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Bill: Child Labour Abolition Act


Submitted by[?]: NCPA

Status[?]: defeated

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: February 2935


Bill Allison, Leader of the NCPA, urges "the congress to agree that a civilised and prosperous nation such as Aloria need not rely on child labour.

The party puts fourth a bill that motions for a immediate ban on this immoral legislation.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date21:31:15, May 06, 2010 CET
FromDemocratic Centrist Party
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act

Date21:35:45, May 06, 2010 CET
FromNew Aloria Party (NAP)
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessageThe reason we vote no is because once again it is a choice not a slave and as well the bill that was passed with this made it the ENTERAINMENT business only meaning child models, singers, actors, actress. The DPA has voted before to make it the way it is right now we call on them to explain why they voted no.

Date21:46:20, May 06, 2010 CET
FromNew Aloria Party (NAP)
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessagePlease refer to the Regulated Child Labor Act of 2925 passed by the GPA. I see no reason for us to try and change it. As well DCP you supported that bill, why do you support this one now to end it?

Regulated Child Labor Act of 2925:

Date23:13:40, May 06, 2010 CET
FromNational Socialist Party (PCA)
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessageIt's not immoral. There's more regulations on child labor than adult labor, it's all manual.

Date23:39:13, May 06, 2010 CET
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessageFor the case of the role play Child labour does not refer to entertainment industry, the only exception in RL politics are household work or school related work, not the entertainment industry, because that it

OOC: I only read it how it was it written sorry :S

Date00:08:58, May 07, 2010 CET
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
Messageshould be forbidden*

Date00:28:55, May 07, 2010 CET
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessageWe may have made the mistake with the bill having misterupted legislation this time. However some parties still aren't clear with the current law which forbids all child labour except in the entertainment. Although the NCPA party still believes that child labour as a term refers to hard labour jobs i.e. factory work. Would parties say that a paper round is banned, as at the moment child labour covers all types of under 18 jobs

Date01:38:30, May 07, 2010 CET
FromDemocratic Party of Aloria
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessageTo clarify
1.) I did NOT remember that this was entertainment only
2.) The law does NOT mean factory work ONLY entertainment.

Date04:14:39, May 07, 2010 CET
FromNew Aloria Party (NAP)
ToDebating the Child Labour Abolition Act
MessageHi, I think we should start a bill in debate leave it in debate and add all bills passed that inculde proposals that have add ons that RPed like the GPA's bill as well, as ones that have no proposals like the Emgernecy Day Fund Act.

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