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La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle[?]

Nous atteindrons.

The Flag of the La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle

Newspaper: La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle Daily


Note: the region name colours may be badly readable. It will be fixed in the future.

The La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle


Constitution[?]: view

Head of State[?]: Président De La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle (President of The Republic of Kanjor and La Tondelle) Jordan Coulomb ( L'Alternative)

Head of Government[?]: Premier Ministre (Prime Minister) Anthony Rotschild (Union Republicaine de Kanjor)

Cabinet: click here to view the cabinet.

Assemblée nationale (National Assembly)[?]: currently 577 seats[?], will be 577 after next election

Last Election Results: click here

Next Election[?]: May 4415


Click here for a comparison of the party voting records.

Coalition des socialistes et sociaux-dé (179 seats)
L'Alternative (144 seats)
Parti libéral de Kanjor et La Tondelle (131 seats)
Union Republicaine de Kanjor (77 seats)
Parti Social-Démocrate (46 seats)

For election history, click here.


View detailed political opinions.

DevolutionImportance: tiny
Civil Rights[?]Restrictive
PermissiveImportance: strong
EnvironmentalistImportance: tiny
Foreign Relations[?]Isolationalism
InternationalismImportance: tiny
Government Responsibilities[?]Small Government
Big GovernmentImportance: vital
CapitalismImportance: small
AggressiveImportance: small
ProgressiveImportance: tiny
FanaticImportance: tiny


View diplomatic details.


Click here to inspect the national budget.


Capital City: Saint-Claire (Martois)

Cities: view here.

Population[?]: 99,452,740


National Sport: Foutbaulle (Soccer/Football)

National Animal: Balbuzard pêcheur (Osprey)

National Anthem:

Vive le Kanjor,
Vive la République!
C'est le beau pays d'or,
C'est la terre idyllique.
Le Kanjor est notre père
La Liberté notre mère.
Vive le Kanjor,
Vive la République!
Vive le Kanjor,
Vive la République!

Set to the tune of "Vive Henri IV"

Département List

The subnational divisions, also referred to as regions[?], of the La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle are each referred to as a Département.


To view the laws currently in effect, click here.

To view the legislative history of this nation, click here.

Bills under debate

These bills are currently under debate[?].

Bill CreatedTitle
June 4278OOC: New Cultural Protocols (Not Passed)
November 4283Income tax proposal of November 4283
November 4320RP: Statement on behalf of His Royal Highness Abélard Lévêque de Belfort
September 4321RP: Royal Armed Forces of the Royaume de Kanjor
June 4326OOC: Nation Description 4326 (Non Binding)
November 4334OOC: Kanjorian Discord
March 4370OOC: Compendium of Information on Kanjor (PLEASE, DO NOT DELETE)
April 4370OOC/RP: Cultural Protocols of Kanjor (Updated - March 2018)
April 4375OOC/RP: Second Chamber - The "National Consultative Conference"
February 4392Kanjorian Constitution
January 4393RP: Constitution of Kanjor.
November 4402Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens II
December 4402Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Citizens
September 4411Gambling Liberalisation Bill

Bills being voted upon

These bills are currently being voted[?] upon.

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle


Random fact: Voters have an extra appreciation for bills that actually get passed, so if you want to maximally take profit from your votes, make sure you compromise with others.

Random quote: "Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), 'Out of My Later Years,' 1950

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