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Bill: OOC: Cultural Protocols of Kanjor


Submitted by[?]: Loyalistes de Lyvelines

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: August 3971


The culture of Kanjor is loosely based upon IRL French culture, referred to in-game as Canrillaise; as such French or French-sounding names are to be preferred for naming characters. Canrillaise culture is shared by other nations on Terra, mainly Rildanor, Alduria and Lourenne; at various times in history Kanjor has been a part of the Empire de la Canrille together with one, or more, of these countries. Despite decades of state atheism, the majority of the population still owes allegiance to the Aurorian Patriarchal Church, resulting from the unification of the Theognosian and Selucian Churches.

--- Ethnicity ---
92% Canrillaise (French)
3% Mordusian (English)
2% Saridanian (Dutch)
2% Quanzari (Semitic)
1% Other

--- Religion ---
71% Aurorian (Christian)
24% None
3% Other
2% Ahmadi (Islamic)



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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Vote Seats

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