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Alliance of Multiple ideology Communist parties of Terra[?]


We accept parties with wide ranges of all ideologies with open arms. This is an alliance where you can count on being able to make new friends and take part of clean debate if requested. We except everyone except for the extreme anti-communists, we believe that communism is very effective and beneficial for both the leaders and citizens of a society if implemented correctly. For all people viewing this message thank you for your time, and if you are considering joining, just notify me (The Kuzaki Communist Party).


This organization was founded by the Комунистичка партија in November 3547.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 34 member parties.

Active Members

  Kirlawan People's Justice PartyLeadership
  Sozialistische Einheitspartei DundorfsFull

Inactive Members

 Комунистичка партија Leadership
  Great National Republican GuardLeadership
 Kuzaki Communist Party (KCP)Leadership
 Ahmadist Proletarian Workers PartyFull
 Ṡurby Qibuzzistit QildaritFull
 Beluzian Communist LeagueFull
 Communist Coalition of BeluziaFull
 Communist Party of TelamoniaFull
 Communist Workers' FrontFull
 Davostan Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Freeborn Luthorians/Freeborn CoalitionFull
 Frente Unidad del la Izquierda RadicalFull
 Kommunisticheskaya Partiya TriguniiFull
 Konfederacio Nacia Laboro(KNL)Full
 Konfederaszia Natsionalnava Truda(KNT)Full
 League of Communist VanguardsFull
 Libertarian Socialist PartyFull
 Nueva Alternativa AntireligiosaFull
 Parti Progressiste Socialiste de KanjorFull
 People's FrontFull
 Pro-life Communist AllianceFull
 Révolution RougeFull
 Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Revolutionary Communist Party of BeluziaFull
 Satanic Extremist PartyFull
 Socialist Revolutionary PartyFull
 Sozialistische Einheitspartei NarikatonFull
 Telamonia revolutionary socialist PartyFull
 The People's Communist UnionFull
 Uln Hnd OrtFull
  United Workers' PartyFull
 Vox PopuliFull

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Republic of Beluzia4
Republic of Cildania2
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan2
República de Egelion2
Republic Of Telamonia2
Трыгоня Федерация (Trigunian Federation)2
al-Jumhuriat al-Aishtirakiat al-Thawriat al-Mutahida al-Badara (Revolutionary Federated Socialist Republic of Badara)1
Pādshāhi-ye Amjad-e Aldegār1
Vereinigtes Königreich von Narikaton und Darnussien1
Union of Dankuk1
Volksrepublik Dundorf1
Federal Union of Gaduridos1
Kaiserlich Kronländer von Hulstria (Imperial Crown Lands of Hulstria)1
ḥꜥȝsu Mnhs (The Free Kingdom of Hawu Mumenhes)1
Kai Nrzilyk Rekvakns Jelbé (People's Democratic Republic of Jelbania)1
Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)1
République Canrillaise de Kanjor1
Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)1
2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun1
République Lourennais (Republic of Lourenne)1
Holy Luthori Empire1
Free State of Malivia1
Confederația Noului Endralon, Kizenia și Kuzaki (New Endralon / Kizenia)1
Res Publica Seluciae1
Respubliko de Zardugalo1

Random fact: After 4 days of inactivity, your party account is inactivated by the moderation team. You can ask for reactivation on the Particracy forum, moderation section.

Random quote: "I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church." - Thomas Paine

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