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Bill: RP: Presidential Decree for the Szentkáposzta Incident


Submitted by[?]: Új Katolikus Integrált Párt

Status[?]: defeated

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: September 4762


President of the Directorial Republic, his excellency Vincze Dávid,

Decree for Media Response to the Szentkáposzta Incident
--- The name of the victim and her family will be placed under a retroactive media blackout
--------- This means the name of the victim will be removed from the public record, this is to protect her family from potential acts of violence, and exploitation by political parties, media, or other organization

Decree for the Towns People of Szentkáposzta
--- All members of the town will be granted a pardon
--------- This pardon will remove the possibility of any punishment for the members of this town for the alleged murder of a teenage girl
---The Quarantine on the within the town will be lifted
--------- However, all non-residents of the town of Szentkáposzta will be required to vacate the town

Decree for Father Peter
--- Father Peter will be issued a formal state pardon and handed over to the Aurorian Patriarchal Church (State Church)
-------- This is down with the consent of members of the Federal Constituent Agency of the Directorial Republic (Most of whom where appointed by the NPIP)
--- For all future crimes committed by religious members ordained or otherwise i.e. Sisters, Nuns, Priest, Brothers, Bishops, etc. will be handled internally by the Aurorian Patriarchal Church

The President will offer a short interview regarding his response shortly. This decree will be given to the Republican Senate to express their approval or disapproval.

OOC: The decrees have already been issued, the vote is just to say if you like them or not



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date23:48:20, May 26, 2020 CET
From Új Katolikus Integrált Párt
ToDebating the RP: Presidential Decree for the Szentkáposzta Incident
MessageDecree for Dissident and National Subversives
--- Antifa and other communist or anarchist organizations will be ordered to disband immediately, failure to do so will result in them being declared a terrorist organization, and all due force will be authorized to disperse them
--- The town of Szentkáposzta will be placed under the protection of the Republican Gaurd

Date23:56:42, May 26, 2020 CET
From Direct Democrats [KD/DD]
ToDebating the RP: Presidential Decree for the Szentkáposzta Incident
MessageHis Excellency,

this is theocracy.
We'll talk with left-wing majority Federal Religious Abuses Agency to prevent this theocratic decree. The media part about this is okay, but the mercy for the villagers is unacceptable. They committed complicity, they let a little girl to die! They must answer for their crimes in front of the tribunals of the Directorial Republic.
Further, we cannot let the Church to investigate in this cases. And who'll investigate in the crimes of the other religion's leaders? This'll be discrimination, His Excellency.
We hope you'll change your mind.

Date23:57:30, May 26, 2020 CET
From Direct Democrats [KD/DD]
ToDebating the RP: Presidential Decree for the Szentkáposzta Incident
MessageWith the amendments (Antifa and protection) we agree, this partly done.

Date12:41:39, May 27, 2020 CET
From Ndrálon People's Party
ToDebating the RP: Presidential Decree for the Szentkáposzta Incident
MessageThe Antifa must be banned, but this decree is not supportable.

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Total Seats: 110


Total Seats: 14

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