the International Welfare Act
May 2388August 2389Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
August 2391August 2391Rpublique Fdre de Jelbania Act 2391
August 2391February 2392Citizenship Act 2391
August 2391July 2392Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
November 2391February 2392Higher Education Act 2391
November 2391February 2392Cabinet Proposal of November 2391
November 2391July 2392Parliament Act 2391
November 2391July 2392Income Tax Reduction Act 2391
April 2392August 2392International Trade and Security Act
July 2392July 2392Luthori Economic Sanctions Act 2392
August 2393August 2393Rpublique Act 2393
May 2394May 2394Cabinet Proposal of May 2394
May 2394November 2394Hiring Policies Act 2394
May 2394November 2394Child Protection Act 2394
November 2399November 2399Call for early elections, November 2399
February 2400February 2400Ratification of the World Free Trade and Investment Agreement
February 2400February 2400Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
February 2400February 2400Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
February 2400February 2400Ratification of the Keymon Defence Agreement
February 2400February 2400Cabinet Proposal of February 2400
February 2400February 2400Ratification of the Mordusian Mutual Friendship Agreement
November 2400November 2400Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
November 2400November 2400Ratification of the Aldegar Non-Aggression Treaty
November 2400November 2400Ratification of the Collective Security Council
October 2401October 2401Legislative Term Act 2401
June 2402June 2402Call for early elections, June 2402
December 2402February 2404Cabinet Formation Act 2402
December 2402February 2404Budget Proposal of December 2402
December 2402June 2404Anti-Cloning Act 2402
January 2405September 2405Call for early elections, January 2405
January 2405February 2406Ratification of the Aldegar Canal Security Treaty
March 2406March 2406Private and State Act
April 2407April 2407Reversal of the Private and State Act 2407
February 2412February 2412Cabinet Proposal of February 2412
February 2412January 2413economics measures for full employment
January 2413July 2413Adoption Policy Act 2413
January 2413July 2413policy on nuclear power
July 2413July 2413Legalize Abortion
July 2413July 2413No state religion
July 2413August 2413Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
August 2413December 2413Civil Liberties Act 2413
November 2413March 2414Ratification of the Ban on Land Mines
March 2414June 2414tax on religions' profit
March 2414October 2414capital city institution
March 2414October 2414ownership of arms
April 2415September 2415Ratification of the Treaty to Establish the Seleya Free Trade Zone
September 2415June 2416Foreign Aid
June 2416February 2417Industry Act
June 2417January 2418Foreigners Act
June 2417January 2418Media Content Act
June 2417January 2418Welfare Reform Act
January 2418September 2418Gambling Act
July 2418March 2419Nuclear Weaopns Act
September 2419March 2420Local Government Act
April 2420April 2420REPEAL of Media Content Act 2420
April 2420April 2420Cabinet Proposal of April 2420
April 2420April 2420REPEAL of Nuclear Weapons Act 2420
April 2420April 2420REPEAL of Foreigners Act 2420
August 2420July 2421Tax And Spending Act
March 2421July 2421Science Act
March 2421July 2421No tax on religion
August 2421September 2422Corporation Tax Act
March 2423September 2423Religion Act 2423
March 2423January 2424Budget proposal of March 2423
March 2423January 2424Income tax proposal of March 2423
March 2423January 2424Ratification of the The Most Royal and Serene Kingdom of Hutori Free Trade Agreement
August 2424January 2425Title of Head of State , Head of Government and Parliament Act
August 2424March 2425Civil Defence Act
January 2425June 2426Cloning Technology Act
January 2426December 2426Ecology Act
August 2426June 2428Cabinet Proposal of August 2426
December 2427February 2428Nuclear Weapons Act
February 2428February 2428Genetic Modification Act
January 2429December 2429Right to Arms Act
January 2429December 2429Ratification of the Common Travel Area Agreement
January 2429December 2429War Bill
July 2429July 2429National Motto
September 2431February 2432Ratification of the International Charter of Liberties
September 2431February 2432Nuclear Power Act
November 2431April 2432Freedom of Education Act 2431
October 2432October 2432Cabinet Proposal of October 2432
June 2433December 2433Wild Animals Act
June 2433December 2433Post Office Act
December 2433September 2434Free Travel Act
January 2435June 2435Software Act
January 2435June 2435Industrial Hemp Act
May 2436September 2436Private Media Act 2436
May 2436September 2436Private Banking Act 2436
June 2436June 2436Ratification of the Pontesi Free Trade Agreement
June 2436September 2436Sexual Material Act
July 2436June 2437Habeas Data Bill
August 2436September 2436Withdrawal International Charter of Liberties Act
September 2436September 2436Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
September 2436September 2436Ratification of the Fair Trial Treaty
September 2438December 2438Ratification of the Political Freedom Treaty
September 2438December 2438Power Act 2438
December 2438January 2440Sexual Education Act
July 2439July 2439MIlitary Exercises Act
July 2439July 2439MIlitary Exercises Act
January 2440March 2440Food Labeling Act
January 2440March 2440Devolution of Health Act
February 2440March 2440Tax Act 2440
March 2440March 2440Freedom of Ownership Expansion Act
March 2440March 2440Military Exercises Act 2
May 2440August 2441National Recreation Change Initiative
December 2440August 2441Logging Industry Deregulation Bill
January 2441August 2441Morals & Standards Act
January 2441August 2441Schools Reform Act
January 2441August 2441Recycling Reform Act
September 2441December 2441Health Care Act 2441
September 2441December 2441Pre School Act 2441
September 2441January 2442Tuiton Act 2441
September 2441January 2442Act of Condemnation of Gadurios
October 2441April 2442National Bank Bill
December 2441December 2441Cabinet Proposal of December 2441
February 2442April 2442Budget proposal of February 2442
February 2442April 2442Income tax proposal of February 2442
April 2442April 2442Police Protection Bill
April 2442September 2442Chemical and Biological Weapons Act
April 2442September 2442Devolution of Culture Act
April 2442September 2442Refugee and Foreigners Act
April 2442November 2442Volunteer Brigade Proposal
April 2442November 2442Military Reform Act
April 2442December 2442Morality on Television Bill
April 2442April 2443Freeing Fishermen Bill
April 2442April 2443Freeing Agriculture Bill
April 2442April 2443Curfews Bill
April 2442April 2443Church of Jelbania Bill
April 2442April 2443Saturday Jobs Bill
April 2442May 2443Firearm Bill
April 2442May 2443Space Act
April 2442December 2444Gay Rights Treaty Withdrawl Act
May 2442April 2443Military Aid for Mordusia Act
December 2442November 2443Laissez Faire Act
January 2443January 2445National Reform Series:
May 2443October 2444Deregulation Bill
May 2443October 2444Government Subsidies Bill
May 2443October 2444Private Transport Bill
May 2443October 2444Social Housing Bill
May 2443October 2444Gambling Bill
May 2443September 2445Constitutional Proposal Bill
September 2443December 2444Confidentiality of Letters Act
July 2444December 2444Waste Disposal Privatization Bill
July 2444December 2444Farmers Rights Bill
July 2444December 2444Freedom of Ownership Act of 2444
November 2444December 2444Further Military Aid for Mordusia Bill
November 2444September 2445Act of Condemnation of Cobura
December 2444December 2444Treaty Withdrawal Bill Welfare
December 2444December 2444Treaty Withdrawal Bill Environment
December 2444December 2444Treaty Withdrawal Bill Law and Order
December 2444December 2444Treaty Withdrawal Bill Military Efficiency
December 2444September 2445Treaty Withdrawal Bill Dranland-Welsh
January 2445August 2445War Readiness Act
January 2445August 2445Defense Spending Act
January 2445August 2445Pro-activeness and Readiness Defense Initiative
January 2445October 2445Global Emancipation Treaty Withdrawl
August 2445October 2445Economic Efficiency Bill
August 2445October 2445Crime and Punishment Bill
August 2445October 2445Moral and Standards Bill of 2445
September 2445September 2445Cabinet Proposal of September 2445
September 2445September 2445Corporal Punishment Bill
September 2445September 2445Front Line Bill
September 2445September 2445Nationality Bill
September 2445September 2445Further Treaty Withdrawal Bill
September 2445September 2445Withdrawal from the Accord des Nations Amicales Treaty
October 2445October 2445Private Sport Bill
October 2445October 2445Hunting Bill
December 2445January 2447National Environment Act
May 2446January 2447Foreign Policy Change Initiative
March 2447March 2447Cabinet Proposal of March 2447
July 2447June 2448Building of the Intra-Jelbe Roadway
August 2447May 2448Income tax Reform Bill of August 2447
August 2447May 2448Budget proposal of August 2447
August 2447September 2448Liberation of Krsyjotrnat
November 2447February 2449Military Efficiency and Reform Act (M.E.R.A.)
May 2448September 2448Local Sports Act 2448
May 2448September 2448Foreign Missionary Act 2448
August 2448March 2449Aldegar in Civil War
November 2448May 2449Pharmaceutical drugs policy
November 2449November 2449Aldegar: Civil War in the Horizon
November 2449February 2453Keep races, but keep them clean
January 2450August 2450The government's policy concerning child labor.
May 2450January 2451Military Reform
August 2450August 2450Aldegar Theatre: Republic or Monarchy?
January 2451February 2451Funding of public transport (where applicable)
February 2451February 2452Government policy concerning granting nationality. (national of this state without implication of having citizenship rights)
February 2451February 2452Government policy towards space exploration.
February 2451June 2452Justice reform
February 2452August 2452Non-Intervention in Aldegar Act
April 2452April 2453Privatizing the Defense Industry Act 2452
April 2452April 2453Intelligence Reform Act 2452
May 2452August 2452The nation's policy on minimum wage regulation.
August 2452March 2453Wild Game and Domesticated Animals Bill
August 2452March 2453Abortions Bill
December 2452July 2453Justice Act 2452
December 2452July 2453Devolution of Environment Act
December 2452July 2453Alimentation's security act
January 2453May 2453The government's policy concerning Genetically Modified Crops.
January 2453January 2454The government's policy regarding the ownership of domesticated animals as pets.
May 2453January 2454Forest Management.
January 2454November 2454Open Borders Act
January 2454November 2454Obscenity Act
December 2454July 2455Violence at school act
December 2454July 2455Abortion Bill
December 2454July 2455Foreign relations act
January 2455February 2493Culture bill
February 2456February 2456More Power to the Provinces
May 2456December 2456Civil liberties act
May 2456January 2457Foreign Politic Issue
June 2457June 2457Cabinet Proposal of June 2457
June 2457July 2457Homosexual's rights act
June 2457May 2458Adoption by Homosexuals Act
December 2457May 2458Worker's rights act
May 2458May 2459Equality for Women Act
May 2458May 2459Housing Policy Act 2458
May 2458May 2459Shelters Act
July 2458July 2458Call for early elections, July 2458
May 2459August 2471Military Aid for Beiteynu Act
July 2459July 2459Proud of our history
December 2459May 2460Food Safety policy reform
May 2460May 2460Budget proposal of May 2460
May 2460May 2460Income tax proposal of May 2460
February 2461July 2461Cabinet Proposal of February 2461
February 2461September 2461Science and Technology Deregulation Bill
July 2461January 2462The government's policy concerning the export of weapons to other nations.
November 2461June 2462Ratification of the Accord des Nations Amicales
August 2462July 2472The government's stance on population control act
October 2462February 2463A Proper Call for the Self-Determination of Dens of Iniquity
November 2462September 2464Resourcefulness and Practicality for the Darling Striplings of Our Collective Loins
February 2463February 2463National Food Standards.
June 2464June 2464Soccer for the plebs
September 2464March 2465Honoring Our Faith Act 2464
January 2465June 2465Health and Safety legislation for this nation's industry.
May 2465January 2466Capital Punishment Bill
June 2465December 2465ecology act II
June 2465December 2465ecology act
June 2465December 2465culture act
December 2465June 2466Media act
July 2466December 2466Relations Bill
August 2466November 2466Cabinet Proposal of August 2466
December 2466December 2466Taxation of religion act.
December 2466December 2466Religious neutrality of public officials
December 2466December 2466Religious schools
December 2466December 2466Missionary Position
December 2466December 2466Religious promotion
March 2468September 2469National Safety Bill
March 2468September 2469Postal Reform Bill of 2468
April 2468October 2470Budget proposal of April 2468
July 2468July 2468Pro life act
July 2468July 2469Illegal aliens
December 2468May 2469Religious policy act I
December 2468July 2469Weapon production facilities
December 2468July 2469Protect our people
December 2468July 2469To Cleanse this earth of enemies
December 2468July 2469To Cleanse this earth of enemies
December 2468July 2469Power to the most intelligent
January 2469June 2469Health and Safety legislation for this nation's industry.
January 2469February 2470Government policy towards the cloning of human beings.
February 2469June 2469The government's policy concerning phone services.
May 2469December 2469Cabinet Proposal of May 2469
August 2469November 2469The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman.
December 2469June 2470ecology act
January 2471July 2471Income tax proposal of January 2471-part of Financial act
January 2471August 2471The State's policy concerning religious clothing.
January 2471August 2471Government policy towards evangelism and religious advertising.
February 2471January 2472Policy concerning industrial hemp.
October 2471September 2472Minimum Wage Abolition Act
October 2471September 2472Amazon Batallion Renewal Proposal
February 2472December 2472Belated Development Bill
February 2472December 2472Common Sense Economics Bill
February 2472December 2472Foreign Aid Bill
February 2472December 2472Media Bill
February 2472December 2472Immigration Restrictions Bill
February 2472December 2472Corporal Punishment Bill
February 2472December 2472Passport Bill
February 2472December 2472Strong Police Bill
February 2472December 2472Income Bill
February 2472December 2472Private Communities Bill
February 2472December 2472Native Bill
February 2472December 2472Anti-Union Bill
February 2472June 2473Age of Adulthood Bill
May 2472August 2472National Anthem act
May 2472August 2472Civil liberties act II
November 2472November 2472War Cabinet
April 2473April 2473Creating a Heaven on Earth 2473
August 2473June 2474Government policy regarding a national park system.
September 2473September 2473Cabinet Proposal of September 2473
September 2473May 2476Recognising the Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth's Territorial Claims in Gran Tadraki Bill
November 2473September 2475Repealing "Military Aid for Beitenyu Act"
December 2473June 2479ooc: Wikia Economy
February 2474August 2474The government\'s policy on tree (re)planting.
July 2474February 2476Vaccination policy
June 2475June 2475Call for early elections, June 2475
August 2475July 2476Hunter's Rights Act
August 2475August 2476Children Employment Bill
August 2475August 2476Police Structure Reform
May 2476December 2476Private Education Bill
December 2476July 2477Integration against criminality act
December 2476July 2477Government policy concerning immigration.
August 2477August 2477Same rights act
January 2478January 2478Military act
January 2478January 2478Economics act
January 2478January 2478Trade unions act
June 2478June 2478Call for early elections, June 2478
October 2478February 2479Tax Reform Act 2478
October 2478February 2479Welfare Reform Act 2478
December 2478February 2479Justice act
December 2478February 2479Religious policy act
December 2478February 2479education act
December 2478May 2479Cabinet Proposal of December 2478
December 2478May 2479Amnesty for former slaves Act
December 2478May 2479Punishment of Slavers Act
January 2479February 2479death penalty act
February 2479July 2479Truth and Lies Act
February 2479July 2479Labelling Reform Bill
June 2479May 2481Economic Bill
December 2479June 2480Cosmetic research bill
December 2479June 2480Foreign policy act
January 2480January 2481Sanctions against Pontesi Act 2480
January 2480January 2481Reactivation of the' Military Aid for Beiteynu Act' Act
January 2481January 2481Military act
January 2481July 2481Government policy concerning granting nationality
June 2481June 2481Health Bill Split Off
January 2482January 2482Local Energy Provisions Act of 2482
July 2482August 2482Hunting and Fishing Act
August 2482August 2482The Television Nudity Act of 2482
January 2484January 2484The Defense Privitisation Act of 2484
January 2484January 2484The Industrial Hemp Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Tobbaco and Alcohol Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The National Police Creation Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Abortion Legalisation Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Illegal Immigrant Reform Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Secondary Strike Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484Secondary strike action act January 2484
January 2484February 2484The Telephone Regualtion Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Pre-School Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Fair Shot Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Pharmacy Act of 2484
January 2484February 2484The Education Creation Act of 2484
January 2484May 2484renewable souces act
February 2484February 2484The Endangered Animals Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Post Office Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Pharmecutical Research Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Regional Power Grid Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The False Information Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Fishing Quotas Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Children's Freedom Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Local Agircultural Policy Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Pollution Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Exotic Animals Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Fair Libel and Slander Application Act of 2484
February 2484August 2484Cabinet Proposal of February 2484
October 2484February 2485The National Education Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The Car Ownership Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The Endangered Animal Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The Regualted Animal Research Act of 2484
February 2485February 2485The Seat Increase Act of 2485
October 2485October 2485The Child Benefit Act of 2485
March 2486March 2486Call for early elections, March 2486
June 2486November 2486Public television act
June 2486November 2486Contraceptives act
June 2486November 2486Health care system act
June 2486November 2486Food and beverage regulations act
June 2486November 2486Welfare state act
February 2487August 2487Seat Reform Bill
July 2487July 2487Call for early elections, July 2487
July 2487August 2487Army Act
August 2487February 2488Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
August 2487February 2488Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
January 2488February 2488Cabinet Proposal of January 2488
August 2488February 2489Pollution Reduction Act 2488
August 2488February 2489Deregulation of the Telephone Industry Act 2488
September 2488February 2489Gun Control Act 2488
September 2488June 2489Income tax proposal of September 2488
May 2489August 2489Shelters act
August 2489January 2490Abolishing Minimum Wage
August 2489October 2490The Public Official Relgious Neutral Act of 2489
August 2489October 2490The Freedom of Truth Act of 2489
August 2489October 2490The Freedom of Speech Act of 2489
July 2491August 2491Minimum wage act
February 2492September 2492The Letter Correctization Act of 2492
January 2493November 2493Deficit Reduction Act 2493
January 2493November 2493Clean Car Act 2493
February 2493July 2493Sexual Education Act
February 2493July 2493Regulation of Higher Education Act
February 2493November 2493Defense Privatization Act 2493
April 2493June 2493Forest re-planting
April 2493June 2493Ecology act
April 2493June 2493Nuclear power act
April 2493June 2493Peace act
May 2494June 2495Re-planting act
July 2494July 2494Readying Our National Forces Against the Invasion from Deltaria
August 2494August 2494Bill Guaranteeing Suport to the Deltarian Liberation Front
February 2495February 2495The Naitonal Assembly Rewording Act of 2495
June 2495June 2495Budget proposal of June 2495
August 2495April 2496Free Media Act
August 2495February 2497Health Deregulation Act
August 2496August 2496Call for early elections, August 2496
January 2497May 2497Cabinet Proposal of January 2497
August 2497November 2497Public Safety Act
August 2497November 2497International Media Content
December 2497June 2498Restoration of Religion Act
December 2497June 2498Traditional marriage Act
May 2498October 2498The professional retirement age Reform
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the Ban on Land Mines
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
February 2499September 2499Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
May 2499November 2499Freedom of religion act - May 2499
July 2499April 2500Respect for the Flag Act
January 2500January 2500Declaration of Jelbanian Non-Intervention in Pan-Sekowo
May 2500October 2500Bilinguism act - May 2500
June 2500October 2500Institutional reform act- June 2500
October 2500October 2500Economic compromise act - October 2500
January 2502January 2502NBP Proposal 14 - Affordable Education
January 2502January 2502NBP Proposal 13 - Vaccinations
January 2502January 2502NBP Proposal 11 - Reducing Teen Pregnancy
January 2502January 2502Three-Party Cabinet Coalition Proposal
January 2502February 2502NBP Proposal 12 - Subsidized Medicine
January 2502October 2502Security along the Deltarian border Act
April 2502July 2502Media Educational act - April 2502
May 2502October 2502Devolution act - May 2502
January 2503January 2503Capital Penalty Act
January 2503July 2503Dignity of women Act
April 2503January 2506Homeland Security Act of 2503
December 2503March 2504Government policy toward marriage act - December 2503
December 2503July 2504Ultimate Justice Act
January 2504August 2505Call for early elections, January 2504
July 2504July 2504taxes
September 2504August 2508Restoring Our Faith Act 2504
February 2505February 2505military service
December 2505December 2505Death penalty act - December 2505
December 2505April 2506Civil liberties act - December 2505
December 2505April 2506Good taxation act - December 2505
April 2506December 2506Empeachment of terrorist leaders - April 2506
July 2506October 2507Ban on the PBN
June 2507June 2507Foreign policy act - June 2507
January 2508January 2508/
July 2508July 2508Cabinet Proposal of July 2508
July 2508November 2508Moral Media Act
July 2508November 2508High Treason Act
December 2508December 2508Public intervention I act - December 2508
December 2508December 2508The Health Standards Act of 2508
December 2508December 2508The Defense Subsidy Act of 2508
January 2510January 2510nucleair warfare
May 2510November 2510Proposals for a peaceful country I
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism V - the national taxation - November 2510
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism VII - the freedom of religion- November 2510
March 2512August 2512Healthy Forests Act 2512
May 2512October 2512Statal intervention act - May 2512
September 2512September 2512The Slander Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512The Right to Arms Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512The Freedom of Speech Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512The Welefare State Act of 2512
July 2513October 2513Motion for the Arrest of the leaders of the PBN
October 2514October 2514Security in our streets act - October 2514
October 2515January 2516Volunteers for the Army
February 2517February 2517The Right's of Property Act of 2517
November 2517April 2518Wild and domestical animals act - November 2517
March 2518January 2520PLMO Proposal 41 - Separatist/Federal Peace Accords of 2518
June 2519June 2519Act to Limit President's Further Action in Turnadad and Return to Peace Table
March 2520March 2520PLMO Proposal 41 - Separatist/Federal Peace Accords of 2518 ADDENDUM
June 2520November 2520Annullment and Replacement of Article 1 of the Addendum for the Peace Accords
July 2520January 2521Nuclear Power Expansion Bill
July 2520February 2521PLMO Proposal 42 - Drinking Water
January 2521January 2521tax profit
February 2521June 2523PLMO Proposal 44 - The Social Equality Act of 2521
January 2522January 2522taxes on luxury goods
January 2522April 2522Water quality act - January 2522
January 2522May 2523Creation of the Socialist Province of Turadrad
April 2522June 2522The government's policy regarding regulation of video games.
June 2523August 2523Call for early elections, June 2523
September 2523February 2524PLMO Proposal 45 - Official Flag of the Socialist Province of Turadrad
October 2523April 2524Local Powers Act
October 2523April 2524Christianity Act 2523
October 2523April 2524Honoring the Flag Act 2523
February 2524February 2524OOC: PLMO Proposal 46 - National Forums
February 2524February 2524Income tax proposal of February 2524
June 2524June 2524Confirmation of the High Treason Act
December 2524October 2525Animal Ownership Act
January 2525December 2525Chrstian Provinces and Free Market Province Act.
February 2525July 2526Budget Proposal of February 2525
June 2525October 2525National radio station Reform
December 2525April 2526The government policy regarding housing reform act
January 2526April 2530Cities Renaming Act
April 2526December 2526Glorious Army Act
July 2526December 2526National television medium subsidized by the government reform act
December 2527May 2529Satsfying Punishment Act
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 50 - Discipline Act of 2528
January 2529December 2529Non-Interventionist Economic Policy
January 2529December 2529Anti-promiscuity Bill
April 2530November 2530Cancel the discipline act - April 2530
December 2530December 2530Death penalty act - December 2530
January 2531January 2531Cleaning Up the Assemblee Act
September 2531September 2531PCR 002
September 2531September 2531PLMO Proposal 54 - Reinstate the Discipline Act
April 2533April 2533Culture and Nature Act 2533
July 2533April 2534Taxation of religious institutions Reform Act
July 2533April 2535Military Assistance to Cobura and Defence of Perimor Act
December 2534June 2535Legalization of prostitution act - December 2534
August 2535August 2535Cabinet Proposal of August 2535
August 2535November 2535Homeland Security Bill
August 2535November 2535Death Penalty Act
August 2535December 2535Tax Cut Bill
August 2535June 2536Labelling Deregulation Act
August 2535June 2536Envrionmental Deregulation
August 2535June 2536Healthcare and Welfare Privatization
April 2536June 2536Government policy towards the cloning of human beings.
October 2536April 2537Heterosexual Marriage Act
December 2536April 2537Deregulation of the Economy Act
June 2538May 2539The Government policy concerning the visitation of foreign missionaries Reform Act
February 2539September 2539PLMO Proposal 56 - Equal Rights Act of 2539
April 2539November 2539Government intervention act - April 2539
April 2539November 2539Ecology act - April 2539
April 2542October 2542Foreign Aid Act
April 2542October 2542Strengthening the Army Act
January 2543March 2543PLMO Proposal 57 - Social Equality Act of 2543
November 2544August 2545Autonomy in Marriages Act
August 2546April 2547Luxury Goods Act
February 2548February 2548Non-Intervention Act
March 2548March 2549For the Elimination of Buggery and Other Moral Intercoursial Deviancy
March 2548March 2549Free Media Bill
March 2548March 2549Free Science Bill
March 2548March 2549Remilitirization Bill
March 2548March 2549Traditional Values Bill
September 2548March 2549Cloning Bill
January 2551April 2552Call for early elections, January 2551
June 2551December 2552NO corporal punishments to our children
July 2551December 2552Save our nation
August 2551February 2552Budget proposal of August 2551
December 2551December 2552Women are equal
December 2552October 2553Foreign Missionary Act 2553
December 2552October 2553Jelbanian National Health Service (JNHS) Act 2552
December 2552October 2553Human Cloning Act 2553
December 2552October 2553Cabinet Proposal of December 2552
January 2554November 2555divorce for any partner
January 2554December 2557Food Labeling
July 2554November 2555Enviormental Proposals
November 2555November 2555Fair Luxury Tax Act (Version 2) 2555
November 2555December 2557women equality in military
November 2556May 2557Budget proposal of November 2556
March 2557September 2557Stopping Murder Act
September 2557May 2558Ratification of the Jelbania-Vanuku Pact
October 2557August 2559Helping Deltaria Act
January 2558June 2558Progressive Cabinet Coalition of January 2558
February 2560August 2560Extradition Act
February 2560August 2560Stopping the Pandering of Refugees Act
July 2560April 2561Progressive Education Reform Act 2560
July 2560June 2561"Helping Deltaria Act" Re-Vote
August 2560August 2560Aliens Act
July 2566October 2566Library Funding Act 2566
July 2568July 2568Ratification of the Treaty of Cooperation among Football (Soccer)-playing Nations
January 2570January 2570Equality in Adoption Act 2570
January 2570January 2570Jelbania Broadcasting Service (JBS) Act 2570
January 2570January 2570Military Equality Act 2570
May 2570January 2571PSFN Proposal 62 - Police Reform
February 2574April 2575Privatization of the Power Grid Act 2574
February 2574April 2575Prison Reform Act 2574
March 2574October 2574Media Reform Bill
March 2574October 2574Health Care Reform Bill
March 2574October 2574Elimination of Public Welfare Bill
March 2574October 2574Military Reorganization Act
March 2574October 2574War Against Nature Act
March 2574October 2574Education Reform Act
March 2574March 2575Union Reform Bill
March 2574March 2575Personal Protection Bill
March 2574September 2576To Prevent the Influence of Foreign Heathen Religions
September 2574December 2575Call for early elections, September 2574
March 2587September 2587Civilian police force Reform Act
November 2588November 2588Free Trade
November 2588November 2588Nuclear Option
November 2588November 2588Civil Rights Adjustment
December 2588December 2588Cloning Reinstatement Act
January 2589January 2589Violent Protestors Policy
April 2589April 2589Pornography Ban
April 2589April 2589Economic Reform
April 2589April 2589Advertising Regulations
April 2589January 2591Pronouncement of Junta Cabinet
April 2589July 2591Suspension of Civil Liberties
April 2589July 2591Sovereignty Bill
October 2590October 2590Religion Reform
October 2590October 2590Justice Reform
June 2591June 2591International Aid Program
June 2591June 2591Defense Reform
July 2591July 2591Education Reform
July 2591July 2591Science Reform
July 2591July 2591Cabinet Proposal of July 2591
July 2591July 2591Local Stock Exchanges
July 2591July 2591Treaty Withdraw
July 2591July 2591Treaty Withdraw
July 2591July 2591Budget proposal of July 2591
October 2591October 2591Ratification of the Anti-Communist Treaty
October 2591April 2592Supreme Court of Jelbania
November 2591November 2591Better Government
November 2591November 2591Pledge Bill
November 2591November 2591Foreign Friendly Act
June 2592June 2592Budget proposal of June 2592
June 2592June 2592Fishing Rights
June 2592June 2592Media Censorship Laws
June 2592June 2592POW Policy
July 2592July 2592Ecology Act
October 2592October 2592National Name Change
February 2593February 2593One Step for Jelbania Act
June 2593June 2593Tax Reform
August 2593August 2593Right to Information
August 2593August 2593Right to Reasonable Choice
August 2593August 2593Clone Registration Act
August 2593August 2593Clone Status Designation Act
August 2593August 2593Commision
August 2593August 2593Right to Dress
August 2593August 2593Decommision
August 2593August 2593Movies Act
November 2593April 2594Jelbanian Expansion
January 2594June 2594Official State Religion
May 2594May 2594Amendments to the Health Code
June 2594July 2594Colony Goverance
November 2594November 2594Budget proposal of November 2594
December 2594December 2594Declaration of War on Deltaria
May 2595May 2595RAFC Designation
July 2596July 2596Retirement Age Limit
July 2596July 2596Foreign Affairs
October 2596October 2596Cabinet Proposal of October 2596
November 2597November 2597Rule of Law Act
November 2597November 2597Emergency Powers Act
November 2597December 259721st Century Media Act
December 2597December 2597Right to Assembly Act
December 2597December 2597New Course for the Environment Act
December 2597December 2597Local Libraries Act
December 2598December 2598PS 006
April 2600July 2600The appointment of mayors Reform Act
June 2601June 2601Selucian Catholic State Church
October 2602October 2602Cabinet Proposal of October 2602
March 2603March 2603Gender Roles Reform
March 2603March 2603Divorce Reform
May 2603May 2603Euthanasia Reform
May 2603May 2603Abortion Reform
June 2603June 2603National Name Change
June 2603February 2604National Name Change
July 2603July 2603Establishment of Dukes
August 2604August 2604Freedom Act
August 2604August 2604Duke Establishment Act
January 2605January 2605National Name Change
January 2605January 2605Ratification of the Jelbanian/Zardugal Naval Treaty
January 2605January 2605Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
May 2605May 2605Declaration of War on Deltaria
May 2605May 2605Moral Majority
July 2606July 2606Coburan Military Intervention Act
August 2606August 2606Freedom Act the Sequel
September 2606September 2606Namviet Colony Defense Bill
April 2607April 2607Cabinet Proposal of April 2607
October 2608October 2608"Sword of Damacles" Funding Bill
October 2608October 2608Renaming the Capital City
October 2608October 2608Productive Old People
October 2608October 2608Liberty City=Ville de Libert
November 2608November 2608Cabinet Proposal of November 2608
November 2608November 2608"Soldier Exoskeletion" Funding Bill
May 2609May 2609Call for early elections, May 2609
July 2609July 2609Cabinet Proposal of July 2609
January 2615January 2615Call for early elections, January 2615
February 2615February 2615Namviet Colony Highway
February 2615February 2615Law of Succession
February 2615February 2615Catholic State Religion
February 2615February 2615Cabinet Proposal of February 2615
May 2615May 2615Budget proposal of May 2615
May 2615May 2615Ratification of the Malivia-Jelbania Knowledge and Trade Agreement
May 2615May 2615Great Leap Forward
July 2615July 2615Budget proposal of July 2615
July 2615February 2616Imperial Appointment
September 2615April 2616Food Labelling Nullification Act
November 2615November 2615Call for early elections, November 2615
November 2615April 2616Begin to autonomise 2
February 2616February 2616Ecology Reform
February 2616February 2616Foreign Relations
June 2616June 2616Cabinet Proposal of June 2616
June 2616April 2626Ratification of the Jelbanian and Malivian Royal Alliance
December 2616December 2616Call for early elections, December 2616
February 2617February 2617Ecology for the future!
February 2617February 2617Civil Rights Act
February 2617February 2617Locl education good education!
February 2617February 2617We love civil rights!
February 2617February 2617Minimum wage reform!
March 2622March 2622Trial of J. Edgar Clay
August 2622August 2622Poligamy and the liberal way
August 2622August 2622Porno Act
November 2622November 2622A Clean Beginning
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #4
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #3
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #1
April 2626April 2626Ratification of the League of Nuclear Nations
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #7
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #5
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #6
July 2627July 2627Authorization of Force in Vascania
January 2628January 2628Cabinet Proposal of January 2628
June 2628April 2629Balls
June 2629June 2629Kennedy Glorification Bill
August 2629August 2629Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
June 2630January 2631Kennedy Glorification Bill II
January 2632October 2632Remuneration of ministers of religion Reform Act
July 2632July 2632Call for early elections, July 2632
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #2
June 2633June 2633Call for early elections, June 2633
February 2638February 2638Capital City Correction
February 2638February 2638Royalist Cabinet of 2638
August 2638August 2638Progressive Bill #14
August 2638November 2638Steven P. Kennedy VI as Emperor of Jelbania
December 2638December 2638Term Limit Reform
August 2640August 2640Cabinet Proposal of August 2640
December 2640December 2640Religion Reform
April 2644April 2645Bringing Back Our Flag Bill
June 2644April 2645Quota
July 2644July 2644Moral Reform
January 2645January 2645Cabinet Proposal of January 2645
September 2645September 2645Military Reform
December 2645December 2645Ecology Reform
December 2645May 2646City Renaming
December 2645July 2646Constitutional Reform Bill Federal Republic of Jelbania
December 2645July 2646Withdrawal from Namviet Bll
March 2646March 2646Porn Reform
July 2646July 2646Trade Union Activity Bill
July 2646July 2646Bestiality Bill
July 2646July 2646Government Hunting Bill
July 2646July 2646Government Pornography Bill
July 2646July 2647Treaty Withdrawal Bill
July 2647July 2647Capital Bill
July 2647July 2647Quota Bill
July 2647July 2647Secularism Bill
October 2647October 2647Religious Freedom Bill
October 2647April 2649Term Limits Bill
December 2647December 2647Adoption Reform
December 2647December 2647Volunteer Armed Forces Bill
December 2649December 2649Declaration of Loyalty
December 2649December 2649Military Reform
January 2650January 2650Imperial Socialist Cabinet of Emperor Kennedy
December 2652December 2652Free Market Reform Bill
January 2653January 2653Heijmai Frtokrsyijkai Arrested
January 2653January 2653The End of the Republic
January 2653January 2653New Capital
January 2653January 2653Royalist Restoration
January 2653January 2653National Restoration: Name Change
November 2653October 2654The appointment of mayors Reform Bill
December 2653December 2653Call for early elections, December 2653
August 2654August 2654Election Reform
August 2654August 2654Namviet Colonies
August 2654August 2654Heijmai Frtokrsyijkai Executed
August 2654August 2654Cabinet Proposal of August 2654
August 2654September 2654A Worker's Culture
September 2654September 2654Heijmai Frtokrsyijkai's Imprisonment
January 2655January 2655Capital City
August 2655April 2656Taxation of religious institutions Reform
August 2655April 2656The government\'s policy concerning the pension system Reform
January 2656January 2656Call for early elections, January 2656
May 2656May 2656Declaration of General War On Vascania (Unless they peacefully give us back our colonies)
May 2656May 2656Jelbek Cultural Restoration
October 2657October 2657Call for early elections, October 2657
October 2657February 2658Ratification of the Deltaria-Jelbania Union (Drtark-Jelbk Pntejek / Deltrsko-Jelbensko Sjednocen)
October 2657February 2658Ratification of the Royal Deltarian-Jelbanian Empire and Malivian Alliance
November 2657February 2658Steven P. Kennedy VI as Ruler of Namviet
November 2657February 2658Retroactive Marriage and Heir Law
February 2658February 2658Royal Establishment
February 2658February 2658Royal Reforms
February 2658February 2658Freedom from Voting
February 2658February 2658Ratification of the Deltarian-Jelbanian Empire Lake Majatra Treaty
February 2658February 2658National Name Change
March 2658March 2658Resolution Law for the Empire
September 2658September 2658Deltarian-Jelbanian Empire\'s Diet
October 2658October 2658Seat Change
January 2659March 2659The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman Reform
February 2659February 2659Ratification of the Pro Life Alliance
May 2659May 2659Liberty Bill
May 2659June 2659Socialist Reforms
June 2659June 2659Healthcare Reform
October 2660October 2660People\'s Income tax proposal of October 2660
October 2660October 2660Cabinet Proposal of October 2660
October 2660October 2660People\'s Budget proposal of October 2660
November 2662November 2662Call for early elections, November 2662
November 2663November 2663.
November 2663March 2665Anti-Smoking Regulation
June 2665June 2665Latin as Official Language
June 2665June 2665Imperial Reforms
September 2665September 2665Culture Reform
September 2665September 2665Needed Reforms
November 2666November 2666Declaration of War on Deltaria
June 2667June 2667Constitutional Amendment: More Frequent Elections
March 2668March 2668Call for early elections, March 2668
March 2668June 2668Treaty Corrections
March 2668June 2668Income tax proposal of March 2668
March 2668June 2668Alcohol Reform
March 2668June 2668Military Reform
March 2668June 2668Capital City
March 2668June 2668Strategic Move
June 2668June 2668Cabinet Proposal of June 2668
January 2669January 2669City Renamng
July 2669July 2669.
July 2669July 2669Religion Reform
July 2669July 2669Cabinet Proposal of July 2669
July 2669July 2669Ratification of the Royal Jeltarian and Malivian Alliance
July 2669July 2669Abortion Reform
October 2669October 2669Ratification of the Jeltarian Empire Treaty
October 2669October 2669Ratification of the Trade Federation Defense Treaty
December 2669December 2669Jeltarian Imperial Senate Bill #2
December 2669December 2669Jeltarian Imperial Senate Bill #3
April 2670April 2670Budget proposal of April 2670
January 2671January 2671Cabinet Proposal of January 2671
November 2671November 2671Ratification of the Royalist Kennedy Treaty
November 2671November 2671Welfare Reform
March 2672March 2672Jeltarian Imperial Senate Bill #4
October 2672October 2672Call for early elections, October 2672
November 2672November 2672Cabinet Proposal of November 2672
November 2672November 2672Royal Reforms
December 2672December 2672World of Warcraft Act
December 2672December 2672Pledge Bill
December 2672December 2672.
December 2672December 2672Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
December 2672December 2672Cabinet Proposal of December 2672
December 2672December 2672Rilmosék Kaiwrntumo Prta Arrested for Treason
August 2674August 2674No Man Left Behind
August 2674August 2674No Movie Left Behind
October 2674October 2674Budget proposal of October 2674
October 2675October 2675Call for early elections, October 2675
December 2675December 2675Call for early elections, December 2675
February 2676July 2676The nation's Defence Industry.
June 2676June 2676Proletariat Reforms
July 2676September 2676Government policy on subsidising contraception Reform Act
April 2677April 2677Jelbeck Collective Reform - Matter of Faith
May 2677May 2677Jelbeck Collective Reform - National Soil
September 2677February 2678The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman.
October 2678October 2678Cabinet Proposal of October 2678
October 2678October 2678Imperial Resolution 1
October 2678October 2678Budget proposal of October 2678
May 2679December 2679Jelbeck Collective Reform - Removal of unhelpful foreign influence
May 2679December 2679Jelbeck Collective Reform - Removal of unhelpful foreign influence (5)
May 2679December 2679Jelbeck Collective Reform - Removal of unhelpful foreign influence (4)
May 2679December 2679Jelbeck Collective Reform - Removal of unhelpful foreign influence (3)
September 2679September 2679Call for early elections, September 2679
December 2679June 2680Budget proposal of December 2679
March 2680March 2680Cabinet Proposal of March 2680
May 2680May 2680Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty III
May 2680May 2680Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty I
May 2680May 2680Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty VI
May 2680May 2680Military Reform
May 2680May 2680Income tax proposal of May 2680
August 2680October 2680The right to euthanasia reform act
September 2680September 2680Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty V
October 2680October 2680Message to Opposition
October 2680October 2680Religious Census
December 2680December 2680Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty IV
December 2680December 2680Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty VII
December 2680December 2680Francois l'Antikennedie Arrested
April 2681April 2681Names of IJS Aircraft Carriers
April 2681April 2681Pharmaceutical drugs policy reform act
April 2681April 2681Jelbanian Military Figures
April 2681July 2681The banking system reform act
April 2681March 2682Government policy with respect to the death penalty Reform act
May 2681May 2681Ratification of the Vanuku-Jelbanian Vascanian Treaty
June 2681June 2681Ratification of the Imperial Jelbanian Treaty II
June 2681June 2681Budget proposal of June 2681
October 2681October 2681Call for enquiry into the death of Starvog Teodor's Goldfish.
February 2682February 2682more control
April 2682April 2682Pointless treaty withdrawal - 2
August 2682February 2683EMPOROR STEVEN KENNEDY DRINKS HIS OWN PEE!!!!!!!!!!111111
September 2682September 2682Call for early elections, September 2682
December 2682March 2683Succession Act
January 2683February 2683Resolution #226 ; On Political Correctness
February 2683February 2683Temporary Cabinet Proposal
February 2683February 2683Booze, Food and Fags
February 2683February 2683Resolution #227 ; Relinquishing of National Independence
April 2683April 2683Restoring Jelbanian Cities (correction)
April 2683April 2683Renaming the nation
May 2683May 2683Operation Restore Hope - Undoing the Royalist/Kennedy damage2
May 2683May 2683Kennedy Deportation Bill.
August 2683October 2683Deltarian Assistance for Reconstruction.
October 2683October 2683treaties are for kennedies and dogs
October 2683October 2683Statue of Remembrance for 'Junta' the goldfish - Revised.
March 2684February 2685Temporary Name Change
March 2684March 2685The government's policy on advertising Reform Act
November 2684November 2684Empirestv's Successor
August 2685February 2686The government's policy concerning the pension system Refrom act
August 2685February 2686The government policy with respect to prayer in schools Reform Act
October 2685March 2686Foreign Relations Visibility
July 2686August 2688Restoring and Amending the National Flag
January 2687February 2687The appointment of mayors Reform Act
January 2687March 2687Government policy towards space exploration.
January 2688January 2688Call for early elections, January 2688
June 2688June 2688Let's do this thing
June 2688June 2688Cultural Stylings of the Legislative Assembly and Governmental Titles
June 2688June 2688Restoration of Correct City Names
June 2688June 2688Formal Styling of the Nation of Jelbania
October 2688December 2688Reversal of Resolution #226 ; On Political Correctness
December 2688December 2688Cabinet Proposal of December 2688
January 2689January 2689Restoration of Jelbanian Provinces
January 2689January 2689Restoration of Jelbanian Anthem
April 2689May 2689Military Reform
June 2689June 2689Power to the people
June 2689July 2689More freedom
October 2689October 2689National Sport Change
April 2690April 2690The National Animal
April 2690April 2690Industrial Reform Act
September 2690March 2691State Funeral and Honour for Nrzimek Wrntuhiko, Vincenc Simecec
April 2691July 2691The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman.
June 2691June 2691Jelbanian money for Jelbanians (Foreign Aid Bill)
June 2691June 2691JZFP Platform: Syndicalism, and Restoration of Central Government
September 2691January 2692Budget proposal of September 2691
September 2691January 2692Income tax proposal of September 2691
February 2692October 2692Ministry of Justice Review: Reform of Courts, Curfews, Death Penalty and Right of Appeal
February 2692January 2693Commercial Fishing Regulation Reform Act
February 2692January 2693The citizens' right to assemble in public.
September 2692September 2692Call for early elections, September 2692
March 2693January 2694Cabinet Proposal of March 2693
September 2694July 2695Income tax proposal of September 2694
March 2696March 2697Licensing of Food Sales Reform Act
March 2696March 2697Government policy with respect to the death penalty.
July 2697August 2697Military Reform Act
July 2697August 2697Civil Defence is the Government's policy on providing shelters to be used in the event of attacks on major cities, mainly nuclear attacks and bombing REform
March 2698March 2698The government's policy concerning forest protection.
April 2698April 2698Foreign Politcs Reform Act
April 2698April 2698Budget proposal of April 2698
May 2698May 2698Employer Free Choice Act
May 2698May 2698Repeal of Unfair Tax on the Poor
May 2698May 2698Tort Reform
May 2698May 2698Global Warming Reduction Act
May 2698May 2698Religious Tolerance Act
May 2698May 2698Anti-Polygamy Act
March 2699March 2699Conservative Economic Reform Package
March 2699March 2699Cabinet Proposal of March 2699
May 2699May 2699Federalism
November 2699November 2699Foreign Affairs Korasu
March 2700July 2700Budget proposal of March 2700
October 2700October 2700Call for early elections, October 2700
November 2700November 2700Call for early elections, November 2700
December 2702December 2702Cabinet Proposal of December 2702
March 2705April 2705Cabinet Proposal of March 2705
September 2706March 2707Military Reform
March 2707March 2707Budget proposal of March 2707
March 2707March 2707Income tax proposal of March 2707
March 2707March 2707School reform Act
May 2707May 2707For Rilmos Part Dos
January 2708January 2708Civil Rights Reform Act
January 2708January 2708Liberal Reform Act
September 2708November 2709More Bills for Visibility
May 2710May 2710Federalism, Isolationism, and Militarism
May 2712May 2712Federalism
February 2715February 2715Call for early elections, February 2715
July 2715July 2715Cabinet Proposal of July 2715
July 2718July 2718Military reform Act
July 2718July 2718Healt System Reform
March 2719March 2719Health Bill
July 2722July 2722Call for early elections, July 2722
September 2722September 2722Cabinet Proposal of September 2722
January 2725January 2725New Reforms Act
September 2729September 2729Call for early elections, September 2729
December 2730December 2730Economic Omnibus Reform
December 2730December 2730Religious Freedom Act
December 2730December 2730Pro-life and Healthcare Reform
August 2731August 2731Call for early elections, August 2731
December 2731December 2731Structure of the Executive branch Reform Act
February 2733February 2733Call for early elections, February 2733
February 2733June 2733The constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature Reform Act
March 2733March 2733Call for early elections, March 2733
April 2733April 2733Constitutional Manifesto of 2734
April 2733April 2733Jelbanian Independence Act of 2734
April 2733April 2733Patriot Cabinet Proposal of April 2733
August 2734August 2734Call for early elections, August 2734
September 2734September 2734Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
September 2734September 2734Ratification of the Trade Federation Defense Treaty
September 2734September 2734Name Change
September 2734September 2734National Flag
September 2734September 2734National Reforms II
October 2734October 2734Ratification of the Pro Life Alliance
September 2735September 2735Correcting the Record
February 2739February 2739Cabinet Proposal of February 2739
April 2739April 2739Cabinet Proposal of April 2739
October 2740October 2740Unity Cabinet
October 2742October 2742Liberal Legislation
July 2743July 2743Call for early elections, July 2743
December 2745December 2745Cabinet Proposal of December 2745
August 2746August 2746Budget proposal of August 2746
August 2746August 2746Income tax proposal of August 2746
March 2750March 2750Reform Act
February 2757February 2757Cabinet Proposal of February 2757
June 2760June 2760Conservative Reforms
March 2764March 2764Liberal Reforms Act
March 2765March 2765Ratification of the Trade Federation Defense Treaty
May 2766May 2766New Name for Our Glorious Republic
May 2766May 2766Constitutional Reforms
September 2774September 2774Call for early elections, September 2774
November 2775November 2775Constitutional Reforms II
August 2776August 2776The Way I Want Things
February 2777February 2777Reforms
August 2777August 2777Reforms II
February 2778February 2778Reform III
August 2778August 2778Reform IV
December 2779December 2779Reform V
March 2781March 2781Worship of Boh
March 2781March 2781Military Bill of 2781
August 2781August 2781Economics Bill of 2781
March 2782March 2782Religion Bill of 2782
November 2782November 2782Foreign Policy Bill of 2782
March 2785March 2785Marriage Bill of 2785
August 2786October 2786Foreign Policy Bill of 2786
August 2789August 2789Call for early elections, August 2789
February 2796February 2796Call for early elections, February 2796
February 2796February 2796Cabinet Proposal of February 2796
February 2796September 2825Jelbék Zwitkoé Krsyigad (Owner on holiday, don't delete, shall return)
May 2812May 2812Ratification of the Deltarian-Jelbanian Empire
May 2812May 2812Constitutional Update
May 2812May 2812New Flag
May 2812May 2812Cabinet Proposal of May 2812
May 2812May 2812Reform
February 2813February 2813Call for early elections, February 2813
March 2824April 2826Foreign Relations bill of 2824
September 2825September 2825Cabinet Proposal of September 2825
April 2828April 2828Zemojad Hnaj - Work Bill
April 2828April 2828"TFDT" orzy Drsmojad - Splitting of the TFDT
April 2828April 2828Jelbék trzy Drtárek Jezstat orzy Znmojad - Opposition to the Jelbanian and Deltarian Empire
April 2828April 2828Tekàmojad Hnaj - Evolution Bill
April 2828April 2828Taghék Irda Hnaj - Regional Ideas Bill
April 2828April 2828Krskaisrnék Sedrijogad Hnaj - People's Table Service Bill
September 2833September 2833Jezirda - Big Idea
May 2834October 2835Densted Kennedy Grm Tekàmo Hnaj (Anti-Kennedy Army Reform Bill)
July 2835July 2835Call for early elections, July 2835
October 2835October 2835More Reform
October 2835October 2835Tekàmo (Reform)
July 2836July 2836Call for early elections, July 2836
September 2836September 2836Cabinet Proposal of September 2836
September 2836September 2836Reform
September 2836September 2836Yet more reform
June 2837June 2837National Rename
June 2837June 2837Refoooooorm!
March 2839March 2839National Anthem
June 2841June 2841Cabinet Proposal of June 2841
July 2841July 2841Reform
July 2864September 2865Religious Freedom Act of 2864
July 2866July 2866Righting some wrongs
September 2866July 2867Anti-Discrimination Act
June 2868June 2868Pro-Discrimination Act
January 2870August 2900Country Name Change
June 2876September 2876Ratification of the League of Slaver Nations
June 2883June 2883Income tax proposal of June 2883
March 2884March 2884Ratification of the The Will of God
March 2890July 2899Marriage Equality Act
August 2900August 2900Quota Change
August 2900May 2902Jelbanian Revolution
January 2901January 2901Income tax proposal of January 2901
January 2901February 2902Legislative and Presidential Special Election, 2901
May 2901May 2901Quotas
May 2901May 2901Withdrawing From The Will of God and the League of Slaver Nations
May 2902February 2903Presidential and Legislative Special election
January 2903January 2903Cabinet Proposal of January 2903
February 2903July 2903Health Care Reform
February 2903July 2903Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
March 2903July 2903Slavery Abolition Act
July 2903July 2903Religious Freedom Act of 2903
July 2903July 2903Ratification of the Organization of Majatran States (OMS)
December 2903December 2903Mandatory Fair Trade Products
December 2903December 2903Trade Unions Act
December 2903December 2903Temp
December 2903December 2903Ecological Act
January 2904January 2904National Animal and Sport Act
March 2904March 2904Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
January 2905January 2905Legislative and Presidential Elections, January 2905
January 2905February 2905Government Changes
February 2905February 2905Military Act
September 2907September 2907Economics Act
September 2907September 2907Education Act
February 2908February 2908Jelbanian Health Act
September 2908May 2909Incumbent President Benjamin Kirkson's Term
January 2909May 2909Newspaper Renaming
January 2909May 2909Environment Act
March 2909March 2909Call for early elections, March 2909
September 2909September 2909Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
August 2910August 2910Marriage Act
August 2910August 2910Miscellaneous Bill
August 2910August 2910Military Reform
August 2911August 2911Internationalism Act
March 2912March 2912More Rights Act
August 2912August 2912Economy Act
May 2913May 2913Income tax proposal of May 2913
October 2914October 2914Environment Act
October 2914October 2914Civil Rights Act
April 2915April 2915Stronger Foreign Office Bill 2915
April 2915April 2915Zoological Institutions Bill 2915
June 2915June 2915"Tied" Aid Bill 2915
November 2915November 2915Listing of Controversial Ingredients Bill 2915
January 2916January 2916Replacement Level of Tree Replantation Bill 2916
March 2916March 2916Banning of Wild Animals as Pets Bill 2916
March 2916March 2916Private/Residential Waste Disposal Bill 2916
March 2916March 2916Protection Against Foreign Investment Bill 2916
March 2916March 2916Advertising Standards Bill 2916
May 2916May 2916Secure State Bill 2916
May 2916May 2916State Defence Industries Bill 2916
May 2916May 2916State Religion Bill 2916
May 2916May 2916Freedom to Kill Animals Bill 2916
July 2916July 2916Selective Religious Schools Bill 2916
January 2917April 2917Domesticated Animals Registration Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917Prosperous Agriculture Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917Welfare State Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917Ban on Whaling Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917Budget proposal of April 2917
April 2917April 2917New Taxation Policy Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917National Fire Department and Civilian Police Force Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917Cabinet Proposal of April 2917
April 2917April 2917Continued Reform of Foreign Policy Bill 2917
April 2917April 2917Freedom of Automobiles Bill 2917
May 2917May 2917Withdrawal from the International Chess Association (ICA)
September 2917October 2917Culture Bill 2917
November 2917November 2917New Abortion Policy Bill 2917
April 2918April 2925National and Private Regional TOCs Bill 2925
July 2918July 2918Call for early elections, July 2918
January 2921January 2921Call for early elections, January 2921
January 2921April 2925Religious Freedom Act of 2921
April 2925April 2925Cabinet Proposal of April 2925
April 2925April 2925New Adultery Policy Bill 2925
April 2925April 2925New Bestiality Policy Bill 2925
April 2925April 2925Animal Protection Act
April 2925April 2925Abortion Act
June 2925June 2925Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
June 2925June 2925Relaxed Visitation Act
June 2925June 2925Cabinet Proposal of June 2925
July 2927July 2927Ratification of the Dranian Ecotourism Initiative
July 2927July 2927Ratification of the Deltarian and Jelbanian Treaty of Friendship, Economic and Mutual Respect for Sovereignty
July 2927July 2927Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
July 2927July 2927Ratification of the World Fair
July 2927July 2927Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
July 2927July 2927Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
July 2927February 3516List of Presidents of the Federal Republic of Jelbania
December 2928December 2928Call for early elections, December 2928
July 2937July 2937Liberty Forever Act
July 2937July 2937Cabinet Proposal of July 2937
October 2938January 2939Administrative Reform Act
November 2938November 2938Environment Act
February 2939February 2939Fulfilling a Need
June 2939June 2939Military Policy Bill
November 2939November 2939On International Affairs
December 2939December 2939Health Reform Act
June 2940June 2940Economic Reform Act
December 2940December 2940Social Policy Changes
January 2941June 2941Minimum Age to Serve in Federal Offices of Jelbania
November 2941November 2941Environment Act
April 2942November 2942Length of Government
April 2942November 2942More Legislative Reform
April 2942December 2942Constitutional Amendments: Federal Office Requirements
April 2942June 2943Constitutional Amendment: Date of Inauguration of the President
June 2942February 2943For Religion
February 2943February 2943Government Reform
February 2943June 2943Income tax proposal of February 2943
November 2943December 2943Cabinet Proposal of November 2943
January 2944November 2945Reforming the Constitution
December 2944December 2944Call for early elections, December 2944
December 2944January 2945Social Policy Changes
May 2945October 2945Constitutional Amendment: Term Limits For The Presidency
June 2945June 2945Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
June 2945June 2945Health Care Reform
June 2945November 2945Ratification of the Majatran Free Trade Agreement
October 2945October 2945Cabinet Proposal of October 2945
November 2945November 2945On the Environment
May 2946May 2946Right to Life Act
June 2946June 2946Agriculture and Animal Act
June 2946October 2946Name of The Head of Government
June 2946November 2946National Anthem Changes
November 2946November 2946Income tax proposal of November 2946
February 2947February 2947Withdrawal from the Axis Alliance
September 2949September 2949Cabinet Proposal of September 2949
December 2949December 2949Military Act
June 2952March 2953The Environment
January 2958January 2958LibCon Reform Act II
January 2964January 2964Recycling Act
January 2964January 2964Religion Act
January 2964January 2964Government Act
June 2966June 2966Cabinet Proposal of June 2966
June 2973June 2973Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
June 2973June 2973Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
December 2981December 2981New Flag
August 2987March 2988Health and Safety Reform
August 2987March 2988Act of Allegiance to Allah
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Keris Free Trade Agreement
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field. Birahteynu, May 2706
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Aldegar Canal Security Treaty
September 2987March 2988Justice
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Interpol
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Majatran Union
September 2987March 2988Economics
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Birahteynu, September 2708
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the League of Islamic States (جامعة الدول الاسلامية )(Jāmiʻat ad-Duwal al-Islam)
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Terran Independent News Treaty (T.I.N.T)
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Convention (III) relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Birahteynu, August 2708
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the International Space Agency
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the First Military Treaty of the Terran Union
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Treaty to Establish the Seleya Free Trade Zone
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Convention (III) relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Birahteynu, July 2708
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organization (NATO)
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Convention (II) for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea. Birahteynu, November 2707
September 2987March 2988Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
October 2987October 2987Call for early elections, October 2987
October 2987March 2988Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
October 2987March 2988Ratification of the Terra National Wrestling Organization (TNWA)
October 2987March 2988Ratification of the Terran Boxing Organization (TBO)
October 2987March 2988Ratification of the Pact of Nations
March 2988March 2988Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
March 2988April 2988Crowning of the Caliph
April 2988April 2988Cabinet Proposal of April 2988
March 2989March 2989Science, Technology, and Agriculture
March 2989March 2989Education
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
September 2989September 2989Infrastructure
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Union Française
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Trade Embargo of Anti-Religion Countries
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
September 2989September 2989OOC: 2990 Census
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the United Countries
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Terrean Trade Board
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Accord des Nations Amicales
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Global Peacekeeping Organization - Peace Troops
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Birahteynu Convention of 2706
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Treaty of Cooperation among Football (Soccer)-playing Nations
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the Haven WorldWide Treaty (PMC)
September 2989September 2989Ratification of the League of Nuclear Nations
October 2989February 2990Military
February 2990February 2990Media, Culture, Automotive Fuel, Slavery, and Pensions
February 2990February 2990Ratification of the Recognition of the Commonwealth of Yishelem and Beiteynu
March 2990March 2990Ratification of the Friends of the Selucian People - Offical List (Constitution of the Selucian Republic)
March 2990March 2990Proposal to Legislate on the Matter of the Concealment of Weapons
March 2990September 2990Withdrawal from the Axis
May 2990May 2990Proposal to Legislate on the Matter of Travel To and From the Nation
September 2990September 2990Welfare
December 2990December 2990Shari'a Reform Bill
May 2991May 2991Ecology
May 2991May 2991Polygamy
May 2991May 2991Slavery
May 2991May 2991Crossdressing
May 2991May 2991Foreign Policy
May 2991May 2991Confidentiality of Letters and Correspondence
May 2991May 2991Khalifa of All Islam and Sultan of Jelbania Haluk Bünyamin II's Proposal of Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
May 2991May 2991Adoption and Parenthood
May 2991May 2991Khalifa of All Islam and Sultan of Jelbania Haluk Bünyamin II's Proposal of Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2991May 2991Bestiality
May 2991May 2991Adultery
May 2991May 2991Removal of Yusuf Al-Jelbék from Office for Heresy and Treason
November 2992January 2993Illegal Alien and Counter-Sedition Act
November 2992January 2993Treaty Withdraw of 2992
November 2992January 2993Cabinet Proposal of November 2992
February 2993February 2993Legal Reforms of 2993
August 2993August 2993Separate and Equal Act
October 2993October 2993Military Act of 2993
February 2994February 2994Interracial Marriage Law
February 2994February 2994Welfare Reform Act
February 2994February 2994Head of State Re-Naming
August 2994January 2995Copyright Law
January 2995January 2995General Reform Laws
November 2995November 2995Passport Law
November 2995November 2995Military Reform Acts of 2995
August 2996January 2998Religious Compromise Bill
January 2998January 2998ffa
January 2998January 2998Media Compromise Bill
January 2998January 2998Flag Change
November 2998November 2998Military Privatization Act
November 2998November 2998Ecology Act of 2998
January 2999January 2999City and Emirate Renaming.
January 2999January 2999Economic Privatization Act
January 3001January 3001Installation of Abdullah al-Jelbani as the Supreme Monarch
January 3002July 3002Military Bill of 3002
January 3002July 3002Religious Reforms of 3002
January 3002July 3002Ecology Bill of 3002
May 3002July 3002Adoption of "Watan, ya Wataniy" as the new national anthem of Jelbania
June 3002June 3002Call for early elections, June 3002
June 3002July 3002Naming A Capital City and Changing the National Symbol
July 3004June 3005Economic Privatization Act
February 3006February 3006Ratification of the Alliance of Builders of Traditionalist Societies
May 3009May 3009Government Liberalization Act
May 3012July 3012Legislative Action I980da
August 3012August 3012Ecological Liberation Bill 3012
August 3012August 3012Closed Borders Bill 3012
August 3012August 3012Great Capitalist Reform Bill 3012
September 3013September 3013Call for early elections, September 3013
January 3014January 3014Legislative Reform of 3014
January 3022January 3022Legislative Action of 3022
October 3029October 3029Reform of 3029
July 3031July 3031Call for early elections, July 3031
June 3032June 3032Cabinet Proposal of June 3032
December 3038December 3038Council of Port Karstof
February 3046July 3047Executive Order 391A
November 3068November 3068Reform of 3068
November 3071April 3072Treaty Withdrawals
March 3072March 3072Call for early elections, March 3072
December 3072December 3072Call for early elections, December 3072
September 3074September 3074Jelbanian Independence League - Modernisation Omnibus
June 3075June 3075Environment Bill
June 3075June 3075Health Care Reform
December 3075December 3075Freedom of Religion Act
December 3076December 3076Call for early elections, December 3076
March 3077March 3077100 Day Emergency Powers Act
November 3077June 3078Restoration of Rights in Jelbania Act
December 3077December 3077Call for early elections, December 3077
March 3078March 3078Police Reformation Act
March 3078April 3078Shorter Term Act
April 3078April 3078Internet and Child Safety Law
June 3078July 3078Progressive Coalition Reforms
October 3078November 3078Foreigners Act
January 3079January 3079Restoration of Justice
January 3079January 3079Pax Jelbania
April 3079April 3079Ahidname-i-Humayun of Sterlingshore-Frebourne
January 3080January 3080Religious Identity of Jelbania Act
January 3080January 3080Border Reform Act of 3080
January 3080January 3080National Economy Package
January 3080January 3080Restoring our Culture
May 3080May 3080Quota Increase Bill
October 3080November 3080Movie Rating Act
March 3081March 3081Military and Security Bill of 3081
December 3081April 3082Environment and Agriculture Act
April 3082May 3082National Decency Law
May 3082May 3082State Security Act
May 3082May 3082Food Labeling Reform Act
October 3082October 3082Executive Order NS-482
October 3082October 3082Executive Order NS-481
October 3082October 3082Interpol Treaty Withdrawal
December 3082December 3082Executive Order NS-483 - Defense Industry Privatization
December 3082July 3084International Peace Act
July 3083October 3084Citizen Protection Act
July 3083November 3084Repeal of Prohibition
October 3083June 3084Progressive Coalition Reforms - Health Reforms
October 3083June 3084Progressive Coalition Reforms - Military Reforms
October 3083June 3084Treaty Cleanup
October 3083June 3084Progressive Coalition Reforms
October 3083June 3084Progressive Coalition Reforms - Economic Reforms
May 3084May 3084Health Care Reform Act
December 3084December 3084Hope for Jelbania
January 3085January 3085Deregulation of Animal Research
January 3085January 3085Public Pension Policy Change
June 3085January 3086Policing Act
June 3085January 3086Trade Union Ban
January 3086January 3086Appointing a Head of Government
January 3086January 3086Military Conduct Act
May 3086May 3086Majority Rights Act
September 3086September 3086Declaration of Martial Law in Jelbania
May 3087May 3087Call for early elections, May 3087
July 3087July 3087Call for early elections, July 3087
July 3087October 3087Emergency Power Act of 3087
August 3087August 3087Call for early elections, August 3087
December 3087December 30871st Arbitration of the Quorum of Experts
May 3088May 30882nd Arbitration of the Quorum of Experts
December 3088December 30883rd Arbitration of the Quorum of Experts
April 3090April 3090DIe
July 3090July 3090Devolution of Powers Act
May 3091May 3091Call for early elections, May 3091
July 3091July 3091Omnibus Bill
December 3100December 3100Call for early elections, December 3100
July 3101September 3101Resumption of Power
October 3117October 3117Jelbanian Unity
November 3117November 3117Unity Coalition Reforms 1
May 3118May 3118National Civic Reforms (Name Change Bill)
May 3119May 3119Unity Coalition Reforms 2
January 3120January 3120Unity Coalition Reforms 3
July 3121July 3121Call for early elections, July 3121
September 3121September 3121Unity Coalition Reforms 4
September 3121September 3121Cabinet Proposal of September 3121
January 3123January 3123Liberalization of Jelbania
January 3123January 3123Workers councils and the Enviroment
March 3127September 3127Laws Liberalising Jelbania
September 3127September 3127Health
October 3127October 3127Expansion of Jelbanian Armed Forces
June 3128June 3128Cabinet Proposal of June 3128
September 3128September 3128Cabinet Proposal of September 3128
July 3129July 3129Enabling Act
June 3130June 3130OOC:Jelbanian Census of 3130
June 3130June 3130Cabinet Proposal of June 3130
September 3130September 3130Support for the Darnussian Alliance
December 3130December 3130Cabinet Proposal of December 3130
September 3131September 3131No tyrany
April 3132April 3132Cabinet Proposal of April 3132
September 3133September 3133Liberating the People from the Islamic Horde
March 3135March 3135The final pushes towards democracy
March 3137March 3137Infrastructure
March 3137March 3137Ratification of the Treaty declaring war on Ikradon if they commit Genocide against Religious People
March 3138March 3138Declaration of support for Gaduridos
March 3140March 3140Political independence
July 3140July 3140Cabinet Proposal of July 3140
August 3141August 3141Law banning subverive political parties
February 3144February 3144Blanket National Reforms
June 3144June 3144Secondary National Reform
February 3145February 3145Call for early elections, February 3145
October 3145October 3145Colony Name Change
October 3145October 3145Legislative Amendment
October 3145October 3145Treaty Withdrawal
October 3145October 3145Colonial Armed Forces
October 3145October 3145Church Establishment Bill
March 3156October 3156New Confederation flag
March 3156October 3156Name of Republic
April 3156October 3156Welfare Act
August 3156August 3156Committee Constitutional Recommendation
August 3156August 3156Budget proposal of August 3156
August 3156August 3156Restoration Action Plan Four: Reasonable Separations
August 3156August 31561
October 3156October 3156Income tax proposal of October 3156
October 3156October 3156Education Reform
October 3156October 3156The constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature.
October 3156October 3156Tax Policy
October 3156October 3156Cabinet Proposal of October 3156
October 3156October 3156Agriculture
February 3157February 3157Committee Recommendation on the Civilian Police Force
April 3157April 3157Foreign policy
August 3157August 3157Committee Grammatical Monitor
October 3157October 3157Military Service
October 3157October 3158Protection...
October 3158October 3158Health Care
May 3159October 3160Economics
August 3159August 3159Call for early elections, August 3159
May 3160May 3160Broad Committee Directives
May 3160May 3160Cabinet Proposal of May 3160
August 3160August 3160Trusting Enterprising Citizens Directive
August 3160August 3160Secular Freedoms Directive
August 3161August 3161Committee Directive on Sharing Responsibility
February 3162February 3162Opportunities Directive
February 3162February 3162Second Committee Directive on Sharing Responsibility
August 3162August 3162Handing over the reigns of Government
October 3162October 3162Call for early elections, October 3162
May 3176July 3178National Reforms
July 3178July 3178Constitution Compliance
July 3178July 3178Patriotism Act
July 3178July 3178United States of Jelbania
July 3178July 3178Cabinet Proposal of July 3178
July 3178July 3178Federal Reforms
July 3178July 3178Government Leaders as of 3178
July 3178July 3178Moral Reforms
August 3178August 3178Flat tax proposal of August 3178
September 3178September 3178Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
September 3178September 3178Ratification of the United Conservative Front Treaty
September 3178September 3178Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
September 3178September 3178Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
September 3178September 3178Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
September 3178September 3178Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
December 3178December 3178Ratification of the Majatran Democracy Treaty
February 3179February 3179Budget proposal of February 3179
February 3179February 3179Capital Relocation
March 3179March 3179Compliance with Constitution and Moral Reforms
March 3179March 3179Jelbanian Demographics of 3179
March 3179October 3187Ratification of the Deltarian and Jelbanian Treaty of Friendship, Economic and Mutual Respect for Sovereignty
June 3179July 3179Navy Budget proposal of June 3179
November 3179November 3179Executive Decision
December 3180December 3180Ratification of the Jelbanian Constitution
June 3184June 3184Cabinet Proposal of June 3184
June 3184June 3184Income tax proposal of June 3184
June 3184June 3184Budget proposal of June 3184
October 3186October 3186Cabinet Proposal of October 3186
November 3186November 3186Jelbanian Senate Modification
November 3186November 3186Income tax proposal of November 3186
April 3187April 3187Jelbanian-Jakanian Interventionist Act
April 3187April 3187Budget proposal of April 3187
May 3187May 3187New Constitution
January 3188January 3188Alcohol Policy
May 3188May 3188Cabinet Proposal of May 3188
December 3188December 3188Conservative Reforms
January 3190January 3190Call for early elections, January 3190
January 3190November 3191Ratification of the Majatran Union
November 3192November 3192Ratification of the Jelbanian Constitution II
January 3194March 3194Luxary Tax Act
March 3194March 3194Vanuku Invasion
March 3194March 3194Jelbanian Loyalty Act
April 3194April 3194Jelbanian Supreme Court Procedures
April 3194April 3194Majatran Union: Vanuku Inclusion Act
June 3194June 3194Cabinet Proposal of June 3194
December 3194December 3194Majatran Union Flag
December 3204June 3205MU Resolution: Official Language, Largest City, Capital
April 3205April 3205Cabinet Proposal of April 3205
April 3205April 3205Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
June 3205June 3205MU Resolution: Recognizing Vanuku/Cildania
March 3208March 3208Amendment Allowances Initiative
January 3210January 3210CJC Amendments
January 3210January 3210Free Cabinet of Corporate Interest of Jelbania
February 3210February 3210Corporate Freedom
February 3210February 3210Income tax proposal of February 3210
December 3210December 3210CJC Amendments
July 3212July 3212CJC Amendments
August 3216August 3216Cabinet Proposal of August 3216
August 3216January 3218Liberty to Jelbania
September 3216September 3216Budget proposal of September 3216
September 3217September 3217Expansion of Jelbania's armed forces
January 3218January 3218Ratification of the Jelbanian International Football League
March 3218March 3218MU Resolution:Vascania
June 3218June 3218Welfare
July 3218July 3218Nukes and ABMs
December 3218February 3220Order for the assasination of Governor Josip Benko of Deltaria
February 3219February 3219Call for early elections, February 3219
February 3220February 3220Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
March 3220March 3220Cabinet Proposal of March 3220
September 3220September 3220Mobilization of all reserves
September 3221September 3221Crossdressing,Flags,Polygamy
September 3227September 3227Ratification of the Haven WorldWide Treaty (PMC)
September 3227September 3227Declaration of support for Free Davostan
February 3228February 3228Ratification of the South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement
January 3230January 3230Ratification of the Lake Majatra Governance Treaty
March 3230March 3230Ratification of the ATR: Addendum
June 3232June 3232Ratification of the The Euthanasia Acceptance Treaty (EAT)
August 3232August 3232Land Reform act of 3232
April 3233April 3233Ratification of the Agricultural Free Trade Association (AFTRA)
September 3234March 3235Withrewing from the addendum
March 3235March 3235POWs
June 3235June 3235Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
June 3235June 3235Cabinet Proposal of June 3235
January 3236January 3236Ratification of the World Fair
August 3236September 3236MU Resolution:Pontesi
September 3236September 3236IDs
March 3242March 3242Jelbanian Support for the Hutorian Republic
August 3242March 3243Ratification of the Majatran Free Trade Agreement
August 3243August 3243Ratification of the Convention against Torture
May 3246May 3246Religion Bill
March 3247March 3247Cabinet Proposal of March 3247
March 3247March 3247Ratification of the International University
April 3247April 3247Animal Testing Bill
April 3247April 3247Military Bill V2
April 3247April 3247Recreational Drug Law
June 3247June 3247Ratification of the World Nuclear Treaty
August 3247August 3247True Democracy
August 3247August 3247Ratification of the International Atomic Energy Agency
January 3248January 3248Foreign policy bill
March 3249March 3249Ratification of the Walburg Conference
July 3249July 3249Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
October 3249October 3249Hemp and Gun Law
August 3250August 3251Law declaring the Red Clover Movement a terrorist organization
January 3252April 3253Pornography Act of 3252
January 3253January 3253Call for early elections, January 3253
February 3253February 3253Cabinet Proposal of February 3253
July 3256April 3257JNW Various Laws Bill
December 3256February 3257Bill of December 3256
December 3256December 3257Naval Bill
September 3257November 3257Health Care Reform Act of 3257
November 3257November 3258Ecology Bill
August 3258August 3258Taxes
June 3260June 3260Religion Act of 3260
December 3260March 3261Adulthood Bill
December 3260March 3261National Anthem Act
December 3260March 3261Liberty Preservation Resolution
December 3260March 3261Land Mine Prohibition Act
March 3261March 3261Religious Registration Freedom Bill
March 3261March 3261Sexual Health Bill
March 3261November 3261School Prayers (Freedom) Bill
April 3261April 3261School National Anthem Act
April 3262November 3262Police Force (De-centralisation) Bill 3262
April 3263July 3263Civil Adoption Act of 3263
April 3263July 3263High Education Act of 3263
November 3263May 3264Phone Service Price (Regulation) Act 3263
December 3263December 3263Allowing landmines
March 3264April 3264Smoking Policy Devolution Act
September 3265September 3265Cabinet Proposal of September 3265
October 3265October 3265Protection of Endangered Animals
February 3267February 3267Call for early elections, February 3267
April 3270April 3270Movie Review and Classification Act
October 3279October 3279Flag Protection Act
October 3279October 3279Titles Correction Act of 3279
February 3283July 3283Foreign Business Investment Bill
May 3283May 3283Cabinet Proposal of May 3283
May 3283July 3283New Reproductive Health Act of 3283
July 3283July 3283Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
July 3283July 3283Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
August 3283August 3283Foreign Treaties Reform Act of 3283
March 3284March 3284Royal Act of 3284
March 3284March 3284Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
April 3284April 3284Constitutional Amendment of 3284
June 3287June 3287Resolution 041212
November 3287November 3287National Health Care P olicy
December 3287December 3287Courts independence
December 3287December 3287Retirement age
December 3287December 3287Education policy
January 3288January 3288Homosexuality in the military
February 3288February 3288Sexual acts with animals
February 3288February 3288Praver at schools
February 3288February 3288Puplic nudity act
February 3292February 3292Income tax proposal of February 3292
March 3299March 3299Death Penalty Act
March 3299March 3299Prostitution Regulations Act of 3299
March 3299March 3299National Culture Reform Act of 3299
March 3299March 3299Gambling Regulation Act of 3299
March 3299April 3299Markets Regulation Reform Act of 3299
April 3299April 3299AFTRA Withdrawal
July 3302July 3302Police Reform Act of 3302
July 3302July 3302Land Reform Act of 3302
October 3303October 3303Courts Reform Act of 3303
October 3303October 3303Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy
January 3306January 3306Exotic Animal Ownership and Trade Regulation Act of 3306
January 3306January 3306Divorce Dissolution Act of 3306
January 3306January 3306Affirmative Action Act of 3306
May 3308November 3308Treaty Withdrawal
July 3309July 3309Jelbania Welfare Act of 3309
July 3309July 3309Eminent Domain Act
July 3309July 3309Foreign Affairs Amendments Act of 3309
July 3309July 3309Anti-Dueling Act of 3309
July 3309July 3309Civil Amendments Act of 3309
September 3310September 3310Rudy Agricultural Act of 3310
December 3313December 3313LGBT Rights: Universal Sexual Relations Rights Act
December 3313December 3313LGBT Rights: Universal Adoption Rights Act
December 3313December 3313Cabinet Proposal of December 3313
December 3313December 3313LGBT Rights: Universal Military Service Rights Act
April 3314April 3314Abolition of Essential Goods Tax Act
April 3314July 3314Bill F-14: Repeal The International Monarchist League.
April 3314July 3314Bill F-13 : Police Reform Act of 3314
July 3314January 3315Infrastructure Reform Bill of 3314
April 3315March 3316Bill F-15: Research Ethics Act of 3315
September 3315October 3315Call for early elections, September 3315
September 3315March 3316Bill F-16: Forestry Act of 3315
May 3316May 3316Cabinet Proposal of May 3316
June 3316June 3318Bill F-17: Government Restructure Act
May 3317May 3317Income tax proposal of May 3317
May 3317May 3317Budget proposal of May 3317
October 3317December 3331Bill F-19: Jelbanian Patriot Act Part I
June 3319November 3319Bill F-20: Economic Reform Act of 3319
November 3319December 3319Moral Decency Act
December 3319April 3320National Pride Act
December 3319May 3320Environment Deregulation Act
September 3320April 3321Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
April 3321April 3321Cabinet Proposal of April 3321
May 3321June 3322Bill F-23: Government Reform Act of 3321
May 3321June 3322Bill F-21: Defence Act of 3321
June 3322June 3322Bill F-22: Budget Proposal of 3321
October 3322January 3328Bill F-24: Governor Act
December 3331December 3331Bill F-31: Republic Act V
December 3331December 3331Bill F-31: Cabinet Proposal of December 3331
December 3331June 3332Bill F-33: Economic Act of 3331
December 3331January 3333Bill F-34: Jelbanian Patriot Act Part II
June 3334July 3334Right to Separate Act
July 3334July 3334Bill F-35: Abortion Reform Act
July 3334November 3335Bill F-36: Budget proposal of July 3334
November 3335November 3335Bill F-37: Election Extension Act
November 3335January 3337Environmental Protection Act
May 3336May 3337Bill F-38: Draft Act of 3336
October 3336May 3337Bill F-39: Nuclear Act of 3336
June 3337December 3337Bill F-40: Leadership Act of 3337
July 3337December 3337Bill F-42: Restricted Fire Arms Act
July 3337December 3337Bill F-41: Foreign Action Act
July 3337December 3337Bill F-43: The Freedom Act
July 3341July 3341Bill F-44: Cabinet Proposal of July 3341
May 3343May 3343Bill F-45: Election Re-Sync Act
June 3343October 3345Bill F-46: Economic Reform Act of 3343
July 3344October 3345Bill F-47: Freedom Justice Act of 3344
May 3350May 3350Bill F-48: War Measures Act
September 3350September 3350Bill F-50: Wartime Budget Act
September 3350September 3350Bill F-49: War Credits Act
January 3351January 3351Wartime Budget Again
January 3351February 3351Bill F-51: Emergency Measures Act
October 3351November 3351Bill F-52: Emergency Protocols Act
June 3355June 3355Bill F-54: Peacetime Budget of June 3355
July 3355July 3355Bill F-55: Dominon Act
October 3355February 3356Bill F-58: Civilians right to free contraceptives.
July 3356July 3356Bill F-57: Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
July 3356July 3356Fixing Titles
December 3357December 3357Bill F-59: First Cabinet of the Dominion
November 3361October 3362Bill PFTFOTP-2: Law enforcement act for the human rights of suspects and prisoners.
November 3362November 3362Bill F-60: Ratification of the Peace Treaty of Port Tackstov, February 3355
June 3364April 3365Bill F-61: Peacetime Freedom Act
April 3365April 3365Bill F-62: Cabinet Proposal for the 2nd Cabinet of the Dominion
July 3367December 3369Bill F-63: Dominion Loyalty and Patriot Act
October 3371October 3371Enacting the MacInnis Doctrine I
October 3371January 3372Bill F-64: New Dominion Tax Plan
November 3372November 3372Bill F-65: 2nd Dominon Budget
April 3375July 3376Bill F-66: New Dominion Green and Ecology Bill
May 3377May 3377Bill F-67: Dominion Bill of Faith
March 3380March 3380Lowell and Gavins Act of 3380
March 3380July 3380Administrative Reform Act of 3380
March 3380July 3380Cabinet Proposal of March 3380
March 3380April 3381Reproductive Healthcare Act of 3380
April 3381April 3381Lowell and Gavins Act of 3381
April 3381June 3381Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
July 3381July 3381Constitutional Amendment of 3381
December 3381October 3382Central Bank of Jelbania Act of 3381
November 3384May 3385Bill D-1: The Imperial Dominion Act of 3384
April 3386April 3386Bill D-2: Cabinet Proposal of January 3386
July 3390July 3390Cabinet Proposal of July 3390
July 3390September 3391Fulster Act of 3390
August 3390February 3516Dominion Cabinet History
March 3394February 3516Emperors of Jelbania
March 3395April 3395Protection of Religions Act of 3395
March 3395March 3396Leighman Act of 3395
January 3403October 3403Bill D-4: The Carr Act
April 3406February 3407Anosh and Leighman Act of 3406
April 3406December 3417Lowell and Gates Act of 3417
August 3407January 3408General Appropriations Act of 3407
September 3411March 3412Cabinet Proposal of September 3411
January 3414January 3415Nathans Act of 3414
July 3414January 3415Ratification of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Dominion Empire of Jelbania
February 3416September 3416Bill D-6: Education Reform Act of 3416
July 3416July 3416Imperial Titles Correction Act of 3416
April 3418December 3419Bill D-11: Jelbanian Environment Protection Act of 3418
April 3418December 3419Bill D-10: International Relations Act of 3418
July 3420July 3420Cabinet Proposal of July 3420
April 3421April 3421Bill D-12: Tax Plan of 3421
December 3421July 3422Bill D-13: JDP Budget of 3421
December 3427December 3427Cabinet Proposal of December 3427
May 3431May 3431Stephen Act of 3431
November 3431November 3431Stephen & Gates Act of 3431
September 3434February 3435Stephen Act of 3434
February 3435February 3435Cabinet Proposal of February 3435
November 3439November 3439Cabinet Proposal of November 3439
November 3439December 3439Imperial Armed Forces Reorganisation.
November 3439April 3440Budget proposal of November 3439
November 3439April 3440Income tax proposal of November 3439
November 3439April 3440Established Church of Jelbania
November 3439April 3440Environment Decree
May 3440December 3440National Security Order
May 3440March 3441Health Executive Order
June 3440December 3440Tawan Foreign Policy
March 3441March 3441Imperial Society
December 3443December 3443Tawan Measures Recall and Special Elections Bill of 3443
December 3443December 3443Cabinet Proposal of December 3443
August 3449August 3449Legislative Stability Act
August 3449August 3449Revolutionary Administration Act
August 3449August 3449Cabinet Proposal of August 3449
October 3449October 3449Tax proposal of October 3449
April 3450April 3450Non-Imperial Capital City Act
June 3450June 3450Media Stability Act
June 3450June 3450Treaty Withdrawals Act
July 3450July 3450Budget proposal of July 3450
May 3451May 3451Collective Farming Act
September 3455September 3455Stephen Act of 3455
February 3457February 3457Imperial Act and Cabinet Proposal of February 3457
June 3464June 3464Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
June 3464June 3464Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
June 3464June 3464Freedom of Media Act of 3464
June 3464June 3464Agrarian Reform Act of 3464
January 3493January 3493Legalize Sodomy
May 3495May 3495Call for early elections, May 3495
February 3501February 3501Citizenship Act of 3501
February 3501February 3501Jelbanian Prison Act of 3501
February 3501February 3501Agricultural Act of 3501
February 3501February 3501Religious Act of 3501
April 3502April 3502Stephen Act of 3502
April 3502April 3502Curitao Act of 3502
April 3502April 3502Jelbanian Prisoners Welfare Act of 3502
April 3502April 3502Macarayo Act of 3502
September 3502September 3502Tax Cuts
January 3504July 3504Environmental Act of 3504
July 3505July 3505Industrial Progress Act of 3505
September 3506September 3506Mobilization of Jelbik Corps and Imperial Navy
May 3507May 3507Changing the Jelbanian Flag
June 3507June 3507Religious Act of 3507
March 3508March 3508Environmental Protection Act
May 3508May 3508Cabinet Proposal of May 3508
June 3508June 3508Declaration of War against Deltaria
September 3508September 3508Business and Unions Bill 3508
October 3508October 3508Denouncement of the Use of Child Soldiers and Slaves by Deltaria
May 3509May 3509Amendment to the Denouncement of Deltaria Bill of 3508
June 3509June 3509Trains & Railways Act 3509
October 3511October 3511Ratification of the Trade Embargo on Deltaria
October 3513October 3513Divorce Bill 3513
November 3513November 3513Integration Bill 3513
November 3513November 3513Paramilitaries Bill 3513
April 3514April 3514Parliamentary Privilege Bill 3514
April 3514April 3514Secondary Strike Action Bill 3514
June 3514June 3514Use of Industrial Hemp Bill 3514
June 3514July 3514Firearms Bill 3514
March 3515July 3515Multiple Citizenship Bill 3515
August 3515September 3515Jelbék / Cosmopolitan Cabinet Proposal of Sep. 3515
September 3515September 3515Open Borders Act of 3515
September 3515September 3515Local Standards Act of 3515
September 3515September 3515Treaty Revisitation ; Aldegar Canal Treaty
September 3515September 3515Jelbek Transitional Schooling Act of 3515
September 3515September 3515Political Correctness Act of 3515
October 3515October 3515Local Priorities Act
April 3517April 3517Treaty Revisitation ; Missile Defense Shield
April 3517April 3517Treaty Revisitation ; South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement
April 3517April 3517Treaty Revisitation ; SOTO
March 3518March 3518Religious Sensitivity Act of 3518
March 3518March 3518Forest Protection Act of 3518
March 3518March 3518Homosexual Rights Act of 3518
September 3518September 3518Jelbek Self-Defense Act of 3518
December 3519December 3519Cabinet Proposal of December 3519
February 3520February 3520Call for early elections, February 3520
March 3520March 3520Imperial Twilight
March 3520March 3520Cabinet Proposal of March 3520
August 3520August 3520Republican Flag Act
August 3520January 3521Ultimatum to Deltaria
December 3520December 3520Jelbek Capital Act
December 3520December 3520Cultural Nomenclature Act
February 3521February 3521Reformation of the Imperial Army
June 3521June 3521Civil Order Act of 3521
July 3521July 3521Democratically Elected President in Perpetuity Act
September 3521September 3521Cabinet Proposal of September 3521
September 3521September 3521Declaration of Peace with Deltaria
November 3521November 3521Cabinet Proposal of November 3521
July 3522October 3522The Kingdom of Jelbania
July 3522October 3522Internationalist Act of 3522
July 3522October 3522Disarmament Act of 3522
August 3522October 3522Ratification of the Deltárska Ríša
October 3522October 3522Ratification of the Treaty of Baofluz (October 3522)
January 3523January 3523Treaty Withdrawals
March 3523March 3523Act for more Jelbék Cultural Values
April 3523April 3523OOC: Title translation corrections
April 3523April 3523Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
April 3523April 3523OOC: Anthem and motto translation correction
June 3523June 3523Cabinet Proposal of June 3523
March 3524March 3524OOC: Anthem translation correction
November 3524November 3524OOC: Nation name translation correction
December 3525December 3525Withdrawal from the UMN
August 3526August 3526Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
March 3527March 3527Financial Sanctions and Terrorist Designation for the International Human Rights Movement
April 3527April 3527Urjimojad Jelbijék Krsyjogadnrkta (Creation of the Jelbic Union of the North)
October 3527November 3527Call for early elections, October 3527
October 3527January 3531OOC: Proposed Cultural Protocols (1st Edition)
July 3528July 3528Cabinet Proposal of July 3528
February 3529February 3529Internal Refugee Provision Bill 3529
February 3529March 3529Emergency Powers Act 3529
May 3529May 3529Birth Control Bill 3529
November 3529November 3529Infrastructure Nationalisation Act 3529
July 3530July 3530OOC: HoS title correction
December 3530December 3530Ecological Protection Act
November 3531November 3531Religious Independence Bill
November 3531November 3531Curfew Abolition Bill
December 3531December 3531Media Freedom Act 3531
December 3531December 3531Gambling Law 3521
December 3531December 3531Deltarian Release & Rehabilitation Plan
August 3532July 3970OOC: Cultural Protocol (1st Edition, 3531)
December 3532December 3532Cabinet Proposal of December 3532
January 3535January 3535Economic Reform Bill 3535
January 3535January 3535Internationalism Bill 3535
June 3535June 3535Whaling Industry Initative
January 3538January 3538Cabinet Proposal of January 3538
May 3543July 3543Government Mandate Act
September 3550January 3551Industrial Liberalization
September 3550January 3551Military Restructure Bill
November 3550January 3551Health Care Standards Reform
January 3551January 3551Cabinet Proposal of January 3551
January 3551January 3551Environmental Policy Reform
February 3551February 3551Income tax proposal of February 3551
February 3551February 3551Budget proposal of February 3551
July 3551July 3551Civil Liberties Bill
July 3551July 3551Welfare Reduction Bill
July 3551July 3551Police Force Overhaul
January 3552January 3552Cultural Integrity Bill
January 3552February 3552Economic Protection Act
February 3552February 3552Income tax proposal of February 3552
April 3552April 3552Civil rights Extensions
February 3553February 3553Clean Infrastructure Act
February 3553February 3553Localized Infrastructure Directive
February 3553February 3553New Education Standards
February 3553February 3553Civil Rights Act
February 3553February 3561Ratification of the Karav Financial Services Operation Permissions - 3462 Revision
September 3553September 3553Reduce Diplomatic and Political Immunity Bil
January 3554January 3554Diplomatic Cleanup
January 3554November 3555Budget proposal of January 3554
November 3555March 3556Economic Decentralization and Rights Act.
January 3558February 3558Grassroots Act
February 3558February 3558Public Policy Reform
February 3558February 3558Justice System Revision
July 3558July 3558Budget proposal of July 3558
July 3558July 3558Income tax proposal of July 3558
July 3558July 3558Flat Tax Act II
July 3559July 3559Tax Reductions
August 3559August 3559Government Restructure
June 3560February 3561Diplomatic Cleanup 2
June 3560February 3561Small Farm Bill
June 3560February 3561Junta Reform
July 3561July 3561Mutatio et Pertinacia
July 3561July 3561Non interventionism Reform
September 3562September 3562End Small Farm Bill
March 3564March 3564Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
March 3564March 3564Independent Jelbania
August 3565February 3566Agrarian Policy
August 3567August 3567Some Reforms
December 3571December 3571Call for early elections, December 3571
December 3571December 3571Imperial Restoration Act of 3571
September 3572September 3572Cabinet Proposal of September 3572
December 3572December 3572Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
March 3573March 3573Immigration Act of 3573
November 3576November 3576The Reinstitution of the Imperial Central Bank
November 3576November 3576National Defense Reform Initiative of 3576
November 3576November 3576Education Reform Act of 3576
November 3576November 3576Focus on the Family Act of 3576
November 3576November 3576Eminent Domain Act of 3576
November 3576November 3576Rowens Act of 3576
November 3576November 3576National Radio and Television Act of 3576
February 3578February 3578Cabinet Proposal of February 3578
February 3578April 3578Jelbek Freedom Act
November 3579November 3579Abolishing Feudalism
November 3579November 3579Income tax proposal of November 3579
November 3579November 3579Independence
November 3579November 3579Abolishing the Death Penalty
November 3579November 3579Establishment of the Great Jelbék Horde
November 3579November 3579Nationalization Act
November 3579November 3579Laicism
November 3579November 3579Budget proposal of November 3579
November 3579November 3579Modernization of Mores
November 3579November 3579Tax increase
November 3579November 3579Ratification of the Brotherhood of Terror and Virtue
November 3579November 3579Recognition of Mrjkai Jlekaisrmko Vrn as Jelbékaifrto
November 3579November 3579Ratification of the Anti-Zardic Imperialism Majatran Front (AZIMF)
December 3579December 3579Budget proposal of December 3579
July 3580July 3580Ratification of the Jelbijék Krsyjogadnrkta
September 3583September 3583FA Initiative-A of 3583
March 3584March 3584Imperial Resolution of 3584
June 3584June 3584Removal of salaries and all allowances for members of the government
December 3584December 3584Economic Liberalisation Act
February 3585February 3585Military Recruitment Act
March 3590March 3590Resolution of March 3590
March 3590March 3590The Imperial Act of 3590
August 3591August 3591Cabinet Proposal of August 3591
November 3595November 3595Ratification of the Jelbijék Krsyjogadnrkta
November 3595November 3595Cabinet Proposal of November 3595
November 3595November 3595Resolution of November 3595
November 3595November 3595Anti-Imperial Act of 3595
November 3597November 3597Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Union
September 3600November 3600The Future of the Nation
December 3600March 3603Building the Great Jelbek Confederacy I
December 3600March 3603Confederal Budget
December 3600March 3603Building the Great Jelbek Confederacy II
December 3600March 3603Income tax proposal of December 3600
December 3600January 3604Building the Great Jelbek Confederacy III
December 3600November 3604Building the Great Jelbek Confederacy IV
December 3600June 3606Building the Great Jelbek Confederacy V
January 3601April 3603Economic Liberalisation
January 3601July 3603Welcoming Relatives from Across Manmade Borders
January 3601July 3603Reforming the Great Jelbek Horde
November 3602November 3602Call for early elections, November 3602
November 3602December 3602Election of the New Khan
November 3602January 3603The Khanate
January 3603January 3603Khan Shlajkai's Ministry
July 3603March 3604OOC: Cultural Protocols
September 3603September 3603Budget fix
January 3604January 3604Cabinet Proposal of January 3604
January 3604January 3604Self Reliance Act
January 3604January 3604Economic Deregulation Statute
January 3604January 3604Yet Another Tax Cut
January 3604January 36045% Flat Tax
June 3604June 3604Citizenship Laws
June 3604June 3606Marriage/Family Law Reform
July 3604July 3604Ratification of the Istalian Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
July 3604July 3604Ratification of the Telamon Diplomatic Relations
July 3604July 3604Ratification of the Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Al'Badara and other States
July 3604July 3604Ratification of the Gaduridan Diplomatic Relations Treaty
December 3604December 3604Military Rationalisation
June 3606June 3606Criminal Punishment Act
September 3606September 3606Ratification of the Anti-Zardic Imperialism Majatran Front (AZIMF)
October 3606October 3606Ratification of the Dorvish Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
October 3606October 3606Ratification of the Terran Football Federation (World Championship)
November 3606November 3606Asylum Offer to Oppressed Zardics
June 3607June 3607Budget proposal of June 3607
September 3607September 3607Kurultai elections
December 3607December 3607Cabinet Proposal of December 3607
December 3607March 3608Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
March 3608March 3608Temporary Suspension of Diplomatic Immunity For Augustan Officials
June 3608September 36083608 Royal Elections
March 3609March 3609Khan Genzi I's Ministers
March 3609March 3609Kurultai Reforms
April 3609April 3609Ministry of Science and Technology
April 3609April 3609Budget proposal of April 3609
April 3609April 3609Income tax proposal of April 3609
May 3609May 3609Software Laws
May 3609May 3609Ecological Management Devolution
May 3609May 3609Monopolies Act
November 3609November 3609Royal Marriage
November 3609November 3609Jeztri Rehabilitation
March 3610March 3610Jezbltmojad (Great Council)
September 3610September 3610Ratification of the Anti-Augustan League
December 3610December 3610Mrthotrmojad
March 3611September 3611Ratification of the Commonwealth of Gao Nations
June 3611June 3611Civil Service Cleanse
September 3611September 3611Ratification of the Recognition of the Kingdom of Saridan
December 3611December 3611Government Changes
December 3611December 3611Labour Laws Reforms
September 3612September 3612Restoration of Multi-Party Democracy
September 3612September 3612Post-Revolutionary Cabinet
October 3612October 3612Budget proposal of October 3612
October 3612October 3612Revenue Reforms
October 3612October 3612Restricting Federalism
December 3613September 3622Parliamentary Reform Act
January 3614January 3614Call for early elections, January 3614
February 3614February 3614Constitutional Reforms
February 3614February 3614Cabinet Proposal of February 3614
May 3614May 3614New Hovernment Act
August 3616August 3616Call for early elections, August 3616
September 3622September 3622Royal Election of 3523
May 3623May 3623Khan Eksandr's Government
May 3623September 3623Mobilisation
September 3623September 3623Luxury Goods Tax
September 3623September 3623Mobilisation tax
September 3623May 3624State of Emergency
October 3623June 3624Declaration of War Against the Augustan Empire
December 3624December 3624State of Emergency Part 2
September 3625September 3625Ratification of the Jelbijék Krsyjogadnrkta
September 3625September 3625Ratification of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Common Standards for Jelbek Nations
November 3625September 3626-
June 3626June 3626Extending the Government's Term
September 3626September 3626Reassuring Our Gao Showan Brethren
July 3627July 3627Picture Approval Board
July 3627July 3627State of Emergency Part 3
September 3627September 3627State of Emergency Part 4
October 3627March 3628Harsher Punishments Act
March 3628March 3628Recognition of Chikere Ihejirika as Emperor of the Augustans
May 3628May 3628War Cabinet
November 3628November 3628Suppression of Socialist Agitation Tools Act
September 3629September 3629National Animal
November 3629November 3629The Arrival of Khan Eksandr
March 3630March 3630Peace Cabinet
June 3632June 3632Postwar Government
June 3632September 3632Budget Readjustments
June 3632September 3632The New Khanate
June 3632September 3632Treaty of Baofluz
September 3632September 3632Income tax proposal of September 3632
September 3632September 3632Enhancing Security
March 3633March 3633Ratification of the Aŭgustana Imperio
May 3633June 3633Internet Monitoring Act
September 3633November 3633Constitutional Amendments
December 3634December 3634Religious Freedom Act
November 3638February 3639Free Liberal: Outlawing of Secondary Striking
November 3638February 3639Free Liberal: Freedom for Smokers and Pub Landlords
November 3638February 3639Free Liberal: A modern military
November 3638February 3639Freedom from survelliance
November 3638February 3639Free Liberal: An affordable old age
January 3639April 3639Banning of Land-Mines
April 3639April 3639Fixed Term Parliament Act 3639
April 3639August 3639State Interference Reduction Act
June 3639June 3639Increasing Religious Freedom
June 3639June 3639The Child Protection Act, 3639
June 3639June 3639Free Liberal: Legalisation of Homosexual Sex
August 3639August 3639Free Liberal: Powers of the Police
November 3639November 3639Free Liberal: Abolition of Slavery
April 3640April 3640Cabinet Proposal of April 3640
April 3640November 3640New Justice Act
May 3640July 3640Citizen's Rights Bill
July 3640July 3640Freedom for Fish!
July 3640July 3640Animals in Cosmestic Research
October 3640October 3640Republic of Jelbania
November 3640December 3640Education Bill
December 3640December 3640Freedom of Cinema Bill
February 3641February 3641Hunting and Whaling Prohibition
May 3641May 3641Civil Liberties Bill
May 3641May 3641Reduction of Indirect Taxation Bill
October 3641November 3641Teenage Weekend Job Bill
October 3641November 3641Armed Paramilitary Withdrawl
May 3642May 3642Freedom for Adults to Buy Fireworks
May 3642May 3642End of exchange rate mechanism
January 3643February 3643Representation of the People Act
February 3643February 3643Withdrawing from the Augustana Imperium
February 3643February 3643Head of State Title
February 3643February 3643Ratification of the Treaty of Sebasto
April 3643April 3643Preventing Animal Extinction Bill
April 3643April 3643Cabinet Proposal of April 3643
June 3643June 3643Refugee Policy: Allowed in cases of genuine need
July 3643July 3643Welfare Bill 3643
July 3643July 3643Minimum Wage Act 3643
August 3643August 3643Animal Protection Act 3643
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the Treaty of Cooperation among Football (Soccer)-playing Nations
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the World Fair
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the International Tennis Association
December 3643December 3643Independence: Religion and State.
December 3643December 3643Stop the State Stealing Property! NOW
May 3644May 3644Liberalization of Public Transport Bill
July 3644July 3644Freedom of religion
November 3644November 3644Gambling Bill
November 3644November 3644Civil Liberties Act
November 3644November 3644We Shall Harness The Atom For Greater World Peace!
May 3645June 3645Pesticide Bill
January 3646January 3646Forestry Commission
May 3646May 3646Foreign Relations Bill
May 3646May 3646Resurrection of the Fishing Industry
July 3646May 3647Sales Tax Luxury Goods
November 3646May 3647The right to strike for what's right
February 3647February 3647Cabinet Proposal of February 3647
November 3647November 3647Culture Bill
November 3647November 3647Standardised Testing Bill 3647
December 3647December 3647Let Us Ensure That Our Military Can Deter The Capitalist Imperialist Threat!
May 3648May 3648Child Benefit Bill
May 3648May 3648Citizens Economic Security Bill
May 3648May 3648Public Transport Bill
May 3648May 3648Let Us Educate The Youth For A Greater Tomorrow!
May 3648May 3648Higher Education Bill
May 3648May 3648Pollution Bill
June 3648June 3648Public Modesty
October 3648October 3648Strike Ballots
December 3648December 3648Trade Union Rights
June 3649June 3649Centralisation Act 3649
December 3649December 3649Income Support Bill
December 3649December 3649Workers Councils
February 3651February 3651Cabinet Proposal of February 3651
October 3651October 3651Political Reform Bill
October 3651October 3651Citizenship Bill
November 3651February 3652The Students Right of 3651
March 3652July 3652Libel • Slander Amendment of 3652
March 3652November 3652Exchange Rate of 3652
June 3652June 3652Legalise Matchmaking
June 3653June 3653Call for Elections to Overthrow Liberal Ecology
December 3653April 3654Citizens Economic Security Continuation Bill
May 3654May 3654Jelbania's MIssionary Position
October 3654October 3654The People Demand This Stalemate Be Resolved!
October 3654July 3655Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
October 3654July 3655Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
November 3654May 3655Cheaper prescriptions for a healthier Jelbania!
January 3655May 3655Sales Tax Adjustment Bill
January 3655November 3655A Suitable Pastime for the People!
June 3655June 3655No compulsion for adults.
June 3655June 3655A moderate, sensible immigration policy
June 3655June 3655Freedom of Expression
June 3655June 3655Backing interacial relationships
June 3655June 3655Civil Servants Bill
June 3655June 3655Cabinet Proposal of June 3655
July 3655July 3655Promotion of Religion
August 3655November 3655Right to set up gates communs.
August 3655November 3655Illegal policy
October 3655October 3655Hunting and Fishing Act 3655
January 3656March 3656Making Smut Illegal.
March 3656July 3656Highly Environment bill of 3656
May 3656May 3656National Service Bill
May 3656May 3656Food Safety Bill
May 3657May 3657Devolving drug policy
May 3657May 3657Family Planning Bill
January 3658January 3658Public Decency Act 3658
January 3658January 3658Terrorism Bill 3658
January 3658January 3658Responsible Adoption Bill
January 3658January 3658Sports Club Bill 3658
June 3658June 3659Proposal of Paramilitaries 3658
January 3659June 3659Get on a bus
January 3659June 3659Patent Reform
October 3659October 3659Cabinet Proposal of October 3659
May 3660May 3660Privatisation Bill 3660
May 3660May 3660Protection of Women Act 3660
December 3661December 3661Nationalisation Bill
February 3663June 3663Jelbanian Improvement Bill
May 3663May 3663Cabinet Proposal of May 3663
November 3663December 3663Call for early elections, November 3663
February 3664June 3664Religion Bill
July 3665July 3665Foreign Aid Bill
October 3665October 3665Military Reform Bill
April 3666November 3666Waste Disposal
August 3666August 3666Call for early elections, August 3666
October 3667October 3667Call for early elections, October 3667
June 3670June 3670A Better Jelbania
June 3670June 3670Cabinet Proposal of June 3670
July 3672July 3672End Religion Bill
July 3672July 3672The People's Cabinet
July 3672July 3672Normalisation Bill
February 3673February 3673Budget proposal of February 3673
February 3673February 3673Income tax proposal of February 3673
February 3673February 3673National Prosperity Bill
June 3673June 3673Progressive Tax Bill
December 3673December 3673Industry Bill
August 3674August 3674Administrative Reform Bill
October 3675October 3675Call for early elections, October 3675
July 3676July 3676Radical Reform Bill
January 3678January 3678Jelbanian Improvement Bill
October 3678October 3678Call for early elections, October 3678
December 3678December 3678Let the Glorious Third Term of Socialist Government Commence!
February 3681February 3681Call for early elections, February 3681
March 3685March 3685Khan Temrkai II's Cabinet
March 3685March 3685Proclamation of the New Khan
March 3685March 3685Ending Tyranny of Big Government
March 3685March 3685Liberty From Harsh Taxes
December 3685December 3685Call for early elections, December 3685
May 3686May 3686Call for early elections, May 3686
June 3686June 3686Khan Temrkai II's Second Ministry
June 3686June 3686Restoration of Proper Jelbek Culture
June 3686July 3970Titles at the Purple Wolf's Court (WIP)
July 3686July 3686Budget proposal of July 3686
July 3686July 3686Accession to the Caliphate
November 3686November 3686Power to the Taghes
February 3687February 3687Defence Reforms
May 3687May 3687Punishments Act
May 3687May 3687Restoration of Religious Freedom
May 3687May 3687True Justice Act
July 3687July 3687Administrative Reforms II
July 3687July 3687Flattening Taxes
July 3687July 3687Administrative Reforms I
September 3687September 3687Administrative Reforms III
November 3687December 3687Administrative Reforms IV
March 3688March 3688Administrative Reforms V
March 3688March 3688Deployment of extra 25,000 troops to Northern Border
March 3688March 3688Appointment of New Regent-Atabeki
May 3688June 3688Fortifying the North and Other Defences Measures
June 3688June 3688Administrative Reforms VI
August 3688May 3689Administrative Reforms VII
November 3688May 3689The Patron System
November 3688September 3689Agricultural Reforms
December 3688September 3689Vigilance Act
February 3689February 3689Call for early elections, February 3689
September 3689September 3689Advertising & Labour
February 3690February 3690Media Law
July 3690July 3690Treaty Withdrawal
July 3690July 3690Restoration of The Secret Department
July 3690July 3690Awarding of Monopolies
August 3690August 3690Minor U-Turn
August 3690August 3690Budget proposal of August 3690
August 3690August 3690Income tax proposal of August 3690
January 3691February 3692Traditional Animal Laws
March 3692March 3692Gifts to Friends
March 3692March 3692Bek Jeztri's Coup
May 3692May 3692Jeztri Security Laws
August 3692August 3692Economic Super Growth Plan (Part 1)
August 3692August 3692Economic Super Growth Plan (Part 1)
November 3692November 3692Investment Plan
November 3693November 3693Nationalisation of Great Enterprises
July 3694July 3694The Post Jeztri Era
November 3694November 3694Deficit Reduction Plan
December 3694December 3694End of the Regency
December 3694December 3694Defict Reduction Plan II
January 3696January 3696Ratification of the Majatran Economic Compact
January 3697January 3697Post-Technocratic Government
August 3704August 3704New Khan
August 3704August 3704Cabinet Proposal of August 3704
December 3704December 3704Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
January 3705January 3705Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
May 3705May 3705Reforms #1
October 3706October 3706Cabinet Proposal of October 3706
July 3707July 3707The Constitution of 3707
June 3719July 3719New Constitution of Jelbania
July 3719July 3719Budget proposal of July 3719
July 3719July 3719Income tax proposal of July 3719
July 3719July 3719Reforming Jelbania
November 3719November 3719Cabinet Proposal of November 3719
June 3720November 3720Gambling Law
November 3720November 3720Congratulations to the National Football Team!
November 3720November 3720Budget proposal of November 3720
November 3720November 3720Corporate and Luxury Tax Reform
November 3720November 3720Income tax proposal of November 3720
November 3720November 3720Omnibus Legal Reofrms
July 3721July 3721Call for early elections, July 3721
August 3721August 3721Bek Frjsrl Cabinet I
August 3721August 3721Restoration of the Khanate
October 3721October 3721Income tax proposal of October 3721
October 3721October 3721Budget proposal of October 3721
October 3721October 3721Super Growth Plan
October 3721October 3721Media Laws
January 3722January 3722Reduction of State Subsidies and Welfare Programs
July 3722July 3722Increase in Security Spending
July 3722July 3722Ratification of the Tripartite Alliance
October 3722October 3722TOP SECRET:Chemical Weapons Factory
February 3724February 3724National Interest Act
October 3724October 3724Hiring Regulations
November 3724November 3724Royalist Government
November 3724December 3724Khan Temrkai II's Economic Reforms
December 3724December 3724Restriction of Beks' Authority
December 3724December 3724Budget proposal of December 3724
December 3724December 3724Income tax proposal of December 3724
January 3725January 3725Economic Stabilisation Law
January 3725January 3725Abolition of the Kurultai
June 3725June 3725Income tax fix
June 3725June 3725Budget fix
October 3725October 3725Establishment of Religions
October 3725October 3725Education Reorganisation Act
January 3726January 3726Nomination of Our Heir
April 3726April 3727Grand Mobilisation of the Great Jelbek Horde
July 3726January 3727Bonded Labour Act
April 3727April 3727Declaration of War on the Federation of Zardugal
May 3727May 3727War Taxes
May 3727May 3727Wartime Budget
July 3727July 3727Income tax proposal of July 3727
August 3727December 3729Titles at the Purple Wolf's Court
January 3729January 3729Appointment of Khansrmko Shlajkai as Regent-Atabek
September 3729September 3729Accession of the New Khan
December 3729December 3729Cabinet Proposal of December 3729
November 3730November 3730Partial Demobilisation of the Great Jelbek Horde
December 3730December 3730Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Security Co-Operation Organization
January 3731October 3731Ratification of the TerraVision Song Contest
June 3731October 3731Declaration of War on the Sekowan Empire
October 3731October 3731Cabinet Reshuffle
May 3737May 3737Proposals
November 3739November 3739Income tax proposal of November 3739
December 3739December 3739Cabinet Proposal of December 3739
December 3739December 3739New State Reforms
December 3739May 3741New State Reforms II
January 3742January 3742Call for early elections, January 3742
July 3742July 3742Budget proposal of July 3742
November 3742November 3742Income tax proposal of November 3742
April 3747April 37473747 Proposals
May 3753May 3753Call for early elections, May 3753
June 3773June 3773The Return of the Autocracy
June 3773June 3773Heijiwrn Cabinet
June 3773October 3773Yassa Reform
July 3773July 3773Income tax proposal of July 3773
July 3773July 3773National Budget 3773-3778
April 3774April 3774Mining Industry National Control Act
June 3774November 3774Jelbek Cultural Protection Act
July 3774July 3774Budget proposal of July 3774
July 3774July 3774Income tax proposal of July 3774
November 3774November 3774Ratification of the Treaty of Gemun
February 3775February 3775Consolidation of the Autocracy
November 3775November 3775Income tax proposal of November 3775
November 3775November 3775Budget proposal of November 3775
November 3775November 3775Social Security Reform
May 3776May 3776Cabinet Reshuffle
January 3777February 3777Great Kurultai of 3777: Election of the New Khan
April 3777April 3777All Hail the Khagan!
December 3777December 3777Ratification of the Constitution of the Jelbijékaiék Jezknzknstat (Empire of the Jelbic Peoples)
April 3778July 3778Restoration of the Position of Wrntusrljikai
July 3778July 3778Omnibus Yassa Reform
April 3779April 3779Deployment of the Fifth Army on the Western Border
June 3779June 3779Restoration of the Premiership
November 3779November 3779Correction of the Royal Title
December 3780December 3780Restoration of the Kurultai
October 3781October 3781Restored Kurultai Election
December 3781December 3781Ratification of the Entente Canrillaise
February 3782February 3782Imperial Title Update
April 3783April 3783-
June 3783August 3783-
August 3783August 3783Cabinet Reshuffle
August 3783February 3784Treaty Tidying Up
October 3783February 3784-
February 3784April 3784The Heijiwrn Machine
October 3785November 3785Beki Mandkh's Cabinet
February 3786February 3786Restoration of the old form Kurultai
February 3786February 3786Income tax proposal of February 3786
February 3786February 37863786-3791 Restoration Budget
February 3786August 3786Healthcare Devolution Act
April 3786April 3786Constitutional Yassa Reform
April 3786August 3786Education Devolution Act
May 3786May 3786Economic Reforms
August 3786August 3786Restoration of Liberties
August 3786July 3970Local Government Structure
June 3787June 3807Istalian State Visit to the Khanate of Jelbania
August 3787August 3787Abolition of the Federal Income Tax
August 3787August 3787Budget proposal of August 3787
September 3787September 3787Budget proposal of September 3787
September 3787November 3787Economic Deregulation
November 3787December 3787Religious Governance Act
August 3788August 3788Budget proposal of August 3788
August 3788September 3788Further Devolution
September 3788November 3788Jelbanian State Railways (Jelbe Knstat Tömrzn)
January 3789January 3789The Exalted One's New Title
June 3789July 3792Updating the Exalted One's Title
January 3791January 3791Ratification of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Jelbic Empire (Vanuku, Jelbania, Pontesi and Barmenia)
December 3791December 3791Policy Concessions to Serfs
December 3791December 3791Funding Policy Concessions to Serfs Act
July 3793January 3795Foreign Aid and Trade Policy Reform
October 3796October 3796Great Reform Cabinet
October 3796November 3796Great Reform Yassa
November 3796November 3796Great Reform Budget
November 3796November 3796Income tax (Great Reforms)
December 3796December 3796Budget proposal of December 3796
July 3797November 3798Great Reform Yassa II
January 3804January 3804Du Perche Cabinet
January 3804April 3804City Renaming Bill
April 3804April 38043804-3810 Budget
April 3804April 3804Defence Industry Part-Privatisation
January 3805January 3805WMD Production Authorisation Act
October 3805October 3805Cabinet Proposal of October 3805
October 3805October 3805Preparation for War
October 3805December 3805Declaration of War on the Zardic Federation and its allies
February 3808February 3808Ratification of the Majatran Mamuryūken Regiments - Supply and Training Arrangment
April 3808April 3808Funding the War
May 3808May 3808Cabinet Reshuffle
May 3808May 3808Additional War Related Spending
May 3811May 3811Cabinet Proposal of May 3811
October 3811October 3814All Hail the New Khagan
April 3813April 3813Mobilisation of Conscripts
February 3815February 3815Ratification of the Jelbic Khaganate - Zardugal Peace Treaty
April 3815April 3815Income tax proposal of April 3815
April 3815April 3815End of the War
September 3815September 3815Building Blocks Act 3815
May 3816May 3816Cabinet Proposal of May 3816
June 3816July 3816Constitutional Reform Act 3816
July 3816July 3816National Independence Act 3816
July 3816July 3816Taxation Reform Act 3816
July 3816July 3816Income tax proposal of July 3816
July 3816July 3816National Sport Act 3816
February 3817February 3817New Foreign Policy Act 3817
February 3817February 3817New Economic Plan Act 3817
February 3817February 3817City Names Act 3817
February 3817February 3817Traditional Values Act 3817
January 3818January 3818Diplomatic Review Act 3818
January 3818January 3818Jelbanien Repatriation Act 3818
August 3818August 3818Agriculture Act 3818
August 3818August 3818Welfare Reform Act 3818
August 3818August 3818Budget proposal of August 3818
August 3818August 3818Term Length Act 3818
August 3818August 3818Jelbanian Culture Act 3818
June 3819June 3819Call for early elections, June 3819
July 3819July 3819Cabinet Proposal of July 3819
July 3819July 3819Our Government
August 3819August 3819Cabinet Proposal of August 3819
March 3820March 3820Call for early elections, March 3820
January 3823January 3823The Republic
January 3823January 3823Cabinet Proposal of January 3823
January 3823April 3823First Amendment Ukaz (Presidential Decrees)
April 3823April 3823Refugee Support Act
April 3823April 3823Cabinet Proposal of April 3823
April 3823April 38233823-3829 National Budget
April 3823April 3823Income tax proposal of April 3823
June 3823June 3823Economic Competitiveness Act
September 3823October 3823Uniform Standards Act
October 3823October 3823First Constitutional Amendment: Yassa (Presidential Decree)
October 3823December 3823Yassa 3823-01: On Felinist Refugees
March 3824March 3824OOC:Cultural Protocols (Updated 3823)
October 3825October 3825Wk
February 3835February 3835Restoration Act of February 3835
May 3835May 3835National Name Change Campaign of May 3835
May 3835May 3835Cabinet Proposal of May 3835
March 3839March 3839Restoring the Monarchy
January 3840January 3840Income tax proposal of January 3840
January 3841January 3841Income tax proposal of January 3841
November 3841November 3841Cabinet Proposal of November 3841
November 3841November 3841xx
November 3841November 3841Military Introduction Act
November 3841December 3841Education Reform
December 3841December 3841Withdraw from the Imperialist treaty
December 3841December 3841Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
December 3841December 3841Budget proposal of December 3841
May 3842May 3842xx
October 3842October 3842Income tax proposal of October 3842
October 3842October 3842Powers of the Jezknz Act of 3842
October 3842October 3842Government Titles of 3842
October 3842October 3842Devolution Act of 3842
April 3844April 3844Further Devolution Act
April 3844May 3844Foreign Credibility Act
May 3844May 3844Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
October 3845March 3846Foreign Service Act
January 3846March 3846Budget proposal of January 3846
December 3854December 3854Cabinet Proposal of December 3854
December 3854May 3855Monarch Act
December 3854May 3855Power of the King
January 3855May 3855Executive Order
January 3855May 38552nd Monarch Act
January 3856January 3856Economic Reform Act
May 3856May 3856Income tax proposal of May 3856
March 3857March 3857Call for early elections, March 3857
March 3857April 3857Justice Act
April 3857April 3857The Protective Tariff of 3857
May 3857May 3857Power of the King Extended
December 3857December 3857Media Reform Acts
June 3859June 3859Cabinet Reform
October 3863October 3863National Salvation Front
October 3863October 3863Cabinet Proposal of October 3863
November 3863November 3863Changing the System
August 3864August 3864Call for early elections, August 3864
November 3864November 3864National Salvation Front
May 3879May 3879Cabinet Proposal of May 3879
June 3879September 3879Freedom to Marry Legislation 2015
September 3879September 3879Reform of Title Names.
December 3882December 3882Reform of Language and Titles (and Kingdom act)
October 3883October 3883Immigration Act
July 3885July 3885Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
October 3885October 3885Cabinet Proposal of October 3885
October 3885October 3885Act of Women's Rights 3885
October 3885October 3885National Name Change Act of 3885
August 3886August 3886Election of the First Great Committee
August 3886December 3886Jez Yzguk (Great Law)
September 3886September 3886Call for early elections, September 3886
December 3886August 3887Economic Restructuring Act
March 3887March 3887Restoring the Old Flag
March 3887August 3887Limitation of Government Interference in Social Affairs
June 3887June 3887Defining the Kurultai's Powers
August 3887August 3887Tax Reforms
August 3887August 3887Cabinet Proposal of August 3887
September 3887September 3887Liberalising the Media Law
January 3888January 3888Health Policy Deregulation
January 3888January 3888Pro-Enterprise Environmental Policy
January 3888January 3888Cultural Protection Law
January 3888January 3888Education Policy Reform
April 3888April 3888Elimination of the Income Tax
April 3888April 3888Budget proposal of April 3888
September 3888September 3888Greater Property Rights
September 3888September 3888Sales Tax Modification
December 3888August 3890Devolution to the Taghes and Clans
July 3890July 3890Budget proposal of July 3890
August 3890August 3890Finalising Media Law Reform
August 3891August 3891Research Deregulation Act
August 3891August 3893Reforming the GJH (Great Jelbek Horde)
August 3892August 3893Ratification of the International Recognition and Acceptance of the Martin Divergence
October 3907March 3908Anthem Correction
March 3908March 3908Krsyijotrnaték Kaerjogad
April 3909April 3909Krsyijotrnaték Kaerjogad: Zwitko Prta
April 3909April 3909Tormotzàkyusetzàkyuzenojuék Kntzeazmatiék Kàbina Suadmojad
April 3909October 3910"Jelbék Torze Krysigad"ék Suadmojad - The Founding of the Third Union of Jelbania
February 3913February 39133913n02aék Mje Nrjogad - Early Election of Feb 3913.
April 3914April 3914April 3914 Platform
April 3918April 3918Támnré Knsékbeidé Frnd - Honourable International Economy
October 3924October 3925Constitutional Reform
May 3941May 3941Cabinet Proposal of May 3941
May 3941August 39413941 Constitution
January 3970January 3970Nation Renaming
January 3970January 3970System of Government Act 3970
March 3971March 3971Call for early elections, March 3971
May 3971May 3971Cabinet Proposal of May 3971
June 3971June 3971Title corrections, &etc.
February 3972February 3972Cabinet Proposal of February 3972
June 3972June 3972Call for early elections, June 3972
January 3973January 3973OOC: Accidental Ursurping
January 3975January 3975OOC: Restorative Election
December 3975December 3975Haján orzy krjomek yrzá! Haján orzy estijogah yrzá! (The Khan is dead! Long live the Khan!)
January 3977January 3977OOC: Fixing a misspelling in the Jelbek of the HoS title
June 3977June 3977Realignment
August 3978August 3978Cabinet Proposal of August 3978
December 3980July 3981Ratification of the Popov Trade Accords
December 3981December 3981Ratification of the Čachtice Security Pact
May 3986May 3986OOC: RP Accord Ratification
June 3986June 3986OOC: Particracy World War RP Consent
October 3986April 3987Jelb'koékaiék Mrjkai
October 3986March 3995OOC: Cultural Protocol Affirmation (3994)
June 3987June 3987Nation Renaming
February 3993August 3993Ratification of the International Recognition of the Azahari Emirate of Al’Badara
February 3999February 3999Decentralization
January 4001January 4001Decentralization
January 4003January 4003Ratification of the International Association of Slave Trading Nations (IASTN)
May 4006May 4006~
June 4006June 4006Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
December 4023December 4023OOC: Cultural Protocol Update 4023 (Second Cultural Era Affirmation)
February 4025February 4025Dynasty Update
October 4041October 4041Election of the First Ruling Council
October 4041October 4041Proclamation of the Republic
October 4041March 4043Enfranchisement Act
January 4042September 4042Improvement of the Security Situation
March 4042March 40424042 Federal Budget
March 4042December 4042Unified Economic Policy
October 4042December 4042Ending Savagery
December 4042December 4042Security Spending Boost
December 4042December 4042Re-introduction of the Income Tax
April 4045December 4045Restoration of the Khanate
March 4046October 4047Blue Horde Takeover
December 4046December 4046Council of Mnistrs
October 4047October 4047Revenue Stuff...Unimportant
October 4047October 4047Abolition of the Wicked Income Tax
October 4047October 4047Horde First Policy
November 4047April 4048Restoration of the Old Laws
April 4048April 4048Granting the H'an the title of 'Destroyer of Cities'
May 4054January 4055All Hail the H'an!
June 4057June 4057Calling Free Elections
July 4057July 4057Klunehnd Ministry
September 4057September 4057Budget proposal of September 4057
September 4057September 4057Re-introduction of the Income Tax
June 4071July 4072international
February 4072July 4072international
June 4072July 4072international
February 4073February 4073Parliament Reformation
February 4073February 4073Royal Title Act
February 4073February 4073Ecology Act
February 4073February 4073Cabinet Proposal of February 4073
March 4073June 4073Budget proposal of March 4073
July 4074July 4074Parliament Reformation
December 4084December 4084Hatun Dowager's Cabinet
December 4084December 4084All Hail the New H'an !
October 4089October 4089Cabinet Proposal of October 4089
January 4090January 4090Establishment of the Ahmadi Republic- Amendment 1
January 4090January 4090Establishment of the Ahmadi Republic
February 4090February 4090Withdrawal from the Majatran Mamuryūken Regiments - Supply and Training Arrangment
March 4090March 4090Ahmadi Republic Administrative Reforms
April 4090April 4090Ahmadi Republic Education Reforms
April 4090April 4090Ahmadi Republic Religious Reforms
April 4090April 4090Ratification of the Majatran Oil Corporation
December 4090January 4091Call for early elections, December 4090
July 4092July 4092Ahmadi Anti-Vice Act of 4092
November 4094November 4094Ahmadi Republican Urbanization Project- Phase 1
August 4095August 4095Official Move to New Capital
October 4095October 4095Ahmadi Republican Military Reform of 4095
November 4095November 4095Ahmadi Justice Reform of 4095
November 4095November 4095Ahmadi Republic Economic Plan
November 4095November 4095Ahmadi Republican Family Planning Reforms
June 4097June 4097Expansion of the Hrltaj
December 4099December 4099Supporting Our Glorious Nation for the World Congress Security Council
December 4099December 4099Ratification of the Jakanian-Jelbanian Sanjaqi Recruitment Agreement
July 4101July 4101Bill to Support Talmoria for Security Council Seat D
October 4101October 4101Bill to Support Hawu Mumenhes for Security Council Seat A
December 4102February 4103Ratification of the Ahmadi Treaty of Solidarity in the World Congress
December 4102February 4103Bill to Support Kalistan for Security Council Seat C
October 4103October 4103Anti-Slavery Initiative
August 4104August 4104Call for early elections, August 4104
August 4104October 4104Bill to Ban Slavery and the Slave Trade
October 4104October 4104Moderate Reforms of Ahmadi Law
October 4104October 4104Ahmadi Republic Religious Reform Act of 4104
October 4104October 4104Cabinet Proposal of October 4104
October 4104October 4104Ratification of the Nouvelle Noel 4010 Olympics (WIP)
July 4105July 4105Ratification of the Majatra Anti-Slavery Accord
August 4105August 4105OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
April 4107April 4107Withdrawal from the Tripartite Alliance
April 4109April 4109Bill to Support Valruzia for Security Council Seat C
November 4118November 4118Jelbicization of the Names of Taghes
March 4121March 412103/4121 - Prime Minister Bill
March 4121March 4121Cabinet Proposal of March 4121
March 4121March 412103/4121 - Constitutional Reform Bill
September 4121April 412209/4121 - Retirement Bill
September 4121April 412209/4121 - Military Strengthening Bill
November 4121November 4121Call for early elections, November 4121
December 4121April 412212/4121 - The Fair Election Act
December 4121April 4122..
March 4122March 4122New party, new country.
March 4122April 412203/4122 - Constitutional Modernisation
March 4122April 412203/4122 - Religious Freedom Bill
April 4122April 4122Cabinet Proposal of April 4122
May 4122June 4122Ratification of the Anti Slavery Treaty
June 4122June 4122Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
September 4122September 412209/4122 - Liberalisation Bill
June 4123June 4123Ratification of the Diplomatic Relations of the Ahmadi Republic of Jelbania
March 4124March 4124Market De-Regulation Bill
November 4124November 4124Call for early elections, November 4124
November 4126November 4126Call for early elections, November 4126
March 4130March 4130Constitutional and Electoral Reform.
March 4130March 4130Cabinet Proposal of March 4130
August 4130August 4130Health Care.
May 4131May 4131Call for early elections, May 4131
May 4131August 4131Cabinet Formation and Proposal Amendment.
November 4131November 4131Revamping Laws
March 4132March 4132National Laws
October 4132December 4132Banking system Act.
November 4132November 4132Call for early elections, November 4132
December 4132December 4132Regulation Law
December 4132December 4132Cabinet Proposal of December 4132
March 4133March 4133National Capital
December 4137December 4137Environmental protection Reform
December 4138December 4138Partial Machtergreifung and transitional greyist government
April 4139April 4139Neutralisation
April 4139April 4139Secular Reform
May 4139May 4139LGBT Adoption Right Reform
May 4139May 4139Partial Defence Industry privatisation
May 4139May 4139Welfare Reform
May 4139May 4139Legislative period shortening
May 4139May 4139Abortion Reform
May 4139May 4139Productivity boost
May 4139May 4139Greyist Military Reform
March 4140March 4140Blind Nationalism Reform
March 4140March 4140Second Environmental Protection Reform
September 4140September 4140Science Reform
September 4140September 4140Income tax proposal of September 4140
June 4141June 4141Absolute Machtergreifung
September 4141September 4141RP: Secret Police
September 4141September 4141OOC: Nation Renaming
September 4141September 4141Absolute takeover
March 4142December 4142Ratification of the Triguno-Deltaro-Solentian Trilateral Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation
May 4142May 4142Call for early elections, May 4142
September 4142September 4142Discrediting the previous election
October 4142December 4142RP: SePol execution of all gangs
October 4142December 4142Educational reform
October 4142December 4142Civil Rights Reform
October 4142December 4142OOC: Nation Renaming
October 4142December 4142Aditional Reforms
November 4142November 4142Absolute Machtergreifung
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
November 4142December 4142Dundorfian language learning programme
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the Quality Economy Agreement (QEA)
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the International Space Agency (ISA)
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the International Confederation for Applied Chemistry and Biological Research (ICACBR)
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the International Terran Bank
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the Centre for Nulcear and Subnuclear Research (CNSR)
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the International Outer Space Treaty
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the Terran Nuclear and Renewable Energy Agency
November 4142December 4142Ratification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
October 4143October 4143Income tax proposal of October 4143
October 4143October 4143Budget proposal of October 4143
October 4143October 4143Second educational reform
October 4144October 4144Delaying the elections
April 4145April 4145Reformation
November 4145November 4145Budget proposal of November 4145
April 4146April 4146Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Union
March 4147April 4147Extra Progressive Reform
May 4148May 4148Call for early elections, May 4148
December 4150February 4151Bill for Arthur Sanc
February 4151February 4151Cabinet Proposal of February 4151
February 4151February 4151Government Reform
May 4151May 4151National Reform
December 4151January 4152Electoral Reform
February 4152February 4152Hutori for Security Council
February 4152February 4152Official National Name Change Act
July 4152January 4153Security Council seat C
August 4152January 4153Social Benefits Package
August 4152January 4153Nationalist Infrastructure reform Bill
December 4152December 4152Call for early elections, December 4152
December 4152January 4153Decentralization Bill part 1
March 4153April 4153Military Formation
April 4153April 4153The restoration of the Jeztri family line
November 4154November 4154Civil Reform
April 4155May 4155Reform
April 4156May 4156New Federal Reform
March 4157March 4157Capitol
May 4157May 4157Additional Reform Battery
May 4157May 4157Ratification of the The Jelbania People's Administrative and Military Treaty
September 4157September 4157Ratification of the The Jelbanian People's Health Treaty
November 4157November 4157Ratification of the Lake Majatra Trade Organisation
March 4158March 4158Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
October 4158October 4158Ratification of the Jelbania People's Treaty
January 4160January 4160Ratification of the Justice for Jelbania Treaty
February 4161February 4161Last reform battery
November 4161December 4161Solentia for Security Council B
December 4161December 4161Ratification of the The Rilmos-Orame Cooperative Security Alliance
January 4162January 4162Alternative Reform Package
September 4165November 4165Constitution of Jelbania
November 4165November 4165Income tax proposal of November 4165
November 4165November 4165Budget proposal of November 4165
August 4166September 4166Restoration of the Khanate.
September 4166September 4166Cabinet Proposal of September 4166
October 4166October 4166Tax Reforms
October 4166October 4166Abolition of the Wicked Income Tax, Again!
November 4166December 4166Securing the Restoration
February 4167February 4167Royal Powers Act
February 4167February 4167The H'an Father Provides for His People
February 4167February 4167Extending the Kurultai's Term
June 4167June 4167National Anthem and Motto Fix
March 4168March 4168Beefing Up National Defence.
March 4168March 4169Security Council Choices
October 4170October 4170Ratification of the Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
October 4170March 4171Grand Yassa Reform I
April 4171April 4171Great Yassa Reform II
September 4171August 4173Knstat Mrthotrmo (National Shield) Declaration
April 4174April 4174Rise of the Grand Shaman
March 4175March 4175Royal Cult
May 4175May 4175Withdrawal from Oppressive Foreign Treaties and Organisations
May 4175May 4175Budget proposal of May 4175
November 4176November 4176Government Reform Act 4176
April 4181April 4181Call for early elections, April 4181
April 4181April 4181Cabinet Proposal of April 4181
June 4181June 4181Call for early elections, June 4181
June 4181June 4181Budget proposal of June 4181
June 4181June 4181Income tax proposal of June 4181
June 4181June 4181Cabinet Proposal of June 4181
May 4182May 4182All Hail the H'an!
May 4182May 4182Cabinet Proposal of May 4182
August 4182August 4182Budget proposal of August 4182
August 4182August 4182Income tax proposal of August 4182
September 4182October 4182The Divine One Knows Best In Economics
September 4182October 4184State Establishment of the Royal Cult
September 4182October 4185Organisation of the Blue Horde
February 4185February 4185Marriage Restricition Act
August 4185August 4185Withdrawal from Oppressive Foreign Agreements
October 4186October 4186Budget proposal of October 4186
October 4186October 4186Re-introduction of the Income Tax
November 4186November 4186Fall of the Grand Shaman
March 4187March 4187New Kurultai
December 4187December 4187Cabinet Proposal of December 4187
February 4188February 4188Ratification of the Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
February 4188March 4188Sunshine Policy
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the The Rilmos-Orame Cooperative Security Alliance
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the Treaty of the Organization of Collective Security and Cooperation.
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the International Space Agency (ISA)
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the Diplomatic Relations of the Ahmadi Republic of Jelbania
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the International Unity Party Union (IUPU) Treaty
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the International Basketball League (IBL)
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the Lake Majatra Trade Organisation
March 4188March 4188Ratification of the Triguno-Deltaro-Solentian Trilateral Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation
May 4188May 4188Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
May 4188May 4188Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Security Co-Operation Organization
May 4188May 4188Ratification of the Charter of the Majatran Union
February 4190February 4190Moonlight Policy
March 4190March 4190Cabinet Proposal of March 4190
March 4195March 4195Powers of the government bill
September 4199November 4199-
November 4199November 4199Death to Liberalism and Internationalism!
May 4200May 4200Security Council Nominations
August 4200August 4200Royal Cabinet Decree
August 4200September 4200Omnibus Royal Reforms Act
November 4202November 4202Ratification of the Jakanian-Jelbanian Sanjaqi Recruitment Agreement
March 4203March 4203Budget proposal of March 4203
September 4203September 4203Further Stimulus
March 4204March 4204Execution of Traitors
September 4204September 4204Cabinet Proposal of September 4204
December 4204December 4204Security Beef up
December 4204December 4204Cabinet Fix
May 4206May 4206Security First
November 4207December 4207Proclamation of the People's Democratic Republic of Jelbania
February 4208February 4208Revolutionary Council
February 4208February 4208Urgent Economic Reforms
March 4208March 4208Budget proposal of March 4208
March 4208March 4208Income tax proposal of March 4208
November 4208November 4208Income tax proposal of November 4208
November 4208November 4208Ratification of the Dorvish Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
March 4210March 4210People's Democratic Horde
March 4210April 4210Real Revolutionary Reforms
September 4212September 4212Revolutionary Banner
October 4212October 4212More Economic Reform
October 4212October 4212People's Liberties
May 4213May 4213Ratification of the Treaty on the Creation of the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation (MRSF)
October 4214October 4214Workers' Paradise
June 4215June 4215New Recommendations Bill 2
March 4216April 4216Conservative Acts 4216
March 4217March 4217Further Nationalisation Act
March 4218March 4218Further Socialist Reforms
December 4219December 4219Cabinet Proposal of December 4219
September 4220September 4220Call for early elections, September 4220
October 4220October 4220REGAINING THE LEGACY
October 4220October 4220Cabinet Proposal of October 4220
October 4220October 4220All Jelbania Constitutional Reforms
December 4220May 4221Introducing new Title
September 4221September 4221Cabinet Proposal of September 4221
September 4221September 4221Constitutional Government Tenure Act
October 4221October 4221Cabinet Proposal of October 4221
April 4222April 4222Call for early elections, April 4222
June 4222June 4222THE NATIONAL MOTTO
October 4222October 4222The National Identities.
October 4222October 4222Cabinet Proposal of October 4222
November 4223November 4223New laws
March 4225March 4225Call for early elections, March 4225
April 4226April 4226Regulation Bill
November 4231November 4231Advertising policy
October 4236May 4237Adoption of Reforming Acts 3
October 4236May 4237Adoption of Reforming Acts
October 4236May 4237Adoption of Reforming Acts 2
August 4237August 4237The National Flag
November 4237November 4237Increasing Seats of THE HOUSE OF REPUBLIC
December 4241October 4242Military Modernisation Act
October 4242October 4242Oct 4242 act
May 4246May 4246Call for early elections, May 4246
May 4246November 4246Major Government Changes
June 4246November 4246Major Reform pt. 1
September 4246September 4246Cabinet Proposal of September 4246
September 4246November 4246Major Country Reforms pt.2
October 4246October 4246Budget proposal of October 4246
October 4246October 4246Call for early elections, October 4246
November 4246November 4246Budget proposal of November 4246
July 4247July 4247Call for early elections, July 4247
September 4247September 4247Major Country Reform pt.3
June 4248June 4248Call for early elections, June 4248
December 4248December 4248Call for early elections, December 4248
July 4249July 4250Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
February 4250February 4250Agriculture Party Policy
July 4250July 4250Democracy Act of 4250
June 4251June 4251Call for early elections, June 4251
July 4251July 4251Economic Regulation Act
July 4251July 4251Environment Protection Act
April 4252April 4252Religion Freedom Act
January 4253January 4253Term Lenght Act
August 4254August 4254Elections Bill
May 4255April 4256Reform
October 4255October 4255Call for early elections, October 4255
April 4256March 4257Call for early elections, April 4256
March 4257May 4257Ratification of the Treaty On The Forming Of The Union Of Revolutionary Socialist Republics
June 4262June 4262Ratification of the Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on Kalopia
October 4264October 4264Call for early elections, October 4264
April 4265April 4265Ratification of the International Condemnation of Dorvik
January 4267January 4267Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
January 4267January 4267Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
January 4267January 4267Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
November 4267November 4267Ratification of the Majatran Championship Cup (MCC)
March 4273March 4273Ratification of the Recognition of the Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)'s Permanent Neutrality
October 4273October 4273Call for early elections, October 4273
October 4273December 4273Ratification of the Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network
October 4273December 4273Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
November 4273December 4273Security Council Act of 4273
October 4275October 4275Removing the embargo on Kalopia
September 4276September 4276Nation Integrety Act
April 4280April 4280Ratification of the Majatran Socialist Defensive Treaty
January 4285November 4285Victory!
November 4285November 4285Suppression of Communism Act
February 4286February 4286New Banner
March 4286March 4286Phasing Out The Wicked Income Tax
March 4286March 4286National Sales Tax
March 4286March 4286Budget proposal of March 4286
July 4286July 4286Election Fix
July 4286July 4286Council of Mnistrs
September 4286May 4287Ratification of the Jelbijékaiék Krsyjogad (Union of the Jelbic Peoples)
November 4286November 4286Budget proposal of November 4286
February 4287May 4287Omnibus Economic Liberalisation Act of 4287
February 4287May 4287Healthcare Markets Act
March 4287March 4287Call for early elections, March 4287
March 4287May 4287Ratification of the Anti Globalist Alliance (AGA)
May 4287May 4287Diplomatic Adjustments
August 4287August 4287Monarchy Fix
August 4287August 4287Dztek In-Laws Join Council
October 4287February 4288Personal Status and Family Law
February 4288July 4288Educational Freedom Act
October 4288January 4289Eco De-Bueaucritisation
January 4289April 4294Ratification of the Dundorfian Free Investment Partnership (DFIP)
January 4289April 4294Ratification of the Dorvish Trade Association and Economic Pact
March 4289March 4289Retirement From Active Government
July 4289July 4289Ending Welfare Addiction Act
July 4289September 4289Infrastructure Privatisation Act
September 4289February 4291Serfdom Restoration Proclamation
March 4290March 4290Deltarian Tax
March 4290March 4290Deploying Troops To the Jelbanian-Deltarian Border
March 4290March 4290Ratification of the International Monarchist Axis
March 4290March 4290Claiming Our Southern Throne
August 4290August 4290Declaration of a State of War On the Rebellious Czardom of Deltaria
July 4291July 4291Regency Council
April 4292April 4292Income tax proposal of April 4292
April 4292April 4292Appointment of the Regency Council
April 4292April 4292Demobilisation
January 4293July 4293All hail the H'an!
July 4293July 4293Cabinet Proposal of July 4293
September 4293February 4294Political Liberalisation
September 4293February 4294Restoration of Federalism Act
February 4294February 4294Budget proposal of February 4294
February 4294February 4294Cabinet Proposal of February 4294
September 4295September 4295Cabinet Proposal of September 4295
September 4295September 4295Repeal of Monarchist League Act
September 4295September 4295Citizenship & Political Reform Act
December 4295December 4295Election Term Act
January 4296January 4296Tax Act
March 4296March 4296Change of Country Name Act
March 4296March 4296Flag & ... Changes Act
September 4297September 4297Cabinet Proposal of September 4297
September 4297January 4298Bill 1: Military Act
March 4298May 4298Bill 2: Major changes of the laws of the Grzkai's Government
September 4298September 4298Bill 5: Treaty Withdrawal
September 4298September 4298Bill 4: Change of Country Name Act
September 4298September 4298Bill 3: Priority administrative changes of the state
November 4298November 4298Bill 6:Flag Change
May 4299March 4300Bill 7: Administrative Act
September 4299September 4299Cabinet Proposal of September 4299
October 4299October 4299Income tax proposal of October 4299
October 4299October 4299Budget proposal of October 4299
October 4299October 4299Income tax proposal of October 4299
October 4299March 4300Ratification of the Constitution of the Augustan Empire
November 4299November 4299Call for early elections, November 4299
November 4299November 4299Income tax proposal of November 4299
September 4301September 4301Bill 9: National Act
September 4302March 4303Administrative Act Bill 4302
June 4304June 4304Ratification of the Constitution of the Phoenix Augustan Empire
November 4306November 4306Change of Country Name Act
June 4311June 4311Nation Name Change
June 4311June 4311Cabinet Proposal of June 4311
June 4311June 4311Changes
October 4311October 4311International Relations Act
October 4311October 4311Religious Rights Act
October 4311October 4311Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
October 4311October 4311Ratification of the Right to Privacy Treaty
October 4311October 4311Treaty Withdrawls
October 4311October 4311Budget proposal of October 4311
December 4311December 4311Ratification of the Anti-Racism Treaty
April 4312April 4312Military Revision Bill
May 4312May 4312Nation Flag Change
May 4312May 4312Income tax proposal of May 4312
November 4312June 4313Civil Rights Bill
December 4312June 4313Environment Reform Act
January 4313June 4313Motto Change
April 4313June 4313Justice Act.
April 4313June 4313OOC: Join the RP accord
November 4313November 4313Ratification of the International Military Organization Treaty.
November 4313December 4313Changes of 4313
May 4315May 4315Call for early elections, May 4315
July 4315November 4315Changes of 4315
July 4315November 4315Ratification of the International treaty to protect Ahmadi minorities
October 4315October 4315Call for early elections, October 4315
November 4316November 4316Ratification of the Abandonment of Monarchies and all other Hereditary Forms of Head of State
November 4316November 4316Changes of 4316
November 4317November 4317A Working People Bill *Revised*
January 4318January 4318Religion Promotion Act
April 4319November 4319Capitalistic Act
June 4319November 4319Seat Increase
May 4321September 4321National Representation Act 4321
September 4321September 4321Morality Act
September 4321September 4321Presidential Reform Act
September 4321September 4321Environmental Protection Act 4321
September 4321September 4321The Paramilitary Bill
September 4321September 4321Last Defence Act
September 4321September 4321National Motto Amendment Act 4321
September 4321September 4321The Foreign Policy and Aid Act
September 4321September 4321Flag Amendment Act
September 4321October 4321Free Citizens Act 4321
September 4321October 4321The Religious Equality Act
October 4321October 4321Health and Safety Act
October 4321October 4321Civil Liberty Reform Act
October 4321October 4321Alcohol Bill
October 4321October 4321Education Act
October 4321October 4321End DADT Act
November 4321August 4322Constitution of the Phoenix Augustan Empire Treaty Withdrawal Act
November 4321August 4322International Unity Party Unity Treaty Withdrawal Act
November 4321September 4322Political Benefits Act
February 4322November 4322Foreign Affairs Reform Act
March 4322November 4322Local Government Education Act
March 4322November 4322The Local Government Healthcare Act
March 4322November 4322Forestry Act
April 4322November 4322Appointment of Mayors Act
May 4322May 4322Call for early elections, May 4322
June 4322June 4322Call for early elections, June 4322
October 4322October 4322Cabinet Proposal of October 4322
November 4322November 4322Reform Act
November 4322November 4322Voting age
September 4323September 4323Justice Voting Act
August 4324August 4324National Economy Act 4324
August 4324August 4324Jelbic Healthcare Act 4324
March 4325March 4325Call for early elections, March 4325
April 4325April 4325Third National Flag Amendment Act
June 4325August 4325Cabinet Proposal of June 4325
September 4325September 4325Foreign Act
September 4325September 4325Police Powers Act
September 4325September 4325Strike Action Act 4325
September 4325September 4325Treaty Withdrawal
September 4325September 4325Reform Act
September 4325September 4325Budget proposal of September 4325
September 4325September 4325Anti Racism Treaty Withdrawal
September 4325September 4325Governmental Reform Act 4325
September 4325September 4325Death Penalty
September 4325September 4325Economic Nationalisation Act
September 4325September 4325Military reform act
September 4325September 4325Income tax proposal of September 4325
September 4325September 4325IMO Withdrawal
September 4325September 4325Foreign Act
October 4325April 4327Ecology Act
March 4326March 4326Flag Amendment Act 648
May 4326May 4326Civil Freedoms Act 4326
August 4326August 4326Foreign Relations Act
May 4327May 4327Cabinet Proposal of May 4327
November 4328June 4329Bring back the Church of Jelbania Act
November 4330November 4330Cabinet Proposal of November 4330
November 4330April 4331Repeal the Ahamidi Minority Treaty
April 4331April 4331Capitalistic Act
July 4331July 4331Budget proposal of July 4331
July 4331July 4331Income tax proposal of July 4331
January 4332January 4332Income tax proposal of January 4332
April 4332April 4332Call for early elections, April 4332
April 4332May 4332Key Government Changes
June 4332June 4332Church of Jelbania Bill
January 4333January 4333Morality Act
June 4333June 4333Changes
October 4333May 4334God's Will For the World Act
April 4334May 4334Changes of 4334
May 4334May 4334less elections
January 4335January 4335Changes of 4335
October 4335October 4335One more change
October 4335October 4335Changes of 4335 2
October 4336October 4336Changes of 4336
June 4337June 4337Less Elections Act
March 4338March 4338Call for early elections, March 4338
May 4338May 4338Finances Act 4338 (I)
May 4338May 4338Religious Freedoms Act 4338
May 4338May 4338Constitutional Reformation Act 4338
May 4338May 4338Cabinet Proposal of May 4338
June 4338June 4338Finances Act 4338 (II)
June 4338June 4338Political Influence Act 4338
January 4339January 4339Call for early elections, January 4339
March 4340March 4340Cabinet Proposal of March 4340
September 4341September 4341Call for early elections, September 4341
September 4341September 4341Royal Council
September 4341February 4342Restoration of the Khanate - 4341
September 4341April 4342Omnibus Reforms I
October 4341October 4341Tax System Overhaul
October 4341October 4341-
October 4341February 4342Tax System Overhaul Pt 2
January 4342January 4342Assassination of H'an Elect
January 4342September 4342Traditional Jelbek Religious Tolerance Act
April 4342April 4342Cabinet Proposal of April 4342
September 4342September 4342Income tax proposal of September 4342
September 4342September 4342Economic Reconstruction
October 4342February 4343Health Reconstruction pt 1
February 4343February 4343Budget proposal of February 4343
February 4343April 4343National Sales Tax
April 4343July 4343Health Reconstruction pt 2
August 4343August 4343-
October 4343March 4344Further Reorganisation
April 4344April 4344Budget proposal of April 4344
October 4344October 4344Call for early elections, October 4344
October 4344July 4345Great Reform Ukaz - Powers of the Nobility
January 4345January 4345Cabinet Proposal of January 4345
January 4345January 4345Ratification of the United Chariot League
January 4345January 4345Great Reform Ukaz
March 4345April 4345Great Reform Ukaz - Reintroduction of the Income Tax
January 4346January 4346Great Reform Ukaz - State Security
January 4346January 4346Great Reform Ukaz - Budgetary Reform
April 4347April 4347Eminent Domain and Highways Act
April 4347April 4347Security Council Realignment
July 4347July 4347Central Bank Control Act
January 4348January 4348Public Education Guarantee Act
March 4348April 4348Royal Authority Act
July 4348July 4348All hail the H'an!
November 4348May 4349Ratification of the Indrala-Jelbania Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (4348)
January 4349May 4349Local Government Act
January 4349May 4349-
May 4349May 4349Appointment of a New Wrtusrljikai
May 4349May 4349Limitation of Appeals Act
January 4350January 4350Defence Industries Act
March 4350March 4350Bestiality Act
July 4350July 4350Curfews and Capital Punishment Act
April 4351July 4351Economic Centralisation Act
September 4351March 4352Healthcare Reorganisation Act of 4351
February 4352February 4352Support for Czar Nikolai
February 4352February 4352Project 4375 - Infrastructural Development
August 4352August 4352Military Reform Act of 4352
September 4352September 4352Infrastructural Development Tax
September 4352September 4352National Infrastructural Development Plan
April 4353April 4353Privatisation of National Infrastructure
July 4353July 4353Arranged Marriages Act
January 4354January 4354National Giants In Vital Sectors Act
July 4354July 4354Foreign Investment and Settlement Act
October 4354October 4354Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
October 4354October 4354---
January 4355January 4355-
February 4355February 4355Ratification of the Narikaton Expanded Economic Cooperation Zone
February 4355February 4355Ratification of the International Monarchist Axis
February 4355February 4355Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
April 4355April 4355Police Searches Act
July 4355July 4355Motto Update
October 4355October 4355Anthem and Corporal Punishment Act
January 4356January 4356Budget proposal of January 4356
March 4356March 4356NEK for Seat D
April 4356April 4356-
March 4357July 4357Family Law Reform Act
July 4357July 4357Security Enhancement Act
September 4357January 4358Declaration of the Jelbek Khaganate
January 4358July 4358Law and Security Act
July 4358July 4358Agriculture and Fishing Act of 4358
January 4359January 4359Health Reform
July 4359July 4359Cabinet Proposal of July 4359
July 4359July 4359Research Reform Act
July 4359January 4360Ratification of the Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)
July 4359January 4360Ratification of the International Free Trade Accord
September 4359September 4359Ratification of the Union of the Jelbic Peoples (Treaty Update)
October 4360October 4360Call for early elections, October 4360
April 4361July 4361Grand Compromise
October 4363October 4363Phasing Out Nobles' Tax Privileges
May 4364May 4364Conservation Act
October 4365October 4365Ratification of the Tukaric Union
January 4366January 4366Emergency Law
March 4366April 4366Declaration of a State of Emergency
November 4366January 4367Tightening Up Security
April 4367April 4367All hail the Khagan!
January 4369May 4369Cabinet Proposal of January 4369
May 4369May 4369Income tax proposal of May 4369
May 4369May 4369Budget proposal of May 4369
May 4369May 4369Reforms
May 4369May 4369All hail the Khagan
June 4369June 4369.
June 4369June 4369Ratification of the Condemnation of the Orderist Terrorism in Western Majatra
July 4369July 4369Ratification of the Majatran Education Opportunity Pact/Educating the Youth Act part 1
July 4369July 4369Security counsel changes
November 4369November 4369Educating the Youth Act Part 2
July 4370July 4370Ratification of the Gaduridos International Business Treaty
July 4370July 4370The State of Emergency is over
July 4370July 4370Food Safety Standards Act
July 4370July 4370Parliament Salary Cut bill
July 4370July 4370Justice for all Act
December 4370December 4370Pious Society Bill 4370
January 4371January 4371Economics Reform Package
January 4371January 4371Enlargement Amendment
November 4371May 4372Religious Reform Act 4371
December 4371December 4371Call for early elections, December 4371
January 4372January 4372The New Grand Compromise OOC:RP Law
January 4372January 4372Environmental Advancement Act
August 4372August 4372/
August 4372August 4372Local Ag Bill
July 4373July 4373Ratification of the Istalian-Jelbanian Free Trade Agreement
April 4375April 4375HCRA
April 4375April 4375Drug Act
June 4377April 4378Citizenship Bill
August 4382August 4382Cabinet Proposal of August 4382
August 4382August 4382Reform Bill 4382
May 4383May 4383Further Reform Bill 4383
December 4384December 4384Cabinet Proposal of December 4384
November 4385November 4385National Action Bill 4385
July 4388July 4388Cabinet Proposal of July 4388
July 4388July 4388Restoration of the Great Jeztri Clan
August 4388August 4388Jelbek Strength Economy
August 4388August 4388Budget proposal of August 4388
August 4388August 4388Income tax proposal of August 4388
September 4388October 4388The Great Relocation
March 4389March 4389Call for early elections, March 4389
July 4389January 4403Jelbek Political Disintegration RP (Continued)
July 4390August 4417OOC: Cultural Protocol Update (4417)
September 4390September 4390Call for early elections, September 4390
January 4391February 4391Combat Laws
February 4391February 4391Constitutional Amendments
February 4391February 4391Cabinet Proposal of February 4391
February 4391March 4391Renaming Parliament
July 4391July 4391Treaty Withdrawal
July 4391July 4391Constitutional Political Structure Change
January 4392August 4392National Changes
April 4392April 4392Call for early elections, April 4392
March 4399March 4399Appointment of Military Officers
March 4399July 4399National Amendments
July 4399July 4399Ecological Enforcements
July 4399July 4399Health Structure Reforms
August 4399August 4399Citizenship Laws
August 4399October 4399Security Changes
March 4400March 4400Religious Regulations Act
April 4400August 4411Jelbania New Policies
May 4400June 4400JDP PROPOSALS
June 4400June 4400REGAINING LEGACY
July 4400July 4400National Slogan
September 4400September 4400Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
July 4402July 4402Cabinet Reshuffle Proposal of July 4402
January 4403January 4403New Jelbanian Acts
January 4403February 4403Economic Reform Program FRJ
February 4403February 4403General Reform Act
December 4403January 4404Ecological Policy
January 4404January 4404Cabinet Proposal of January 4404
April 4405April 4405Welcoming Survivors Act
June 4405July 4405Jeztrid Faction Returns
September 4406September 4406National Policy Reforms
September 4406September 4406GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION #1
August 4407August 4407Cabinet Proposal of August 4407
August 4407August 4407Free Market Enhancement Act
January 4408January 4408Assassination of Premier Temrkai Kez'i
January 4408January 4408Anti-Eco Bureaucracy Act
August 4408August 4408Vanukean Occupation of the Northern Half of the Free Republic (Partial)
August 4408August 4408Deltarian Occupation of the Southern Half of the Free Republic
January 4409January 4409New Governmemt Policies
January 4409January 4409Cabinet Proposal of January 4409
July 4409July 4409EDUCATION POLICY
July 4410July 4410Budget proposal of July 4410
July 4410July 4410Income tax proposal of July 4410
March 4411March 4411Income tax proposal of March 4411
August 4411August 4411National Welfare Laws
April 4412April 4412Call for early elections, April 4412
January 4413January 4413Industrial Pollution &ISPs Regulation Policy
January 4416January 4416PROPOSALS INCREASE BILL
July 4417July 4417Cabinet Proposal of July 4417
July 4417July 4417Call for early elections, July 4417
August 4417August 4417Income tax proposal of August 4417
August 4417August 4417General Reform Act of 4417
August 4417August 4417Budget proposal of August 4417
January 4418July 4419Seat D Vote Shift
February 4419February 4419Security Council (Seat A)
December 4420December 4420The Beginning of the Purple Movement 4420
January 4422January 4422The Purple Agenda 4422
January 4423January 4423Purple Legislative Reforms 4423
January 4424December 4424Purple Legislative Reforms 4424
June 4424June 4424Call for early elections, June 4424
August 4424January 4425Ratification of the Majatran Union of Nations (MUN)
December 4424January 4425RP: Reunification of Jelbania
February 4425August 4425RP: The Farmers Confederation
April 4426April 4426Transport Bill
April 4426April 4426Passports Bill
July 4426July 4426Adapted Proposal Cap 4426
September 4428April 4429Anti-corruption bill
August 4430August 4430Cabinet Proposal of August 4430
September 4430September 4430Abortion bill
September 4430September 4430Multiple citizenship bill
September 4430September 4430Republic of Jelbania
September 4430September 4430Fair quotas
October 4430October 4430Income tax proposal of October 4430
October 4430October 4430Budget proposal of October 4430
October 4430October 4430Paramilitaries
December 4430December 4430Contraceptives
January 4431January 4431Police Brutality
January 4431January 4431No to torture
August 4431August 4431Gay rights bill
August 4431August 4431Withdraw bill
August 4431August 4431Working women bill
February 4432February 4432Dealing with the farmers
February 4432February 4432Welfare bill
February 4432February 4432National sport
February 4432February 4432National animal
February 4432February 4432Jelbania opt out of global role play accord
February 4432February 4432Ratification of the Cildania Commonwealth Company (CCC) : Commonwealth Contract Terms
October 4432October 4432Fair election lengths
October 4432October 4432withdrawals
October 4432October 4432Motto
October 4432October 4432Religious freedom
October 4432October 4432Capital city
January 4433January 4433Honouring the environment
August 4433January 4434Restoration of the Rklemjistad Summit System (Constitution)
August 4433January 4434Renamings
September 4433September 4433Cabinet Proposal of September 4433
September 4433January 4434Income tax proposal of September 4433
September 4433January 4434Budget proposal of September 4433
February 4434February 4434Ratification of the Rklemjistad Agreement
March 4434March 4434Confederal Healthcare Act
March 4434March 4434OOC: Opting Back Into The Global Roleplay Accord
February 4437February 4437Cabinet Proposal of February 4437
February 4437March 4437Constitutional changes
February 4437November 4437RP LAW: Rklemjistad Summit System (Constitution)
March 4437March 4437Ratification of the Majatran Union of Nations (MUN)
November 4437November 4437Ratification of the Rklemjistad Summit System (Constitution of the Great Jelbek Confederation)
April 4439April 4439~
March 4440March 4440Nation Name Correction (OOC)
November 4481November 4481Constitutional Reform
November 4481November 4481Cabinet Proposal of November 4481
February 4482February 4482Extension of Elected Representatives
March 4482March 4482Bank Nationalisation
February 4483February 4483Workers Rights
February 4483February 4483Retirement of the Court of the Purple Wolf Titles
March 4483March 4483Ratification of the International Workers' Community for Economic Assistance (IWCEA)
August 4483August 4483People's Choice
September 4484September 4484State Monopoly
September 4484September 4484Title Changes (Jelbic corrected)
September 4485September 4485Independent Media
October 4485October 4485Personal Rights
April 4486February 4487Inheritance Reform
February 4488February 4488Kafuristan For Seat B
August 4488August 4488Cabinet Proposal of August 4488
September 4488September 4488Public Houses
February 4491February 4491Call for early elections, February 4491
March 4491March 4491Withdrawal
March 4491March 4491Restoration Act
March 4491March 4491Cabinet Proposal of March 4491
May 4491May 4491Ratification of the Rklemjistad Summit System (Constitution of the Great Jelbek Confederation)
August 4491February 4492Restoration Act II
September 4498September 4498Augustan Empire - Despotate of Jelbania Act
January 4499January 4499Ratification of the Treaty of the Augustan Empire (4499)
August 4517August 4517Law on Structural Reform (Institutional Decree)
February 4519February 4519Cabinet Proposal of February 4519
April 4520April 4520Reestablishing Jelbanian Sovereignty
April 4520April 4520Tax Reform
April 4520April 4520National Unity Coalition (ANTI-FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OF 4520)
September 4520February 4521Essential Services Act
January 4521January 4521Call for early elections, January 4521
March 4521March 4521Civil Liberties
August 4521August 4521Restricting Foreign Influence
August 4521August 4521RP-Law: Nation Renaming
August 4521August 4521Restoration of Jelbanian Culture
August 4522February 4523RP-Law: Repeal of Rklemjistad Summit System (Constitution)
August 4525August 4525tbd
August 4525August 4525RP-Law: Border Security and Obstruction of Enemy Movements
August 4525August 4525RP-Law: Civil Defence
October 4526February 4527RP-Law: Treatment of Subhuman Scum
March 4528March 4528OOC/RP: Role-Play Authorisation Bill of March 4528
February 4532February 4532Call for early elections, February 4532
September 4532September 4532Cabinet Proposal of September 4532
January 4533January 4533SDS - Act I
February 4537February 4537SDS - Act II
May 4560November 4560Restoration of the Monarchy Act
November 4560November 4560Council of Mnistrs
December 4563January 4565Khaganate Modernisation Reforms
June 4564June 4564Call for early elections, June 4564
June 4564December 4564Basic Law of the Jelbek Khaganate
October 4565October 4565Khaganate Modernisation Reforms II
November 4565November 4565Budget proposal of November 4565
May 4568May 4568Khaganate Modernisation Reforms III
February 4612July 4612Social Reform Act
February 4612July 4612Centralisation Act
February 4612July 4612Unity Act
June 4612July 4612Second Unity Act
June 4612July 4612Restructering Act
June 4612July 4612Military Act
July 4612July 4612New Economics
July 4612July 4612Cabinet Proposal of July 4612
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Treaty
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the United Chariot League
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the Declaration of Kanjor Neutrality
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
August 4612August 4612Treaty Act
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
August 4612August 4612Budget proposal of August 4612
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the International Basketball League (IBL)
August 4612August 4612Income tax proposal of August 4612
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
August 4612August 4612Ratification of the Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality
September 4612September 4612New Economics II
November 4612November 4612Health Reform
February 4613February 4613Ratification of the Lake Majatra Trade Organisation
February 4613February 4613Ratification of the Treaty on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (TRIP)
February 4613February 4613Civil Liberty Act
February 4613February 4613Constitution Act
July 4613July 4613Great Reform Bill
July 4613July 4613Animal Protection Act
July 4613July 4613Equality Act
December 4613December 4613Great Reform II Bill
March 4614March 4614Great Reform III Bill
July 4614July 4614Income tax proposal of July 4614
July 4614July 4614Economic Reform
July 4614July 4614Budget proposal of July 4614
December 4614December 4614Great Reform IV Bill
August 4615June 4616Great Reform V Bill
May 4628May 4628All Hail the Khagan!
May 4628May 4628Cabinet Proposal of May 4628
January 4637January 4637Bills
January 4637January 4637Increasing Seats and more
January 4637January 4637bills on government
February 4637February 4637Changing to formal titles of the politicians
June 4637June 4637Government education retirement fixing the system bill
February 4638February 4638changing governmental terms
September 4641September 4641GOVERNMENT BILL:99.98
January 4647January 4647Call for early elections, January 4647
September 4650September 4650Government regulations and enforment
July 4651September 4651Religious Rights Act
July 4651September 4651Modern Health Standards Act
September 4651September 4651Traditionalist Act
September 4651September 4651Military Modernization Act
September 4651September 4651Cabinet Proposal of September 4651
December 4654December 4654Police Authority Bill
December 4654December 4654Act of Private Banking
June 4662June 4662All Hail the Khagan!
November 4662November 4662Khagan's Ministry
December 4662January 4663Khaganate Security Act
January 4663January 4663Income tax proposal of January 4663
January 4663January 4663Tax Adjustment
February 4664February 4664HoG title & Capital Rename
February 4664February 4664Budget proposal of February 4664
February 4664March 4664Centralising Various Powers
August 4665December 4665Land Reform Law (RP Law)
December 4665August 4668Great Reform Act I
July 4672July 4672Cabinet Proposal of July 4672
November 4690January 4691Kurultai Takepver
December 4691December 4691First Executive Committee
January 4694July 4733End of Tyranny Act
June 4726June 4726Flag Act 4726
June 4726June 4726RP: Constitution of the New Homeland
December 4726March 4727Cabinet Proposal of December 4726
December 4729January 4730Restoration of the Free State
January 4730January 4730Income tax proposal of January 4730
January 4730January 4730Cabinet Proposal of January 4730
January 4730January 4730Sales Taxes
January 4732June 4732Omnibus Reforms
June 4732June 4732Budget proposal of June 4732
June 4734June 4734Press and Cultural Freedom Act

Bills defeated

These bills have been defeated[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
November 2136November 2136Administrative Reform
November 2136November 2136National Pride Bill 2136
December 2136December 2136Cabinet Reform Bill
December 2136December 2136Cabinet Proposal of December 2136
January 2137January 2137Nuclear First Strike Bill
January 2137January 2137Call for early elections, January 2137
July 2137July 2137National Anthem Bill 2
August 2137August 2137Jelbanian Flag 2137
February 2138February 2138Please pass this bill
May 2140May 2140Call for early elections, May 2140
March 2141March 2141Pesticides Bill 2141
August 2141August 2141Co-operative Support Bill 2141
October 2141October 2141Furthering Science for the help of the People
December 2142December 2142Call for early elections, November 2142
September 2143September 2143Anti-Communist Bill
October 2143October 2143Rejecting the Farm Size Bill
October 2144October 2144Ratification of the United Countries
November 2144November 2144Education Acts.
November 2144November 2144Riot Bill
October 2145October 2145Live and let live act
September 2146September 2146National health act II // 2146
November 2146November 2146New age justice act 2146
March 2147March 2147Call for early elections, March 2147
November 2147November 2147Government Leadership Renaming Bill
April 2148April 2148New quota limits 2147
November 2148November 2148No for cloning
November 2148November 2148No please hunting
November 2148November 2148Professional Sport Bill
November 2149November 2149Cabinet Proposal of November 2149
December 2151December 2151Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
December 2152December 2152Cabinet Proposal of November 2152
December 2152December 2152Government Leadership Renaming Bill
February 2155February 2155Military Bill part c 2153
February 2155February 2155Immigration
June 2155June 2155Increased Revenue Act 2154
June 2155June 2155Justice Bill 2153
June 2155June 2155Ecological Bill 2153
June 2155June 2155Industrial Hemp Bill
December 2156December 2156health act 2156
January 2157September 2163Drugs (Decrimilization) Bill 2157
October 2157March 2158Legal Aid and Malpractice Act 2157
July 2158March 2162Immigration Bill 2158
November 2158July 2159Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
November 2158December 2162Ratification of the United Countries
June 2159June 2160Nuclear Jelbania Bill
December 2160June 2162Technology Bill 2160
June 2163November 2163Drinking Water Bill 2163
November 2163May 2167Torture Bill 2163
May 2166May 2167May 2166 Education Bill
May 2166May 2167Medical Hemp Bill
November 2166February 2167Minimum wage
February 2167February 2167Biological and chemical weapons
February 2167February 2167Tax for religion
February 2167February 2167The nation's capital city
February 2167February 2167International trade
February 2167February 2167Ownership of animals
February 2167February 2167Curfew policy
February 2167February 2167Gambling Bill
February 2167February 2167Military/National Service
February 2167February 2167Ownership of guns
February 2167February 2167Using chemical and biological weapons
September 2167August 2168Prostitution Bill 2169
September 2167August 2168Fuel Bill
October 2167November 2168Nuclear Energy Bill 2167
October 2167November 2168Advertising Bill 2167
February 2168February 2168Culture and Science Act
February 2168February 2168Ecology Bill
February 2168February 2168Moral Act
February 2168February 2168Charge fo phone service
February 2168February 2168Investments Bill
February 2168February 2168Tax Bill
February 2168February 2168Media Act
February 2168February 2168Adoption Act
April 2169April 2169Eco Bill #1
May 2169May 2169Aid Bill
May 2169May 2169Media Bill #2
May 2169May 2169Media Act #1
April 2170November 2171Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
April 2170November 2171Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
September 2172September 2172Bill #1
September 2172September 2172Bill #2
September 2172October 2172Bill #3
March 2173March 2173Replanting trees....
March 2173March 2173Replanting more trees?
March 2173April 2173Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
March 2173April 2173Ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
March 2173April 2173Term Length Bill of 2173
April 2173April 2173Axis Treaty Withdrawl
June 2173June 2173Mandatory Recycling
March 2174March 2174Prostitution Bill 2174
April 2175December 2175Military Service in Times of War
April 2175January 2176Tobacco Bill of 2175
January 2176June 2176Hate Speech Act 2176
March 2176October 2176Television Bill 2176
April 2176April 2176Call for early elections, April 2176
May 2176May 2176Equal Representation Bill of 2176
June 2177June 2177Nuclear Policy Bill of 2177
December 2177December 2177Workers Right to Strike
May 2178April 2179Civil Defence Bill of 2178
May 2178April 2179Fire Department Bill of 2178
October 2178April 2179Common Sense Bill of 2178
January 2179April 2179Bill of 2179
March 2179March 2179Call for early elections, March 2179
March 2179March 2179nature bill 2179
March 2179March 2179patients rights bill
March 2179November 2180We need money act 2179
May 2179May 2179Prison Labour Bill
May 2179May 2179Military Sexuality Bill
June 2179June 2179religion in schools
June 2179June 2179Domesticated Animals
June 2179June 2179Eminent domain act of 2179
March 2180March 2180Military bill 2180
March 2180March 2180Religios taxation act of 2180
March 2180March 2180religion bill
November 2180September 2183The Back to Africa Movement 2180
January 2181March 2181pimpin' act of '81
January 2181June 2181Ratification of the Environmental Responsibility Treaty
January 2181June 2181Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Labour & Working People
January 2181June 2181Minimum Income Act 2181
January 2181July 2181Euthanasia Act 2181
January 2181July 2181Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
January 2181July 2181Fair Tax Act 2181
January 2181July 2181Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
January 2181July 2181Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
October 2181October 2181Chemical Use Bill
March 2182March 2182Death penalty Act 2181
April 2182April 2182School Prayer Bill of 2182
April 2182April 2182Public Transportation Bill of 2182
November 2182March 2183Religous School Bill
December 2182December 2182Cabinet Proposal of December 2182
February 2183March 2183military reform act
March 2183March 2183military reforms II
May 2183September 2183Gated Communities
May 2183February 2187Call for early elections, May 2183
June 2184June 2184Peoples Will Bill
June 2184October 2184Cabinet Proposal of June 2184
September 2185September 2185Fuel Bill of September 2185
April 2186April 2186Tax Reduction
January 2187April 2187Cabinet Proposal of January 2187
January 2187February 2188Foreign Investment Act 2187
March 2187March 2187Gated Communities Bill 2187
April 2187April 2187Representative to the Terra Olympic Association 2187
June 2187July 2187child labor law
June 2188June 2188Income tax proposal of June 2188
February 2189April 2189National ID Act 2189
May 2189September 2189bill 3344
May 2189September 2189media
May 2189September 2189religeon
May 2189September 2189Cabinet Proposal of May 2189
September 2189September 2189bill xJ 11
February 2190February 2190foreign policy
February 2190February 2190whores
February 2190February 2190National sport
September 2190September 2191national flag
September 2190September 2191national sport
September 2190September 2191national agenda
September 2190September 2191suck my cock
September 2190September 2191foreign relations
September 2190September 2191religious reform
February 2191July 2191Liberte Repblica Act, 2191
February 2191July 2191National Motto Act, 2191
February 2191July 2191States Bill, 2191
March 2192October 2192Cabinet Proposal of March 2192
December 2192December 2192Better Cabinet Proposal of 2192
December 2192April 2193Energy Regulation Act 2192
January 2194January 2194Unity Cabinet Proposal 2194
March 2196June 2196Bill 039601 "true representation"
March 2196December 2196Bill 039603
September 2196January 2197O39603 "Advances in Religion and Civil Rights"
May 2197November 2199Defense Industry Recapitalization
June 2197November 2199Abortion Illegilization
November 2198November 2199Stoppage of Funding for Birth Control
November 2200November 2201Eminent Domain
November 2200November 2201Equal Aid
November 2200November 2201Safer Streets Act
November 2200November 2201Lower Taxes on Business Profit
January 2201October 2201Ratification, Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement 2201
October 2202March 2204Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement: Round 2
December 2202December 2203Foreign Investment Act 2202
December 2202December 2203Religious Missionary Act 2202
December 2203May 2204Pay for Your Own Education
December 2205June 2207Health Care Desocialization
May 2206June 2207Agriculture
June 2207December 2208Sports clubs
June 2207December 2208Nukes
April 2208December 2208Protection of Staple Industries
April 2208December 2208Phone Services (Regulation Of)
May 2208May 2208Call for early elections, May 2208
May 2209March 2212Union Representation Act 2209
July 2209November 2209Fair Strikes
October 2209January 2212Ratification, Free Education and Health Treaty
December 2209April 2210Privatization
December 2209March 2212Nuclear Energy Ban 2209
December 2209September 2212Cars
June 2210April 2211Income Tax Proposal of June 2210
December 2210January 2212Number Lumber Act 2210
April 2211March 2213Privacy Act 2211
May 2211April 2212Cabinet Proposal of May 2211
July 2211November 2211Animal Testing Bill 2211
January 2212March 2213Public Nudity Act 2212
April 2212December 2212Devolution of Replanting Reg
December 2212April 2214Privatization III
January 2213April 2214Adoption
May 2215April 2218Freedom III
May 2215April 2218Freedom II
May 2215May 2218Privatization IV
November 2215August 2216Concealed Weapons Act 2215
May 2218November 2218Population Control (Devolution of) 2218
May 2218November 2218Protection of Staple Industries (II) 2218
May 2218November 2218Public Transport Act 2218
April 2219October 2219Cabinet Proposal of April 2219
December 2219April 2220Cabinet Proposal of December 2219
August 2221October 2222Min Wage
September 2221March 2222Discrimination
October 2221April 2224Industry Act 2221
October 2222January 2224Wild Animals
February 2224April 2224Illegal Aliens Bill 2224
February 2224April 2224Pharmaceutical Drugs Policies Bill 2224
February 2224October 2225Chemical & Biological Weaponry Bill
February 2224December 2225Nuclear Weaponry Bill
March 2224December 2225Child Benefit Bill
April 2224March 2226Therapeutic Cloning Act 2224
August 2224November 2225Organ Donation Act
March 2225November 2225Public Transport Funding Act
March 2225November 2225Fireworks Bill
March 2225November 2225Industrial Hemp Act
March 2225December 2225Religious Institution Taxation Bill
November 2225August 2227National Healthcare Bill
November 2225August 2227Sale of Food Bill
November 2225August 2227Alcoholic Beverages Bill
November 2225August 2227Abortion Bill
November 2225August 2227National Service Bill
November 2225August 2227Smoking Act
December 2225August 2227Eminent Domain Act
December 2225August 2227Museums Act
December 2225August 2227Gambling Bill
December 2225August 2227Libraries Act
December 2225August 2227Policing Bill
December 2225August 2227Religious Schools Bill
December 2225August 2227Phone Services Bill
December 2225August 2227Pension System Act
December 2225August 2227Post Office Bill
December 2225August 2227DWC Bill
March 2226November 2226"A Stable Particracy Server" Bill 2226
September 2227June 2228Public Transport Devolution Act 2227
September 2227August 2228Public Education Act 2227
September 2227August 2228Advertising Regulation Act 2227
October 2229October 2229Power Generation Privatization Act 2229
October 2229March 2230Hiring Policy Flexibility Act 2229
April 2230April 2230Call for early elections, April 2230
March 2231November 2231DWC Formation and Assistance Act 2231
March 2231November 2231Foreign Investment (Devolution of) 2231
March 2231November 2231Sports Club Subsidy Act 2231
March 2231November 2231Public Healthcare Act 2231
March 2231November 2231Public Education Act 2231
March 2231May 2248Public Order Reform Act 2231
April 2231October 2231Protection From Smoking Act
April 2231October 2231Museums Act
April 2231October 2231Public Libraries Act
April 2231October 2231Guns Bill
April 2231October 2231Eminent Domain Act
April 2231October 2231Religious Schooling
April 2231October 2231Gambling Bill
March 2234March 2234Call for early elections, March 2234
February 2235October 2235The Really Big Bill
November 2242November 2242Big Bill
December 2243December 2243the titular bill
April 2244December 2244straight of citizenship
August 2245September 2245Call for early elections, August 2245
September 2245September 2245Centralization is the solution
May 2246May 2246Withdraw this military treaty
December 2247December 2247CBP Platform Statement
March 2248May 2249For The People By The People Against The People That The People View as People Who Oppose People
June 2249December 2249Health and Safety in the Lifeplace
September 2249December 2249Cabinet Proposal of September 2249
December 2249June 2250Animalia and Ecology Deregulation
December 2249June 2250Religious Non-Interference
December 2249September 2250Ratification of the Protocol aiming at the abolition of the death penalty
July 2250January 2251Political Reform Act
December 2250June 2251CBP Economic Proposal
February 2251June 2251Cabinet Proposal of February 2251
January 2254January 2258Jelbanian Values Bill
June 2254November 2254Foreign Affairs Omnibus
July 2254May 2255Justice Reform Act
September 2254August 2255Religion in Schools
February 2255October 2256Farm sizes
February 2255October 2256Pesticides...
February 2255September 2262National Grid
February 2255September 2262Post Offices and Stuff
February 2255September 2262Jelbanian Culture Act
May 2255November 2255Executive Duration and Equality Act 2255
January 2256October 2256Patriotic Reform for Jelbania
February 2256October 2256Jelbanian Justice
February 2256October 2256Jelbanian Family Values
February 2256October 2256Restore Jelbanian Sovereignty
February 2256October 2256Stop Socialism Now
April 2256November 2256Educational Reform Act
August 2256December 2257Education Values
October 2256November 2256Cabinet Proposal of October 2256
October 2256December 2257Crush Liberty
October 2256December 2257Reform Jelbania Now
November 2256December 2257The Rest
January 2258January 2258Cabinet Proposal of January 2258
December 2259December 2260Religious Non-Interference Bill
May 2260December 2260Guns
May 2260December 2260Economic Advancement
August 2261October 2261and again...
August 2261October 2261The 'same as above' Bill
August 2261October 2261The 'let's rush this one through to damage other parties visibilities' Bill
February 2263February 2263Executive Term Reform
February 2263July 2263Fairer and Greater Democracy
July 2263July 2263Call for early elections, July 2263
May 2267June 2267Darwinist reforms
June 2269June 2269The 2269 Constitutional Bastardry Proposal
March 2270March 2270Socialist State Act of March 2270 Education
March 2270March 2270Socialist State Act of March 2270 Health
March 2270March 2270More elections, More accuracy, More fairness.
March 2270March 2270More equality, More incentive, More democracy
March 2270March 2270Socialist State Act of March 2270 Public Housing
March 2270March 2270Socialist State Act of March 2270 Post
March 2270March 2270Socialist State Act of March 2270 Energy
December 2273May 2274Constitutional Amendment
May 2274May 2274Regional Equality Bill
May 2275May 2275The "Old Regulations Die Hard" Bill
May 2275May 2275The "Old Enemies Die Hard" Bill
January 2276January 2276The "How can we get the masterplan to work, boss" Bill
September 2276October 2276Anti-Decrees
April 2280May 2280Bill about Federalism
April 2280May 2280Bill about Constitutional Change
September 2282November 2282"Pontesi Free Trade Agreement"k Afrkmojad
September 2282November 2282"Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement"k Afrkmojad
June 2283April 2284Krsyigadak Kezmojad - Strengthening the Union
April 2286September 2286Krsyigadak Znmojadak Undmojad - The Defeat of the Union's Opponents
April 2286September 2286Ratification of the Treaty Of VBS - Science
April 2286September 2286Ratification of the Treaty Of VBS - Media
April 2286September 2286Taghe trzy Frnd grzy Wakrjogad - Understanding Regions and Money
September 2286September 2286Nrlaknyr hrzy Zsijokafzuo - Being seen from the unclear
January 2294January 22946
January 2294January 22945
January 2294January 2294JayPee 3
March 2294March 2294[]
April 2296September 2296Election Reform Act
April 2296September 2296Parental Qualification Act
September 2296March 2297Eminent Domain Act
September 2296March 2297Post Office Act
September 2296March 2297Secular Jelbania Act
March 2297April 2297Call for early elections, March 2297
November 2300May 2301Local Energy Act 2300
February 2302February 2302investment
February 2302February 2302flag
November 2302November 2303Freedom of Religion Act 2302
May 2303November 2306Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
May 2303November 2306Higher Education Tuition Act 2303
May 2303March 2309Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
March 2308January 2309New Proposals
July 2308January 2309About Education
September 2308October 2308Reform III
September 2308October 2308Reform II
September 2308October 2308Reform I
February 2309October 2309Cabinet Proposal of February 2309
July 2309July 2309JIKPP Propositions - Military
September 2309September 2309Manifest UPR IV
September 2309September 2309Manifest URP II
September 2309September 2309Manifest URP I
September 2309September 2309Manifest UPR VI
September 2309September 2309Manifest UPR V
July 2310July 2310Administrative bill
April 2311November 2312Religious Clothing Act 2311
May 2311February 2312Call for early elections, May 2311
May 2311November 2312Employer's Rights Act 2311
December 2314March 2315Cabinet Proposal of December 2314
August 2316January 2317Employers Rights Act 2316
November 2316November 2318Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
November 2316November 2318Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
October 2317October 2317Military proposals
February 2321May 2321Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
February 2321May 2321Ratification of the Cildanian Neutrality Treaty
February 2321May 2321Pharmaceutical Drugs Act 2321
February 2321May 2321Media Act 2321
February 2321May 2321Employer's Rights Act 2321
October 2322October 2322Reform IV
October 2322October 2322Reform II
October 2322October 2322Electoral reform
October 2322October 2322Health reform
October 2322October 2322Reform VIII
October 2322October 2322Reform VI
October 2322October 2322Reform V
April 2323September 2323Income tax proposal of April 2323
April 2323September 2323Budget proposal of April 2323
October 2328February 2329Human Cloning Act 2328
October 2328February 2329School Prayer Act 2328
October 2328February 2329Religious Taxation Act 2328
February 2329February 2329Abortion Act 2329
February 2329February 2329Pharmaceutical Drugs Act 2329
September 2329October 2329Internet Regulation Act 2329
September 2329October 2329Intelligence Act 2329
September 2329November 2330National Anthem Act 2329
October 2330October 2330Seats
November 2330March 2331National Security Act 2330
December 2332December 2332Foreign policy bill
December 2332December 2332Ecology Bill
July 2333July 2333Religious Taxation Act 2333
July 2333July 2333Religous Schools Act 2333
July 2333July 2333Internet Regulation Act 2333
March 2336May 2336Ratification of the Selucian Free Trade Agreement
May 2336September 2336Parliament Act 2336
March 2339May 2341Ratification of the Selucian Free Trade Agreement
September 2342August 2343Ratification of the Accord des Nations Amicales
January 2343August 2343Proportional Representation Act 2343
January 2343August 2343Cabinet Proposal of January 2343
March 2343August 2343Ratification of the Jelbanian Free Trade Agreement
September 2345September 2345Ratification of the Jelbanian Free Trade Agreement
September 2345September 2345Cabinet Proposal of September 2345
September 2345September 2345Proportional Representation Act 2345
September 2345September 2345Ratification of the Accord des Nations Amicales
June 2348June 2348Cabinet Proposal of June 2348
July 2349January 2350Cabinet Proposal of July 2349
January 2351January 2351Seats
December 2352December 2352Military bill
June 2354June 2354Cabinet Proposal of June 2354
August 2355August 2355Clean Car Act 2355
August 2355August 2355Cabinet Proposal of August 2355
August 2355August 2355Abortion Act 2355
March 2358March 2358Laws
October 2358October 2358More Laws
February 2359February 2359Human Cloning Act 2359
April 2362February 2363Free Education Bill
April 2362February 2363Nuclear Free Resolution
April 2362March 2363National and State Emergency Act 2362
October 2362March 2363Firearms, Explosives and Dangerous Weapons Bill 2362
December 2382December 2382Call for early elections, December 2382
March 2384March 2384Child Benefit Act 2384
March 2384March 2384Unity for Democracy Act 2384
June 2384June 2384Clean Car Act 2384
June 2384June 2384Organ Donation Act 2384
February 2385January 2386Isrstat - Capital City (lit: First City)
June 2385February 2386Changes in regulations regarding a workers right to strike
August 2386July 2388Regulating energy prices
July 2391July 2391Withdrawing from the Keymon Free Trade Agreement and the International Gay Rights Treaty
July 2391July 2391Jelbe' Religions Act of 2391
July 2391July 2391Jelbe' Military Act 2391
August 2391August 2391Budget proposal of August 2391
November 2391January 2392Infrastructure Act of 2391
April 2392August 2392Jelbe Education Act 2392
April 2392January 2393Call for early elections, April 2392
July 2393July 2393JDIP Platform
July 2394October 2394The Jelbe Forestry and Fishing Regulations Act 2394
July 2394October 2394Religion's Act 2394
November 2394February 2398Ratification of the Mordusian Mutual Friendship Agreement
November 2394February 2398Ratification of the Keymon Defence Agreement
November 2394February 2398Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
November 2394February 2398Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
November 2394February 2398Ratification of the World Free Trade and Investment Agreement
July 2395July 2395Call for early elections, July 2395
January 2402September 2402Sexism Act 2402
February 2402September 2402National Strength and Pride Act
February 2402September 2402National Interest Act
February 2402September 2402Slavery Legalization Act
February 2402September 2402Men's Sexual Freedom Act
June 2402September 2402Destroy Zardugal Resolution
June 2402September 2402Strong Economix Act - S.EX. I
August 2402September 2402Civil Liberties Adjustment Act
February 2403September 2404ownership of arms
March 2403September 2404infrastructure reform
June 2403June 2403Worship Cthulhu!
June 2403July 2403S.EX. II
July 2403July 2403Leaderhip Act
September 2403September 2404economics corrections law
February 2404February 2404Strengthening Administration Act
August 2404August 2404International Treaties Ratification Stop Act
August 2404August 2404Environmental Positioning
January 2405January 2405Educational Discipline Act
January 2405January 2405Economic Freedom Act
September 2406June 2407Cabinet Proposal of September 2406
March 2408March 2408Cabinet Proposal of March 2408
March 2408December 2408economics measures for full employment
December 2408December 2408Cabinet Proposal of December 2408
February 2409February 2409Legislation Adjustment Act
January 2413July 2413Corporate Tax Act 2413
July 2413July 2413Retirement Age
July 2413July 2413Bill #5
July 2413August 2413Ending Euthanasia Act 2413
July 2413August 2413Call for early elections, July 2413
September 2413December 2413Culture Act 2413
October 2413March 2414regions representation bill
March 2414July 2414Education Act
March 2414July 2414Religion Reform Act
July 2414January 2415Habeas Data
July 2414January 2415Genetically Modified Products
January 2415September 2415Health Act
January 2415September 2415Welfare Act
September 2415June 2416Power and Post Act
June 2416February 2417Libel Act
September 2418September 2418Propositions
September 2418March 2420Income tax proposal of September 2418
August 2419June 2420Public Transport Act
August 2420February 2427National Motto
March 2421August 2421Technology Act
March 2423September 2423Higher Education Tuiton Act
March 2423September 2423Health Care Act
December 2427June 2428Agriculture Act
May 2428September 2428State Religion Act 2428
September 2429February 2430School Prayer Act 2429
September 2431February 2432Police Force Act
September 2431December 2432Forestry Act
November 2431April 2432Right to Life Act 2431
November 2431April 2432Respect for Animals Act 2431
November 2431April 2432Human Cloning Act 2431
December 2433September 2434Ratification of the Pontesi Free Trade Agreement
May 2436September 2436Honoring the Flag Act 2436
May 2436September 2436Respect for Life Act 2436
May 2436September 2436Voluntary State Religion Act 2436
May 2436September 2436Local Schools Act 2436
June 2436September 2436Housing Policy Act
June 2436September 2436Military Service Act
July 2436June 2437Identity Bill
July 2436June 2437Relations Bill
July 2436June 2437Capital Punishment Bill
July 2436June 2437Drugs Bill
July 2436June 2437State Energy Bill
July 2436June 2437Environmental Bill
July 2436June 2437Public Decency Bill
September 2436June 2437Strong Armed Forces Bill
September 2436June 2437Jelbania for the Jelbanians Bill
September 2436June 2437Corporal Punishment Bill
January 2437June 2437Man First Bill
January 2437July 2439Religious taxation act
June 2437June 2437Ratification of the Freedom of Information Treaty
January 2438December 2438Mass Media Act
January 2438December 2438Education Act
January 2438December 2438Health act
July 2438July 2438Man First Bill
July 2438August 2438Ratification of the Freedom of Religion Treaty
July 2438January 2439Relations Bill
July 2438January 2439Law and Order Bill
July 2438January 2439Church Bill
July 2438January 2439Agriculture Bill
July 2439August 2439Divorce Bill
July 2439August 2439Crossdressing Bill
January 2440January 2440Anti-Statism Bill II
January 2440January 2440Anti-Statism Bill I
January 2440January 2440Deltarian Refugee Bill
February 2440February 2440Minor Tax Cuts Bill
March 2440March 2440Freedom Bill
March 2440March 2440Freedom of Speech Expansion Act
March 2440March 2440A Safer Jelbania Act
April 2440April 2440Exchange of Ideas Act
April 2440April 2440Human Decency Act
April 2440April 2440Free Culture Act
April 2440September 2440The Grand Civil Rights Reform Act
August 2440August 2440Safe Food Act
August 2440August 2440Liberty School Act
August 2440August 2440Public Media Initiative
August 2440August 2440Muir Act
August 2440September 2440Gentlemen's Rights Act
August 2440September 2440Initiative Against Socialism
January 2441August 2441Anti-Globalization Bill
March 2441September 2441alternative thinking act
March 2441September 2441welfare state restore act
March 2441September 2441alternative thinking act #2
June 2441August 2441Defense Act of 2441
August 2441January 2442Sovereign Power Initiative
September 2441January 2442Criminal and Moral Reform Act
October 2441April 2442Postal Reform Bill
January 2442January 2442**UPDATED - Vote Here ** Center-Left Cabinet Proposal of January 2442
January 2442January 2442Center-Left Cabinet Proposal of January 2442
April 2442December 2442Anti-Cult Act
April 2442October 2443Military Service Act
November 2442September 2443National Reform Series: Citizenship
December 2442November 2443Peace of Mind Bill
December 2442November 2443Birthright Bill
January 2443September 2443National Reform Series: Citizenship Card
May 2443July 2444Free Speech Act
May 2443October 2444Security Contract Bill
May 2443October 2444Hiring Bill
May 2443December 2444Environmental Control Bill
September 2443January 2445National Reform Series: Registration
November 2443November 2443Lowing Taxes
July 2444May 2447Foreign Investment Reform Initiative
July 2444March 2531Safe Borders Act
September 2444April 2445Cabinet Proposal of September 2444
November 2444December 2444To reduce defence expenses of 5%
November 2444March 2447Linguistic Equality Bill
December 2444May 2445To reduce Head of Governament expences
January 2445July 2447Reforming Jelbania: A change to the best
June 2445December 2445The policy with respect to nuclear weaponry.
September 2445September 2445Call for early elections, September 2445
September 2445March 2446Sale of Tobacco products.
March 2446April 2447National television medium subsidized by the government.
June 2446April 2447The national refugee policy.
February 2447September 2447Cabinet Proposal - A New Direction for Jelbania - February 2447
April 2447May 2447Cabinet Proposal of April 2447
September 2447December 2447Protecting the Unborn Act 2447
September 2447May 2448Local Housing Act 2447
March 2448April 2448Government policy towards alcoholic beverages
April 2448April 2448Call for early elections, April 2448
May 2448June 2450Keeping Government Out of the Market Act 2448
January 2449January 2449nationalization
January 2449June 2449Government policy toward marriage
January 2451February 2451The government policy with respect to prayer in schools.
January 2451June 2453Welfare State
January 2452August 2452Rights for Homosexuals Act
January 2452August 2452Equality in the Army Act
May 2452November 2452The method used to determine the number of seats each region receives in the national legislature.
June 2452May 2453Call for early elections, June 2452
August 2452March 2453Oppurtunity of Employment Act
December 2452July 2453Child safety act
January 2453January 2454Cabinet Proposal of January 2453
January 2454November 2454Nudity Act 2454
January 2454November 2454Private Education Act
November 2454July 2457Energy Nationalisation Bill
November 2454July 2457Welfare System Bill
November 2454July 2457State Education Bill
November 2454July 2457National Health Service Bill
December 2454July 2457Gated Communities Bill
December 2454July 2457Capital Punishment Bill
February 2455August 2455Democratic Reform proposals
February 2455March 2457Better Representation Act 2455
November 2455December 2455To look in front
December 2455December 2455Call for early elections, December 2455
March 2457September 2457Defense Refrom Hard-Line Initiative
March 2457September 2457Logging Industry Support and the Deregulation of Ornery Enviromentalist Restrictions on Private Persons Act
March 2457September 2457Free Speech Expansion Act
March 2457September 2457Postal System Reform Bill
July 2457July 2457State Education Bill
September 2457May 2458Smaller Government Initiative
April 2458April 2459Private Banking Act 2458
April 2458April 2459Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
April 2458April 2459Freedom to Serve Act 2458
April 2458April 2459Local Farming Act 2458
May 2458May 2459Budget proposal of May 2458
May 2458May 2459Nudity on Television Act
July 2458May 2459Income tax proposal of July 2458
November 2458June 2459Media Reform
February 2459July 2459The government's stance on vaccinations.
June 2459June 2459No more refugees and put a stop to immigration!
June 2459June 2459No more fags in the armed forces!
June 2459August 2460Cabinet Proposal of June 2459
August 2459August 2459Preserve our nationality
August 2459August 2459Race and Religion Database
September 2459September 2459Call for early elections, September 2459
December 2459December 2459Smoking Children
December 2459December 2459Torture isn't all that bad!
December 2459December 2459Illegal aliens.
December 2459December 2459Danger of infiltration in our ranks
December 2459December 2459Work for prisoners
December 2459December 2459Equip our police forces
December 2459December 2459Extradition of foreign criminals.
December 2459December 2459Long live death!
December 2459December 2459Private vs Government Property
December 2459December 2459Cheap and clean energy.
December 2459December 2459Pr0n on tv!
January 2461January 2461Domesticated Pets
January 2461January 2461Clothing restrictions
January 2461January 2461Religion at school.
January 2461January 2461Enforced Religion
February 2461September 2461Federalism Bill
April 2461September 2461Recycling Act 2461
April 2461September 2461Right to Life Act (Part II) 2461
April 2461September 2461Right to Life Act 2461
January 2462November 2462Call for early elections, January 2462
January 2462May 2463Exotic animal act
July 2462September 2464The Decentralization of Religion
October 2462September 2464A Measure to Balance the Economia and Financial Sundries Against Ignominious Hand-outs
December 2462January 2463Citizenship test
January 2463January 2463Jelbanian Informations Agency
January 2463January 2463Weapon industry
January 2463January 2463Our responsability in War
January 2463January 2463Weapons of War
January 2463January 2463Adulthood Age
January 2463January 2463Weapon Export Regulation
January 2463January 2463Identity Cards
January 2463January 2463Weapons of War II
February 2463February 2463Safety Regulations
February 2463February 2463Anti AIDS
February 2463March 2463pr0n
May 2463July 2464Ratification of the DART
June 2463June 2463National Arms Restriction
July 2463August 2464The method used to determine the number of seats each region receives in the national legislature.
February 2464February 2465The confidentiality of letters and correspondence.
February 2464August 2465Right to Privacy.
July 2464January 2465Economical policy act
July 2464January 2465Government policy on subsidising contraception.
August 2464February 2465Cabinet Proposal of August 2464
October 2464March 2465Anti-Prostitution Act 2464
October 2464March 2465Respect for Life Act 2464
December 2464December 2464Missionary Position
January 2465June 2465Public health care system
January 2465June 2465Health and safety act
January 2465July 2465Cabinet Proposal of January 2465
December 2465June 2466Renewable sources act
December 2465June 2466cosmetic research bill
February 2466February 2467Military/National Service Reform
June 2466November 2466Vaccination policy act
July 2466December 2466Recreational Drugs Bill
November 2466January 2468The government's policy regarding foreign investments.
December 2466December 2466religion bill
December 2466December 2466Child support
December 2466December 2466Pension
December 2466December 2466Veto religious elections
December 2466January 2467Regulation of the quality of drinking water.
December 2466January 2467Government policy concerning the use of pesticides.
February 2467May 2467Government policy on energy generation.
January 2468January 2468homosexual & army act
January 2468January 2468Same rights act
March 2468September 2469Law and Order Reform Bill
March 2468September 2469Enviromental Reform Act of 2468
April 2468October 2469Principles of Peace Act (Part IV) 2468
April 2468October 2469Principles of Peace Act (Part III) 2468
April 2468October 2469Principles of Peace Act (Part II) 2468
April 2468October 2469Principles of Peace Act (Part I) 2468
December 2468May 2469Religious policy act III
December 2468May 2469Religious policy act II
October 2469July 2470Strengthening Our Representative Government Act 2469
December 2469June 2470The government's policy concerning the pension system.
December 2469June 2470Educational testing policies in the public educational system.
December 2469June 2470Military Stance on Homosexuality
October 2470April 2471Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
October 2470April 2471Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
October 2470April 2471Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
October 2470April 2471Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
October 2470April 2471Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
October 2471September 2472Foodstuffs Labeling Deregulation Act of 2471
October 2471September 2472Devolution of Marriage & Divorce Act
November 2471May 2472Sanctions against Pontesi Act
February 2472December 2472Education Reform Bill
February 2472December 2472Economic Reform Bill
February 2472December 2472Private Infrastructure Bill
April 2472April 2472Strengthening Our Representative Government Act 2472
May 2472August 2472Tree-replanting act
May 2472August 2472Civil liberties act III
May 2472August 2472Government policy on contraceptives
May 2472August 2472Civil liberties act
May 2472August 2472Religious taxation
August 2472January 2473The government's stance on illegal aliens.
August 2472May 2473Government policy on industry and subsidies to industrial operations
October 2472April 2473Strengthening Our Representative Government Act (Part II) 2472
February 2473February 2473National motto
February 2473May 2473The governments stance on religious schools Act
August 2473June 2474The use of animals in cosmetics research.
September 2473September 2475National Sport Bill
July 2474November 2475Anti-Slavery Act
April 2475October 2475Private Banking Act 2475
April 2475October 2475Clean Streets Act 2475
April 2475October 2475Ministers Act 2475
August 2475December 2475Civil liberties act II
August 2475December 2475Civil liberties act
August 2475December 2475The national refugee policy so
August 2475December 2475Foreign relations act II
August 2475December 2475Foreign policy
August 2475July 2476Grande Olde Reform Bill of the CUF
August 2475August 2476Arms Sales Deregulation
December 2475February 2476The use of animals in research
December 2475June 2476Trade unions act
June 2476December 2476Gun Control Bill
June 2476January 2477Military act
June 2476January 2477Ecology act
August 2476July 2477Income tax proposal of August 2476
August 2476July 2477Slave Trade Systemization Act of 2476
August 2476July 2477Budget proposal of August 2476
December 2476June 2477Foreign policy act
February 2477August 2477Traditionalism for Well-to-Do Women Bill
July 2477July 2477Save our planet act
July 2477July 2477Defend our planet means defend our future
July 2477September 2477Call for early elections, July 2477
October 2477October 2477Assemblee Act 2477
January 2478January 2478Public education act
October 2478February 2479Traditional Marriage Act 2478
October 2478February 2479Private Banking Act 2478
October 2478February 2479Endangered Species Act 2478
October 2478February 2479Right to Life Act 2478
January 2479May 2481Statist Government Bill - Welfare
February 2479April 2479Military Reform Bill
February 2479October 2479Seperation of Church and State Act
February 2479October 2479Vice Liberalization Act
June 2479May 2481Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
June 2479May 2481Government Drugs Policy Bill
June 2479May 2481Local Government Sports Clubs Bill
June 2479June 2481Nanny State Bill
June 2479June 2481Health Bill
June 2479June 2481Housing Bill
June 2479June 2481Local Government Health Regulations Bill
June 2479June 2481Farm Size Regulation Bill
June 2479June 2481Fireworks Bill
April 2481July 2482Restoration of Christian Traditions Act 2481
January 2482January 2482Defence Industry Act of 2482
January 2482January 2482Power To The People Act of 2482
January 2482January 2482The Vaccination Act of 2482
January 2482January 2482Contraceptive Act of 2482
January 2482January 2482Abortion Rights Act of 2482
June 2482February 2483Protection of Endangered Species
August 2482August 2482Local Agricultural Subsidy Policy Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482Falsehood Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482The Education Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482Gun Control Rewording Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482The Public Television and Radio Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482The False Speech Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482The Game Rating System Act of 2482
August 2482August 2482The Closed Software Act of 2482
November 2482February 2483Secondary Strike Action
November 2482February 2483Renewable sources act
October 2483January 2484Same-Sex Marriage
October 2483April 2489Abortion and Euthanasia
October 2483July 2491Term Length
January 2484January 2484Term Reduction Act of 2448
January 2484February 2484The Seat Increase Act of 2484
January 2484May 2484Democracy on workplace act
February 2484February 2484Cabinet Proposal of February 2484
February 2484February 2484The Eminent Domain Act of 2484
February 2484February 2484The Teacher Discipline Act of 2484
February 2484April 2484Foreign Policy Resolution of 2484
May 2484August 2484Welfare state act
May 2484August 2484Public television act
May 2484August 2484Contraceptives act
May 2484August 2484Food and Beverage regulations act
July 2484July 2484Quotas
November 2484February 2485The Parental Video Game Awareness Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The Fair Speech Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The National Tap Water Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The Seperation of Church and State Act of 2484
November 2484February 2485The Vital Government Works Act of 2484
March 2485March 2485The National Language Act of 2485
July 2486September 2486Pesticide Information Act
July 2486February 2487Cabinet Proposal of July 2486
February 2487August 2487Military Reform Bill
February 2487August 2487Postal System Reform Bill
April 2487April 2487Cabinet Proposal of April 2487
June 2487August 2487Civil liberties bill
June 2487August 2487Taxation of religious institutions bill
July 2487August 2487Abortion and Euthanasia bill
July 2487August 2487Tax Refom: Flat Tax
July 2487August 2487Welfare State Bill
August 2487January 2488Cabinet Proposal of August 2487
February 2488July 2488Cabinet Proposal of February 2488
August 2488February 2489School Prayer Act 2488
January 2489June 2489Prostitution bill
January 2489June 2489Equal representation Act
January 2489June 2489Education Act
January 2489June 2489Ecology Reform
January 2489June 2489Economy Act
January 2489June 2489Military Reform
January 2489June 2489Religion reform
January 2489June 2489Life Protection Act
May 2489August 2489Counter intelligence service act
August 2489January 2490Citizenship Bill
August 2489January 2490Homeland Security Act of 2489
August 2489January 2490Vice Deregulation Act
August 2489January 2490Weapons of Mass Destruction First Strike Option
August 2489January 2490Re-Militarization Act of 2489
August 2489January 2490Age of Adulthood Bill
August 2489October 2490The State-Church Interference Act of 2489
August 2489October 2490Energy Deregulation
October 2490August 2491The State Industry Safety Net Act of 2491
February 2491February 2491Call for early elections, February 2491
July 2491July 2491Revised Abortion
July 2491September 2525Terms
December 2491June 2493National policy regarding the desecration of the national flag.
February 2492September 2492The National Slander Prevention Act of 2492
February 2492September 2492The National Space Act of 2492
February 2492September 2492The Mandatory Diesease Prevention Act of 2492
March 2492September 2525No Child Left Unemployed
March 2492September 2525Quota Act of 2492
August 2492February 2493Centrist Cabinet Proposal of August 2492
November 2492November 2492Cabinet Proposal of November 2492
February 2493June 2495Protection of Public Health Act
April 2493June 2493Environment act
March 2495March 2495The National Detterence Act of 2495
March 2495August 2495The Religion Tax Act of 2495
March 2495August 2495The Seperation of Church and School Act of 2495
March 2495August 2495The Missionary Act of 2495
March 2495August 2495The Fair Shot Act of 2495
March 2495August 2495The Fair Telephone Price Act of 2495
August 2495January 2496Civil Liberties Act
August 2495January 2496Enviromental Deregulation Act of 2495
August 2495February 2497Free Market, Free Jelbania Act
August 2495February 2497Wild Game Deregulation Act
January 2497January 2497The Full Representation Act of 2497
February 2497July 2498NBP Proposal 1
August 2497November 2497Malicious Falsehood Act
December 2497May 2498Media Educational act - December 2497
December 2497May 2498Health and safety regulation act - December 2497
December 2497June 2498Respect for Life Act
April 2498June 2498Reestablishment of the Church of Jelbania Act
June 2498May 2499Patriotism Act
June 2498May 2499A good home for our children Act
October 2499April 2500Anti-drugs Act
October 2499April 2500Preserving the morals of our youth Act
February 2500March 2500NBP Proposal 5 - Children's Health
February 2500March 2500NBP Proposal 4 - Teen Pregnancy
February 2500March 2500NBP Proposal 3 - National Motto
February 2500March 2500NBP Proposal 9 - Treaty Withdrawal
February 2500March 2500NBP Proposal 8 - Major Economic Reforms
February 2500March 2500NBP Proposal 7 - Minor Economic Reforms
October 2500December 2500Workers's right to strike act - October 2500
September 2501January 2502NBP Proposal 10 - Anti-segregation Bill
October 2501October 2502Sexual Education Act
October 2501October 2502A Christian Nation Act
January 2502January 2502DLJ Cabinet of 2501
November 2502April 2503National industrial recontruction act - November 2502
November 2502April 2503Workers's right act - November 2502
November 2502May 2504Support to the JCM act - November 2502
January 2503July 2503Human Dignity Act
February 2503July 2504PBN Proposal 20 - Protection for Adopted Children Act
February 2503July 2504PBN Proposal 19 - Assured Housing Act
February 2503July 2504PBN Proposal 18 - Federal Programs
February 2503July 2504PBN Proposal 15 - Recreational Drug Use
February 2503August 2531PBN Proposal 17 - Pharmaceutical Drugs
February 2503August 2531PBN Proposal 16 - Prohibition
April 2503January 2506Re-militarization Act of 2503
April 2503January 2506International Economics Reform Act of 2503
April 2503January 2506Lumber Industry Support Act
June 2503January 2504International policy act - June 2503
October 2504December 2504Government policy towards smoking.
October 2504December 2505Workers's rights act II - October 2504
October 2504December 2505Workers's rights act I - October 2504
December 2504December 2504taxes 2
February 2505February 2505vaccination
February 2505February 2505energy by nationalised companies
February 2505March 2505The Social Democratic Party of Jelbania Manifesto of 2507
August 2505December 2505no religious schools
August 2505January 2506PBN Proposal 26 - The "9 Out of 10 Local Governments Choose Bastards" Act
August 2505January 2506PBN Proposal 25 - National Flag
August 2505January 2506PBN Proposal 24 - The God Is Dead Act of 2505
August 2505January 2506PBN Proposal 23 - Anti-Population Control Act
August 2505January 2506PBN Proposal 22 - Sexual Expression Act
August 2505January 2506PBN Proposal 21 - National Education Act
October 2505December 2505farmes
November 2505December 2505Cabinet of national concordance - November 2505
December 2505December 2505Military service act - December 2505
December 2505January 2506The Unity Government Cabinet Proposal of 2505
December 2505February 2506Military service II - December 2505
December 2505April 2506National industrial recontruction act - December 2505
December 2505April 2506The government policy regarding housing - December 2505
December 2505August 2506taxe on profit made by corporations
December 2505October 2506International policy act - December 2505
January 2506February 2506Cabinet Proposal of January 2506
January 2506July 2506Tri-Party Old Guard Cabinet
February 2506February 2506death penalty
February 2506February 2506Cabinet Proposal of February 2506
July 2506July 2506National Emergency Cabinet
July 2506July 2506defence industrie
July 2506October 2506anti-religion
August 2506August 2506national police department
August 2506August 2506seats
October 2506May 2507Cabinet Proposal of October 2506
January 2507January 2507Cabinet Proposal of January 2507
January 2507January 2507public transport
January 2507January 2507pharmaceutical drugs
January 2507January 2507organ donations
June 2507June 2507prostitution
June 2507June 2507Cabinet Proposal of June 2507
July 2507July 2507sale taxe on luxury goods
October 2507December 2507Public housing act - October 2507
November 2507July 2508Defence against Communism Act
March 2508August 2508PBN Proposal 31 - Sexual Morality Act of 2508
March 2508August 2508PBN Proposal 30 - Preserving the Educational System Act
March 2508August 2508PBN Proposal 29 - Protection for Future Jelbanians Act
March 2508August 2508PBN Proposal 28 - Preservation of the Jelbanian Family Act
March 2508August 2508PBN Proposal 27 - Defense Against Theocracy Act
June 2508October 2508Civil Defence is the Government's policy on providing shelters to be used in the event of attacks on major cities, mainly nuclear attacks and bombing.
July 2508July 2508Cabinet Proposal of July 2508
July 2508November 2508Localization of Religion Act
July 2508November 2508Anti-Travestite Act
September 2508September 2508PBN Proposal 32 - Environmental Reforms
September 2508September 2508PBN Proposal 37 - Recreational Drug Use
September 2508September 2508PBN Proposal 36 - Public Transport
September 2508September 2508PBN Proposal 35 - Intelligence Agency
September 2508September 2508PBN Proposal 34 - Medicinal Cannabis
September 2508September 2508PBN Proposal 33 - Smoking Legality
September 2508February 2509Cabinet Proposal - A Good One
December 2508December 2508Public intervention act II - december 2508
December 2508December 2508The National Energy Act of 2508
December 2508December 2508The Smoking Discretion Act of 2508
December 2508December 2508The Drug Act of 2508
December 2508December 2508The Food Shelf Life Act of 2508
December 2508December 2508The Food Standards Act of 2508
December 2508December 2508Fight exploitation with regulation - December 2508
August 2509February 2510To Combat Socialism A.K.A. The Liberty Bill
August 2509February 2510Vice Deregulation Bill
August 2509February 2510Free Market Bill
August 2509February 2510Border Security Bill of 2509
January 2510January 2510shelters
May 2510November 2510Proposals for a peaceful country II - May 2510
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism II - the statal intervention - November 2510
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism I - the cooperative movement
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism III - the social attention - November 2510
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism IV - the democratic federalism- November 2510
November 2510May 2511Proposals towards socialism VI - the end of exploitation- November 2510
February 2511August 2513All-Leftist Cabinet Proposal of February 2511
April 2511October 2511For the Defence of Jelbania Act
April 2511October 2511Prison Work Act
April 2511October 2511Jelbania for Jelbanians Act
March 2512August 2512Domestic Animals Act 2512
March 2512August 2512Private Banking Act 2512
April 2512October 2512Democratic federalism act - April 2512
August 2512September 2512The Energy Nationalisation Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512The Population Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512PDA Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512The Nudity Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512Weapon Conceal Laws of 2512
September 2512September 2512The National Adoption Act of 2512
September 2512September 2512The Roads and Government Works Act of 2512
March 2513March 2513Call for early elections, March 2513
June 2513February 2514Personal Liberties Act
June 2513February 2514Environmental Devolution
June 2513February 2514Reaffirmation of Federalism Bill
December 2513December 2513Progressive morality act - December 2513
December 2513January 2514Capital act - December 2513
January 2514October 2514Holy Matrimony Act
October 2514October 2514Anima research act - October 2514
October 2514October 2514Local responsibility on prostitution - October 2514
December 2515December 2515seats
February 2517February 2517The Grid and Power Station Nationalisation Act of 2517
February 2517February 2517The Electric Nationalisation Act of 2517
June 2517June 2517sex and nudity on televison
June 2517June 2517tax of the profit made by corporations
June 2517June 2517vaccination
August 2517August 2531PLMO Proposal 39 - Social Conservatism Act
August 2517August 2531PLMO Proposal 38 - Collective Bargaining Act
August 2517September 2531PLMO Proposal 40 - Economic Reforms
November 2517April 2518Research of pharmaceuthical drugs act - November 2517
November 2517April 2518Private property act - November 2517
April 2518July 2531Regulation of prostitution - April 2518
July 2518August 2518farm size
May 2519June 2519Retirement age
June 2519June 2519anti-religion
January 2520January 2520Separatist/Federal Peace Accord
June 2520December 2521military proposal
July 2520January 2521Personal Freedoms Expansion Act
July 2520January 2521Environmental Devolution Act of 2520
July 2520January 2521Homeland Security Act of 2520
July 2520January 2521Military Expansion Act
July 2520February 2521PLMO Proposal 43 - The "Mommy, I want a tiger for my birthday" Act of 2520
February 2521February 2521Multi Party Coalition of 2521
July 2521January 2522CP proposals
December 2521December 2521Nuclear plant act - December 2521
January 2522April 2524Military act - January 2522
February 2522February 2522PCR 001
March 2522December 2522Income tax proposal of March 2522
June 2522July 2522Pharmaceutical drugs policy reform act
July 2522January 2523CP Proposal- Minimum wage regulation
January 2523January 2523forest management
October 2523April 2524Marriage Act 2523
October 2523April 2524Smaller Government Act
October 2523April 2524Morality Act 2523
October 2523June 2524Nature and fauna protection act - October 2523
April 2524April 2524Anti-Drugs Act
April 2524February 2525Multi-Party Cabinet Proposal of April 2524
April 2524April 2525Schools autonomy on religious matters act - April 2525
June 2524October 2524Centre-right coalition proposal
December 2524October 2525Helping our Industries Act
April 2525April 2525Secular state act - April 2525
May 2525May 2525Pacifism act - May 2525
May 2525July 2531Support to the JCM act - May 2525
January 2526December 2526Centre-right coalition proposal no.2
April 2526December 2526Anti-Homosexualism Act
June 2527January 2528Energy Regulation REform
July 2527August 2527Unity Cabinet Proposal of July 2527
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 49 - Right to Strike
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 53 - Child Benefit
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 52 - Promoting Civil Liberties
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 51 - Travel Restriction
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 48 - Cleansing Schools of Filth
February 2528February 2528PLMO Proposal 47 - Banishing the Nightmare
April 2528June 2528Public house act - April 2528
April 2528November 2529Prayer in schools act - April 2528
April 2528December 2529State religion act - April 2528
January 2529December 2529Tobacco and Alcohol Deregulation Bill
January 2529December 2529Food Manufacturers Rights Bill
August 2529January 2530the national grid
October 2529April 2530Anti-Pornography Act
October 2529April 2530Refugees Act
October 2529April 2530Corporation Tax Act
October 2529April 2530Pro-Life Act
April 2530November 2530Exotic and Wild animals act - April 2530
April 2530November 2530Welfare act - April 2530
April 2530November 2530Worker's rights act - April 2530
April 2530November 2530Progressive morality act - April 2530
December 2530April 2531State intervention act - December 2530
December 2530April 2531Health act - December 2530
January 2531September 2531Anti-Cloning Act 2531
January 2531February 2532Education Reform Act 2531
August 2532February 2533PLMO Proposal 55 - The "Drugs are bad" Act of 2532
October 2532April 2533The right for a person to prostitute himself or herself REFORM ACT
April 2533April 2533Proud of the National Anthem Act
April 2533April 2533Child Labour Act
December 2534June 2535Health act - December 2534
December 2534June 2535Cancel the discipline act - December 2534
October 2536December 2536Call for early elections, October 2536
October 2536April 2537Foreign policy act - October 2536
October 2536April 2537Ecology act - October 2536
December 2536April 2537Decency Act
June 2538June 2538The Government policy concerning the visitation of foreign missionaries.
April 2539November 2539Foreign policy act - April 2539
April 2539May 2540Leftist coalition of April 2539
November 2539May 2540Child labour act- November 2539
November 2539May 2540Helath care reform act - November 2539
April 2542October 2542Federalism Act
April 2542October 2542Integration Act
April 2542October 2542Protecting Life Act
February 2543February 2543Cabinet Proposal of February 2543
February 2546April 2546Cabinet Proposal of February 2546
November 2547February 2548Ratification of the Jelbania-Vanuku Pact
March 2548March 2549In Opposition to the Bastion of Socialism
March 2549March 2549Ratification of the Jelbania-Vanuku Pact
April 2549November 2549Cabinet Proposal of April 2549
June 2551June 2551Citizens should have Identity cards!!!
June 2551December 2552Central Bank for Jelbanians
June 2551December 2552Our national anthem should be singed
August 2551October 2552Ratification of the Jelbania-Vanuku Pact
October 2551December 2552Freedom of Choice in Education Act
October 2551December 2552To Fight Unemployment Among Youths
December 2551December 2552Plant trees
July 2552December 2553PSFN Proposal 59 - Workers Rights
December 2552October 2553Fair Luxury Tax Act 2553
December 2552October 2553Industrial Hemp Act 2553
December 2552January 2554A Strong, Safe Jelbania
December 2552January 2554To Bolster the War Effort Against the Ravages of the Natural Hand
January 2553October 2553Ratification of the Majatran Continent Treaty Organization (MCTO)
October 2554July 2555Free Market Energy Policy Act 2554
October 2554July 2555Desegregation Act 2554
December 2555January 2558Public nudity UPDATE
June 2556December 2557Private and National Banks
November 2556June 2558Income tax proposal of November 2556
March 2557September 2557Anti-Secularization Act
December 2557June 2566smoking
February 2560August 2560More Autonomy Act
February 2560August 2560Privatization Act
March 2560August 2560The government's policy concerning biological and chemical weaponry Reform Act
July 2560May 2561End the Death Penalty Act 2560
July 2560October 2568Equality in Adoption Act 2560
July 2560October 2568Military Equality Act 2560
October 2560May 2561Adoptions
March 2563February 2564Government policy towards giving aid to foreign countries Reform act
May 2570January 2571PSFN Proposal 61 - Military Reform
June 2570January 2571PSFN Proposal 63 - Energy Reform
February 2574October 2575Anti-Pollution Act 2574
March 2574October 2574Civil Rights Expansion Act
March 2574March 2575Freedom of Falsehood Act
March 2574September 2575Cloning Prohibition Anullment Act
March 2574September 2575Homeland Security Act
March 2581August 2584Women in the Military Reform Act
November 2588November 2588Marijuana Laws
November 2588November 2588Religious Taxation Reform
November 2588November 2588Euthanasia Criminal Code Reform
January 2589January 2589Drug Policy
January 2589January 2589Cabinet Proposal of January 2589
January 2589January 2589Refugee Reform Bill
January 2589April 2589Budget proposal of January 2589
April 2589April 2589Legislative Session
February 2590February 2590Separation of Military an dPolice Force Act
February 2590February 2590All Able Bodies Act
February 2590February 2590Civil Defense Act
October 2590October 2590Economic Reform II
October 2590October 2590Reproductive Reform
October 2590October 2590Shortened Election Cycles
October 2590October 2590Morality Reform
October 2590October 2590Identity Card Bill
October 2590October 2591Flag Change
June 2591June 2591School Reform
July 2591July 2591Pro Life Act
July 2591July 2591Federal Marriage Law
July 2591July 2591Contraceptive Ban
July 2591July 2591Euthanasia Criminal Code Reform
July 2591April 2592Capital City Name Change
October 2591November 2591Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
December 2591July 2592House of Lords Established
March 2592March 2592Ratification of the Pro Life Alliance
April 2592April 2592Call for early elections, April 2592
April 2592April 2592Flag Reform
July 2592July 2592Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
January 2593January 2593Ratification of the Jelbanian/Zardugal Naval Treaty
April 2593April 2593Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
June 2593June 2593Military Militias
August 2593August 2593No Sex Left Behind
August 2593August 2593Seperation of Police and Military
August 2593August 2593No Parent Left Behind
August 2593August 2593No Man Left Behind
August 2593August 2593Forresty Reformation Act
August 2593August 2593Animal Act
August 2593August 2593Right to Sodomy
August 2593August 2593Right to Food Standards
August 2593August 2593Right to Learn
August 2593August 2593Right to Information
August 2593August 2593Right to Kiss
August 2593August 2593All Equal Act
November 2593November 2593Ratification of the Jelbanian/Zardugal Naval Treaty
November 2593November 2593Cabinet Proposal of November 2593
November 2593November 2593Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
November 2593November 2593Call for early elections, November 2593
February 2594February 2594Budget proposal of February 2594
May 2594May 2594Amendment to the Military Code, pt. 2
May 2594May 2594Amendment to the Military code
May 2594May 2594True Representation Act
June 2594June 2594Ratification of the Jelbania-Lodamun Free Trade Agreement
July 2594July 2594Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
September 2594September 2594Stock Exchange Legalization Act
May 2595May 2595Ratification of the Vascania Border Treaty
July 2596July 2596Greater Democracy Terms Act
July 2596July 2596Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
July 2596July 2596Ratification of the Vascania Border Treaty
July 2596July 2596Budget proposal of July 2596
July 2596July 2596Cabinet Proposal of July 2596
October 2596October 2596Cabinet Proposal of October 2596
October 2596October 2596Term Limit Reform
December 2596December 2596PS 001
December 2596December 2596PS 002
January 2597January 2597Budget proposal of January 2597
December 2597December 2597PS 003
May 2598May 2598Foreign Relations Act
December 2598December 2598PS 005
October 2599October 2599Amendment to the Military Code
June 2601June 2601Term Limtis
May 2602May 2602Call for early elections, May 2602
October 2602October 2602Term Limits
October 2602October 2602Constitutional Flag Change
March 2603March 2603Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
March 2603March 2603Ratification of the Vascania Border Treaty
March 2603March 2603Flag Reform
May 2603May 2603Budget proposal of May 2603
May 2603May 2603Cabinet Proposal of May 2603
July 2603July 2603Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
May 2604May 2604Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
May 2604May 2604Ratification of the Pro Life Alliance
May 2604May 2604Ratification of the Lake Majatra Borders
May 2604May 2604Ratification of the Vascania Border Treaty
January 2605January 2605Ratification of the Vascania Border Treaty
January 2605January 2605Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
January 2605January 2605Ratification of the Jelbania-Lodamun Free Trade Agreement
April 2605May 2605National Flag Change
July 2606July 2606Ratification of the Pro Life Alliance
August 2606August 2606Cabinet Proposal of August 2606
August 2606August 2606Prime Minister Title Reform
October 2606October 2606Gambling change
October 2606October 26066573
October 2608October 2608Drug Reform
October 2608October 2608Moral Reform
October 2608October 2608Title Change
October 2608October 2608Term Limit Reform
October 2608October 2608Contraceptive Ban
March 2609July 2609Ratification of the Jelbanian and Malivian Royal Alliance
June 2611July 2611Call for early elections, June 2611
January 2614April 2615Yes We Can...
May 2614February 2615Begin to autonomise
June 2614February 2615Reduce policy costs
June 2614February 2615we must change for our people
June 2614February 2615Respect Baniray Autonomy
September 2614September 2614Cabinet Proposal of September 2614
December 2614February 2615Local forest , local reponsabilities
December 2614February 2615Worker's rights
June 2615April 2616Minimum wage regulation
September 2615April 2616Power to the Local Governments Act
September 2615April 2616On the Knavery of Royalist Trickery
September 2615April 2616Freedom of Speech Act
September 2615April 2616The Old Ways Act
September 2615April 2616Freedom of Vice Act
February 2616February 2616Military Reform
March 2616March 2616Economic Reform
April 2616April 2616Energy and Infrastructure to local governement
April 2616April 2616our forests. we like local forests.
April 2616April 2616Workers and their rights
April 2616April 2616ogm regulation!
April 2616May 2616Social act!
February 2617February 2617Food and Health
February 2617February 2617Welfare Reform
February 2617February 2617Right act
February 2617February 2617Economic Reform
February 2617February 2617Gun Rights
February 2617February 2617Pornography Ban
February 2617February 2617Private Defense Bill
February 2617February 2617Socialize it!
February 2617February 2617Health Reform
July 2617September 2617The Democractic Cabinet Proposal
October 2617October 2617Shelters and Mines
December 2618December 2618no weapons, no violence
July 2619December 2619The Government's policy towards the use of land mines by the army Reform.
December 2620June 2621The Government policy concerning the visitation of foreign missionaries.
January 2621January 2621National Language of Namviet
April 2622November 2622Military/National Service Reform
August 2622August 2622Cabinet Proposal of August 2622
August 2622August 2622For a cooperation approch in the Media's world!
August 2622August 2622Worker's Rights!
August 2622August 2622Worker's right! now!
July 2623November 2623The use of animals in medical research Reform Act
May 2625May 2625No Man Left Behind
February 2626February 2626No Man Left Behind
February 2626February 2626Bill #250
February 2626February 2626A New Reflection
April 2626April 2626Royal Decree #2
December 2626December 2626Cabinet Proposal of December 2626
May 2629June 2629The government's policy concerning the pension system.
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #5
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #4
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #3
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #9
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #1
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #8
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #7
June 2633June 2633Progressive Bill #6
July 2634July 2634Progressive Bill #10
August 2635February 2636Progressive Bill #11
January 2636February 2637Allowing Voice for Rilmos
March 2636March 2636A Tid Bit of Ecology
July 2636July 2636Income tax proposal of July 2636
July 2636July 2636Outlawing Opiates
July 2636July 2636Economic Restructuring Act #2
July 2636July 2636Economic Restructuring Act #1
November 2636November 2636Progressive Bill #12
February 2637February 2637A New Cabinet
October 2637February 2638Progressive Bill #13
January 2638June 2638International Trade Reform Act
June 2638June 2638Daily Working Hours Regulation
November 2638November 2638Cabinet Proposal of November 2638
December 2640December 2640Euthanasia Ban
December 2640December 2640Abortion Reform
December 2640December 2640Adultery Reform
December 2641December 2641Call for early elections, December 2641
April 2643June 2643The government's policy concerning the pension system Reform
April 2644April 2644Cabinet Proposal of April 2644
July 2644July 2644Term Limit Reform
July 2645July 2645Call for early elections, July 2645
December 2645December 2645Defense Bill
March 2646March 2646Hunting Law
April 2647April 2647Workers Power Act
April 2647April 2647Pro-Life Act
April 2647April 2647Brotherhood and Unity Act
June 2647June 2647Constitutional Reform
August 2647August 2647Declaration of Civil War
November 2647April 2649Presidential System Bill
December 2647December 2647Adultery Reform
December 2647December 2647Economic Confusion
December 2647December 2647Health Confusion
December 2647December 2647Military Confusion
December 2649December 2649Cabinet Proposal of December 2649
December 2649December 2649Religious Compromise
December 2649December 2649Selucian Catholicism Rebirth
January 2650January 2650Cabinet Proposal of January 2650
January 2650January 2650Leftist Foriegn Policy
January 2650January 2650Seat Reform
January 2650January 2650A Socialist Morality
January 2650January 2650IJ Civil Rights Platform
August 2650August 2650Treaty Resolution
December 2651December 2651Economic Confusion
December 2651December 2651Porn Ban
January 2652August 2652Call for early elections, January 2652
July 2652July 2652A Socialist Foriegn & Military Policy
July 2652July 2652Ecology Reform
August 2652August 2652Religious Reform
December 2652December 2652Immigration Bill
February 2653February 2653Royalist Loyalty Bill
October 2653November 2653Structure of the Executive branch Reforms
May 2654October 2654The government's policy regarding foreign investments Reforms
August 2654August 2654The Old Economics is Dead, The New Economics Must Begin
August 2654August 2654Health Reform
August 2654August 2654Selucian Catholic Church
September 2654September 2654A New Opiate for the Masses
September 2654September 2654Education Policy for the Lil' Comrades
February 2655February 2655Call for early elections, February 2655
November 2655March 2656Ratification of the Jelbanian and Malivian Royal Alliance
May 2656May 2656Cabinet Proposal of May 2656
May 2656May 2656Ratification of the Deltaria-Jelbania Union (Drtark-Jelbk Pntejek / Deltrsko-Jelbensko Sjednocen)
May 2656May 2656Flag Change
October 2657October 2657Cabinet Proposal of October 2657
April 2659April 2659Ratification of the New World Order
November 2661November 2661Healthcare ReReform
November 2663March 2665Military Confusion
November 2663March 2665Economic Confusion
November 2663March 2665Drug Ban
November 2663March 2665Health Confusion
November 2663March 2665Abortion Reform
March 2668March 2668Cabinet Proposal of March 2668
March 2668June 2668Pot Ban
March 2668June 2668Imperial Senate
March 2668June 2668Vascanian Viceroy, President, and Prime Minister
March 2668June 2668Abortion Policy
July 2670July 2670Steven P. Kennedy VII as Imperator
April 2671April 2671Cabinet Proposal of April 2671
June 2671July 2671Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
August 2671August 2671Random Bills
December 2672December 2672Economic Confusion
December 2672December 2672Health Confusion
December 2672December 2672Media Confusion
December 2672December 2672Religious Confusion
December 2672December 2672Education Confusion
December 2672December 2672Justice Confusion
January 2673July 2676Republic Restore Act
August 2673January 2674National Health Care policy Reform Act
August 2673February 2674The government policy regarding housing.
March 2674March 2674Call for early elections, March 2674
April 2675January 2676Jelbek Collective Reform - Economy
April 2675January 2676Jelbeck Collective Reform - The Nation
August 2676August 2676A Humble Proposal for Jelbania
July 2677September 2677The Government's policy towards the use of land mines by the army
July 2677February 2678The nation's policy on the separation of the police and the military Reform Act
February 2678February 2678Call for early elections, February 2678
August 2678October 2678Jelbeck Collective Reform - National Soil (2)
May 2679December 2679Jelbeck Collective Reform - Removal of unhelpful foreign influence (2)
June 2679January 2680Jelbeck Collective Reform - Removal of unhelpful foreign influence (6)
April 2680April 2680Jelbek Collective Reform - National Soil Revised
August 2680October 2680Call for early elections, August 2680
August 2680October 2680The nation's policy on the separation of the police and the military Reform Act
October 2680October 2680Grand Coalition Cabinet
December 2680December 2680Message to the Government
December 2680December 2680Cabinet Reform
June 2681June 2681.
June 2681January 2683Motion condemning the CRP
October 2681October 2681Intolerance Is A Blessing
February 2682February 2682white working man's platform
February 2682February 2682bill for state
February 2682February 2682civil rights
February 2682February 2682control our borders
April 2682April 2682Pointless treaty withdrawal - 5
April 2682April 2682Pointless treaty withdrawal - 4
April 2682April 2682Pointless treaty withdrawal - 3
April 2682April 2682Pointless treaty withdrawl - 1
May 2682May 2682Call for early elections, May 2682
June 2682February 2683Operation Restore Hope - Undoing the Royalist/Kennedy damage.
October 2682January 2683Statue of Remembrance for 'Junta' the goldfish
November 2682March 2683National Name Change
April 2683April 2683Increasing quota bill
April 2683April 2683Flag Restoration Bill
April 2683April 2683Restoring Jelbanian Cities
April 2684February 2685Quota Bill
February 2685February 2685Head of State title change
August 2685August 2685Call for early elections, August 2685
August 2685August 2685Head of Government Act
August 2685August 2685Presidential Rights Bill
October 2685October 2685Military Bill for the Visibility
March 2686March 2686Call for early elections, March 2686
April 2686July 3970OOC: Important national information - Jelbic Languages Link. Mods do not remove.
October 2686November 2686Domestic Juche Agenda
February 2687February 2687Call for early elections, February 2687
February 2688February 2689New Energy Regulation Act
November 2688November 2688Military Visibility
February 2690February 2690EnviroNewal Agenda
April 2690April 2690State Workers' Unions of The Respublicka Jelbe (Drtárék Mrjmat)
April 2690April 2690Time to Finish Off the Change of Government, Perhaps?
April 2698April 2698Moral Values
April 2698May 2698Military Enhacement
May 2698May 2698Human Dignity Act
May 2698May 2698Anti-Perversion Act
May 2698May 2698Employment Freedom Act
May 2698May 2698Hunting Reform
May 2698May 2698Banking Reform
May 2698May 2698Sexual Purity Act
May 2698May 2698Anti-Smut on TV Act
May 2698May 2698Anti-Segregation Act
June 2698June 2698Military Update
June 2698June 2698National Security Act
June 2698June 2698Capitalism Support Act
March 2699March 2699Military Korasu
March 2699March 2699Health Korasu
March 2699March 2699Conservative Ecology Reform
November 2699November 2699Random Changes
November 2699November 2699Cabinet Proposal of November 2699
October 2700October 2700Cabinet Proposal of October 2700
April 2701April 2701Constitutional Reforms
April 2701April 2701Cabinet Proposal of April 2701
April 2701July 2701Some proposals
May 2701May 2701Call for early elections, May 2701
February 2702March 2702Education and Schoolship Reform Act
December 2702December 2702Call for early elections, December 2702
July 2704July 2704Religious schools reform
September 2706March 2707Government policy towards alcoholic beverages.
May 2707May 2707For Rilmos!
November 2707November 2707A Bill of Visibility
December 2710December 2710Income tax proposal of December 2710
May 2713May 2713Cabinet Proposal of May 2713
February 2719September 2719Restoration of the Old Flag
October 2719October 2719Call for early elections, October 2719
September 2729September 2729Call for early elections, September 2729
September 2729September 2729Income tax proposal of September 2729
September 2729September 2729Budget proposal of September 2729
September 2729September 2729Emergency Cabinet Proposal of September 2729
December 2730December 2730Cabinet Proposal of December 2730
December 2731December 2731Cabinet Proposal of December 2731
May 2733May 2733Country Name Change and Massive Reform Act
September 2733September 2733Cabinet Proposal of September 2733
December 2733December 2733National Reforms
September 2734September 2734Official State Religion of 2735
September 2734September 2734Flat tax proposal of September 2734
December 2734December 2734Kicking Ass Reform
January 2735January 2735Jelbek Slavery Law
January 2735January 2735Union Crusher
September 2735September 2735Conservative Reforms
November 2736November 2736Jelbanian Revolution of 2737
August 2738August 2738Impeachment of Irwin Washington
August 2742August 2742Government policy with respect to the death penalty.
August 2746August 2746Constitutional Reforms
April 2747April 2747Call for early elections, April 2747
January 2765January 2765Reform Act Part2
August 2765March 2766United Left Platform
September 2776September 2776.
February 2779February 2779Compagnies Françaises I
February 2779February 2779Compagnies Françaises II
February 2779February 2779Compagnies Françaises IV
February 2779February 2779Compagnies Françaises III
August 2781August 2781Civil Libs Bill of 2781
August 2781August 2781Ecology Bill of 2781
November 2781November 2782Police State Act I
March 2782March 2782DJP Manifesto of 2782
November 2782November 2782Adultery Bill of 2782
November 2782November 2782Ending Communism Act I
November 2782November 2782Health Bill of 2782
August 2783August 2783Infrastructure Bill of 2783
August 2783August 2783Social Security Bill of 2783
August 2783March 2785...
March 2785March 2785Police Bill of 2785
March 2785March 2785Unregulation Bill of 2785
March 2785March 2785DJP Bill of 2785
March 2785November 2785Foreign Policy Bill of 2785
November 2785November 2785Drugs Bill of 2785
October 2786October 2786Seats Bill of 2786
September 2787September 2787PLP Platform of 2787
February 2805February 2805Nation Name Change
February 2805February 2805Royalist Reform
October 2807March 2808Moderate Proposal
November 2807March 2808Name Change
March 2808March 2808Imperial Reforms
March 2808March 2808Capital Name Change
May 2810May 2810Name Change
May 2810May 2810Constitutional Enforcer
October 2811October 2811Religious Reforms
May 2812May 2812Cabinet Proposal of May 2812
May 2812May 2812Progressive Reform
April 2823April 2823Admininstrative Bill
April 2823April 2823A more moderate marketplace
April 2823April 2823Ecological Reform
April 2823April 2823Increasing our Military
June 2823June 2823A call for Modern Government Centralization
June 2823June 2823Holy Day of Obligation
March 2824April 2826Morality Act of 2823
March 2824April 2826Civil Rights Act of 2824
March 2824April 2826Military Reform Act of 2824
October 2842October 2842Liberal Reforms
October 2842October 2842VIVE
October 2842October 2842La Renaissance de Valeurs françaises n'est pas Maintenant
October 2842October 2842La Renaissance de Valeurs françaises n'est pas Maintenant 1
October 2842November 2842Internationalism
October 2842November 2842asd
July 2843July 2843Call for early elections, July 2843
October 2843October 2843vive
June 2851June 2851Liberal Reforms
January 2854January 2854Healthcare Act
January 2854January 2854Religious Freedom Act of 2854
July 2854August 2855Clean Air Act
July 2854March 2865Number of Quotas
August 2855August 2855Call for early elections, August 2855
August 2855February 2860Religious Freedom Act of 2858
August 2855March 2869Religious Freedom
August 2858February 2860Budget proposal of August 2858
August 2858February 2860Income tax proposal of August 2858
August 2858March 2861Military Reform
January 2862December 2863Environment Act of 2862
December 2863December 2863Budget proposal of December 2863
December 2863December 2863Income tax proposal of December 2863
March 2865March 2865Education Reform
March 2865March 2865Budget proposal of March 2865
March 2865March 2865Income tax proposal of March 2865
February 2866February 2866Budget proposal of February 2866
February 2866February 2866Military Gender Equality Act of 2866
February 2866February 2866Income tax proposal of February 2866
July 2867July 2867Budget proposal of July 2867
July 2867July 2867Income tax proposal of July 2867
July 2867June 2869Health Care Reform
July 2867August 2876Religious Freedom Bill
April 2868April 2868Budget proposal of April 2868
April 2868April 2868Income tax proposal of April 2868
April 2868July 2868Workers' Rights Act of 2868
March 2870August 2870Marriage Equality Act
July 2870August 2870Budget proposal of July 2870
July 2870August 2870Income tax proposal of July 2870
August 2870August 2871Eminent Domain Act
August 2871February 2872Foreign Policy Changes
August 2871February 2873Military Shelter Act
August 2872March 2878Health Act
February 2873August 2874Environmental Preservation of Wildlife and Habitats Act
February 2875February 2875Anti-Discrimination Act
August 2876August 2876Budget proposal of August 2876
August 2876August 2876Income tax proposal of August 2876
July 2877July 2877Military Reform
January 2879February 2879Shelter Act
March 2880March 2880Religious Freedom Act of 2880
September 2880September 2880Budget proposal of September 2880
September 2880September 2880Income tax proposal of September 2880
February 2881July 2881Shelter Act
January 2882November 2882Marriage Equality Act
June 2883June 2883Income tax proposal of June 2883
June 2883June 2883Religious Freedom Act of 2883
June 2883February 2884Health Care Reform
June 2883February 2886Military Reform
June 2883February 2887Environment Act
June 2883February 2890Dicorce Act
March 2885March 2885International Relations Act
August 2888August 2888Government-Sponsored Prayer Act
July 2889July 2889Military Reform
March 2890February 2891Universal Healthcare Act
March 2890August 2894Religious Reform
July 2891July 2892Civil Rights Act
February 2893February 2893Military Reform
June 2895June 2895Environment Act
July 2895June 2896Evangelism Act
March 2897June 2897Military Act
February 2898July 2898Internationalism Act
January 2901January 2901Call for early elections, January 2901
February 2912February 2912Mixed Reform of the State Bill 2912
May 2912May 2912State Media Bill 2912
May 2912May 2912Abortions Bill 2912
July 2912July 2912Minor Mixed Reform Bill 2912
August 2912August 2912Safe Child Labour Bill 2912
August 2912August 2912Military or Civilian National Service Bill 2912
August 2912August 2912Religion Act
November 2912May 2913New Ecology Bill 2912
May 2913May 2913Budget proposal of May 2913
May 2913May 2913Restrictions on Foreign Missionaries Bill 2913
May 2913May 2913Envangelism Bill 2913
May 2913May 2913Administrative Reform Bill 2913
May 2913May 2913New Foreign Policy Bill 2913
May 2913May 2913Strenghthening of the Military Bill 2913
December 2913March 2914Reform of Civil Liberties Bill 2913
May 2914May 2914Ecology Bill 2914
November 2914November 2914Democratic Reforms of Administration Bill 2914
November 2914November 2914Strengthening of the Military Bill 2914
April 2915April 2915Reform of Abortions Bill 2915
April 2915April 2915Strict Regulation of Religious Schools Bill 2915
April 2915April 2915Military/National Service Bill 2915
April 2915April 2915Ban on Whaling Bill 2915
April 2915April 2915Ban on Recreational Drugs Bill 2915
June 2915June 2915Less Restrictive Pollution Guidelines Bill 2915
June 2915June 2915Banning of Religious Clothing/Symbols in Public Bill 2915
November 2915November 2915New Taxation Bill 2915
November 2915November 2915Envangelism Bill 2915
November 2915November 2915Screening of of Foreign Missionaries Bill 2915
November 2915November 2915Corporal Punishment in Schools Bill 2915
December 2915December 2915State Intervention in the Appointment of Ministers of Religion Bill 2915
December 2915December 2915Freedom of Private Cars Bill 2915
March 2916March 2916Head of State and Head of Government Bill 2916
May 2917May 2917Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2917May 2917Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
May 2917May 2917Ratification of the The Majatran Cup
May 2917May 2917Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
May 2917July 2917New National Identity Bill 291-
April 2918April 2925State Media Bill 2925
April 2918April 2925Major Reform of the Military Bill 2925
June 2918April 2925Envangelism Bill 2925
June 2918April 2925Ban on Religious Clothing/Symbols in Public Bill 2925
June 2918April 2925Security against the Visitation of Foreign Missionaries Bill 2925
January 2921June 2921Market Freedom Act
July 2923July 2923Call for early elections, July 2923
April 2925April 2925Less Forceful Recycling Bill 2925
April 2925April 2925Moderate Pollution Restrictions Bill 2925
April 2925April 2925Dispersing of Groups Bill 2925
April 2925April 2925Creation of Seperate Head of Government Bill 2925
April 2925April 2925Respect for the National Flag Bill 2925
June 2925June 2925Call for early elections, June 2925
January 2937July 2937Views
November 2938November 2938Civil Liberties Act
February 2939February 2939The Return of Rilmosek's Party
February 2939February 2943The Establishment of Culture Bill
April 2939April 2939Affirming Religious Policies
April 2939April 2939Economics Act
December 2940December 2940Call for early elections, December 2940
December 2940December 2940National Health Care Act
November 2944June 2945Reducing the Size of Government
December 2944January 2945Civil Liberties Views
January 2945January 2945Foreign Policy Views
November 2945November 2945Reviewing International Relations
May 2946May 2946On Religion (Again)
June 2946June 2946Name of The Head of Government
December 2946December 2946Environment Act
June 2947June 2947Full Withdrawal from the Axis
December 2948January 2949Freedom of Religion Act
July 2951July 2951Affirming Social Policies
June 2952March 2953Affirming Military Views
December 2953December 2953Military Policies
January 2961January 2962Religion Act
January 2961January 2962Equality Act
January 2962January 2962Abortion and Euthanasia Act
January 2964January 2964Military Views
January 2964January 2964Affirming Environmental Views
January 2964January 2964Affirming Internationalism
May 2965May 2965Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2965October 2965Cabinet Proposal of May 2965
June 2973June 2973Call for early elections, June 2973
July 2974July 2974Call for early elections, July 2974
May 2976May 2976Call for early elections, May 2976
May 2978May 2978National Infrastructure Act
May 2979May 2979Civil Liberties Act
May 2979May 2979Immigration and Foreign Aid Act
June 2987June 2987Cabinet Proposal of June 2987
December 2990December 2990Withdraw from the Birahteynu Convention of 2706.
December 2990December 2990Religious Identity of Jelbania Act
December 2990December 2990Communications Act of 2990
April 2991April 2991Private Car and Whaling Act
April 2991April 2991Foreign Relations Act of 2991
April 2991May 2991Call for Early Elections to Grant Our New Partners a Fair Share in Government
May 2991May 2991Removal of Yusuf Al-Jelbék from Office for Heresy and Treason
November 2991November 2991Welfare Reform
November 2991November 2991Illegal Alien and Sedition Acts
November 2991November 2991Marriage Act
November 2991November 2991Cabinet Proposal of November 2991
April 2996April 2996Human Rights Act of 2996
October 2996October 2996Fairness Bill
December 2996December 2996Name Change Bill
June 2997December 2997Equality Bill
October 3003October 3003Comprehensive Anti-Fascist Reform Bill
December 3004November 3013"Freedom For Jelbania!" Act
February 3030February 3030Policy of HMP
September 3030September 3030Government's policy towards the powers of the Police
September 3030September 3030The government's policy concerning child labor
August 3042August 3042Reform Proposition
January 3043January 3043Defense Empowerment Act
June 3043June 3043Foreign relations liberalisation
August 3044August 3044Foreign relations liberalisation II
August 3044August 3044Working Hours Act
August 3044August 3044Natural Resources Act
February 3067February 3067Mixed Reform Bill
February 3067February 3067Religion Act
April 3068April 3068Mixed Reform Bill
October 3068October 3068Judicial Reforms
October 3068October 3068Media Privatisation Bill
October 3068October 3068Homosexual Relations in the Military
October 3068October 3068Military Bill
November 3071April 3072Reform
November 3071April 3073Bill 3071
April 3072April 3072Government Reform
June 3075June 3075Government Reform
December 3075December 3075National Identity and Security Act
June 3078June 3078Increased Quota Act
December 3081April 3082Internationalism
December 3081April 3082Military Act
December 3081April 3082Citizenship and Adulthood Act
December 3082December 3082Modernization
October 3083July 3084Anti-Fascism Law
April 3084May 3084Jelbanian Reforms
January 3085January 3085Internet Security Law
April 3085May 3086Disarmament Act
May 3090May 3090Religious Freedoms Act
May 3090May 3090Civil Liberties Act
October 3093April 3094Executive Changes
May 3121November 3121Anti-Communist Act
September 3121September 3121Modernization of the Government
April 3123July 3123End to slavery
May 3123May 3123Call for early elections, May 3123
March 3124March 3125End to slavery
July 3124July 3124Morality and National Reform Act
September 3127September 3127Cabinet Proposal of September 3127
December 3127November 3128Preservation of the Traditional Way of Life
July 3130July 3130A new National Anthem
January 3131January 3131Ratification of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )
November 3132November 3132Military Reform Act
November 3132November 3132Agricultural and Environment Reform
October 3133November 3134General Reform
January 3134January 3134Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
March 3134March 3134Ratification of the Treaty declaring war on Ikradon if they commit Genocide against Religious People
February 3135February 3135Ratification of the Treaty declaring war on Ikradon if they commit Genocide against Religious People
November 3135February 3138EP-1488
March 3136March 3136Ratification of the Treaty declaring war on Ikradon if they commit Genocide against Religious People
September 3140September 3140Back to pre-Islamic Heritage
January 3144January 3144Ban on Hunting of Mongoose
February 3144February 3144Military Reforms
February 3144February 3144Religious Reforms
February 3144June 3144Registration Act
August 3156August 3156Income tax proposal of August 3156
August 3156August 3156Restoration Action Plan Three: Protecting Business
August 3156August 3156Restoration Action Plan One: People First
August 3161August 3161Cabinet Reformation following the resignation of Mr. Jonathan Wies
August 3162December 3162Final Directives of the National Restoration Committee
July 3169July 3169Call for early elections, July 3169
April 3175April 3175Call for early elections, April 3175
June 3175June 3175Federalist Manifesto
February 3176February 3176Federalist Manifesto II
May 3176May 3176Ten Point Plan
March 3177March 3177The Jelbanian Dream
September 3178September 3178Police Powers Act
March 3188March 3188Cabinet Proposal of March 3188
October 3188October 3188Ratification of the Jelbanian Constitution II
December 3193March 3194Respect for Jelbania Act
December 3193March 3194Children Required Vaccine Act
December 3193March 3194Freedom to Use Protection Act
December 3193March 3194Voluntary Military Act
December 3193March 3194Co-existing Defense Industry Act
January 3194March 3194Stock Market Regulation Act
January 3194March 3194Economic Revitalization in Emergencies Act
January 3194March 3194Worker and Employer Freedom on Work Hours Act
January 3194March 3194Bank of the United States of Jelbania Act
January 3194June 3194National Health Service (NHS)
January 3194June 3194Pornography Liberalisation
January 3194June 3194Value Added Tax (VAT)
January 3194June 3194Local Democracy Act
January 3194June 3194Legalisation of Abortions
September 3203September 3203Call for early elections, September 3203
May 3206May 3206Constitutional Reforms
August 3206August 3206Education Liberalisation Act
August 3206August 3206National Reformation Act
November 3210November 3210Christian bill
August 3213February 3214Liberty to Jelbania
March 3215March 3215Liberty to Jelbania
December 3218March 3219Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
January 3226January 3226Allowing freedom in currency
March 3237March 3237Pornography Act of 3237
February 3240June 3241Call for early elections, February 3240
October 3242August 3243Supremacy of God Act
August 3243August 3243National Rejuvenation Act
September 3244September 3244Rebirth of Jelbanian Militaryy Supremacy Act
October 3244October 3244Ecology Protection Act
October 3244October 3244Expansionist Policy Inititative (EPI Act)
June 3245June 3245Bill of Various laws
June 3245June 3245Justice Bill
June 3245June 3245Govt Bill
June 3245June 3245Nationality bill
January 3246June 3264Culture of Jelbania
May 3246May 3246Military Bill
May 3246May 3246Health Bill
May 3246May 3246Bill of Various Laws
May 3246May 3246Foreign Policy Bill
May 3246May 3246Ecology Bill
March 3247April 3247The Rejuvenation of the Master People Act
August 3247December 3247Call for early elections, August 3247
September 3247November 3247Naval Efficiency Bill
December 3247January 3248Ceasing Whaling Operations Bill
February 3248February 3248Military Rejuvenation Act
September 3248March 3251Naval Efficiency Bill 1.1
December 3248December 3248Call for early elections, December 3248
March 3249March 3249Rebirth of the Iron First of the Jelbanian People Act
June 3250June 3250Ratification of the Trade Federation Defense Treaty
January 3253January 3253Cabinet Proposal of January 3253
February 3257February 3257Cabinet Proposal of February 3257
September 3257April 3258Cabinet Proposal of September 3257
August 3258August 3258Income tax proposal of August 3258
May 3259May 3259Cabinet Proposal of May 3259
June 3260June 3260Cabinet Proposal of June 3260
December 3260March 3261Call for early elections, December 3260
February 3261February 3261Ratification of the Multi-Embargo Against Kafuristan
February 3261February 3261Cabinet Proposal of February 3261
March 3261March 3261Call for early elections, March 3261
March 3261March 3261Head of State & Government Separation Bill
March 3261November 3261Defence Industries (Ownership) Act
March 3261November 3261Video Games Regulation Act
April 3261November 3261Term Length Act
November 3261November 3261Damages Act
April 3262November 3262Paramilitaries (Regulation) Act 3262
July 3263July 3263Order for the arrest of Sultan Abdullah II
December 3263December 3263Cabinet Proposal of December 3263
December 3280April 3281Privatize Defense Industries
January 3281April 3281Privatize Healthcare
January 3281April 3281Legalize Gambling
June 3281June 3281Bring Back Endangered Animals
June 3281June 3281Completely Legalize Drugs
April 3282April 3282Stop Searching People's Houses for Immigrants!
April 3282April 3282Get the Gov't Out of Marriage!
April 3282April 3282Legalize Hemp!
April 3282April 3282No Third Trimester Abortions
April 3282April 3282Legalize Homosexuality!
December 3282April 3283Localization
April 3283April 3283Reduce Surplus
September 3283September 3283Border Control
April 3284April 3284Allow Homosexuals to Adopt Children
May 3284May 3284Cabinet Proposal of May 3284
May 3284May 3284Healthcare Modifications
May 3284May 3284Taxation
May 3284May 3284Military Adjustments
May 3284October 3284Reduce Term Lengths
September 3287September 3287Call for early elections, September 3287
September 3287September 3287Cabinet Proposal of September 3287
September 3287October 3287Cabinet Proposal of September 3287
December 3287December 3287Homosexuality act
December 3287December 3287Adulthood
February 3288February 3288Heterosexuality act
April 3289April 3289Call for early elections, April 3289
February 3292February 3292Government Reduction Bill 3292
August 3292August 3292Private Land Act 3292
July 3302April 3324Ratification of the Phoenix Alliance Treaty Organization
May 3304May 3304placeholder
August 3304August 3304Religion Reform Bill 3304
August 3304August 3304Education Reform Bill 3304
October 3304October 3304Civil Liberties Bill 3304
October 3304October 3304Foreign Relations Bill 3304
October 3304October 3304Call for early elections, October 3304
October 3304October 3304Justice Reform Bill
February 3305February 3305Economic Reform Bill 3305
June 3306June 3306Call for early elections, June 3306
June 3306June 3306Cabinet Proposal of June 3306
February 3307February 3308Freedom Bill # 2
February 3307February 3308Freedom Bill # 1
June 3307February 3308Freedom Bill # 3
November 3307May 3308Freedom Bill # 5
November 3307May 3308Health and Science Reform of 3307
November 3307May 3309Freedom Bill # 4
May 3308May 3309Democratic Front Bill of 3309
May 3308August 3309Freedom Bill # 6
June 3308August 3309Freedom Bill # 7
November 3308April 3309Ecological Reform Act of 3308
November 3308July 3309Civil Liberties & Foreign Affairs Reform Act of 3309
May 3309June 3310Freedom Bill # 8
May 3309June 3310Freedom Bill # 11
May 3309June 3310Freedom Bill # 10
May 3309June 3310Freedom Bill # 9
May 3309December 3310Democratic Front Reform Act of 3311
August 3309December 3311Call for early elections, August 3309
October 3309October 3309Freedom Bill
June 3310February 3314Freedom Bill # 12
June 3311December 3312Democratic Reform Bill
June 3312December 3312Pink Manifesto
December 3313December 3313Green Vehicles Act
December 3313December 3313Hunting and Fishing Ban Act
December 3313December 3313Clean Environment Act
December 3313December 3313Whaling Ban Act
December 3313December 3313LGBT Rights: Universal Marital Rights Act
December 3313April 3314Constitutional Reform Act
January 3314January 3314Cabinet Proposal of January 3314
June 3314June 3314Income tax proposal of June 3314
June 3314June 3314Universal Access to Contraceptives Act
June 3314June 3314Abortion Rights Act
June 3314August 3314Economic Reform Act
September 3314September 3314Cabinet Proposal of September 3314
July 3317June 3318Bill F-18: Industry and Economic Reform Act
November 3319June 3320Cabinet Proposal of November 3319
May 3320July 3320Media Regulation
October 3320November 3320Libel Act
November 3325November 3325Bill F-26: Cabinet Proposal of November 3325
May 3326January 3328Bill F-27: Republic Act
October 3328October 3328Bill F-28: Republic Act II
April 3330April 3330Bill F-29: Republic Act III
December 3330December 3330Bill F-30: Republic Act IV
May 3334July 3334Land Mine Prohibition Act
June 3334July 3334Freedom from Religious Taxation Act
October 3334November 3334Education Reform Bill
October 3355October 3355Call for early elections, October 3355
November 3361October 3362Bill PFTFOTP-1: Act for the protection of people against unwanted smoking hazards.
March 3362October 3362PFTFOTP-3: Anti-Censorship ActBill
April 3367April 3367Call for early elections, April 3367
November 3388November 3389Bill D-3: Foreign Affairs Act of 3388
June 3393June 3393Call for early elections, June 3393
October 3396October 3396National Revival
April 3397April 3397National Economy Act
November 3403February 3516The Imperial Dominion Act
June 3408November 3409Bill D-5: Woodbury Act of 3408
February 3416November 3416Bill D-8: Internal Affairs Reform Act of 3416
February 3416November 3416Bill D-7: Kyle Woodbury Act of 3416
April 3418April 3418Bill D-9: Imperial Title Act of 3318
May 3420May 3420Cabinet Proposal of May 3420
December 3421July 3422Bill D-14: Imperial Title Act of 3421
July 3425July 3425Cabinet Proposal of July 3425
September 3426September 3426Cabinet Proposal of September 3426
January 3438January 3438Tawan Reforms
March 3438March 3438Tawan Reforms II
April 3438May 3438Tawan Reforms III
July 3438July 3438Tawan Reforms IV
November 3438November 3438Tawan Reforms V
March 3441September 3441Same old flag
December 3443December 3443GNP-RT Bill
February 3446February 3446Compulsory Military Service
February 3446February 3446Call for early elections, February 3446
August 3446August 3446Establish a National Relegion and Church in The Empire of Jelbania.
February 3447February 3447Security Act of 3447
December 3447December 3447Communist Manifesto of December 3447
May 3452May 3452Freedom of Media Act of 34252
May 3452May 3452Land Reform Act of 3452
February 3453February 3453Legislative Reform Bill of 3453
October 3482October 3482The tuff stance on prisoners act
February 3492February 3492Civil Liberties Act
February 3492February 3492Homosexuality Equality Act
February 3492February 3492Banning of Biological,Chemical,and Nuclear Weapons Act
July 3492July 3492Free Media Act
July 3492July 3492Economic Reform Act
October 3492October 3492Education Reform Bill
October 3492October 3492Stop Positive Discrimination Bill
January 3493January 3493Who let the slaves out?
August 3493August 3493Call for early elections, August 3493
December 3493December 3493New Jelbanian Trade Act
July 3495February 3499Military Reform Act of 3495
February 3499February 3499Industrialization Act of 3499
February 3499February 3499Jelbanian Religious Amendment of 3499
February 3499February 3499Environmental Act of 3499
December 3499June 3500New National Anthem
September 3502September 3502Jelbanian Military Act of 3502
October 3502October 3502Government policy concerning immigration
February 3503April 3503Paramilitary Act of 3503
April 3503April 3503International Trade Act of 3503
July 3503July 3503Quota Act of 3503
January 3504January 3504Environmental Act of 3504
September 3505September 3505Culture/ Ethnicity of Jelbania
February 3506February 3506Cabinet Proposal of February 3506
November 3507November 3507Military Act of 3507
February 3508March 3508Reformed Imperial Bill 3508 (the E&E Bill)
March 3508March 3508Equal Access to the Military Bill
April 3508April 3508Higher Education Reform Bill
August 3508August 3508Abortion Reform Bill 3508
October 3511October 3511Changin the Imperial Motto
October 3512October 3512Minimum Standard of Living Bill 3512
October 3512October 3512National Anthem in Schools Policy 3512
September 3513September 3513Space Exploration Bill 3513
April 3514April 3514Devolution Act
August 3514September 3514Green Reform Bill
September 3514September 3514Official State Religion Act of 3514
October 3514October 3514Polygamy Act of 3514
October 3514October 3514Equine Affection Act of 3514
May 3515July 3515Clean Communities Act
October 3515October 3515Vrné Rímsa Hnaj 001
October 3515October 3515WMD Decommissioning Act of 3515
November 3516November 3516Energy Protection Act 3516
March 3517March 3517Twilight of the Sebastians
March 3518March 3518Vrné Rímsa Hnaj 002
March 3518March 3518Local Government Supremacy Act
September 3518September 3518Imperial Abolition Act
February 3520February 3520Cabinet Proposal of February 3520
August 3520August 3520Ratification of the Majatran Defense Community
November 3520November 3520Ratification of the Union of Majatran Nations
October 3527December 3527Ratification of the Jelbijék Krsyjogadnrkta
February 3529February 3529Independence Act 3529
June 3529June 3529Federalism Act
December 3530December 3530Cabinet Reshuffle of December 3530
November 3555March 3556New Justice System
August 3567August 3567Ratification of the Zardic- Jelbanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security
February 3568February 3568Rowens Act of 3568
February 3568February 3568Immigration and Citizenship Act of 3568
February 3568February 3568National Defense Reform Initiative of 3568
February 3568May 3568National Radio and Television Act of 3568
September 3568September 3568Genetically Modified Crops Act of 3568
September 3568September 3568Education Reform Act of 3568
May 3570December 3570Grey Wolf Manifesto
January 3571January 3571Establishment of a Jelbanian Army
January 3571November 3571National Symbolism Act
March 3571March 3571Call for early elections, March 3571
May 3571May 3571Ecology Deregulation
August 3571August 3571Economic Protection for the Jelbeks
December 3571July 3970Emperors of Jelbania (Please do not delete)
October 3575October 3575More rights to regions
November 3575November 3575Nationalist Movement Party Manifesto
October 3576November 3576Progressive Morality Act
November 3576November 3576Anti-Imperialist Act
March 3581March 3581FA Initiative of 3581
March 3581March 3581Death Penalty Act of 3581
March 3581March 3581Trade and Commerce Act of 3581
March 3581March 3581Constitutional Amendment of 3581
September 3583September 3583Stephen-Rowens Act of 3583
February 3584February 3584Budget proposal of February 3584
February 3584February 3584Emasculating the Central Government Act
May 3584May 3584Religious Liberties Act
December 3584December 3584Ethical Warfare Act
December 3584December 3584Agricultural Modernisation Act
December 3584February 3585National Sport Act
February 3585February 3585Cabinet Act
August 3585August 3585Marriage Act
August 3585August 3585Bestiality Act
November 3594November 3594The Will of Krsyijkai Jeztri
June 3606August 4025OOC: Cultural Protocols (Updated 3604)
April 3620April 3620Call for early elections, April 3620
April 3621April 3621Call for early elections, April 3621
November 3638February 3639Environmental Protection Act
November 3638April 3639Religious Freedom Bill
November 3638April 3639Democratic National Union Reform Bill 3638
November 3638June 3639State Church
February 3639February 3639Cabinet Proposal of February 3639
February 3639February 3639Free Liberal: Cloning
June 3639June 3639Cabinet Proposal of June 3639
June 3639July 3639Responsible Banking Bill
July 3639August 3639Abortion Bill 3639
August 3639August 3639Cabinet Proposal of August 3639
November 3639June 3640Size of legislature
December 3639December 3639Blasphemy Law
December 3639April 3640Free Liberal: A modern housing policy
April 3640April 3640Religious Taxation
May 3640May 3640Exotic Pets Bill
October 3640October 3640Foreign Policy and Immigration Bill 3640
December 3640December 3640Education Standards Bill
February 3641February 3641Freedom for Animals and a Green Future for Humanity.
May 3641May 3641War Against Drugs Act 3641
June 3641June 3641Ratification of the Treaty of Sebasto
November 3641November 3641End of Government Nationalization Bill
June 3642June 3642Jelbanian Religion Bill
February 3643February 3643Electoral Term Bill
February 3643February 3643Cabinet Proposal of February 3643
February 3643February 3643Cabinet Proposal of February 3643
May 3643May 3643Let Us Continue Moving Forward With Revolutionary Communist Zeal!
May 3643May 3643Cabinet Proposal of May 3643
May 3643June 3643Homosexual Adoption
June 3643June 3643Nursery Schooling
June 3643December 3643Quality of Immigrants Bill
July 3643July 3643Competition Act 3643
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the International Outer Space Treaty
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the Land Mine Prohibition Treaty
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the Convention on the Protection of Marine Wildlife
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
August 3643August 3643Ratification of the TerraVision Song Contest
November 3643November 3643Devolution of Powers (Health) Bill
December 3643December 3643Cabinet Proposal of December 3643
December 3643December 3643Call for early elections, December 3643
May 3644May 3644Will We Govern Ourselves In Accordance With Socialist Idea!?
May 3644May 3644Post Office Liberalization Bill
May 3644May 3644Call for early elections, May 3644
May 3644May 3644Party Funding and Government Employee Bill 3644
June 3644June 3644Civil Defence Bill
July 3644July 3644Devolution of Powers (Welfare and Environment) Bill
November 3644November 3644Devolution of Powers (Employment Policy)
November 3644November 3644Cabinet Proposal of November 3644
December 3644December 3644Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
December 3644December 3644Cabinet Formation Bill 3644
December 3644December 3644For God and Jelbania
December 3644December 3644Ratification of the Child Labour Treaty
May 3645May 3645Citizenship and Immigration Act 3645
May 3645May 3645Art Devolution Bill
July 3645February 3646Modernising Our Education System
October 3645October 3645Funding for Abortions
October 3645October 3645Public Transport Bill
January 3646January 3646We Shall Ensure the Media Is Acting To Benefit The People!
January 3646January 3646Shall We Not Rise Up and Take Control of Vital Infrastructure For The People?!
January 3646January 3646Our Only Belief Is In Revolutionary Socialist Ideal!
May 3646May 3646Child Benefit Bill
May 3646May 3646Adoption Bill
June 3646June 3646State Powers Bill
November 3646May 3647Sale of Recreational Drugs
February 3647February 3647Economic Renewal Act 3647
February 3647February 3647Civil Liberty Bill 3647
April 3647April 3647Cabinet Proposal of April 3647
May 3647May 3647Let Us Reorganize Our Constitution To Allow For Greater Revolution!
June 3647June 3647Free the young!
June 3647June 3647ENGUARD!
June 3647June 3647Constitution Amendment Act 3647
June 3647June 3647Protection of Life
February 3648February 3648Encourage inventiveness and invention disclosure in our society
February 3648February 3648Death Penalty
February 3648February 3648Public Security
February 3648February 3648Protection from baseless accusations.
May 3648May 3648Let Us Adjust Our Constitution In This Way Instead
October 3648October 3648Video gaming and Internet bill 3648
October 3648October 3648GM Crops
October 3648October 3648Police Powers Bill 3648
November 3648November 3648Economic Libertation Bill
December 3648December 3648Budget proposal of December 3648
December 3648December 3648Income tax proposal of December 3648
January 3649January 3649Cabinet Proposal of January 3649
April 3649April 3649It Is Time The Jelbanian People Saw Progress!
April 3649April 3649Vote of No Confidence 3649
June 3649June 3649Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.
June 3649June 3649Protecting the Countryside
December 3649December 3649Cabinet Proposal of December 3649
December 3649December 3649Cabinet Proposal of December 3649
February 3650February 3650Call for early elections, February 3650
February 3650February 3650Protection of Animals
May 3650May 3650State Ownership Bill
June 3650June 3650State Reduction Bill
October 3650March 3651The Right to Life
April 3651May 3651A New Dawn 3651
June 3651June 3651Protection of Jelbaian Morality
July 3651July 3651Our Jelbania Shall Be The Most Industrious Nation on Earth!
July 3651July 3651We Recommit to Abolishing Imperialist Religious Dogma
July 3651July 3651Glorious Era of Dear Leader Chairman da Cruz Begins!
October 3651October 3651Defence Bill
October 3651October 3651Employment Bill
November 3651November 3651Revolutionary Employment Bill
December 3651December 3651Income tax proposal of December 3651
December 3651December 3651Budget proposal of December 3651
December 3651December 3651Income tax proposal of December 3651
December 3651December 3651The People Demand Responsible Government!
February 3652February 3652Animal Protection Bill 3652
March 3652November 3652Eminent Domain Bill of 3652
March 3652November 3652Population Boom Act of 3652
April 3652April 3652Regional Working Practice Bill
April 3652April 3652Revolutionary Working Practice Bill
May 3652July 3652Is the state really necessary?
July 3652February 3653Budget proposal of July 3652
August 3652February 3653Income tax proposal of August 3652
October 3652October 3652Революционная Валютный Билл
October 3652October 3652Freedom of Television Bill
October 3652October 3652Landmines Bill
November 3652May 3653Dueling Legislation of 3652
November 3652May 3653Civil Defence of 3652
April 3653April 3653Public Morality
May 3653May 3653POW Bill
June 3653June 3653Green, cheap, free energy.
May 3654May 3654Providing Stable Government for the People!
May 3654May 3654Comrades, Rejoice!
June 3654June 3654Cabinet Proposal of June 3654
June 3654June 3654Welfare Reform Bill
June 3654June 3654Civil Liberties Bill
June 3654June 3654We are better off with others
July 3654July 3654.
July 3654July 3654Parti Minarchiste: Giving power back to the people!
July 3654July 3654Cabinet Proposal of July 3654
July 3654July 3654Promoting Public Education
October 3654October 3654Cabinet Proposal of October 3654
October 3654July 3655Public Order Act
November 3654May 3655Sale of Recreational Drugs
January 3655January 3655A Government of All The Talents
January 3655January 3655Cabinet Proposal of January 3655
May 3655May 3655Cabinet Proposal of May 3655
June 3655June 3655Nuclear Power - Parliament should decide on a case by case basis.
June 3655June 3655An efficient fire service.
June 3655June 3655Cabinet Proposal of June 3655
July 3655July 3655Cabinet Proposal of July 3655
August 3655August 3655Demotion of Religion
October 3655October 3655Firearms Bill 3655
October 3655October 36553655
November 3655November 3655One Community - The Motherland for All The People!
November 3655November 3655Tobacco Bill
May 3656May 3656Natural Protection Bill
May 3656May 3656Exotic Animals Regulation Bill
June 3656June 3656Banning Sodomy
July 3656July 3656Sensible, pragmatic, moderate Jelbanian Economic Bill: Right to strike and abolition of sales tax on essential goods
February 3657February 3657The Defence of Marriage Act
May 3657May 3657The People's Bank Bill
May 3657May 3657National Defence Industry Bill
May 3657May 3657Monopolies and Mergers Commission
May 3657May 3657National Broadcaster Bill
June 3657June 3659Budget proposal of June 3657
June 3657June 3659Income tax proposal of June 3657
June 3658June 3659Counter Intelligence Bill of 3658
January 3659June 3659Sexuality
May 3659May 3659Cabinet Proposal of May 3659
June 3659June 3659Cabinet Proposal of June 3659
July 3659July 3659Cabinet Proposal of July 3659
July 3659August 3659A Better Jelbania
August 3659August 3659A Government For The People
October 3659October 3659Call for early elections, October 3659
July 3660July 3660A Caring Jelbania
October 3663May 3664Budget proposal of October 3663
October 3663May 3664Income tax proposal of October 3663
June 3667June 3667Minor Technical Changes Bill
October 3667October 3667Cabinet Proposal of October 3667
August 3668August 3668Cabinet Proposal of August 3668
September 3673September 3673A Better Jelbania
March 3675March 3675Clean Air Act
November 3683November 3683-
May 3685May 3685Further Tax Reforms
February 3733February 3733Cabinet Proposal of February 3733
February 3733February 3733Freedom of Religion Act
May 3737May 3737Cabinet Proposal of May 3737
May 3737May 3737Call for early elections, May 3737
April 3738April 3738Proposals II
August 3739November 3739Economic Reform Act
August 3739November 3739Defend the Military Act
November 3739November 3739Budget proposal of November 3739
November 3739November 3739g
November 3739November 3739Foreign Affairs Reform Bill
November 3740November 3740Call for early elections, November 3740
November 3740November 3740Ecology Law
May 3742May 3742Constitutional Change
May 3742May 3742Religion Act
October 3742October 3742Foreign Affairs Act
October 3742October 3742Constitutional Change II
October 3742October 3742Ecology Reform Act
October 3742October 3742Economic Growth and Small Government Act
October 3742November 3742Defend the Armed Forces Act
October 3745January 3749Major Reform Act
July 3819July 3819Cabinet Proposal of July 3819
November 3820November 3820Call for early elections, November 3820
January 3823March 3824OOC:Cultural Protocols (Updated 3823) WIP
December 3825December 3825Call for early elections, December 3825
May 3835June 3835Treaty Withdraws of May 3835
November 3835November 3835OOC: Cultural Protocols
March 3839March 3839Foreign Affairs Act of 3839
July 3839January 3840xx
January 3840January 3840Military Reform Act
January 3840January 3840Foreign Affairs Act of 3840
February 3840February 3840Call for early elections, February 3840
June 3842June 3842RTIS Act
June 3842June 3842True Citizens Act
June 3847October 3847xx
March 3854March 3854KGK Platform
August 3860August 386012% Military Funding
August 3860August 3860Cabinet Proposal of August 3860
August 3860August 3860Call for early elections, August 3860
July 3861July 3861National Salvation Front Proposal
September 3866September 3866Showing an Internationalist Alternative
May 3877May 3877Act of Educational Reforms
May 3879May 3879Nation Name Change
June 3895June 3895Call for early elections, June 3895
June 3895June 3895martial law
March 3897March 3897Cabinet Proposal of March 3897
November 3897November 3897remove the head of state
November 3897November 3897Cabinet Proposal of November 3897
March 3898March 3898Cabinet Proposal of March 3898
October 3907August 4025OOC: Jelbic/Jelbék Language Resources
October 3915October 3915Whip checking
April 3921April 3921Second Whip Check
April 3924April 3924Vis Runner
March 3927March 3927Rebel Flypaper
February 3968February 3968Call for early elections, February 3968
June 3971July 4062H'ánknstaték Knzsrlji Taj (Royal Clan of the Khanate) - Updated 4025
July 3974August 4025Jelbék Beshíjogad - Jelbanian Beliefs
May 3986July 4428OOC: RP Accord
June 4017June 4017Dignified Bill of the Royal Khans
June 4017June 4017Call for early elections, June 4017
May 4059May 4059Adulthood
May 4059May 4059Call for early elections, May 4059
June 4059June 4059.
December 4070December 4070Call for early elections, December 4070
June 4071June 4071international
December 4121April 412212/4121 - Military Policy Introduction
September 4125September 4125Ratification of the M.A.F.T.A.
November 4129November 4129Cabinet Proposal of November 4129
August 4137August 4137Secular Reform
August 4137August 4137Administrative Refrom
August 4137August 4137Military Reform
February 4138February 4138Alternating Reform
December 4138December 4138Cabinet Proposal of December 4138
April 4139April 4139Democratic Executive Branch Reform
May 4139May 4139Cabinet Proposal of May 4139
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the International Outer Space Treaty
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the Centre for Nulcear and Subnuclear Research (CNSR)
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the International Confederation for Applied Chemistry and Biological Research (ICACBR)
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the Quality Economy Agreement (QEA)
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the Terran Nuclear and Renewable Energy Agency
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
March 4140March 4140Ratification of the International Terran Bank
May 4142May 4167RP: SePol/Storming
December 4146December 4146Ratification of the International Unity Party Union (IUPU) Treaty
October 4149May 4167RP: Concentration camps
May 4150May 4150New David
May 4150May 4150Call for early elections, May 4150
May 4167May 4167National Anthem Fix
November 4176November 4176Call for early elections, November 4176
November 4176November 4176Sports Act of 4176
November 4176November 4176Cabinet Proposal of November 4176
February 4178February 4178Cabinet Proposal of February 4178
February 4178February 4178Call for early elections, February 4178
April 4182May 4182All Hail the H'an!
January 4185January 4185Cabinet Proposal of January 4185
January 4185January 4185Call for early elections, January 4185
September 4187September 4187Cabinet Proposal of September 4187
March 4195March 4195Military bill
March 4195March 4195Call for early elections, March 4195
March 4195March 4195Immigration bill
March 4195March 4195Immigration bill
April 4196April 4196Call for early elections, April 4196
April 4196April 4196Economics act
April 4196April 4196Ecology bill
December 4197December 4197Call for early elections, December 4197
October 4213October 4213Constitutional Reforms Act
November 4213November 4213Necessary Reforms
December 4213December 4213Stocks & Int'l Media bill
December 4214December 4214Food & Health Provisions Act
March 4215May 4215Religious Freedom Act
May 4215May 4215Jelbania Legal Amendments
May 4215May 4215National Policies
May 4215May 4215Economic Policy Act
May 4215May 4215Health Care Act 4215
June 4215June 4215New Recommendations Bill
May 4216May 4216Political & National Acts
June 4216June 4216Call for early elections, June 4216
June 4216June 4216Military,Ecological & Foreign Reforms
February 4219February 4219Ratification of the Majatran Peace and Prosperity Accord
July 4221July 4221Monarchist Reform Act
July 4221July 4221Nobility Heridity Act
July 4222July 4222Call for early elections, July 4222
January 4229January 4229Democratic Reform
July 4229July 4229"It's the right thing to do" act of 4229 - Pt.1
May 4231January 4232Country Reform Bill of 4231
January 4237April 4237Government Titles Reform Act
October 4239October 4239Call for early elections, October 4239
June 4246June 4246Cabinet Proposal of June 4246
September 4249September 4249Party Visibility Bill - Economy
September 4249September 4249Party Visibility Bill
February 4250July 4250Party visibility
July 4250July 4250Cabinet Proposal of July 4250
July 4251July 4251Constitution Amendment
April 4252April 4252Military Regulation Act
August 4252August 4252Constitutional Amendment Act
August 4252August 4252Civil liberties Policy
August 4254August 4254International Relations Act
October 4276October 4276Artanian Education is Dangerous!
April 4283April 4283Let The People Decide!
September 4294September 4294Call for early elections, September 4294
September 4295September 4295Election Term Act
April 4296April 4296Cabinet Proposal of April 4296
April 4296April 4296Call for early elections, April 4296
November 4298November 4298Cabinet Proposal of November 4298
November 4304November 4304Adm. Bill 4304
November 4306February 4342OOC/RP: Nobles and orders of Jelbania
January 4310January 4310Civil Rights Bill
January 4310January 4310No King
April 4310April 4310Religious Act
April 4310April 4310Modernization Bill
May 4310May 4310Military Strengthening Act
September 4310September 4310Localization Act
November 4317November 4317A Working Peoples Bill
June 4318June 4318Representation Bill
April 4320April 4320Call for early elections, April 4320
April 4320April 4320Education Act 4320
April 4320April 4320Economic Regulation Act
April 4320April 4320The People's Economic Liberation Act 4320
May 4320May 4320The Religious Equality Act
May 4320May 4320Religious Affairs Act 4320
May 4320May 4320National Liberties Act 4320
May 4320May 4320Sexual Morality Act
May 4320May 4320Environmental Act 4320
May 4320May 4320National Infrastructure Control Act
May 4320May 4320Religious Reform Act
May 4320May 4320The Free Democracy Act
May 4320May 4320Political Reform Act 4320
May 4320May 4320Firearms Act 4320
May 4320May 4320Civil Liberalisation Act 4320
May 4320May 4320The Free Market Bill
May 4320May 4320The Bank of Jelbania Act
May 4320May 4320Social Policy Act 4320
June 4320June 4320State Educational Responsibility Act 4320
September 4320September 4320Educational Reform Act
September 4320September 4320The Overwhelming Force Doctrine Bill
September 4320September 4320Media Transparency Act
September 4320September 4320The Healthcare Devolution Act
September 4320September 4320National Sport Identification Act 4320
September 4320September 4320National Defence Reform Act
September 4320September 4320National Healthcare Act 4320
September 4320September 4320Religious Freedoms Act
September 4320September 4320National Representation Act 4320
September 4320September 4320National Security Act 4320
September 4320September 4320Repeal ART
September 4320September 4320Education Protection Act 4320
September 4320September 4320civil liberties act
October 4320October 4320Border Limitations Act 4320
October 4320November 4320Adultery Legalisation Act
November 4320November 4320Works Progress Administration
November 4320November 4320Free Forestry Act 4320
December 4320December 4320The Free to Feed Act 4321
February 4321September 4321Foreign Reform Act
March 4321September 4321Responsible Welfare Act 4321
March 4321September 4321Industrial Environment Act 4321
March 4321October 4321Military readiness act
May 4321October 4321Foreign Intervention and State Defence Act
September 4321September 4321Cabinet Proposal of September 4321
September 4321September 4321Call for early elections, September 4321
September 4321September 4321The Constitutional Reform Act
September 4321September 4321Foreign Relations Act 4321
September 4321September 4321Foreign Relations Act
September 4321September 4321Government Expansion Act 4321
September 4321September 4321Cabinet Proposal of September 4321
September 4321September 4321Cabinet Proposal of September 4321
September 4321September 4321Economic Liberation Act 4321
September 4321October 4321Cabinet Proposal of September 4321
October 4321October 4321Produce and Health Regulation Act
October 4321October 4321Transgender Recognition Act
October 4321October 4321Military Personnel Act
October 4321October 4321Bill proposal limit
October 4321October 4321Cabinet Proposal of October 4321
October 4321October 4321Sodomy Control Act 4321
October 4321October 4321Key Government Changes
October 4321October 4321Airport Infrastructure Act
October 4321October 4321The Healthcare Devolution Act
October 4321October 4321Economic Nationalisation Act 4321
November 4321September 4322Church of Jelbania Bill
May 4322August 4322Employer Act
June 4322September 4322Income tax proposal of June 4322
September 4322September 4322National Flag Corrections Act
October 4322October 4322Cabinet Proposal of October 4322
October 4322October 4322Cabinet Proposal of October 4322
November 4322November 4322elections Act
November 4322November 4322National ID Card Act
November 4322November 4322Cryptocurrency act
March 4323March 4323Income tax proposal of March 4323
May 4323May 4323Animal Enhancement Testing Act
May 4323May 4323Political Reform Act
May 4323June 4323Political Reform Act
June 4323June 4323Economic Devolution Act
June 4323June 4323Educational in Prisons Act
September 4323September 4323The Great Repeal Bill
September 4323September 4323Transgender Act
September 4323September 4323Public Justice Reform Act
September 4323September 4323Law Enforcement Act
September 4323September 4323The Great Repeal on Privacy
October 4323October 4323Church of Jelbania Bill
April 4324August 4324Second National Flag Amendment Act
September 4325September 4325Budget proposal of September 4325
October 4325October 4325Mayoral Act
August 4326August 4326ReformAct
August 4326August 4326Relations Act
June 4329July 4329Cabinet Proposal of June 4329
October 4329October 4329Censorship Act
December 4329December 4329Cabinet Proposal of December 4329
November 4330April 4331Government Changes
April 4331April 4331Unification of the Prime Minister and the President
March 4337March 4337National Salvation Reforms III
March 4337March 4337National Salvation Reforms II
March 4337March 4337National Salvation Reforms I
May 4345May 4345Cabinet Proposal of May 4345
May 4346May 4346Cabinet Proposal of May 4346
March 4348September 4428OOC: RP Laws and Institutions
December 4371February 4372Immigration Restriction Act 4371
July 4372July 4372Whaling Bill 4372
April 4399June 4400Jelbek Political Crisis
April 4399March 4402Call for early elections, April 4399
November 4402April 4403Withdrawal From Tukaric Union
December 4402December 4402Cabinet Proposal of December 4402
December 4402January 4403Military Act
January 4403January 4403Religious Regulations Act
December 4403December 4403Ratification of the Tukarali Diplomatic and Economic Cooperation Treaty
August 4404August 4404New Jelbanian Acts 2
July 4409July 4409Ratification of the Tukarali Diplomatic and Economic Cooperation Treaty
January 4420January 4420Leftwing Faction Proposals
April 4424September 4424House Spencer Bill
September 4424September 4424House Spencer Bill 2
January 4425January 4425Religion Bill
April 4425April 4425Ecology Bill
July 4425July 4425Agriculture Bill
July 4425July 4425Welfare Bill
September 4425September 4425Foreign Affairs Bill
January 4426January 4426Proposal Cap 4426
March 4426March 4426Science Bill
April 4426April 4426National Sport
April 4426April 4426Homeless Shelters Bill
April 4426April 4426Abortion Bill
September 4426September 4426Hunting and Fishing Bill
September 4426September 4426Tolerance Bill
September 4426September 4426Adultery Punishment Bill
September 4426September 4426Blasphemy Bill
September 4426September 4426Women's Working Rights Act
September 4426September 4426Missionaries Bill
September 4426September 4426Tariffs Bill
September 4426September 4426Pollution Bill
September 4426September 4426Cars Bill
July 4427July 4427Call for early elections, July 4427
September 4427September 4427End Farmer's Privilege
October 4427October 4427Fair Days Pay For A Fair Days Pay Bill
October 4427October 4427Judicial corporal punishment bill
October 4427October 4427Legislative terms bill
March 4428March 4428Anti-Paramilitaries Bill
March 4428March 4428Non-use of chemical weapons bill
April 4428April 4428Torture ban bill
April 4428April 4428Non-use of nuclear weapons bill
September 4428September 4428Legislative terms compromise bill
September 4428September 4428Pornography bill
September 4428September 4428Multiple citizenship bill
April 4429April 4429Refugees bill
April 4429April 4429Media bill
November 4435November 4435Political Reform
February 4437August 4525OOC: RP Laws in effect in Jelbania (DO NOT DELETE)
July 4460July 4460Voluntary Military Service
August 4460August 4460Union Representation
November 4460November 4460Call for early elections, November 4460
August 4461January 4462Corporate Taxes
September 4461January 4462No Taxation of Need Objects
September 4462October 4462Income tax proposal of September 4462
October 4462October 4462Expand Spaces for Elected Representatives
February 4463February 4463Constatutin Reform
April 4463April 4463Call for early elections, April 4463
February 4464February 4464Change of the Title of the Head of the Nation
February 4464February 4464Campaign Funding
February 4465February 4465Change of the Title of the Head of the Nation
March 4465March 4465Budget proposal of March 4465
March 4466March 4466Birth Control Reform
April 4466May 4467Legal Reforms
August 4469August 4469Elected Mayors
November 4471September 4472Budget proposal of November 4471
September 4473September 4473More Personal Rights
February 4475February 4475Health Care Reform
November 4475November 4475Economic Reform
December 4477December 4477This
August 4478August 4478Intelligence Agency Cut Back
August 4478August 4478Pet Ownership Registration
August 4479August 4479Improvement of Working standards
August 4479August 4479Cut down on Taxes of Need Products
August 4480August 4480Transportation Ownership
March 4481March 4481Preservation Improvement
August 4484August 4484Title Changes
February 4503February 4503Consent
March 4517March 4517Call for early elections, March 4517
August 4517August 4517Economic restructuring
August 4517August 4517Proclamation of the Federal Republic of Altamira
August 4517August 4517Cabinet Proposal of August 4517
August 4519August 4525Base of the Constitution of the Republic of the Peoples of Altamira
April 4520April 4520Traditionalist Bill - I
April 4520April 4520Fixing Jelbania - please vote yes
July 4613July 4613Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
January 4637January 4637Call for early elections, January 4637
January 4637January 4637BIlls on government
January 4637January 4637Cabinet Proposal of January 4637
February 4637February 4637Income tax proposal of February 4637
February 4638February 4638Call for early elections, February 4638
July 4672July 4672Budget proposal of July 4672
July 4672July 4672Income tax proposal of July 4672
August 4734August 4734JP1: Omnibus Bill
December 4734December 4734JP2: Civil Liberties Bill

Random fact: Particracy allows you to establish an unelected Head of State like a monarch or a President-for-life, but doing this is a bit of a process. First elect a candidate with the name "." to the Head of State position. Then change your law on the "Structure of the executive branch" to "The Head of State is hereditary and symbolic; the Head of Government chairs the cabinet" and change the "formal title of the Head of State" to how you want the new Head of State's title and name to appear (eg. King Percy XVI).

Random quote: "We must face the fact that the preservation of individual freedom is incompatible with a full satisfaction of our views of distributive justice." - Friedrich August von Hayek

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