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Bill: Call for early elections, June 2521


Submitted by[?]: CSA Communist Party of the DPRK

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill requests an early election. It requires more than half of the legislature to vote yes. This bill will pass as soon as the required yes votes are in, or will be defeated if unsufficient votes are reached on the deadline. Elections will be held immediately if the bill passes.

Voting deadline: February 2522


We, the The CSA Communist KITTEHS of the DPRK, call for early elections as soon as we can reach a consensus.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date04:59:37, January 25, 2008 CET
FromMiddleton Party
ToDebating the Call for early elections, June 2521
Message... Why?

Date12:28:44, January 25, 2008 CET
FromCSA Communist Party of the DPRK
ToDebating the Call for early elections, June 2521
Messagesome partys are inactive and we feel the turnout is wrong

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