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Bill: Cabinet Proposal of June 4385


Submitted by[?]: National Liberal Party

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill presents the formation of a cabinet. It requires more than half of the legislature to vote yes. Traditionally, parties in the proposal vote yes, others (the opposition) vote no. This bill will pass as soon as the required yes votes are in and all parties in the proposal have voted yes, or will be defeated if unsufficient votes are reached on the deadline.

Voting deadline: March 4386


Proposing a Cabinet



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date07:41:10, April 29, 2018 CET
FromNeo-Conservative Yeudish Union
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of June 4385
MessageThis is just another attempt for parties to block out the will of Beiteynu! The Neoconservative Yeudish Union got the most seats, but as always the establishment just puts all the leftists and commies into cabinet to shut out the traditional voice of Yeudis!

Date12:14:19, April 29, 2018 CET
FromBeiteynu Tax Party
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of June 4385
MessageWe cannot support this proposal which does not have what we view as an adequate apportionment of cabinet seats.

Date12:32:07, April 29, 2018 CET
FromBeiteynu Tax Party
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of June 4385
MessageI may have been a little pre-emptive. Considering Matz is now President, I will Aye this bill.

Date17:11:55, April 29, 2018 CET
FromDemocratic People's Party of Beiteynu
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of June 4385
MessageTruly a revolution by the ballot.

Date19:37:22, April 29, 2018 CET
FromKadima Beiteynu
ToDebating the Cabinet Proposal of June 4385
MessageMy party shouldn't get any ministries, because it's so small now. However, it's not very fair or democratic to leave the largest party, the Neo-Conservative Yeudish Union, out of the cabinet. For that, My party will not be supporting this cabinet.

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 66


Total Seats: 50


Total Seats: 4

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