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Bill: TIP III - State Religion Act


Submitted by[?]: Old Guard Party (CГП)

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: September 3270


The State Church of Trigunia shall hereby be the "Lyuteranskaya Tserkovʹ v Trigunskoye" (Lutheran Church of Trigunia).

Article I: The Church is independent of State control but serves as a symbol of Trigunian stating in its motto: "Trigunia is and shall remain a Protestant Nation under the auspice of God."

Article II: All Protestant churches found throughout the defined borders of Trigunia, or found under the control of ethnic Trigunians outside of the Nation, have the opportunity and ability to enter the organization if it meets the following criteria:
- It must be Protestant, denying the authority and spirituality of the Pope of any Catholic Churches, papalism, and the idolatry of Saints.
- It must revere the Testaments of the Holy Scripture, witness them as the sole word of God, and view their words as the ultimate authority of Christianity.

Article III: The Church is intended to act primarily as a symbol of the nation, and a statement of Protestant faith. It must not act nor be perceived as a restrictive body determining a rigid and proper religious doctrine; only the Word of God found within the Testaments of the Holy Scriptures can create such a doctrine. Therefore, each individual Protestant denomination found within the Church hereby possess a certain degree of autonomy to determine their own right and proper doctrine. As such, it allows the differing sects to exist within it, making their own doctrinal decisions regarding issues, which include but are not limited to, the true Nature of Christ, the Holy Trinity, Original Sin, Predestination, Marriage, Divorce, and women ministers.

Article IV: The Church is hereby run by the "Svyatyeĭshiĭ Sinod Upravlyayushchih" (Most Holy Governing Synod) with the "Patriarh" (Patriarch) at its head. The Sinod, which shall meet annually and be made up of all the local ministers of the Church, shall hereby elect the Council and the Patriarch; who shall hereby be appointed formally by the legislature of Trigunia upon the recommendation of the Sinod.

Article V: The work and purpose of the Patriarh and the Sinod shall be chosen by the Boyar Duma when in session, as it may vary depending on the climate and situations of the country at large.

Article VI: The collection of funds for the remuneration of religious ministers and officials by the State is hereby regulated and enforced by "Gosudarstvennoĭ religii Komiteta po Regulirovaniyu" (State Religion Regulatory Committee). The Committee is hereby chosen from members of the Synod as well as "Natsionalʹnaya organizatsiya Prihozhane" (National Organization of Parishioners). The Committee members are hereby chosen and appointed with recommendation and cooperation of Patriarh.

Amendment VII: The remuneration of religious ministers and officials by the State applies only to the Church and none other. These remunerations are gained through the registration of the religion of individuals or families into the Church as required by law.

Article VIII: Membership and participation of the individual in the Church, which is a combination of Reformed, Lutheran, and other Protestant Churches, is completely voluntary and the rights of all the people of Trigunia to worship their own religion, within the confines of national and regional laws, shall not be infringed.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date10:17:24, March 05, 2012 CET
FromTrudovaja Partija
ToDebating the TIP III - State Religion Act
MessageБольшая часть религиозных организаций была разогнана. Большинство священников сейчас либо расстреляны, либо в трудовых лагерях. Все церковные комитеты были уничтожены, а их члены были расстреляны. Разумеется о разрешении религии, а тем более о установлении госрелигии не может быть и речи.

Date03:00:54, March 06, 2012 CET
FromOld Guard Party (CГП)
ToDebating the TIP III - State Religion Act
MessageWhat is worse? Religious oppression or secular oppression? Followers of the True Faith have been living under oppression for too long!

Quite a violent bunch you are. The killing of pastors and the religious just shows the true color of the Communists ... it is indeed red, but red with the blood of innocent victims!

We will fight the Communists, but not without guns. We will fight them with our faith and love of mankind. They too will one day see the errors of their crimes ... and then be brought to trial for them. For although God judges, man will punish.

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