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Environmental Protection Organization[?]


The Environmental Protection Organization (EPO) is a campaigning organization which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions for a green and peaceful future. It's goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

Far too few of our country's leadership parties are recognizing importance of ecology to our future, and it has now become vital for us to spread the word. Also be sure to take the time and actively recruit those within your countries which shall our love for the environment.


This organization was founded by the Democratic Socialist Ikradon Party in May 2147.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 776 member parties.

Active Members

 Socialisti & DemocraticiFull
  Super Progressive Party (SPP/PSP)Full
  Ultrackian Socialist Party of Hutori (L)Full
  Unsubmissive Beluzian Workers PartyFull
  Alorianische KönigsparteiCandidate
 DAS - DE (PKN)Candidate
 Green Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Kalopian Green Party (PKN)Candidate
 Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)Candidate
 National Democratic Front [NDF]Candidate
 Neo-Liberal AllianceCandidate
 Social DemocratsCandidate
  Social Egalitarian PartyCandidate
  Socialdemokratia Laborista PartioCandidate

Inactive Members

  帝国公明党 (Teikoku Kōmeitō)Leadership
 Capitalist Working FamiliesLeadership
 Democratic Socialist Ikradon PartyLeadership
 Kirlawan People's Justice PartyLeadership
 Peaceful Kirlawa PartyLeadership
 (ʟɪɴᴅᴘ) Liberales IndependientesFull
 5 Stars Movement PartyFull
 A La PatriaFull
 Ação ProgressivaFull
 afaca PartyFull
 Akigan Patriot ParteiFull
 Al Jabha al-Queranzīa BadariyāFull
  Aldegar Civic ForumFull
 Aldurian Green PartyFull
 Algemeyner Manarkistishen Arbeter BundFull
 All-Trigunian Communist Party (ВТКП)Full
 Alleanza Radicale - NCDFull
 Alliance for Progress and LibertyFull
 Alliance of Independent CommunistsFull
  Alliance RadicaleFull
 Aloria Green PartyFull
  Aloria Green Socialist PartyFull
 Alorian Liberty Alliance (ALA)Full
 Anti-Capitalist AlternativeFull
  Aristocratic UnionFull
 Aurelian Workers PartyFull
  Austonean Social DemocratsFull
 Baltusia Parliamentary PartyFull
 Barmenian Unity CoalitionFull
 BDSP un Beys fun Yisserles-BinyomenFull
  Bevrijdingsfront (BF)Full
  BigBoss PartyFull
  Bihērawī DēmokiratisiFull
 Biocentric PartyFull
 Biranist PartyFull
 Block Party PartyFull
 Blood Socialist PartyFull
  Burkean-Conservatism Alliance (BCA)Full
  Centrist AllianceFull
  Christian Workingmen's Peace MissionFull
 Ciudadanía PluralistaFull
 Civic PartyFull
  Coburan Brotherhood of HomiesFull
  Coburan Reform PartyFull
  Commons' Majestic PartyFull
 Communist Party of Egelion (KKE)Full
 Communist Party of KeymonFull
 Communist Party of VoronaFull
  Communistische VolkspartijFull
 Conservative Liberals of DeltariaFull
  Conservative People's PartyFull
 Conservative Popular AllianceFull
  Conservative Republican PartyFull
  conservative unionist partyFull
  Cosmopolitan PartyFull
 Country Party of HutoriFull
 CSA Communist Party of the DPRKFull
  立憲維新党 (Rikken Ishin-tō)Full
 Dark-Light Green Communist PartyFull
 De Liberale Konservative {S}Full
 Democracy PartyFull
 Democratic AllianceFull
 Democratic Davostan PartyFull
  Democratic Green Party of SeluciaFull
 Democratic Labour PartyFull
  Democratic Liberal PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
  Democratic Party for a New Society(DPNS)Full
  Democratic Party of Sekowo (民主党)Full
  Democratic Republican PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist UnionFull
 Democratic UnionFull
 Demokratický Progresívny HnutieFull
 Demokratikus SzövetségFull
 Devout Ecologists PartyFull
  Die GrünenFull
  Die SozialdemokratenFull
 Dolgavas Demokrātu PartijaFull
  Dranish Agrarian LeagueFull
  Dranish Hosian DemocratsFull
  Druidic Popular FrontFull
  Dundorf NationalistenFull
  Dundorf Solidaritt!Full
  Dundorfnationale VolksparteiFull
 💡Egyesült Demokrata Párt (EDP)Full
 Earth Party of GaduridosFull
 Eco-Nazi PartyFull
 Environmental Socialist PartyFull
 Environmentalist PartyFull
 Evergreen PartyFull
  葵花聯盟 (Sunflower Coalition) 🌻Full
  Factio LibertatisFull
  Factio ProteetorateFull
 Fair and Equal World PartyFull
 Federal PartyFull
  Federal Republic Progressionist PartyFull
 Federal Republican PartyFull
 Federalist PartyFull
 Feline Defense FrontFull
 Feministas VerdesFull
 Fluss/River SD PartyFull
  Fortschrittlich ParteiFull
  Free and Equal PartyFull
 Free and United Citizens PartyFull
  Free Radical PartyFull
 Freedom and Liberty Party of VoronaFull
  Freedom for all PartyFull
 Freedom PartyFull
  Frente Amplio de Acción DemocráticaFull
 Frente Unidad del la Izquierda RadicalFull
 Front de Libération SocialeFull
  Front Ecology and HumanismFull
 Fronte Democratico - P.L.Full
  Futurist PartyFull
 Gaduridan National Party (GNP)Full
 Gaduridos Freedom PartyFull
 Gaduridos Pagan and Discordian NetworkFull
 Gaia PartyFull
  Gardien d'EnvironnementFull
 Georgist Party of DorvikFull
 Globale Verbesserung ParteiFull
  Golden Sun Party (金太陽黨)Full
 Government of TropicaFull
 Grand Liberal PartyFull
  Grüne ParteiFull
  Grünen RadikalenFull
 Grēne Onhebbunȝ Nū!Full
 Green Badarani PartyFull
 Green Democrats (GD)Full
  Green Earth PartyFull
 Green Freedom PartyFull
  Green Leaf Libertarian Freedom FrontFull
 Green Liberation PartyFull
 Green Moderates PartyFull
  Green Party of AldegarFull
 Green Party of AloriaFull
 Green Party of Beluzia and BailonFull
 Green Party of KirlawaFull
 Green Party of Luthori (IA)Full
 Green Party of QuanzarFull
 Green Party of RutaniaFull
 Green Party of RutaniaFull
 Green Progressive Party of LodamunFull
  Green Socialist PartyFull
 Green SocialistsFull
  Green Worker's PartyFull
 Green Workers' PartyFull
 Greenish Liberal Democratic SocialistsFull
  Greens 4030Full
  Greyist DemocratsFull
  Greyistische DemokratenFull
  Groene RepublikeinenFull
  Grne ParteiFull
 Hakla'ut VePituahFull
 Heitere RepublikanerFull
 Hizb Al Tarik Al Mageed Ela Al HoriaFull
  House EnjrousFull
  Hulstrian Kommunistische ParteiFull
 Hutori Hopeace PartyFull
 Impartialist SocietyFull
  Imperial Democratic CoalitionFull
 Imperial Green CouncilFull
  Imperial Identity Party (IA)Full
 Imperial Party of the House of LynockFull
  In Marea - Civis SinistramFull
 Independent Centrist PartyFull
 Ingsoc PartyFull
  Inner Peace PartyFull
 Izquierda DemocráticaFull
 Νέα ΣυμμαχίαFull
  Jakanian NaturalistsFull
  Jelbic New Liberal Party (JNLP)Full
  K'avshiri rk'inaFull
 Kalistani Union of Democratic SocialistsFull
 Königliche ParteiFull
 La gauche verteFull
  La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)Full
 Labour PartyFull
 Labour PartyFull
  Labour PartyFull
 Labour PartyFull
  Labour Party of PontesiFull
 Labouristick StranaFull
 Le Parti Progressiste du PeupleFull
 Left CoalitionFull
 Left-Green AlternativeFull
  Les Social-ProgressivesFull
 Les Verts IndépendantsFull
  Lib-Gov Party-part of W.A-S.UFull
  Liberaalne BlokkFull
  Liberal Action LeagueFull
 Liberal AllianceFull
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Liberal EnvironmentalistsFull
  Liberal Leftist PartyFull
 Liberal Noocratic PartyFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal PartyFull
  Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal Party of DavostanFull
 Liberal Party of HutoriFull
  Liberal Party of PontesiFull
 Liberal Progressive AllianceFull
  Liberal Social Democratic PartyFull
 Liberal Socialist PartyFull
 Liberal Tukarali Democratic PartyFull
  Liberale ParteiFull
 Libertarian Freedom PartyFull
 Libertarian Party (Plaid Libertaraidd)Full
 Liberty Coalition of BeluziaFull
 Libetarian Communist UnionFull
 Ligue des Socialistes RildanoraisesFull
 Likatonian Union of FascistsFull
  Lindenist UnionFull
 Links-Grüne Vereinigung (LGV)Full
 Livre (L)Full
 Lliga Nord (LN-EP)Full
 Lodamese Populist PartyFull
 Lodamese Social Democratic Party (LSDP)Full
 Lodamun Democratic Socialist PartyFull
  Loyalistes de LyvelinesFull
  Ludowa KoalicjaFull
 Moderate Democratic PartyFull
 Moderate Party of TalmoriaFull
 Modern People's Party - Our LikatoniaFull
 Mordusian Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Movement for the Progress of LodamunFull
 Movimiento de la Izquierda AltermundialFull
  Mundo VerdeFull
 Mutual Freedom PartyFull
  National CapitalistsFull
 National PartyFull
 National Progressive UnionFull
 National Republic Party (NRP)Full
 National Republican PartyFull
 National Revolutionary Socialist PartyFull
 National Unity Party(NUP)Full
  Nationale Arbeiterpartei-Volksfront/VKPFull
  Nationale ArbeitervereinFull
 Nationalist PartyFull
 Nationalist Party of TalmoriaFull
 Nationalist-Whig PartyFull
 Nationalkommunistiska PartietFull
 Neo-Epicurean PartyFull
 Neo-Imperial Peoples Vanguard Party (IA)Full
 New Aloria Party (NAP)Full
 New Democratic PartyFull
 New DemocratsFull
 New Endralon Unionist PartyFull
 New Labour PartyFull
  New Liberal Party of CoburaFull
  New Progressive Party of PontesiFull
  New Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)Full
 New VoronaFull
  Nieuwe Links Partij || Trpji Apruj PrtaFull
 Nuova SocialdemocraziaFull
  Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)Full
 Our PartyFull
  جبهة العمال المتحدةFull
  Parti Communiste du KanjorFull
 Parti HumanisteFull
 Parti monarchiste libertaireFull
  Parti Nationaliste 🌞Full
 Parti Pirate d'Aldurie (Pirates)Full
 Parti ProgressisteFull
 Parti ProgressisteFull
  Parti RéformisteFull
  Parti Royaliste Nationale 👑Full
 Partido Democratico SocialFull
 Partido Eco-AnimalistaFull
  Partido Federalista 🌲 연방당Full
 Partido LiberalFull
 Partido LiberalFull
 Partido Liberal DemocrataFull
 Partido Social DemocrataFull
 Partido Social DemocrataFull
 Partido Socialista TukareseFull
 Partido Unido de los TrabajadoresFull
 Partido Verde e LiberalFull
 Partidul LoialistFull
  Partie d'Identité Française-KanjorienFull
 Partito Ambientalista Socialista IstaliaFull
 Partito Borisista Istaliano - S.I.Full
 Partito del Socialismo Istaliano - F.P.Full
 Partito RadicaleFull
  Partiya Demokratîk a AzadFull
 Party for Environmental ResponsibilityFull
 Party for Freedom, Peace and FutureFull
 Party for Tradition and MoralsFull
 Party of rightFull
  Party of the TerravoreFull
 Páirtí Liobrálach - Liberal PartyFull
 People's Democratic PartyFull
 People's Democratic PartyFull
 People's PartioFull
 People's PartyFull
 People's Party of EndralonFull
 People's Rights PartyFull
 Phillipsian Party of AloriaFull
  Phillipsian Party of DranlandFull
 Plaid Gomiwnyddol Gatholig CeltaiddFull
 Plataforma de Acción CiudadanaFull
 Plowshare CollectiveFull
  Popular Liberation FrontFull
  Popular PartyFull
 Populi FactioFull
 Populist Environmental Party (PEP)Full
 Postpostivist FrontFull
 Progress Party—The GreensFull
 Progressiv Konservative ParteiFull
  Progressive PartyFull
 Progressive Action PartyFull
  Progressive Democratic AllianceFull
 Progressive Democratic AllianceFull
  Progressive Democratic PartyFull
 Progressive Democratic PartyFull
 Progressive Green PartyFull
  Progressive LeagueFull
 Progressive PartyFull
 Progressive Party of AloriaFull
  Progressive Party of KanjorFull
  Progressive Party of MaliviaFull
 Progressive Populist PartyFull
 Progressive Secularists PartyFull
  Progressive Socialist PartyFull
 Prohibition PartyFull
 Radical Democratic PartyFull
  Radical Liberal Party of DranlandFull
 Radical PartyFull
  Radikaldemokratische ParteiFull
  Révolution RougeFull
 Realism PartyFull
 Reconstruire l'ancien (RA)Full
  Red PartyFull
  Red-Green AllianceFull
 Reform PartyFull
  Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
  Regions partyFull
 Republican Centrist AllianceFull
  Republican PartyFull
 Republican Party of TriguniaFull
  Republican Party of WorkersFull
  Republikanac ParteiFull
 Revolutionary Democratic Socialist FrontFull
  Revolutionary Socialist FrontFull
 Rifondazione Social-ComunistaFull
 Right to Choose PartyFull
 Rildanor Écologie Les VertsFull
 Roosevelt PartyFull
  Royalist PartyFull
 Rubbish PartyFull
  Saridan State PartyFull
 Secularist, Socialist Party of BaltusiaFull
  Segue Democratic AllianceFull
  Selucian Socialist PartyFull
 Sindicato Obrero LibreFull
  Sociaal-Liberale PartijFull
  Social Activist PartyFull
  Social Democratic PartyFull
 Social Democratic People Party-SDPPFull
 Social Federalist PartyFull
  Social Federalist PartyFull
 Social Liberal PartyFull
 Social Liberal PartyFull
 Social Liberal PartyFull
 Social Reform PartyFull
  Social-Democratic PartyFull
  Sociale Hervorming PartijFull
  Socialist PartyFull
  Socialist Party of CoburaFull
  Socialist Party of DarnussiaFull
 Socialist Reform PartyFull
 Socialist Union for Democracy (NPEC)Full
 Socialists & Democrats of BeluziaFull
 Socialists and DemocratsFull
  Sofuoglu PartisiFull
  Solentia National Congress (SNC)Full
  Solentian Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Sons of the Republic MovementFull
  Sophian Party for Social AnarchismFull
 Sovereign People's partyFull
 Soverign Nation PartyFull
 Sozial Demokraten '94Full
  Sozial Konservative UnionFull
  Sozialistische Einheitspartei DundorfsFull
 Stand By YouFull
  Supreme Liberal Conservative OrderFull
 Synaspismós Rizospastikís AristerásFull
  Tekàmo KaisrneFull
  Telamonian Environmental PartyFull
  Telamonian Green PartyFull
 The Christian Communist PartyFull
  The Darnussian Green'sFull
 The Green Party of AlduriaFull
  The Green Soviet Olancho PartyFull
  The Hodirak'hi Workers PartyFull
 The Independent Party (IP)Full
  The Order PartyFull
  The Peoples Party PartyFull
 The Socialist PartyFull
  The Solentian Workers' MovementFull
  Tomorrow PartyFull
 twista PartyFull
 Unión Demócrata Republicana ConfederalFull
 Unio Liberl da Ordio MordusinFull
 Union Dmocrate LibertarienFull
 Union of Green Market-SocialistsFull
 Union of Working People's ForcesFull
  Union Populaire DemocrateFull
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)Full
 United Democratic Action PartyFull
 United Democratic CaucusFull
  United Democratic PartyFull
 United Democratic Party-Social DemocratsFull
  United Democrats of JakaniaFull
 United Dragonord Peoples PartyFull
 United Left Front (ULF)Full
 United Left Party of DorvikFull
 United Leftist FrontFull
  United National FrontFull
 United PartyFull
 United PartyFull
 United PartyFull
 United People Alliance (UPA)Full
 United People's PartyFull
 Unity CongressFull
  Unity Labour PartyFull
 Vanguardia Moral PartyFull
  Vanuku National PartyFull
  Vanuku People's AllianceFull
  Verenigde PartyFull
 Videresend Dag! (Forward Today Party)Full
 Viridis Party ProgressioFull
  Volks Sozialistische Partei DundorfsFull
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)Full
 Voronan People's PartyFull
  Vuloch Ca KorziaFull
  Wessex High Imperial PartyFull
  Willemburgist Party of Solentia (WPS)Full
  Wind of ChangeFull
 Woodsman PartyFull
  Workers' United FrontFull
 Yapabıliriz-i Zafer (YIZ)Full
 Yeudi Progressive PartyFull
 Zentristische ParteiFull
  Zoroastrian People's PartyFull
 Acción AlternativaCandidate
  Agrarian Motherland SocietyCandidate
  Ahmadi FrontCandidate
 Aliança ProgressistaCandidate
  Alliantie van Progressieve SocialistenCandidate
 Alternativa Democrática del PuebloCandidate
 Alternative for BeluziaCandidate
 Amgen ar gyfer AloriaCandidate
 Anarcho communist PartyCandidate
  Anarcho Syndicalist FrontCandidate
 Anarchy Party of KalistanCandidate
 Apvienoto KomunistiCandidate
  Auguri de Curia InserenusCandidate
  Aurelian PartyCandidate
  ☭ حزب العمال | Workers' PartyCandidate
  共産党 (Communist party)Candidate
  変化する (Change)Candidate
 Badaran Progressive UnionCandidate
 Baltusian Centrist PartyCandidate
 Baltusian Conservative PartyCandidate
  Beaver6 FactionCandidate
 Beluzia Socialist People's PartyCandidate
 Bright FutureCandidate
  Bund Links-GrünCandidate
 Commonwealth Workers ArmyCandidate
 Communist Party of Likatonia (CPL)Candidate
 Conservatives of St.Muron&DavostanCandidate
 Consumers party of HutoriCandidate
  瑩大共產黨 (Communist Party) 🎑Candidate
  社會改革黨 (SRP)Candidate
  Démocrates LibresCandidate
  De Groene LijstCandidate
 De Nasjonale Konservative {S}Candidate
 Deltárská Strana Zelených 🌻 (DSZ)Candidate
 Democratic AlternativeCandidate
 Democratic Liberal PartyCandidate
 Democratic Party of LikatoniaCandidate
  Democratic Socialist/Block Party PartyCandidate
 Democratic Socialists of KalistanCandidate
 Democratic Technocracy DirectiveCandidate
 Democratic Workers PartyCandidate
 Demokratisches Forum für AuflösungCandidate
 Doglovan Progressive PartyCandidate
 Dolgarian Green PartyCandidate
 Dorvische Vaterlandspartei (DVP)Candidate
 Наш дом ТригунияCandidate
  🐘Aldegār Nationalist PartyCandidate
  Egalitarian PartyCandidate
  Environmental LiberalistsCandidate
 Equality and Freedom party of AloriaCandidate
 Evening Primrose PartyCandidate
 Factio Regiis Sosialistís (FRS)Candidate
 Fluss Sci-EcoSD ParteiCandidate
 Folkets Demokratiske AllianseCandidate
 Forþ VoronaCandidate
 Forent SenterpartietCandidate
 Freedom PartyCandidate
 Freedom PartyCandidate
 Freedom Party of LodamunCandidate
 Front Antikapitalisticheskikh LevykhCandidate
 Front Gauche (FG)Candidate
 Fronte Socialista - A.P.I.Candidate
 FSD PartyCandidate
  FSP-PSK / Socialist Party of PontesiCandidate
 Fuerza CentristaCandidate
 Gaduridan AlternativeCandidate
 Gaduridos Progressive MovementCandidate
 Go Gaduridos! [PAG]Candidate
 Grüne-Demokraten 15Candidate
 Green Freedom PartyCandidate
 Green LeftCandidate
 Green Left PartyCandidate
 Green Libertarian Globalist partyCandidate
 Green PartyCandidate
 Green Party of Athlorcaea HutoriCandidate
 Green Party of BeluziaCandidate
 Green Party of HutoriCandidate
 Green Party of LuthoriCandidate
 Green Party of LuthoriCandidate
 Green Party of LuthoriCandidate
  Green Party Of SolentiaCandidate
 Green Progressive Alliance [PAG]Candidate
 Green UnionCandidate
 Growth Party of Gaduridos (GPG)Candidate
  Hausu Kāsutāku-SagūCandidate
 Heij'ibadejogadé HjadjogadCandidate
 Hillary Green PartyCandidate
  Hobratsuri Socialist FrontCandidate
 Honorable Republican SatanilistsCandidate
  Hosian Sozialdemokratische ParteiCandidate
 Hosiandemokraterne 💜Candidate
  Humanist PartyCandidate
  Hutorian Democratic LeftCandidate
  Independent Coalition of MaliviaCandidate
  Inkvis KlubCandidate
 Insurgence X PartyCandidate
 Islander AllianceCandidate
 Izquierda SocialistaCandidate
 Kalistani Workers PartyCandidate
 Kirlawan Liberal Democratic PartyCandidate
  Koalicja dla Dobrobytu, i RównośćCandidate
 Kommunistiske PartiCandidate
  Le Front PopulaireCandidate
 League of Hosian DemocratsCandidate
 Liberal PartyCandidate
  Liberal PartyCandidate
 Liberal Party of TalmoriaCandidate
 Liberal Party of ZardugalCandidate
  Liberaldemokratische ParteiCandidate
 Libertarian PartyCandidate
 Libertarian Socialist PartyCandidate
 Libertarian Socialist PartyCandidate
 Libertarian SolidarityCandidate
  Liberty DawnCandidate
 Likatonian Freedom PartyCandidate
  Linke Christliche Partei Dundorf (LCPD)Candidate
 Lodamun Democratic AllianceCandidate
  Malivia Solidarity PartyCandidate
 Merela democratic PartyCandidate
 Moderate-Democratic MovementCandidate
 Mordusian Labour PartyCandidate
 Movimento Social LiberalCandidate
  Nasionale Konserwatiewe PartyCandidate
 National Democratic PartyCandidate
 National Democratic Revolutionary FrontCandidate
  National people's partyCandidate
 National progressive PartyCandidate
 National Welfare PartyCandidate
 Nationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiCandidate
 New Alliance PartyCandidate
  New Democratic AllianceCandidate
  New Democratic PartyCandidate
  New Democratic PartyCandidate
 New LeftCandidate
 New Liberal AllianceCandidate
 New Society PartyCandidate
  Nouvelle Union Gauche/SocialisteCandidate
 Nový Deltárských ŠtátCandidate
 Nuevo Partido Republicano PopularCandidate
 One World PartyCandidate
 Oui nous pouvons!Candidate
  الاتحاد الأخضرCandidate
 Partai PulauCandidate
  Partei der AufklärungCandidate
 Parti d'action populaireCandidate
  Parti DémocratiqueCandidate
  Parti Démocratique National LourennaisCandidate
 Parti Démocratique Uni (UDP)Candidate
 Parti de Centre GaucheCandidate
 Parti de GaucheCandidate
 Parti de l'Ecologie RildanorCandidate
 Parti de la GaucheCandidate
 Parti FuturisteCandidate
 Parti LibéralCandidate
  Parti Populaire de la RénovationCandidate
 Parti RéformisteCandidate
 Parti RépublicainCandidate
 Parti Républicaine DémocratiqueCandidate
  Parti Social-DémocrateCandidate
 Parti SocialisteCandidate
  Parti Socialiste Dèmocratique (PSD)Candidate
  Parti Socialiste Démocratique KanjorCandidate
  Parti Socialiste de TravailCandidate
  Parti Socialiste KanjorienneCandidate
  Parti Socialiste PopulaireCandidate
 Parti XCandidate
 Partido Comunista para el PuebloCandidate
 Partido da RepúblicaCandidate
 Partido Democrático CívicoCandidate
 Partido Democrático ProgressistaCandidate
 Partido Laborista de EgelionCandidate
 Partido Metzista UnidoCandidate
 Partido Moderado NacionalCandidate
 Partido Nacional ConservadorCandidate
 Partido ProgressistaCandidate
 Partido Social DemocrataCandidate
 Partido SocialdemócrataCandidate
 Partido SocialistaCandidate
 Partido Socialista do PovoCandidate
 Partito Riformista Istaliano 🍀Candidate
 Party for MordusiaCandidate
 Party of FreedomCandidate
  Party of the Democratic RevolutionCandidate
 Party of the New Kalopian OrderCandidate
 People's Communist CoalitionCandidate
 People's Liberation Front of KalistanCandidate
 People's Progressive PlatformCandidate
 People's Unity PartyCandidate
 People’s Labor PartyCandidate
  Pirate PartyCandidate
 Plaid Democrataidd CymdeithasolCandidate
 Plaid GenedlaetholCandidate
 Poigne de Fer du Tout-PuissantCandidate
  Potensian People's PartyCandidate
 Progrès PartyCandidate
 Progresivă Partidul SocialistCandidate
 Progressive LeagueCandidate
  Progressive PartyCandidate
 Progressive PartyCandidate
 Progressive Party of LikatoniaCandidate
 Progressive Socialists of MordusiaCandidate
 Progressive Worker's PartyCandidate
 Progressive Workers of GaduridosCandidate
 Radical ActionCandidate
  Radicale Sociaaldemocratische PartijCandidate
  Republican Party - 공화당 (GHD)Candidate
 Revolutionary PartyCandidate
  Revolutionary Populist Party (RPP)Candidate
 Rildanor's Progressive PartyCandidate
  Rolf Harris and the Wombles' AllianceCandidate
 Rutania People's PartyCandidate
 Rutanian Civic AssociationCandidate
 Rutanian Distributist PartyCandidate
 Rutanian Progressive Egalitarian PartyCandidate
  Saridan Republican PartyCandidate
  Sekouo Minshu Jinmin Tō (民人党)Candidate
 Sekund Kongelige Sosialistiske PartiCandidate
 Socia Libereco PartioCandidate
 Social Democratic PartyCandidate
 Social Democratic Party of BeluziaCandidate
 Social Democratic Party of EndralonCandidate
  Social Democratic Union (UF)Candidate
  Social DemocratsCandidate
 Social Green PartyCandidate
  Social Justice CoalitionCandidate
 Social UnionCandidate
 Social-Liberal Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Socialist and Democratic PartyCandidate
 Socialist FrontCandidate
 Socialist Labour PartyCandidate
 Socialist PartyCandidate
 Socialist PartyCandidate
 Socialist PartyCandidate
 Socialist Party of BadaraCandidate
 Socialist Party of LuthoriCandidate
  Socialist Party of the Solentian PeopleCandidate
 Socialist Republican PartyCandidate
 Sosialistisk Folkeparti {S}Candidate
  Sozialdemokratische ParteiCandidate
  Soziale Umwelt BewegungCandidate
  Sozialliberale-Pazifistische Partei(SPP)Candidate
 Technocratic AssemblyCandidate
  Telamonian Reform PartyCandidate
 The Centre PartyCandidate
  The Communist Party of SaridanCandidate
 The Democratic PartyCandidate
  The Democratic People's PartyCandidate
  The Eco PartyCandidate
 The Green Liberal Party - الحزب اCandidate
 The Green Reform Party of KalistanCandidate
 The National Honor Party (NHP)Candidate
  The Progressive Socialist Party (LBP)Candidate
 The Representative PartyCandidate
 The Rural Nationalist PartyCandidate
 TheEpicGoofy PartyCandidate
 Tuhin PartyCandidate
 Unión Obrera EgelianaCandidate
 Union des Socialistes DémocratesCandidate
 Union nationale des travailleursCandidate
 Unionist Alliance PartyCandidate
  United Democratic Action PartyCandidate
 United Democratic FrontCandidate
 United Democratic LeftCandidate
 United Democratic Party - LiberalCandidate
 United Democratic Party- Social LiberalsCandidate
  United Front - GREENSCandidate
 United Green & Agricultural PartyCandidate
  United Socialist Workers PartyCandidate
 Unity PartyCandidate
 Uniunea Democrată NaționalăCandidate
 Unuiĝinta Laborista PartioCandidate
 Verdes, Progressistas, Socialistas (DAT)Candidate
 Verità e LibertàCandidate
  Volksallianz der Umwelt ⚘Candidate
 Vorona Socialist PartyCandidate
  Wohlwollende Monarchie-ParteiCandidate
  Wrnukaék Grná Prta (WGP) 🌼Candidate
 Zardic Ŝtata PartioCandidate
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊Candidate
 דיפאקולוגיה DeepEcologyPartyCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

al-Jumhuriat al-Ahmadi al-Sahil (Solentia)29
República Federal de Egelion28
Beluzian Workers Republic (Beluzia)27
Federal Republic of Likatonia26
Teyrnas Aloria/Das Königreich Aloria (Aloria)25
Unión Federal de Gaduridos (Gaduridos)24
República Democrática do Tukarali (Tukarali)24
Empire d'Aldurie (Alduria)23
United Republic of Mordusia22
Commonwealth of Hutori21
Commonwealth of Rutania21
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (Dundorf)20
United Republic of Kalistan20
United States of Baltusia19
Federal Republic of Vorona (Deltaria Nova)19
1st Princely Republic of Lodamun18
Confederatie van Narikaton en Darnussien/Staatenbund von Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)17
United Realms of Great Kyo Empire and Apostolic Kingdom of Drania (Dankuk/Kyoseon)16
Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)16
Empire de Canrille (Rildanor)16
Jumhuriat al-Badara al-Aishtirakia (Badara)15
Impero Istaliano (Istalia)15
Empire de Canrille (Kanjor)14
Talmori ka Olominira (Talmoria)14
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)13
People's Republic of Luthori (Luthori)13
Keshvar Aldegar (State of Aldegar)12
Empire de Canrille (Lourenne)12
Serenissima Res Publica Pontesiae (Most Serene Republic of Pontesi)12
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)12
מדינת ביתנו (State of Beiteynu)11
Republikken Davostan/Lýðveldið Davostan (Davostan)11
Federasie van Seridjan (Saridan)11
Ríki Tælmörk (State of Telamon)11
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)11
Endralon Királyság (Kingdom of Endralon)10
Yetebaberuti ya Kobura (Union of Cobura)9
Dolgavas karaliste/Königreich Dolgava (Dolgava)9
Principatu di Klavia (Keymon)9
Poblacht Chónaidhme na Kirlawa (Kirlawa)9
Federal Republic of Malivia9
Res Publica Seluciae (Selucia)9
Brmék Jezvraljogadsrlji Rekvakns (Barmenistani Social Republic)8
Kaiserliche Kronländer Hulsterreich (Hulstria)8
Jelbék Lofrkadé Stat (Jelbania)8
生古塢天帝国 (Sekouo Ten-Teikoku)8
Deltarska Federace (Deltarian Federation)7
Kalopian Dimokratía (Kalopian Republic)7
Zardika Federacio (Zardugal)7
it-Tielet Imperu Mqaddes ta 'Cildania6
Yindala Da Tong (Indrala)6
Republica Chizână (Kizenia/New Endralon)6
Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti/The Republic of Jakania5
Trigunskaya Demokraticheskaya Respublika (Trigunia)5
Jumhuriyyat al-Qalb al-Ma'atraniyyah (Kafuristan)4
Hobrazian Democratic Federative Republic (Hobrazia)3
Federal Socialist Republic of Hawu-Ikradon3
Unionis Kundrati3

Random fact: "OOC", "IC" and "IG" are commonly-used acronyms in Particracy. "OOC" refers to comments, discussions and actions which are out-of-character, meaning they are done player-to-player rather than party-to-party. "IC" refers to in-character interactions (ie. party-to-party). Similarly, "IG" means in-game, although this term may also simply refer to what happens in the actual game interface, as opposed to on the forum or elsewhere. "RP" just means "role-play".

Random quote: "The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes." Winston Churchill

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