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Game Time: May 4635
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Pact of Friendship and Alliance between Seikowo and Lodamun0March 4635Ratification02Restoration Society(維新会)
Lourenne-Rildanor Free Trade Agreement (LRFTA)0January 4635Ratification02Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Lourenne-Vorona Free Trade Agreement (LVFTA)0January 4635Ratification02Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Ratification of the Voronan-Lourennais Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Security0January 4635Ratification02Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Rildanorien-Lourennais Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Security0January 4635Ratification02Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Treaty of Free Trade and Cooperation between Deltaria and Rildanor (TFTC) 46340November 4634Ratification02Císařská Liga Deltarska (CLD)
Economic and Free Trade Treaty of Seongtaek0September 4633Ratification20Hwanghu Dang Party
International Compact of Ethical and Voluntary Slavery1July 4633Ratification10Restoration Society(維新会)
Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation between Deltaria and Gaduridos (TFMCDG) 46310August 4632Ratification10Císařská Liga Deltarska (CLD)
The Organization of Drug Exporting Nations (ODEN) IV0July 4632DraftNational Conservative Party
Treaty of Cooperation and Military Aid between Dankuk and Deltaria (TCMADD) 46310January 4631Ratification20Císařská Liga Deltarska (CLD)
Comprehensive Regressive International Treaty of Terran Human Biodiversity10December 4629Ratification10Restoration Society(維新会)
f0January 4629DraftOld Republic Party
Treaty of Rodshyadam0December 4628Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Alliance Canrillaise0July 4627Ratification10Parti Socialiste
Recognition of Selucian Neutrality0October 4624DraftFoedere in medios Armed
Agreement with the Grand Empire of Deltaria and Majatran Republic of Kafuristan on Energy Security0August 4624Ratification20Hizb al-Ba’ath
Aldurian-Rutanian Mutual Aid Agreement0July 4623Ratification11Rutanian Military Power Party
Kazulia-Vanuku Free Trade Agreement0July 4622Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Luthori-Rutanian Peace and Aid Agreement of 46220February 4622Ratification20Rutanian Military Power Party
Arms Race Prevention Protocols of 46216January 4621Ratification20Rutanian Military Power Party
Baltusia-Rutania diplomatic treaty.0November 4619Ratification20Baltusian Centrist Party
Kazulia-Lourenne Free Trade Agreement 3June 4618Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kalopian Diplomatic Treaty0August 4615DraftΜΕ.Κ
The United Federation1April 4615DraftRutanian Progressive Egalitarian Party
Charter of the Council of Independent States (CIS)0January 4614Ratification50Vsetrigunianskiy Narodnyy Front (VNF)
Trigunian Trade Association and Economic Pact0January 4614Ratification20Vsetrigunianskiy Narodnyy Front (VNF)
REFORM TREATY5October 4613DraftRutanian Progressive Egalitarian Party
Agreement To declare War on Pontesi0September 4613Ratification20Rutanian Progressive Egalitarian Party
International Union for the Progress and Peace3July 4608Ratification40ΔΗΣΥ
Treaty on protection of democracy and socialism2November 4607DraftIndependent Socialist Group
Republic of Davostan Protection Act 46070January 4607Ratification11Democratic Alliance of Malivia
AGREEMENT TO SANCTION THE KIVONIAN REPUBLIC0April 4605Ratification30Baltusian Conservative Party
Malivian - Hawu-Ikradon Foreign and Military Relations0January 4605Ratification20Democratic Alliance of Malivia
Beluzian - Malivian Joint Military Operations0January 4603Ratification20Democratic Alliance of Malivia
SELEYAN TREATY ORGANIZATION (SETO)0May 4602Ratification30Baltusian Conservative Party
Human Rights Organization17November 4601Ratification00Socialist Libertarian Party
Extradition Co-operation Council for Democratic States and Uniform Judiciary Standards3October 4599Ratification30Democratic Alliance of Malivia
Hiram Convention of 4599: Preservation of the International Democratic Institutions7January 4599Ratification50Democratic Alliance of Malivia
Agreement to Sanction the Most Serene Republic of Pontesi, 45980June 4598Ratification140Socialisti & Democratici
Agreement to Sanction the Kazulian Democratic Republic, 45980February 4598Ratification61葵花聯盟 (Sunflower Coalition) 🌻
Kazulian sanctioning treaty0January 4598Ratification00Baltusian Centrist Party
Meihua Convention on Education 45986January 4598Ratification20葵花聯盟 (Sunflower Coalition) 🌻
Rutania accords0February 4597DraftRutanian Progressive Egalitarian Party
The Treaty6October 4596Ratification00Republican Party
Constitutional Democratic Monarchy Treaty2September 4595Ratification10Socialisti & Democratici
Depopulation Treaty3March 4594Ratification00National Depopulation Party
Dundorf-Hulstrian Treaty for Friendly Dimplomatic Relations, Mutual Understanding and Co-Operation0May 4592Ratification20Hosianische Partei der Monarchen
World Justice Organization (WJO)0May 4586Ratification80Socialist Libertarian Party
Hwitceaster Treaty (Animal Rights)13October 4584Ratification01Green Party
Declaration of Democracy22March 4584DraftSuper Progressive Party (SPP/PSP)
Istalian-Hulstrian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation 0September 4583Ratification20Hosianische Partei der Monarchen
Rights of LGBT+ Citizens Protection Treaty7September 4583Ratification30Super Progressive Party (SPP/PSP)
Nations United Against Fascism Treaty8September 4579Ratification81Revolutionary Socialist Movement
World Free Trade Organization (WFTO)8February 4576Ratification00Socialist Libertarian Party
Trade Partners of Hutori Agreement0March 4575Ratification20National Monarchist Party of Hutori
Charter of the Ahmadi Caliphate (Original- July 4574)0July 4574Ratification00Ahmadi Brotherhood- Kafursitain
Deceleration of the Ahmadi Caliphate0July 4574Ratification00Ahmadi Brotherhood- Kafursitain
Pro Life Alliance2March 4571Ratification00Verenigde Nasionale Party
The Monachist Treaty2March 4571Ratification00Hosianische Partei der Monarchen
Worldwide Free Trade Agreement1March 4569Ratification10Partit Popolist (Populist Party)
Beluzian - Hobrazian Treaty of Military Cooperation0March 4563Ratification20Federalist Party of Beluzia (FPB)
Beluzian-Hutori Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Coordination.0January 4561Ratification10Federalist Party of Beluzia (FPB)
Istalian-Solentian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development0December 4560Ratification20Alleanza Nazionale per l'Impero
Kizenia-USR Treaty of Cooperation0March 4560Ratification20Socialist Libertarian Party
Teatry of Jugang Yingdala - Kizenia0March 4559Ratification20Liberté et Égalité
Treaty of Friendship, Cinetific/Military Cooperation and Free Trade Aldegar - Kizenia0August 4558Ratification20Liberté et Égalité
Endralon - Kizenia / New Endralon Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Free Trade0July 4558Ratification20Liberté et Égalité
Be Like The USR3October 4557Ratification00Socialist Libertarian Party
EGP Treaty - Employment Guarantees and Protections10July 4557Ratification00Democratic liberalist Party
Hulstrian and Gao-Showan Trade Association and Economic Pact0January 4557Ratification10Hulsterreich Volkspartei
International Health Treaty14August 4555DraftIn Marea - Civis Sinistram
Anti-Terrorism Cooperation Treaty0July 4555Ratification130National Salvation Front (NSF)
Seleyan Organization for Economic Stability and Security (S.O.E.S.S) Treaty0February 4555Ratification10Royal Nationalist Party
International Capitalism Treaty7June 4554Ratification00The Republican Party (Capitalist)
Hobrazia Diplomacy Network 0February 4554Ratification20Democratic National Party
Free Trade Agreement between State of Yingdala and Celestial Empire of Sekouo0December 4553Ratification10Taiyuan Party
Recognition of Pontesi's Permanent Neutrality0June 4552Ratification110Optimates / Lav Tghamardik
Gao-Soto Embassy and Treaty of Peace0January 4551Ratification20Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Treaty of Economic Good Trade Partnership with Hulstria0January 4551Ratification20Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Treaty of Diplomatic Co-operation and Trade Between Vanuku and Kalopia0November 4550Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Free Trade Between Vanuku and Pontesi0November 4550Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Kazulian-Beiteynu Treaty of Friendship, Respect and Mutual Defence0August 4550Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Treaty of Delaune0July 4550Ratification40Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Luthorian-Kazulian Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development0March 4550Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Hulstrian-Kazulian Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Cooperation0September 4549Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Hulstrian Memorandum of Understanding on Defence and Mutual Security0September 4549Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Free Trade Between Yingdala and Vanuku0June 4548Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Treaty of Co-operation and Understanding Between Beiteynu and Vanuku0January 4548Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Union Rights Guarantee Association3October 4547Ratification10Social Democratic Party
Liberation of Hulstrian People Agreement0June 4546Ratification20Progresif Anarşist Platform
The Self-Determination Terran Organization (S.D.T.O)0May 4546Ratification10Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Terran United Forces T.U.F.0January 4546Ratification30Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Telamon-Keymon Mutual Defense Pact0December 4545Ratification20Royal Nationalist Party
Treaty of Dorvish-Vanukean Co-operation and Understanding0May 4545Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Military Cooperation Treaty between Gao-Soto and Vanuku0January 4544Ratification20Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Official Lourennais Treaty of Diplomacy and Cooperation0January 4544Ratification90Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Badaran-Kafuri Treaty of Friendship0November 4543Ratification00☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Badaran-Kafuri Treaty of Military Cooperation0November 4543Ratification00☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Dundorfian-Artanian Treaty of Agricultural Cooperation0February 4542Ratification50Metzistische Volkspartei
Treaty of Extensive Cooperation between Deltaria and Dankuk0February 4542Ratification10Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Terran Sovereignty Coalition Treaty0September 4541Ratification52Royal Nationalist Party
Monarchy Treaty1August 4541Ratification00Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Treaty on the establishment of CAES (Cooperative Alliance of Economic States)0July 4541Ratification30Císařská Liga Deltarska (CLD)
Vanukean-Barmenistani Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Development0July 4541Ratification10Free Barmenistani Brigades
Keymon-Gao-Soto Military Alliance0February 4541Ratification20Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Gao-Soto Embassy of friendship0January 4541Ratification90Liberale-Progressiv Partei🌞
Zardic-Keymon Strategic Partnership0December 4540Ratification10Zardio Federisma Partio
Zardic-Coburan Strategic Partnership0November 4540Ratification20Zardio Federisma Partio
Recognition of Malivian Sovereignty over the Malivy Islands Treaty0January 4540Ratification10Rajutti National Party
Worldwide Pro-Choice Alliance2January 4539Ratification20Liberal Reform Party of Kalistan
Rutania - Istaliana Inter investment treaty0September 4538Ratification10Rutanian National Congress Party
Rutania - Istaliana treaty of Defense and Military Cooperation0September 4538Ratification20Rutanian National Congress Party
Rutania - Istaliana treaty of Friendship and International Cooperation0April 4538Ratification20Rutanian National Congress Party
Keymon-Lodamun Friendship and Cooperation Treaty0March 4536Ratification10Royal Nationalist Party
Rutania - Beluzia treaty of international cooperation0March 4536Ratification20Rutanian National Congress Party
Rutania - Beluzia treaty of joint military exercises0March 4536Ratification20Rutanian National Congress Party
Declaration Of Malivian Sovereignty Over Selucia (Malivi Islands)0November 4534DraftMalivian Nationalist Party (Socialist)
Treaty of La Couronne0December 4533Ratification20Parti Socialiste Kanjorienne
Declaration of Kanjor Neutrality0June 4531Ratification290Parti Socialiste Kanjorienne
Charter of the Organisation of Majatran Security (OMS) [UPDATED 4530]0April 4529Draft☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Organisation of Majatran Security (OMS)0April 4529Ratification00☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Dankukin-Kazulian Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Cooperation0March 4528Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Economic Treaty of Free Trade Between Union of Dankuk and the Keymon Republic3March 4528Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
SEA-Dankuk Economic Friendship Treaty0March 4528Ratification10Royal Nationalist Party
Country First0December 4526Ratification00Gaduridan National Party (GNP)
Beluzia-Rutania Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Trade0August 4526Ratification20Beluzian Justice League
The Imperial Commonwealth Organization (ICO) Treaty0April 4526Ratification00Conservative Party of Hutori
Kazulian-Keymonite Memorandum of Understanding on Defence and Security0July 4525Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
No First Use Policy1July 4525Ratification00People's League of Rutania
Kafuri Trade Association and Economic Pact0May 4525Ratification20Hizb al-Ba’ath
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations (OPEN)0February 4525DraftHizb al-Ba’ath
The Imperial Commonwealth Organization (ICO) Treaty0May 4524Ratification00Conservative Party of Hutori
The International Constitution41March 4524DraftUnited We Can
Guarantee of Independence and Common Defense between Barmenistan, Beiteynu, and Pontesi Republics0September 4523Ratification00Social-Progress Party
Global Union - The Union of the future5December 4522DraftDemocratic Coalition
TREATY ESTABLISHING A BADARAN DIASPORA IN COBURA0May 4520Ratification20☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Formation of the Coalition, and the Joint Chief of Staff0November 4519Draft☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Treaty of Friendship between Badara and Cobura0September 4518Ratification20☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Treaty of Immigrants of Badara1September 4518Ratification00Communist Party of Cobura
Treaty of Čachtice (Establishment of Jelbanian Protectorates) 0September 4517Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
(التحالف الأحمدي) THE AHMADI ALLIANCE (التحالف الأحمدي)0September 4516Ratification00☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Dolgava Tautas brīvvalsts - New Endralon / Kizenia / Kizauki Bilateral Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Mutual Defense0May 4516Ratification00Liberté et Égalité
SEA-Vanuku Free Trade Agreement0October 4514Ratification20Royal Nationalist Party
ULTIMATUM TO GOVERNMENT OF KAFURISTAN0October 4514Ratification10☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Kalopian-Badaran Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development0August 4513Ratification20Synaspismós Rizospastikís Aristerás
Anti-LGTB Pact (ALP)6May 4513Ratification00☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Justice Treaty1July 4512Ratification10Religiöse Partei Dorvik (RPD)
Oath to the Ahmadi Caliphate0April 4511Draft☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Pacifist Treaty7June 4510Ratification00Religiöse Partei Dorvik (RPD)
Seleyan Economic Area Treaty0February 4509Ratification50Royal Nationalist Party
New Endralon / Kizenia / Kuzaki - Selucia Friendship & Cooperation Treaty0August 4507Ratification00Liberté et Égalité
TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP, UNDERSTANDING, COOPERATION AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN جمهورية بدارة المتحدة AND THE OPPOSITION IN הרפובליקה היידית השישית של ביתנו0March 4506Ratification00☪ (الاخوان المسلمين) MB
Luthorian-Baltusia Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development0January 4506DraftLiberal Democratic Party 🌄
Luthorian-Cildanian Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Economic Development0January 4506DraftLiberal Democratic Party 🌄
General Trade Agreement with Dankuk(Authorizes Trade with Dankuk)0November 4502Ratification70Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Vanukean-Coburan Treaty of Friendship and Cooporation0September 4502Ratification00Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Zardo-Coburan Economic Partnership Agreement (Z-CEPA)0February 4502Ratification10Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Luthorian-Keymonite Free Trade Agreement0January 4502Ratification10Liberal Democratic Party 🌄
Anantonese Ocean Treaty0September 4501Ratification50希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Treaty of the Augustan Empire (4499)0January 4499Ratification00Partio de la Imperiestro
Protect the right of a republic1May 4498Ratification30Stanton House
Friendship treaty between Kanjor and Trigunia0August 4497DraftL'alliance Communiste-Libérale
Lourenne-Indrala Free Trade and Cooperation Agreement (LIFTCA)3February 4497Ratification10希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Baltusia-Indrala Trade Agreement0October 4495DraftDemocratic Party of Baltusia
Baltusia-Lourenne Free Trade Agreement0October 4495Ratification20Democratic Party of Baltusia
Diplomatic Recognition of the Crown Dependency and Constitutional Principality of Sutton (Work in Progress)0August 4494DraftSutton Nationalist Party | Labour Party
Condemnation of Dundorfian Slavery & Economic Sanctions0January 4493Ratification10Liberal Party of Hutori
Worldwide Treaty for the Recognition of Fascism0October 4492Ratification00第一新世界党 Daiichi Shinsekai Tō
Kalistan-Kazulia Free Trade Agreement0April 4491Ratification00Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Treaty of Baofluz (Vanukean-Deltarian Agreement Regarding Jelbanian Sovereignty)0June 4490Ratification10Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Trade and Friendly Neighboring Agreement between Istalia and Solentia0August 4489DraftAlleanza Radicale - NCD
Dorvik-Solentian treaty of cooperation (II)0July 4489DraftFaschistische Union
Treaty of Mutual Understanding, Co-operation and Security Between the Kingdom of Vanuku and the State of Dankuk0January 4489Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
[*SECRET TREATY*]Treaty of Military Assistance Between Vanuku and Keymon0May 4484Ratification10Royal Nationalist Party
Treaty of cooperation between the Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia) and the United Solentian Republic0July 4481Ratification00Faschistische Union
Keymon Neutrality Treaty0April 4481Ratification150Royal Nationalist Party
International Workers' Community for Economic Assistance (IWCEA)0March 4481Ratification10Hizb al-'Amal al-Thawriy
Treaty of the Association of Non-Aligned Nations of Terra, (The Non-Aligned Movement) II0November 4479DraftSocialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Lodamun - NEKK Bilateral Treaty of Friendship0May 4474Ratification10Liberté et Égalité
Istalia - New Endralon / Kizenia / Kizauki Bilateral Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Mutual Defense0December 4473Ratification10Liberté et Égalité
Republiek van Seridjan and United Solentian Republic treaty of cooperation0December 4473Ratification10Faschistische Union
Treaty on the Rights of Employees and Workers (TREW) Establishing the Terran Workers Organization (TWO)9September 4473Ratification00Sutton Nationalist Party | Labour Party
Dorvik and Solentia treaty of cooperation0August 4473Ratification00Faschistische Union
NEWPORT Haven participation0July 4473Ratification40Lodamese Workers' Assembly
Diplomatic Treaty Between Fortland and Keymon0September 4472Ratification10Royal Nationalist Party
Istalia - Dolgava Bilateral Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Mutual Defense0February 4471Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
International Treaty for the Diplomatic Recognition of the Republic of Fortland0January 4471Ratification10Parti National Canrillaise
International Anti-Feudalism Treaty (IAFT)3December 4470Ratification00Socialist Party of Hulstria and Gao-Soto
Gaduridos TSS treaty0March 4470Ratification60Lodamese Workers' Assembly
Istalia - Gaduridos Bilateral Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Mutual Defense0December 4469Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (TRIP)0November 4469Ratification40Sutton Nationalist Party | Labour Party
Opening of Diplomatic Relations between the DDR and Capitalist State of Hobrazia Treaty0September 4469Ratification10United Communist Party
Diplomatic Recognition of the Isle of Sutton as a Crown Dependency of the Commonwealth of Hutori0February 4469Ratification10Sutton Nationalist Party | Labour Party
Mutual Assistance in Taxation Treaty (Work in Progress)0February 4469DraftSutton Nationalist Party | Labour Party
Treaty on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (TRIP) (Work in Progress)0February 4469Ratification00Sutton Nationalist Party | Labour Party
Indrala-Dankuk Trade and Cooperation Agreement (IDTCA)3August 4467Ratification00希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Indralan-Dranian Friendship and Security Agreement (IDFSA)0September 4466Ratification10希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Vanuku0April 4465Ratification20Democratic Party
Treaty of Mutual Assistance and Support Between Keymon and Cildania0May 4464Ratification20Royal Nationalist Party
TEAM (The Economic And Military) Treaty1August 4463DraftDoglovan Democratic Party
Declaration of the Valruzian-Baltusian Duo Alliance Treaty 44630July 4463Ratification00Narodowa Partia Republikańska
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Istalia0July 4463Ratification20Democratic Party
Dankuk-New Endralon / Kizenia / Kizauki Bilateral Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Mutual Defense0April 4463Ratification20Liberté et Égalité
Saridan-New Endralon / Kizenia / Kizaki Treaty of Fair Trade and Non-Aggression0April 4463Ratification10Liberté et Égalité
Diplomatic Recognition of the Constitutional Principality of Sutton0September 4462Ratification00Zentral Revolutzionär Komitzät
Confederaţia Noului Endralon, Kizenia şi Kuzaki - Lýðveldið Tælmörk (Republic of Telamon)0February 4462Ratification10Liberté et Égalité
Consortium Alliance and National Economic Sphere0August 4459Ratification00Sankta Alianco de Aŭgustana
Keris Treaty Organization0August 4459Ratification30Doglovan Progressive Party
LCP treaty25January 4459Ratification00Liberal Internationalist Party
Istalian-Lodamese Military Cooperation treaty0December 4457Ratification20Lodamese Workers' Assembly
Memorandum of Understanding and Co-operation Between the Commonwealth of Hutori and the Kingdom of Vanuku0August 4457Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Vanukean-Valruzian Treaty of Friendship, Security and Mutual Co-operation - 44570December 4456Ratification20Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Treaty of Fortreso 44560September 4456Ratification10Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Kazulian-Keymon Memorandum of Understanding on Defence and Security0April 4456DraftNasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Vanukean-Valurzian Treaty of Friendship, Security and Mutual Co-operation - 44560December 4455Ratification00Zhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
Intercontinental Free Democratic Cooperative (WORK IN PROGRESS)8April 4455DraftReforma
Treaty of Diplomatic and Economic Cooperation between Dankuk and Keymon0February 4455Ratification00Royal Nationalist Party
Establishment of the Coalition of Revolutionary Socialist Republic's0December 4451Ratification00Císařská Liga Deltarska (CLD)
Establishment of the Coalition of Revolutionary Socialist States0December 4451Ratification40Císařská Liga Deltarska (CLD)
Jade Route Initiative3May 4451Draft希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Integrative Treaty to the Majatran Alliance and Common Economic Area0February 4451Ratification50Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treatise on Canrillaise Unification0October 4450Ratification10Parti Travail 🌹
Treaty of Asvald0December 4449Ratification20Arbeidskraftdel (Labour Party)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights24September 4447Draft*CMC* Cildanian-Gziri Central Party
Terrorist Elimation Authority of Makon0January 4444Ratification00Foward Liberal Party of Hutori
Constitution of the Augustine Empire4October 4440DraftSankta Alianco de Aŭgustana
Dorvish-Aldegar Treaty on Diplomatic Protocols and Agreements0September 4440Ratification20Soziale Nationalistische Partei
The Neutrality of Sekowo0February 4440Ratification20復活 (Revival)
Kalistan-Lourenne Treaty of Understanding, Trade, and Security0November 4438DraftParti Royaliste Nationale 👑
International sanctions against aloria in response to enslavement and suppression of dandorfians0February 4438Ratification00Consumers party of Hutori
Majatran Free Trade Association Treaty0February 4438Ratification90Δικαστικό Κόμμα
Treaty to host Military Base for Majatran Union of Nations0March 4437Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Rklemjistad Summit System (Constitution of the Great Jelbek Confederation)7February 4437Ratification00Suadmjekestijogad Prta
Charter of Protection of the Fundamental Rights in the Coburan Constitution17October 4436Ratification00Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Kazulian-Kalopian Free Trade Agreement0March 4436DraftNasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Lourennais Free Trade Agreement0March 4436Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Lourennais Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security0March 4436Ratification10Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
landmine prevention accord1April 4435Ratification00Consumers party of Hutori
Charter of the Artanian Cooperation Organization0November 4434DraftSoziale Nationalistische Partei
Rklemjistad Agreement0January 4434Ratification20Prsakijsrlji Krtsrmko
Sharba Climate Accords (4434) 8March 4433Ratification30Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Triguno-Vanukean Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Defence - 44330February 4433Ratification00Banmek-Sntazed Prta
Narik-Luthori Alliance0February 4431Ratification00Militaristisch Monarchistische Partei
Treaty protecting against theocracy8September 4430Ratification00Volks Sozialistische Partei Dundorfs
Treaty of Economics and Trade between Vanuku and Keymon0November 4429Ratification20Royal Nationalist Party
Saridan Confederional Establishment Treaty18April 4428DraftSaridan Democratic Union
Treaty on the Mutual Extradition of Criminals3October 4426Ratification40New Liberal Party of Hutori
Treaty of the Association of Non-Aligned Nations of Terra, (The Non-Aligned Movement)0December 4425Ratification00Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Majatran Union of Nations (MUN)0August 4424Ratification10Prsakijsrlji Grundnyr
MUN Observer States0August 4424Ratification50Prsakijsrlji Grundnyr
Kaliburg Bilateral Accord of 44210February 4421DraftFactio Republicana
Seleyan Union Treaty on Ending Diplomatic Relations with the Kingdom of Vanuku0October 4418Ratification10Ludowa Koalicja
Kazulian-Barmenistani Treaty of Friendship, Respect and Mutual Defence0August 4418Ratification10Nasjonalt Fremskrittsparti 🏹
Lourenne and Sekowo Cooperation Treaty0June 4418Ratification10変化する (Change)
Agreement to Sanction the Grand Duchy of Ostland, 44160September 4416Ratification30Hosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund
Ananto Straits Permanent Ceasefire0March 4416Ratification00Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Avienne® Resorts Company Treaty0October 4415Ratification60Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Avienne® Waters Company Treaty0October 4415Ratification50Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Fédération de Canrille Treaty0September 4415Ratification00Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Official Fédération de Canrille Treaty0September 4415Ratification10Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
The Organization of Drug Exporting Nations (ODEN) III9June 4415Ratification20Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Treaty of Mutual Defense and Cooperation between Lourenne and Klavia/Keymon0April 4414Ratification00Royal Nationalist Party
Treaty2April 4410DraftPartito Nazionalista Istaliano
Treaty0April 4410DraftPartito Nazionalista Istaliano
Anti Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Treaty4June 4409Ratification00Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Hawu-Lourennais Trade Agreement of 44080October 4408Ratification20Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery Treaty.1November 4407Ratification120Republican Centrist Alliance
Mutual Cooperation/Defensive Pact Between Mordusia and Narikaton0August 4406Ratification20Soul & Spirit
Kazulian-Deltarian Free Trade Agreement0August 4404Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Deltarian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security0August 4404Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Mutual Diplomatic and Strategic Agreement Between The Commonwealth of Hutori and The Republic of Klavia Okéano0April 4404Ratification20Factio Phileléftheris
Tukarali Diplomatic and Economic Cooperation Treaty0April 4403Ratification140Partido Socialista do Povo
Protection of LGBT Citizens3September 4402Ratification00United Front of Beluzia
Protection of LGBT Citizens II5September 4402Ratification50United Front of Beluzia
The Progressive Science Treaty2March 4402Ratification00Striving for Gaduridos [PAG]
Official Diplomatic Recognition of the Katonid Khanate0June 4400Ratification00Reactionary Faction
Ratification of the SOCECON treaty0March 4399Ratification00All-Trigunian Communist Party (ВТКП)
Dosmund Climate Accords2May 4398Ratification10Nationale Arbeiterpartei-Volksfront/VKP
North Artanian Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)0April 4398Ratification00Nationale Arbeiterpartei-Volksfront/VKP
Badaran-Cildanian New Agreement of 43950September 4395Ratification20Pancildanian Socialist Movement
Diplomatic Treaty Between Badara and Mordusia0September 4395Ratification00United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Badara0November 4392Ratification00Democratic Party
Cildrania and Dankuk Trade Agreement0October 4392Ratification20Conservative Party
Support of Dundorf against Cildania and Eldanor Treaty (SDaCE)0October 4392Ratification00Initiative: Zukunft!!
Sanctions on Mordusia due to Carnillaise minority discrimination, corrected. 0March 4391Ratification10Parti Socialiste Démocratique Kanjor
Socialist Economic Cooperation Treaty SOCECON2August 4389Ratification00Republikanische Partei - Kyōwatō
Cildania Commonwealth Company (CCC) : Commonwealth Contract Terms0June 4389Ratification00Democratic Party
Mutual Defense and Assistance Treaty Between Mordusia and Dankuk0November 4388Ratification00Hwanghu Dang Party
Treaty of Mutual Peace and Neutrality Between Dankuk and Lourenne0November 4388Ratification20Hwanghu Dang Party
Kazulian-Telamonian Memorandum of Understanding on Defence and Security0December 4387Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Terran Cooperative Prosperity Trade Agreement0April 4387Ratification80Hwanghu Dang Party
International Treaty for the Rights of Armed Serviceman3January 4384Ratification10Liberal Party of the URK (LURK)
Foundation for Individual Rights (FIR) - Organizational Operational Rights0December 4381Ratification00Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Treaty of Mutual Defense and Cooperation between Sekowo and Dankuk0July 4381Ratification10Hwanghu Dang Party
Freedom Treaty20March 4381Ratification00National Unity Party (NUP)
Dolgavian Economic and Diplomatic Embargo of the Republic of Saridan0December 4380Ratification40Economic Future Party
Lodamun - Valruzia Border Treaty0May 4380DraftPartia Koalicji Narodowej
Constitution of the Union of Artanian Socialist Republics0November 4379Ratification00Rote Fraktion
Anti- Saridjan Treaty0September 4378Ratification10Volks Sozialistische Partei Dundorfs
Expanded Embargo of the Republic of Saridan0April 4378Ratification50Economic Future Party
Securing Sekowo's Economic Freedom29November 4377Ratification00Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Sewoko and Dankuk Diplomatic, Economic and Military Treaty0October 4377Ratification00Conservative Party
Commitment to a True Free Market125November 4376DraftJiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Treaty for the International Protection of the Natural Right To Bear Arms3November 4376Ratification00Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
International embargo on the import of oil and gas to Saridan0October 4376Ratification30Nuova Unione
Luthorian-Lourennais Trade Agreement0July 4376Ratification10White Rose (IA) - M
Lourenne-Talmoria Free Trade Agreement2November 4375Ratification10National Democratic Party (NDP)
Saridanian Apartheid & Racial Segregation Treaty (Wilfred Kruger Treaty)16November 4374Ratification00Alt-Right Alliance
Mutual Peace Pact of Dankuk and Kazulia0May 4374Ratification10Conservative Party
Istalia-Dankuk Military-Economic Alliance0April 4373DraftPartito dell'Unità Popolare-c.p.d.
Istalian-Jelbanian Free Trade Agreement0April 4373Ratification00Partito dell'Unità Popolare-c.p.d.
The Alliance of Steel Pact0March 4372Ratification00Conservative Party
Malivia- Dundorf Economic & Military Cooperation Agreement1April 4370Ratification10Unity Labour Party
Government employes Treaty1May 4369Ratification10Volks Sozialistische Partei Dundorfs
Independence of Government employees treaty1May 4369Ratification00Volks Sozialistische Partei Dundorfs
Economic Justice Treaty4April 4369Ratification00Socialist Workers Party
Canrillaise Union Treaty2July 4368Ratification00Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Dankuk and Istalia Military and Tade Agreement0February 4368Ratification00Conservative Party
Dankuk and Klavia Military and Trade Agreement0February 4368Ratification00Conservative Party
Kivonia Sustainability Treaty 436711December 4367Ratification00🌻Green Co-operative Party
Treaty between Klavia Okeano and Dankuk0November 4367DraftConservative Monarchist Party
Talmoria-Lourenne Treaty of Relations2May 4367Ratification10National Democratic Party (NDP)
Keris Universal Currency Charter0November 4365DraftDolgavan Progressive Party
Condemnation of the Orderist Terrorism in Western Majatra0September 4365Ratification30Holy Army
Tukaric Union0September 4365Ratification00Milliyetçi Cumhuriyet Partisi (MCP)
Gaduridos International Business Treaty1September 4362Ratification10All Progressive Party
Kazulia and Alduria Free Trade and Economic Agreement0June 4360Ratification00Parti Travailliste (Labour Party)
Union of the Jelbic Peoples (Treaty Update)0July 4359Ratification00Prsakijsrlji Krtsrmko
Indrala-New Endralon Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (4356)0October 4356Ratification20希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Ban On Biological and Chemical Weapons2September 4355Ratification00💡Egyesült Demokrata Párt (EDP)
Narikaton Expanded Economic Cooperation Zone0March 4354Ratification30Patriotische Allianz
Gaduridos-Vorona Military Diplomacy Treaty2October 4353Ratification00All Progressive Party
Nuclear Trading Treaty of Klavia0October 4352Ratification10Royal Nationalist Party
Economic Trade Treaty between Dankuk and Jelbania and Bianjie0August 4352Ratification00Conservative Party
Likatonian-Hutorian Treaty of Friendship0July 4352Ratification20Democratic Union Party
Constitution of the Dundorfian Reich0March 4352DraftSoziale Nationalistische Partei
Kazulian-Barmenistani Free Trade Agreement0August 4350Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Lourennais Memorandum of Understanding on Defence and Security0August 4350Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Luthorian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security0August 4350Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Indrala-Telamon Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (4349)0May 4349Ratification00希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Indrala-Trigunia Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (4349)0November 4348Ratification10希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Treaty of Mututal Cooperation and Security Assurance between the Kingdom of Klavia Okeano and the Republic of Valruzia0November 4348Ratification10Partia Koalicji Narodowej
Indrala-Barmenistan Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (4349)0October 4348Ratification10希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
North Majatran Peninsula Pact1October 4348DraftUnited Communist Party of Pontesi
Indrala-Jelbania Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (4348)0July 4348Ratification10希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Klavia’s and Istalia’s Changes 0April 4347Ratification00Royal Nationalist Party
Rakaya Union (RU)1March 4347Ratification00Fatherland Front
Treaty of Gender Equality4September 4346Ratification30Conservative Party
Artanian Economic Community6October 4344Ratification00Mae'r Rhyddfrydwyr a'r Diwygwyr 'Parti
Workers' Rights Treaty10October 4344Ratification00Socialist Party
Treaty of Friendship and Economic Freedom between Dankuk and Istalia0July 4344Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Trade Agreement between Dankuk and Vanuku0December 4343Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Trade Agreement Between Vanuku and Istalia0December 4343Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Treaty of Free Trade and Mutual Cooperation between Sekowo and Dankuk0July 4343Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Mutual Trust and Economic Assistance between Klavia and Trigunia0May 4343Ratification00Royal Nationalist Party
Workers of the World Treaty35November 4342Ratification00Revolutionary Free Workers Party
Cytundeb Cadwraeth Ddiwylliannol Draddwyr (Agreement for the Preservation of Draddwyr Culture)0October 4342Ratification30Mae'r Rhyddfrydwyr a'r Diwygwyr 'Parti
Kanjor-Lourenne Peace Treaty of 43410November 4341Ratification00Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Defensive Agrement between the Istalian Republic and the Kingdom of Klavia Okeano0February 4341Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Dankuk - Hulstria Economic and Foreign Relations Treaty0August 4340Ratification00Conservative Party
Treaty of Military, Economic, and Cultural Cooperation Between Kafuristan and Kalopia0October 4339Ratification00Partia e Reformës (PR/KM/RP)
Treaty of Martial and Economic defense between Klavia Okeanu and Dankuk0September 4339Ratification00Conservative Party
North Dovani Cooperation Alliance0November 4337Ratification00Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑
Chart of the Fundamental Principles of the Majatran Alliance and Common Economic Area25June 4337Ratification00Partito Nazionale Democratico
Treaty of Mututal Cooperation and Security Assurance between the Republic of Valruzia and the Istalian Republic0June 4336Ratification20Partia Koalicji Narodowej
Charter of Protection of the United Governorates of Cobura's Constitution18May 4336Ratification00Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Jakania-Solentia treaty of security0April 4336Ratification20Faschistische Union
Treaty of Union (4336)1March 4336DraftSankta Alianco de Aŭgustana
Vanuko-Istalian Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Cooperation0November 4335Ratification20Partito Nazionale Democratico
Beluz-Rutanian Friendship Treaty0November 4333Ratification20Republican Renewal Party
Dundorf-Kazulian Free Trade Agreement2January 4333DraftNationaldemokratische Volkspartei
Private Industry Agreement0April 4332Ratification00Conservative Party of God
Hutorian-Kazulian Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Cooperation0September 4331Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Protection against Religious Theocracy Treaty6September 4331Ratification00Socialisma Respublika Partio
Defensive alliance Between the Federal Republic of Likatonia and Capitalist State of Hobrazia0July 4331Ratification20Conservative party of Likatonia
Trade Agreement between Federal Republic of Likatonia and the Yazdean Republic of Aldegar0July 4331Ratification00Conservative party of Likatonia
Trade Agreement between Federal Republic of Likatonia and the Republic of Cildania0April 4331Ratification20Conservative party of Likatonia
General Agreement on Trans-Seleyan Transportation System (GASTS)0February 4331DraftPartia Koalicji Narodowej
Beiteynu-Solentia Economic and Diplomacy Treaty0March 4330Ratification00Faschistische Union
Istalian-Solentian Economic and Free Trade Agrement.0May 4329Ratification10Faschistische Union
The Dawnstar Accords on Traditional Values12January 4329Ratification00Conservative Alliance
Declaration of Détente and Normalization of the Diplomatic Relations between the Istalian Republic and the Kingdom of Vanuku0March 4328Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Majatran Union14October 4326Ratification00Pancildanian Socialist Movement
Kazulian-Kalopian Memorandum of Understanding0September 4326Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Majatran Union0July 4326Ratification00Austonean Social Democrats
Majatran Education Opportunity Pact0January 4326Ratification90Austonean Social Democrats
New Horizon Project0January 4325Ratification00الحزب النيوليبرالي ال
Majatran Sea Defence Force0December 4322Ratification50Pars Militum Petulantia
Medication Accessibility Act0February 4321Ratification20Austonean Social Democrats
Extradition Terms Treaty1September 4320Ratification00Popular Progressive Party of Pontesi
International Decentralization Plan4June 4316DraftJiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Abandonment of Monarchies and all other Hereditary Forms of Head of State1November 4315Ratification10Workers' Party
The Alboro Agreement - International Agreement on the Gradual Abolition of Checks at SU and NSEC Common Borders1November 4315Ratification00Partia Koalicji Narodowej
Seleyan System of Collective Defense0September 4315DraftPartia Koalicji Narodowej
International treaty to protect Ahmadi minorities6June 4315Ratification00Ahmadi Front
Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Treaty1April 4315Ratification00Det Liberale Nasjonalistpartiet
Constitution of Taghék Ajozuo Jelbék (Peoples Republic of Jelbania)0November 4312Ratification00Conservative Party of God
The Solentian Climate Agreement11July 4312Ratification20Austonean Social Democrats
Protection of LGBT Act (PLA)7November 4311Ratification30Austonean Social Democrats
Anti-Racism Treaty11October 4311Ratification00Conservative Party of God
United Chariot League0October 4311Ratification160Sankta Alianco de Aŭgustana
Treaty of co-operation between Deltaria and Dankuk0June 4309Ratification20Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Nowogard Declaration0March 4308Ratification30Partia Koalicji Narodowej
International Marine Resource Exploitation Agreement3May 4306DraftPartido Libertario de Egelion
Majatran Sea Alliance2May 4305Ratification00Pars Militum Petulantia
The Rejection of Capitalism treaty22December 4304Ratification00United Democratic Party - Syndicalists
Union of the Petroleum Exporting States (UPES)0August 4304Ratification70Partia Koalicji Narodowej
Shencheng Convention 43052July 4304Ratification30进步党 (Progress Party) 🐲
International Military Organization Treaty.0August 4302Ratification20National Unity Party(NUP)
Constitution of the Phoenix Augustan Empire1July 4302Ratification00Sankta Alianco de Aŭgustana
Treaty of Military Alliance between Dankuk and Vanuku0May 4301Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Vanuku-Hulstria Mutual Aid and Co-operation Pact0April 4300Ratification00Haruzuterēchisuku Refonpātī
Majatran Sea Guard0March 4299Ratification40In Marea - Civis Sinistram
CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF JELBANIA0January 4298DraftRevolutionary Democratic Socialist Party
International Treaty to Condemn the Anti-Democratic Regimes0August 4297DraftAlleanza Radicale - NCD
Kalistan National Cricket Council (KNCC)1August 4297Ratification20National Unity Party(NUP)
Kaizhou Healthcare Convention 42961April 4296Ratification00希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Hulstria-Dorvik Co-Operation Treaty0March 4296Ratification00Dorvische Nationale Partei
Treaty on The Rights of Women9November 4295Ratification00Birleşik Demokrat Parti
Free Market Protection Treaty7September 4295Ratification00Dorvische Nationale Partei
Official Diplomatic Treaty of the Republic of Valruzia0December 4294Ratification80Unia Walruzyjskich Konserwatystów
Treaty of Military, Economic, and Cultural Cooperation Between Deltaria and Kalopi-Siphina0August 4294Ratification00Partia e Reformës (PR/KM/RP)
Aldegar - Istalian Economic and Trade Agreement0February 4293Ratification10Partito Nazionale Democratico
Treaty of the Objectives of the Century15November 4292Ratification00Factio Imperialis
Policy concerning funding for abortions1October 4292Ratification00Bawrai Party
Religion Treaty10October 4292Ratification00Bawrai Party
Right to Privacy Treaty2October 4292Ratification20Bawrai Party
International Dialogue2March 4292DraftPancildanian Socialist Movement
Religional Freedom Treaty4September 4291Ratification00Milli Askeri Liberal İnkılap Partisi
Militarist Nations0October 4290Ratification00Milli Askeri Liberal İnkılap Partisi
Basic Law I. On the Confederal Republican Constitutional Framework and the Constitutional Court5April 4288Ratification00Auguri de Curia Inserenus
Basic Law II. On the Principate and order of succession1April 4288Ratification00Auguri de Curia Inserenus
Basic Law III. Organization of the August Senate of the Cedar Throne1April 4288Ratification00Auguri de Curia Inserenus
Basic Law IV. Structure of the Armed Forces of the Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth (AFPDC) and the Studies, Information and Observations Network (SION)13April 4288Ratification00Auguri de Curia Inserenus
Kazulian-Jelbanian Treaty of Friendship, Mutual Defence and Cooperation.0September 4287Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Pontesian Trade Agreement0August 4287Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
The Nihaton Pact0August 4287Ratification00Patriotische Allianz
International Animal Welfare treaty9March 4287Ratification00Auguri de Curia Inserenus
International Pro-Life Treaty4March 4287Ratification00Auguri de Curia Inserenus
Kalistan-Lodamun Naval Cooperation Treaty0August 4286Ratification20Lodamese Workers' Assembly
Friendship, Economic and Cooperation Agreement between Istalia and Klavia Okeano0February 4286Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Auroran Association0October 4285Ratification00In Marea - Civis Sinistram
Royalist Treaty2March 4283Ratification00Traditional Religious Party (TRP)
Structure of Executive Branch4August 4281Ratification00Vorona National Party (VNP)
Treaty of Religous Peace2March 4281Ratification00Traditional Religious Party (TRP)
Dongzhou Adoption Convention2July 4280Ratification00进步党 (Progress Party) 🐲
Homosexuality is not tolerated in military.1November 4279Ratification00Vorona National Party (VNP)
Internal Affair In Republic Of Vorona11November 4279Ratification00Vorona National Party (VNP)
Majatran Socialist Defensive Treaty0November 4279Ratification00al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara
Religious Law Entrenchment6October 4279Ratification00憲法民主党 (Kenpō Minshutō)
Ecology Reform Support2August 4279Ratification00Traditional Religious Party (TRP)
Treaty of 427915April 4279Ratification00Vorona Socialist Party
New Artanian Union18March 4279DraftPeople's Party of Endralon
Hanzhou Fisheries Declaration 42782January 4278Ratification00进步党 (Progress Party) 🐲
Constitution of the Augustan Empire0October 4277Ratification00Partia e Kurorës Sovrane
Lourenne-Cildania Treaty0November 4276Ratification00Libertarian Party
Jelbijékaiék Krsyjogad (Union of the Jelbic Peoples)0April 4275Ratification00Srnkziklune, Krt, Nka trzy Jrlijé Hnd
Treaty on Basic Relations between the Republic of Valruzia and the Dorvish Republic0February 4275Ratification00Partia Koalicji Narodowej
The Constitution of South Seleya0October 4274Ratification00Les Conservateurs
Recognition of the Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)'s Permanent Neutrality0March 4273Ratification40Koinon ton Megálo Ktimatías
Hulstro-Sekowan Strategic Military Alliance and Mutual Defence Force Treaty0August 4272Ratification00Haruzuterēchisuku Refonpātī
Beiteynu-Kafuristan friendship treaty0May 4272Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
North Majatran Axis0October 4271DraftPontesyan Azgaynakan Zhoghovrdakan Kusak
Pontesia-Hulstria Mutual Friendship and Co-operation Treaty0September 4271Ratification00Haruzuterēchisuku Refonpātī
Seleyan Charter of the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms (CS)0June 4271DraftPartia Koalicji Narodowej
Treaty for the Recognition of the Equality of Sexualities, Sexual Identities, Gender Identities, Marriages and a Recognition of the Freedom of Sexual Acts21October 4270Ratification10Secularist, Socialist Party of Baltusia
Treaty of Personal Union between the Sekowo Nation and the Imperial Crown Lands of Hulstria0October 4269Ratification00憲法民主党 (Kenpō Minshutō)
Seleyan Soccer Championships (SSC)0May 4269Ratification90Baltusian International Democratic Party
Saridan-Hulstria Mutual Friendship and Co-operation Treaty0April 4268Ratification00Haruzuterēchisuku Refonpātī
Majatran Championship Cup (MCC)0October 4267Ratification140In Marea - Civis Sinistram
Treaty on Council of Seleya (CS)0October 4267Ratification81Partia Koalicji Narodowej
Saridan And Beiteynu Military Arms Deal (SABMAD)1July 4267Ratification00Alt-Right Alliance
Healthcare Access Act9February 4266Ratification10Austonean Social Democrats
International Condemnation of Dorvik0March 4265Ratification00Reactionary Faction
Baofluz Peace Accords0September 4264Ratification00al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara
New Endralon/Kizenia-Zardugal Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression1May 4264Ratification10Alianța Liberalilor
International Rejection of Security Council and Condemnation of Malivian Fatherland Front 42640January 4264Ratification00Reactionary Faction
The Treaty for Modern and Progressive Policies14April 4263DraftRévolution Rouge
Selucian-Cildanian Mutual Cooperation Accord0December 4262Ratification10Factio Fortuna
Anti Globalist Alliance (AGA)0September 4262Ratification00Alt-Right Alliance
Malivia-Zardugal Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Assistance0September 4262Ratification10Fatherland Front
Istalian-Likatonian Friendship and Economic Trade Agreement0August 4262Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on Kalopia0April 4262Ratification30Fatherland Front
New Beiteynu-Cildania Treaty0September 4261Ratification00Socialist Labour Party
Sanctions on Istalia0August 4261Ratification00Koinon ton Megálo Ktimatías
The International Treaty on the Prohibition of Land Mines (ITPL)1June 4261Ratification10希望联盟 (Alliance of Hope) 🕊
Kalopia-Beiteynu friendship treaty0May 4260Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Saridan-Beiteynu friendship treaty0May 4260Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Hulstria-Badara Treaty of Friendship, Non-Aggression and Co-operation0March 4260Ratification00Haruzuterēchisuku Refonpātī
Investment in Republic of Vorona1August 4259Ratification00Vorona National Party (VNP)
Pontesian-Kazulian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Defence.0June 4259Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Treaty of Aŭgusta (4258)0December 4258Ratification10Royal People's Party
Selucia-Cildania Mutual Cooperation Accord0November 4258DraftLegio Nationalis
Deltarian-Istalian Friendship and Economic Trade Agreement0September 4258Ratification00Partito Nazionale Democratico
Beiteynu-Cildania treaty0June 4258Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Hulstria-Beiteynu treaty0June 4258Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Pontesi-Beiteynu treaty0June 4258Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
The Skotádi Noctis Pact0May 4257Ratification10New Keymon Nationalist Movement (KNM)
Egalitarian League9March 4257Ratification00Nuova Unione
War Treaty0February 4257Ratification00Vorona National Party (VNP)
The declaration of friendship between Istalia and Pontesi0November 4256Ratification20Nuova Unione
Badara-Beiteynu cooperation treaty0May 4255Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Abortion Protection treaty1September 4254Ratification00United Democratic Party - Syndicalists
The International Ban on Slavery1September 4254Ratification90United Democratic Party - Syndicalists
Agreement of Friendship, Co-operation and Non-Aggression between Zardugal and the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation0September 4253Ratification00Socialisma Respublika Partio
Defensive Agrement between the Istalian Republic and the Free State of Malivia0June 4253Ratification20Partito Nazionale Democratico
Treaty To Recognise and Promote Republicanism and the Sovereign Rights of the Individual3March 4253Ratification00Socialisma Respublika Partio
Malivian-Istalian Economic Trade Agreement0February 4253Ratification20Partito Nazionale Democratico
Rildanorian-Kazulian Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Cooperation0December 4252Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Vanukean-Kazulian Treaty of Friendship and Economic Cooperation0December 4252Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Treaty On The Forming Of The Union Of Revolutionary Socialist Republics1April 4252Ratification00al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara
Dundorf-Dorvik Cooperation Treaty 42510August 4251DraftDundorfische Nationalistische Allianz
Dolgavia - Istalia Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation0March 4251Ratification10Un'Istalia
Regional Resolution on Information Transparency and Media Entertainment Content6February 4250Ratification00People's Justice Party [ PJP ]
Dorvish-Kafuristan Treaty on Diplomatic Protocols and Agreements0December 4249Ratification10Soziale Nationalistische Partei
Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty0February 4249Ratification440In Marea - Civis Sinistram
Selucia-Dolgava Trade Agreement0January 4249Ratification00Liberal Confederation
DEAP (Dolgavan Economic Advancement Program)0December 4248Ratification00Liberal Confederation
Traditional Humane Treaty7November 4248Ratification00Peace & Prosperity Coalition
PCO-Peace and Cooperation Organization6August 4248Ratification00Pancildanian Socialist Movement
Declaration of Détente and Normalization of the Diplomatic Relations between the Istalian Republic and the Grand Republic of Holy Deltaria0March 4247Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Dankuk-Vanuku Alliance0August 4246Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Istalia-Mordusia Economic and Free Trade Agrement0August 4246Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of the Badaran August Revolution10June 4246Ratification00al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara
Kanjor-Vorona Bilateral Agreement0February 4246Ratification00Grand Parti Libertaire de Kanjor
Heavy Sanctions against Vorona in response to Vorona's Slavery Policy0November 4245Ratification00Statesmen of Mordusia for Self Reliance
Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics0September 4245Ratification00Hawu Social Democrats
Beiteynu-Vanuku Nuclear Arms Cooperation0March 4245Draftתְּקוּמָה
Saridan and Yingdala Military Pact0October 4244Ratification00Alt-Right Alliance
Istalia-New Endralon/Kizenia Economic and Free Trade Agrement0May 4244Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of Economic cooperation and friendly relations Dorvik-Aloria 42410February 4241Ratification00Sozialdemokratische Arbeitsfront (SDA)
Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Mikuni-Hulstria and Dranland1August 4240Ratification00Sunrise Party 해돋이당
Telamonian Economic Cooperation Agreement4May 4239Ratification00Communist Party of Telamonia
Kanjorian-Kazulian Treaty of Trade and Economic Cooperation0December 4238Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Baltusian Liberal Values Treaty9August 4238Ratification00United Democratic Party - Syndicalists
Union Canrillaişe Treaty1June 4238DraftFront Nouveau Canrillaise
Grundlage der Republik8February 4238Ratification00Sozialistische Einheitspartei Dundorfs
Dissolution of All Political and Economic Bonds With Vorona0January 4237Ratification00Nuova Unione
New Terran Order (NTO)1January 4237DraftWhite Rose
Charter of the Keris Defensive Alliance (KEDA)0December 4236Ratification00Uniunea Democrată Națională
Solentia-Rutania Bilateral Trade Agreement0January 4236Ratification00SUN
The Embargo of Vorona0December 4235Ratification00Centrist Party of Baltusia
Artanian Atomic Research and Development Network (AARDEN) - Agreement on establishment of the AARDEN1November 4235Ratification00Hosianich Demokratische Union
Artanian Healthcare and Insurance Card (AHIC) - Accord Establishing the Artanian Healthcare Network0November 4234Ratification00Hosianich Demokratische Union
International Labor Rights Treaty (ILRT)9November 4234Ratification10Civic Republican League of Rutania
Solentia-Talmoria Bilateral Trade Agreement0December 4233Ratification10SUN
✠ Gurandogesetozu dezu Raikusu ✠3September 4233Ratification00Hausu Serujaku-Rabuzubāgu
Solentia-Zardugal Bilateral Trade Agreement0September 4233Ratification00SUN
Kalopi-Jakanian Treaty of Friendship1May 4233Ratification10Kalopikón Ethnikí Dýnami
Anti-Istalia Pact0April 4233Ratification00Kalopikón Ethnikí Dýnami
Kalopi-Luthorian Treaty of Friendship1April 4233Ratification00Kalopikón Ethnikí Dýnami
Internation Anti-Crime Database Agreement0June 4232Ratification00Liberale Partei
The Hutori-Kazullia Treaty of Friendship0October 4231Ratification10Royalist Party of Hutori (Liberals)
Kordaw Accord - Comprehensive Treaty establishing the Artanian Economic Network2September 4231Ratification00Hosianich Demokratische Union
The Mordusia-Baltusia Treaty of Peace and Prosperity0January 4231Ratification20Mordusia First!
DPFDF - The Dovanian Pact for The Defence of Democracy0July 4230Ratification00Enhet til å Fremskritt!
South Seleyan Defensive Alliance3January 4230Ratification20Statesmen of Mordusia for Self Reliance
Treaty of Haldor - Treaty of Economic, Social and Cultural Collaboration and Collective Self-Defence for the Artanian continent0November 4229Ratification20Hosianich Demokratische Union
Dundorfian Free Investment Partnership (DFIP)0April 4229Ratification00Freie Demokratische Partei
International Workers' Democracy Agreement1December 4226Ratification00Democratic Socialist Party of Rutania
j0July 4226DraftHosian Civic Union
Mus'ab Law12October 4224Ratification00Peace & Prosperity Coalition
The Universal Unalienable Rights to Local, Regional, and Self Governance8January 4224Ratification00Statesmen of Kundrati for Self Reliance
Defensive Agrement between the Istalian Republic and the Kundrati Confederation0April 4223Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Dranish-Kazulian Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Cooperation.0June 4222Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Istalian-Solentian Economic and Free Trade Agrement0March 4222Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Solentia-Kanjor Bilateral Trade Agreement0February 4222Ratification10SUN
Solentia-Kazulia Bilateral Trade Agreement0February 4222Ratification10SUN
Solentia-Luthori Bilateral Trade Agreement0February 4222Ratification10SUN
Defensive Alliance between the New Endralon/Kizenia and the Kundrati Confederation3January 4222Ratification00Statesmen of Kundrati for Self Reliance
Solentia-Saridan Bilateral Friendship & Trade Agreement0December 4221Ratification10SUN
Saridan-Mordusia Free Trade and Neighborly Relations Agreement0October 4221Ratification00die Hosian-Demokrate
Saridani Covenant on Dual Saridani Citizenships and Nationality0October 4221Ratification10die Hosian-Demokrate
Defensive Alliance between the Republic of Telamonia and the Kundrati Confederation3August 4221Ratification00Statesmen of Kundrati for Self Reliance
Majatran Alliance and Common Economic Area0June 4221Ratification60Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Dorvish-Istalian Transcontinental Trade Agreement0December 4220Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Likatonian And Malivian Binding (LAMB) Treaty10August 4220DraftCosmopolitan Party
Jakania Anti Dictatorial Rule Treaty2February 4220Ratification00Fanatik Dayanışma Partisi
North Artania Rail Corridor Agreement (NARCA) ---Rutania and Aloria-----0June 4219Ratification00Whig Party
The Koeistad Treaty8April 4219Ratification00die Hosian-Demokrate
The Hyperion Corporation's Plan for Economic and Military Independence (PEMI)0January 4219DraftBlakshyrts
Brahms Accords0August 4218Ratification50Demokratische Allianz
Al-Ittihad Al-Badara Embassy0June 4218Ratification00United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)
International Monarchist Axis1June 4218Ratification00Wrnuké Staté Prta
Baltusia-Talmoria Friendship Alliance0May 4218Ratification00Baltusian International Democratic Party
te0May 4218DraftUnitarist Party of Telamonia
Majatran Peace and Prosperity Accord0April 4218Ratification10Wrnuké Staté Prta
Constitutional Declaration of the Fundamental Rights of Citizens and Duties of the State54March 4218Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Kazulian-Malivian Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0January 4218Ratification10Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Lourennais Free Trade Agreement0December 4217Ratification10Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kazulian-Zardic Free Trade Agreement0December 4217Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
4v30November 4217DraftUnitarist Party of Telamonia
International Treaty for Comprehensive Developement5April 4217Ratification00Unitarist Party of Telamonia
Dolgavian Diplomatic Affairs Protocol0March 4217Ratification50Dolgavische Volkspartei (OLM)
Dolgavian Trade Association and Economic Pact0March 4217Ratification20Dolgavische Volkspartei (OLM)
Alliance and Common Economic Area of Istalia and Zardugal0March 4216Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty on the Creation of the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation (MRSF)0April 4213Ratification10League of Communist Vanguards
Grundlage der Republik10March 4213Ratification00Sozialistische Einheitspartei Dundorfs
Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu and Seluco-Pontesi Union Bilateral Trade Agreement0November 4212DraftBiranist Party
Global Military Pact0December 4211DraftDark Age Party
Anti-Sodomy Treaty9July 4211Ratification00Aldegar Unity Party
Terran Action Against Economic Depression (RP)2April 4211Ratification30Nibi Tunkeh Giaby R A Bakw Xadtu
Terran Action Against Economic Depression (RP)0April 4211DraftNibi Tunkeh Giaby R A Bakw Xadtu
Trade Agreement between Cele Trei-limbi Uniunea Federală and Federal Republic of Endralon0May 4209Ratification10People's Party of Endralon
Sanctions Restrictions0December 4208Ratification00People's Party of Endralon
Artanian Cooperation Organization (ACO)0May 4208DraftSoziale Nationalistische Partei
Dorvish Trade Association and Economic Pact0April 4208Ratification190Soziale Nationalistische Partei
Terran Universal Declaration of Animal Rights0October 4207DraftNibi Tunkeh Giaby R A Bakw Xadtu
Terran Universal Declaration of Human Rights22February 4207Ratification00Nibi Tunkeh Giaby R A Bakw Xadtu
Climate Change Council3November 4206Ratification30Demokratische Partei
Further Improvement of Relations and Trade Cooperation Treaty between Istalia and Saridan0September 4206Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Gaduridos Means Business Treaty II0March 4206Ratification00Hosian Civic Union
Manufacturing Ocean Rim Trade Agreement (MORTA)3February 4205Ratification00United Fascism Party
Peace Treaty3December 4204Ratification00Nueva Alternativa Antireligiosa
Treaty for the Termination of Slavery in Jelbania1December 4204DraftDemocracy Party
Official Establishment of the Dovanic Union (DU)4May 4204Ratification00Parti Démocratique National Lourennais
Terran Declaration of Animal Welfare11April 4203Ratification00Nibi Tunkeh Giaby R A Bakw Xadtu
International Union for Economic Protection (IUEP)0January 4203Ratification60Pragmatische Liberaldemokraten
Global Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide0March 4202Ratification20Athadah Dmwkeratake Mla
Official Covenant of the Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Lourenne0November 4201Ratification180Parti Démocratique National Lourennais
International Post-War AfterCare Organisation IPWACO1May 4201Ratification110Les Social-Progressives
International Entertainment Rating Organization (IERO)5September 4200Ratification30Go Gaduridos! [PAG]
CiTizens has right to tattoo their body1August 4200DraftUnited Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)
Religious Freedom Treaty6July 4200Ratification00Demokratische Partei
Valruzian Economic Cooperation Alliance0March 4200Ratification20Die NEO Union
Aldegar-Valruzian Religious Excemption Treaty0February 4200Ratification00Aldegar Unity Party
Eliminate Slavery Treaty1December 4199Ratification50Democracy Party
Anti-Monarchy Treaty1September 4199Ratification00Klavia Populi Factio
Davostag Accords II (AU)0March 4199Ratification00Socialist Vanguardship of Davostag
Artanian Humanitarian Aid and Social Development Treaty2November 4198Ratification10Luthori Labour Party
Davostag Accords (AU)0August 4198Ratification10Socialist Vanguardship of Davostag
[RENEWED] TIAC Treaty of Agreement: Equal Trade, Non-Agression Pact and Friendship Treaty)5February 4196Ratification00Socialist Vanguardship of Davostag
Freedom of Our People Treaty7November 4194Ratification00Conservative Party
TIAC Treaty of General Agreement (Equal Trade Treaty, Non-Agression Pact, Friendship Agreement)4September 4194Ratification00Socialist Vanguardship of Davostag
International Democratic Republican Alliance (IDRA)4April 4194Ratification00Civic Republican League of Rutania
Declaration of Détente and Normalization of the Diplomatic Relations between the Istalian Republic and the Republic of Saridan0March 4192Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of Dolores0September 4190DraftSocial Liberal Party
Treaty of Friendship and Economic Free Trade and Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the 2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun0November 4188Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Ratification of the Official Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in verona Treaty1May 4188Ratification140Royal house of salvia
Sanctuary Nations17October 4187Ratification00In Marea - Civis Sinistram
Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between Republic of Talmoria and Demokratische Republik Aloria0June 4187Ratification00Conservative Party of Talmoria
Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between Republic of Talmoria and Republic of Yingdala0June 4187Ratification00Conservative Party of Talmoria
Declaration of Détente and Normalization of the Diplomatic Relations between the Istalian Republic and the Free Republic of Vanuku0May 4187Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of Clovisport on Sexual Freedom5January 4187Ratification00Social Liberal Party
International Free Trade Accord3November 4185Ratification20Conservative Party of Talmoria
Artanian Intergovernmental Association Treaty (AIGAT)0October 4185Ratification20Konservative Union
Treaty between the United Republic of Dundorf and the Federal Republic of Dorvik on friendly co-operation and good neighborliness.0March 4185Ratification00Konservative Union
Official Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in Zardugal Treaty2June 4184Ratification120Socia Libereco Partio
Treaty between the Democratic Republic of Aloria and the Federal Republic of Dorvik on friendly co-operation and good neighborliness.0March 4184Ratification00Konservative Union
Treaty between the Republic of Kirlawa and the Federal Republic of Dorvik on friendly co-operation and good neighborliness.0March 4184Ratification10Konservative Union
Gao-Showan Partnership0August 4181DraftRepublican Party - 공화당 (GHD)
Mikuni-Hulstrian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation2August 4181Ratification00Nūī Sojiarisutisuku Pātē (NSP)
Constitution of the Great Kyo Empire11June 4181Ratification00반동주의자당 (Bandongjuuijadang)
Free Market Accord0May 4181DraftRépublicains Libéraux
Treaty for Economic and Military cooperation with Narikaton0May 4181Ratification00Patriotische Allianz
Narikaton-Kanjor Treaty of Friendship and military Cooperation0June 4180Ratification00Ligue Nationale
Condemnation of IUPU0July 4178Ratification00🐘Liberal Democrats
South Seleyan Free Trade Area0July 4178Ratification00New Labour, New Mordusia
International Religious Minorities Protections Act8December 4177Ratification00Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Party Treaty4September 4177Ratification00✊ Raised Fist Party(Nayeerism)
Unholy Davostag Empire Movement of Darkness4September 4177Ratification00✊ Raised Fist Party(Nayeerism)
Rutania - Luthori Land, Lease, & Friendship Agreement0January 4177Ratification00Whig Party
Baltusia-Talmoria Friendship and Free Trade Treaty0May 4176Ratification00Talmorian Democrats
Treaty of the Organization of Collective Security and Cooperation.0September 4175Ratification10Liberal Democratic Party 🌄
Anti-IUPU Union0December 4174Ratification00Aldegar Unity Party
International Agreement on Foreign Investments3May 4173Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
The Zardo-Coburan Open Border Treaty3December 4172Ratification00Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
The International Majatran Trade Agreement (IMTA)0November 4172Ratification40Socia Libereco Partio
Luthorian-Istalian Free Trade Agreement0September 4172Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of Friendship and Trade & Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the République Lourennais0April 4172Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty between the Federal Republic of Hutori and the Federal Republic of Dorvik on friendly co-operation and good neighborliness.0April 4171Ratification10Konservative Union
The Liberal, Conservative, and Moderate alliance for unity Mutual Friendship, Non-Aggression and Equal Trade Treaty0October 4169Ratification00🐘Liberal Democrats
Agreement on the Trans-Majatran Corridors Network0September 4169Ratification120Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Malivian/Davostag Reciprocal Trade & Non-Aggression Pact3November 4167Ratification00Malivian People's Party
Koeistad Pact0December 4166Ratification00Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel
The Solentian-Alorian Alliance0July 4166Ratification00Solentian Nationalist People's Party
Lodamun - Terra Diplomatic Treaty0November 4164Ratification30New Democratic Party
International Sustainable Development Treaty2October 4164Ratification00Unity Labour Party
Anti-Communism Ratification25September 4163Ratification00Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party
Treaty of Friendship and Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia) and the Büyük Cakan Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)0October 4162Ratification10Partito dei Democratici Istaliani
The Rilmos-Orame Cooperative Security Alliance0December 4161Ratification00Federal Nationalist Republican Party
Treaty of Friendship and Trade & Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Repubic of Pontesi0December 4161Ratification10Partito dei Democratici Istaliani
Kanjor Pontesi Treaty of Mutual Defense and Trade0August 4160Ratification00PLAK
Rights of LGBT Citizens5June 4160Ratification30Blackshirts
Condemnation of the Kalopian Anarchists0May 4160Ratification10Sosyaldemokrat Halkçı Parti
International Freedom of Religion Treaty1September 4159Ratification00NLP [CAG]
Dokuz Confrence0June 4158Ratification00The new order / Yeni düzen
International Film Societies Organisation (IFSO)1April 4158Ratification160Ni Faros!
Lake Majatra Trade Organisation0October 4157Ratification41Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Kalistan-Dranland Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0June 4157Ratification00Movement for National Awakening
Taixi Progressive Trade Accord (TPTA)4June 4157Ratification10Yingdala Progressive-Republicans
International Basketball League (IBL)0May 4157Ratification140Bihērawī Dēmokiratisi
Klavian Chemical Trade Contract1December 4156Ratification00Klavia Populo Factio
Baltusia-Aldegar Pact0August 4156Ratification00Free Market Party
Clovisport Convention on Diplomatic Relations1August 4155Ratification00People's Democratic Party
Cobura and Hutori freindship treaty0May 4155Ratification20Horrellian Party
Cobura Beluzia Freindship treaty0December 4154Ratification20Horrellian Party
Hutori-Cobura Friendship treaty0December 4154Ratification00Horrellian Party
Kazulian-Coburan Free Trade Agreement0December 4154Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Parliamentary Republic Treaty3October 4153Ratification20Endralon Republican Alliance
Baltusia-Luthori Pact0June 4153Ratification00Free Market Party
United Rutania Policy0July 4152Ratification00Democratic Socialist Party of Rutania
Treaty of Friendship, Cultural, Trade and Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Federal Republic of Hutori0March 4152Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of Friendship, Cultural, Trade, Economical Cooperation and Mutual Defense between the Repubblica Istaliana and Baltusia0March 4152Ratification20Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Free Healthcare For All4November 4151Ratification00National Republic Party (NRP)
Direct Democracy1May 4151Ratification00Reformed Liberal Democratic Party
Baltusia – Republic of Telamonia Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation0May 4150Ratification00Patriotic Party of Baltusia
The Trigunian-Baltusian Alliance0October 4149Ratification00Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
Baltusia - Dolgarstan Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation0May 4149Ratification00Patriotic Party of Baltusia
Baltusia - Tukarali Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation0May 4147Ratification20Patriotic Party of Baltusia
Jakanian - Kalopian Treaty of Friendship0April 4147Ratification00People's Republican Union
Cildanian Trade-Zone0November 4146Ratification00Liberal Loyalist Party
Kazulian-Dranish Treaty of Mutual Defence and Cooperation.0May 4146Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Recognition of Ardinian Independence0May 4146Ratification10Libertarian Party
Treaty of Friendship between Keymon and Vorona0November 4145Ratification00Conservative Monarchist Party
Kazulian-Dundorfian Free Trade Agreement0September 4145Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Luthori Treaty of Mutual Defense2July 4144Ratification00United Luthori
Cooperation of nations0June 4144Ratification00Metzism movement party of Pontesi
International Unity Party Union (IUPU) Treaty0June 4144Ratification30Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)
Valruzia - Lodamun Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0December 4143Ratification00Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)
Treaty for the continuation of independence of Baltusia as a republican state0October 4142Ratification10United Democratic Party - Syndicalists
The League Of Nations Pact2September 4142Ratification00Telamonian Workers' Movement (TWM)
Valruzia - Istalia Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0May 4142Ratification00Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)
Valruzia - Saridan Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0November 4141Ratification00Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)
Kalistan-Terra Treaty of General Friendship0October 4141Ratification90Movement for National Awakening
Military Defense Pact0July 4141Ratification10Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)
Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation Between the Republic of Beluzia and Rutania and Ardinia0May 4140Ratification10Freedom Socialist Party
Nationalist Brotherhood Trade Agreement.0March 4139Ratification00Alt-Right Alliance
Istalia - Rutania Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation0December 4138Ratification00Socialist People's Party (SPP)
Kalistan-Indrala Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0December 4138Ratification20Movement for National Awakening
Kalistan-Vorona Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0December 4138Ratification20Movement for National Awakening
Support For Saridan0March 4138Ratification00Alt-Right Alliance
Triguno-Deltaro-Solentian Trilateral Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation0January 4138Ratification30Liberálno-Demokratická Strana
Sanctions Against Saridan0November 4137Ratification10Socialist People's Party (SPP)
Trade treaty between the Federal Republic Of Likatonia and the Federal Union of Gaduridos0August 4137Ratification10Conservative party of Likatonia
Saridan and Solentia Friendship Treaty0July 4137Ratification10Alt-Right Alliance
Diplomatic Embargo And Denouncement of the Republic of Saridan and Act against Segregation3May 4137Ratification20Liberal Alliance Party (LAP)
Kalistan-Baltusia Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0April 4137Ratification20Movement for National Awakening
Sanctions against the Conservative Yeudish Party0July 4136Ratification00Freedom Socialist Party
Friendship0April 4136Ratification00Enarekh Koinonia
Treaty of Friendship and Trade & Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the République Populaire de Kanjor0November 4135Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Treaty of Friendship and Trade & Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Tsardom of Deltaria0June 4135Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Kazulia-Hawu-Mumenhes Trade Agreement0March 4135Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Kafuri Oil Import-Export Trade Agreement (KOIL)0February 4135Ratification00Chann National Party (CNP)
Cildania-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Trade0December 4134Ratification10Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Rildanor Treaty of Diplomatic Relations0July 4134Ratification40Parti Socialiste de Rildanor (PSR)
Treaty of Friendship and Trade & Economical Cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Rèpublique de Rildanor0November 4132Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
Life for everyone2November 4131Ratification00Conservative party of Likatonia
International Terran Bank: Request for Currency Evaluation0May 4130Ratification180Federalist Party of Hutori
Kazulian-Vanukean Treaty of Mutual Defence, Cooperation and Long-term Friendship.0September 4129Ratification00Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
People's Treaty of Friendship Between Selucia and Lourenne0June 4129Ratification00Partis Laboris
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Cobura0March 4129Ratification20Cildanian Democratic Conservative Party
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Solentia0October 4128Ratification00Cildanian Democratic Conservative Party
Anti-Communism Treaty2June 4128Ratification20Rildanor Premier
Beluzia-Istalia Friendship Treaty0November 4125Ratification20Blue Collar and Farmers Union
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Saridan0October 4125Ratification00Cildanian Democratic Conservative Party
Kalistan-Sekowo Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0July 4125Ratification10Movement for National Awakening
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Kafuristan0May 4125Ratification00Cildanian Democratic Conservative Party
Diplomatic Treaty between Cildania and Selucia0May 4125Ratification10Cildanian Democratic Conservative Party
M.A.F.T.A.0May 4125Ratification00Social-Democratic Party
Beiteynu-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, Assistance and Trade0June 4124Ratification00Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)
Kalistan-Istalia Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0June 4124Ratification20Movement for National Awakening
Mordusian-Hawu Treaty of Friendship0April 4123Ratification10Ity ꜣḥwt xꜣdt
Diplomatic Relations of the Ahmadi Republic of Jelbania0May 4122Ratification00Lofrkadé Prta
The Fair Election Treaty6June 4118Ratification20The Milita and Freedom Party
Indralan-Sekowan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation, Friendship, and Assistance0September 4115Ratification00立憲維新党 (Rikken Ishin-tō)
Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Celestial Empire of Great Indrala0September 4114Ratification00Alleanza Radicale - NCD
The Neuhaus Pact0June 4114Ratification50National Democratic Party (NDP)
Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)0December 4112Ratification100Partidul Social Democrat
Hutorian - Rutanian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation0November 4111Ratification20Royalist Party of Hutori (Liberals)
Triguno-Vanukean Treaty of Mutual Cooperation0April 4111Ratification10НДПСМ
The Anantanese Ocean Pact0July 4109Ratification20Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Rutanian - Dundorfian Friendship Treaty0April 4109Ratification10GRC Chair
Likatonia Crimes Against Humanity Sanctions0September 4107Ratification00Ity ꜣḥwt xꜣdt
Malivia Embargo0August 4107Ratification00National Democratic Party (NDP)
Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Regnum de Selucia0July 4106Ratification10Alleanza Radicale - NCD
4110 Olympics -- 100 Meters0February 4105Ratification10La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)
Kongeriket av Kazulmark - al-Saltanat al-Jakaniyyah Free Trade Agreement.0November 4104Ratification10Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
New Endralon/Kizenia-Vorona Bilateral, Cooperation and Mutual Help Treaty0June 4104Ratification00Partidul Monarhist Conservator
Nouvelle Noel 4010 Olympics (WIP)0December 4103Ratification10La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)
International Labour Agreement 410311November 4101Ratification00Democratic Socialist Party of Rutania
Jakanian-Jelbanian Sanjaqi Recruitment Agreement0September 4099Ratification00Halkın Eylem Partisi
Abolition of Death Penalty2September 4098Ratification00Alorian Labor Party (ALP)
Education For All5November 4097Ratification40Rassemblement Aldurien (RA)
Baltusia-Kalistan Mutual Amity Agreement0December 4095Ratification20Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
Treaty of Economic and Cultural Co-operation between Baltusia and the Federal Union of Gaduridos0May 4094Ratification00Patriotic Party of Baltusia
New Endralon / Kizenia - Hutori Alliance, Friendship & Cooperation Treaty0May 4093Ratification20Partidul Poporului Noului Endralon
Jakania-Coburan Treaty of Perpetual Protection and Friendship0December 4091Ratification10Enarekh Koinonia
New Endralon / Kizenia - Vanuku Alliance & Cooperation Treaty0May 4089Ratification00Partidul Poporului Noului Endralon
Cildanian-Trigunian Treaty of Fellowship and Alliance0August 4087Ratification00Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
4087 World Tug Of War Tournament -- Amalienborg Cup, Amalienborg Auditorium, Eutriche, Nouvelle-Orange, Aldurie0February 4087Ratification00Coalition of Progressive Aldurians (CPA)
Baltusian Conflict Resolution0February 4087Ratification10Baltusian International Democratic Party
Cildanian-Valruzian Treaty of Fellowship and Alliance0February 4087Ratification00Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
Cildanian-Darnussian Treaty of Fellowship and Alliance0January 4087Ratification00Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
4086 FIFA World Cup-Badara0December 4084Ratification20National Atheist Party
North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)0November 4081Ratification101Movement for National Awakening
International Declaration of Human Rights32May 4081Ratification00Movement for National Awakening
Kalistan-Trigunia Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship0September 4080Ratification10Movement for National Awakening
Convention on Natural Foods2January 4076Ratification10Kirlawan People's Justice Party
Convention on Safe Energy1January 4076Ratification10Kirlawan People's Justice Party
Convention on the Freedom to Share2January 4076Ratification10Kirlawan People's Justice Party
Treaty of the Imperial Throne of the Augustans0June 4074Ratification00Hosia Demokrata Popola Partio
Friendly treaty between the Union of Badara and Reppublica Istaliana0December 4073Ratification10National Atheist Party
Treaty of Cezareo0July 4072Ratification20Hosia Demokrata Popola Partio
Treaty of friendship,cooperation and mutual protection between the Repubblica Istaliana and Horellia(Vorona)0December 4071Ratification00Partidul Monarhist Conservator
Voronian Diplomatic Treaty2October 4069Ratification00Partidul Monarhist Conservator
Democratic Accords of 4069 (TDC)11December 4068Ratification00Classical Liberal Party
Baltusia-Keymon friendship treaty0January 4066Ratification00Liberal Democrat Party
The Jildrath-Kiduran Tunnel Authority0September 4064Ratification20Statesmen of Kundrati for Self Reliance
Jakanian & Trigunian Treaty of Trade, Loyalty and Assistance0January 4061Ratification10Democratic Populist Party (DPP)
Trigunian-Horrellian (Voronan) Military Cooperation Treaty0December 4060Ratification00Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Trigunii
Zardugal-Beiteynu mutual trade agreement0January 4059Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
the new Aloria-Dorvik non aggression pact0June 4055Ratification00United Democratic Party - Syndicalists
Terran Democratic Treaty-Human Rights Convention (TEDCO-HRC)4November 4054Ratification10United Democratic Party of Mordusia
Northern Council Treaty0December 4053Ratification90姬恩黨 (Jien Party) 🌾
International Freedom to Advertise2July 4050Ratification00Statesmen of Kundrati for Self Reliance
INTERNATIONAL TERRAN UNION (ITC)0October 4049Ratification00Conservative Unionist Party of Kazulia
Trigunia-Lourenne Treaty for Mutual Cooperation and Defence.0July 4039Ratification00Центральная партия
Anti Slavery Treaty1June 4033Ratification160RISE Movement
International Right to Privacy Treaty0January 4033Ratification00Chann National Party (CNP)
Majatran Oil Corporation0December 4032Ratification10Chann National Party (CNP)
Terran Religious Freedom2January 4032Ratification00Statesmen of Kundrati for Self Reliance
Well & Sons® Mining and Drilling Company0July 4030Ratification20Democratic-Republican Party
Recognition of the State of Mitraeum0August 4029Ratification00D'alyaa Aemoataa
International recognition of the int. state of Tel Bidzhan0April 4029Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Treaty of friendship between Rildanor and Ibutho0January 4024Ratification10Unified Communist Party of Rildanor
Cildanian-Malivian Treaty of Fellowship and Alliance0March 4018Ratification20Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
Cildanian-Vanukean Treaty of Fellowship and Alliance0December 4015Ratification00Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
International Anti-Child Labor Organization (IACLO)1November 4015Ratification20Party of the People of Baltusia
Luthorian-Cildanian Treaty of Fellowship and Alliance0February 4015Ratification00Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
Private Bank of Kanjor (PBK)0November 4013Ratification10Nationalist Party of Kanjor
Beluzia-Kanjor Friendship Treaty0April 4012Ratification10Nationalist Party of Kanjor
Talmoria-Kanjor Friendship Treaty0April 4012Ratification00Nationalist Party of Kanjor
Refugee Treaty between the Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu and the Vorstendom Vanuke / Wrnukék Mirzknstat (Vanuku)0November 4006Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Refugee Treaty between the Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu and Brmék Mlk'knstat (Kingdom of Barmenia)0October 4006Ratification00תְּקוּמָה
Sperry & Hutchinson (S&H) Green Stamps Program0March 4006Ratification10La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)
Eastern Development Organization0December 4005Ratification90姬恩黨 (Jien Party) 🌾
New Kanjori Missile Base0June 4004Ratification00Militarist Party of Kanjor
High Commissions, Embassies & Consulates of Ibutho2July 4002Ratification00People's Party
Anti-Communist Pact0July 4001Ratification00National Party of Luthori
North Seleyan Train Operating Company0August 4000Ratification40Great National Republican Guard
The Aldegar Trade Treaty1June 3994Ratification10Liberal Democratic Party
International Recognition of the Azahari Emirate of Al’Badara0January 3993Ratification10House of Al Azahari
Embassies of Hobrazia0April 3992Ratification30Kushite Revolution
'Gaduridos Means Business' Foreign Business Treaty0January 3985Ratification10Social Democratic
Rocc-Cola Group Franchising Treaty0August 3984Ratification80Federalist Party of Hutori
International Terran Bank0March 3984Ratification260Federalist Party of Hutori
Treaty of the Lion, the Tiger, and the Dragon Addendum: The Phoenix0July 3983Ratification00姬恩黨 (Jien Party) 🌾
International Rejection of Slavery Agreement1September 3980Ratification80Democratic Party of Hutori
Economic Sanctions on Vanuku0February 3980Ratification00Democratic Party of Hutori
National Football League(NFL)0August 3966Ratification00Glory
Luthori Treaty of Diplomatic Relations2December 3960Ratification140United Luthori
Majatran Sea Treaty Organization (MSTO)0June 3959Ratification20Chann National Party (CNP)
Treaty on the Establishment of EE (Eight Economies)0February 3959Ratification00Центральная партия
Anti-Ahmadist Terrorism Treaty Organization (ATTO)0August 3958Ratification00Chann National Party (CNP)
Luthori-Saridan Alliance Treaty0December 3954Ratification00United Luthori
Luthori-Aloria Alliance Treaty0May 3948Ratification00United Luthori
Worldwide Treaty of Friendship with Aloria0November 3918Ratification50National People's Front (NPF)
Quality Economy Agreement (QEA)0February 3918Ratification00Fluss Sci-EcoSD Partei
Terran Free Trade Agreement3February 3909Ratification10Konservatīvā Partija
Charter of the Makeris Cooperation Organization0March 3900Ratification00Центральная партия
Dundorf-Kanjor Friendship Treaty0April 3895Ratification10Loyalistes de Lyvelines
Solentia-Kanjor Friendship Treaty0April 3895Ratification00Loyalistes de Lyvelines
Alliance of Terran States Agreement0March 3885Ratification10Hobrazi Union
Trigunian Diplomatic Treaty0November 3883Ratification190Центральная партия
Zardic-Aldurian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security0June 3881Ratification00Zardio Federisma Partio
Charter of the Kerisian Union0September 3877Ratification20Центральная партия
Access for Karav Financial Services - 3875 Revision0October 3875Ratification00Beluz Democratic Karavist Party
International Recognition and Acceptance of the Martin Divergence0December 3874Ratification110姬恩黨 (Jien Party) 🌾
CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol0September 3868Ratification240Soziale Nationalistische Partei
Republican International Pact2May 3864Ratification00Frente Operária do Tukarali
World Financial Trade Center (WTFC)0December 3861Ratification110Partido Monárquico
Centre for Nulcear and Subnuclear Research (CNSR)0April 3857Ratification20Fluss/River SD Party
International Confederation for Applied Chemistry and Biological Research (ICACBR)0April 3857Ratification30Fluss/River SD Party
International Space Agency (ISA)1November 3856Ratification160Fluss/River SD Party
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)1October 3856Ratification10Fluss/River SD Party
Rutanian - Hutorian Treaty of Diplomatic Engagement0July 3855Ratification00Federalist Party of Hutori
Treaty for Racial Equality3April 3851Ratification30The Izaäkian League
Kazulian Diplomatic Center0June 3846Ratification20Nasjonalt Arbeiderparti 🌹
Free Trade League1June 3844Ratification00National Republican Party
International Terran Bank3July 3836Ratification00Federalist Party of Hutori
Seleya and Artania Treaty Organisation0June 3812Ratification50Parti Conservateur Démocratique (PCD)
Treaty of Peace and Non-Aggression between Lourenne and Rildanor0July 3808Ratification00Front Socialiste Républicain
Treaty of Ecological Sustainability and Peace Among Amicable Nations Treaty of 38044February 3804Ratification30Parti de l'Ecologie Rildanor
Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Royaume de Rildanor0November 3803Ratification10Popolari per l'Istalia - U.o.L.
Anti-Communist Initiative0March 3802Ratification00National Republican Party
Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Sultanate of Al'Badara0February 3801Ratification10Popolari per l'Istalia - U.o.L.
Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the United Beiteynian Republic0November 3800Ratification20Popolari per l'Istalia - U.o.L.
Aloria-Malivia Treaty of Friendship, Mutual Defence & Cooperation0June 3800Ratification20Geraja Janata Parishad
Convention on Homeschooling Rights1January 3800Ratification10Kirlawan People's Justice Party
Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Repubblica Istaliana and the Most Serene Cildanian Union0May 3798Ratification20Popolari per l'Istalia - U.o.L.
Dundorfian Diplomatic Relations Treaty0August 3791Ratification190Dundorf kaiserlichen Liberalen Partei
The Saridan - Cobura Partnership Agreement0January 3788Ratification00Saridan Tomorrow Party
The Saridan - Baltusia Partnership Agreement0December 3787Ratification00Saridan Tomorrow Party
Zardic-Dundorfian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperaiton and Mutual Defense and Security0August 3786Ratification10Zardio Federisma Partio
STAWP – Southern Terra Anti Weapon Program0July 3779Ratification00The Liberal Pinks
Selucian and Zardugal friendship treaty0February 3775Ratification00LP
The Terran Supercup of Regions0November 3766Ratification40Parti Conservateur Démocratique
Entente Canrillaise0September 3764Ratification20Loyalistes de Lyvelines
Commonwealth of Seridjan - Treaty on Diplomatic Relations0March 3761Ratification60Union of the Centre (UvdS)
The Selucia-Baltusia Partnership Agreement0February 3758Ratification20Tomorrow Party
Diplomatic Treaty between Lodamun and Baltusia0June 3748Ratification10Social Libermuns Party
Seleyan Union (SU)0September 3746Ratification81Baltusia Partido Conservador
International Center for Disease Control2February 3744Ratification40Federalist Party of Hutori
Baltusia - Beluzia Friendship Treaty0November 3732Ratification10Baltusia Partido Conservador
Baltusia - Aloria Friendship Treaty0March 3732Ratification20Baltusia Partido Conservador
Treaty on Diplomatic Relations with Zardugal0February 3731Ratification140Zardio Federisma Partio
Baltusia - Rildanor Friendship Treaty0January 3731Ratification20Baltusia Partido Conservador
Baltusia - Rutania Friendship Treaty0January 3731Ratification20Baltusia Partido Conservador
Zardic-Jakanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security0September 3724Ratification00Zardio Federisma Partio
Tripartite Alliance0May 3722Ratification00Banmek-Sntazed Prta
Recognition for Luthori0February 3720Ratification00The House of Verrell-Luthori
Charter of the Majatran Security Co-Operation Organization0February 3712Ratification20Zardio Federisma Partio
Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization0February 3706Ratification110Soziale Nationalistische Partei
FIFA World Cup0February 3703Ratification260Sindicato Obrero Libre
Zardic-Vanuku Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security0July 3660Ratification00Zardio Federisma Partio
Treaty of Gongmangdo0July 3626Ratification20Partido Federalista 🌲 연방당
International Racial Equality Agreement6January 3625Ratification10Federalist Party
Recognition of the Confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kuzaki0May 3606Ratification60Partidul Poporului Noului Endralon
Coburian-Dundorfian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation0July 3601Ratification10Dundorf kaiserlichen Liberalen Partei
Recognition of the Kingdom of Saridan0June 3591Ratification10Nasionale Patriotiese Party
Zardic-Cildanian Treaty of Friendship, Co-Operation and Mutual Security0December 3583Ratification01Zardio Federisma Partio
Charter of the Majatran Union0June 3580Ratification20Zardio Federisma Partio
Affirming the Right to Bear Arms1December 3574Ratification00Progressive Conservative Party
Majatra Anti-Slavery Accord1November 3512Ratification30Zardio Federisma Partio
Declaration of Dranish Neutrality0May 3512Ratification10Partido Federalista 🌲 연방당
New Mordusian Neutrality Pact0September 3508Ratification30United Mordusia Coalition (IP)
Terran Oil Cartel Treaty0October 3498Ratification20Gilde Mercantile Solentia
Telamon Diplomatic Relations2February 3489Ratification30Socialistiska Forum
Gaduridan Diplomatic Relations Treaty1September 3471Ratification100Federalist Party
Recognition of the Deltarian Czardom0August 3468Ratification20Červená thalleristická aliancia
Istalian Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty2February 3465Ratification70Partito Comunista Istaliano
Terran Nuclear and Renewable Energy Agency2January 3451Ratification11Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
Fellowship Treaty of Cildania and Badara0September 3432Ratification00Cildanian National Party (PNC/CNS)
International Sustainable Fishing Protocols2August 3427Ratification10White List Party
Rutania-Aloria Trade and Prosperity Agreement0April 3427Ratification20Urban Party of Rutania
United Nations of Terra Charter0January 3426Ratification10Independent Citizens' Party
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)0December 3399Ratification410Grüne Partei
Terran Football Federation (World Championship)1December 3397Ratification70Fin Ega Defo
Union of Seleyan Football Associations (USFA)1May 3384Ratification50Szlachta Walruzyjska
Declaration of Tukarese Neutrality0July 3354Ratification170VOZ - Duu Khooloi
Union of Majatran Nations0May 3351Ratification20Zardio Federisma Partio
Dorvish Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty0October 3345Ratification240Soziale Nationalistische Partei
Dolgava-New Endralon Friendship Treaty0November 3327Ratification00Liberal Democratic Party
TerraVision Song Contest0February 3326Ratification160Bloc Am Chazak, Am Yedui, Am Libre
The Kalistan-Terra General Friendship Accord0January 3292Ratification20Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
International Outer Space Treaty0October 3280Ratification120Meritocratic Alliance
Formula One Racing - International World Championship Circuit0July 3264Ratification160Left Libertarian Alliance of Cats
Artanian Union (AU)0May 3257Ratification10Soziale Nationalistische Partei
International Rugby Union Association0May 3257Ratification200Forward Hutori Party
International University3June 3246Ratification50Liberala Partio de Koburo
Convention on the fair treatment of prisoners of war1May 3246Ratification10Social Democratic Party [SDP]
Convention against Torture1September 3242Ratification10Royalist Party
The Seleyan League of Champions1January 3236Ratification50Szlachta Walruzyjska
Gaduridos - Kirlawa Cooperation Treaty0April 3229Ratification20Sindicato Obrero Libre
Gaduridos - Cildania Friendship and Cooperation Treaty0March 3228Ratification20Sindicato Obrero Libre
Gaduridos - Egelion Diplomatic Pact of Friendship and Collaboration0March 3226Ratification00Sindicato Obrero Libre
South Majatra Demilitarization and Cooperation Agreement0August 3224Ratification10Demokratychna Delic Partija
International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)0July 3208Ratification180Likaton Unity Party
Gaduridos - Zardugal Friendship Treaty0November 3207Ratification10Sindicato Obrero Libre
Alliance of Terran Republics1August 3207Ratification20Sindicato Obrero Libre
Jelbanian International Football League0April 3207Ratification10Orthodox Party
Rutania - Luthori Security and Prosperity Treaty0May 3205Ratification01Constitutionalist Imperial League (IA)
The International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony0May 3198Ratification140People's Centrist Party
International Convention on Intellectual Property Rights1October 3197Ratification10Sociaal-Liberale Partij
International Treaty for the Regulation of Whaling1April 3191Ratification10Sociaal-Liberale Partij
International Tennis Association0May 3190Ratification210Sindicato Obrero Libre
Northern Seleya Alliance (NSA)0April 3173Ratification10Likaton Unity Party
Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)0June 3131Ratification50Republican Party of Lourenne
Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation Between the Democratic Republic of Aloria and the Republic of Kirlawa0August 3130Ratification10Genuine Progress Alliance
Declaration of Human Rights0August 3090Ratification20Movement for the Progress of Lodamun
UAFA - Union of Artanian Football Associations0March 3076Ratification50Communist Party of Darnussia
The League of Terran Nations (LTN)1June 3070Ratification00Parti Conservateur Royaliste
Unione Italiana0January 3037Ratification10Labour Party
Trade Liberalisition Treaty2June 3036Ratification00Liberal Party
Terran Union Weapons Trafficking Organisation (3024 Treaty of Brn Jezstad)3August 3024Ratification00Barmenian Unity Coalition
Olympic Committee of Artania0June 2968Ratification40Union Socialism Alliance
Terra National Wrestling Organization (TNWA)0December 2941Ratification50Conservative Democratic Party
Dranian Ecotourism Initiative0February 2911Ratification20Blackrose Corporation
The Majatran Cup0December 2906Ratification110Black Pope Nationalist Party of Selucia
League of Island Nations0July 2895Ratification50Natsionalʹnaya Patrioticheskaya Partiya
Cildanian Free Trade Agreement0January 2894Ratification30New Liberty Party
International Treaty for Political Indipendence of Public Administration1August 2885Ratification10Riforme per l'Istalia
League of Anti-Slavery Nations1September 2876Ratification120Imperial East Terra Company
Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Birahteynu, September 27080October 2875Ratification10Kalopiká Fileléfthero Kómma
Nordisk Råd0December 2868Ratification10Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru
International Free Trade Agreement0July 2849Ratification90Conservative-Libertarian Party (UM)
International agreement to ban torture2October 2813Ratification10Partido Democratico Social
Terran Boxing Organization (TBO)0May 2801Ratification60Vorder Organization
International Treaty on the Abolishment of Segregation2March 2794Ratification40Konstitutionelle Monarchie Partei
Recongnition of the Republic of New Englia0September 2787Ratification20Urban Party of Kirlawa
International Mind Sports Association0May 2764Ratification70Endralon Progress Party
Terran Independent News Treaty (T.I.N.T)0April 2743Ratification50Federal Republican Party (ZC)
United Nations of Terra0April 2729Ratification60The Liberal Party
Union Française0September 2710Ratification10Front Canrillaise
Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field. Birahteynu, May 27060May 2706Ratification30BDSP un Beys fun Yisserles-Binyomen
Walburg Conference0March 2705Ratification20Centre Democrats
Global Peacekeeping Organization - Peace Troops1April 2701Ratification20Centrist Liberals
International Agreement on Infrastructure and the Right to Property -- Revised3September 2685Ratification10Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
International Agreement on Public Health -- Revised4September 2685Ratification10Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
International Agreement on the Rights of the Soldier -- Revised5September 2685Ratification10Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
Dovani Territorial Defence Organization0September 2679Ratification10Conservative Party
Saridan Neutrality Agreement0November 2676Ratification10Freedom Party
Alliance for the Promotion of National Health Care Policies2August 2650Ratification10Kristen Socialdemokratisk Partiet
United Conservative Front Treaty0November 2628Ratification00Patriciate Imperial League (UCF)
Land Mine Prohibition Treaty1March 2610Ratification10Liberty Party
Terrean Trade Board0August 2606Ratification10Grüne Linkspartei
Treaty for Establishment of Council for Peace and Security in Artania0August 2598Ratification30Rutanian Democratic Forum
The International Monarchist League0February 2592Ratification00Parti Imperial du Peuple (IA)
Missile Defense Shield0October 2582Ratification110Christian Royalist Party
Luthori-Rildanor Fellowship Treaty0November 2547Ratification10Front Canrillaise
Alduria-Rildanor Fellowship Treaty0May 2545Ratification10Front Canrillaise
Tukarali Neutrality Treaty0June 2538Ratification10Rightist Party
World Fair0March 2505Ratification170Am Echad, Pays Libre
Pro-Sports Treaty1April 2478Ratification20bran1322 Party
Child Labour Treaty1July 2477Ratification20Democratic Labour Party of Cobura
The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)0June 2477Ratification320bran1322 Party
International Space Agency1March 2453Ratification40Vanuku Corporate Alliance
Against Torture Treaty1September 2436Ratification20Bloc Militaire pour Restauration
Anti High and Mid Level Corruption0September 2419Ratification10Endralonian Social-Democratic Party
Aldegar Canal Security Treaty0April 2403Ratification10Party of Moderates
The Comprehensive Gay Rights Treaty4February 2398Ratification20Democratic Party
Condemnation of any attempted genocide of the Welsh-Dranians0September 2396Ratification10Covenanters (IA)
Treaty of Cooperation among Football (Soccer)-playing Nations0September 2396Ratification30Bündnis 89 / Die Faulenzer
Aldegar Non-Aggression Treaty0November 2388Ratification10Party of Moderates
Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)1October 2356Ratification20TomasianDouglasian Party
International Chess Association (ICA)0March 2348Ratification210Partido Alessandrista Reformado
Accord des Nations Amicales0April 2338Ratification10Partie Patriotique de Kanjor
Cildanian Neutrality Treaty0June 2310Ratification10Union for a Responsible Republic
Mordusian Neutrality Pact0November 2299Ratification30Agrarian Party of Mordusia
The Minority Languages Treaty0August 2289Ratification10Plaid Gyfreithiol Cymru
International Agreement on Infrastructure and the Right to Property3May 2286Ratification10Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information4November 2285Ratification40Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
International Agreement On Education5May 2284Ratification10Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
International Agreement On The RIghts of the Workers7June 2283Ratification10Revolutionary Freedom Party -- KEG SLAM
International Committee of the Red Cross2September 2281Ratification20Partito Social-Liberista Istaliano
Keymon Neutrality Agreement0October 2189Ratification21Christian Democrats
Rights of the Workers6July 2189Ratification10Red Party
TOA (Terran Olympic Association)0December 2180Ratification440Primary Party
Keymon Free Trade Agreement0March 2139Ratification60Conservative Liberal Party
Declaration on the Use of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Interests of Peace and for the Benefit of Mankind0April 2138Ratification20RSDP - Democratic Front
Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons0December 2134Ratification130RSDP - Democratic Front
Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons0December 2134Ratification100RSDP - Democratic Front
Global Emancipation Treaty1May 2120Ratification180Alianse Progresivitāte
Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War1March 2120Ratification40Radical Republicans
International Ecotourism Treaty3April 2119Ratification10Kirlawa Green Party
South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO )0February 2111Ratification60New Passive Militarist Party
Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals1January 2109Ratification30Ducal Delegation
Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals1November 2105Ratification40Ducal Delegation
The Law of the Sea0November 2094Ratification470Kirlawa Green Party
Treaty to Establish the Seleya Free Trade Zone1May 2091Ratification20Democratic Centre Party of Gaduridos

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