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Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi[?]

Ad prosperitas (Towards prosperity)

The Flag of the Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi

Newspaper: Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi Daily


Note: the region name colours may be badly readable. It will be fixed in the future.

The Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi


Constitution[?]: view

Head of State[?]: Foederatum Praeses(Federal President) Sarkis Manukyan ( Republican Party)

Head of Government[?]: the Foederatum Praeses(Federal President) chairs the cabinet[?]

Cabinet: click here to view the cabinet.

Senate[?]: currently 499 seats[?], will be 499 after next election

Last Election Results: click here

Next Election[?]: April 4501


Click here for a comparison of the party voting records.

Republican Party (300 seats)
New Progressive Party of Pontesi (199 seats)

For election history, click here.


View detailed political opinions.

DevolutionImportance: strong
Civil Rights[?]Restrictive
PermissiveImportance: moderate
EnvironmentalistImportance: strong
Foreign Relations[?]Isolationalism
InternationalismImportance: strong
Government Responsibilities[?]Small Government
Big GovernmentImportance: dominant
CapitalismImportance: small
AggressiveImportance: strong
ProgressiveImportance: small
FanaticImportance: tiny


View diplomatic details.


Click here to inspect the national budget.


Capital City: Market Garden (Forum Hortus, Frnd'srne Hrneplyz, Shukayi Aygin) (Caespasia)

Cities: view here.

Population[?]: 99,607,686


National Sport: Football(soccer)

National Animal: Red-tailed Hawk

National Anthem:

Oh Fatherland, Fatherland, show us a sign,
To lead us from hatred and substance malign;
I wake from my slumber and gaze at the day,
Yet look to you always to show me the way;
Through sword, bow and arrows, the perils I've slayed,
Would make e'er a weaker man sorely afraid;
But with such a guidance I'll never stray,
My Fatherland is my way.

Oh Motherland, Motherland, tell us again,
Of those you repulsed as they challenged your reign;
The grass recalls battles, our stalwart prowess,
The hawks soaring over note how we progress;
Building our futures with esprit de coeur,
We're once, twice, thrice, evermore striken with awe;
But with my own glorious part to play,
My Motherland is my way.

Oh Pontesia, Pontesia, let us once more,
Praise your grand name as our fathers before;
As one valiant nation to challenge the sins,
That fell naive countries whose morals wore thin;
I will fight for home, my morale will not break,
With forces of wickedness slain in my wake,
It's with such a realm that my loyalty stays
My Pontesia is my way.

Provinciae (Province) List

The subnational divisions, also referred to as regions[?], of the Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi are each referred to as a Provinciae (Province).


To view the laws currently in effect, click here.

To view the legislative history of this nation, click here.

Bills under debate

These bills are currently under debate[?].

Bill CreatedTitle
November 4498Act to Abolish Discrimination, Slavery, and Segregation
November 4498Progressive Restoration Act

Bills being voted upon

These bills are currently being voted[?] upon.

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle


Random fact: If there are no parties in your nation with seats, feel free to visit the forum and request an early election on the Early Election Requests thread:

Random quote: "Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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