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Bill: OOC: Cultural Protocol Update


Submitted by[?]: Parti Populaire Aurorienne

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: July 4244


I believe we should update our cultural protocol. Below is my initial proposal, please let me know what you think and then I'll move it to a vote.


In line with Section 6 of the Game Rules (, Rildanor is a ‘Culturally Protected’ nation. Below is its Cultural Protocol, throughout which brackets are used to show the real-life equivalents of in-game terms.


Rildanor is based primarily on Canrillaise (French) culture, which has been shared with other Terran nations across history. In particular, Kanjor, Alduria and Lourenne, who at one time or another have been united as the state of ‘Canrille’. Throughout its history, Rildanor has been ruled both by monarchs and as a republic.


» Canrillaise (French)- 85%
» Mordusian (English)- 4%
» Indralan (Chinese)- 3%
» Duntrekker (Afrikaner)- 2%
» Istalian (Italian)- 1%
» Egelian (Spanish)- 1%
» Majatran (Arab)- 1%
» Other- 3%

Rildanor is dominated by Canrillaise (French) culture. Many citizens trace their origins to the southern Seleyan tribes which expanded into the country from Alduria and Kanjor and this explains the deep and lasting ties between these three nations. Nonetheless, there are some minority communities, primarily originating from Rildanor’s neighbours such as the Mordusians (English). Additionally, some have been drawn from further afield, like the Duntrekkers (Afrikaner) from Saridan as a result of upheaval in their home nations.


» Aurorianism (Catholicism)- 65%
» Irreligious/Atheism- 21%
» Jacquardism (Huguenot Protestantism) - 4%
» Ahmadism (Islam)- 3%
» Daenism (Buddhism)- 3%
» Agathism (Catharism)- 2%
» Other- 2%

Historically, Rildanor was dominated by Hosianism (Christianity) and while that has been diminished somewhat due to periods when religion was either banned or persecuted, most Rildanoriens are still Aurorian (Catholic). As well as a number of citizens who register no religion, migrants have brought their own belief systems to the nation too- e.g. Daenism (Buddhism).


Canrillaise (French) is overwhelmingly dominant as the language of everyday life in Rildanor. Aside from first generation migrants who may speak their own language, almost all citizens speak, read and write in it. Popular additional languages (i.e. languages learnt in addition to the mother tongue) include Istalian (Italian), Luthorian (English) and Indralan (Zhongyuan Mandarin).


Character names should be based on a reasonable interpretation of the ethnic breakdown above- i.e. primarily Canrillaise (French). Party names should be also be in Canrillaise (French) where possible and convenient.

Helpful links:
Character naming:
Language translations:
Game Rules:
Cultural Protocols Index:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date13:41:44, July 19, 2017 CET
FromParti Populaire Aurorienne
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
MessageCan I get some feedback or at least a confirmation of support before I press on with voting?

Date14:53:31, July 19, 2017 CET
FromParti Libèral Canrillaise
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
MessageFull support from me.

Date16:35:22, July 19, 2017 CET
From Parti Nationaliste 🌞
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
MessageAgree on the protocols

Date16:43:49, July 19, 2017 CET
FromFront Nouveau Canrillaise
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
MessageYep, agreed.

Date19:42:09, July 19, 2017 CET
FromParti Populaire Aurorienne
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
MessageOkay, I'm pretty confident we can get this passed. I'll move it to a vote soon.

Date22:37:45, July 19, 2017 CET
FromParti Conservateur Canrillaise
ToDebating the OOC: Cultural Protocol Update
MessageLooks good

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