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Bill: OOC: Official Cultural Protocols of Istalia - RP: National Population and housing censuses (4586)


Submitted by[?]: Alleanza Nazionale per l'Impero

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


Link to passed bill:
Approved by the Moderation:
These are some useful links to know the history of Istalia and the social, political, cultural situation into the country:

History of Istalia:

Here some related links to understand the presence in Istalia of a consistent majatran (Arabic) ethnic and cultural minority and how the istalian culture and society developed into the contemporary era.

Empire of Quanzar:

Kingdom of Istalia:

Emirate of Quanzar:

Union of Quanzari Soviets:


Ethnic Composition of Istalia
Istalian (Italian): 71%
Majatrans (Arab): 13%
-Quanzari (Italian Arab): 11%
-Other Majatran (Other Arab): 2%
Solentian (Luthorized Maltese): 6%
Selucian (Latin/Ancien Roman): 2%
Kalopian (Greek): 1%
Canrillaise (French): 1%
Baltusian (USA/Latin american): 1%
Cildanian (Phoenician-Maltese-Maghreb Afric): 1%
Zardic (Esperanto speaking Byzantine): 1%
Saridanese : 1%
-Duntrekker (Afrikaaner): 0.7%
-Iftgoerroon (Frenchified-Afrikaaner/Europeans): 0.3%
Other: 2%

Languages of Istalia
(languages spoken at home, because it is assumed that almost 100% of citizens/residents know and speak istalian which is the language used in all the public places and communications, on the media and into the education system)
Istalian (Italian): 90% Official language
Majatran (Arab): 6% Protected recognized language
Luthorian (English): 3%

Religious Composition of Istalia
Hosianism (Christianity): 62%
-Aurorian Patriarchal Church (Catholicism): 60%
--Theognosian Rite (Eastern Catholic Rite): 38%
--Selucian Rite (Latin Rite): 22%
-Terran Patriarchal Church (Eastern Orthodox): 1%
-Others: 1%
Irreligious: 20%
-Atheist: 14%
-Agnostic: 6%
Ahmadism (Islam): 13%
-Israism (Sunni): 12%
-Abadism (Shia): 1%
Other: 5%

Character naming Italian):
Character naming (Arab):
You can use the same namegenerator-site to generate other foreign names just changing the options "Name set" (and if you want also "Country")

Game Rules:
Cultural Protocols Index:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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