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Polical opinions in Vostochaya Lyesniya

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View political opinions in the parent nation.

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Importance: vital
                    fanatical unitarist4.9%
extreme unitarist5.1%
convinced unitarist5.6%
moderate unitarist5.7%
moderate federalist7%
convinced federalist12.3%
extreme federalist27.1%
Unitarism   -   Devolutionfanatical federalist19.9%

Civil Rights

Importance: strong
                    fanatical restrictive10.8%
extreme restrictive11.3%
convinced restrictive10.6%
moderate restrictive10.4%
moderate permissive9.5%
convinced permissive9.8%
extreme permissive10.1%
Restrictive   -   Permissivefanatical permissive9.8%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical skeptic15.7%
extreme skeptic16.4%
convinced skeptic15.8%
moderate skeptic8%
moderate environmentalist7.3%
convinced environmentalist7.5%
extreme environmentalist7.5%
Skeptic   -   Environmentalistfanatical environmentalist7.1%

Foreign Relations

Importance: tiny
                    fanatical isolationist6.9%
extreme isolationist7.5%
convinced isolationist7.7%
moderate isolationist8%
moderate internationalist15.8%
convinced internationalist12.7%
extreme internationalist11.8%
Isolationalism   -   Internationalismfanatical internationalist10.6%

Government Responsibilities

Importance: tiny
                    fanatical small government12.7%
extreme small government12.8%
convinced small government11.6%
moderate small government9.8%
small government-leaning6.2%
big government-leaning7.7%
moderate big government8.9%
convinced big government9.9%
extreme big government10.2%
Small Government   -   Big Governmentfanatical big government10.2%


Importance: small
                    fanatical regulator4.7%
extreme regulator5.4%
convinced regulator6%
moderate regulator6.6%
moderate laissez-faire26.7%
convinced laissez-faire12.1%
extreme laissez-faire9.2%
Regulation   -   Capitalismfanatical laissez-faire7.7%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical pacifist6.9%
extreme pacifist6.7%
convinced pacifist7.2%
moderate pacifist7.2%
moderate militarist10.2%
convinced militarist16.9%
extreme militarist15.6%
Pacifist   -   Aggressivefanatical militarist14.3%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical conservative14.1%
extreme conservative14.2%
convinced conservative12.6%
moderate conservative9.4%
moderate progressive8.5%
convinced progressive9%
extreme progressive9.4%
Conservative   -   Progressivefanatical progressive9.3%


Importance: tiny
                    fanatical secular7.1%
extreme secular7.2%
convinced secular7.2%
moderate secular7.3%
moderate religious9%
convinced religious16.5%
extreme religious15.8%
Secular   -   Fanaticfanatical religious15%

Random fact: By default, the Head of Government is the ultimate figure of authority in the Cabinet/government. By convention, Heads of Government are expected to consult with and gain the approval of Cabinet colleagues (including those from other parties) for their actions, but they remain ultimately responsible for what the government does. Cabinet Ministers who disagree seriously enough with the Head of Government would usually be expected to resign, although of course their respective parties can manoeuvre to replace the Head of Government by proposing a new Cabinet bill or triggering an early election. The Head of Government may dismiss a Cabinet Minister and replace them with a chosen temporary replacement. In practical terms it may not always be possible to arrange this through the game mechanics, but the dismissal and replacement will be recognised under the Game Rules if the player controlling the Head of Government simply puts forward a bill, announcing the change.

Random quote: "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." - Thomas Jefferson

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