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Parties by Seats

PlacePartySeats (%)Parties with seatsWeight
1 Die Libertäre Kommunistische Partei85.4032.56188119
2 Alliance Party80.8332.42500000
3 Patriotic Front of Tukarali74.5032.23489933
4 Luthorian Conservative Party30.6761.84000000
5 Unsubmissive Beluzian Workers Party60.0031.80000000
6 Jeztaghé Prta88.3321.76666667
7 Social Egalitarian Party42.6041.70400000
8 Venstre (V)82.5021.65000000
9 Lodamese Transitional Government (EAPP)32.6551.63230241
10 Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP)23.2371.62615384

Random fact: Laws outlined in bill descriptions but not specified in game mechanic proposals are known as "role-play laws" or "RP laws" and are recognised under the rules as binding. Constitutional RP laws require a 2/3rds majority, just like game mechanic constitutional laws. Non-constitutional RP laws require a simple majority, just like non-constitutional game mechanic laws.

Random quote: "When women are depressed, they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking." Elaine Boosler

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