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Bill: OCC: (RP) 2nd Terra War Authorization & Spending Act


Submitted by[?]: Unity Labour Party

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill proposes to change the allocation of funds in the budget. It requires more than half of the legislature to vote yes. This bill will pass as soon as the required yes votes are in, or will be defeated if unsufficient votes are reached on the deadline.

Voting deadline: March 4338


Narikaton is a Royalist-Fascist(Thallerist) Nation are thorn on Malivias side, after escalating border tensions have heightened between both our states as they have crossed over on our border illegally, undermining our territorial sovereignty. The Reich of Narikaton, Thaller is planning to declare war against Malivia with intentions of having ethnic cleansing in seen here in this telegram and this War bill in Narikaton .

Furthermore, I as President has reached out to the Reich of Narikaton to negotiate and offer peace to which this was mentioned:
16:05:34, January 20, 2018 CET
From Thalleristische Front
To Unity Labour Party
Unity Labour Party:

Greetings. does your government still intend of pursuing a war with Malivia?

Indeed! It is time to destroy the malivian menace!

Thus, I hereby urge that this parliament do approve of this bill to declare war on the nation of Narikaton as a pre-emptive strike so as to safe guard our people and protect our territorial sovereignty along with bring peace to the region to which the nation of Narikaton is a threat.

My people of Malivia, Malivian Army soldier, be up to the warrior glory of your people. I see war glory of the past in the feats of my grandkids! Our banner is a banner of victory! Our cause is just! Fight to the death! "Let our enemies tremble at out feet. Our cause is just! Fight to the death! "Let courage of our great ancestors inspire you. We shall prevail!!

In Accordance with Rule 23.1, which states:

"23.1 Role-play events between nations, such as wars, will be officially recognised if before they are commenced, in all of the concerned nations a RP event bill outlining the event is approved by a 2/3rds majority of all players with seats (not just those with seats who vote) and over 50% of the seats in the legislature. This bill must specify the necessary and possible consequences of the role-play event, as well as a clause that deals with the eventuality of one or more players becoming absent for more than a specified time, and how such an absence is to be interpreted in in-game terms."

All Parties voting for this OOC RP Resolution consent to participation of Malivia in the "Particracy's World War RP" found at: , specifically along the lines outlined in the fully updated and amended Original Post of that Thread. This thread outlines the necessary and possible consequences of the role-play event. Malivia reserves the right to ignore "shoot" RPs where they adversely effect Malivia or the overall RP and which are not planned out in advance between Malivia and one or more other players, and Malivia agrees not to "shoot" RPs on its own, but to stick with the "booked" angles, generally in line with the events described in the thread.

According to the rules, this resolution will bind all players in Malivia to conduct the RP through the duration, or until such time as Malivia sues for peace in RP. It may only be passed by 2/3rds of all active RL players in Malivia who also have seats, and then only if that number is more than 50% of the IG Legislature.

If Malivian players do not RP for more than 7 RL days without prior notice, it shall be assumed that Malivia's Government IG has fallen and Malivia will immediately be considered to have sued for peace under terms favorable to Narikaton , but which in no way otherwise pose an existential threat to Malivia's national integrity or sovereignty. In this event Malivia agrees to accept the terms of the surrender, which will remain binding on Malivia until a RL player returns to renegotiate the terms. In the event of a surrender, Malivia may not rejoin the RP at a later time.

This resolution will take effect immediately upon receiving the requisite number of votes( 300+) & 3 parties , and the actual passage of the bill will serve as ratification.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date05:11:31, January 22, 2018 CET
FromUnity Labour Party
ToDebating the OCC: (RP) 2nd Terra War Authorization & Spending Act
MessageThis act also sees increased budget spending in defence due to Military conflict and need to upgrade military equipment. Increase in education as part of strategic development , increase in Foreign Affairs due to increased flights to states for seeking war allies and increasing stringent security at our embassies , increased infrastructure spending to facilitate war drills and emergency evacuations along with increase in health spending due to war hospitals. These budget figures were done base done after an emergency meeting between the Minister of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence and the President. These figure are now presented to other members of cabinet to approve and have additional input.

Date04:20:54, January 23, 2018 CET
FromUnity Labour Party
ToDebating the OCC: (RP) 2nd Terra War Authorization & Spending Act
MessageI hereby move a motion that this debate be close and once this bill is passed, it be recorded in RP debate Section

Date04:21:47, January 23, 2018 CET
FromUnity Labour Party
ToDebating the OCC: (RP) 2nd Terra War Authorization & Spending Act
MessageAlso Mr speaker, upon passage of bill, I hereby do propose that this bill be posted on the OCC forum along with the NationMaster presenting it to moderator.

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