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Bill: Resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia on the condemnation of communist and fascist regimes of April 4308


Submitted by[?]: Partia Koalicji Narodowej

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: April 4309


Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia,

Aware of its duty as a democratically elected parliament,
representing the Valruzian People,
called upon to life with the aim to protect the interests of the Valruzian Nation,
putting the safety and security of the Valruzian Nation on the pedestal,

pronounces that it condemned any form of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes,
especially those of communist and fascist nature,
as the aforementioned regimes purposefully and deliberately,
strive forward the violation of basic human rights and freedoms,
for moral and economic decline accompanied by judicial crimes,
and terror carried out against those with different opinions,
and as they pursue the replacement of functional market economy,
by either a directly controlled economy or an exclusive economy,
where the private ownership is limited for those who support the unjust regime,
making the aforementioned regimes inhumane and undemocratic in their nature,

all mentioned above
puts the communist and fascist ideologies
in opposition to any values represented by the People of Valruzia,
and strongly condemns those ideologies,
for their inhuman nature and characteristics,
which pursue the deprivation of an individual,
from his or her basic rights and freedoms,

§ 1

The communist and fascist regimes, and all those who promote it actively:

a. deprive citizens of a State of any possibility to freely express their political view,
force them to hide their opinions on the situation in state and society
and force them to publicly express consent with issues that hey consider lie or felony,
all this carried by persecution or threat of persecution against themselves or/and their families,

b. systematically and constantly, with full deliberation and will breach basic human rights,
particularly those of social, political and religious nature,
which grant Citizens with different opinions the rights to freely express those opinions,
and their disapproval of actions taken by the regimes and its propagators,

c. in its nature, breach fundamental principles of democratic state
and the fundamental right of the rule of law,
which are based on multipartisan cooperation,
and respect towards another political point of views,

d. tend to deliberately use the power of a State against its Citizens,
persecute them based on the different opinions represented by a specified individual or a social group,
put them in prisons, concentration or forced labor camps,
execute those who do not adjust to the enforced octroyed policies,
used inhumane tools of torture and physical and psychical violence against them,
to prevent them from performing their occupation or function and of acquiring higher,
or expert education,
to prevent them, by force, from leaving the country freely and coming back freely,

§ 2

Particularly with regard to facts mentioned in the previous paragraph,
acts of the communist and fascist regimes, as well as the each of the regimes itself
is considered as criminal, illegitimate and contemptible.

§ 3

Any resistance of citizens against any of the aforementioned regimes,
whether expressed by individuals or by the groups in revolt or other activity,
whether expressed in the territory of a State or abroad,
is considered, by the authorities of the Republic of Valruzia,
as legitimate, justified and worth of respect,
and will be supported by the authorities of the Republic of Valruzia.

§ 4

This act comes into force with the immediate effect.


Urszula Licheńska,
President of the Republic of Valruzia
(Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Walruzyjskiej)

Jerzy Somner,
Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia
(Marszałek Sejmu Rzeczypospolitej Walruzyjskiej)

Robert Tomczyk,
President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Valruzia
(Prezes Rady Ministrów Rzeczypospolitej Walruzyjskiej)



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