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Bill: OOC/RP: Affirmation of Cultural Protocols


Submitted by[?]: Palatinus Evimería Factio

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: January 4140


Game Rules:
Nation Renaming Guide:

The culture of Klavia Okeanó (Potential Keymon Rename [It is a reworking of the Latin for keys and Greek for Ocean. Essentially meaning Keys to the Ocean]) is outlined below;


In ancient times Klavia had a strong navy due to necessity as it was an island nation. However, as time progressed it constructed a vast trade empire relying less and less upon it's naval prowess. Eventually this over-reliance upon trade led to the Klavian people's demise as without their navy the Selucian Empire of antiquity easily conquered it. This brought many amenities and perks to the Klavian people one of which was the eventual spread of Hosianism to the island. In the end though the Selucian Empire of old suffered a similar fate as the original Klavia leaving it's people to forge their own way forward. Klavia is an amalgamation of Athenian Greece and Imperial Rome with a modern twist. It's language is basically a mixture between Latin and Greek which the natives call Lingua Thálassa which means Language of the Sea although most other nations simply call it Klavian. It's culture is one that is heavily invested in maritime endeavors such as fishing, trade and naval prowess. It also has a large Hosian following.


Klavia is an ethnically diverse nation, compromised of the following ethnic groups,

Klavians 71% (Greek/Roman)
Selucians 10% (Romans)
Augustans 5% (Byzantines)
Hutorians 4% (Canadians)
Davostanis 4% (Central Asian)
Artanian 3% (Various Artanian Nations)
Other 3% (Various immigrants)


The predominant language in Klavia is Klavian also know as Lingua Thálassa (Greek/Latin) and is the language to be spoken whenever politicians are making public announcements and within the Legislature whenever debating legislation (OOC: In reality use English but, it will be assumed that they are speaking Klavian). In addition to Klavian, there are several other languages spoken throughout the nation. Almost all Klavians also speak Luthori and there are a variety of other languages as well.

99% Klavian (Greek/Latin)
95% Luthori (English)
10% Selucian (Latin)
5% Augustan (Esperanto)
2% Majatan Languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc)
5% Another language


Religion in Klavia has always been an integral part of its identity from the paganism of its past to the Hosianism introduced to it by the Selucian Empire. Today the large majority of its populace hold to some form or another of Hosianism although their are other religions present.

65% Hosianism (Christianity)
- 34% Aurorian Patriarchal Church (Roman Catholic Church + Russian Orthodox Church)
- 12% Terran Patriarchal Church (Eastern Orthodoxy + Slavic Paganism)
- 9% Apostolic Church of the East (Oriental Christianity)
- 6% Other 'Protestant' Hosian (Luthoran/Confessional/Other, mix of Dundorfian/Davostani/Hulstrian and other groups)
- 4% Holy Luthori Church (Bishopal/Church of England)
15% Religio Seluciana (Roman Paganism)
10% Agnostic/Unobservant
5% Atheist
2% Ahmadism (Islam)
3% Other Religions (Yeudi/Seleyan/Other)


Klavia is a moderately diverse country with portions of the isle being of moderate Mediterranean style climate with others having a more tropical feel. It has very little in the way of mountainous regions but, it does have a bit. Other than that Klavia depends heavily upon it's maritime ventures.


For political party names they would most likely be in the native language of Klavian which is a combination of Real Life Greek and Latin. Typically speaking the Latin word for faction/party "Factio" should be used in place of party and a general constancy should be maintained. For instance if another party uses the Greek word for "Progress" in their party name and you'd like to have "Progress" in your party name you should use the Greek word. Otherwise, feel free to use any combination of Greek and Latin in your Party's name. Also according to the game's rules your party's name should have an English translation this can be either in your party's title or in its description.

As for the naming of people if your character is an ethnic Klavian then you can use Greek names, Latin names or a combination of the two. Selucians should be strictly in Latin and Hutorians can be any common English name.

As for National Naming Protocol they should follow the same rules as the naming of political parties and be accompanied by an English translation.

Here are a couple of useful resources for naming:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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      Random fact: Unless otherwise stated, monarchs and their royal houses will be presumed to be owned by the player who introduced the bill appointing them to their position.

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