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Revolutionary Confederation of Trade Unions[?]


The duties of the RCTU are to bring about a superior organization of the workers (in the form of trade unions) so that capitalism might be brought to an end by working in conjunction with revolutionary parties and movements. In Lenin's words, "trade unions are the schools of communism."

The RCTU is a subordinate wing of the Comintern and is led by the (KCCP) Comit Comunista Populare.


This organization was founded by the Sekowan Communist Party in September 2529.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 127 member parties.

Active Members

  Kirlawan People's Justice PartyLeadership

Inactive Members

 (GCCP) H.P. Sauce CommitteeLeadership
 (KCCP) Comit Comunista Populare (SI)Leadership
 (KCCP) Communist Ideological CommitteeLeadership
 (KCCP) Communist Stalinist CommitteeLeadership
 Communist Party of ValruziaLeadership
 Dispatches from GaduridosLeadership
 Gaduri ResistenciaLeadership
 Kommunisticheskiy Komitet IdeologiyLeadership
 Korporatsia IgnatovaLeadership
 Mordusian Liberation FrontLeadership
 P-TRA 1st DivisionLeadership
 P-TRA OberkommandoLeadership
 Peoples' Liberation FrontLeadership
 Revolucia Partio de KoburoLeadership
 Sekowan Communist PartyLeadership
 (KCCP) Comit Comunista PopulareFull
 (KCCP) Comit Radical ComunistaFull
 (KCCP) Communist Peoples' CommitteeFull
 (KCCP) Trotskyist Communist PartyFull
 Acies AnarchistaFull
 Al'Badaran Socialist PartyFull
 Alliance of Social DemocratsFull
 Anarchistes pour une Société LibreFull
 Aurelian Workers PartyFull
 Ṡurby Qibuzzistit QildaritFull
 Brme Zemojad PrtaFull
 Christian Communist FrontFull
 Commonwealth Workers ArmyFull
 Communist Party (marxist-deleonist)Full
 Communist Party of AlduriaFull
 Communist Party of AloriaFull
 Communist Party of Beluzia and BailonFull
 Communist Party of Ikradon (ML)Full
 Communist Party of LourenneFull
 Communist Workers PartyFull
 Dark-Light Green Communist PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist UnionFull
 Democratic Workers' Party and CTUL ListFull
 Dorvik Communist PartyFull
 Dorvish Popular FrontFull
 Duntrekker Nasionale PartyFull
 Folks Revolusjonr Kommunistiske PartiFull
 Green-Left Communalist CollectiveFull
 Hutorian Anarcho-Communist PartyFull
  Kafuri Socialist PartyFull
 Kommunisticheskaya PartiyaFull
 Konfederacio Nacia LaboroFull
 Liberal Party of Sekowoの共産党Full
 Minshuu Kakumei Kyoosan-TooFull
 New-Revolutionary Communist Party (NRCP)Full
 Partia Robotnicza HobraziaFull
 Partido Comunista de Davostan (Maosta)Full
 Plaid Gomiwnyddol Gatholig CeltaiddFull
 Pro-life Communist AllianceFull
 Prussian Communist partyFull
 Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Revolucn Strana DeltrskaFull
 Revolutionary Anarcho-communist PartyFull
 Revolutionary Armed Forces of BarmeniaFull
 Revolutionary Communist PartyFull
 Revolutionary Democratic SocialistsFull
 Robo-Communist PartyFull
 Saiserist LeagueFull
 Sindicato Obrero LibreFull
 Social Green PartyFull
 Social Revolutionary PartyFull
 Socialist Party of CoburaFull
 Socialist Workers of IkradonFull
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)Full
 Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei DundorfFull
 Tribal Revolutionary CouncilFull
 Undeb y Gweithwyr SosialaiddFull
 United Socialist Workers PartyFull
 Venstre - Rød, Lilla og Grønt AllianseFull
 World Socialist Humanist Workers PartyFull
 Zunft fur eine Darnussen RevoluzionenFull
 Ahdut HaAvodaCandidate
 Anarchist Union of AloriaCandidate
 Anarcho-Socialist Revolutionary PartyCandidate
 Association Socialiste RévolutionnaireCandidate
 共產黨 (Gòngchǎndǎng)Candidate
 Barmenian New Road Communist PartyCandidate
 Coburan DigiPartyCandidate
 Communist Party of Deltaria NovaCandidate
 Communist Party of New EndralonCandidate
 Conglomeratist PartyCandidate
 Conglomeratist PartyCandidate
 Democratic Socialist PartyCandidate
 Democratic Workers' Party (LL)Candidate
 Demokraticheskaya Rabochaya PartiyaCandidate
 Demokratische ArbeiterparteiCandidate
 Demokratische ArbeiterparteiCandidate
 Die LinkeCandidate
 Direct Democracy MovementCandidate
 革命党 (Gémìngdǎng)Candidate
 Free Workers' Revolutionary FrontCandidate
 Fronte Popolare RivoluzionarioCandidate
 Kommunisticheskaya Partiya TriguniiCandidate
 Komunistyczny Komitet RobotniczyCandidate
 Konfederaszia Natsionalnava Truda(KNT)Candidate
 Labour PartyCandidate
 Liberal ConfederationCandidate
 Nouveau Parti AntiCapitalisteCandidate
 Nowa Partia KomunistycznaCandidate
 Organización del Pueblo en Armas-MAIZCandidate
 الأناركية النقابية الCandidate
 Parti Démocratique des TravailleursCandidate
 Rally for the Republican RightCandidate
 Realists PartyCandidate
 Revolución Democrática y PopularCandidate
 Revolutionary Anarchist Black Army(RABA)Candidate
 Revolutionary Communist Party of BeluziaCandidate
 Revolutionary Party of Cildanian LabourCandidate
 Revolutionary Vanguard PartyCandidate
 Revolutionary Workers' PartyCandidate
 Revolutionäre VolksparteiCandidate
 Socialist PartyCandidate
 The Christian Communist PartyCandidate
 The Red PartyCandidate
 United Leftist FrontCandidate
 Voronan Party of LaborCandidate
 Workers Revolutionary League - GaduridosCandidate
 Workers' PartyCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Alorianische Sozialrepublik7
ḥꜥȝsu Mnhs (The Free Kingdom of Hawu Mumenhes)7
Confederația Noului Endralon, Kizenia și Kuzaki (New Endralon / Kizenia)6
Velikoye Knyazhestvo Triguniya (Grand Princedom of Trigunia)6
Federal Union of Gaduridos5
Prtastaték Rekvakns Brmestán (Federal Republic of Barmenistan)4
Bundesrepublik Dundorf4
A Magas Endralon Királyság (The High Kingdom of Endralon)4
Commonwealth of Hutori4
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)4
al-Jumhuriat al-Shaebiatu al-Badara (People's Republic Of Badara)3
Jomhuri-ye Aldegār (Aldegar)3
Kingdom of Cildania3
የኩቦራ ስፔኖች አስተዳዳሪዎች (United Governorates of Cobura)3
Veľká Republika Deltárska (Grand Republic of Deltaria)3
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)3
República de Egelion3
瑩大磖國 (State of Indrala)3
Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)3
Federal Republic of Likatonia3
Holy Luthori Empire3
רפובליקת יידיש של ביתנו (Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu)2
Republic of Beluzia2
Freies Reich von Narikaton und Darnussien2
Republic of Dolgava2
Jelbék H'ák'ánknstat (Jelbék Khaganate) (Jelbania)2
Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)2
Free State of Malivia2
Federal Republic of Mordusia2
République de Rildanor (Republic of Rildanor)2
セコウォの帝国 (Empire of Sekowo)2
Republic of Vorona2
Respubliko de Zardugalo2
République d'Aldurie1
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan1
Grand Imperial Union of Dankuk (단국 대제국)1
Capitalist State of Hobrazia1
Kaiserliche Kronländer von Groß-Hulsterreich und Mikuni / Kaisāritchi Kuronrandā bon Gurōsu-Haruzuterusuaiku undo Mikuni / ホルソトラリア御國帝冠領 (Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria and Mikuni)1
Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)1
al-Khilāfah al-‘Tala'a (Thallerid Caliphate)1
United Republic of Kalistan1
Regnum di Klavia Okeanó (Kingdom of Klavia Okeano)1
2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun1
État Canrillaise de Lourenne1
Republiek van Seridjan (Republic of Saridan)1
Res Publica Seluciae1
Lýðveldið Telamon (Republic of Telamon)1

Random fact: The people in your nation don't like inactive parties. When you often abstain from voting for a bill, they will dislike your party and your visibility to the electorate will decrease significantly. Low visibility will means you are likely to lose seats. So keep in mind: voting Yes or No is always better than Abstaining.

Random quote: "Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first." Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004)

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