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Bill History

These are the bills that were proposed in the 生古塢天帝国 (Sekouo Ten-Teikoku).

Bills passed

These bills have been passed[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
March 2193March 2193period of office
March 2193March 2193second bill
May 2193May 2193Seats in Parliament
May 2193May 2193Parliament
May 2193May 2193The first bill of the Wampeter, Foma and Grandfallons party
December 2193December 2193Internal Affairs
January 2194January 2194The Union of Sekowo Identity Bill
April 2194April 2194Motto
April 2194April 2194national flag
August 2194August 2194National Flag
October 2195June 2196Economics
May 2196January 2197A bill concerning Justice
September 2196November 2196Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles VI: Ecology
December 2196March 2197Foreign Affairs
January 2197January 2197Democratisation
May 2197November 2197Cabinet Proposal of May 2197
March 2198April 2198Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles VII
April 2198April 2198Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles VIII
June 2198June 2198Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles IX
August 2198March 2199Civil Rights Bill
June 2199December 2199Tuition Fees Law
September 2199November 2200Food and Industry
September 2200September 2200Minor Legalization Act
October 2200November 2200Military
March 2202September 2202Police Control Act
May 2202May 2202Cabinet Proposal of May 2202
May 2202June 2202Religion
June 2202June 2202Another Military Reform
June 2202June 2202The Real Military Reform Bill
October 2202October 2202Cabinet Proposal of October 2202
October 2202November 2202Reforms
March 2203March 2203Budget proposal of March 2203
March 2203March 2203Devolution Act II
March 2203March 2203Income tax proposal of March 2203
April 2203April 2203Taxes
April 2203April 2203Space Exploration Act
April 2203May 2203.
June 2203June 2203Civil Reformation Proposition
June 2203July 2203Freedom of Action Bill
October 2203October 2203Prostitution
October 2203October 2203Ratification of the Do Not Spam Treaty
November 2203November 2203Energy
December 2203December 2203Punishment
June 2204December 2208City Names
October 2204March 2205Bill Naming
April 2205April 2205Education Reform Bill
April 2205April 2205Gun Ownership
April 2206April 2206Cabinet Proposal of April 2206
May 2206May 2206Call for early elections, May 2206
January 2207January 2207Pesticides
January 2207January 2207Agriculture
March 2207March 2207Right of Assembly
March 2207March 2207Food
January 2208June 2208Justice
January 2208October 2208Education
October 2208October 2208Head of State
October 2208October 2208Length of Office
November 2208November 2208New World Order Bill
January 2209January 2209Nomenclature
January 2209January 2209National Sport
September 2209September 2209Capital City
October 2209October 2209Renaming the Country
October 2209October 2209Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
November 2209November 2209Gas Everyone Act
November 2209November 2209Ratification of the Treaty Ensuring The Free Speach of Nations and Citizens
November 2209November 2209Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
November 2209November 2209Ratification of the Global Proclamation on the Outlawing of Scientology
October 2212January 2213Police Supply Reform Bill
October 2212January 2213Animal Protection Bill
May 2213July 2213Right to Vice Amendment
March 2214June 2214Police State Theory Revisitation
March 2215June 2215National Recycling Initiative
March 2215August 2215Energy Efficiency Incentive Model
August 2215May 2216Internet Regulation Task Force
April 2216April 2216Endangered Animals
March 2218April 2218Manche Education
November 2218November 2218Call for early elections, November 2218
March 2219March 2219Anti-Renner Riot Act
March 2219March 2219In Defense of Flag Desecration
April 2219April 2219Head of State and Parliament Bill
June 2219June 2219True Freedom and Justice from Slavery
November 2219November 2219Mayoral Election Initiative
August 2220August 2220Call for early elections, August 2220
May 2221May 2221Cabinet Proposal of May 2221
May 2221July 2221On the Matter of Deterring War
May 2221May 2222Interim Flag Nomination
March 2223April 2223Immigration Fairness Act
April 2223April 2225Prisoner Reform Bill
April 2223September 2226Voluntary Military Service Act
August 2223September 2225Proposal to ban discrimination in the military
September 2223January 2225Proposal to end state religions
October 2223September 2225Tort Reform Bill
January 2225April 2225End to Religious Persecution Bill
August 2226February 2227Further Prisoner Reform Bill
August 2226February 2227Protection of Strike Inititiative
August 2226February 2227Freedom of Speech Protection Act
August 2226February 2227Charter School Devolution Agreement
May 2228October 2228Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 2228October 2228Finishing Touches
October 2228June 2229Retirement Optional Bill
November 2228June 2229Naturalization Proliferation
May 2229June 2229Religion Reform Law of 2229
May 2229June 2229Welfare Reform Law of 2229
June 2229March 2230The Final Expansion
June 2229March 2230In Furtherence of Religious Freedoms
August 2230May 2231Revision of Minimum Wage Law
December 2230December 2230Call for early and fair elections to bring about true democracy in Sekowo, December 2230
March 2231March 2233Capital Restoration Act of 2231
April 2231April 2231Manche Administrative Adjustments
April 2231April 2231Cabinet Proposal of April 2231
April 2231December 2231Manche Year Zero
July 2231October 2231Agriculture Reform Law of 2231
September 2231October 2231Improved Representation Act of 2231
July 2232March 2233Science Reform Law (SRL) of 2232
July 2232March 2233Technology Reform Law (TRL) of 2232
July 2232July 2233Ecology Reform Law (ERL) of 2232
March 2233November 2233More television freedom
March 2233November 2233Airway Freedom
November 2233May 2234Education Reform Law of 2233
October 2234January 2235Second Stage Capital Restration Bill
November 2234April 2236Rights to our own ideas
March 2235May 2235Military Reduction Bill
July 2236May 2239Freedom Act of 2236
July 2236September 2239Hikhalan Secession Act
July 2236June 2249Environmental Protection Act of 2236
January 2237July 2237Manche Health and Life
January 2237July 2237Manche Economy
May 2237May 2238Religious Security Law (RSL) of 2237
May 2237May 2238People's Infrastructure Law (PIL) of 2237
April 2240April 2240Cabinet Proposal of April 2240
September 2240June 2243Income tax proposal of September 2240
January 2241April 2242Sekowan Security Law (SSL) of 2241
October 2241June 2243New Budget proposal of October 2241
January 2244March 2244Fair Justice Law of 2244
January 2244March 2244National Transportation Law of 2244
January 2247January 2247Economic Liberalization Act.
May 2247May 2247Religious Freedom Bill
May 2247May 2247Anti-Drug Bill, 2247
June 2247June 2247Health Care Bill
January 2248January 2248Sexual Education Act
February 2248February 2248Sekowan Administrative Law of 2248
May 2248May 2248Treaty Withdrawal
June 2248January 2249Trades Union Act
June 2248January 2249Resolution Against Foriegn Occupation
July 2248July 2248Cabinet Proposal of July 2248
December 2248March 2249Budget proposal of December 2248
December 2248May 2249Act of War on the PERFIDIOUS Goat-Rapists of Kafuristan
January 2249June 2249Government of National Unity
May 2249June 2249Secular Sekowo Law (SSL) of 2249
May 2249June 2249Student Creativity Law (SCL) of 2249
May 2249June 2249Federal Animal Law (FAL) of 2249
May 2249June 2249Romantic Freedom Law (RFL) of 2249
May 2249June 2249Anti-Terror Law (ATL) of 2249
May 2249February 2250Quality Infrastructure Law (QIL) of 2249
December 2249December 2249Draft Bill
December 2249March 2250Trade Union Freedom Bill
April 2250April 2250Child Labor Law
April 2251April 2251Energy Regulation Act
May 2251May 2251Energy Bill
March 2252March 2252Revolutionary Development Policy
February 2258February 2258Gun Control Bill
February 2258February 2258Reform Bill
May 2260May 2260National Economy Law of 2260
March 2263March 2264People's Health Law of 2263
March 2263March 2264Draft Free Law (DFL) of 2263
February 2266February 2266Cabinet Proposal of February 2266
August 2268November 2271Progressive Industrial Act of 2268
July 2271July 2271National Apostacy Bill
December 2271December 2271Throw out the Scoundrels
July 2282July 2282Emergency Cabinet Proposal of July 2282
June 2285June 2285Sekowan Unity Act
June 2285June 2285Budget proposal of June 2285
June 2285June 2285Income tax proposal of June 2285
November 2285November 2285Industrial Reform Act of 2285
February 2286February 2286Animals..
February 2286February 2286Presidential Decree to Remove Religious Terminology From Politics
February 2287February 2287Call for early elections, February 2287
June 2287June 2287Liberating Sekowo - Repealing the Sekowo Unity Act
June 2287June 2287Cabinet Proposal of June 2287
July 2287July 2287Cabinet Proposal of July 2287
July 2287December 2288The PRS (Vanioka) Manifesto - Omnibus Bill
September 2287March 2288Reintroducing the Right To Worship/Nuncirism Ban
February 2288February 2288Call for early elections, February 2288
December 2288December 2288Vive la Rvolution Vanioka/Montfeur!
May 2290May 2290Cabinet Proposal of May 2290
August 2290August 2290Economic Restoration Act
December 2290December 2290Call for early elections, December 2290
June 2292June 2292Call for early elections, June 2292
March 2293June 2293Military Reform Act of March 2293
March 2293June 2293Religious FREEDOM Act of March 2293
March 2296March 2296National Emergency Resource Coordination Act
July 2305July 2305Economy Bill
May 2306May 2306Ending The Lies
July 2308July 2308Agriculture Reform Act
January 2309January 2309Capitalist Party Mega Bill
January 2309January 2309Foreign Relations Bill
August 2309September 2309Bill 18
October 2310October 2310Budget proposal of October 2310
April 2311April 2311Operation Wealth
July 2312July 2312Justice Act of 2312
April 2314April 2314Declaration of State of Emergency
May 2314May 2314The National Defence Act
May 2314May 2314The National Security Act
May 2314May 2314The Militarist Revolution
October 2314October 2314The National Health Care Act
May 2315May 2315The Economic Revolutionization Act
August 2315August 2315The Scientific Revolutionization Act
September 2316September 2316Trade Unions Act
September 2316September 2316Freedom in Media Act
September 2316September 2316Freedom Act
September 2316September 2316Power Act
October 2316October 2316Letter Confidentiality Act
April 2317April 2317POW and Women's Rights Act
May 2317May 2317Health Reform Act
August 2317August 2317Housing Act
April 2318April 2318Draft Act
April 2318April 2318Agriculture Regulation Act
April 2318April 2318Environemental Conservation Act
April 2318April 2318Capital Punishment Act
April 2318April 2318Partial Privatization Act
April 2318January 23202 Legit 2 Quit
February 2319February 2319Constitutional Reform Act
February 2319February 2319Social Liberalism Act
April 2319January 2320Foreign
March 2320March 2320Liberal-Social Democratic Coalition.
April 2320April 2320Nationality Act
July 2320September 2320Pension Rights Bill
August 2320September 2320Agriculture and Environment Bill
September 2320September 2320Educational Reforms
October 2320October 2320Prison Reform Bill
February 2321February 2321Secondary Worker's Rights Bill
February 2321February 2321History and Culture Bill
February 2321February 2321Freedom from Surveillance Bill
February 2321February 2321Welcoming Sekowo Bill
October 2321October 2321Coal
February 2322February 2322Religious Freedom Act
February 2322February 2322GM Crops Reform Act
October 2322October 2322CRP Agenda 1
October 2322October 2322Pro-Choice Act
October 2322October 2322Worker's Democracy (Incentives) Bill
February 2323February 2323Military Act
March 2324March 2324Civil Rights Bill
March 2324March 2324Secularist Reform Bill
March 2324March 2324Fire!
March 2324March 2324Economic Independence BIll
March 2324March 2324Progressive Cabinet Proposal of March 2324
July 2325January 2326SPPF Election Manifesto
April 2328March 2329Death to Whitey
October 2328October 2328Cabinet Proposal of October 2328
October 2328October 2328Cabinet Proposal of October 2328
September 2329February 2330RAF Offensive VII
September 2329February 2330RAF Offensive VI
September 2331December 2331Social Revolution Act
November 2331November 2331To the people, for the people
July 2337September 2338Another Mega Bill
December 2337December 2337December 2337: You're all gone we're still standing
March 2339August 2341Establishment of the SNISS
August 2341August 2341Justice
August 2341February 2342RAF Offensive XII
February 2342August 2342Equality
December 2343June 2344Trade Unions Pact
January 2344August 2344The Orange Reforms I
February 2344August 2344The Orange Reforms II
August 2344August 2344Democratic Act
August 2344April 2345The Orange Reforms III
February 2345December 2345Health and professional retirement Bill
December 2345January 2346weapons
April 2346July 2347Government Employment Requirements
April 2346July 2347International Media and Foreign Missionaries
October 2346October 2346Cabinet Proposal of October 2346
October 2346July 2347The New Sekowo Act
February 2348February 2348Tax Bill
March 2348August 2348Recycling
March 2348August 2348Income tax proposal of March 2348
August 2348January 2349Religion Tax
January 2349February 2349Nationality law
April 2349December 2349Gun Ownership
October 2349February 2350Foreign Aid
February 2350July 2350Civil Forces Act
December 2350November 2351Legalisation of cannabis
April 2351August 2351The Gonzales Acts
November 2351November 2351Aliens law
August 2352January 2353Nuclear arms
August 2353August 2353Population control
June 2355February 2356Religious teaching
August 2355February 2356Various Things
August 2359August 2359Election Reform
September 2359September 2363Death Penalty
August 2360January 2361Official tittle
March 2365March 2365Ratification of the The Terra Freedom Treaty
March 2366July 2367Ratification of the International Proletarian Government Constitution
July 2366January 2367National Anthem Act
July 2367February 2368The Anti-capitalist Pact
February 2368November 2368Professional retirement bill II
January 2371January 2371Budget proposal of January 2371
January 2371January 2371Cabinet Proposal of January 2371
January 2371July 2371..
July 2372November 2372Program housing
July 2372November 2372Internet regulation
August 2372July 2373Militarist Return Part 1#
July 2373March 2375No Dice
March 2375March 2375Peace Sells...
March 2375March 2375Cabinet Proposal of March 2375
June 2375August 2375Editto n2
February 2376September 2377Declaration of State of Emergency
September 2377February 2378Militarist Crackdown 1#
December 2380December 2380Foreign Relations
December 2382December 2382Great Proletarian Reform
June 2383June 2383Great Proletarian Reform II
January 2384January 2384Cabinet Proposal of January 2384
February 2385February 2385Call for early elections, February 2385
August 2386November 2386#3
January 2388January 2388Budget proposal of January 2388
January 2388January 2388Socialist Administration Act
February 2388February 2388Ratification of the Socialist Economy Constitution
June 2389May 2390Recycling Program Expansion Act
February 2390May 2390Human Rights Reform Act
May 2390May 2390Advertising Standards Board Act
January 2391January 2391Religious institutions Tax
February 2391February 2391Socialist Freedom accords
June 2391October 2391Animal Protection Act
June 2392June 2392Repeal of Socialist Economy Constitution
May 2393May 2393Cabinet of Last Resort
December 2393December 2393Civil Service Reform Act
May 2394December 2394Local Authorities Act #2
November 2394May 2395Demilitarization of Sekowo Act
January 2395August 2395Constitution Amendment Act 2395
April 2395October 2395Act of Emancipation
October 2395November 2395A Setting for the New Federation
February 2396August 2396Ratification of the Collective Security Council
November 2396November 2396Organ Donation Program Act
November 2396November 2396Healthy Living Act
May 2398May 2398Popular Liberty Act
January 2399January 2399Call for early elections, January 2399
May 2399May 2399Elections and Governmental Reform
October 2401October 2401Call for early elections, October 2401
May 2402May 2402Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2402September 2402Carcosan Remarks
April 2404April 2404Motto for the Archonate
March 2405March 2405Proper Renaming
July 2405July 2405Even better flag
September 2406September 2406HoS
January 2409February 2409Reformation Act
October 2411October 2411HoS
January 2417February 2417Federation Act
September 2417September 2419Return to the Ancients
March 2418March 2418Call for early elections, March 2418
April 2418March 2420Unity Cabinet
March 2421March 2421Official Language of Sekowo
November 2421November 2421Nuclear Weapons Use Policy of November 2421
November 2421November 2421Draft Law of November 2421
November 2421November 2421The Intelligence Act of November 2421
November 2421November 2421State of Emergency Act of November 2421
November 2421November 2421Defence Insdustry Subsidy Bill of November 2421
November 2421November 2421Nationality Act of November 2421
November 2421November 2421Military Morale Act of November 2421
November 2421November 2421Alcohol Act of November 2421
November 2421November 2421Abortion Act of November 2421
June 2422July 2422Economic Freedom Act
July 2424July 2424Health Care Act
June 2426June 2426Industry Act
September 2429September 2429Foreign Relations Act
November 2430November 2430EDICTUM NOVAE SEKOWIS
February 2431February 2431Independence of Poleis
August 2432August 2432Military Strengthening Act of 2432
September 2433September 2433Ending Religion
November 2434February 2435Olympics
November 2434May 2435Capital city
May 2435May 2435Further Political Reform
May 2435January 2442RASISM part 1
June 2435June 2435Unity Cabinet Proposal of June 2435
August 2435August 2435Visibility Bill
August 2435May 2436Income tax proposal of August 2435
September 2436January 2442Govonors
January 2437July 2437Tax Reform Act of 2437 - Equality in Taxation and Subsidation
May 2437May 2437Call for early elections, May 2437
May 2437July 2437Expanding the Apella
May 2437October 2437Population & City Safety and Infrastructure Survivability Act
July 2437April 2438Budget proposal of July 2437
August 2437August 2437Social Freedom & Responsability Act of 2437
October 2437October 2438Firearms and Weapons Unification Act
November 2437November 2437Smokin' Aces
May 2438October 2438Refugee & International Aid Act of 2438
June 2438November 2439First Appointments to the DIKASTERION
November 2438December 2441The Space Act of 2438
April 2439August 2439Proposition for The Negotiation of a Trade and Non-Aggression Treaty Between the Federated Cities of Pan-Sekowo and the Free Republic of Lourenne
May 2439May 2439Religious Schools
August 2439June 2440Changing the National Animal
January 2440July 2440Demilitarization Bill
February 2440January 2442Our Naval Anthem
March 2440May 2440Fair Taxation Act of 2440
August 2440August 2440Visibility Adjusting
August 2440August 2440Proposition for The Negotiation of a Trade and Non-Aggression Treaty Between the Federated Cities of Pan-Sekowo and the Democratic People's Republic of Kazulia
August 2440August 2440Military Security Act of 2440
December 2440April 2442City Location and Party Headquarters.
April 2441April 2441Changing the Time of Legislative Terms
May 2441December 2441Changing the Flag
May 2441December 2441Defence Industry & Intelligence Act
May 2441January 2442The Voting Bill
May 2441February 2457Sekowan Culture
June 2441December 2441Military Priorities Act of 2441
June 2441January 2442Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
September 2441December 2441P.O.W. Policy
January 2442January 2442A Proposal to Sync Regulations on Alcohol with Those of Other Drugs
January 2442January 2442Ecology Act
January 2442January 2442Mandatory National Service
January 2442January 2442Cabinet Proposal of January 2442
April 2442April 2442Federalization
April 2442April 2442Empowering Equality in Employment Every Day Equal Opportunity Employment Act of 2442
April 2442April 2442A reasonable bill quota
April 2442August 2443Education Reform For a Changing Global Marketplace
June 2443January 2450Identity debate
August 2443December 2445Party Political Compass
September 2443September 2443Farming Reform of This Year
June 2444December 2445Proposal for the Giving of (untied) Development Aid to Lourenne
January 2445January 2445POW Revision Act
January 2445January 2445International Trade Act of 2445
May 2445May 2445Aid to Deltaria
December 2445December 2445Proposal Limit Act of 2445
January 2446January 2446Organ Donation Freedom Bill
January 2446January 2446Protection of Endangered Species Act pf 2446
January 2446January 2446Ratification of the Keymon & Mordusian Neutrality Pacts
January 2446January 2446Alcohol and Tobacco Act of 2446
February 2446February 2446Corporate Tax Increase of 2446
February 2446February 2446Reduction of Proposal Accumulations Act of 2446
May 2446May 2446Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
May 2446May 2446Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
June 2446June 2446Proposition for the Welcoming and Extending the Hand of Friendship to the Republic of Talmoria
June 2446June 2446Cabinet Proposal of June 2446
January 2447January 2447AUP 4
January 2447January 2447AUP 3
January 2447January 2447AUP 2
January 2447January 2447AUP 6
June 2447January 2448Changing our Name
August 2447January 2448Proposition for International Surveillance
December 2447January 2448Mandatory Vote Explanation Act of 2447
February 2448January 2450Western Dovani Free Trade and Non-Aggression Pact
May 2448February 2453Federated Security Commission
November 2448November 2448Adoption Act of 2448
November 2448November 2448National ID Card Act
November 2448November 2448National Shelters Act
November 2448November 2448Military Enlargement and Improvement Act of 2448
November 2448November 2448Retirement Age Increase
November 2448July 2451Name Change, History and RP
May 2449May 2449The Food Act of 2449
May 2449May 2449Nuclear Response Act of 2449
January 2450January 2450Curfew Power Devolution Act
January 2450January 2450Energy Act of 2450
January 2450January 2450Forbation of Child Labour Act
December 2450January 2451Economic Enhancement Act of 2450
December 2450January 2451Religion Act of 2450
February 2451February 2451Adding the Republic of Talmoria to the SID Watch List
March 2451March 2451Final Phase of Corporate Tax Increase Plan
January 2452January 2452Western Dovani Cooperation Accord
July 2452July 2452Call for early elections, July 2452
August 2452October 2452Taking the Republic of Talmoria Off of The SID Watch List
August 2452February 2456OOC: Wikia Vandalism
September 2452October 2452Changing the Flag Act of 2452
September 2452October 2452Industrial Ecology Act
September 2452October 2452Nationalized Health Care Reform
September 2452November 2452National Media Reform
December 2452December 2452Republican union of independent poleis
December 2452December 2452Cabinet Proposal of December 2452
February 2453February 2453General Visibility
February 2453May 2453Income tax proposal of February 2453
February 2453January 2454Colonization Appropration Act 2453
May 2453May 2453Budget proposal of May 2453
June 2453November 2453Welcome new parties
July 2453July 2453Deregulation of the National Flag Act of 2453
July 2453January 2454National Holidays
August 2453September 2453Judicial Reform Proposal of 2453
October 2453October 2453Federalism
October 2453October 2453Exiting the No Spam Treaty
October 2453October 2453Scientific Advancement Act of 2453
January 2454September 2454City Map
January 2454October 2454Sub-regional Divisions Map and Naming
January 2454October 2454Sub-Regional Term
September 2454February 2457Exiting the Axis Agreement
June 2455November 2460History of Sekowo
August 2455February 2456Unit of Measurement Act of 2456
August 2455April 2458Changing the National Sport Act of 2455
September 2455February 2456Establishing The Sekowo News Network (2455)
October 2455April 2458Polis Naming
November 2455November 2455Call for early elections, November 2455
November 2455February 2456Nationalism
February 2456February 2456Fair Imminent Domain Act of 2456
February 2456February 2456Food & Health Safety Act of 2456
March 2456March 2456Federal Authority Act of This Year
March 2456June 2456Changing the National Animal
May 2456May 2456Changing the Adult Age
May 2456May 2456Various ecological issues
May 2456July 2456Environmental Reform Act of 2456
November 2456November 2456Cabinet Proposal of November 2456
November 2456November 2456Ratification of the Dovani for the Dovanians
January 2457January 2457Appointments to the National Security Board
February 2457February 2457Corporate Tax Increased of 2457
February 2457February 2457Medical Lawsuit and Malpractice Act of 2457
February 2457February 2457Illegal Immigrant Act of 2457
February 2457February 2457Minor Luxury Goods Tax Increase
March 2457March 2457The National Seal Act of 2457
May 2457May 2457Charter schools
October 2457October 2457Secondary Standardized Testing Act of 2457
October 2457October 2457National Prostitution Recognition Act of 2457
October 2457October 2457Historic sites and monuments
October 2457October 2457Endangered Animals Protection Act of 2457
October 2457October 2457Source code Act of 2457
October 2457October 2457Forbidding Media From Lying Act of 2457
April 2458April 2458Repealing the Mandatory Vote Explanation Act
April 2458December 2464Mandatory Vote Explanation Information
August 2458January 2459Wild Animal Ownership Bill of 2458 II
August 2458January 2459Environmental Protection Act of 2458 II
February 2459August 2460Kazulia Free Trade And Non-Aggression Treaty Details (2459)
August 2459August 2465The Sekowan Currency Name
September 2459September 2459Polis Names Vote
April 2460April 2460Smoking Act of 2460
April 2460April 2460Healthcare Reform Act of 2460
April 2460April 2460Medicinal Cannabis National Legalization Act of 2460
April 2460April 2460Chemical & Biological Weapon Use Act of 2460
April 2460October 2460Exploration & Colonization of the South
May 2460May 2460Foreign investors
August 2460August 2460Third and Final Positions Bill
April 2461April 2461Flag Act of 2461
April 2461April 2461Nuclear Weapon Use Act of 2461
April 2461April 2461Wild Animal Ownership Act of 2461
April 2461April 2461Public Nudity Act of 2461
April 2461April 2461Adoption Act of 2461
August 2461February 2462Eastern-Territories Expansion Amendment
November 2461December 2461Privacy and Security reform Act
April 2462April 2462National Anthem Act of 2462
April 2462April 2462Curfew Act of 2462
April 2462April 2462Gambling Act of 2462
April 2462April 2462Vaccination Act of 2462
May 2462May 2462Protection of Sentient Species Act of 2462
June 2462June 2462Nationalised space company
September 2462October 2462Military Ownership reform bill
October 2462October 2462Cabinet Proposal of October 2462
October 2462October 2462Media Reform Act of 2462 (Radio)
October 2462October 2462Media Reform Act of 2462 (TV)
October 2462October 2462Proposal Quota Increase Act of 2462
February 2463February 2463Ratification of the Kazulia-Sekowo Free Trade and Mutual Protection Treaty
April 2463April 2463Midway Territory Expansion Act of 2463
June 2463June 2463Further National Security Reforms 2463
October 2463October 2463Farm SizeBill
October 2463October 2463Environmental Protection of the Sekowo/Lourenne Area Act of 2463
March 2464March 2464Defence of Tropica (2464)
March 2464March 2464Budget proposal of March 2464
March 2464March 2464Income tax proposal of March 2464
March 2464March 2464Regarding Minimum Garrison Sizes for Sekowan Colonies
March 2464March 2464Bringing the Heimdall Into Service (2464)
June 2464December 2464Moderated Religious Freedom Bill
September 2464December 2464Midway's Flag
September 2464April 2468Name Change Act of 2464
March 2465March 2466Unified Dovani Colonial Authority
April 2465April 2465Arms Availability Act of 2465
April 2465April 2465National Resource and Defence Consolidation Act of 2465
May 2465May 2465Alchahol Purcahse Act
June 2465June 2465The banking system
June 2465June 2465Fireworks
October 2465October 2465Mixed Energy Production Bill
October 2465April 2468Colonial Representation in Government (2465)
October 2465September 2471OOC: Military Composition (2465)
December 2465December 2465Nuclear Deterent Bill
March 2466March 2466Alcohol Liberalization Act of 2466
April 2466April 2466Agricultre Stratergy Bill
April 2467April 2467Splitting the Eastern Territories 2467
August 2467September 2471Eastern-Territories Discussion (2467)
September 2467March 2468Safeguarding Sekowo (2467)
July 2468July 2468Eastern Territories Naming Act of 2468
July 2468August 2468Official Condemnation of Aretism
September 2468September 2468Local 6
September 2468September 2468Local 5
September 2468July 2469Free Trade and Possible Non-Aggression Treaty With Pontesi (2468)
September 2468January 2470Currency Alignment & Dovanian Free Trade
July 2469July 2469Sekowan Addition to the International Naval Blockade of Deltaria
July 2469July 2469Ratification of the Sekowo-Pontesi Free Trade and Non-Aggression Treaty
January 2470January 2470National Company Investment Act of 2470
May 2470December 2470Defence Spending Plan for the 2470's
October 2470December 2470Argos's Information (2470)
October 2470December 2470Sending of Peacekeeping Troops to Assist the Kafuristani Government
October 2470January 2471Second Eastern Territories Naming Act of 2470
January 2471January 2471Ratification of the Dovani Common Market Area
July 2471July 2471Flag Clarification Act of 2471
December 2473December 2473Proposal for a Sekowo-Kafuristan Friendship Agreement
February 2474February 2474Threskeia ton Dodeka Theon
March 2474March 2475Elections for the Chancellor and Governor of Tropica
April 2474July 2475City Creation Act of 2474
July 2475July 2475Fireworks Act of 2475
September 2475September 2475Ratification of the Kafuristan-Sekowo Friendship Treaty
September 2476March 2477Biological and Chemical Weapons Production Restriction Act of 2476
May 2477May 2477Outlawing Nuncirism
October 2477December 2477Leaving the Sekowo-Kafuristan Friendship Treaty
January 2478January 2478Call For a Reduction of the Defence Budget
January 2478January 2478OOC: Army Composition
March 2478March 2478Local
September 2478October 2478The DSP Omnibus Bill
December 2478December 2478Rights Act
March 2479February 2480Religion Act of 2480
April 2479April 2479City Act of 2479
June 2479March 2480Chemical Weapons Deterent Bill
October 2479December 2479Nuclear Weapons Use Restriction Act of 2479
October 2479December 2479National Name Act of 2479
October 2479December 2479National Shelters Act of 2479
October 2479December 2479Protecting the People From Lies Act of 2479
October 2479December 2479Child Safety Act of 2479
October 2479December 2479Alternative Energies Act of 2479
October 2479December 2479Gambling Act of 2479
April 2480April 2480Special Forces Creation Act of 2480
August 2480August 2480Safe Neighborhoods Act
April 2481April 2481Urban Farm Initiative Act of 2481
April 2481April 2481Phoenix city Act of 2481
December 2481December 2481Freedom of Religion Act
February 2482December 2482Region Name Act of 2482
September 2482January 2485Child Labor Treaty Suggestion of 2482
September 2482June 2517Supreme Court Creation (2482)
November 2482March 2491Military Flags Act of 2491
December 2482December 2482National Defence Act
January 2483January 2483Legislative Seat Increase Act of 2483
January 2483January 2483Executive Structure Act of 2483
April 2483April 2483National Naming Act of 2483
April 2483April 2483Opening of the Fishing Industry Act of 2483
April 2483April 2483Power Grid Devolution Act of 2483
July 2484August 2484Capital City Discussion (2484)
July 2484June 2502The Status of Tropica (2484)
September 2484December 2485Sekowan Linguistic Policy
February 2486March 2486Cabinet Proposal (Continued) February 2486
April 2486April 2486Head of Government Title Act 2486
April 2486April 2486Localizing Libraries
April 2486July 2487Colonial Administration and Corpus Legum Act 2487
September 2486September 2486Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
September 2486September 2486Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
September 2486September 2486Ratification of the The Comprehensive Gay Rights Treaty
February 2487December 2487Income tax proposal of February 2487
October 2487July 2488Internet Code Verification Act of 2487
March 2488March 2488Call for early elections, March 2488
April 2489December 2491Debt
March 2490March 2490MIlitary Positioning (2490)
August 2490March 2491Ratification of the Kafuristan-Sekowo Friendship Treaty
August 2490April 2491Alternative Head of State Title (2490)
August 2490October 2494FIFA Team Name
November 2490November 2490Call for early elections, November 2490
March 2491March 2491Cabinet Proposal of March 2491
April 2491April 2491Legislature Naming Act of 2491
March 2492October 2494OOC: Police Composition
February 2493February 2493Ministry of Science and Technology: Robotic and Space Development 2493
February 2493February 2493Ratification of the International Atomic Energy Agency
April 2495April 2495Retirement Age Increase
May 2495May 2495title
May 2495February 2496Uniform Bill Title Resolution (2496.IC.001)
September 2495September 2495Call for early elections, September 2495
February 2496February 2496Sekowo Population Bill (2496)
February 2496August 2496Age of Majority & Education Bill (2496)
June 2496June 2496Emergency Executive Authority: Spending Bill of 2496
August 2496August 2496Sekowo Deficit Reduction Plan I (2496)
August 2496August 24962496.USMC.001 (Vital Regulation)
August 2496August 2496Resolution Condemning the Actions of Deltaria (2496)
August 2496August 2496DSP.001.2496
August 2496September 2496Results of the Ministry of Science & Technology's Robotic Development Program (2496)
August 2496March 2497Executive Authority Act: Kasmenai State of Emergency Lockdown (DSP.002.2496)
September 2496January 2497Cabinent Appointment Discussion (2496.IC.002)
January 2497January 2497Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
January 2497January 2497Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
February 2497February 2497Income tax proposal of February 2497
April 2497September 2497Religious Freedom Bill (2497)
February 2498February 2498Free Market Reforms to Aid in national debt crisis.
August 2498March 2499PSFVP Welfare Reform Proposals
August 2498March 2499Further Free Market Reforms to aid in debt crisis
October 2498March 2499PSFVP Nuclear Deterent and Emergency Policing Bill
February 2499February 2499Declaration of Peace, Unification, and Reconstruction
March 2499April 2499Resolution to Support Democracy (2499)
April 2499August 2499Regulated Substance Autonomy Bill (2499)
August 2499August 2499PSFVP Ecology Bill
August 2499September 2499PSFVP Drug Bill
August 2499April 2505DSP.003.2499 (Economic Compromise)
September 2499September 2499PSFVP Buisness Ownership Bill
October 2499October 2499Undarro Political Awareness Bill
December 2499July 2511OOC: Civil War Info
January 2500January 2500PSFVP overseas Ownership Bill
March 2500June 2502DSP.007.2500 (Cabinet Discussion)
April 2500April 2500PSFVP Eminent Domain Bill
April 2500April 2500PSFVP Civil Defence BIll
April 2500June 2517OOC: Cultures and Regional Influence
August 2500August 2500DSP.009.2500
August 2500August 2500PSFVP Sexual Education Bill
August 2500August 2500PSFVP further free market reforms
August 2500August 2500DSP.010.2500
September 2500October 2500Freedom of Education Bill (2500)
January 2501January 2501PSFVP Strike Bill
February 2501February 2501USMC Withdrawl
March 2501March 2501DSP.011.2501 (Cabinet Proposal)
March 2501March 2501Sekowo Civil War Military Impartiality Bill
March 2501September 2514Civil War Peace Talks Voting Bill
May 2501May 2501Security in Emergency Bill (2501)
May 2501May 2501Ecological Federalization Bill (2501)
August 2501June 2502DSP.012.2501 (Motto)
February 2502February 2502Call for early elections, February 2502 2502.IC.001
February 2502June 2502DSP.013.2502
February 2502February 2503Discussions for the Participation in the Formation of the International Harold Union
March 2502July 2506DSP.014.2502 (Census)
July 2502February 2503Military Upgrades (2502.USMC.001)
August 2502February 2503Air Force Improvement (DSP.015.2502)
March 2503March 2503DSP.017.2503 (Age of Adulthood)
March 2503March 2503DSP.016.2503
March 2503March 2503Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
August 2503August 2503Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
September 2503September 2503Prayer In Religious Schools Reform
March 2504August 2504DSP.019.2504 (Air Force Improvements 2)
August 2504August 2504PSFVP Internet Security Bill 2504
April 2505April 2505DSP.020.2505 (Leaving the Pontesian Treaty II)
April 2505April 2505DSP.023.2505 (Ending Slavery)
April 2505April 2505DSP.022.2505 (Video Game Labeling)
April 2505April 2505DSP.021.2505 (Education Reform)
April 2505April 2505DSP.020.2505 (Leaving the Pontesian Treaty II)
September 2505September 2505PSFVP School Vouchers Reform
January 2506January 2506Education Restoration (2506)
January 2506January 2506Nuclear Limitation Bill (2506)
March 2506March 2506DSP.029.2506 (Air Force Improvements 3)
August 2506August 2506Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
August 2506September 2510Plague in Somasi
April 2507April 2507Withdrawal From the Collective Security Council
September 2507October 2541OOC: Discussions for the Changing of the National Anthem
May 2508November 2508Shelter Reduction Bill (2508)
May 2508April 2509Religious Freedom Bill (2508)
July 2508July 2508DSP.030.2508 (Universal Healthcare)
July 2508July 2508DSP.031.2508 (Cabinet Proposal)
July 2508September 2508Protection of Dovani Through Territorial Annexation
September 2508September 2508DSP.032.2508 (Cabinet Proposal)
November 2508October 2519DSP.033.2508 (HoG Title Discussion)
December 2508December 2508001.USMC.2508 (Prototype Tank Tests Complete)
March 2509March 2509DSP.035.2509 (Rights of the Worker)
March 2509March 2509DSP.036.2509 (Smoking Regulations)
March 2509March 2509DSP.034.2509 (Direct Democracy and Mayors)
October 2509October 2509United Nations Coalition Leadership Voting
May 2510September 2510Establishment of Embassies (2510)
June 2510June 2510Early Elections, June 2510
September 2510September 2510Ratification of the Treaty of Terina
September 2510September 2510PFVP Bill 01 (2510)
February 2511February 2511DSP.039.2511 (Economic Reform)
February 2511February 2511DSP.038.2511 (Education Reform)
February 2511February 2511DSP.037.2511 (Military Reform 1)
March 2511March 2511DSP.040.2511 (Pornography)
February 2512February 2512DSP.042.2512 (Weapons Sales)
February 2512February 2512The Tri-Decadal Military Spending Plan of 2512
March 2512March 2512The Tri-Decadal Military Spending Plan of 2512 (Mk. 2)
June 2512June 2514Sekowan Census Proposal (2512)
August 2512October 2512Kasmenai Construction & Temporary Legislature Move
September 2512September 2520OOC: Political Blocs
October 2512October 2512Child Labour Reforms
October 2512October 2512National Health Care Choice Reforms
November 2512November 2512Abolitian of forced Democratic Worker's Councils
January 2513January 2514FDP 005: Safety Net Only
February 2513October 2513Limiting Abortion while Giving Families Support to have children
March 2513September 2513PSFVP Open economic border
March 2513September 2513PSFVP Agriculture Reform Bill
April 2513September 2513Condemnation of recent vandalism
September 2513September 2513DSP.046.2513 (Internet Deregulation)
September 2513September 2513DSP.043.2513 (Medicinal Cannabis)
December 2513January 2514Cabinet Proposal of December 2513
April 2514April 2514PUA Bill
April 2514November 2514Sending Aid to Zardugal
September 2514September 2514Prosecution of those responsible Recent Vandalism
October 2514October 2514Income tax proposal of October 2514
December 2514October 2529City Renaming Based on Cultures
February 2515January 2520Sekowan Census Results (2515)
May 2515May 2515Southern Dovani Preservation and Protection Act of 2515
May 2515May 2515Protectorate Connection Expansion Initiative (2515)
May 2515October 2529City Renaming Act
August 2515July 2522Tri-decadal Air Force Expansion 2522
November 2515September 2520War (2515-2520)
February 2516February 2516Call for early elections, February 2516
September 2516September 2520Name Change Act of 2520
April 2517April 2517Budget proposal of April 2517
January 2518January 2518Call for early elections, January 2518
February 2518August 2518DSP.052.2518 (Fair Free Trade)
February 2518August 2518DSP.051.2518 (Eminent Domain Reform)
February 2518August 2518DSP.054.2518
March 2518July 2524Eastern Territories Re-organization Act of 2518
February 2520September 2520Official Language Reduction Act of 2520
July 2520July 2520Early Elections, July 2520
July 2520September 2520CP.0001.2520 Anti-Child Pornography Bill
September 2520September 2520Establishment of a Linguistic sub-Census (2520)
September 2520September 2520PUA Energy production 2520 Bill
September 2520September 2521Functional Education Reform (2520)
February 2521March 2521Unity Cabinet of 2521
February 2521June 2521CP.0003.2521 Private Media Bill
March 2521October 2562CP.0005.2521 Student Work Study Initiative
June 2521March 2522CP.0006.2521 Computer Code Protection Act
August 2521September 2521CP.0008.2521 National Security Bill
September 2521September 2521Cabinet Proposal of September 2521
September 2521September 2521DSP.056.2521 (Young People's Rights)
February 2522February 2522PUA Private Post Office incentive bill 2522
September 2522July 2680Party Names in the Major Languages of Sekowo
September 2523October 2536EO.00001.2523
February 2524December 2525CP.0013.2524 Mandatory Recycling for All Initiative
August 2524August 2524DSP.059.2524
January 2525June 2527PPS - Regulation of Post Offices!
March 2525May 2525CP.0015.2525 Police Protection Bill
September 2525September 2525CP.0017.2525 Foreign Aid Policy Bill
May 2526January 2527PPS - Sexual Health Bill
August 2526January 2527PUA Welfare Reform
August 2526January 2527Supply End Economics Reform 3 Bill
August 2526January 2527PUA Supply End Economics 5
February 2527March 2527DSP.062.2527 (Child Benefits)
June 2527September 2527CP.0019.2527 Animal Testing in Cosmetics Bill
August 2527August 2527PUA Personal Defence Bill
August 2527August 2527DSP.064.2527 (Healthcare Reform)
February 2528February 2528PUA Education reform 1 Bill
March 2528March 2528CP.0024.2528 Bio-Chem Warfare Bill
June 2528May 2565Ministry Powers Act of 2528
August 2528December 2529Internal Affiairs Organization Act (2528) (RP Bill)
September 2528December 2528CP.0026.2528 Smoking Regulations Bill
February 2529December 2530PPS - Civil War Support
October 2529October 2529DSP.069.2529 (Immigration)
October 2529October 2529DSP.065.2529 (Public Housing)
October 2529October 2529Civil War Ground Rules
October 2529October 2529DSP.067.2529 (Bio/Chem Weapons)
October 2529October 2529Withdrawing from the Treaty of Terina
December 2529August 2530The Unity Coalition of Sekowo
January 2530February 2530PUA Profesional Army Bill
February 2530February 2530PUA Social Security Bill
February 2530February 2530Investigation into JHI Industrys
February 2530February 2530PUA Personal Tax Cuts
February 2530February 2531CP.0030.2530 Neutral Party Recognition
March 2530March 2530PUA Animal TestingBill
June 2530June 2530CP.0033.2530 Increase Internal Affairs Budget Petition
September 2530March 2540Updated City Map
October 2530October 2530Pua Bill
February 2531February 2531Investigation into DSP Secret Projects
February 2531March 2531Income tax proposal of February 2531
August 2531August 2531DSP.070.2531
August 2531January 2532Budget proposal of August 2531
September 2531September 2531CP.0034.2531 Reverse DSP Environmental Bill of 2463
September 2531October 2531Local est mus! (2531)
January 2532June 2534Notice of Actions (Revised)
April 2532December 2532FDP 008: Ending Biased Government Policy
June 2532September 2532Tri-decadal Navy Expansion 2532
June 2532January 2540CP.0037.2532 Sensibility in Income Tax Reform + RP
September 2532September 2532Income tax proposal of September 2532
January 2533January 2533CP.0039.2533 Religious Clothing Liberty Bill
January 2533January 2533Budget proposal of January 2533
May 2533February 2536Aiding Cobura
August 2533August 2533Tenno Empowerment
September 2534September 2534PUA Mixed education Bill
September 2534September 2534Proposing a New Holiday (Tenno's Day)
February 2535January 2536PUA Strike protection Bill
July 2535June 2541National Motto - Updated
September 2535September 2535DSP.077.2535
September 2535September 2535DSP.076.2535 (De-militarization of the Justice System)
September 2535September 2535DSP.075.2535
February 2536February 2536PUA Telephone Reform Bill
September 2536September 2536Claire Smith Education & Adulthood Reform Bill (2536)
September 2536September 2538CP.0043.2536 New Legislative Term
January 2537July 2537DSP.078.2537
March 2537March 2537Budget proposal of March 2537
July 2537July 2537DSP.079.2537
August 2537August 2537CP.0044.2537 Animal Testing in Cosmetics Bill
September 2537September 2537Income tax proposal of September 2537
March 2538September 2538DSP.080.2538
June 2538September 2538End Funding to Vertical Farms
October 2538October 2538CP.0046.2538 Police Protection Bill
April 2539April 2539PUA Child Labour BILL
April 2539April 2539PUA Foreign Marriage BILL
June 2539September 2539CP.0051.2539 Water Conservation Initiative
August 2539August 2539PUA Adoption Freedom Bill
December 2539December 2543CP.Debate Child Labour Regulation Discussion RP
May 2541May 2541PPS - No Manditory Military Service
August 2541August 2541DSP.085.2451
September 2541September 2541PSFA Privitising TOCs Bill
September 2541September 2541PSFA Further Civil Liberty Reforms
September 2542September 2542DSP.088.2542
September 2542October 2542Waste Disposal Bill (2542)
December 2542October 2543CP.0055.2542 Correcting Military Law Illogicalness Bill
January 2543January 2543PSFA Civil Liberty Bill 3
February 2543February 2543Free Sekowo Coalition Cabinet Proposal
July 2543July 2543PSFA Malpracte Bill
July 2547October 2550CP.Debate Role in the Lodamun-Lourenne War RP
October 2547March 2548CP.0063.2547 Economic Growth Stimulator
January 2548January 2548Mutually Assured Destruction Proposal (2548)
July 2548July 2548DSP.106.2548
November 2548November 2548Vaccination Liberalization (2548)
June 2549June 2549PSFA Savings Bill
February 2551February 2551Power Localization (2551)
September 2551September 2551localization (2551.IC.001)
January 2552January 2552Drug Liberalization Bill (2552)
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 7
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 6
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 2
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 1
January 2555May 2556Discussion: Reconciliation and Proportional Representation
May 2555May 2555Neo-USMC Part 8
June 2555June 2555Neo-USMC Part 15
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 17
June 2556June 2556PSFA Pacifism Bill
June 2556June 2556Motto Capitalization (2556)
July 2556September 2558Tri-Decadal Army Expansion of 2542 (2559)
August 2557September 2558Statutory Damage Limit Elimination (2557)
October 2557October 2557DSP.119.2557
October 2557October 2557DSP.122.2557
January 2558January 2558CP.0066.2558 Business Incentive Stimulator
December 2558December 25582558.IC.001
June 2559July 2559CP.0070.2559 National + Private TOC Bill
June 2559March 2560CP.0067.2559 Identity Card Bill + RP
July 2559July 2559DSP.128.2559
May 2560May 2560CP.0073.2560 Defence Weaponry Correction Bill
July 2560July 2560Five Year Military Improvement Plan (2560)
July 2560October 2593CP.Debate Deltrska Federcia Colonial Expansion in Dovani
April 2561April 2561Early Elections 2561
June 2561October 2561DSP.131.2561
June 2561October 2561DSP.130.2561
June 2561October 2561DSP.133.2561
September 2561May 2562CP.0079.2562 Military Budget Increase Proposal
December 2561December 2561DSP.139.2561
December 2561December 2561DSP.138.2561
December 2561December 2561DSP.134.2561
December 2561December 2561DSP.137.2561
September 2562September 2562Proportional Cabinet Proposal of 2562
September 2562September 2562Ratification of the Anti-Deltarian Trade Alliance
October 2562April 2563CP.0082.2562 Prison Labour Bill
December 2562December 2562DSP.140.2562
January 2563January 2563DSP.145.2563
January 2563January 2594Emergency Dovani Defense
February 2563April 2563CP.0085.2562 Military Service At Times of War
February 2563June 2563Militarized Budget Proposal of February 2563
June 2563July 2563Declaration of War on Hutori
October 2563October 2563AUP.2563.5
October 2563October 2563Notification of Naval Deployment and Request for Special Mission Clearance
December 2563January 2572CP.0087.2564 Establishing the SMPRS Bill RP
January 2564January 2564PSFA War Bill
April 2564October 2593CP.Debate War with Hutori Solutions
June 2564December 2566WMD Policy Restructuring (2564)
November 2564November 2564Call for early elections, November 2564
April 2565July 2565Support Republicans in 2nd Hutori Civil War
July 2565July 2565DSP.151.2565
December 2565December 2565Five Year Air Force Improvement (2565)
January 2566January 2566Reorganization of the Carina strip Territory
October 2566December 2566Sekowan Cabinet Proposal of 2567
November 2566January 2572CP.0093.2567 Direct Payment Act
July 2567March 2568CP.0098.2567 Foreign Marriage Bill
July 2567March 2568CP.0097.2567 Private Postal Services Deregulation Bill
December 2567January 2568DSP.153.2567
January 2568January 2568DSP.154.2567
January 2568January 2568DSP.155.2568
March 2568March 2568CP.0102.2568 Internet Security Bill
March 2569July 2569AFP.1.2569 Contraceptive Bill
May 2569December 2577Political Bloc's
December 2569April 2571Sekowan Budget Revenue Proposal of 2570
February 2571February 2571DSP.162.2571
September 2571March 2572CP.0107.2571 Abortion Bill
September 2571March 2572CP.0109.2571 Water Conservation Initiative
November 2572October 2574AFP 8.2572 Higher Education Bill
September 2573January 2575Hutori War Bill
June 2574June 2574Cabinet Proposal of June 2574
September 2574September 2574Military
September 2574September 2574DSP.170.2574
October 2574October 2574AFFS 7.2574 Health Care
October 2574October 2574AFFS 9.2574 Obscenities Bill
July 2575February 2577Gov.0001.2575 (Flag)
January 2576January 2576Bill Labeling
June 2576September 2577Local Government
August 2577September 2577Cabinet Proposal of August 2577 (2577-2)
July 2578July 2578ISP.002.2577
July 2578July 2578ISP.004.2578
July 2578July 2578ISP.003.2578
October 2578November 2579AFFS 011.2678 Immigration
February 2579February 2579Capital Offense Bill (2579)
February 2579February 2579Cabinet Proposal of February 2579
April 2579April 2579AFFS 012.257 Religious Clothing
April 2579April 2579AFFS 013.2579 Religious Schools
April 2579March 2594Let's take a minute to think about this
August 2579August 2579Hutori Withdrawal (2579)
September 2579October 2579AFFS 017.2579 Free Speech and Religion (Take Two)
April 2580April 2580DSP.177.2580
June 2580May 2628Sekowo vs. Kayabuki Administrative Trial (2580)
November 2580May 2581Mil.0001.2580
April 2581April 2581Cabinet Proposal of April 2581
May 2581May 2581Mil.0002.2581
May 2581January 2582Limit on proposals
June 2581February 2583Ecology Localization (2581)
June 2581May 2628Sekowo vs. Kayabuki Administrative Trial (2580) Vote
October 2581September 2582AFFS 020.2581 Identity Cards
December 2581December 2581Military Spending Increase Initiative
December 2581December 2581DSP.182.2581
June 2582January 2594Southern Dovani Security Initiative
February 2583February 2583Hunting and Fishing Localization (2583)
October 2585October 2585DSP.186.2585
October 2585October 2585DSP.187.2585
September 2586September 2586Cabinet Proposal of September 2586
June 2587June 2587DSP.189.2587
June 2587June 2587DSP.188.2587
January 2589May 2589Bestiality Regulation (2589)
January 2589April 2590Judgment/Punishment/Finish
March 2589May 2593Kayabuki ex post facto Sentencing
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.14
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.7
July 2590July 2590DSP.193.2590
October 2590June 2591CP.0112.2590 Strike Regulation Bill
October 2590June 2591CP.0110.2590 Green Car Initiative
April 2591April 2591Budget proposal of April 2591
May 2591September 2593Gov.0004.2591
July 2591March 2592CP.0117.2591 Prostitution Bill
July 2591March 2592CP.0116.2591 Gov't Gated Communities Bill
July 2591March 2592CP.0119.2591 Refugee Aid Bill
July 2591March 2592CP.0118.2591 Sales Relief Bill
July 2592October 2599Declaration of War on Trigunia (2592)
December 2592February 2593Gov.0005.2592
June 2594March 2595SIP.2594.002 Military and Civilian Police Cooperation Act
December 2595December 2595Gov.0005.2595
June 2596March 2601Sekowo Census
October 2596March 2597DSP.199.2596
February 2597February 2597Limited Treaty Withdrawal (2597)
April 2597April 2597Cabinet Proposal of April 2597
June 2597June 2597DSP.201.2597
July 2597July 2597SIP.2597.004 Rights of Civilians to Gather
July 2597July 2597SIP.2597.003 Civilian Police Force Lethality Adjustment Act
July 2597January 2598Military Reform (2597)
January 2598March 2598SIP.2598.006 Clarification of National Radio Policy
February 2598June 2598SIP.2598.007 Regarding Prostitution as a Recognized Profession (Detail)
March 2598July 2598SIP.2597.003a Civilian Police Training Guidelines (Detail)
May 2598May 2598DSP.207.2598
July 2598July 2598SIP.2598.008 Localization of Non-Domestic Animal Policy
September 2598October 2598AFFS 023.2598 Lawsuit Reform
October 2598October 2598DSP.208.2598
October 2598October 2598AFFS 026.2598 International Media Deregulation
October 2598March 2599CP.0120.2598 Capital Punishment Bill
October 2598October 2599Ele.0001.2598
April 2599April 2599DSP.209.2599
August 2599August 2599Refugee and Disaster Aid Bill (2599)
February 2601February 2601Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
May 2601May 2601DSP.216.2601
July 2602October 2602Gov.0006.2602
October 2602October 2602Gov.0007.2602
January 2603January 2603Cabinet Proposal of January 2603
July 2603July 2603Gov.0008.2603 (Early Elections)
July 2603August 2603Gov.0009.2603
February 2605February 2605Cabinet Proposal of 2605
August 2605August 2605Regional Court Introduction (2605)
September 2605September 2605Income tax proposal of 2605
March 2606March 2606Gov.0012.2606
March 2606March 2606DSP.226.2606
March 2606March 2606Budget proposal of 2606
April 2607August 2607Prytanis Renaming (2607)
August 2607January 2635Ele.0002.2635
February 2608February 2608Cabinet Proposal of February 2608
May 2608May 2608Supplemental Tax Restoration Bill (2608)
July 2608July 2608DSP.233.2608
July 2608July 2608DSP.232.2608
July 2608December 2608AFFS 029.2608 Responsibility in Legislation
December 2608December 2608AFFS 030.2608 Religious School Deregulation
December 2608December 2608AFFS 031.2608 Religous Advertising
August 2609August 2611Gov.0014.2609
August 2613August 2613DSP.237.2613
January 2614January 2614DSP.238.2614
September 2614October 2614DSP.238.2614
October 2614October 2614Cabinet Proposal of October 2614
October 2614July 2616Gov.0016.2614
December 2614December 2614Copyright Reform
June 2616June 2616Education Reform
June 2616June 2616Agricultural Reform
June 2616June 2616Nationalization of Power Production
June 2616June 2616Nationalization of Banks
July 2616July 2616Cabinet Proposal of 2616
March 2618March 2618DSP.241.2618
July 2620January 2622Sekowo Sovereignty
July 2621July 2621Gov.0018.2621 (Early Elections)
June 2622July 2622Education Bill
December 2622December 2622Population Control Bill
January 2623January 2623DSP.249.2623
January 2623January 2623DSP.247.2623
January 2623December 2637Gov.0019.2623
October 2624October 2624Slander Law (2624)
October 2624October 2624Software Reform (2624)
November 2625November 2625SF.004.2625
January 2626January 2626Gov.0020.2626
March 2626March 2626DSP.253.2626
March 2626March 2626DSP.252.2626
February 2627February 2627Reasonable Industry Act (2627)
February 2630February 2630DSP.258.2630
September 2630January 2631Mil.0003.2630
February 2631February 2631Cabinet Proposal of February 2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.266.2631
August 2631August 2631Firearm Reform (2631)
August 2631August 2631Income tax proposal of August 2631
July 2632July 2632DSP.269.2632
September 2632September 2632Military Emergency Powers Act (2632)
September 2632September 2632Prison Reform (2632)
October 2632October 2632Abolishment of Research & Development into biological and chemical weapons
February 2634February 2634Chemical Research Bill (2634)
April 2634April 2634Cabinet Proposal of April 2634
September 2635March 2636Home Education Bill
October 2635February 2636Ratification of the Sekowo-Al'badara Free Trade and Friendship Agreement
December 2636December 2636SIP.011.2636 Punishment in Education Reform
December 2637December 2637Mil.0004.2637
April 2638April 2638DSP.281.2638
October 2638October 2638DSP.282.2638
April 2640April 2640Religious Neutrality Act (2640)
April 2640April 2640Court Regionalization (2640)
November 2640November 2640Revised Education Reform (2640)
February 2641August 2641Gov.0022.2641
June 2647June 2647Foreign Aid Reform (1647)
September 2647November 2647Health Localization (2647)
March 2649August 2649DSP.301.2649 (Military Platform)
September 2649September 2649DSP.303.2649
December 2649July 2650Welfare Reform (2650)
February 2650February 2650DSP.304.2650
May 2650May 2650Abortion Bill
January 2652January 2652Cabinet Proposal of 2652
July 2652July 2652Gov.0024.2652 (Early Elections)
July 2652April 2653Religious Equality Act (2653)
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.29
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.24
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.22
April 2653October 2653Reduction of Welfare State (2653)
April 2653January 2654CP.0138.2563 Nudity Reduction Bill
July 2653July 2653Joint SLC-SSCP Announcement
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.34
October 2653October 2653Cabinet Proposal of October 2653
October 2653October 2653Economic Moderation Act (2653)
October 2653March 2654Military Reform (2653)
December 2653December 2653AUP.2653.43
January 2654February 2655Moderate Ecological Policy Reform (2564)
March 2654October 2678Government Agenda
April 2654April 2654DSP.307.2654
June 2654June 2654Upper-Class Welfare Phone Service Elimination Act (2654)
June 2654June 2654Innovation and Creativity Promotion Act (2654)
June 2654July 2654Underage Alcohol Prohibition Act
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.49
August 2654October 2654CP.0140.2654 Identity Card Bill
September 2654December 2655CP.0143.2654 LED Lighting Act
December 2654December 2654Power System Innovation Act (2654)
December 2654December 2654Fishing Sustainablity Act (2654)
January 2655January 2655Additional Judicial Oversight Act (2655)
January 2655January 2655Leglislative Reform! (2655)
January 2655January 2655Employment Encouragement Act (2655)
January 2655September 2656Gov.0027.2655 Action after FIFA scandal
February 2655February 2655Industrial Hemp Legalization and Regulation Act (2655)
May 2655May 2655Gov.0026.2655 (Early Elections)
June 2655December 2655CP.0149.2655 Charter School Bill
July 2655December 2655DSP.310.2656 (Civil Rights)
December 2655January 2656CP.0157.2655 Mayor Election Bill
June 2656June 2656Budget proposal of June 2656
September 2656September 2656Energy Regulation Compromise Act of 2656
September 2656March 2658Gov.0028.2656 Amendment to Party Representation
November 2656November 2656Foreign Interests Enhancement Act (2656)
November 2656December 2656CP.0160.2656 Cultural Localization Bill
March 2657March 2657Working Hours Regulation Act (2657)
April 2657April 2657Cabinet Proposal of April 2657
June 2657June 2657CENSUS!
June 2657June 2657Income tax proposal of June 2657
July 2657July 2657Abortion Localization (2657)
August 2657August 2657Freedom of Thought Act (2657)
September 2657September 2657Abortion Moderation Act (2657)
November 2657November 2657Charter School Regulation Codification Act (2657)
November 2657November 2657Moral Hazard in Health Care Elimination Act (2657)
November 2657November 2657Prescription Drug Benefit Incease Act (2657)
December 2657April 2662Gov.0029.2657 The Fair Apportionment Act of 2662
May 2658May 2658DSP.313.2658
May 2658June 2658Economic Localization (2658)
June 2658April 2659Pornography Localization (2659)
August 2658August 2658Weapon Concealment Regulation Act (2658)
February 2659February 2659Extradition Reform (2659)
February 2659February 2659Energy Localization (2659)
February 2659February 2659Freedom of Police Act (2659)
February 2659February 2659Healthcare Localization (2659)
February 2659February 2659Immigrant Reform (2659)
March 2659March 2659Logging Industry Regulation Act (2659)
December 2659December 2659DSP.320.2660
June 2660June 2660Standards Localization Bill (2660)
June 2660July 2660CP.0171.2660 Military Strength Bill
June 2660July 2660CP.0174.2660 Software Bill
June 2660July 2660CP.0172.2660 Energy Privatization Bill
September 2660December 2661Media Equality Act (2660)
October 2660October 2660Call for early elections, October 2660
October 2660May 2661Working Day Regulation Act (2660)
November 2660May 2661DSP.321.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.330.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.324.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.322.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.323.2660
May 2661May 2661Cabinet Proposal of 2661
September 2661September 2661Community Policing Act (2661)
September 2661September 2661Pornography Production Legalization Act (2661)
September 2661September 2661Stock Exchange National Regulatory Policy Act (2661)
October 2661October 2661LSDR.1.2661.Malpractice Suits
October 2661October 2661LSDR.2.2661.Pre-School Education
November 2661November 2661LSDR.3.2661.Contraception
December 2661December 2661LSDR.6.2661.Library Funding
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.54
June 2662June 2662Gov.0030.2662
September 2662September 2662LSDR.13.2662.Pension
September 2662September 2662LSDR.12.2662.IAEA Withdrawl
January 2663May 2663DSP.331.2663
March 2663March 2663LSDR.17.2663.Chemical and Biological Weapons2
March 2663March 2663LSDR.16.2663.Biological and Chemical Weaponry
March 2663April 2663LSDR.18.2663.Pornography Purchasing
May 2663May 2663DSP.333.2663
May 2663May 2663DSP.338.2663
May 2663May 2663DSP.234.2663
September 2663September 2663LSDR.24.2663
September 2663September 2663LSDR.27.2663
November 2663November 2663LSDR.29.2663
May 2664May 2664Gov.0033.2664
June 2664June 2664LSDR.37.2664
August 2664March 2669Discussion: Sekowan Federal Defense Highway System
October 2664October 2664Gov.0034.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.342.2664
January 2666January 2666Gov.0035.2666
January 2666May 2666DSP.350.2666
January 2666May 2666DSP.349.2666
January 2666May 2666DSP.347.2666
April 2667April 2667CP.0196.2667 Localized Education Bill
May 2667May 2667FWP.2.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.360.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.358.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.356.2667
April 2668April 2668Cabinet Proposal of April 2668
May 2668May 2668DSP.363.2668
May 2668May 2668FWP.5.2668
May 2668May 2668DSP.365.2668
June 2668June 2669Gov.0038.2668
September 2668December 2668Gov.0039.2668
December 2668January 2669Gov.0040.2668
December 2669April 2670Gov.0041.2669
February 2670April 2670Gov.0042.2670
April 2670April 2670DSP.369.2670
October 2670October 2670Gov.0044.2670
June 2671December 2671Gov.0047.2671 Amendment to Election Law
October 2672July 2673CP.0207.2673 Local Appointment Method Bill
October 2672June 2674CP.0208.2674 Death Penalty Bill
July 2673July 2673Gov.0053.2673 Minor Budget Proposal
March 2675June 2675DSP.380.2675
April 2676April 2676DSP.381.2676
September 2676October 2676Gov.0058.2676 Income Tax Proposal
December 2677July 2680Mil.0005.2677
June 2678June 2678Gov.0061.2678
June 2679June 2679Gov.0062.2679
September 2679September 2679Gov.0063.2679 Dovani Territorial Defence Organization Draft
November 2679March 2684Actions of Lourenne
January 2680January 2680Gov.0064.2680 Ratification of the Dovani Territorial Defence Organization Treaty
September 2680September 2680Minister of Defence Bill
September 2680September 2680Government Agenda
August 2682February 2683DSP.389.2682
August 2682February 2683DSP.390.2682
April 2683April 2683Gov.0067.2683
January 2684January 2684DSP.398.2684
March 2684March 2684Gov.0070.2684
September 2684September 2684Gov.0071.2684
October 2684December 2684Mil.0005.2684
April 2685April 2686Gov.0073.2685
November 2685November 2685Gov.0074.2685
April 2687April 2687Gov.0078.2687
May 2687April 2701Empire Discussion
December 2687May 2689DSP.409.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.408.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.404.2688
April 2688April 2688Gov.0080.2688
July 2688May 2689DSP.416.2688
December 2689December 2689Gov.0082.2689
July 2690July 2690Gov.0082.2690
November 2690May 2691Gov.0083.2690
November 2690May 2691GNP.002.2690
May 2691May 2691Gov.0084.2691
May 2691May 2691GNP.010.2691
May 2691June 2696DSP.421.2691
November 2691November 2691A Good Idea
December 2691December 2691Civil Freedoms
December 2691December 2691Capitalism
January 2692January 2692Counter Measures #2
July 2692July 2692Federalism Enhancement (LMC - 2692)
August 2692September 2692AFL.Eco.0001.2692
September 2692September 2692GNP Economy 2692
June 2693June 2693Gov.0087.2693
June 2695January 2696Gov.0085.2695
June 2695October 2699Gov.0084.2695
June 2695October 2699Gov.0086.2695
November 2695August 2696Mil.0006.2695
September 2700September 2700GNP.013.2700
January 2701January 2701CUTE.005.2701 Countering the omnibus bills
April 2702April 2702DSP.433.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.429.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.428.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.427.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.434.2702
April 2703April 2703Gov.0093.2703
December 2707December 2707DSP.437.2707
September 2708September 2708Cabinet Proposal of September 2708
October 2708October 2708DSP.445.2708
May 2710November 2710DSP.457.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.456.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.451.2710
May 2710November 2710Gov.0096.2710
March 2712March 2712Gov.0097.2712 Axing the Taxes
April 2712April 2712Gov.0098.2712 Axing the Corporate Taxing
January 2713January 2713Call for early elections, January 2713
February 2713April 2713Gov.0099.2713
February 2713March 2714.
April 2713April 2713Cabinet Proposal of April 2713
June 2713June 2713CUTE.011.2713 Education
December 2715December 2715Gov.102.2715
December 2715December 2715DSP.461.2715
June 2717June 2717Gov.104..2717
May 2720May 2720Gov.106.2720
June 2722June 2722Gov.108.2722
June 2722May 2727DSP.489.2722
August 2723November 2723Gov.111.2723
August 2723November 2723Gov.110.2723 (Empire Bill IV)
February 2726February 2726Gov.112.2726
September 2727September 2727Environment
September 2727September 2727Collective Farms
June 2728June 2728CUTE.012.2728 Anti-Abstain
September 2728September 2728Socialist Industry
September 2728September 2728Healthcare
September 2728September 2728People's Computers
September 2728September 2728Banks
December 2730December 2730Cabinet Proposal of December 2730
June 2734June 2734Cabinet Proposal of June 2734
May 2737October 2737DSP.496.2737
September 2739September 2739CDP.2739.002
September 2739September 2739CDP.2739.001
February 2745February 2745CUTE.016.2745
February 2745February 2745CUTE.015.2745 Ecology
August 2755August 2755DSP.497.2755
April 2756March 2757DSP.498.2756
September 2759May 2760SUN.001.2759 Patient's Bill of Rights
September 2759September 2760SUN.002.2659 Educational Diversity Act
April 2764October 2766SUN.006.2764 National Service Plan
August 2764August 2766CP.0224.2766 Corporation Regulation Bill
August 2764August 2766CP.0223.2766 Private Housing Bill
September 2765July 2767SUN.007.2765 Nuclear Disarmament Act
January 2766January 2766Cabinet Proposal of January 2766
December 2769February 2771SUN.009.2769 Freedom of Religion Act
October 2772February 2773SUN.011.2772 Safe Science Act
February 2774February 2774DSP.504.2774
February 2779February 2779SUN.15.2779 Sustainable Agriculture
May 2783October 2783CP.0232.2783 Private Transport Bill
May 2783October 2783CP.0230.2783 Local Appointment Method Bill
October 2783December 2783CP.0234.2783 Localized Alcohol and Smoke Purchasing Bill
January 2784January 2784Gov.117.2784 Cabinet Proposal A
January 2784February 2784Gov.118.2784 Cabinet Proposal B
April 2790April 2790Gov.119.2790 Cabinet Proposal
April 2790December 2790CP.0238.2790 Nuclear Weaponry Bill
November 2793November 2793Gov.120.2793 Cabinet Proposal
February 2798February 2798Gov.121.2798 Call for early elections
March 2798March 2798Gov.122.2798 Cabinet Proposal
November 2800November 2800DSP.507.2800
November 2800November 2800DSP.506.2800
November 2800November 2800DSP.505.2800
May 2802May 2802CP.0241.2802 Corporation Tax Reduction
May 2802May 2802Gov.124.2802 Budget Spending Proposal
May 2802May 2802Gov.123.2802 Income Tax Proposal
May 2804May 2804UICS 0005
May 2804May 2804UICS 0003
May 2804May 2804UICS 0002
March 2808September 2808EP Civil Proposition 1: Due Punishment
March 2808September 2808EP Civil Proposition 2: Sexual Education
April 2808October 2808Adoption Act
April 2808October 2808Enviromental And Justice Reforms
April 2808October 2808military reforms
August 2808September 2808Bill of Kemal Haydaroglu
September 2809September 2809Religon Bill
November 2809November 2809Ecology and forin policy reforms
December 2809February 2810Reforms
October 2811April 2812Reforms to Military
February 2812August 2812Fair Use of Land act
November 2824November 2824DSP.513.2824
November 2824November 2824DSP.512.2824
November 2824November 2824DSP.511.2824
November 2824November 2824DSP.510.2824
November 2824November 2824DSP.509.2824
November 2824December 2824DSP.515.2824
November 2824December 2824DSP.514.2824
October 2825May 2826DSP.320.2825
October 2825May 2826DSP.519.2825
October 2825May 2826DSP.518.2825
May 2826May 2826Gov.116.2826
May 2826May 2826Gov.115.2826
May 2826May 2826Gov.114.2826
June 2840June 2840Localization of Appointment Methods (IC.2840.006-R2)
June 2840June 2840Privatization of Energy (IC.2840.009-R2)
June 2840June 2840Liberalization of Defense Industries (IC.2840.005-R2)
June 2840June 2840Liberalization for Internet Providers (IC.2840.011-R2)
June 2840June 2840Liberalization of Education (IC.2840.010-R2)
June 2840June 2840Privzation of Utilities (IC.2840.008-R2)
June 2840June 2840Privatization of Healthcare (IC.2840.007-R2)
June 2840June 2840Localization of Food and Drink Regulation (IC.2840.004-R2)
December 2843December 2843Agricultural Reform (IC.2843)
January 2852January 2852DSP.520.2852
January 2852January 28522852 Cabinet Proposal
March 2852April 2852Imperial Family Change
September 2852September 2852Bdgt.00001.2852
September 2852January 2853DSP.521.2852
January 2853January 2853DSP.522.2853
March 2854June 2855Imperial Title Change
December 2855December 2855Cbn.0001.2855
December 2855December 2855DSP.523.2855
April 2858July 2859Name Change Discussion
August 2865August 2865Cbn.0003.2865
March 2866March 2866Call for early elections, March 2866
November 2866November 2866Gov.117.2866 (Name Change)
September 2867January 2868Environmental Protection Act
March 2868March 2868Gov.118.2868
October 2869January 2872Region Renaming (Gov.119.2869)
June 2873June 2873Second Electoral Reform Act
June 2873June 2873Elections Reform Act of 2873
June 2873June 2873Cabinet Reform Act
February 2874February 2874Isolationist Act of 2874
February 2874February 2874Income tax proposal of February 2874
February 2874February 2874Cabinet Proposal of February 2874
March 2874March 2874Budget proposal of March 2874
July 2874July 2874Ratification of the Fort William Agreement
March 2875March 2875Ratification of the Elizabethtown Agreement
August 2879August 2879Health Care Reform
August 2879August 2879Country Changes
August 2879August 2879Treaty Withdrawal
September 2880September 2880Cabinet Proposal of September 2880
February 2882February 2882Ratification of the World Wide Human Rights Agreement
March 2882April 2882Changes
March 2882August 2882Budget proposal of March 2882
March 2882August 2882Income tax proposal of March 2882
August 2882August 2882SDP.2.2882
August 2882August 2882SDP.1.1882
February 2883February 2883SDP.6.2883
February 2883February 2883SDP.5.2883
February 2883February 2883SDP.4.2883
February 2883February 2883SDP.3.2883
February 2883February 2883SDP.7.2883
August 2883September 2883Cabinet Proposal of August 2883
September 2884September 2884Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
April 2885April 2885Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
August 2885August 2885Ratification of the Emancimation bill
August 2885March 2886Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
March 2886March 2886Flag Restoration Act of 2886
January 2887January 2887Cabinet Proposal of January 2887
February 2887February 2887Kasmenai Capital Act of 2887
February 2887February 2887Red-Orange Coalition
August 2889August 2889The People's Alliance
March 2890March 2890Income tax proposal of March 2890
April 2890April 2890Call for early elections, April 2890
February 2891February 2891Renaming Act of 2891
February 2891March 2891Creation of a Semi-Presidential Democracy
September 2891September 2891Ratification of the Recognition of the Commonwealth of Yishelem and Beiteynu
February 2894February 2894Cabinet Proposal of February 2894
August 2894August 2894National Reform Act of 2894
September 2894September 2894Ratification of the Embargo of Nations that Suppress Freedom of Religion
January 2897January 2897Constitutional Reform of 2897
September 2898September 2898Desolution Act of 2898
September 2898September 2898Cabinet Proposal of September 2898
February 2906July 2906Call for early elections, (When current bills pass) 2906
January 2907May 2907Restriction of Alcoholic Beverages (2907)
January 2907May 2907Body Purity Act (2907)
March 2907July 2907Budget proposal of March 2907
April 2907July 2907Ratification of the Interpol
April 2907July 2907Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
April 2907July 2907Stock Exchange Act 2907
April 2907July 2907Labor Union Act 2907
April 2907July 2907Slander and Libel Act 2907
April 2907July 2907Civil Rights Act 2907
May 2907May 2907National Libraries Act.2907
May 2907May 2907Military Reform Act.2907
May 2907May 2907Administrative Reform Act.2907
May 2907May 2907Renaming of Regions and Cities Act.2907
May 2907May 2907Sales Tax Proposal (2907)
May 2907May 2907Fair Abortions Act.2907
July 2907July 2907Prison Labor Act (2907)
July 2907September 2908Devolution Act 2907
July 2907September 2908Protection of Non-Adult Workers Act 2907
August 2907September 2908Intellectual Property Act 2907
August 2907September 2908Ratification of the Northeastern Terran Union
August 2907September 2908Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
January 2908January 2908Call for early elections, January 2908
January 2908January 2908Cabinet Proposal of January 2908
February 2908February 2908Cabinet Proposal of February 2908
February 2908February 2908Budget proposal of February 2908
February 2908February 2908Income tax proposal of February 2908
March 2908September 2908Energy Privatization Act 2908
March 2908September 2908Non-Partisan Civil Service Act 2908
July 2908July 2908Income tax proposal of July 2908
August 2908August 2908Call for early elections, August 2908
September 2908September 2908Foreign Aid Act 2905
September 2908September 2908Administrative Capitals Act 2908 (Amended)
September 2908September 2908Sekowo Day Act 2908
September 2908September 2908Administrative Capitals Act 2908
September 2908September 2908Value Added Tax Act 2908
September 2908September 2908Cabinet Proposal of September 2908
September 2908September 2908Income tax proposal of September 2908
September 2908September 2908Budget proposal of September 2908
September 2908September 2908Sekowan Investment Act 2908
October 2908October 2908National Anthem in Schools Act 2908
October 2908October 2908Age of Majority Act 2908
October 2908October 2908Compulsory Education Act 2908
October 2908October 2908Vaccination Act 2908
October 2908October 2908Anti-Censorship Act 2908
October 2908December 2908Parliamentary Procedures Act 2908
October 2908February 2909Military Reform Act 2908
October 2908February 2909Cybercrime Act 2908
October 2908February 2909Devolution Act 2908
October 2908February 2909Animal Testing Act 2908
October 2908October 2909Forestry Act 2908
December 2908April 2911Recreational Drug Use Act 2911
February 2909February 2909Religious Schools Act 2909
February 2909February 2909Religious Taxation Act 2909
February 2909February 2909Pension Reform Act 2909
February 2909February 2909Energy Privatization Act 2909
February 2909February 2909Eminent Domain Act 2909
February 2909February 2909Public Transport Act 2909
February 2909February 2909Public Works Act 2909
March 2909March 2909Prison Labor Act 2909
March 2909March 2909Eminent Domain Act 2909 (Amended)
March 2909October 2909Emergencies Act 2909
November 2909November 2909Public Housing Act (2909)
January 2910January 2910Budget proposal of January 2910
April 2910August 2910Alcohol Consumption Act 2910
April 2910August 2910National ID Act 2910
July 2910July 2910Call for early elections, July 2910
July 2910August 2910Federal Commonwealth of Sekowo Act 2910
July 2910August 2910Ratification of the Dovani Territorial Defence Organization
July 2910August 2910Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organization (NATO)
August 2910September 2910Amendment to Federal Commonwealth of Sekowo Act 2910 (National Motto)
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On Medical Drugs
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On The RIghts of the Workers
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement on Infrastructure and the Right to Property
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On the Rights of the Soldier
September 2911September 2911Freedom to Wear Religious Clothing Act 2911
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On Public Health
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the Dovani Common Market Area
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On Justice
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On Education
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
September 2911September 2911Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
March 2912March 2912Budget proposal of March 2912
March 2912March 2912Corporate Tax Act 2912
March 2912March 2912Income tax proposal of March 2912
September 2912March 2913Ratification of the Dranian Ecotourism Initiative
October 2912October 2912Call for early elections, October 2912
January 2914January 2914Call for early elections, January 2914
January 2914January 2914Budget proposal of January 2914
January 2914January 2914Cabinet Proposal of January 2914
January 2914January 2914Income tax proposal of January 2914
January 2914February 2914Budget proposal of January 2914
June 2916June 2916Cabinet Proposal of June 2916
June 2916June 2916Call for early elections, June 2916
June 2916June 2916Budget proposal of June 2916
July 2917July 2917Value Added Tax Act 2917
July 2917July 2917Income tax proposal of July 2917
August 2917August 2917Ratification of the Terrean Trade Board
August 2917August 2917Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
August 2917August 2917Ratification of the International Space Agency
December 2917June 2918Smoking Regulation Act 2917
December 2917June 2918Privacy Act 2917
December 2917June 2918Public Decency Liberalization Act 2917
December 2917June 2918Firearm Regulation Act 2917
December 2917June 2918Environmental Policy Reform Act 2917
December 2917June 2918Abortion Rights Act 2917
May 2918May 2918Call for early elections, May 2918
May 2918May 2918Income tax proposal of May 2918
May 2918June 2918Currency Act 2918
May 2918June 2918Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
May 2918June 2918Ratification of the Missile Defense Shield
June 2918June 2918Ratification of the International Agreement on Freedom of Religion
June 2918August 2918National Anthem Act 2918
August 2918August 2918Ratification of the International Atomic Energy Agency
November 2918November 2918Emergencies Act 2918
November 2918November 2918Budget proposal of November 2918
January 2919January 2919Foreign Investment Act 2919
January 2919January 2919Withdrawal from International Agreement On The Rights of the Workers Act 2919
October 2923June 2924Reversal of Multicultural Madness Act
October 2923June 2924No kakuritsu bakufu (の確立幕府)
May 2924June 2924Cabinet Proposal of May 2924
October 2924October 2924Budget proposal of October 2924
October 2924October 2924Income tax proposal of October 2924
November 2924November 2924Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
November 2924March 2925Privatization Act
November 2925November 2925Will of the Empire
October 2926October 2926Will of the Empire 2
May 2927May 2927Name Change Amended
January 2928January 2928AUP 88
April 2928April 2928Election Declared, April 2928
May 2928December 2928Peoples' Education Reform Act of 2928
May 2928December 2928Peoples' Economic Reform Act of 2928
July 2928December 2928AUP 99
July 2928December 2928AUP 110
July 2928December 2928AUP 98
July 2928December 2928AUP 107
July 2928December 2928AUP 97
July 2928December 2928AUP 106
July 2928December 2928AUP 95
July 2928December 2928AUP 105
July 2928December 2928AUP 113
July 2928December 2928AUP 94
July 2928December 2928AUP 103
July 2928December 2928AUP 112
July 2928December 2928AUP 101
July 2928December 2928AUP 111
December 2928December 2928Democratic Reforms of 2928
June 2929June 2929Referendum on Imperial Expansion
September 2929September 2929Approval of Imperial Policy towards Dorantochi
September 2929September 2929Imperial Cabinet 2929
September 2929November 2929Ratification of the Inclusion of Deulatoji into the Eternal Harmony and Empire Magnificent
May 2933May 2933Cabinet Proposal of May 2933
May 2933May 2933Cabinet Proposal of May 2933
May 2933August 2933New Imperial Alignment
July 2933July 2933Call for early elections, July 2933
May 2934May 2934Several Acts
May 2934May 2934Constitutional Convention of the Victorious Emperors
June 2934June 2934National Identity Act 2934
January 2935January 2935Slight Modification
December 2935December 2935Call for early elections, December 2935
March 2936March 2936Cabinet Proposal of March 2936
June 2936June 2936Call for early elections, June 2936
May 2937May 2937Cabinet Proposal of May 2937
May 2937May 2937Welfare Act
May 2937May 2937Secularism Bill
May 2937May 2937Broader Controls Act 2937
June 2937October 2938The Partition of Sekowo Act, 2937
August 2937August 2937Cabinet Proposal of August 2937
May 2938September 2957OOC: Culture Update
April 2939November 2942Official Census 2942
January 2940January 2940Civil Justice Reform
May 2940December 2940Head of State Title
January 2941January 2941Military and Foregin Relations reform
September 2941September 2941SAVE THE ANIMALS!
September 2942September 2942Cabinet Proposal of September 2942
July 2946July 2946Hirofumi Economics Act of 2946
May 2947May 2947IPP 129
May 2947May 2947IPP 127
May 2947May 2947IPP 126
May 2947May 2947IPP 125
May 2947May 2947IPP 118
May 2947May 2947IPP 115
October 2947October 2947Gaijin Expulsion Act, 2947
July 2948July 2948Cabinet Proposal of July 2948
May 2949May 2949Offical Support and Shelter for the Brave Freedom Fighters of the Green Saber
February 2950February 2950Creation of Embassy in Holy Selucian Empire
June 2950June 2950Ratification of the Creation of Sekowan Embassy within Holy Selucian Empire
November 2950November 2950OOC; Flag Fix
January 2952January 2952Foreign Relations Reform
June 2954September 2954Message of Support to the Holy Selucian Empire in it's Struggle Against Axis Aggression
June 2954October 2954Global Warming is a Hoax
March 2955March 2955Morality act
October 2956October 2956Government Reform Act Part I
June 2957June 2957Military Reform Act of 2957
June 2957June 2957Cabinet Proposal of June 2957
June 2957June 2957Annexation and Reunification Act of 2957
August 2957August 2957Normalisation of the Monarchial Structure Act 2957
September 2957September 2957Gaijin Reexpulsion Act 2957
April 2958April 2958Appointment of Obana Basilius Koike to the Shogunate
November 2959March 2962Approval of Troop Deployment Along Northern Frontier
May 2961May 2961Cabinet Proposal of May 2961
July 2961March 2962Reconciliation Act
February 2962February 2962Healthcare Reform
March 2962March 2962Restoration of the Imperial Flag Act
April 2962April 2962TKS.0005.2962
April 2962April 2962TKS.0004.2962
June 2962June 2962Budget proposal of June 2962
June 2962June 2962Fairer taxation system
June 2962October 2962Response to Commonwealth blockade
November 2962November 2962Message of Support and Congratulation to Indrala's New Monarchy
November 2962November 2962Restoring Kasmenai
November 2962October 2963Post-War Census
November 2962July 2966TKS.0011.2966 (City Renaming)
March 2963March 2963TKS.0010.2962
March 2963March 2963TKS.0008.2962
March 2963March 2963TKS.0007.2962
March 2963May 2963Budget proposal of March 2963
September 2963September 2963Capital City Restoration Act
November 2963November 2963Approval for company to operate within our borders
January 2964July 2964Infrastructure reform 2964
September 2964September 2964Environmental UnProtection Act 2964
November 2964November 2964Arrest Warrant for Miyako Ishida
January 2965January 2965Cabinet Proposal of January 2965
October 2966October 2966Media Demonpolisation Act 2966
October 2966October 2966Anti-Traitor Cabinet Proposal of October 2966
November 2966November 2966TKS.0014.2966
November 2966November 2966TKS.0015.2966
November 2966January 2968TKS.0020.2966
November 2966January 2968TKS.0019.2966
November 2966January 2968TKS.0017.2966
November 2966January 2968TKS.0016.2966
January 2968August 2968Draft of New Constitutional Articles II
August 2968August 2968TSK.0021.2968
August 2968July 2982TSK Constitutional Revisions
June 2969June 2969TSK.0025.2969
June 2969June 2969TSK.0023.2969
June 2969June 2969TSK.0022.2969
July 2970July 2970TSK.0026.2970
October 2970October 2970Shūfuku Undō-Taisei Gekokujō Cabinet 2970
April 2971April 2971Command and Control Act - 2971
August 2971August 2971TSK.0027.2971
July 2972July 2972Peace Act of 2972
December 2975December 2975Sekowan Media Reform Act of 2976
December 2975December 2975Foreign Relations Renewal Act of 2976
December 2975December 2975Decency Act of 2976
May 2976May 2976Cbn.0001.2976
August 2976August 2976Polygamy Bill of 2976
November 2980November 2980Abdication of Empress Kumiko Yukio
July 2981July 2981Tsang Health Act of 2981
July 2981July 2981Constitutional Reform Act of 2981
July 2981July 2981Tran Educational Policy Act of 2981
May 2982May 2982Call for early elections, May 2982
May 2982July 2982Lee-Costeau New Dawn Act of 2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0029.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0033.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0028.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0032.2982
July 2982July 2982Bgt.0002.2982
July 2982July 2982Bgt.0001.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0035.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0031.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0034.2982
July 2982July 2982TSK.0030.2982
June 2984June 2984Call for early elections, June 2984
June 2984June 2984Cabinet Proposal of June 2984
July 2984July 2984TSK.0040.2984
July 2984July 2984TSK.0039.2984
July 2984July 2984TSK.0038.2984
July 2984July 2984TSK.0037.2984
July 2984July 2984TSK.0036.2984
July 2984July 2984Gov.0001.2984
January 2986January 2986Gov.0002.2986
January 2986January 2986TSK.0041.2986
January 2986January 2986Cbn.0002.2986
August 2987August 2987Gov.0003.2987
February 2995February 2995TSK.0042.2995
January 2996January 2996Kenpō no Sekouo
October 3015October 3015Transition to the Empire of Great Sekowo Act
October 3015October 3015Treaty Withdraw Bill of 3015
October 3015October 3015Cabinet Proposal of October 3015
October 3015October 3015Cabinet Proposal Bill of 3015
October 3015November 3015Economics Bill of 3015
November 3015November 3015Military Bill of 3015
November 3015November 3015Health Bill of 3015
November 3015June 3016Title Fix Bill of 3016
June 3016June 3016Gun Rights Bill of 3016
June 3016June 3016Welfare Bill of 3016
June 3016June 3016Ecology Bill of 3016
June 3016June 3016Civil Lib Bill of 3016
June 3016June 3016Death Penalty Bill of 3016
June 3016June 3016Police Power Bill of 3016
June 3019June 3019TSK.0044.3019
June 3019June 3019TSK.0043.3019
June 3019June 3019TSK.0042.3019
June 3019June 3019Gov.0004.3019
June 3019June 3019Cbn.0003.3019
June 3019June 3019TSK.0045.3019
May 3020May 3020Kenpō no Sekouo (2)
July 3023July 3023TSK.0046.3023
July 3023July 3023TSK.0047.3023
May 3024May 3024Gov.0006.3024
May 3024May 3024Gov.0005.3024
November 3032May 3033Gov.0005.3032
May 3036May 3036Ele.0001.3036
June 3036June 3036Cabinet Proposal of June 3036
June 3036June 3036Income tax proposal of June 3036
June 3036June 3036United National Liberation Act.3036
January 3038January 3038Ele.0002.3038
February 3038February 3038Cbnt.0005.3038
February 3038February 3038Bgt.0003.3038
March 3038March 3038Gov.0007.3038
March 3038March 3038Gov.0008.3038
May 3043May 3043Ele.0003.3043
June 3055June 3055Cabinet Proposal of June 3055
June 3055June 3055Income tax proposal of June 3055
June 3055June 3055Awareness (Ishiki) 意識 3055
June 3055June 3055Liberation (Kaihō) 解放 3055
June 3055June 3055Leadership (Rīdāshippu) リーダーシップ 3055
August 3055August 3055Budget proposal of August 3055
September 3055September 3055Ratification of the Sekowo-Talmoria Treaty of Friendship
September 3055September 3055Settlement (Kessai) 決済 3055
September 3055September 3055Rebirth (Saisei) 再生 3055
September 3055September 3055Guidance (Gaidansu) ガイダンス 3055
September 3055September 3055Ratification of the Hulstria-Sekowo Treaty of Friendship
September 3055September 3055Ratification of the Rildanor-Sekowo Treaty of Friendship
February 3056September 3056Order (Onrain) オンライン 3056
February 3056September 3056Nature (Shizen) 自然 3056
February 3056September 3056Isolation (Bunri) 分離 3056
May 3056May 3056Budget proposal of May 3056
May 3056September 3056Reproduction (Saisei) 再生 3056
May 3056September 3056Wealth (Tomi) 富 3056
June 3056September 3056Ratification of the Sekowo-Tokarari Treaty of Friendship
August 3056August 3056Call for early elections, August 3056
December 3056December 3056Call for early elections, December 3056
August 3057August 3057Gov.0009.3057
August 3057August 3057TSK.0050.3057
August 3057August 3057TSK.0048.3057
August 3057August 3057TSK.0049.3057
August 3057August 3057Bgt.0004.3057
August 3057August 3057Gov.0010.3057
August 3057August 3057Bgt.0005.3057
August 3057August 3057Cbnt.0006.3057
August 3057August 3057TKS.0052.3057
August 3057August 3057TKS.0051.3057
June 3059June 3059Gov.0011.3059
November 3075October 3076Gov.0012.3075
September 3115October 3115Shogunate of Sekowo
October 3115February 3116Cabinet Proposal of October 3115
March 3116March 3116Cabinet Proposal of March 3116
February 3125January 3222Retconning the civil war
November 3129May 3130End of Coup
March 3130May 3130Morality Act
March 3130May 3130Stability Act
March 3130May 3130Religious Bill
March 3130May 3130Ratification of the Pact of Nations
May 3135May 3135Ratification of the Kasmenai Treaty for the Establishment of the Empire of Dai-Gao
October 3137October 3137Cabinet Proposal of October 3137
March 3138March 3138Restoring Carcosa
March 3139May 3141Support for Narikaton
July 3142July 3142TKS.0053.3142
July 3143July 3143TSK.0054.3143
April 3146April 3146TSK.0056.3146
April 3147April 3147TSK.0058.3147
April 3147April 3147TSK.0057.3147
December 3147May 3148TSK.0059.3147
May 3148May 3148Cbn.0008.3148
May 3148May 3148TSK.0060.3148
November 3149November 3149Ele.0004.3149
December 3149December 3149Gov.0014.3149
November 3150November 3150TSK.0063.3150
November 3150November 3150TSK.0062.3150
November 3150November 3150TSK.0061.3150
November 3150January 3151TSK.0064.3150
January 3151May 3151TSK.0065.3151
August 3151August 3151Cbn.0009.3151
June 3155June 3155Ele.0005.3155
October 3221October 3221TSK.0066.3221
October 3221November 3221TSK.0067.3221
January 3231January 3231Ele.0006.3231
January 3231June 3231TSK.0068.3231
January 3231June 3231TSK.0071.3231
January 3231June 3231TSK.0070.3231
January 3231June 3231TSK.0069.3231
June 3233June 3233Ele.0007.3233
May 3237June 3237Cabinet Proposal of May 3237
December 3247December 3247Cabinet Proposal of December 3247
December 3252December 3252Ratification of the Treaty of Nachten
February 3255March 3337TSK.0073.3337
November 3265November 3265Call for early elections, November 3265
February 3272February 3272Cbn.0010.3272
July 3274December 3277Gov.0015.3274
December 3326December 3326Ele.0008.3326
February 3348March 3348TSK.0074.3348
June 3349June 3349TSK.0075.3349
May 3351May 3351Gov.0016.3351
November 3351November 3351Mil.0007.3531
August 3356February 3357Gov.0017.3356
April 3358April 3358Ele.0009.3358
April 3358May 3361Gov.0018.3361
July 3367May 3368Pan-Gao-Showan Coup
May 3368May 3368Cabinet Proposal of May 3368
November 3368November 3368Bringing Civilization to the Barbarians
September 3369September 3369Cabinet Proposal of September 3369
March 3373March 3373Gao City Names
March 3373March 3373Ratification of the Gao System of Government in Sekowo
March 3373March 3385Fall of the Gao System of Government
June 3375June 3375Community Self-Policing Act of 3375
July 3375July 3375TSK.0079.3375
July 3375July 3375TSK.0078.3375
July 3375July 3375TSK.0077.3375
August 3375December 3385Gov.0019.3375
July 3376July 3376TSK.0081.3376
May 3384May 3384Constitutional Liberation Act
January 3385January 3385Economy
January 3385February 3385Ecology
February 3385February 3385Morality
February 3385February 3385Isolationism
February 3385February 3385Repression
December 3385December 3385Cabinet Proposal of December 3385
December 3385May 3386Emergency Powers Revocation Act
October 3388September 3400Message from Gao-Soto
October 3389October 3389Ele.0010.3389
December 3389December 3389Gov.0020.3389
September 3390September 3390Cbn.0011.3390
April 3394April 3394TSK.0084.3394
April 3394April 3394Gov.0025.3394
April 3394April 3394TSK.0083.3394
April 3394April 3394Gov.0024.3394
April 3394April 3394TSK.0082.3394
April 3394April 3394Gov.0023.3394
April 3394April 3394TSK.0085.3394
April 3394April 3394Gov.0022.3394
April 3394April 3394Gov.0021.3394
April 3394April 3394TSK.0086.3394
December 3397December 3397Cbm.0012.3397
December 3397December 3397TSK.0087.3397
August 3398August 3398Gov.0026.3398
March 3400March 3400Ele.0011.3400
September 3444September 3444TSK.0090.3444
September 3444September 3444TSK.0089.3444
September 3444September 3444TSK.0088.3444
November 3445November 3445Repeal of the Great Law - November 3445
November 3445August 3446Legislative Manifesto of the Aikoku-Tekina Gekokujō-tō - Federalism Restored
October 3447October 3447Ele.0012.3447
July 3448July 3448Serve the Nation, Strengthen the Armies - July 3448
July 3448July 3448Cabinet Proposal of July 3448
April 3452April 3452TSK.0094.3452
April 3452April 3452TSK.0093.3452
April 3452April 3452TSK.0092.3452
April 3452April 3452TSK.0091.3452
August 3452February 3453Cbn.0014.3452
March 3453March 3453Ele.0013.3453
January 3461January 3461TSK.0095.3461
May 3485May 3485Cbn.00153485
October 3487April 3488Decentralization, Forever and a Day
April 3488April 3488The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume I
May 3488April 3494Free, Fair, and Completely Equal: Flat Tax Doctrine
July 3488July 3488Budget proposal of July 3488
August 3488August 3488D-CD1 - Giving the Dixiecrats the Treasury, Police, and Education Systems, Giving Shakai All Else
August 3488April 3489The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume II
August 3489August 3489The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume III
January 3490January 3490The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume IV
March 3490July 3490The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume V
September 3490December 3490The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume VI
July 3491January 3492The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume VII
January 3492January 3492The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume VIII
March 3492July 3492The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume IX
September 3492September 3492•D-CD2 - 3492 AD
October 3493October 3493Ratification of the International Tennis Association
October 3493October 3493The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume X
October 3493October 3493Ratification of Treaty 21-03-3418-Malivium
October 3493October 3493The Farm Bill Rides Again
December 3494July 3495Education Reform Doctrine II
July 3495July 3495Freedom to Invest and Freedom of the Press Doctrine
January 3496January 3496The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume XI
September 3496September 3496The Great Omnibus Doctrine of Victory, Volume XII
April 3499April 3499TSK.0097.3499
April 3499April 3499TSK.0096.3499
April 3499December 3499TSK.0098.3499
December 3499April 3500TSK.0099.3499
April 3500April 3500Bgt.0004.3500
April 3500May 3500Gov.0027.3500
April 3500July 3503TSK.0100.3500
October 3501October 3501Cbn.0017.3501
October 3501July 3503TSK.0101.3501
October 3501July 3503TSK.0102.3501
May 3503May 3503Ele.0014.3503
May 3503July 3503TSK.0107.3503
May 3503July 3503TSK.0106.3503
May 3503July 3503TSK.0105.3503
May 3503July 3503TSK.0104.3503
May 3503July 3503TSK.0103.3503
May 3503November 3503TSK.0108.3503
April 3507April 3507Ele.0015.3507
March 3549September 3549TSK.109.3549
April 3549September 3549TSK.112.3549
April 3549September 3549TSK.111.3549
April 3549September 3549TSK.110.3549
April 3553April 3553Cbn.0017.3553
April 3560April 3560Cbn.0018.3560
June 3563June 3563Cabinet Proposal of June 3563
June 3564June 3564Military Reform Act 3564
June 3564June 3564Cabinet Proposal of June 3564
December 3564December 3564Deregulation Act 3564
June 3565June 3565Health and Environment Act 3565
January 3567January 3567Cabinet Proposal of January 3567
June 3567June 3567Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 3567June 3567Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
November 3568November 3568Importation Reform Act 3568
February 3573February 3573Fairness Act 3573
February 3573February 3573Offensive Weapons Act 3573
February 3573February 3573Environment Act 3573
February 3573February 3573Devolution Act 3573
November 3584November 3584Cabinet Proposal of November 3584
December 3587December 3587Education Act 3587
September 3593September 3593Cbn.0019.3593
January 3597January 3597TSK.116.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.115.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.121.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.114.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.120.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.113.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.119.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.118.3597
January 3597January 3597TSK.117.3597
January 3597September 3597TSK.122.3597
September 3597September 3597TSK.123.3597
August 3599August 3599TSK.0020.3599
August 3602August 3602Cabinet Proposal of August 3602
February 3618February 3618Cbn.0021.3618
May 3618May 3618Industrial Privatization Bill
July 3628July 3628Military Act 3628
December 3633December 3633TSK.125.3633
December 3633December 3633TSK.124.3633
January 3670January 3670Educational Devolution
December 3671December 3671Nagao Ascendancy
December 3671December 3671Cabinet Proposal of December 3671
October 3672October 3672Gov.0028.3672
October 3672October 3672Cbn.0023.3672
October 3672October 3672TSK.126.3672
June 3673June 3673Ele.0015.3673
November 3673November 3673TSK.128.3673
November 3673November 3673TSK.127.3673
September 3678September 3678Socialist Infrastructure Act
July 3681July 3681Revolutionary Cabinet
December 3681March 3682Planified Economy Programme
March 3682March 3682Health and Economical Programme
January 3684January 3684National Civil Space Agency Proposal
January 3684January 3684Political Programme of Sekouo no Aikoku Kyōsan-tō (I)
June 3685June 3685Political Programme of Sekouo no Aikoku Kyōsan-tō (II)
June 3690January 3691Economic Liberalization Act
July 3690January 3691FL.007
July 3696July 3696TSK.129.3696
July 3696July 3696Cbn.0024.3696
July 3696July 3696TSK.133.3696
July 3696July 3696TSK.132.3696
July 3696July 3696TSK.131.3696
July 3696July 3696TSK.130.3696
August 3696August 3696Suppression of Dangerous Cults
August 3696August 3696Condemnation of Indralan Imperialism
December 3696December 3696TSK.136.3696
December 3696December 3696TSK.135.3696
December 3696December 3696TSK.134.3696
December 3696December 3696TSK.137.3696
November 3697October 3698TSK.138.3697
February 3698February 3698Cabinet Proposal of February 3698
February 3698February 3698Ending Colonial Home-Rule
April 3699April 3699Restoration of Harmony
July 3699June 3734OOC: Cultural Protocols for Sekowo (WIP)
January 3706January 3706Gov.0029.3706
January 3706January 3706Cbn.0025.3706
January 3713January 3713TSK.146.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.142.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.145.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.141.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.144.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.143.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.148.3713
January 3713January 3713TSK.147.3713
May 3714May 3714Cbn.0027.3714
June 3728June 3729Declaration of War on Indrala
May 3731May 3731Peace!
May 3734May 3734Cabinet Proposal of May 3734
June 3734June 3734Ratification of the Treaty of Gemun
June 3734June 3734Anti-Atomic Warfare Act
June 3734June 3734Abolition of National Service
June 3734June 3734Banning of the Imperial Rule Party
June 3734June 3734Abolition of the Empire of Sekowo
July 3734July 3734Sekowan Martial Arts
November 3734November 3734Cabinet Proposal of November 3734
March 3735May 3735Sekowan Names
April 3735April 3735Ratification of the Article 15 of the Constitution of Sekowo
May 3735May 3735Defunding the Military
May 3735June 3735Sekowan Kamism
July 3735July 3735Sessei
July 3735July 3735Sekowan Aristocracy
July 3735July 3735Diplomatic Reform
April 3741April 3741Cbn.0028.3741
March 3773March 3773Government Reform
September 3773June 3774Income tax proposal of September 3773
June 3774June 3774Cabinet Proposal of June 3774
June 3774December 3782Cp.3260.Foreign Reform
August 3774August 3774Call for early elections, August 3774
January 3777January 3777Mil.2385.3777
January 3777February 3777Navy Improvement of 3777
January 3777December 3777Air Force Improvement of 3777
March 3777March 3777Ratification of the Federal Security Commission
March 3777March 3777Gov.0212.3777
March 3777March 3777Aiding of the Republic of Vorona
July 3777July 3777Cabinet Proposal of July 3777
August 3777August 3777Ratification of the Vorona-Sekowo Cooperation Treaty
August 3777October 3777Creation of a National Airline and Airport
September 3777September 3777Mil.0125.3777
October 3777October 3777Declaration of War with Zardugal
October 3777October 3777Ratification of the Godwinchester Pact
December 3777December 3777HoS and HoG
December 3777December 3777Army Improvement of 3777
December 3777December 3777Military Health Service
March 3778March 3778Income tax proposal of March 3778
March 3778March 3778Budget proposal of March 3778
July 3778July 3778Budget proposal of July 3778
July 3778September 3778Religion
October 3778October 3778Declaration of War with Baltusia and Cildania
January 3779January 3779Budget proposal of January 3779
October 3779October 3779FSC
February 3780January 3781Inf.0214.3780
March 3780January 3781Civil Rights
March 3780January 3781Ratification of the STAWP – Southern Terra Anti Weapon Program
June 3780January 3781Extended Terms
September 3780September 3780Income tax proposal of September 3780
September 3780September 3780Budget proposal of September 3780
September 3780January 3781Ratification of the Foundation for Free Software
October 3780October 3780Call for early elections, October 3780
October 3780October 3780Cabinet Proposal of October 3780
October 3780January 3781Government
October 3780January 3781Vorona Becoming a Vassal State
July 3781July 3781Ratification of the Treaty of Surrender and Peace
July 3781July 3781Budget proposal of July 3781
November 3781November 3781Budget proposal of November 3781
June 3782June 3782Income tax proposal of June 3782
June 3782June 3782Health.2145.3782
February 3783February 3783Income tax proposal of February 3783
February 3783February 3784Eco.101.3783
May 3783May 3783Budget proposal of May 3783
September 3785September 3785Budget proposal of September 3785
November 3785November 3785Ratification of the Terran Football Federation (World Championship)
November 3785November 3785Budget proposal of November 3785
August 3786August 3786Cabinet Proposal of August 3786
October 3789December 3789Terrorism Act of 3789
December 3789December 3789Diplomacy Organzie
January 3790January 3790Declaration of War with the PHA
February 3790February 3790Embassy Protection Act
March 3790March 3790Cabinet Proposal of March 3790
January 3797February 3797War Declaration Reform Act
February 3797February 3797Budget proposal of February 3797
February 3797April 3797Governor Elections Amendment
April 3797April 3797Ratification of the Dundorfian Diplomatic Relations Treaty
August 3798September 3798Creation of Oil Rigs in Deltaria Nova
September 3798September 3798Budget proposal of September 3798
February 3799February 3799Federal Government Terms
August 3803August 3803Ratification of the TERRAN CRICKET COUNCIL (TCC)
September 3804February 3805Wounded Warrior Employment Improvement Act
September 3804July 3810Internet Enhanced Security Act of 3804
November 3804November 3804Cabinet Proposal of November 3804
September 3805September 3805Change Nation Name and Government Type
September 3805September 3805Government Budget Proposal Act
October 3806March 3807Ratification of the Sekowo-Zardugal Treaty of Cooperation and Mutual Benefits
January 3809March 3809President Budget proposal of January 3809
February 3809February 3809Withdrawal of Treaty
March 3809March 3809Ratification of the Endralon and Zergon-Sacred Sekowo Treaty of Mutual Security, Friendship and Cooperation.
March 3813March 3813Cabinet Proposal of March 3813
April 3813October 3813Parents and Teachers Tax Credit Act
April 3813August 3814Election Day Act
February 3814February 3814Ratification of the Seleya and Artania Treaty Organisation
September 3814September 3814Cultural Change
July 3817July 3817Cabinet Proposal of July 3817
July 3817July 3817Budget proposal of July 3817
March 3822March 3822Refom bill
March 3822March 3822Cabinet Proposal of March 3822
September 3822December 3822new laws
January 3823January 3823Education Bill
August 3825August 3825Cabinet Proposal of August 3825
December 3825December 3825Military Expansion of 3825
December 3825December 3825Tax Increase Act of 3825
December 3825December 3825Income tax proposal of December 3825
June 3826June 3826Budget proposal of June 3826
January 3828January 3828Budget proposal of January 3828
June 3828April 3829Use of land mines
December 3828December 3828Cabinet Proposal of December 3828
November 3840November 3840Cabinet Proposal of November 3840
November 3852November 3852Cabinet Proposal of November 3852
November 3852May 3853New Dawn Bill
May 3853June 3853House of Sakura Bill
December 3853December 3853Taxation Bill
December 3853December 3853Income tax proposal of December 3853
November 3854November 3854Call for early elections, November 3854
January 3855January 3855Comprehensive Economic Reforms
January 3855January 3855Hirano Cabinet
January 3855February 38553855 Constitutional Amendments
February 3855February 3855-
February 3855February 38553855 Budget
February 3855February 3855Tax Code Readjustment Proposal
February 3855September 3855Religious Administration Act
March 3855March 3855Country Renaming Decree
September 3855January 3857Agricultural Support Act
October 3855November 3855True Title
March 3856October 3856Austerity Program II: Armed Forces
March 3856March 3859Ratification of the Kazulian Diplomatic Center
August 3856August 3856Resignation of Sessei Hideo Hirano
September 3856September 3856Tsukino Cabinet
May 3857May 3857Ratification of the Mikokuzin Union
May 3857May 3857Austerity Program II: Armed Forces Reform
September 3857September 3858Hunting and Fishing Act
February 3858February 3858Resignation of Sessei Chuka Tsukino
September 3858September 3858Sato Cabinet
September 3858October 3858Satonomics: 10 Proposals for Prosperity
October 3858October 3858Satonomics: Corporation tax
October 3858October 3858Satonomics: Budget Policy
October 3858October 3858Satonomics: Income Tax Reform
October 3858October 3858-
July 3862July 3862Ratification of the World Financial Trade Center (WTFC)
November 3862November 3862Environmental Reform
November 3863November 3863Institutional Reform 3863
November 3863November 3863Civil Rights Bill 3863
December 3863December 3863Hulstrian Refugees Act 3863
December 3863December 3863Freedom of Religion 3863
June 3864June 3864OOC: Cultural protocols
June 3864June 3864Refoundation of the Republic 3864
May 3866May 3866OOC: Cultural Protocols
August 3874August 3874Legalization of Paramilitary Organizations
February 3880February 3880Government Reforms Bill
May 3882July 3882Budget proposal of May 3882
January 3883January 3883Cabinet Proposal of January 3883
May 3883March 3886Economic Reform
September 3883June 3884Reactivation of Oil Rigs in Voronan Waters
June 3884June 3884Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
December 3885March 3886Foreign Policy Reform
June 3891June 3891Another Revisitation to the Executive Branch
June 3891June 3891Budget proposal of June 3891
March 3892March 3892Call for early elections, March 3892
March 3894April 3894アンシュルス
May 3894May 3894Cabinet Proposal of May 3894
May 3894November 3894Call for early elections, May 3894
January 3909April 3909Reforming Nation act
January 3909April 3909Reforming Nation
April 3909April 3909Cabinet Proposal of April 3909
April 3909April 3909Reforming Nation
July 3909July 3909Income tax proposal of July 3909
July 3909July 3909Cabinet Proposal of July 3909
July 3909July 3909Budget proposal of July 3909
December 3909December 3909Budget proposal of December 3909
January 3910February 3910National Government Act of Dec 3909
April 3910December 3910Public Act of April 2910
May 3910December 3910Public Act of May 3910
September 3910December 3910Economics Act of September 3910
September 3910December 3910Military Act of September 3910
October 3910October 3910Call for early elections, October 3910
May 3911June 3911Public Act of May 3911
December 3911September 3912Nation Bill of December
July 3912July 3912Call for early elections, July 3912
December 3912February 3913New Act
February 3914February 3914Call for early elections, February 3914
June 3915June 3915Election Bill
May 3918May 3918Cabinet Proposal of May 3918
May 3918June 3918New Parliament Bill of May 3918
February 3919March 3919Government Bill of February 3919
March 3919March 3919National Act of March 3919
March 3919March 3919Budget proposal of March 3919
March 3919March 3919Cabinet Proposal of March 3919
July 3919October 3920LGBT Civil Rights Act of July 3919
January 3920January 3920Call for early elections, January 3920
January 3920October 3920Religion Bill of January 3920
March 3920March 3920Call for early elections, March 3920
August 3920August 3920New Bill
August 3920January 3921National Act of August 3920
January 3921January 3921Cabinet Proposal of January 3921
January 3921January 3921New Capital City Bill of January 3921
February 3921February 3921Cabinet Proposal of February 3921
February 3921February 3921Ecology Act of February 3921
February 3921February 3921Civil Bill
February 3921February 3921Justice Bill
March 3923May 3923Budget proposal of March 3923
March 3923May 3923National Act of March 3923
May 3923May 3923Cabinet Proposal of May 3923
June 3923June 3923Budget proposal of June 3923
June 3923July 3923Federalist Centralization Act of June 3923
July 3923July 3923Budget proposal of July 3923
January 3924October 3924Bill on Foreign Aid
January 3924January 3925Civil Rights of January 3924
February 3924February 3924Cabinet Proposal of February 3924
February 3924October 3924Bill on Health
February 3924October 3924MR Bill
March 3924March 3924Call for early elections, March 3924
March 3924January 3925Civil Rights Act of March 3924
April 3924October 3924Waste Disposal Bill
June 3924June 3924Cabinet Proposal of June 3924
June 3924January 3925National Security Act of June 3924
July 3924October 3924Child Benefit Bill
July 3924October 3924Sexually explicit content
July 3924January 3925Adult and Nudity bill of July 3924
July 3924January 3925Miscellaneous Act of July 3924
August 3924August 3924Call for early elections, August 3924
January 3925January 3925Cabinet Proposal Bill of January 3925
May 3925May 3925The Retirement Bill
May 3926November 3926Animals in the science industry bill 2
June 3926July 3926Call for early elections, June 3926
June 3927June 3927Call for early elections, June 3927
June 3927July 3927Reformation of our Nation !
July 3927July 3927Cabinet Proposal of July 3927
September 3927September 3927Reformation of our Nation !
October 3927November 3928Reformation of our Nation !
March 3929November 3929Reformation of our Nation !
December 3929October 3930Reformation of our Nation !
January 3931November 3931Reformation of our Nation !
November 3931November 3931Proposal Reform
November 3931November 3932Reformation of our Nation !
March 3933November 3933Reformation of our Nation !
January 3934March 3934Reformation of our nations
May 3934May 3934National Anthem Change
June 3934June 3934NP Bill
September 3934November 3934Industry Bill
November 3934November 3934The Etc Bills
May 3935October 3935LP Bill
May 3935October 3935Housing Act
October 3935November 3935Change of Sekowo
November 3935November 3935Education Bill
September 3937September 3937Reorganization Act
November 3939November 3939Budget proposal of November 3939
November 3939November 3939Income tax proposal of November 3939
October 3941October 3941The Secular Act
October 3941October 3941The Etc Bills
May 3942May 3942The Sekowon Eagle and National Sport
May 3942May 3942Government Regulation on Industrial Pollution
September 3942September 3942The Takimoto Reform
September 3942September 3942Ratification of the The Dragon and the Eagle's Pact
July 3943July 3943Military Reform Bill
April 3944April 3944Renpō daietto Bill
May 3944May 3944Cabinet Proposal of May 3944
April 3945April 3945Budget proposal of April 3945
April 3946April 3946ER Bill
April 3946April 3946Budget proposal of April 3946
April 3946April 3946Cabinet Proposal of April 3946
November 3946November 3946Foreign Relations Bill
November 3946November 3946Infrastructure Bill November 3946
August 3947August 3947The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Religion Reforms
August 3947August 3947The Sekowan Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act of 3947
August 3947August 3947Cabinet Proposal of August 3947
August 3947August 3947The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Military Reforms
August 3947September 3947The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Immigration Reform
September 3947September 3947Income tax proposal of September 3947
September 3947September 3947Kodonomincs
September 3947September 3947The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Civil Liberties
September 3947October 3947The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Justice
October 3947October 3947Military Withdrawal from Badara, and Elsewhere
October 3947December 3947Withdrawal from the Dragon and the Eagle's Pact.
December 3947December 3947Prevent corruption Bill 2
December 3947June 3948The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Education and Media Reforms
June 3948June 3948The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Kodocare
June 3948June 3948The De-Fascization of Sekowo: Political Reforms
June 3948June 3948The De-Fascization of Sekowo: The Abolition of the Ultra-Nationalist Machinery of Death and Torture
December 3948December 3948The Continued Reform of Sekowo: Administrative and Miscellaneous Reforms
August 3949September 3949The Continued Reform of Sekowo: Economic Reforms
September 3949February 3950The Reformation of the Government
September 3949February 3950Kodonomics IIb
September 3949February 3950Kodonomics IIa
January 3950February 3950Change National name Bill
February 3950February 3950Military reform bill
February 3950February 3950The Restoration of Sekowo's Traditional Flag
March 3950April 3950Name of the Parliament
April 3950April 3950Name of the Head of States
April 3950March 3951Change in seats of Parliament
May 3950May 3950National Name Change
June 3950June 3950Reforms
November 3950November 3950Nuclear Weapons Policy
February 3951February 3951National Motto
February 3951February 3951Reform
January 3952January 3952National Anthem
January 3952March 3952Environmental and Agricultural Reforms
March 3952March 3952Immigration Reform
June 3952June 3952Election pledges to the people
October 3952October 3952Title of cabinet leader
August 3953August 3953Budget proposal of August 3953
August 3953August 3953Updating the national anthem
December 3953December 3953Economic Reform Bill 2
April 3954April 3955Budget Bill
September 3955September 3955Income tax proposal of September 3955
November 3955November 3955Cabinet Proposal of November 3955
September 3956September 3956Military Refom bill 2
July 3957July 3957De-Militarization and Localization
June 3958July 3958The Reconstitution of Sekowo
July 3958July 3958National Name Change
July 3958July 3958Ratification of the Embargo on the Ahmadist Nation of Badara
July 3958July 3958Kodonomic Budgetary Reform
July 3958July 3958Kodonomic Tax Reform
July 3958July 3958The Legislative Deliberation Act
August 3958August 3958Sekowan Flag
December 3958December 3958Funding for the Protection of Gao-Showan Interests and People in Kafuristan and the Establishment of a Non-Governmental Sekowan Expeditionary Mercenary Corps
December 3958August 3959Ratification of the Treaty of Pan-Gao-Showan Sekowan-Chann Mutual Cooperation
December 3958August 3959Ratification of the Anti-Ahmadist Terrorism Treaty Organization (ATTO)
February 3959February 3959Cabinet Proposal of February 3959
March 3959September 3963Additional Reforms
August 3959August 3959Budget proposal of August 3959
August 3959August 3959Cabinet Proposal of August 3959
August 3959April 3991Economic Reform Bill (1)
September 3959April 3991Ratification of Sekowo Trade and Foreign policy Treaty
January 3961January 3961Legislative Deliberation and Electoral Reform
June 3961September 39613960 Sekowan Cultural Census
September 3961September 3961Cabinet Proposal of September 3961
September 3961October 3961Mail searches
October 3961October 3961Open Borders
October 3961October 3961Renewed Kodonomic Budgetary Reform
October 3961October 3961Renewed Kodonomic Tax Reform
October 3961October 3961Commemorating The Returning of Kodos Fairname
March 3962March 3962Intelligence Reform
March 3962March 3962Kodonomics and Capitalism
June 3962June 3962Kodonomics and Capitalism II
June 3962June 3962Local Educational Autonomy and Sekowan History
September 3962September 3962Kodonomics and Capitalism III
March 3963September 3963Civil Freedoms
September 3963September 3963Cabinet Reshuffle
January 3964December 3964OOC: Cultural Protocols for Sekowo (WIP)
June 3964June 3964Dueling
June 3964June 3964Vegetarianism
July 3964July 3964Affirmative Action
August 3964August 3964The Death of Sekiguchi Fairname: National Mourning
December 3964December 3964Obscenities Liberalization
January 3966January 3966Nuclear Power
January 3966January 3966De-Nuclearization
January 3966January 3966OOC: Cultural Protocols for Sekowo
January 3966January 3966Kodonomic Budgetary Reform
January 3966January 3966Kodonomic Tax Reform
January 3966January 3966Incest
January 3966January 3966Gated Communities
January 3966December 3967Various Reforms
June 3966June 3966Precautionary Measures
August 3967July 4517OOC: Cultural Protocols for Sekowo (Updated 3967)
September 3968September 3968The abolition of the automobile
September 3968September 3968Kodonomics and Capitalism
September 3968September 3968RP/OOC Acceptance of the Role-Play Protocol
September 3969September 3969Kodonomcis and Capitalism: Food Sales
September 3969September 3969"Kodonomics and Capitalism: Defence Industry"
September 3969September 3969Bomb Shelters
September 3969September 3969Identification Cards
October 3969October 3969Car Bill
May 3971October 3971Retirement bill
December 3972December 3972The Reversal of Capitalistic Reforms
December 3972December 3972RP/OOC Acceptance of the Role-Play Protocol
August 3974August 3974The Resumption of Capitalistic Reforms
May 3978March 3980End the Embargo of Badara
September 3984September 3984Ratification of the The Organization of Drug Exporting Nations (ODEN)
June 3985April 3986Centralize of Sekowo
November 3987November 3987Normalization of Retirement Age and administrative bill
November 3987November 3987Cabinet Proposal of November 3987
November 3987November 3987Budget proposal of November 3987
November 3987November 3987Income tax proposal of November 3987
April 3988April 3988Administration Bill
June 3988June 3988Flag changing Bill
November 3988November 3988Ban Gay Bill
November 3988November 3988Ratification of the Indralan-Sekowan Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Assistance
December 3988December 3988Ratification of the Convention on the fair treatment of prisoners of war
April 3989April 3989Centralize of Sekowo 2
April 3989April 3989Change the national name
September 3989September 3989Religious Bill 3
April 3990April 3990Environmental Protection Bill 2
August 3990August 3990Tax bill
September 3990September 3990Ratification of the International Terran Bank
September 3990September 3990Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
April 3991April 3991Budget proposal of April 3991
April 3991April 3991Income tax proposal of April 3991
April 3991April 3991Military reform bill 4
May 3992May 3992Military reform bill 5
October 3992October 3992Budget proposal of October 3992
October 3992October 3992Religious Bill 4
February 3993February 3993Nation name change bill
February 3993February 3993Tax bill
April 3993April 3993Administration Bill
August 3993August 3993Civil right bill
April 3994April 3994Civil right bill 2
October 3994October 3994Economic bill
November 3995April 3996Reform 4
August 3996August 3996Budget proposal of August 3996
August 3996August 3996Tax bill
February 3997February 3997Administration Bill 2
February 3997February 3997Environmental Protection Bill 3
April 3997April 3997Administration Bill
October 3997October 3997Military reform bill 6
April 3998April 3998Religious Bill 5
April 3998April 3998Education Reform
May 3998May 3998Ratification of the The Aldegar Trade Treaty
May 3998May 3998Ratification of the Worldwide Treaty of Friendship with Aloria
May 3998May 3998Ratification of the Treaty of the Lion, the Tiger, and the Dragon Addendum: The Phoenix
May 3998May 3998Ratification of the Rocc-Cola Group Franchising Treaty
May 3998May 3998Ratification of the BANK OF CHANN (陳蔭羆銀行)
October 3998October 3998Administration Bill 3
October 3998October 3998Religious Bill 6
October 3999May 4001Administration Bill 4
October 3999May 4001Agricultural Reform 1
February 4000May 4001Ratification of the Recognition of the Confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kuzaki
March 4000May 4001Ratification of the IMPERIAL REPUBLIC OF CHANN (陳蔭羆帝國共和國)
March 4000May 4001Cultural reform 1
May 4001May 4001Administration Bill 6
May 4001May 4001Education Reform 2
May 4001May 4001Media Reform 1
November 4001November 4001Education Reform 3
August 4002August 4002Ratification of the Anti-Communist Pact
August 4002August 4002Administration Bill 7
April 4003April 4003Environmental Protection Bill 4
April 4003April 4003Income tax proposal of April 4003
April 4003April 4003Budget proposal of April 4003
April 4003April 4003Administration Bill 8
May 4003May 4003Budget proposal of May 4003
May 4003May 4003Ratification of the International Recognition of the Azahari Emirate of Al’Badara
August 4003August 4003Tax bill 2
April 4004April 4004Education Reform 3
March 4005March 4005Civil right bill 3
March 4005March 4005Foreign Affairs Bill
November 4005October 4006Civil right bill 4
May 4006October 4006Military reform bill 7
October 4006October 4006Administration Bill 8
October 4006October 4006Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
November 4007November 4007Reform 5
November 4007November 4007Ratification of the Sperry & Hutchinson (S&H) Green Stamps Program
December 4008December 4008Reform 6
November 4009November 4009Reform 7
September 4010September 4010Reform 8
November 4011October 4012Reform 9
October 4012October 4012Reform 10
July 4023August 4023Act of Restoration
November 4023November 4023Cabinet Proposal of November 4023
November 4023November 4023Necessary Changes
December 4023December 4023Ratification of the Treaty of Gongmangdo
December 4023December 4023Ratification of the International Recognition and Acceptance of the Martin Divergence
December 4023December 4023Ratification of the Tributary System of the Celestial Empire of Great Indrala
December 4023May 4024Act of Pacifism and Religious Recognition
May 4024May 4024Ratification of the Preservation of Monarchist Culture
May 4024May 4024Newspaper Name Change and Act of Restoration Edit
October 4028November 4028Removal of Monarchism and Nobalism
October 4028November 4028Tax Reforms 4928
October 4028November 4028Bill Introductions increase
November 4028November 4028Campaign & Title Reforms
November 4028November 4028Socialist Republican Cabinet
December 4028December 4028Socialist Spending Reforms 4029
July 4029July 4029The Republic Begins
October 4029December 4029Treaty Withdrawals
January 4035January 4035Dethroning of the Monarchy
September 4035September 4035Cabinet Proposal of September 4035
June 4036July 4037Backing out of a Global Capitslist Organiseation
December 4036December 4036Nationalization
June 4037June 4037Ratification of the Anti-Fascism Treaty
June 4038November 4038Free Media
June 4038November 4038New Natanal Name
January 4040January 4040Crimsl Reform
December 4040December 4040Anti Corruption Bill
December 4041December 4041Budget proposal of December 4041
December 4042December 4042Military reform
December 4043December 4043Animals Rights
January 4044January 4044Citizenship
July 4044April 4051Changes on some reforms
November 4044November 4044Ratification of the World Socialist Alliance of Sekowo and Pontesian
December 4044December 4044Raising the Retirement Age
January 4047January 4047Religious Rights Reform
February 4048March 4048Addition of Rights
March 4048March 4048New Natanal Flag
January 4049January 4049Fully Public Health Care
July 4050March 4051Ratification of the Anti-Bourgeois Treaty
December 4051December 4051Mandatory Language Classes
May 4052April 4053Social Liberation Act
May 4052April 4053Economic Reform Act
June 4052June 4052Cabinet Proposal of June 4052
November 4052April 4053Ecological Preservation Act
November 4052April 4053Destructive Weapons Demilitarisation Act
December 4052December 4052Call for early elections, December 4052
April 4053April 4053End the Privetiseation of Education
June 4053June 4053Environmental Regulatory Reform Act
April 4054May 4055Reforms on trading.
July 4054July 4054Income tax proposal of July 4054
August 4054April 4055Military Reform Act
February 4055March 4055Ratification of the The International Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Ban Treaty
February 4055March 4055Less Media Restrictions
April 4055April 4055Religious Separation and Neutrality Act
April 4055April 4055Economic Reform Act
May 4057May 4057Cabinet Proposal of May 4057
December 4057December 4057Criminalisation of Beasteality
September 4059September 4059Economic Freedom Act
February 4060February 4060Motion of Cultural Protocol Affirmation (4060)
November 4061November 4061Motion of Cultural Protocol Affirmation (4061)
December 4062July 4064More Organised Court System
August 4065August 4065Animal Protection
August 4068June 4071This
March 4069March 4069Cabinet Proposal of March 4069
March 4069May 4069Military Protection Act
December 4069December 4069Amendment in Constitution of December 4069
November 4070March 4071Cabinet Proposal of November 4070
August 4071August 4071Light Regulations
July 4072July 4072Mandatory Voteing
March 4073June 4073Head of State Title Change
May 4073May 4073more allies
June 4073June 4073Complete Payed for College Tuition
August 4073September 4073Standardization of National Language
March 4075September 4075Secularism Act
April 4076April 4076Cultural Protection Act
January 4079March 4079National Bill 2 of Jan 4079
January 4079March 4079Treaty Act on Jan 4079
January 4079March 4079National Bill of Jan 4079
June 4079June 4079Reforming Bill of June 4079
October 4080January 4082Administrative Amendment Act of October 4080
February 4081March 4081Radio Free Sekowo Act
March 4081May 4081Nation Renaming Act
April 4082April 4082National Flag Act
April 4082April 4082Ratification of the International Declaration of Human Rights
April 4082April 4082Cabinet Proposal of April 4082
December 4082March 4083Environmental Regulation Modernisation Act
November 4083February 4084Firefighting Departments Act
October 4085October 4085Ratification of the 4086 FIFA World Cup-Badara
May 4090May 4090Treaty Cleanup
May 4090May 4090Cabinet Proposal of May 4090
April 4091September 4091National Reformation Name Alternation
April 4091September 4091National Reformation
October 4091October 4091Cabinet Proposal of October 4091
May 4092May 4092Prefecture Standardization Act
May 4092April 4093Coronation of His Imperial Majesty, The Priest-King Hashihito of the Greater Sekowan Empire, Protector and Defender of the Kamist Faith
October 4092October 4100Metropolis Standardization Act
April 4093April 4093Fixing the Head of State Format (Part 1)
April 4094April 4094Fixing the Head of State Format (Part 2)
May 4094May 4094Fixing the Head of State Format (Part 3)
August 4094August 4094Call for early elections, August 4094
April 4095April 4095Head of State Fix
April 4096April 4096Head of State Title Fix
May 4096May 4096Head of State Fix Part II
April 4100May 4100Security Council
April 4101April 4101Security Council Part 2
September 4101September 4101Ratification of the International Terran Bank
September 4101May 4102National Reform on Establishing the Traditional Kingdom
October 4101May 4102Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
October 4101May 4102Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
November 4101May 4102National Reform on Establishing the Traditional Kingdom
October 4102November 4102Parliamentary Freedoms Act
December 4102December 4102Royalty Authorization Act
February 4103February 4103Ratification of the International Labour Agreement 4103
February 4103February 4103Labor Rights Act
October 4103October 4103Treaty Clearup
October 4103October 4103Cabinet Proposal of October 4103
November 4103November 4103Defensive Measures of Sekowo
October 4104September 4105Nomination of Kalistan for Security Council
October 4104September 4105Nomination of Istalia for Security Council
May 4105May 4105Motion of Cultural Protocol Affirmation
May 4106May 4106Religious Toleration
May 4106May 4106Education Reformation Act
May 4106May 4106Health and Protection Act
October 4110March 4111Income tax proposal of October 4110
March 4112March 4112Cabinet Proposal of March 4112
August 4112August 4112Budget proposal of August 4112
July 4114July 4114Call for early elections, July 4114
October 4114October 4114Cabinet Proposal of October 4114
October 4114October 4114Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
October 4114October 4114Ratification of the Free Trade League
October 4114October 4114Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
November 4114May 4121Education Reform Act of 4121
January 4115July 4115Educational Reform
March 4115October 4115Tax Reduction Act of 4115 (2.0)
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the Land Mine Prohibition Treaty
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the World Fair
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the International Space Agency
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the International Center for Disease Control
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the Terran Nuclear and Renewable Energy Agency
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the International Agreement on Public Health -- Revised
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
September 4115September 4115Ratification of the International Agreement on the Rights of the Soldier -- Revised
October 4115July 4118Government Reform Act of 4115
January 4116January 4116Ratification of the Indralan-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Assistance
January 4116February 4116Ratification of the Declaration on the Use of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Interests of Peace and for the Benefit of Mankind
February 4116February 4116Changing the National Animal
May 4116December 4118Limited Government Act of 4116
December 4116December 4117Military Reform Act of 4116
March 4118March 4118Cabinet Proposal of March 4118
July 4118December 4118Income tax proposal of July 4118
July 4118December 4118Budget proposal of July 4118
July 4119September 4120Removing Duplicate and/or Inapplicable Treaties (updated)
December 4120January 4122Localization Act of 4120
April 4121June 4121Cabinet Proposal of April 4121
April 4121October 4121Income tax proposal of April 4121
April 4121October 4121Budget proposal of April 4121
April 4121November 4122Sekowo Weapons Rights Amendment of 4121
June 4121June 4121International Treaties Exit Act of 4121
July 4121December 4123Immigration Bill of 4121
December 4121December 4123Military Reform Act of 4122
July 4122October 4122Luxury Tax Reduction Act of 4122
July 4122December 4123Economic Reform Act of 4122
July 4122December 4123Media Freedom Act of 4122
November 4122November 4122Treaties Exit Act of 4123
April 4123December 4123Income tax proposal of April 4123
April 4123December 4123Budget proposal of April 4123
April 4123December 4123Massive Reform Act of 4123
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Affirming the Right to Bear Arms
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Terra National Wrestling Organization (TNWA)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Anti-Communist Initiative
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the TERRAN CRICKET COUNCIL (TCC)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the International Tennis Association
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Terran Religious Freedom
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Anti-Communist Pact
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the International Mind Sports Association
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the Terran Boxing Organization (TBO)
January 4124June 4124Ratification of the International Right to Privacy Treaty
June 4124August 4124Budget proposal of June 4124
August 4124August 4124Science and Technology Reform Act of 4124
August 4124August 4124Justice Reform Act of 4124
August 4124August 4124Healthcare Reform Act of 4124
August 4124August 4124Foreign Policy and Infastructure Reform Act of 4124
August 4124November 4124Changing of National Animal
October 4125November 4125Federalism Act of 4125
January 4127January 4127Act for Smaller Government of 4127
July 4127July 4127Ratification of the Beiteynu-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, Assistance and Trade
June 4128June 4128Reform Act of 4128
July 4131July 4131Budget proposal of July 4131
July 4131July 4131Income tax proposal of July 4131
July 4131July 4131Ratification of the International Terran Bank: Request for Currency Evaluation
July 4131July 4131Government Change Act of 4131
July 4131July 4131Cabinet Proposal of July 4131
June 4132June 4132Income tax proposal of June 4132
June 4132June 4132Budget proposal of June 4132
November 4133November 4133The Memorials Act for Sekowo Rememberance
November 4133November 4133Pardon Act of 4133
November 4133November 4133The Communist Control Act of 4133
November 4133November 4133Ratification of the Life for everyone
June 4134June 4134Cildania-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Trade
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Kalistan-Sekowo Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship
June 4134June 4134Head Of Government and State Combination Act of 4134
June 4134June 4134Federal Republicanism Reformation Bill of 4134
December 4134April 4137Ratification of the Cildania-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Trade
December 4134April 4137Ratification of the Rildanor Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
January 4135April 4137Change of National Motto
January 4135January 4138Freedom Act of 4135
December 4137January 4138Ratification of the Sanctions against the Conservative Yeudish Party
December 4137January 4138Drug Education Act of 4137
January 4138January 4138Ratification of the International Terran Bank
January 4138January 4138Ratification of the Treaty for Racial Equality
January 4138January 4138Ratification of the International Space Agency (ISA)
January 4138January 4138Ratification of the Well & Sons® Mining and Drilling Company
June 4139June 4139Ratification of the Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)
January 4140January 4140Religious Minorities Protections Act
May 4142May 4142Deregulation Act of 4142
December 4142June 4143Veterans Aid Fund
July 4146December 4147Establishment of a National Holiday
June 4149June 4149Cabinet Proposal of June 4149
March 4153March 4153Cabinet Proposal of March 4153
April 4153April 4153Cabinet Proposal of April 4153
June 4155June 4155Federalism Act of 4155
December 4156December 4156Cabinet Proposal of December 4156
June 4159June 4159Military Reform Act of 4159
February 4166May 4166Immigration Act of 4166
February 4167February 4167Cabinet Proposal of February 4167
February 4167July 4167Civil Liberty and Security Act of 4167
February 4167July 4167The Environmental Protection Act of 4167
February 4167December 4167The Pacifist and Anti-Proliferation Act - Revisited
March 4168February 4169Abortion Rights Act of 4168
July 4169July 4169Reverse Act of 4169
January 4173January 4173Cabinet Proposal of January 4173
January 4173June 4173Reform Act of 4173
January 4173June 4173Ratification of the Anti-Communist Initiative
January 4173June 4173Ratification of the Well & Sons® Mining and Drilling Company
January 4177December 4177Reform Act of 4177
December 4177May 4178Income tax proposal of December 4177
May 4178May 4178Budget proposal of May 4178
May 4186May 4186Ratification of the International Free Trade Accord
October 4199October 4199Income tax proposal of October 4199
October 4199October 4199Budget proposal of October 4199
June 4201June 4201Ratification of the Condemnation of IUPU
July 4202April 4203Ratification of the Official Covenant of the Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Lourenne
January 4204January 4204Budget proposal of January 4204
January 4204January 4204Income tax proposal of January 4204
November 4205November 4205Cabinet Proposal of November 4205
May 4206July 4207Religious freedom act of 4206
November 4207April 4209Government decentralization act
June 4208May 4209Ratification of the International Religious Minorities Protections Act
June 4208May 4209Ratification of the Life for everyone
June 4208June 4209Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
January 4210October 4211Decentralization Act
October 4217October 4217X
October 4217November 4217People's Bill
November 4217January 4218Communist Freedom Act
January 4218May 4218Tax Reform/Bank
November 4218November 4218Chemical and Biological Weaponry Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Child Job De-Regulation Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Paramilitary Abolition Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Life for Everyone Withdrawal Act 4218
December 4218December 4218Adulthood Act 4218
December 4218December 4218Housing Reform 4218
May 4219May 4219Television Regulation Act 4219
May 4219May 4219Budget proposal of May 4219
May 4219May 4219Justice Flexibility Act 4219
May 4219May 4219School Punishment Act 4219
May 4219May 4219Universal Education Act 4219
July 4219July 4219Polygamy Deregulation Act 4219
November 4219October 4220Schools Quality Act 4219
November 4219October 4220Open Shops Act 4219
November 4219October 4220Abortion Act 4219
January 4220January 4220Income tax proposal of January 4220
January 4220October 4220Religious Attire Liberalization Act 4220
January 4220October 4220Media Content Regulation Act 4220
January 4220October 4220IVF Act 4220
January 4220October 4220Registration Act 4220
January 4220October 4220Foreign Embassy Act 4220
April 4220April 4220Call for early elections, April 4220
June 4220June 4220Cabinet Proposal of June 4220
October 4220October 4220Income tax proposal of October 4220
October 4220October 4220Budget proposal of October 4220
October 4220October 4220Retirement Age Reduction Act 4220
February 4222February 4222Allowance of Variable Hours Act 4222
March 4222March 4222Hoshuto Administrative Manifesto Act 4222
April 4222April 4222Hoshuto Health Manifesto Act 4222
April 4222April 4222Hoshuto Defense Manifesto Act 4222
June 4223June 4223Recognition of Nobility and Monastic orders
June 4223June 4223Unrecognition of LGBT Rights
June 4223June 4223Civil Liberty Reform
February 4225February 4225Environmental Protection Act
February 4225February 4225Renaming of the Head of State
August 4225August 4225Government Privilege Act
July 4226July 4226Cabinet Proposal of July 4226
October 4228October 4228Administrative Reform
November 4228July 4229Capital Changing Bill
November 4228August 4229Budget proposal of November 4228
November 4228August 4229Essential Goods Tax Bill
November 4228August 4229Income tax proposal of November 4228
July 4229July 4229Cabinet Proposal of July 4229
August 4229August 4229National Name Changing Bill
August 4229August 4229Retirement age bill
August 4229August 4229Extend the Administrative Period Act
August 4229August 4229Security Council Seats Distribution Suggestion
August 4229August 4229Economic Reform 2
September 4229September 4229Constitutional Monarchy Act
April 4230April 4230Budget proposal of April 4230
April 4230August 4230Change of National Motto and Anthem
April 4230August 4230Military Reform
April 4230August 4230Error Correction on The Name of the Parliament
July 4230July 4230Call for early elections, July 4230
August 4230August 4230Ecology Reform
August 4230August 4230Constitutional Monarchy Act 2
August 4230August 4230Foreign Affairs Reform
November 4230November 4230Ratification of RP Accord
November 4230November 4230Security Council Seat D suggestion
November 4230November 4230Ratification of the Dundorfian Free Investment Partnership (DFIP)
April 4231April 4231Ecology Reform 2
April 4231April 4231Religious Reform
April 4231April 4231Ratification of the DPFDF - The Dovanian Pact for The Defence of Democracy
February 4232August 4232Civil Freedom Reform 1
September 4235September 4235Cabinet Proposal of September 4235
November 4235November 4235Democracy Act
November 4235November 4235Correction Act
September 4236September 4236Call for early elections, September 4236
November 4236November 4236Welfare Act
November 4236November 4236School Prayers Act
November 4236November 4236Religious Tax Act
November 4236November 4236National Service Act
November 4236November 4236Homosexuality Act
November 4236November 4236Salary Act
November 4236November 4236Luxury Goods Tax Act
January 4237January 4237Moral Preservation Act
May 4237May 4237Striking Act
May 4237May 4237Child Labour Act
October 4237October 4237Education and Curriculum Act
October 4237October 4237Higher Education Policy Act
October 4237October 4237Term Length Act
November 4237November 4237Rectification of Obscenities Act
March 4238March 4238Animal Security Act
March 4238March 4238Punishment and Power Act
March 4238March 4238Police Act
March 4238March 4238Illegal Alien Act
March 4238March 4238Domestic Pets Act
October 4238October 4238Civil Marriage Act
October 4238October 4238Mixed Race Marriage Act
October 4238October 4238Ownership on Guns Act
July 4241July 4241Mercantile Oversight Act
July 4241July 4241Diplomatic Rigeur Act
November 4241November 4241Cabinet Proposal of November 4241
March 4242March 4242Health and Safety Act
April 4243April 4243Prefecture Act
April 4243April 4243Republic Act
November 4244November 4244Military Reform Act
June 4246June 4246National Economic Independence Doctrine
January 4249January 4249Minimum Wage Establishment and Maintenance Act
January 4249January 4249HOPE; home study students who receive certain scores on standardized college admission tests; provide eligibility
February 4249February 4249Cabinet Proposal of February 4249
November 4249November 4249National Security Act
November 4249November 4249Government Reform Act II
November 4249November 4249Cabinet Proposal of November 4249
November 4249November 4249Union Reorganisation Act
January 4250January 4250Military Reform Act
January 4250January 4250Retirement Act
December 4250December 4250National Forestry Act
November 4252November 4252National Mercantile Act part 2
November 4252November 4252National Mercantile Act
November 4252November 4252Religious Freedom Act
February 4253February 4253Military Act
February 4253March 4253The People's Act
December 4260April 4261Reform Package
February 4261February 4261Call for early elections, February 4261
September 4261September 4261Security and Authority Act
September 4261September 4261Economic Reform Act
November 4261November 4261Retirement of Prime Minister Hibiki Yamada
October 4262October 4262State Programme of Nationalisation and Development
October 4262October 4262Ratification of the Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on Kalopia
October 4262October 4262Official Recognition of the Federal Republic of Kalopia-Wantuni
November 4262November 4262Cabinet Proposal of November 4262
November 4262November 4262Reduction of Term Length and Lowering the Amount of Seats
November 4262November 4262Selective Federalisation Act
November 4262November 4262Restrictions on Paramilitaries
April 4263August 4263Reform Act
July 4263July 4263Call for early elections, July 4263
September 4263October 4263Environmental Protection Act
October 4263October 4263Security Council Vote
October 4263October 4263Presidential System Act
October 4263October 4263Income tax proposal of October 4263
October 4263October 4263Budget proposal of October 4263
October 4263October 4263Further Nationalisation Act
October 4263October 4263Ratification of the Anti Globalist Alliance (AGA)
May 4268May 4268Call for early elections, May 4268
October 4268October 4268Restoration Act 4268
October 4268October 4268Withdrawal From Some Treaties
October 4268October 4268Government Bill Titling Act
June 4269June 4269Cabinet Proposal of June 4269
October 4269October 42694269/005/IDP/Rent Regulation Act
October 4269October 42694269/008/IDP/National Cult Act
October 4269October 42694269/007/IDP/National Security Act
October 4269October 42694269/006/IDP/Changes to Marriage Law
November 4269November 42694269/009/IDP/Abolition of the Minimum Income
October 4270October 42704270/001/IDP/Personal Union with Hulstria
July 4271July 42714270/002/IDP/Military Reform Act
May 4272May 42724272/007/IDP/Substance Legalisation Act
May 4272May 42724272/013/IDP/Letters Act
May 4272May 42724272/006/IDP/Firearm Reform
May 4272May 42724272/012/IDP/Economic Reforms
May 4272May 42724272/005/IDP/Succession for the Office of High Commissioner and Inheritance Regulation Act
May 4272May 42724272/011/IDP/Patriotic Immigration Act
May 4272May 42724272/017/IDP/National Name Change Act
May 4272May 42724272/004/IDP/Libel and Slander Reform
May 4272May 42724272/010/IDP/Private Healthcare Act
May 4272May 42724272/016/IDP/Housing Revitalisation Act
May 4272May 42724272/003/IDP/Civil Liberties Reforms
May 4272May 42724272/009/IDP/Conservative Reforms
May 4272May 42724272/015/IDP/Police Powers Act
May 4272May 42724272/002/IDP/Responsible Speech Act
May 4272May 42724272/008/IDP/Alcohol Monopoly Act
May 4272May 42724272/014/IDP/No to Extraditions Act
May 4272May 42724272/001/IDP/Religious Strengthening Act
September 4272September 42724272/018/IDP/withdrawal from anti globalist treaty
October 4272October 42724272/019/IDP/Ratification of the Hulstro-Sekowan Strategic Military Alliance and Mutual Defence Force Treaty
September 4273September 42734273/001/IDP/Ratification of the Recognition of the Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)'s Permanent Neutrality
September 4273September 4273Budget proposal of September 4273
February 4274July 42744274/003/IDP/Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
February 4274July 42744274/001/IDP/Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
February 4274July 42744274/002/IDP/Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
October 4274October 42744274/004/IDP/Withdrawal of troops from Hulstria
August 4275August 42754275/002/IDP/Political Education Act
August 4275August 4275Resignation of the President of the Parliament
August 4275August 42754275/001/IDP/The High Commissioner has passed, Long Live the High Comissioner
March 4276March 42764276/001/Royal Law/Title Change
April 4276April 42764276/002/High Commissioner's Bill/Expansion of the Welfare State Act
May 4276May 42764276/003/High Commissioner's Bill/Government and Prison Reform Act
May 4276May 42764276/004/IDP/Minimum Wage Increase
May 4276January 4277Income tax proposal of May 4276
May 4276January 4277Budget proposal of May 4276
September 4276September 42764276/007/IDP/Monopolies Act
September 4276September 42764276/006/IDP/Media Regulation Act
September 4276September 42764276/005/IDP/Citizenship Reform Act
September 4276September 42764276/008/IDP/Flag Change Act
October 4276October 42764276/009/High Commissioner's Bill/Single Political Unit and Parliamentary Procedures Act
February 4277February 42774277/002/H.I.H. Representative's Bill/Religious Reform Act
February 4277February 42774277/001/IDP/Banking Reform Act
February 4277February 4277Budget proposal of February 4277
April 4279October 42794279/001/IDP/National Farm Act
September 4279September 4279Snap Election 4279
October 4279October 42794279/003/IDP/Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
October 4279October 42794279/002/Religious Law Entrenchment
November 4279November 42794279/005/IF/Union Procedures Act
November 4279November 42794279/004/IF/Party Political Programme for 4280-4300
February 4280February 42804280/002/IF/First Five Year Plan for National Development
February 4280February 4280Cabinet Proposal of February 4280
February 4280February 42804280/001/IF/Renaming the State Religion and Separation from Kamism
March 4280March 42804280/003/IF/National Motto Act
August 4280August 42804280/005/IF/Aid Act
August 4280August 42804280/004/IF/Ratification of the The International Monarchist League
June 4281June 42814281/001/IF/Ratification of the Treaty of Religous Peace
April 4282April 4282Snap Elections, April 4282
April 4282May 4282RP/OOC: Cultural Protocols update 4282
May 4282May 42824282/004/IF/Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
May 4282May 42824282/003/IF/Ratification of the International Labor Rights Treaty (ILRT)
May 4282May 42824282/001/IF/Governmental, Cabinet and Ministerial Reorganisation Act
May 4282May 42824282/002/IF/Capital City Act
November 4282November 42824282/005/IF/National ISP Act
November 4282November 42824282/006/IF/Titles and Honors Act
October 4283October 42834283/003/IF/Granting an Official Title to the Heir to the Throne
October 4283October 42834283/002/IF/Appointments to the Supreme Court
July 4284July 4284Call for early elections, July 4284
July 4284November 4284OOC: Cultural Protocols for Sekowo (Updated 4282)
August 4284August 42844284/001/IF/Local Government Reorganisation Act
August 4284August 42844284/003/IF/Social Security Contributions Act
August 4284August 42844284/002/IF/Second Five Year Plan for National Development (4285-4290)
October 4286October 42864286/001/IF/Senate Seating and Voting Reform Act
November 4286November 42864286/002/IF/Singular Culture Act
November 4286November 4286Cabinet Proposal of November 4286
March 4287March 4287Cabinet Proposal of March 4287
March 4287March 42874287/001/IF/Appointing Viceroys
April 4289April 4289Call for early elections, April 4289
July 4291July 42914291/002/IP/ Freedom of Religion Bill
September 4291September 42914291/002/IP/Civil Rights Reform
February 4292February 42924292/001/IF/Dissolution of the Imperial Democratic Political League
February 4293February 4293Call for early elections, February 4293
February 4293February 4293Cabinet Proposal of February 4293
August 4293August 4293Walca Movement - Freedom From Religion (1 of 2)
February 4294March 42944294/001/ IP/Military Reform Bill
May 4294May 42944294/003/ATT/Walca Movement- Infrastructure Additions
May 4294May 42944294/006/ATT/Walca Movement- Agriculture Additions
May 4294May 42944294/001/ATT/Walca Movement- Freedom From Religion (2 of 2)
June 4295July 42954295/001/ATT/Walca Movement- Ecology Additions
July 4295July 42954295/003/ATT/Walca Movement- Media Additions
July 4295July 42954295/002/ATT/Walca Movement- Civil Liberties Additions
August 4297August 4297Call for early elections, August 4297
February 4300February 4300Call for early elections, February 4300
April 4300April 43004300/001/HDP/Religious Regulations Act
August 4301August 43014301/007/ATT/Walca Movement- Economics Additions
August 4301August 43014301/006/ATT/Walca Movement- Technology Additions
August 4301August 43014301/003/ATT/Walca Movement- Nobility Reform
August 4301August 43014301/002/ATT/Walca Movement- Citizenship Reform
November 4304May 4305Advertisement Regulation Act
April 4305April 43054305/001/HDP/Cabinet Motion
December 4305December 4305Cabinet Change Bill Part One
August 4306August 4306Cabinet Proposal of August 4306
May 4309June 4309国名変形法 Country Renaming Law
May 4310May 4310Cabinet Proposal of May 4310
May 4310May 4310Flag Referendum
May 4310May 4310Democracy Act
May 4310May 4310Celebration of the People's Rule Bill
May 4310May 4310Democratization Act
June 4310June 4310New Name Change Referendum
June 4310June 4310Flag Change
September 4310September 4310Provinicial Name Change Bill
March 4311March 4311Call for early elections, March 4311
June 4311June 4311Voluntary ID Carrying Act
January 4312January 4312Budget proposal of January 4312
January 4312January 4312Religious Freedom and Protection Bill
January 4312February 4312Fairer Taxes Act
November 4314November 4314Federalism Act of 4314
January 4315June 4316Freedom Act of 4315
December 4315July 4316Protection of the Unborn Act
July 4316July 4317International Relations Assessment Act
September 4317September 4317Federalism Act of 4317
October 4317October 4317Ecology Act
October 4317October 43174317/008/HDP/Motion Regarding Bills
November 4317November 4317Call for early elections, November 4317
November 4318December 4318Government Reform Act of 4318
December 4318December 4318Areas of Agreement Bill of 4318
December 4319December 4319Decentralization Act of 4319
January 4320May 4320Income tax proposal of January 4320
January 4320May 4320Budget proposal of January 4320
March 4320May 4322Local Government Act
March 4320May 4322Shinpoto Decentralization Act
May 4320May 4322Tax Act
August 4320August 4320Call for early elections, August 4320
August 4320November 4320Tax Reduction Plan of 4320
September 4320September 43204320/001/HDP/Government and Senate Reform Bill
May 4321September 4321Election of a Speaker- 4321-4234
September 4321October 4321Call for early elections, September 4321
June 4322June 4322Citizenship Act
June 4322June 4322Cabinet Proposal of June 4322
September 4322September 4322Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Act (PLA)
April 4325May 4325Decentralization Act of 4325
May 4325May 4325Our Decentralization Act
December 4326December 4326Cabinet Proposal of December 4326
January 4334May 4334Deregulation Act of 4334
June 4338September 43384338/006/CDP/Media Regulations Act
June 4338September 43384338/005/CDP/Economic Reform Act
June 4338September 43384338/004/CDP/Assistance Act
June 4338September 43384338/003/CDP/State of the Republic Act
June 4338September 43384338/008/CDP/National Holidays and Traditions Act
June 4338September 43384338/002/CDP/State Religion Act
June 4338September 4338Budget proposal of June 4338
June 4338September 43384338/007/CDP/Education Reform Act
November 4339March 43404339/004/CDP/Pollution Act
November 4339March 43404339/003/CDP/Marriage and Morality Act
November 4339March 43404339/002/CDP/Traditionalist Military Act
September 4340October 4340Call for early elections, September 4340
December 4340January 4341Budget proposal of December 4340
December 4340January 4341Counter Act of 4340
August 4341November 4341Affirmation of our Defense of Freedom Act of 4341
November 4341February 4342Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
November 4341February 4342Ratification of the Free Trade League
November 4341February 4342Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
November 4341February 4342Ratification of the International Free Trade Accord
November 4341February 4342Income tax proposal of November 4341
November 4341February 4342Budget proposal of November 4341
November 4342December 4342Freedom Act of 4342
March 4347May 4347Military Act of 4347
March 4347August 4348Income tax proposal of March 4347
March 4347August 4348Budget proposal of March 4347
January 4349May 4349Cabinet Proposal of January 4349
August 4349December 4355Miscellaneous Reform Bill of 4355
September 4350October 4350Ratification of the Treaty of Clovisport on Sexual Freedom
September 4350October 4350Ratification of the Terran Religious Freedom
April 4352April 4352National Refugee Act .44256
January 4353April 4353Women in the military. Act 14353
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the Freedom of Our People Treaty
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the The Universal Unalienable Rights to Local, Regional, and Self Governance
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the Free Market Protection Treaty
October 4357July 4361New Endralon For Seat D
March 4365September 4365The Protection of Animals Act
June 4368June 4371Ratification of the Condemnation of the Orderist Terrorism in Western Majatra
December 4371December 4371.....
June 4375June 4375Cabinet Proposal of June 4375
June 4375June 4375Budget proposal of June 4375
June 4375June 4375Income tax proposal of June 4375
November 4375November 4375Income tax proposal of November 4375
November 4375November 4375Budget proposal of November 4375
November 4376November 4377Ratification of the Treaty for the International Protection of the Natural Right To Bear Arms
November 4377November 4377Federal Republicanism Reform Bill
May 4378May 4378Budget proposal of May 4378
May 4378May 4378Income tax proposal of May 4378
May 4378February 4380Voluntary Governmental Fund
May 4379November 4379Bianjie Intervention
November 4379December 4379Cabinet Proposal of November 4379
February 4380January 4381Investigation of Yakuza Crime Syndicate
January 4381January 4381Limit on Government Spending
February 4381February 4381SEKOWO NAME CHANGE REQUEST: Constitutional Republic of Sekowo (セコウォの憲法共和国)
October 4381October 4381Cabinet Proposal of October 4381
October 4381October 4381Ratification of the Treaty of Mutual Defense and Cooperation between Sekowo and Dankuk
October 4381November 4381Ratification of the North Dovani Cooperation Alliance
December 4381December 4381Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
December 4381December 4381Budget proposal of December 4381
December 4381December 4381Income tax proposal of December 4381
April 4382April 4382Changing Support For Seats
April 4382April 4382National Flag Change
July 4382May 4383Withdrawing Act
May 4384September 4385Joining positions of Head of Government and Head of State
April 4390April 4390Ratification of the Terran Unilateral Free Trade Policy
May 4393May 4393Ratification of the Sanctions on Dundorf
October 4396October 4396Income tax proposal of October 4396
October 4396October 4396Budget proposal of October 4396
May 4400June 4401Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
June 4408March 4409Economic Security Act
June 4408October 4409Cultural Heritage Protections Act
July 4408January 4409Military Reform Act
September 4408January 4409Workers Rights Act
September 4408October 4409Sekowan Health Act
November 4408January 4409Farmers Support Act
February 4409March 4409Civil Rights Act
March 4409April 4409Education Reform
May 4409July 4409Give Power to Schools Act
May 4409July 4409Voting Rights Act
May 4409July 4409Regulate the Killing of Animals Act
October 4409April 4411Devolve National Energy Policy Act
October 4410January 4411Protect Endangered Animals Act
January 4411April 4411Cabinet Proposal of January 4411
April 4411February 4412No Political Privilege Act
April 4411March 4412Improved Justice System Reform
October 4411March 4412Tax Religion Act
October 4411March 4412Infrastructure Act
May 4412February 4413Ban Child Pornography Act
May 4413August 4413Natural Drugs Legalization Act
October 4414February 4415Rent Control Act
October 4414February 4415Religion Act
October 4414February 4415Education Reform of 4414
October 4414February 4415Military Reform of 4414
October 4414February 4415Environment Reform
March 4415May 4415Health Reform
April 4415May 4415Foreign Policy Reform I
August 4415September 4415Economic Reform I
October 4415November 4415Civil Rights Act of 4415
November 4415November 4417Useless Treaties Withdrawal
February 4416March 4416Culture Act
February 4416March 4416Ban Human Cloning Act
February 4416March 4416Science Act
March 4416November 4417RP: 4416/004/Change/Prefecture Legislatures
May 4416November 4417RP: 4416/005/Change/Cabinet Decentralization
August 4416February 44174416/007/Change/Democracy in the Workplace
August 4416February 44174416/006/Change/Media Reform
February 4417March 4417Cabinet Proposal of February 4417
April 4417November 44174417/001/Change/Infrastructure
April 4417November 44174417/002/Change/Education
September 4417October 4417Call for early elections, September 4417
September 4417November 4417Ratification of the Rocc-Cola Group Franchising Treaty
September 4417November 4417Ratification of the Avienne® Waters Company Treaty
September 4417November 4417Ratification of the Avienne® Resorts Company Treaty
September 4417November 4417Sanctions on Dundorf Treaty Withdrawal
November 4417November 44174417/003/Change/Luxury and Corporate Taxes
November 4417November 4417Budget proposal of November 4417
November 4417November 4417Income tax proposal of November 4417
November 4417April 44184417/004/Change/Constitutional Amendment
November 4417April 4418Ratification of the Agreement to Sanction the Grand Duchy of Ostland, 4416
June 4418August 4418Ratification of the Lourenne and Sekowo Cooperation Treaty
September 4418November 44184418/001/Change/Security Council
November 4418January 44194418/003/Change/Ecology
November 4418January 44194418/002/Change/Health
May 4419November 44194419/002/Change/Treaties Withdrawal
May 4419November 44194419/001/Change/Security Council Seat D
November 4419March 44204419/004/Change/Justice
November 4419March 44204419/003/Change/Military
December 4419March 44204419/005/Change/Agriculture
November 4420February 44214420/002/Change/Technology
November 4420February 44214420/003/Change/Ban Bestiality
November 4420February 44214420/001/Change/Economy
October 4421February 44224421/002/Change/Gagaku Protection
October 4421February 44224421/001/Change/Almost There
November 4421February 4422RP: 4421/003/Change/LGBTQI+ Teens Protection
February 4422May 4422Income tax proposal of February 4422
February 4422May 44224422/001/Change/Complete Our Agenda
October 4422November 4422RP: 4422/001/Change/Defence Budget Limit
November 4423December 4423Ratification of the Anti Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Treaty
November 4423December 4423Ratification of the The Organization of Drug Exporting Nations (ODEN) III
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the International Agreement On Education
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Declaration on the Use of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Interests of Peace and for the Benefit of Mankind
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
April 4424May 4424Ratification of the International Space Agency
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Treaty on Diplomatic Relations with Zardugal
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the International Agreement on the Rights of the Soldier -- Revised
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Alliance for the Promotion of National Health Care Policies
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Terran Social Pact
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Child Labour Treaty
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the TerraVision Song Contest
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Economic Justice Treaty
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Against Torture Treaty
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the Formula One Racing - International World Championship Circuit
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the International Basketball League (IBL)
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the International Tennis Association
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the International Terran Bank
May 4424February 4425Ratification of the International Treaty on the Abolishment of Segregation
June 4425November 4425RP: 4425/001/Change/International Representative Nomination
November 4425May 4426RP: 4425/002/Change/Equal Pay
December 4425May 4426RP: 4425/004/Change/Net Neutrality
December 4425May 4426RP: 4425/003/Change/Recognition and Protection of Intersex People
November 4426January 4427Income tax proposal of November 4426
April 4427May 4427Budget proposal of April 4427
May 4427April 4428RP: 4427/001/Change/Director of ODEN-Sekowo Nomination
October 4427April 4428RP: 4427/002/Change/Automatic Voter Registration
October 4427April 4428RP: 4427/003/Change/Ban Big Money from Politics
November 4427April 44284427/005/Change/Industry
November 4427April 44284427/004/Change/Sports Clubs
April 4428June 4428Ratification of the Treaty on the Mutual Extradition of Criminals
November 4428March 4430Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens II
November 4429November 4429Cabinet Proposal of November 4429
February 4430August 4436Gated Communities Act
March 4430April 44304430/001/Change/Constitutional Reform
November 4431November 4431Ratification of the Terran Cooperative Prosperity Trade Agreement
May 4432May 44324432/001/Change/Monopolies
October 4433February 4435Religious Freedom Act of Sovereignty
August 4436August 4436Treaty Withdrawal Acts
August 4436August 4436Economic Reforms
August 4436August 4436Cabinet Proposal of August 4436
August 4436August 4436Education Act
August 4436August 4436Free Trade Act
August 4436August 4436Government term and legislative seating act
August 4436August 4436Media Policy Act
August 4436August 4436Individual Liberty Act
February 4437April 4437New flag
February 4437May 4437Infastructure Overhaul
May 4437May 4437Health Reform Act
August 4437August 4437Education Act
March 4438March 4438Economic Revision Act
March 4438March 4438Military Reform Acts
March 4438March 4438Privatization of Health continued
March 4438March 4438Name Change
March 4438March 4438New flag
April 4438April 4438Treaty Withdrawal Acts II
April 4438April 4438Economic Revision Act II
April 4438April 4438New National Anthem
May 4438May 4438Foreign Policy Act II
September 4438April 4439Welfare Reform
September 4438April 4439Argicultural Reform Act
November 4438April 4439New Motto
November 4438April 4439New flag. Attempt #3
May 4439August 4439Nobility Reform Act
August 4439August 4439Justice Reform Act
August 4439August 4439Education Act III
February 4440February 4440Reform bills
May 4441October 4441Gov.0001.4441
June 4441June 4441Cbn.001.4441
July 4441July 4441Ele.001.4441
July 4441October 4441TKK.004.4441
August 4441August 4441Call for early elections, August 4441
June 4442June 4442Ele.002.4442
June 4442August 4442Gov.0002.4442
June 4442December 4442TKK.005.4442
December 4442May 4443TKK.006.4442
January 4444January 4444TKK.007.4443
June 4444June 4444TKK.009.4444
June 4444June 4444TKK.008.4444
July 4444November 4444TKK.010.4444
July 4444July 4445TKK.011.4445
May 4445July 4445TKK.013.4445
May 4445July 4445TKK.012.4445
June 4445October 4445TKK.014.4445
October 4445October 4445TKK 015.4446
December 4445April 4446TKK 016.4446
April 4446March 4447TKK .017.4446
August 4446March 4447TKK.018.4447
December 4446December 4446Ele.003.4447
December 4446March 4447TKK.019.4447
April 4447June 4447TKK.020.4447
October 4451October 4451Bgt.001.4451
October 4451June 4463TKK.021.4452 (Surplus Act)
December 4451December 4451Gov.003.4451
December 4451December 4451Budget proposal of December 4451
April 4453April 4453Freedom Act of 4453
April 4453April 4453Budget proposal of April 4453
April 4453April 4453Income tax proposal of April 4453
April 4453April 4453Deregulation Act of 4453
April 4454September 4454Government and Military Reform Act of 4454
January 4455April 4455Education Reform and Budget Adjustment Act of January 4455
January 4455April 4455Asylum and Security Thereof Act of 4455
October 4455April 4456Reform Act of 4455
September 4456March 4458Ecological Localization/Government Reform Act of 4458
September 4458September 4458Cabinet Proposal of September 4458
December 4458November 4459Discussion: State Bank of Sekowo
January 4459January 4459Income tax proposal of January 4459
January 4459January 4459Taxation Act
February 4459February 4459Education Discipline Act
April 4459April 4462TKK.022.4459
February 4461February 4461Education policy
November 4461May 4462Independence Bill
June 4462June 4462Economic Reform Bill
September 4462September 4462Kami Bill
September 4462September 4462National Symbols Law
August 4464January 4465Uniform Code of Medical Justice and establishment of the Health Force
May 4465May 4473National Name Change
October 4465April 4466Tax Reduction and Economic Reform Plan of 4465
October 4465April 4466Income tax proposal of October 4465
October 4465April 4466Cabinet Proposal of October 4465
April 4466September 4466Re-Adjusted Budget proposal of April 4466
April 4466September 4501Long Term Savings Fund (4465-4499) [Archive]
June 4466June 4466Taiyo no To going inactive shortly OOC
April 4469November 4469Removing 府 (prefecture) from the subnational divisions
March 4472March 4472Secularization Act of 4472
March 4472June 4472Localization and Deregulation Act of 4472
March 4472September 4472National Language Standardization - National Motto
April 4472April 4472Labour Flexibility Act
September 4472February 4473Ratification of the Right to Privacy Treaty
September 4472February 4473Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
September 4472February 4473Ratification of the International Film Societies Organisation (IFSO)
October 4474February 4475Party Cooperation Act
April 4475August 4475Landmine Prohibition
April 4475August 4475Secularization Act
April 4475September 4475Cabinet Proposal of April 4475
September 4475April 4476Chemical and Biological Warfare Prohibition Convention
March 4477September 4477Localization Act
March 4477November 4477Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
March 4477November 4477Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
November 4478November 4478Government Responsibilities Act
September 4479March 4480Free Market Act
August 4483August 4483Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Treaty
February 4484February 4484Ecology Bill
February 4484February 4484Bill for Abortions
March 4489March 4489Religious "Ok" Bill
January 4490January 4490Military Reform Act
November 4491April 4492National Language Standardization Bill
April 4492April 4492Cabinet Proposal of April 4492
August 4492October 4492Military and Warfare Reform of 4492
August 4493August 4493Bill for a Greener Sekouo
September 4493March 4495One Month Debate Period - 4321 (REINSTATED RP BILL)
February 4494February 4494Pacifism Bill
April 4494April 4494New Religion Rules Bill
May 4495September 4495Civil Rights Bill of 4495
July 4495September 4495Market Liberalisation Act II
January 4496January 4496Rigorous Environmental Protection Act
February 4496February 4496New Bill for Good Goodness.
February 4496February 4496Regulation of Advertisement Bill
February 4496February 4496Ecology Protectionism Super Packed Act
February 4496February 4496Devolution Act of 4496
January 4498January 4498Cabinet Proposal of January 4498
April 4498September 4498Morigawalocaltrashproposal
April 4498September 4498Chemical Weapons Ban
May 4498September 4498Morigawacare
July 4498July 4498Early Election Announcement
September 4498September 4498反同 Cabinet Proposal
October 4498October 4498More Trees for Sekowo
November 4498November 4498Sekowo Standing Tall and Wide Act
January 4499January 4499Proposal to change the Name of the Capital and the Residence of the Emperor, of 4499
January 4499January 4499Act for Reducing Military Agression
February 4499February 4499Religious Liberties Reforms
August 4499August 4499Local Education Action Act
August 4499August 4499Take Whatever Drug You Want Act
September 4499March 4500Opposition Bill of 4499
November 4499November 4499Local Funding for Sports and Healthy Activities Act
November 4499November 4499Reckless Striking Ban
November 4499November 4499Clean and Safe Food Act
November 4499November 4499Individual Endangered Animal Protection Act
November 4499November 4499Sekowo's Economy is for Sekowo Act
November 4499November 4499Cult Control Act
November 4499November 4499Act for the Reintroduction of Nobility Title Granting by his Majesty the Emperor
September 4500September 4500Corporation Tax Act, New Version
October 4500October 4500Local Homeless Shelters Act
October 4500October 4500The Prime Minister remembers when he was just out of college and couldn't afford rent, so he had to live in his friend's parents' apartment. That was sad. We should change that Act
October 4500October 4500Foreign Marriage Rights Act
October 4500October 4500National Radio and TV (This is not propaganda, stop telling Lies) Act
October 4500October 4500Medication Subsidization Act
October 4500October 4500Reasonable Libel Laws to Prevent False, Damaging Criticism Act
October 4500October 4500Local Dueling and Seppuku Conservation for Cultural Immersion, Patriotism and Freedom Act
October 4500October 4500Symbolic Protest with the Burning of the Flag Allowance Act
October 4500October 4500Fund Not Abortions Bill
October 4500October 4500Local Ownership of Airports, Eminent Domain for Local Governments Act
October 4500October 4500Local Investment in Renewable Encouragement (not Enforcement, okay? Stop making us look evil) Act
October 4500October 4500Divorce Devolution Act
October 4500October 4500What Kind of Party Have we been to not allow software patents? Holy Moly. Act
October 4500October 4500Private and Public Initiation, Development, and Regulation Act.
October 4500October 4500Local Public Works Act
October 4500October 4500Adoption Policy Devolution Act
October 4500October 4500Housing needs to be more affordable for the poor, for sureable. Tried to make that rhymed but failed, but I'm no rapper act
October 4500October 4500Prevent Kids and Teens from watching X-Rated Porn in the Theatre or at Home Act. Seriously.
October 4500October 4500Agricultural and Aquacultural Support and Regulation Act
October 4500October 4500Trains are fun to watch and ride, but recently train companies are abusing their powers by taking over lines to prevent other comapnies from running their trains. This is unacceptable, Act
October 4500October 4500Civil Liberties Review Act
October 4500October 4500Local Art Subsidy Act
February 4501October 4501Alcohol Regulation Act
February 4501October 4501Partial Nationalization and Regulation of the Defense Industry Act
February 4501October 4501Chemical Weapons Ban
May 4501October 4501Prime Minister After-Election Speech Establishment Act
September 4501September 4501全国人民 Coalition Proposal
October 4501November 4501TKK.039.4501
October 4501November 4501TKK.052.4501
October 4501November 4501TKK.042.4501
October 4501November 4501TKK.040.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.036.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.051.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.035.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.050.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.025.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.046.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.024.4501
December 4501March 4502TKK 055.4501
December 4501March 4502TKK.054.4501
January 4502January 4502Accurate Food Labeling Act
January 4502January 4502Local Regulation of Alcohol Act
January 4502January 4502Land Mine Ban
January 4502January 4502Chemical Weapons Never-Use Pledge Act
January 4502January 4502Limited Public Financing for Elections Act
January 4502January 4502The Earlier Retirement Age Establishment because the Country is now Deemed Propseperous Enough to Provide Benefits to the Elderly Earlier and because We Need More Jobs for the Young
January 4502January 4502Regulation of Gender Reassignment Surgeries Act
January 4502February 4502Local Regulation of Industrial Hemp Act
February 4502February 4502Ishijima Reforms
February 4502February 4502Stock Regulation Act
May 4502May 4502Prime Minister's Adress, May 4502
July 4502July 4502Phone Bill Regulation Act
August 4502August 4502Paramilitary Ban Act
October 4502October 4502Local Parks Act
January 4503March 4503TKK.056.4503
January 4503March 4503TKK.060.4503
April 4503April 4503PM's visit to the state of Dankuk
January 4505June 4505Sekouo Security Council Nominations
February 4508September 4508Freedom Reform Act of 4508
October 4508October 4510RP: Sekouan officials to visit State Funeral of the Late Empress of Dankuk
November 4512October 4513Disinformation Defense Act
October 4513December 4513Cbn.005.4513
May 4516October 4516Moving Sekouo into a Globalized Era
May 4516October 4516Citizen Safety Act
March 4518September 4520Student Protection Act
March 4518March 4529Tertiary Education Act
March 4518March 4529Establishment of the Sekouan Broadcasting
March 4518December 4530National Treasure Preservation Act
March 4518December 4530Whaling Restriction
March 4518December 4530Education Reform Act 4518
March 4521August 4521Act for the Protection of Life (4521)
March 4521August 4521Localization Act of 4521
September 4521February 4522Cabinet Proposal of September 4521
September 4521July 4523Government Reform Act of 4521
September 4521July 4523Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
September 4521July 4523Ratification of the International Religious Minorities Protections Act
September 4521July 4523Ratification of the International Mind Sports Association
September 4521July 4523Ratification of the Terran Religious Freedom
September 4521July 4523Ratification of the International Right to Privacy Treaty
September 4521July 4523Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
January 4525April 4525Ratification of the Global Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
January 4525April 4525Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
January 4525April 4525Ratification of the International treaty to protect Ahmadi minorities
January 4525April 4525Ratification of the International Treaty for the Rights of Armed Serviceman
January 4525January 4555Ratification of the Freedom of Our People Treaty
January 4525August 4581Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Act (PLA)
January 4525August 4581Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens II
January 4525August 4581Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens
February 4525April 4525Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
February 4525April 4525Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
February 4525April 4525Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
November 4531September 4532Protection of Endangered Species
November 4531September 4532Green Sekouo Act
April 4533October 4533RP: Passing of the Dankuk Empress, Seokouo to Pay Respects
September 4545May 4547Reassertion of Imperial Economic Values
September 4545May 4547Imperial Bureaucratic Overhaul Act
August 4547February 4548Cabinet Proposal of August 4547
January 4553June 4553NIP-1 Platform
January 4553December 4553NIP-2 Small Reform
March 4556September 4556Sekouan Support for a Fellow Monarchy
September 4557August 4581Ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between State of Yingdala and Celestial Empire of Sekouo
December 4557December 4558Education Reform November 4557
December 4557December 4558Protection of the Sekouo Youth Act November 4557
December 4557December 4558Government involvement in the promotion of Sekouo Culture Act November 4557
February 4558December 4558Bill of February 4558
February 4558December 4558Common Sense Bill November 4557
March 4558December 4558Economic Reform March 4558
January 4559January 4560Infrastructure Reform Bill January 4559
December 4559December 4560Bill of Decemeber 4559
February 4561February 4561Agriculture and Ecology Bill January 4561
April 4562February 4563Health Reform April 4562
April 4563August 4563The Upliftment Act of Sekowo 4563
August 4564October 4564Miscellaneous Bill of August 4564
October 4564March 4565Full Reform Act of 4564
August 4565November 4565Economic Reform March 4565
October 4568March 4569Reform Act of 4568
August 4571September 4572Ratification of the Free Trade League
August 4571September 4572Reform Act of 4571
August 4571September 4572Ratification of the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
August 4571September 4572Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
August 4588March 4589Ratification of the Gao-Soto Embassy of friendship
November 4606March 4607TKK.062.4606
November 4606March 4607TKK.061.4606
December 4606March 4607TKK.069.4606
December 4606March 4607TKK.067.4606
December 4606March 4607TKK.068.4606
December 4606March 4607TKK.066.4606
December 4606March 4607TKK.064.4606
December 4606March 4607TKK.063.4606
December 4606May 4607TKK.065.4606
June 4607September 4607TKK.070.4607
June 4607September 4607Bgr.003.4607
June 4607September 4607Bgt.002.4607
June 4607November 4608TKK.071.4607
November 4607January 4608Bgt.004.4607
March 4608November 4608TKK.072.4608
March 4608November 4608TKK.073.4608
November 4608March 4609TKK.077.4608
November 4608March 4609TKK.075.4608
November 4608March 4609TKK.074.4608
November 4608June 4609TKK.076.4608
March 4609June 4609TKK.078.4609
June 4609July 4609TKK.079.4609
June 4609March 4611TKK.080.4609
September 4612June 4613TKK.083.4612
September 4612June 4613TKK.082.4612
September 4612June 4613Gov.003.4613
November 4612June 4613TKK.081.4612
November 4612June 4613TKK.084.4612
November 4612May 4614TKK.085.4612
March 4616August 4616Income tax proposal of March 4616
March 4616August 4616Reform Act of 4616
March 4616August 4616Budget proposal of March 4616
September 4616October 4616Cabinet Proposal of September 4616
December 4616March 4617Infastructure Reform of 4617
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the International Film Societies Organisation (IFSO)
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Free Trade League
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Right to Privacy Treaty
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Terran Religious Freedom
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Freedom of Our People Treaty
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the International Right to Privacy Treaty
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the Recognition of the Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)'s Permanent Neutrality
March 4617April 4617Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
June 4617March 4618Economic Reform of 4617
March 4618August 4618Military Reform Act of 4618
March 4618August 4618Education Reform of 4618
March 4618August 4618Media Reform
March 4618August 4618Justice Reform of 4618
August 4618January 4619Science and Technology Reform Act of 4618
January 4619March 4619TBA
March 4620July 4620Income tax proposal of March 4620
March 4620July 4620Budget proposal of March 4620
March 4620July 4620Welfare Localization and Reform Act of 4620
March 4620March 4622ICL Act of 4620
September 4620January 4621Ratification of the Beiteynu-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, Assistance and Trade
September 4620January 4621Ratification of the Treaty for the International Protection of the Natural Right To Bear Arms
September 4620January 4621Ratification of the Foundation for Individual Rights (FIR) - Organizational Operational Rights
September 4620March 4624Government and Military Reform Act of 4621
May 4629May 4629Call for early elections, May 4629
November 4629November 4629Bill to Make the NC Look Less Bad to Voters
November 4629November 4629A Standalone, Impulsive Proposal to Reveal the National Coalition's Real Party Line
November 4629November 4629The National Restoration Cabinet of 4630
November 4629November 4629Withdrawal from All Sovereignty-Damaging Treaties
December 4629December 4629Setting a few other political positions
December 4629December 4629Flat Tax Act of 4630
December 4629December 4629Ultimate Austerity Measure Bill
June 4630June 4630Call for early elections, June 4630
July 4630January 4631Anti-Racism Bill
August 4630August 4630National Resurrection Cabinet Against Jiyū Cheating
August 4630January 4631Reaffirmation of the Right to Protect Private Property
December 4630December 4630Call for early elections, December 4630
August 4631August 4631Call for early elections, August 4631
September 4631March 4632Common Sense Environmental Policy Act of 4632
September 4631February 4633Restoration of Monarchy Act II of 4632
November 4631December 4631Call for early elections, November 4631
February 4632February 4632Call for early elections, February 4632
September 4632January 4633Bill to Stop All Treasonous Acts
December 4632December 4632Call for early elections, December 4632
January 4633January 4633More Freedoms Act
January 4633February 4633Ratification of the Comprehensive Regressive International Treaty of Terran Human Biodiversity
February 4633March 4633Corrections to the Restoration of Monarchy Act
August 4633February 4634Ratification of the International Compact of Ethical and Voluntary Slavery
August 4633April 4638The Grand Privatization Plan
October 4633October 4633Ratification of the Economic and Free Trade Treaty of Seongtaek
March 4635April 4635Ratification of the Pact of Friendship and Alliance between Seikowo and Lodamun
April 4635January 4637Ratification of the Agreement to Sanction the Kazulian Democratic Republic, 4598
February 4642February 4642Call for early elections, February 4642
February 4642February 4642Cabinet Proposal of February 4642
February 4642February 4642Income tax proposal of February 4642
February 4642February 4642Budget proposal of February 4642
February 4642June 4642Treaty Withdrawal Act
February 4642June 4642Government Reform Act of 4642
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Rildanor Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Treaty on Diplomatic Relations with Zardugal
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Kalistan-Sekowo Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Cildania-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Trade
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Recognition of the Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)'s Permanent Neutrality
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Treaty of Mutual Defense and Cooperation between Sekowo and Dankuk
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Global Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Official Covenant of the Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Lourenne
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Gao-Soto Embassy of friendship
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Treaty
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between State of Yingdala and Celestial Empire of Sekouo
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Lourenne and Sekowo Cooperation Treaty
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the International Film Societies Organisation (IFSO)
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
April 4643April 4643Ratification of the International Mind Sports Association
April 4643April 4643Civil Liberties Act of 4643
June 4643March 4644Civil Rights Extension Act of 4643
June 4644August 4644Civil Rights Extension Act of 4644
October 4644December 4644Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
October 4644December 4644Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the Treaty for Racial Equality
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the TERRAN CRICKET COUNCIL (TCC)
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the Right to Privacy Treaty
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the International Tennis Association
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the Well & Sons® Mining and Drilling Company
December 4644December 4644Ratification of the Terra National Wrestling Organization (TNWA)
December 4644January 4645Government Republican Transition
January 4645January 4645Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
January 4645January 4645Ratification of the Sanctions on Lodamun 4644
January 4645January 4645Ratification of the Religious Freedom Treaty
January 4645January 4645Ratification of the International Post-War AfterCare Organisation IPWACO
March 4645March 4646Civil Rights Extension of 4646
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the World Financial Trade Center (WTFC)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Terran Independent News Treaty (T.I.N.T)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery Treaty.
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Rocc-Cola Group Franchising Treaty
July 4645July 4645Budget proposal of July 4645
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Terran Bank: Request for Currency Evaluation
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Centre for Nulcear and Subnuclear Research (CNSR)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Agreement on the Rights of the Soldier -- Revised
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Condemnation of the Orderist Terrorism in Western Majatra
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Terran Bank
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Anti Slavery Treaty
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Confederation for Applied Chemistry and Biological Research (ICACBR)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the World Fair
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the United Chariot League
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the World Justice Organization (WJO)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Terran Democratic Treaty-Human Rights Convention (TEDCO-HRC)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the The Terran Supercup of Regions
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Agreement on Foreign Investments
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Trigunian Diplomatic Treaty
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Cildanian Free Trade Agreement
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Northern Council Treaty
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Worldwide Free Trade Agreement
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the FIFA World Cup
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the The International Majatran Trade Agreement (IMTA)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Avienne® Resorts Company Treaty
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Sperry & Hutchinson (S&H) Green Stamps Program
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Treaty for the Rights of Armed Serviceman
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Terran Football Federation (World Championship)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Center for Disease Control
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Avienne® Waters Company Treaty
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
July 4645July 4645Income tax proposal of July 4645
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the TerraVision Song Contest
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
July 4645July 4645Ratification of the International Basketball League (IBL)
July 4645March 4646Ratification of the The League of Terran Nations (LTN)
July 4645March 4646Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
July 4646August 4646NAME CHANGE REQUEST: セコウォの憲法共和国 (Constitutional Republic of Sekowo)
July 4649July 4650NAME CHANGE REQUEST: 生古塢立憲共和国 (Constitutional Republic of Sekouo)
January 4656March 4656NDP-1: Constitution Reforms
March 4656March 4656Income tax proposal of March 4656
March 4656March 4656Cabinet Proposal of March 4656
March 4656March 4656NDP-2: Taxation Adjustment Act
May 4656December 4656Government reforms of May 4656
June 4656June 4656Ratification of the The Eroncourt Convention
June 4656June 4656NDP-4: Healthcare Realignment Act
June 4656June 4656NDP-3: Civil Liberties Act
October 4657February 4658Tax Reduction Act of 4657
December 4657December 4657Call for early elections, December 4657
June 4658June 4658Cabinet Proposal of June 4658
July 4660September 4660Healthcare Reform Act of 4660
July 4660September 4660Civil Rights Extension Act of 4660
July 4660September 4660Localization Act of 4660
July 4660September 4660Constitutional Reforms Act of 4660
August 4661February 4662Tri-Union Cabinet
October 4665March 4666Regulation Act
November 4671November 4671Environmental protection Act
November 4671November 4671Cabinet Proposal of November 4671
May 4674June 4674Education Reform Bill
June 4675June 4675Parliamentary Procedure Act
December 4677October 4679Economic Renewal Act
February 4683March 4683NDP-6: Constitutional Reforms
February 4683January 4684Nation Name Change
March 4683March 4683NDP-7: Labour Reformation Act
March 4683March 4683NDP-8: Anti-Corporatocracy Act
March 4683March 4683NDP-11: Budget proposal of March 4683
March 4683March 4683NPD-10: Cabinet Proposal of March 4683
March 4683March 4683NDP-9: Corporation and Sales Tax Amendment Act
April 4696September 4696Ban on Research, Production, and Usage; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Weaponry
May 4696September 4696Shortening of Vote Period
August 4696September 4696DPP I - Health, Safety, and Election Mandate of 4696
September 4696September 4696Cabinet Proposal of September 4696
January 4697March 4698Ratification of the Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (WDEA-Istalia Free Trade Agreement)
March 4697March 4697DPP II - Media and Prison Work Reforms
March 4697March 4698Ratification of the Terran Military and Trade Alliance (TMTA)
April 4697April 4697DPP III - Revocation of Certain Treaties
September 4697September 4697DPP IV - Economic Reforms of 4697
February 4698February 4698Budget proposal of February 4698
February 4698February 4698Income tax proposal of February 4698
March 4698March 4698Withdrawal from ITB
March 4698March 4698DPP V - Drug Reform Act of 4698
January 4699January 4699DPP VI - Reforms of 4699
September 4701February 4702DPP VII - Reforms of 4701
February 4702February 4702DPP VIII - Reforms of 4702
March 4702March 4702DPP IX - New Flag Bill of 4702
December 4702December 4702DPP X - Name Change Bill of 4702
January 4703January 4703DPP XI - Newspaper Name Bill of 4703
September 4723March 4724Reform Act of 4723 (JPS)
March 4724March 4724Tax Reform Act of 4724 (JPS)
March 4724March 4724Healthcare Reform Act of 4724 (JPS)
December 4724December 4724Economic Reform Act of 4724 (JPS)
December 4724December 4724Income tax proposal of December 4724
December 4724December 4724Budget proposal of December 4724
December 4724December 4724Education Reform Act of 4724 (JPS)
December 4724December 4724Cabinet Proposal of December 4724
September 4725December 4726Civil Liberties Resoration Act of 4725 (JPS)
September 4725December 4726Media and Ecological Reform Act of 4725 (JPS)
September 4725December 4726Transportation Reform Act of 4725 (JPS)
September 4725December 4726Justice Reform Act of 4725 (JPS)
April 4731April 4731Call for early elections, April 4731

Bills defeated

These bills have been defeated[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
March 2193March 2193Call for early elections, March 2193
March 2193March 2193first bill
March 2193March 2193law and order/governemnt affairs
May 2193May 2193Retirement
May 2193May 2193Call for early elections, May 2193
May 2193May 2193first bill
June 2193July 2193Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles II
June 2193July 2193Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles I
October 2193October 2193Military
November 2193November 2193A bill on the issue of social services
November 2193November 2193Call for early elections, November 2193
November 2193November 2193Economic Development
December 2193December 2193Health Issues
April 2194April 2194ecology
April 2194April 2194military
April 2194April 2194military
April 2194April 2194national animal
April 2194April 2194ecology 3
April 2194April 2194ecology 2
May 2194May 2194Foreign Relations and the Military
July 2194July 2194Call for early elections, July 2194
November 2194November 2194civil rights 3
November 2194November 2194civil rights 2
November 2194November 2194civil rights
November 2194November 2194culture
January 2195May 2195Sensible Reforms in the realm of Justice
March 2195March 2195Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles III: Ecology
March 2195March 2195Sex Education
March 2195March 2195Environmental issues
March 2195March 2195Torture
April 2195July 2195A Bill dealing with Morality
May 2195May 2195Euthanasia
May 2195May 2195Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles V
May 2195May 2195Filliam H. Muffman Establishment of Principles IV: Foreign Relations
May 2195July 2195Cabinet Proposal of May 2195
September 2196December 2196Cabinet Proposals
August 2198March 2199Economical Shift
April 2199December 2199Prison Reform
May 2199May 2199Cabinet Proposal of May 2199
March 2200March 2200Cabinet Proposal of March 2200
September 2200September 2200Trade Union Regulation Act
April 2201March 2202Pension Reform
November 2201March 2202Devolution Act
February 2202April 2202Reform
March 2202September 2202Presidentialism Reform
May 2202May 2202Regulation Is Bad Bill
June 2202June 2202Length of office
September 2202September 2202The Bill of Enlightenment
October 2202October 2202Religious Taxation
November 2202November 2202Ratification of the Do Not Spam Treaty
November 2202November 2202More Reforms
May 2203May 2203Environment Bill
April 2204May 2204Euthenasia Bill
June 2204June 2204Foreigners Bill
March 2205March 2205Religion Bill
March 2205March 2205Cabinet Proposal of March 2205
March 2205March 2205Regulation Is Bad II
May 2206May 2206Minimum Wage
April 2207April 2207Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
October 2209June 2210Multiple Reforms
April 2210April 2210We're Getting Wasted Bill
May 2210May 2210_
May 2210May 2210Anti Fat People Act
October 2212January 2213Local Culture.Local Management Bill
October 2212January 2213Slavery Nullification Bill
May 2213July 2213Park Policy and Hunting Law Redistribution Plan
May 2213July 2213Motion for a Separation of Church and State
July 2213April 2214Right to Strike Bill
December 2213December 2213Call for early elections, December 2213
December 2213March 2214Separation of Church and State (Continued)
March 2214June 2215Count on Representatives Initiative
April 2214December 2214National Flag
April 2214December 2214Modern War Resistance Theory
August 2215August 2215Mayoral Placement Policy
August 2215June 2216Slaves of War Policy
June 2216June 2217Public Transport Responsibility Initiative
June 2216March 2218Prisoner Reform Bill
September 2216June 2217Communal Education Possibility
October 2217March 2218Manche Anti-Slavery Statement
October 2217April 2218Manche Economic Positions
November 2217March 2218Manche Unions
November 2217March 2218Manche Reproductive Freedom
November 2217April 2218Manche Rising
March 2219March 2219Disarming the Armed Enforcers of Renner
March 2219March 2219Manche Expropriation
March 2219June 2219Emancipation and Expropriation
December 2219December 2219Cabinet Proposal of December 2219
August 2223August 2223Cabinet Proposal of August 2223
January 2230April 2230Ministerialisation
April 2230May 2230Foreign Policy Reform Law (FPRL) of 2230
April 2230May 2230Infrastructure Reform Law (IRL) of 2230
August 2230May 2231Curfew Policy Revision Bill
August 2230August 2231Right to Our Organs Bill
November 2230May 2231The Neighborhood Protection Bill
July 2231October 2231Civil Liberties Reform Law of 2231
July 2232March 2233Media Reform Law (MRL) of 2232
November 2232March 2233Fairness and Federalism Act of 2232
November 2233May 2234Justice Reform Law of 2233
October 2234April 2236Freedom of Religion Continued
October 2234April 2236Increased freedom of religion
September 2235March 2236Religion Bill
October 2235April 2236Health Reform Law of 2235
October 2235April 2236Economics Reform Law of 2235
November 2235April 2236Military Reform Law of 2235
May 2237May 2238Administrative Reform Law (ARL) of 2237
October 2238April 2240Parliamentary Reform Bill of 2238
October 2238April 2240Aesthetic Reform Bill of 2238
March 2239September 2239Cabinet Proposal of March 2239
May 2239May 2240National Security Law of 2239
May 2239May 2240Free Economy Law of 2239
May 2239May 2240Sekowan Justice Law of 2239
May 2239May 2240Optional Discipline Law of 2239
May 2239May 2240Union Television Law of 2239
May 2239May 2240People's Fish Law of 2239
May 2239May 2240Public Decency Law of 2239
January 2241April 2242Healthy People Law (HPL) of 2241
June 2243June 2243Aesthetic Reform Bill of 2243
August 2243March 2244Sekowan Liberation Law of 2243
January 2244March 2244Citizen Information Law of 2244
January 2244March 2244People's Fish Law of 2244
January 2244March 2244Public Decency Law of 2244
January 2245May 2246National Health Law (NHL) of 2245
January 2245May 2246People's Economy Law (PEL) of 2245
June 2245June 2246Cabinet Proposal of June 2245
April 2246April 2246Conservative Party Platform
May 2246May 2246Moral Values Act
May 2247May 2247Defense of Marriage Act
May 2247May 2247Moral Regeneration Act
May 2247May 2247Military Dicipline Act
December 2247December 2247Moral Values Act
May 2248May 2248Health Care Act
May 2249February 2250Federal Union Economy Law (FUEL) of 2249
May 2249February 2250National Media Law (NML) of 2249
May 2249February 2250People's Union Law (PUL) of 2249
January 2251May 2251Revolutionary Cabinet Proposal of January 2251
April 2251April 2251Prostitution Ban
July 2251December 2251National Stability Law of 2251
July 2251December 2251People's Health Law of 2251
December 2251December 2251El President's Revised Cabinet Proposal
April 2253May 2255Sekowan Freedom Bill
April 2253May 2255Patriotic Unity Proposal of April 2253
April 2253May 2255Health and Education Bill
July 2253July 2255Union Fish Law (UFL) of 2253
March 2256March 2256Manifesto Pledges
April 2256April 2256Employment Rights Bill
October 2257November 2257Anti-Happy Bill
October 2257November 2257Church and Nation Bill
October 2257November 2257Free Education Bill
February 2258February 2258Civil Rights Bill
November 2261November 2261Call for early elections, November 2261
August 2268November 2271Progressive Administrative Act of 2268
January 2270April 2270National Administrative Law of 2270
April 2271April 2271Cabinet Proposal of April 2271
August 2283August 2283Vanioka Counter Manifesto [With Articles]
August 2283August 2283Vanioka Counter Manifesto
August 2283August 2283Vanioka Manifesto
September 2283September 2283Vanioka Manifesto
January 2284January 2284Yet Another Vanioka Manifesto
February 2284February 2284Manifesto de Vanioka
August 2284January 2285Vanioka Omni Bus Stop
January 2285January 2285another bill from CCPS
January 2285January 228515 Seats Isn't Enough
January 2285January 2285A bill from CCPS
August 2285August 2285Destroy the LPR!
September 2285September 2285Jesus kingdom will come
January 2286January 2286The Last Step
February 2286February 2286Schools
February 2286February 2286Media
October 2287May 2290Restoration of Freedom Act
December 2288December 2288Reintroducing Constitutional Liberty for the People of Sekowo
September 2292February 2293Power To Religion!
August 2293September 2293Power To The Military
May 2294May 2294Election Date
December 2298May 2299Revitalization of the Sekowo Armed Forces
February 2299May 2299The Law and Order Act
November 2299November 2299Economic Strengthening Act
June 2300June 2300The National Health Care Act
June 2300June 2300The Infrastructure Reform and Revitalization Act
November 2300April 2301The Economic Reform Act
February 2301February 2301Ecology Act
March 2302March 2302Bill For A Free Market
March 2303November 2304The Morality, Ecology and Miscleaneous Act
January 2305January 2305Parliamentry Act
May 2305May 2306Publicity Campaign
September 2306September 2306Parliamentry Reform Act
May 2307May 2307Publicity Campaign II
May 2308May 2308Publicity Campaign III
August 2309September 2309Revolt Bill
September 2310September 2310Parliamentry Reform Act II
September 2310April 2312Bill 19
April 2311April 2311Parliamentary Act III
August 2311December 2311Bill to free the worker as working man
September 2311September 2311Social Democratic Platform:Restoring Freedom
September 2311September 2311Social Democratic Party Platform
February 2312February 2312Library and Museaum Act
February 2312February 2312National Health Service Act
February 2313February 2313National Health Service Act
March 2313February 2314Chemical and Biological Weapons
April 2313April 2313Restoration of Freedom Act
June 2313June 2313Call for early elections, June 2313
June 2313June 2313Bill to free the worker as living man
July 2313February 2314Reform of legislative and executive term and parliament seats
August 2313August 2313Public Education Act
August 2313August 2313Worker's Rights Act
January 2314January 2314Call for early elections, January 2314
February 2314July 2314Health care
February 2315February 2315Strategic Nationalization Act.
February 2315February 2315Military Act
March 2315March 2315Capitalist Party Return Bill
August 2315August 2315Bill 443
October 2316October 2316A New Age!
June 2317June 2317Changing of the Guard
October 2317October 2317Treaty Withdrawal
October 2317October 2317Market Bill
April 2318April 2318Army Competency Act
April 2319January 2320WUMBUS
April 2319March 2320National Reconciliation Act
January 2320March 2320Cabinet Proposal of January 2320
January 2320October 2320Neil Young's Pretty Cool Act
February 2320October 2320Infastructure
February 2320October 2320The Three R's
July 2320September 2320Workers Rights Bill
July 2320September 2320Abortion Rights Bill
August 2320August 2320Agriculture Bill
August 2320September 2320Anti-Militarist Bill
September 2320September 2320Pro-choice Act
March 2321March 2321Worker's Democracy Act
April 2321April 2321Big Changes Bill
October 2321October 2321Break It Down
October 2321October 2321Babylon Rising
October 2321October 2321National Anthem
February 2322February 2322National Identity Bill
October 2322October 2322National Purity Bill
October 2322October 2322Bill 334
October 2322October 2322Progressive Unity Cabinet Proposal of October 2322
February 2323February 2323Holy Holy Mount Zion
November 2323November 2323Killing Religion
November 2323November 2323Resources Act
March 2324March 2324Rights Reform Bill
March 2324March 2324Neo Nazis
March 2324March 2324One, Two, Three
April 2327September 2327RAF Offensive Part I
September 2327March 2329RAF Offensive III
September 2327March 2329RAF Offensive II
April 2328March 2329Fisheries Nationalization Act
April 2328March 2329RAF Offensive IV
October 2328October 2328Cabinet Proposal of October 2328
August 2329August 2329Call for early elections, August 2329
September 2329February 2330RAF Offensive V
October 2329October 2329People's Peace Bill 1
August 2330October 2331RAF Offenisve VIII
February 2331April 2332Cabinet Proposal of February 2331
September 2331November 2331Privatization Act of 2332
September 2331November 2331Banana Market
September 2331December 2331Market
September 2331December 2331Military Change
September 2331March 2332Renewal of State of Emergency
September 2331March 2332RAF Coup d'Etat
March 2333May 2333RAF Offensive X
March 2333May 2333RAF Offensive IX
February 2335August 2336Cabinet Proposal of February 2335
August 2335February 2336RAF Offensive XI
September 2338August 2339Turn It Up
March 2340October 2340Military
March 2340October 2340The Freedom Reforms
March 2340October 2340Labour Reform
April 2340October 2340recycling
August 2340October 2340Prostitution
November 2340February 2341It's the voting van, yes the voting van is here, yes the voting van....
February 2342September 2342RAF Offensive XIII
August 2343January 2344RAF Offensive XIV
October 2343October 2343Cabinet Proposal of October 2343
October 2343August 2344Legislative Seats
August 2344August 2344Cabinet Proposal of August 2344
December 2344December 2344Military Reform
December 2344January 2345Military Reform II
February 2345February 2345Call for early elections, February 2345
March 2345February 2346RAF Offensive XV
December 2345December 2345Seats in legislative assembly
December 2345December 2345Indentity Cards
December 2345January 2346Head of State and Head of Government as one.
October 2346March 2348Term length
October 2346August 2348Seats
July 2347July 2347POW
July 2347July 2347nuclear
July 2347July 2347National service
July 2347July 2347our own weapon
October 2347December 2349RAF Offensive XVI
March 2349December 2349Ratification of the The Terra Freedom Treaty
August 2349February 2351RAF Offensive XVII
October 2352October 2352Administrative Reform
July 2353July 2353Ratification of the The Terra Freedom Treaty
July 2353August 2353Seats
February 2354February 2354Term Length
February 2354July 2354RAF Offensive XVII
January 2358January 2358Call for early elections, January 2358
September 2361September 2361Ratification of the The Terra Freedom Treaty
July 2366July 2366Cabinet Proposal of July 2366
July 2366August 2367Legalization of prostitution
August 2372November 2372Ratification of the Treaty against fascism
August 2372January 2373Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
July 2374January 2375End of the military service
January 2375January 2375Tax bill II
January 2375January 2375Woman's Right Act
February 2375February 2375Editto n 1
June 2375August 2375Editto n3
September 2377September 2377Editto Supremo
July 2378November 2378Editto Supremo 2
November 2379November 2379Worker's rights
December 2379December 2379Women's rights
January 2380January 2380Purification Of The Nation
February 2380February 2380Reform!
November 2385May 2386#2
November 2385May 2386#1
May 2387May 2387#4
May 2387May 2387#5
April 2388October 2388Liberty
April 2388October 2388Popular Choice
April 2388October 2388And more...
August 2388October 2388Progress
February 2389February 2389Sekowo Freedom Act
June 2389January 2390Local Authorities Act
June 2389May 2390Commercial Representation Act
January 2391January 2391Freedom Accords!
May 2391August 2392#6
October 2391October 2391Sekowo Freedom Act
October 2391October 2391Cabinet Proposal of October 2391
June 2392June 2392Marketplace Reform Act
May 2394November 2394Emancipation Act
November 2396November 2396Taxation Reform Act 2397
May 2397November 2397Budget proposal of May 2397
May 2397November 2397Income tax proposal of May 2397
October 2400October 2400Conservative Revolution
April 2405April 2405New Flag
October 2407January 2408Conservative Reformation Act
December 2407December 2407Parliamentary Freedom Act
June 2417September 2419Initiative for a Lively Future
November 2421November 2421Mayor Devolution Act of November 2421
February 2423February 2423Propsal Incrrease Bill of February 2423
March 2423March 2423Act to Restore Sekowian Eminence (ARSE)
April 2428April 2428Liberty Bill
August 2429August 2429Freedom of Sekowo
January 2432January 2432For The Good of Sekowo
August 2432August 2432Age of Retirement Act
January 2433January 2433For The Safety of Sekowo
December 2433December 2433Money For The State
October 2434July 2435There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread." Mahatma Gandhi
October 2434July 2435No Gay Marrige or Families
October 2434July 2435Religon needs to come back
October 2434July 2435Call for early elections, October 2434
October 2434July 2435Bill of rights
October 2434July 2435Anti Terrorism law
October 2434July 2435Africa is poor because its investors and its creditors are unspeakably rich - Naomi Klein
October 2434July 2435Anti Anti semitism law
February 2435February 2435Resources Act
February 2435July 2435The bill of rights of parties!
February 2435July 2435things that need to change!
March 2435July 2435"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?"
May 2435July 2435"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes strong than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascismRo
August 2435August 2435State Control Act
April 2436May 2436Changes
April 2436August 2440Anti-rasism law rewritten
May 2436May 2436Resources Act II
July 2436July 2436Shorter Terms
April 2437July 2437Old People Suck
April 2437July 2437Amazonian Military
April 2437July 2437Still Needs More Cowbell
April 2437July 2437Needs More Cowbell
June 2437June 2437Who Loves Orange Soda? Kel Loves Orange Soda!
June 2437March 2438The Universal Education Reform and Accountability Act
July 2437July 2437Youth In Asia
September 2437April 2438Civil Rights Act of 2437
November 2437November 2437Fare Thee Well
November 2437March 2440A new anthem.
December 2437December 2437Act VII of Political Reform
January 2438January 2438Death Sentence Policy
June 2438June 2438Illegal Immigration Reform Act
July 2438July 2438Military Policy Changes
July 2438August 2439Chemical & Biological Weapons Ban Act
September 2438September 2438Defence of Minors Act
December 2438December 2438Get Up
December 2438December 2438Lex de cultu duodecim Deorum
February 2439January 2442New anthem (in case)
March 2439January 2442Our Army's official song
April 2439April 24391.21 GIGAWATTS
April 2439April 2439Data Privacy Act of 2439
November 2439November 2439Military Junction, What's Your Function? "Pickin' up bombs and nukes and shelters"
January 2440December 2441Proposing the Changing of the National Motto
February 2440February 2446Crimimilization of armed conflict against the government of the Federated Cities of Pan-Sekowo
March 2440May 2440Tax Relief Act of 2440
April 2440April 2440In Ur Government, Changin Ur Laws
May 2440May 2440Hey thar
June 2440June 2440Consideration of the Multipartate Pact
June 2440December 2441Should The Nations Capital Be Changed
July 2440July 2440Pursuit of Happiness
July 2440August 2440freedom
September 2440September 2440Sekowo Gambling Bill of 2440
September 2440February 2446AU-approved reforms deemed neccessary.
October 2440October 2440Security Improvement
October 2440October 2440Changing the National Sport
December 2440December 2440CHANGES FOR THE PEOPLE
December 2440December 24401 Bill - 4 Articles
March 2441March 2441I Was Born In A Crossfire Hurricane
March 2441March 2441Save a tree, Eat a beaver
June 2441January 2442Changing the Subnational Term
September 2441December 2441Wildlife Anti-Preservation Act
November 2441December 2441Paisano
November 2441December 2441IMG SRC
December 2441December 2441Changing the Name of the Apella
December 2441December 2441Changing the number of Seats int he Apella
December 2441December 2441I'M BATMAN
January 2442January 2442A Proposal to Increase the Minimum Wage
January 2442January 2442Regarding cabinet proposals
March 2442March 2442Title of the Legislative Assembly
March 2442March 2442Go Back To Avengers Mansion And Make My Dinner
September 2442September 2442SPEEDY IS ON DRUGS!!!
October 2442November 2442The Freedom Act of 2442
October 2442June 2443Ratification of the Monarchy Treaty
October 2442December 2445Income tax proposal of October 2442
December 2442December 2442Environmental Protection Act of 2442
January 2443January 2443"How about your other nickname, 'The Merchant of Death'?" "That's not bad."
May 2443June 2443Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
May 2443June 2443Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
June 2443June 2443An ECHIDNA is our national animal. We must change that.
September 2443September 2443Domestic Tranquility
June 2444December 2444The Abolition of the Monarchy
January 2445January 2445Slander Act
July 2445July 2445Military Improvement and Security Act of 2445
July 2445July 2445A proposal to extend party equity
August 2445August 2445Abolition of the Monarchy (Second)
August 2445August 2445Withdrawing From the Axis Agreement Treaty
November 2445December 2445Reform Act
December 2445December 2445Fucking With Visibility & Coherency Act of 2446
January 2446January 2446Masturbilling
January 2446January 2446Possibilities of Empire
January 2446January 2446Environmental Protection Act of 2446
February 2446February 2446Call for early elections, February 2446
February 2446February 2446Roll dem bones!
February 2446February 24472446 Proposal for Apella Seats to be Normalized
May 2446May 2446Lex de religione antiqua Graecorum
May 2446May 2446Republican union of city-states
May 2446February 2448Income tax proposal of May 2446
August 2446August 2446Check It Out
October 2446October 2446Welcome to Rapture!
January 2447January 2447AUP 5
January 2447January 2447AUP 1
February 2447February 2447Changing the Subnational Term
May 2447May 2447Expansion of the Apella
August 2447January 2448Changing the National Motto
August 2447January 2448Military Improvement and Enlargement Act
January 2448January 2448Unity Cabinet
February 2448February 2448Abolition of The Monarchy
May 2448May 2448Cabinet Proposal of May 2448
May 2448May 2448Bill For Adding Laffs to the Nation
July 2448July 2448Cabinet Proposal of July 2448
November 2448November 2448Abolition of the Monarchy Act of 2448
May 2449May 2449Biological & Chemical Weapons Act of 2449
May 2449May 2449Increase of Proposals
January 2450January 2450Free market
January 2450January 2450Abolition of the Monarchy Act of 2450
January 2450January 2450Changing the National Sport
August 2450May 2451Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
August 2450May 2451Ratification of the Open Borders Treaty
August 2450May 2451Income tax proposal of August 2450
January 2451January 2451Cabinet Proposal Act of 2451
March 2451March 2451Sub-national Region Renaming Act of 2451
March 2451March 2451Cabinet Proposal Reform
March 2451March 2451Head of Government Title Change
May 2451February 2452Increasing the military spending
September 2451November 2452National Motto Discussion
February 2452February 2452Religious Freedom Act of This Year
February 2452February 2452The appointment of mayors
February 2452February 2452Citizenship and identity cards
June 2452October 2452Various health issues
June 2452October 2452Pan-Sekowan Defence Industry
July 2452October 2452Directly Elect Mayor McCheese
September 2452October 2452Changing the National Sport
September 2452October 2452Abolishing the Monarchy Act of 2452
October 2452October 2452Education issues
October 2452October 2452Increasing The Seats in the Apella
October 2452October 2452Proposition Reform of 2452
October 2452January 2453The People's Reforms
November 2452November 2452Immigration and refugees
November 2452January 2453Moral Regulation Proposal
December 2452January 2453Military issues
December 2452January 2453Cross-dressing
January 2453January 2453Interracial sex
January 2453January 2453Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
January 2453January 2453Term Reform
March 2453March 2453Sub-national Unite Terminology Change of 2453
April 2453May 2453Ownership of endangered or exotic animals
April 2453May 2453State religion
April 2453May 2453Space exploration
May 2453May 2453CC Omnibus Bill of Visibility
June 2453June 2453Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
June 2453June 2453Ratification of the The Most Royal and Serene Kingdom of Hutori Free Trade Agreement
June 2453June 2453Prostitution
July 2453July 2453Prohibition of gays and minorities from military
October 2453October 2453Renaming the Head of State
October 2453November 2453Various military issues
October 2453November 2453Various cultural issues
December 2453December 2453Foreign aid and free trade
December 2453December 2453The death penalty
January 2454January 2454Ratification of the International Space Agency
April 2454April 2454Land & Waste Managment Act of This Year
April 2454May 2454Food selling privileges
October 2454October 2454Endangered Animals Protection Act of 2454
November 2454November 2454Various issues
October 2455February 2456Increasing the Number of Legislative Seats Act of 2455
October 2455February 2456Changing the Executive Structure Act of 2455
October 2455February 2456Changing the Legislative Bodies Name
October 2455February 2456Changing the Regional Term Act of 2455
December 2455December 2455Eminent Domain
December 2455December 2455Worker's unions and strikes
December 2455December 2455Workers unions and strikes
December 2455January 2456Cabinet Proposal of December 2455
February 2456February 2456National Service Act of 2456
February 2456February 2456Police Act of 2456
February 2456February 2456Medicinal Cannabis Act of 2456
February 2456February 2456Food Freedom Act of 2456
May 2456May 2456Budget proposal of May 2456
May 2456May 2456Nuclear power
May 2456May 2456Income tax proposal of May 2456
May 2456May 2456Incompetent parents and their children
May 2456May 2456Lowering The Compulsory Schooling Age
May 2456May 2456Budget proposal of May 2456
November 2456November 2456Economic Freedom Act of November 2456
November 2456November 2456Promoting Civil Liberties & Family Welfare Act of This Year
February 2457February 2457Changing the National Motto Act of 2457
July 2457July 2457Prisoners and work
September 2457September 2457Philosophy Restriction in Education Act of 2457
October 2457October 2457Further Federalism
October 2457October 2457ID-cards and gaining nationality
October 2457October 2457National police department
January 2458January 2458Further anti-federalism
January 2458February 2458Environmental protection Act of 2458
February 2458February 2458Wild Animal Ownership Bill of 2458
February 2458February 2458Economic Enhancement Act of 2458
March 2458April 2458The Mandatory Vote Explanation Punishment Amendment Act of 2458
March 2458April 2458The Mandatory Vote Explanation Explanatory Amendment Act of 2458
March 2458August 3909Useful Information for Old and/or New Parties
March 2458August 3909RP Foreign Relations, Military & Intelligence
January 2459January 2459State religion and other religious issues
January 2459January 2459The Positions Bill
January 2459January 2459Cabinet Proposal of January 2459
May 2459May 2459Another set of extremist bills
September 2459September 2459Protection of Sentient Species Act of 2459
September 2459September 2459Further Position Bill
March 2460September 2471Changing the Motto Debate (2460)
April 2460April 2460Democratic Reform Act of 2460
May 2460May 2460Child Labour
May 2460May 2460Pornography
May 2460May 2460International media
April 2461April 2461Local
October 2461February 2462Moratorium On Colonization of Mainland Squibble (2461)
November 2461December 2461Education Choice Reform Bill
November 2461December 2461Gated Community Reform Bill 2461
December 2461December 2461Energy Production Reform Bill
December 2461December 2461Economic Competition Bill
December 2461December 2461Military Death Pentaly Bill 2461
February 2462March 2462Further Privacy and Security Reforms
February 2462March 2462Religious Charity Tax Reform
March 2462March 2462State Of Emergency Powers Bill
March 2462March 2462Illegal Aliens Policy Reform
April 2462April 2462Biological & Chemical Weapon Production Act of 2462
May 2462October 2463Housing Act of 2462
June 2462June 2462State's population control
June 2462June 2462Prisoners of war
June 2462June 2462Fire management
June 2462June 2462Aid and international trade
September 2462September 2462Working Class Tax Cuts
October 2462October 2462Educational Requirement Age Act of 2462
October 2462October 2462Executive Structure Act of 2462
October 2462October 2462Internet Protection Bill 2462
October 2462October 2462Secondary Power Plant Bill
October 2462March 2463Child Protection Act 2462
November 2462November 2462Alcohol and drugs
February 2463February 2463More Local
February 2463February 2463Election Reform
March 2463March 2463Replantation and Hunting Bill
March 2463March 2463Smoking in places of employment act 2463
April 2463April 2463National Security Act 2463
April 2463April 2463Environmental Positions Bill
April 2463April 2463Religious Freedom Position Bill
July 2463July 2463Border control
July 2463October 2463Prostitution
October 2463October 2463Foreign Relations Position Bill
October 2463October 2463Vital Services Protection Bill 2463
October 2463October 2463Waste Disposal Bill 2463
October 2463October 2463Foreign Control Bill
November 2463November 2463Religion position bill
December 2463December 2463Civil Rights Position Bill
December 2463December 2463Moderated National Secutiry Reforms 2463
December 2463January 2464More Local
March 2464March 2464Civil Rights Position Bill
March 2464March 2464Abortion Law Reform Bill
June 2464December 2464Border Security Check Bill
September 2464December 2464Corected National Security Bill
December 2464December 2464The Peace & Devolution Positions Bill of 2464
December 2464December 2464Abortion Law Reform Retry
May 2465May 2465Mixed Economy Bill
May 2465May 2465Forestry Decentalization Bill
June 2465June 2465Goverment employees
August 2465August 2465The Gambling Act of 2465
March 2466March 2466Civil Rights Position Act of 2466
March 2466March 2466Anti Climate Change Energy Bill
April 2466April 2466Local!
April 2466April 2466Economy Position Bill
September 2466September 2466DSP Tritate Positions Bill
September 2466September 2466Environmental Positions Bill 2466
March 2467March 2467Another Civil Rights Positions Bill
March 2467March 2467Military Positions Bill
August 2467August 2467Cabinet Proposal of August 2467
August 2467December 2488Defense of Tropica
March 2468March 2468Foreign Relations Bill
April 2468April 2468Biological and Chemical Weapons Forbation Act of 2468
April 2468April 2468Civil Rights Position 1 2468
July 2468July 2468Legislature Seat Increase Act of 2468
July 2468July 2468Cabinet Proposal of July 2468
July 2468July 2468Wartime media regulations
July 2468August 2468Expulsion of Deltarians
September 2468September 2468Local 1
September 2468September 2468Local 7
September 2468September 2468Local 4
September 2468September 2468Local 3
September 2468September 2468Local 2
February 2469February 2469Four More Years!
September 2469September 2469Another Civil Rights Positions Bill 2469
September 2469January 2470Local
October 2469October 2469Public obscenities
October 2469October 2469Slavery as a punishment
October 2469October 2469Adoption
October 2469October 2469Slander laws
January 2473January 2473Space Exploration Act of 2473
January 2473January 2473Legislature Seat Increase Act of 2473
September 2476March 2477Forest Protection Act of 2476
September 2476March 2477Biological and Chemical Weapons Prohibition Act of 2476
September 2476March 2477Video Game Content Labeling Act of 2476
January 2477January 2477Coalition '77
March 2477March 2477Reinstating Sekowo's Secularism
March 2477March 2477Unitarist.Federalist Positiong Bill
March 2477March 2477Civil Rights Positioning Act
March 2477March 2477Legislative Increase Act of 2477
May 2477May 2477Splitting the Head of Government & Head of State Act of 2477
July 2477July 2477'77 Tradition and Freedom Alliance
August 2477August 2477Regarding Cabinet Proposals
December 2477December 2477Adult Age Lowering Act of 2477
December 2477December 2477Reintroducing Secularism Act of December 2477
December 2477December 2477Second Civil Rights Positioning Act
October 2479December 2479Environmental Betterment Act of 2479
December 2479December 2479Executive Structure Act of 2479
March 2480March 2480Privatization of Energy
May 2480July 2480Sending Peacekeeping Forces to the Beiteynu-Pontesi Conflict Area (2480)
July 2480July 2480PSMC Economic Platform #1
November 2480November 2480CeC Omnibus Bill of 2480
March 2481March 2481Deregulation of Farming
March 2481March 2481Civil Rights Poitioning Bill
April 2481February 2482Protectorate Legislature Act of 2481
April 2481March 2482Motto Change Act of 2481
December 2481December 2481Family Values Act
January 2482January 2482Yet Another Civil Rights Positioning Bill
May 2482December 2482Commitment to Privacy Act of 2482
September 2482December 2482Minor Flag Alteration
December 2482December 2482Reproductive Rights Act of 2483
February 2483February 2483Laisses-faire economics
February 2483March 2483The Freedom To Choose Bill.
May 2483May 2483Workers Health Act of This Year
October 2483October 2483Executive Terminology Act of 2483
February 2484February 2484Deregulation
February 2484February 2484Clean Air Act of This Year
June 2484June 2484Public Health Act of This Year
June 2484June 2484Head of Government Title (2484)
July 2484July 2484Changing the Appointment Method
July 2484July 2484Deregulation II
August 2484August 2484Bill USMC-1401(Riots and General Public Saftey)
September 2484September 2484Bill USMC-1402 (Population Growth)
October 2484October 2484Head of State Title Act 2484
January 2485January 2493Establishment of a Census
March 2485March 2485Deregulation III
July 2485January 2486Environment Bill
July 2485January 2486Democratic Reform Bill
July 2485January 2486Non-Capitalist Development Bill
December 2485December 2485Civil Rights Positioning Bill (2485)
April 2486April 2486Deregulation IV
July 2486July 2486Integrated Transport Reform
September 2486September 2486Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
September 2486September 2486Ratification of the Child Labour Treaty
September 2486September 2486Ratification of the Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians
September 2486September 2486Bill USMC-1901 (Religious Advertising)
January 2487January 2487Civil Rights Positioning (2487)
February 2487February 2543Establishment of a [True] Sekowan Constitution (2487)
July 2487July 2487Deregulation
September 2487September 2487Second Civil Rights Positioning Bill (2487)
October 2487July 2488Civil Rights & Environment Positioning (2487)
January 2488August 2488local
February 2489February 2489Biological & Chemical Weapons Production Restriction Act of 2489
April 2489April 2489Military Positioning
April 2489April 2489Civil Rights Positioning (2489)
April 2489April 2489Environment Positioning Bill
October 2489October 2489Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
October 2489October 2489Ratification of the Kafuristan-Sekowo Friendship Treaty
March 2490March 2490Random Positioning Bill (2490)
March 2491March 2491Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
March 2491March 2491Civil Rights Positioning (2491)
June 2491June 2491Budget proposal of June 2491
March 2492March 2492Income tax proposal of March 2492
March 2493March 2493Income tax proposal of March 2493
September 2493July 2494Ratification of the The Anti-Theocracy Treaty
May 2494May 2494Bill USMC-1802 Religious Advertising
October 2494October 2494To Keep From having inactive statuses.
December 2495June 2496Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
June 2496June 2496Emergency Executive Authority: Income Tax Bill of 2496
August 2496August 2496Ratification of the Dovani Space Agency
January 2497January 2497Privatization of Utilities - Economic Positioning Bill (2497.IC.002)
January 2497January 2497Cabinet Proposal of January 2497 (2497.IC.001)
January 2497January 2497Limitation of Strikes (2497.IC.003)
April 2497April 2497Ratification of the Anti-Deltarian Trade Alliance
August 2497August 2497PSFVP Chemical and Biological Deterent Bill 2497
August 2497August 2497Foreign Relations Positioning Bill of the PSFVP 2497
March 2498March 2498Condemnation of the State of Emergency
March 2498March 2498Revised PSFVP Biological and Chemical Deterent Bill
August 2498April 2501Declaration of Intent (Civil War)
March 2499March 2499Cabinet Proposal of March 2499
August 2499August 2499PSFVP Foreign Policy Bill
August 2499August 2499DSP.004.2499
October 2499October 2499Provisional Government bill
November 2499November 2499PSFVP moderated foriegn policy Bill
November 2499November 2499HDLP Freedom of Business And Abolishment of the Welfare State Bill
December 2499December 2499Cabinet Proposal of 2499 (DSP.004.2499)
January 2500January 2500DSP.006.2500
January 2500January 2500DSP.005.2500
March 2500March 2500Motto
March 2500March 2500DSP.008.2500 (Motto)
April 2500April 2500PSFVP Buisness Failure Bill
May 2500May 2500Conspicious Religion Bill (2500)
September 2500September 2500Intolerance Awareness Bill (2500)
September 2500September 2500Federal Accountability Bill (2500)
September 2500September 2500CeC Enviromental Omnibus Bill of 2500
February 2501February 2501PSFVP Patent and Weapon Bill
May 2501May 2501Call for early elections, May 2501
June 2501July 2502Positioning (2501.IC.001)
September 2501June 2502DSP.012.2501
September 2501October 2502Intolerance Awareness Bill (2501)
February 2502August 2502Resolution for the Condemning of the NPPE of Egelion
March 2502June 2502Ratification of the Treaty of Terina
April 2502April 2502PSFVP Military Positioning Bill
April 2502April 2502Tenno Mssrvy Bill
March 2503March 2503Ratification of the Treaty of Terina
May 2503July 2503Abolition of Universal Bomb Shelter Construction (2503)
August 2503August 2503DSP.017.2503 (Leaving the Pontesi Treaty)
August 2503August 2504DSP.018.2503
January 2504January 2504Emergency Aid Bill (2504)
February 2504February 2504Decentralization Bill (2504)
April 2504April 2505Weak Decentralization Bill (2504)
April 2505April 2505DSP.019.2505 (Cabinet Proposal)
April 2505April 2505Condemnation of DSP Violence (2505)
April 2505April 2505DSP.024.2505 (Gated Communities)
May 2505May 2505PSFVP Economic Positioning
August 2505August 2505DSP.025.2505 (Interim Cabinet)
September 2505September 2505PSFVP Fireworks Deregulation Bill
January 2506January 2506Weak Decentralization Bill (2506)
February 2506February 2506DSP.028.2506 (Cabinet)
February 2506February 2506DSP.027.2506 (Health Reform 1)
February 2506February 2506DSP.026.2506 (Economic Reform)
August 2506August 2506Ratification of the Anti-Deltarian Trade Alliance
August 2506August 2506Ratification of the The Anti-Theocracy Treaty
August 2506August 2506Ratification of the Ban on Land Mines
March 2507March 2507Ratification of the Treaty of Terina
April 2507April 2507Military Adjustment Bill (2507)
October 2507April 2508Gambling Legalisation Bill
October 2507July 2508Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
February 2508April 2508PSFVP Atomic Power Bill
March 2509March 2509TBA
July 2509July 2509Ratification of the Treaty of Terina
June 2510December 2510FDP - Party Manifesto
July 2510September 2510Communist Party of Sekowo Platform
January 2511July 2511FDP 001: Education Reform
January 2511July 2511FDP 002: Media Reform
March 2511March 2511DSP.041.2511 (Justice Reform)
July 2511August 2512Voteing for an Investigation Probe on False statistics put out by the Census Committee
September 2511September 2511Health and Safety Bill
October 2511October 2511Sekowan Tenno Empowerment Bill (2511)
December 2511December 2511Public Decency Bill to outlaw rape, pedophilia and the sexual abuses of animals.
January 2512January 2512bill
January 2512January 2512SCP.001.2512
March 2512March 2512PSFVP Pollution Standards Bill
March 2512March 2512PSFVP Post Terina Economy
September 2512September 2512Demand for Land Redistribution.
September 2512September 2512Military Empowerment Bill
October 2512October 2512Local Governments To Tackle Drug Abuse Bill.
October 2512October 2512PSFVP Food Standards Bill
October 2512October 2512Anti-Rape bill
January 2513January 2514FDP 003: Political Freedom
January 2513January 2514FDP 004: Religious Freedom
March 2513September 2513PSFVP Policing Powers Bill
July 2513September 2513Official Language Reduction (2513)
September 2513September 2513PUA Platform Bill
September 2513September 2513Keep Children out of the Coalmines! School for Children Work for Adults!
September 2513September 2513DSP.047.2513 (Economic Reform)
September 2513September 2513DSP.045.2513 (Education Reform)
September 2513September 2513DSP.044.2513 (Prescription Drug Coverage)
October 2513October 2513PUA Military Women's Protection Bill
December 2513April 2515Sekowo Federalization Bill
February 2514February 2514PUA Police Protection Bill
February 2514February 2514PUA Illegal Alien Expulsion Bill 2514
March 2514March 2514DSP.048.2514 (Forest Protection)
April 2514April 2514PUA Nationalizing Prostitution Bill
April 2514April 2514PUA Flag Regulations Bill
June 2514October 2514Tenno Cabinet Proposal Bill (2514)
August 2514August 2514PUA Civil Right's Bill
September 2514September 2514PUA Military Service Bill
February 2515February 2515PUA Letter Confidentiality Bill
February 2515September 2518Weak Decentralization Bill (2515)
January 2516July 2516FDP 006: Peace
May 2516May 2516PUA War Security Bill
June 2516June 2516Tenno Empowerment Bill (2516)
July 2516July 2516PUA Anti-Riot Bill
September 2516September 2516DSP.049.2516 (Progressive Health Reform)
October 2516October 2516Budget proposal of October 2516
February 2518August 2518DSP.050.2518 (Social Welfare Reform)
February 2518August 2518DSP.053.2518
July 2518July 2518Peasant Party Platform
December 2519December 2519PPS- Economic Bill
April 2520September 2520Legislature Resizing Bill (2520)
August 2520September 2520PUA Military Nationalization Bill
September 2520September 2520Cabinet Proposal of September 2520
September 2520November 2520CP.0002.2520 Conservative Party Election Platform
September 2520January 2522Normand Federalization Bill (2520)
February 2521March 2522CP.0004.2521 Narcotic Control Bill
June 2521August 2521CP.0007.2521 Religious Clothing Liberty Bill
July 2521May 2522FDP 007: CND
September 2521September 2521DSP.055.2521 (Forbidding Bio/Chem Weapon Use)
September 2521September 2521DSP.057.2521 (Rights of the Worker)
December 2521December 2521Land Reform for the Landless Peasantry.
December 2521January 2525PPS - Enviromental Protection Bill
February 2522February 2522Freedom of Association Bill
March 2522March 2522CP.0009.2522 TV Content Regulation Bill
March 2522March 2522DSP.058.2522 (DWC's)
September 2522September 2522CP.0011.2522 POW Bill
September 2522September 2522CP.0010.2522 National Security II Bill
December 2522December 2522CP.0012.2522 Identity Card Bill
February 2523September 2523DSP.059.2522 (Welfare Reform)
January 2524June 2524PPS- Army of the Peasantry
August 2524August 2524DSP.061.2524 (Environment Law Reform)
August 2524August 2524DSP.060.2524 (Progressive Health Reforms)
January 2525June 2527Dismantle Commonwealth, Re-establish the Federation.
February 2525May 2525CP.0014.2525 Small Arms Rights Bill
June 2525June 2525CP.0016.2525 Flag Protection Act
August 2525August 2525PUA Privacy Reform Bill
August 2525August 2525PUA Cyber Crime Reform Bill
August 2526January 2527Supply End Economics Reform 4 Bill
August 2526January 2527Supply End Economics Reform 2 Bill
August 2526January 2527Supply End Economics Reform 1 Bill
August 2526January 2527PUA Tertiary Pricing Reform
May 2527May 2527Civil Rights Repositioning
June 2527June 2527CP.0020.2527 Foreign Policy Contra-Bill
June 2527June 2527Peasant Demands
June 2527August 2527CP.0018.2527 Religious Clothing Liberty Bill
August 2527August 2527PUA Tenno power bill
August 2527August 2527PUA Tax Cuts Bill
August 2527August 2527PUA Nationalising the Military
August 2527August 2527PUA Charter School Freedom Bill
August 2527August 2527DSP.063.2527 (Workers Rights)
September 2527October 2527PUA military empowerment bill
September 2527November 2527CP.0021.2527 Recognized Religions Bill
September 2527November 2527CP.0022.2527 Alcohol and Smoke Purchasing Bill
January 2528January 2528PPS - One Universal School System.
February 2528February 2528CP.0023.2528 Fireworks Control Bill
February 2528February 2528PUA Bill
August 2528August 2528Cabinet Proposal of August 2528
September 2528September 2528Local I (2528)
September 2528December 2528CP.0025.2528 Gov't Gated Communities Bill
September 2528December 2528CP.0027.2528 Religion Tax Bill
November 2528December 2528CP.0028.2528 Water Conservation Initiative
January 2529January 2529CP.0029.2529 Establishing the SMPRS Bill + RP
February 2529September 2529Civil Rights
February 2529February 2530Military Strength Bill
September 2529September 2529Tenno power bill
October 2529October 2529Education Reform (2529)
October 2529October 2529Foreign MarriageBill
October 2529October 2529DSP.068.2529 (Non-smokers & Smokers Rights)
October 2529October 2529Military Police Act
October 2529October 2529DSP.066.2529 (DWC's)
February 2530February 2530PUA Military Supply Bill
February 2530February 2530PUA Local Bill
March 2530May 2530CP.0032.2522 Identity Card Bill
March 2530May 2530CP.0031.2530 National Security Bill
December 2530December 2530Civil Rights Positioning (2530)
February 2531February 2531PUA Parental Freedom Bill
February 2531February 2531PUA Libel Bill
February 2531February 2531PUA Corporate Tax Cuts
March 2531March 2531Budget proposal of March 2531
August 2531August 2531PUA Morality Bill
August 2531August 2531PUA Cloning Deregulation Bill
October 2531October 2531Small Civil Rights Positioning Bill
December 2531December 2531CP.0036.2531 Exotic Pet Bill
December 2531January 2532CP.0035.2531 Foreign Aid for Disaster Relief Bill + Resolution
January 2532January 2532Income tax proposal of January 2532
January 2532January 2532Infrastructure Decentralization Bill (5232)
August 2532September 2532DSP.071.2532 (Restoring Personal Freedoms)
August 2532September 2532DSP.072.2532
September 2532September 2532Tenno Empowerment Bill (2532)
January 2533May 2533CP.0038.2533 TV Content Regulation Bill
January 2533July 2541Ecology Decentralization Bill (2533)
August 2533June 2534CP.0040.2533 CP Requirements for Zardugal-Cobura War Support
September 2533September 2533Call for early elections, September 2533
November 2533November 2533CP.0041.2533 Pornography For Adults Only Bill
May 2534May 2534War Authorization - Supporting Cobura
September 2534September 2534PUA Market freedom Bill
September 2534December 2534DSP.073.2534
February 2535January 2536Pua pornography reform bill
February 2535January 2536PUA Defence Finance reform Bill
February 2535January 2536PUA Deterent Bill
February 2535January 2536PUA Parental Freedom Bill
February 2535January 2536PUA Prison Labour Bill
February 2535January 2536PUA Bill
September 2535September 2535Cabinet Proposal of 2535
September 2535September 2535DSP.074.2535 (Personal Freedom)
February 2536February 2536PUA Drug Subsidy Bill
February 2536February 2536PUA Personal Freedom Bill
July 2536July 2536Cabinet Proposal of 2536
July 2536July 2536Early Elections 2536
August 2536August 2537CP.0042.2536 Gun Control Bill
September 2536September 2536Cabinet Proposal of September 2536
December 2536December 2536PPS - Pornography On Television Bill
February 2537February 2537PUA Legislative Term Bill
February 2537February 2537PUA Energy Bill
February 2537February 2537PUA Organ Donor Bill
February 2537February 2537PUA Unionism Bill
March 2537September 2538An Open Invitation
August 2537August 2537Cabinet Proposal of August 2537
March 2538September 2538DSP.081.2538
March 2538December 2538PPS - Land Reform Landless Peasantry in Arms.
June 2538June 25391 Seat for every 250,000 People
July 2538July 2538Cabinet Proposal of July 2538
July 2538February 2539PUA energy freedom
July 2538February 2539PUA Legislative Term Bill
September 2538October 2538CP.0045.2538 No Religions Taxed Bill
October 2538October 2538CP.0048.2538 Strike Regulation Bill
October 2538October 2538CP.0047.2538 Prohibiting Prostitution Bill
October 2538September 2539CP.0049.2538 Recognized Religion Bill
December 2538December 2538PPS - Weapon Concealment
December 2538December 2538PPS - Prison Labor
June 2539September 2539CP.0050.2539 Flag Protection Bill
August 2539August 2539PUA Energy Grid Bill
August 2539August 2539PUA Civil Liberty Bill
December 2539December 2539PPS - Public Libraries
August 2540November 2540CP.0052.2540 Capital Punishment Bill
July 2541July 2541Sekowo Marriage Localization (2541)
August 2541August 2541DSP.084.2451
August 2541August 2541DSP.083.2541
August 2541August 2541DSP.082.2541
August 2541September 2542CP.0053.2541 Alcohol and Smoke Purchasing Bill
September 2541September 2541PSFA Military Bill
September 2541September 2542CP.0054.2541 Nudity Bill
September 2542September 2542DSP.090.2542
September 2542September 2542DSP.089.2542
September 2542September 2542DSP.087.2542
September 2542September 2542DSP.086.2542
September 2542September 2542DSP.092.2542
September 2542September 2542DSP.091.2542
January 2543January 2543PSFA International Relations Bill
March 2543March 2543DSP.096.2543
March 2543March 2543DSP.095.2543
March 2543March 2543DSP.094.2543
March 2543March 2543DSP.093.2543
May 2543October 2543CP.0056.2543 No Religions Taxed Bill + RP
October 2543October 2543DSP.100.2543
October 2543October 2543DSP.099.2543
October 2543October 2543DSP.098.2543
October 2543October 2543DSP.097.2543
December 2544December 2544State and Private Partnership
May 2545March 2547Election Term (2545)
August 2545August 2545DSP.101.2545
March 2547March 2547DSP.102.2547
May 2547July 2547CP.0057.2547 National Security Bill
May 2547March 2548CP.0058.2547 POW Bill
May 2547January 2558CP.0059.2547 Refuge Policy Bill
July 2547October 2547CP.0061.2547 Fireworks Control Bill
July 2547October 2547CP.0060.2547 Recognized Religions Bill + RP
July 2547August 2556CP.0062.2547 Mandatory Military/National Service Bill
August 2547January 2548Sekowo Religious Freedom Bill 2547
October 2547October 2547DSP.103.2457
November 2547November 2547DSP.104.2547
December 2547March 2549Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
July 2548July 2548DSP.108.2548
July 2548July 2548DSP.108.2548
July 2548July 2548DSP.107.2549
July 2548July 2548DSP.105.2548
July 2548July 2548DSP.110.2548
July 2548July 2548DSP.109.2548
August 2548August 2548Obscenity Localization Bill (2548)
August 2548August 2548Treaty Withdrawal
August 2548August 2549Marriage Reform Bill (2548)
November 2548November 2548Local Transportation
June 2550October 2550SCP Omnibus
June 2550December 2553Tenno Elections Proposal (OOC)
August 2550November 2550Water Localization (2550)
December 2550December 2550DSP.112.2550
December 2550December 2550DSP.111.2550
December 2550December 2550DSP.113.2550
September 2551September 2551Demilitarization (2551.IC.002)
December 2551December 2551DSP.114.2551
December 2552December 2552PSFA Foreign Relations Bill
December 2553December 2553DSP.115.2553
June 2554September 2554PSFA moderated fr bill part 2
June 2554September 2554PSFA Moderated foreign Relations Bill
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 3
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 5
December 2554December 2554Neo-USMC Part 4
January 2555January 2555DSP.117.2555
January 2555January 2555DSP.116.2555
January 2555January 2555Call for early elections, January 2555
January 2555January 2555Resolution to Reduce Party Politicking
May 2555May 2555Neo-USMC Part 10
May 2555May 2555Neo-USMC Part 9
June 2555June 2555Neo-USMC Part 13
June 2555June 2555Neo-USMC Part 12
June 2555June 25552555.IC.003
June 2555June 2555Neo-USMC Part 11
June 2555June 2555CP.0064.2555 Recognized Religions Bill + RP
June 2555June 25552555.IC.001
June 2555June 25552555.IC.002
June 2555June 2555Neo-USMC Part 14
December 2555December 2555(2555.IC.004)
January 2556January 2556DSP.118.2556
January 2556January 2556Call for early elections, January 2556
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 21
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 20
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 19
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 18
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 16
May 2556May 2556Neo-USMC Part 22
June 2556June 2556PSFA Government Spending increase
January 2557May 2565PSA/Military Working Group Proposal
April 2557April 2579Announcements Room (UNC)
July 2557July 2557CP.0065.2557 Strike Regulation Bill
August 2557August 2557Agricultural Subsidy Bill (2557)
October 2557October 2557DSP.123.2557
October 2557October 2557DSP.121.2557
October 2557October 2557DSP.120.2557
November 2558November 2558DSP.124.2558
November 2558November 2558DSP.125.2558
November 2558June 2559DSP.126.2558
December 2558December 25582558.IC.007
December 2558December 25582558.IC.006
December 2558December 25582558.IC.005
December 2558December 25582558.IC.004
December 2558December 25582558.IC.003
December 2558December 25582558.IC.002
June 2559March 2560CP.0068.2559 Eminent Domain Bill
June 2559March 2560CP.0069.2559 Capital Punishment Bill + RP
July 2559July 2559DSP.127.2559
September 2559May 2560CP.0071.2559 TV Content Regulation Bill
December 2559December 2559PSFA Luxury Tax Cuts Bill
December 2559December 2559PSFA Recycling Freedom Bill
December 2559December 2559PSFA National Musems Bill
December 2559June 2560PSFA Bill
February 2560February 2560DSP.129.2560
March 2560March 2560CP.0072.2560 Recognized Religions Bill + RP
May 2560May 2560CP.0074.2560 Pornography Bill + RP
July 2560December 2560CP.0075.2560 Mandatory Military/National Service Bill + RP
July 2560December 2560CP.0076.2560 National Security Bill
October 2560December 2560CP.0077.2560 National Census Aid Bill
November 2560December 2560CP.0078.2560 Religion Tax Bill
February 2561December 2561Health Care Reform (2561)
June 2561October 2561DSP.132.2561
June 2561December 2561Poll - Non Binding
June 2561December 2562South-East Expansion
August 2561November 2561Euthanasia Allowance Bill (2561)
December 2561December 2561DSP.136.2561
December 2561December 2561DSP.135.2561
January 2562January 2562AUP.2562.2
January 2562January 2562AUP.2562.1
May 2562September 2574Basic Census Information
July 2562July 2562CP.0080.2562 Internet Security Bill
October 2562April 2563CP.0083.2562 Capital Punishment Bill
October 2562April 2563CP.0081.2562 DWC Ban Bill
October 2562April 2563CP.0084.2562 Religion Bill
January 2563January 2563DSP.143.2563
January 2563January 2563DSP.142.2563
January 2563January 2563DSP.141.2563
January 2563January 2563AUP.2563.4
January 2563January 2563AUP.2563.3
January 2563January 2563DSP.144.2563
August 2563August 2563DSP.146.2563
December 2563June 2564CP.0088.2564 Foreign Aid Bill
December 2563June 2564CP.0086.2564 Show National Pride Bill
April 2564April 2565CP.0089.2564 Animal Pet Bill
June 2564April 2565CP.0090.2564 Nudity Bill
June 2564April 2565CP.0091.2564 Strike Regulation Bill
October 2564April 2565CP.0092.2564 Pornography Bill + RP
April 2565May 2565Sekowan Cabinet Proposal of 2565
July 2565July 2565DSP.149.2565
July 2565July 2565DSP.148.2565
July 2565July 2565DSP.147.2565
July 2565July 2565DSP.150.2565
August 2565August 2565DSP.152.2565
September 2565October 2565Sekowan Cabinet Proposal of 2566
January 2566January 2566AUP.2566.6."Regional Empowerment Amendment"
January 2566February 2566Local Agriculture Bill (2566)
July 2567March 2568CP.0095.2567 Farm Size Deregulation Bill
July 2567March 2568CP.0094.2567 Telephone Competition Bill
July 2567March 2568CP.0099.2567 National Security Bill
July 2567March 2568CP.0096.2567 Gun Control Bill
August 2567March 2569Party Position of Anti-Federalists of Free Sekowo
November 2567March 2568CP.0100.2567 Religion Bill + RP
April 2569April 2569Sekowan Cabinet Proposal of 2569
July 2569July 2569Sekowan Cabinet Proposal of 2569 II
July 2569November 2569CP.0104.2569 Show National Pride Bill
July 2569November 2569CP.0103.2569 National Security Bill
July 2569November 2569CP.0106.2569 Alcohol and Smoke Purchasing Bill
July 2569November 2569CP.0105.2569 Capital Punishment Bill
November 2569November 2569AFP 3.2569 Pornography Bill
November 2569November 2569AFP 1.2569 Tobacco Smoking Bill
December 2569December 2569AFP 4.2569 Energy Regulation
January 2570January 2570DSP.156.2570
January 2570January 2572Sekowan Budget Spending Proposal of 2570
March 2570August 2570Agricultural Localization (2570)
April 2570April 2570Sekowan Cabinet Proposal of 2570
April 2570April 2570AFP 5.2570 Higher Education Bill
July 2570July 2570AFP 6.2570 Prostitution Bill
September 2570September 2570DSP.157.2570
September 2570September 2570DSP.158.2570
September 2570September 2570DSP.159.2570
February 2571February 2571DSP.164.2571
February 2571February 2571DSP.163.2571
February 2571February 2571DSP.161.2571
February 2571February 2571DSP.160.2571
June 2571June 2571Act of Empire
July 2571July 2575Strike Against Imperialism
September 2571March 2572CP.0108.2571 Recognized Religion Bill + RP
October 2572June 2573DSP.166.2572
October 2572June 2573DSP.165.2572
June 2573June 2573DSP.168.2573
June 2573June 2573DSP.167.2573
June 2573June 2573Cabinet Proposal of June 2573
July 2573July 2573Cabinet Proposal of July 2573
July 2573January 2575Infrastructure Localization (2573)
September 2574September 2574DSP.2170.2574
September 2574September 2574DSP.169.2574
September 2574September 2574Communism 2
September 2574September 2574DSP.172.2574
September 2574September 2574DSP.171.2574
September 2574September 2574Communism 1
September 2574October 2574Communism 3
October 2574October 2574Communism 4
January 2575January 2575"Religion is the opiate of the masses"
January 2575January 2575Gated Communities
January 2575January 2575Cabinet Proposal of 2575
January 2575January 2575Proposal Increase
January 2575December 2575Federal District Government
January 2575January 2576DSP.173.2575
June 2575June 2575Income tax proposal of June 2575
December 2575December 2575AFFS 9.2575 Energy Regulation
January 2576February 2577Gov.0002.2575 (Term Change)
October 2576June 2578AFP 010.2576 Recreational Drug Bill
July 2577July 2577Cabinet Proposal of July 2577
July 2577July 2577DSP.175.2577
July 2577July 2577DSP.174.2577
August 2577August 2577DSP.176.2577
December 2577December 2577ISP.001.2577
July 2578July 2578ISP.005.2578
August 2578June 2598Gov.0003.2578 (Monarchy)
October 2578October 2578Announcement (Hutori situation, 2578)
May 2579May 2579AFFS 014.2579 Eminent Domain
May 2579June 2579AFFS 015.2579 Police Bill
June 2579June 2579AFFS 016.2579 Free Speech and Religion
September 2579September 2579Announcement 2579
December 2579December 2579Call for early elections, December 2579
April 2580April 2580A Trial, Reconciliation, and Return to Normalcy
April 2580April 2580AFFS 018.2580 Housing Bill
May 2581May 2581DSP.179.2581
May 2581May 2581DSP.178.2581
December 2581December 2581DSP.181.2581
December 2581December 2581DSP.180.2581
October 2585October 2585DSP.185.2585
October 2585October 2585DSP.184.2585
October 2585October 2585DSP.183.2585
September 2586September 2586Including DSP in the Cabinet
January 2588January 2588DSP.190.2588
January 2588January 2588Energy Privatization (2588)
November 2588October 2589DSP.191.2588
February 2589September 2589AFFS.021.2589 School Deregulation Bill
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.10
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.9
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.16
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.8
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.15
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.13
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.12
September 2589September 2589AUP.2589.11
July 2590July 2590DSP.192.2590
September 2590September 2590Budget proposal of September 2590
October 2590June 2591CP.0114.2590 National Security Bill
October 2590June 2591CP.0113.2590 Farm Size Deregulation Bill
October 2590March 2592CP.0111.2590 Nudity Bill
June 2591March 2592CP.0115.2591 Show National Pride Bill
November 2591November 2591DSP.194.2591
September 2593September 2593DSP.195.2593
January 2594May 2594Cabinet Proposal of January 2594
May 2594May 2594Call for Early Elections, May 2594
June 2594June 2594Treaty Withdrawal (2594)
June 2594March 2595SIP.2594.001 Modification for Sale of Alcohol/Tobacco
May 2595May 2595Cabinet Proposal of May 2595
May 2595July 2595Treaty Withdrawal Reprise (2595)
December 2595December 2595DSP.196.2595
December 2595December 2595DSP.197.2595
June 2596June 2596DSP.198.2596
July 2596July 2597Allied Future Platform- Tax
July 2596January 2598Allied Future Platform - Civil Liberties
February 2597July 2598Localization (2597)
June 2597June 2597DSP.202.2597
June 2597June 2597DSP.200.2597
July 2597July 2597SIP.2597.005 Civilian Safety in Regards to Wild Animals
March 2598September 2598AFFS 021.2598 Religious Schools
April 2598April 2598DSP.205.2598
April 2598April 2598AUP.2598.17
April 2598April 2598Income tax proposal of April 2598
April 2598April 2598DSP.204.2598
April 2598April 2598DSP.203.2598
April 2598April 2598DSP.206.2598
September 2598October 2598AFFS 022.2598 Pornography
October 2598October 2598AFFS 024.2598 Public Obscenity
October 2598October 2598Treaty Withdrawal
October 2598October 2598AFFS 028.2598 Nudity and Television
October 2598October 2598AFFS 027.2598 Refugee Bill
October 2598October 2598AFFS 025.2598 Vocational School Localization
October 2598March 2599CP.0124.2598 Minimum Wage Bill
October 2598March 2599CP.0121.2598 Telephone Competition Bill
October 2598March 2599CP.0123.2598 Gun Control Bill
October 2598March 2599CP.0122.2598 DWC Ban Bill
December 2598May 2599CP.0125.2598 Recognized Religion Bill + RP
March 2599March 2599Ratification of the Organization of Drug Exporting Nations
June 2599June 2599Abortion Localization (2599)
June 2599June 2599Military Segregation (2599)
June 2599June 2599DSP.210.2599
October 2599December 2599CP.0126.2599 Daily Working Hours Bill
October 2599January 2600CP.0129.2599 Sport Club Funding Bill
October 2599January 2600CP.0128.2599 Gambling Regulation Bill
October 2599January 2600CP.0127.2599 Strike Regulation Bill
April 2600April 2600DSP.214.2600
April 2600April 2600DSP.213.2600
April 2600April 2600DSP.212.2600
April 2600April 2600DSP.211.2600
June 2600June 2600CP.0131.2600 Religious Schools Bill
June 2600June 2600CP.0130.2600 Prayer in School Bill
June 2600June 2600CP.0132.2600 Deregulation of Advertising Bill
March 2601March 2601Freedom of Religious Education (2601)
March 2601March 2601Treaty Withdrawal (2601)
March 2601April 2602Obscenity Regulation (2601)
April 2601May 2601DSP.215.2601
May 2601May 2601DSP.218.2601
May 2601May 2601DSP.217.2601
July 2601July 2601Cabinet Proposal of July 2601
July 2601September 2602SIP.009.2601 Prostitution Revisited
March 2602March 2602DSP.219.2602
April 2602April 2602Freedom of Religious Education (2602)
April 2602April 2602Treaty Withdrawal (2602)
April 2602April 2602Cabinet Proposal of April 2602
June 2602June 2602Optional Pension Bill (2602)
June 2602June 2602Industrial and Economic Localization (2602)
June 2602October 2602Health Localization (2602)
December 2602December 2602DSP.220.2602
January 2603January 2603Cabinet Proposal of January 2603
May 2603September 2603Religious Reform (2603)
July 2603August 2603Union Reform
July 2603August 2603Foriegn Affairs Reform
July 2603August 2603Dissolution of the Courts
July 2603August 2603Workplace Democracy
July 2603August 2603Curfew policy Reform
July 2603August 2603Rejection of Eminent Domain
August 2603August 2603Nuclear & Biological Weapon Reform
September 2603September 2603Eminent Domain Reform (2603)
September 2603October 2604Welfare Reform (2603)
November 2603November 2603Cabinet Proposal of November 2603
February 2604February 2604Cabinet Proposal of 2604
April 2604April 2604DSP.221.2604
June 2604June 2604Cabinet Proposal of June 2604
February 2605February 2605DSP.224.2605
February 2605February 2605DSP.223.2605
February 2605February 2605DSP.222.2605
March 2605March 2605Court Distribution Amendation (2605)
March 2605August 2605Criminality Reform (2605)
August 2605August 2605DSP.225.2605
August 2605August 2605Gov.0011.2605
August 2605August 2605Gov.0010.2605
August 2605August 2605Media Content Regulation (2605)
August 2605July 2606Education Liberation (2605)
April 2606April 2606DSP.227.2606
October 2606October 2606Marriage Recognition Localization (2606)
November 2606November 2606Deregulation of Space (2606)
January 2607August 2607Military Propriety Reform (2607)
March 2607August 2607DSP.228.2607
August 2607August 2607DSP.230.2607
August 2607August 2607DSP.229.2607
August 2607August 2607Gov.0013.2607
December 2607December 2607Ratification of the Organization of Drug Exporting Nations
April 2608April 2608DSP.231.2608
May 2608May 2608Justice and Crime Reform (2608)
May 2608May 2608Advancement of Court Regionalisation (2608)
May 2608May 2608Military Morale Bill (2608)
August 2608August 2608MTPU Military Bill
November 2608December 2608Income tax proposal of November 2608
November 2608December 2609Treaty Review (2608)
August 2609August 2609DSP.234.2609
January 2610February 2613AFFS 031.2610 Foreign Affairs Reform
September 2610September 2610Gov.0015.2610
December 2610December 2610Income tax proposal of December 2610
July 2611August 2611Gov.0015.2511
January 2612December 2612National Security Bill
February 2612February 2612Cabinet Proposal of 2612
April 2612April 2612Income tax proposal of April 2612
May 2612May 2612DSP.235.2612
September 2612September 2613Economic Reform (2613)
January 2613January 2613Cabinet Proposal of 2613
June 2613June 2613Domestic Animal Ownership Reform (2613)
June 2613June 2613Income tax proposal of June 2613
August 2613August 2613DSP.138.2613
August 2613August 2613DSP.236.2613
September 2613September 2613Cabinet Proposal of 2613 (Formal)
September 2613September 2613Pornography and Prostitution Reform (2613)
September 2613September 2613Economic Localization (2613)
September 2613September 2613Cabinet Proposal of 2613 (Informal)
December 2614December 2614Death Penalty reform
December 2614December 2614Workers Rights
January 2615August 2615Gov.0017.2615
October 2615October 2615Cabinet Proposal of October 2615
June 2616June 2616Imigration reform
July 2616July 2616DSP.239.2616
October 2616October 2616Ecology (2616)
February 2617February 2617Military Reform (2617)
July 2617July 2617DSP.240.2617
July 2617July 2617DSP.239.2617
March 2618March 2618DSP.240.2618
March 2618March 2618DSP.242.2618
October 2619October 2619Permissive Policies
October 2619October 2619DSP.243.2619
October 2619October 2619AUP.2619.18
October 2619March 2620DSP.244.2619
June 2620June 2620AUP.2620.19
August 2620August 2620Military Bill
January 2622January 2622Cabinet Proposal of January 2622
January 2622January 2622DSP.246.2622
January 2622January 2622DSP.245.2622
February 2622February 2622ASRC Revolutionary Manifesto
February 2622February 2622Local Empowerment
June 2622July 2622Public Transport Bill
June 2622July 2622No to Conscription
June 2622July 2622No DNA
October 2622October 2622Media Responsibility Act (2622)
December 2622December 2622Anti-Militarist Bill
January 2623January 2623DSP.248.2623
October 2624October 2624Cabinet Proposal of October 2624
November 2625November 2625SF.003.2625
November 2625November 2625SF.002.2625
November 2625November 2625SF.001.2625
December 2625December 2625DSP.250.2625
January 2626January 2626Cabinet Proposal of January 2626
January 2626September 2629DSP.251.2626
July 2626July 2626SF.008.2626
July 2626July 2626SF.007.2626
July 2626July 2626SF.006.2626
July 2626July 2626SF.005.2626
July 2626July 2626Mordusian Menace
July 2626July 2626Emergency Nuclear Capabilities Act
August 2626August 2626Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
January 2627January 2627Gov.0021.2627
February 2627February 2627Cabinet Proposal of February 2627
February 2627March 2628Religious Reform (2628)
December 2627January 2628DSP.254.2627
March 2628March 2628Cabinet Proposal of March 2628
July 2628July 2628Military Morale Bill (2628)
July 2628October 2628Health and Substance Reform (2628)
September 2629September 2629Cabinet Proposal of September 2629
February 2630February 2630DSP.255.2630
February 2630February 2630DSP.257.2630
February 2630February 2630DSP.256.2630
February 2631February 2631(Extended) Cabinet Proposal of February 2631
March 2631May 2631SIP.010.2626 Broadcast Television Content Reform
July 2631July 2631DSP.263.2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.262.2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.261.2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.260.2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.265.2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.259.2631
July 2631July 2631DSP.264.2631
August 2631September 2632Police and Justice Reform (2631)
July 2632July 2632DSP.270.2632
July 2632July 2632DSP.268.2632
July 2632July 2632DSP.267.2362
May 2633August 2634Pornographic Materials Reform
February 2634February 2634DSP.271.2634
February 2634February 2634DSP.276.2634
February 2634February 2634DSP.275.2634
February 2634February 2634DSP.274.2634
February 2634February 2634DSP.273.2634
February 2634February 2634DSP.272.2634
March 2634June 2634CP.0135.2634 Recognized Religion Bill + RP
March 2634June 2634CP.0134.2634 Alcohol and Smoke Purchasing Bill
March 2634June 2634CP.0133.2634 Abortion Abolition Bill
August 2636August 2636DSP.277.2636
May 2637August 2637Ratification of the The Deltarian Empire
August 2637August 2637DSP.278.2637
December 2637December 2637DSP.280.2637
December 2637December 2637DSP.279.2637
March 2638March 2638Cabinet Proposal of March 2638
October 2638October 2638DSP.283.2638
April 2639April 2639Cabinet Proposal of April 2639
October 2639October 2639DSP.286.2639
October 2639October 2639DSP.285.2639
October 2639October 2639DSP.284.2639
April 2640April 2640Education Reform (2640)
April 2640April 2640Military Morale Reform (2640)
April 2640April 2640DSP.287.2640
January 2641August 2641DSP.288.2641
February 2642February 2642DSP.292.2642
February 2642February 2642DSP.291.2642
February 2642February 2642DSP.290.2642
February 2642February 2642DSP.289.2642
February 2642February 2642DSP.294.2642
February 2642February 2642DSP.293.2642
January 2644January 2644MTPU Military Bill
January 2644January 2644DSP.295.2644
July 2646February 2647DSP.298.2646 (Justice Platform)
July 2646February 2647DSP.297.2646 (Civil Rights Platform)
July 2646February 2647DSP.296.2646 (Economics Platform)
August 2646August 2646Cabinet Proposal of August 2646
October 2646October 2646Gov.0023.2646
February 2647February 2647DSP.300.2647 (Environmental Platform)
February 2647February 2647DSP.299.2647 (Education Platform)
May 2647November 2647SD.001.2647
June 2647June 2647Embassy Deregulation (2647)
June 2647June 2647Additional Militarism Bill
June 2647June 2647Religious School Egality Act (2647)
June 2647June 2647Minor Civil Liberty Reform (2647)
June 2647June 2647Cabinet Proposal of June 2647
June 2647June 2647Restoration of Tenno's Right to Choose the Cabinet
June 2647June 2647Eminent Domain Reform (2647)
August 2649August 2649Cabinet Proposal of August 2649
September 2649September 2649DSP.302.2649
April 2650April 2650Cabinet Proposal of 2650
October 2650September 2651Infrastructure Renewal (2651)
February 2651February 2651Cabinet Proposal of 2651
July 2652August 2652Gov.0025.2652
September 2652September 2652Cabinet Proposal of September 2652
September 2652September 2652Repeal of Gov.0016.2614 (2652)
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.23
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.21
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.20
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.28
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.27
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.26
March 2653March 2653Cabinet Proposal of March 2653
March 2653March 2653AUP.2653.25
March 2653October 2653Substance and Procedure Reform (2563)
April 2653April 2653CP.0137.2653 No Religious Tax Bill
April 2653January 2654CP.0136.2653 Trade Reform Bill + RP
July 2653September 2653DSP.305.2653
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.31
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.30
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.37
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.36
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.35
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.33
September 2653September 2653AUP.2653.32
December 2653December 2653AUP.2653.39
December 2653December 2653AUP.2653.38
December 2653December 2653AUP.2653.42
December 2653December 2653AUP.2653.41
December 2653December 2653AUP.2653.40
March 2654March 2654DSP.306.2654
April 2654April 2654Embassy Permission Act (2654)
June 2654June 2654Wage Ceiling Elimination Act (2654)
June 2654June 2654National Labor Relations Authority Act (2654)
June 2654June 2654Foreign Investment Liberalization Act (2654)
June 2654June 2654Energy Privitization and Regulation Act (2654)
June 2654July 2654Euthanasia Regulation Act (2654)
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.46
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.51
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.44
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.50
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.48
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.45
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.53
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.47
July 2654July 2654AUP.2654.52
July 2654July 2654Education Reform Act (2654)
August 2654August 2654DSP.308.2654
August 2654August 2654DSP.308.2654
August 2654August 2654CP.0139.2654 Capital Punishment Bill
August 2654August 2654Adult Age Modification Act (2654)
August 2654December 2654CP.0142.2654 Recognized Religion Bill + RP
August 2654December 2654CP.0141.2654 Religious Prayer Bill
October 2654January 2655Ecological Localization Bill (2654)
December 2654December 2654Retirement Collectivity Act (2654)
December 2654December 2654Concealed Carry Oversight Act (2654)
January 2655January 2655CP.0146.2655 Pre-School Bill
January 2655January 2655Community Policing Act (2655)
January 2655January 2655CP.0145.2655 Refugee Bill
January 2655January 2655Pension Abolishment Act (2655)
January 2655January 2655Child Benefit Localization (2655)
January 2655January 2655Whaling Prohibtion Act (2654)
January 2655January 2655CP.0144.2655 Abortion Bill
February 2655February 2655Gun Safety Act (2655)
June 2655December 2655CP.0152.2655 Prisoner Work Bill
June 2655December 2655CP.0151.2655 Public Service Stability Bill
June 2655December 2655CP.0150.2655 State Religion Act + RP
June 2655December 2655CP.0148.2655 Cosmestic Testing Bill
June 2655December 2655CP.0147.2655 Bio Chem Bill
July 2655December 2655CP.0154.2655 Government-Free Marriages Bill
July 2655December 2655CP.0153.2655 Sport Club Funding Bill + RP
July 2655December 2655CP.0155.2655 Prostitution Bill
July 2655December 2655DSP.309.2656 (Military Platform)
November 2655December 2655DSP.311.2656 (Justice)
December 2655January 2656CP.0158.2655 Economic Bill
April 2656November 2656DSP.312.2656 (Economic Platform)
May 2656June 2656CP.0159.2656 Energy Deregulation Bill
June 2656June 2656Cabinet Proposal of June 2656
September 2656September 2656Recycling Augmentation Act of 2656
October 2656October 2656National Sport Reform (2656)
November 2656November 2656Religious and Non-Profit Organization Tax Neutrality Act (2656)
November 2656November 2656DSP.213.2656 (Secularism Platform)
December 2656December 2656Nuclear Weapon Abolishment Act (2656)
December 2656December 2656POW Decency Act (2656)
January 2657January 2657Income tax proposal of January 2657
March 2657March 2657Striking Workers Protection Act (2657)
March 2657June 2657CP.0161.2657 Private Housing & Property Bill
March 2657July 2657CP.0162.2657 Firing Workers Bill
May 2657May 2657Presidential Republic Establisment Act (2657)
May 2657May 2657Defense Industry Privitization Act (2657)
May 2657May 2657Higher Education Qualification Act (2657)
July 2657July 2657CP.0163.2657 Morality Bill
July 2657July 2657Shelter Federalization (2657)
July 2657July 2657Regionalization Act (2657)
September 2657September 2657Tobacco Sale Restriction Act (2657)
September 2657September 2657Commercial Whaling Prohibition Act (2657)
October 2657November 2657Substance Federalization (2657)
December 2657December 2657CP.0164.2657 State Religion Act + RP
March 2658March 2658Cabinet Proposition Freedom Resolution (2658)
March 2658March 2658National Historical and Cultural Learning Promotion Act (2658)
March 2658March 2658Nuclear Weapon Employment Elimination Act (2658)
May 2658May 2658Foreign Investment Liberalization Act (2658)
May 2658May 2658GM Crop Neutrality Act (2658)
February 2659February 2659Moderate Capitalization (2659)
March 2659March 2659CP.0169.2659 Private Housing Bill
March 2659March 2659CP.0168.2659 Economic Bill
March 2659March 2659Reasonable Indoor Public Smoking Ban Act (2659)
March 2659March 2659CP.0167.2659 Information Bill
March 2659March 2659Alcohol Sale Limitation Act (2659)
March 2659March 2659CP.0166.2659 Foreign Policy Bill
March 2659March 2659CP.0165.2659 Trade Freedom Bill + RP
April 2659April 2659DSP.317.2659
April 2659April 2659Stock Exchange National Regulation Act (2659)
April 2659April 2659DSP.316.2659
April 2659April 2659Salary Cap Neutrality Act (2659)
April 2659April 2659DSP.315.2659
April 2659April 2659DSP.314.2659
April 2659April 2659Police Internet Investigation Act (2659)
April 2659April 2659DWC Promotion Act (2659)
October 2659December 2661DSP.318.2660
December 2659December 2659Cabinet Proposal of December 2659
December 2659December 2659DSP.319.2659
January 2660January 2660Education Localization (2660)
January 2660January 2660Reasonable Education Act (2660)
May 2660May 2660LSDR Military Platform (2660)
June 2660July 2660CP.0173.2660 Energy Deregulation Bill
June 2660July 2660CP.0170.2660 Science Deregulation Bill
June 2660April 2662CP.0175.2662 Teacher-Led Prayers Bill
September 2660December 2661Television Regulation Act (2660)
September 2660April 2662CP.0176.2662 Morality Bill
September 2660April 2662CP.0177.2662 Gun Control Bill
October 2660May 2661Tobacco Sale Limitation Act (2660)
October 2660May 2661Public Smoking Ban Act (2660)
October 2660May 2661Alcohol Sale Limitation Act (2660)
November 2660November 2660Cabinet Proposal of 2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.326.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.325.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.329.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.328.2660
November 2660May 2661DSP.327.2660
May 2661May 2661Permanent Replacement Workers Sanctioning Act (2661)
May 2661May 2661National Energy Regulation Act (2661)
May 2661May 2661DWC Promotion Act (2661)
May 2661May 2661Foreign Investment Liberalization Act (2661)
June 2661June 2661Abortion Bill
November 2661November 2661LSDR.4.2661.Forest Management
December 2661December 2661LSDR.7.2661.Museum Funding
December 2661December 2661LSDR.4.2661.Tuition Policy
April 2662April 2662LSDR.9.2662.Recycling
April 2662April 2662LSDR.8.2661.Source Code of Software
April 2662July 2662CP.0178.2662 Private Housing & Property Bill
April 2662December 2662CP.0180.2662 State Religion Act + RP
April 2662December 2662CP.0179.2662 Police Policy Bill
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.57
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.56
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.55
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.53
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.60
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.59
June 2662June 2662AUP.2662.58
September 2662September 2662LSDR.10.2662.GM Crops
September 2662September 2662LSDR.10.2662.Farming Subsidies
September 2662September 2662LSDR.9.2662.Whaling
November 2662December 2662CP.0182.2662 Nudity Bill
November 2662December 2662CP.0181.2662 Foreign Policy Bill
December 2662December 2662LSDR.15.2662.Taxation of Religion
December 2662December 2662LSDR.14.2662.Housing
December 2662January 2664CP.0185.2663 Military Bill
December 2662January 2664CP.0184.2663 Hunting Bill
December 2662January 2664CP.0183.2663 Capital Punishment Bill
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.64
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.70
May 2663May 2663DSP.334
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.63
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.69
May 2663May 2663DSP.235.2663
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.62
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.68
May 2663May 2663DSP.332.2663
May 2663May 2663Gov.0031.2663
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.61
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.67
May 2663May 2663Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
May 2663May 2663DSP.337.2663
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.66
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.72
May 2663May 2663DSP.336.2663
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.65
May 2663May 2663AUP.2663.71
May 2663May 2663DSP.335.2663
June 2663June 2663Immigration Bill
June 2663June 2663LSDR.20.2663
June 2663June 2663LSDR.19.2663
June 2663June 2663LSDR.22.2663
June 2663June 2663LSDR.21.2663
September 2663September 2663LSDR.26.2663
September 2663September 2663LSDR.25.2663
September 2663September 2663LSDR.23.2663
September 2663January 2664CP.0186.2663 Private Transport Bill
September 2663July 2664CP.0187.2664 Contraceptives Bill
September 2663July 2664CP.0188.2664 Market Deregulation Bill
September 2663October 2667CP.0190.2665 Firing Workers Bill
September 2663October 2667CP.0189.2665 Military Bill
November 2663November 2663LSDR.28.2663
April 2664April 2664SPA.0001.2664
April 2664May 2664SPA.0002.2664
May 2664May 2664LSDR.30.2664
May 2664May 2664SPA.0003.2664
May 2664May 2664Gov.0032.2664
May 2664May 2664LSDR.34.2664
May 2664May 2664LSDR.33.2664
May 2664May 2664LSDR.31.2664
May 2664May 2664LSDR.31.2664
June 2664June 2664LSDR.36.2664
June 2664June 2664LSDR.35.2664
June 2664June 2664LSDR.38.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.339.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.345.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.344.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.343.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.341.2664
November 2664April 2665DSP.340.2664
June 2665June 2665Cabinet Proposal of June 2665
June 2665April 2667CP.0193.2667 Energy Deregulation Bill
June 2665April 2667CP.0192.2667 Energy Privatization Bill
June 2665April 2667CP.0191.2665 Welfare Bill
September 2665April 2667CP.0194.2665 Local Mayor Bill
September 2665April 2667CP.0195.2667 State Religion Act + RP
January 2666May 2666DSP.348.2666
January 2666May 2666DSP.346.2666
February 2666May 2666CUTE Proposal
August 2666August 2666CUTE.004.2666
August 2666August 2666CUTE.003.2666
August 2666August 2666Gov.0036.2666
August 2666August 2666CUTE.2.2666
April 2667April 2667CP.0197.2667 Patriotism Bill
April 2667April 2667Cabinet Proposal of April 2667
April 2667October 2667CP.0198.2667 Media Bill
April 2667April 2668CP.0199.2668 Morality Bill
April 2667December 2668CP.0200.2668 Market Deregulation Bill
May 2667May 2667FWP.3.2667
May 2667May 2667FWP.1.2667
May 2667May 2667FWP.4.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.352.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.351.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.359.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.357.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.355.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.354.2667
May 2667June 2667DSP.353.2667
October 2667October 2667Cabinet Proposal of October 2667
October 2667December 2668CP.0201.2668 Energy Privatization Bill
October 2667December 2670CP.0202.2670 Military Bill
April 2668September 2671CP.0204.2671 Morality Bill
April 2668September 2671CP.0203.2671 Food Industry Deregulation Bill
April 2668September 2671CP.0205.2671 Private Housing and Property Bill
April 2668July 2673CP.0206.2673 Localized Education Bill
May 2668May 2668FWP.8.2668
May 2668May 2668DSP.364.2668
May 2668May 2668FWP.7.2668
May 2668May 2668DSP.362.2668
May 2668May 2668FWP.6.2668
May 2668May 2668DSP.361.2668
September 2668December 2668Gov.0037.2668 Income Tax Proposal
May 2669May 2669LP-Democracy for Sekowo
April 2670April 2670DSP.368.2670
April 2670April 2670DSP.367.2670
April 2670April 2670CUTE.005.2670
April 2670April 2670DSP.366.2670
April 2670April 2670DSP.370.2670
August 2670August 2670Banning communism in Sekowo
October 2670October 2670Gov.0043.2670 Cabinet Proposal
December 2670December 2670Gov.0045.2671 (Early Elections)
January 2671January 2671Call for early elections, January 2671
May 2671May 2671FWP.10.2671
May 2671May 2671FWP.9.2671
May 2671May 2671FWP.12.2671
May 2671May 2671FWP.11.2671
June 2671June 2671Gov.0046.2671 Cabinet Proposal
February 2672February 2672Gov.0048.2672 Cabinet Proposal
October 2672October 2672Gov.0049.2672 Cabinet Proposal A
October 2672November 2672Gov.0050.2672 Cabinet Proposal B
October 2672June 2674CP.0209.2674 Census Aid Bill
July 2673July 2673Gov.0052.2673 Income Tax Proposal
July 2673July 2673Gov.0051.2673 Cabinet Proposal
July 2673June 2674CP.0211.2674 Justice Reform Bill
July 2673June 2674CP.0210.2674 Contraceptives Bill
April 2674April 2674Gov.054.2674
April 2674June 2674DSP.372.2674
April 2674June 2674DSP.371.2674
June 2674June 2674CP.0212.2674 No Strike Bill
June 2674June 2674Gov.0055.2674 Cabinet Proposal
March 2675June 2675DSP.373.2675
March 2675June 2675DSP.379.2675
March 2675June 2675DSP.378.2675
March 2675June 2675DSP.377.2675
March 2675June 2675DSP.376.2675
March 2675June 2675DSP.375.2675
March 2675June 2675DSP.374.2675
July 2675July 2675Gov.0056.2675 Cabinet Proposal
March 2676March 2676CP.0213.2676 Market Deregulation Bill
March 2676March 2676Gov.0057.2676 Cabinet Proposal
September 2676October 2676CP.0214.2676 Morality Bill
December 2676December 2676Gov.0059.2676 Cabinet Proposal
December 2676March 2677CP.0215.2676 Union and Striking Bill
December 2676June 2680CP.0216.2680 Foreign Policy Bill
May 2678May 2678Gov.0060.2678 (Cabinet Proposal)
May 2678May 2678DSP.382.2678
May 2678June 2680CP.0218.2680 Sexual Matters Bill
May 2678June 2680CP.0217.2680 Patriot Bill
May 2678March 2702CP.0219.2702 Government-Free Education Bill
April 2679June 2711CP.0220.2711 Localized Private Education Bill
June 2679June 2679Gov.0061.2679
May 2680May 2680DSP.384.2680
May 2680May 2680DSP.383.2680
May 2680May 2680Call for early elections, May 2680
July 2680July 2680DSP.385.2680
July 2680April 2686Gov.0076.2686
September 2680September 2680Minister of Education and Culture Bill
October 2680October 2680Complete Nationalization of Education
October 2680October 2680Mandatory National ID Card
October 2680October 2680Teacher Led Prayer In Schools
October 2680October 2680A New Religious State
October 2681April 2682Withdrawl from Dovani Common Market Area.
December 2681March 2686Gov.0075.2686
December 2681November 2686Gov.0077.2686
May 2682May 2682Cabinet Proposal of May 2682
August 2682August 2682Gov.0066.2682
August 2682August 2682Gov.0065.2682
August 2682February 2683DSP.388.2682
August 2682February 2683DSP.387.2682
August 2682February 2683DSP.386.2682
June 2683June 2683Gov.0068.2683
January 2684January 2684DSP.395.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.394.2684
January 2684January 2684Gov.0069.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.393.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.400.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.392.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.399.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.391.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.397.2684
January 2684January 2684DSP.396.2684
December 2684December 2684Gov.0072.2684
November 2687November 2687Gov.0079.2687
December 2687May 2689DSP.401.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.410.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.407.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.406.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.405.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.403.2688
December 2687May 2689DSP.402.2688
June 2688June 2688Gov.0081.2688
June 2688May 2689DSP.415.2688
June 2688May 2689DSP.414.2688
June 2688May 2689DSP.413.2688
June 2688May 2689DSP.412.2688
June 2688May 2689DSP.411.2688
July 2688May 2689DSP.420.2688
July 2688May 2689DSP.419.2688
July 2688May 2689DSP.418.2688
July 2688May 2689DSP.417.2688
April 2689April 2689Cabinet Proposal of April 2689
November 2690May 2691GNP.004.2690
November 2690May 2691GNP.003.2690
November 2690May 2691GNP.001.2690
December 2690May 2691GNP.008.2690
December 2690May 2691GNP.007.2690
December 2690May 2691GNP.006.2690
December 2690May 2691GNP.005.2690
December 2690May 2691GNP.009.2690
January 2691August 2691Justice System (AM - 2691) - Doc. 1A
May 2691May 2691Gov.0086.2691
May 2691May 2691Gov.0085.2691
May 2691May 2691GNP.011.2691
May 2691May 2691Mil.0006.2690
May 2691June 2696DSP.423.2691
May 2691June 2696DSP.422.2691
May 2691December 2697DSP.424.2691
May 2691November 2700DSP.425.2691
July 2691July 2691bill of stuff
August 2691August 2691banning emo's
August 2691August 2691banning crossdresser's and homo's
August 2691August 2691Serious Bill #1
August 2691August 2691first minshu bill
August 2691August 2691Local Government Act (USC - 2691)
August 2691September 2691national sport
November 2691December 2691Platform of the LDSP
December 2691November 2700DSP.426.2700
December 2691November 2700Generic Title
December 2691November 2705FWP.13.2691
January 2692January 2692Counter Measures
January 2692January 2692General Motoring of Economics (LMC - 2692)
February 2692December 2692OOC ; How the Invaders and Patriots can work together....
August 2692September 2692AFL.Env.0001.2692
December 2692December 2692NPU-Free Market Act 2693
March 2693March 2693Call for early elections, March 2693
July 2693July 2693AFL.Rel.0001.2693
September 2693September 2693GNP Ecology 2693
September 2693September 2693Call for early elections, September 2693
September 2693September 2693Call for early elections, September 2693
September 2693September 2693Call for early elections, September 2693
January 2694January 2694Flying Turtle Soup
February 2694February 2694Call for early elections, February 2694
December 2694December 2694Extreme Democratic Motion (Look!)
June 2696December 2696Gov.0087.2696
July 2696July 2696Gov.0088.2696 Cabinet Proposal
June 2697June 2697Gov.0089.2697
June 2697June 2697Gov.0090.2697
December 2697December 2697Gov.0090.2697
May 2700May 2700Gov.0091.2700
September 2700September 2700GNP.014.2700
September 2700September 2700GNP.012.2700
September 2700September 2700Gov.0092.2700
February 2701February 2701Military Changes
March 2701March 2702Health changes
April 2701April 2701Cabinet Proposal of April 2701
March 2702June 2711CP.0221.2711 Morality Bill
April 2702April 2702DSP.431.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.430.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.435.2702
April 2702April 2702DSP.432.2702
August 2702August 2702CUTE.006.2702 Education Reform
April 2703April 2703Gov.0094.2703
April 2703April 2703Cabinet Proposal of April 2703
April 2703June 2704Gov.0095.2703 (Empire Act)
August 2703August 2703CUTE.007.2703 Freedom for Educators
December 2706December 2706Cabinet Proposal of December 2706
December 2707December 2707DSP.439.2707
December 2707December 2707DSP.438.2707
December 2707December 2707DSP.436.2707
December 2707December 2707DSP.440.2707
January 2708January 2708Cabinet Proposal of January 2708
January 2708January 2708Cabinet Proposal of January 2708
September 2708September 2708Pacifist Procedure
October 2708October 2708CUTE.009.2708 No more conscription.
October 2708October 2708DSP.443.2708
October 2708October 2708DSP.442.2708
October 2708October 2708DSP.441.2708
October 2708October 2708DSP.444.2708
October 2708November 2708DSP.444.2708
December 2708December 2708Nationalisation of Business
May 2709May 2709DSP.449.2709
May 2709May 2709DSP.448.2709
May 2709May 2709DSP.447.2709
May 2709May 2709DSP.446.2709
May 2709May 2709DSP.445.2709
May 2709May 2709DSP.450.2709
September 2709June 2710Oprichniki Bill #2
September 2709June 2710Oprichniki Bill #1
May 2710November 2710DSP.459.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.458.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.455.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.454.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.453.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.452.2710
May 2710November 2710DSP.460.2710
January 2711January 2711Morality Bill
July 2711July 2711CUTE.010.2711 Educational reform
August 2711November 2717Gov.0100.2717
July 2712July 2712State Atheism
May 2714November 2717Gov.101.2714 (Mutual Defence Treaty)
December 2715December 2715DSP.465.2715
December 2715December 2715DSP.464.2715
December 2715December 2715DSP.463.2715
December 2715December 2715DSP.462.2715
December 2715October 2716DSP.468.2715
December 2715October 2716DSP.470.2715
December 2715October 2716DSP.469.2715
December 2715October 2716DSP.467.2715
December 2715October 2716DSP.466.2715
December 2716June 2717Gov.103.2716 (Empire Bill)
April 2717April 2717Cabinet Proposal of April 2717
November 2718November 2718DSP.475.2718
November 2718November 2718DSP.474.2718
November 2718November 2718DSP.473.2718
November 2718November 2718DSP.472.2718
November 2718November 2718DSP.471.2718
May 2720December 2722Gov.105.2720 (Empire Bill III)
June 2721June 2721Gov.107.2721
June 2722June 2722DSP.480.2722
June 2722June 2722DSP.479.2722
June 2722June 2722DSP.478.2722
June 2722June 2722DSP.477.2722
June 2722June 2722DSP.476.2722
June 2722October 2725DSP.481.2722
June 2722October 2725DSP.485.2722
June 2722October 2725DSP.484.2722
June 2722October 2725DSP.483.2722
June 2722October 2725DSP.482.2722
June 2722May 2727DSP.488.2722
June 2722May 2727DSP.487.2722
June 2722May 2727DSP.486.2722
June 2722May 2727DSP.490.2722
November 2722November 2722Gov.109.2722
September 2726April 2727Trade Union
September 2726April 2727Socialist Industry
September 2726April 2727Peoples Army
September 2726April 2727Workers Rights
September 2726April 2727Socialist Economy
September 2727September 2727Defense Industry
September 2727September 2727Intelligence Agency
September 2728September 2728Railroads
September 2728September 2728Property
September 2728September 2728Elections
September 2728September 2728Arm The Workers
January 2729January 2729Advertising
February 2729February 2729Television
February 2729February 2729Foreign Investment
February 2729February 2729Radio
August 2729August 2729CUTE.013.2729 Free Industry
November 2729November 2729DSP.491.2729
April 2733April 2733DSP.495.2733
April 2733April 2733DSP.494.2733
April 2733April 2733DSP.493.2733
April 2733April 2733DSP.492.2733
April 2733April 2733Gov.113.2733
September 2739September 2739CDP.2739.004
September 2739September 2739CDP.2739.003
February 2745February 2745CUTE.017.2745 Federalism
February 2745February 2745CUTE.014.2745 Military
May 2760July 2761SUN.001.2759 Patient's Bill of Rights (fixed)
June 2761June 2761CUTE.018.2761
November 2762January 2764SUN.004.2762 Economic Compromise Proposal
November 2762January 2764SUN.003.2762 Freedom of Religion Act
December 2762January 2764SUN.005.2762 Nuclear Disarmament Act
August 2764September 2764CP.0222.2764 Market Deregulation Bill
October 2765October 2765CUTE.019.2765 Let's privatize some stuff!
October 2765October 2766SUN.008.2765 Patient's Bill of Rights
November 2765November 2765DSP.500.2765
November 2765November 2765DSP.499.2765
August 2766February 2767CP.0227.2767 Sexual Matters Bill
August 2766February 2767CP.0225.2767 Capital Punishment Bill
August 2766May 2767CP.0228.2767 Localized Education Bill
August 2766May 2767CP.0226.2767 Union and Striking Bill
December 2769May 2771SUN.010.2769 Patient's Bill of Rights
December 2771December 2771DSP.502.2771
December 2771December 2771DSP.501.2771
December 2771February 2774DSP.503.2771
November 2772November 2773SUN.012.2772 Taking Ecological Stewardship Local Act
November 2772August 2776SUN.013.2772 Corporations Accorded Fair Taxation Act
February 2777February 2777Gov.114.2777 Cabinet Proposal
February 2782February 2782Gov.115.2782 Cabinet Proposal
May 2783May 2783Gov.116.2783 Cabinet Proposal
May 2783October 2783CP.0231.2783 Food Industry Deregulation Bill
May 2783October 2783CP.0229.2783 Legal Representation Bill
October 2783December 2783CP.0235.2783 Recognized Religion Bill + RP
October 2783December 2783CP.0233.2783 Private Media Bill
October 2789November 2798Ratification of the Recongnition of the Republic of New Englia
April 2790December 2790CP.0236.2790 Capitalist Energy Bill
April 2790December 2790CP.0240.2790 Non-Federal Education System Bill
April 2790December 2790CP.0239.2790 Unregulated Software Industry Bill
April 2790December 2790CP.0237.2790 Biological and Chemical Weaponry Bill
November 2802November 2802UICS 0001
May 2804May 2804UICS 0004
May 2804May 2804Social Reforms
May 2804May 2804UICS 0006
February 2808September 2808Sekowo Reforms CCB of EP 1
April 2808October 2808Librety and foreighn policy reforms
October 2808October 2808DSP.508.2808
February 2809February 2809EP Civil proposition 1 2089
May 2809May 2809Withdraw from Monarcist Treaty
August 2809August 2809Equality and Fair Media Representation
December 2809December 2809Call for early elections, December 2809
December 2809December 2809Health Reform
October 2810October 2810Retirement age
October 2811April 2812Adminastrative Reforms
May 2814May 2814Reforms
August 2816August 2816CP.0244.2816 Market Deregulation Bill
August 2816August 2816CP.0243.2816 Private Housing Bill
August 2816August 2816CP.0242.2816 Localizing Agriculture Regulation Bill
October 2825May 2826DSP.517.2825
October 2825May 2826DSP.516.2825
October 2825May 2826DSP.515.2825
June 2826June 2826CP.0246.2826 Deregulating Media Bill
June 2826June 2826CP.0245.2826 Localized Education Bill
June 2826June 2826CP.0247.2826 State Religion + RP
August 2827September 2827CP.0249.2827 Stricter Morality Bill
August 2827September 2827CP.0248.2827 Deregulating Health Bill
November 2828November 2828CP.0253.2828 Capitalist Environment Bill
November 2828November 2828CP.0252.2828 Private Transport Bill
November 2828November 2828CP.0251.2828 Localized Drug and Alcohol Bill
November 2828November 2828CP.0250.2828 Local Appointment Method Bill
November 2828November 2828CP.0254.2828 Localizing Agriculture Regulation Bill
October 2834October 2834CP.0257.2834 Sexual Matters Bill
October 2834October 2834CP.0256.2834 Unregulated Software Industry Bill
October 2834October 2834CP.0255.2834 Pro Military Bill
November 2838November 2838Call for early elections, November 2838
May 2840June 2840Cabinet Proposal of May 2840
May 2840June 2840Motto Change (IC.2840.003-R2)
May 2840June 2840Executive Powers Act (IC.2840.001-R2)
December 2843December 2843Executive Powers Act II (IC.2843)
April 2845April 2845CP.0258.2845 Change of Government Act
February 2851December 2852Economic Reform Act of 2851
November 2851April 2852Elitist Manifesto
February 2852December 2852Enviromental Protection Reform Act of 2852
June 2854June 2855Income tax proposal of June 2854
June 2854June 2855Health Care Reform Act of 2854
June 2854June 2855Tax Reform Act of 2854
June 2854June 2855Budget proposal of June 2854
November 2855May 2856Elitist Manifeto II.
July 2857August 2859Isolationist Act of 2857
February 2858August 2859Economic Reform Act of 2858
October 2858February 2860Libertarian Act of 2858
October 2864October 2864Cbn.0002.2864
December 2864March 2865Civil Reform Act
February 2865February 2865Ele.0001.2865 (Early Elections)
October 2866January 2868Military Reform Act
November 2866November 2866Cbn.0004.2866
June 2867November 2867Environmental-Libertarian Bill
September 2867January 2868Religious Affairs Act
March 2868March 2868Cbn.0005.2868
January 2869January 2869Foreign Policy Act of 2869
January 2869January 2869Protect the Children Act of 2869
January 2869January 2869Centralization Act of 2869
December 2869December 2869Cbn.0006.2869
February 2870June 2871Infrastructure Act
August 2870February 2872Devolution of Welfare Institutions Act
August 2870February 2872Military Decommissioning Act
February 2871June 2871Religion Act of 2871
March 2871June 2871Military Reform Treaty Act
July 2871January 2872Morality Act
September 2883October 2883Evolutionary Science
August 2884August 2884Religious Law Reform of 2884
August 2884August 2884People's Education Reform of 2884
August 2884August 2884People's Justice Act of 2884
August 2884August 2884Socialist Economic Policy Act of 2884
September 2884September 2884Religious and Educational Reform Act
September 2884October 2884Civil Rights Act of 2884
April 2886January 2887Militarization Act of 2886
March 2887March 2887Head of State Renaming Act
March 2887March 2887Renaming of Regional Titles
March 2887March 2887Renaming of the Parliament
January 2888February 2888Gaijin Expulsion Act of 2888
February 2888July 2888宗教法 (Shūkyō Hō)
July 2888July 2888Freedom from International Limitations Act
February 2889July 2889Restoration of the Imperial System
August 2889August 2889Unlimited Power to Deal with the Barbarian Nations
August 2889August 2889National Reform Act of 2889
August 2889August 2889Cabinet Proposal of August 2889
January 2890January 2890Senatorial Cabinet Proposal of January 2890
October 2890October 2890Red-Black Coalition
September 2891September 2891Sekowan Military Reform of 2891
September 2892April 2893National Reform Act of 2892
April 2893April 2893Cabinet Proposal of April 2893
January 2897January 2897Naming of Things
March 2899March 2899Call for early elections, March 2899
April 2899April 2899Length of Power
February 2905February 2905Civil Rights Act (2905)
May 2905May 2905Nationalization Act (2905)
July 2905July 2905Creation of the Aryan State (2905)
July 2905July 2905Secular Act (2905)
July 2905July 2905Weapons of Mass Destruction Act (2905)
July 2905July 2905Ecology and Animal Liberation Act (2905)
August 2905August 2905Foreign Aid Act (2905)
August 2905August 2905Promotion of Population Growth Act.2905
August 2905August 2905Devolution Act (2905)
August 2905August 2905Official State Religion Act.2905
August 2905August 2905Secure Economy Act.2905
August 2905August 2905Restrictions on Euthanasia Act.2905
August 2905August 2905Stronger Military Act.2905
August 2905August 2905Ban on Human Cloning Act.2905
August 2905August 2905New Waste Disposal Act.2905
August 2905August 2905Foreign Embassies/Foreign Office Act.2905
September 2905September 2905Media Control Act (2905)
November 2905November 2905Funding of Sports Clubs Act.2905
November 2905November 2905State of Emergency Policy Act.2905
November 2905November 2905Anti-GMO Act (2905)
November 2905November 2905Euthanasia Act (2905)
November 2905November 2905Protectionism from Foreign Investment Act.2905
November 2905November 2905Government Mandate for Vaccinations Act.2905
March 2907July 2907Income tax proposal of March 2907
March 2907July 2907Parliamentary Procedures Act 2907
April 2907July 2907Ratification of the Birahteynu Convention of 2706
April 2907July 2907Ratification of the Dovani Territorial Defence Organization
May 2907May 2907Cabinet Proposal of May 2907
May 2907May 2907Banning of Euthanasia Act.2907
May 2907May 2907Freer Ecology Act.2907
May 2907May 2907Religion Act.2907
July 2907July 2907Immigration Law Enforcement (2907)
July 2907July 2907Security Act (2907)
March 2908January 2909Anti-Strike Act (2909)
March 2908January 2909Protectionist Act (2909)
March 2908January 2909Down with capitalism (2909)
August 2908January 2909Public Decency Act (2909)
August 2908January 2909Clean Lungs Act (2909)
August 2908January 2909Secular Act (2909)
August 2908January 2909Anti-Queerness Act (2909)
January 2909January 2909Salary Cap (2909)
July 2909July 2909Morality Act (2909)
July 2909July 2909Population Enhancement Act (2909)
July 2909July 2909Stock Market Nationalization (2909)
September 2909September 2909Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organization (NATO)
December 2914December 2914Call for early elections, December 2914
August 2915August 2915Pour les francais
April 2922April 2922Gekibun Taisei Yokusankai (Imperial Rule Association Manifesto)
October 2922October 2922Conservatism is Virtue
October 2923October 2923Call for early elections, October 2923
January 2928January 2928AUP 76
January 2928January 2928AUP 82
January 2928January 2928AUP 89
January 2928January 2928AUP 75
January 2928January 2928AUP 81
January 2928January 2928AUP 87
January 2928January 2928AUP 74
January 2928January 2928AUP 80
January 2928January 2928AUP 86
January 2928January 2928AUP 73
January 2928January 2928AUP 93
January 2928January 2928AUP 79
January 2928January 2928AUP 85
January 2928January 2928AUP 92
January 2928January 2928AUP 78
January 2928January 2928AUP 84
January 2928January 2928AUP 91
January 2928January 2928AUP 77
January 2928January 2928AUP 83
January 2928January 2928AUP 90
April 2928April 2928Homosexuality and bisexuality
May 2928December 2928Fair Justice Act of 2928
May 2928December 2928National Healthcare & Wellbeing Policy Act of 2928
July 2928December 2928AUP 102
July 2928December 2928AUP 100
July 2928December 2928AUP 96
July 2928December 2928AUP 109
July 2928December 2928AUP 108
July 2928December 2928AUP 104
August 2929August 2929Imperial Command Cabinet 2929
November 2929November 2929Making the Motto Multilingual
July 2930September 2932Cabinet Proposal of July 2930
September 2936May 2937Cabinet Proposal of September 2936
February 2937May 2937Sekowo is One!
May 2937May 2937Human Rights Act
January 2939March 2940Head of state title
April 2939May 2939Environmental Protection Act
May 2939January 2940Education and Science Technology Reform
June 2939June 2939GSU Manifesto Bill of 2939
June 2939June 2939Miyazaki-Ota Reform Act of 2939
February 2941April 2941Creation of one ruling family and noble familes
September 2941September 2941Environmental Destruction Act
July 2942July 2942Cabinet Proposal of July 2942
May 2944May 2944Conditional Support for the Imperial Dominions
May 2946May 2946Cabinet Proposal of May 2946
May 2947May 2947IPP 124
May 2947May 2947IPP 116
May 2947May 2947IPP 123
May 2947May 2947IPP 114
May 2947May 2947IPP 122
May 2947May 2947IPP 121
May 2947May 2947IPP 120
May 2947May 2947IPP 119
May 2947May 2947IPP 128
May 2947May 2947IPP 117
October 2947October 2947The Gods are Angry Act, 2947
October 2947October 2947Military Might Act, 2947
July 2948July 2948Cabinet Proposal of July 2948
November 2948April 2949Budget proposal of November 2948
March 2949March 2949Unlimited Capitalism Act
May 2949May 2949Ceasefire
July 2950July 2950Election Reform Act of 2950
January 2952January 2952Call for early elections, January 2952
August 2952February 2953Proposal of an Eastern Alliance
October 2954December 2954Imperial Unity Cabinet Proposal of October 2954
March 2955March 2955Elimination of Religion in People's Communes
October 2956October 2956HealthCare Refrom Act 2956
June 2957June 2957Call for early elections, June 2957
August 2957August 2957Commune Liquidation Act 2957
September 2957September 2957Propagation of the Faiths Act 2957
October 2957October 2957Unilateral declaration of independence for People's Communes
November 2960November 2960Cabinet Proposal of November 2960
November 2960May 2961New Flag Bill of 2960
November 2961November 2961TKS.0002.2961
November 2961November 2961TKS.0001.2961
November 2961November 2961TKS.0003.2961
April 2962April 2962Electoral Reform Act
April 2962April 2962Nationalization Act
June 2962June 2962Post-War Reconstruction
November 2962September 2963Manifesto of Taisei Gekokujō
March 2963March 2963TKS.0009.2962
March 2963March 2963TKS.0006.2962
March 2963September 2963Extreme Socialism Act 2963
March 2963September 2963Environmental Protection Act 2963
October 2963October 2963Population Increasement Act of October 2963 - Zen Socialism
November 2963November 2963Call for early elections, November 2963
March 2964March 2964Rationing and Evacuation Act 2964
September 2964September 2964Ban on Animal Testing
September 2964September 2964Environmental Protection Act 2964
November 2965November 2965Support for the Zionist Struggle
November 2966November 2966TKS.0012.2966
November 2966November 2966TKS.0013.2966
November 2966January 2968TKS.0018.2966
December 2966December 2966Social Morality Thought-Reformation Act 2966
January 2968August 2968Draft of New Constitutional Articles I
June 2969June 2969TSK.0024.2969
April 2971April 2971Legionary Defence Force Reformation - 2971
December 2975December 2975Weapons Ban Act of 2976
December 2975December 2975Crime & Punishment Act of 2976
December 2975December 2975Economic Liberalization Act of 2976
December 2975December 2975Citizens' Wellbeing Act of 2976
August 2976August 2976Media Bill of 2976
October 2977October 2977Religious Truth Act 2977
August 2979January 2980Act of Democratic Union of 2980
March 2982August 2982Representative Constitutional Monarchy Act of 2982
December 2985June 2986???.0002.2985
December 2985June 2986???.0001.2985
July 2988July 2988SSP.0001.2988
July 2988July 2988Gov.0001.2988
May 3032May 3032Reform and Purity Act of 2010
July 3032July 3032General Reform Omnibus
February 3038February 3038Cbn.0004.3038
May 3122November 3122Privacy Act of 3122
February 3136February 3136Inclusive Cabinet of February 3136
August 3144August 3144TSK.0055.3144
September 3145March 3146Military Act
April 3146April 3146Gov.0013.3146
May 3147May 3147Cbn.0007.3147
February 3148February 3148Protection of Life
September 3159September 3159Pst.0002.3159
September 3159September 3159Pst.0001.3159
September 3159October 3161Pst.0003.3161
June 3233April 3234TSK.0072.3234
April 3260September 3269Ratification of the International Rugby Union Association
November 3301November 3301Economic Reforms
December 3314December 3314National Security Act of 3314
October 3363October 3363Call for early elections, October 3363
June 3371November 3371TSK.0076.3371
October 3372May 3373World Without Limits Act
November 3372May 3373True Justice Act
November 3372May 3373Innovation Without Limit Act
June 3374July 3374Community Self-Policing Act
June 3374July 3374Imperial Honor Act
June 3374July 3374Empire of Trust Act
June 3374July 3374Democratic Pluralism Act
June 3374July 3374Responsive Democracy Act
June 3375May 3376Empire of Trust Act of 3375
July 3375July 3375TSK.0080.3375
April 3382May 3382Ratification of the Brotherhood of Terror and Virtue
October 3388January 3390Religious Equality Act
June 3389December 3389World Without Limits Act of 3389
April 3429April 3429It is time for democracy in Sekowo
July 3444July 3444Figwit Manifesto
April 3452April 3452Cbn.0013.3452
April 3453April 3453Edict 3453.1
March 3482March 3482An Act to Force the Deinstitutionalization of the One-Party System
March 3482March 3482Education Decentralization and Proper Discipline Doctrine
April 3482April 3482Decentralization of Alcohol and the Wet and Dry Categorization Act of 2013 AD
May 3482May 3482Protection of the Common Man from Collectivization Massacres Doctrine, Title I
May 3482March 3483KOKKAI R. D-1 - Strom Thurmond Lives: the Dixiecrat's Call
August 3482August 3482Protection of the Common Man from Collectivization Massacres Doctrine, Title II
August 3482September 3482The "Come At Me Bro" Doctrine of Free and Fair Elections
March 3483March 3483The Omnibus of FREEDOM
October 3483October 3483This Bill will be Rejected by Cowards
October 3483October 3483Call for early elections, October 3483
April 3484November 3484The Game Guy Gambling Doctrine
April 3484November 3484Parental Rights Act
August 3484November 3484Freedom of the Press
November 3484November 3484Power Sharing Doctrine
February 3485February 3485The Wave of Decentralization Doctrine
September 3485September 3485Decentralization, Decentralization Everywhere
September 3485September 3485Budget proposal of September 3485
September 3485September 3485Fair and Equal Taxation Doctrine
September 3485September 3485Farm Freedom Doctrine
October 3485October 3485Decentralization Advocacy
March 3486March 3486Decentralization Doctrine 4-3486
August 3486August 3486Decentralization and Independence Advocacy Doctrine
April 3487April 3487Religious Freedom Doctrine
April 3487April 3487Your Cause is Enough to Make Me Pause
July 3487July 3487Gambling Freedom and Economic Freedom
July 3491March 3492The Rural Empowerment Doctrine/Initiative
June 3494June 3494Ratification of the The Anti-LGBT (No Homo) treaty
June 3494June 3494Ratification of the Preservation of Monarchist Culture
October 3494January 3500Treaty 21-03-3418-Malivium Postponement Doctrine
April 3500April 3500Cbn.0016.3500
July 3542July 3542Call for early elections, July 3542
October 3548June 3549Economic Reform Act of 3548
October 3548June 3549The Racial and Religious Administrative Fairness Act
April 3551April 3551SRP.002.3551
April 3551April 3551SRP.001.3551
April 3551April 3551SRP.006.3551
April 3551April 3551SRP.005.3551
April 3551April 3551SRP.004.3551
April 3551April 3551SRP.003.3551
February 3552February 3552SRP.009.3552
February 3552February 3552SRP.008.3552
February 3552February 3552SRP.007.3552
December 3552December 3552SRP.011.3552
December 3552December 3552SRP.010.3552
January 3553January 3553SRP.014.3553
January 3553January 3553SRP.013.3553
January 3553January 3553SRP.012.3553
January 3553February 3553SRP.015.3553
October 3558October 3558This is for party visibility
August 3560August 3560Manifesto to the People Part 3
August 3560August 3560Manifesto to the People Part 2
August 3560August 3560Manifesto to the People Part 1
June 3561June 3561More Proposals
June 3562June 3562Even More Proposals
November 3597August 3600Manifesto for Liberty and Progress
March 3617March 3617Cbn.0020.3617
October 3637October 3637Cbn.0022.3637
June 3646June 3646Taishūtō Reform
February 3651February 3651General Act of 3651
February 3669February 3669sss
February 3669February 3669Renpō kokka
January 3675January 3675Religious freedom act
February 3676February 3676Socialist Economy Proposals (I)
February 3676February 3676National Independence Proposal
August 3676January 3677Socialist Economy Proposals (II)
October 3676July 3677Civil liberties programme
July 3677July 3677Socialist Economy Proposals (III)
July 3677July 3677Pacifist reforms
September 3677February 3678For an Atheist State
September 3678September 3678Ecologist reforms
September 3678January 3679Socialist agrarianist reforms
January 3679January 3679Free Culture Act
March 3679March 3679National Civil Space Agency Proposal
March 3679July 3679Socialist culture reforms
September 3679September 3679New Media Law Proposals
December 3681December 3681Ratification of the Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)
March 3688March 3688FL.001
July 3688September 3688FL.002
January 3689January 3689FL.003
August 3689August 3689FL.004
September 3689September 3689Teiseitō Manifesto
February 3690February 3690FL.005
July 3690January 3691FL.006
February 3691February 3691Sakoku
March 3693March 3693For the glory of great Maxisan
March 3696March 3696Military Expansion Act
March 3696March 3696Freeing Up the Economy
November 3697October 3698TSK.140.3697
November 3697October 3698TSK.139.3697
April 3706April 3706Proposals to the government
April 3707November 3707New Age Proposals
August 3712August 3712Freeing the Economy Act
December 3712December 3712Military Power Act
January 3713January 3713Cbn.0026.3713
January 3718June 3720Will of the Kami
June 3719June 3719Imperial Harmony
January 3721January 3721Down with the Socialist Army!
June 3721June 3721Down with Unnatural Civilisation!
January 3732January 3732Cabinet Proposal of January 3732
February 3761March 3762Armed Task Force
February 3773February 3773Budget proposal of February 3773
February 3773February 3773Call for early elections, February 3773
February 3773February 3773Cabinet Proposal of February 3773
March 3773March 3773Military Reform
February 3774September 3774CP.2051.Government
April 3774April 3774Cabinet Proposal of April 3774
June 3774September 3774Cp.5120.Military Reform 101
August 3774August 3774Cabinet Proposal of August 3774
September 3774September 3774Income tax proposal of September 3774
March 3776August 3909Past Bills Not Known (You need to know them)
October 3776October 3776Ratification of the Godwinchester Pact
January 3777December 3777Army Improvement of 3777
September 3778September 3778Cabinet Proposal of September 3778
July 3779August 3909Sekowan Military Bases (Updated 3824)
March 3786March 3786Proposals for a greater Sekowo
August 3798August 3798Budget proposal of August 3798
July 3817July 3817Income tax proposal of July 3817
April 3819April 3819Better life bill
April 3819July 3819Party Bill
July 3819July 3819Refom
April 3822April 3822Ratification of the Absolutists Freedoms Treaty
May 3851June 3851Sunshine Bill
September 3855September 3855Austerity Program: Privatisation of Forests
May 3857May 3857Austerity Program II: Armed Forces Budget
October 3860October 3860Devolution act 3860
April 3861April 3861Call for early elections, April 3861
April 3861April 3861Market Bill 3861
November 3863November 3863Institutional Reform 3863
May 3871May 3871Destroy the Communism!
April 3872April 3872Call for early elections, April 3872
May 3872May 3872Banning of the Radical National Party
May 3872May 3872Legalization of Paramilitary Organizations
February 3880February 3880Bank Privatisation Bill
February 3880February 3880Call for early elections, February 3880
December 3881April 3882Government Reform of 3882
April 3882April 3882Cabinet Proposal of April 3882
March 3883March 3883Revisitation to the Executive Office
March 3895August 3909Act of Ultimate Annexation
March 3920March 3920Cabinet Proposal of March 3920
February 3921February 3921Education Bill
February 3921February 3921Ecology Bill
February 3921February 3921New Sekowo Bill
November 3922October 3923Cabinet Proposal of November 3922
January 3924December 3924MDR Bill
June 3924October 3924Justice Bill
June 3924October 3924Education Bill
July 3924October 3924Civil Liberties bill
October 3924October 3924Food and Beverages Bill
June 3925June 3925Animals in the science industry bill
June 3925June 3925Regulation of Advertisment bill
June 3925July 3925Ecology Bill
July 3925July 3925Bill
June 3926November 3926A.R Bill
June 3941September 3941The First Omnibus Reform Act
June 3942June 3942The Second Omnibus Reform Act
May 3943May 3943Bill
May 3943May 3943The Anti-Nuclear Act
November 3943February 3944Call for early elections, November 3943
January 3944January 3944The Third Omnibus Reform Act
May 3944August 4037Sekowo Now !
July 3945July 3945Prevent Corruption Bill
August 3945August 3945Educational Reforms
June 3946June 3946The Fourth Omnibus Reform Act
November 3946November 3946The Fifth Omnibus Reform Act
November 3948December 3948Bill on Civil Liberties
February 3950February 3950National Leader Title
February 3950February 3950Religion reformation Bill
February 3950February 3950National Motto
April 3950April 3950A new day for the country
April 3950April 3950Economic Bill
November 3950November 3950Justice Revision
November 3950November 3950Agriculture Revision
February 3951July 3951The regulation of certain behaviors
March 3951July 3951Flag desecration
September 3951September 3951Environment Reform Bill
January 3952March 3952Economic and Symbolic Reform
March 3952March 3952Social and Symbolic Reforms
May 3952May 3952Economic Reform Bill
May 3952May 3952Defense Reform Bill
May 3952May 3952Call for early elections, May 3952
June 3952August 3952Additional Reforms
April 3953May 3954Military Reform Bill
August 3953August 3953The Enactment of Local Control
August 3953August 3953Cabinet Proposal of August 3953
December 3954December 3954The restoration of local control and the abolition of luxury good taxes
September 3955September 3955Budget proposal of September 3955
December 3955December 3955Reforms
October 3958October 3958Call for early elections, October 3958
April 3959August 3959Prevent dictatorship bill
August 3960August 3960Increase the quota of Proposal
March 3962March 3962Capitalist Reform Bill 1
July 3963September 3963Ratification of the Recognition of the Confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kuzaki
October 3964October 3964Religious Bill
October 3964October 3964Administration Bill
January 3966January 3966Cabinet Proposal of January 3966
April 3966April 3966Prevent dictatorship bill 2
August 3968August 3968Religious Bill
September 3969September 3969RP/OOC Acceptance of the Role-Play Protocol
April 3972April 3972Reform 3
November 3974November 3974Military reform bill 3
October 3977February 3978Environmental Protection Bill
April 3978March 3980Growth and Jobs bill
April 3978March 3980Adulthood bill
May 3978May 3978Call for early elections, May 3978
May 3978March 3980Military deterrence bill
March 3981March 3982Television content Act
March 3981March 3982Anti discrimination act
August 3982August 3982Normalization of Retirement Age
August 3982August 3982Religious Bill 3
June 3984June 3984Justice bill
April 4002July 4002Animal Ownership
June 4029August 4037Embargo Against The Holy Luthori Empire
December 4033December 4033Call for early elections, December 4033
September 4050April 4051Reforms on civil unions.
April 4053April 4053Regulatory Modernisation Act
November 4053November 4053Media Liberalisation Act
April 4054April 4054Civil Liberties Protection Act
April 4054April 4054Reforms on trading
April 4054April 4054Foreign Openness Modernisation Act
April 4055April 4055Cabinet Proposal of April 4055
June 4057June 4057Public Morality Deregulation Act
December 4058April 4059Complete Public Ownership of housing
May 4061May 4061Citizenship and civil duty
June 4061June 4061Deprivatization of the Defence Industry
March 4067March 4067Cabinet Proposal of March 4067
March 4075October 4075Educational Advancement Act
April 4076April 4076Media Equality Act
April 4076April 4076National Protection Act
October 4080October 4080Cabinet Proposal of October 4080
March 4081May 4081Cabinet Proposal of March 4081
November 4089November 4089Cabinet Proposal of November 4089
October 4091October 4091Reestablishment of the Emperor
October 4112October 4112Sekowo Weapons Rights Amendment
June 4114December 4114Freedom First Act
December 4114December 4114Healthcare Reform Act of 4114
January 4115January 4115Tax Reduction Act of 4115
June 4115June 4119Economic Reform Act of 4115
May 4116July 4118International Treaties Exit Act of 4116
December 4123December 4123Cabinet Proposal of December 4123
January 4150January 4150Reaffirmation Act of 4150
November 4151November 4151皇室宣言 - 4151
January 4152December 4153Budget proposal of January 4152
January 4152December 4153Income tax proposal of January 4152
March 4153April 4153慈悲深い維新 - April 4153
December 4153June 4154Cabinet Proposal of December 4153
December 4153June 4155Reform Act of 4154
June 4155June 4155Cabinet Proposal of June 4155
May 4156May 4156Yakuza Second Military Act
May 4156May 4156Yakuza Military Act
June 4165June 4165Environmental Protection Act
June 4165June 4165Market Protection Act
July 4165January 4166Civil Liberties Act of 4165
January 4166May 4166The Pacifist and Anti-Proliferation Act
April 4168April 4168Reverse Act of 4168
January 4169July 4169Income tax proposal of January 4169
April 4169April 4169Call for early elections, April 4169
December 4169December 4169Ratification of the Well & Sons® Mining and Drilling Company
December 4169December 4169Cabinet Proposal of December 4169
December 4171December 4171Ratification of the Anti-Communist Initiative
December 4171December 4171Cabinet Proposal of December 4171
December 4171December 4171Ratification of the Well & Sons® Mining and Drilling Company
June 4204June 4204Food Protection Act
June 4204June 4204Alcohol Consumption Act
June 4204June 4204Abortion Act
June 4204June 4204Affirmation of our Defense of Freedom Act
June 4204June 4204Cabinet Proposal of June 4204
June 4204June 4204Health care extraordinary reform act
December 4204December 4204Cabinet Proposal of December 4204
December 4205December 4205Ratification of the Official Establishment of the Dovanic Union (DU)
May 4206October 4207Child safety act of 4206
November 4206October 4207Military proposal of 4206
November 4206April 4209Immigration reform act
January 4207October 4207Cabinet Proposal of January 4207
January 4208July 4208Cabinet Proposal of January 4208
July 4208April 4209Tobacco safety act
March 4209March 4209Our Agenda
June 4209January 4210Cabinet Proposal of June 4209
April 4217January 4218Call for early elections, April 4217
November 4217November 4217Militarization Act of 4217
November 4218November 4218National Service Abolition Act 4218
November 4218November 4218Open Shops Act 4218
December 4218December 4218International Media Act 4218
May 4219May 4219Animal use in Research Act 4219
May 4219May 4219Retirement Age Reduction Act 4219
April 4221April 4221Educational​ Punishment Act
August 4221August 4221National Respect Act 4221
February 4222February 4222Call for early elections, February 4222
March 4222March 4222Term Extension Act 4222
February 4225February 4225The Peace Act of 4225
February 4225February 4225Civil Rights Act of 4225
July 4225July 4225The National Act of 4225
June 4226June 4226Restoration Act
July 4226July 4226Civil Rights Act of 4226
December 4226December 4226Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
December 4226December 4226Ratification of the The Universal Unalienable Rights to Local, Regional, and Self Governance
October 4228October 4228Economic Reform
October 4228October 4228Call for early elections, October 4228
October 4232November 4232Homosexuality in the Military Act
April 4233April 4233Ownership of Domestic Pets
April 4233September 4233Child Benefits Act
April 4233May 4234Striking Act
October 4234October 4234Media Regulation Act
October 4234October 4234Minimum Wage Act
October 4235October 4235Call for early elections, October 4235
November 4237November 4237Institutional Saecularism Act
December 4238December 4238Saecularism Act
December 4238December 4238Systematic Education Act
June 4239June 4239Sustenance Localization Act
June 4239June 4239Goodwill Act.
October 4240October 4240Cabinet Proposal of October 4240
October 4240October 4240Cabinet Proposal of October 4240
November 4241November 4241Republic Act
March 4242March 4242Contraception Act
November 4244November 4244Budget proposal of November 4244
November 4244November 4244Government Reform Act
December 4245December 4245Dictatorship Party Manifesto 4245
May 4246May 4246Dictatorship Party Bill 2
June 4246June 4246Religious Internationalism Act
June 4246June 4246Yamanchu Platform Ideals
June 4246June 4246Nation for the People Act
July 4248July 4248Cabinet Proposal of July 4248
July 4248January 4249Designate August as National Symmetry Month
July 4248January 4249National Snake Protection Act
January 4249January 4249Cabinet Proposal of January 4249
May 4249June 4249Reform Bill
June 4249June 4249Call for early elections, June 4249
July 4249July 4249Capital Relocation Act
July 4249July 4249National Mercantile Act
July 4249July 4249All Around Reform Act
July 4249July 4249Mayoral Election Act
June 4250November 4250Religious Freedom Act
December 4250December 4250Infrastructure Update Act
December 4250December 4250National Prostitution Act
December 4250December 4250National Pornography Act
September 4251September 4251Partial Religious Freedom Act
October 4262October 4262Call for early elections, October 4262
October 4265October 4265Call for early elections, October 4265
April 4266April 4266Further National Reform Act
May 4276May 4276Income tax proposal of May 4276
November 4277November 4277Call for early elections, November 4277
December 4277December 4277Protection of the Unborn Act
December 4277December 4277Protection of the Unborn Act
December 4277December 4277The Internet Act
December 4277December 4277Education for All Act
December 4277December 4277The Citizenship Act
January 4278January 4278Power to the People Amendments
September 4283September 42834283/001/IF/Local Government Reorganisation Act
September 4287September 42874287/002/IF/Socialist Economic Reform Bill
March 4288March 42884208/001/Military Bill
March 4289September 42894289/001/IP/Religion Bill
October 4290October 42904290/002/IP/Civil Rights Bill
October 4290October 42904290/001/IP/Foreign Relations Bill
January 4291January 42914291/001/ Health Cares Reform
May 4291May 4291Walca Movement - Society Restructure
December 4291December 42914291/003/IP/Cabinet Bill
April 4292April 4292Transitional Cabinet to Constitutional Rule
September 4292September 42924292/002/IP/Environmental Reform Bill
March 4294March 42944294/002/IIP/ Foreign Affairs Reform Bill
March 4294March 42944294/003/IP/Environmental Protection Bill
May 4294May 42944294/002/ATT/Walca Movement- Welfare Additions
February 4295February 42954295/002/IP/Agricultural Reform
February 4295February 42954205/001/IP/Science and Technology Reform
April 4295April 42954295/003/HDP/Religious Regulations Act
February 4296February 4296Call for early elections, February 4296
December 4296January 42974296/001/ATT/Walca Movement- Military Additions
December 4296January 42974296/002/ATT/Walca Movement- Foreign policy Additions
January 4297January 42974296/003/ATT/Walca Movement- Health Additions
December 4297December 4297Reforms for the Betterment of the People
December 4297December 4297Capping of Rent Rates
October 4298October 42984298/002/HDP/Religious Regulations Act
October 4298October 42984298/001/HDP/War Preparations Act [OOC: RP bill?]
March 4301March 43014301/002/HDP/Telecommunications Regulations Act
March 4301March 43014301/001/HDP/Aid Act
August 4301August 43014301/005/ATT/Walca Movement- Culture Additions
August 4301August 43014301/004/ATT/Walca Movement- Administrative Additions
August 4301August 43014301/001/ATT/Walca Movement- Legislative assembly
March 4302March 4302Edit: Workers Bill
March 4302March 4302Workers' Reform
December 4302December 4302Singular Gauge Act
May 4303May 43034303/001/ATT/Walca Movement- Justice Additions
July 4304July 4304/
July 4304July 4304.
March 4305March 43064306/001/ATT/Walca Movement- Education Additions
April 4305March 43064306/002/ATT/Walca Movement- Science Additions
August 4306August 43064306/001/Succession Act
November 4308November 4308Income tax proposal of November 4308
November 4308November 4308Democratization Bill
April 4309April 4309Call for early elections, April 4309
March 4312March 43124312/001/HDP/Stable Finance Industry Act
November 4314January 4315Income tax proposal of November 4314
November 4314January 4315Budget proposal of November 4314
March 4315May 4315Cabinet Proposal of March 4315
August 4315September 4315Affirmation of our Party’s Beliefs
September 4315June 4316Federal Republicanism Reformation Bill
June 4316June 4316Cabinet Proposal of June 4316
June 4316November 4316Budget proposal of June 4316
December 4316December 4316Call for early elections, December 4316
December 4316December 4316Cabinet Proposal of December 4316
April 4317April 43174317/002/HDP/Economic Reform Act
April 4317April 43174317/001/HDP/Cultural Restoration Act
April 4317April 43174317/007/HDP/Tax Reform Act
April 4317April 43174317/006/HDP/Suicide Prevention Act
April 4317April 43174317/005/HDP/National Healthcare Act
April 4317April 43174317/004/HDP/National Defense Act
April 4317April 43174317/003/HDP/State Religion Act
September 4317September 4317Religion Act
September 4317September 4317Abortion Act
September 4317September 4317Military Act
June 4318August 4318Economy Act
June 4318August 4318Safety Act
June 4318August 4318Ecology Act
October 4318October 4318Three-Party Pact
November 4318November 4318Cabinet Proposal of November 4318
November 4318November 4318Civil Liberties Act
April 4319April 4319Military Act
November 4319December 4379Cabinet Proposal of November 4319
June 4321June 4322.....
May 4322May 4322Proposals of the Heavenly Rule Party
May 4322June 4322First Kiyoshi Ministry
March 4323June 4324Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党) Reaffirmation of 4323
April 4323May 4323ガバナンス
May 4324June 4324ガイダンス
June 4325September 43254325/004/CDP/Anthem Act
June 4325September 43254325/003/CDP/Capital Act
June 4325September 43254325/002/CDP/Flag Act
June 4325September 43254325/001/CDP/Currency Modernisation Act
October 4325May 4326一般公開する
October 4326October 4326Cabinet Proposal of October 4326
October 4326December 43264326/002/CDP/Responsible Media Act
October 4326December 43264326/001/CDP/Currency Modernisation Act II
July 4329July 4329Reemployment Act
December 4332December 4332Cabinet Proposal of December 4332
April 4333April 4333Call for early elections, April 4333
April 4334May 4334The Demilitarization Act of 4334
May 4334September 4334Cabinet Proposal of May 4334
October 4335October 4335Call for early elections, October 4335
October 4335November 4335Cabinet Proposal of October 4335
November 4336December 4337Cabinet Proposal of November 4336
June 4338September 43384338/001/CDP/Cultural Restoration Act
June 4338September 4338Cabinet Proposal of June 4338
June 4338September 4338Income tax proposal of June 4338
May 4339June 4339Cabinet Proposal of May 4339
May 4339August 4339Counter Act of 4339
November 4339March 43404339/001/CDP/Flag Act
March 4340April 4340Cabinet Proposal of March 4340
November 4341February 4342Cabinet Proposal of November 4341
June 4343June 4343Call for early elections, June 4343
September 4343October 4343Ratification of the Treaty of Free Trade and Mutual Cooperation between Sekowo and Dankuk
February 4344December 4344Federal Republicanism Bill Of 4344
March 4347May 4347Partial Reform Bill of 4347
April 4352April 4352Granting Nationality Act. 44352
April 4352April 4352Death Penalty Act.
April 4352April 4352National Patriot Motto Act
December 4353December 4353Animal Protection Law. Act 124353
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the International Freedom to Advertise
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the International Freedom of Religion Treaty
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the International Religious Minorities Protections Act
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the Right to Privacy Treaty
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
May 4355December 4355Ratification of the Affirming the Right to Bear Arms
January 4359January 4359Military Reworking Bill
March 4359May 4360Cabinet Proposal of March 4359
March 4359July 4361Affirmation of our Defense of Freedom Act of 4359
March 4365March 4365The Secular Act
September 4366October 4366Secularization Act
October 4366October 4366Ecology Act
May 4372May 4372Cabinet Proposal of May 4372
April 4373April 4373Ecological Reform Act
October 4373October 4373Repealing the Free Market Treaty
October 4373October 4373Socialist Economy Act
January 4374January 4374Pacifist Military Act
July 4374July 4374Civil Liberties Act
July 4374July 4374Justice Act (Revised)
January 4379March 4379The Red Chrysanthemum: The New Socialist Manifesto
December 4379December 4379Environmental Protection Act of 4380
December 4385December 4385Affirmation of our Defense of Freedom Act
November 4393November 4393Military Reform Act of 4393
December 4393December 4393Increasing Quotas
December 4394December 4394Health Reform Act of 4394
December 4394December 4394Cabinet Proposal of December 4394
July 4395July 4395Socialist Economy Act 1
August 4395September 4395Conscientious Objector Act
March 4408April 4408Environmental Protection Act
April 4408April 4408Animals Rights Act
May 4409October 4409Modernization Of The Justice System Act
November 4409February 4410RP: Gagaku Protection Act
November 4409February 4410Infrastructure Nationalization Act
February 4410March 4410Nationalization of Healthcare Act
February 4410March 4410Foreign Policy Reform
May 4410April 4411Government Reversal Bill of 4410
October 4410January 4411Media Reform Act
October 4410January 4411Register Domestic Animals Act
October 4410January 4411Forbid Striking Children Act
October 4410January 4411Secular Schools Act
January 4411February 4411Justice System Reform
February 4412November 4413Break Up Monopolies Act
February 4413November 4413Health Reform of 4413
February 4413November 4413Economic Reform of 4413
May 4413November 4413Foreign Policy Reform
May 4413November 4413Media Reform of 4113
May 4413November 4413Agriculture Reform
May 4413November 4413Arms Sales Control Act
February 4414March 4414Call for early elections, February 4414
February 4415March 4415Cabinet Proposal of February 4415
February 4426February 4426The Revision of The National Anthem
March 4429March 4429Economic Revisionist Act
February 4436February 4436Call for early elections, February 4436
July 4440July 4440TKK.003.4440
July 4440July 4440TKK.002.4440
July 4440July 4440TKK.001.4440
September 4451September 4451Income tax proposal of September 4451
September 4451September 4451Budget proposal of September 4451
September 4451September 4451Government Reform Act of 4451
February 4459February 4459National Curriculum Act
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the International Freedom of Religion Treaty
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Foundation for Individual Rights (FIR) - Organizational Operational Rights
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Freedom of Our People Treaty
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens II
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Right to Privacy Treaty
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Anti-Racism Treaty
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Treaty of Gender Equality
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Treaty for the International Protection of the Natural Right To Bear Arms
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
March 4459September 4459Ratification of the Terran Unilateral Free Trade Policy
June 4462June 4462Budget proposal of June 4462
October 4462October 4462Unneccessary Taxation Elimination Act of 4462
October 4462October 4462Budget proposal of October 4462
October 4462October 4462Income tax proposal of October 4462
May 4465May 4473National Language Standardization Bill
October 4465October 4465Call for early elections, October 4465
September 4468April 4471Rules of War Act
March 4471March 4471Cabinet Proposal of March 4471
August 4471August 4471Order and Justice Act
August 4471August 4471Cultural Mobilisation Act
October 4471October 4471Economic Dynamism and Innovation Act
November 4471November 4471Call for early elections, November 4471
January 4472January 4472Sekowan Militarisation Act
July 4472July 4472Sekouo First Act
October 4472October 4472Promotion of Enterprise and Reinvestment Act
January 4473January 4473Promotion of Religious Values Act
February 4474June 4474Cabinet Proposal of February 4474
December 4474December 4474Foreign Security Act
April 4475August 4475Rules of War Act
August 4475January 4476Agricultural Promotion Act
April 4476March 4477Ratification of the The International Treaty on the Prohibition of Land Mines (ITPL)
January 4477June 4477Cultural Revival and Restoration Act
March 4477February 4478Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
April 4481August 4481Ratification of the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
December 4481May 4483Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
February 4484February 4484Election Reforms
September 4484September 4484Human Rights Refrom
July 4487July 4487Morality and Harmony Act
July 4487July 4487Economic Reform Act
March 4489March 4489Bill for Health and Good Things.
March 4489March 4489Bills for the Goodness of Sekowo and its People
March 4489March 4489Cabinet Proposal of March 4489
March 4489March 4489Call for early elections, March 4489
September 4489September 4489Reform Act of 4489
January 4490January 4490Cabinet Proposal of January 4490
April 4492May 4492Tiebreaker and Draft Readjustment Bill
October 4492October 4492Ratification of the Worldwide Treaty for the Recognition of Fascism
January 4493January 4493Emergency Preparations Bill
March 4493September 4493Reform Act of 4493
April 4493April 4493Decentralization Bill of 4493
January 4494February 4494The New Generation's Market Regulation Act
February 4494February 4494Civil freedoms Act of 4493
January 4495January 4495Minority Cabinet Proposals
March 4495October 4495Religious Minorities Protections Act of 4495
May 4495May 4495A Proposal for a Cabinet Embracing the Free Market and National Values
July 4495July 4495Cabinet Proposal of July 4495
July 4495September 4495Market Liberalisation Act I
August 4495September 4495Abortion Act of 4495
December 4495December 4495TKK.023.4495
January 4496March 4496National Sovereignty Act
January 4496March 4496Foreign Treaty Obligation Revocation Act
February 4496February 4496Military on a Leash Act
February 4496February 4496National Anthem Sucks Right Now, We Should Change It Act of 4496
February 4496February 4496Military Restraint Act
February 4496February 4496Religion is Terrible Act
February 4496February 4496Excelsior Act
February 4496February 4496Foreign Policy? More like Boring Policy
February 4496February 4496Race Bill
February 4496February 4496Military asking for Help but Nah Act
February 4496February 4496Ecology Bill 3
February 4496February 4496More Military Regulations Act
February 4496February 4496Military Pacifier Act
November 4497January 4498Ban Religion Bill Version 1
February 4498January 4499Obsenity Act of 4498
March 4498September 4498Morigawatax
March 4498July 4581Republican Monarchy Compromise (4500)
April 4498September 4498Morigawabudget
January 4499January 4499Electoral Reforms of 4499
August 4499August 449910% Corporate Tax Act
August 4499August 4499Act to Establish the National Bank
November 4499November 4499Denuclearization Act
May 4500August 4500Voluntary Service Act
May 4500August 4500Cabinet Special Powers Act
September 4500September 4500Academic Excellence Act
October 4500October 4500National Bank Act
October 4500October 4500National Post Service so that We can Like, Use the Surplus on Something Act
October 4500October 4500Power Grid Nationalization Act
October 4500October 4500Eminent Domain Reimbursement Act
October 4500October 4500Local Police Act
October 4500October 4500National Internet Option Act
October 4500October 4500Welfare Review and Reform Act
October 4500October 4500Prime Minister's Commendation of the Jiyu Party: Despite our party's differences, there is no doubt that the Jiyu Party has made marvelous contributions to the nation of Sekowo
August 4501December 4510National Archives - List of Prime Ministers and Government
October 4501November 4501TKK.041.4501
October 4501November 4501TKK.038.4501
October 4501November 4501TKK.037.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.034.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.045.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.027.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.033.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.044.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.026.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.032.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.043.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.031.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.049.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.030.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.048.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.029.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.047.4501
October 4501December 4501TKK.028.4501
November 4501November 4501Part Time Armed Forces Act
December 4501March 4502TKK.053.4501
January 4502January 4502.
January 4502January 4502Financial Regulation of the Central Bank
January 4502January 4502Arms Exportation Ban Act
January 4502January 4502Name your Bills Act
February 4502February 4502Rikken Teikoku Jinmin Coalition Proposal
February 4502February 4502Foreign Policy Reforms
February 4502February 4502Referendum Among the Parties
February 4502February 4502Cryptocurrency Regulation Act
October 4502October 4502Allocation of Funds for the Emperor's Birthday
October 4502October 4502Defense Industry Regulation Act
January 4503March 4503TKK.057.4503
January 4503March 4503TKK.059.4503
January 4503March 4503TKK.058.4503
March 4503September 4503Reversal Act of 4503
August 4504September 4504Reversal Act of 4504
November 4504December 4504Cbn.002.4504
July 4505July 4505Can.003.4505
September 4505September 4505Cabinet Proposal of September 4505
April 4506April 4506Cbn.004.4506
March 4508May 4508Cabinet Proposal of March 4508
November 4512October 4513Education Reform Bill 4513
October 4513February 4514Creation of the National Public Broadcasting System
October 4513February 4514Electric Vehicle Incentivisation Act
October 4513February 4514Protection of Non-Human Residents
October 4513February 4514Environmental Reclamation and Conservation Act
March 4518August 4523Green Citizenry Incentivization
March 4518August 4523Endangered Species Protection Act
January 4525April 4525Ratification of the Foundation for Individual Rights (FIR) - Organizational Operational Rights
January 4525April 4525Ratification of the Treaty for the International Protection of the Natural Right To Bear Arms
January 4525January 4555Ratification of the Life for everyone
April 4537December 4537Tri-Partisan Cabinet Proposal 4537
April 4538October 4538Imperial Cabinet Declaration of 4538
October 4538March 4539Proposal for a Coalition Government
September 4540March 4541Cabinet Proposal of September 4540
September 4542March 4543Cabinet Proposal of September 4542
December 4545February 4549Ecological Localization/Education Reform Act of 4545
April 4551March 4553Education Reform Act of 4551
February 4553December 4553NIP-3 Return to tradition
June 4553December 4553NIP-4 Reinstating Nobility Act
December 4553December 4554NIP-5 Retreating from unnecessary treaties
December 4553December 4554NIP-6 Economic Reform Act
August 4556October 4556Ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between State of Yingdala and Celestial Empire of Sekouo
November 4557December 4557Defense Reform Act November 4557
January 4558December 4558Rational Foreign Policy Act Janurary 4558
January 4559January 4560Defense Reform Act 4559
February 4559December 4560Health Reform Feburary 4559
August 4560February 4561Government-issued identity card Bill
February 4561August 4561Defense Reform Act 4561
September 4561September 4562Affirmation of our Defense of Freedom Act of 4561
January 4564January 4564The Sekowon 14 Points of Strength,Honor,and Spiritual Revolution 4563
February 4587August 4587Cabinet Proposal of February 4587
March 4614August 4614Reaffirmation Of Our Party's Beliefs
March 4614August 4614Budget proposal of March 4614
March 4614August 4614Income tax proposal of March 4614
September 4620January 4634Income tax proposal of September 4622
September 4620January 4634Budget proposal of September 4622
December 4626December 4626Setting political positions
November 4627December 4627Setting more political positions
November 4627March 4628Initiative to Expand Social Security Net and Promote Equality
August 4628August 4628Setting even more political positions
November 4628November 4628Bill to Realign Sekowo's Foreign Relations
December 4629December 4629Restoration of Monarchy Act of 4630
July 4630January 4631Faith and Nation Bill
August 4630March 4633Budget proposal of August 4630
August 4630March 4633Income tax proposal of August 4630
August 4630March 4633Reversal Act of 4630
September 4631March 4632Religious Freedom Act
February 4633February 4633Call for early elections, February 4633
August 4633April 4638Initiative "Throw the Yeudi Down the Well"
July 4634July 4634Economic Reform Bill of 4634
June 4635January 4636Reform Act of 4635
January 4645January 4684Memorials for Sekowoan Rememberance Act of 4645
January 4645January 4684Sekowo Asylum Protection Agency UPDATE 4645
May 4656May 4656Call for early elections, May 4656
May 4656December 4656Tax proposal of May 4656
June 4656June 4656Income tax proposal of June 4656
June 4657December 4659Environmental protection act
June 4658June 4658Gun Control Act
June 4658June 4658Luxury goods tax
October 4658October 4658Budget proposal of October 4658
October 4658June 4661Governmental reforms of October 4658
March 4662June 4662Anti-Extradition Bill January 4662
June 4663July 4663Anti-Heavy drugs bill of June 4663
November 4666June 4667National Education Bill
March 4669November 4671Parliamentary Procedure Act
May 4696May 4696Cabinet Proposal of May 4696
February 4698February 4698Income tax proposal of February 4698
June 4714June 4714Call for early elections, June 4714
April 4731April 4731Call for early elections, April 4731
March 4732March 4732Call for early elections, March 4732

Random fact: Players should not role-play characters without the consent of the owner, and if they find they have role-played the character beyond what the owner intended, they should withdraw or amend the role-play appropriately.

Random quote: "The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands." Havelock Ellis

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