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Bill: Kundrati Cultural Protocol


Submitted by[?]: Liberal Democratic Party

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: January 4198


----------------- ----------------- -----------------

80% native Kundrati ethnicity (= Basque-Roman blend)
4% Endralonian (= Hungarian)
4% Enlii / Kirlawan (= Anglo-Celtic)
4% Luthori / North Artanian (= English)
2% Zergonese (= Croatian)
2% Hugalonese (= Slovenian)
4% other minorities and mixtures

Geographical distribution is as might be expected;
our Enlii minority is centred in Lirnak (next to Kirlawa),
our Zergonese minority in Pilgon (next to Kundár-Nova Zergonska),
our Hugalonese minority in Jildrath (next to Hugalon),
our Endralonian minority throughout eastern Kundrati (next to Endralon).

Accordingly, it's recommended to use Roman and/or Basque names for most characters, please; the occasional exception might have an English, Hungarian, Celtic, etc. name.


37% Selucian (= Latin)
33% Kundrati (= Basque, plus significant influences from other languages, particularly Latin)
26% Luthori (= English)
1% Endralonian (= Hungarian)
1% Zergonese (= Croatian)
1% Hugalonese (= Slovenian)
1% other languages

The majority of citizens of the Kundrati Union are fully fluent in all of the three main languages, Kundrati and Selucian and Luthori; and many use all three, and/or mixture(s) thereof, at various points in their daily lives.


46% Hosian (= Christian)
>>> 40% Aurorian Church, Selucian Rite (the Holy Apostolic Hosian Church of Terra) (= Roman Catholic Church)
>>> 4% Bishopal (Anglican or Episcopalian)
>>> 2% other Hosian

44% Secular / no religion

10% Pagan (nature worship, etc.)
----------------- ----------------- -----------------
----------------- ----------------- -----------------



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date18:26:28, April 17, 2017 CET
FromLiberal Democratic Party
ToDebating the Kundrati Cultural Protocol
Messagefigured I may as well move this to vote.

Date04:49:10, April 18, 2017 CET
From Unio enim si quis Motus Populi
ToDebating the Kundrati Cultural Protocol
MessageOOC: yeah, apologies for not weighing in on the proposal, but I think this is solid. Supported :)

Date02:00:11, April 21, 2017 CET
From Kirlawan People's Justice Party
ToDebating the Kundrati Cultural Protocol
MessageThank you very much :)
and best wishes to our Kundrati friends and neighbours!

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