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Polical opinions in the Keshvar Aldegar (State of Aldegar)

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View detailed opinions for:

| Centralization | Civil Rights | Ecology | Foreign Relations | Government Responsibilities | Market | Military | Morality | Religion |


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical unitarist7.94%
extreme unitarist8.72%
convinced unitarist9.78%
moderate unitarist12.74%
moderate federalist9.52%
convinced federalist11.36%
extreme federalist9.92%
Unitarism   -   Devolutionfanatical federalist8.74%

Civil Rights

Importance: strong
                    fanatical restrictive9.58%
extreme restrictive9.98%
convinced restrictive10%
moderate restrictive10.64%
moderate permissive11.14%
convinced permissive10.84%
extreme permissive9.98%
Restrictive   -   Permissivefanatical permissive9.14%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical skeptic10.68%
extreme skeptic11.36%
convinced skeptic11.5%
moderate skeptic9.72%
moderate environmentalist9.2%
convinced environmentalist10.94%
extreme environmentalist10.44%
Skeptic   -   Environmentalistfanatical environmentalist9.66%

Foreign Relations

Importance: dominant
                    fanatical isolationist7.9%
extreme isolationist8.88%
convinced isolationist9.84%
moderate isolationist12.92%
moderate internationalist11.7%
convinced internationalist9.66%
extreme internationalist8.92%
Isolationalism   -   Internationalismfanatical internationalist7.8%

Government Responsibilities

Importance: dominant
                    fanatical small government9.18%
extreme small government9.6%
convinced small government9.76%
moderate small government10.1%
small government-leaning10.26%
big government-leaning11.42%
moderate big government10.48%
convinced big government10.14%
extreme big government9.92%
Small Government   -   Big Governmentfanatical big government9.14%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical regulator8.94%
extreme regulator9.78%
convinced regulator10.26%
moderate regulator9.6%
moderate laissez-faire12.96%
convinced laissez-faire10.2%
extreme laissez-faire9.26%
Regulation   -   Capitalismfanatical laissez-faire8.28%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical pacifist8.3%
extreme pacifist8.7%
convinced pacifist8.78%
moderate pacifist8.96%
moderate militarist10.92%
convinced militarist11.78%
extreme militarist11.96%
Pacifist   -   Aggressivefanatical militarist11.18%


Importance: vital
                    fanatical conservative9.5%
extreme conservative10.16%
convinced conservative10.36%
moderate conservative10.06%
moderate progressive10.94%
convinced progressive11.52%
extreme progressive11.08%
Conservative   -   Progressivefanatical progressive10.36%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical secular9.34%
extreme secular10.16%
convinced secular11.16%
moderate secular10.8%
moderate religious8.3%
convinced religious9.7%
extreme religious11.5%
Secular   -   Fanaticfanatical religious11.42%

Random fact: In circumstances where a player with above-minimum Visibility levels has reactivated but then not logged in for 48 hours, and an election is due within the next 24 hours (6 in-game months), Moderation will inactivate the player's account if this is requested by another player in the nation.

Random quote: "It is ignorant foreigners and political neophytes like YOU who threaten functioning government in Hawu Mumenhes because you care more about your pet projects than you care about facts and histories of the actual countries you settle in. Hawu's world class civil service has been able to maintain Hawu Mumenhes as an enviable economic and military power despite the merry-go-round of reckless political actors like yourself precisely because members of my party and the Conservatives cared enough to study the history and political culture of our country and its place in the world BEFORE asking the people to trust us with the reins of government and BEFORE attempting to institute radical policy changes; that study allowed us to lay a sturdy foundation for the Hawu nation that has shown itself to be impervious even to the likes of your staggering incompetence. Your contempt for Hawu's past demonstrates precisely why you are so woefully ill-equipped to play any constructive role in Hawu's present and future." � Dontavius MeryMumenhes, Ity ꜣḥwt xꜣdt Director of Legislative Affairs in response to Hyperion Corporation CEO Psy Scott during a debate on the floor of the Hawu Mumenhes Legislature.

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