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Bill: OOC: Cultural Protocol Update


Submitted by[?]: Jelbék Ám'ádsrlji Rekvaknsé Prta

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: April 4106




The oldest remaining inhabitants of Jelbania are the Jelbics, who entered the area long ago after a long migration with several stops - but which began in northern Seleya. The Jelbics are based on an amalgam of nomadic Eurasian cultures such as the Tatars, Turkics, Mongols and Finno-Ugrics, and their modern descendants speak Jelbék, a conlang devised solely for the PT world. Barmenian, Vanukan, and Pontesian Jelbics speak their own distinct versions of the language, the primary difference being the source of loan-words. The Deltarian Dissuwan people speak Dissuwan (RL: Hungarian), which is linguistically separate but heavily influenced by Jelbék in terms of game history.


Jelbéks consist of the minority Steppe Jelbék (or Jeztaghé Jelbék), who are a largely a pastoral and nomadic people, bound by strict traditions, clan loyalties and cultural taboos. The majority of Jelbék are Settled Jelbék (or Jeztaghényr Jelbék), who live in the townships and cities, and have a culture vaguely similar to the Central Asian nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. Steppe Jelbéks are often romanticized and idealized by Settled Jelbéks.


Jelbék = Jelbék-speaking Jelbics (Central Asians / Eurasian Steppe Peoples -
Wrnukék = Wrnukék-speaking Jelbics (
Brmék = Brmék-speaking Jelbics (
Majatran = Arab (
Deltarian = stereotypical mix of various Slavic, Eastern European, and Ancient Germanic ethnicities (
Augustan = Esperanto-speaking Byzantine & late Roman (
Jelbanien = English or French-speaking White Europeans

~Percentages of the Population~
71% Jelbic
---65% Jelbék
------36% Jeztaghényr Jelbék (Settled Jelbék)
------29% Jeztaghé Jelbék (Steppe Jelbék)
---5% Wrnukék
---1% Brmék
12% Deltarians
7% Majatrans
4% Augustan
3% Jelbanien
3% Other


Jelbék = The Jelbék conlang, no IRL analogue. Check the Jelbék dictionary bill ( for details
Luthoran/Luthori = English
Majatran = Arabic
Daralian (Spoken by Deltarians) = Slovak
Dissuwan (Spoken by Deltarians who are more heavily influenced by Jelbék culture) = Hungarian
Augustan = Esperanto


Tanhrism = Tengrism + syncretist mix of Hosianism, Ahmadiyya, and local beliefs. Tanhrism is not openly counted in the census, but many Steppe Jelbék and some Settled Jelbék practice syncretism.
Hosianism = Christianity
---Terran Patriarchal Church = Medieval Catholicism + Slavic Mythology + Russian Orthodox Church
Ahmadiyya = Islam
---Queranzariah = Sunni
---Abadism = Shia

~Percentages of the Population~
Ahmadism: 62%
---Queranz: 42%
---Abadi: 20%
Hosianism: 27%
---Terran Patriarchal Church: 24%
---Other Hosian: 3%
Irreligious: 8%
Other: 3%


Characters should have mostly Jelbék names for Jelbék parties, or a mix of Jelbék and Deltarian names for pro-Deltarian parties. Parties that reject ethnic and nationalist lines should take a mix of names that reflect their goals and stances. It is advised that party names are in Jelbék.

Jelbek names:
Majatran/Daralian/Dissuwan names:
---Use Arabic names for Majatrans
---Use Slovak names for Daralians
---Use Hungarian names for Dissuwans
Augustan names:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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