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National Budget[?]

This is a feature under development, do not consider it working yet!


The currency of the Unionis Kundrati (Kundrati) is the Kundrati Kuno (KUN).

Gross Domestic Product[?]

Consumption1,938,782,924,415 KUN61.12%
Government860,002,000,000 KUN27.11%
Investment373,181,457,438 KUN11.76%
Net Exports0 KUN0.00%
GDP3,171,966,381,853 KUN100.00%


Income Taxes
> 1,000 KUN5%11,217,060,280 KUN
> 5,000 KUN10%14,021,325,360 KUN
> 7,500 KUN15%21,031,988,060 KUN
> 10,000 KUN20%224,209,108,636 KUN
> 30,000 KUN35%179,854,918,398 KUN
> 40,000 KUN45%329,937,894,302 KUN
> 60,000 KUN45%206,982,599,139 KUN
> 80,000 KUN45%312,349,351,989 KUN
Total1,299,604,246,164 KUN
Corporation Tax
Celania7,434,296,207 KUN
Jildrath7,434,296,207 KUN
Lirnak7,434,296,207 KUN
Pilgon7,434,296,207 KUN
Peghonai7,434,296,207 KUN
Total25.00%37,171,481,035 KUN
Sales Tax
Essential goods1.00%11,632,697,546 KUN
Luxury goods9.00%69,796,185,278 KUN
Total81,428,882,824 KUN
Total Revenue
Total1,418,204,610,023 KUN


Head of Government2,000,000 KUN
Foreign Affairs75,000,000,000 KUN
Internal Affairs75,000,000,000 KUN
Finance35,000,000,000 KUN
Defence250,000,000,000 KUN
Justice45,000,000,000 KUN
Infrastructure and Transport35,000,000,000 KUN
Health and Social Services55,000,000,000 KUN
Education and Culture50,000,000,000 KUN
Science and Technology75,000,000,000 KUN
Food and Agriculture45,000,000,000 KUN
Environment and Tourism45,000,000,000 KUN
Trade and Industry75,000,000,000 KUN
Total860,002,000,000 KUN


Revenue1,418,204,610,023 KUN
Expenses860,002,000,000 KUN
Surplus558,202,610,023 KUN

Random fact: In general, role-play requires the consent of all players.

Random quote: "I think you should defend to the death their right to march, and then go down and meet them with baseball bats." - Woody Allen, on the Ku Klux Klan

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