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Bill: OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)


Submitted by[?]: All-Dorvischer Verband

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: December 4245


N A T I O N A L - D E S C R I P T I O N & C U L T U R E
The Dorvish identity is comprised of two ethnic groups Dorvish Dundorfians and Lormans, both are related to Dundorfians through migrations to Northern Dorvik which is often called Nordmark (or Northern Marches in Luthorian). The Lormans were the first ethnic group to permanently reside in Dorvik, they were a Proto-Dundorfian people that resides along the northern portion of Kirlawa and what is modern day Miktar and Kordusia, mostly along the western border. The Lorman language is a hybrid between Proto-Dundorfian and various Kerisian languages that mixed due to the presence of Kerisian raiders throughout the early periods of Artania.

Dorvik is based on the Kingdom of Prussia and partially the German Empire due to its influence in the Dundorfian Reich (and successive right-wing governments that dominated it), the Dorvish Kingdom played a leading role in the development of the military and military culture of the Empire. It is overtly Nationalist and left-wing ideologies are frowned upon, thus the small portion of the population which is "left-wing" tends to be more Social Democratic or center-left than Socialist or Communist, two ideologies which have had a violet past in Dorvik and have been outlawed several times.

Kordusia is based on Germanized Silesia due to influences from past Kerisian raids, Miktar is based heavily off of Eastern Prussia once again due to the influences from past Kerisian raids, Largonia (Layern) is based off Brunswick. Dorvan is based off of Schleswig-Holstein and Westmark (formerly Mothar) is based off of a Germanized Denmark. These are concepts to be kept in mind when playing politicians, or investing in the culture of the area. No, it does not mean that they are replicas or they speak the language in that area but it means that culturally that would be similar to those type of people.

The Dorvish identify closely with their Volksdundorfische identity, they believe in aligning closely with other Volksdundorfische throughout the world and remain a proponent of Pan-Dundorfianism, while maintaining their nationalist attitude of Dorvik. The Volksdundorfische Cultural Association remains closely linked with leading politicians in the Dorvish nation and leading Volksdundorfische figures throughout the world.

The nobility in Dorvik retain a lot of prestige and power, Dorvik has at several times returned briefly to a monarchy, but overall the people are chiefly "Republican" but desire a strong government with a focus on the military and advancing the goals of the Dorvish state, whatever they are at the time. The King's of Dorvik are ruled by the House of Faust-Essen, known as the House of Dorvik, if ever in the future I am gone, please drop me a PM on the forums (I have it set where I receive emails when I get PMs) and we can chat about using them.

D E M O G R A P H I C S - P E O P L E
-- 83% Dorvish (Dundorfian AKA German)
---- 60% Dorvish (OOC: Based on later Prussian and Imperial Germans)
---- 40% Lorman (OOC: Based on Germanized Prussians, maintain some cultures of Old Prussians)
-- 12% Volksdundorfische (Dundorfians, Hulstrians, Vanukese, and Dundorfian Alorians, Kirlawans, Rutanians and Hobrazians)
-- 3% Majatran (Kafuri, Al'Badaran, Solentian, Quaranzi, Jakanian)
-- 2% Other (Kanjorians, Mordusians, Deltarians, Jelbeks, etc.)

Volksdundorfische, Dundorfians are the in-game equivalent to Germans, Majatran's are the in-game equivalent to Arabs and other is divided between various other ethnicities that are far too numerous to list.

D E M O G R A P H I C S - L A N G U A G E
The primary and official language of Dorvik is Dundorfian (Dundorfische AKA German) with another officially recognized language being Lorman (Lōrmāniskan AKA Prussian) Political parties, unless specific ethnic nationalist, are to be translated into German. I would recommend Google Translate for this, seeing as it is the most readily available resource. Lorman ( can be found at the link in parenthesis, this is a translator for Prussian.

D E M O G R A P H I C S - R E L I G I O N
-- 55% Independent Confessional Church of Dorvik (Replaced the Reformed Hosian Church of Dorvik as the idea never came to fruition)
-- 20% Aurorian Patriarchal (Lead by the Archbishop of Haldor, Province of Dorvik. Equivalent to a Roman Catholic-ish Church)
-- 15% Other Hosian denominations
-- 5% Other (Dorvish paganism, Dundorfian Paganism, Reformed Hosian Church of Artania (original idea remains which is a blend of Hosianism and the Occult), deist, agnostic, universalist)
-- 2.5% Ahmadism (Islam/Muslims; Primarily Abadi (Shia) and Halawites (Alawites), small portion of Israist (Sunni))
-- 2.5% Atheist, no religion

D E M O G R A P H I C S - N A M I N G
Character names should be promptly German, with a moderate sized portion able to be Germanized Slavic names.
-- (German name generator.)
-- (Google translate link for those that have never used Google before.)
-- (Prussian given names.)
-- (Prussian surnames.)



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date17:13:53, July 20, 2017 CET
FromDorvische Landvolkpartei
ToDebating the OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)
MessageOOC: Apparently, there is no longer a "Selucian Patriarchal Church", it is all now the "Aurorian Patriarchal Church" after the Council of Auroria. As for "Other", I assume that it could be Ordism, or else Ameliorate (OOC: Reformed/Calvinist). See:

Date17:15:35, July 20, 2017 CET
FromDorvische Landvolkpartei
ToDebating the OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)
MessageOOC: Would there be any Trigunians, esp. on the islands? I thought I read somewhere that there were. Also, there were leaders with names "Petrov", etc.

Doens't have to be a huge number, but could be a small number.

Date17:46:27, July 20, 2017 CET
FromAll-Dorvischer Verband
ToDebating the OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)
MessageOOC: No, that was RET-conned. Petrov were my characters who were Partially from Dorvik and partially Trigunia due to business relations. They've since become the Rohr-Mauss family.

Date17:46:45, July 20, 2017 CET
FromAll-Dorvischer Verband
ToDebating the OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)
MessageOOC: Yeah, I have to change the SPC to APC.

Date03:55:56, July 21, 2017 CET
FromDorvische Landvolkpartei
ToDebating the OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)
MessageWe support these "changes".

Date04:30:03, July 21, 2017 CET
FromAll-Dorvischer Verband
ToDebating the OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Dorvik (Updated - July 2017)
MessageOOC: Haha much of it isn't change as much as updating whats already existed. During some events that had happened previously a former Moderator deleted a good portion of my Cultural Protocols work and therefore this is the replacement to that.

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