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Bill: OOC: CP Update, numbers fix


Submitted by[?]: Federalist Party (FPL)

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: November 4041


~USA in the 1800's~

Game Rules:

Cultural Protocols Index:

Properly Passed:

Updated Map of Likatonia:

Culturally Protected:
Likatonia: 1800's USA

Likatonia is based off of the USA's history throughout the 1800's (currently pre-Civil War). A newly founded nation, it is underdeveloped and has little international power.


48% Likatonian (American)
--- 68% Luthori-Likatonian (English-American/Pilgrims)
--- 25% Egelian-Likatonian (Spanish-American)
--- 4% Canrillaise-Likatonian (French-American)
--- 3% Darnussian-Likatonian (Dutch-American)
14% Native Likatonian (Native American)
8% Egelian (Hispanic)
7% Talmorian (West African)
5% Valruzian
5% Dundorfian (German)
3% Hutorian (Canadian)
3% Canrillaise (French)
3% Darnussian (Dutch)
2% Sekowan (Japanese)
2% Klikut (Inuit)


40% Hosian (Christian)
30% Various Native-Likatonian Religions (Native American Religions)
9% Lutheran Protestant (Protestant)
8% Holy Luthori Church (Church of England)
8% Atheist
5% Yeudism (Judaism)


70% Luthori (English)
15% Native-Likatonian (Cherokee/Cree/Dakota/Navajo/Inuit/Ojibwe)
10% Egelian (Spanish)
3% Dundorfian (German)
2% Darnussian (Dutch)

The main language in Likatonia is American English, so most character names should be in American English, though a minority of Spanish, German, Dutch or Native American names are allowed. It is requested that Head of State candidates should have English names.


Likatonia began as a colony of the Holy Luthori Empire.The Luthori people who colonized Likatonia and made it the country it is today were the Pilgrims (also known as the Luthori-Separatists). They left Luthori because of religious persecution. Most left seeking new land on which they would be free from the oppressive and restrictive Luthorians, though some left attempting to make a living off the the resources of the unindustrialized Seleya. The colonizers traveled to Likatonia by boat. They were not the first inhabitants of Likatonia however.

The Native-Likatonians are a race which are present all over the country. It is speculated that the Native Tribes of Likatonia originated from Mashacara tribes from Hutori. Due to similarities in culture, it is believed that they would have travelled south across the seas from the Macon continent, down to what is now known as Likatonia. Most Native-Likatonians tribes' are most similar to the real-life Cherokee, but just as in real-life, there is variation. The Native-Likatonians are now more common in the east of Likatonia, though still present in the west. The natives were slaughtered in the west and were all forced to move to the east, where they are still battled against and being slaughtered to this day. Currently, the west of Likatonia is much more populated and civil than the east. Much of the east remains untouched by the Luthori Settlers and is still fought over between them and the Natives. Thus, the Eastern regions of Likatonia are considered to be more 'uncivilized'. The settlers brought Talmorian slaves to their new land, which would mostly work on farms to bring the settlers income. These slaves are discriminated against because of their skin color.

For many years Likatonia was a colony of the Holy Luthori Empire by who they were heavily taxed. After the great Likatonian Revolution in which Likatonia fought against Luthori, they finally gained independence. Likatonia was assisted and allied with Egelion and several Canrillaise nations in this battles, which would start a friendship between the nations. Likatonia gained independence on the 4th of February 4026. Thus, Likatonia celebrates it's independence from Luthori every year on the 4th of February.

A 'Gold Rush' occurred in Likatonia when gold was first discovered in East Bolton, which sparked even more migration to the more uncivilized or 'wild' East of Likatonia. Mining/drilling and farming are a big part of Likatonia;s culture. It all fits into the Likatonian belief that any man in Likatonia can make himself rich if he works hard enough. Likatonia is often called the 'Land of Opportunity'. Thus, the economic growth and development of an individual is a common desire in Likatonia.

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 654


Total Seats: 96


Total Seats: 0

Random fact: It is possible for players in a Culturally Open nation to establish a Cultural Protocol if doing so would not reduce the overall number of Culturally Open nations below 10. The Cultural Protocol bill must be passed by a 2/3rds majority of all players with seats (not just those with seats who vote), and at least 2 players with seats must support the motion, both of whom must have been currently continuously active in the nation (ie. no inactivations) for at least 1 month.

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