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Party Comparison Page

Ideological positions

CentralizationCivil RightsEcologyForeign RelationsGovernment ResponsibilitiesMarketMilitaryMoralityReligion
Die Sozialistische Revolutionsfrontconvinced federalistrestrictive-leaningunknownunknownbig government-leaningunknownunknownmoderate progressiveunknown
Northern Irish Socialist Unionist Partyunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown

Voting records

This table compares the voting behaviour of parties in the Gweriniaeth Sosialaidd Aloria/Die Sozialistische Republik Aloria (Aloria). If the percentage for two parties is high, it means they often vote the same way.

Die Sozialistische RevolutionsfrontNorthern Irish Socialist Unionist Party
Die Sozialistische Revolutionsfront//
Northern Irish Socialist Unionist Party//

Random fact: Terra, the fictional world in which Particracy is set, consists of 8 continents: Artania, Dovani, Keris, Macon, Majatra, Seleya, Squibble and Vascania.

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