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Bill: OCC: Cultural Protocols of Dolgaria


Submitted by[?]: Sociālistiskā partija

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: September 3999


The ancestors of today's Dolgavans were the ancient Likatonic peoples, who colonized the area around 2000 BCE. Dolgava, like the rest of the continent, was populated and ruled by a number of tribes, until it was conquered and colonized by Deltarians in the 18th century. Deltarians brought Hosianism and influenced the Dolgavan language and culture, thus the current cultural makeup of Dolgava is represented a continuation of the ancient Dolgavan culture with heavy Deltarian influence.

Dolgavan culture is based on RL Baltic nations, primarily Latvia and Estonia, with a certain degree of generic Eastern European influences, due to the proximity to Trigunia and Kizenia and historical Deltarian influence. There is also a large degree of Germanic cultural influence, mostly due to the presence of Hulstrian nobility.

-Dolgavan = Latvian
-Karzonian = Latgalian
-Hulstrian = Austrian
-Manoush = Roma
-Luthori = English

~Percentages of the Population~
Dolgavans: 72%
Karzonians: 13%
Hulstrians: 7%
Manoush: 5%
Luthori: 1%
Other: 2%

*Please note, these numbers, while not stagnate, should not fluctuate wildly. Large demographic changes should only occur with an extensive RP, and consent of all involved.

Dolgavan = Latvian
Karzonian = Latgalian
Hulstrian = German
Luthorian = English
Manoush = Romani
Old Tokundian = Old Church Slavonic

-Hosianism = Christianity
-Terran Patriarchal Church = Traditionalist Catholicism + Slavic & Romanian mythology + Russian Orthodox Church
-Good Church = Gnosticism
-Luthoran Church = Lutheranism
-Dievism = Dievturība (Latvian paganism)

~Percentages of the Population~

Terran Patriarchal Church: 80%
Good Church: 12%
Luthoran Church: 5%
Dievism: 2%
Other: 1%

*Please note, these numbers, while not stagnate, should not fluctuate wildly. Large demographic changes should only occur with an extensive RP, and consent of all involved.

Characters should have mostly Latvian names, with a small number of German, English, and Slavic names. It is advised that party names are in Latvian. Google Translate ( is a optimal tool to be used when naming.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date22:57:14, March 08, 2016 CET
FromSociālistiskā partija
ToDebating the OCC: Cultural Protocols of Dolgaria
MessageAre there any changes to this document that wish to be proposed?

Date00:33:27, March 09, 2016 CET
From Moderation
ToDebating the OCC: Cultural Protocols of Dolgaria
MessageBear in mind the requirement to provide help to players for character naming and language translations. eg. links to Google Translate ( ) and Fantasy Name Generators ( ).

Its also helpful (although not strictly required) to provide links to the Game Rules ( ) and the Cultural Protocols Index ( ).


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