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Bill: OOC Alorian Military Guide (Work in Progress)


Submitted by[?]: Alorianische Königspartei

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


Aloria is categorised as a middle power. While not a regional or great power, we still concur moderate levels of political and military influence. Aloria is more than able to stand on their own and have the ability to defend themselves against other nations and their influences and can project their own influence to a very limited degree on their neighbors, although they will traditionally ally with greater nations, though more for reasons of cooperation and progress then an inability or worry to defend themselves in the world. Their military is modern, well sized and very well trained.

The Alorian Armed Forces(AAF) is split into 4 branches. The Alorian Imperial Army(AIA), The Alorian Imperial Navy(AIN), The Alorian Imperial Airforce(AIAF) and The Alorain Special Forces(ASF), with active and reserve troop numbers as follows:

AIA = 800,000 active, 3,000,000 reserve
AIN = 90,000 sailors and 10,000 Marine Corps active, 40,000 sailors and 5,000 Marine Corps reserve
AIAF = 55,000 active, 30,000 reserve
ASF = 7000 active, 4000 reserve

National intelligence services:

The Alorian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) - responsible for international intelligence (similar to the CIA)
The Alorian Security Intelligence Service (ASIO) - responsible for domestic intelligence (similar to the FBI)
The Alorian Communications Security Agency (ACSA) - responsible for signals intelligence (similar to the NSA)
The Alorian Defence Intelligence Bureau (ADIB) - responsible for defence intelligence (similar to the DIA)

The directors of each of the four intelligence services will be nominated by the King. These nominations must be approved by a majority in the People's Assembly. Each director will report to the Minister of Defence, who in turn reports to Cabinet, the Chancellor and the King.

Intelligence and defence assets:

Imperial Army HQ in Ultran Sadt
Army Bases in Llyn, Philipsburg, Craigtref, Freiheit and Ceres
Naval Bases in Port Freiheit, Ceres, Sildar Urbem and Rhuddem Cape
Air Force Bases in Ceres, Strom and Freiheit
Marine Corps HQ and Training Facility in Ceres
Alorian Coast Guard HQ in Sildar Urbem
National Alorian Space Administration (NASA) in Ceres
Alorian Defence Satellite Communications Station in Mansfeld
Intelligence HQ in Ultran Stadt
The Clough Line is a planned line of Fortifications and defenses focused mainly at the border with Dundorf.

The Alorian Foreign Legion:

The legion consists of divivsions formed by the different foreign nationalities in Aloria.
There are currently 2 divisions each 10,000 men.
Each division is split into 5 regiments.
The regiments are:
In the 1st Division,
1st Rutanian Regiment
2nd Lorman Regiment
3rd Beluzian Regiment
4th Luthori Regiment
5th Kilani Regiment(an cúigiú fuilteach)

In the 2nd Division
1st Selucian Regiment
2nd Davostani Regiment
3rd Hutorian Regiment
4th Telamon Regiment
5th Rodshyan Regiment

The AIA is split into the following groups
Army Group 1 is positioned in Eastern Ultran. Composed of 2 armies(At peace time strength)
Army Group 2 is positioned in Caermoel. Composed of 2 armies(At peace time strength)
Army group 3 is positioned in South Gavonshire and in Cymertraeth. Composed of 2 armies(At peace time strength)
Army Group 4 is positioned Sildar. Composed of 2 armies(At peace time strength)

Each Army has 10 Divisions of 10,000 men, so each Army is 100,000 strong.
Each Division is a mix of infantry, tanks, armored vehicles and artillery.

The AIN is split in the following groups
The First Fleet is positioned in Port Freiheit. Contains 3 Fleet Cariers, 2 Light Carriers, 10 Cruisers, 15 Destroyers, 20 Frigates, 10 Corvettes.
The Second Fleet Fleet is positioned in Rhuddem Cape. Contains 2 Fleet Carriers, 2 Light Carriers, 10 Cruisers, 13 Destroyers, 15 Frigates, 10 Corvettes.
The Third Fleet is positioned in Sildar Urbem. Contains 1 Light Carrier, 8 Cruisers, 13 Destroyers, 14 Frigates, 9 Corvettes.
The First Submarine Squadron is positioned in Port Freiheit. Contains 25 Submarines.
The Second Submarine Squadron is positioned in Ceres. Contains 23 Submarines.
The Home Defense Fleet is positioned in Port Freiheit, Ceres and Sildar Urbem. Contains 2 Escort Carriers, 1 Anti-Sub Carrier, 2 Sea Control Ships, 2 Cruisers, 6 Frigates, 10 Large Patrol Boats, 30 Patrol Boats, 15 Minesweepers, 15 Minelayers.
The Reserve Fleet is scattered in all ports. Contains 2 Cruisers, 4 Destroyers, 10 Amphibious Assault Ships, 3 Dock Landing Craft, 15 Landing Craft, 2 Missile Boats.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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