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Bill: Act of Union (Canrille), 3260


Submitted by[?]: Front Canrillaise

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill asks for an amendement to the Constitution. It will require two-thirds of the legislature to vote in favor. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: March 3260


Act Ratifying and Approving the Act of Union of the Two Kingdoms of RILDANOR and KANJOR


1. That the Two Kingdoms of Rildanor and Kanjor shall by the end of the year 3260 and forever after be United into One Kingdom by the Name of 'Empire de la Canrille (Rildanor)', or Empire of Canrille, and under the reign of One Monarch under His Majesty Emperor François I and his heirs thereafter.

2. That the Succession to the Monarchy of the Empire of Canrille and of the Domains thereunto belonging after His Most Sacred Majesty be regulated by this Act of Union, which limits it to the heirs of François I, son of Baudouin III of Rildanor and Nöelle I of Kanjor, as determined by equal primogeniture, religion, and legitimate birth.
--- 2.1. Anyone who is not in communion with the Catholic faith is permanently excluded from the succession. Marriage to a non-Catholic individual is acceptable, though children must be raised within the Catholic faith to be on the line of succession.
--- 2.2. The Monarch, regardless of gender, maintains the royal family name of Orléans-Vasser and Villiers upon marriage. Descendants of Emperor François I, the first monarch of the new dynasty, can maintain the name.
--- 2.3. If the list of the line of succession has been exhausted then a new noble family may be placed on the throne in consultation with and approval of the Government.

3. That the Empire of Canrille be Represented by one and the same Parliament to be styled the Imperial Parliament of Canrille, combining the existing provincial legislatures of Rildanor and Kanjor.
--- 3.1. The jurisdiction of the Imperial Parliament shall be limited to royal, foreign, and military actions, and enacted with a simple majority vote in both legislatures. While policies may differ between the two provinces, only one united action may be undertaken by the Imperial Parliament.
--- 3.2. The jurisdiction of the individual provincial legislatures of Rildanor and Kanjor shall encompass all other domestic issues.

4. That all the Citizens of the Empire of Canrille shall from and after the Union have full Freedom and Intercourse of Trade and Mobility to and from any port or place within the said Empire and the Domains thereunto belonging And that there be a Communication of all other Rights Privileges and Advantages which do or may belong to the Citizens of either Kingdom except where it is otherwise expressly agreed in these Articles.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date05:04:21, February 16, 2012 CET
From Front Canrillaise
ToDebating the Act of Union (Canrille), 3260

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