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Bill: Cabinet Proposal of December 2357


Submitted by[?]: Imperial Power Party

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill presents the formation of a cabinet. It requires more than half of the legislature to vote yes. Traditionally, parties in the proposal vote yes, others (the opposition) vote no. This bill will pass as soon as the required yes votes are in and all parties in the proposal have voted yes, or will be defeated if unsufficient votes are reached on the deadline.

Voting deadline: August 2358


Proposing a Cabinet



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date17:50:53, February 10, 2007 CET
FromPopular Revolutionary Front
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of December 2357
MessageOppose. Are the other parties just plain retarded? The Imperial Party has proposed a cabinet giving him full power. The party would have Defence, Justice, HoG, Foreign Affairs, and Internal Affairs.

He would have full power over the military and basicly the country. Are you parties that blind that you cannot see the Imperial parts plan?

Date18:49:37, February 10, 2007 CET
FromImperial Power Party
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of December 2357
MessageDoes this cabinet proposal compared to the current cabinet not improve the standard of the cabinet?

Date21:04:59, February 10, 2007 CET
FromPopular Revolutionary Front
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of December 2357
MessageAbsolutly not.

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 86


Total Seats: 15


    Total Seats: 0

    Random fact: In order for a Cabinet bill to pass, more than half of the legislature must vote for it and all of the parties included in the proposed Cabinet must support it. If your nation has a Head of State who is also the Head of Government, then the party controlling this character must also vote for the bill, since the Head of Government is also a member of the Cabinet. If any of these requirements are not met, the bill will not pass.

    Random quote: "As a practitioner of Inkolo, the traditional Ibutho religion, and also as a devout Hosian, Ahmadi, Yazdi, Daenist and Felinist, I am the perfect candidate to chair the International Conference on Inter-Faith Dialogue and bring all of the different sides together. I am further qualified by the fact I am a living deity myself, and hence - as all who know me agree - have a unique vantage point for understanding divine affairs." � Chief Mlungisi of Ibutho, May 3611

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