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Bill: OOC: Culture Protocols Update


Submitted by[?]: Former Nationmaster of Rutania

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: December 4103


OOC: After consulting with all parties in the house I have come to create these culture Protocols. I will now attempt to pass them through the house.

Culture Protocols:

Rutania is a diverse nation with many different people of many different ethnic backgrounds, we are proud of multi-cultural and accepting society where all can feel at home.
This census is organised as follows:
Primary Group (OOC: eg. Asians ect.)
Divisions of secondary more specific groups (OOC: eg. Japanese, Chinese, Indians


69%White Rutanians
24% Luthorians (OOC: English)
22% Likatonians (OOC: Americans)
11% Dundorfians (OOC: Germans)
9% Caldorians (OOC: Scottish)
7% Kilanis (OOC: Irish)
4% Duntrekkers (OOC: Dutch / Afrikaans)
23% Artanians (OOC: Europeans, that aren’t specifically their own ethnic group eg. French, Romanians, ect.)

16% Black Rutanians (OOC: African-American)
60% Ibutho descent (OOC: Zulu)
40% Black Alorian descent (OOC: African-American)

7% Gao-Showa (OOC: Asians)
96% Kunihito (OOC: Japanese)
2% Kyo (OOC: Korean)
2% Kalkalis (OOC: Indians)

4% Hutorians (OOC: Canadians)

4% Other (OOC: e.g.Australians, Georgians, Welsh, Hungarians, Croats)


The primary and official national language of Rutania is Luthorian (OOC: English). Given Rutania's history, there is also a small group of people who speak Dundorfian (OOC: German), Gao-Showan languages (OOC: Japanese, Korean) and Ibutho (OOC: Zulu).


Rutania is one of the few nations in Artania that is secular in nature. For those that do subscribe to a religion, most follow Hosianism (OOC: Chrisitanity). Miniorities include Yeudists (OOC: Jews) and Jienists (OOC: Confucianists).

Given Rutania's proximity to Luthori, most Hosians (OOC: Christians) are Luthoran (OOC: Protestant) with the rest being Patriarchal (OOC: Catholic).

66% Non-Religious/Atheist/Agnositc

34% Religious
Division of Religions:
91% Hosianism (OOC: Christianity)
----62% Luthoran (OOC: Protestant)
----38% Patriarchal (OOC: Catholic)

4% Gerajas (Hinduism)

3% Yeudism (OOC: Judaism)

1% Jienism (OOC: Confucianism)

1% Other

Rutania is an equal society when it comes to gender mix, we have slightly more men than woman although all genders are treated the same.

Gender Mix:
Ratio:-999 females per 1000 males


Characters may bear either British, Germanic, Asiatic or African names. Effectively, Rutania is a melting pot in terms of names, like North America or Australia. The largest ethnic group in Rutania is based on the British, thus the majority of the characters would probably have English/British-sounding or part-British names.

Likewise given the small Gao-Showa, Black Alorian and Ibutho minority, a few characters should have Asian or African-inspired names, provided they are Anglicised.

*Random Name Generator:
*Ilustrated Catalogue of Religion:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 440


    Total Seats: 0


    Total Seats: 120

    Random fact: Keymon is Particracy's smallest nation, with only 1 region and 20 million people.

    Random quote: "Prejudices subsist in people's imagination long after they have been destroyed by their experience." - Ernest Dimnet

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