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This page displays information about the diplomatic status of the Federal Socialist Republic of Hawu-Ikradon.

Ratified Treaties

The following treaties[?] have been ratified by the Federal Socialist Republic of Hawu-Ikradon.

Extradition Co-operation Council for Democratic States and Uniform Judiciary StandardsJune 4609
Malivian - Hawu-Ikradon Foreign and Military RelationsJune 4609
Agreement to Sanction the Kazulian Democratic Republic, 4598August 4607
Agreement to Sanction the Most Serene Republic of Pontesi, 4598March 4607
Climate Change CouncilJuly 4593
Nations United Against Fascism TreatyJanuary 4587
League of Anti-Slavery NationsApril 4582
Artanian Union (AU)June 4568
Hawu-Lourennais Trade Agreement of 4408January 4414
Expanded Embargo of the Republic of SaridanDecember 4391
International embargo on the import of oil and gas to SaridanDecember 4391
TOA (Terran Olympic Association)March 4356
Medication Accessibility ActMarch 4327
Selucian Official Diplomatic TreatyFebruary 4267
Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on KalopiaSeptember 4265
International Space AgencySeptember 4220
Brahms AccordsMarch 4220
Global Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of GenocideOctober 4213
Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded PersonsApril 4208
International Post-War AfterCare Organisation IPWACOJune 4204
International Union for Economic Protection (IUEP)June 4204
Terran Association of Free Trade (TERRASSOFT)April 4155
International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)March 4027
The Law of the SeaMarch 4012
Declaration on the Rights of Disabled PersonsJune 4011
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)October 3888
CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic ProtocolJune 3869


The Federal Socialist Republic of Hawu-Ikradon is member of the following alliances[?].


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