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Bill: OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)


Submitted by[?]: Die Grünen

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: February 4079


About Dundorf:

Dundorf is widely accepted as Particracy's equivalent of Germany. It has strong communist and socialist tendencies and has in many parts of its history mimicked the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). However, like Germanic countries in real-life it has, at times, also been supportive of the far-right. For some parts of its history it has been under the rule of a monarch, but despite this, for the most part Dundorf has been a republic.

Dundorf is home of the Confessional Ameliorate Church of Dundorf, a Protestant church and the first Ameliorate Church in the world. Despite this, for long periods Dundorf has been under communist and socialist rule (as the Dundorfische Demokratische Republik, modelled on East Germany) which has resulted in a fiercely secular population with many people choosing not to be religious. Indeed, many Dundorfians choose to worship their leaders or the state instead of a religion.

Dundorf also had a colonial period between 1880 and 1928. Dundorf controlled a puppet government in Badara under the leadership of Sultan of Al'Badara. During this time Badara was known as the Badarenprotektorat. This accounts for the Badaran/Majatran minority in Dundorf.

Regarding the political scene, the country is usually polarised and is usually split between supporters of the far-left and supporters of the far-right. Dundorf has had three bloody civil wars between supporters of the left and supporters of the right.


Dundorf is a relatively homogeneous country but has a small Badaran/Majatran population as a result of immigration into Dundorf from when Badara was informally controlled by Dundorf during the brief Badarenprotektorat during the late-1800s. Dundorf is a popular destination for Ibutho-Hawu refugees and economic migrants which have been welcomed with open arms under left-wing governments. The Draddeg and Kilania are the ancient peoples of Artania and these communities have been a component of Dundorfian society for thousands of years. Some Duntrekkers also remain in the country, or have returned back to Artania from Saridan. A small number of Hobrazians migrated to Dundorf during its socialist (Dundorfische Demokratische Republik) period to study communism and socialism at its universities and have remained ever since.

• 85% Dundorfian
• 6% Badaran / Majatran
• 4% Ibutho-Hawu
• 2% Draddeg
• 1% Kilani
• 1% Duntrekker
• 1% Hobrazian

Note: Dundorfian = German, Badaran/Majatran = Arab, Ibutho-Hawu = Zulu, Draddeg = Welsh, Kilania = Irish, Duntrekker = Afrikaner, Hobrazian = Georgian


The official language of Dundorf is Dundorfian. However, there are a number of minority languages in the country and Majatran is learnt by some as a second language.

• 97% Dundorfian
• 8% Majatran
• 4% Olimi weZulu
• 2% Draddeg
• 1% Kilani
• 1% Duntrekaans
• 1% Hobrazian

Note: Dundorfian = German, Majatran = Arabic, Olimi weZulu = Zulu, Draddeg = Welsh, Kilani = Irish Gaelic, Duntrekaans = Afrikaans, Hobrazian = Georgian


The Dundorfian people are fiercely secular and have a history of being irreligious. Those that are religious are primarily Hosian and followers of the Confessional Ameliorate Church of Dundorf, although the Badarans/Majatrans are strong believers of Queranzariah, while the Ibutho-Hawu and Hobrazian migrants also brough with them their own religious beliefs.

• 29% Confessional Ameliorate Church of Dundorf (Luthoran)
• 60% No Religion
• 7% Queranzariah
• 2% IESS (Inkolo Esintsundu Sizwe Syncretism)
• 1% Hobrazian Orthodox Church (Patriarchal)

Note: Confessional Ameliorate Church of Dundorf (Luthoran) = Protestant, Queranzariah = Islam, IESS = Reformed Zulu Religion with Pan African Influences, Hobrazian Orthodox Church (Patriarchal) = Catholic/Eastern Orthodox


• The names of political parties should be in Dundorfian (German)
• The primary ethnicity of Dundorf is Dundorfian (German), thus many character names should be Germanic
• Your are also encouraged to include a number of characters with Majatran (Arabic), Ibutho-Hawu (Zulu), Draddeg (Welsh), Kilani (Irish), Duntrekaans (Afrikaans) and/or Hobrazian (Georgian) names

The following links can be used to assist translation

The following links are also useful in general:

Game Rules:
Cultural Protocols Index:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date17:51:11, August 22, 2016 CET
FromDie Grünen
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageDoes anyone want anything added to the 'About' section in order to include more recent events?

Date17:58:18, August 22, 2016 CET
FromDie Grünen
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageOr any other changes?

Date18:04:44, August 22, 2016 CET
FromSozialistische Einheitspartei Dundorfs
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageNo, this is fine with me. I'll vote Yes.

Date18:35:47, August 22, 2016 CET
FromOrthodoxthalleristische Wahlmänner
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageI will vote yes too.

Date18:36:41, August 22, 2016 CET
FromDie Grünen
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageGreat. I will put it to vote.

Date20:52:18, August 23, 2016 CET
FromDie Grünen
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageOOC: This needs to then be submitted to the forum. Is anyone willing to do this?

Also, I have spoke to Moderation and there is the possibility that someone may object to the rise in the number of people declaring they follow "No Religion". I didn't realise when I copied and pasted it that someone proposed an increase from around 40% to 60%.

Date21:08:06, August 26, 2016 CET
FromZentristische Partei von Albrunn
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocols of Dundorf (Voting Stage)
MessageOOC: there was literally a genocide and mass fleeing of religious persons. There is RP justification for the mass increase.

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