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Bill: OOC Nobility in Aloria Guide


Submitted by[?]: Alorianische Königspartei

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


This is to explain how nobility works in Aloria.

Nobility in Aloria is split into two groups. The Landadel and the Bonedd. The Landadel are the Dundorfian Nobility and the Bonedd are the Draddwyr Nobility. While there is no major difference between them the Landadel do hold hold more power due to the Monarchy being more Dundorfian. However neither hold any land or control over people just minor political powers.

The Landadel
These noble families are of Dundorfian descent and hold more power than the Bonedd but not much. The Royal Court in formed mainly by these noblemen. The main families are

House of Bliven, Herzöge(Dukes) of Ceres
House of Ritter, Herzöge(Dukes) of Sulla
House of Konig, Herzöge(Dukes) of Mansfeld
House of Berg, Herzöge(Dukes) of Karlstadt
House of Isenburg, Herzöge(Dukes) of Strom
House of Hardenburg, Herzöge(Dukes) of Achern
House of von Bismark, Herzöge(Dukes) of The Northern Shore

The House of Dusseldorf is part of the Landadel but are now the Royal House.

The Bonedd
These noble families are of Draddwyr descent and hold less power than the Landadel. The main families are

House of Glasscock, dugiaid(Dukes) of Calliope
House of Powey, dugiaid(Dukes) of Llyn
House of Flint, dugiaid(Dukes) of Prif
House of Beake, dugiaid(Dukes) of Craigtref
House of Cadell, dugiaid(Dukes) of The Southern Border

If a player wishes to take control or use a noble family please contact me



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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