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The Cabinet of the Fédération de Canrille, Alduria

Presenting the cabinet of the Fédération de Canrille, Alduria.

Premier Ministre Le Parti National-LibéralHugo de Saint-Pierre
Foreign Affairs Le Parti National-LibéralRémi Grinda
Internal Affairs Le Parti National-LibéralEugéne Dubos
Finance Le Parti National-LibéralPierre-Antoine de Verley
Defence Le Parti National-LibéralBernard Brunelle
Justice Le Parti National-LibéralPascal Duret
Infrastructure and Transport Le Parti National-LibéralVictor Doisneau
Health and Social Services Le Parti National-LibéralAlain Battier
Education and Culture Le Parti National-LibéralPhilippe Boudier
Science and Technology Le Parti National-LibéralThéodore Barbeau
Food and Agriculture Le Parti National-LibéralThomas Guillaume
Environment and Tourism Le Parti National-LibéralJustin Brousseau
Trade and Industry Le Parti National-LibéralCharles Giraud

Ministers can perform their executive actions on this page.

Random fact: Particracy does not allow official national flags of real-life nations or flags which are very prominent and recognisable (eg. the flags of the European Union, the United Nations, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union or the Confederate States of America).

Random quote: "They can call us communists and fascists all they want but, their words are of a hollow ring with the blood of innocence at their feet." � Mathew Jameson, former Hutorian President

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