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Bill: OOC: RP Parliamentary Rules of the Istalian Republic (Update on February 4177)


Submitted by[?]: Alleanza Radicale - NCD

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


Here a series of rules to regulate the conduct and internal procedures of the Istalian Parliament and Political Practices. All the nation's political parties are obliged to respect this agreement.
Here the link with the bills approved about RP Parliamentary Rules: (currently in force)


1) It's compulsory for the members of Parliament (players) to enter in the title of each bill that are going to propose to the Parliament the following specifications:

1.a) "D.d.l." (Disegno di legge): if it is a government's initiative bill, and therefore proposed by the government (through the parties that support him in parliament) after approval by the Council of Ministers;

1.b) "P.d.l." (Proposta di legge): in case the bill is proposed by a member of parliament individually or from his political group (in the opposition or into the government's majority).

1.c) If a D.d.l bill don't have none of two entries listed under the paragraph 1.a) and 1.b), this is considered as if it were a P.d.l. (non-governmental bill).

1.d) Only exceptions are proposal to review, approval or annulment of a treaty drawn up or presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a proposal for a review and/or approval of the budget drawn up by the Ministry of Finance, a bill to call early election.
(the players are not obliged to specify "P.d.l. or D.d.l." if a players creates a bill to ask or propose events for the developing of Role Play History or if it's a question or other arguments related with the game)

1.e) After the enter "P.d.l." or "D.d.l." the parties have to specify the progressive number(pn) of the bill for each years(yy) of the legislature in this form: pn/yy. P.d.l. and D.d.l. follow separate progression.

1.f) Examples: "P.d.l. 02/70 - Economic proposal", "D.d.l. 02/70 - State Intervention", "P.d.l. 03/70 - Marriage Act", "P.d.l. 05/71 - Media reforms Act", "D.d.l. 01/71 - Work Protection", etc....

2) The players, in the description of a bill that are about to propose or when they write a message under a bill, must use the form rules delineate in the paragraphs below :

2.a) an incipit where indicate who presents the bill or express a message (example: "the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Rossi", "the X Party's member Mario Rossi", "the X Party's whip (chief of the party in parliament) of the chamber of deputies Mario Rossi", "the Government....", ecc...).

2.b) than the text of the proposal, or the message under the bill (where the players can play a member of parliament).

2.c) the (players) members of the parliament have to use a language suitables for the legislative body (example: "honorables members of parliament", "we thanks the minister/party/member of parliament X for his intervention", "my party want present this bill because", "we, the X Party, conscious of..., we'll vote against...., we accept this proposal..., I do not endorse this bill... (if talks a single member individually it's possible use the first person), etc...).



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date11:33:09, October 15, 2016 CET
FromAlleanza Radicale - NCD
ToDebating the OOC: RP Parliamentary Rules of the Istalian Republic (Update on February 4177)
MessageAmendment of the Parliamentary Rules "PR-A1" of March 4105

Amendment voted and approved by the Parliament with the bill "P.d.l. 01/03":

Date15:17:35, November 30, 2016 CET
FromAlleanza Radicale - NCD
ToDebating the OOC: RP Parliamentary Rules of the Istalian Republic (Update on February 4177)
MessageAmendment of the Parliamentary Rules "PR-A2" of January 4127

Amendment voted and approved by the Parliament with the bill "P.d.l. 02/4125":

Date08:05:00, March 08, 2017 CET
FromAlleanza Radicale - NCD
ToDebating the OOC: RP Parliamentary Rules of the Istalian Republic (Update on February 4177)
MessageOOC: Article not valid, because against the game rules, removed by the last RP Parliamentary Rules' version:

[1] In the event that a political party which holds seats in Parliament were to dessolve (become inactive) during a legislature:

1.a) The Head of the State (the players that hold with his party the office of the Head of the State -HdS-), in the event that 20% or more of the seats of Parliament remain empty, is obliged to call early election.

1.b) All the parties can call early elections if occur the case in the paragraph 1.a (and ALL THE PLAYERS HAVE TO VOTE IN FAVOR OF EARLY ELECTIONS or can abstain if more than half of the legislature already votes yes).

1.c) If this eventually should come, all the work of Parliament and Government must to stop, eccept to attend the ordinary administration until the next election (IT'S FORBIDDEN PROPOSE BILLS, TAXATION BILLS, SPENDING BILLS OR RATIFICATIONS OF TREATIES EXCEPT BILLS FOR GAME DISCUSSIONS).

1.d) The disposition in the paragraph 1.a, 1.b and 1.c are not valid in case of war, in case of national emergency, in case there is less than six months to the natural conclusion of the legislature, if the President has announced early resignation, if such a possibility comes for 3 consecutive legislatures (so as to not block the game and the other players).

1.e) Before to proceed with the vote for the early elections, called if occured the case in the paragraph 1.a, the parties (players) must wait that all the bill under vote reach the voting deadline.

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