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Submitted by[?]: Liberal Alliance

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: January 3967


About Luthori:

Luthori is accepted as the game's equivalent of England. The country's culture and political system is based on Victorian England. It is staunchly royalist, conservative, and moderate religious. Left-wing parties have historically performed badly in elections. The royal household is the House of Adlerberg-Villayn. The monarchy is an integral aspect of Luthori having ruled between 2102-2131, 2145-2372, 2500-2563, 2586-2611, 2644-2796, 2813-3328, and from 3338 to the early 3800's and from 3881 and forward. (Today is mid 3900's)

Luthori is the home of the Holy Luthori Church. For most of Luthori's history it has been the official religion and church of the Holy Luthorian Empire and Alduria. It is a firmly Independent Confessional Church but accepts and includes Patriarchal rites. The church is based on the Church of England (with a conservative, high-church branch, a liberal, high-church branch and an evangelical, low-church branch.).

Luthori had a vast colonial empire which included New Alduria, the Namvietian Empire, Talmorschland, Philipi, New Mordusia, the South Carinian Territories, and also had claims on parts of Beiteynu known as the Holy Commonwealth of Beiteynu and Yishelem. Many colonies are today lost and the Empire is by many seen as fallen.

Regarding its politics there is usually a centre to centre-right-wing consensus with most if not all the parties belonging to the centre and to the right. However, parties usually range from being social conservative to libertarian and everything in between. In addition, most if not all parties usually support the monarchy as republican parties are rare and have sometimes been considered treasonous.


Luthori is a homogeneous country but also homes people from former colonies, its neighbours, and a strong group of nobility with foreign roots since long back in history.

• 82% Luthorians (90% White - based on English people, 5% based on swedish/north german nobility, 5% based on Indians/Pakistans)
• 4,5% Beiteynuese (Based on Jews)
• 4,5% Hulstrians (Mainly white - based on German people)
• 4% Ibuthoians (Based on Zulu people)
• 2% Badaran (Based on Arabs)
• 2% Aldurians (White - based on French people)
• 1% Hobrazians (Based on Georgian people)


The official language of Luthori is Luthorian (English).

• 99% Luthorian (English)
• 5% Aldurian/Canrillaise (French)
• 5% Hulstrian/Dundorfische (German)
• 3% Beiteynuese (Hebrew/Yiddish)
• 1,5% Badaran (Arabic)


The Holy Luthori Church has often been the state religion of Luthori and at times has also had compulsory membership.

• 80% Holy Luthori Church and of that 10% liberal hosianism (Anglican, based on the Church of England)
• 8% Atheists
• 3% Traditionalist Lutheran Church (Protestant)
• 1% Hobrazian Orthodox Church (Catholic/Eastern Orthodox/Oriental Orthodox)
• 1% Yeudism (Judaism)

It is believed that up to 15% of the population does not follow any religion at all, but some are still members in the official State Church, many thanks to the more liberal oriented hosianism that is found in mainly Utagia and Orange.


• The names of political parties should be in English
• The names of vast majority of characters/'candidates'/politicians should be English
• A small number of German names may be permitted, as well as a very small number of African, Indian/Pakistani, French, Arab, Jewish names.

Important Links:

• Luthori Wiki:
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• Liberal Hosianism:
• House of Adlerberg-Villayn:
• Code of Address:
• Privy Council:
• Government Structure:
• Nobility/Useable titles:



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    Random fact: "Jezvraljogadsrlji" means "Social" in the Jelbic languages.

    Random quote: "Only the educated are free." Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD), Discourses

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