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Bill: Declaration of War on Cobura


Submitted by[?]: Sankta Alianco de Aŭgustana

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill proposes the withdrawal from a treaty. It will require half of the legislature to vote in favor[?]. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: December 4452


Originally proposed to the Imperial Assembly, May 17th, 4451

We, the Imperial Assembly of the Augustine Empire, declare war on the United Governorates of Cobura.
For to long Cobura has held authority over the city of Augusta and numerous other historically Augustan sites. The Governorate of Egato should be a part of the Empire by Divine Right! We hereby draft this declaration of war to settle this matter, diplomacy weakens stronger nations and strengthens the weak. War is the true test of strength, and it is through war that we will see a greater Empire!

--- Grozdano Theodorido, First Emissary of Defense



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date12:25:47, September 08, 2018 CET
FromAlleanza Radicale - NCD
ToDebating the Declaration of War on Cobura
MessageIstalian Ambassador in Zardugal:

"Hon. Member of the Zardic Parliament,
it is a shame to see Zardugal to menace the peace and the stability of the continet. Istalia would like remember that Zardugal is part of the Majatran Alliance and the actions proposed with this bill are the most serious violation of any articles of the Majatran Alliance Treaty.

If Zardugal will continue on this path of imperialism and expansionism, if Zardugal continues to menace third countries and in general the peace in Majatra, Istalia will be ready to call for the suspension of Zardugal from the active membership of the MA and to ask serious sanctions.

Furthermore, as Permanent member of the Security Council of the World Congress, we are ready to demand further global international sanctions against your nation.

Finally, demanding the Treaty of the Majatran Alliance the mutual defence between the member nations, Zardugal risks to face the Coburan Forces alongside the Istalian and Vanukean ones as well as of the other MA members.

We profit of this occassion also to demand the end of any form of persecution against minorities in Zardugal, first of all against the Mallan for which the World Congress is already working to determine what happened and to denounce the brutal act of your Govenrment."

Date21:54:07, September 08, 2018 CET
FromSankta Alianco de Aŭgustana
ToDebating the Declaration of War on Cobura
MessageEmissary of the Treasury, Konstantino Ordorido:

Istalia, the originator of the Black Thursday Crisis, and most other economic problems in Majatra threatens us with sanctions? How about Istalia gets its own house in order before trying to threaten us with the so-called united force of the Majatra Alliance. Our brothers in Selucia had the right idea when leaving this sinking ship when they did, now it's the Empire's turn. We cannot live under the rules of a failing international organization. And we cannot allow the Mallans to continue to pervert our glorious nation with crime, poverty, and wasteful spending. This was the coarse of our destiny since the Empire's inception, we must become our own great nation without beginning limited by Istalian globalist agenda.

Date15:48:24, September 09, 2018 CET
FromBihērawī Dēmokiratisi
ToDebating the Declaration of War on Cobura
MessageMane Iyassu Sidhom, Prime Minister of Cobura:

With respect for the international peace and wellbeing of Zardic as well as Coburan citizens, the Government of Cobura respectfully demands the Zardic government to revoke this declaration or military measures will be taken.

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