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Talmori Republic / Talmori Ripọblik / Talmore Olominira (Talmoria)[?]

Koroyɛ / Idị N'otu / Isokan (Unity)

The Flag of the Talmori Republic / Talmori Ripọblik / Talmore Olominira (Talmoria)

Newspaper: Talmori Republic / Talmori Ripọblik / Talmore Olominira (Talmoria) Daily


Note: the region name colours may be badly readable. It will be fixed in the future.

The Talmori Republic / Talmori Ripọblik / Talmore Olominira (Talmoria)


Constitution[?]: view

Head of State[?]: Ɔmampanyin / Onye Isi Ala / Alakoso (President) Afia Nthanda ( Talmori Communist Party)

Head of Government[?]: the Ɔmampanyin / Onye Isi Ala / Alakoso (President) chairs the cabinet[?]

Cabinet: click here to view the cabinet.

Mbrahyɛbagua / Ndị Omeiwu / Ile Igbimọ Aṣofin (Parliament)[?]: currently 0 seats[?], will be 630 after next election

Last Election Results: click here

Next Election[?]: December 4836


Click here for a comparison of the party voting records.


For election history, click here.


View detailed political opinions.

DevolutionImportance: moderate
Civil Rights[?]Restrictive
PermissiveImportance: tiny
EnvironmentalistImportance: dominant
Foreign Relations[?]Isolationalism
InternationalismImportance: tiny
Government Responsibilities[?]Small Government
Big GovernmentImportance: tiny
CapitalismImportance: strong
AggressiveImportance: vital
ProgressiveImportance: dominant
FanaticImportance: tiny


View diplomatic details.


Click here to inspect the national budget.


Capital City: Sogo (Worodugu)

Cities: view here.

Population[?]: 99,535,525


National Sport: Kɛntɛn-bɔɔlbɔ / Basketball / Bọọlu Inu Agbọn (Basketball)

National Animal: Gyata / Agu / Kiniun (Lion)

National Anthem:


Mansin / Distrikt / Agbegbe (District) List

The subnational divisions, also referred to as regions[?], of the Talmori Republic / Talmori Ripọblik / Talmore Olominira (Talmoria) are each referred to as a Mansin / Distrikt / Agbegbe (District).


To view the laws currently in effect, click here.

To view the legislative history of this nation, click here.

Bills under debate

These bills are currently under debate[?].

Bill CreatedTitle
May 4778OOC: Cultural Protocols of Talmoria

Bills being voted upon

These bills are currently being voted[?] upon.

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle


Random fact: In Culturally Protected nations, it is the responsibility of players to ensure the candidate boxes on their Party Overview screens are filled in with appropriate names. If a player is allotted seats in a Cabinet bill and has not filled in names for the relevant candidate position, then the program will automatically fill in the positions with names which might not necessarily be appropriate for the Cultural Protocols.

Random quote: "Rifles, muskets, long-bows and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon so long as there is no answer to it gives claws to the weak." - George Orwell

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