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Bill: Unity Coalition - 4634


Submitted by[?]: Banmek-Sntazed Prta

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill presents the formation of a cabinet. It requires more than half of the legislature to vote yes. Traditionally, parties in the proposal vote yes, others (the opposition) vote no. This bill will pass as soon as the required yes votes are in and all parties in the proposal have voted yes, or will be defeated if unsufficient votes are reached on the deadline.

Voting deadline: October 4634


Proposing a Cabinet



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date22:45:10, September 13, 2019 CET
From Banmek-Sntazed Prta
ToDebating the Unity Coalition - 4634
MessageHonoured members,

With my resignation and the electoral loss of the BSV bloc I propose this new coalition, to forever mend the recent rift between the ZM and the BS blocs I propose the ZM bloc bring forward the new Prefect of this nation. May he or she lead us into prosperity.

Archduchess Mrjmai Banmek-Sntazed
Prefect of Vanuku

Date09:30:13, September 14, 2019 CET
FromZhtál-Merlkai Tjarziprta
ToDebating the Unity Coalition - 4634
MessageHonourable Colleagues,

Her Grace has shown great magnanimity in proposing this unity government. I accept the proposal and will look to take on the mantle of Prefect.

Viscount Hynrk Zhtál-Merlkai 
Leader of the ZMT bloc.

Date17:33:06, September 14, 2019 CET
From Banmek-Sntazed Prta
ToDebating the Unity Coalition - 4634
MessageOOC: forgot to change some placeholder names though, all hail ministers the two Barons Lnk and Pnk..

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 211


    Total Seats: 0


    Total Seats: 14

    Random fact: Any RP law granting extraordinary "emergency powers" or dictator-like powers to a government must be passed by at least a 2/3rds majority, but (like all RP laws) may always be overturned by a simple majority vote of the legislature.

    Random quote: "I consider myself a citizen of the world!" - Charlie Chaplin

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