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Bill: RP: Administrative Reform of the Republic of Dorvik/Dorvish Republic


Submitted by[?]: All-Dorvischer Verband

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: September 4334


Level I Sub-Divisions
The first level subdivision of the Dorvish Republic is the Province (Dundorfian: Provinz) which is led by an elected “Head” President (Dundorfian: Oberpräsident). The Province is the basic sub-division of the Dorvish Republic and comprises the 5 major regions of Dorvik (Largonia, Miktar, Westland, Dorvan and Kordusia). Oberpräsident’s make up the executive branch of the Dorvish Provinces and is responsible for enforcing state (national) and provincial laws and ensuring the overall direction of the province. In the Constitution of the Dorvish Republic they are empowered to do all that is necessary “…in the benefit of the Dorvish people and protects the rights and freedoms that are natural born.”

The Oberpräsident is assisted by the Provincial Administration (Dundorfian: Provinzialverwaltung) which closely mirrors the Dorvish Republic’s own executive branch. The Provincial Administration is responsible for assisting the Oberpräsident in carrying out their duties. The Ministry of the Interior, specifically the Office of Government Administration led by the General-Plenipotentiary for State Administration, dispatches a “Provincial Captain” (Dundorfian: Provincialhauptmann) to oversee issuance and enforcement of state (national) laws, the Provincial Captain is assisted by a Provincial Council (Dundorfian: Provinzialrat) which is appointed by the Ministry of the Interior and helps coordinate state efforts in the Province.

The legislative branch of the Dorvish Provinces is the Provincial Diets (Dundorfian: Provinziallandtag) whose elections are held at the same time as state elections in Dorvik. Provincial Diets mirror the State Council in that Provincial Diets have Presidents whom are elected by its membership.

Ceremonially the King of Dorvik appoints Reichsstatthalter (Luthorian: Reich Lieutenants) to each of the 5 Provinces of Dorvik as a nod to the Kingdom of Dorvik being a former state of the Dundorfian Reich. The Reichsstatthalter’s are ceremonial appointments that coordinate with the Education and Cultural authorities in the area and sponsor events, work with local nobility and community leaders to sponsor events, as well as serve as ambassadors for their area.

Level II Sub-Divisions
The second level subdivision of the Dorvish Republic are the “Circles” better translated as “Districts” in Luthorian. These Circles/Districts (Dundorfian: Kreise) are headed by an elected District Diet (Dundorfian: Kreistag) who elects one of their own to serve as District Leader (Dundorfian: Kreisleiter). Districts in Dorvik are broken into two categories: Rural districts (Dundorfian: Landkreis) and Urban districts (Dundorfian: Stadtkries).

Level III Sub-Divisions
The third and final level subdivision are the various cities, villages, towns and municipalities that divide Dorvik. These cities are granted their status primarily based on population but some are historically named despite not necessarily fulfilling the requirements. The specific final level subdivisions are: Municipalities (Dundorfian: Gemeinde), boroughs of large municipalities (Dundorfian: Stadtgemeinde), Cities (Dundorfian: Stadt) and villages or smaller towns (Dundorfian: Dorf). Traditionally these areas have an elected Mayor (Dundorfian: Bürgermeister) with larger municipalities, such as Haldor and Fairfax, having “Head” or “Lord” Mayors (Dundorfian: Oberbürgermeister).

Reapl acts of legislature, removal and closure of any regional, territorial, ethnic legislatures, governments or otherwise ethnic-based psuedo-governments outside of those authorized by this act of government.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date01:43:30, January 14, 2018 CET
FromPragmatische Liberaldemokraten
ToDebating the RP: Administrative Reform of the Republic of Dorvik/Dorvish Republic
MessageWe agree with this and will vote for it. The organisation of Dorvik needs to be affirmed, and we think this is a grand way to do so. Alongside the Sudish parliament and the existing institutions reinforced by this proposal, Dorvik will be a strongly-coordinated nation.

Céline Schroeder
State Chancellor
Co-Leader of the Bright Alliance

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