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Bill: RP/OOC: Republic of Pontesi Government Information


Submitted by[?]: Pontesi Republican Party

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


Office of the President of the Republic of Pontesi

Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Pontesi
-- Office of the Deputy Prime Minister(s) - This office is dependent on the Prime Minister and can vary by number according to authority of the Prime Minister;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-- Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Pontesi (Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

-- Protocol Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)
--- State Visits Division (Director)
--- Diplomatic Missions Division (Director)
--- Diplomatic Corps Division (Director)

-- Diplomatic School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rector of the Diplomatic School)

-- Policy Affairs Department (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)
--- Majatran Division
--- Artanian Division
--- Makon and Keris Division
--- Dovani, Temania and Vascania Division
--- Seleya Division

-- International Affairs Department (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)
--- Interernational Organizations Division
--- World Congress Division
--- Majatran Association Division

-- Dispora Affairs Department (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Emergency Situations (Minister of Internal Affairs and Emergency Situations)
-- National Police (Chief of the National Police)
---- Financial and Economic Crimes Unit (Commander, Financial and Economic Crimes Unit)
---- Human Trafficking Task Force (Commander, Human Trafficking Task Force)

--- Pontesian Police Troops (Arev Mardik: Պոնտեսիական ոստիկանության զորքեր ; tr. Pontesiakan vostikanut’yan zork’er; PVZ)
---- Special Purpose Police Unit (Arev Mardik: Հատուկ նշանակության ոստիկանության բաժին; tr. Hatuk nshanakut’yan vostikanut’yan bazhin; HNVB)

Ministry of National Defense (Minister of National Defense)
-- General Staff of the Armed Forces (Chief of the General Staff)
--- Pontesian Ground Forces
--- Pontesian Navy
--- Pontesian Air and Air Defense Forces
---- Mobilization and Personnel Department (Chief of the Mobilization and Personnel Department)
---- Department of Military Education and Training
----- Army General Teotig Assarian Military University (High level strategic and tactical university for military and civilian personnel)
----- Pontesi Armed Forces Training Center (Main training center for all new conscripts and recruits to the Armed Forces of Pontesi)

Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Justice and Territorial Administration
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
Ministry of Health and Social Services
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministry of Economic Development


Military Ranks
Army/Air and Air Defense Forces/Naval Infantry | Navy
Marshal of the Republic
Army General | Fleet Admiral
Colonel-General | Admiral
Lieutenant General | Vice Admiral
Major General | Counter Admiral
Colonel | Captain, 1st Rank
Lieutenant Colonel | Captain, 2nd Rank
Major | Captain, 3rd Rank
Captain | Captain-Lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant | Senior Lieutenant
Lieutenant | Lieutenant
Junior Lieutenant | Junior Lieutenant
Officer Cadet
Chief Warrant Officer | Senior Midshipman
Warrant Officer | Midshipman
N/A | Senior Sergeant Major
N/A | Sergeant Major
Sergeant First Class | Sergeant First Class
Senior Sergeant | Senior Sergeant
Sergeant | Sergeant
Junior Sergeant | Junior Sergeant
Private First Class | Leading Seaman
Private | Seaman

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
National Security Service (Director of the National Security Service)
-- Arev Mardik: Ազգային անվտանգության ծառայություն; Azgayin anvtangut’yan tsarrayut’yun (AAT)
Central Bank of Pontesi (Governor of the Central Bank of Pontesi)



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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