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Bill: Establishment of the Trigunian National Church Act


Submitted by[?]: Trigunskaya Natsional'naya Partiya

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: March 3588


This Act proposes the establishment of a state religion under the auspices of a Trigunian National Church, which shall be run by a Synod of 20 bishops appointed by the monarch on the advice of his Prem'yer. The monarch shall be the titular Head of the Church, and the bishop of Petrovgrad - known as the "Archbishop of Petrovgrad" - shall facilitate the day-to-day running of the Church and enjoy "first-amongst-equals" status amongst the bishops.

Some clarifications:

Article 1 - Blasphemers will usually be subject to fines. Only the most serious, repeat offenders will be subject to prison sentences.

Article 2 - The monarch, on the advice of the Prem'yer, will appoint the ministers of the Trigunian National Church, but not the ministers of any other religious bodies in Trigunia. Similarly, the state will set and pay the salaries of TNC ministers, but not those of other religious bodies.

Article 4 - Non-TNC religions may not construct religious buildings, organise religious meetings with more than 20 people present or attempt to evangelise in the public sphere. The TNC is our national religion and must be respected as such.

Articles 5&7 - Every school, public or private, must help to raise children in the faith and teachings of the TNC.

Article 6 - All non-TNC religious organisations will be taxed as companies.

Matvei Pasternack
Prem'yer of Trigunia

OOC: The TNC is loosely based on orthodox/theognosian churches, with a few borrowings from the Terran Patriarchal Church, such as the description of God as "Boh".



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date05:59:34, December 07, 2013 CET
FromKommunisticheskaya Partiya Trigunii
ToDebating the Establishment of the Trigunian National Church Act
MessageThis is just too weak! Articles 3 and 8 allow the continued existence of the SPC in Trigunia, which is simply unacceptable. SPC follwoers should convert to the true faith on the pain of exile. Still this is a vast improvement on the status quo.

Grigori Redovich
LPT President

Date18:36:11, December 07, 2013 CET
FromTrigunskaya Natsional'naya Partiya
ToDebating the Establishment of the Trigunian National Church Act
MessageLike Grigori Redovich, we would like everybody to convert to the true faith, but we will not attempt to force conversion on people. Genuine conversion comes by choice, not by coercion. We will, however, restrict the ability of heretic religions to lead our people astray, and we will give the true church every possible opportunity to win souls over for Boh.

Matvei Pasternack
Prem'yer of Trigunia

Date19:41:42, December 07, 2013 CET
From Hosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund
ToDebating the Establishment of the Trigunian National Church Act
MessagePax vobiscum.

We presume the Liberal representative meant the Terran Patriarchal "Church", not our organisation, which has not maintained a strong presence in Trigunia in recent ages. For us, it is enough that the new Trigunian Church has abjured the paganism of the Deltarian heathens, and returned to the true faith in God and Spirit. The rest is solely an offer of friendship from His Holiness the Arch-Patriarch, whom I represent.

Father Vaclav Ivaneyev,
Apostolic Vicar of His Holiness Arch-Patriarch Josephus VII in Trigunia

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