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International Science, Education and Culture Organization[?]


The International Science, Education, and Culture Organization (ISECO) promotes the importance scientific research in modern economy, society and civilization, the importance of top quality education for all, and the importance and value of culture and cultural heritage.


This organization was founded by the Rutanian Democratic Forum in June 2552.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 351 member parties.

Active Members

  Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑Full
 People's Nationalist GuardFull
  Unión Demócrata Republicana ConfederalFull
  Unsubmissive Beluzian Workers PartyFull
  Alorianische VolksparteiCandidate
 Blocco della SinistraCandidate
 Kalopian Green PartyCandidate
 Partito Riformista Istaliano 🍀Candidate
 Party of 1776Candidate
  Sekouo Minshu Jinmin Tō (民人党)Candidate
 Social DemocratsCandidate

Inactive Members

 Alliance for a New RutaniaLeadership
 姬恩黨 (Jien Party) 🌾Leadership
 瑩大共產黨 (Communist Party) 🎑Leadership
 Jiyū-Minshutō (自民党)Leadership
  Kirlawan People's Justice PartyLeadership
 Rutanian Democratic ForumLeadership
  Akigan Patriot ParteiFull
 Alorian Liberal UnionFull
 ⏏Jámbor TestvériségFull
 人民行動黨 (Ppl. Action Party) 🏃Full
 変化する (Change)Full
 ƒortenohƒiv (ACN)Full
 BDSP un Beys fun Yisserles-BinyomenFull
 Capitalists Under Plutocratic AuspicesFull
  Central Unionist PartyFull
  Centrist AllianceFull
 Ciudadanía PluralistaFull
  Communist Party of VoronaFull
 Conservative Democratic Union LodamunFull
  Cultural RevolutionFull
  Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)Full
 立憲維新党 (Rikken Ishin-tō)Full
 Darnussian Conservative UnionFull
 De Liberale Konservative {S}Full
  Democratic CentristsFull
 Democratic Libertarian PartyFull
 Democratic National Union (DNU)Full
 Democratic PartyFull
  Democratic PartyFull
 Demokratikus Liberális PártFull
 Demokratische Nationalisten ParteiFull
 Demokratischen Sozialismus ParteiFull
 Dorvische OrdensparteiFull
 Dundorf Demokratische ParteiFull
 Earth Party of GaduridosFull
 葵花聯盟 (Sunflower Coalition) 🌻Full
  Factio TranslaticiusFull
 Fair and Equal World PartyFull
  Freedom and Liberty Party of VoronaFull
 Freiheitspartei DundorfFull
 Frente Nacional DemocráticoFull
  Futurist PartyFull
 Genuine Progress AllianceFull
 Go Gaduridos! [PAG]Full
 Government of TropicaFull
 Green Freedom PartyFull
 Green Moderates PartyFull
 Green Party of BaltusiaFull
  Gwado-Jeongbu (과도정부)Full
  Hezb -e Ta'mir -ye AldegarFull
  Hizb Alshshaeb AlkafuriFull
 House Lusk-Nat'l Syndicalist Party (UM)Full
  Imperial National PartyFull
 Imperial Party of the House of LynockFull
  Independent Party of KirlawaFull
 Jakanian Liberty FrontFull
 Jiyū Party of Sekouo (自由党)Full
 Kalistan Capitalist Party of FreedomFull
 Kalopiki Sosialistiko PhalangaFull
 Kongelig PartiFull
  La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)Full
 Le Parti Progressiste du PeupleFull
 Liber NullFull
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
  Liberal PartyFull
  Liberal PartyFull
  Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal Party of DavostanFull
 Liberal Progressive AllianceFull
 Liberal-Democratic PartyFull
 Liberale Faschistische AllianzFull
 Liberté et ÉgalitéFull
 Ligue des Socialistes RildanoraisesFull
 Likatonia People's PartyFull
 Linke Republikaner (LR)Full
 Lodamese People's Progressive PartyFull
 Lodamese Republican PartyFull
 Lodamun Freedom PartyFull
 Luthori IronguardFull
 Modern People's Party - Our LikatoniaFull
 Movement for Athlorcaean RestorationFull
 Movement for Gao-Showa LiberationFull
 Narik Nationalestik PartiFull
 Nasjonalt-Autokratiske FascistpartiFull
 National Atheist PartyFull
 National Conservative Party of SekowoFull
  National Populist PartyFull
 Nationale Demokratische UnionFull
 Nationale Partei des VolkesFull
 Nationalist Party of KanjorFull
  Nemangha HumananghôFull
 NeoFascist Party of BadaraFull
 New Socialist AllianceFull
  New Socialist PartyFull
 New WayFull
 Our MotherlandFull
 Parti Démocratique de Centre-DroitFull
 Parti Pirate d'Aldurie (Pirates)Full
 Parti RépublicainFull
 Parti Socialiste Vert de l'environnementFull
 Parti UnitéFull
 Partido Comunista para el PuebloFull
 Partido Eco-AnimalistaFull
 Partido LiberalFull
 Partido Nacionalista y UnionistaFull
 Partido Social DemocrataFull
 Partido Socialista TukareseFull
 Partido TukaraliiFull
  Party of the LightFull
 Patriotische AllianzFull
  People's PartyFull
 Peoples PartyFull
  Popular Alliance for ChangeFull
 Populi FactioFull
 Populist PartyFull
  Postpostivist FrontFull
 Progressiv Konservative ParteiFull
 Progressive Democratic AllianceFull
  Progressive Liberal UnionFull
 Quanzari Conservative UnionFull
 Radical Democratic PartyFull
  Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Republican PartyFull
 Republikanac ParteiFull
  Revolutionary CongressFull
 Rifondazione Social-ComunistaFull
  Rightful Radical PartyFull
 Robotic CorporalFull
 Rural Party - Reform LuthoriFull
 Secularist, Socialist Party of BaltusiaFull
 Sindicato Obrero LibreFull
 Sociaal-Liberale PartijFull
 Social Democractic PartyFull
  Social Democratic Party of HavuFull
 Social-Democratic CoalitionFull
 Socialist PartyFull
  Solentian Democratic Socialist PartyFull
  Solentian Progressive PartyFull
 Sovereign People's partyFull
 Sozial Konservative UnionFull
 Sozial-Liberale ListeFull
 Stand By YouFull
 Striving for Gaduridos [PAG]Full
 Technocratic Nationalist PartyFull
 Technocratic Transhumanist PartyFull
  Telamon Progression PartyFull
  Telamonian Green PartyFull
 The Independent Party (IP)Full
 Trudoviy Demokratichnyy FrontFull
  Union of Green Market-SocialistsFull
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)Full
  United Democratic PartyFull
 United Democratic Party-Social DemocratsFull
  United for PeaceFull
 United Imperial FederationFull
 United PartyFull
 Unity CongressFull
 Vanuku National PartyFull
 Volksallianz der Umwelt ⚘Full
  Voronan People's PartyFull
 Workers' United FrontFull
  Zardio Federisma PartioFull
 Academic ConservativesCandidate
 Acción AlternativaCandidate
  Aldegar National Monarchic FrontCandidate
 Alternativa Democrática del PuebloCandidate
 Amatubime Confederate PartyCandidate
  Anarcho-Socialist Revolutionary PartyCandidate
 Anarchy Party of KalistanCandidate
  Aurelian PartyCandidate
  ሮያል ፓርቲCandidate
  ☭ حزب العمال | Workers' PartyCandidate
 国民同盟党 (Kokumin Dōmeitō)Candidate
 Badara Socialist Ba'ath Party 🐪Candidate
 Badaran Progressive UnionCandidate
 Badaran Women for Peace PartyCandidate
 Baltusian Conservative PartyCandidate
 Central Terran PartyCandidate
 Coalition ConservatriceCandidate
  Coburan Brotherhood of HomiesCandidate
 Communist Party of JelbaniaCandidate
  Communist Party of KeymonCandidate
 Conservative PartyCandidate
 Conservative Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Conservative Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Dark-Light Green Communist PartyCandidate
 De Nasjonale Konservative {S}Candidate
 Deltárská Strana Zelených 🌻 (DSZ)Candidate
 Democratic PartyCandidate
 Democratic Party of Freedom and EqualityCandidate
 Democratic Party of LikatoniaCandidate
 Democratic Socialist PartyCandidate
 Demokratische LinkeCandidate
 Dolgarian Green PartyCandidate
 Doomfist PartyCandidate
 Dorvische Vaterlandspartei (DVP)Candidate
 Federal Democratic PartyCandidate
 Federal'naya Domashnyaya PartiyaCandidate
 Freedom and Democracy PartyCandidate
 Freedom and Revolution PartyCandidate
 Freedom Party of LodamunCandidate
 Freie Demokratische ParteiCandidate
 Freiheitlich Hosianische ParteiCandidate
 Front Antikapitalisticheskikh LevykhCandidate
  Front for Abolitionism and SocialismCandidate
 Front Socialiste RépublicainCandidate
  FSP-PSK / Socialist Party of PontesiCandidate
 Georgist Party of DorvikCandidate
 GOOD PartyCandidate
 Grüne AlternativeCandidate
 Green Liberal Party Of TukaraliCandidate
  Green PartyCandidate
 Green Party of AloriaCandidate
 Green Party of BeluziaCandidate
 Green UnionCandidate
 Hosianist-Patriotique Aldurian PartiCandidate
 Imperial Labour-Unionist PartyCandidate
  Independent Coalition of MaliviaCandidate
  Independent People's Liberty LeagueCandidate
 Indrala Unified Democratic PartyCandidate
 Isràkifrndélyk Mridjogadé Prta (IMP)Candidate
 Izquierda DemocráticaCandidate
 Jelbékai Knstatak Prta (National Party)Candidate
 Juche PartyCandidate
 Kaiserliche Nationale ParteiCandidate
 Kalistani Whig PartyCandidate
 Kazulian nasjonalistiske partietCandidate
  Keymonite People's AllianceCandidate
  Khilafat MovementCandidate
  Kirlawan Republican PartyCandidate
 Kommunisticheskaya PartiyaCandidate
 Kravenist PartyCandidate
 Labour PartyCandidate
 Labour PartyCandidate
 Lé Droit HistoriqueCandidate
 Liberal Democratic UnionCandidate
 Liberal frontCandidate
 Liberal PartyCandidate
 Libertarian PartyCandidate
 Libertarian Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Libertarian Socialist PartyCandidate
 Liberté Sociale (IAML, ILM)Candidate
 Likatonian Freedom PartyCandidate
 Linke Christliche Partei Dundorf (LCPD)Candidate
  Malivians FolkCandidate
 Mordusian Centrist PartyCandidate
 Nanny State PartyCandidate
 National Ardinian PartyCandidate
 National Democratic PartyCandidate
 National Democratic Revolutionary FrontCandidate
  National party of cildaniaCandidate
  National Party of TelamonCandidate
  National Progressive Conservative PartyCandidate
 National Progressive PartyCandidate
 National Synarchist UnionCandidate
 Nationale Föderale Partei DorviksCandidate
  Neethi KatchiCandidate
 New Alliance PartyCandidate
 New Capitalist Reconstruction PartyCandidate
  New Democratic AllianceCandidate
 New Endralon Unionist PartyCandidate
  New Liberal AllianceCandidate
 New Lourenne PartyCandidate
 Northi PartyCandidate
 Parti ConservateurCandidate
 Parti DémocratiqueCandidate
 Parti FuturisteCandidate
 Parti pour la République de LourenneCandidate
 Parti RépublicainCandidate
 Parti RépublicainCandidate
 Parti SocialisteCandidate
 Parti SocialisteCandidate
 Parti Socialiste KanjorienneCandidate
 Parti Socialiste Républicain d'AldurieCandidate
 Parti Socialiste Républicaine d'AldurieCandidate
 Partido Comunista de EgelionCandidate
 Partido Comunista dos TrabalhadoresCandidate
 Partido Libertário TukarêseCandidate
 Partido Nacional DemocráticoCandidate
 Partido ProgressistaCandidate
 Partido Socialista do PovoCandidate
 Partidul Național-FuturistăCandidate
  Partis LaborisCandidate
 Party van den VrijheydCandidate
  Páirtí an Phobail NáisiúntaCandidate
  People's Action PartyCandidate
 People's PartyCandidate
  People's PartyCandidate
 Phillipsian Party of AloriaCandidate
  Pirate PartyCandidate
 Plaid Democrataidd CymdeithasolCandidate
  Pontesian Imperial PartyCandidate
 Progressive FuturistsCandidate
 Progressive Republicans of KalistanCandidate
 Radical ActionCandidate
  Radykalna Partia SyndykatówCandidate
 Rassemblement AldurienneCandidate
 Rassemblement Républicain de RildanorCandidate
  Republican PartyCandidate
  Ruch LibertariańskiCandidate
 Secular Humanist PartyCandidate
  Sociaaldemocratisch Republikeinse PartijCandidate
 Social Democratic Party of TalmoriaCandidate
 Social UnionCandidate
 Socialdemócratas de Egelion (ꜱᴅᴇ)Candidate
 Sozialistische Partei Vereinigte AlorianCandidate
 SUPER INDIA PartyCandidate
 Syndicalist Union PartyCandidate
 Technocratic PartyCandidate
  The Democratic People's PartyCandidate
  The Free Socialist PartyCandidate
  The Iron Guard of VeronaCandidate
 The National Honor Party (NHP)Candidate
 Transhumanistische VerenigingCandidate
 Union for VictoryCandidate
 Union of Working People's ForcesCandidate
  Unionist Party of KirlawaCandidate
 United Front of BeluziaCandidate
 United Leftist FrontCandidate
  United Liberal Reform PartyCandidate
 United Socialist PartyCandidate
 United Socialist Party of DundorfCandidate
  United Socialist Workers PartyCandidate
 Valgriiva Rahvuslik LiberaalerakondCandidate
 Valsts Atdzimšanas PartijuCandidate
  Voronan National People's PartyCandidate
 Vrystaat Vryheid ParteiCandidate
 Whole Nation PartyCandidate
 Wohlwollende Monarchie-ParteiCandidate
 Workers Revolutionary League - GaduridosCandidate
 Wrnukaék Grná Prta (WGP) 🌼Candidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Gweriniaeth Aloria / Republik Alorien (Aloria)12
Beluzian Workers Republic (Beluzia)12
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (Dundorf)12
República Federal de Egelion12
Jumhuriat al-Badara al-Aishtirakia (Badara)11
Empire d'Aldurie (Alduria)11
Commonwealth of Rutania11
República Democrática do Tukarali (Tukarali)11
Federal Republic of Vorona (Deltaria Nova)11
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)10
Unión Federal de Gaduridos (Gaduridos)10
Ríki Tælmörk (State of Telamon)10
United Republic of Kalistan9
1st Princely Republic of Lodamun9
Empire de Canrille (Lourenne)9
生古塢天帝国 (Sekouo Ten-Teikoku)9
al-Jumhuriat al-Ahmadi al-Sahil (Solentia)9
United States of Baltusia8
Aontas Daonlathach Kirlawa (Kirlawa)8
Federal Republic of Likatonia8
People's Republic of Luthori (Luthori)8
Commonwealth of Hutori7
Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)7
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)7
Republikken Davostan/Lýðveldið Davostan (Davostan)6
Endralon Királyság (Kingdom of Endralon)6
Empire de Canrille (Kanjor)6
Federal Republic of Malivia6
Empire de Canrille (Rildanor)6
Confederatie van Narikaton en Darnussien/Staatenbund von Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)5
Dolgavas karaliste/Königreich Dolgava (Dolgava)5
Federal Socialist Republic of Hawu-Ikradon5
Yindala Da Tong (Indrala)5
Impero Istaliano (Istalia)5
United Republic of Mordusia5
Res Publica Seluciae (Selucia)5
Trigunskaya Demokraticheskaya Respublika (Trigunia)5
Keshvar Aldegar (State of Aldegar)4
Jelbék Lofrkadé Stat (Jelbania)4
Principatu di Klavia (Keymon)4
Republica Chizână (Kizenia/New Endralon)4
Talmori ka Olominira (Talmoria)4
United Realms of Great Kyo Empire and Apostolic Kingdom of Drania (Dankuk/Kyoseon)3
Hobrazian Democratic Federative Republic (Hobrazia)3
Federal Republic Hulstria and Gao-Soto (Hulstria and Gao-Soto)3
Jumhuriyyat al-Qalb al-Ma'atraniyyah (Kafuristan)3
Unionis Kundrati3
it-Tielet Imperu Mqaddes ta 'Cildania2
Yetebaberuti ya Kobura (Union of Cobura)2
Kalopian Dimokratía (Kalopian Republic)2
Serenissima Res Publica Pontesiae (Most Serene Republic of Pontesi)2
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)2
מדינת ביתנו (State of Beiteynu)1
Deltarska Federace (Deltarian Federation)1
Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti/The Republic of Jakania1
Federasie van Seridjan (Saridan)1
Zardika Federacio (Zardugal)1

Random fact: The former colonial territories fall under the role-play control of the Global Role-Play Commitee . Other players can only interact with them in a manner that would not be considered godmodding if applied to interaction with a player-controlled nation.

Random quote: ‘If Lincoln were alive today, he’d be turning over in his grave.’ � Gerald Ford

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