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Bill: Sane Act for Abortion Policy [amended]


Submitted by[?]: Democratic Rationalists (PrCoa)

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: June 2430


It appears that the original SAAP bill has been effectively defeated. However, there appeared to be sufficient votes to support an amended SAAP, which limited abortions to the first two trimesters. We therefore propose this new, amended SAAP.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 306


Total Seats: 169


Total Seats: 97

Random fact: Once approved, players should copy Cultural Protocols into a bill in the debate section of their nation page, under the title of "OOC: Cultural Protocols". This bill should include links to the actual Cultural Protocols bill which was approved by Moderation, the Game Rules and the Cultural Protocols Index.

Random quote: "An idealist is one who, on noticing that roses smell better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup." H. L. Mencken

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